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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 12, Friday, March 20th, 1942.

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Frc-- CIRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY KJLi Vol. 42. No. 12. WHITEHORSE, YUKON, FRIDAY. A,TH .?0t.h. J 942 Subscription $3.00 Year. VHITEHORSE HOCKEY GENERAL MacARTHUR CLUB WINES UP APPOINTED TO SUPREME COMMAND OF UNITED SUCCESSFUL SEASON. NATIONS FORCES IN THE SOUTHS EST PACIFIC. The hockey" season wound up last Sunday when Whitepass swamped General acclaim followed the an- nouncement the Town to take the final game 9 that General Douglas to 2. After a four week lay-- f of MacArthur of Phillipine fame had both teams were a bit rusty but the been appointed to the supreme com- mand Whitepass were decidedly superior of the United Nations Forces in combination. Macdonald, Caddy, in the Southwest Pacific. The dis- tinguished, Hilton, Cooper, and MacBride , were officer arrived in Aus- tralia scorers for the winners; "Murray and a .few days ago as also sub : Todd for the losers. This was the stantial American forces, The elev- ation third game in a row for the White-pa- ss of the hero of Bataan has had who end the season in the up- - a salutory effect upon the morale of . bracket. ' " '. the allied forces. TO Wis canning, Brd, F. Blaker, Todd, Murray, Phelps, Porter, Pat-eio- n, U. S. ARMY REQUESTS Macpherson. BRITISH COLUMBIA TO WHITEPASS Richards, Hilton, POLICE HIGHWAY. jVkcuonald, Caddy, Cooper Mac-Brid- e. VICTORIA, March 17 Provin- cial Referee J. Gentleman. police forces are being largely The Hockey and Skating Club's augmented in the Peace River area, c financial report follows: . FAMOUS REGIMENTS REPLACE AUSTRALIANS AT TOBRUK it -- was announced .', by Attorney-Gener- al Financial Statement as at March 19, R. L. Maitand, . K.C., this Australian division Over a period of several months the 9th was 1942. withdrawn from Libya and sent as reinforcements to Malaya in morning. RECEIPTS readiness for the attack by Japan. Their place at Tobruk was taken The additional constables are be- ing Carried forward from taken on at the request of the by famous British Regiments. 1940-4- 1 17.60 U. S. mililtary authorities directing Gunners of a North County Regiment at a machine-gu- n post in Fees 1941-- 2 145.75 Tobruk. ' . the building of the Alaska road. It Dance February 14th ' was felt that in view of the im- portance At door $40.50 of the work there should COMPETITIONS CANADIAN CASUALTIES Tickets $ 2.00 CURLING be a force available for the enforce- ment Orchestra ' 18.00 ALL CLOSED. BONSPIEL SMALL ACCORDING TO of the civil laws of Canada. Drums 5.00 NOW BEING ARRANGED OFFICIAL FIGURES. The extra police, while under the Hall 10.00 10.00 35.00 5.50 jurisdiction of the commissioner of With the U. D. L: and Coast According to official figures sub- mitted B. C. police, will be paid for by the to the House of Commons at Breweries competitions now being U. S. military authorities. ' $168.85 Ottawa on March 13, the casualty The first, squad of a dozen men concluded arrangements are being DISBURSEMENTS list of Canadian army, navy and air have already been sworn in. Receipt book .15 made for the holding of the bon-pi- el force shows a total of 1857 dead. Mr. Maitland said it was probable Stamps .25 which will conclude the curl- ing 466 missing and 1817 taken prison- ers that he and Commissioner T. W. S. Caretaker 10.00 club's operations for this season, since the outbreak of war. Parsons would fly to the Peace , " Total number of pensions given River area soon to make a personal 6 floodlights ;.. 54.00 n The president's rink won the U. for disabilities suffered whilst on inspecton of the situation, there. 6 .. . .. 4.50 Tungstens . D. L. cup, the members of which active service 1073.. 2 and 22.00 n Floodlights Tungstens Mrs. H. Perdue, R. were W. Horn, A TWENTY-FOU- R HOUR DAY Water up to Dec. 31 13.50 Handford and Gordon. Armstrong ARRANGEMENTS FOR AND A SEVEN-DA- Y WEEK Light up to Dec. 31 2.50 Light for January 4.75 (skip). The winners in the Coast HOLDING PLEBSCITE IN VANCOUVER SHIPYARDS Mrs. S. NOW UNDER WAY. NEARING FULFILLMENT. Water for January 1.50 Breweries competition wero Light for February 4.25 L. Bird, L. Cyr, H. Perchie and D. Crepe paper 1:00 Wilson (skip.) Preparations for holding the " Hon. Humphrey Mitchell, Federal man-pow- er plebiscite are now well Minister of Labour who is now at 4 Padlocks . 1.85 under way. Instructions and sup- plies the coast, stated Wednesday after Bolts and washers fpr scrapers .60 have been forwarded to re- turning concluding conferences with Labour and material ..' 