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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 5, Friday, January 31st, 1942.

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Frc-- LM-- 5 2y QTV' WW Is " . . AM I CWCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY J-- GI Vol. 42 No. 5. ic WHITEHORSE, YUKON SATURDAY, JANUARY 31st, 1942 Subscription $3.00 Year. SENILE. MA IT'S RINK WHITEPASS TAKES SIXTH WINNERS OF THE T. GAME fcY SCORE 6-- 4. LATOT CCMPLTITION. A fair-siz- ed crowd witnessed ..the Tne cioseiy comesieu , cunipeuuun Whitepass even up the league in a lor the T. Eaton Co. Ltd!, prizes re- sulted tough hockey encounter last Sin-d- a i'nthe rink skipped by J. vy. The Whitepass. took its thirl Gentleman being declared the win- ners. game 6 to 4 to givo each - team an. This rink comprised t Miss C. equal number of wins. ... Within a few minutes of tb-- 2 init- ial O'Neil or Miss R. Stewart, F. Bir- kenhead, H. Perchie and J. Gentle- man face-of- f, the Whitepass forward line,, comprising Caddy, Cooper, an I (skip.) . j Norrington; penned' too Town in its . Nabob-Blu- e Ribbon Competition own defence area and gave Goalie. Thursday, January 29th Roth a work-ou- t. Fred 'Dlaker ami - Rink 1 aurent Cyr seemed unable to feed .... .... "J. McLean vs. Gennings ... 7.30 1 the puck to their forwards or when Williams vs. Armstrong 7.30 2 they did, the puck was brought right " Friday, January "30th. balk. The winners sank the disc Gentleman vs. Greenslade 8.00 our times before the Town vyeiv Wilson vs. Taylor 7.30 able to get the puck out oi 'their' goal zone. Cooper got two of these, Monday, February 2nd POLISH ANTI-AIRCRA- FT GUNNERS TRAIN IN ENGLAND " Armstrong vs. Taylor .... Paul Cyr one, and Hilton one. Hil- ton r.pnnines vs. Greenslade 8.00 Lt-Gene- ral Sir Frederick Pile, Bart., Commander-in-Chi- ef of the also got a fine assist;. Then the. British Anti-Aircr- aft Command (right) with General Zajac of the Town forwards worked the puck 'Tuesday, February 3rd " Polish Forces, were photographed watching a Bofors gun detach- ment down to the other end and peppered William? vs. Wilson . ... 7.30 during a demonstration of gun drill. Goalie Bill . Miners. After he had Gentleman vs. McLean .. 7.30 2 Polish gunners are now being trained in the use of heavy and turned away half a dozen shots, Wednesday, February 4th light A.A. guns and are shortly to have their own mobile anti-aircr- aft Todd snatched a rebound from close Greenslade vs. McLean 8.00 1 batteries. , in to break the Town's jinx. Taylor ... 7.30 2 , Williams vs. After the rest, Larry Porter made Thursday, February 5th . o onrro In on rfKvxirio crrw Iact Gentleman vs. Gennings 7.30 1 NEWS AROUND TOWN SUGAR REGULATIONS period. Norringon, Murray and Wilson vs. Armstrong 7.30 2 Paterson spent trne on the bench for Friday, February 6th Mr. Al. Stewart has lef t The on a following telegram was re- ceived tne only penalties ol tne game. Williams vs. Armstrong 7.30 .1 short trip to the coast. in Whitehorse this week re- garding In the third period Murray .placed ifvr son rc flonrnnPs ' 7.30 2 the new sugar regulations: a rebound behind . Miner's for an- other Monday, February 9th Miss Lorraine Watson left for the 1 . Twelve ounces per person per Town score and soon aftei Wilson vs. .Taylor ... 7.30 1 coast Tuesday with , the very best week. Macpherson, who' played an out- standing 'Gentleman vs. Greenslade 8.00 2 wishes of her many friends here for 2. Where possible customers are game, sank the equalizer. Tuesday, February 10th her future welfare and happiness. expected to purchase not over two With the score tied a change of for- ward Gennings vs. Greenslade 8.00 1 weeks' supply at a time. lines brought no luck to the Armstrong Vs. .Taylor .... 7.30 2 Mr. T. C. Richards is leaving 3. Where, this is not paetieaLror Town. Caddy took a long shot Wednesday, February 11th Monday on a business trip to Ed- monton, trappers and prospectors they rnpiy which hit the corner post and re- bounded. McLean rvs. Gentleman . .... 7.30 1 Calgary and Vancouver. purchase for longer peribd but ouy " After five minutes of Wilson vs. Williams 7.30 2 on basis of above ration per person. milling around in .