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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 17, Friday, April 24th, 1942.

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Frc-- CfRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY Vol. 42. No. 17. . WHITEHORSE. YUKON, FRIDAY, APRIL 24th, 1942 if if Subscription $3.00 Yoar MILITARY BAND CONCERT QUIET WEDDING LAST SUNDAY WAS A SOLEMNIZED AT GREAT TREAT FOR US ALL- - CHRIST CHURCH. . Large crowds gathered at the On Saturday last at Christ Church: Front and Main Streets junction of Miss Ruth Stewart. R. N., wap unit- ed last Sunday afternoon and enjoyed in marriage to Mr. George Head-le- y, immensely the concert given by the Rev. L.. G. oi'.'-d-atin- g. Chappell band the U .S. army by permission of their commanding officer. The The bride was supported .by bandsmen were located immedi- ately Miss Isabe Lethbridge- - and the in front of the local W. IV groom by Constable rlandi'ord, R.C. Y. R. depot and rendered number after number in quick succession Dp to the time of her marriage like nobody's business. the bride was a member of the History was made on that occas- ion p.iirsing staff at the Whitencr? for never in the history of the General Hospital and the groom is Yukon had a U S. military band carpenter employed in . the local given a performance in the Territ- ory. shipyards. After the ceremony a Unfortunately the wind was few of their intimate friends attend- ed decidedly chilly but that in no way a reception at the new home of detracted from the interest displa-c- d NAVAL WAR SHIPBUILDING IN INDIA the bridal couple Heartiest con- gratulations by the on-look- ers or the . excell- ent Powerful and well-ar.n- ed mine-sweepi- ng craft, corvettes and and best wishes are ex- tended performance which the band patrol boats are now being constructed in India, where the shipbuild- ing to them both tendered We all appreciated the industry has previously been somewhat neglected. On Oct- ober concert immensely and hope that we 22 H. M. I. S. "Baroda", the latest addition to the Royal Indian --o- may again be similarly favoured in Navy, was launched in Calcutta. A mine-sweepi- ng and submarine-chasin- g BRITAIN NOW WORLD'S ..the not. far distant future when "the trawler, it was constructed entirely by Indian labour under BIGGEST BASE FOR wind becomes tempered to the shorn European supervision. WAR, OPERATIONS. lambs" and before mosquitoes have A vessel built in the Indian shjpard of Indian steel is here seen ready for launching. . r' ' a chance to make a daylight raid in Britain is no longer a beleagured force! inland fortress liable to enemy in- vasion. On Wednesday evening a concert VAST NEW RED FORCES UNITED NATIONS STAGE Instead she has become the was given by the band and several READY TO PARALYZE AIR RAID ON FOUR world'sgre atest base. Behind her other performers in the N.S.A.A. GEE MAN OFFENSIVE. JAPANESE TOWNS. tremendous defences and mounting Hall for the benefit of the soldiers war production is the public de- mand and by permission of the O. C. This Bent on paralyzing any German The Japanese people had the sur for assaults to be made upon concert was excellent in every way offensive! before it can get away at Germany at the earliest moment prise of their lives when the United and clearly demonstrated that in the a good ' start the Red Army are j they can be organized. First : units army within our midst there is ex- cellent moving vast masses of fresh troops Nations air forces bombed four of , of a U. S. aerial striking force which talent. Every number as and equipment, up to the entire their cities, Tokyo, Yokohama, Nag- - will fly side by side with the R. A. presented brought forth ,a round of front meandering across Europe. oya and Kobe,- - last Sunday. The F. are already being ferried to applause from the audience and was All roads leading from the frozen raid was as daring as it was un- expected British operational bases according keenly appreciated. For two solid north to the sunny south are jam- med with bombers taking part to reports emanating from London. hours the varied numbers followed with endless lines of Soviet re-ser- ves In fact the U. S. army bombing each other in quick succession with swinging up to battle stat- ions from all