1 90 BOEING AIRCRAFT TO repre- sentatives officers in distant consti- tuencies. of both employers and Balance ... 45.52 CONSTRUCT A MILLION Appointment of enumer- ators labour that the inauguration of a DOLLAR REPAIR PLANT AT will be made shortly. The continuous' 24-ho- ur day service for t. $168.85 NEW WESTMINSTER. house-to-hou- se canvas will com- mence j seven days a week in. the Vancouver April 13 and will be required shipyards appeared near fulfilment, FORMAL NEGOTIATIONS ,. The department 1 of munitions and to be completed by April- - 18. Ad- vance j The conferences, stated the Min- ister, B. c!-ALAS- KA HIGHWAY supply has approved the construct- ion polls will be in the same loc- ation were very satisfactory. NOW COMPLETED. of a $1,000,000 repair depot at and under the same conditions New Westminster upon a 19-ac- re as the last general election. Polls TURKISH WARSHIPS Washington authorities when tract formerly used by the provin- cial will be open from 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. BEING BUILT IN making the announcement on Tues- day government. This plant it is ' and returning officers in city and BRITISH SHIPYARDS last that final approval for con- struction stated will relieve the main Boeing t semi-urb- an electoral districts will of the new B. C.-Ala- ska Centre of repair work which is re- tarding be required to make a preliminary ALEXANDRETtTA, Turkey- - The Highway and for additional military production, of new aircraft compilation of votes cast and pro- vide British built a 1,400-to- n jelestroyer air services paralleling the road The building1 will be 800 by 300 the press with progressive Sultan Hissar, which has arrived at mid-we- st emphasized that "contrary . feet. The company has also rented bulletins as the ballot boxes are re- ceived. a southern Turkish port and hand- ed x io publisned .... reports a at a me l neguuai- - .4 : as a sub-assem- bly plant a reinforc- ed b over to the Turkish naval au- thorities ion were, at no time hampered by concrete building in Vancouver by her British crew. This tfiack of co-operat- ion by the Canad having a floor space of 14000 square Congress asked to appropriate 18 is the first of several that Turkey ian government." ' ' feet. billion dollars for U.S. army planes has ordered from British yards. MARCH 20th, 1942 FRIDAY, PAGE T O THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WI I ITEHORSE- - YUKON f demand. The Indian States would SfaMjorsetar rather remain aiooi irom any icuw-atio- n than be dominated by the "Voiom of tho Yukon' Congress partv There are other s (0 cleavages "whic hpresent obstacles to J V An ' Independent Journal the early attainment of nationhood j IS; I by- - India. :'-- , v,-'-.--;;:"'- . 7. Nevertheless, India is insen- sibly w aoDfoaching Dominion status ; Published every Friday. ai 1 in her relations with the ; outside The 'IVhite Pass and Yukon Route Yukon Territory Whitehorse, world. Her agent-gener- al in Am- erica (Sir Girju Shankar Bajpai; On the Trail of '98 signed the 26 Nations Agreement hv The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to I Washington last January; and India Yukon Territory, Atlin .District and Interior Alaska- - I has a seat on the Imperia War Cab Member of Canadian' Weekly inet. AIRPLANE SERVICE i Newspapers' Association., ; The Indian administration is now manned mainly by Indians, only 573 IIOKACK E. MOORE - - Publisher Englishmen now holding posts in plane service, making connections northbound and south- - the Indian Civil Service , , bound with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, Let us have faith that right makes 8. We cannot hope to ' retain Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawsonr For information might;'; and in that faith let us to India's .goodwill," and stimulate nsi apply to I l ie end dare to do our duty as we war effort by acceding lb the Con any understand it. Lincoln. gress party's demands and thereby WHITE PASS A GENT, or antagonizing the other great ele-rer- ns in India's natioal lifj. 