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Whitehorse Star, v. 44, no. 49, Friday, December 10, 1943.

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Frc-- VOL.44 NO.49 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1943 l I RCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY Vol. 41. No. 49. WHITEHOHSE. YUKON. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1943 Subscription $3.00 Year. PREDICTED U. S. ARMY U. S. ARMY AIR MEDAL VICTOEIA C. C. T, CLUB MASTER PLAN TO WILL BE VINDICATED BESTOWED UPON LESLIE DISCUSSES GOVERNMENT CRUSH GERMANY ON CANOL PROJECT. COOK POSTHUMOUSLY. IN YUKON TERRITORY. IS FORMULATED. ' from Washington, D. ' .An mi picn-v- e ceremony was held i At a meeting of the New Forum From the capital of Iran it is re- ported I . muliT; dale November 25, W. L. n He officers' lounge of the North- - C.C.F. l luo i'Hi.iiy even. ui;, G. Mc- Afee that Prime Minister Winston MuiTavish, editor of the Vancouver v est Scrv.ce Commend when the a'r pii-sen.c- d ii bi ief on the fco - Churchill, President Roosevelt and 1'iiily Pioviiu-e- , slates: The future rfdal of the United States Army tumuli, oi the Yukon Territory, lie Premier Stalin have agreed upon a of the Canol project in the Canadian w as awarded to Leslie Cook posthu dei ii.icd hi indention of pi esonting ! master plan to crush Germany by Northwest Territories and the Yu- - niously hy Brig -- Gen. Jas. A. O'Con- - n ot on ; t ine ne xt Provincial uml powerful offences on three fronts kon appeared to be on much saler nor last night. The decoration was l'c.icr;:l lomenlions which would and have formulated a peace plan yioioid Wednesday, as resprcsent- - awarded for a perilous flight made i on. nut the ('.(..!'. paity to guaran- tee which should endure for many gen- erations ativtts of the United States Aimy by Cook at nifht just over a yeai responsible go eminent to the Apnea red before the Truman com- - ape to take medical officers from the IM'ople of the Yukon. He quoted In their joint declaration the three mhli'c. Earlier this .witjl. Sei'rclury WhiteUiie Station Hospital to a :iom tue Yukon Act, pointing iiu heads of state specifically state: X r Interior Ickes and members of point on the Alaska Highway 1G7 that the Federal Government gran-- - 1. We have reached complete 7 :klrc committee of the United States miles north of Whitehorse where an it! the election of three councilloit, understanding as to the scope and 'Semite had urged the project be American Army sergeant faced to the administrative body, "only timing of operations which will be m i apied. death from a ruptured appendix, a concession to the fact that we are undertaken from the east west a"i:t Wednesday's witnesses were Gen- eral The doctors, piloted to the scene by supposed to list in a democracy ," hi- - south. W. tt. Pyron, a petroleum cx-- I Cook wlio 1; ii. ed h.s plane in thi - .... ! 2. No power on earth can prc- - it. and director of the planning ginrc of heatil.ghts from a truck i The cues' ion of u cost-o- f- vent out destroying .the German committee of the army and navy lonvoy, pe formed an emergency j living index, compuh-oi- y militarx i armies by land, their U-bo- ats by sea boards, and Major-Ge- n. A. II. Car- ter. operation end thereby saved the training and the question of Jap-- 1 and their war plants from the air. It was on General Pyron's be- lief M ldici's life. The medal was pin- - anese are also beng studied by vart - - Our attacks will be relentless and the Norman wells could provide r.ed upon Leslie Rand Cook, the ous members of the club. Victoria increasing. t ic United States Army with 300(1 2-y- ear old son of the famous Can- - Colonist. I 4. We will welcome ... as thev barrels of oil a day that the -- go 'n bush pilot by Brigadier-Ge- n o I choose to come Into the world fam-- ahead" was given. err.l James A. O'Connor