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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 18, Friday, May 1st, 1942.

Author:Whitehorse StarPublished:1942Type:Yukon NewspapersMARC Record:PAC MARC RecordDownload PDF:WHS_19420101-19421231_18_May 1.pdf (71589 KB)
Frc-- no- - CfRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY Vol. 42. iNO. lttv yt WriiTEHORSE, YUKON, FRIDAY, MAY 1st, 1942 ft ft ft Subscription $3.00 Year. PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT'S Canada Answers Decisively in the HEROISM OF CREW OF SEVEN-POIN- T PROGRAM CRIPPLED BOMBER Affirmative on Plebiscite Question. TO CURB INFLATION. UNDER TERRIFIC ATTACK Quebec Only Province to Record a EXTOLLED BY PRESIDENT. On Monday President Roosevelt p.' iiea TO vongiess ins seven-poin- t, Majority Negative Vote. ' In' the course of the radio address program of economic) control Tuesday night President Roosevelt which included heavy taxation; gen ext; oiled the heroism of the crew of eral rationing of all scarce com- - By a two-to-o- ne vote the people trict there were 231 ' ballots cast j a U. S. bomber operating in the made - up as follows: Yes 188. No ; western 'Pacific. This particular In it he proposes to limit all indi- - decisive vote for an all-o- ut war ef-- --- 42. Spoilt 1. There were 466. bomber was one of five which left Ividual incomes to $25,000 a year fort with no political implications names on the voter's list and 23 ' their base to attack Japanese trans-- j after payment of taxes. - : attached made the necessary declaration ports landing troops in the Philli-- ! The seven points can be summar- - The plebiscite itself was unpre making in all 489. Over one-ha- lt pines. When half way to its destin- - lized as follows: cedented in that it did not seek an of the eligible voters failed to exer- cise ii ' ation this particular bomber went ... i.-r-ne- avier laxauun - ivi which i expression of opinion on . a partic their franchise. Those who out of commission due to engine legislation is required. ular issue but the i removal of a voted in the negative at least had trouble and as a result lost sight of pledge concurred in by both maj&i the courage of their convictions. The the other four. With its motors 2. Ceilings on prices for consum ers, retailers, wholesalers and jlcal' parties at the last Federal remainder who could have cast their working again the bomber proceed- ed Action not to deal with the man- - votes but failed to. do so stand con- demned alone on its mission and arrived manufacturers, together with ... V t,A power question m a certain way. in the eyes of the world for at its destination after the other rent ceilings in areas affected ; 1 - . ; Over Miror fMit four million nrt 1 1 1 1 riri votes irnrac uroro were tabul Tamil- - a dereliction of duty at a time of four Flying Fortresses had dropped by war industries ated 1 late Tuesday night out of an grave national danger. Their neg- lect their bombs oh their objectives and remuneration Cor in 3. Stabilized estimated seven million eligible or refusal to exercise their departed. This lone bomber was dividiials for their work-Th- is is franchise can either be construed as met by eighteen enemy Zero planes 7 to to 'be 'be accomplished accomplished by by, on orders j Drancnes of the Armed Forces, to-fro- m their being in favour of the present yet despite this mass attack it man from the. the. War War Labor Labor-Boa-d- . Boa-d- . UAthpr with thoSP rast in nutlvinP unsatisfactory conditions being con- tinued aged to drop its bombs on six Jap- anese 4. Stabilized I prices for growers lor , districts, are yet to be tabulated but or of playing politics and transports lined up alongside s products ol tneir lana ivir. ; it is not w thought that their w-- -- total w .