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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 10, Friday, March 6th, 1942

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Frc-- STAW! mm i -- urn emu MICROCOPY RESOLUTION TEST CHART MICROCOPY RESOIUTION TEST CHART .ANSI and ISO TEST CHART No Jl IANSI and ISO TEST CHART No 2) 1.0 e I.O m m 112 2 L. - I. u I- - t L2 70 I.I lis IIIIIJ4 II J 1.25 Hill 1.4 1.6 A APPLIED IfVHGE . Inc - APPLIED ItVMGE , Inc IBM Fnnt Mn.n Rtrt 1 BB3 Emt Main Stret. OochBitar, New York 1 60B ill in I.O 111 If25 lls III j VJ. iji 1 1 .25 u MICROCOPY RESOLUTION TEST CHART NATIONAL HUdf AU 01 ST ANDAHHS STANDAHD flfHOfNCE MAT F HI AL 10HU I ANSI .mil ISO TEST CHAM T No Jl MICROCOPY RESOIUTION TEST CHART (ANSI ond ISO TEST CHART No 2i Mictocorr resoiution Ttsi chart IANSI ond ISO TEST CHART No ?l 1.0 "Ti- ll 12 1.0 in i: I" 2.0 11 1.25 11.4 1.6 J 1.25 1.4 1.6 i APPLIED ItVHGE . Inc A 1PPLED IrVHGE , Inc 1 803 Eaat Mwn Scraat Rochaaiar, Naw Yorfc 1 4BOS 3 fWMtv. NMr Yoni 14WS 1 VOL.42 NO.10 FRIDAY, MARCH 6th, 1942 Star CfRCULATINO THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORYQ Vol. 42. No. 10. if ir WHITEHORSE, YUKON, FRIDAY, MARCH 6th. 1942 Subscription $3.00 Year. WHITEHORSE UNIT ASSISTANT POSTMASTER AGAIN ACHIEVES AN L. A. VINAL DIED ENVIABLE RECORD IN THAI SUDDENLY MONDAY VICTORY LOAw LRIVE. IN DOWNTOWN STORE Mm F t!-.- c scumd lime the White It was a great shock to this com- munity horse unit has achieved an enviable j when it became known that icviinl in subscriptions securetl in' at about 5 o'clock Monday our as- sistant I A Si VI f . - 4.. K V the Second Victory I .nan campaign I postmaster, Mr L. A. Vinal, v. huh olhcially closes! tomorrow. died suddenly in the store of Burns The Whitehorse unit was the j 4c Co., Ltd. the result of a heart first in the British Columbia i lttack. Yukon division to pits its nl lolled Deceased had called at the post quoin of $.'15,000, and this position office to transact some business just was held tor several clays before previous to arriving at the meat any others accomplished a similar market and it was whilst conversing leal. At this writing (Thursday) with his friend Gordon Armstrong tne tola! amount secured by Ui there that he collapsed and fell to Whitehorse unit is $60,500. The the floor. He passed away within latest figures available vat the time a very few minutes without re- covering ni (,oK to press will be found on consciousness. We are in-lor- med pac.c 6 of this issue. fi tm ti'l ili'i mi''" V"- - i n ii i i ii - . i ' that just before he collapsed We extend to Mayo heartiest con-ratulatin- ns he told Gordon that he had recent- ly BRITAIN HFin 1.276 I'-BO- AT PRISONERS ON NOVEMBER 4. for their remarkable received a letter from his sister On Germany's own admission, most of her crack U-B- ont Con success realizing as we do the con-anio- ns vho he had not heard from for 23 mnndcrs are now either sunk or captured, including Prien who at that it years. prevailing camp sank the "Royal Oak" and SHenkp. The British Admiralty an- nounced tne prisenl time. On a percentage The funeral service was held at In a communique on November 4 that a total of 1.276 of- ficers basis Mayo ranks a little higher Christ Church under the auspices and men had been rescued from sunken nnrmy U-Bo- nts and that Whitehorse according to latest of the local branch of the Canadian are hold as prisoners of war including 4R7 Italians German liKiires available with 2101 for Legion (B.E.S.L.) the Rev. L. G. submarine crews recently captured, photographed under armed Mayo as compared with 190'( for guard. Chappell officiating. The large con- gregation Whitehorse. in attendance and the The outstanding event in connect- ion floral tributes which were placed ith this campaign was the con- test DALADIER .FORMER (BRITISH LABOR PARTY upon the flag-cover- ed coffin were 3 staged by our local committee, "RFNCH PFEMIER NOW ON , DEMAND "TOTAL VICTORY" silent tribute to the memory of one the di awing for which took place at TRIAL PROUD THAT HE I BUT ARE OPPOSED TO who had spent many years in this the W. H. Theatre last Saturday NAMED DeGAULLE A l"REVENGFUL PEACE.' community. Interment took place night at the concluson of the' show. GENERAL. at the local cemetery Messrs. H. The number of tickets sold enabled Breaking from its pacifist attitude Daglish, J. A. Simmons, Karl Bry-- Hsn W n f u .. ; . 