in the pre C. P. A. PLANE MAKES ily of democratic nations ... all sence of a guard of honor com- prised i nations. large and small, whose General Pyron was the chief wit- ness, !UE!U Y FLIGHT INTO of United States soldiers, heart and mind peoples in in are and ex en hostile members of VKLI OWKNIFE AREA membcrJif the Royal Canadian Air dedicated, as are our oho- - pfwtfUay.. the committee were unable to shake Force and the Royal Canadian to the elimination of yrcnpy an.', his testimony. Until Wednesday A C. P. Air L'lies plnne made a if Mounted Police in their scarlet slavery, oppression and intolerance. they had not been able to obtain mercy flight last Saturday from Fort tunics and a number of invited 5. We came here with hope anil evidence from anyone who thor- - Smith to Yellowknne and returned guests. After the invocation dcllv- - determination. We leave here finaMv Itiuiw tho nil hllKttift with a man named Fst?s who had ,. . . ,, , i ered by the Chaplain of the North- - friends in fact, in spirit and in pur- pose. i General Pyron talked eaily and . . . . been injured in the Negus mine. He ; west Service Command, Carl Carl naturally about 100 octane gasoline was suffering from a fractured hip. t ' son, Bricadier-Gener- al O'Connor No nv. niion was mode this time and said it could be maoe at Wane- - Ernie lb ifla took off in a wheel-wiuipp- ed adercsscd those present as follows: crllin upon the German people to horse without too great effort. H : ! Norseman and returned Leslie Cook was atruc son of the discard their Nazi leaders and to t'tnied tiiat a pipeline from Norman' with the ir .Hired man to Fort Smith North. He was one of the men who surrender unconditionally. The rea- son to Fairbanks would run through v. hi re he as placei aboard the helped to develop the North Coun- try for this, verhaps, is due to the easier terrain than the line to regular CP. A. plane fir Edmonton. and who blazed the trail for fact that the German morale has by Whilehorse. Four seats were removed from the others. He was a humanitarian. no means as yet sunk to a low ebb. i:- - dealt with Standard Oil of Mewing and a stretcher placed on the Repeatedly he risked his own life to Commenting on this report, while California's sugrcslion that oils floor of the plane which vas piloted save men, women and children who en route to Washington, D .C, to I should be bronchi from California to Into Edmonton by Cnpt Roy Mr-Haff- ie. were sick or helpless in the wilder- ness. confer with the U. S. Secretory of I Prince Rupert by tanker and dis- tributed The llight fi and from the "7 r :', His flights to bring medical State, Cordell Hull, Prime iii-te- ; from there. Yellow-knif- e is a hazardous one at attention to American soldiers were Mackenzie King declarer it ''murks this time of th-- s The scheme w as not c Misidercd the deers ot a Good Samaritan who year. the dawn of a new world " owing to the danger of losiiij! the knew no fear. petrol en route from California to The The brave brave action action of of Leslie Leslie Cook Cook It is reported from the Sv iss-L- al r.ritish Columbia. It was consider- - jn flying at night to save a sergean' lan frontier that Count " alio, for- - LABOR WONT BACK ' c'l safer, and still is considj ed stricken with appendicitis will ever mer Fascist Foreign Minister, was C.C.F. "SLAVISHLY" safer, to have oil available a. the be remembered and appreciated by shot by a firing squad Monday after ene of military operations. I the United States Army. It was the being accused of high treason and WINNIPEG. 