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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 8, Friday, February 20th, 1942.

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Frc-- CIRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY Vol. 42 No. 8 . WHITEHORSE, YUKON, FRIDAY,, FEBRUARY 20th, 1942 it' it it Subscription $3.00 Year. It's The Nation Calling Buy Victory Bonds OVER THE TOP" PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT WE DID IT BEFORE. ADDRESSES CANADIANS A ON EVE OF SECOND V WE CAN DO IT AGAIN. - " I I : VICTORY LOAN CAMPAIGN. In the fiirst Victory Loan cam- - paign we went "over vne '.op in (8) Sunday night President Roose- velt fine style.. . Another opportuniiy is and Prime Minister Mackenzie now ai forded us to do it again. It is King spoke jointly over the radio a "repent order" that we have re - R network in" connection with the. ceived. If we will all but do our Second Victory Loan campaign, the part in this second Victory Loan ::iS5::;:::v:: former from Washington, D. C, and campaign there is no doubt as to our the latter from Ottawa. ability to again exceed our quota by "Let us, remembering ' the price u substantial amount. The British Avro "Manchester" Twin-Engine- d Bomber Outstanding for that some have paid for our sur- vival, On Monday, when the campaign Speed, Range and ' Defensive Armament. make our contribution worthy 'opened, the subscriptions secui'ecl to lie beside theirs upon the altar", of man's fair faith" said the Presi- dent good start for the first day and was who added "It is not merely as highly commended at provmcia1 It's TKe Nation That's Calling good neighbours that we speak to-eac- h headquarters. Our quota on this other in these eventful days occasion has been placed at S35,0o0. but as partners in a great enterprise (By Geo. K. Sangster) Up to the time of going to press which concerns us equally and in Bend every effort for victory, you must yesterday subscriptions receiwd which we' are equally pledged to the ' Until the tyrant is laid in the dust; reached the total of $26,700. It uttermost sacrifice and effort" He Yours is the duty, the honour, the trust. should -- not be difficult therefore, to recalled , his pledge of four years exceed our quota this coming week. ago at the opening of the Internat- ional Victory Now is the torch that we carry It all depends of tourse upon our Peace Bridge at the Thousand . Into the night. What a night it will be! selves and the individual effort we Islands that the United States Child of tomorrow; vCvhat tears are, you ,shedding? put forward to answer our country's would "not stand idly by if Can- adian r Tears of oppression,. . .call. : ' - ' soil were ever threatened by Or joy of the Free? Stand solidly behind yolir local an aggressor" and the subsequent Real is our problem now ,men of our race, committee who are willingly giving Statement by . the Canadian Prime Yesterday's gone; it's tomorrow, we face. their services and doing their ut Minister made at Woodbridge, Opt- - , most to make the campaign, as fsr that's calling! ario, that the American pledge of --assis- tance l ook to your guns! It's the Nation iS Whitehorse is concerned, a signal increased rather than ' Only through" sacrifice shall we return. lessened ' Canada's responsibilities success. Answer that call without fear of our falling. BUY VICTORY BONDS NOW toward the .United States. "These Never was Unity more our concern pledges are now being implement- ed" ALL ENEMY ALIENS MUST "stated the President,, "Instead of Brush useless doubts aside; IE AVE B C. DEFENCE Open your purse wide; , defending merely our shores, we are now joined with the free peo- ples AREAS BY APRIL 1st. ; jNothing should stop the tide. of the world against an armed Don't turn deaf ears! Hear the Empire's Heart throb; conspiracy to .wipe out free institut- - been dis - finish the job." Official notices have 'Send us the tools, and We'll Hons whereer they exist." ,tributed by the R. C. M. P. at the st nntifinc all male enemy aliens between the ages of 18 and Dollar Victory Bonds Offered as Fifty 45 vpars that they must leave me designated protective areas ' of-- A, Brit- - .4 Prizes by Local Campaign Committee at curred from the total revenue se- cured ish Columbia by. April isi nexw the nett: proceeds will be dis- - After that date no enemy alien of W. H. TheatreEverybody Eligible. tributed in $50 Victory Bonds to .the militarv aee may return to the re- - lucky holders of the tickets bearing - v - stricter areas "without a special per The local committee in charge of during the Saturday . night show. the winning numbers as drawnu at mit issued by the R. .C. M. f. the Second Victory Bond campaign Tickets for adults are priced at $1.00 the Saturday night show. Any small TVia lug : ,Atif iivvivi. nlso orohibits Jk tne now in progress have made arrange- ments each and will be good for either the balance remaining over, which of " possession or use ui '"whereby several fully paicT-u-p Wednesday or Saturday , show. Pur- chasers course will be less than $50, will be radio transmitter, radio short wave these tickets devoted to war purposes.