- - front of the " Thursday, February 12th Mrs. Forbes, who has been assist- ant 4. Most restaurants using .cube Town goal, Macdonald gave Hilton Taylor vs. Williams - 7.30 1 cook at the Regina Hotel for sugar now serving two cubes with a pass and score, and Norrington McLean vs. ' Greensalde 8 .00 2 sometime past, left Tuesday for the each cup of tea or coffee. scored on a pass from Dennis Blak-e- r. Friday, February 13th coast en route to her home on the 5. Restaurants expected to co- operate Armstrong vs. Wilson ........ 7.30 1 Prairies. but allowed necessary re- quirements Both goalies t,urned in fine 'games; Gennings vs. Gentleman 7.30 2 for two weeks at a line. both had about an equal number of - "A" SECTION Mr.' and Mrs. J. Anderson left 6. .AH refined sugar included in shots. The refereeing was shared-- " Miss C, O'Neil, W. A. Paterson, R. Tuesday on a trin to Vancouver and regulations,' by Ross.McLeod and Laurent Cyr.- - Handford, J. McLean (skip.) Victoria and will be away for the WARTIME PRICF.S AND 'WHITEPASS: Miners, Macdon-- 1 Mrs. Bird, Dr. Roth, L. Cyr, R. next few weeks. TRADE BOARD. aid, D. Blaker, Caddy, Cooper, Nor-ringtonNel- son, Greenslade (skip.) Hilton, ' MacBridt,. Mrs. . K. . McLean, . W. Horn, H. P. Cyr, Perchie. . Perchie, H. Gennings (skip.) VANCOUVER CIVIC AIRPORT TOWN: Roth, X. Cyr, F. Blaker, W. Manning, B Miners, J. Bar- ber, Todd, Murray, Phelps, Paterson, OPERATIONS SHOW BIG GAINS J. Gentleman (skip.) Porter, Macpherson, McLeod. "B" SECTION -- o- Mrs, McEachern, F. Birkenhead, The following figures show activities at the Vancouver Civic airport Y. S. A. T. MOVE TO NEW L. Ryder, O. Williams (skipO " and seaplane hstrbor for the year ending Dec. 31, , 1941, as compared PREMISES IN VANCOUVER Mrs. Gennings, F. Dunn, Mrs. with the same period in 1940. Harbottle, G. Armstrong (skip.) Government, andjor military flights, (Information discontinued for To' cope with expanding business Miss R. Stewart, Mrs: Perchie, S. duration of war.) the Yukon Southern Air Transport Reed, W. Taylor (skip.) ' 1941 1940 Increase Ltd., have moved their Vancouver Mrs. Birkenhead, K. McLean, W. Charter Flights 92 71 - 21 Loffice from Dunsmuir Street to 615 Drury, D. Wilson (skip.) Scheduled Passenger Flights . 6,991 6,311 680 A Howe Street. All the C. P. R. con- trolled Winner of "A" Section plays win- ner No. Scheduled Passengers Carried ... .......... 32,971 25,097 7,8747 airlines will be located at of "B" Section. . There are two Weight of Air Mail Carried, lbs " :. 470,224 347,637 122,587 the same address. prizes for this competition. First is Weight of Air Express Carried, lbs.:. 132,037 80,686 51,351 the Nabob Hampers, second prize No. Visiting Aircraft ........ 493 177 ' 316 The W. H. Theatre re-ope- ns to- morrow Blue Ribbon Tea. Players not pre- sent Total No. Passengers Carried . 35,773 29,733 6,040 much "to the enjoyment of for their fames will be credit- ed Total No. Landings ,. 135,516 33,745 101,771 the townspeople. Mr. Alguire re- turned with a loss towards the "Bank Gasoline Cold, gallons 94,346 89,519 4,827 from the coast on Wednes- day. up" whether their team wins or not. Oil Sold, quarts 8,856 7,792 1 064 . . FRIDAY, JANUARY 30th, 1942 YUKON 'HE W1IITKII0KKE STAR. WI11TEI10RSE. PAGE TWO DAWSON Mr.- - and Mrs, Chambers of North "Voioo o the Yukon', Fork have left on, a trip Outside. An 'Independent Journal , John Halliburton of the Jean-ner- et Jewellery , Co., has left on a Published every Friday at trip Outside. Whitehorse, Yukon Territory' '' v - ' The White Pass and Yukon Route Maurice Smith, , who has been On the Trail of, '98 employee! in Taddie's store at Gran- ville, has left on a trip to thecoast. , The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to f Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska- - Member of Canadian Weekly j. L. McLennan of Quartz Creek Xewspapcrs' Association. is" a visitor in the city for a few AIRPLANE SERVICE days. MOKACK H. MOOKE Publisher plane service, making connections northbound and south--. ij: W. Scott of the engineering latth .that1 makes bound with steamers at Skagway, Serving Whitehorse, l.i-- t us have right infr at :Bear Creek is leaving for j A 'might: aiid in that faith let us to the coast in the near future and Vill j Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For information I he end dare to do our duty as we not be returning north. understand it. Lincoln. apply to any After being on the