directions. All along the planes are expected to be in the sky the director of ceremonies introduci- ng accompanied by mountains 6t coastal area of Japan blackouts are any day now. Within the next few each turn in a jovial manner war supplies amassed during the now being observed. As a result of months the offensive may be staged and with a running commentary past winter. ; this first raid it is. stated that .the by the United Nations upon a major which scale. In the meantime the format- ion left nothing to be desired. Japs are already "jittery" in antici- pation The concert was not open Jo the OFFICIAL WEATHER REPORT of a combined general staff is of further raids. general public on this occasion only being, seriously considered . That , a few invited townspeople being April the Nazis are fearful of such an of- fensive seated in the ' balcony. It is prob- able 16 Thursday '. 49 24 taking, place is evidenced by that another performance will 17 Friday ' 48 30 NAZIS FEARING INVASION the fact that Field Marshal von be given shortly for the benefit of 18 Saturday , 45 32 RUSH FIFTEEN DIVISIONS Rundstedt who has been sent to the general public. 19 Sunday i :.. 48 31 TO FRANCE AND NORWAY. protect Northern France is calling 20 Monday 48 31 for thousands of more troops to en- able 21 Tuesday 47 26 The tide is slowly but assuredly him to withstand the assault. PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT Half the German fighter aircraft are 22Wednesday ,. 47 24 turning against Nazis. This is evid- enced stated to be now segregated in ' RELEASES GERMAN HELD by the fact that the Germans Western Europe fearful of huge R. PATENTS IN U. S. A. OFFICE Mr. Jas. McKinnon of Mayo, ar- rived are hurriedly sending fifteen divis-jio- ns " A. F. attacks. All Belgians are be- ing TO UNITED NATIONS. in town the latter part of last of troops into Norway and evacuated from the coastal areas week and will make his home here Northern France in anticipation of and "replaced by troops. Fortificat- ions On Tuesday President Roosevelt in the future. an invasion of theEuropean contin- ent are now being built in the fam- ous Peebler of , Atlin drove The move, is also aimed to released billions of dollars worth of Mr. Ross Sambre and Meuse River tri- angle secret production technique for the Jiis car over the ice on Atlin Lake safeguard against anti-Naz- is out- breaks in France where so many con- tinental benefit of the United Nations all of to Carcross and spent the week-en- d which are stated to be pop- ular battles havelbeen waged in which had been previously controll- ed, in Whitehorse. He was accompan- ied and growing stronger daily in the past.' directly or indirectly, by enemy on the trip by Mrs. Coultes, Mrs German " occupied territories. In interests and recorded in the U. S. Giiiy and Mr. amhlvirs. F onk Hen-nin- g Norway, due to the resignation of it is stated Mr. C. J. Rogers, president and A patent office. The President also and young daughter. He made school teachers en masse and Himmler's second in command general manager of the W .P. & Y. made it clear that the confiscated the trip in two and a half hours that has been R. has left for the coast and expect thirty inches of the dreaded Gestapo Patents would not be permitted to stated that the ice was to take to return on or about May 12th ac-compan- iied revert to the registered owners or fthick. The party left on their re called hurriedly to Norway their nominees after the war. ' turn trip home Monday. charge of the uprising there. by Mrs. Rogers. 4 FRIDAY, APRIL 24th,' 1942 PAGE TWO THE WIHTKIIORSE STAR, AVI I ITEIIORSE YUKON cess, looks to his work for a re- ply. Emerson. The right thinker arid worker "Voio of the Yukon does his best, and does the . think- ing for the ages . . . He improves ; An Independent Journal moments; to him time is money, and he hoards this capital to dis- tribute gain. Mary Baker Eddy Published every Friday at God has so made the mind of The White Pass Whin-horse- . Yukon Territory man that a peculiar deliciousness re sides in the fruits of personal in- dustry On the Trail of .'98 Wilberforce. The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to . The hope, and not the fact, of ad- vancement, Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska- - is the