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver B. C. MARCH 20th. 1942 9, We must hope devoutly that Sir Stafford Cripps' mission will be SIDE-LIGHT- S ON INDIA. successful, but in the meantime it may be noted that India's voluntar- ily His Honor Judge H. . A. Robert- son In order to rectify the spread of recruited army has passed the of the county oourt of Cariboo Men of 30, 40, 50 misconceptions on India Sir Robert million mark; that half of that army was seriously ill in the Prince v PEP, VIM, VIGOR, Subnormal? are Moslem's and , that India's fac- tories Want normal pep, vim, vigor, vitality? Holland has prepared the following George Hospital Tuesday night aftei Try Ostrex Tonic Tablet. Contains have been, and are pouring tonics, stimulants, oyster elements-ai- ds brief statement which was fiist out arms, ammunition and equip suffering a stroke at his home last to normal pep after SO, 40 or 50. Get a special introductory size for only published in the Vancouver News ment for the forces of the United Saturday. The jurist is 72 years of 35(. Try this aid to normal pep and vim today.. For sale at all good drug stores. Herald. Nations. age. 1. There is no single Nationalist party in India demanding inde- pendence A CHEER FOR THE YUKON from Britain. " ' 2. Britain has lor the past nun- - Under the above caption the fol- - dred years been endeavouring to j iowing appeared in the editorial col-- weld the .diverse peoples-o- f Inrtia umns of a recent issue of Maclean's wm into a single nation and with that Magazine. has inculcated democratic object Because of its remoteness the Yu- kon ideas and fostered the 'growth of re- presentative dosen't get as much attention as institutions. it deserves in other parts of Canada'. 3. In 1937, democralic '. self-governm- ent Apart entirely from the Japanese was inaugurate:! in the threat, the war never has been con- sidered eleven provinces of British . India, remote by th peop1" of covering oo per cent oi area ui , Territory. Not only have the citi-th- e continent. The n-mainim- ? 4 V' zens: 0f the towns of Dawson and & per . cent . of the continent is not Brit- - , Whitehorse solidly backed every ' I- - 1 1. All - -- r i usn .territory dui- - ueiong.; to inaia . WQr onrt,-- - t i States in treaty relations with Brit-Pi- n school children contribute Tenu- ously .'. ;. ;..' .'- -' '.: in the sending of Christmas " 4. Indians, have not been able to parcels to children in England, but oree i any scneh;e w'mh away up in the rarthest reaches, would federate the diverse units around Old Crow, the Indians have and permit the establishment ot done something that ought to be on democratic self-governm- ent at the the record. Life in those parts isn't The purest centre, but at the present moment atogether comfortabe at best. Trap- ping in which tobacco AM MM ; the goVernor-general- 's cabinet con- sists is the- - only subsistence, and in can be smoked of ehjht non-offic- ial Indians the winter, if there is a scarcity of and .only four Englishmen. moose and, caribou, the food quest- ion 5. The British government is sometimes becomes acute. But now sending Sir Stafford Cripps to recently Chief, Peter Moses handed am.m1 T)a..h. C 41 T" r Tift India wth a new plan for consider- ation by the various elements in In- dia's hie follnw 'TnrUonc in tVin titrA trr M national life, in the hope that . -- m -- i - T-- m -- mm n it may lead to-reconciliati- on of their the relief of . the homeless and or- phaned M Fresh 's. -- ; Butter differences. ' children in London, Eng- land. Cured and 6. The major Congress party Try BURNS' . wants immediate . independence for Meats Slumrock Brand Creamery Butter Eggs India with a parliamentary system WHERE TO STRIKE JAPAN of government based on manhood suffrage, .which would place Hindus in permanent power at the centre. "The place to strike Japan is noi Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products S The Moslems, a minority party of the periphery of her conquests, but N 90,000,000, hotly oppose this. They at the very centre of her empire. a seek, for the perioid of the war, American- - aircraft production, raids B safeguards against a landslide to-- by long-distan- ce bombers on the You Can Buy No Better" H M wards the ideal .of Congress, but ul-- cities of Japan, a submarine block-timate- ly they want the division of ade of the Japanese Archipelago India into two independent states, A these 1 are 11. things ! A that A most ' 1 .quickly 1 onepredpminantly Moslem and the will bring the structure, crashing to Bu rns & Company Limited, i other predominantly Hndu, in flat the ground" London Times Cor- respondent contradiction of the Congress party tIIIJIIIIiriIITIIIIIIIIXriIlXITXTtIIIHTTTTTrYT-r- Y ' FRIDAY, MARCH 20th, 1942 THE WHITEIIORSE STAR. WHITKTIONSE. YUKON PAGE THREE Final Summary Second Victory Loan Officially tennie' Sggcs prepared to March 11th. s We are in receipt of the following ! pubilicity both in the Whitehorse A good variety to select from. .ffiripllv nrpnsrpd final summary 0f ! Star and Atlin-News-Min- er Mr. the uuiwv Second r Victory Loan forwarded ; Thomson gives as his reason for so Now is the