sick list for a w : WHITE PASS A G E N T, o r . JANUARY ,30th, 1942 few days Miss. Hunter of the local hospitai nursing staff is, able, to- - be 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. out and around again. SHIFTING SCENES. : ' ' ' J. B. Colette, an old-tim- er in the War conditions on all' fronts are Yukon is under the weather and has continually changing and reverses entered St.' Mary's Hospital to se- cure are often suffered by our -- fighting medical i tatmeut. A . ' ' .'": '''''. forces much to the chagrin of many ." ': The World's News Seen Through people. But this is to be expected We hear that Lous Kazinsky, the Christian Science Monitor among the first Yukoners to enlist, in the circumstances. Those who recently under-we- nt a minor oper- ation o. An International Daily Netvspaper are most critical of such unfortun- ate in a hospital in England. lj is Truthful Constructive Unbiased Free from Sensational-- ' ism Editorials Are ' Timely and Instructive and Its Daily instances and are only too ready Features, Together with the Weekly Magazine Section, Make and willing to. place the bteme upon The. fire' brigade was ' called to 6 the Monitor an Ideal Newspaper for the Home. those in authority are not infre the Central Hotel last Friday. An v The Christian Science Publishing Society over-heat- ed stove-pip- e -- was the One, Norway Street, Boston, Massachusetts quently the least qualified to adopt cause. No damage was sustained. V Price $ 12.00 Yearly, or 5 1.00 a Month. such an attitude;. They speak with- out ,t , Saturday Issue, including Magazine Section, 2.60 a Year. a .full knowledge of the facts, 4 Introductory Offer, 6 lssues 25 Cents Rev. Father Bosse, O. M. I. par- ish but this is no excuse nor is it any priest' at Mayo has arrived in Name . .- -. . . reason for condoning their uriten-abl- e town on a short visit to Father t Le Address.--- .- : -(--- - It position. As Prime Minister Ray? He made the overland trip SAMPLE COPY ON REQUEST Winstotv Churchill frankly informed with his' dogs in six days. .;.' : A the British House of Commons this Tom Elliott had the misfortune week we have admittedly made Friday to suffer the loss of two fin- - many mistakes since the outbreak of gers and had two others painfully war and will undoubtedly make , hurt when his mitt got caught in r others before the war is concluded. th,e saw whilst he wassawing Wood' It would be more than passing at Ragnar, Nelson's barn. Fresh Butter strange were it otherwise consider- ing Cured A tea in honour of Mrs. Harry Try BURNS and the stupendous task which con- fronts Lewis of Bear Creek was given by Shamrock Brand Crcamtry Butter us and the numerical stren- gth 'i' Meats Eggs Mrs. W. Valentine at the rectory on of the combined enemy-force- s Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis are It is foretold that this will be a leaving on a trip to the coast. most critical year for all of us. It Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products is a time therefore - when the exer- cise Lance Cpl. Don Olds, well-know- n ball player and one of . the first to of fortitude and good courage enlist from the Yukon, is reported our will be not neces- sary on" part only to be a patient in a military hospital 99 "You Can No Better 3 Buy but imperative. We must culti- vate in. the east. He 'is with the West- minister a grim determination to win regiment. through to victory whatever the cost and remain steadfast in the Mr. and Mrs. Lewis of . Bear Creek Burns & Company Limited. rnnvirtiAn that siiJvpss will pvpntn'- - are leaving for the coast. Mr. ally crown our efforts. Lewis was in charge of. the Y. C. G XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXTXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"TTTr Co. warehouse at Bear Creek last It has been stated on more than 1 one occasion in the past by those. season and is going to enlist ia one best qualified to speak . with any of the branches of His Mapesty's degree of assurance and certainty forces. IIIIIIIIIIIIXirilinilTTITIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTI that next year (1943) there yil! be t a decided turn . of the tide in our J. Love, clerk of the Terrtonal Yukon Electrical Company, Ltd. favour. When that time, arrives .let; Court, and Mrs. Love will be leav- - us be ready for