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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 15, Friday, April 10, 1942.

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Frc-- mm 5TLT CIRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YU KON TERRITORY Mil Vol. 42. , No. 15. WHITEHORSE, YUKON, FRIDAY, APRIL 10th 1942 ft Subscription $3.00 Yra r. U.S. ARMY ENGINEERING CORPS ARRIVE FOR HIGHWAY COMPULSARY SERVICE IN CANADA WAR EFFORT CANADA FOR ALL UP TD TO BE SUBSTANTIALLY THIRTY YEARS OF AGE. A Cordial Welcome AUGMENTED THIS YEAR. ': V,.' .... ' With the war being brought clos'.r Speaking in the House on the new to us everyday Canada is rapidly - getting into, its proper stride com- mensurate Prime Minister stated that at the with the exigencies of 1 On behalf of the residents of Whitehorse we present time there were about 600,-00- 0 the situation. extend to Brigadier General W. M. Uogel his officers workers engaged in munition Compulsory regulations to ensure and men of the U .S. Army Engineering Corps, a cor- dial making and . that a further 100,000. would be required within the next all Canadians making their full con- tribution welcome to the Yukon Territory. to- - the civilian war effort' twelve months. In the armed ser- vices and extension of the age I 'mit to To most of them it will be a new and, we trust, . approximately 13.000 will be required for the navy ,100,000 for the thirty are . now in force unc'er the an interesting experience. army and 80,000 for the air force Act. War Measures - making a total of 193,000. These and childless w4v'cw-er- s Single men It is the hope of us all that their stay in the will be in addition to those called between the ages of 21 and 30 north will be a most enjoyable one and that the up for military service wrthin Cain years will be called up for .com- pulsory ada. training and service in Can- ada great project they have come to undertake will -- n- whether of British origin oi be carried through to completion with outstand- ing WEDDING SOLEMNIZED not. It is stated they will be draft- ed success. CARCROSS SATURDAY. by lot over the whole age group in a manner somewhat similar to THE WHITEHORSE STAR Last Saturday at St. Saviour's that already in operation through- out the United. States. Church, Carcross, Miss K. E. Woods', Girls' Supervisor at the Chooutla Persons engaged in non-essent- ial Indian Residential School, was vork be transferred at gov- ernment may united in marriage to Mr. J. Rowel 1 request to essential war Untied States Army Engineering Corps the Rev. H. C. M. Grant officiating. work. Employers of those so draft- ed After the ceremony a dance was will be required to reinstate Arrive to Undertake Construction of held in honor of the bridal couple them release from service. on war to whom heartiest congratulations Civilians between the ages of 17 military Highway Through Territory and best wishes were extended by and 45, unless rejected from the all who attended the happy gather- ing, With Alaska. Connect armed b To services, may not employ- ed v after March 23 411 any nou- - es- sential industries without permiss- ion It was a pleasing sight when These camps will be moved from QUIET WEDDING from selective service officers. about one hundred and thirty men place to place as the -- work proceeds, Persons engaged in agi icultiire of the Corps of Engineers, United the only personnel being left at SOLEMNIZED AT States Army,, arrived at the local headquarters being those in charge CHRIST CHURCH may not leave to take other occup-flio- ns without permission except depot on Frjday although it must of administration and the staff re- sponsible be admitted that the weather-ma- n ' for the distribution of On Sunday evening at the con- clusion for stajujijBl work in primary in- -, was not at all considerate on that equipment and supplies. of the evening service a f'usiriev to take active service or auspicious occasion. They form the Those in charge of . the northern quiet wedding' was solemnized by within compulsory service Canada. advance party for the construction sector will be operating eastward to nnnt routine Those rejected for service on parties being Miss Margaret-Mcmi- b of the military highway through Watson Lake and also northwards physical founds, both volunteers the Yukon Territory to Alaska. It j through the Territory, with the base, of North Battleford, Sask., and cnd those called up, are U be treat- ed is understood that a complement of j camp located at Whitehorse. William Miners of the Dept. of with a view to physicaJ rehabilit- ation Transport here. The bride was between three and four thousand j The advance party were quavter-- 1 for armed service. . given in marriage by Mr. A. Mo men will be engaged vn the pro- ject ed in the N. S. A. A. hall over- -. Classes are to be set up in co which is one of the" greatest of ! night Friday but moved into camp Eachern and was attended by Miss operation with educational insulati- ons 'iiboiit Ann Mackenzie whilst Ian Murray its kind ever undertaken on this a mile from t.'n the follow-- j to train men for parsonnel was in attendance on the grodm. continent. ing oy. management. carried We are informed that both the C. Heartiest congratulations are ex- tended ' work is being Heavy penalties are provided for The entire - of P. R. and the C. N. R. are each; to the bridal couple and best those disobeying the compulsory out under the direct supervision