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Yukon Miner, v. 1, no. 26, no. 34-35, May 9, July 4, July 11, 1942.

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Frc-- kon Archives newspapers 3 2400 0000 1884 0 3240000001884 V ' t - RETAIN ORIGINAL ORDER 32400000018840 AIR HLAD SEi-S GREAT POS i WAR HJtURL, NORTH he YUKON ' É f’. . ; R ! * ' ^ ^ ‘ ' / • "News o f the North" ZS/1 a copy VOL. 1 . NO. 35 ' DAWSON,Y.T.: SAT. JULY 11, 1942 n e w Ta x e s '' i i y . C t ' D r ■ ■ . ^ V. , ■ • • - , ' r - ‘ r r V r 1 • ■ ■ c '- n r J-J-TAKES/OHO y.-y-g*. E ffe c ts o f the war ai*e beginning to be f e l t more and more in the Yukon but no p la ce in the T errit­ ory f e l t the f u l l import o f the newly-annoUhoed ta x program than t h is Dawson d is tr ic t* ' ’■ &&' , Announcement o f the new ootnbihed income ta x and n ation al d efen ce t a x , and the compulsory saving c la u s e ,; has given' everybody 'in t h is d is t r ic t o&use for a c e r ta in amount o f anxiety* Here, in th e Dawson d is t r ic t , where employment is sea so n a l, th e new tsocea--ttre bound to prov» esp - - e c i a l l y heavy. Those who do not oome w ith in the income, defence or compulsory savings b r a c k e t,w ill f e e l the pinoh o f the now ta x e s on many lin e s o f commodities, or, in d ireo tly * Even now, the way conditions are, many persons, esp ecia lly those with fam ilies, are finding i t hard to make ends meet in that they must rely upon their spring, sum m er and f a ll wages to tide them over the long, winter period* Increased taxes, added to the present ones, may prove too much. That being the case a number of people are already making p l­ ans to move elsewhere where •they may secure year around work. So far-reaching may be the e ffe cts of the new taxes that business men and other local citizen:; have already held one public meeting to disouss the situation and a second meeting has been sched­ uled for Sunday night when the advisab ility of sending a resolution to the Minister of Finance at Ottawa w ill be studied* Everyone realizes that the war demands higher taxes and sacrifices* There is no disputing th d fc fact and thero are none who are not w illin g to meet those new demands* However, owing as wo said before to the seasonal work in th is camp, whon ono finds that i t is impossible to make a liv in g and s t i l l pay increased taxes, thoro is not much else that ,, ono can do other than to movo elsewhere. It would certainly be detrimental to the Dawson d istr ict i f on n oxodus” should take place th is fa ll and, providing the situation can be ju stly explain­ ed at Ottawa, certain added exemptions may yet bo forthcoming in th is part o f the country undor the existing ciroumstanoes* OCA Ë W S * - r M E M B E R S O F D A W S O N M IN ER S UNION PRESENT A R T DAILY W IT H SY M B O L IC RING As a token of the high esteem and regard in which he was held by employees of the Yukon Consolidated Gold Corporation Ltd*-, Arthur F. Daily was presented on Thursday night with a symbolic Masonic ring, a farewell g ift from a ll the m em ­ bers o f thé Dawson Miners union* • R , The presentation was made at the sum m er hom e of Mr*'and-Mrs* Daily , on Bonanza, by Jos. Stamelin, president of the loc­ al union. ; Stamelin, accompaniedRby three other union o ffic ia ls - C * J. L el- ievre, Mike Com m adino and Aubrey Kolly - drove up to the Daily hom e Thursday evening to make -the farewell presentation to the formet dredge superintendent. Mr*;-Daily was taken oompletoly by sur- riso and, fôr a few minutes, was spcech- essi H jow oV èr he soon found words to impress his la titu d e and told the small .0 legation doing the honors that H e u ld treasure-the g ift from tho company .jn for tho .rest of, his l i f e . [' A"vwy- pleasankHpVening:**.' v isit-w a s-- - spent by the union representatives a t tho Daily hom o following the presentation* M r. and M rs* Daily said their family si an on leaving for tho outside shortly. As we have stated before in these columns, they are going to bo groatly nissed by the legion of friends they have :nadc since coming to Dawson d istr ic t. Suffice i t to say that in these trying times, with conditions as they now are L n th is mining camp, the Dawson d istr ict son i l l afford to lose a m an of Art D aily’s cap ab ilities and leadership T he v Kîiner joins with their hundreds of other friends in tho North in wishing M r. and ;iîrs* Daily and family evory happiness & success wherever they may be. N. C. 00. E X E C U T IV E S VISIT D A W S O N Volnoy Richmond, J r ., vico-president of tho Northern Commercial Co*, acc­ ompanied by E. Clausen, who is in charge of a ll stores in Alaska, arrived hero by plane.from Fairbanks Sunday, July 5 and spont several days in Dawson on c ji inspection of the local N *C *C o* store and studying conditions in th is camp. • The two N. C . C o* o ffic ia ls enplaned for 'Whitehorse Wednesday.For tho past several weeks they have been v isitin g widely-separated parts of Alaska in the in terests of their firm. L A T E MR N E W S * Tho S oviet high command announces th at German armies have drivon a 50-m ile gap through tho 200~milo long Russian lin o in the Don V a lley & are p ressin g eastwards* im perial fo rces havo pushed tho Nazi armies back 5 to 10 m iles in Egypt. Dnniig B a ltic submarine base , was pounded by the R A F in i t s la t e s t b ig -so a le raid. Heavy fitin g continues in China. IT IS R E P O R T E D that e le ctr ic storms Thursday night damaged company trans­ formers and destroyed transformer houses at Jonscn, on Dominion Creek. T he e l ­ ectric outbroak was particularly v ic ­ ious across tho summit. 2 The XUkon Miner Sat* July 11, 1942 O C A L & P E R 5 0 N A 1 T H E Y U K O N M IN E R Published Weekly a t Dawson, Y *T A .A .G illesp ie • E ditor & Mgr, A ll the News o f the North SUBSCRIPTION RATES: $1* a month; payable in adavoe. Mailed Anywhere. Carrier Service in .. Town. SATURDA Y, JULY 11, 1942 D A W S O N C O U P L E A T MISS DALE1S W E D D IN G Sh ortly before leavin g Vanoouver for th e ir home in Dawson, Mr. and Mrs* M * H. Jones a t t ended the wedding o f Miss Ida Dale, w e ll known former Dawson woman. Miss Dale l e f t here several weeks ago for the c o a st. .. J The wedding took plaoe a t S t. Augustine Ch- uroh, Marpole when Miss Dale became the bride o f E. Stoddard. M r* and Mrs# Jones s t ­ ood up w ith the bride and groom* I t wav a q u iet -wedding, Mr. Jones r e la t e s , but a very nice one. Following the n u p tial oeremony the newlyweds and their attendants and frien d lies in the Fortymile and Fairbanks d istr io ts, W ta . A ldoroft, oompany m ach in ist, was able, to leave the h o sp ita l on Tuesday o f t h is week* B ill had been oonfined to the h o sp ita l .for the p ast several days. .■ c .-.v :i John Paul M iller, pioneer sourdough o f the Sixtym ile d i s t r i c t , entered the h o sp ita l t h is week. His a r riv a l in town marked h is f ir s t v i s i t here from the Sixtym ile d is t r ic t in the p ast f if t e e n y e a r s. Simon Edward, oompany employee, was adm itt­ ed Wednesday evening su fferin g from in ju r ie s to h is head when h it by a oab le. Simon*s 4 - month-old tw in daughters, brought to the hos­ p it a l r e c e n tly by th e ir mother, from S elk irk , died in the h o sp ita l w ith in a few hours o f each oth er. p a tie n ts s t i l l in are: Arohie MaoLennan, o f S elk irk , John Hansen and K aiser Mervyn, both from Mayo, and H « Logan. JO H N G A N N O N , 8 1 -year-old Yukon p io n e e r ,le ft on the Casoa la s t Sunday en route to White­ horse and thence o u tsid e . Gannon, who had been employed here theso p ast few years • at HickeyT s Garage, i s a rea l veteran o f the Dawson d is t r io t and some o f h is oarly day experiences would f i l l a book of^ e x c itin g adventure. M RS. W.A* H U T C H IN G S and daughter P a t s y ,le f t ‘ by piano-:to-day; on route o u tsid e . A s . JO H N DRÛÎT and ch ild ren , o f Bear Q reok,*loft on the steamer Casoa la s t Sunday on routo to the co a st. M RS. JO H N W Y N E SS was an outgoing passenger on th e Casoa, en route to Vancouver where Mr. Wynnes, who l e f t by plane a few weeks ago, is undergoing medical treatm ent. M R. & M RS. T O M R E N D E L L l e f t on the Casoa for Stewart C ity where they expect to spend the balance o f th e summer. M RS. A. C U R R IE and daughter Joan l e f t on the C&sca for Meecham Creek, up the YUkon, where Archie Currie is running a wood oamp# C O N ST A B L E H OBBS, w ell known member o f the R # C. M # P# who had been sta tio n ed in Dawson th ese p a st two y ea rs, l e f t by plane Wednesday for Whitehorse to which p oin t he has been t r ­ ansferred. Constable S a lt, who arrived here several weeks ago from the o u tsid e, also l e f t for Whitehorse on Wednesday*s plan e. T O M M Y C A M B E L L , Dawson tra n sp ortation man, paid a fly in g v i s i t to Whitehorse th is week. T om n $r l e f t on Wednesday*s p lan e, returned the follow in g day. BISHOP W .- A. G E D D E S l e f t by plane Friday for a W hitehorse. BILLY WILLIAMS, who l e f t here by small boat a few weeks back to look over mining p r o p e r t-' attended a wedding dinner a t the Georgia H otel. M 5 r # and Mrs. Stoddard spent th e ir hon­ eymoon in the Fraser V a lley . HOSPITAL N O TES . , ■ A baby daughter was bora on Monday, July 6 to Mr. and Mrs « Rayder Morberg# Mother and l i t t l e g ir l are reported doing fin e . To-.Mr# and Mrs# W ilfrid Fournier, o f Bear : » Creek, was born on Thursday morning, Ju ly 9, a baby daughter. W ilfrid i s the son o f Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Fournier, pioneer resid en ts o f Bear Creek. Mrs. L# L# Rogers and baby son planned on lea v in g for th e ir home at Bear Creek ott SuM aVH ills where he has been prospecting th ese past returned to Dawson Friday. W illiam s flew from Fairbanks to Jack wade, came in from the, la tto r p lace w ith R. S* M e Combe, Jaok Wade fr e ig h te r . M R . & M RS. S . B E A R D M O R E , O F G ran ville, came in on a short v i s i t to Dawson Friday evening. They made the tr ip to town w ith Oscar N ordling, in the la tte r * s c a r. They planned on driving back to G ranville Saturday evening. W . H. ( B illy ) Yfilliam son, pioneer mining man o f the M hyo d i s t r i c t , was an a rriv a l on the $• S# Aksala, from W hitehorse. B ill plans on leavin g w ith in tho next few days for M ayo to attend to some b u sin ess there when he w ill again go back to W hitehorse. D A N M oD O N A L D got in th is week from Black few months. JOHNNIE PAPP oame in from G ranville in h is oar Friday. Coming to town w ith Johnnie w ith Johnny were Mrs. A l» Vars and Mr. and Mrs. E « Peppard. I t was the f ir s t v i s i t to town for Mr. and Mrs. Peppard during th ese past two y e a rs• MRS. W. H. ELLIOTT, who had been v is it in g her son Howard and daughter May, at G ran ville, returned home on Friday. M RS. J . A C H ESO N , whose home i s at A tlin ,B *C ., arrived here on the steamer Whitehorse Tuesday and l e f t w ith R. S# M e Combe when tho la tt e r l e f t for Jack W ade Saturday morning. Mrs. Achoson w ill r e jo in M r# Acheson at Jack Wade. While here Mrs# Acheson was the guest of M r# and Mrs. Benny Gladwin, o f Bear C reek,cl­ ose r e la t iv e s . SE V E R A L Y E L L K N O W N Dav/son people plan on g e ttin g away w ith in the next week or so for the o u tsid e, among them being M r# and Mrs# Art D aily & fam ily, Dr# and Mrs. Hoodless,Mrs# Gordon Armstrong and son Arnold, Miss Anita Sarrich and o th ers. O N A T W E L V E M O N T H S leave o f absence f » m the army fo llow in g a severe attack o f pneumon­ ia , Jerry Jensen, who l e f t here w ith other Dawson v o lu n te er s, in March, returned to Dawson on Tuesday. 3 The Yukon Miner Sat* July 11, 1942 r C A S C A O U T S U N D A Y Tho steamer Casca whioh arrived in port at an early morning hour la st Saturday, sailed for tho south Sunday morning. Outgoing passongcrs •were* For Whitehorse - M r* and Mrs. E. S.C ottle, John Gannon, Goddes, M ay H ayden,Clara Hayden, E. Haden, A. Anonen. For Selkirk- Mrs. J. Flynn# Hoi1gate - Harry Blanchard,Anna Blanchard. Carmacks - Mrs. A # Morrison. Stewart City - M r. and Mrs. T o m Rendell, C * Opscth. Meecham - Mrs. A * Currie and daughter Joan, L. Seeley, A. MacKenzio, A * Granger, F. Cody, R. Armstrong. Kirkman - Irene, M P -d g e & Doreen Caloy. Skagway - M rs John Drott and two children, Mrs. J# Wÿncss, M r. and Mrs. Eric Johnson. L O W E R R IV E R SAILIN G S O O N C . J# Rogers, President of the White Pass announces that there w ill be a boat sailin g from Dawson about July 15 for Eagle, Circle,Coal Creek, Fort Yukon and intermediato points. The Alaska Steamship Co. is expected to have a s a il­ ing from the coast between July 1 - 7 for Skag­ way which should connect with the White Pass Dawson sa ilin g . W H IT E H O R S E , A X S A L A IN F R O M S O U T H The steamers "Whitehorse and Aksala got in th is week, the Whitehorse on Tuesday evening, the Akasia early Friday morning. The Whitehorse went as far as Klondike City •(Louse Town), Wednesday afternoon, remaining th­ ere u n til Thursday evening to load tho locomot­ ive, tender and beds of the 28 ra il oars which is being shipped to tho south end. The Aksala is scheduled out to-day. S M O K E H IN D E R IN G N O R T H F L Y IN G Sm oko from huge forest fir e s in northern B.C. and the Peace River country is hindering the daily plane service from Edmonton and Vancouver. Thore was no connect! on with an outside plane on Thursday when P ilo t B ill Petors came through from Whitehorse on regular schedule. There was (n o outside airm ail. P ilot Petters started out for the South Friday morning but had to turn back, partly booause of rain and storm but mostly bocause of the thick jsm oke haze hanging over the Klondike and Yukon (Valleys. The plane made a second start later b'riday afternoon, going to Whitehorse direct, j It is reported that another plane is coming jNorth to-day and going baok immediately. j - m r in*. Q U IT E A F E W D A W S O N IT E S journeyed over to Klon­ dike City Wednesday evening to witness the sight of the big locomotive being loaded onto a barge for tran sit to Whitehorse. Numerous picturos of tho outgoing old timer were taken. O U T G O IN G P A SSE N G E R S by piano Wednesday were Volncy Richmond, J r ., W f c i# E » Thomson, E.Clausen, Thos« Campbell and Constables Hobbs & Sal t . î Recruiting Officer* Got any scars on you. Recruit: Nope, but