it and. worthy of it. ing for the Outside about the, mid- dle H In the meantime le.t's face the iss'ies of February. Jack is going. to Will be pleased to consult H ,as they arise fairly and squarely enlist in the R. C. A. F. whilst Mrs. you regarding H acceptng the good with the bad with Love' will proceed to' Saskatoon t M perfect equilibrium. It is a duty we where she will remain, with her par t. Light, Power. Supplies and Installations owe to ourselves, to our country and ents' until it is' known where her M ' H to all members of our active forces husband will be located. Their M now bearing the brunt of the battle home on Third Avenue and con- tents M H W H I T E H OR S E, Y. T. in our -- behalf. are now up for sale. " M H XTXXXTXXrXIXTrXIXIXIXXXTXIXIIXXTXXXXXXTXXXXTTTTTTTT? FRIDAY, JANUARY. 30th, 1942 THE WHITEIIORSE STAR, WITITEITORSE- - YUKON PAGE THRE3 AIIOA Hewetson QualityShoes i: I,,, u BW For Children Booties and Oxfofds Hewetson Shoes are sensi-bl- e, and moderately priced, and are built on correct lines to insure comfort. BUY A PAIR TODAY WHAT HAPPENS BEFORE A BRITISH CONVOY SAILS. The world sometimes wonders why so many British convoys get safely to port despite all the YOU WILL BE efforts of thewAxis. Here is one of the reasons the Convoy Conference, which takes place before SATISFIED- - the Convoy sails, and at which Misters "of vessels are given their instructions and positions. The photographs show: 1. Captains and masters of British merchant ships being brought ashore in a tug for the "Convoy Northern Conference", at which they will receive the latest information and instructions. 2. Landing for the conference. ' Commercial 3; The President of the "Convoy Conference" addressing Captains and Masters who will be in charge of the ships in convoy. Co. Ltd. 4. The convoy musters ' under the watchful eyes of the escorting ships of the British Royal Navy. Some of the ships carry barrage balloons to counter the attacks of German dive-bombe- rs. YUKON CONSOLIDATED -- GOLD DATA COMPILED ON CIVILIAN AIRCRAFT of aviation , 200-mi- le one in- land Previously a OuTPUT RETARDED JAPANESE POPULATION GROUNDED IN B- - C. from the coastline had been LAST EAR BY WEATHER IN BRITISH COLUMBIA BY ORDER-IN-COUNCI- L. declared a prohibited area, and the CONDITIONS AND STRIKE. IS RfiVEALING- - ban of civil flying applied to this , An order-in-coun- cil gazetted Sat and region. The whole province Cold production of the Yukon According to statistics compiled urday in Ottawa bans all flights the contiguous waters now are re- garded Consolidated Gold Corporation Ltd. by a committee appointed by the oyer British Columbia and its wat- ers as a prohibited areas. during the season was $2,325,000 as Dominion Government and headed by civilian aircraft not engaged Charter aircraft come under the compared with $2,621,000 in 1940. by Lt-C- ol. Sparling there are 2000 in training pilots or operating on ban. .Few others are affected be- cause regularly scheduled there ar oractically no civi- lian passenger Adverse weather conditions and a Japanese in British Columbia at tne flights, except with the express aircraft being flown for private last August on present time. Of these 7,200 are ten-da- y shut-dow- n permission of the civilian inspector j transport apart from charter planes. account of labor troubles hampered Japanese nationals, 13,400 of Jap- anese descent but Canadian by operations during the 1941 season. birth and 2,400 are naturalized Can A' total . of 8,205,000 cubic yeards their occupations are listed w ere dug. Of tnis amount 4,971,000 adians, follows. 1800 in fishing, 2000 -- in j as cubic yards, yielding $1,985,000 was lumber and pulp mlils. 800 logging, ATTENTION from ground included in the com- pany's proved gravel ' reserves and farming, 211 cleaning and pressing, ' 695 employed as 178 gardeners, 3,234,000 cubic yards,. yielding Nos. clerks in wholesale or retail estab- - j FUR DEALERS, TRADERS, TRAPPERS AND FUR $340,000, were dugby dredges 2 and 3 from ground in the Klon- dike lishments and435 as ; labourers. FARMERS distribution throughout; the! Valley outside the proved re- serve Their province is as follows: SHIP your fur to our The company's operating profit Vancouver . 3.6 j monthly fur auction sales AUCTION SALE DATES 1942 200 j is estimated at $960,000 after pay- ment Steveston for highest prices Cash Lower Fraser;Delta .. 