from Se- attle wishes expressed 'for their future W. M. Hoge making two special trips clauses of the new regulations for Brigadier General his to bring the men north. Sex-e- ra happiness and welfare E. J. Stann as civilian with Captain workers. Appeal boards -- o- of the hundreds . of these have already will be set up to guard against in- justice executive officer in charge at arrived this week. The others will Mr." C. J. Rogers, president and to individuals or firms northern sector and headquarters of the be following in the immediate fut- ure. general manager of the W. P. & Y. surveying In order to free younger men Whitehorse. The under the Large consignments of equip--; R., arrived in town yesterday after for direct war service civilian tasks, route is being conducted almost daily and spending the winter Outside. We ment arriving F. A. Pettit, are. as far as possible, to be performed supervision of Major will be actual construction ' will commence all are pleased he has recovered by older men or women. whilst the southern sector from his recent illness. supervision of Major A. I almost any day now. the under 1 There is heavy traffic the Y. at St Whilst no definite information is over According to reports emanating C. Welling with headquarters be carried on at j available as to the route decided S. A. T. airlines these days each will from all quarters from coast to coast John. Work of the route simul- taneously, !upon there is a general impression ship arriving daily having a com- plete it is confidently predicted that an various sections complement of . consisting of Uhat the highway from Watson Lake passengers. overwhelming vote in the affirmati- ve each camp of men will ''traverse the Teslin Lake for will be cast when the from one to three companies j govern- ment form- ing some distance and enter White- horse Blirwash Landing, the Kluane coun- try, eighty men j and plebiscite is voted upon by the one hundred There is also a at the Canyon. Northwards the White River district and People throughout the Dominion on a company attachment. it is believed that it will be via thence into Alaska. Monday, April 27 next. v complete medical PAGE TWO IE WHITEHORSE STAR. WHITKIfORSR, YUKON , FRIDAY, APRIL 10th 1942 WE CAN WAIT NO LONGER Under the. above caption J. L. "Voloo of the Yukon' Rutldge in his editorial columns in a recent issue of Liberty makes the Am Independent Journal following quotations v from a speech made by Donald Nelson, United ' States War Production Chief : "We must stop thinking about what -- we Published' Friday at every are going to do to the enemy in and The White Pass Yukon Route . Whitehorse, Yukon Territory 1943 and s'tart thinking about what we are going to do to him in Feb- ruary On the Trail of "98 arid March 1942. i . . Every The, Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to weapon we make today is worth ten that we might produce next Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska .Member of Canadian Weekly year." Mr. Rutledge then proceeds Associations to make the following comments: ,.'' Newspapers' ; "We have gone by the time when IIOKACE E. , MOORE -- : Publisher we can build morale ' by a jaunty plane service, making connections northbound and south- bound exterior. We cannot win this war with steamers at Skagwayv Serving Whitehorse, with gestures. This is stern busi- ness Let us have faith, that right makes and we must look it in the Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For information might: and in ih-n- t faith' let us to face. For two and a half years we "' apply to any v..'-':;;::vN- ' .' ' ' t lie end dare to do our duty as we have been looking to the future. At understand it. Lincoln. first it was because we had to, be- cause WHITE PAS SAGE NT, or WWSAA prior to 1939 we had been too ' 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. APRIL 10th, 1942 blind to look anywhere. Now post- ponement has. become a habit. We c I (0 'ooked to '1940, to 1941, when we A RED LETTER DAY would be ready Now we look to 1942 and to 1943. But our enemies blem. Here and here only can we nomic and class positions. We must The arrival of the advance party haVe known that time wouldn't wait determine the progress of the war, make the war effort our primary v of U S. Army Engineering Corps on for them. They have not waited for No matter what might come, we can and only essential business. This is Saturday last presented an unusual next year . to strike. They have be no worse off by being ready our- selves.' the day. This is the month. This is sight pn the streets of Whitehorse. staked everything on a desperate v: v ;''; the year. We may not be given . ? .ever before had such a contingent gamble. They have moved with Let us not start by blaming the more time. This is the time to work of uniformed men been seen here. open savagery, caring nothing for governmentfor everything. That for victory." Their advent into the Territory the privations and miseries and has been one of bur great short- comings. marked a Red Letter Day in the cruelties they have imposed on in- nocent Not that the government history of the Yukon and was an . peoples. ' We have waited, has been free from blame, but no PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT unmistakeable , demonstration of cataloguing our achievements of the one will deny we have been be- clouding TO REGISTER FOR the fact that the construction, of a present and glowing over