to industry. spur Member ot .Canadian Weekly : Sir Henry. Taylor. . ARIPLANE SERVICE ' iSiewspupers' Association. : : .. , ( v Publisher DREDGING OPERATIONS connections northbound and south- bound IIORACK E. MOOKE - plane service, making ON THE SIXTY MILE TO "with Whitehorse, steamers at Skagway. Serving BE CONTINUED. tel us have laith that right makes Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For information might; and in that i'aith let us to Holbrook Dredging Company, in apply to any - - the end dare to do -- our duty as we y receivership, continued operations understand it. Lincoln. on the Sixtymile River on about the WHITE PASS A GENT, or same scale as during 1940. Owing " 17 Commerce Vancouver, B. C. Bldg., FRIDAY, APRIL 24th, 1942 to the condition of the dredge it could be worked to only about 50 per cent, of capacity. THE PLEBISCITE The Holbrook dredging equip- ment and leases on the Sixtymile On Monday next the people of River have been acquired by the THERE IS NO OTHER TOBACCO JUST LIKE OLD CHUM Canada will be afforded an oppor- tunity Idaho Canadian Dredging Com- pany. of recording their votes upon The new company, wheh has a question of the. greatest import to previously operated extensively in this country at this crucial time in Idaho and Oregon, plans to renovate its history. Upon the result obtain- ed, and rebuild the present dredge. The r as expressed by the votes cast, Idaho-Canadi- an company has also rests the future course of Canada in taken options on leases held by W. the gigantic struggle .which con- fronts A. Williams and others on Sixty-mil- e. the world today. We should all realize the gravity In addition, the Idaho-Canadi- an of the situation and be conscious of company will reconstruct a dredge the fact that we are at this time which was shipped in from the lacing a national crisis the like of United States last year, on property which has. never been' recorded in taken over from W. A. Williams on the previous history of our Coun- - Big Gold Creekt and expects to 'try. We are at the crossroads in have this in operation this year. our national life A major issue Exchange. confronts us and must be decided o one way or the other by the people NEW EIGHT HUNDRED as a whole. Are we going to face MILLION SUBMARINE such issue fairly and squarely and PROGRAM IN U. S. A. quit ourselves like men or are we as individuals going to funk our A new $800,000,000 submarine responsibility? That is , a question construction program is under way .which each of us are called upon to to give the U. S. A. an under-se- a decide for ourselves. Let . us re- member, striking power for a crippling blow in so doing, that upon our at Japan's long Pacific supply route. individual choice depends the des- tiny It is now being presented to Con- gress. of Canada. The critical times through which we are now passing make it im- perative TniiiiHiniiimm for everybody, entitled so to do, to cast ther vote on Monday "BUILD WESTERN PAYROLLS" 0D next Except for sheer physical dis- ability there can be no reasonable or justifiable excuse for any of us A PATRON The Tobacco of Quality not performing this national duty H in this time of peril. CUT COARSE YOUR OWN FOR RIPE CUT FINS FOR ROLLINO FOR 8 1 YEARS Gems of Cbouobt We have a letter from up-coun- try The writer states LABOR: ITS REWARD ; . she has used "all kinds of canned milk" but Pacific Yukon Electrical Company, Ltd. There never was a person who Milk continually since she did anything worth doing that did began .it "because of- - its not receive more than he gave. i Will be pleased to consult richness' and flavor. That Ward Beecher. Jlenry was eight years ago." you regarding The man who does not work for It's only real excellence that the love of 'work but only for money could bring a milk a pre- ference Light, Power. Supplies and Installations is not likely to make money nor to like this. find much fun in life. Charles M. n Schwab: :;J' - - Pacific Milk WHITEHOR S E, Y. T. 3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxi 1 til I look on that man - as happy, IRRADIATED OF COURSE who, when there is question of suc It pays to have all your Printing done at the Star Office. FRIDAY, APRIL 24th, 1942 TllE.VVIIlfEHORSK ST AH, WHITEHORSE, YUKON PAGE THREE CLASSICAL