2,600 February 20th, and London of- fice 1 of Vancouver advances made upon re- quest; Fraser Delta 3,100; before depreci- ation Upper March 20th but expenses Central British Columbia ... . -- 3,500' by wire if desired and amortization charges are Vancouver Island 1,000; Sales scheduled for the 17th April 24th deducted. The directors decided to defer payment of Dividend No. 3 Mainland West Coast 1,?U0 and 29th of December have May 22nd until the close of another season. been postponed until Jan. June , 19th During the year $835,000 were 7th, 1942, owing to the FIGURES TO July 24th ' CENSUS unsettled market conditions expended in non-pro- fit work in- cluding $458,000 for new construct- ion RE RELEASED SOON. 1 (including completion of Dredge f From Ottawa it is reported that WESTERN CANADIAN RAW FUR AUCTION SALES No. 4); $219,000 for stripping and the population of Canada as com- piled - 203 A West Pender Street thawing in advance of operations from the census" taken last and $158,000, for supplies. No cap- ital June will be released in the near Vancouer, B- - C. expenditure of importance is future. It is expected the figures planned for 1942. Will be in excess of 11,500,000. PAGE FOUR THE V 1 1 1 T E 1 1 0 1 1 SE ST A K . I II TE II 0 R SE YUKON FRIDAY, JANUARY 30th, 1942 U. S. CARGO TO ALASKA .KLONDIKE KATE'S LIFE MAY BE FREIGHTED STORY TO BE FILMED. THE R E I S NO OTHER T OB A CC O IN CANADIAN BOTTOMS. FORMER ENTERTAINER J U ST LI KE OLD C H U M NOW IN HOLLYWOOD. There is. stated to be a very defi- nite possibility that,, in view ""of the The' colorful life story of "Klon- dike; shortage of American onto ."-c- oastal Kate" (now Mrs. 'Kate Rock- well .tonnage, much' freight for Alaska Matson) who saw life in cap- ital may be 'diverted ; to Canadian ships letters during the Klondike 8) to? Xtftftttf raarar 'o be loaded at Vancouver for Alas- kan, gold rush is to be filmed The noted r. orts. The suspension of tne siriger and entertainer of the days Jones Law "for the duration" to en- able of '98 is already in' Hollywood as- sisting Canadian vessels to load Alas- kan; in the preparation of the carro aJ--Pug- et Sound ports is scenario. She will not appear per- sonally lso under advisement. in the picture but will sel- ect the girl who is to play the stel- lar rT EBISCITE ON THE role. The story, we are inform--e- U CONSCRIPTION ISSUE is . to be faithfully presented and, will therefore, it is assumed, portray PROBABLY IN MARCH. KateY "shooting" the Whitehorse well-inform- ed Rapids on her way to Dawson The opinion is expressed in where she destined to achieve was a circles that the plebiscite signal success in her chosen vocat- ion on the conscription issue will in all and in the affections of probability be taken next March. In a. place, details the miners of those bgone times the meantime the necessary . which is revered to this day by ;. re being arranged. -- - those still living amid the scenes with which they have long been so NEW VICTORY LOAN familiar over a period of so many TO RAISE SIX HUNDERD years. MILLION DOLLARS TO BE --o- LAUNCHED NEXT MONTH. I SUGAR RATIONING NO$ IN OPEATION Finance Minister Isley has an- nounced THROUGHOUT CANADA. that the second Victory oan to, be raised in Canada will be Last Sunday it was officially an- nounced 1-un- ched next month. It will be that sugar rationing had The Tobacco of Quality $600,000,000 and used for war pur- poses. been put into effect on that day and "I am confident" stated the would remain in force for two minister "it will be forthcoming." months on a voluntary basis. TickT &sam fi9 ntso rano ets may later be issued but DAYLIGHT SAVING BOTH will entail much additional expense as this Off? CtRE fi3 iaSQUffia WsXDB a'jRj IN CANADA AND U s. A. it is hoped that such a course will EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 9th. not be necessary. Under the regul- ations each person is entitled to It has been offically announced three-quarte- rs of a pound of sugar that daylight saving will be put in- to per week until further notice. There operation throughout Canada on is to be no advance in .price. Monday, February 9th next. On Whilst there are large quantities of that the time will be advanced day sugar in Canada at the present time .me hour. It will also