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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 2, Friday, January 9th, 1942.

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Frc-- CIRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY " . : VOLUME XXXXII. o. 2. WHITEHORSE, YUKON FRIDAY, JANUARY 9th, 1942 SUBSCRIPTION $3.00 -- PER YE Ah. REALISTIC ACCOUNT BY TOWN SUSTAINED R. C. A. F. PILOT OFFICER ON FIRST DEFEAT IN HOCKEY FHST BOMBING FLIGHT- - - 111 HlllIM GAME LAST SUNDAY. Pilot Officer P. E. Milward of Re (Contributed) , ina and Toronto had enough ex There was something of an upset, perience packed into his . first opcr at the rink last Sunday when the r.rional flight against the enemy to! Whitepass hockey Jeam put an end make him a "veteran" after his in- itial to the Town's string of wins with trip, .according to reports i the decisive score of 6 to 2. John reaching R. C. A. F. headquarters f Phelps handed the winners then from overseas. ! last goal when he attempted to clear-i- n ' front of his own net and mis- -' P. O. Milward recently made his j first bombing Aachen judged his distance The Town trip to. as a team went on the ice without Met- calfe navigator in an R. C. A. F. squad- - ' commanded at defence, who was out with ion by Wing Com- mander an elbow but the White-pas- s N. W. Timmerman D. S. O., injury, played fine combination D. F. C. . And his initiation includ- ed Y a BRITAIN'S BEST KNOWN -T- WIN-INGlNfcD game and were full value for theii not only the , usual dose of BOMBER win. 'flak" but the additional hazard ot These aircraft, , seen here flyir in formation, are Britain's Vic-ke- rs In the first period, Richards stop- ped landing on his home field with a bomb Wellington long-ran- ge bom ers, a type that has figured in several shots by the Town for huge still clinging precar many night raids on military r jectiv'es in Germany. wards before Macdonald and Caddy iously to a damaged rack beneath tne aircraft. .broke away. The .fast moving de-fencem- an took-- a snappy pass from His story is the story of thous- - ; ' LITTLE CHANGE IN B. C. WAR ORDERS Caddy and beat Goalie Roth with v. ands of young Canadians overseas GOLD PRODUCTION "URING LAST YEAR hard shot. Phelps, the Town left-wing- er, and his experiences those TOTAL were to;mTPTM, HUGE SUM- - DURING PAST pAT VAP YEAR. went through unassisted which thousands now training and let drive from the bueline. under the British Empire Air -- Train According to a statement made by i Total gold production in B. C. Richards got down on his knees to ing Plan look forward. Hon. Herbert Anscor?b, now '. Mini- ster take the shot but miscalcuated- - ; for 1941 was aoDroximatelv the and He was, as" he says, "on my toes," , same as that of 1940i according to of Trade " and Industry, British. the disc hit the rigging for a. goal.-- A s he went alone to the briefing j the report of the B. C. Minister of Columbia received war-tim- e con- tracts change of forward lines brought room to chart his course. I MinM nnn iwwt ack during 1941 totalling $266,- - no change in the score. "Then came the full crew brief- ing Gross value of mine production 000,000. Macdonald and Phelps both scor and I felt like an old hand. was placed at $75,000,000, the same The great majority of the con- tracts ed again in the second period, the After i't was over we all went back as , in the record year 194J). were for merchant ' , cargo former on an assist .from Nelson. to the mess and, I must admit, there .Lode gold production is expected- - ships, which . amounted " to $20Q,r ' Phelps again beat Richards on a ' 000,000 for the . i being other "freshmen" among the to be slightly lower but placer gold year. solo effort. Three minutes before-th- e crews, talked only , of the night's production, however, is estimated to Contracts for the engineering second interval, Cooper picked operations. We had some coffee be somewhat greater this year than trades . totalled $10,000,000; for iip a loose puck, dodged Murray and , and sandwiches, then the trip in the last: The total gold production will clothing, blankets, shoes, miscel- laneous passed to Caddy 'who. scored with truck to the crew room at the field then total between twentythree manufactured goods and a long shot." where foodstuffs, $15,000,000; airports, In the third . canto the Town we put on our flying kit. It and twenty-fou- r millions. was not long before we were clam- bering Dividends paid in , 1941 will be clearing land, buildings,, etc., $15,-000,0- 00, pressed hard to make up the deficit into our machines and it about the same as in the previous and corvette contrcats, $26,-000,00- 0. but Macdonald managed to get past seemed only a matter o moments year, some $14,500,000. Bird and fooled Roth with a back- hand before we were crossing the Dutch Anscomb said that records pub- lished shot. Macpherson . was forced coast. There several searchlight by the department of