'We are not primpi- ng It is still iwissible the Truman g,)rt 0f undertaking which gives sentenced to death by a special court to support jf the C.C.F. in ai'y committee may succeed in discredit- - ginew and bone to the friendly re-- of Mussolini's "Republican Fascist" slavish manner, as in the past we in; someone, possibly Genera' lationship between the two great povoi nment. have slavishly supported the old I In : nmervill or his assistant, L-ea- n lino,s of North America. It was an- - parties,'" said Pat Conroy, Ottawa, Graham. They may prove e.Uimutes . ilrt typiriil of Leslie Cook. secretary-treasur- er of the Canadian A mild of flue is epidemic sweep- ing of cost and time were bad. But Ix-sli- e Cook was .1 "bush pilot." Congress of Labor, Tuesday at . ' Manitoba causing a high per- centage Canadian club lur.cheon r from here it appears probable the J think this term in our ow n time absentees from their of project will go ahead, wiih oil be-- compares very favm.ihly with th "In its plan to support the C.C.F. avocations. In other of 'nity parts ing made availiol" ,t Wliiteh irse . r ontiersmen like'el limine and Labor will not ,iiomis to support Crniitia similar conditions are re- ported icx: CHirko, who lid the all-embrac- ing C.C.F. power, nor spring. George Rogers to prevail. Health authorities " civilization into Kentucky, and will Labor owipy a subjective posi- tion re engaged in determining the type if OIFH ui. vkathi:r report with the covered wagon pioneers ! the C.C.F. comes to power." of infl'.H-n7n- . he December like Marcus Whitman and Jesse Ap-- 1 said. In F.ncliind it is rcnorted that the Max. Min. Leslie Cook Mr. Conroy declared Labor woul.l plepate. was a pioneer ; rtpMh t(i fmm infUlenza in mmlnt. continue to and it Friday 6 4 orr-.iiz- e would continue to maintain independen-.- e Saturday 34 '8 Sunday 40 12 to the war against the Axis, are a I am sure they know that we share towari th.f government Monday 35 30 monument to him and the other their pride in one who served his o Tuesday 37 23 "bush pilots." God, his country and his fellow man The Capitol Theatre opens its Wednesday 39 10 To the family of Leslie Cook we without selfishness and without rtoors to the public tomorrow. See Thursday 4 1 26 extend our deepest sympathy. And fear. advertisement In this issue. '1 I n v -- a 9 3AGE TWO THE WIIITEIIOKSK XTAK. WJIITEIIOltSK. Vt'KON I RIDAY, DECEIV.HEK 10, 194.1 obsolete," and that all criminals should be studied by psychologist and then tried by a board of three professional Judges. An Independent Journal Constant revision and Improve- ment of our legal system is neces sary and the fullest use should be , Published every Friday at " made f of every advance in the art Whitehorse, Yukon Territory of psychology and the science ol WW criminology, but to attempt to de- prive the accused citizen of his I On the Trail of Dl right to triul by jury is to tamper with the very foundation oi I The White Pass and Yukon Route Member of Canadian Weekly justice and freedom. Newspapers' Association. Trial by jury hus its faults. Juries are composed of average citizen j HORACE E. MOORE Publisher without know 'ledge ol tac intimate , The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to jublctiis of the law and with all the Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska- - prejudices and lack of wisuoin that Let us have faith that right makes might; and in that faith let us to implies. They are neither specialists Steamer servlre during the period of navigation between the end dare to do our duty as we nor experts. i Whitehorse. Dawson and Mayo, Yukon. understand it. Lincoln. Iiut in that very fact lies the greatest guarantee the ordinary citi- zen For rales or other information, apply to any White Pass Arent that he will receive a fan ; DECEMBER i0, 1913 and- - impartial and understanding nr 17 Commerce Building, Vancouver, B. C. hearing if ever he has tne ul- timo to be accused of crime. THE FOGS OF TODAY Hi itis.i law is founded on the theory that the rights of the citizen one which often earns them the This old world is in such a chaotic as an individual are uncnailcngtiuie. , djsi,pproDntjon