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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 36, Friday, September 4, 1942.

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Frc-- WW uy 5 CIRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY jl. 42. No. 36. WHITEHORSE, YUKON, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th, 1942 Jbscription $3.00 Year. 3W PRINCIPAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL MAKE-U- P UGfMENTED STAFF JAPANESE STRESSED I PUBLIC SCHOOL. BY FORMER U. S. AMBASSADOR TO JAPAN. When school re-ope- ns here on uesday next a new principal and With a background of ten years' member to the staff i additional service as United States Ambassador ill be in charge. Mr. M. W. War-ic- k to Japan Mr. Joseph C. Grew, who is the new principal and Miss returned last week to this continent, met Mowbray is the new teacher furnishes a penetrating insight into :r. Warwick was formerly a mem he psychological make-u- p of the :r of the Dawson public schoo Japanese people. In his first public 'aff and is therefore already ac address, broadcast over the C. B. S. uainted with the Yukon Territory. he issued a solemn warning that the ;e and Mrs. Warwick arrived from Japanese will fight "with , all tho ':ft coast Wednesday night as also w ritrmvn nwnrnu i tftf 'ffifyfrggL fS force and power at their command id Miss How and Miss Mowbray. . . . .until they are utterly crushed" ,Ir. Warwick will be in charge of and stated that great sacrifices arc lie senior grades, Miss How of the necessary by Americans to avoid a itermediate classes and Miss Mow-ra- y ' N stalemate. He went on to state that ittiimiM, i mi i 'i jW - of the primary grade. We "the idea should not for a momU elcome the new members of the be entertained that the failure oi hool staff into this community and the Japanese . forces in China haj ish them every success ana mue. discouraged the Japanese people. It rppiness in their new surround - ABOARD THE BRITISH AIRCRAFT-CARRIE- R "ILLUSTRIOUS" has instead served to steel them for-stil- l V greater sacrifices and to pre- pare The Britissh 23,000-to- n aircraft-carri- er "Illustrious" damaged in an them better for the war of encounter with Axis forces, was repaired and refitted in U. S. ,and deadly to 2ISH REPUBLICAN purpose conquer upon British shipyards. Back in service since early 1942, she now carries which they have finally embarked 1RMY STAGE RIOT hard hitting American Grumman "Martlet" fighter aircraft. . . . . They have put great store in If STREETS OF BELFAST. Picture shows: -- Deck landing Officer guiding in a fighting pilot what they consider to be the while by means of "bat"-reflecJo- rs containing lamps for easy sighting. man's flabbiness and look upon When Thomas Williams, a mem- ber Americans as constitutional weak- lings." of the outlawed Irish Republic- an The noted diplomat also re- ferred Army, was executed Wednes- day Local-Happenin- gs to the "cruel and barbaric in Belfast, Northern Ireland, for tortures" to which he stated many Ihe murder of a policeman3 last East- er prisoners of war were subjected. rioting broke out in the streets Miss Betty McCowan of the C P. Mr. T. Chilcott arrived in town on They are the worst to be perpetrat- ed of Belfast. Crowds, composed formed A. publicity dept. was in town this Monday from the coast in connect- ion in modern times. mostly of , women and girls, processions and marched through veek on a business trip. with the construction work now '..'v. in progress at the various airports GENERAL PEARKES, V. C-MAD- E Ihe main streets of the town singing Republican songs, mocking Ameri- -; Squadron Leader Carter. Guest, R. hroughout this district. COMMANDER-IN-CHIE- F can troops' bygiving mem the iNazi C. a. i . arrived n own last 'Mon- day PACIFIC COMMAND. salute and booing British army of- ficers . on a secret mission. Mr. Frank Taylor of Edmonton, ( and Ulster policemen. A vounger brother of Mrs. Jack Bar- ber Major-Gener- al G. R. Pearkes, V. clashr between Republicans and Ul-steri- tes Mr. George Simmons president of has arrived in town on his first C, D. S. O., M. C, who is at pre- sent forced the police to charge Northern Airways Ltd. Carcross was trip into the Territory and will be in command of the 2st Canad- ian the crowd. Thereafter armored a visitor in town last Sunday. remaining here. Division overseas, will arrive ii cars patroled the streets and all Bel- fast Canada shortly to assume the ap- pointment was covered by special police Mr. Fred V. Stone of the C. P. K. We were glad to meet again with of General Officer Com-manding-in-C- hief, tommy-gu- n squads. Belfast had publlicity department, Montreal, ar- rived Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Boyd of