be' adopted it is deemed necessary to conserve throughout the United ' States on mmmmmm' same presumably to curtail the im- portation the same day. of cane sugar. CANADIAN AIR FORCE EXCEEDS HUNDRED Give Us Your , THOUSAND MARK. 1 Beyond ' Air Minister Power has announc- ed Orders that the total strength -- of the -- R. Printing Comparison C. A. F. now exceeds the hundred . - thousand mark. This is in addition to the air forces employees and i o B.C.Double twelve thousand civilians engaged in We have the tools work connected with the air depart- ment. As yet, stated the minister, Distilled and equipment and there is no shortage of eligible re- cruits but provision of - air Canadian Rye Whisky recruits for the British Common- wealth crew will do the work to Air Training .plan is going 14. YEARS OLD to be in the Canada biggest man-pow- er prob- lem your complete satis- faction. ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS TO COMPENSATE Moni MlU PROVINCES RELINQUISHING Gin INCOME TAX REVENUE. High-clas- s Business Stati- onery London Dry is the Hallmark-o- f "Ottawa reports that close on one a FINE PRODUCTS OF hundred million dollars will ' be re- quired First-clas- s Business House. th. BritishCoIumbiaDistiHeryS annually from the Federal IINnliii"! Treasury to compensate those pi o-vi- nces who have relinquished their rights to collect personal income I Whitehorse Satr y taxes for the duration of the war. Upon signing the agreement it is This advertisement is not published understood that British Columbia " Where Quality Counts" - or displayed by the Government of will be re-imbur- sed $12,000,000 an- nually. Yukon Territory. ' ' . . FRIDAY,. JANUARY 30ih, 1942 THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WIHTEI I ORSE. YUKON PAGE FIVE ATLIN Oscar Grand (a woodcutter) had been bleeding from the nose badly for over two hours. Doctor G. W. On January 15th five inches of Meyer left immediately by car with snow; fell in 'Atl in--. - Frank Hennihg at the wheel. . We are happy to state that on arrival the doctor, had found the nose had I UP MAIL Rev. Father Bpbbelier has left on stopped bleeding, but Oscar was in Still PASSENGERS AiR EXPRESS Serving a trip to Whitehorse. a very weak condition. He how-ov- er stayed but at the wood, camp. Mr, John Nolan has left by Nor- thern Airways plane for Whitehorse Constable, Tom Kelly took a pat- rol en route to Juneau on a business to the west Taku Arm to visit tlip. ' :'- - the sundry trappers in that vicinity. The lake was very slushy, the Mrs. Baine Murray has arrived sleigh dogs got very tired and the Over the route pioneered by 'Yukon back by plane from the Outside.. first night out Was spent by a fire with the sky as a roof. The next Southern now fly the bombers and fight-er- s day Charlie Oberlander was paid a Ed. Woodeen was an incoming visit, then the Lawsons, then awful bound for, Alaska. Yukon Southern from the coast citiies by passenger ; weather entered the picture for two the last' Princess. Ed. says all he has pledged its sendees to the govern-nieiit- s days which made travelling im- possible could see around Vancouver was so Tom denned, up until the of both Canada and the United dressed in khaki. men storm was over and made for the State's to do what is in. its power to ' ' o . .. Ackles at Wann River. Another Carl Gray is driving the old snow storm had tp enter the picture keep '..unhampered the line of communi- cation standby called "Spruce Creek Bus" so he again denned up with the Ac- kles. to Alaska and the Yukon and to wViile Les Sands is having a much The lake there changed into needed rest. We wonder why slush so becoming . worried about transport men, equipment and supplies Whitehorse and sure hope the best his long stay from Atlin he left the man wins. dogs with the Ackles and started to what may soon" be Canada's nearest home on foot. After walking about and most vital fighting: front. ten miles a plane dropped along Last week a baby girl was born side him and. brought him back to to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Leppard at Atlin safe and sound, with lots of St. Andrew's Hospital, Doctor G. W. experience gained in dog Meyer being in attendance. The mushing, slushy ice, etc. girl will go through life under the name of Hazel May. fit r Oil Mr. .George Simmons, president Northern. Airways Ltd., was in At-i.