and contumely of tho stute today, both physically and fliey are superior to the rights ol . ,c(,a, profcssion. Xnat is to modify WATCHES mentally, that it takes both courage the suite, the power of the I and nc,apt tne ,aw. and vision to perceive a ray ol hope i nd the caprice of the government. Every jury js warned that it milst and assurance upon the horizon ot In every properly conuueteel maj- - ! ,eave uestion of )aw to the learned tomorrow for a durable peace and or trial the rights of the accused are ,ega, profession. That is to modify LONGINES happiness spread throughout the gusuued and enforced by the presio- - evcry Jury does not do so. wllun a GRUEN nations. Yet there is not a single .ng jiidue and the rules of evidence.. ,aw jg linp0pUari or the jury feeis TAVANNES nation now engaged in the present Ami he is entitled as his greatest ,np mandaU)ry pcnnity is out of pro-salcgua- rd, conflict which does not hope and to trial belore a jury "1 pc)rtion to the offence, they do not DIAMOND RINGS pray every day for war to cease and his leilow citizens. ! consider the law, and are reluctant peace upon earth again reign sup- reme. The jury is charged with the duly , to ennvice in many cases acquit-o- f TOD & MANNNING . deciding upon the facts. ting in the face of the evidence. Vancouver B. i C. It was Charles Lamb who, in one , They can call upon any expert Thus, In addition to being safe-advk- -e Established 1911 7ir"m- - delightful essays, divided that is needed or desired. The guarded by the provisions of the mankind into two classes the bor- rowers evidence is marshalled by skiiiet; law, the human rights of the indivi- - and the lenders. For our cotuu-cl- . The law is interpreted bj dual are often upheld by the jury RC.A.F. WHITEHORSE purposes we prefer at this lime to t!ie judge. But it is the jury th even in despite of the very law that ) retain the two classes but to design-al- e fellow citizens of the accused otherwise protects him. NOTICE TO ALL DOG OWNERS them pessimisms and optimists men usually of his own class ana No, trial by jury is not obsolete. respectively. To the former tiu hnbit of mind who will pondei Its results iwe often illogical, its Dogs et present allowed to run failures of the past are always para upon the credibility of the witnesses, decisions are sometimes wrong, but loose on airport- - runways are a haz- ard mount in their thoughts and greatly He I'omeiinor of the accused, the it is the jury that injects into the to the ljves of pilots, crews, and influence their actions and theii probability of his explanations, if he cold, systematic and rigid justice of passengers of aircraft. out -- look on life. To the optimists chooses to make any, and finally the law that warmth and under- - In future any dogs found running ' t le mistakes of the past are as clay deride upon his innocence or guilt. , standing of the human heart and at large on the airport are liable to in the hands of the potter to be ic- - This in itself makes for the fairest j that jealous passion for the freedom be shot. moulded for greater use and greater possible decisions. j and the rights of the common man (Signed) P. B. Cox S L. sen ice. Hsues in mc an But the jury has another and, ! which are the hallmark and the O.C. R.C.A F. iser pla ace in the mind of the true opti strictly speaking, illegal function, I glory of British justice. Exchange, Whitehorse, Y. T. mist. Folly is never permutea to "ITTsmTTTie place of W.sdom nor wishful thinking that of construct- - t rvt reasoning. , ; THERE IS NO OTHER TOBACCO JUST LIKE OLD CHUM True optimists are the real build- -j and must be ers of our civilization .io ces regarded. arc always To them a challenge negative to for- - be j j Mil "Try Old Chum and you'll luceJ fairly and squarely and to be j over-com- e. stepping stones Often in character they