- - will - placing r - a their party before their the docks. On its homeward jour- ney Roosevelt asks further legislat- - have any material effect upon the country, it was pursued for a distance ion tp halt upward trends based results already announced. The people of Canada having ex of seventy-fiv- e miles. During the on the complex "parity" for The following is a tabulation of pressed their opinion upon the fight the bomber's radio operator mula which would raise food the results by provinces: question postuated in no uncertain was killed, the engineer's right costs. . '. ; - Yes No. manner it now. clearly becomes the hand was shot off, one gunner was -- Greater savings through pur- chases P. E. Island .... 21,921 4,256 duty of ,the Dominion government to crippled leaving only one man of war bonds. New Brunswick 111,123 41,575 implement such expressed opinion available to operate both side guns. 6. Rationing of essential commodi N. Scotia : 116,810 31,600 by direct action and without undue Although wounded' in one hand this ties of which there is a scarcity. Quebec ... ........ 373,757 948,311 delay. gunner alternately manned both side Ontario 1,191,620 228,705 guns. While this was going on one 7. Credit is to be discouraged, par-- Manitoba 216,812 5i,978 engine was shot out, one gas tank ticuarly instalment buying, and FISHING TRAGEDY OCCURRED hit, the radio shot off and the Saskatchewan .... 177,000 63,000 j oxy- gen paying off of all debts and AT WHITEHORSE RAPIDS Alberta ..... 164,128 60,982 system entirely destroyed. Out be encouraged, to mortgages ON TUESDAY LAST. of eleven control cables all but Uur Only two points require legislat B. Columbia ........ 247,683 60,642 Yukon . 280 130 were shot away. The rear lanJfng ion, says the President. The others In the Whitehorse electoral dis- - We regret having' to report a fish- ing wheel was blown off and the two his will be implemented by own tragedy on Tuesday when a front wheels were both shot flat. executive orders. member of tine U. S army fell into With two engines gone and the His differs from Can program CANADIANS GIVE PRIME the turbulant waters of the Whiter plane practically out of control the ada in respect to the proposed stab- ilization MINISTER AUTHORITY hdrse Rapids Every effort' was American bomber returned to its of remuneration a point made by those present at the time base after dark and made an emer- gency which will arouse some criticism on SOUGHT AND SHAPE to avoid ''the tragedy but these were landing. The pilot was Capt. the COURSE FOR HIM. right. HIS of no avail. At the time of going to Hewitt T. Wheless of the U. S. The President rejects the thesis press the body had not been re- covered. army. He is from Menard, Texas, a that reneal of the 40-ho- ur week By a popular majority overwhelm- - c 1 A. M small town with a population of law, which requires paymem oirlv iarger than has ever" been of This is -- 0-, u - 2375. only one many time and a half for overtime, is given to any government in the Do- minion, Miss Jessie McLean, of the local typical examples of individual hero- ism because this would cut necessary, the Canadian voters have clerical staff of Canadian Pacific and skill for which the pilot t the workers' pay envelope. united the government's hands and Airlines, left this week for the east has been awarded the Distinguished On the of organized lab- or promise given the government not only the on a short visit to her home. Service Cross. States President to surrender the right to strike liberty it sought to take what stc s Roosevelt in relating the story "As 'the Mr. Roosevelt has during war, it thought necessary for the conduct! of the war and that the people we here ' at home contemplate our Labor Board War his assigned to. under of the war, but gave, in addition, a wished it, from now on, to extend own duties, our own responsibilities, the task of keeping wages definite and emphatic mandate itself to the limit. let us think and think hard