1 1 i) 'the committee to award six prizes, RIOM, France Former Premier of the past the British Labor Party ' L - each being a fully paid up $50 Vic- tory ' Allan and , Const. H. J. Macdonald. Kdouard Daladier announced defi has now gone on record demanding llond. Keen excitement pre- vailed R.C.M.P. acting as. pallbearers. as Miss Audrey Ryder picked antly at the war guilt trial Friday I "total victory" in the war, stern The late Mr. Vinal was born in out the winning tickets from the that France had more tanks than punishment and permanent dis- armament Lincolnshire, England, and cele- brated nicely decorated revolving ballot Germany for the western front i of the axis nations but his 60th birthday last Oct- - box, with the familiar insignia campaign of May. 1940. and he are opposed to what it terms a re- vengeful ober. He came into the Territory V . . . conspicuously painted upon praised Gen. Charles DeGoulle, me-chanized-wa- rfarc peace. about 1903 and for a number of it, and handed same to Mr. I. Tay- lor, advocate and now , The other three points set forth In years was a member of the R. N. the chairman of the local com- mittee Free French leader, "whom I am the manifesto are: W. M. P. For the past twelve years who called out the numbers t,t-f,i- ir In hnvA n nmpH n ppnpral" ' approximately he has been assstant 1 Each enemy people shall be of the tickets as they were present- ed He said the French high com- mand postmaster at the local post office. entitled to determine its to him and also the names of the for years refused to listen to own He was also a veteran of the First form of government subject only lucky winners. Mr. George Ryder the argument of De Gaulle and Great War. to its obligation to and accept re- spect acted as scrutineer and Mr. Fred other vounger generols that tanks Only recently he had returned from the "four freedoms" Dunn decorated the blackboard on should be used as a spearhead of at- tack a trip to the coast and was spending l he stage with the numbers of the rather than isolated units to , 2 The victorious nations must the remainder of his vacation mak- ing tickets The prize winners, with the accompany infantry advance. i not be allowed to suppress revolut improvements to his house. number of their tickets, were as fol- lows: France had 3.600 tanks and 500 , ions in the beaten countries, re- gardless He leaves to mourn his loss his armoured cars available whereas of whether they are mother who at present is residing in Albert Taylor 257 Germany used only 2,000 tanks in against class, religion or the rul- ing Bayswater, London, England, and a Don Murray 1B3 the campaign, the war-tim- e pre- mier dynasty so long as they are to sister, Mrs. Irene Newton, of Tor- onto, loan Greenslade 436 said. establish democratic regimes. Ont., to whom sincerest sym- pathy .1. Barber, Snr 109 "But our leaders did not believe 3 The "complex issues of Indian is extended. Mrs. Don Murray 182 in them," he said. "They were self government'" must wait until Mrs. W. D. MacBridc " placed way behind our troops, too after the war for solution, but 1' o SUN SPOTS HAVE BEEN Thc committee takes this oppor- tunity far off to be of any use." Indians must take their full place PLAVINO HAVOC WITH of expressing to all subscrib- ers The French tanks, he said, were now alongside the Dominioi.i in RADIO RECEPTION LATELY. to the new Victory Bonds their disersed all over the front in small directing the war effort Scientists announce that severe deep appreciation for the ready re- sponse groups of three or four. magnetic disturbances caused by an accorded them In the course unusually large and active sun mt of their canvas and also for the Mr. Chapman, manager