--- Victory Bonds of, thedenomin-atio- n of can buy as receiving set, fire-arm- s, ammuniti- on of $50 each will be awarded to many as they wish. The more tic- kets Here s your chance to secure a or explosives by any enemy the lucky winners pf the same. The sold the greater will be the $50 Victory Bond for only the price aliens, male or female of any age, Of admission to either of the above number of bonds to I be awardecLwill - within such restricted areas. shows. Purchase your tickets with- out depend upon-th- e total . revenue se- cured tribution as . prizes. The more you o from . the sale of tickets for buy the more chances you have of delay and remember you "stand BRITISH COLUMBIA-YUKO- N bond. Children's tickets just as much chance of being n the two shows to be produced at the winning a QUOTA IN SECOND VICTORY W. H. Theatre next Wednesday and are 50 cts. each and will only be lucky winner as anyone else. LOAN CAMPAIGN IS Saturday, February 25th and 28th. sold at the theatre. Only one tic- ket The objective of this undertaking SIXTY-TW- O MILLION. . Special tickets have been printed will be sold to each child at is to stimulate local interest in the and are on sale at the local stores. each show. Second Victory Loan, campaign. Mr. J. R. Alguire has again Every ticket sold" assists The quota fixed for the becona A special canvas of the town is also very Whitehorse Victory Loan campaign for British being made to afford everyone an generously donated the use of his in going, over its quota. Let's all in the theatre and of his services free of get behind this worthy cause. It Of participating Columbia and the Yukon is $62,000,-00- 0. opportunity which charce for this occasion. After de- ducting merits the support of everybody in fine That for the Yukon and At-li- n, drawing for these prizes B. C. is $200,000. will take place at the W. H. Theatre the 'necessary expenses in town. v FK1DAV,, .if'KBKUAKV 20th, 142 TTT The Minister of Finance of the Dominion of Canada offers for public subscription $660,000,000 S E C O N D VIC LOAN Dated and bearing interest from 1st March 1942, and offered in three maturities, as follows: , For Cash or Conversion For Cash or Conversion For Conversion only Twelve-yea- r Six-ye- ar Two and one-ha- lf year 3 BONDS DUE 1st MARCH 1954 1Va BONDS DUE 1st MARCH 1948 Vh BONDS DUE 1st SEPTEMBER 1944 PAYABLE AT MATURITY AT 101 PAYABLE AT MATURITY AT 100 PAYABLE AT MATURITY AT 100 Callable at 101 in or after 1952 Non-callab- le to maturity Non-callab- le to maturity Interest payable 1st March and September Interest payable 1st March and September Interest payable 1st March and September ' Denominations, Denominations, Denominations, $50, $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000, $25,000 $1,000, $5,000, $25,000 $1,000, $100,000 ISSUE PRICE: 100, ISSUE PRICE: 100, ISSUE PRICE: 100 f yielding 3.07 to maturity yielding 25 to maturity yielding 1.50 to maturity Principal and interest payable in lawful money of Canada; the principal at any agency of the Bank of Canada and the interest semi-annuall- y, without charge, at any branch in Canada of any Chartered Dank. Bonds may be registered as to principal or as to principal and interest, as provided in the Official Prospectus, through any agency of the Bank of Canada. . CASH SUBSCRIPTIONS . , . Cash subscriptions will be received only for the 3 andor the 2lA bonds and may be paid" in full at the time of application at the issue price in each case without accrued interest. Bearer bonds with coupons will be available for prompt delivery. Cash , subscriptions may also be made payable by instalments, plus accrued interest, as follows 10 on application; 15 on 15th April 1942; 15 on 15th May 1942; ' 20 on 15th June 1942 ; . 20 on 15th July 1942; 20.82 on the 3 bonds OR 20,62 on the 234 bonds, on 15th August,1942. The last payment on 15th August 1942, covers the final payment of principal, plus .82 of 1 in the case of the 3 bonds and .62 of 1 in the case of the 2)4 bonds representing accrued interest from 1st March 1942,' to the due dates of the respective instalments. t CONVERSION SUBSCRIPTIONS Holders of Dominion of Canada lA Bonds due 15th May 1942, and Dominion of Canada 2 Bonds due 1st June 1942, may, for the period during which the subscription lists are open, tender their bonds with final coupon attached i in lieu of cash, on subscriptions for a like or greater par value of bonds of one or more maturities of this loan at the issue price in each case without accrued interest. The surrender value of the 1 Bonds will be 100.59 of their par value, and of the. 2 Bonds will be 100.80 of their par value, inclusive of accrued interest in -- each case ; the resulting adjustment to be paid in cash. The Minister of Finance reserves the right to