the pro- mise issues that are vital to us SELECTIVE DRAFT. highway through British Coluumbia for the morrow. with a partisanship that has no place in desperate days. What the Coming within the category of all and the Yukon into Alaska was to We can wait no longer. Even be undertaken without delay, and 1943 may be too late. What Ger- many people actually demand of the gov- ernment, men between the ages of 45 and 64-ye- ar become an established fact. and Japan have lacked, they that the government will class, according to the 1940 The fact that the construction of are now securing: Dominant out- post' deliver. We have - ample evidence census, the Bureau points out that ythis highway at the present time is positions, bases, vital raw ma- terials, of that. For ourselves, we must be I President ready to face risks and losses Roosevelt will register for being undertaken primarily for mil- itary factories and the slave pop- ulations heavy purposes in no way detracts to man . them. Only a and sharp deprivations. We must ! selective service on April ' 27 next It from the important part it will play month or two ago we were com- forting forget personal considerations, we l is stated that approximately four- teen in the future in the opening up of ourselves that Japan could must stop jockeying for political million registrations will be this Territory. In conjunction not sustain a war of any. length. -- We advantage. We must forget eco made that day. with our airport this highway defin- itely had an economic strangle hold on places, Whitehorse in an un- ique her, just as earlier we talked of our UlillllllZIIIIIITIITTTl TIUXXXXXXXXIIIITTTXgTTTHTTj position on the map for all strangle hold on Germany. . The . time. The town is bound to be- come Japanese needed oil. They needed Yukon Electrical Company, Ltd. a great distributing centre rubber, needed tin, needed food. and therefore to all intents and Now they have them all. Give them . Will be pleased to consult purposes the commercial capital of the time to develop and use them, the Yukon. Little do some people and we have lost half a world. Give you regarding yet realize the important role and them time and we are behind our vital part this highway is to serve own bastions waiting for attack. Let Light, Power. Supplies and Installations in the future development of this us remember Mr. Neson's words: Territory. For the most part they February and March 1942 not . displayed little or no faith in its in- ception 1943. Japan and Germany may not WHITEHORSE, Y. T. in the" first instance. " On give us until tomorrow, and they it XXXITXmXXXXXXIXTTliJLlIlIIITTlllIlITTTTrr the contrary their opposition to the is who call the time. project had been most pronounced; Perhaps even we Canadians, dis- tant, so much so in fact that it has re-quir- ed from the actual fighting, have the exigencies of war con- ditions been momentarily frightened out of to off-s- et such opposition. our complacency. Let us stay All future criticism upon the pro- ject frightened,1 if t,hat is what is needed .gg-- g Butter must be of a constructive nat- ure to keep us awake. . curea i ' i i to be of any value. The army What we need in Canada, as. is Try BURNS' , and of . engineers in carrying out the needed everywhere, is a universal Meats SliamrockBrdndCreaincry Butter construction of the highway will and deadly serious realization that, Eggs clearly demonstrate for all to be- hold the war can be lost. . It will serve , what can be accomplished by very little useful purpose if we wait . . . ,''. united action. too long for that realization. Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products In our own best interests we in This is not alarmist talk. Let us . the Yukon must emulate such ac- complishments get away from, the habit of calling arid in conjunction anything real "alarmist." We can with the people of Alberta and and must win the war, but we can't "You Can Buy No British Columbia, as well as those win it by waiting for some miracle Better" in the state of Washington, see that in 1943. The miracle must happen the highway, when it is handed over now, and it will happen when there to the Federal government, is pro- perly is a changed heart in all those peo- ples Burns & and adequately maintained in who make up the United Nat- ions. Company . Limited. the future. But Canada alone is our pro- - 14 W i.A ... FRIDAY, APRIL 10th,. .1942 THE Wll 1TKI IORSE STAR. WINTKIIORSE. YUKON PAGE THREE JAPANESE FAMLIES AT U. S. ENGINEERS CORPS COAST TRANFERRED WIN RACE AGAINST TO SOUTHERN ALBERTA. SPRING THAW IN BRINGING ALL EQUIPMENT NORTH ' Movement of approximately 450 Footwear ' families from Pacific Japanese A U. S. Army Medical Corps of- ficer 'Coast areas to Southern Alberta ' stated Saturday in Edmonton started this week with thirty fam- - that they had won the race . against il es comprising .the first group. A the LECKIE BOOTS ARE THE BEST spring thaw and have all equip- ment flow1 of small groups of other "fam- ilies on the north , end of the bad See Our of will continue until the move- ment Range Styles. stretch between Fort St. , John and has been completed. It is ex- pected Fort Nelson. The boys, he jtated, that. all the families will be Also, were mighty proud in accomplishing fettled in their new region by the this feat and work on--t- he road will beginning of May. Most of the be started ay now. Those Hewetson Shoes families, it is stated, wlil be em- ployed