of the (passing across the surface nf th cordial co-operat- ion extended to mi anxious, if possible, to rois Northern Commercial Co's store in ' sun has been resnnniihi rr n,.. Ihem on this occasion. thi extra amount within the time Dawson, arrived in town Saturday poor radio receDtion of Th, In order to double our quota only limit. Those who hove not yet by Y. S .A. T. plane from the coast fact, coupled . with other disturb- - approximately $3,000 is required. suhfribed for the bonds ore urg- - I where he has been spending the I ances of a mm - i,.t,i undue i IUI I' The campaign closes tomorrow enMv requested to put in their ap- - l'HS monm. ne leu later Dy plane j certainly put radio owners in this niuht and the local committee is plications without further delay fr -- ne Gold City. community on edge. MARCH 6th, 1942 PACE TWO THE WIHTKIIOKSK ST.K. WIIITKIIOIiSK. YI'KON FRIDAY, victory. Hy that time we shall all be in possession of more accurate information than we now have. We "Volo of thm Yukon' shall then be in a better position to judfie more fairly and equitably the All Independent Journal actions of those who in recent years have borne the brunt of the heat and burden of our times And not until the war has concluded shall Published every Friday nt w.e be able to perceive in kalei- doscopic The White Pass and Yukon Route Whitcliorse, Yukon Territory manner the happenings of our times in their true perspective On tit- - Trail of 98 The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to DAWSON Yukon Territory, A tlin District and Interior Alaska- - Member of Canadian Weekly Mr. and Mrs. Vic Chapman, who AIRPLANE SERVICE .Newspapers' Association. spent the winter at Paris, Y. T., have returned to town again. plane service, making connections northbound and south- bound Publisher IIOIt(i: E. MOORE - . . ' with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, Wm. . Douglas Johns, former El- dorado For information Camiacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. l et u have laith that right makes Creek miner, passed away in miiiht; ami in that faith let us to Tacoma a short time ago. apply to any the end daie to ln our duty us we n j understand it. Lincoln. Born on February 16th at St. WHITE PASS AGENT, or Mary's Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. MARCH r.ih, 1942 Ralph Boyer, a son. T C tO-jna04HHB0H04H('0i0'MB- 0-4 Born at St. Mary's Hospital on WITHIN THE VORTEX February Kith to Mr. and Mrs. F.rnice Pente-os- t, a daughter. . Like a whirlpool the war is draw-i- n -- - nearly every part of the civiliz- ed Recruiting in the city is still in i mm world within its vortex. Such is progress. Latest reports around its magnitude. Many parts are now 'mvn are to the effect that fifteen under the baneful influence of more men have signed up. enemy forces. With what untold anguish, and physical torture wi I) mj'las Shaw, who some weeks mam, may never know. Horrible as are ago had a bullet "in his shoulder, is the conditions as presented in the still in the hospital but progressing 'illustrated press or described over satisfactorily. the radio these are but poor media upon which to formulate any ade- quate Betty Chapman, daughter of Mi conception of the greatest and Mrs. C. H. Chapman, recently tiai'edy the world has ever known. underwent an appendictumy oper- ation. Many hitherto prosperous states, populated by peace-lovin- g people, are today all but wiped out of ex- istence Mesdames A. and J. Derry aftei with their government's a short visit in the city have left foi functioning as best they may on North Fork on avisit to Mr. and foreign but nevertheless friendly Mrs. Jack Patterson. the existence of others is whilst soil Mr in which tobacco vf flKt rtjjf being seriously jeopardized. The Kirk Latimer who in the early can be .moked." tension of the conflict is now being days worked on the "Nugget" here accelerated to such an extent that passed away in Seattle on January its reverberations are Uxlay affect- ing 18th last. He was 57 years of age. the whole world. What