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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 14, Friday, April 3rd, 1942.

Author:Whitehorse StarPublished:1942Type:Yukon NewspapersMARC Record:PAC MARC RecordDownload PDF:WHS_19420101-19421231_14 April 3.pdf (70580 KB)
Frc-- fife ill 11 CIRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY hoi 42. No. 14. ' WHITEHORSE. YUKON, FRIDAY, APRIL 3rd 1942 Subscription $3.00 Year. BASKETBALL CLUB HOLDS HOWARD VEY AWARDED MAJOR PETTIT SOLVES ANNUAL REPORT TS INITIAL MEETING OF HIS WINGS IN R. C A. F. THE PROBLEM APPEARING LIBRARY BOARD HE SEASON. NOW RANKING AS A IN OUR LAST ISSUE. WHITEHORSE PUBLIC SERGEANT OBSERVER. LIBRARY YEAR ENDING In last week's issue under the On Monday, March 23, the White- - I orse Basketball Club held its first caption "When Will the War End" MARCH 31, 1942. , Congratulations are extended to we published a tabulation of figures meeting of the1 season which; was ' by' the vice-preside- nt Howard Vey, son of Fred Vey who is which purported to give the year The Whitehorse Public Library, over presided 1942 as the correct date. This week which is under the management of lin the absence , of the president. so well known both in Atlin and the Whitehorse Chapter, 'Imperial Order executive officer Maj or Pettit, to After the club's activities during last Yukon, and Mrs.. Vey of Victoria, 13. i the Daughters of Empire, has had a r Colonel W. M. Hoge' in charge of season had been reviewed it was C. Howard has been awarded his i construction of the B. C.-Ala- ska very satisfactory year, no small part that the in future c'ecic'M games , "Wings" and commission its a serg- eant Highway called at the Star office of the success being due to our ef- ficient at 8 and 9; will commence p. m., Librarian. observer ni the Royal Canadian and demonstrated how 1942 was ar respectively instead of 7.30 and 8.30 rived at. It be solved by Both Reading Room and Exhange Air Force. may and Tuesdays Ip. m. as heretofore on have been well everybody in their individual cap- acity Department patron- ized and Fridays or eacn weeK. l ne iees The graduation banquet was held and during the past twelve and with the . same results. for the season are the same as last on Friday, February 13, the cake Here is the way it works out. Take months there were 3168 books in year i. e. $1.25 per month for seniors circulation, 352 of which went out which adorned the banqueting table the year you first entered the Ter- ritory, end $100 a month for juniors. The ' of the 100 books weighed 13 lbs., and the hut in add to same the year of your tctn During year teams will be the same as last year added to the 6 01 which the class bunked during their birth, the number of years you have were Library, with new-come- rs being divided ac- cordingly. which donated. training was No. 13. But the figure been in the Territory and your age were . The members of the Library 13 is not considered unlucky by now. Add these" up and divide the Last Friday night the girls open Board the kindness of these young men. Rather do they total by two and you will find the appreciate ed the season with the town's favor- ite those who have donated books, regard it as-- a good talisman claim- ing result to be 1942 in every instance mag- azines sport. The men brought" the and After two that for them Thirteen resemb- les Try it out for yourself and be con newspapers second game of the evening in with months on the Library table mag- azines Triumph as V stands for Victory. vinced. a number of U S. . army men part- - and papers are sent to the cipating and giving avery good ac- count Hospital, the Public School, pros- pectors, of themselves. Their place in WHITEHORSE CHAPTER. I.O.D.E. trappers, etc. 'Pictorial the teams will boost the standard of Education" s sent to the school. RECEIVES WELL-MERITE- D 1-Rske- tbali in Whitehorse consider-pbl- y. Lists of new books received are Spectators are cordially in- vited RECOGNITION FROM NA TIONA L ' published in the Whitehorse Stai to attend any or all of the from time to time for the conveni- ence club's games. Admission is free so HEADQUA RTERS OF ITS PAST of the Public. come along and enjoy a pleasant "The following magazines and evening as the guests of the club. ACCOMPLISHMENTS. newspapers were token during the year: STORY OF YUKON SOUTHERN The following official communicat- ions for thesplendid work and their best Illustrated London News and ex-tra- s. have been received by. the local wishes for the coming year ,. 