muni-tiio- ns out with a broken skate and Hilton. and supply at Ottawa showed spotted us but none held. minutes frantic work, getting plenty Whitepass' newest player, wen I that from July 14, 1939, to July 31, through on his own to the Then came the ,flak. My first ! of . flak all the time, we got the put 1941, contracts flak. But it was just spotty arid we doors open and let the load go on totalling approxi Whitepass three goals up. Near the mately $82,000,000 have been twenty minute mark there the was a target. "stooged" until goi along we to awarded by that department to melee' in front of the Town goal Brussels. . And What' an amazing "How satisfying it was to turn for British Columbia manufacturers. Roth batted out to' Philps who b . sight it was hundreds of , very home! The searchlights didn t seem o-- mistake put the discinto his powerful searchlights ranging in an so bad and I ..was humming to my- self. own HEAR FROM RELATIVES net. That ended the Town's chain-- . almost straight line. Somehow they I seemed to have lost every THROUGH RED CROSS, of a come-bac- k and the whistle, caught us and although our pilot care. We had done our job. It Last month 133 residents of Brit blew with the score 6 to 2 in favour took avoiding action, at least 50 didn't seem any time before we ' ish Columbia received word from of Whitepass, . lights seemed to hold us. uroro haolr rwwr nnr 'Hrnmp nnH T ' , , , . , ,. .relatives in ten European countries .The teams: j v Then, out - of the black at our scrambled out feeling a little proud, ; . unuei oilman uuminauon, tiirougtv WHITEPASS - Richards. Cooper. rear, came a Messerschmitt 110 and Our aircraft was riddled with holes. the International Red Ciors Com- mittee D. Blaker, Caddy (1). Nelson, W. its guns blazed. Both our gunners And underneath we discovered thai in Geneva. Ever since the Cyr, Macdonald (3), MacBride, saw him and aligned their sights one huge bomb had not released war began the International Red Perchie, Hilton (1). 6 but their guns could not be heard property and it hung from the dam- aged " Cross has made every effort to re- establish TOWNR Roth, F. Blaker, Bird above a terrific explosion in our rack. . . contact between interned Todd, Murray, Phelps (2), Paterson: starboard from the "Rut uro ar nV htvcf npwc whpn wing just out . . . . , . soldiers, pnsoners-of-wa- r, , civil an Porter, Macpherson. 2. motbr and then another, . not so we were interrogated. We found i - ' , Referee: refugees and their famMe, in oc-- 1 L, Cyr. violent, in our port wing. During that our gunners had bagged the cupied countries, also civilians' irJ Goal Umpires J. Robinson. M this shooting we lost 5,000 feet in a Messerschrnitt. Reports from five Constabe.' J. ' - occupied countries and their relat vertical dive with a full bomb load. other ships confirmed that it had . ives scattered far and wide. Scoiekeeper and Timekeeper I) These Hampdens are certainly good ; gone down in fames." Wilson. kites. P. O. Milward, whose mother Five U. S. army bombers arriv- -' -- o- 'When we eventually found our, lives in Hamilton, was trained at ed at the local airport yesterday There-wa- s an unexpected, drop "i? target the bomb doors wouldn't j Regina, Mossbank and Rivers. Be- -j afternoon from the east. They are the temperature last night to abou; open. Gunfire from the Me. had, fore enlisting he worked for a, con- -j en route to. an un-nam- ed destin-mad- e twenty below but Old Sol is shinim- - ' them unserviceable. After 40 , tractor in Toronto. j ation. again today in all' his glory. --as PAC.E TWO THE WIIITKIJOKSK' STAR, 'WT1ITEII0RSB. YUKON FRIDAY, JANUARY 9th, 1942 own volition. Such a time and such circumstances surround us fs we enter upon the New Year. . most of our readers doubt "Voice o the Yukon' No- - - heard over " the radio - the reply An Independent Journal which the! ..' Rt. Hon. Winston Churchill gave to a Canadian re- porter at a recent press conference Published every Friday at when he was asked if he had made VVIiilehnise, Yukon Territory any New Year's resolutions yet. He The White Pass and Yukon Route y at first replied in the negative and, I On the Trail f '98 after reflection, added that he would resolve to do his best throu- ghout The Gateway" Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to 1942. This is but a .simple .Member; of Canadian Weekly statement but supported by that Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska- - grim determination which is one of Newspapers' . Association-- . the outstanding characteristics of AIRPLANE SERVICE IIOU.U i: E. MOORE' Publisher Britain's Prime Minister it becomes transformed into a dynamic force plane service, making connections northbound and south-boun- d Let us have, raith that right makes which spells defeat to all our enem- ies with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, 'might; and in that faith let us to in the present war. and For information Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo Dawson., This simple resolutiojajs one t lie end dare to do. our duty as we understand it. Lincoln. which we should all emulate for the apply to any ensuing year and so translate a few simple words into a mighty united W H I T E P A S S A G E N T, o r JANUARY 9th, 1942 force which will re-lig- ht the Lamp 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. of Liberty around the world never again to be extinguished or even THE YEAR. AHEAD, dimmed throughout future gener ations 'YTTrcT'yxyxTTTTXXXXXX We enter ' the new year faced --o- - with the gravest crisis in our nat- ional RED CROSS WANTS h Fresh Butter history. These are times SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS which try men's souls and call im- peratively Cured and for unity of action as Try BURNS' Red Cross branches throughout Shamrock Brand Creamery Putter well as unity of purpose on our B. C. are asked to accept any local Meats part. The ultimate outcome of our donations of surgical instruments united efforts will mould the. future from local doctors in response to an course of civilization.' appeal by the Canadian Re I Cross Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products The shaping of this course does Society to physicians in the D.irrin-- . not come within the province of the ion. ordinary rank "and file of our pop- ulation. This is a responsibility which devolves upon those who by "You Can Buy No Better" our own choice as expressed by our . vote have been placed in authority over us and who, by reason of then-I- s now ledge and "experience in state- craft, Burns & Company Limited. are best qualified to assume such grave responsibilities. TTTTXTXTTTTTTXXXXTXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXTl' The course for future action has already been mapped out and agre- ed upon by the accredited repre- sentatives of the governments of all ATTENTION free peoples throughout the world today. They have been explicitly set forth in broad perspective by FUR DEALERS, TRADERS, TRAPPERS AND FUR two of the greatest men of our FARMERS times-Preside- nt - Franklin D. Roose- velt and the Rt.' Hon. Winston SHIP your fur to our Churchill, the British Prime Minis- ter. AUCTION SALE DATES auction sales fur monthly "We've Taken Out . Oblivious to the sacrifices in- volved 1942 they have ' done their part The Guesswork !" for ' highest prices Gash January ............ 7th nobly and well. Our duty is to advances made upon re- quest; Through the medium of carefully January 23rd stand loyally behind them and to compiled Catalogues, EATON'S has by wire if . desired February 20th do our utmost, both by word and taken all the guesswork out of shop- ping Sales schqduTed for the 17th March 20th deed, in the common cause. Carp- ing by Mail and has made possible the purchase of 'goods with a cer- tainty and 29th of December have, April ...:...r...... 24th criticism is futile and entirely of complete satisfaction. 22nd May out of place during these critical been postponed until Jan. EATOI Catalogues have served June ? 19th times. Rather let us all fully real- ize 7th, 1942, owing to the Canadian farm homes for more than July 24th that only by unity of "purpose lifty years. Every item In these unsettled market conditions and of action on our- - part can we "Stores Between Covers" is accu- rately described. Everv illustration WESTERN CANADIAN RAWFUR AUCTION SALES secure a decisive victory over pur ""Faithfully represents the actual enemies. Let us, therefore, follow Koods. Country shoppers have the ; 303 A West Pender Street the lead given by the British Prime opportunity to order from varieties Minister and unequivocably resolve of clothing, home furnishings and Vancouer, B- - C. farm equipment that can only be that throughout the ensuing year found in large city stores. we' will,, like him, each do oip: best i For these reasons thousands of sat- isfied rillllllHIXIimillllAHIltllllXXtlTIIITTTTIITTTTTTr in this fight for freedom -- throughout customers throughout Canada the world. turn to EATON Catalogues for their jj-Yukor- i Electrical Ltd. Company, o requirements. They have been con- vinced that shopping through' "BE IT RESOLVED" EATON Mail Order Catalogues is Will be pleased to consult .. the safe, modern and convenient We don't usually go much on New way. you regarding Year's resolutions but there are T. EATON times which compel us to resolve to WINNIPEG CANAOA ' Light, Power, Supplies and Installations accomplish certain ends for partic- ular H M reasons. These are for the M most part brought about more by H H WHITEHORSE, ,Y. T. force ol circumstances than by our 1 UililllllllllXIIIIIIITTTTITTTTTTTTTTl FRIDAY, JANUARY 9th, 1942 THE WIIITEIIORSE ST A R, UtTFJ 1 0 RSE- - YUKON page thre: CEURCHILL EPITOMIZES '"'The House of Quality" ALLIED UNITED WAR v - r- - 7 AIMS. FOR TtfE FUTURE X At the historic gathering held in mm Stock j the Green Room