lies ahead of us during the next few A contingent of Quartz Creek nary 2(ith, last. For the past two dent. He built dredges for the months none can foresee. The cruc- ial citizens recently arrived in town years she had been suffering from Gugr-enheim- s here in 1906-0- 7, then moment when the enemy forces some on Skiis; others on foot. One arthritis. Deceased was born in mined for six Haines ran be out-flank- ed has not yet ar- rived. made the trip with a dog and sleigh years near on Sweden in March 1863. She is sur- vived property of the Porcupine Gold by her husband a former line Mining Co., and later built i' a saw- mill Under such critical conditions Word has been received from the foreman for the company in the at Pavloff Harbour Is worse than useless to dwell upon coast to the effect that Stan Moffat on Chicagof early days of the camp. Island. On the mistakes of the past or to as- sume and Stan Fairclough have signed up arrival in Seattle years that others will not be made with the R C. A. F. ground crews in Eric Ericcson, well-know- n Yu-kon- er, later he opened the Swedish Wood- craft in the future. Vancouver. passed away in Seattle las' shop. He was 84 years of age Criticism, unless of a truly con- structive month, the result of an auto acci at the time of his death. nature, affects a defeatist Miss Olga Barron, formerly a '"st ------innrxr- attitude toward the end we have in member of the Arcade Cafe staff, "XXXXXXXXXXTXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXJ view and this in turn tends to was married recently to Charles a weaken the morale of a people. It Madigan. The Rev. W. Valentine Is therefore the worst attitude for officiated. "Fresh .. : Butter M any of us to assume at any time or 1 Cured tinder any circumstances. It cer- tainly It is understood the McCormiek M H li-- y BUKN& and will not help us in winning Transportation Co.. will be makim1 Meats Slwimnxk Br.iml Cnvtmciy tliiltcr Eggs the war; rather will it tend to re- tard another overland trip to Whitehors concerted effort on our part in the near future. So far they have and this is what iis most needed at made two return trips this winter this time. and several side trips. Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products "What the times demand is not carping criticism of governments .Tc-- k Pnrber. district-superintende- nt and individuals but united action of for the Territory of the Y. S. A the people as a whole and this can T. was in town last week on a busi- ness You Can Buy No Better" only be secured if and when each of trip. He returned later to his us direct our efforts toward the headquarters in Whitehorse. winning of the war Wisdom dictates that criticism by Mrs. Lena Swanson. former Yu-kon- er HBurns & Company Limited J the populace be deferred until after who left the Territory some we have decisively secured a lasting years ago, did in Tacoma on Jan- - TTIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXIXXXXXXXXIXXXXXXXXIlH FRIDAY, MARCH 6th, 1942 THE VIIITi:!lO;SK ST A K. W II ITKI If KSK- - YI'KON PAGE THREE ance. It makes one feci the world is a very friendly place, war or no SAVE TIME BY AIR COATS! war. BRUNCH The children are evacuated from Barrow-in-Furnes- s. Their ages mm range from five to seven years, so The latest innovation in the they don't get on very quickly with eSSNGtP; letter-writin- g just yet. IP f oof,s We live and have school In part field VUM W style KWTt of a mansion here. The country round about is very beautiful, there BREAKFAST IN THEM are lovely trees. M.'iy of the YOU LUNCH IN THEM children are seeing rabbits, squir- rels TO and pheasants at close quarters WEAR THEM FOR ANY for the first time in their lives. ancouver OCCASION. They are a very happy band of children and the have hud a lively 8.00 a. m. Leave TWO STYLES AND MATERIALS FROM WHICH TO Christmas. They have made good WIIITEHORSE . friends with the children of the Arrive 3.30 DISPLAY p. m. CHOOSE SEE OUR village about two miles away. We 5.30 p. m. Arrive ' have had parties to-get- her and it VANCOUVER has made a happy change for us all. Leave 7.30 a. m. i I hope you too have had a very Northern Commercial Co. Ld. ; Happy Christmas, and that 1942 $99 $180 will bring us all to happier times. One Return way Yours very sincerely, (Plus Tax) Ladies' Furnishings Dept. ISABELLA CHILDS, Teacher in charge. MARJORIE JONES. 