time to start your doing "in order that the Yukon-At-li- n .from Vancouver by Mr. W. E, to us people can see how well they . season's gardening. Thomson, organizer for the Yukon -- Atlin did ; in comparison with the rest of Division. In suggesting its the country." DOVE JUMBO- - CROCUS Second Victory Loan Figures to March 10th Incusive WOOL KRINKLE KRAPE ANDALUSIAN General Average Number SILVER TWIST ANN DORA Canvas Subscription Citizens per JTUVIMLC Objective Per Capita Subscription SEE OUR SELECTION NOW ON DISPLAY 9,500,000 $18.91 10.65 Aberta LATEST KNITTING BOOKS JUST ARRIVED B. C. & Yukon 29,000,000 . .36.30 6.66 Manitoba 13,000,000 23.13 ' 7.19 N. B 6,000,000 ; 17.45- - 14.12 N. Ontario S. 112,000,004 11,000,0000 28.09 42.87 " 72.5 5.28 Northern Commercial Co. Ld. P. E. I 1,300,000 14.89 20.86 Quebec ........ 45.000.000 18.87 11.05 Saskatchewan .......... 7,000,000 13.54 ' 13.86 Canada ........... 233,800,000 28.26 7.62 GASOLINE RATIONING but the faithfulness of the many that so much has been achieved", HAVE TO BE MAY National Total .... ........ $979,217,000.00 she concuded. l'ritish Columbia-Yuko- n $91,117,750.00 CcRTAILEJN APRIL, British Columbia-Yuko- n by Percentage of Quota r' The Canadian Oil Controller some divisions: time ago announced the quantities SAVE TIME BY AIR (General Canvas only) which he thought would be avail- able! Coast ....v........... ...... 168, to consumers i for pleasure Yukon-Atli- n 167.5', driving for the three-mont- h period Prince Rupert, North'n B.C 132.5 j commencing April 1st, 1942 Okanagan-Caribo- o 131.1 The Oil Controller indicated thai IAIR MAIL Kootenay 1191 the announced quantities, which PASSENGERS Vancouver Suburban 110.2, were very reasonable, might have AIR EXPRESS N. Westminster-Fraze- r Val. 110.1 to be reduced in the light of events .INLAND KMITI Vancouver City . 100.1 transpiring between the date of his tAlAMA ..... Q7 .77 Vancouver Island V 1 announcement' and April 1st.. Since the announcement the gasoline situ- ation TO Yukon by Units Quota Applications Amount Percentage has become umch more critical A Atlin . $ 18,000 -- 189 $ 49,250 272.5 and it is possible that the announced Vancouver B Dawson . ......' ........... ... 90,000 276 112,000 124.4 quantities may have to be reduced C Mayo .................... 7,000 48 18,600 265.7 There will be a definite announce- ment , 8.00 a, m. Leave D Whitehorse .................... $35,000 e 103 73,700 210.5,' by the Oil Controller about WHITEHORSE this on or about the 1st of April. Arrive 3.30 p. m. $253,550 5.30 p. m. Arrive Special Names: VANCOUVER B Dauson - 4 31,000. SHORTAGE OF MATERIALS Leave "i 30 a. m. D Whtehorse ........ 3 ,13.500 ' The serious shortage of materials $99 $180 '.: 623" . $298,050 is presenting a problem. A survey One way Return reveals inability to - supply such (Plus Tax) staples as flannelette, sheeting and CKWX NOW STAGING factor cotton! Every effort is being :xixiziixxixxixxxixinxzxx3 NEW AIR FORCE SHOW made to fill requirements from 3 Flights Weekly "BUILD WESTERN PAYROLLS' SERIES FRIDAY NIGHTS. branches, , reported Mrs. Ramsden. Every v. ; "It is most essential to knit only Radio listeners will be taken be Monday, Wednesday, articles needed and asked for", she A PATRON hind the scenes of the Royal Can said. Saturday. !l adian Air Force in a new series of - B. C.'S QUOTA broadcasts dramatized from the of- ficial She explained the quota system RCAF and RAF FOR 8 records of the instituted by the National Red Cross Edmonton under the title "Flying for Free- dom." to control the type and quantity of tilt (WD iTfD YEARS This, series, produced with the civilian clothing, allotting certain 8.00 a. m. Leave ; the sizes and quantities to each prov- ince. of WHITEHORSE aDproval and co-operat- ion ; B. C. was given layettes, tod- dler's letter front up-coun- try Air Force, will tell a thrilling story j Arrive 3.30 p.m. We have a cloth- ing and The writer states each Friday night from 8.30 to 9.00 outfits, boy's girl's 5.00 p. m. Arrive for ages two to eight years, a EDMONTON Friday, she has used "all kinds of (Vancouver time) starting cloth- ing, women's canned milk" but Pacific March 6th, over CKWX and short- - j certain amount of ' Leave 9.30 a. m. in three sizes ant men's shirts since she wave CKFX. i Milk continually three sizes. She Urged that work- ers in began it "because of its The story will be built around the ; make from Red Cross materials $85 $153 richness and flavor. That lives of four youths who start out those articles included in B only Return - One Air Training Plar, way was eight years ago." in the Empire and meet C.'s