QUOTATIONS SAVE TIME B Y AJR CITED IN UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE CASE. T7T7T7T miSi- - It was a' case of the Unempoy-me- nt AIR MAIL insurance Commission vs. i Willian Shakespeare, and the bard air Express came off second . best' L.INUW KM71 . Wishing to" talk of "graves, of i worms, of epitaphs," a husby young man approached J. H. McVety, reg-- ; ional director, Monday, for a permit Changes in to work this summer as a grave-digge- r, a "restricted" indusrty. v Like Shakespeare, in Hamlet, he felt that "there is no ancient gent- leman Schedule but ga"fdeners, ditchers and frave-inaker- s, who hold up Adam'--profession- ." But Mr. McVety had Longfellow's i Vancouver-Whitehors- e outook. "Life is real, life is earnest, d the gave is not its goal" he said, (Daily except Friday) in effect. NORTHBOUND The permit was not granted. Lv -- Vancouver . . 10 a. m IG MISSOURI MINE Ar. Whitehorse. . . . 7 p. in. BEING DISMANTLED. SOUTHBOUND Lv. Whitehorse , .7 a. in.- - STEWART, The "Big Missouri A r. Va ncouyer . . 5.:() p- - nt. j mine, fy-s- t staked in 1904, is being closed down permanently and the Edmonton - Whitehorse camp will be dismantled during the coming summer. ; Monday, Wednesday This decision was made ' known Saturday by Douglas Campbell, superintend- ent,, NORTHBOUND and M. M O'Brien, manager of 12A mines for Consolidated Mining & Lv. Edmonton -- j. nt-Ar- . .7 Smelting Co. of Canada Ltd. . who Whitehorse ... p. m. recently visited the property. SOUTHBOUND The Big Missouri mine in British Lv. Whitehorse . .7 a; m. i Columbia's Portland Canal mining Ar. Edmonton . . . ; p. in. ! district, has been operated for some years by the Buena Vista Mining Making' quick connections Co, owned 60 Ltd., a company per with other Trans-continent- al .cent, by Consolidated Mining & Airlines Smelting, arid 40 per cent, by Big The above schedule remains; . Missiuri Mines Corporation. in force until further notice Operations have been conducted by the Consolidated Mining & For Full Fliffht Information Smelting Co., which 'utl: a large t, Consult 'underground mill, one of only iwo J. A. Barber or three on the continent, in 1934. Chief reason for building the mill WHITEHORSE in the heart of Big Missouri was to avoid the handicap of heavy snow-al- l. ' Tina advertisement is not published or . .'' V displayed by the Government of Yukon .Territory. crnraxxiniru MISSING neighborhood of 10 letters a month, OVERSEAS SOLDIERS, not to speak of piles of parcels and AND AIRMEN from home. SAILORS newspapers Travel Vitannica are missing from the heading Room of the Public Lib RECEIVE AN AVERAGE OF During March the letter mail STEAMSHIPS RAIL WAV on a rary. Their return, or any infor TEN LETTERS PER MONTH worked out at about 357,890 letters COMMUNICATIONS "PRINCESS" nation concemnig' them would be pjjg MAN a week, or 46,566 a day. Assuming 1 1 1 T -- v T"V TT1 woaursx i gratefully receivea oy me i. u. u. r. there are something over 100.000 Liner S. DAGLISH, OTTAWA. On the average Can- adian men overseas the average lette.' Sec'y-Trea- s. soldiers, sailors and airmen mail per man each month work.s Whitehorse Public Library. serving overseas receive in the out around 10 letters. Kagway to Vancouver Victoria or Seattle THE ESTATE' OF SOUTHBOUND SAILINGS LIONEL A. VINAL PRINCESS LOUISE Deceased 26 ALL PERSONS having any claimsM . W' gS S Butter Sunday, April aeainst the estate of the aoove-- w Wednesday, Mav 6 named deceased are required to file and Try BURNS ., ' Sunday, May 17 the same with the Public Admini-- j SliamrockBrand Creamery Putter 31 hpfnrp theM Meats Eggs Sunday, May Biiavui at i-t-v - -- Connections at Vancouver with 17th day ofJuly, 1942, supports Canadian Pacific Services: ed by statutary declaration, aftertt Transcontinental Burns1 Famous Shamrock Brand Products Trans-Pacif- ic tributed, having . reference only toH . Trans-Atlant- ic ; claims which have been so filed M Tickets, reservations and full ALL PERSONS indebted to theM particulars from said estate are requested to make 99 L. H. JOHNSTON immediate payment to the fudiicm 6 6 You Can Buy No Better General Agent C P. R. Administrator. M ' rr,iriT Am T- - A WCVM Vlie 1 7 tVl M Skagway Alaska A r-.r- A 1Q49 N Canadian Pacific Public C. E. McLEOD, Administrator. U