7 Pictorial Education an ! ex- - FEATURED IN SATURDAY Chapter' from the headquarters of the February 20th, 1942 tras, f Canadian Geographic, National EVENING POST ARTICLE. National Chapter They were both Your letter of February 2nd with Geographic, Saturday Evening Post.. addressed to Mrs. H. V. Gerinings bank money orders for $75.25 and American, Time, Wide World, Lib- erty. who was formerly the treasurer but $10.00 received. Enclosed we are Collier's, Maclean's, Family Under the caption "Twenty-fou- r Hours to Asia" a very interesting is this year the Regent of the White-hor- se sending official receipts and in doing Herald and Weekly Star, Echoes.' The letters speak for would like to Vancouver Province, Whiteliorse article by Mr. and Mrs. Mark Finley Chapter. so again express our appears in the March 14 issue of the themselves and are an, eloquent tri- bute sincere thanks for your continued Star and the annual Scarlet and the accomplishments of of various War Gold. Saturdflv TCvpninP Post. It centres to past generous support our the local Chapter. Work Activities as well as our own Respectfully submitted, of the Yu- kon around the development ! National Endowment Fund. Ship- ments S. DAGLISH, Southern Air Transport Ltd., Head0ffice forward each week Secretary. are going and the active part played by Mr. NATIONAL CHAPTER of CANADA Statement 4). (Financial on page to. the Polish People "and Prisoners of Grant McConachie in its formation 1942 v February 11th, War etc., and we only wish it were " is illust- rated and expansion. The article Thank you so .. much for your possible for you and the other mem- bers CHRIST CHURCH W. A. with coloured photographs of promptness in sending in the Financ- ial of the Whitehorse Chapter to HOLDING AN EASTER the town of Whitehorse taken from Statements - of 1941 , from your tee the wonderful things that n; be- ing TEA AT THE RECTORY the east side of the river and of Miss Chapter. shipped from liere, thanks to the Jewel Butler, one of tle company's " generosity of the members of the Tea is held at the charming stewardesses, standing First of all we want to congratulate An Easter being alongside one of the company's big you most heartily on the tremendous Order. In this the Yukon Chapters Rectory next Thursday, April 9th, air-lin- ers dressed in muklujcs and amount of work your Chapter (con- sisting take no second place to any Chapter from 3 to 5 p. m., under the auspices of only thirty-tw- o members) throughout Canada, and we are al- ways of Christ Church W. A. A cordial parka. Another photograph depicts the former president of the company, has accomplished this past year We holding you up as an example. invitation is extended to all to at- tend. Mr. Grant McConachie, now assistant are simply amazed at Head Off iec at The supplies ordered by you are to the vice president in. charge of the splendid amounts you have raised being mailed today, for which we are The proceeds derived from this-socia- l Canadian Pacific - Airlines stationed and disbursed. We are also delight- ed enclosing invoice. gathering will be devoted to with the number of war appeals the purchase of new hymn books for at Winnipeg, in conversation with the We note from your letter that the company's popular chief pilot, Capt. and other worthy appeals you have "Whitehorse" Chapter has now a new the Church. Those desirous of con--Jxbuti- ng Sheldon Luck. . answered so generously this past Treasurer, Mrs. L. Higgins. In view toward this most worthy ' object but who will be unable tc Mr: ar.d Mrs. Finley were in White-hor- se year. . ( of this, may, we say how very much attend the tea will confer a favour last year gathering data and Your report is an inspiration to us we have enjoyed working with you taking photographs for their article at Head Office. Just to know how Treasurer, and may we also thank by either handing in or sending in donations to the, Rectory. their and? were very popular during their spendidly a small Chapter so far you for your many courtesies, and stay in town. Mr. Finley is now in away from any "guiding Chapter can say how greatly we have appreciated o - the U. S. Army while his wife con- tinues carry on, gives us all a "lift". the .efficient way in which you have Mrs. K. Briggs and ycung daughter as radio public-relatio- ns dir- ector Will you please convey to the mem- bers handled the work Perhaps it may will be leaving on April 14th for Vic-tor- a for an airline with headquarters of your Chapter the thanks of be our privilege to work with you to join her husband and where in Los Angele the National Executive Committee again at some later date. Ihey will make their future home. PAGE TWO THE ril ITKIIORSE kSTA R, WIIUrEIIORSE. YUKON FRIDAY, APRIL 3rd, 1942 not permit them to be jeopardized in any way whatsoever. "Vplom of the Yukon' AN ALL-TIM- E RECORD FOR INCOME TAX RETURNS An Independent Journal IN U. S. IS PREDICTED I The Treasury Department, at w Published every Friday at Washington, D. C, reports that a Whitchorsty Yukon Territory Dreliminary survey shows iheome The White Pass and Yukon Route I and excess profit tax collections for On the Trail of '98 the first twenty days of March Walled $2,572,000,000. This is more The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to than double the collections during I a Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska- - similar period last year and indi of Canadian Member Weekly ' cates that the final March collect- - V , Newspapers' Association. ons for the current year will set j AIRPLANE SERVICE m all-ti- me record. HORACE E. MOOTtr: - Publisher plane service, makings connections northbound and south- bound NO GAS RATIONING with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, Let us have faith that; right makes IN THE YUKON. Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For information might; and in that faith let us to the end dare to do our duty as we It has been officially announced j .'"'apply to any :::"'.. ( understand it. Lincoln. at Ottawa-b- y the Minister of Munit- ions that "there will be no gas rat- ioning WHITE PA SSvAGENT.o r APRIL 3rd, 1942 in the Yukon Territory. 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. DAWSON PREPARES FOR WE THE PEOPLE. THE ICE BREAK-UP- . in determining whether or not a Ken Shore and his assistants have certain party to divorce proceedings completed the installation of a tri- pod now pending was domiciled in -- the on the Yukon river ice to which Yukon'' or in British Columbia the has been attached the wire that lion. Mr. Justice Manson is reported connects with a stop clock at the in the daily press to have comment j Jeanneret Jewellery 'Co's store A . cd "I wonder they don t give juris- - sixteen-fo- ot pole was sunk into the oiction to our Supreme Court., fifty-eig- ht inches of ice and braced They don't need a court of their i both above and below so that it is own up there at an expense of j reasonably certain the big event $17,000 or $18,000 a year." will be properly recorded this year. The learned jurist might well have gone further and emphasized the fact that by the recent set-u- p DAWSON v the administration of justice in the Yukon has, by act of parliament, Thomas Hibbert, trapper and now been placed in the hands of a miner, arrived in town a few days civil servant vested with all , the ago from his winter quarters on the powers of a supreme court judge. Stewart river. No judge should be placed in such an anomalous, position. It is this phase of the matter which most Phil Allen, theatre manager here, leaves on the next Princess, boat for people resent constituting as it doea the coast having enlisted in the act- ive an affront both to the residents forces. in the Yukon and the legal pro- fession. in which tobacco U For , sometime past it has been It was heard over the radio here can b tmokgcl" mJ J) noted rhat there is a decided tend- ency the other nigfyt that unmarried men l J for the government of the between'the ages of 21 and 30 are country to be operated by the civil to be called up for military train- ing: HUGE UNDERGROUND smoothly a huge vault is being con- structed service instead of by the legally under the selective service plan. VAULT CONSTRUCTED in Victoria in which will be elected representatives of the peo- ple. IN VICTORIA. placed government records and files This is a dangerous procedure The near . epidemic of colds pre- valent together with provincial police radio to say the least and one which-th- e here for the past three weeks While the evacuation of Japanese equipment to safeguard same in people of Canada mav come to nip is stili going strong with young and from the coastal areas is continuing case of air raids. some day. Under a democratic old alike being affected. The schools .... . ' 9 . form of government there is a place are closed and , will not be re-open- ed f for the civil service and that cer- tainly until after Easter, is not to usurp the rights and privileges of our constituted parlia- ment '. With the Yukon Consolidated Co's . who are the authorized rep- resentatives - ft. A of the people. If and bulldozers the winter snow accum- ulation rresn v Butter H when .parliament on the road to Hunker and I. IX. relegates any ol its and Dominion has been cleared as far as Cured r r 3 powers privileges to the Try BURNS' and civil service to that extent it , loses Granville. The two bulldozers are Meats I Shamrock BrdirimQfotter now at work A control over such departments.' And on Sulphur Creek .The Eggs if such an unfortunate procedure is road in the Klondike Valley has al- ready indulged in promiscuously parlia- ment- been cleared of snow. itself may in time become M Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products merely an appendage to the civil The crew of the Holbrook Dredg- ing service. Co., wheh was scheduled to get As far as the administration .of away last week did 'not leave for justice in the" Yukon is the M concerned it Sixtymile until Friday. Accord- ing "You Can Buy No affords an excellent opportunity for to reports to hand the Swede Better" the Benchers . of., the B. C. Law So- ciety Creek Trail, oyer which the "cat" to take such action as in their drawn caravan has to. travel, is bad- ly .wisdom may be deemed necessary glaciered and may cause some Burns & to preserve intact the constitutional' delay in the crew reaching their Company Limited rights of the people of Canada and destination. '. UmillHIIiMliniTTrTliJLXlJLlII,,. ITTTTTTTT FRIDAY, APRIL 3rd, 1942 THE WH1TEH0RSE STAR, WHITKIIORSE, YUKON PAGE THREE , COnnESPOIIDENCE one has to make a decision and choose between two evils.. call- ing upon all the adherents of the HOUSE OF COMMONS Canada Conservative party to go to the. polls and vote "Yes" . on this Plebisite Ottawa; This, as I conceive it, is the loyal March 27 1942. and patriotic course. This is the Whitehorse Star, Editor only course which may make pos- sible WhitehorsC, Y. T.