from the southbound the weather in the sugar beet fields to pretty tutxrtor them but they were alleviate a labor shortage whilst too busy to notice it or to get home- sick. For CHILDREN and others will be assigned to general Another officer commented farm work in the district. -- o-- "Canada is a swell country but it's Paris Maid Slippers just too big." He paid tribute to the Tabor took, the : leading role in excellent airfields arid airdrome For TINY TOTS. forming the Plebiscite committees. : facilities between Edmonton and That was to be expected. Labor Alaska stating that experienced krmvs that this war means one of j pilots would have, no difficulty' tv;o things its defeat oj the defeat landing or taking off on the fields. Northern Commercial Co. Li of the Axis. A field hospital has been set up at Fort St. John. ' . A LARGE AFFIRMATIVE Travel VOTE ANTICIPATED IN THERE IS NO OTHER TOBACCO JUST LIKE OLD CHUM BAJLWAV THE COMING PLEBISCTE. on a STEAMSHIPS COMMUNICATIONS HOTELS PRINCESS" According to- - reports emanating (OHUTtTl i from all quarters from coast to coast II TlUVtl faw Liner it is confidently predicted that an overwhelming vote in the affirmat- ive will be cast when the govern- ment Kagway to Vancouver Victoria or Seattle plebiscite is voted upon by the people throughout the Dominion on SOUTHBOUND SAILINGS Monday April 27 next. PRINCESS NORAH ? Tuesday, April 14 JAP INVASION SIBERIA Sunday, April 26 Wednesday, May 6 . SOON ACCORDING Tf . Sunday, May 17. . TRUSTWORTHY BRITISH ' Sunday, May' 31 DIPLOMATIC SOURCES. Connections at Vancouver with , Canadian Pacific Services: Information emanating from what Transcontinental is termed a trustworthy source con- vinces Trans-Pacif- ic Britain that Japan will , Trans-Atlan- tj plunge Russia into a two-fro- nt war Tickets, reservatiops and full soon by launching a powerful at- tack particulars from upon Siberia simultaneously to L. H. JOHNSTON the much-talk- ed of Spring offensive General Agent C P. R. by the Germans. It is pointed out Skagway Alaska that since the United Nations are not yet in a position to confront Hit- ler Canadian Pacific with a second European front lxxxxtixiiiiiiixixiiiii: Britain' s main effort to ease the pressure on Russia is expected to be a series of tremendous bombing ainxxiixiixxxxxxxxixxxxn an nn rvi raids on the Reich. Whilst Russia 1 "BUILD WESTERN PAYROLLS" has a good standing army in Siberia it might not measure 1 up to the standard on the wester front of The Tobacco Quality A PATRON through lack of battle experience.;'- - CUT COARSI FOR PIPI CUT FINE FOR ROLLING YOUR OWN NEW EDUCATION FOR 8 CENTRES FOR ARMY. FVjnnoiTFD YEARS An experiment aimed at simpli- fying army studies for men who lack the benefits of adequate educ- ation We have a letter froni up-coun- try will go into effect at North 'The writer states, shortly with establish- ment Bay, Ont., she has used "all kinds of there of a new "educational canned milk" but Pacific basic training centre," it was learn- ed Milk continually since she at National Defense headquart- ers. of its began it "because richness .and flavor. That The object of the new school will ( . was eight years ago." excellence that oe to leacn nniuaiy suujcv-- m It's only real a that fellows who haven't the i Those beautiful VENETIAN BLINDS' cif which you hove dreamed are not nearly could bring a milk a pre- ference way ' aa expensive, us they lMk. Besides, you don't have to huy them nil at onee. They benefit of education when they cost no more one or two at a time. BUT lie sure to buy the. hest. Iemiind I'lONhEK like this. VENETIAN 'BLINDS.' the services can absorb their BRAND enter We haveprepared an interesting book "rOP NEW AND OLD" just off the Pacific Milk courses more easily, ' ' press. It will Vost you nothing. Write for it and tell us the name of your fatorite dealer. that if the - pro- ject It is anticipated JONES TENT & AWNING LIMITED IffRADIATED or COURSE is successful the plan - will be Dept. V, 41 West Hasting Street ' Van.-ouver- . B.C. extended to other parts of Canada. CXlXTTTTTXTIIXmilXXXXXXU J PAGE FOUR THE WIMTEIIOKSK STAR. WHITKNOR8E. YUKON FRIDAY, APRIL 10th, 1942 YUKON SOLDIERS CAUSE show up was that well-kno- wn NEAR TRAFFIC JAM IN newspaper headliner, Indian Chief 1 0NT OF VANCOUVER Charlie Isaac, who just graduated hOTEL BARRACKS. from .his Motor Mechanics course acific Airlines and passed with flying colours and Saturday afternoon a number of is leaving shortly for the East for pi) ktiers were an m a nuacue on nuvamcu . uoiums . Georgia Street in front of the Van- - Charlie hates to leave Vancouver Operators of , (Oliver Hotel Barracks arid almost now but is eager to continue his (raised a traffic jam, but the crowds --march of progress in the Army. He Yukon Southern Air Transport Limited passing' didn't seem to bother them is now attached to the Ordnance in the least. Perhaps they imagin- - Corps, without question one of the , ..Announce Formation of the Yukon Division c they wore gathered at the B. & best departments in the Army. Pri- - "F. Store corner in Dawson, as they vates, Henry Seimers, Axel Nordling In Charge of all turned out Yukoners. The and Ian Aldcroft are week-endi- ng 1 i tie fathering ' started off with in the City and expect to leave for Superintendent H. Hollick-Kenyo- n Snpper Charlie Ross and Pte. O. training camp soon All three are Nordling enjoying the sunshine and gradually takng the rough corners Who