accept or to allot the whole or any part of the amount of this loan subscribed for cash for either or both of the available maturi- ties if total subscriptions are in excess of $600,000,000. The cash proceeds of this loan will be used by the Government to finance expend itures for war purposes. Subscriptions may be made through any Victory Loan Salesman, the National - War Finance Committee or any representative thereof, any branch in Canada . of any Chartered Bank, or any authorized Savings Bank, Trust or Loan Company, from whom may be obtained application forms and copies - of the Official Prospectus containing complete details of the loan. The lists will open on 16th February 1942, and will close on or about 7th March 1942, with or without notice, at the discretion of tho i Minister of Finance. Department of Finance, Ottawa, 14th February 1942. ' - . t m m ' FRIDAY,, FEBRUARY 20th, 1942 THE WIUTK1IOHSR STAR. WIIITEITORSE- - YTJKO PAGE THREE A Tation -- Wide Reputation R HF ; ... for over two Decades By Goodrich NOW IS TEE TIME TO BUY See Our Selection of , ft MEN'S WOMEN'S "Stonier" and "Strand" ' "Flight" and "Motor" AAW , V W Rubbers. - Boots. . Children's Gum Boots We 1 aye a wide range of sizes today- - We may not have it , tomorrow. ' k ' .,:.. Northern Commercial Co. Ld. 4tnAnnr rfwrw. w-"-'-'-'- -' -- .n yi-uwu- x - - ---- -s.. ).n.J,),')(,-,i-w,w.-i,lo- .. ...... i- n- . - ' ' : - '.. barber), ' Harold MacDonald. For- wards: WHITE PASS TEAM John Mac-Brid- e. "Chuck" Caddy, THE WAY SHOWS Centre: Geo. Cooper. . Alter- nates: IN NIGHT HOCKEY 'Plus ndvortiseraent is lioV published or Paul Cy'r, Gordon Yardley, displayed by the Oovpmmeiit of Yukon Territory. Dick Hilton. Finai score 20. - (Contributed) Thursday nihgt of last week the . TOWN: . Boal: Wes Manning. De-- ed, devastated, robbed in ruthless rXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXYYl in t l nun . Di iiMAa A r. rl or . showed the Town lente. TPrii'P .rieu r i t'll Oldrvtri c , uui v utv i "BUILD WESTERN PAYROLLS" team lot White Pass manner. That would be our in h'nrwams' Laurie i uuu, omi , son team a few pointers on how to play Canada too if Germany won. Todd opened Paterson. Centre: "Nipper". Mur- ray. Fight Hockey. Laurie A PATRON carina in the first Derior with a Alternates: Cur,ts Neilson, John YOU? WHAT IS IT WORTH TO Dick Bird Len Metcalfe. fast back hand shot to beat Goalie Phelps. f I hp ; FinalScore' 3. nicnaiub, mV. ; made "Kerry" FOR 8 White Refeiee Jas. Gentleman a By evening. At 7.30 p. m. the fine job of keeping the game What is. Canada worth to you? '. or very- - Jvapomted, Pass went on a scoring spree What will you give to see in hand. YEA thirteen goals in their own to score --o- That all the freedom you enjoy the first period, Geo. Cooper, Dick HOW GERMANY GOT STRONG Will never cease to be? We have a letter front up- - Hilton, John MacBride, figuring in country The writer states the scoring. The Town team came What is it worth to live your life" ago' Germany was she has used "all kinds of back ,by scoring a goal rsht after Fifteen years The way you choose to do , is bvt Pacific nsolvent. Today that country a Vanned milk" Neilson, popular and plenty, sure and the face off, Curt 'Mid peace to the world. How, then, Milk continually 7 since she menace for the Y. S. A. T.. snoving co-pi- lot financed so fantastic a began it "because of its a rolling puck under Goalie Rich- ard's has Germany What is it worth to you? That nightmare? The answer is "Slave 'richness and flavor. and Hilton, Cooper, nose. ; back with a fast labor and banditry." Slave labor Do you care that younger hearts was eight years ago." MacDonaU came created an enormous war machine, Are trusting in your might- - It's only real excellence that attack to score a few more .passing at ma- chine heritage could bring a milk a pre- ference Fred forced on the German people To keep for them your Pass. White for the goals gun point, financed by a form Of justice, truth and right? like, this; Town Blaker,- - rear guard for the, -- team, finding the going- - too tough on of money Germany.. that had Wage little scales, value hours out- side The Empire fights to keep us free, Pacific Milk the ice took to eating the splinters And seeks that others too werei 'conditions off the boards with the help of Gor- don nf labor, working Then May live in peace, and worship God, i IRRADIATED Or COURSE Yardley clever defence player reduced to the lowest levels: What is it worth to you? L ........TTyTTTVTTttl 1 country was ravag conquered for the White" Pass, who later spent each last period the fireworks really started. Dick Hilton; fiery center man for the White Pass, took a poke air MAIL at the referee, Burpee Anderson, Yukon I I PASSENGERS AIR EXPRESS Southern and. the ice. After several minutes the game was restored to order and 0(lHC) ROV1 ijf it was then - that the White Pass t " A. A A. L--, r.irvli -- l ft Y f team weni to town, uy svuims TRAVEL THE