- - the achievement of the object- ives Herewith I send statement by you of our Party. If, when the Gov- ernment R. B.- - Hanson, of the Hon. --Leader " is released from its self-impos- ed Conservative Party in the House of pledge, it does not proceed concerning the plebiscite Commons, to act, then I feel that I speak for about to be held in Canada. now the Conservatives of Canada when I . i agree with all that Mr. Hanson say that the fight of the loyal people says on the subject. I am of opin- ion of this country will just be begin- ning that there is no need for a pleb- iscite, but " as the Government is oing ehead with it regardless of the CANADIAN PACIFIC lact that it will cost the tax-paye- rs See Our Window for a selection (ll Canada about one and one half RAILWAY INCREASES ,,..11.011 dollars, when money to fin-ri- me ITS NET INCOME. of EASTER GIFTS the war is so desperately needed. I hope the electors of Yu- kon, MONTREAL, March 18 Increase regardless of their respective of $14 000.000 in net inqpme to $34,-00,0- 00 political affiliations, and for. the was reported by the C. P. R. Northern Commercial Co. Li. l.onour of Yukon, will go to the on Tuesday. The gross earnings polls and vote "YES.' "ere the highest since 1929. GEORGE BLACK. ' - M. P .for Yukon. An Appeal by Honourable R .B. Hanson, K. C, M. P. To Conservatives to Support the 'Forthcoming Plebiscite. In appealing to Conservatives throughout Canada and to the vast numbers of our Party who are, now serving in the Armed Forces of our country to support the lor incoming Plebiscite, it is perhaps as well ihai. I should once more make clear the position which I have taken and the view which I still firmly retain re- garding the Plebiscite. Witn all the emphasis and sincer-h- y at my command, I have urged t c Government to pursue the man-- 1. course, -- to drop this Plebiscite and to face a responsibility which pro--1 OPENING STAGES OF BRITAIN'S GREAT LIBYAN OFFENSIVE jrly belongs to Parliament. To me, On November .18 the British offensive against the German and Italian Forces in Libya, began the Plebiscite is just as objection- able with an advance of 50 miles. Since then the Eighth Army has smashed enemy resistance and supply as it was when it was announc bases in the Western Desert, join ng forces with the Tpbruk garrison and driving General Rommers ed.' I deem it, and I have so stated depleted Panzer units steadily westwards. By cutting the enemy's Bardia-Halfaya-Si- di Omar fort- ress on many occasions, an Unworth lines and inflicting heavy lo-se-s in men,. tanks and equipment, the British seriously crippled the evasion of responsibility. However, whole of Germany's North African plans . . . . British 'Matilda" tanks operating outside the Tobruk the Government has remained perimeter, before British and- - Imperial troops to the East and South-ea- st effected a junction with the adamant in its decision. The Pleb- iscite Tobruk garrison. . . , is to be held, notwithstanding the various protests of my collea- gues and myself in the House of Commons and in spite of an im pressively vigorous, public opinion. In view of the Government's de- cision, I have given careful and earnest consideration to the course ,. of action which I should take. I cannot and I would not ignore my responsibility as a Canadian citizen and as a Member of Parlia- ment holding the position which, for the time being I do. I have come to the conclusion that, while we ought not to have been put in the position we are, I cannot take the responsibility of advising any- one to vote "NO" That would not only tie the hands of the Govern- ment but .would make it impossible ' for any further steps to be taken with regard, to extending the man- power of the country for service be- yond the territorial imitations of Canada. That is, I think, an impos- sible position fpr this country to oc- cupy at this most critical juncture, mk jStou.. ' x kw&& , I fully realize that even if the vote carries, we have absolutely no BRITISH ARTILLERY TELEPHONISTS guarantee . that anything will be during an early stage is "in a camouflaged position on enemy terrain sending and receiving messages done. Neither of these positions of the Battle of Libya. that it acceptable. But on the theory 1 FRIDAY, APRIL 3rd, 1942 ' YUKON THE WHITKHORSE STAR. WIIITEITORSE FINANCIAL STATEMENT WHITEHORSE PUBLIC LIBRARY For Year Ending March ; 31st, 1942 Travel IS FOR Receipts BAIL WAV ' ' AARDVARK Balance March 31, 1941 '. $ 7,11 COMMUNICATIONS STEAMSHIPS Government Grant for year 450.00 "PRINCESS" Membership Fees ; ............ 