quota. (Plus Tax) that their course, real excellence complete It's only j To the time war broke out on the could bring , a milk, a pre- ference high adventure, whole in operations series will over- - be Pacific all supplies were shipped For Full Flight Information The like this. k seas. Consult Overseas, but since then, none have with- - actual happenings j founded on been shipped out Of the Province. J: A. Barber Pacific Milk in the Air Force. There will oe only enough fictiorr added to tie re ," "Never have so many persons done so much without pay. It is WHITEHORSE and point IW9ADIATEB Or COURSE lated incidents together j interesting detail. I not through the genius of the few: rilTTTTIIHT TIIIITXXI11 X XX3 up YUKON FRIDAY, MARCH 20th, 1942 PAGE FOUR THE WIIITEHOKSE STAK. WHITKIIORSE- - 1941 WAR SERVICES PROPERTY IS COVERED RED CROSS PRESIDENT ii maintained and there is now a PRAISES WOMEN'S WORK feeling of pride in turning out per- fect DRIVE COLLECTED OVER 'J BY INSURANCE IN One of the popuar highlight?,, oi articles," Mrs. Ramsden said. $6,850,000 COST 4.6 PER CENT CASE OF AIR RAID. the presidential ,.; address, of Mr. ' George C. Derby, given at' the rec The various agencies interested " ' ent 23rd annual meeting of the B. Ul-- e pardonable pride in the fact A letter from Olof Hanson, M. P., C. Division of the Canadian"" Red that the Canadian War Services Was ; read to the Prince Rupert draftsmanship Cross Society was his tribute" to the Fund campaign in the spring of 1941 chamber of Commerce concerning . , . t 4-- t 1 a f rcc 1 . " . . approximate 30,000 volunteer wo- men netted a pledged total of $7,140,000. the insurance of property in the Red Cross workers namely Of this. amount u.uuu, or. of loss being sustained thro the sewers and the knitters. ' uas rrrpived in cash as at Decern-- 1 This is the word that best ex- presses ugh air raids B. C. THIRD IN CANADA bcr 31, 1941. Red Cross women volunteers of the ; quality of printing So far a total of $5,900,000 has In his letter Mr. Hanson stated done at our plant and that t-ee- n disbursed among' the various participating agencies leaving, a that he had approached the depart- ment cording to Mrs. Ramsden, the ouW moans complete satisfaction to and the minister had made it put of Red Cross supplies during the credit balance on hand of $423,999, rov. .' past in B. C, is more than one known that plan was being for- mulated year "Trust account a A memorandum re The quality of your service is and a quarter million artH? and disbursements, whereby property damag- ed commitments types. This total is thhd of all pro- vinces often judged by the quality of December 31, 1941" shows the by air raids would be covered, in Canada. This province your stationery. mound paid and still owing, on the basis of the government approved such coverage to be retroactive. also h6lds first and second places in All your printing requirements certain of Neither types supplies. budget, to each agency as follows: can be handled quickly an! Approved Paid to Date is the record built upon a large efficiently by Canadian Legion $1,056,065 $ 914,300 amount of small articles, but on 81,700 81,700 large numbers of the more d ifficut I. O. D. E. 861,025 770,720 supplies to make hospital bed and Knights of Columbus lie Wliiteliorse Slar Salvation Army 1,579,926 1,542,125 surgeon gowns, pneumonia j ackets, Vancouver Catholic Charities 25,000 25,000 knitted body belts and face masks. "The high standard of workmanship 2,099,090 ,1,954,403 Y. M. C. A .................... Y. W. C. A. 272,405 256,963 The information above has beendistributed to national and provin- cial officers of the fund in the formof an eight-pa- ge detailed report and series of tabulations prepared underthe direction of Major Blair M. Clerk, M.C., Executive Director ofthe fund.' KOUSE OF COMMONS CLASSIFIED EASTER RECESS TO BE ADVERTISING FROM MARCH 27 This type of advertising must be patronized to be TO APRIL 20. appreciated. The House of Commons is to ad- journ j A wise woman never clut- ters for the Easter recess from up her home with art- icles March 27 to April 20. The bill for for which she has no the plebiscite which is to be held on further use. She disposes of April 27 next has been passed and them for cash by means of a sent to the- - Senate. It is understood classified advt. You -- should that the budget will be introduced do the same. The cost is by the finance minister shortly after trifling the results good. the holding of the plebiscite. Recently a house and its contents were disposed of as FOR SALE the result of a small advt. Five tube radio console model- -in inserted in our classified first-cla- ss condition. Can be columns. seen at Star Office. What offers? THE WHITEHORSE STAR i The World's News Seen Through The Christian Science Monitor I An Inter national Daily Newspaper ''?