- n Men of 30, 40, SO 9 recently on a business trip. PEP, VIM, VIGOR, Subnormal? ', Want normal pep, vim, vigor, vitality? TRANSPORT LIMITED AIR Try Ostre'x Tonic Tablets. Contains Mr.; Barney Murray arrived back tonics, stimulants,- - oyster elements-a- ids to normal pep after 30, 40 or 50. from Vancouver to rejoin her hus- band Get a special introductory size for only at Atlin. We much regret to 35!.'.Try this aid to normal pep and vim today. For sale at all good drug stores. state Barney has been under the doctor's care for the past few weeks The Quality of Aymr Service is judged by the Stationery you use. and sincerely . trust he will recover j'rom his illness rapidly. Mr.Bob Terrell has left forjf the Outside to seek medical -- advice. The Your Nearest and Best best of luck Bob. We'll be looking forward to yourreturn in the near future. - FUR MARKET ! A telephone call from Noel Lavie-der- e, twenty ' miles north on Atlin Lake, was received saying,, that Furs ' consignee ta us are sold in Open Auction to 1942 Kuyers who bid for. Furs in Auction Sales everywhere. "BUILD . WESTERN PAYROLLS" You are thus assured of Top Market Prices- - AUCTION SALE DATES A PATRON is January . . . . 26th We make lilkn-a-l cash advances on shipments await- ing FOR 8 March . ............... 2nd sale, when requested. Our selling charges ;ire lower FVaimdITFD April ............. .. 8th Remittances are sent immediately a sale is concluded. YEARS Miy May . ........ 7th We have a letter from up-count- ry. July ..... 7th WE INVITE YOUR The writer states she has used "all kinds of August . ....... 25th CORRESPONDENCE canned miik" but Pacific ' Milk continually since she began it "because of its richness and flavor. That Fur Auction Sales was eight years -- ago." Edmonton It's only, real excellence that could bring a milk a pre- ferencelike LIMITED this. ' Pacific Milk Edmonton Alberta IRRADIATED OF COURSE tTTTTTTTTTTTIIIIXlXXXXXXXXJ YUKON FRIDAY, JANUARY 30th, 1942 WIIITKHOKSE. IVAGE SIX. THE wniTKIIO'RSE STAR. Local Happenings NIGHT GAPS ' Aliss Alberta Neil arrived from j Mr: Geoff Bidlake arrived , back Before bedtime a nice nourishing hot drink brings refreshing Wednesday. ! from the coast Wednesday to re- sume '' Mavo by plane ":': sleep 'y-- . y ;- - . hisVulies at the W. P. & Y..R Mrs. J. M. Lund and; Ivan Devitt depot. HOT CHOCOLATE, 0 VALTINE VELONE, COCOA-MAL- T, from t- - , arrived in. town yesterday hn, 11. C. . 1 Messrs. J. O. Hunter and E. G. TEDDY, BOVRIL Clarke of the Dept. of Transport ar- rived Mr. Fred Sjoberg arrived in town in town Wednesday oh an in- spection .ryjyyy, last Sunday. on his return trip into trip. A delicious breakfast specialty Dawson. " . ; j v-!Vt.::;v- :-.c': Mr. John Nolan of Nolan Placers, FRANK COOPER'S ENGLISH MARMALADE Mr, Tipping left Tuesday for Van- - j Spruce Creek, Atlin, B C, arrived touver where he expects to secure in town Wednesday from his busine- ss-trip Seville, .Tangerine, Jaffa. employment in the shipyards. to Juneau and "left' this ;:--yi1y- : morning on his return trip to "The Mrs. J. Barber, Daphne and baby Switzerland of North America." Made in Oxford, England 7 left Wednesday by Y. S. A. T. plane on a trip to Edmpnton and will be Mr. W .E. Thompson arrived by away from nome tor the next month Y. S. A. T. plane -- from , the coast or two. last night. . He is making a business nr n vvi with o rvFhi irit i x i short trip through the Territory in r n v i a h yHUK t Lin Pollock' Air- ways Fred Pollock of the connection with. the Second Victory 'arrived from Fairbanks with Loan which is about to be launched. a full complement of passengers. . o GOOD REPORTS PRESENTED Mr. J. L. Sansom arrived back ANNUAL CONGREGATIONAL is requested. ATLIN NUGGETS home from his business trip to the MEETING CHRIST CHURCH v As a result of the . recent drive coast Wednesday. for aluminum a shipment of 83 lbs Talking about the frozen north. The annual congregational meet- ing was forwarded to Uta Canadian Red During the past ten days Atlin has Rev. Father . Boiler, O. M. I. who of Christ Church was held on Cross Vancouver, the middle of had a thaw all the time - including has be n spending the past few January 22nd at which there was a January twenty-fo- ur hours of the ten days weeks at the Bishop's Home here representative gathering. Reports of A further shipment of several which was raining. A few days left Tuesday morning on-hi- s return the various church ', organizations pounds of tin foil was made to the back we saw Ed. oilman (now trip to Atlin .where he is in charge were presented disclosing that each Crippled Children's Hospital in around 87 years) with two horses of the Catholic Church there. had had a successful year's oper- ations. Winnipeg. ,.:.y.