I*vc got a cigarette. T he Yukon nine: Sat. July 11, 1942 DISCCVL RY DAY PL AMS ARE NO W ■ U N E R W A Y D A W S O N G R E E N H O U S E S Tomatoes Head Lettuce Cucumbers Radishes Fresh Vegetables on Market Soon Potted plants Flowers Careful Attention Given to a ll Creek & Out of Tow n Orders Morning Delivery in T ow n A. W i M cIQ N L A Y Prop i N O R M A N H A R T N E L L W R IT E S .F R O M E N G L j ' i N D Norman Hartnell,, son of Mrs. Hi. K im .be 1, .and who is well known in Dawson, writes from England to say that he is lik ing -the army lif e fine in the Old Country, and want to be remembered to a ll his Yukon friends-* Norman is now a sergeant w ireless oper­ ator " air gunner. H e is the fir s t v o l ­ unteer from Yukon to fin ish the course and as such, has had quite a féw writeups both in Canadian and English papers. N orm says he had a very fast and rather Quiet crossing from Canada to the Old Country though ’ Vaking up in the middle of the night to the music of exploding bombs* is rather hard to get used : t o , r Here is another excerpt frcm Sergeant _ H artnell’s le tte r ; ’ 'England is certainly a beautiful place and as far as the country goes., you would j big Seattle re-anion never think there was a W IT H T H E Y U K O N E R S IN U N IF O R M I PIO NEERf L A K E P L A N S | F O R D IS C O V E R Y D A Y Pleins for the usual Discovery Day Celobration j August 17 are now being m ade by the Yukon Order I of Pioneers'. Members of the Sourdough lodge of the North I met at’ pioneer Hall Thursday week ago to dis- ! cuss tiie forthcoming event and the following I committee was formed to carry through with plans | for th is year’s anniversary celebration. F o E * Envoldsen, chairman, C . J. Vifquain,J.A» I West, J. Adams, J. D - Gadoua, A * Baird, N. Marcoüx, M . H r Jones, H * Malstrom, C I* Term- ! ant, 3. Y T » Gladwin, A * T * Taddie, S * Holm, D. I Bernier H , Dillon, D « B * Cole, E. Schink, D " 1 7 ft 3a._j.entine, S » 1 J. White^ L.A* Blouin,C* Jesimeret, J- Es McNeill, J.E. Whitehouse and T * » H » R on a .c j x ■ C o I. Tonnant was named chairman of the dance cc Lim it tee - S E A T T L E S O U R D O U G H S G E T T IN G R E A D Y V A large and enthusiastic group of Sourdoughs from the Alaska Yukon Pioneers, Ladies of the Golden North and daughters of the Pioneers, met at the Now Washington:Hotel, in S eattle, rec­ ently, to make plans for the big International Reunion to be held in Seattle Aug. 14 -16* The annual affair promises to be one of the most enjoyable held since the fir s t one in Seattle in 19 29 » Scores of Yukon and Alaska pioneers and their fam ilies and friends are expected to attend the on. But when ) you see the large bombed areas in the ci b y i t rea lly makes you stop & think. If one of the bom bs' in use here were dropped on the old Eagle Hall - every house in Daw- son would bo flattened with the exception of the 'Hospital & the lieuse cn the Pom e* ’ tyfell, th a t’s m y twopence worth for nor/. Please remember m e to m y friends in Dawson « R10L410 - Sgt. Hartnell, N «D * Attached R e A * F. R. C * A. F * Overseas. B R O T H E R L O S T F O R 57 Y E A R S, M A Y B E N Q R T H Does anybody in Alaska or Yukon know W m l M e Burney? His brother Fred M e Burney, writ - ing frcm Los Angeles, would lik e to lo c­ ate the missing m an who had been lo st to his family for 57 years and may bo in the Northland# Fred’s address is 123 so. Bunke: h ill Avo# Los. Angeles, Cal. * ' ,jL • Y j i S N E A K R A ID O N A N C H O R A G E , C A U G H T A L A S K A N S F L A T F O O T E D private Wally Blanchard, nor: with the Canadian Forestry Corps.- is spending his embarkation leave in Vancouver : Wally soon expects to go overseas to join other well known Yukoners now serving in the same branch of the service# Sapper Fred Juneau of the Royal Canadian Eng­ ineers.- returned to Vancouver la st week from Sardis whore he finished his training and w ill soon be going oxerseas. Hon- Major A. C o McCullum., former Dawson clergy man, i s slated for a trip to Vancouver soon to .f ill a high m ilitary appointment. The Rev. M e- Cullum served with d istin ction in the last war. Otto Nordling- well known young Yukon m an who was cue cf the fir st to volunteer in Dawson,has recently been promoted to Corporal and has moved from Vancouver to V ictoria. Otto'bias been attach­ ed to The Royal Canadian A rm y Service'‘Corps sincj joining the arm;-. H e is now stationed at 77ork Point Barracks - near V ictoria. ' L A R G E M A IL IN O N ,'i'i.S C A W hen a surprise air raid te s t was made j A large fir s t in Anchorage by the Air Corps rcecntly,ncst a big crop of of the'population was caught fla t footed & jazines and so f re-aoted just opposite to the way they H ast Saturday a : should have. J o ffice slx-xT bu Three pianos put or, a simulated attack - {this vrook. T he i t was a surprise raid without warning. The j T L '.esday evening people of Anchorage responded in exactly thUon., some 38 sa wrong way. They ran out of buildings, con-j grogated on street corners,climbed onto roof Send tin? tops and became easy prey for attackers. S c. and second class mail, including , ’cading m aterial, papers, mag- rth, arrived on the S* S. Casca id kept members of the local post -,y right up u n til the middle of obearner Whitehorse ivhioh got in only had a small mail for Daw- :ks or so. Miner to Your Friends Outside ms Writing Letters 5 Tho Yukon Miner Sat. July 11, 1942 .MCCCNACMIE. Sl ES big AVIATION FUTURE a h e a d F O R E S T FIRES R A M P A N T ' IN " W ID E L Y S E P A R A T E D A P A R T S O F T H E Y U K O N : : - Tho oxfcrcmely hot woathor of tho past fow weeks has brought in its wake a scourge of fo rest’fir e s throughout the ïUkon and also in northern B ritish Columbia and parts of the Peace River bloci , Below Dawson a big bush fire has been burning for these past three weeks or more and the pall of smoke from the fire to the North has been extra thiok over Dawson the past week. O ne of the worst fir e s , however, is the one s t i l l raging up the Klondike. This fire started at a point near the SanjSoucey Hay ranch and has fanned eastwards, mostly on the le f t hand side of the IQondike• For a time th is conflagration came close to damaging the company*s power lin e . Accord­ ing to some observers th is brush blaze has covered from fifte en to twenty m iles. For­ tunately the prevailing wind has been keep­ ing i t veering away from the Klondike but it crossed the main road to the North Fork at several points. O ne o f the Government road camps up the Klondike was completely burned out by th is bush fir e . M IN E R L O SE S C A BIN ,-G R U B - Osoar M iller, well known individual miner was hard h it by th is sam e* fire when i t overran his prop­ erty on Goring Creek, tributary of the Kl­ ondike, destroying his cabin and a -year's supply of grub and supplies. / The fire is burning deeply into the moss and i t make take a long time before the flames subside completely. F R O M M A Y O A N D O T H E R parts of the country also comes the word that damaging forest fir e s are cutting a wide swath. Several weeks ago many gigantio bush fire s caused a.great deal o f damage and destruction in interior Alaska. Early Friday morning a muoh-neodod rain storm h it tho Dawson V alle y and consider­ ably cleared up the atmosphere lo c a lly . W hat is rea lly needed, however, is ; about a week's solid rain to completely quenoh tho numerous forest fir e s in the d istr ic t. Friday morning's rain was not a heavy one by any means but i t brought a welcome, i f only temporary, drop in the sizzlin g tem­ peratures of recently. C A L L E D T O M A Y O O N — • D IS M A N T L IN G JO B B* ’ ’Slim*' Keobke, head mechanic for- Thos. Cambell in Dawson, has gone to M ayo to sup­ ervise a dismantling job for the Treadxvell Yukon Corporation in the silver camp. "slim was master mechanic for the T « Y. last sea*- son but came to Dawson shortly after the f ir s t of the year to work for Cambell. H o was flown to Ifvyo la st Saturday evening. ■ - It is reported that the Treadwell Yukon is dismantling most of it s M ayo equipment and that same w ill be shipped elsewhere. N A T U R A L A C T IN G * ’ ’ Now, Robert, ” said the teach er,” can you t e l l m e what hum an naturo is ? ” uYos, ma'am,” replied tho p u p il,” i t ' s people- 'fore they get into Socioty.” ”Church Times.” C A N A D IA N AIR E X E C U T IV E PR E D IC T S G R E A T F U T U R E F O R C A N A D A 'S AIR LINES Huge luxury lin ers of the a ir , hurtling along in the stratosphere at a speed exceeding 300 m iles an hour, w ill leave Canada every hour for Europe; passenger travel for a ll distances more than 400 miles away w ill be by a ir, and aviation w ill force the nations in eaoh continental area to co-operate more closely. That's the picture of the new world after the Nazis and Japs have been defeated, as seen through the eyes of an intrepid, resourceful young Edmonton aviation pioneer, Grant McConach­ ie , geheral manager-, for C.P* A irlines, Ltd., Western Division, according to Jack DeLong of the Edmonton B ulletin, following a recent in t­ erview with the Canadian f lie r . McConachie (The Bulletin story goes on) pion­ eered the sky route to Alaska whioh is now prov­ ing of tremenduous strategic importance in the greatest war in history. McConachie is no idle dreamer* -In predicting a great new role for the airplane after victory is won, he in sists is being-very, conservative. . . The passenger airlin er of the post-war years w ill operating range of 4,000 miles or more,' McConachie believes,'and w ill be powered by four engines developing 10,000 horsepower. They w ill have pressurized, insulated cabinsto insure comfort and safety in high altitu d es. Flying in the stratosphere w ill m ake i t poss­ ible to escape 95$ of the storms that menace the comfort and safety of passengers at the lower levels.. . From a busines standpoint, countries that f a il to develop their aviation w ill be le f t be­ hind, McConachie b elieves. Canada, which always has been ,tp the fore in this respect, should occupy a more important place than ever in world a ffa irs after the war. ” A country w ill have to be prominent in aviation .to hold leadership after the war, M c­ Conachie concluded. C O M P U L S O R Y T R A IN IN G N O T IC E S R E C E IV E D L O C A L L Y Notice to report for compulsory m ilitary training has been received by quite a few ' young men in the Yukon Territory who come A within the age lim it and necessary q u alific­ ations in th is category. A number of young men in th is d istr ict have received these notices by registered mail recently. Naturally, as i t is a long and expensive trip from Dawson to the coast, the nearest training centre,, there is considerable speculation as to the proceedure. Mbst of those affected would have to leave their present jobs in order to t go to the coast. For those engaged in seasonal work, i.e. - during the sum m er months, such a trip would p ractically eliminate •any further W ork for them-this sum m er season. • • It is conjectured that the time lim it for those affected in Yukon may bo put ahead un til the end of the season or that, maybe, a train ­ ing centre might be established somewhere hero in the -North. . €- r ,' . . . H E A V Y D E W S those nights and early mornings are proving a big help to the local gardens & ranches which have boon suffering, in many instances, from lack of moisture durIng the past hot sp ell. The Yukon Miner Sat. July 11, 1942 NEW TAXES a NEW SAVINGS PtAN ARE STUDIED F O R S A L E • - r F O R S A L E * Dining R oom Suito & chairs,sun­ dry furniture, large 'size linoloum, suitable for front room# F O R S A L E * Tennis raquets, praotically new ® Bontley and Slazonger makes* F O R SA L E : Gent’ s rubber raincoat, length* Light # serviceable. waist F O R S A L E : General Elootrio Radio - sole model, ‘ in mahogony -finish» con- For' d etails on the above-listed items soo the Y U K O N M IN E R . * ' ' : ' : ; , v ~ F A M O tfS N O R T H E R N C H A R A C T E R PASSES Alfred C « Baldwin, better known throughout Alaska and Yukon as ” Luoky” Baldwin died recently, after a long and h istoric career in. th ej North# "Lucky” oame- to Anchorage in the oarly days., aft or resigning from long sorvico in tho# Canadian Northwest Mounted P olice. H e spent several years in Dawson. Known widely, Lucky fooled dootors by l i v ­ ing many years beyond the lim it set for him following an attack of paralyzsis. H e was best known in Anchorage as the proprietor of|^° promote the further sale of war stamps & G O O D A T T E N D A N C E A T PU BLIC M E E T IN G H E L D T O D ISC U SS N E T T T A X E S & T O R S T A M P S Just how much the new war taxes are affeoting Dawsonites was amply demonstrated on Tuesday night of th is week when a large number of a Dawson business men, oivio leaders and employ­ ees of various firms, and in stitu tion s gathered in the Council. Chambers at the Administration Building to discuss the tax situation as i t now stands and to. a ssist in the newly-oragan- ized Dominion-wide carpalgn to promote the further sale- of war savings stamps and cert­ ific a te s.- /= - Controller G . A. Jeckell .acted as chairman of the meeting and reviewed the various aspeots of the income tax structure during the past number of years. , In the estimation of most of those present, the basic exemption on income tax under the new tax program, was too small as applied to th is part of the. ..Territory* As a "result a committee was formed to draft a resolution to this effect,-sam e to be forwarded to the Min­ iste r of Finance at Ottawa. Members of th is committee are* J. Hulland, Harry Fatt, Dido Stenich, R. G . Lee, Stanley Yftiite, Paul DesBrisay, J. Hoggan. O U T L IN E S N E W C A M P A IG N - O ne of the main pur­ poses of Tuesday nigh t’s meeting was to dis­ cuss the newly-launched Dominion-wide campaign Luoky’s. Self Serve Grocery, a business which he disposed of several years ago. As a he ran an advertising coupaign Sometimes he ” bawled out” his oustomors in print and gave them a verbal thrashing when they v isited his store. Wisecracks were one of his sp ecialties & his customers liked them. Grocery patrons c e r tific a te s. W J n * E. Thomson, who came North recently especially on th is project, addressed the gathering and fu lly explained the need believed unique in the annals of advert!sing.8110 necessity at the present time of raising further monies for war purposes by means of stamp and c er tifica te sales. Mr. Thomson, who was Yukon and northern B.C. organizer for the two Victory Lean campaigns, is acting for the • iNational-War Finance Committee. H e pointed out seemed to enjoy being chastised by th is un- the Yukon d istr ic t must naturally be ■usual character* H o would s it by the stove jorganized a] ong^ similar lin es as other c itie s , in his store and growl at them, as they oa me!t °'''“ s and d istr ic ts across the Dominion in ord- in , day after day. Once a lady asked for |er •*uU y support th is new campaign. I After M r0 Thomson’s remarks a permanent com m - jitte e , which w ill act for the duration, was Inam ed for the Dawson d istr io t. Appointed to jthis committee were .the J. E » Gibbon, j general chairman, K * McCuaig, Vi ce-chairman, |H. W . Firth, se c t’y G , George Townsend, chair- im an of the payroll Savings Committee, C * F. jBurkhard, chairman of General Sales Committee, |j . 