of the control. Obviously under this plan The government asked the people example which is being set for us .he o, - ljLtTTt prob.em iiii. wnaicvci v. - of Canada a question. Patiently or by our fighting men." will be dealt with by drastic in- creases wants the war to be won. j resentfully for many thought the in income taxes. Mr. Mackenzie King has said he question unnecessary they answer j UNITED NATIONS AIR BUSY --o- GETTING will not consider the affirmative ed it. What is Mr. King going to do 'CONFERENCE TO BE HELD SHIPYARD vote about the answer? He has, up to the IN OTTAWA THIS MONTH. the" plebiscite a OPENING OF vote given on READY FOR He present, refused to say what action j A United Nations air conference ON RIVER. of confidence in his government. NAVIGATION vote of he will take. With a mandate so is to be held in Ottawa on May 1 H activity at the local had better not. It was no There is great for the confidence. It was an order, not a pointed and forceful, he can hardly , according to an announcement .made open- ing shipyard in readiness the river All compliment. It was more a repri- mand hesitate any longer. His course has .Tuesday night by the Department up of navigation on the back an been decided for him unless he of Evternal Affairs Representatives than a pat on in the watef and the barges are now de- mand ! attending the conference will dis- cuss the registered did not chooses to defy be intimation that the peoph fleet of boats will the company's that the government had of two-thir- ds of the. people of . air plans for the Western consider slipping down the- - ways any day T - the country. Vancouver Province. iHeisphere. now gone far enough in its prosecution I 'A (IK TWO. supplies of bedding and first aid O- )- K)n M) jeiiuTjiteljorse necessities are , stored at strategic w , '..'-.'- . .. , : ' ..'.' points Eleven mobile surgical units, . 1 "Volom ot thm Yukon' each unit carefully prepared to pro- vide for -- arwjpeTating team to work An Independent Journal continuously for .24 hours, have been set up at suitable points. The j Canadian Red Cross Corps, which Published every Friday at I now has 3.7-3- 4 enrolled in it's four WhiU'horse, Yukon Territory 1 Mary, sections-transpor- t, office and , food nursing administration, auxil- - i ; The White Pass and Yukon Route On the Trail of '98 is-als- o keyingits organization to fit into service. emergency The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to .Member of Canadian Weekly Red Cross Elood Banks. Yukon Atlin District and Apprrximately 1,700 donations of Territory, Interior Alaska- - . Association. iN'ewspapers' blood a week for the Red Cross 1 IIOKACK i:. !!()( KE - Publisher Blood Bank is reported from Blood $ ARIPLANE SERVICE Donor Clinics in six provinces. It 1 : is hoped to increase these to 3,000 ' plane service, making connections northbound and south-- l.el us have faitli that right makes s . I might; and in that faith let us to per week. ' w bound with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, w k The rbove is but a bird's eye view the end dare to do our duty as we Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For information of the various phases of the society's 'understand it. t -- Lincoln. I activities and the magnitude of its apply to any operations. It does not it cannot " w MAY 1st. 1942 disclose ' the immense amount of W H ITE PAS S A GEN T.or time and patience involved by the I hundreds of thousands of willing" 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, BO. CANADIAN RED CROSS workers who are so nobly and un- selfishly doing their utmost" at all A Dominion-wid- e campaign is times and under varied circumstan- ces about to be launched for the pur- pose in the great work which the of raising nine million dollars Canadian Red Cross Society has ob- ligated it h which to enable the Canadian itself to carry on