serve build- -' as stay with it for keeps!" ink leading to greater achievement, j greater service and a more abund- ant happiness. (WW The problem of the true optimist ,' lay is to demonstrate to the whole-worl- d O ILE) 0 that the present devastating war is not a refutation but rather a confirmation of Christian democ racy. We have all got to learn to II TO square our living wnn me ni principles which democracy de- mands, and upon which it is found- ed, (SKIM before we can ever hope to sc- - t n rt on, It ii'filitp , icure any scmuiMiu-- c i eace throughout the world. iff' FOUNDATIONS OF FREEDOM I me lobacco ot Quality X A London magistrate, Claud Mul- - j i1) aiM' w nh rj ci wHcit wi) (tX'i "I lips, has declared tlinl "jury trim i rRIfJAY, DKCK.V.I:EK 10 10411 THE WIIITEIIOKSK STAR. WIIITEIIOKSE. YUKON PAGE THREE RECREATIONAL NEEDS patching, darning, mending and TXXXXXXXXXXXXXXTXT7TXXTXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX7 V. 8. ARMY IN NORTH sewn buttons. WKI.L TAKEN ( ARE OF. !r addition to this personal in- spection trip every month, Mrs. H fresh sv-tAr- ? -- rirN Butter M N V.'HITEIIORSE Whitney and Mrs. Dahl and their Y. T. Dec. 10. Cured The mo.'t extraordinary soldier re- creational associates send over the railroad a j tr BURNS and and collection of these items several Slwinnn k EJr.uxK'miinm flutter M benefit project in the Meats Eggs Far North was revealed today at times a week. The goodies arc gen- erally M Northwest carried in the caboose of a K Service Command head- quarters. M freight train and are put off at eveiy M This undertaking, sponsored by station Virtually and all section the families house. of Skag- way Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products M M M the USO of Skagway, Alaska, brings M ore participating in the enter- prise M cakes, books, pictures and clothing M according to Mrs. Whitney. rcpi-ir- s to the troops of the 770th Mrs. John Hoyt is the baking chair- man. Mil ii.ry Railway Battalion, scatter- ed "You Can Buy No Better' For the men along the rail-loa- d, alone! the 110 miles of narrow-paur- e M she collects huge baskets ot railroad between the seaport cakes pies, doughnuts, cookies ami of Skagway and Whilehnrse. prin- cipal buns. Mrs. Fred Nord is tne sewing J International U. S. Army Highway. base on the Alaska chairman. The clothing of the sold- ier g Burns & Company Limited railroaders is sent to her, ana The sinuous White Pass and Yu- kon niTxiXizixj:xxxxxiixxzxxiiiixxxixxxxxxxxxixxrxxxxx she allocates it out among the Skag-wi- y Railway, penetrating some of towns' omen for repairs ami the wildest portion of British Co- lumbia nu n ling. and the Yukon, is under Mis. Dail, wife of Skugway's military operation by the American physician, who has three sons of her Yukon Electrical Company, Ltd. Army because of its importance to own in the American Army, has the Alaska Highway and " the air-spo- rts made a. personal project of getting Will he pleased to consult in the sub-Arti- e. At twelve hooks to the troops who operate tne ou regarding wilderness stations along the line, White Pass and Yukon. As soon as soldiers rlo all kinds of railroad jobs. a soldier at nn isolated station such Light. Power. Supplier and Installation They ire telegraphers, section as Clacier, Alaska, or Bennett, Brit- ish hands, trnck-v.'alker- s, cooks, engine- ers Columhia. has finished a book, and brakemcn. he sends it down by train to Mrs. W HITEH0R8E. Y T Most of these soldiers, before they Dahl and tells her what kind of entered the Army, were employed volume he wants next mystery, by seventeen leading American rail- roads. love story, biography or economic ort, P. F. C. Nicholas Caleaqinto, Administrator. treatise. She picks out a suitable dr need away hs the second choice DATED AT DAWSON this 19th The women ol the historic old book and sends it up on the next while Miss Pauline Banbury and day of November, 1943. gold-rus- h town of Skacway, under train. i V t J mmie Monahan carried off C. GRANT, the sponsorship of the local USO or-rar.izat- inn. Mrs. Whitney, who comes from bird I onors. 