3 Flights Weekly CORRESPONDENCE England Rigmaden Park We are in receipt of a letter from Every Alec. Halkett, who is well known Monday, Wednesday, here as the first mate on the str Saturday. The following two letters are self-explanat- ory Casta, that he and his bride are for Manseagh, TO as well as interesting in the present aboard the hospital Mr. Kiokley Lonsdale, ship "John Antle" which is operat- ed that they disclose a genuine ap- preciation Carnforth. Edmonton by the Columbia Coast Mission by the recipients in Eng- land ?nd Jan. 1942. Rev. Alan D. Greene is superintend- ent. of parcels of clothing etc., re- ceived Dear Mrs. He reports the boat is a con- verted 8.00 a. m. Leave by them from this continent. When you gave your blanket did fish packer, 55 feet in length WIIITEHORSE vou wonder where it would find a The child's letter is well written in and very comfortable. Alec has Arrive 3.30 p.m. bed? When I opened our parcel of large bold letters on paper ruled by signed up for three months after 5.00 p. m. Arrive bedding from Canada and U. S. A. herself: which he expects to return north EDMONTON I was thrilled to see a blanket had for the season and bring his wife Leave 9.30 a. m. Rigmaden Park, -- ome to us from such a great dist- - with him. 2. 1, '42. Dear Mrs. $85 $153 Thank you very much for the One way Return warm blanket wheh you sent to us. (Plus Tax) We have had toys, books and j clothes from America. I am wear- ing For Full Flight Information some nice slippers from U.S.A. Consult and I havq a pretty black baby dolly Kit ; J. A. Barber from a little girl in New York. I am seven years old. My bro- ther WIIITEHORSE Leslie lives here, he is five. We had a very happy Christmas. We had two parties. Syd the sor- cerer did maiMc tricks for us. I XXI till hope you had a Happy Christmas and that you will have good New Travel Year. BAA WAV on a With love and best wishes from STlAMSHlM I COMMUNICATIONS MOTELS "PRINCESS" m ffoatimtl aimimiiniiiiumxm It tAU W Liner "Hl'll.l) WESTERN PAYROLLS" Skagway to Vancouver A PATRON Victoria or Seattle iff SOUTHBOUND SAILINGS PRINCESS NORAH FOR 8 Saturday, February 21 Tuesday, March 3 YEARS Saturday, March 14 Tuesday, March 24 We have a Mter from up-coun- try Connections at Vancouver with The writer states Canadian Pacific Services: she has used "all kinds of . we . ; Transcontinental canned milk" bu Pacific Trans-Pacif- ic Milk continually since she Trans-Atlant- ic began it "because of its richness and flavor. That Tickets, reservations and full was eight years ago." particulars from It's only real excellence that could bring a milk a pre- ference FRUITS OF THE BRITISH VICTORY IN LIBYA. L. H. JOHNSTON like this. General Anenl C P. R. New Zealand soldiers examining with interest an abandoned Pacific Milk German tank, among the large quantities of tanks, trucks, equip- ment Skagway Alaska and ammunition which fell into British hands after the defeat it40Mrrs or coumr of General Rommel's divisions in Cyrenaica. This monster may now Canadian Pacific CXXXXXXXXIIIXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) be used against its former masters. crrrrxxTTj txxxixx: I ;k KOl'R THE WINTKIIOKSK STAK. W1MTKII0KSK. YUKON FRIDAY, MARCH 6th, 1942 OUTLOOK OMINOUS FOR MAYO CAMP. An interim statement issued by president Bradley of the Treadwell-Ytil-o- n Corporation to its sharehold- ers outlines a proposal that they give consideration to liquidation. In the event of dissolution the com- pany's operation at Mayo will be IlJIw discontinued. fan SSS4a- - M'WS FROM RED CROSS OITI'OST HOSPITALS Cc I Lake Red Cross Outpost, in YUKON SOUTHERN TEN-PASSENG- ER AIRLINER the IVnrc River country is now the During the recent "black-out- " test in Edmonton, military