with the Red Cross to continue its various financial aid of the general public. branches of service in the cause of The extent of their work is only suffering humanity during the en- - circumscribed by the amount of the yuing year When the campaign . , . ' , ....... financial assistance they secure. opens we DespeaK lor 11 tne gener- ous Let's each do our part in this most support of everyone in this worthy undertaking. community. The society is operating a gigantic undertaking with commendable 1 MWPw'fl 1 this success. war-tor- n Its various world activities touch the in Gems of thought chords of the human heart with an impelling force. Its accomplish- ments are beyond praise. SELF-RESPEC- T Last year the Canadian Red Cross No more important duty can be Society spent. $6,778,000 on wartime urged upon those who are entering activities and , $1,135,303 on peace the great theatre of life than simple time work amounting in all to al loyalty to their best convictions.-- - most $9,000,000. This was revealed Chapin. - ' ? at the annual meeting of the nat- - To have a respect for ourselves ional Red Cross Central Council held in Ottawa last week. The So- ciety deference for others governs our will require an equal amount manners. Sterne. ; to carry on its vital work during the What has an individual gained by ensuing year and a campaign tc losing his own self-respec- t? or what l raise $9,000,000 will be launched " has he lost when, retaining bis own, Insist on PILSENER If May 11th. he loses the homage of 1'ooL;. or the Lager Beer. Enjoy $ Food For Prisoners f jy pretentious praise of hyprocrijes. Food parcels for British prisoners false to themselves as to others? of war will be the largest service Mary Baker Eddy. from a f financial standpoint. Last He that respects himself is safe year 647,790 parcels- - were shipped to German prison camps at a cost of from others; $1,701,425. More htan 1200.00 ack- nowledgment He wears a coat of mail that none postcards have been can pierce. received from prisoners. The Brit- - Longfellow. ish Red Cross has appealed to the Self-respe- ct is the noblest gar Canadian Society tee pack 80,000 ment wrtn which a man may clothe parcels per week. Every effort also himself, the most elevating feeing is being made to send food to pris witn winch the mind can be inspir- ed. oners in the Far East. Samuel Smiles. Tremendous Women's Work It is necessary to the happiness of . The tremendous Red Cross work man that he be mentally faithful to of the women of Canada last year himself. Thomas Paine. is shown by the fact that 6,816,804 articles hospital supplies, comforts NO FALL FAIR IN for the forces and Women's Auxil- iary VANCOUVER THIS YEAR services, clothing and neces- sities for air raid victims in England Due to circumstances over which have poured into Red Cross ware- houses they have no control Canadian Paci throughout Canada. The sum fic Exhibition Board announces that of $2,503,504 alone has been spent there will be no fair held in Van- couver on materials, and it is estimated that this year. This puts the the finished' articles of clothing have board on the spot as it i obligated three times the value of materials to pay the City of Vancouver $23,000 This advertisement is not published or Disaster Relief Plans. oui 01 revenue secured yearly to- ward displayed by the Government of Yukon Territory Red Cross disaster relief prepar- ations repayment of money advanc have been extensive. Large ed for roofing the forum. ! Classified Advertising in the Star always brings the desired result' FRIDAY, MAY 1st, 1942 THE WIILTEHORSE ST A It, WHITE HORSE. YUKON PAGE THREE Canada's Population LATEST CENSUS FIGURES population of Canada totalled 11,420,084 in 1941, final revised figures of the eighth census show. Segregated into sexes, there osmecies were 5,826,022 males and 5,594,062 females. , A curious sidelight is that in Quebec second province' in popula- tionsexes are most evenly divided, men outnumbering women by a little more than 4000, or a small fraction of 1 per cent of the pro- vince's total population. r.':.': '-:-- V: Detailed, revised ' figures are: V : ' for milady province Population 1941 . Total Males Females Canada .... . .11,420,034 5,826,022 , 5,594,062 Prince Edward Island . 