46-- 3 Public Administator. have made a project ol Hostrn and who formerly wts a Ut0 The affair, sponsored by Ptc. bringing all sorts of goodies and re- creational worker at Falmouth. Mass., says Bill e Bacino, who also acted as the ESTATE OF facilities to the troops that the project of caring for the 'ongenial Master of Ceremonies, OSCAR J. FLl'GSTAD . soldiers along the White Pass and Whitehorsc. Y. T. performing Ibis- - lonely Uisk. as a gala event in the annals -- oi At lerst once eich month Mrs Yukon has engrossed every family 'he Ballroom and much praise is DECEASED Jane Whitney. Skagway USO club in Skagway to the utmost. "I never due Pvt. Bacino for the capable ALL PERSONS having any claims director, and Mrs. Peter I. Dahl. sw such enthusiastic or whole- hearted rr-nn- "r in which it was conducted. against the estate of the above-name- d chairman of the town's USO com- mittee, co-operatio- n," she aimouii-ce- s. Judges for the evening were the deceased are required to file travel the full length of the Misses Irene Martin and Evelyn the same with the Public Admini- strator White Pass and Yukon in an old Supplies hauled over the 110 Richards. at Dawson on or before the 1927 Paige sedan fitted with flanged miles of mountain rairoad by the 4th day of February, 1944, sup- ported wheels.. They stop at each station, 770th Railway Operating Battalion ESTATE OF by statutary declaration leaving cakes, cookies, pies, books, have been a major factor in the con- struction after which date the estate will be newspapers, curtains, pictures, tob- acco of the Alaska Highway anu JAMES C. Hl'DSON distributed, having reference only to and candy. They also collect other defense installations in the DECEASED claims which have been so filed. stacks of clothing which requires North Country. ALL PERSONS having any claims ALL PERSONS indebted to the j I.t. Col. H. C. Baughn. Santa Fe against the estate of the above said estate are requested to make ! trainmaster at Needles, Calif., com- - named deceased are required to file immediate payment to the Ppblic mi nils the 770lh. the same with the Public Admin- istrator Administrator. at Dawson on or before the DATED AT DAWSON this 19th JITTER BUG CONTEST Uth clay of February, 1944, sup- ported day of Novembei, 1943. DRAWS LARGE CROWD by statutary declaration, C. GRANT, after which date the estate will be "-- S Public Administrator. TO "8'" BALLROOM. distributed, having reference only to (Contributed) claims which have been so filed. ALL PERSONS indebted to the "Build B. C. Payrolls'' Due homage was paid the Goddess said estate are requested to make Terpsichore on Thursday night, Dec. ;mmediate to the Public payment 2. when a galaxy of her artful fo- llowers W II I T E II O R S E TO gathered at the "98" Ball- room Administrator. Pacific DATED AT DAWSON this 26th to prove the high esteem in EDMONTON day of November 1;943. Milk which this ancient Muse was held. Daily ex. Sunday via Watson The hall which boasts the finest C. GRANT. I "ke. Fort Nelson, Fort St. dnnre floor in the Yukon, w;.s once 47-- 3 Public Administrator. Grand Prairie. John. nr3;n the rcndc7.votis of a large -- "'E ESTATE OF VANCOUVER crowd which meet nightly, swinging 1 WAITER CLARENCE BI.EVINS Pacific Milk is at the war front. Daily ex. Sunday via Fort St. and swaying to the strains of Herb's DECEASED Evidence has appeared that John, Prince George. ' V Idrats" Orchestra and attesting Mime of it wax raptured and DAWSON CITY to the popularity and congeniality AT I. PERSONS having any claims recovered later by the foreei of -- he "M". neainst the estate of the above-nrme- d