Fair- banks Pacific Com- mand. been previously declared out ol on his first trip into-th- e Ter- ritory who have been here this N""ds for American troops after the last Saturday. week conducting their annual audit This distinguished officer joined the R. N W. M. P. (now the R. C. police had uncovered huge quantit- ies at the local branch of the Northern of arms and explosives cached Commercial Co. Ltd. M. P.) in February 1913 and served I of in the countryside in preparation Pat Collison ar.a Jack Rowel for two years before enlisting in the for an uprising. The four other Northern Airways Ltd., arrived -- '; 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles. He ;s Tuesday and will, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Paterson nd prisoners, who along with Williams ;rom Carcross on now 53 years of age and won the were also condemned to death, were we understand, be based here for a Jimmie left for the coast yesterday coveted V. C. at Passchendale as a reprieved one hour before the time . time. morning. There were quite a num- ber Major in the First Great War. of their friends at the depot to set for their execution. -- o wish them au revoir and wish them .Sunday has been declared by pro- clamation TWENTY ODD THOUSAND and happiness in the SHAKE-U- P IN JAPANESE a National Day of Prayer every success CALLED UP THIS MONTH CAPINET INDICATES JAP throughout the Dominion Special future. FOR MILITARY SERVICE. ATTACK IN SIBERIA. services are being held at Christ Church with the choir in attend- ance. Mr. N. Morant the popular photo- grapher It has been officially announced TKa KAAAf racitfnfltinnfi nf Foreiffll A cordial welcome is extend- ed for the Dept. of Public. In- formation, by officials of the National Selective Minister and of his assistant, j to all wishing, to join in these .Togo Ottawa, who has been in Service and the Department of Nat- ional Vice Minister Nishi, from which are such a solace to services Foreign the Territory for the past several War Servicer, that between the Japanese Cabinet is regarded in the human soul during these troub- lous weeks, left yesterday morning for twenty and twenty-fiv-e thousand certain military and diplomatic cir-- j times. the coast en route to Kamloops and Canadians will be c?lled up during cies as a clear indication mat me through the prairie provinces. He September. Requisitions for Oct- ober Japanese war lords plan, to stab of foreign will be taking photo?raphs at vari- ous are already in the hands of of- ficials the portfolio Russia in the back by making an announced announced his intent- ion centres en route and expects to but it is not known as yt-- t attack upon Siberia and the mari- time minister, has "Ministry for be back home in Ottawa latter part what . the number to be called up of creating a new vi,;-noo- o TVi Jananese war of October. next month will be. who has 1 Greater East Asia." lord premier General Tojo, P 'GE TWO TIIIiJ WHITEHORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE. YUKON FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th, 194, 0)S3()0()CS)Z3()CS()CZ()CZ() lined by the government for war purposes is not possible of accomp- lishment and, in any event, is going "Volom of thm Yukon' to create a certain amount of hard- -, ship. This impression is erroneous An Independent Journal and not in accordance with the facts. No one is being asked to do more Published every Friday at than is possible but everyone, with- out will be expected to Whitehorse, YuSon Territory do all exception, that is possible on their part. The White Pass and Yukon Route On the Trail of '98 We are not being asked to do more; we cannot do less. So far the people of Canada have The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to Member of Canadian Weekly not been called upon to make any Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska- - sacrifices at all comparable with Newspapers' Association. those which have been found neces- sary AIRPLANE SERVICE HORACE E. MOORE - - Publisher in other countries and ' which have been exercised for the past plane service, making connections northbound and south-boun- d few years. Made in the right spirit Let us have faith that right makes in the first instance these collective with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, might; and in that faith let us to sacrifices have produced the desired Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For informatioa result, without .inflicting any un the end dare to do our duty as we apply to due 1 hardship on anyone since they any understand it. Lincoln. have always been made applicable to the people as a whole without W H I T E P A S S AG EN T.or SEPTEMBER 4th, 1942 distinction and without fear or II 