0. Redmond,, chairman of the Public Relations ! Committee• some birdseed. "W hat the h ell are you trying to raise a canary for when you can’t even take care of your own fam ily,” Lucky remonstrated. Baldwin bragged that he was the only m an . in Anchorage w ho oould prove he was sane. H e carried with him discharge papers from j Morningsido Hospital and presented thorn to prove his contention. Lucky would have been 79 next October. Funeral services were held under auspices j of Anchorage' Igloo o f Pionoors of Alaska & burial was made in Pioneer Cemetry. W H A T H IT L E R C O S T S T O A C A N A D IA N - ; | putting a ll complicated computations aside! hero is the cost of Adolph H itler to a Can­ adian married man without children on a salary of $3,000 a year* Income tax - before the war,$30* Sep t. ; 1939,$36. June 1940,$195. April, 1941,$400. June 1942, $884, of which $300* w ill be ref*» unded at two per cent in terest after the war, i f the A llies win. ’Additions would ha­ ve to bo made, of course, for indirect taxes on the individual. T"......* C. P. R. B O A T D U E FIRST W E E K , . ‘ Another C P R steamer is. slated to dock a t . Skagway next Monday, July 13th. Mail, freigh t O nd other cargo'from’ th is coastwise steamer , destined for Dawson, w ill undoubtedly be arriving hero by'river steamer sometime next week. n ' . ' _ M R S . ED. B ISH O P was an outgoing passenger on the Whitehorse for Whitehorse to join her husband who le f t here several weeks ago to take a job in the Yukon’s boom town. ! W E H E A R T H A T * Still'another well known Daw- sonite plans on talcing ”the big leap” before many moons are over. ----- low wate r l- i mders 5 T i :mnq, Stewart T J - J ' r ’ ' W . '/u x o | Story on page 3. O C A r 2 ) V O L . 1. N O . 34. D A W S O N , Y.T. SAT. JU L Y 4/42 war news ; F. J. FRIEDLE, rasidcnt manager for the ; Idaho-Canadian Dredging Co. cam e in by ipiolaip truck ih is morning from the Sixty- jmilo, bringing his young daughter to town ;for medical treatment. T he l i t t l e g ir l I suffered a painful cut yesterdey when she |f e l l against an old diesel o il drum and |gashed her hip. | G . Johannson, of Miller Creek, raid Bob iHastic, of Moose Ck., com e in with Friedlo. ! Mr. Friodic reports that he is only |doing a certain amount of assessment work | on the Sixtymile at the present tame. Cl- jarenco Stevens id driving bulldozer and | he has one other m an working for him. • : Mrs. Barrio, of Dawson, is leaving with |Friedlo and his daughter th is afternoon to | take care of the culinary duties at the |camp during the next month or so. | Mrs. F. Goulter '/net out to the Friedlo j cam p la st week end to toko over the job C A IR O , -July 4 - B ritish and Allied forces have ! but found it too lonesome out there and / r D R J \ f c A A ) I f rJ \ / \LT G Y FT - \ y r . ~ \ y\ J J S E V A S T A P O L F A L L S A F T E R TER RIFIC SE IG E thrown back General Rommel*s armies along the Egyptian coast by a flanking movement against the enemy lin e s . Heavy reinforcements of men, planes and guns are being poured into Egyp^* It I so returned to town within a couple of days- j C A S G A IN: The C^soa docked at an early ! hour th is morning with 102 tons cargo & was revealed Friday night that American soldiers 1166 on barge;194 sacks of mail. Passengers are now fighting side by aide with the British while British and American planes and flie r s have joined to strike the Axis forces heavy blows. The R A F parried out gigantic raids on the m ai Axis supply centres of Bengazi, Derna and Tobruk,! Durant, Mrs. Damasse Bernier, of Granville, wéJrc: Mrs. Ron Grconslade,.. M r. and Mrs. M * H i Jones olid Harry1 s son-in-1 a-w , W.E. Thomson, Victory Loan organizer for Yukon and B.C. who is.n o stranger in Dawson, 7 j t v - r „ • * - - ~ v » -i * A # '• p {"/hitoh or s c , ?lr s* doing.devastating damage. The raid on Bengazi Thursday night was described as equal in inten - sity to the recent 1000-bomber raid against Col­ ogne and Bremen* T he A il lie s have absolute air supremacy in the Egyptian and Libyan b a ttle. Fighting continues 65 m iles fc m Alexandria. Unless General R om m el con capture Alexandria,he w ill have fa iled in his objective and w ill have to fa ll back to re-organize his lin es and to get fu el. Only by capturing Alexandria can he hope to got the fuel neoossary for his campaign. The Allied troops are determined to halt the spec­ tacular drive. I f R om m el f a ils to capture his objective, then his whole campaign in Libya dur­ ing recent weeks w ill have been in vain and the j loss of planes, tanks, m en and equipment w ill be a total lo s s . IM Ts. Hggglund, P* W . Blake, T. Roberts & i Jack Coutts, -well known Yukoner back from ihis recent trip to the coast where, he j underwent medic aJL treatment. The Ttfiitc Pass office said th is morning ithey didn*t know what time the Casca would jbe leaving for up river. M r* and Mrs. Eric Johnston, of ■ Gold Bottom, arc leaving on the Casca, having I closed up their roadhouse at Gold Bottom. A n American A ir m y engineer was picked up |at Stewart, for hospital here. M O S C O W , July 3 - The Soviet high com m and to ­ night admitted the f a ll of Sevastapol, important Russian naval base* Fighting is continuing in N O E G G S, N O F R U IT - It is reported that i the boat brought neither eggs nor perish- ! ables, including fresh fr u its, on th is i trip and a shortage of these lin es prov- } a ils again in town. C O R R E C T IO N - In reporting the arrival from Jack Ubdo of M rs* M e C o m b i the thickly-woodod Crimean mountains. The Germans Brown we inadvertently stated paid heavily for their victory - 850,000 troops having boen k ille d or wounded during the past 8 months.of the siege, 150,000 of these during the p a st-25 days. Russian forces continue to and M rs* that M rs* Brown was the former Miss Irene Johnston i of the Cafe sta ff. W e meant to say ! she was the former Miss Irens Lindholmc |who lo ft Dawson to be married to M r. halt the enemy on a ll other sectors of the East- \ Brown at ern front* J^ck T . r ade last f a ll. O ur apolog- ! ics to the former popula.r Dawson g ir l. W A S H , July 3 - Congress has approved the la to - j T H E K IN G BIR D , p ilo t Peters, was booked est army supply b ill to ta llin g $42,820,000 for I out for 9*30 this morning, taking, airmail, the construction by July 1, 1943 of 185,000 war ! Inspector Grcnnan for Rhitchorse and planes,- thousands of tanks* guns and other cquip-j Dave Murray for Mayo. Murray w ill work ment and a standing army of 4 m illion men. A im - j for Fred Tayl°r placer miner, on Dublin crican shipyards are now turning out ships fact-1 Gulch, or than the U-boats can sink them, a navy spokc-j------ sm an declared* . ! T H IS IS the Glorious 4th* - Indopcnd- ! once Day in the States, end the American*3 L O N D O N , July 2 - Churchill won an overwhelming biggest holiday of the yean, vote of confidence in the House by 475-25. ------ page 2 r * r J 1 / ! V , r r * Sat. July 4, 1942 L O O K IN G B A C K Removal of the big steam locomotive and tender from Klondike City, where it' has been stored for years, so that i t may be shipped to Whitehorse and again enter service, rec­ a lls an incident which happened during the halcyon days of th is gold cam p when the r a il­ road was in operation between Dawson and Grand Forks* The daily train between Dawson and theForks was a fam iliar sight-as i t shuttled back & forth. The r a il lin e did a good business for aw h ile as there we re thousands of people on on Old Bonanza in those cays. But as miners and their fam ilies and others began to d rift away, Bonanza soon became only a ghost of it s former, hectic se lf andj as'the famous old gold creek became more and more des­ erted, the train soon languished and died. W e .remember one sum m er - i t was the year of the smallpox epidemic in Dawson when, tho pest houses were located on Jackson Gulch. The year must have been around 1910 but of that w e * re not sure. At any rate a:certain family liv ed at the mouth of Bonanza and, as there wore several children in the -fam­ ily , i t was .decided safer that they shouldv move farther up Bonanza as the ! ; pox waggon" went by very d o se to the house. Tlie family moved up the creek and lived that sum m er in a cabin on the right hand side of the creek, noar where the railroad passed. In fact the house was just a short distance above the tracks. ‘ O ne day the train was coming back to town with a string of fla t oars. A 'small g ir l, only 18 months old, of the aforementioned family, was ju st learning to walk and , un- no t'iobd by her parents or the other child-’ ron, made her way down towards the tracks. Tho grass was fairly.h igh along the r a il bod-but, as the trail!' puffed down the lin o , "Dad” Ainsley, the conductor, thought ho spied something moving In the grass.; At . f ir s t he thought i t was. just, a bird but as he neared the spot ho saw, to his horror, that i t was a baby. Quickly he signalled to the engineer in the cab but tho train , which was coming down the creek backwards, was nearly on top of the child. ,r Dad, ? Ainsiey swung down from the fir s t fla t car, scooped up the child while holding his balance with his other arm. T ho l i t t l e .g i r l has a bruise on her head and was covered with grease and o il but sho was otherwise uninjured. H ad i t not been for ”Dad” Ainsie y rho would have boon k ille d . Had.tho train, boen coming a l­ ong, engine f ir s t , she would have boon k i l l ­ ed. As it was sho was miraculously saved « W o may not remember•a ll tho d etails very well but wo shall nover forget tho incident. T ho l it t l o g ir l was the kid siste r , nor: Mrs. L * F * Fielder of .Van de rho of, B »C * The locomotive being shipped frem Dawson to Whitehorse, arrived hero on the fir s t boat in the spring-of. 1902. It weighs 59,C0O pounds or 2 9 -J - tons. .Originally i t belonged to the White Pass but they have now bought i t back and w ill freigh t it to Whitehorse for service, between Skagwny and Wh5.tehcrso * T h o stool beds of 28 fla t cars aro. also being shipped with tho locomotive and its tender. __ ZIhe l /u kon JVi l n e r published Dawson, Y #T * ..A*..A* G illespie - Editor & Mgr. If it*s for the Yukon, the Miner is for i t . . All the News of the North $1* a month, payable in advance Single Copies .25^ Carrier Service T H O S E W A S H D A Y B L U E S Years ago, during the boom days of the . camp, there was a certain type of p ost card which gained m uch fame and popularity. T he postcard depioted a miner, shaggy, be­ grimed and forlorn-looking, washing out his ow n clothes on a hom em ade washboard & I round tub. A varied assortment of socks, sh irts, underwear:and bandana handkerchiefs hung on a lin e in the background, printed jin big le tte r s on the card was th is in- ' S script ion: • " W IF E W A N T E D .” •j' Well, that, was a long time ago. W ash jdays in this*modern era are to most house-, wives no trick at a ll, either by machine |or by hand. But hubbies s t i l l run'into a jpocketful of grief when they tackle w ifey’s !job - particularly i f they’re not used to, [ Take the case of a well known D awsonites.' ] Shush J V/eJre mentioning no names but he’s I sure a big -strapping, fellow that would jthink nothing of throwing around two or |three hundred pound weights. Anyway, his .[wife w a s-ill-th is week, and he decided to., (•tackle the family wash. Wisely choosing |the- evening hours, (he works a ll day) he (started in shortly after supper. It was’nt^ •ja big washing, just medium-size for the (missus, but he finished up at 2 a . m . and ! not before ne had sp illed the rinsing tub land it s consents a ll over the kitchen^ (floor, caught his thumb a couple of times in the wringer, broke a fingernail ’ on the thrasher of tho -washing machine and nearly had heart failure when the lin e , with a ll the nice clean clothes, nearly snapped in two. The secuol of th is fable should road that friend hubby is now in bed suffering from nervous exhaustion and friend wifey is up ! and doing the washing again, with the great- le s t of ease. But th a t’ s not so. This yarn I has at least got the semblance of truth to ! i t . Tho hubby in question is s t i l l on the- | job every day. « ,. .but, from now on, he’s : steering civ ar of the weekly wash. î j y FINE DISPL A Y O n e -, of the fin e st displays of rose plants I in town may be seen any day of the week i in the window of tho Rochester Hotel t at j che corner of King and 2nd. Aye. M r. and Mrs. M ills have an array of roses in the east window that would be hard, to beat anywhere. I.u bloom now, the rosos are ivory picturesque in their varied shades of jw hite, pink, red end mauve. Send the Miner to Your Friends Outside. Saves Writing Letters. 