$' is Truthful Constructive Unbiased Free from Sensational ism Editorials Are Timely and Instructive and Its Daily Features, Together with the Weekly Magazine Section, Make the Monitor anIdeal Newspaper for the Home. v The Christian Science Publishing Society y V One. Norway Street, Boston.- - Massachusetts ."t Price $ 12.00 Yearly, or $ 1.00 a Month. Saturday Issue, including Magazine Section, $2.60 a Year. . Introductory Offer, 6 Issues 25 Cents. Name.... Address : SAMPLE COPY ON REQUEST rTTTTTTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIi amimmiinr M a Yukon Electrical Company, Ltd. Will be pleased to consult SHIPS FROM RUSSIA REACH BRITAIN WITH CARGOES OF RAW M you rerdinp ' MATERILAS M N Light Power. Supplies and Installations The BritisW Foreign Minister, Mr. Anthony Eden, recently" an- nounced M R that ships sent to Russia loaded wth aeroplanes and "tanks M from Bntan were returning filled with cargoes of raw materials. M M WHITEHORSE. Y. T. Russia 1S also sending her own vesseels to Britain for the first tim-sin- ce the outbreak of war, and in this picture a Soviet cargo .T1llIlITTTTtItHITTIIIIlIXXXXIlIIIIIIIITTTTTTTT"' steamer is seen at a British port havng its cargo of timber, unloaded. FRIDAY, MARCH 20th, 1942 THE WTUTEHORSB. STAR. WHITEIIORSE, YUKON PAGE FIVE VANCOUVER AND SEATTLE I Lieut.-tren- . ivlcraugiiton Inspects C.P.R. Tanks CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OUT FOR CONSTRUCTION OF CONNECTING LINK WITH B. C ALASKA HIGHWAY. As soon as the route of the new p. C.-Ala- ska Highway was made known the Seattle Chamber . of Commerce sent a delegation to in- terview Premier John Hart in Vic- toria to urge the construction of a connecting link between the Cari- boo Highway and the new B. C.- Alaska Highway which is to be con structed. Hope that British Col- umbia could provide several thous- and Japanese for construction of the proposed link was voiced by Foster McGovern, assistant manager,, of the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, who was given assurance by Premier Hart that the suggestion would be considered. Major Austin C. Tay- lor, head of the B. C. Security Com- mission, has also promised to con- sider the matter from this angle Assurance of support was also forthcoming .from the .Vancouvei Dudiu ui nauc uuuugn v jvc-presid- ent S. " S. McKeen who stated "Rest assured that if we do not get iniS LUUIlCCWilg . nun. aiai icu uuw 11 will be many long years before it will be undertaken; We must strike row. With your co-operat- ion we can do it." The conferees favoured a route from Prince George past Summit stepped-u- p tempo of tank the smallest parts to the finished Above scene shows a group of Lake, over 2850 ft. Pine pass and THE production at Angus Shops, product. He displayed keen in- terest Angus-bui- lt tanks awaiting ship- ment Montreal, was evident everywhere in the construction of the for "active service". Inset: through Promotion Pass to Dawson L that Gen. McNaughton comments on when LUut.-Ge- n. A. G. Mc-Naugh- ton speedy war machines, a type Creek. This route would - be 238 made a detailed inspec- tion has been highly praised by the some detail of tank construction. miles long, with 136 miles of new of the big Canadian Pacific Russians on the field of battle. Others in the group include (left plant, whose machinery is turn- ing Highlight of General Mc-Naught- on's to right) H. B. Bowen, chief of construction at an estimated cost of out increasing numbers of visit followed the motive power and rolling stock; $3,400,000. . medium weight "Valentines" for shops inspection when six of the Brig.-Ge- n. E. de B. Panet, Of-fif- pr The alternate route would run the armed forces. . khaki-painte- d "Valentine" tanks, Commanding. M.D. 4: J. H. offi- cials fresh from the Angus shops as- sembly Rprrv director tfeneral of auto from Prince George to Vanderhoof, Accompanied by ranking of the Canadian Army and line, raced out on the mobile and tank production; Lt.