will 'be assisted by , " discussing week-en- d plans and Chas off. .'Vancouver. Ian has .covered' ' Mr. L. Cook Cliief Pilot "furlough travels. Sapper Ross just more- - ground than any American recently' arrived from, York Island Tourist since his arrival in Vancou-whe- re Mr. Kenneth McLean : . Chief of - Mainteiuuic he has been stationed for the ver A few days; ago he visited past year in charge of the Camp me coicmcKs ai wnonnecK, n. Mr- - J. Barber .7 . . . '; Assist. Sup 't in Charge of Traffic. wood supply and timber operations, and has already bought sufficient IX ORDER TO GIVK THE YUKON TERRITORY Then Private George Maddocks of street car tickets to entitle him to 1 o R. C A. M. Corps attached to become a shareholder in the B. C. BETTER AIR SERVICE t " Shfughjiessy Military' Hospital Electric Railway Co. Alan Gould ol staff made his appearance. George the Barracks Staff is an old-tim- er l-- . tiics there is no place like the by now arid has "soldering at his Army and says that the "nurses" linger tips. Corporal Tommy ftog- - a large number under him or on his "Fleet Runs Into Trap Off Shore" lii'.ve nothing on him now waeu il ers has taken charge of the light staff. Ross & Rogers, both with the says a headline. With all the odd comes to giving service. Next to ; t.m v.uoy rauy iort ana-na- s Engineers, are known, as the Yukon things that are happening these days Twins in the Canadian Army. They it is at least assuring to find that came out from the Yukon together ueeis are sua oil snore. and are with the same Unit sodier-in- g together. Private O.Nordling spent Good Friday at Chilliwack SAVE TIME BY AIR way and got the first sun tan of the season. Since enlisting in the army a year ago last November he has made Vancouver his headquarters. AIR MAIl Dan Olds received his discharge PASSENGERS from the Army this week and from AiR EXPRESS il -- reports may be heading north OlUMWIi shortly to resume work for the min- ing Company ; o - -- ' DEBT AND INTEREST CUT Chang es m . Greewood, B. C. has recently ne- gotiated a debt settlement that "is a settlement. Bondholders will re- bate all outstanding interest, which Schedule amounts to some $38,000; principal will be reduced from $57,072 to $22,780; interest on the remaining Vancouver-Whitehors- e debt will be cut from six percent to two percent; extension of the time for repayment of the ebt has been (Daily except Friday) granted to December 1, 1971. More NORTHBOUND than 8 Opercent of the bonds held Lv- - Vancouver. .- - 10 a. m. were iepresented in the consent Ar. Whitehorse. . . . 7 p. m. vote. Greenwood was a mining and SOUTHBOUND smelter camp in the old dasy of Lv. AVhitchorse . .7 a. m. booming mining towns in the in-ter- or Ar. Vancouver. . 5.:0 p- - in. of British Columbia. When Edmonton Whifehorse the mines closed, the smelters fol- lowed - and the towns were deserted. What had been active communities Monday, Wednesday became ghost cities, with only a few "' Saturday of the faithfu remaining to walk the NORTHBOUND streets which once were trod by Lv. Edmonton -- 12.45 p. in-- , hundreds. Ar. Whitehorse .. ..7 p. In. '' "' ' -- "'" 0 "I'.'.HjJ The surprise of the Greenwood 1 III IIIMMi UI1MI1IM1 " settlement is that there is any SOUTHBOUND chance of getting anything at all out Ly- - AVhitehorse ' . .7 a. m. BRITISH AND U. S. TANK PRODUCTION SOARS of the municipal bonds. The town Ar. Edmonton .. .5 p. in. Britain's tank production figures continue to rise to meet the Windsor was so hard Star. hit ,ittle remained. Making quick connections growing needs of her Armies and to .fulfil her promised aid to vith other Trans-eontinent-- al ' Russia, where British-manufactur- ed tanks have proved their worth i ; i Airlines against the German armies. I tlC II UI .3 Li. 4U. The above schedule remains In addition to United Kingdom tftftput, America will produce. PEP, VIM, VIGOR, Subnormal? in force until further notice- - 45.000 tanks during 1942, and 57, 000 during 1943 for the U. S. Try Want Oatrex normal Tonic pep, vim, Tablets. vigor, Contain vitality? For Full Flight Information and Allied Armies. tonics, stimulants, oyster elements-ai- ds Consult g to normal pep after 30. 40 or 60. nPf1 'ntrodw-tor- y size for only J.-- A. Here -- a long supply-trai- n carrying new tanks is seen passing .y lry tnis l to normal pep and vim today. For sale at all good drug stores. through M English countryside en route to tank units- - WHITEHORSE FRIDAY, APRIL 10th, 1942 PAGE FIVE feet on each side of the. base1 line. Registration of document' any $2.00 When $500.00 has been expended Other claims shall not exceed five Recording an abandonment , $2.00 or paid the locator may,! upon hav- ing hundred feet in' length by one thou- sand If it affects more than one claim a survey made, and upon com- plying feet in depth. Claims shall be For each additional claim .... $1.00 with other requirements, ob- tain as nearly as possible rectangular in Abstract of Title a lease for a term cf twenty-on- e form and shall be marked by two For first entry v $2,00 years, with the right to renewal Synopsis of Mining Law legal posts, one at each end of the . For each additional entry ...... .50 , for further terms of twenty-on- e claim, numbered "V and "2" re- spectively. For copy of Document-- Up years. Claims located prior to July .Location posts of creek to 200 7, 1917 words ........... $2.50 may upon fulfilling similar Yukon Territory claims shall be placed on