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. favour. And what has been suc- cessfully accomplished elsewhere M. Wl mmm - V can be likewise ' accomplished in ALL HANDS ON DECK Canada. x or the past few weeks a local Just as at sea there are times committee has been busy making when all hands are required on decK the necessary arrangements for the to meet a state of emergency or to sale of war savings stamps and cer- tificates save a ship from destruction so there throughout the Whitehorse are times in the national life of a district. These arrangements, whicn country when the assistance of will be for the duration of the war, everyone, young and old alike, are are now almost completed and will vital for the preservation of our be put into operation in the near national existence. Today Canada, luiure. We bespeak for the mem- bers along with all the other United Nat- ions, of this committee the whole is faced with critical condit- - hearted support of all residents in tf)ns, which, because of our seeming; this community. They certainly (jr suuisis u remoteness from the theatres of f merit our co-operat- ion and Canauc war, many of us do not yet realize certainly needs the money. are just as urgent and insistent for --o- vT7 mmM, us as they are for all the other nat-- v CHARITY OF THOUGHT ions now fighting for world free- dom. Our first duty is therefore to The charities; that soothe, ana fully reaiize the seriousness of the heal, and bless, lie scattered at the situation and thus allow this real- ization feet of men like flowers. Words- worth.'...'": to arouse in each and every- one of us the urge to be anxious and A little thought and a little kind- ness willing to do our part in successfully are often worth more than a over-comi- ng the greatest menace to great deal of money. Ruskin. I" "Th Pwrt,t '0,m ln which tobacco can ba imoktd" humanity which the world has ever Judge not without known. This clarion call for nat- ional knowledge, nor without necessity, and never with- out dutyMs urgent and vital to our charity. Dr. Alex very existence. Let us all respond Whyte. nobly to the appeal and so meet the Where the motive to do right ex- ists, obligations placed upon us in a and the majority of . one's acts spirit and with a tenacity of pur- pose are right, we should avoid referring B Fresh Butter that in after years we may in- stinctively to past mistakes. Mary Baker Cured and s feel that we each did our Eddy. Try BURNS' - utmost toward the common goal of Try to do to others as you would Meats Shamrock Brand Crcarnfay Butter Eggs preserving for all time those price- less have them do to you, and do not be privileges of liberty and free- dom discouraged if they fail sometimes. whch are the very bulwarks Dickens. of civilization. Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products It will be found that he who is For those not directly conected most charitable in his judgment is with the combat services the call is generally the least unjust. Southey. for sacrifices which are applicable . v -- o ; . . to everyone without distinction. You Can Buy No Better. 99 These sacrifices call for the curtail- ment DAWSON on our part of all non-essenti- als and for the investment in gov- ernment Mrs. A. Derry and two children war savings stamps and have left or their return trip to Burns & Company Limited. certificates , of monies which would Vancouver. otherwise be expended in other ttxx: CIIIIXIXIIIXIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII1 xrxxxxmx channels. Every available cent W. Williams, J. Graham and J. must be devoted for war serviced. Carpenter are back in town again Mrs. K. Gertson and her daughter, Oscar Miller of Goring Creek has This revenue must be systematic- ally from a trip to the hills. EUen, have returned home from a returned from a trip to Mayo. collected and once the machin- ery two months' vacation trip to- - th : for making such collections has The Discovery Day celebration coast. " An afternoon tea was recently been put into operation throughout this year although Mrs Lewis of successful was 5 , given by Joseph the land it is fully realized that the not on a par with those of former We were jrlsd to meet with .Mr. Ketchikan, who is spending a few., funds will be made avail- able necessary years. Many from the surrounding and Mrs. J. Redpath again who weeks in Dawson, in honor of ner without having inflicted any creeks came to town , sister-in-la- w Mrs. R. E. Troberff. to take in the came in on the str. Whitehorse. Mr. real hardship upon anyone. sights and join in the jollification Redpath . is port steward with head-ouarte- rs Mrs. Lewis and her son and daugh- ter. There is an impression held in and keen interest was evinced in at the commercial