134.00 I ioeTistl JfwomJtiX i I TMVtl Liner 20.30 Fines . Contribution towards Flags 2.00 25.00 Donation Skagway to Vancouver ; Victoria or Seattle $638.41 SOUTHBOUND SAILINGS The Aard vark is a PRINCESS NORAH looking animal, disbursements ' strange Saturday, April 4 found only in Africa. It Salary, Librarian 250.00 26 Sunday, April grows to a length of Electric Light 46.75 Tuesday, April 14 and feeds ' Fuel ......v.... I, 55.00 about 5 feet ' . Wednesday, May 6 ' 202.74 which it Books v . ants mainly on 60.40 Sunday, May 17 catches with its Jong, Magazines Sunday, May 31 6.00 Library Supplies sticky tongue. Connections at Vancouver with Subscription to Whitehorse Star ............ 3.00 Canadian Pacific Services: Stamps 2.00 Transcontinental Balance in C. Bank of Commerce 12.52 Trans-Pacif- ic Trans-Atlant- ic $638.41 . . . which you can see at its Tickets, reservations and full best in the EATON Catalogue. Outstanding Bills particulars from Here is a publication turned Books . .. v ......i... $ 33.64 L. H. JOHNSTON craftsmen the General Agent C P. R. out by master Librarian's Books audited, above statement certified; correct. modern methods of Alaska most Skagway W. L. PHELPS. Photography, and Art Work right in step with latest trends ' Canadian Pacific beautiful color engravings CURLING CLUB TO WIND s ments and householders to provide adequate air raid protection. The vITTTTTTTTTTTTTITTTTTTTTTT' the finest printing processes UP SEASON WITH ANNUAL A. R. P. advisory council in which that have been developed all INNER AND DANCE. sweeping powers have been vested, contributing to make shopping are drafting uniform requirements from EATON'S Catalogue just The Whitehorse Curling Club had and regulations which will be an- nounced as enjoyable as it is profitable. to forego holding a bonspiel this later. SAVE TIME BY AIR Glance over your EATON Cat- alogue year and is closing the season's now and see for your- - operations with its annual dinner ' self. and dance which takes place on Fri- day, Shop from EATON'S Catalogues April 17th next. Tickets for mm "STORES BETWEEN COVERS" the same are now ready for distri- bution. I AIR MAIL I I DASSCNGEPS I T. EATON CS.; AlP express WINNIKO CANADA This annual dinner and dance is Generally Covers With One Coat one of the high-ligh- ts of the social life of the community and it is a foregone conclusion that this year both the dinner and dance will be well patronized. Everything is be- ing U Self-Sizi- ng Suits New Plaster Chang es in done ' by the club officials to niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiTiirrr make this occasion one of the out- standing events of the season. "BUILD WESTERN PAYROLLS' Schedule BRITISH. COLUMBIANS es A CASEIN PAINT A MreoM MUST PROVIDE AIR 2 Ask Your Dealer About m 1AID PROTECTION Vancouver-Whitehors- e WM FOR 8 : fl The British Columbia government (Daily except Friday) will compel all business establish NORTHBOUND YEARS I IlVjdabitFD Lv- - Vancouver. .... 10 a. in, A r. Whitehorse .... 7 p. m. We have a letter frbm up-coun- try SOUTHBOUND The writer states TV ' fl' 1 IiV- - Whitehorse ..7a. m. v she has used "all kinds of Ar. Vancouver. . 5.30 p- - m.' canned "milk" but Pacific ill' 111(111(111 1111 If IS Milk continually since she Edmonton- - Whitehorse began it "because of its richness and flaVor. That ' ' Monday, Wednesday . Operators of was eight years ago." Saturday It's only real excellence that could bring a milk a pre- ference Yukon Southern Air Transport Limited Lv. Edmonton NORTHBOUND -- '12.45 p. in-A- r. like" this. ' J Announce Formation of the Yukon Division Whitehorse 7 p." in.' Pacific Milk SOUTHBOUND Va1- - Tn Charge of ' '. Lv- - Whitehorse -- ..7 a. m. IRRADIATED OF COURBC Ar. Edmonton ... 5 p. ni. Superintendent H. HoUick-Kenyo- n Making quick connections -- Who will be assisted by ' with other Trans-contine- nt Mr. L. Cook ,......!................. Chief Pilot ,al Airlines Men of 30, 40, 50 Mr. Kenneth McLean .' Chief of Maintenanc rhe"ahove schedule remains,, PEP, VIM, VIGOR, Subnormal? in force until further notice- - Want normal ej. vim, vigor, vitality T Mr J. Barber r Assist. Sup't in Charjre of Traffic For Try Oatrex Tonic Tablets. Contains Full Flight' Information tonics, stimulants, oyster elements-a- ids IX.' ORDER TO (Jivri THE YUKON TERRITORY Consult to normal pep after 30. 