of the House of j Commons, Ottawa, on December I 30th, the Rt. Hon. Winston Church . r1 TP l.l ill, British Prime Minister,, inform- ed the members 'of the Canadian House of Commons and Senate that the object of his conferences at this SALE time with President Roosevelt was i to insure, "the total extirpation of Hitler tyranny, 'Japanese frenzy and the Mussolini flop." He sum- marized the phases under which this is' to be attained under three Afternoon headings: (1) Consolidation of combinat- ion and of final preparation aper- - and iod "which will certainly be marked by much heavy fighting." ' ''The purest in which tob - M (2) The phase of liberation dur- ing acca, House which "we must look to the "re- covery can be smo of the treasures which have been lost or which may yet DRESSES lost." (3) The assault upon the Axis' With God Himself back of these "Go out into the darkness own strongholds. ' little homes, we have sure hope. and hand into "I have been all this week" stat- ed Selected. put your the hand of God. Mr, Churchill "with the Presi- dent Come in and look of the United States, that That shall be to1 you THE WAY OF LIFE better than light and great man whom destiny has mark- ed them over while for this climax of human lor-tun- es. safer than a known way." I said to the man M. L Haskin- - We have been concerting last- - who stood at the gate -- o they ;he united pacts and resolves of of the FOR SALE more than thirty states and nations year to fight on in unity together . . . . ."Give me a light, thav There, will be no halting or half Ten tube, 5 band all wave Rarik. Northern I may tread afely into measures." the unknown." Console type, 1941 model. Practical- ly After paying tribute ito- - the part new. Price $125.00. Apply Star Commercial Canada is playing in the war Mrr And-herepl- ied I Office. Churchill referred to the war in the Co. Ltd. Pacific stating "The. British Empire and the United States are going to the aid of the Dutch. We are going to fight out this new war against NEED BUTTON Japan together; wp have suffered HOLE ATTACHMENTS together and we shall conquer to- gether." He then went on . to assail Remember, all those attachments, "the men , of Vichy'--' who deserted which came with your new sewing S. - IT -- ' " ' the common cause by not carrying machine, when you bought it when on the war from Africa and receiv- ed the family was young? And ou quite an ovaaort from the French haven't used them for years! Now Canadians present when, addressing need for , Now them in the French language, he comes a great year Give Us Your pecially the button hole attachments pledged Britain's help for the re- surrection for Red Cross work rooms. Loans of the French nation. Mr. of these "for duration" will be a Churchill then went on to na'rrate Prii real service to the Red Cross. how. he had warned France "that ,n ting Orders Britain would fight on alone what- ever France did and stated that the HiIiTiIiiTTiTiiiTfTTTym French generals told their prime BUILD WESTERN PAYROLLS" minister and his divided cabinet "In We have the tools three weeks England will have her like chfcken" to I neck wrung a A PATRON which he added, amid prolonged i and equipment and applause, "Some chicken! Some neck!" Mr. Churchill concluded by will do the work to FOR 3 asserting "Hitler and his Nazi gang ' ' have sown the wind. Let them reap i ii fill dadiTFD the whirlwind." your complete satis-factio- n. YEARS o- - . We have a letter from up- -, So Long As There Are Homes country - The writer states she has used "all kinds of So Jung as there are homes to which canned milk" but Pacific men turn to cjose of da'. High-clas- s Business Stat Milk continually since she Si ( long as there arr hom j . where ; ionery is the Hallmark of a began it "because of its children are, where women stay , richnegs and flavor. That If love and loyalty and faith be j First-clas- s Business House. Was eight years ago." found across these sills j It's only real- - excellence that A stricken nation' can recover from i its greatest ills. . j could bring a milk a pre- ference "So long as there are homes where like this. Whitehorse Satr " fires burn, and there is bread; ( So long as there are homes where Pacific Milk lamps are lit, and prayers are said; "Where Quality Counts" Although a people falter through IRRADIATED OF COURSE IXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX3 the dark, and nations grope, FRIDAY,' JANUARY 9th, 1942 PACK FOUR THE AYIIITEIIORSE 1ST A', WlIITEIIOIiSE, YUKON Mr. and Mrs. George Ball of several years after leaving the Yu- kon. spending a holi- day George is a former sports YUKONERS AT COAST South America are r in Vgicouver and expect to be page hcadliner and proved a cleyer 'iJill Yqrke, world War No. 1 vet- eran, ;-ouv- er and like it very well. returning shortly. Both are former boxer and on several occasions ; ' in bawson. He e showed his wares builder and constructor,", is