- - Fort St. James and up the Peace senior officers of the Canadian shnn.o Mirlwav. where thev wheel Gen. Kenneth Stuart, cmei oi tne River to Fort St. John northwest of Pacific Railway, Canada's No. 1 ed, plunged, and went through roTi-iT- i VUllwUAMl funeral v Staff: r D. C. Dawson Creek." This route would soldier received a first hand pic- ture various other tactics to show their Coleman, vice-preside- nt, Canadian be 435 miles long with only 116 of tank construction from mnouverabilitv. miles of, new construction entailed at an estimated cost of $2,900,000. Detailed plans and maps are be- ing rushed to Ottawa and Washing- ton D. C, with recommendations Your Nearest and Best that federal funds be used for the carrying out of the undertaking.. FUR MARKET ! m Travel HA11WAV ob a STEAMSHIPS COMMUNICATIONS "PRINCESS" . Furs consigned to us are sold in Open Auction to TMVll raw. Liner 1942 Buyers who bid for Furs in Auction" Sales everywhere. You are thus assured of Top Market Prices- - Skagway to Vancouver AUCTION SALE DATES Victoria or Seattle We make liberal cash advances on .shipments ;i wait- ing SOUTHBOUND SAILINGS April ....... 8th ' PRINCESS NOEAH " sale, when requested. Our selling charges are lower May . ........ 7th Saturday, March 14 Keniittances are sent immediately a sale is concluded. Tuesday, March 24 July ................. 7th Connections at Vancouver with August 25th WE INVITE YOUR Canadian Pacific Services: Transcontinental CORRESPONDENCE , Trans-Pacif- ic Trans-Atlant- ic Tickets, reservations and full particulars from Edmonton Fur Auction Sales L. H. JOHNSTON General Apent C P. R. LIMITED Skagway Alaska Edmonton Alberta Canadian Pacific PAGE SIX 'HE WIHTtt 1 1 0 H S E 8T A R . . W 1 1 1 T h) 1 OR SE-- . YU KQN FRIDAY, MARCH 20th, 1942 Local Happenings SPRING IS COMING Mr. and Mrs. J. Anderson return- ed Mr. L. J. Jewett, U. S. roads of SEEDS home from the coast last Satur- day. ficial, arrived back in "town from ' - ' , Juneau on Tuesday. . f"f The Pollock' Airways" plane ar- rived Charles Jeanette ' arrived irom ine Dutch Sets and Multipliers Tuesday from Fairbanks with coast by Y. S. A. T. plane Wednes- day and left the following morning a lullload of passengers. have arrived. will be ur Dawson. Mr. and Mrs. J. uauriin' 'M riving home Tuesday after spend- ing We understand Mr. George Mc-- the winter at the coast. Lachlan will arrive back in town j Mr. R. Hilton night man at the Tuesday after wintering Outside. He Fine Assortment of STEELE BMGGS Whitehorse : Inn leaves Tuesday for was in California for a time. the coast to join the R. C. A. F. His We have been requested to an- nounce Flower and Vegetable Seeds. Menus wish Dick I lie very best of that the meeting of the luck. ' Whitehorse Basketball Club; on lUss Evelyn Elliott arrived in Monday next will be held in the, "town Saturday from the coast and is club rooms at the N.S.A;A. Hall in- stead Make Your Selection Now. now a member of the staff of of at the public school . Messrs. Taylor & Drury Ltd. Her The Northwest Airlines plane ar- rived mother and father will be arriving at the local airport Wednes- day later. ; night with company officials : on Y LOR & DRURY Ltd lViiss Paton arrived back in town board. It is understood the com- pany TA , Saturday from an enjoyable vacation will be operating exclusively trip to the coast and has resumed for U. S. army personnel and her duties as , matron at the local freight. ' general hospital. The Y. S. A. T, plane arrived The McCormick Transportation Wednesday evening with Capt. Don YUKONERS AT COAST arrived from Dawson over the t-'a- e Patry at the controls and Stan. trail this week ncharge of Louis Emery as his co-pil- ot. The ship had Moi and "Spot Cash" Bradden. Mr. The following well-kno- wn Yu- - Japs are still being employed in a full complement of passengers Angus McLeod boarded the stage at koners were in attendance at the Dawson and comments are many. most of whom were bound for Fair- banks. Carmacks and is fraternizing witr'i i annual Yukoners re-uni- on held in In view of the war situation and tht$ Mr. H. Hollock Kenyo'n, the his friends in' town here for a while. the Yukon Room at the Castle hotel nearness of the Yukon to the war "ompany's superintendent for this Mr. Sam Matheson arrived by ! Friday, March 13th. zones this has brought the matter division, was also on board and plane from Selkirk last Friday and Mr. and Mrs. M. LeLeon, (presi- dent), into public discussion. It is under- stood made a trip to Dawson yesterday. left the following morning for hi? Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Parkei that Whitehorse months ago Miss Tamney was the stewardess. first trip Outside in 42 years. Af ter , and family, Mr. afld Mrs. Jimmie discontinued the employing of 'Jap- anese - visiting with relatives and friends MISS NELLIE CHAPLIN Hooker, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gould help. In Vancouver they are at the coast he will journey to P. E. j BECOMES THE BRIDE OF and family, Mr. and Mrs. Johnny being put into Camps but in the T tn visit his hnmp tnwn he fore re-- i MR. WILLIAM HORN. Mellish, Mr. and Mrs, Ben F. Craig, Yukon the "spirit" is different. turning north Mr. and Mrs. George Howes, Miss , ' o Lulu Fairbanks, her sister and mo- ther U. S. ARMY ENGINEERS It came as a complete surprise to and friends from Seattle, Al SHIP IN TWO THOUSAND their many friends when it became Hallett, Bobbie Hooker, Miss Kath- - GALLONS OF OIL FOR Christ Church-Anglica- n- known that on Tuesday Miss Nellie Howard "DEFENCE"' PURPOSES. Chaplin, a member of the staff of jleen McMillan, Pearse, THE OLD LOG CHURCH the Whitehorse Inn. Cafe, became Charles Reid, Walter Trobere;, Priv Whitehors" the bride of Mr. W .Horn an em- ployee ate George Maddocks, Mr. and Mrs. Speaking in the vernacular the U. Rev." L. G. Chappell, L. Th. of Burns & Co. Ltd. Mr. L. Rbss Moulton, Howard Collery, Mr. S. army engineers; "know their on- ions". Rector. Higgins, the local 'government agent, and Mrs. A. Vgner and many others. As a precautionary measure SUNDAY, MARCH 22nd, 1942 performed the ceremony. Their j The evening opened with a program and ostensibly of "defence" purposes many friends here" extend heartiest followed by speeches, dancing and; they have had nearly two thousand 8.30 a. m.--Hol- y Communion.,, '"' congratulations to" the bridal couple refreshments. ' gallons of oil shipped into Dawson 10.00 a. m. Sunday School. Creek in for preparation the mos- quito and wish them the best of luck and 11.00 a. m. Morning .Prayer. happiness for the future. Dune McDonald, Jimmy Morse, "drive" which is confidently 7.30 p. m. Evening Prayer and W. Troberg, Walter Douglas and anticipated. Last year, it will be Sermon. FINANCE MINISTER TO iunny others are heading North on remembered that the pesky "dive ASK FOR TWO BILLION the steamer leaving Vancouve' Mar bombers" were in such a hurry to DOLLARS FOR NEXT YEAR 20th. Walter Douglas expects to go reach the north that they arrived on BUT WAR COSTING MORE. into the Mayo district on special skiis. This year maybe they will Catholic Church business after spending a-sho- rt time come in tanks. Rev. Father J. J. Adam, O .M. I. Finance Minister J. v L. Ilsley in Whitehorse and will then go into SUNDAY, MARCH 22nd, 1942 stated jn the House of Commons Dawson. The exact object fo his ATLIN NUGGETS Tuesday night that he proposed if mission has net yet been learned. 8.00 a. m. Communion Mass. his resoution was approved, to in- troduce During the past winter he has done Mrs.. L. Hodges and Wm. Mc-Kechn- ie 1 0.30 a. m. Mass and Sermon. a Bill, in the form of the considerable travelling up countrj arrived from coast cities 7.30 p. m. Rosary and ilenedicton yar Appropriation Act of 1942, to and in the Fraser Valley, only rec- ently Monday. Until further notice all sewices raise two billion dollars to cover returning to Vancouver.- - will be held in the Churcn. next year's Canada's major war ap- propriations. Barney Schwanekamp has been - v CXIIXXXXITXXXXXIXXIXXIIIP Even this huge am- ount, The next two months bookings on in the grocery dept. of Schulz store fZIXIIXXIIXXXXIXIXIXXXXXXP stated the Minister,-woul- d fall the Steamers going North are sold during the time while Murray was far short of reaching the total sum out. ill. . ' . '. ' W. II. THEATRE required in the coming fiscal year ' -- . Whitehorse Yukon to Percy Dewolfe, Junior, is now re- covering " finance the country's war ex We are plea'sed to see Barney from an attack, of the flu penditures. Murray back at Schulz store again and travelling in low, gear for a few Show ins: this week, : handing out groceries after several OFFICIAL WEATHER REPORT days. His partner in social activi- ties, months illness. .Private -- Frank Fiarclough, is Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ackles spent a Caution March out of the Hospital and fully re- covered Captain couple of days at Atlin recently 12 .Thursday .- -. . 30 14 frpm his recent operation. from" ther Trap Line at Wann River. 13 ' Friday ; 27 1 ' Fred bagged a few wolves besides a 14 Saturday 28 10 George Lund is a frequent walker few Vctor Mature Louise Piatt other furs. He reports 15 Sunday 38 22 on Granville Street and is very trying to little Leo Carrillo Bruce Cabot fur or even tracks this 16 Mcuday 38 26 decide whether year. the "North" has the A HAL ROACH PRODUCTION Around May 2nd "The Days of 17 Tuesday 39 19 same old lure or not. "98" are .going to re-app- ear around Wednesday & Saturday at 8 p. m. 18 Wednesday 33 10 -- , Pillman's Hall. So start to tTTTTTTITTTTTIIIITTTTTTIir: denotes degrees below zero. It is reported in Vancouver that ready for the big time now. get