and air raid patrol officials observed the proud possessor of a "coverd cut- ter." test from a Yukon Southern Air Transport plane which circled the city as the lights were extinguish- ed This is needed in especially in the various sections. Along with the officials were newspaper representatives and a comment- ator winter f the who has to T one nurse and announcer from raido station CJCA, who gave a running description of the progress of the district of 6S miles cover a square event Although not perfect, the test was pronounced a success by those in charge, and showed the It is not only a great convenience willingness of the citizenry to co-oper- ate with the government in defence measures. for her, but for the patients whom she has to bring to the hospital. The matron of Zeballos Outpost R C. M. P. STILL ENLISTING SIR STAFFORD CRIPPS URGES reports: "The year closed with one RECRUITS FOR. ACTIVE WORKERS IN OCCUPIED of the coldest spells In history. It SERVICE. COUNTRIES TO STRIKE NOW. Men off 30,40,50 v. as so cold that the supper of the Major Alexander P. Seversky, PEP, VIM. VIGOR, Subnormal? New Year's frolic in the town had The R. C. M. P. are still enlisting noted aviation expert and plane de- signer Want normal pep. Tim, viijor, Yltallty? to be served without coffee owing recruits for active service through- out urges that the United States Try Otlrn Tonic Tablet. ConUma tonlca. atlroulanla, oyater alfmmla to frown water in the pipes. Hos- pital the Territory. Rates of pay are base a vbst air armada in Alaska to al.Ji to normal pep after 30, 40 or 60. pipes were also frozen but a food as also are the chances for strike directly at .'iipan in an at- tempt (Jet J.M. a Try apeclal thla aid Introductory to normal alia up for and only vim blow torch soon had the water run- ning promotion in the various branches t i smask th source of its today. For aale at all good drug atorea. again. Tills hospital left the of the service. Free transportation sprcadm1? lower in the Far Pacific. Red Cross Outpost family at the end is provided for all recruits accepted. of the year, the community now be- ing For further particulars consult TTXZXXIXraXX II1ITIIIT able to take it over. Two sail-o- is Corp. Allan at the local R. C. M. P. rTTTTTTTTTITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT Tj from a corvette on the West barracks. Several have already en- listed Yukon Electrical Company, Ltd. Coast were recently admitted as in Dawson and have left for patients into the Camfield Outpost the coast to go into training. Will lit pleased to consult from one suffering a septic throat, the other bronchitis. They respon- ded you regarding rapidly to treatment. Nurses of Outpost Hospital staffs Light, Power. Supplies and Installations 3 have been organizing and giving in- structions a to the Red Cross Home H Nursing and F.mergency War clas- ses. WHITEH0R8E. Y. T. M In Bamfeld enthusiasm and 1 ' TXXXXXXXtXXXXXXXXXXXXI exxxxxxxxxtxxxj interest in the classes have extend- ed to the men. OLDEST RED CROSS WORKER MOST FAITHFUL Your Nearest Best "Mn. A. Peterson, a member of and the Red Cross Committee at Quat-sin- o, on the north west coast of Vancouver Island is not only the oldest but the nv;tfaithful work- er," FUR MARKET ! writes Mrs. H. G. Dane, sec- retary. Mrs. Petersen is 81 years old and her large number of knitted articles are especially welcome be- cause of the few knitters in the Furs consigned to us hi-- " noM in Open Auction to group. Mrs. Petersen supervises all 1942 Buyers who liiil for Furs in Auction Sales everywhere. the work turned in and her stand- ards are the highest. Yon hiv thus assured of Toj Market Prices AUCTION SALE DATES BOUGHT OUT TOWN'S HANDKERCHIEF SUPPLY March 2nd We make liberal ash ndvuiices on shiiuciits await- ing sale, when n,U" Our sclliin; ehnr'jes lower Lillooet branch answered the Red April 8th are Cross appeal for handkerchiefs for K.'iiiittanees are sent immediately a wile is conelmlcd. Britain by buying out the town's May 7th supply of medium priced hand- kerchiefs 7th