Dawsonites. Mrs. Ball known Francis Jimmy Lang of Northern fmae is well fought Dick White another speed making his home, at the St. lintel this winter. His wife has vith the Royal Canadian Engineers (nee Miss Brita Benson) popular artist, of the squared circle. Dick I ccn somewhat under the weather ;nd recently arrived from Prince waitress in Dawson. Mr. Ball is is now located in Whitehorse where this winter: . Rupert.'' Jimrny feels like a new employed by the Pato Gold Dredg- ing he operates a tonsorial shop assisted nan and looks like a "million." Co., and has been with them for by his wife. ' - Allan McMillan, youngest son and m Mrs. J. Hooker, 'the, former Mrs. W. Norman Wightman, from Mayo, A. McMillan, is attending the Un- iversity ind one of the first to join the armed forces. Norm is with the R. of B. C, taking a commer-- ( course. Allan is tall as the tal C. A. F. recently returned from the East and is now stationed at .Jericho lest .and some boy. His sister Maryl is working for one of the Vancou- ver 3each, Vancouver, B. C. v business -- houses. ' ' o . Ed. Barker, successful Mayo Sinclair Dunnct, Sr., World War nining operator, and one of the big miners in that of the No. 2 Veteran, is now .working on ndividual part defence equipment at the Burrard ountry, is outagain this year. Last forks in Vancouver. Though not in pring he took - in considerable new active service he is doing his bit in equipment and took it all the way R 1 Hie shop:. "Sine" to his 'many nto Mayo by "cat." Barker looks friends is a name known far and ike, a million. wide throughout the North country. o A real Yukon re-uni- on took "Con" Carthum, strong man of place at the Castle Hotel Mohday, the Mayo country and onetime a December 29th, when Ben Craig, E. hcadliner on. the sporting age, O. Finlaison, H. N, Spence and makes his home at the Ambassador rapt a in Cowley met for a word When in town. -- His wife taught 'feast '. Postal Services, Banking school at Mayo and is a sister of Jroce-'- y Stores, Steamboats, took a Bud Fisher. Some say that "Con'; back seat and it was the Yukon and wields a mean "axe" in the woods. what's doing there tod?y that hel. ;he "limelight." Four more well Bob Westman wellknown Mayo-it- e 'cnown former Yukoners could is known as "Segt." Westman never have been gathered together (iunner Observer with the R. .C. A. in one place if anyone had tried. A BRITISH SURPRISE ATTACK IN THE WESTERN DESERT F. and recently returned from Four, all successful and outstanding . Trenton where ,'ne completed his in their particular lin? of endea- - By a surprise movement British troops ' made a penetration as training and received his wings vour far as Capuzzo in the Western Desert. German reinforcements ; nd what's more won for himself a 0 were rushed forward from the Tobruk area, and many counter-attack- s charming wife. No wonder "Bob" Walter Murphy and his wife re- cently followed. The Britjsh accomplished their .object of forcing is a proud boy and wears a big arrived from up the coast the enemy to disclose his "strength and, inflicting heavy casualties, fmile. i vhere the former Dawson boy is in withdrew slowly to their forward positions, bringing back hundreds charge of a large plant. Walter is of prisoners and destroying a large number of German tanks and Don Morrison, prospector and as- sociate known in the Yukon for his hockey guns. - of the famed Harry Colley prowess, none skated faster, shot i Indian troops who played, such a great part in Eritrean campaign jmd Thomas McKay, -- is' taking Tin harder or checked "tougher. Hs seen in ' the photograph in a Bren gun carrier during this at the brightlights of Vancouver and played wing on the famous Gillespie tack. renewing acquaintenances. Pte. C. and Faulkner combination. (Faulk- ner Nixon is now a member of the is now one of Seattle's most prmed forces and a proud daddy. streamlined -- business executives, lie is leavings for the east shortly to and more of him y later). When take further training. He completed hockey was mentioned Walter was his basic training at Vernon and . right on his toes and' there was a Trade School- - in Vancouver. They merry sparkle in his eye. Perhaps had a happy, gathering a lew nightsj thinking of some lad from whom he ago. . ' stole the "feet." . o Sand MacPher'son, one of the ""Cap" Cowley, famed Captain of original discoverers of the Silver the onetime Queen of the lower King, is now located tn Barken ille river steamboat fleet, "The Lightn-an- d has a valuable hydraulicking ing", plans on entering active life proposition. Sandy the "grand old once more and has something in white haired gentleman" from the ''-e- w that "spells" of Rivers and Yukon looks like a million and we Steamboating. Its hard to keep a also understand he joined the ranks deep sea man on land despite thf of the benedicts s'pmetime ago. . He many moons that has passed hh never misses anopportunity to meet wanderings. In their