3 T ho Yukon Miner _______ Sa t* July 4, 1942 L O T S ...... FISHING & B A S E B A L L SUPPLIES Enjoy your week end on a Fishing Trip Rods Lines F lies Leaders P L A Y B A L L If Your Are a Baseball or Softball Fan You 11 " G o" for fir s t class equipment W e have a fine lin e of Softball bats & b a lls. Hardball bats & b alls Get T hem N ow N C C O - L T D M ayo Whitehorse Dawson A R C T IC B A R B E R S H O P It M ay be Hot Outdoors but it* s Always Cool & comfortable in the Arotio First Class Tonsorial Service Haircuts Shaves Sharp oos Massages Modern Equopment Modern premises 1st* Ave. PILO T P E T E R S IN W IT H | K IN G B IR D T H U R S D A Y i j p ilo t B ill Peters came in Thursday afternoon jfrom the south with the Kingbird plane,bring­ oing airmail but no passengers. ■ j The Canadian Pacific plane is scheduled to i go south Saturday morning with the outgoing |a ir m ail, p ilo t peters w ill go south via the |local route, including McQuesten. Mrse Bud Holbrook and three daughters w ill 0 jbe making the flig h t to the McQuesten on Sat- lurdayj j ! B O E IN G , PILOT H O L D E N | IN O N T U E S D A Y | A C P A Boeing piane, piloted by Messrs Holden land Fairsj arrived at the local airport Tues- Iday and went south Wednesday. Incoming passengers were Sergeant Ron Green- jslade, R. C. C . S ., Miss S. Squitt, M rs* L * iHunter, from Mayo, and Archie MacLennan,from | Selkirk. Departing on the Boeing, southbound, W ed­ nesday were: Miss Mary Cullurn, Miss Edith H a m m - jond, Serg’t . Paul Reid, R. C * C * S*, George jFant, Mrs. C * F * Herbert and son and Emil Egli, |the la tter for Mayo. Egli came here from M ayo la st week to under- jgo treatment for an injured back* A BIG, M U L T I-M O T O R E D piano, believed to be jnon-commer c ia ls o a r e d over Dawson Wednesday I night,, heading in an easterly direction. I V E R Y L O W W A T E R O N | T H E S T E W A R T R IV E R R O C H E S T E R H O T E L " A H om e A w ay from H om e” 2nd* Ave» at King St. C H A S. W . M IL L S Prop Dawson, Yukon R E G IN A H O T E L W here You 11 Always Feel at H om e Cool, comfortable Room s First Class Service S ociability Central Location 2nd* p ’ K N U D S E N York Ave» Prop. st. The high water which neared flood stage on » ! the Stewart River a few weeks ago, has d is- jappoared lik e magic and i t now looks as i f tho I steamboats w ill have trouble negotiating that |tributa"y for the balance of tho summer, j Last week the S. S. Aksala.*. which has been jon tho Stewart River run, started upstream but [could only got as far as Old Stewart Crossing, [fifty miles above Stewart City. The Aksala had jto turn back, coming on to Dawson Saturday [night and sailin g an hour later for Whitehorse, lit had a lood of supplies for the McQuesten, I for Canadian Placers Ltd*, at Clear Creek, as [well as M ayo freight and stu ff. It is understood a lighter-draft boat w ill jbe coming downriver to try the Stewart run. j Last week Clair P areil, veteran skipper on Ithe Hazel B, returned from a trip to M ayo in ; the big White Pass launch. C l air reports that I the lew stage of water is hardly believable at [this time of year. M r* and M r s-.- E. C . Burt made the round trip I to M ayo and back on the Hazel B. I | IN F R O M J A C K W A D E ....f o r " N E W S of the N O R T H " Subscribe to the Y U K O N M IN E R $1* a month Delivered in town by Carrier Mailed Anywhere_________ R. S -. (Bob) M e Combe, hustling transportation |m an of the Jack W ade area, arrived in town, jwith one of his big trucks Thursday morning. ! Closely behind Bob, came his wife Molly in Itheir pickup truck» Mrs. M cC om be was accompanied jon the trip in by M rs* Brown, the former Miss [Irene Johnson, of the Arcade Cafe sta ff. They ^plan on returning to Jack W ade Saturday or [Sunday- Freighter M cC om be pirns on shipping two of his big trucks to the lower river on the fir s t boat going that way. Ads in the Miner get Good Results 4 The Yukon Miner Sat, July 4, 1942 MAYO NEWS H O SP IT A L C L O S E D M ayo General Hospital closed the end of June. Miss Veronica Pagej Matron, and Miss Hell « sta ff nurse, are vacationing at M ayo Lake for a few weeks before leaving. It is rumoured that Miss Roll and Dick Steeves are to be married th is f a ll. PR INTIN G PR ESS S O L D The old printing press which had been ship­ ped to M ayo by the Dawson News in the early boom days of the oarnp, has been sold to Horace E. Moore, publisher of the Whitehorse Star. The press had been stored in M ayo and went through the big flood. M r* Moore oam e to M ayo week to take over the press and ship i t to YJhitehorso. T. Y. S E L L IN G E Q U IP M E N T The Treadwell Yukon Gorp!n .is sellin g o ff a ll its machinery, equipment and rollin g stock T $ie Elsa cam p has been opened while machinery and equipment, on Galena is. being crated and made ready for shipment. PIO N EER ;W O M A N PA SSES Airs. .H * Robinson, pioneer wom an of M ayo & D^wsort/ died in hospital at M ayo the early part of June* M rs*. Robinson le f t Dawson last September, came to M ayo and then went out to Seattle* She returned soon after from the coast and spent the winter in Mayo, most of the time in hospital. V E T E R A N M IN E R D E A D Martin Malesioh, veteran miner and prosp­ ector of the M ayo d is tr ic t, died a few days ago. H e had been in hospital for some l i t t l e • time. Malesioh owned valuable placer property on Lightning Gulch, above Keno City. For the past two years John Backe has been mining th is ground. » V E N T U R A M A N IN Archie Martin is s t i l l working his scheel- ite proposition on Dublin Gulch and has three men with him. A representative of Ventura Mines Ltd*, came in recently to look over j the ground and that company may take i t over. Martin interested the Ventura people in the ' property while he was outside la st winter. G O E S T O A IL IN j Dick Steovoa has gone to Atlin to work for the M o Rae people at that oamp. Dick had been working for Bralorne Mines Ltd* on Canadian . Creek until, they closed down there a few weeks ago, when he returned to M ayo before heading for A tlin. R E T U R N N O R T H ;" • M r* and A irs* Alex Smith have returned North and are now located at Whitehorse whero Alex is working in the lig h t plant. Formerly one' of the company’s Diesel operators in the M ayo cam p before the shutdown, M r* and M rs* Smith' went outside early la st winter. , B E R A I E N G H A M B A C K C . H * Bermingham has returned from the coast and has gone up to Galena to continue ! work on his silv er property, owned jo in tly , by him and C * R * Settlem ier. T w o m en were , working on the property, taking out ore, this past w inter. H IL I.ÎA M A R R IE D - ! Miss Hilma M iller, postmistress at M ayo these past several years, was married the ■ ! middle of June in Edmonton to Sergeant-Major Roy Hal lin y formerly of the Radio Station i sta ff here. Roy le f t M ayo a few days after the war broke out, saw active service in the Old Country, and is now back in Canada to serve as on instructor. • ‘ « M A Y O “ Cont’d G O IN G T O D A W S O N Mrs. Frank Yfhitney and daughter Nancy plan on going to Dawson this fa ll where Nancy w ill attend school. M A IL SE R V IC E P O O R The mail service for M ayo has been the worst th is sum m er for the past many years. U p u n til time of writing, June 30, there has­ n’t been a steamer in port for two weeks* M A Y O IT E M A R R IE D Fred Marshall, well known former young M ayo man, was to be married in June to Miss Alioe Young, of Vancouver. Fred spent the winter in Vancouver recuperating from a long seige of inflamatory rheumatism. W e are glad to report he is now fu lly recovered and anxious to get baok to his job at Whitehorse where he is a m em ber; of the sta ff of Burns à Co• Ltd. W O R K IN G O N A K S A L A •' Kippy Fisher and Len Brame, J r ., two well known young Mayoitos, not yet out of school^ are working on the S * S * Aksala th is summer. Young Spot is working at the -White pass dock* B U S Y S A W IN G L O G S Ed. Kimbel is busy sawing up his logs which he w ill r a ft, as lumber, to Dawson in July* mere a there F L O W N T O H O SP IT A L Archie MaoLennan, veteran manager for Tay­ lor and Drury Ltd* at Selkirk, oam e to Dawson by plane Tuesday to enter St* Mary’s Hospital. P A T T Y FLIES W E S T E. N * Patty, General Manager in Alaska,Yukon and Atlin for the M cR ae in terests, flew to Fairbanks on Sunday evening. A plane from Fairbanks arrived Sunday afternoon to take the well known northern mining executive to his destination, patty arrived here by plane Thursday week ago, in company with W m * A * O’N e ill, after inspecting the Clear Creek operations. O’N eill, Sup * t , there, returned to the McQuesten by pi one Saturday. S A T U R D A Y N IG H T B A T H ' - ' Last week Harry Holden, of Dom e, Alaska, bought a small boat to take him down river. O n Saturday night Holden thought he’d better try out his new craft so he went dow n to the river and started to acquaint himself with the boost’s workings* H e f e ll overboard, in shallow water fortunately, and got good and wet nevertheless. Worse s t i l l , he lo st his false teeth in the tumble but a considerate young m an of Dawson - E d* Whitehouse, was able to fish out the top plate for the would be marriner. Holden walked from Eogle to Jack W ade a few weeks ago, was brought in to D aw ­ son by Mrs. R. M e C om be in her husband’ s pick­ up truck* Holden got away on his river jaunt Sunday, minus some teeth. FINE F U R C A T C H The Van Bibber brothers, Dan.Archie and. J. J* got in la st Saturday evening with a fine catch of fur. They had been trapping over in the Poroupine country since la st f a ll but came back to Dawson via Fort Yukon. From that point the trip to D&vson was made in a small boat owned and operated, by Harold Peterson, of Fort Yukon. Since leaving Dawson early la s t fa ll the Van Bibbers had made two trip s in to Dawson, one late in the fa ll,th e Other in December. They got some fine picturos during the past winter. Peterson, and his son, returned to Fort Yukon Thursday. Ç h e Yukon Miner Sat, July 4, 1942 s ioRii sate Rifled at wViorse'By rodders F A R E W E L L P R E S E N T A T IO N M A D E A T B E A R C R E E K T O P O P U L A R D R E D G E S U P E R IN T E N D E N T The hom e of M r* and Mrs. A. Dubois, at N E A R L Y $1-000 S T O L E N F R O M N. C. C O . ST O R E -SA FE F O R C E D O P E N A robbery which netted the safe breakers Bear Creek, was the scene la st Saturday ev-'jnearly $1-000 in cash and checks,occured at ening of a gathering of Yukon Consolidated ("Whitehorse last Wednesday morning, o ffic ia ls , engineers and others w ho made a | During the early morning hours the robbers farewell presentation to A * F- Daily, popul-jbroke into the N * C. Co. store by forcing a ar dredge superintendent of the company,who' (window at the rear of the premises, part of is leaving shortly for the outside. (the hardware department. The safe was forced M r; Daily was presented with a gold watch, i open with tools found in the building and app- appropriately inscribed? The parting g ift roximately $900. taken from it* $500. of the was made on behalf of the company o ffic ia ls jnaul was in American bxl3.£,also a $100. American and engineering department. I bank note, om.y one of its kind believed in In replying to the numerous toasts which Whitehorse at the pro-sent tin e. Included in followed a sumptuous repast, M r. Daily ex- |the stolen was an Americ3an check for pressed his reluctance and regret at leaving!$11.10 drawn upon a bank in Vancouver, Wsh«, Dawson d istr ict and the Yukon. Toasts and ja n ^ signed by Liout. Stoltz, of the American speeches wer'e made by W * H * S* McFarland, jnrmy. ^ General Manager, C * E. MoLeod, Director of !, After r iflin g the safe, the robbers le ft the company, Andrew Baird. Accountant and D Y door of the hardware department, R * Todd, of the Bear Creek o ffice sta ff. All i®aving the door closed but unlocked, of the speakers voie ed the sentiments of the entire gathering in expressing their r regrets at seeing a very e ffic ie n t and popular executive leaving the company*s ranks. Som e thirty guests were in attendance. M r. Daily completed his duties with the W H IT E H O R S E B R IE F S L « Todd ho.s resigned his position as Princ­ ipal at the local public school and is leaving |for the coast with his wife and family S* Vandt, of Vancouver, is opening up a |gents" and ladies ready-to-wear store in the Yukon Consolidated Gold Corporation the end (white pass Hotel, of June. | Whitehorse B illy was drowned in M arsh Lake H e and his wife and family w ill be leavingjthis week- It is reported he was inebriated at for the outside the la tte r part of July. (the tine of the accident. - I : ? Stampec.e'! John Stenbraten is back in White- F1V 0U R ITE LITTLE D A W S O N - ihorse after his recent trip down river. G IR L M E E T S T R A G IC D E A T H j Capte D -, M cKay. Master of the S. S-_ Casca. «w h o had been in the hospital these past sev- A 'sudden tragedy which brought sorrow intojeral weeks, has le f t for the coast in the in t- the hearts of two devoted parents and scores|erests of his health and w ill not be returning of friends in th is community occured on Tue-jNorth again this season* sday evening in front of the hom e of M r. and] Frank A » Waller, fomermate on the Tutshi, died recently at Whitehorse Hospital. The (remains are being shipped outside for burial » ! A i benefit dance was held at the Masonic Ha3 3 jin Whitehorse, Friday n ig h t,’ July 3rd. in aid |o’f the Canadian Red Cross Fund. Couples only seat of a car parked in front of the Brat- iwere allowed in the h a ll., .no stags* Tickets- sberg hom e • W hen the driver started to backjonly 50 were sold, at $2. peroouple due to the up the car, he was looking out the opposite (small size of the hall* window, watching the road as he eased the L IQ U O R V E N D O R R E SIG N S ----- Mrs. Bert Bratsberg when their year and a half old daughter Sandra suffered injuries in fa llin g out of a car which caused her death a short time after. L ittle Sandra was sittin g in the front machine backwards. T h e' car:s motion caused the door on the other side to swing open and, unnoticed by the driver, the l i t t l e g irl toppled out* O n o of the front wheels of the car struck her head as she f e ll to the ground. She was immediately rushed to St. MaryT s Hospital but died a short time after the injury. In the loss of their l i t t l e child, who was j jttS A G IR L a prime favourite in Dawson xvith everyone ! who knew her, M r. and Mrs. Bratsberg have I Returning °rom leave, a young army officer the profound sympathy of th is entire com m - h vas atout to take his place in an airlin er unity. " j^hen a girl ron•up and asked the passengers i f Funeral services were held on Friday after jarQ r ^tem would be kind enougn to s e ll her .. J* Dj Gallagher, liquor vendor and Gov*t. jAgent at M ayo these past several years, has (resigned his position and plans on leaving for (the coast to join his wife and family about (the fir s t of August. N om e of his successor has (not been made known, as yet. noon from St* paulT s Anglican Church, Rev. J* R. B. Vance reading the la st, sad r ite s. Interment was made in the Masonic Cometry. L E N W E S T IS STILL M ISSIN G a - seat, explaining that her mother was dangcr- jously i l l end the lin er was fu ll. The gallent young o fficer gave up his scat and wired his commanding officer? "G ave berth to g ir l- Returning by next plane*” Shortly afterwards came the reply: ■ - "Congratulations* Your next Ibe Y « n the barracks* u confinement w ill U p to Thursday of this week, Lcii West, , ____ trapper, who walked away from the local barr** „ L s st iH S S L T f r l ? 