metri-pol- is Joseph Jr. and Bety, plan on some quarters that the methods out- - all the in the future. sporting events. of the Yukon. returning home near FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th, 1942 THE WHITEHORSE STA R, V II I TE HORSE YUKON PAGE THREE DAWSON MIGRATORY BIRDS REGULATIONS FOR Word was received in Dawson YUKON TERRITORY. recently (by Mr. C. E. McLeod, K. C, Visit Our Hardware Department that the only son of John Henry, Open Seasons who was a member of the R. C. A. The Open Season for Ducks, f,;; has been killed in action. Mr. Geese, Black Brant," Rails; Coots is Henry Snr., was years ago a mem- ber from September 1 to November 30 of the teaching, staff at the Daw- son inclusive and tor Wilson's or Jack-- 4 High School but left here some snipe from September 1 to October lDi chase .years ago, " ' 31 inclusive. y : f ; Closed Seasons A Bakerfield, California, paper There is a closed season through- out reports that Donad F. Purdy, presi- dent the year o.i .Wo 3d Ducks, Swans, of the Curran Lumber Co., has Cranes, Curlew, Willets. Godwits, received his commission as a capt- ain Upland Plover, Avocots, Dovitch-er- s, in the U. S. army and will serve Knots, Oyster-catcher- s, Phala-rope- s, Now as a technical executive officer. He Stilts, Surf-bird- s, Turnstones was educated in the Dawson Public and all the shore birds not provided School and , later graduated from with an open season m the above Stanford University. He was a sec- ond schedule. - ' . lieutenant in the First World I There is a closed season through - War.''.;'. out the year on the following non-- Before you can no ! (amp nirrlc ! Auks Auklets, Bitterns, Fulmars, longer Gannets, Grebes, Guillemots, Gulls, ! procure Herons, Jaegers, Loons, Murres, BUY Peterels, Puffins, Shearwaters ad Terns, and there is a closed season SAVINGS UJfiR throughout the year on the follow- ing A New Bicycle ! insectivorous birds: Bobolinks, CERTIFICATES Catbirds, Chickadees, Cuckoos, Flic kers, Fly-catche- rs, "Grosbeaks, Hum- mingbirds, , Kinglets, Martins, A New Range! Meadowlarks, Nightha wks or Bull-bat- s, Nuthatches, Thrushes, Vireos, Warblers, Waxwings, Whip-poor-wil- ls, SAVE TIME BY AIR Woodpeckers, and Wren, and A New Radio ! all other perching birds which feed entirely or chiefly on insects No person shall kill, hunt, cap- ture, I AIR MAIL I injure, take or molest any mi- gratory I PASSCNGERS I game birds during the clos- ed I AIR express! season; and rio person shall sell, expose for sale, offer for sale, buy, Bicycle and Auto Accessories. trade or traffic in any migratory game bird, except that such birds lawfully taken in the Yukon Terri- tory Changes in open may season. be sold there during the Northern Commercial Co. Ltd The taking of the nests of eggs of migratory game, migratory insec- tivorous Schedule and migratory non-ga- me irds is prohibited. a.aAAAwwwo The killing, hunting, capturing, '. -- - IHIIMUIJtiltUMBMMBMW taking or molesting of migratory Vancouver -- Whitehorse insectivorous and migratory non-ga- me birds, their nests or eggs is (Daily except Friday) prohibited. . NORTHBOUND The possesion of migratory game I. Vancouver. . 10 a. m, birds killed during the open season Ai. Whitehorse.... 7 p. m. is allowed in the ; Yukon Territory until April 14. following open sea- son. SOUTHBOUND l.v. .Whitehorse . .7 a. "V ' Limits v Bag Ar. Vancouver . . 5.30 vji'''mV''j Ducks 25 in any day; Geese 15 in Whitehorse : any day; Black Brant 15 in an Edmonton - .25 day; Rails, Coots and Gallinules i in the aggregate; Wil- son's in1 any day (Daily except Friday) or Jack-snip- e 25 in . any day; NORTHBOUND and not more than 150 Ducks and Lv. Edmonton -- 12.45 p. m-- A 50 Geese (including Black Brant) in r. Whitehorse . . . .7 p. m. one season. Guns, Appliances, SOUTHBOUND Hunting Melhodi Lv- - Whitehorse 7 a. m. Forbidden The vse of 'an auto Ar. Edmonton . . .? P-Vm-Di- rect matic (auto-loadin- g) gun ' with a connections at White- horse magazine that has, not been per- manently for Fairbanks, Alaska, plugged or oitered so that and at Edmonton witff T. it cannot carry more than one cart- ridge, swival, or' machine gun, or A. for points south. or than BRITISH LAND AND AIR COMMANDERS IN LIBYA. battery, -- or any gun larger The above schedule remains number 10 gauge, or any weapon notice- - and the use of live birds by the use or aid of baiting The penalty for violation of the in force untiltfurther other than a gun; birds as decoys, or of any aeroplane, , with grain or other artificial food is migratory bird laws is a fine of not For Full Flight Information sail-bo- at, or night-- : prohibited. more than three hundred dollars nower-boa- t. . Consult and shooting from any motor , The shooting of