midst they. hat, od-.tim- ers around Vancouver and a recent arrival from the Yukor the Yukon Sourdough Banquets j and believe it or not they had him never misses. gasping for breath at times to, keep i'P the, flow of conversation and re-- - Mrs. Eddie Kimbel needs no in- -! plying to the many questions they troduction, and many of the Van-- 1 threw at him. But .we are g-la- d to couventes were under the impress- ion add that he held up well and car that the latest from New York's ried the honors of the day and with .fashion parade had hit the "town." the readers . permission- - will makr HerN son Norma'n is now witluth mention of his npme, Mr. Walter R. C. A. F. and holds the rank of ; Douglas. When business executives Sergt. Norman came down from ; and world travellers put questions the Yukon a year ago November, they never pause or hesitate for 'a and among the first to enlist at word. We take our hats off to the Dawson. . recent arrival from the' Yukon. It GALLANT INDIAN SAILORS DECORATED BY THE KING was a noteworthy gathering and These two Indian" members of Britain's Merchant Navy have The Sullivan family, Mrs. Sulli- -' one that will be long remembered been awarded the British Empire Meal, conferred . upon them at a van, Jack and Glen, are all in Van-- ; by everyone. recent investiture by H. M.. KingGeorge. VI. FRIDAY, JANUARY 9th, 1942 THE W1HTEI10RSE STAR, WIIITEIIORSE. YUKON PAGE F1VR for his knee he discovered one of Charlie Isaac, young Chief of the the best cure-al- ls in the world, and Moosehide braves, was recently YUKONERS AT COAST she also appealed to the heart. The transferred from Victpria were he cure is five foot two, blond .stream- lined has been attached to. the coastal de- fence. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Wilson and : A. E. Stride, onetime checker at and a fifth avenue fashion He will be stationed in Van- couver their- - -- daughter Frances are making the WhitePass dock at Dawson is a plate. Everybody is happy and the while- - attending studying their home in Vancouver. Ail" are frequent stroller around Vancouver Matrimonial Bureau is functioning mechanics. While in Victoria lv well and enjoy their new surroundi- ngs. and looks as young as ever except 100' ;. If , wedding bells are heard took a course in signalling and fin- ished for a few pounds taker! on during within the near future do not look with flying colours. One or his leisure hours. surprised and say there was- - no his prized possessions is a pocket Alex Marander expert carpenter warning in the air. watch presented to his father April and long time employee of the Clem Sinyard one of .the better 17th, 1918, by Bishop Bompas and Yukon Cons., Gold Corporation, known of the old timers is still One of Yukon's best known and runs true as ever. Charlie is very i M is now working in one of ihe making his winter headquarters longtime representatives in Van- couver proud- - of this keepsake. He will Vancouver shipyards. v $i around Vancouver and hopes to is Jack Maloney,- - onetime locate in the Hotel Vancouver Bar- racks move into his new home shortly. As mine supt. for the Treadwell Yukon for the next several months. AJf. Ransley electrcian rnoployed yet there is no word of a "better Company on Keno; Hill and Galena. Being selected to continue attend- ance the Treadwell Yukon Co., for half." Clem is one of the most act- ive "Jack" as he is known to his many at Trade School is a signal by is now located on the and busiest Yukoners in Van- couver friends makes his headquarters at honor for any soldier, and the young many years and' Indian Brave from the Yukon if ' '' the Ambassador Hotel has a coast. , ' :. '..:'. the traditions of the carrying on ready welcome for every Yukonei Corporal Tommy Rogers of the including Yukon's most versatile North in a most capable manner Gus Erickson, Construction car- penter and his folks and at home 4th Field I people Engineers E. & M. Com- pany, conversationalist, Walter UH" Doug- -' is spending another winter in stationed at York Island, ar- rived las. The present mystery man in should be very proud of him. Vancouver. Cupid is hovering in the in Vancouver . this week ,on Vancouver. 'near distance according to the in- side his leave. Mr." Robertson,' chef at the Lake holiday Tommy" is the ' !'dopesters." picture of health and .looks like a . Percy. Dewolfe, Buster Hunter Bennet Hotel during the summer months, and onetime well known two year old. His partner "Sapper and Ronald McCuish are the latest "Sailor Jack"- - McDonald has done Dawsonite still retains his Yukon in- terests Charlie Ross recently returned to of the Dawson younger "fry" to hit recently; . risen to the ranks and feels right at home with things York Island after a short holiday in the coast. Since their arrival have of a petty officer in the R. C. N. the boys. He spent many years on Vancouver. They are becoming to been the life of. the party. Buster He made a special