98,919 . 48,319 45,600 Nova Scotia . ..; 573,190 291,482 281,708 LADY ESTHER FOUR-PURPOS- E CREAM New Brunswick 453,377 . ' 230,716 222,661 Quebec 3,319,640 1,661,992 1,657,648 Ontario ' 3,756,632 1,894.794 1,861,838 REVLON LIPSTICK AND NAIL POLISH Manitoba '.. 722,447 371,795 350,652 Saskatchewan 887,747 470,798 416,949 Alberta 783,393 ' 419,773 368,620 BOUQUET LENTHERIC TWEED British Columbia 809,203 ' 427,191 382,012 Yukon , 4,687 3,008 1,679 ' Northwest Territories .. 10,849 . 6,154 4,695 ASHES OF ROSES and MARVELOUS FACE POWDERS ooks to Order tor W hiteliorse WOODBURY'S COLD and VANISHING CREAMS Public Library EVENING IN PARIS and MARVELOUS LIPSTICK 1 Mrs. Tim Carries On ............ .............. ................. D E. Stevenson ::, 2 Of Men and Women ...I,....,.... -- Pearl: Buck; 3 I'll Sing One Song . W. S Ethbridge CUTEX POLISH REMOVER 4 Smattering of Ignorance ;: ... Oscar Levant - 5 Knight on Wheels Ian Hay 6 My Sister and I Dirk VanDerHinde ROGERS EYEBROW PENCILS ' 7 My Narrow Isle Sumie Seo Michima 8 Where Stands a Winged Sentry Margaret Kennedy 9 One Red Rose Forever Mildred Jordan LARGE ASSORTMENT OF ROUGES, DEODORANT Etc. 10 Waters of the Wilderness ... ' Shirley Siefert 11 The SnoW ; Goose . Paul Gallico See Our Display 12 Punch and the War 13.: Botany. Bay ................................ Nordhoff & Hall LADIES' FURNISHING DEPT. I 14 Two-Wa- y. Passage Louis Adamic 15 Inside Latin America ; .. ................... ................. John Gunther 16 The Men Around Churchill Louis Kraus 17 Golden Yesterdays Margaret Deland Northern Comm ercial Co .1td. 18 Wakefield's Course ...1..:...,.. Mazo .de la Roche 19 The Fighting Littles Booth Tarkington 9n SamtnM' Trunk Edna Ferber Future '.. Stefan Zweig 22 The Neutral Ground Frank Haugh BALLOT i5UAJ!id ub-vjtm- . xj milion, Upper Vermilion and Kea ... Mary O'Hara WW . . l . . . . .... 1 . 23 My Friend Flicka .... FROM C- - P AIRLINE riiArtrj Kiver. Authority lor the flight 24 Fishermen at War Leo Walmsley, i8 given from ottf,wa- - The ballot TN PEACE RIVER Books Added to the Library in Recent Months t noxes were speeiaiiy the plane made a non-sto- p flight. tv, nn. Yirn,., PsM V , .......... Andersofri nc uajo v. w w wvju - Men Around Churchill Kraus Last Saturday afternoon one of rrxxxxixii :izi3 ' Nordhoff & Hall Airline planes, Pacific Botany Bay the Canadian Punch and The War ... .. .1.............. ... .... .Punch piloted by Ted Field, superintendeni Travel Two-Wa- y Passage v J Adamic of the Edmonton-Yuko- n Division, Mrs. Tim Carries On . ...... .... Stevenson left Grand Prairie for Peace River STEAMSHIPS RAJLWAY I I on a Broster COMMUNICATIONS I Sea Without a Haven Vi.l ,horp tutballot boxes were picked HOTELS I "PRINCESS" Golden Yesterdays : ......... Deland anri latpr droDDed from the i- - L . ... IOOIAT15T1 M A Knight on Wheels .. Ian Hay plane at down "river settlements in-TI- IE 11 tpavic W7 Liner Smattering of Ignorance .- - .... Levant ESTATE OF Zweig Brazil, Land of the Future :...v... ......... , Walter Buchler LIONEL A. VINAL Skagway to Vancouver in Money Exports Deceased Victoria or Seattle (Donated by Author). Kennedy ALL PERSONS having any claims SOUTHBOUND SAILINGS : Where Stands a Winged Sentry Mary 'Hara against the estate of the above-nam- ed PRINCESS LOUISE My Friend Ficka The . Neutral Ground . Frank Hough deceased are required to file Wednesday, May 6 Saratoga Trunk .... Edna Ferber the same with the Public Admin- istrator Sunday, May 17 Booth Tarkington at Dawson on or before the The Fighting Littles - Sunday, May 31 ' de la Roche of- - July, 1942, support Wakelield's Course Mazo 1 7th day Connections at Vancouver with Inside Latin America : : :- -r John Gunther ed by statutary declaration, after Canadian Pacific Services: Pearl Buck which date the estate will be dis- tributed, Of Men and Women Transcontinental Paul GalllC0 having reference only to ........ " Trans-Pacif- ic Snow Goose : claims which have been so filed. Trans-Atlant- ic MISSING PERSONS indebted to the ALL Tickets, reservations and lull of the Encyclopedia requested to make Three volumes said estate are from particulars Britannica are missing from the Men of 30, 40,50 immediate payment to the PuDlic L. H. JOHNSTON Reading Room of the Public Lib- rary. PEP, VIM, VIGOR, Subnormal? Administrator. General Agent C P. R. Their return, or any infor- mation Wa'it normal pep, vim, vigor, vitality T DATED AT DAWSON this 17th Alaska Try Ostrex Tonic Tablets. Contains Skagway concernnig them would be tonlca, stimulants, oyster elements-a- ids day of April, 1942. received by the I. O. D. E. to normal pep after 30, 40 or 60. C. E. McLEOD, gratefully Get a special introductory size for only S. DAGLISH, 354. Try this aid to normal pep and vim PuMic Administrator. Canadian Pacific today. For sale at all food drug stores. ' 16-- 3 Sec'y-Trea-s. (2003) - TTTTTTTTrTTTTTTTIXlIZTXi: Whitphorse Public Library. 1 PAGE FOUR TUB WHITEHORSE STAR, WH1TEI1QRSE. YUKON FRIDAY, MAY 1st, 1942 ... i British Columbia's favorite beer, the product of generations of experience, is now on sale in the Yukon Territory. Zestful and refreshing, CAPILANO brings to you in the North, the sparkle of sun-drench- ed fields of hops and barley. Brewed from these I lllll," l' II fine products and the world's purest water . . tA HI I . " ' i . I I properly matured and aged in the wood . . . is it any wonder that Capilano Beer has re- ceived such flattering acceptance every- where? In British Columbia, CAPILANO has won thousands of steadfast friends ... its purity and delicious flavour have made it a good companion wherever discriminating beer rinkers gather. There is quality in every drop. We leave the verdict to your own good judgment. One sip will reveal the secret of Capilano's universal popularity. CAPIUWO BREWING CO. LTD. Vancouver, B. C Canada ' 'w"U(v y;v:yA:' ft? vy ft! This advertisement ia not published or displayed by tie . Government of Yukon Territory. FRIDAY, -- MAY 1st, 1 942 . THE WIIITEHORE STAR. WII ITEIIORSE- - YUKON PAGT5 FIVE rTinT.P.V POUND m ctT A T MT , ius i nun jjviw jpw ttKlVES. IN CANADA. OTTAWA April 24. Admiral of -- v i i i f ! i in li i n nil vai x x a v t w nveu w...v IT iijnininninn Tnnu irir run H 1111111 f T tf ... . HM 11- - I I U1L111U1 VTA K11V A V J n ir.-ii- . If 1VT . ... lai'0"-1- " - ' lie First Sea Lord, accom- panied by Admiral Sir Charles Little, chief of the British Ad- miralty delegation in Washingt- on, and -- apt. W. W. Davis, flag officer, landed secretly at nearby Uplands Airport. Hoarders are people who buy and store away goods Vice-Admi- ral Percy W. Nelles, beyond their immediate needs. Chief of Naval Staff, and othei Navy .officials --met the visitors at They want to be in an unfair position over their the airport, ir Dudley spent most "'-- '" neighbors. '''':'' ;:0 ',;-:::''- - of the morning at a meeting of the Defense Council and later attended Hoarders are traitors to their country and their fel- low an official luncheon with Prime ! Minister Mackenzie King, and Hop. citizens, because by creating excessive and un- necessary Angus MacDonald, Navy Minister. demands for goods, they slow down the During the afternoon Sir Dudley war effort. was to meet the Chiefs of Staff Committee headed by Admiral Nell- es, ' There is no excuse for "panic buying" and hoarding. Lieut.