the base For be each additional 100 words .50 requirements, Crown Granted. line, and of all other claims parallel ' For grant of water Leases, renewals of . leases, and to the base line, and on the side of Kor 50 inches or less $10.00 documents relating to leased claims the claim nearest the creek or river For 50 to 200 inches $25.00 shfl be recorded with the Mining Any person eighteen years of age towards "which it fronts. For 200 to 1,000 inches ..... $50.00 Recorder in triplicate. or over shall have the right to enter, locate, prospect and mine A discoverer shall be entitled to a For each additional 1,000 inches Schedule of Fees upon any or fraction thereof . . ... ... $50.00 Claim 1,500 feet in lands in the Yukon Territory, length, and a -- party Recording every claim $10.00 whether vested in the Crown or of two discoverers two claims, . QUARTZ MINING '.V; For a substitutional rrrnvd $10 00 each of 1,250 feet in length. - Application lease ..... otherwise, for the minerals defined fyr a $10.00 Subject to the boundaries of other For certificate of Yukon a improve- ments in the Quartz Mining Act The boundaries of claim any may claims in good standing at the time and the Yukon Placer Mining Act, be 5.00 enlarged to the size of a claim of its location, a mining claim shall If recorded within 14 days after with' certain reservations set. out in the by Act, if the flowed enlarge- ment be the said Acts. . ' ' does rectangular in shape and shall expiry date $5.00 not interfere with the not exceed 1,500 feet in length by If after 14 days and within rights of other persons or terms of 1,500 feet in width. No person shall enter for mining three months $15.00 any agreement with the crown. purposes or shall mine 'upon lands If after three months and with- in Every claim shall be marked on .owned; or lawfully occupied by an- other An application for a claim may be the ground by two legal posts, one six months . . .. $25.00 until adequate filed with the Recording certificate of security has Mining Recorder at each extremity of the location every been furnished to the within ten of work . . . satisfaction of days after being located line, numbered "1" and "2" respect- ively. , $5.00 the Mining Recorder for any loss or if within ten miles of the Recorder's On the side of No. 1 post For a certificate of partnership $5.00 damage which may be thereby office. One extra day shall be al- lowed facing No. 2 post shall be inscribed Recording assignment, abandon- ment, caused; ' ... : . . for affidavits, or other . .. every additional ten miles any the name of the claLn, a letter in- dicating or fraction thereof. A document .., .... $2.50 claim may be Where claims the direction to No. 2 post, are being located If document affects located than on Sunday or public more which any the number of feet to the right or , are situated more than one ' ' one claim, for each additional holiday. 4 left of the location line, the date of hundred miles x from the Mining Re- corder's claim- - .... .. $1.00 location and the of the locator. name office, the locators, not less Any person having recorded a For granting period of six than five in number, are authorized claim shall not have the right to lo- cate On No. 2 post, on the side facing No. months within which to re- cord 1 shall be inscribed the to meet and appoint one of their another claim in the valley or post, name ........ $4.00 , of the the date of claim, location, numDer as emergency recorder, basin of same creek .within sixty For ah abstract of the record of and the of the locator. who shall as soon as possible 'deliver days of locating first claim. name a claim: , the application and fees received to , Title The claim shall be recorded with- in For the first entry $4.00 the Mining Recorder for the District. fifteen days if located within ten For each additional entry ... .50 Any person having complied with miles of the mining Recorder's of- fice; For copies of any document re- corded If two or. more persons own a the provisions of the Act with res- pect one additional day shall be al- lowed where same do not claim, each such person shall contri- bute to locating and recording a . for every additional ten miles exceed three folios $4.00 proportionately to his interest claim shall be entitled to a grant or fraction thereof. Where such copies exceed three to the work required to be done for one year and shall have the ab- solute folios, 30 cents per folio for thereon, and when proven to the Adjoining claims not exceeding right of renewal from year every folio over three. Gold Commissioner that he has not eight in number may be. grouped, to year thereafter, provided during For recording a power of at- torney done so his interest may be vested the representation' work necessary each year he does or causes . to be to stake from ope in the other co-own- ers. lor each claim may then be per- formed . :. .... .... done $200.00 worth of work of the person ..... $4.00 The survey of a claim made by a claim, files with the Mining Recor- der on any one or more of the For recording a power of attor- ney duly qualified Dominion Land Sur- veyor within fourteen days after the claims in the group. to stake from two per- sons shall be accepted as defining expiration of the claim an affidavit Every application for a full claim . , . . ... ... $8.00 absolutely the boundaries of the showing a detailed statement of the shall be made on Form "A" and for For recording an