trip over from be known the Yukon River boats and in Daw- son as, the "Yukon Twins" Hunter has given several demon- strations T.squimalt to meet old friends. He of the where he worked at the fam-o- ur Canadian Army. of his musical ability and is married to KMrs; Hugjiie Suther- land's Rochester Grill' for Bert Bar- ber. has caused step dancing. Percy a He handsome boy "Hot beef sandwiches and sister. a We have it on the best authority flurry in the "brunnette and blonde but its too lale mashed potatoes" w'as his uniform specialty in his available that Jimmy Morris and market" with the blondes leading" .girls. , Dune McDonald are interested in a by two points. Ronald , McCuish to feed the hungry young Dawson-ite- s .that always frequented hit-plac- e matrimonial bureau. But sad to re- late from late reports is looking in- dustry for eats after, the show and J. J. McLachlan, Jimmy Morris. every business venture has its over. Private Frank Fair-cloug- h Dune McDonald, Bobbie Hooker, ups and downs. Their interested of the Hotel Vancouver Bar- racks many a feed did Fred" Elliott put up for the boys. The Old Rochester mihinj company employees are centered in a "Morris Blonde" and has entered the race with keeping the Yukon well in the lime- light for a time there , seemed to be a Percy Dewolf but finds the ten Grill will always be a fond memory and find it 'the most interest- ing breach in the firm, but through o'clock "curfew" hampering to -- activities for many of the Dawson boys both, topic of conversation despite the careful, diplomatic rrianeuvres in but is making a splendid run. young and old. Cream puffs was also one of the favourites although' many Vancouver counter attract -- . which another well known Yukonei Being one of Canada's best dressed some of. the boys at times mistook ions. had a "finger" the "crisis" passed men he has something-adde- d in his them for "mstles to be tossed." Are without hostilities. " Since Dune favour." "AH the girls love a sold- ier'" we telling stories out of school. Eddie Runacres, the little fellow started to take special treatment - , from the silver country, and .one- time Bunt? Dawson ite, looks younger than ever and keeps in touch with the fast moving world by frequenting the Yukohers rendezvous' in and around Vancouver. You r N earest and Best Fred Juneau and Wally Blapch-ar- d are sporting two brand new uniforms and proud of them too. Fred is spending Xmas with his FUR MARKET ! family. Wally. did such good work during the first two weeks in the Army that he, was granted five days Xmas leave. The boys never look- ed better and are right up and Furs consigned to us are sold iii Open - Auction lu coming ready for action. 1942 Buyers who bid for. Furs' in Auction Sales every wliepe-- . Phil Burichi Bonanza Creek Miner You are thus assured of Top' .Market Prices' AUCTION SALE DATES- - is not so much thrilled with his second trip to the outside, and. has 2Gth taken a definite dislike to the January We-mak- e liberal .cash advances mf shipments await- ing 'blackouts;"- - - He feels that he might March 2nd sale, when requested. Our selling charges arc lower as well be in the little log cabin on his claim enjoying life by the fire- side April , ; 8th Remittances are sent immediately sale is concluded. as cooped up in some hotell. In May 7th the blackouts he finds it impossible Your to move around atall. (P. S. In July .. 7th we invite . blackouts blondes "are preferred-co- me August .Y.,.. 25th correspondence Phil is it true? ) Alex Beaton known throughout the Yukon for his prowess in the woods is working in one of the Edmonton Fur Auction Sales Vancouuver shipyards and likes the outside very much. Alex is-- a bro- ther of Mike Beaton well known LIMITED driller for the Canadian Placers at Clear .Creek, who is a member of the famous Forty-Mil- e Trappers . & Edmonton Alberta Traders known as the "Spud Mur- phy, Sandy McDonald & Beaton, Incorporated" Fur specialists. . FRIDAY, JAWUAKi am, TIIEWIIITEIIORSE STAR, WH1TE1IORSE. YUKON PAGE SIX '' . - Local: Happenings N arrived from. Mayo Dr. Corbett MiV Adam- - Thibault of Dawson "eh route for Edmonton 'arrived here Tuesday en route Out- side. Tuesday where he will locate for the future. Dr. Monte Franks arrived from the Y. S: A." "' T. plane (Capt. E. In Full Swing Dawson Tuesday and will be leav- ing Kubicek ) left , yesterday morning lor ; the coast in the immediate southbound with a fyll load of pas-- ! MEN'S, WOMEN'S and GIRLS' SKI BOOTS ' ' .. , .'' f sengers. ' 1 ill u 10. ' A LARGE VARIETY OF SKIS Three 6,AVlinites, J, Cotton, W. Mr. Harry Colley, one of the best HoxboroiiLrh . Jr., and W. H. Nelson, known miners in the Territory, ar-- SKI HARNESS AND POLES arrived" in town last '.Wednesday en i rived in town Tuesday by plane en mute to the coast. ,:. route to the coast. NEW SHIPMENT OF MEN'S PARKAS WITH HOODS. Gordon' Cameron, and Fraser Bir- - Mr. Harry Gleaves, the well- - kuihead left