0 1 1 1 1 0hS0rTatl0n* 'one cup of boiling water an excellent cleaning agent for woodwork* 6 Sat. July 4, 1942 The Yukon Miner AROUND 'TOWN i . i. - .... ■ ■ ■ ........- ............ DAWSON GREENHOUSES Tomatoes Cuoumbers Head L ettuce Radishes Fresh V egetables on the Market Soon P otted p la n ts Flowers F loral Wreaths Careful A tten tion Given to a l l Creek & Out o f Town Orders À. W. M cKINLAY . . PROP. QUIET H O L ID A Y * For July 1 -Dominion Day- Dawson was exceed in gly quiet* The g o v 't, o f f ­ ic e s banks and sto r es and other b u sin ess houses were o lo sed , m ostly, in observance of the h olid ay. Quite a few people went out to spend the day camping or fish in g at Rock Creek or at other fa v o u rite haunts. D A N C E ENJO YED: The only scheduled a ttr a c t­ ion for the Dominion Day holiday was the danoe held th at evening at Eagle H al l . There was, however, only a small crowd in atten d ­ ance and those who did atten d , came la t e , which, o f cou rse, was to be expected for a summer daylight dance. D espite the small cr­ owd, everyone there had a fin e tim e. Music fo r the a ffa ir was provided by Miss Soloway D ines, piano, Grant Sutherland, drums, and Geo. Townsend and Bert Prinn, saxophones. ~Prooeeds from the Dominion Day dance have been turned over to the Community Hall fund. TENNIS U N D E R W A Y : Even the te n n is fans are fe e lin g the e ffe c t s o f the war th is y e a r,fo r only a small shipment o f ten n is b a lls were procurable. There has been qu ite a b it o f a c t iv it y , o f la t e , at the te n n is court at the R O M P barracks which is now in fin e shape. Some o f the p o lic e boys, the high school g ir ­ l s , members o f the bank s ta ffs and others have been playing f a ir ly s te a d ily th e p ast couple o f weeks. LU L L IN H O T SPELL - The h eat wave which h it Dawson the greater part o f July seems to have run i t s course, tem porarily a t le a s t . A lth - ough there have been a few real hot days th is week, the weather has been somewhat le s s sev ­ ere sin ce the new month o f July sta r ted . Dom ­ in ion Day, July 1 , was ushered in w ith an ea rly morning ra in and a r ea l thunder storm the same afternoon . The past couple o f days have been c le a r and sunny but not in te n se ly hot. G A R D E N S THRIVING - Dawson's V ictory Gar- d ens are coming along in fin e s ty le w ith a remarkable growth being noted everywhere. , Recent rain s have g r e a tly improved the crops w ith th e r e s u lt th at fresh v eg eta b les w ill soon be showing up. Some householders are alread y using considerable s t u f f from tb e ir home p lo t s , e s p e c ia lly legumes. One o f the most th riv in g v ic to r y gardens in town is th at at the R C M P grounds. Other large gardens rig h t in town include the ones , at S t. P a u l's H ostel and at the h o s p ita l. Subscribe to the Yukon Miner $1. a mont h. O L D L O C O M O T IV E BEING SHIPPED: A crew o f men has boon engaged the p ast week a t Klondike C ity tra n sferrin g one o f the old locom otives and a number o f f la t cars from th e sheds where they have been stored these many years to the r iv er bank. The locom otive and the oars are being sh ip ­ ped away and w ill soon be put in to serv ice where they con do some good. For the p ast tw enty y ea rs, or more, t he locom otives and f la t cars and even passongcr coaohes which used to be part o f the equip­ ment o f the Klondike Mines Railrway, have boon lyin g id le at Klondike C ity which was the terminus for the road in tho ea rly days. I t i s un dorstood th a t the locom otive now being shipped was brought in to the oountry and never used lo c a lly . There are two other engines over at the sheds but th ese saw | considerable serv ice when the tr a in ran b e t­ ween Dawson and Grand Forks, follow in g the r ig h t hand sid e o f the Bonanza V alley going up. Ironically enough, the engine and the cars now being shipped away, after twenty years or more of disuse, w ill be given a new lease of lif e as a result of the war* N E W S ID E W A L K - Members of the oity streot crew are busy th is week laying a new heavy plank sidewalk on Fifth Ave* between Harper and Princess Streets. The now sidewalk w ill make a big improvement as the old planking was beginning to get pretty wobbly in spots. A N O T H E R L A N D M A R K G O IN G : T ho big two- story house at the corner of Sixth and Park Avenue, is being torn down and thus another fam iliar Dawson landmark comos to an ond. The building was. the hom e for many years of M r. Justice C * D. Macaulay, retired Yukon judge, and his wife and family. The property is now owned by Bert Brat- sberg, looal carpenter and building con­ tractor. S A L M O N R U N N IN G - S till another native Yukon delicacy has been added th is week to hom e and r e stuarant menues. It is King Salmon*..any way you lik e i t , broiled, fried or roasted. T he salmon run has started and several fine specimens have been cought and brought to the Dawson market th is past week. FIR E1EED - A Yukon sum m er wouldn't seem quite natural without the usual crop of fir e - weed. If there's a wildflcwor in the North more typical of the country than firewood, it 's hard to find. This t a l l , trembling,pink­ ish flowor grows in profusion on a ll the h ills and valley b e d fact it grows everywhorc. Sometimes, driving along a road, or hiking in the h ills , the sight of a sea of firewood on an opposite h ill or mountain gives one the impression of a big forresfc fire.- With.the fireweed now in bloom, the native berries of the country w ill soon bo ripening and ready for hom o consumption. A few v a rieties arc already being gathered. T A X U P P E D - The W ar Tax on a ll travel tic k ­ ets has been upped from 10fo to 15^. I t's going to cost a pretty penny to travel in & out of the country from now on. But..«war is war and tho government of our country must raise huge sums for financing Canada's part in the war e ffo r t. The Yukon Miner ; Sat, July 4, 1942 Of LOCA N-TERES T . S C H O O L S C L O S E D O N M O N D A Y Dawson High School, Public School and St. Mary's private school, dosed on M onday of th is week for the sum m er holidays, closing day was celebrated in much the same manner as th is same event is celebrated wherever c pupils may be - i.e. - jo y fu lly . For the next two months pupils and teachers Ialik e will be enjoying sum m er holidays. The fa ll term opens sometime around Sept, 10th. or thereabouts, . B R O T H E R O F D A W S O N M O U N T IE W IN S W IN G S IN SP E C T O R G R E N N A N T O B E A . "Ir r : S T A T IO N E D A T W H IT E H O R S E Inspector W , Grennan, Officer' Commanding’ the Dawson Division, R C M P *, is leaving r by plane to-day for Whitehorse where he w ill be stationed for the balance of the summer, in charge of R C M P a c tiv itie s there. During his absence Sergeant D * Wallace w ill be acting 0*C* in Dawson*1 . It is understood that inspector Grennan wii; v i s i t ' Dawson occasionally during the sum m er on routine inspection trip s. P A U L R EID L E A V E S T O VISIT SIC K M O T H E R Sergeant Paul Reid of the local radio sta t­ ion s ta ff, l e f t by plane Wednesday on a hush flig h t to his hom e in Saskatchewan to v is it his mother who is dangerously i l l and not expected to liv e , Paul expected t o - be gone for at lea st 10 days. During his absence Sergeant Ron Grsenslade, popular member of the R C C S jVhitehorse s ta ff, is pinch h itting here for Paul. Ron arrived by plane Tuesday. Mrs, Greenslade is coming ; to Dawson on the S, S* Casca. SPE C IA L F L IG H T T O M C Q U E S T E N T o take M rs* Bud Holbrook and her three daughters - Donna, Blanche and M ary Anne, to thé McQnesten, p ilo t B ill ’’Tipperary” Peters made a special flig h t over there with the Kingbird Friday afternoon, returning direct. That was Captain B ill and the Kingbird you saw dippsydoodling over the river ;*long about 4*40 in the afternoon, homing back to the Klondike airport, , ........ f ' * ■ ■ / F A R E W E L L P A R T Y M ■ ' B A N K O F C O M M E R C E .A farewell party was held in the sta ff .quarters at the Canadian Bank of C o m m e roe on Tuesday night for Miss Mary Cullum, primary Grade teacher at the Publio School,who ,left by plane Wednesday for the coast on her su m m ­ er holidays. The happy gathering was also in compliment to W m . Kennedy, popular accountant of the C B C sta ff, who is leaving for the outside a l i t t l e later on in the summer. The party also was in salute to Const, Hobbs, on the occas­ ion of his ”2 1 st,” birthday and to Norman Sanford, High School teacher who is leaving for Hunker to work on No. 11 dredge during the sum m er holidays. The affair proved a colossal success. B IK E V IC TIM STILL IN H O SPITA L Harold Logan, Yukon Consolidated employee who suffered sligh t concussion and other pain-who volunteered in Dawson and then went ful bruises la st week at Sulphur comp,is s t i l l confined to the h ospital. Logan and George Davies were riding downhill on a bicycle when one of the front forks broke, sp illin g the two young men. Davies suffered cuts and bruises but was not so seriously hurt as his friend Logan. -----—■ — - r E • Cotpofal Ken Bond, dfficer in charge of T ow n Station here, has just redeiVdd vtàtd that h is brother Cyril recently graduated from -fe h e R * Cé; A * F* p ilo t training school at McLeod, Albert^, and has been awarded his wings. ?» Q i Bond received his promotion to P ilo t Officer on June 4 , . inadvertently the same day on which h is brother Ken, here in Dawson, received notice o f his promotion to Corporal in the R, C . M , P, There is a peculiar significance to the way in which the two brothers have advanced in th eir respective spheres. Ken joined the Mounties 7 years ago on July 4th. and his kid brother joined the R C A F 6 years later but on the same date - July 4, Corporal Bond, of Dawson, and pilot- Officer Bond of the R C A F, are sons o f M r. and M rs* C * H * Bond, pioneer residents of Kelowna,B*C « Mrs. Bond was able to make the trip from Kel­ owna to MacLeod to witness the graduation ceremony and to see her son presented with his wings* A large number of young Canadians from the Okanagan Valley, especially Kelowna and Vernon, are now serving with d istin ction in the R.C* A *F* and not a few have already been decorated for outstanding flying feats and acts of sk ill and courage against the enemy. G O R D O N M o IN T Y R E " W R IT E S F R O M E N G L A N D Gordon McIntyre, son of Angus McIntyre, pioneer Yukoner of Dawson, and Mrs. McIntyre, of Kelowna, B.C., dropped a short lin e to the Miner the other day from England. Gordon went to the coast la st sum m er to join up after the conclusion of the school term in M ayo where he was teacher for 9 successive years. H e went overseas during the winter and states that he is lik ing i t fine over* there and finds the work he is now doing very in teresting. M r* and Mrs. Ed, Haddocks, of Dawson, have received a cable from the Old Country from their son George who arrived on one of the la st contingent convoys from Canada. George joined up here during the past winter and was am ong several well known young Dav/son m en to the coast for their basic training. W e have not heard, as yet,, i f any of the other Yukon soldiers went overseas at the same time as. George hut they probably did. W E H E A R T H A T î Jim Flynn, young Yukoner frcm up river, came to Dawson on the la st trip of the Casca in order to volunteer his services for" King and Country. O C A L A P - E l i S O N A R E T U R N H O M E i M r# and M rs# M # H # Jones were incoming passengers on the Casoa to-day,back from spending the past , several months on ,a vacation trip outside# , M R S # M -'H A G G L U N D , who le f t here;- several weeks ago to undergo medical treatment at. the coast, returned.hom e on the. Casoa# M ISS-G LO R IA C Y R , popular Whitehorse g ir l, who had been spending sin extended v i s i t in Dawson since last spring, returned to her hom e in the Gateway City, by plane, la st Saturday# M R S # G R A N T S U T H E R L A N D has been indisposed at her hom e this week, suffering from an attack of rheumatism. Consequently she was unable to take her usual plaoe at the piano in the local orchestra for the Dominion Day dance on W3dnesday night. . ' * ■ A N E W ST A F F N U R S E i s scheduled to arrive here , from Vancouver, for St# Mary*s H O sp * » it a l about the 20th# of July. M ISS ED ITH H A M M O N D , who had been v isitin g her grandfather Andrew Baird, at Bear Creek, since la st summer, le f t by plane this week 8 The Yukon Minor# Sat# July 4/42 H O SPIT A L N O T E S ‘ BIRTH S: j\ baby son was born to M r# and Mrs. !L # * L « Rogers, of Boor Crock, at St. Mary’s I Hospital Thursday morning., July 2nd. Bud ! lo st no time in getting in from Boar Creek to | soe his wife and the new laddie- Mr. and Mrs. ! Rogers now have four children, throe sons and j a-.daughter. O N FR ID A Y , July 3, a son was born to M r. and |Mrs. Henry Thibault, of Upper Sulphur. Mother land infant son are reported doing w ell. A N D R E W T -A D D IE , Councillor for Dawson d is­ t r i c t , oame in from his hom o at Granville I th is week- and is spending a few days in the jhospital. M R S. C O N C A R T H U M , of Mayo, was able to loave |the hospital Friday and is staying at the I Regina Hotel. | T 7 M A M E R V Y N , of Mayo, Underwent an operation |at the hospital to-day* I ftM # A L D C R O F T j of Bear Creek, is a patient I th is -week. | C . H. C H A P M A N , MUnafcr for the N. C * Co. |L td., is oonfinod to 'the hospital for a few ;days. Yesterday ’ ’Chappie1 1 being "specialcd” en route back to her hom e in Vancouver. "W hile iby bis l i t t l o daughter Betty, who was crisply hero Edith stayed with M r# and Mrs. Chii» G loslie, at Bear Creek, and attended Dawson High School during the past term. M R S. G O R D O N A R M S T R O N G and son Arnold, plan |attired in her Red Cross uniform when she went iup to the hospital to v is it her daddy. | M R S. D U N C A N S T R A C H A N was a patient for three jdays th is week