Burns & Company Limited 16 --3R;.T.v....T..IIlllXXXJTtTIIM'lllITTIIIIIlIXlli. (2003) FRIDAY, APRIL 24th, 1942 INTERESOF YOUNG CANADA IN R..C.A.FTMEN ROCKS AND AT MINERALS COAST OFFICE OF THE CHIEF PLEBISCITE OFFICER ENCOURAGED BY B C CHAMBER OF -- MINES. YounK men connected with the 1 loyal Canadian Air Force, who are stationed along British Columbia EVERY CANADIAN CITIZEN IS HEREBY ADVISED: toast, are taking a keen interest in (1) THAT a Proclamation of the Governor in Council dated the 9th the study of minerals and rocks. day of March, 1942, ordered a plebiscite to be taken in every Located as many of them are, they realize that there are many new electoral district in Canada on the question set out in the ballot rich mines yet to be discovered. papers to be used thereat in the following words and form: Looking into the future they feel that When the war ends the mining Vote by making a cross, thus Xi after the word Yes1 or dustry will offer them great op after the word No portunities and feel that now is the time to get busy to study the rudi ments of prospecting Collections of minerals common lo British Columbia and those of par- ticular importance at this present Are you in favour time of war, together with literature of releasing the gov YEO describing them with the blov-pip- 3 ernment from any in the field, have been provided by obligation arising the B. C. Chamber of Mines to but of any past com- mitments Frank Hardwick of Bella Bella, B. restrict-in- g C; . J. A. Steverison of Ucluelet and the methods of Coal Harbor, B. C, and D. W. Mc-Duff- ee NO of Alliford Bay, all of whom raising men for mili- tary are War Service Supervisors with service? the YMAC. They recently called at .the Clamber's headquarters and were supplied with mineral collect- ions and all other necessary infor- mation, so that they can instruct the (2) THAT the ,date fixed as polling day for the said plebiscite is young Air Force men on the valu- able Monday, the 27th day of April, 1942. minerals. Demonstrations were given the (3) THAT polls will be open in each polling division from 8 o'clock men at the Chamber of Mines on until 8 o'clock a.m. p.m. (daylight saving time). how to test minerals, with acids and other methods that can be easily (4) THAT new. lists of voters have been specially prepared for the done in the field. They were very said plebiscite. much interested in demonstrations of the , fluorescent lamp for detecting (5) THAT the said lists are what may be termed "open lists' which scheelite, the ore of tungsten. means that, in either urban or rural polling divisions, any qualified --o- voter whose name has been omitted from same may vote on polling RED CROSS LEARNS A LOT day in his polling division upon taking the required oath and upon IN WRITTEN TEST being vouched for on oath by a voter whose name appears on the ON FIRST AID list of voters for such polling division. ROCHESTER, N. Y Examiners (6) THAT National Registration Certificates are required to be pro- duced of a Red Cross first aid class whis- tled by qualified urban voters whose names have been omitted softly in appraising results of from the lists of voters, and by those voteris only, before being a written test for adults. allowed to vote. ' . - "Some of the answers," said Roy V. Benson, director of water safety (7) THAT advance polls will be opened in the same localities and on and first aid, "are, to the least, say the same conditions as at the last General Election. surprising." "Surprising," Benson felt, were (8) THAT, as a general rule, every person who has ordinarily resided these: in Canada during the last twelve months is entitled to vote at For dog bite "Put the dog for. several days. If ne has not away re- covered, the said plebiscite if Jie is twenty-on- e years of age and a British then kill it." subject. For fracture "To see if the limb (9) THAT voters will be entitled, to vote in the polling division in is broken, wiggle it gently back and forth." which they were ordinarily residing on the 30th day of March last. Respiration was described "as a (10) THAT urban voters have been advised of the location of their handy thing to know how to do especially il you live far from a polling stations on the notices left at their, dwelling places by the doctor.'" enumerators. . To