SKYWAY less than seven goals, Geo. Cooper, Dick Hilton, Chuck Caddy, Harold TO MacDonald, the pile driving defence "man for the White Pass giving the Aancbuver and Edmonton fans a thrill. "Nipper" Murray, last skating forward for the Town THREE team scored in the dying minutes of To EDMONTON the ' game on a pajs out in front of VANCOUVER FLIGHTS the net by Fred Boss. The spect- ators WEEKLY S85.00 Single who should be turning" out for S99.00 Single from SI 53 Return these hockeygames are missing SI 80 Return . (plus tax) something, fOre brand .of hockey (plus tax) WHITEHORSE that is played in Whitehorse this BARBER, Whitehorse. Consult J. Information winter is the calbrethat is seen in For Full Freight Toronto, or New York. So turn out folks and see your local girls go at it t. alf Principal Cities in Canada. Sunday. Connection Made at Van cLIIU w"""" The line-u- ps were as follows: WHITEPASS: Goalie: Ted Rich- - FRIDAY,, FEBRUARY 20th, 1942 STAR. WIHTEIIOnSE, YUKON PAGE FOUR T! IE WHITEI10KSE () ughout the world today and the ruthlessness of the Hun and Jap alike, which is their , common char "Voloi of the Yukon' acteristic, none can remain unmoved J in such critical . times. Rather I , 'An Independent Journal . should we all' feel impelled without I hesitation to now resolve that, from henceforth ..until the day of victory . is assured we will deligently and , . Pubhshed every. Friday at and Yukon The White earnestly strive to render to our Pass Whiiehorse, Yukon Territory country in its time of need all the assistance within our power by in-vest- ing On the Trail of '98 all our available financial The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to to; resources in buying Victory Bonds. Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska-- - Provision has been made whereby v, Member of Canadian Weekly every assistance 'vil- - be rendered 'J-- X 'Newspapers' ' 'Association; . investors wishing to purchase on an extended time basis. As matter a plane service, making connections northbound and south- bound HOKAC'i: E. MOOUE ' - Publisher of- - fact these provisions are ' such that everybody without exception with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, can become a purchaser of these Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For information have faith 'that. 'right makes Let us Second Victory Loan bonds. might; and in that faith . let us to apply to any . . r the end dare to do our duty as we PROPHETIC understand it. ' Lincoln. WHITE PASSAGE NT, or f Fondly do we hope, fervently- - do 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. FEBRUARY 20th, 1942 we, pray, that this hiightly scourage of war may speedily pass away. Yet, if God wills that it continue until THE HOUR HAS STRUCK all the world piled by the bonds- man's two hundred and fifty years The hour to strike our relentless of unrequited toil shall be sunk, foe is at hand before he sets his foot and until every drop of blood upon Canadian soil This is the drawn with the lash shall 'be paid lesson which we must all have by - another drawn with the sword, learned from the recent experiences as was saia inree tnousana years of our good neighbors to the south, I apo, s.o still it must be said, that the who, whilst peacefully negotiating judgments of the Lord are true and with Nipponese envoys, learned to S righteous , altogether. . Abraham their horror and sorrow of the un- warrantable Lincoln. " attack upon Pearl Har- bour with a loss of over three "LETUS STRIVE ON" . thousand lives. Faced now with the common With malice toward none;- - with enemy" on two oceans we must by charity for all; with firmness in the our uhiiedeffort prevent any'"" such right, as God ' gives us to see the . occurrence upon our own', shores. right; let us strive on to finish the We must not ovfer-loo- k the fact that work we are in; to bind Up the nat- ion's Canada is oust as vulnerable as is wounds; to care for him wnu the rest of' this great continent; per- - j shall t have borne the Jbattle, arid for haps more so. As Finance Minister ' his ,widpw and his' orphan to. do all J. L. Ilsley rightly states "If, there which we may achieve and cherish ' a just and Mj fi in which tobacco plff $ was ever a time. in our history when lasting- - peace among our- selves the resources of every, Canadian and with all nations. Abra- ham citizen' should - be placed unhesitat- ingly Lincoln. .' ' at the disposal of the country surely that time is now." ixiiExxiinixiiiiTiixxrco To enjoy the fruits of victory, T" tlllllllllXIIIIiIITITITTiTTTiIITTTTTTTTTITri lrxxxu. which will surely be ours in the Travel H long run, we must all first bear our mom fair share -- of the responsibilities en- tailed. f resn Butter RAILWAY on a ' Upon no other grounds have COMMUNICATIONS STEAMSHIPS and: we any right to claim , immunity MOTELS 'PRINCESS" Try BURNS' from performing our national duty (OBtATlMl Meats : Sliamrock Brand Cream6y Butter Eggs 11 TflAVCk Liner as