F.very Thursday nf General Montgomery. If and reservations Highlight of the evening was the deceased are required to file Information your grocer's stork is small. J. A. Umber. District Traffic "Jitter-Bu- g contest" open to all the same with the Public Admin- istrator Pacific has rone overseas. Mgr.. Canadian Pacific Air persons wishing to participate and at Dawson on or before the Sunn there will be an abundant I iiv s Whitehorsc-'Yuko- n capable of shaking a wicked Terpsl-rl'oo- rn 4th day of February, 1944, sup- ported District: Services of supply. In the meantime we 1 hoof. by statutary declaration n Southern Air are trying to see to It there Prizes were awarded the more after which date the estate will be Is enourh al hand for Infant rraceful competitors with first prize retributed, having reference only to feed ins. going to Miss Bunny Pullen and claims which have been so filed. Corp. Danny Daniels for their prow- ess ALL PERSONS indebted to the Pacific Milk and ability. nstntp pre re'iuested to make Miss 7.oan Zabosky with her cs- - immedhte pryment to the Ppblic Irradiate and Vacuum Packed "r.K kour I'lIK stau wihtkiidksk. Vrixnv FRIDAY. DKCV.y.V.FM 10. 19i Local Happenings THE HOUSE OF QUALITY Mr. Lcn Metcalf lias loft on J Miss Gladys Simmons and her Established 45 Years vacation trip to the const. Mrs. Mct-c.i- lf brother George, President of North- ern left a few weeks earlier. Airways Ltd., came in from Carcross Wednesday on a business Headquarters for Mr. and Mrs. Alex McArthur have trip. They stated that the road wa- in lilt on u trip to the coast. good shape for travelling. DRY 600DS GROCERIES m Mrs. M. V. Anderson arrived from Mr. G. A. Jcckcll, Controller o! Glen's Furnisliirfjs Hardware Vancouver on the last Princess tn the Territory, arrived in town las; spend the Christmas holidays with week-en- d liy C.P.A. piano Irom Confectionery Boots a id dices her daughter and son-in-la- w Mr. Dawson on official business. and Mrs. John Phelps. It is Mrs. Drug Sundries Floor Coverings Anderson's first trip into the Yukon Elmer P. By me, n imater of the1 China mil she st.ites she is enjoying it very B-P-- C. property warehouse, who j Bedding; much. i has been in sVition hospital, I!. S. Tobaccos ' . r v suf'erin ; h.i.i pneumonia, is Stationery Cigarettes, Etc. I cirg trnnsfi rrc I bai k to duty to-mori- ow. UNITED STATES FACES WORST KI EL CRISIS IN ITS HISTORY. EUY VICTORY SAVING STAMPS i CANADIAN I'KIME MINISTER REVEALS ANTI-INFLATIO- N WASHINGTON, D. C Secretary PLANS. NEW LABOR CODE. of the Interior, Harold likes, in-foim- ed Over the C.B.C. national network, Congress Saturday that the Saturday, Prime Minister Mackenzie Taylor & Drury Ltd. I'niled States faces a fuel ur.-paral- led I King revealed that existing cost-of- -; in its history as the result living bonus will be added to basic the loss of million tons of of forty ! wages; that there will be no neces- -' coal through miners' production sity for further bonuses and that a strikes. revised wat'O-contr- ol order will be NOTICE Classified Advts. made public in the immediate fut-- I NEWS IN BRIEF ure. Scried tenders will he received by j The prime minister declared wc he un 'ersigned op to noon Thurs- day. LOST Zepher Pencil. Name of R. Minister of Agriculture announces have now reached the stage where IVcember Kith, 1943, for the Swanson engraved on same. Re- ward ; vhnse and removal of old Library on return to Star office.. United States anxious to purchase ;halr of our total pnxluctionn is used pui r.0000,000 bushels of Canadian ' o fight Germany and Japan and, I Building situated on Lots 2 and 3 in FOR SALE Heater in A- -l condit- ion. under these circumstances, no sect-o- n I'Wv k If, Townsite of Whitehorse. wheat up to end of July 1944 at a:. Apply Star Office. 