but has no returned to her ! hom e k on leaving shortly en route for the outside to) O T H E R PA T IE N T S in the hospital th is week join Gordon who is attached to the Royal'Can- 'include Archie MacLennan, of Selkirk, Johnnie |Hansen, of Mayo, Harold Logon and M r# Kiv. H A R R Y M E N Z IE S was able to leave th is week. adian Signals. Belle and her son have been staying with her parents, M r. and Mrs. Jas. H . McNeill, since coming to Dawson last summer. * v u * * * * M R S. Ü T # H. E L L IO T T le f t to-day for a two weeks v is it with her son Howard and wife and daughter May, -and her husband, at' G ranville. M R S, LO U IS B R O W the former Miss Effie Martin, was on arrival, from M ayo this week by small boat, accompanied by her brother in lav/. I LADIES T E A M T A K E O N E I F R O M S C H O O L G IR L S | In an exciting softb all fixture played at jMinto Park la st night, the Dawson ladies team 'took a close decision from the school g ir ls, O n M onday night the girls 1 winning by one run jtook the lad ies. j Last n igh t’s gam e was an exciting a ffa ir, _ jaccompanied. by lu sty cheering for both sides. M ISS R U T H M A C D O N A L D le ft by plane Friday for j ? a d / C r ? y f ? r V umpired and i s s t i l l alive to-daj Clear Creek to join her father who is. now | 0 e e a . head chef at the M oR ae camp. L A T E B A S E B A L L NEW y M A L C O L M ROSS, w h o- had been working for the' j local mining company these past couple of months, is taking l i f e easy in town for a few days. O S C A R M IL L E R , pioneer mining man of the M ayo and Dawson camps, plans on leaving for i the Silver City by plane next 'ftednesday. Os- j car cam o in from his placer mine near Gold Bottom th is week and is staying at the prin- j oipal Hotel. L O U IS T JE M S L A N D , stripping boss for the oo- j mpany at Upper Sulphur, paid a v is it to town j this week, returning up the creek to-day. A N T O N N E FINNIS- is in town this week from his mining proposition on upper Bonanza where he . had been working since la st fall# Antonno fig-j ures on doing no more work where ho was u n til i the f a ll. ! A L E X A D A M S ? a s in th is week frcm his mining* headquarters near Last Chanoe. N E T ? Y O R K , July 2 - For a while i t looked as i f the New York Yankees were going to have another walk away in the American League. But the power 'ill Yanks have lo st 11 of their last 17 games while the B 0ston Red Sox are roaring along only 3 games behind the leaders, having cut down the Yanks lead from 11 to 3 gomes during June. The big All-Star gome between the American and National Leagues w ill be played on M on­ day, July 6. Here are the American and National League standings as up to July 2: A M E R IC A N : New Y0rk Yankees, Boston Red Sox, (3 games behind), Cleveland (7 games behind), Detroit ( 9 -games behind), St# Louis,Chicago, Philadelphia and 1 7 ashington. N A T IO N A L : Brooklyn, St. Louis, ( 8 games behind the leaders), Cincinnati (11 games behind), New Y 0rk, Chicago, Pittsburgh,B0ston and Philadelphia. Gordon is the leading hitter in the American League with an average of .357. [yu on uiiver may „ Drove h fv \ /ay in | ^ r ' 1 * 1 ] ^ pV -.r -iir A jr w r - r i n - n r r i .11 i . n i * • ç V O L . 1.' NO / 26 : A f A ,. D A W S O N , Y.T. M A Y 9, 1942 a copy L 'V r •L J \ J r1 r y y r i Dy • n (0 I " ;P) / j \ / J 16 rJ r JC 18 JA P SH IPS S U N K - 4 D A M A G E D . . . ISSUE STILL E f: D O U B T A S B IG G E S T SEA B A T T L E SIN C E J U T L A N D C O N T IN U E S ic,: e poo s sp i l .V P T 'A T E O F A U STR A LIA -ÊbY B E A T S T A K E A S R E S U L T O F 'NaV À L : B A T T L E O F T H E C O R R A L . . ’S E A S • • 1 "r :' ' • tou r way y — S Y D N E Y , J & v y 9 - - Eighteen Jap ships, in cl­ uding an,-aircraft darrier*-1 ^heavy cruiser, 1 lig h t cruiser, 4 destroyers, gunboats, troop transports and c; argo. ships hare been sunk by the United, Nationa fle e t in D am o Fortuno- smiled bcningly this week on Anker Eoidahl, genial Dawson carpenter, and upon Dune M ac Donald, of Granville when they hit the jackpot known as the Yukon Ice Derby. The icc began to move out in front of D aw ­ son at exactly 10*30 Wednesday morning,May 6th» Ever since tho ice breakup was fir s t the great naval battl-e.' ii,ow raging in the^Solomon | recorded in ^Dawson, th is is'th o fir s t year Islands and Corral Sea v ic in ity northeast of Australia. A llied losses are s t i l l unknown save for weird claims broadcast from Tokio. The fate of Australia may be.decided in th is, the m ightiest naval engagement since Jutland of the last war- The battle broke on Tuesday when U. S* planes, operating from an aircraft carrier, that tho breakup occured on M ay 6th .,0 The e le ctr ic timing device worked perfectly ! to clock tho'precise minute' the big, white j ice sheet started moving. j Dune MacDonald andS. Papich, tho la tter of I Prince Rupert, B.C. sp lit la st year's pot ! which was decided on this year’s breakup. It | totallod. $2,982.69, Last year 'the timing devioo failed to function when the ice went attacked^ a Jap convoy headed in the direct- ! out and consequently the pool .was "frozen" ion of either N ow Co.ledohia or .Australia's east coast bel aw the. great barrier reef. Ships and planes of both sides at once joined in the naval battle which continues without letup* It is believed the Jap fle e t was either | u n til decided by th is year's break* | /nker Hoidahl, of Dawson, sp lit th is year's j pool of 1,800. with R. L. Stov/art, of Stewart, j B»C. Anker's guess was 10*54, Stewart ' s 10*26. j O n e party in Dawson who meant to record his ! guess at 10.30 on the 6 th .w h en buying his attempting to cut the v ita l U.S. supply lin - ■ tick et1 , inadvertently. stated the 7th. That os to' Australia-by attacking'the Solomon | was just too bad, his mist ake and a costly group of islands or that an invasion attempt! onc at that. was being made on Australia it s e lf . Eyes and ears of the entire world were upon the sea: fight in the P acific. Valucb le Jap.ships have been put out of action and the final results may prove a knockout blow \ against the Jap navy. Prime Minister Curtin, of Australia,caused | xvidesproad speculation when he stated Sat- / urday that "world shaking events wore about j to take place | M rs., Alf Vars, of Dawson, came close, to I winning' thé two pools, last yoe.r's and this I year's with her guess in both cases of 10*21 I a* m - on M ay 6th* T ho breakup was a tame affair this spring | and the big icc pack sailed north ’gentle as a lamb as Old Angus proclaims. Spores of Yukoners wore betting on the 7th. Most exciting part of the breakup th is year was the screaming of the siren at tho power It's ch illin g w ail, when it goes . The Solomon Islands, in'A llied hands, con- p] _ ant tro l the^soa lanes from A^e^ioa to Australia* crazy. gives one an idea of what an air raid Loss of th is group of Strategic islands to : alcir£ m °st sound lilro. tho enemy would prove a serious blow to the | thè ioo ha3 gono out f or 1942. Allied cause. • ; j iind t h a t t h a t . L O N D O N , M ay 9 - The B ritish have consolid- [ atod their positions on Madagascar Island whichethey stormed th is week. With-the cap- ! ture of the main naval base, l i t t l e r e s is t- j anoe has beon forthcoming. B ritish losses were 500. Close watch is being kept on other \ French colonial possessions in the ©vent that tho Vichy gov't.,, under Laval, may turn them over to tho A xis mowers* R IV E R H IG H W A Y L IN K . - In the in terests of speed, there is a p o ssib ility that the. Yukon River may form a link, temporary at loast for th is season, for the Alaska Highway* Ponding completion of the overland stretch from White­ horse to Big Delta, it is rumoured that tho river routé to Dawson or Nenana may bo used extensively this coming sum m er* 2 The Yukon Minor lOCd e. 3:-t• ::..y 9, 1942 Persona T H E ''‘ 'Y U K O N M IN E R .'"N ow s of tho North. Published Weekly at Dawson,YiT. Gold Metropolis of the Yukon; A. A * G illespie . Editor and kgr. Ada L * G illospio • Soct*y~Tï*cas4 Tho M IN 5R is an independent nowspaper devoted to-the intorosts of mining and aviation in tho Northland* SU B SC R IPT IO N R A TES: $1. a iriorith. N o subscriptions aocoptod in adH rahcc past July 3 1 st., 1942* N O T IC E T ho M IN E R O F F IC E is now located in tho former .plankman hom o at the cornet of 8th. iftvev & Church St. ju st a short D O N * T FO R G E T .. .to-morrow, Sunday M ay 10th*, j is Mothers* Day. Don*t overlook getting her | a present. It -will make her day that much the | happier. ; — ........ T O -M O R R O W w ill be Mothers* Day but la st Sun- ! day proved a real Fathor*s Day for at least • one w o 11 known D aw s on it c. H e v/as none other ! than Grant Sutherland, gonial Dawson musical "jleader and u n til recently employed as druggist at the Roxall Store. Grant sovored his coiin- lections with the Roxall Store the ond of April land started in at his now job as truck driver | on tho government road crow on Friday. And I heroes the catch. The Suthorlands wore sched- julcd to move from their formor hom o on 7th. Inear Queen St. to tho former Tov/nsond hom e ion 8th; Ave; which they bought recently from j Bob Warner. But when moving day cam e along | Grant was miles away from town , brooking into j his now job., and Mrs. Sutherland had to take i care of tho inoving business* It v/as quite a ijob. Ask M rs ; SI Her now hom e has boon a distance from tho post O ffice. beehive bf | industry ever since la st Sunday a:id, S A T U R D A Y , M ay 9, 1942 • ' j i f you don *t think moving into a now house is 1 ot of work, ju st try i t .*• cspecially when S E V E R A L FA M ILIES L E A V IN G r. jyou have as much stu ff to move as tho Suthcr- - i lands. "Next i/ime we move,” Mrs. Sutherland vows Several Dawson fam ilies aro planning on leaving within the next few weeks, either 1 1 * a n d Gro/it is away, it*s going to be just too for the outside or for Whitehorse. iba(i for H A m ong those who w ill be going outside | jV n y iT O y i when Maestro Grant does return hom o soon are M rli and Mrs. A. F * Daily and fam- jfrom creeks, he's going to find everything ily . For the past several years M r. Daily !shipsllapo. Everything, that is , except about a has been assistant manager for the Yukon I hundred and one different tasks about the Consolidated Gold Corporation, i t . i s under- jhousc that î!rs. s . is leaving for Grant to stood that he is leaving the company in a jdo whcn he rsaohes the hom o port again, short time* plans of the Daily family to j _ _ _ .... leave Dawson catfie as a big surprise to their; q q ^ST. j ^ R O L D 7 7 1 D D E S, R. C * M * P*, returned many friends in'the Dawson^ d is tr ic t• During i^y p^r^no this week from M ayo v/here ho had boon his years with the local mining concern, i4 rt j stationed these past two weeks on o ffic ia l Daily has proved a very popular and e ffic - ibusiness. ient executive, both with the company men' j ___ under him and with his company*s o ffic ia ls j R U p E C H A M B E R S , who had been running a trap as w ell. Both M r. and Mrs. Daily and the ;lin e th is past winter at the head of the North older members of their family have taken an jForV the Klondike, paid a flying v is it to active interest in the community l i f e of jto v 1 1 la st ^eck "to do a l i t t l e ta lk in g ..." Dawson and their departure from here w ill b ej^ d how, Rup0 aidr,Tt know for suro what his a decided loss to the' entire d is tr ic t. !plans would be fertile summer• • .not, that is , Others who plan on leaving within the nextj^hile ho ^ in la st W Q e k. few weeks include M rs» John Kazinsky and ; ____ family, Mrs. R. Sheardown and daughter,Mr. | Monsieur and Madame Legrois, pioneer Daw- and Mrs. John Drought and family, of Bear I sonites, returned to their Bonanza Creole hom e., Creek, and a number of others, both single IwhereLagrois mines, last week after having and married. j spent an enjoyable few weeks* v is it in Dawson* Mr. and Mrs. E * Paquette, of Bear Creek,- ;R o more sorry to soe "G randm am a" lcav;. le f t by plane this week, en route outside. I than "Baby Ann” Poircr, her charming l i t t l e Paquette had been employed with tho Y C G C in j gran£ daughter, the machine shops these past few seasons. j Mrs. 7 7 . 7 7 . Valentine, wife of the Rev. '7m .| C O N T R O L L E R G. A. JE C K E L L returned Friday on Valentine, le f t ^ by plane la st weok, en route j the goechcraft plane of the CPA, after an to Victoria to-join her husband, now a I inspection trip to M ayo and Whitehorse, chaplain w ith'‘ the army. Since Rev. Valentine! ------ le f t several weeks, ago, Mrs. Valentine had j A P L A N E A D A Y , sometimes tv/o, was tho rec- boen tho guest of Inspector and Mrs. 7 7 . ! ord sot by C P A between Tfhitehorse and Dawson Grennan. Prior to her departure la st week \ th is week. Omitted from our plane news was a farewell party was held for Mrs. Valentine! the arrival Wednesday of a C P A ship v/ith four at the Rectory when a large number of friends assembled to wish her much good luck and happiness wherever she m ay go. R. G . LEE, Councillor for the M ayo dis- jpassengers. That made a plane landing every ! day hero since la st Sunday. LO U IS P. S C H U L T Z , pioneer Sourdough of is spending a few weoks in Dawson. bMatA akr^V0dA r°? A® f 1Z ,3r C f ty ty L ouiH eports that his son Elton now holds a “ attend the forthcoming session j ^ ' A b l e position outside cm ü is doing very of the Yukon Council. Gordon w ill be remain-! ^ p ______ ing in Dawson as he has a job-with tho White Pass as checker on tho dock for tho summer. w e ll. 3 The Yukon Miner Sat. M ay 9, 1942 (Along the Skyways PLANES 3 . P I | _ 0 | 2 Arrivals & Departure s - C U T E D R E SSE S F O R D A IN T Y D A U G H T E R S Sweet as oan be, the sty les are a perfect dream. A large assortment of colors to aocent childhood oharml A G E S 2 to 10. price $1.10 to $1.65 SL A C K S & B L O U S E S , F O R G IR L S Lone Ranger novelty garments, ju st the ideal play o u tfit for the l i t t l e "Miss A G E S 6 - 12. price -Blouses $1»35 Slacks...$1.75 N-CCO- LTD " A H o m e Away from H om e" 2nd. Aye. at King St. C H A S. W . M IL L S Prop. Dawson, Y » T. 