befits our respective stations in life or to participate in the re-constru- ction which must inevitably fol- -. low when the war is brought to a Skagway, Victoria to or Vancouver Seattle Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products S successful conclusion by our united armed forces now bearing the brunt SOUTHBOUND SAILINGS of the battle and , taking the great- est . PRINCESS NORAH risks even life itself in stf dpT' . Saturday, February 21 , You Can Buy No Better" ing. Tuesday, Marh 3 Our part is not at all a difficut . . Saturday, March 14 one in comparison with that of Tuesday, March 24 H others. We are urged, because of H Connections at Vancouver with Burns & Company Limited. national necessity, to make all' the Canadian Pacific Services: sacrifices possible in our material Transcontinental tlJIIXXTXIXIIHITXXXXXXXXXXAXJTITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTYm way of living; to deprive ourselves Trans-Pacif- ic ' for the time beings from spending money on a number of non-essenti- als Transatlantic Yukon Electrical Company, Ltd. Tickets, reservations and full which we can easily fore-g- o without any great inconvenience to particulars from Will be pleased to consult' f' ourselves so that such' savings may be invested by us in Victory Bonds L. H. JOHNSTON you regarding for our mutual benefit and the General Agent C P. . R; ; : Light, Power. Supplies and Installations security of our country. Realizing Skagway " Alaska ...',, as we must the awful havoc which has already been perpetrated upon Canadian Pacific W HIT E H 0 E, Y. T. peoples thro- - so many peace-lovin- g H IIIITIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTl IHmTItUTTTtTTYTl K , A s a grudentprecaution, the quantity of sugar which may lawfully be consumed ' in, any household is now restricted by law to an amount of three-quarte- rs of one pound per person peryeek, and it is now unlawful to purchase more than two weeks', supply at any one time or to make any purchase if present supplies are sufficient for more than two weeks. m. t. This step has been taken to conserve the satisfactory reserve stock of sugar in Canada and is an assurance to the consumer that , there is no reason for heavy buying of sugar, v Ration coupons will not be used to enforce the sugar limitations in Canada. The supply of sugar in our country has been under control for more' than two and a half years and the homekeeper has always been able to satisfy her needs; she-Avil- l - ; continue to be able to do so and the price ceiling law protects her gainst iny increase m price. I: The1 maintenance of, the new regulation governing the purchase of sugar 0 rests, as the success of all laws in a democratic country must rest, upon the loyal support of the people. Any consumption of sugar in excess of the quantity stipulated .by this regulation is not only an offence against the law, but. is also a betrayal of the war effort and consequently an offence against decericy; ; Reports received from retailers indicate that in some districts there has been misunderstanding of the requirements of the law. In some cases, people are under the impression that they should at once lay in a sufficient supply for. two weeks; this of course is not necessary because a continued supply of sugar is assured. In ther iV v.- - cases it has been assumed that a greatly restricted ration is to be made effective in the X'" V near future. This is incorrect because The Wartime Prices and Trade Board has already stated that the sugar supply situation-i- s such that requirements of the consumer at the rate of three-quarte- rs of a pound per week can readily be supplied. As a means of protecting consumers from unknowingly breaking the law, it is suggested to retailers that, for the present, they limit sales to any one customer to an amount of not more than five pounds. , , . , , . 1 "';' 1 ' V , , , . .. .r . Summary of Sngar Rationing Regulations 1. The ration is pounds per person per week, Cm Economize on sugar in every way you can; some-peopl- e including adults, children and infants, members of the .can get along on less than the ration. Persons family, boarders, servants, and guests who remain for dining in hotels, restaurants, etc., are expected to four days or more, restrict their sugar consumption. 2. Purchase your sugar in the ordinary way, but not 7. Additional supplies of sugar will be made available than weeks' at a time. No more two supply coupons, for home preserving and canning. stamps or tickets are required. 8. The restriction' applies only to cane and beet 3. Do not purchase any sugar if you have two weeks or, more supply on hand. .' . sugars of all kinds-granul- ated sugar, icing sugar, fruit 4. Persons in remote areas who are not able to buy sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, etc. every week or two weeks may continue to buy more 9. Industrial users of sugar, hospitals and! other than xayq weeks' supply at a time, but should measure institutions, hotels and restaurants, will be advised by their consumption at the ration rate, namely pounds the Sugar Administrator how the sugar restrictions per person per week. will affect them. 5. Lumber camps and other firms providing board is . 