assignment or claim surveyed, provided the survey work, and pays the required renewal a fractional claim on Form "A-l- ". other document relating to a is approved by the proper authori- ty fee. quartz mining lease . $3.00 and remains unprotested during No person is entitled to locate Rental, whole or fractional min- eral the period of advertisement. GROUPING more than one claim , in the same claim granted under Under certain conditions claims mining district within twenty days. lease for term of 21 years. . $50.00 A person about to undertake ?. Rental for renewal term of 21 may be grouped and the work re- quired bona fide prospecting trip may se- cure to be performed to entitle The timber on a mineral claim is years . $zuu.wu from the Mining Recorder reserved until -- the Mining Recorder Dredging: the owner or owners to renewals of written permission to record at his certifies that the same is required the,, several claims grouped may bq A lease may be issued for a per own risk a claim within six months. for use in mining operations on the performed on any one or more .of iod of fifteen years for a continuous claim. The Commissioner, however, A legal post must stand four feet the claims in the grouping. If the may issue a permit to holders of stretch of river not exceeding ten above the ground, squared or laced claims grouped are owned by more other claims to remove the timbers miles in length giving the exclusive than a partnership right to dredge for gold, silver and for the upper eighteen mc'ies and one person for use in their mining operations four inches Ine agreement creating a joint and platinum. The lessee must have at measuring across where other timber is not readily laced portion. The post must be several liability on the part of all available. least one dredge in operation on the firmly fixed 'in the ground. the owners for the joint working of leasehold within three years. the claims shall be executed a id Title Petroleum and Natural Gas Priority of location shall be deem- ed filed with the Mining Recorder. A lease may be issued for a per- iod to convey priority of right. Cer- tain Any person having complied with of for twenty-on- e years an area Taxes and Fees the provisions of the Act with re- gard disputes may be heard and de- termined of not to exceed 1,920 acres giving by a Board of Arbitrators. Royalty at the rate of two and to locating and recording a the right to the petroleum and nat- ural cent, on the .value of claim shall be entitled to hold it for one-ha- lf per the leased. A gas on area rent- al Grants of claims or own- ed of the record, grouped from the Yukon one-yea- r from the date all gold shipped is charged of 50 cents per acre by one person may be made re- newable Territory shall be paid to the Com- ptroller. and thereafter from year to year, for the first year and $1.00 per aero on the same date. provided during each year he does for each subsequent year. to be done" work on the causes or PLACER MINING For grant to a claim for $10.00 claim to the value of $100.00 and Assay Office one year after the An Assay Office is maintained by Creeks means, any natural water For renewal of grant shall, within fourteen days COUrsp havinff nn avprapp width of Tf renewed within 14 days expiration of the year, satisfy the the Government at Vancouver, less than one hundred and fifty feet ..after expiry date ......... $10.00 Mining Recorder that the work has where gold exported from the Ter- ritory and the Certificate will " be purchased at its full between its banks? If after 14 days and within 3 been done, pay $30.00 of Work fee. One hundred doTTJtvs value. . j Creek claimsshall not exceed five months in lieu of assessment G. A. JECKEL1,. be paid hundred feet in length, measured If after 3 months and within 6 may ControlUr. work. along the base line, by one thousand months $45-0- 0 PAGE SIX THE W HIT El 10 USE STAR. WHITEHORSE- - YUKON FRIDAYAPRIL 10th, 1942 L oca I H a ppen i rigs. New Spring Goods Miss E. Rose is the latest additon ' ii. F, Latimer of Atlin, B. C, has to the corps of stewardesses in tut arrived in town and will remain service of the Y. S. A. T. here "for an indefinite period. NOW ARRIVING, ''l'.;; H. A. Beattie arrived from Car-cro- ss Born to Mr. and Mrs. R. Chadsey Saturday and will be remaini- ng, at the Whitehorse General Hospital in town indefinitely. on March 24th, a son. Ladies9 New Silk Dresses ''.':-- V Miss Grace Toftland arrived Sat- urday Mr. Sam Kilment checker at the from the coast to assume her local dock for the 13. Y. N. Co., and position as housekeeper at the JUST UNPACKED. his bride arrived in town Saturday Whitehorse Inn. . from the coast. ! Mr. and Mrs. W. H. S. McFarland The Very Latest Styles Mrs. Allan Bell arrived Saturday arrived from the Outside Saturday to join her husband who is a car- penter and left for their home in Dawson employed in the local ship- yard. the following day. . Plain and Printed. No Two Alike. v-:,.".