-Ge- n. Kenneth Stuart, Chief of General Staff, and All Everyone will have enough, if no one tries to get Marshal L. S. Bradner, Chief of Aiv more than a fair share. Staff. Late today he was to leave by Hoarding must stop ! Every unnecessary purchase plane for what the Naval Infor- mation makes it more difficult for Canada to do a full war Branch described on'.v 'job.';' as "another Canadian destinati- on. Sir Dudley has been in Wash ington for several days. It is against the law to buy more than current needs. r""VIblation of the law' is punishable by fines up to $5,000, and imprisonment for as long as two years. Casein Paint Is Washable AVOID ALL UNNECESSARY BUYING - AVOID WASTE MAKE EVERYTHING LAST THE LONGEST TIME POSSIBLE Is Nut Removed To Redecorate rn rrn vzrrm f II INI SIXT ZVS i Til II LTi l r-- H In cases where it is advisable-fo- r you to buy in advance of r Mt u m M Jti-- - vjf; 5 5 your immediate requirements such as your next season's coal IS A CASEIN PAINT supply you will be encouraged to do so by direct statement 4 .ik Your Dealer About from responsible officials. iiiiiiimmiiiiiimT! OTTAWA, CANADA "BUILD WESTERN PAYROLLS" . ' r v A PATRON i re rTTTTTTTTTITIIIIimmimi? FOR 8 POLARIS-TAK- U MINE CLOSED "FOR DURATION.' 3 JVapomteo, Fresh S YEARS The Polaris-Tak- u Mining Co., op- erating H M Cured I r IV , Try BURNS and M in the Atlin district approxi- mately M , Shamrock BrarKlCaMicryBuUcr j We have . a letter from up-coun- try. fifty, miles from Juneau are M . -- H Meats J. Eggs vThe writer states closina down their mine for. the M I she has used ,all kinds of duration of the war, due to inability' Milk canned continually milk" but since Pacific she to secure The sufficient transportation labour and situation sup- plies.. j; Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products a H began it - "because of its up and down the coast is quite a M a richness and flavor. - That problem now-ada- ys due to U. S. M M H k was eight years ago.". government "priorities." It is un- fortunate M M H It's . only real excellence that that the closing of the M M "Von Can Buy No Better" H , , could bring a milk a pre- ference property comes at a time when the H H a like this. N of the mine H physical development M - r tia: n. has reached its most interesting and KdUIIIU (IllliX encouraging ' stage. A three hund- - Burns & Company Limited. 3. red ton mjll has been in operation IRRADIATED Or COURSE rttTTTTTTTTTTTTI iriirilllH i at the site. FRIDAY, MAY 1st, 1942 THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WII1TEIIORSE, YUKON PAGE SIX Local Happenings Material Miss Broadfoot arrived Hn town Mr. and Mrs. Scott (nee Miss Iso-o- ei arrived back in Macpherson) recently to join the clerical staff of boat after spend- ing rown on the last Canadian Pacific Airlines. the winter Outside. Mr. Fred Vey, second engineer on DONACONNA IN ALL SIZES. P. & Y. R. are erecting the sir. Keno last season, has' arriv- ed The W. duties fabricated houses in town. CORNERS and CORNICE from Atlin to take over his several - DONOCONNA is great demand for houses here for the season. There a and cabins these days with none WALL BOARD Miss Erickson, Miss Helen Mal-lor- y procurable at the" present time BUILDING, ROOFING and TAR PAPER. and .Leslie Hill arrived in town this week to join the staffs of the Congratulations are extended to NAILS IN ALL SIZES-SHINGL- E yM, , err? Inn rnd Cafe Mr. Dickie, second engineer on the str Klondike last season, whom we STAIN understand has been promoted to There is no need to worry any longer over getting your suits press- ed he rank of chief engineer. j FULL RANGE OF HOUSE PAINT and VARNISH and; cleaned or altered. Look at Mr. Ew art's advt. in this issue. Miss- - Florence Kenny, R. N., ar-- rived in town recently to-joi- n .the Mr. Fred Dunn, a former purser nursing ' staff at the Whitefiorse TAYLOR & DRURY Ltd ii 'i - iic-ito- l Shp . was nrevi- - I 11. ua.i4c