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Edmonton papers of the day previous were circulated around town the same day the plane brought them here. From Dawson the Beechoraft hopped for M ayo taking G . S. Churchward, Archie Martin and Malcolm Matheson as passengers and returning here M onday with C. A * Boerner, Jaok Parker and A * Lanness from the Silver City. O n Tuesday morning'the Beeohcraft with P ilo ts Goldie and Holden at the co n tro ls,left for Whitehorse d irect. Outgoing passengers for Whitehorse were Controller G . A * Jeokell, E. Pentecost and Rennie Burien. M A Y O P A S SE N G E R S S T O P ' • O V E R IN D A W S O N Three well known Mayoites - Archie Martin, Malcolm Mathoson and G uy Churchward - had the opportunity la st week end to stop over in D aw ­ son and while here they renewed many former acquaintenships. T he S ilv erites came in on a C P À plane la st Friday evening. Owing to the heavy load the plane did not land at M ayo but orm e on to the Dawson o.irport. As a matter of fact, a stop was made en route at the Carmacks fie ld , and, according to the passengers, i t had a hard time getting o ff at Carmacks. Const. G . I* Cameron, R. C . M . P ., boarded the northbound plane at Carmacks, en route to his post at Selkirk but, hero again, a heavy load and the uncertain condition of the fie ld there, m ade i t impractical to land northbound. After unloading here the plane wont south via Selkirk, landing Const. Cameron on the return flig h t. E IG H T P A S S E N G E R S IN L A S T W E E K Eight passengers arrived in Dawson on the C P A Condor Tuesday, April 28. They wereiMrs. Thos. Newm an, A * Davies, G . Davies, T . B * Wilson, G . Poulin, 7f. H . Chapman, H * E. Peter, T o m Kolsuris. Joseph Fournier, of Hunker Summit, went out on the southbound flig h t. O n Wednesday, April 29, P ilot Vic Fox was back in Dawson with the big Condor, bringing mail and freight. Enplaning here on the flig h t south that day were Mrs. W . V f. Valen­ tine and Miss Ilmi Stenberg. Thursday, April 30, pilot Goldie flew the Condor in with mail, freight and I. M . Six, R. Renstock and John Hyzka. Goldie flighted south the same day. IT IS R E P O R T E D that Canadian P acific Air­ lin es plans on erecting a number of dwelling houses in Whitehorse for members of its p il­ oting personnel and maintenance crews. C P A planes with mail and freight and pass­ engers from the la st coastwise steamer wore scheduled to make flig h ts from Whitehorse to Dawson on Wednesday- end Thursday of this week. D etails of these on another page. Will Subscribers Going to the Crocks please advise the Minor of change in address. 4 T ho Yukon Minor S at. M ay 9, 1942 PORTABLE HOMES c o m in g in rOR YUKON F U R T H E R DETAILS R E O R D E R IN C O U N C IL PERTAINING T O RESTRICTED O C C U PA T IO N S Herewith arc furthor d o ta ils p ortain in g to tho Order in Council pas sod at Ottawa ro r e s tr ic te d occu pation s. W e are not p rin tin g tho complote Order in Council but only cor-' ta in p ertin en t paragraphs : 2 (1 ) - No male person sh a ll enter 'in to employment in any r e s tr ic te d occupation and no person s h a ll take any male person in to employment in any r e s tr ic te d occupation u n less such male person has obtained w ritten perm ission from tho N ational S e le c tiv e Ser­ v i ce O ffioer to accept such employment or presents to tho p rosp ective employer (a ) a b ir th o o r tifio a to or othor evidence th at ho is not o f the ago o f sovonteen yoars to fo r ty -fiv o years in c lu siv e , or (b) a c e r t if ic a t e o f honorable discharge from serv ice in ono o f His Majesty*s armod forces; or (c ) evidence th at ho has applied for a ctiv e scrvico in ono o f His Majesty*s armod fo rces during the p resen t war and o f having boon rebooted because o f p h y sica l u n fitn ess (2 ) Any person may apply to the N ational S e le ctiv e Service O fficer for perm ission to enter in to employment in a r e s tr ic te d o cc­ upation and such N ational S e le c tiv e Service O fficer may grant or refu se such perm ission . I (3 ) A N ational S e le c tiv e Service O fficor may a t any time revoke any perm ission granted by him* • * * j SC H E D U L E Applying to '’ R estricted Occupations" j. 1* Bookkeepers, cashiers, stenographers, ty p ists, clerks, o ffice appliance operators, messongors* salesmen and sales clerks, taxi drivers• 2. Any occupation in wholsesalo or reta il trade» advertising and real estate* 3. Any occupation in or diroctly associat­ ed with entertainment, recreational or person1 al sorvioej including but not restricted to theatres film agencies, motion picture com -.! panies, clubs, bowling alloys, pool rooms,; sports, barbering and hairdressing,domestic j service, dyoing, cleaning and pres sing,hotels! and lodging houses, laundering, rostuarants, oafos, taverns, funeral service, baths,guide service, shoe shining* 4. Any occupation in the manufacture or production of: 1. b iscu its, confectionery, cocoa. 2. broad and bakery products. 3. aerated and mineral waters and other beverages. i 4. liquors, wine, boor. I 5. rubber products» 6. tobacco, cigars, cigarettes. 7. loathor & fur produots. 8. te x tile products. 9. furniture A upholstering. 10. photography. 11. printing, publishing & engraving. 12. radios, refrigorators, washing machines] and vacuum cleaners. 13. jowellry S c watchmaking. 14. pottery S c china. [ 15. soaps ond to ile t preparations and a r tic le s. 16. m attresses. (See next column) j SC H E D U L E ( Cont *d ) 17. Musical instruments. 18. Barber S c Beauty Shop equipment. 19. 'Cameras S c film s. 20: . ' sporting goods. 21. games, toys S c n o v elties. 5. Any occupation in the repair of cloth­ ing, boots and shoos, furniture S c household equipment, jew ellry or watches, musical instruments. * • . S O M E PU B L ISH E R S M A Y O N L Y B E A B L E T O A C C E P T R E N E W A L S The M IN E R is in receipt of a recent News B ulletin, issued by W in . Dawson Subscription • Service, Ltd., of Toronto in .which several interesting facts are printed relative to magazine and periodical subscriptions. Y - It is rumored that the paper shortage may become so acute that some publishers m ay bo forced to accept only renewal subscript­ ions. Y - In view of the Price Ceiling on mag­ azines in Canada, i t is expeoted that a number of publications w ill discontinue long term subs to Canada and only accept one year subscriptions. Y - The paper situation has forced a number of publishers to cut subs at expiration and not send one copy over that date. This means that renewal subscriptions arc now in tho same class as a new order and should be ren­ ewed at least one month in advance. Y - Subs' to Liberty Magazine w ill take at le a st six weeks to s t a r t ----new or renewal. Y - T he draft has caught up with the pub­ lish in g business, too, so complaints arc bound to ensue as new members join the staffs of publishing houses to replace those now in tho armed forces. P O R T A B L E H O U S E S B E IN G SH IPPE D T O W H IT E H O R S E The Alaska Weekly of April 24 states that "H appy" Lindsmith of Seattle is superintend­ ing the unloading of portable houses, mach- r incry and various supplies at Prince Rupert . for transhipment on barges to Skagway. Ul­ timate destination is Whitehorse by way of The White pass railway. Extensive camps for road construction crews arc to be b u ilt at Whit q ho r so ' Carpenters and laborers l e f t Seattle just recen tly for both Prince Rupert and White­ horse, to get the comps in order. Canadian and Americ en workmen w ill bo employed with no discrim ination, i t is stated. C O O K E D T O D E A T H IN S T E A M B A T H A N C H O R A G E - L iterally cooked in liv e steam, tho body of Victor Snyder was found face down on the floor, a few feet from the door lead­ ing to the steam-laden room responsible for his death. Snyder, so witnesses said, had been drink­ ing and entered the steam bath compartment at a time when tho pressure was stopped up for drying clothes. Clients of the bath house had been warned not to go into the steam booth at such tim es. 5 T ho Yukon Miner Sat, M ay 9, 1942 lar g e m a il in by p la n e T h u r s d a y -cx n ESP CAFE "It's Always the Best at the F * & F" 7 0 / .. ; . . ' " ' * ... .. Special Sunday Dinners Roast Tunkoy or Chicken & Dressing • • — $1*00 — .. , ...., B reakfasts Lunches Dinners Evening Lunches Brou/n or W hite Bread for Sale JAS. M A N S E R . 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T he Condor jrotumed to 7/hitehorse d irect. | Later Thursday aftornoon Sup it* Holliok Ken- iyon oam o in with the Kingbird via the local (route* Incoming passengers, both from Mayo, jwere R. G # Loe and Const* Harold Widdos of the IR C M P . . . . . P ilo t Kenyon went south Friday morning, also via the looal routo* At the McQueston he picked up a M r. 7/hitman while C * A « Boerncr and C on Lakoness were returning passengers for M ayo* Outgoing mail was dispatched on Friday*s southbound flight.- B E S C H C R A F T IN A G A IN - P ilot Holden also © one in from the south Friday with the Boochcraft* Controller G . A * Jcckell was an incoming pas fi­ le te r from Whitehorse. ' j Outgoing passengers on tho Beechoraft, for- .. iM ayo, wero Corp. Bud D’Easum, R C M P *, and M ary iHagar. ■ * . ■ ” I S E V E R A L M O R E L E A V IN G F O R ! W H IT E H O R S E * Within the next week or so several more per- jsons plan on leaving for Y/hltehorsc. A m ong " th em - iaro Airs. R. Shoardown and daughter Lois who ; t (are going to the Rapids City to rejoin; Bob who lis omployed there with Canadian p acific Air- (lines, Albert Durio, W m . M cLeod and one or two. (others who haven’t yet quite made up their iminds about moving. -..... Ernie Pentecost le ft this week for Whitehorse, (where ho has a job waiting for him in his ow n (line, as a painter. I Last v:oek Miss Ilmi Stenberg,-- " The Girl with the Smile, " w 'h o had been employed at the Tri­ angle Cafe since la st summer, le ft by plane for (Whitehorse to take over a new position at ^he (Regina Hotel. i T he evening before she l e f t , Ilmi was the (guest.of honor at a farewell pr.rty held at the, (hom e of Miss Edith Ballcntino..Q uite a number Jof friends gathered to enjoin in the fhfewoll (fe s tiv itie s and a grand time was lof courso, overyone ivas sorry to (leaving Dawson. ; * i enjoyed but, soo "Tiny” SALE LITT L E D A W S O N M ISS G R E E T S H E R D A D B E T W E E N P L A N E S T O P S L ittle Miss lone Cameron, daughter of Const, land Mrs. G . I. Cémoron, of Selkirk, had quite (a th r ill la st week when she was able to go out jto tho airport and greet her father, i Const. Cameron had boarded a northbound plane jat Carmacks, en route back to his post at Sel» jkirk. As i t turned out the plane was too hoav- jily loaded to land c.t Selkirk so "C an" had tc jeom e on to D avrson and return to Selkirk on the southbound flig h t the same evening. Moanwhilo via the plane’s radio. lone was advised of her daddy’s landing time hero and, although she was ' ,,r 1 1 1 . ! • / ; only able to v is it her father for fifte en min» F O R SALE: Smart, kitchen suite including utcs before the plane le f t for the return f l - table & four ohairsj dining room su ite, ight, i t was a big th r ill for lone, rooking chairs, in good shape,-kitchen T ho l i t t l e miss stays in Dawson with her chairs from 50jf up* Apply Yukon Miner* (grandparents - M r* and M rs* D. W * Ballentinc, iin order that she may attend school-here. If you want to buy anything or s e ll it.,« a n ad in the Miner gets quick resu lts. S M A L L H O W A R D R A D IO in A ~1 condition* Short & Long Wave. $25*00» Apply to Yukon Miner, comer 8th* & Church St* F O R S A L E i Howard piano in fir s t class shape* perfectly timed. Bargain. Apply TU kon Miner* F O R S A L E » M pLary Kitchen Range, modem design and nearly new* Bargain. Apply Yukon Miner*. • : 6 The Yukon Miner Sat. M ay 9, 1942 W A Y o N EW S Q U A R T Z C R E E K D R E D G E SIMS B A N K O F M O N T R E A L C L O S IN G M A Y O B R A N C H Yukon Consolidated Gold Corporation’s ] According to reports receivod hero this dredge No. 7, situated on Quartz Creek is j week, the Bank of Montreal is closing its reported to have sunk on Tuesday of this j M ayo branch* A * T. Hall, M anager* for the past week. The dredge-pond was being pumped dry! several years, .and his junior cleric John in order to ascertain what damage, i f any, j Whitney, aro slatod for a move to Dawson for had been^ done arid to determine the cause | the timo being* Closing o f ‘the-bank in M ayo of the sinking. • j adds another hard blow to tho scrios of. set- W * H » S. McFarland* general manager of j backs suffered by the Silver oam p during tho the company who rushed to the scene of the i past six months or, since the silver mines shut accident by .oar, stated that the condition ] down. of the disabled dredge was not as as might have been even ted . serious Y O U N G Y U K O N C O U P L E H A D E X C ITIN G E X P E R IE N C E Here’s a; belated account of an exciting experience encountered,by a young Yukon P IO N E E R SILVERITE • j SE L L S T U N G S T E N P R O P E R T Y i * " “ ' • i Archie Martin, pioneer prospector and miner | o f tho M ayo d is tr ic t, told friends while he |was here la st week that he had suocoodcd in ! selling valuable tungsten property in the- Dub- couple on the Stewart River during the past j n n Gulch area. Mrs. Agnes J* Kinsey, former winter. . ^ ^ I Dawson wom an but a resident of tho M ayo com p M r. and M rs-* Jack, McDiarmid had set out J those past many years, is associated with M ar-* from their oabin on Barker Creek, trib u tary]tin in the property in question, of the Stewart, to make a trip to Harry j Archie l e f t M ayo la st winter and had spent Skelton’s place at the'Maizie M ay. ! the past several months outside in an effort En route they ran into a pack of wolves ]to either se ll or option tho property, in the act of d osin g in on a big moose for] the k i l l . Jack figured he needed the moose ] P R A N K W H IT N E Y A G E N T meat worse,, than the wolves' did. H e had only! a few 'shells .for his gun and, for a time, j ------------- figured he would have to use thorn on the ; since Yorke Wilson le ft M ayo for Whitehorse* wolvesi However when Jack B in d his wife and!to which point he was transferred, F « A. Whit- the dogs approached the xw lves scattered an jnCy j pioneer Mayoito, formerly of Dawson* has and McDiarmid shot the moose. H e was af­ raid the m aurauders would strip the car­ cass w h ile•ho and his wife went on to the Maizio M ay to got an axe, knife and other butchering to o ls. However he .threw an old robe over the moose’s carcass :and. then they went.on. W hen they returned tho wolves were in a circle a ll around the fa