-- : 'r. Mr. Leroy Churchill left by plane Have you got your ticket yet for; yesterday for Carmacks to assume, the Curling Club dinner and dance ! the management of the post of TAYLOR & DRURY which " takes place next Friday the i Messrs. Taylor & Drury Ltd., there. Ltdl 17th? . i'- - The Rt. Rev. W. A. Geddes, Bis- - Mr. K. MacKenzie of Port Arthur j hP of Yukon, arrived by plane . . ...' ; T7t1C9 "''Milts.. U 1J. t rnt nrrivH Mnav Hn He io is now nw, irom uawson Monday on a snort NOLANDVILLE ii.L4o ouunci nets leu ana is now in on the staff of the government radio visit. He will be back in town Whitehorse. Another of Noland's section of the Dept. of Transport. again shortly. crew is on his way south 1 to nose On April 1st Eastman's had one of around Vancouver and then visit Miss Sheila Nelson of Atlin ar- rived their best cleanups. Let's hope that his folks at Salmon Arm. That's Mr. M. H. Jones, proprietor Daw- son Hardware Co., and Mrs. Jones in town latter part of last the traditions of that day do not Jimmy Paterson. Then there are arrived Friday from the Gold City week and is the guest of Mr. and apply to the mine's output. Big John Jurick and Mike Miloglav Mrs. C. Bennett. who have Cumberland in view. Emil and left the following morning on Turnquist has talked about an extended trip to the coast and the bie points east. ': Mr. and Mrs. L. Swanson arrived . Johnny Cotton has taken his J fish in Surprise Lake so much that Saturday from the coast and . are ground wireless course for the Air he's had to quit and go see for him- self leaving for Ben-My-Chr- ee in the Force seriously. He's still holding if all he says about them is IT. near future for the season. his own" in it and is one of the 58 true! who are left out of an original class Christ Church-Anglica- n- Mr. V. I. Hahn, supt. of the rail of 97. It was with sdme surprise that THE OLD LOG CHURCH division of the W. P. & Y. R. ar- rived we " heard of the arrival in town of Phil " Whitehorse in town last night on an of- ficial Bob Farrel, who was one of our Kennedy and Hughiee Carter from Rev, L. G. Chappell, L . Th. trip. former night cooks, and had to the south They'v found that- - the Rector. leave for Vancouver due to sickness, friendly, happy-go-luc- ky feeling Mr. Harvey Hancock, vice-preside- nt is well on the way to complete re- covery. that one gains here in the north SUNDAY, APRIL 1942 ; 12th, United Airlines : and several Bob has had a stomach dosen't exist down South. Phil saw 8.30 a. m Holy Communion company officials were in town for operation and now can eat practic- ally quite a bit of the country outside 10.00 a. m. Moning Prayer a few days this week on a business anything in sight. He's gained and has a place near Salmon Arm. 11.00 a. m. Morning Prayer. i trip. 30 lbs. since the operation. His He the says family is, doing fine. 7.30 p. m. Evening Prayer and plans are in the direction of Dease Hughie is glad to be back. His ex- pression Sermon. , brigadier General W. M.-Hog- e, in Lake for the summer. for the-sout- h is that,' "It's harge of the construction of the Some of the boys about camp are alright'? but his tone dosen't infer lighway, "arrived in town Wednes-la- y pulling that old saying "I've got $4 enthusiasm. night. and my fare she's deep enough." :iIXIXIXIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTl Mr. K. D. Ellis, younger son of OFFICIAL WEATHER REPORT Catholic Church Billy Nelson is sure glad to be Mr. J. W. Ellis of the Star staff and back in Atlin again . The ( operation Rev. Father J. J. Adam, O..M. I Mrs. Ellis of Vancouver, has been April for hs eye was successful and he SUNDAY, APRIL 12th, 1942 selected for enrolment as an air- craftsman looks 2 Thursday , 44 29 none the worse for his trip. 8 j)0 Communion mechanic in the R. C. A. ' 3 Friday .... '45 27 a. m. Mass. He that says Billy Roxborough is F., having passed all tests. 4 Saturday .. 10.30 a. m. Mass and Sermon. .36 26 going great with guns his flying and ".. 5 Sunday . 7.30 p. m. Rosary and ilenedicton that he'll soon have his 38 Until further notice all services Mr. C. E. McLeod, K. C. Public ticket. commercial 6 Monday 35 4 will be held in the Churcn. Administrator, arrived Saturday 7 Tuesday .... 32 7 CXIIIIIIirXTTTTlXXtHttTT? from the coast where he has bv-- n 3 Wednesday 38 19 spending the winter with his wife Clyde Wann, who has been in the d family. He left for Dawson district for the past few years is LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTT1 Sunday. . leaving us.. He's , going back into V. II. THEATRE . the airplane business, working for Home Whitehorse . Yukon Inspector D. Grennan O. C. of Yukon Southern. Clyde knew the R. C, M. P. at Dawson has been planes in their pioneering days in in town this past week on official the north- - as he brought the, first Bakery : Showing: this week : business. . Whilt in the southern commercial plane into the countrv "end of the Territory he made a fly- ing The boys of the camp wish Clyde Front Street The Return of trip to Watson Lake and Teslin. the best of luck. ' He left on his return trip yester- day. BREAD Frank James We've a few new-come- rs to the DOUGHNUTS camp. George McDougall is by no (In Miss Betty King Sf the traffic means green to the country as he's PIES Technicolor) dept of the P. A. A. arrived in town put some time in down Dawson STARRING Wednesday from Fairbanks and will way. He's taken to our scenery COOKIES, Etc. Henry Fonda Gene Tierney be remaining here for about ten around here. Four new men arriv-ed- d Leave your orders at our Jackie Cooper Henry Hull days after -- which she , will leave for on the last boat for Eastman's: store and have them de- livered Juneau to which point she has been Ray Douk, George Martens, E. Bas- set Wednesday & Saturda at 8 p. m. transferred. We trust Miss Kind's and Phillip Butterfield who is FRESH ANY DAY . niiirHMTrttTITTT.stay here will be a pleasant one working in the kitchen. 1