July WE INVITE YOUR and raising an additional $15.00, which was sent to Provin- cial August 25th Red Cross Headquarters to pur- chase CORRESPONDENCE more. B. C. RED CROSS GIVEN THREE AMBULANCES Edmonton Fur Auction Sales Three ambulances have been given to the B. C. Division of the LIMITED Canadian Red Cross Society. Thai presented by Mr. J. W. Miller last December has arrived and is in act- ion. Edmonton Alberta The other given by the P. E. O. Sorority is expected soon. A third has also been promised. PAGE FIVE ft k Au Cf" ' ' y4yr CANADIANS never shall wear the shackles All those serving at the battlefronts are of slavery. This is the stern determination xelying on our support. Back them up with of every man and woman in the Dominion. Victory Bonds. ButFreedom must be fought for-a- nd paid for. Remember, every Victory Bond you buy is Today, more weapons, more equipment arc a sound interest-bearin- g investment, secured a dire necessity. Victory Bonds will help by the nation's entire resources. supply them. Come on, Ccutada, mm mm National War Financa CaamlttM, Ottawa, ConoH- - I'AliK SIX TIIK WIIITKIIOKSK ST A K. WIIITKIIOHSK. YUKON FRIDAY, MARCH 6th, 1942 Local Happenings Lighten the Home Washing by using an Frank Ramsay is bark in town Mr. Isaac Taylor and his son Will again after spending the winter at are leaving Monilay by Y. S. A. T. the roast. plane for the coast on abuying trip. Addison Electric Mr. Owen Williams W4II be leav- ing Mrs. J. Barber Jr., her young shortly on a well-earn- ed vacat- ion daughter Daphne and baby girl ar- rived trip to Dawson. back home Monday by Y. S. A. T. plane after a most pleasant Washer visit with relatives on the prairies. Mr. anil Mrs. George Wilson, who have been wintering in Vancouver, Mr. George Inglis arrived from arrived bark home on Tuesday. the coast Tuesday to assume the Just Received. Latest Model. Inspect It. position in the W. P. Y. R. Com- missary Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Smith have ar- rive! formerly held by Mr. Ken home after the again spending Brings, who is now in the employ of , past few months in the Okanagan. New Shipment Ply Board the V. M. D. Co., in Victoria. received in various sizes. Miss Edith Haito arrived from the )ust We are in receipt of a wire to the must Tuesday and is now a member effect that up to noon yesterday of the staff at the Whitehorse Inn (Thursday) Atlin had passed the Cafe. forty thousand dolar mark in the TAYLOR &DRURY Ltd Victory Loan campaign. Good for Mr. H. Ritrhie arrived from the Atlin. const lust week after spending the I winter outside. He left later by Constable Hanriford. R. C. M. P., plane for Dawson. made a trip last week by plane to Mr. V. 1. Hahn, supt. of rail div- ision SIR STAFFORD CRIPPS lVlly Ranks in order to investigate W. P. & Y. R. was in town URGES WORKERS IN Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dennisnn the death of Harry A. Southard over-nig- ht yesterday. OCCUPIED COUNTRIES arrive! bark home Tuesday after who passed away there recently the result of natural The de- ceased, TO STRIKE NOW- - MindiiR a vacation trip in Prince causes. The Y. S. A. T. plane (Capt. Don Rupert and at the roast. we understand, has resided Patry) arrived from Watson Lake in that of the for quite LONDON Sir Stafford Cripps, country part : Monday with J. M. Burton of the . n number of years and was about 50 new deputy leader of the Churchill Mrs. J. R. Alguire and Mrs. K. radi'o staff as passenger. BrigL's and her young daughter have years of age at the time of his pas- sing. government, Friday broadcast an He is believed to be IT. S. arrved hack home after spending a Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bernie and appeal to "hundreds of thousands of citizen. As yet it is not known what several weeks in coast cities. Mrs. Doro E. Webb arriveed here by unwilling workers" in occupied (if any) relatives survive him. ! train Tuesday and left later for their countries to do all in their power to LOST At airport, rose coloured homes in Dawson. slow down or stop