llen moose but did not touch i t . While Jack’s wife held the r ifle in readiness, and held the dogs back [been acting as local Agent for the White pas land YukonRoute. j r. s. Stecvos is the new wharfinger, taking jthe place of Jack "Pop” Bellerby, who le ft jthe White Pass serv ice,la st fa ll after many [years spent in charge of wharf operations in [the silver c ity . j S E V E R A L M A Y O ITS S j A R R IV E IN D A W S O N . \ Several well-known Mayoitos have arrived in at the same timo, jack skinned and butchered the slain animal. Tho wolves never wont far I Dawson during the past week by plane, away but surrounded the moose, the hunters j 0- A. Boomer, M ayo manager for the N * C . Ce. and -the dogs , watching their' every'move* ' ! Ltd., arrived hero on a business trip Monday. Jack fin a lly finished thotask* loaded*, tho j Also coming in from the Silver City that day meat on the toboggan and the pair got away iw cr*e Jack Parker, well known Yukon pioneer, cnc. before the wolves made any further move. j ç°n Lakoness, formerly o f the Barker crew thos. M r. and Mrs, McDiarmid have been liv in g 1 [past few years, on Barker a ll winter as Jack was mining and':j Rennie Buricn, wood contractor on the Stew­ prospecting there. They have four small j art, arrived by plane from M ayo this week and children. Jack’s brother A llis tsr , who was jlo ft for Whitehorse where he has a new job with with them during the winter, oam c to Dawson the White Pass and Yukon Route, several weeks ago to go here for * i the sum m er season. The two brothers aro nephews of Dick McDiarmid, well known sourdough prospector, miner, trapper and poet of the Yukon. I T U L S E Q U A H M IN E j IS S H U T D O W N T w o former Mayoites, both ex-employees of | the Treadwell Yukon Corp’n* on Gu-lona, .arc j now . working at Whitehorse. They are Glen Roar, jwhoso family is s t i l l at Mayo, and Elmer jMorborg. Both young m en had been working at : the Tulsequah mino, near Juneau, until tho 1 recent shutdown there. M any former T * Y * em- iployocs le f t M ayo after the shutdown last jyear, to go to work in the Tulsequah mines. C L E A N U P , PAINT-UP T IM E IS 1E R E With tho ice out and with real, sum m er weather now setting in , denizens of Dawson are busy clearing up yards and gardens; touching up their homes with paint or kal- somino and digging into a dozen and one different choros which arc always present j jjm M cK IN N O N , ex-war veteran and pioneer erf during th is now season of the year. And, of the Dawson-and M ayo d is tr ic ts , lo ft a fevr weeks course, springtime is always hous eel coming l ar0j from Mayo, to t eke over a job as watchman timo, wherever one goes. , ' at tho Whitehorse airport. T ho Yukon Minor Sat* M ay 9, 1942 BUSY SEASON FOR YUKON PL \CE-R MINERS C(M C A R IB O U , R E A D Y T O C A L F , IN JU R ED S O B A D L Y ' O N A S T U M P IT H A D T O B E S H O T A R B O R D A Y FR IDA Y , M A Y 8 Frod Kilbride, Drodgomastcr for No. 3 dr- j odgo at Guggiovillo, had more to worry about ! th is week than tho spring repairs to his boat* As a matter of fact a ll of tho crow of j No* 3 had an interest in'Frod*s troublos as j w oll. It sooms that a cow caribou, about to give f birth to a c a lf, snaggod it s e lf on a stump ; at a point noar the drodge. The animal hurt j i t s e lf so badly that i t was forcod to lio down and could not move* That morning Fred made several trip s over to the small draw I where the animal lay crippled to see how i t j was getting 'along. Later the same afternoon, j when i t became apparent the cow could not j gain its fe e t, the R C M P were n otified *in Dawson and à member of the force drove to j the spot and put the animal out of further pain by shooting it* For a time i t was thought that wolves had j maimed the oow caribou but a later inspect­ ion revealed that the damage must have been j done when i t tripped over a jagged stung)* R O BIN S R E T U R N Those ohoery notes one-hears around town these days leave no doubt as to their id­ entity.-' You’re righ t* e robins, perpetual j harbingers of spring, are back again. The fir s t of the rod breasts showed up la st week ; and now there are robins galore around*..all ; busy, as usual, getting their nests ready for another season. i W A IT IN G LINES A T W H IT E H O R S E ' ! Recent reports from the south end are to , j the e ffect that tho cafes are so busy there j just now that one' has to wait in lin e before j being able to procure‘ -a • scat at a counter or j tab le. Imagine T H A T in the Yukon of 1942. White horse ’ ’sure a m onq booming place these days. M IN E R S B U S Y , ' ' Yesterday, Friday M o y 8, was Arbor Day and, observed as such, by numerous Dawsonitos who took advantage of the holiday to plant trees and shrubs and to do other landscaping around their homos. T ho banks, government o ffices and a few ■private o ffice s wore closed for the day but the stores and the schools remained open. In accordance to -northern tradition, tho school children had a brief holiday Wednesday forenoon when the ice went out during school hours. PH IL 00LLIN3 R E C E IV E S SA D N E W S " • Phil C ollins, formerly of Stewart City, but now employed by tho local mining company at Granville, received the sad news by wire la st week end to tho e ffect that his mother raid younger brother wore drowned o ff Kupor Island, 30 h ilo s from Vancouver, B.C* M rs'. Collins and her soh Seth were out in thé sound in an 8-foot sk iff when breakers capsized their fr a il craft. Mrs• Collins was 55 and her son, 29. Young Collins wife is in hospital from exhaustion* She was the fir s t to find her mother-in-law*s body in the water near tho island and then' became lo st in tho heavy woods nearby while summoning aid. It is understood that the young wife is expecting a child shortly*.' Phil Collins, who is well known in the Yuk­ on, especially around Stewart City where he has lived these past several years, has the h eartfelt sympathy of his many friends in the sudden and tragic lo ss of a beloved mother and his younger brother. ;Phil and his wife w ill be making their horn, at Granville th is summer. For the time being Mrs. Phil Collins end the children are resid­ ing with Mrs. C ollin’s siste r and brother-in- law, M r. and Mrs. Charles Rondel1. P h il’s mother and her son Seth, had rec­ ently purchased Kupor Island whore they p l­ anned on farming. With Old Sol turning on tho heat, the mountain streams are now torrenting down the slopes with the result that individual min­ ers on tho various creeks are busy as bees with their annual spring cleanups. According to some reports from the creeks, "recent frosts at night, havo held up the spring freshets considerably and a number of placer minors have been, unable to get tho volume of water they require for the wash- ups.. M IN IN G N O T E S - Reg.’, formerly empl- oyrod at the Bear Creek machine shops, and his brother-in-law George Kazinsky, are now’ working a hydraluic proposition on Hunker C k « Alex A dam s le f t with his team and a big load of supplies la st week' for the Last Ch- anoe d istr ic t where Alex w ill bo working the Harry Abrahams property th is summer. Phil Burich is busy getting his sum m er mining operations under way on Bonanza. 01 o'and O b e Somsbmobn arc hard at i t wash­ ing up'their w inter’s'dump'on Hunker Crook. D. W . Ballontinc is also busy these days cleaning up the w inter’s d u m p at his claim on Henry Gulch, where he -and his son-in-law, Elmer Gaundroue, worked a ll winter, shafting. C A N A D IA N PACIFIC T O S T A R T D A IL Y SE R V IC E F R O M -E D M O N T O N From Edmonton comes word that Canadian Pac­ i f ic A irlines are to start a daily service between Edmonton r a i d Yukon, commencing Lay 11, or next M onday* Only a few Weeks ago C P A stepped u p - its Vancouver-Whitehorse schedules to a daily basis with the exception of Fridays. Gone arc the days when it sometimes took a person coming in, or going out of the . country anywehre from two to three weeks,and sometimes even longer, to make tho same trip a fast plane now makes in roughly 10 hours. T I E H E A R T H A T t George Fraser, the M ayor of paris, Dominion, is looking for a oook for his roadhouse. Blond, brunette or red head, thoy say Goorge doesn’t care just as long as. tho culinary export knows how to rassle up a good cub boar casserole or a filo n of prime caribou cutlets* _____ 8 T ho Yukon Miner Sat. M ay9, 1942 MOUNTAIN BLAZE above Dawson striking LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP) A S T H E M IN E R D ID N O T PU BLISH A N ISSUE L A S T T Z E E X , A H U M B E R O F IT E M S A R E P R IN T E D H E R E T O 3 H C O V E R IN G T H E PA ST F O R T N IG H T . Î PLEBISCITE: With hut Glacier and Upper Bonanza polls unrecorded, Yukon returned a I strong ”Y©s” vote. Totals, with tho two p olls abovementionod not included, were Yes 847, No, 301. Total 1148. Of 625 namos on tho voters* l i s t in DawsonJ 391 oast votes, with 6 votes spoiled. Totals for the entire Dominion wero: Yes - j 2,627,851. No. 1, 464, 993. Soldiors* Vote - Yes: 93,203. No:20,341. j It is understood that tho Glacier returns, I la st to be rooeived in Yukon, arrived by tho mail carrier Wednesday. ID A H O -C A N A D IA N D R E D G E " O U T " - Unless word to the contrary is rooeived in tho hear future, it is now unlikely that the Idaho- Canadian Dredging Co. w ill go ahead with the construction of a dredge on Big Gold, in tho Sixtymile d is tr ic t, th is soason. Sono 250 tons of tho dredge and parts which reached hero by la st boat in 1941, have now been removed to a sparo lo t on Queen S t., near the Liquor Store. Roason for the dredge not being b u ilt th is spring and sum m er - T H E W A R and its conscqu- cncos as they affected tho sponsors of the dredge. ! I : j I . S E L L S O U T - Herbert Winaut, pioneer Dawson morchant, has sold out his business to Jack | Butterworth, formerly of Boar Crook. The new owner.took over the fir s t of the month. W H ISK E R S, N O W H IS K E R S - W hen a certain loc-i al citizen appeared at tho polling both in Eaglo Hall on P leb iscite Day, the deputy r et­ urning offloors, p oll clerks and others in tho booth at the time, wondered who the m an with tho luxuriant crop of whiskers night j be. O ne or two believed the man with the j hirsute adornment was ”in from the creeks” or a trapper in from up river. But when he j gave his namo, before voting, i t turned out ; to be none bther than J. 0* Williams of the I Customs Offico sta ff, L&tor in tho day, the whiskers vanished. j BIR TH S: At St. MaryT s Hospital, M ay 1, to I Corporal and Mrs. W . W . Sutherland, of Mayoj an 8§ pound son. At St. Mary’s Hospital, April 28, to M r. & j Mrs. E. Rcnvall, a son. # i FIR E A L A R M : Returning to her hom o at the j head of Fifth Ave., after an absence of onlyi a few minutes, Mrs. Robt. Sheardown found ! tho kitchen, livin g room and bedroom fu ll of] smoke. T he Fire Dcp’t . was summoned'and the firemen searched the house from end to end ! but could find no trace or cluo as to how j the smoko originated. The smoko soon d is­ appeared and tho firemen returned to tho h a ll. After they had gone Mrs• Sheardown dis­ covered a piece of oharred towelling on tho kitchen window s i l l behind the stove.part of tho window s i l l was deeply charred. T he hom o is F A M O U S D A W S O N L A N D M A R K , ’ ’T H E BIG SLIDE” M A Y H A V E S A V E D T O W F R O M N E A R D ISA ST E R For years the big slide on tho mountain behind Dawson, to the North, has been the subject of m uch controversy. M any have wond­ ered what caused, i t . . . a few olaim they know the legend, a ll have seen i t . O n Wednesday the deep gulley of barren rock le ft by the slid e , m ay have been the meens of preventing what e a sily might have proved a serious fire threat to the upper part of tho town. From current reports, a small blaze which originated near the city garbage d u m p in North Dawson, crept up the h illsid e on the far side of the slid e . Fanned by a strong wind, which veered North, sometimes south, the blaze grow into a roaring column of flame whioh quickly raced up the steep in ­ clin e. Huge billows of smoke rose high over the ridge while the knife of fire oould be seen miles away. The Fire Department rushed to the soeno and stood guard at the base of the h ill in the event that the flames should turn back and threaten the hospital and oth- or property at the foot of the mountain. Fortunately tho North wind prevailed while the brush fire raged. H ad the wind switched, in a southerly direction, tho h illsid e in­ ferno might quite ea sily have s . ung back around tho mountain and raced downhill and right into tho residential section which for­ m s a crescent around the base of the h ill or­ tho higher streets. Before doing that, however, i t would have been necessary for the flames to jum p the wide, rock -filled gap of the slid e . Sol As it happened the fire more or loss burnt it s e lf out while a group of w illin g volunt­ eers hiked up to the ridge to snuff out the la st vestiges of tho big blaze. Scores of Dawsonitos , fascinated by the upward sweep of the big blaze, watched the spectacle from every vantage point while the camera fens wore extra busy either shooting movies of the fire or taking s t i l l pictures. Another fir e , which started from burning grass in tho North end of town, threatened for a while to ensnare several cabins and sheds but quick action on tho part of Fire Chief and h is aides soon had tho grass fire nothing but a memory. M IN U T E F O O L IN F E R S : Here are some of the winners of tho various minute pools, decid­ ed when the ice when out Wednesday: N. C . Co. Ltd - C hesterfield Suite: J. Dravoback. Radio: E. P h illip s . Suit of Clothes • • Mrs. Dan Currie. Silver Set: Ken Nakano. Trunk: V tn . Cathro. §52. W ar C ertificates: W on j o i­ n tly by w, Cathro end '7• J. Hutchings. C row n Derby Sot: Mrs. D. Strnchan. Spread: Mrs. J. A * Anderson.' T oilet Sot - Miss Jean p l- ackner. Blind Pool, $48. cash - John Don..Id. B & F , $60. cash pool - J. Magnetto. Occidental Hotel, cash pool - J. Salcis and Chas. Coutts. Arcade Cafe, show tick ­ ets - John Donald. Mrs. J. W . Stinglo,furr cap, won by Don Currie. Fox fur won by Mrs. Jno. F » Hademan. Jcancrotte Jewel lry; Co. - Wrist watch, won by Mrs. Adele McDonald. Nurses Ass’n. d oll, etc, won by Geo. Duval. • Jno. F » Meclennan,world globe-won by Rob’i . Monroe. E « Colbournc, permanent,Mrs. C u rn -.i . the property of 'Bunny Lelicvre, of Dawson.