Kut mnrp TPrenilV uciiciai v ously on the nursing staff of St. " ' in the employ of the P. A. A. left Vancouver where Paul's Hospital, Vancouver. l,st Saturdayfor oosition with a i X Im hoc istU' I re-r- i a ' the local Masonic Members of huge salvage company. Lodge will attend divine service at Christ Church Sunday evening. A OPENING! engineers Several B. Y. N. Co., the cordial invitation is extended to and their crews' arrived from coast last Saturday and are busy visiting brethren to be present on ON OR ABOUT MAY 6th their boats in readiness for that occasion. fetting the opening of navigation on the Tailor The Whitehorse river. It looks as if they all have a From a provincial newspaper: and hard-worki- ng clerk them. long and busy season ahead of "Reliable who is paid on Friday and is broke on Tuesday would like to exchange Cleaning, Pressing, Repairs and Alteration Done by a small loans with another who gets Thoroughly Practical Tailor paid on Wednesday and is broke on Christ Church-Anglica- n- Saturday.'-- ' ORDERS TAKEN FOR MADE-T- O MEASURE SUITS OLD LOG CHURCH THE Capt. Marion: the popular river Front Street Opposite Power House. Whitehorse -- Rev." L. G. Chappell, L. Th. pilot for the B Y. N. Co., arrived from Seattle last week-en- d for the Rector. season's operations. We under- stand MAY 3rd, 1942 SUNDAY, he will be master of the good H.30 a m. Holy Communion. ship. Nasutlin for at least part of the 10.00 a. m. Sunday School season plying thewaters of the 1 1 .00 a m. Morning Prayer. Hootalinqua river, Capilano Brewing and 7,30 p. m. Evening Prayer , Sermon. I. 0. D. E. NOTES of the local ! ; ' a' The members - f . i xy ... ! mi i i i i tu t n T Company Limited iviasonc L.ouge win i E.. held its monthly bridge party on ing service in a body. ., rllUay, rlJlll tui, til -- mc maoumv Hall. Eight tables were in play Hereby, annouiiees that all Officers and othr employ- ees and prizes were won by Mrs. Rose of the Company and its Subsidiaries are granted :XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX233X3 and Mr. H. Den ni son. The special leave to join His Majesty's Forces in any capacity SACRED HEART two of Spades prize was won by in which they desire to serve. Captain Guardino of the U. S. Catholic Church Army. ' j Refreshments were served by the j During the time such employees remain on active ' Sundays: (services in church) committee in charge, Mrs. MacBride service the. Company will make up to them the sum Masses 7.30 and 9.00 A.M. convenor, Mrs. McPherson, Mrs. E. by which their pay with the Forces, separation al- lowances, High Mass 1030 A.M. Richards and Miss How. etc-- , fall short of their present salary or Benediction 7-3- 0 P.M.- - -- v- present average earnings. Week days: (services in the rectory) I. O. D. E.. MEETING Masses 7.00; and 730 A.M. The regular meeting of White- horse This plan will apply in each case from the date the Benediction 7.30 P.M. Chapter I; O. D. E. will be employee leaves his work for active service aJiri will Fridays: held at the home of,, Mrs.- - Fran!: apply all' in the -- ,to men perman wit employ, of the; 'jTTTTTiniiixiirTTXixxim Wilson, Monday, May 4th, at 7.30 Company and its Subsidiaries as of September 1st, p. m. - - -- .. 0- - ' -'- :.:" ,.' '"'.;,-- ; :'-:;- ; OFFICIAL WEATHER REPORT K. THEATRE All Officers and other employees of the Company or Yukon ." April its Subsidiaries joining His Majesty 's Forces for Act Whitehorse 23 Thursday 44 12 iye Service may take up; their regular employment SHOWS 24 Friday 43 27 on their retirement or discharge from the Forces. s 25 Saturday 48 27 EVERY 26 Sunday 45 27 27 Monday...... 46 27 T. O. TURNER NIGHT 28 Tuesday 50 28 President- - 29 Wednesday 50 30 (Except Sundays) Vancouver . British Columbia- - Pictures changed thrice Weekly. PREJUDICE: Being down on any See Bulletin Board for Particulars. thing you ar not up on.