47-- 1. of the community can expert? t Lowest or any tender not neccs-- I 11 greed price. while the war lasts, to continue to sarily accepted. WANTED Rent two or three room improve its standard of living. Re- ferring j L. HIGGINS. that Mussolini has com- mitted comfortable cottage or cabin, good Rnjiorted to the w oik of the Price i Territorial Agen" suicide at his Luke Garda district, any time now to March Control Board he pointed out that Whitehorse. Y. T. villa- - No confirmation. 1st. Steady, quiet, permanent the battle against inflation is being tenant. O. W. Earle, Whitehorse waged by the people of Canada in President Roosevelt's son, who co-operat- ion with their government, ALASKA TRAVEL CONTROL Inn. 47-- tf had been reported as missing after t he orio- - ceilini is the front line of WANTED Rent or fui-nisl.- ed purchase, attack the Reich, is now stat- ed an on the battle. If we fail to hold that IMPORTANT if possible. Three Room to have parachuted to safety and line the whole structure of our wai Cottage or Cabin. Married Couple. in .ginxi health i:i NOTICE is now a prisoner effort will be impaired. No children. Inquire Star. !l-- 2 Germany. Referring to the spectacula1- - suc- cesses Effective December 1st, 1943, of the United Nations during FOR SALE 303 British rnyone desiring to travel via Skag-wa- y sporting t!ie past months he warned agains; rifle to Vancouver or Seattle, will be (new) with quantity of am- munition. too much optimision at this stage as- serting Apply Star Office 49-- 1 Ulblteborse required to have in their possession it threatens to reduce the an Alaska Travel Control Permit. momentum of the entire war effort Permits will be applied for at least FOR SALE 4-d- oor Chevrolet car. This war has become a war of en- durance theatre five days before time of departure Apply Star Office. 49-- tf and it is the last round that For further information call at the ill spHl victory or defeat. Aftei l: ;.ka Travel Control Ofice in FOR SALE Red Ko neck piece. the in the battle against war success town. Phone Number 211. 49-- 1 Price $40. Apply Star Office. 49ti Week: : inHnlion will contribute towards the Schedule for Coming 'solution of post-w- ir problems. SATURDAY FIESTA GRAND .OPENING Yiss Polly Slim Summervill ) Zasu Pitts s MONDAY and TUESDAY WHITEHORSE LODGE No. 4(i I A. F. Si A. M. OAPIT&L GENTLEMEN AFTER DARK holds its regular communications in Brian Donlevy Mirian Hopkins the Masonic Hall, Whitehorse, on Preston; Foster the third Monday of the month at Theatre 8 o'clock. WEDNESDAY and Visiting brethren welcome. j THURSDAY J. B. WATSON, P M. Saturday, December 11 BEYOND1 THE BLUE Secretary HORIZON SHOWING Jack Dorothy Haley, Lamour, Patricia R. Morrison Denning Willson E. Knowlton A YANK AT ETON OPTOMETRIST First Show 7 p. m. Sharp. Second Show 9.15 p. m. SHOW TIMES Owing to the numbed of Invited guests the accomod- ation K!3 Blrks Building 2 005. 45 7.45 9.45 P M. for the public to the first Show will be limited to 130 daily (Sundays excepted) Vancouver, B. C. seats. Positively no children admit- ted REPEAT SHOW MONDAY NIGHT to 7.45 and 9 45 shows. Rrp.ilm Replacements MICROCOPY RESOLUTION TEST CHART MICROCOPY RESOLUTION TEST CHART ANSI and ISO ICST CHART No 21 (ANSI and ISO TEST CHART No. 2) 1.0 12 io E- 1- lis IIIM 1 Z0 1.8 1.25 111.4 1.6 1.25 i 1.4 1.6 j APPLIED IfVMGE . Inc A -- PPLED INHGE . Inc 1 6S3 East Mn Strt 16S3 Fust Mn Strt 14BOB Rochsatar. tStow York Rachtr. Nw Vor 1 4 BOB 1 2 5 I.O 22 1 1.8 H.25 I.4 16 MICROCOPY RESOLUTION TEST CHART NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS STANDARD REFERENCE MATERIAL 1010 IANSI nd ISO TEST CHART No 21 MICROCOPY RESOLUTION TEST CHART IANSI ond ISO TEST CHART No 2) MICROCOPY RISOUJTIOM TBT CHART (ANSI ond ISO TEST CHART No 2 1.0 1.0 l: 178 IS Li J Jj 2J3 J: u 11 2.0 1.8 1.8 1.25 il.4 1.6 L?5 mil i.4 mil i.6 A APPLIED rVHGE . 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