40 or 5a Get a special Introductory size for only J. A. Barber 35. Try this aid to normal pep and, vim BETTER AIR SERVICE today. For sale at all good drug stores. WHITEHORSE FRIDAY, APRIL 3rd, 1942 THE .WIIITBIIORSB STAR, WIHTEIIORSE. YUKON PAGE FIVE ' - - - LUMucwwMmBnMMn-i- t , feet on each side of the base liner Registration of any document $2.00 When $500.00 has been expended Other claims shall not exceed , five . Recording an abandonment . $2.00 or paid the locator may, upon hav- ing hundred feet , in length by one thou- sand If it affects more than one claim . a survey made, and upon com- plying feet in deptn. Claims shall be For each additional claim .... $1.00 with other requirements, ob- tain as nearly as possible rectangular in Abstract of Title ; a. lease for a term c.f twenty- - form and shall be marked by two For first entry $2.00 Synopsis of Mining Law legal, posts, one at each end of the For each additional entry v. ...... .50 for further terms of twenty-on- e ; claim, numbered "1" and "2" re- spectively. For copy of Document . . years. Claims located prior to July Location posts of creek Up to 200 words " ........... $2.50 7, 1917 may upon fulfilling similar Yukon Territory Claims shall be placed on the base For each additional 100 words .50 ' requirements, be Crown Granted. line, and of all other claims parallel For grant of water Leases, renewals - of leases, and to the base line, and on the side of For 50 inches or less $10.00 documents relating to leased claims the claim nearest the creek or river For 50 to 200. inches ........... $25.00 shall be recorded with the Mining Anv Derson eighteen years of age towards which it fronts. ' , For 200 to 1,000 inches . .. $50.00 Recorder in triplicate. or over shall have the right to enter, For each additional 1,000 inches A discoverer shall be entitled to a Schedule of Fees locate, prospect and - mine upon any fraction thereof lands in the Yukon Territory, claim 1,500 feet in length, and a or $50.00 Recording every claim ....h.....; $10.00 whether vested in the Crown or party of-t- wo discoverers two claims, ' QUARTZ MINING For a substitutional record .. $10.00 for the minerals defined each of 1,250 feet in length. Application for a lease .. ........ $10.00 otherwise, Subject to the boundaries of other For a certificate of "improve- ments in' the YuKon t. yuan miume The boundaries ofsany claim may claims in good standing at the time ... . . ... . $.00 the Yukon Placer Mining Act, be enlarged to the sizeof claim anc a of its location, a mining claim shall If recorded within 14 days after with certain reservations set out in allowed by the Act, if thesenlarge-men- t be rectangular in shape and shll expiry date ......... ........ $5.00 the said Acts. does not interfeie wTth. the not exceed feet in 1,500 . length by If after 14 days and within rights of other persons or terms of 1,500 feet in width. shall enter for mining three months $15.00 No nerson any agreement with the - lands crown. If after three months and with purposes or shall mine upon Every claim shall be marked on occupied by an- other An application for claim be in six months ... . : $25.00 owned or lawfully a may the ground' by two legal posts, one until ' adequate security has filed with the Mining Recorder at each extremity of the location Recording every ' certificate of i? 1 Ac r r been furnished to. the satisfaction of within ten days after being located line, numbered "1" and "2" respect- ively. VL WOIK $0.00 loss or if within ten miles of the Recorder's For a certificate of partnership $5.00 the Mining Recorder for any On the side of No. 1 post damage which may be thereby office. One extra day shall be al- lowed facing No. 2 post shall be inscribed Recording assignment, abandon- ment, caused. for every additional ten miles the name of the clann, a letter in- dicating affidavits, or any other . or fraction thereof. A claim be document ... ............ .... $2.50 may the direction, to No. 2 post, Whore claims are being located If document affects more than located on Sunday or any public the number of feet to the right or which are situated' more than one ' one claim, for each additional holiday. . left of the location line, the .date of hundred miles from the Mining Re- corder's claim .... '. . . $1.00 location and the name of the locator. office, the locators, not less Any person having recorded a For granting period of six On No. 2 post, on the side facing No. tuan live in number, are authorized claim shall not have the right to lo- cate months within which . to re- cord 1 shall be inscribed the name meet and appoint one of their, another claim in the valley or post, . . . .. $4.00 to of the claim, the date of location, number as emergency recorder, basin of same creek within sixty For an abstract of the record of and the name of the locator. who shall as soon as possible deliver days of locating-firs- t claim. a claim: the application arid fees received to Title The claim shall be recorded with- in For the, first entry $4.00 the Mining Recorder for the District. . fifteen days if located within ten For each additional entry .... .50 Any person having complied , with miles of the mining Recorder's of- fice; For copies of any document re- corded If two or more persons own a the provisions of the Act with res- pect one additional day shall be al- lowed where same do not claim, each Such person shall contri- bute to locating and recording a for every additional ten miles exceed three folios $4.00 proportionately to his interest claim shall be entitled to a grant or fraction thereof. Where such