10. Retailers are entided to refuse sale or to limit for their employees must see that consumption restricted to pounds per week per person, effective sales to any person they have reason to believe is immediately. attempting to disregard this law. V Vigorous steps will be taken to punish wilful infractions of the law. The penalties provided are imprisonment for as long as two years and a fine up to $5,000 I$,ued Under the Authority of THE WARTIME PRICES ANDTRADE BOARD, Ottawa, Canada willTEHOSSE YUKON FRIDAY,, FEBRUARY 20th, 1942 WtllTEHORSfi - VMIY) HX f l IE STAIV 'ixiL OLD LOG CHURCH DAWSON . " . ' . N. ' . , ' . '. ' John Enman, Lovett Gulch miner, An .Article from "Northern Lights" is n town on a snon vimu. "We Can' do it again." u Beyond 'ank Manzerolle had to enter St. Mary's Hospital . the. other day, to hi 11 o February issue of "Nortft secure medical treatment. em 'Li' his -- for'. 1941 this question was akcd "$3;0,000 thf year Can - The Alexander brothers have ar- rived B.O.DouEile in town on a visit from Dom- - it be done?" and word has just been loceivtcl ' that it was- - done. The riion Creek.' ' s . . : . Distilled Committee on 6 Apportionments of has Mike Popovch, Bonanza miner; the Executive Council ot the Church left Aou n . on Colbourne's stage on Canadian Rye Whisky of 'England., in Canada has announc- -' lis return trip to his claims , rd that not only was this total I4 YEARS OlD John Ogren is Drornssm - necesary lor ' the increased income ... .'... factoriy at the local hosptal after reeded lor the financing .of the undergoing an appendictomy oper v ork of the Church, met in full, but ation. , : . . ilso, an additional sum of $8,700 ' :::v': ' 4- - mm subscribed. This is an amaz-- ; -- Whilst skating at the arena-recen- t .was WAR PILOTS SOVIET WOMEN Gin ly Mrs. I. Armstrong had the mis- fortune London Dry ing result at a time when everyone Senor Lieut. Polina Sedova, seen to fall and injure' her, knee -- ' church people included, have so in this portrait from the . Russian and is at present confined to her PBODUCTS OF demands their financial front, pilot' of a Soviet Army Am- bulance nur many upon .bed. , . , ' .. - i plane, is typical of the resources,- - and the greatness of the . '''' " ; 1 ' ' ''""' (I I ( many Russian women now serving ' result is further emphasized when .it Dr. A. C. Duncan and Mrs. Dun- can with the Forces. Two other serv- ing and their two boys 'have left on is feHwOhat" thtptal subscribed U. S. S. R. women pilots, .Val- - " a vacation trip to the prairies and yHk j s 1 J ,.MliiKrt7b ""anH Pnlinfl during 1941 exceeded the total for will be returning home about April the previous year by approximate-- - i Ossipenko, gained the long-distan- ce international record ).jin jyo ior a This advertisement is not published Jy $90,000. ' Mr. and Mrs Jack Love have left non-Sto- p fUght ftpm Moscow to or displayed by the Government of -- The 'result of the effort made by for the coast where both intend en v Yukon ' Territory. rr Califoniia.Y . every subscriber, by, every parish, listing in active service. We wish and by. every Diocese demonstrates them both the very best of luck , one fact .that is everi more import- ant timmmS tfian the money which was Miss Hyacinth , Brasseur, the 16-y- ear i given; it points to a lively concern old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. that is felt for the need of a vital H. G. Brasseur, is now employed on development in spiritual living. the clerical staff the local branc w U fil s . We. are all looking for a new of the Canadian of Commerce heaven and a new earth, ' arid it is becoming evident that the efforts E. J. Somerton who iias spent the made toward this end in the power- -, winter at the North Fork power ,ful realms of politics and economics plant arrived in the city tVmeet his ';rrr, J,,, are leading us to annihilation rather wife who has returned froriKa trip BUY VICTORY BONDS NOW than to the new Jerusalem; they to i. the coast. are producing nothing but a danger-ou- r mirage of the spiritual reality, and, being aware of the critical con- dition of the times, we are seeking to develop anew the realm of the Spirit, that timeless, power of which your Nearest and Best we have always been aware, but . which has been neglected. Of more value than the money spent in the service of the Master u FUR MARKET ! and the lives spent for Him; 'this is the aim of every -- Parish and Diocese in meeting its apportionment. A Church can be called powerful only ' in so far as it is the vehicle for j Furs "are coiisijjnfLto-u- s sohlJnOpen Auctioir to spieauiug sjjunuxu living cuuuiig people, and the amount asked for 1942 Buyers who bid ior Furs in Auction SaleTevprywJM're. by apportionment represents only You are thus assured of Top Market Prices- - r the maintenance and development AUCTION SALE DATES cost. Last year $300,000 was asked for. This year a similar amount is needed. In spite of all hardships March . . .......... .