migratory game and not less than ten dollars, or light, J. A. Barber or wheeled vehicle or a vehicle to birds earlier than one hour before imprisonmet for a term not exceed- ing which a draught animal is attached. sunrise or later than one hour after six' months, or both fine an J WHITEHORSE The hunting of migratory game t sunset is i prohibited. . imprisonment. Suppies For Pacific Mrs. fl, A. Ramsden; Chairman NAT! 0 HAL SE LECTIVE S ERVICE . of the Provincial Red Cross Work 'Committee, recency issued an emer-gcnc- y ' call to the knitters of British Columbia for 500' navy blue turtle neck sweaters with sleeves and 5UU navy blue toques. These together with trousers, underwear, socks, EFFECTIVE: SEPTEMBER 1, 1942 hosptal slippers, handkerchefs and necessary ioilet articles are for sur- vivor THOSE AFFECTED kits. These "will be supplied to H. M. C. ships for distribution ONE GROUP of regulations (A) applies to all workers, male 'and female, and among torpedoed merchant seamen their employers, except any persons employed: and other shipwrecked survivors As female domestic servants in homes where there is not more than one servant rescued on the Pacific. Knitters employed; By a provincial government; As ministers, priests or clergymen; who are busy making' these articles As professional engineers or science workers under the Wartime Bureau of are asked to send them in as soo i Technical Personnel; In part-tim- e subsidiary employment which is not a regular as possible. It . is the aim of the occupation; Work Committee to keep a large In agriculture, hunting, fishing, As trapping; teachers; As nurses and proba- tioners; quantity of these kits in" the Pro-vinci- al In casual labour; 1 Warehouse so that all im As students work after school at or on holidays other than long summer vacation. mediate calls for replacements can 1 7 The other Group (B) applies to all workers. Hear From Relatives. THE REGULATIONS ' Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Shubert of Ashcroft have received a letter from GROUP (fl,) their son Jim who is a prisoner of war in Tunisia, North Africa. Ke 1. No worker may quit his job without giving his employer seven days' notice says he is getting Red Cross parcels: in writing. , ;., and appreciates them much.. International correspondence very. with 2. No employer may lay-of- f or discharge any worker without seven days' notice in writing. relatives in enemy-occupi- ed coun- tries through the Red Cross is stead- ily 3. No employer may interview or engage any worker unless such worker has a increasing. In one week last permit to seek employment. month .there were 110 messages to 4. Permits to seek employment may be obtained from National Selective families in 35 places in the province Service othcers in Selective Service offices, formerly the local offices of the Norway 44, Germany 22, Den- mark Unemployment Insurance Commission. 20, France 7, Netherlands 6,' Finland and Channel Islands 3, GROUP (D) Hungary 2 and one from Estonia, Bohemia and Belgium. 5. A National Selective Service officer has the power: Apricot Jam for Britain (a) to order any person to report for an interview at the local office; A ton of apricots to make jam lor (b) to order any person who has been unemployed seven days to take Britain! That is the gift of the any suitable work; and Naramata Red Cross branch. At the time of writing the apricots are be- ing (c) to order any partially employed person to take any suitable full-tim- e work. . '. processed by the Murray Jam :. Company into delicious golden jam 6. No person ordered by a National Selective Service officer to take a job may which the Red Cross will send quit such job without permission of the officer. Overseas as soon as possible. It is estimated that they will make more 7. When a worker has to travel to a distant job, the National Selective Service tha a ton and a half of jamwhich " officer may pay the cost of transportation and certain other special allow-- ances. ."' . . .;. will be distributed by the Red Cross to hundreds of babes in nurseries, 8. H a worker at the request of the National Selective Service officer changes boys and girls in homes for waifs from less to more essential work, he may claim re-instatem- ent in his former and strays and evacuated children, job when the more essential work is finished. sick and wounded in military hos- pitals and homes for the aged. 9. Any employer, employee-o- r other person who violates any provision of the Nor was the work done entirely regulations or any order made under them is liable to a fine not exceeding by the $500 or a jail term of not more than 12 months or both. machinery of the jam factory. When word came from Mrs. P Note: Agricultural workers may, take seasonal or