prevent head colds "Use an (11) THAT rural voters have been notified in the Notice to Voters agonlzer to until it spray nose drops into your throat." posted up jn the post offices, and should have been verbally advised Without going into too great de- tain, Y by the rural enumerators of the location or their polling stations. a description of circulation of (12) THAT, generally, polling stations for the said plebiscite will be the blood, stated simply: established at or near the same premises as at the last General "It flows down one leg and up the other" Election. ,c (13) THAT arrangements are being made to collect the results of the FURS ARE PLENTIFUL AND plebiscite on the evening of polling day as is done at a General IN PRIME CONDITION. Election. . Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. (14) THAT Canadian every on active service or in training in any of White and Indian trappers in this His Majesty's forces or corps, within or without Canada, is entitled years. area report The the animals best fur are season plentiful in to vote at the plebiscite in advance of polling day by virtue of a special procedure provided. ancT despite the mild winter the fur is in prime condition. Prices Dated at Ottawa this 20th day of April, 1942. are good. TTTTPC rACTmrrtTAv FRIDAY, APRIL 24th, 1942 THE WHITEHOKSB STAR. WHITKHORSE, YUKON PAGTi .FIVE -- :w:v:-xwx w.v. .s 4, . ........ ! . h 6 ?f Polls open from 8 a.m. tfcr 8 p.m. DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME Issued under authority Department of the Secretary of State, Ottawa. he's lost another prize. bare The roads are now about ATLIN NUGGETS A Conn has arrived from Horse from snow around Atlin and som Creek where he has been building a cabin on his mining property foi of the Creeks, with heavy frost.- - Fred Johnson is a patient at St. future operations. i falling each night and the sun mak- ing Men of 30, 40, 50 Andrew's Hospital, a bad cold hav- ing it relightful in the daytime. PEP, VIM, VIGOR, Subnormal? developed into pneumonia. - WaM normal pep, vim, vigor, vitality? We were pleased to have an of-f- J. Miss Dorothy Matson is leaving Try tonica, Ostrex stimulants, Tonic Tablets. oyster element Contains Noland ial visit from the Rt. Rev. W. A. Sands' Store to spend the summer aids to normal pep after 30, HI or 50. Frank Henning took John Get a special Introductory size for only out to Carcrbss by car on Monday, Geddes, Bishop of Yukon, who re- mained help her Dad and partners with 35. Try this aid to normal pep and vim in town for a few days the mlinarv dept on their hydrauli today. For sale at all good drug stores. so we presume Noland is catching a plane south. I guest of Rev. R. P. Graham. works on Ruby Creek. Sands say? PAGE SIX TT IE WH 11 EIIORSE STAR, Willi EIIORSE YUKON Local Happenings Mr. Herbert Wheeler arrived in Mr. and . Mrs. W. D. Gordon ' arc 4 oca tioweis expected to arrive homo from"; the town from the coast Monday, .' ' coast tomorrow. The U. S. Army Chaplain will oc W S. Rox borough arrived in town nipy the pulpit at Christ Church! NEW ICE BOX FLOWERS from Atlin last Sunday for an in Sunday evening. definite period. For the Table or Corsages for wear, put up in transparent Alec. McKay of X Mrs. Mr. and We- d- I T"T many menu X'..' --J wm Un ue auxxu r . containers. Clusters of Gardenias, Rose - Buds, Carnations, and Pennington arrived in town nesdav to spend a few days here learn that Mr. W, H. Simpson has j .Roses, Etc. th "frinHs been a patient in the local hospital i for the past week or so. We all delist hope to see him out and around Dr. Franks the popular TABLE LAMPS arrived in town Wednesday by C. aSain soon-- ' p Airlinos nlane Wednesday al'ler i k enHinc ih, winW- - Outside. He : Miss Sheila Nelson of Atlin who Beautiful and Decorative with matching Parchment Shades. will remain in town for the next has been enjoying a vacation here A IARGE VARIETY OF SIZES AND COLORS. ' jas the-gues- t of Mr. and Mrs. Charles two or three weeks. . j Bennett for the past week or two diesel ' left on her return trip home yester-operat- or Emil Forrest, formerly at Mayo, arrived in town day- - , "ADPURY TAYLOR Ltd recently and is now in the employ ; k r Dr. and Mrs. A. C. Duncan and of the W. P. & Y. R. their two young children