- '- 7p. ; . v .. : pulling a plough on "its side, and it Last year's officers were re- elected Early in January Chapter mem- bers' struck us that he was getting ready ... After spending a, most enjoyable with Mr. Geoff Bidlake be- ing packed and dispatched to head- quarters vacation trip here for the past few alfded to the vestry. the following articles of for a very early spring. weeks Les Sands left Tuesday on -- o- clothing for Air Raid sufferers his return trip home in Atiln where I. 0. D. E. NOTES overseas. 3 Patchwork quilts, 3 In Indian village today there was he wiill resume operating "The knitted afghans, 3 girls knitted great joy when a baby boy was -- Tpruce Creek Bus." We all enjoyed The annual meeting of Whitehorse suits, hacJkfs, pinafores, belt slippers iborn to Lee Jack and Mrs Jack. For Les stay here and hope he'll . make Chapter will be held at the home pullover sweaters, baby socks, W. A. many years the proud parents have another trip toWhitehorse in the of Mrs. Frank Wilson, Monday, Feb. T. 8 ankle socks infant dress, etc. waited for this great event to hap- pen. not far . distant futtire 2nd at 7.30 p. m. A full attendance Another successful bridge party It will be remembered that was held in the Masonic Hall last Leo Jack is a son of the late Taku Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lewis of tlllllllllllTTTTTTTxTTTTTTI Friday evening. There were eight Jack who was Atlin's Indian Chief Bear Creek, arrived last Saturday W. II. THEATRE tables in play and the head prizes for so many years. , - f rom Dawson and were the guests Whitehorse Yukon donated by Mrs. W. D. Gordon and FOUND One tire chain. Owner can oPReVi ..and Mrs. L. G. Chappell Mrs. Muirhead Mrs. were by , --won have same by calling at Star of- fice .. : Showing: this week : whilst in town. Sunday evening Jno. Anderson and W. D. MacBride. "arid paying" for this advt. after j the service, Mr. Lewis dis- played ronald coleman Mrs. G. Armstrong won the special his fine moving picture ;" in prize for being the last person to FOR SALE Mercury radio console films on the screen much to the de- light take a trick with the two of spades. model in first-cla- ss condition. of those present. Both Mr. The Light Cost $125. Sale price $60. Apply and Mrs. Lewis (who is a registered OFFICIAL WEATHER REPORT Star Office. nurse) left Tuesday for the coast to January 1942 enlist for service with the active That Failed 22 FOR SALE-Lar- ge plain kitchen Thursday 23 17 forces. The very best ; wishes , of ' 23 Friday ........:... . 34 40 gate-le- g table. Good as new. their many friends- - in-the.n6- rth"go from Rudyard Kipling's famous 24 Saturday v 35 31 Price $3.00. Apply Star Office, "with jthem. story. 25 Sunday 25 16 FOR SALE Self-circulati- ng fur-nace- tte Wednesday & Saturday ai 8 p. m. 26 Monday 16 5 heater for wood. In first-cla- ss Christ Church-Anglica- n- 27 Tuesday .............................. 23 15 condition. Apply Star Of- fice; xxxxixxxiiiiiMiiTixmxa 28 Wednesday ...28 3 . Whitehors ' (THE OLD LOG Cllt'Uf il) Rev. L. d. Chappell, L .'ih. Rector. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 1st, 1942 10.00 a. m. Sunday School 11.00 7.30 a. p. m. m. Holy Evening Communion. Prayer and n n r - n r nv vi a Sermon. rTTTxxxxJTTxxtxxlIxIIIIIXIJ Catholic Church Rev. Father J. J. Adam, O .M. I SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 1st,. 1942 KEEP A SUPPLY OF THIS 8.00 a. m. Communion Mass. i)ELICIOUS REFRESHMENT ON HAND 10.30 a." m. Mass and Sermon. FOR STAY-AT-HOM- E EVENINGS ' ?Vn COAST BREWERIES LTD. 7.30 p- - m. Rosary, and Benedicton notice all services-wil- l Until further This advertisement is not published or displayed by Liquor Control Board or by be held in the Church. the Government of the Yukon Territory fTyTtiiirTTT!lIIlllJLJJJJ 1 .1 I I I 1 W zJ M) ii i (j lj u vj I ys iW es it as is ar it r r jr. le n. -- v jjy n '- -. J- -