production for angora hand-knitte- d scarf, basket I'NITED STATES REDl'CING - the German war machine. weave pattern, squares. Owner ITS SKiAR RATIONING. Pilot Frank Pollock of the Pollock values it for sentimental reasons. I Air Line arrived from Fairbanks Cripps said that with Germany's Will finder kindly return same to WASHINGTON ,D.C Individual with three passengers for the Out- side need for supplies growing more Star Office. i I consumers will be permitted rue and one on his return trip. Urgent "what great opportunity 'pound of two weeks sugar every there are for ingenuity in devising "Happy" LcPuge lett last week to under the forthcoming government Mr. L. R. Merrill, chief steward ways to slow down production for brine in the damaged U. S. planes rationing plan, war production for the P. A. A. arrived in town an hour, day or month." located about a hundred miles from board officials disclosed Friday I from Seattle Sunday and after "Strike now, silently and swiftly Wn von T.;ke. He had to have his night. I spending a couple of days here left again and again," Cripps said. bull-do- er cat knocked down in or- der j This rations of a half-pou- nd p-?- r j for Fairbanks. to tranship it to Watson Lake Week represents a drop of four from which point we understand he ounces from the tentative weekly We beg to inform the public that Subscriptions received to this will cut a trail to the locution of the ration of 12 ounces per person re- cently up as from March 1st, the business for- merly morning amount to $67,500. There damaged planes. Some job but announced by the office i'f operated here by Mr. Louis for that be- fore is good reason stating "Happy" will do it. ! price administration. Schulz has been incorporated as a the campaign closes tomorrow limited company under the style of the Whitehorse Unit will have OFFICIAL WEATHER REPORT Louis Schulz Limited. The officers :inixxixixxxixrxxxxixm doubled its quota of $35,000. are Louis Schulz, president; James February Badger, treasurer, and Roy Turner, Christ Church-Anglican- - The Y. S. A. T. plane arrived secretary. 2fl Thursday 30 from the coast Wednesday with Mrs. Atlin News-Milia- r THE OLD LOO CHURCH 27 Friday 32 O. Odegard as passenger. She left 28 Saturday 39 Whitchorv later for Dawson. Capt. Don Patry Rev. L. G. Chappell, L. Th. March was in charge of the ship with Mr. Rector. 1 Sunday , 32 H. Kenyon a superintendent of the f 2 Monday 3R raftsmanship SUNDAY, MARCH 8th, 19-1- 2 3 Tuesday 38 company acting as co-pil- ot. Miss Young was the stewardess. H.nn a. m. Holy Communion. 4 Wednesday 3'l 10 00 a. m Sunday School. 1 1 00 a. m. Morning Prayer. rixxxxxxxxxxiiixxxxxxxixxxi ATLIN PASSED THE Hiis is the woril tlint hp-t- t ex- presses 7 10 p. m. Evening Prayer and W. II. THEATRE FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS thn quality of printing Sermon. Whitehorse Yukon MARK NOON YESTERDAY tli'iio at mir plant mill that tXXTZXXXXXXXXTXXXXXXXXXXTX. lllnilin eoluplete nat islin t ii.n til (By Wire to the Star) you. : Showing this week : rxxxxxi rxxxxxxixxrj The fact that up to noon Thurs- day The quality of your m-rvii-- i- ii Catholic Church SEE Atlin had passed the forty oft.'ll jwlgril ),y tin- - quality of thousand dollar mark in the Second vour Htat innerv. Rev. Father J. J. Adam, O .M. I. Arise Love Victory Loan campaign is cause for My All your printing requiri 11N SUNDAY. MARCH 8th, 1942 j elation on the part of the residents hit linuilli'il nn 1 (of this wide-awa- ke community .At- -j A 8 00 a. m. Communion Mass. CLAUDETTE COLBERT lin has always come out "tops" in l-llil'ii'- lltlv hv 10 30 a. m. Mass and Senium. RAY MILLAND I the past on all occasions of a pat 7.30 p. m. Rosary and Beuedirion and star caste. riotic or communal nature and again 1 Until further notice all S3i vires in this campaign have answered lie Whitehorse Si;ir " ill he held in the Churcti. Wednesday & Saturda al 8 p. m. their country's call in a truly pat- riotic CXXXXXIXIXTXIXUXXXIXXIXXX cxxxxxxrxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: fashion