copies exceed three to the work required to be done lor one year and shall have the ab-solut- e folios, 30 cents per folio for and when proven to the Adjoining claims , not exceeding thereon, right of renewal from year every folio over three. Gold Commissioner that he has not to year thereafter, provided during eight in number may be grouped, For recording a power of at- torney done. so his interest may be vested each year he does or causes to be the necessary, representation work to stake from one in the other co-own- ers. done $200.00 worth of work of the i'or each claim may then be per- formed person $4.00 ThP survey of a claim made by a . claim, files with the Mining Reco- rder on. any one or more of the For recording a power of attor- ney claims in the group. to stake from two duly qualified Dominion Land Sur- veyor within fourteen days after the per- - ( shall be accepted as defining expiration of the claim an affidavit, Every application for a full claim sons . . .v.rf.oo. absolutely the boundaries of the showing a detailed statement of the shall be made on Form "A" and for For recording an assignment or the work, and pays the required renewal "A-l- ". other document relatin.2 to a claim surveyed, provided survey a Fractional claim on Form fee. quartz mining lease $3.00 is by the proper authori- ty approved is entitled to locate Rental, whole or fractional min- eral and remains unprotested during, No person GROUPING advertisement. more than one claim in the same claim granted under the of period lease for term of 21 $50.00 within days. years.. Under certain conditions claims mining district twenty about to undertake ?. Rental for renewal term of 21 may be .'grouped and the work re- quired The timber on a mineral claim is ...... se- cure $200.00 trip may years bona f We prospecting to be performed to entitle Recorder reserved until the Mining Recorder the Mining Dredging from the owner or owners to renewals of record at his certifies that the same is required written 'permission to the several claims grouped may be A lease may be issued for a per- iod the six months. for use in mining operations on within own risk a claim performed on any one or more of of fifteen years for a continuous claim. The Commissioner, however, four feet the claims in the grouping. Jf the stretch of river not exceeding ten a Wal nost must stand may issue a permit 4o holders of milps in lpneth Pivinp thp pxrlnsivp claims grouped are owned by more icced - - - - - - ' C3 o- - cj or squared the timbers above the ground, other claims to remove inches and than one person a partnership, right to dredge for gold, silver and for the upper eighteen for use' in their mining operations tne .agreement creating a joint and platinum. The lessee must have at measuring four inches across where other timber is not readily laced portion. The post must be several liability on the part of all available. least one dredge in operation on the firmly fixed in the ground. the owners for the joint working of leasehold within three years. the claims shall be executed and Title ' Petroleum and Natural Gas Priritv ij nf - location 7 shall be deem- - filed with the Mining Recorder. with A lease may be issued for a per- iod ed priority of right. Cer- tain Any person having complied of for to convey ' twenty-on- e years an area Taxes and Fees of the Act with re- gard de- termined the provisions disputes may be heard and of not 'to qxceed 1,920 acres giving 'of Arbitrators. Royalty at the rate of two and to locating and - recording a. by a -- Board the right to the petroleum and nat- ural the value of claim shall be entitled to hold it for cent, on one-ha- lf per gas on the area leased. A rent- al claims erouped or own the date of the record, r.rant of from the Yukon one year from all gold shipped : is charged of 50 cents per acre ed may be made re- newable Com- ptroller. and thereafter from year. to. year, by one person Territory shall be paid to the for the' first year and $1.00 per acre on the same- - date. provided during each year ''he does , . -- For for each subsequent year. MINING grant' to a claim for or causes to be done work cm the PLACER Office Assay $10.00 claim to the value of $100.00 and year natural water qne shall, within fourteen days after the An Assay Office is maintained by CrPPks means any For renewal of grant width of ot the year, satisfy the the Government at Vancoiivyr. course having an average ; Tf renewed within 14 days expiration feet Recorder that the work has where gold exported from . the Ter- ritory less than one hundred and fifty after expiry date ......