arrived in His Excellency Bishop Coudert of town by. C P. Airlines plane Wed-th- e Roman. Catholic Church arrived nesday en rMte to Dawson after back in town Saturday from his of-- having spent the past few months ficial trip through the Territory. Outside. Yesterday was the. anniversary of Congratulations are extended to the birthday of England's patron Signaller R. E. Greenslade of the saint St. George and also of the R. C. C. S. who recently was pro- moted greatest dramatist" the world has to the rank of Sergrant. ever known. William Shakespeare. H Mr., Malcolm Matheson Jr. of OZZXZXXZXXZ Mayo spent a few days in town this week on a business, trip. Christ Church-Anglica- n- Mr. York Wilson, formerly B.Y.N. THE OLD LOG CHURCH Co. agent at Mayo, arrived in town Whitehorse 'ast week to take' up the position of Rev. L. G. Chappell, L. Th.. agent at the local depot. It is un- derstood Rector. Mrs. Wilson will be arriv- ing The consistent quality and SUNDAY, APRIL 26th, 1942 - later. superb 'flavor of this inter- national 8.30 a m. Holy Communion. favorite has won an Miss Rita . Morrison formerly a enviable reputation on this 10.00 a. m. Sunday School member of the staff of the White-hor- se continent. Ask for Lurky 11.00 a m. Morning Prayer. Inn Cabaret, was married in Lager, the wartime beverage 7.30 p. m. Evening Prayer and Skagway on or about the 17th inst. of thousands. Sermon. to Mr. Lee Gault an employee of the tT The U. S. Army Chaplain W. P. & Y. R at present in the U. will occupy the pulpit at the even- ing S. army. Their many friends here service. wish them every happiness in the ciiTiiirYxxxrmxTxxiiiix. future. COAST BREWERIES' LTD. ;iIIIiriIXXXXXXTITXlXtTT7T1 VANCOUVER -- ' VICTORIA Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson of SACRED HEART NEW WESTMINSTER St. Paul, Minn., arrived in town 42.3 Catholic Church Wednesday. Mr. Thompson is on the staff of Collier's Weekly. This advertisement is not published or Sundays: (services in church) ' displayed by the Government of Yukon Territory. Masses .......... 7.30 and 9.00 A.M. Mr William A. O'Neill of Canad- ian Fred Anderson, well-kno- wn South High Mass 10.30 A.M. Placers Ltd., arrived m town DAWSON Dawson resident and an employee Benediction 7.30 P.M. last Friday and left, the following for many years at the Dawson elect-- , Week morning northbound by C. P. Air-hj.- es ric light plant, passed ' last days: (services in the rectory) plane. Fred Bilan has arrived in town away week at St. after Mary's Hospital Masses 7.00 and 730 A.M. from Ballart-on-the-Yuk- on. being in that institution but q shiit Fridays: Benediction 7.30 P.M. i . . - ( time. He was 74 years of age and CIXXXIIXXTXXTTOIUXXXXIXX? Home Rev. W. Valentine Is now station- ed came from Copenhagen, Denmark . at Victoria as Chaplain with the :' VV. II. THEATRE Victoria rifles., Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Beaumont Whitehorse ... Yukon Bakery have left for Whitehorse and are Isaac Sansouey, who spent the now employed at the W. P. & Y. R. " Front Street winter in the Clear Creek country, depot there. . "Chuck" was a purser : Showing this week : has arrived in town. on the river boats, for a few years-prio- r BREAD to being stationed iri Dawson j North . West a couple of years ago. ..' DOUGHNUTS T. R. Campbell and F. H. Osborn, Mounted Police PIES both transportation men here, have Mrs. W. Huson who in the days left by plane on a business trip to of the Klondike gold stampede was A grtat picture all should see. COOKIES, Etc. Whitehorse. N known as the "Sweetheart of the Don't Miss It. Leave your orders at our Yukon" and later as "Ma" passed 1 store and have them de- livered Harry Ewing who was stationed away recently in Seattle at the ad- - - j NEW A '(.. here some years ago with the R." C. vanced age of 81 years She and j Shows every nl(?ht but Sunday. FRESH ANY DAY C. S. is now located at Mayo. His her husband took the first piano wife was the former Elizabeth into Dawson via the Chilkoot Pas.s ClXlIIIIIIIirrTTTTTITTTTTT a t Grant. transporting it in sections - mimCSZIZmZmZZISZSZS ZSZZ3!la i ........ I I I I h. I :(J I St I it I id- - I at I re I R. . . I er I rs- - I )n I ys I as I 2d I rid I no J LS.S j 1942 g nd s. I 14 J 1 l-- st '- -. 4 1 i id 7 rs m 'S e d d I i I