yesterday for Dawson known proprietor of the Arcade SKI PANTS FOR MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN. to do some necessary repar work to . Cafe and picture theatre in 'Dawson, 1 1 lo Condor v. plane there. ., arrived by plane Tuesday en route for the coast where he will spend Pilot Cameron of the Pollock Air- ways the next few months. ' TAYLOR DRURY Ltd arrived from Fairbanks on Tuesday with a rfull load of pas Miss Helen McEachern left by Y. schgers for the Outside. - A y S. A. T. plane yesterday morning fer her home in Regina, Sask. "Babe" Richards leaves to CROSS states Mr. F. W. Tuggrey, commis- sioner Miss During her stay here she made B. C. RED Y. S. A. T. plane for HAVE of the B. C. Division, Canad- ian morrow by j many friends all of whom wish her BRANCHES the coast to continue her Studies at ' well and will be glad to . welcome MET EVERY CALL. Red Cross Society, when re- viewing the Crofton House School. Red Cross work in this pro her back here sometime in the ... A , .- -, future. "Since the outbreak of war, the vince for the past year. Mr. and Mrs. M. Boyle and fam-il- y people of. British Columbia, through "As we enter 1942 we are faced left yesterday for Skagway en their' local Red Cross branches, have with the possibility of having to ex- pand Now that the festive season is route to Winnipeg where we un- derstand met every call made upon them for our activities still further. If and and over everybody every- thing they will make their fut- ure the production of hospital garments, necessary we may have to double is getting down . to normal home. comforts for our troops, clothing for our efforts in order that we may again. For the most of us it has continue to assist Britain, bur Al- lies t ic bombed victims, ambulances, mo- bile been Inmost enjoyable time and Capt. E. Kubicek brought in the kitchens and money to pur- chase arid at the same time take care much appreciated: Weather con- ditions Y. S. A. T. plane Tuesday with the many things, such as food for of any emergencies that may arise for this time of the year company's general manager. Mr. T. prisoners-df-w- ar parcels, blankets as a result of war on the Pacific. Field and Miss. Tammey stweardess. . . . , J . for Britain, medical supplies for Red Cross will not fail to meet its ' , joyed several hours of sunshine. on board. special hospital equipment responsibilities and obligations", he Russia, Here's hoping for lots more of it in and other urgently needed articles." said.- - the days ahead of us. . We are glad to welcome -- Mrs. J. Weise and her two children back home again after several months' Strategic Metal absence Outside. They arrived on the last Princess. '.'' 'It should be obvious by now that Capt. Don Patry, with Harvey gold, which in the early days of the Johnson as co-pil- ot, brought the Y. war was looked on as a strategic S. A. T. plane in on Sunday with mineral in that it creates necessary . Miss Butler as stewardess. There foreign exchange, is now as we ap- proach were two passengers, Mr. Buller a total war gradually losing and Constable D'Easun, R. C. M.,P., some of its importance who left later for Dawson. - "The demand for labor to pro- duce the tools of war which are made chiefly from metals is bring- ing HE rxTTYYTXXXXJ more and more to the front the importance of the base metal min- ing Christ Church-Anglica- n: industry, and, also, mining of minor or strategic 'minerals." Mr. Whitehorse Anscomb stated. (Tli'i OLD LOG CIILRC in "Copper, once the backbone of the mining industry in British Co- lumbia, Rev, L. G. Chappcll, L. Th. and which in recent years Rector has fallen into third and fourth SUNDAY, JANUARY 11th, 1942 places, is one of the most important '8.30. a. m. Holy Communion war metals and increased product- ion 10.00 a. m. Sunday School in British Columbia is desir- able. 11.00 a. m. Morning Prayer. 7.30 p. m. Evening Prayer and "Attention should be paid to de- posits Sermon. containing chromium .man- ganese, mercury, molybdenum, tin, fTTrTTITtTTTITtlXlIiXLUJL! tungsten, vanadum, fluorspar, gra phite, mica, quartz crystals and jnnTTTTTttiimniltlllJ Iceland spar." CatholicChurch OFFICIAL WEATHER REPORT Rev. Fathei'J. J. Adam, O .M. I. ' January 1942 A BULLET SHATTERED TRIBUTE TO SOVIET AIRMEN SUNDAY, JANUARY 11th, 1942 1 Thursday 20 0 Four weeks after German communiques had reported' "the com- plete 2 Friday . . 21 7 8.00 a. m. Communion Mass. destructionof the Russian air force", Sovietfcombers were 10.30 a m. Mass and Sermon. 3 Saturday 24 16 raiding -- Berlin and Soviet fighters shot down 39 German aircraft. 7.30 p. m. Rosary and ilenedicion 4 Sunday v 16 10 This picture shows residents of a small Russian town near the Until further notice all services 5 Monday 12 1 front line inspecting the wreckage of a German bomber shot down will be held --in the Church. 6 Tuesday 19 3 by the Soviet air" force. . , , 7 Wednesday rTTTTTtiiTiriiiiiiixxxm: 15 12