$10.00 Mining between its banks. If after 14 days and within 3 been done, and pay the Certificate wdl be purchased at its full Work fee. One hundred dollars valu'hv , five - months : $30.00 of exceed shall not rv oioimc hundred feet, in length, measured If after 3 months and within 6 ' may be paid in lieu of assessment G. A. JECKELI,. Controller. along the base line, by one thousand months $45.00 work. PAGE SIX THE WIIITEIIORSE STAR. WIIITKIIORSE- - YUKON EJRIDAY, APRIL 3rd, 1942 Loca 1 Hap pen 1 rigs Mr. and "Mrs;: Boyd Gordon ' return--t'- d George Simmons, president of to town last week after spending Northern Airways .Ltd., Carcross, the winter Outside. " was in town over night Tuesday. . Cecil nlchards arrived from Van-- Mr. and Mrs. J. Redpath will ar couver Wednesday on tne x. rive Loiriei.Oii.onu.. after spending " F. on a short visit home. the winter at the coast. V Capt. Sheldon Luck brought the The Whitehorse Steam Laundry Y. S. A. T. plane in Wednesday with will open for the season's operations a full load of passengers.' The com- pany on Monday. is now operating a daily ser- vice '"V Z '.:v:r':':; V;. excepting Fridays. "S. MeClimon, freignt checker on the local docks, and his bride are j Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Palmer arriv-te- d due lo arrive tomorrow. back in town from the coast on v;-.;.',- ; v7:;,; tf;;; : .yj,:. the fast boat and are now making ' Mr. Bert, Petersen is due to arrive arrangements"' to open their store tomorrow from his home at Gig Har-lou- r, here in the near future. Wash. , He has a busy season Eugene Jacquot arrived back from ahead of him. his trip to the coast last week and informed us that ' b,is children are There will be a large floating pop "etting along fine Outside. He left' Easter Novelties ulation in town this summer. Be sure for his "Old Kluane Home Far and keep your premises securely Away" on Monday. DECORATED .: ; : lovked when leaving same. Mr. W. Taylor of Taylor & Drury j EGGS, MARSHMALLOWS, WIL LARD'S FRUIT AND NUT Mrs. Frances Chapman arrived Ltd., arrived from a buying trip to ! FILLED EASTER EGGS from Dawson last Saturday to join the coast last Wednesday. His father Fancy Boxes Chocolates with special Easter Labels just received- - the staff at the Whitehorse Inn Cafe. is expected to arrive back this week I Iter husband is in the employ of the end. Y. S. A. T. Ian MacFarland who has been em- ployed TAYL0R& DRURY Ltd! in the W. Y. &. Y. R office in Jarcross arrived in town this week Christ Church-Anglica- n- having been transferred to the" lcoal depot. ; THE OLD LOG CHURCH ' Whitehorse, Mr. John O. Stenbraten (Stampede Rev L. G Chappell, L Th. John to his many friends) arrived Rector. back in town from Dawson last Fri- day IT Sff? . GOOD FRIDAY after an absence of a year or two prospecting in the Sixtymile dis- trict April 3rd, 1942 most of the time 11.00 a. m. Litany and Sermon HE members' of Christ Church W. A extend EASTER SUNDAY D. MacDonald arrived by Y. S. A. April 5th, 1942 nil invitation to all tn ttenrl p., v.-- t t. T. from I plane the coast Monday 8.30 a. m. Holy Communing night to take up his position as pilot and Bake Table at the Rectory on Thursday 1 1 .00 a. m. Holy Communion. 7.30 p. m. Evening Prayer, and for .Northern Airways Ltd., vacated next, April 9, from 3 to 5 p. m. 4 by Alec Dame who we are inform- ed, Sermon. has left for the east to fly bom- bers nrx. across to Britain. Whitehorse April, 1042 "it Mr. D. M. Strane. a former ar rxxxxxxi countant at the local banch of Can-- ! "lIliiTriiiif nnintTnntIiyiltTTy Catholic Church adian Bank of Commerce but latterly j I servng in the main branch in Vic- - .llkn Electrical Company, Ltd. 6 Rev. Father J. J. Adam, O '.M. I. ' toria. B. left the sprvire nf the EASTER SUNDAY Bank on Tuesday to join the R. C. A. Will be pleased to consult . April 5th, 1942 F. He wishes to be Remembered to 8.00 a. m, Communion Mass. his many friends in the north all of you regarding 10.30 a. m. Mass and Sermon. whom. wish him the very best of luck 7.30 p. m. Rosary and Behedicion in the Service. Light, Power. Supplies and Installations Until further notice all services held in the Churcn. (lIIIIIIIXTTYTTrrTTTTTTYyi WHITEHO R S E, Y. T. tXXZTXTTIIITTTTTTTTTTTT W. II. THEATRE The Y. S. A. T. plane arrived from It is reported that the All-In- di . Your Room Whitehorse .: Yukon Occupy Sanie Day the coast Monday with a full com- plement Congress has rejected Britain's plan TffM mm i of passengers including Mr. for4j-governme- nt after the wa1 r G. T. Chillcott of the . Dept. of as"set forth by the Sir Stafford . : Showing this week : Cripps, whose mission may eventu- ally Transport who left Wednesday -- prove abortive. " THE MARK OF Offers, 8 Lovely. Tintsi and White morning on his return trip. Capt. c ' SSAtal Ifffffl JsiFSXi Kubicek piloted the ship.' ' ' OFFICIAL WEATHER j Tf mr a ipv m f 0 i m& m at n m.. m n. v REPORT ZORRO March i. o. d: e.. meeting TYRONE POWER 26 Thursday, g3 23 LINDA DARNELL IS A CASEIN PAINT 27 Friday ...'..ZZ " 24 4 Ask Your Dealer About 28 BASIL RATHBONE Saturday 32 4- - The regular meeting of White- horse 29 Sunday ,LZ'ZZ' 42 10 A Picture You Should See. Chapter I. O. D. E. will be 30 Monday .;. 45 30 held at the home of Mrs. Frank 31 Wednesday & Saturday at 8 p. m. I Tuesday 42 20 Wilson Monday," April 6th, at 7.30 , April txxxjLixixxiiiiiitiiTmxxx: P- - m. 1 Wednesday 43 19