-- -2nd AVe ""make-liber- al cash advances on shipiiieiit? avait-inj- ? we did it last year, and we can do April 8th sale, " when requested. Our selling charges mv lower it again. t May ....... ........ 7th Keirn'ttaiiceare sent immediately a sale is concltided. P. E. O. GIVES RED CROSS AMBULANCE. July 7th WE INVITE YOliR August . . . . . . 25th The Canadian Chapter of P. E. O. M 1.9 CORRESPONDENCE Sisterhood, an international sorority - nf 70 . , nnn wnmm .. ...... have eiven an am-- .-- - - - vr v. v v c bulace to the B. C. Division of the Canadian'1 Red Cross Society to be reserved for use in the province in Edmonton Fur Auction Sales the event of any disaster, The fund . wasxstarted under the presidency of Mrs. NThos. Woodcock, Vancouver, LIMITED and completed under the direction of. Mrs.P. B. Scurrah. Victoria. The Edmonton Canadian chapter has also donated Alberta 'funds to purchase a utilicon. van for . ? the British Red Cross. : Pinky-wht- e dimples; a button of a nose; So we gladly lend our money to our country wee, slender fingers clutching at your in this crisis. We will buy Victory Bonds to coverlet what kind of a world is this to the very limit. We must and we will make which you will awake? . sure that, the threat of a brutal way of life Ts banished forever. : Your life, we hope, wfll be rich in love and laughter. God forbid that your Canada HOW TO BUY Give your order to the Victory Loan salesman who calls on you. should ever come under the heel of a ruth- less Or place it in the hands of any branch of barbarism, where babies are born to be any bank, or give it to any trust company. Or send it to your local Victory Loan the future shock troops, or the mothers of a Headquarters. Or you can authorize your VICTORY 10AH employer to start a regular payroll sav- ings brutal, military rate. plan for you-Bon- ds may be bought CHURCH in denominations of $50, $100, $500, $1,000 We promise that you shall inherit a Canada and larger. Salesman, bank, trust com- - - SUNDAY Loan Head- quarters local Victory FEB. 22. blessed with the liberty our fathers bequeathed pany or will your he glad to give you every JU 1 assistance in maning oui your uiuci to us. iou snail pe nee u wc uc n. PAGE EIGHT THE WTIITKIIOKSE STAR. Wl I I TEI IOUSE. YUKON FRIDAY,, FEBRUARY 20th; A 1942 Joeal' Happenings 'V. EDDIES DRESSES i; to Peace. Victory Herb Tripp, formerly , with the .-.-- ..oris ' radio dept. of the P. A. A. here, Ponds, v -- ': of y:", yy V,. ,.V . ; : arrived back in town yesterday and Shipment is leaving for Juneau to which point ! lave you bought your Victory . he has been transferred. int Dresses J ond : vet? Let's so over our quota, v::V;.i::;:';::.::'-';:':V-::.- ' t',,is coming week. Don't miss attending one of the '.:,'.:':':-."-:V..';v- - .'"v shows at the W. H. Theatre next ... ALSO WOOLENE DRESSES We must deny ourselves comforts week. Your ticket may win you a ' so that no dictator will deny us our : very attractive styles- - ' Bond. Fifty Dollar Victory , 1 ibcrty. Buy Victory Bonds. ; V::V-:'- - r The Y. S. A. T. plane arrived A FEW LAST SEASON'S DRESSES GREATLY REDUCED of : Teslin ar- rived R. McCleary Mrs. yesterday with three passengers-Mes- srs. in town, by Y. S. A. T. plane C. G. Connolly and J. G. ; nd spent the ; week ' here as the Wall of -- the Dept. of Transport- - and pucst of Mr. ' andp Mrs.' J. Aubrey Jack Allen who is en route to Fair- banks. She left on her return NEW ARRIVALS IN LADIES PARKA HOODS Simmons. Capt. Don Patry brought trip '' home' Saturday.. " : : the ship in with George Milne as v . . . -- Tamney the Miss was his co-pil- ot. The Tollock 'Airways plane, pilo stewardess. . 1 ' ; - T W. McDonald, arrived here from TAYLOR &DRURY Ltd Fairbanks last Sunday with a full HANS GUNDERSON, LODEST complement of, passengers. OLD-TIME- R IN ATLIN DIES IN SANDS' STORE. It is reported that Mr. and Mrs. J. Rose and Mr. and Mrs. George We much regret to report that At-li- n's I V "V Wilson are expected to arrive back oldest old-tim- er, Hans Gun-derso- n, New Arrivals Lome from the coast tomorrow. " dropped dead in Sands' store Thursday due to a heart at- tack. Sunday has been designated Norman Fisher, Otto Miller A complete new" line of Children's Books for afl ages, particul- arly "Victory Loan Sunday" when spec- ial and Milton Fuller who happened to nice for Birthday Gifts. services will be held in all .the at the time rendered be in- - the store GREETING CARDS FOR ALL OCCASIONS churches through V . the ' Dominion. '; first aid but failed in their efforts Another shipment, of Fancy Paper Serviettes, and dainty Ice to restore life. " -- ' Box Flowers. The Y. S. A. T. plane (Capt. E. The deceased was born in Nor- way Kubiicek) with co-pil- ot Curt Neil-so- n seventy-si- x years ago and ar- rived H. G- - MACPHERSON . and Miss Young, stewardess, in Atlin in 1898 where he was WHITEHORSE PHARMACY. ' arrived at the local airport Tues- day highly respected throughout' the with A.-S- . Vigner as passenger community. He leaves to mourn his who is en route to Dawson. The loss his widow,' five step-so- ns and have a truck, but were unable to NECESSITY FOR IMMEDIATE its return trip left yester- - . plane on a daughter to whom- - sincerest- - sym- pathy o dill InaH nf naspnpprs. . get within . shooting distance. Had CONSTRUCTION OF THE B.C.- ALASKA I I U J Willi lull i n v,. v f o ' is extended in the great loss there been a few cars on the spot HIGHWAY URGED they have sustained.- - The Y". S. A. T. plane from Daw- son it would have been a different UPON PRES. ROOSEVELT. arri ved Sunday with Dr. and story, at least for the wolves. ATLIN NUGGETS Mrs A. C. Duncan and their two "An Alaskan highway across Can- ada young boys Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Love ?EDICTION IS THAT "is a vital necessity to assure "an nnd Mr. Alec. Stromberg as pas- sengers. ' Born to Mr. and Mrs. Howard 1 OLD PRODUCTION IS uninterrupted flow of supplies to. ' Dr. and Mrs. Duncan and Epton at St. Andrew's Hospital, LIKELY TO DECLINE our network of advanced air and family are on a trip to points east Friday, February 13th, a baby boy.' naval bases" states Governor Ernest and expect to be returning home Mrs. J. Walton has jyst returned A report from Victoria states Gruening after a conference with next April. Mr. and Mrs. Love are' from Fairbanks and Anchorage hat gold- - production is not being President Roosevelt. "Alaska is be- ing bound for the coast to enlist for where she has been spending ' s encouraged by the Dominion Gov- ernment thought of "in terms of offen- sive active service. Mr. Stromberg is holliday with her son Darrel. , . at the present time and warfare rather than defensive" remaining in, Whitehorse for a time. Norman Fisher returned from that in consequence the total pro- duction he added. Delegate ' Anthony Di- - .Cracker Creek after spending a may within the next year j couple of weeks with his partners or two be reduced as much as fifty the highway believes a Japanese at- tack v . "who are still running a tunnel by per cent Concentration on the pro- duction against the territory is "almost Christ Church-Anglica- n- which' to reach bedrock where they of base metals necessary certain The peril is realr it is THE OLD LOG CHURCH anticipate the good pay. From all for war purposes and the difficulty close, and it is imminent". accounts the going is tough as it's of obtaining the necessary supplies --o- ' , Whitehors" wet, but they are a bunch of boys are furnshed as the reason, at least OFFICIAL WEATHER REPORT Rev L G. Chappell, L. Th: who have stout hearts. in part, for future curtailment ?n Rector. , ' . February . v Pete Matson, Oscar Carlson jtold production. 12 Thursday 39 30 Victory Loan Sunday. Erick Magnuson, Manne Magnuson SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 22nd, 1942 and Fred Hjem who have been W. II. THEATRE 13 Friday ..........:...... 40 23 14 Saturday ... 48 29 Communion. running a tunnel for 8.30 a. m Holy -- 10.00 some years-pas- t Whitehorse .. Yukon 15 Sunday a. m. Sunday School. on Volcanic Creek, Fourth of 34. 20 16 Mondav 92 11.00 a. m. j-Mo- rning Prayer. July district, are now through the 7.30 p m.-r-Victo- ry. Loan Service. rim and into gravel in which some 17. Tuesday 38 22 : Showing this week : 17 Wednesday 34 27 small gold prospects hajbeen seen. rTTtnixxxxxtitixixxxxxxx. This is certainly . encouraging for a A THRILLER! FOR SALE chance when they reach bedrock. Five tube radio console model- -in rxTTYTyYT'txixxxxxxxxxi We wish 'em . . all the luck in the Everything first-cla- ss condition. Can be Catholic Church world. , 3 seen at Star Office. What offers? The first to shoot a timber wolf Happens Rev. Father J. j; Adam, dj M. I. on Atlin Lake this year were Frank SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 22nd, 1942 Henning and Carl Gray. Vic Carl- son At Night Men of who has a poison permit for 30,40,50 8.00 a. m. Communion Mass. wolves bagged seven at one bait. PEP, VIM, VIGOR, Subnormal? 10:30 a. m. Mass andSernion. There were around fifty timber Featuring: tS? vim vigor., vitality? SONJA HEINIE. RAY MILLARD tni, .hX Tonic Tablets. Contains 7.30 p. m. Rosary and Beuedicton wolves seen in one" bunch at the 2di i il?nt3- - oysKr elemcnts-- rS ROBERT CUMMINGS . n Until further notice all services north end of Atlin Lake. . They - noW pep 30. 40 or onlj 50. 1"troduct"y tMu size for .will 'be' held in the Church. were chared for hours by Carl Gray Wednesday & Saturday at 8 p. m. 256 ioaaj . For sale at all good ryYTITIITIlTTIVxilllllIll and Harold Leach wiho happened to drug stores. IIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTl Trnr"TTi im ,