temporary employment Rounds, secretary of the Naramata outside agriculture with the consent of Selective Service Officers when such Red Cross branch, that the gift was work will not interfere with farm production and by taking such work they to be a ton of apricots to arrive at a will not lose their right to postponement of military service. moment's notice, the B. C. Red Cross Food Conservation Committee de- cided EMPLOYERS the project was too vast to be carried out entirely by voluntary Read the of ders-in-coun- cil setting up the regulations and the workers, although the Point Grey Explanation of National Selective Service Regulations which Women's Institute had offered take to can be obtained from Selective Service offices. charge. Arrangements were made with the Murray Jam Com EMPLOYEES pany to have their machines do the actual processing less than a day's i work. Volunteer workers helped Read the orders-in-coun- cil setting up the regulations and the prepare the fruit. Mrs. E. Martin, Workers' Handbook which can be obtained from Selective Service a member of the Red Cross Corps, offices or offices of trade unions. V in charge of the Food Warehouse,' stamped approximately a thousand ELLIOTT M. LITTLE, HUMPHREY MITCHELL, attractive Red Cross jam labels Director National Selective Service Minister of Labour v.nich other volunteers pasted on SS43 the four-nou- nd rans . I FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th, 1942 THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WHITKHORSB. VTTKfW PAGI TIVrY X HE ATLIN NUGGETS Mrs. Doris Walton, who for so SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 6th, 1942 many years has been running a Taxi service between Spruce Creek and Atlin, is going to Whitehorse and already ' has shipped her "car." National Day The lady will be leaving a host of friends behind and we sincerely wish her all kinds of good luck for the future. of The latest word, regarding the condition of Pilot Sergt. Jim As-ielsti- ne, son of our member in the Pray er Provincial Hpuse, is that after five months in an English hospital he is able to walk slightly, and in the course of a few months more he may be in a condition; that will CHRIST CHURCH allow him to take further parts in the bombing of German factories. Mr. and Mrs. James B. Kershaw left Atlin last week for their home V"'-'!."-'"'- ' '' Services '.',::;.y in Vancouver after spending a month or more with old friends here 8.30 a. m. Holy Communion. and talking over many reminiscen- ces Prayer of the past, which was enjoyed 11.00 a. m. Morning by them and also by us. We sin- cerely 7.30 p. m, Evening Prayer, trust they had a good passage (Addresses at both services) j down on the Princess and shall be Our FAMILY went through hard times looking forward to another visit from them next year. once. It taught us that you can't keep , .: your independence without foresight The funeral took place last Sun- day and sacrifice. We learned what we could of Einar Tatley whose death took place last week and was re- ported do without when we had to. So we fTTTTTTTTirTTTIIIIllIXJLU on in our last issue. The Rev. R.--P-Graha- m conducted ' the know that a real nest-eg- g means more "BUILD WESTERN PAYROLLS" service; the pallbearers being some It than just compulsory savings. means' of the old friends of the deceased, A PATRON namely, John Sunde. Ed. Benson. all the War Savings Stamps and Cer- tificates if Ole Johnson, Oscar Carlson, Dave we can lay our hands on. Mattson and Jim Lund. Quite a FOR 8 few of Atlin's oldtimers have left here recently for the Great Beyond They're safe. And they're an invest- ment Y EVjimiditFD but their memory will remain. every Canadian should make. Through an unfortunate over Why? Because they help equip our We have a letter from up-coun- try sight we omitted to state in our The writer states fighting men to protect everything issue of August 22nd that Mr. W. W. has used "all kinds of she canned milk" but Pacific Wright was foreman of the jury we've got. And because, too, they pay which held the inquest on the body Milk continually since she for $t.00e aside of the late John Klee. hack $5.00 every put began it "because of its ' richness and flavor. That now. We've got to win this war no matter Atlinites read with pleasure and was eight years ago." oride from the Vancouver Daily what it costs and we've got to It's only real excellence that that sister Province our publication the time when the could bring a . milk a pre- ference "The Whitehorse Star" won the prepare against like this. Charters Cup (1st Prize) presented boys come home. by the Canadian Newspapers As- sociation, Pacific Milk same being for the best Buy War Savings Stamps from druggists, weekly newspaper with a circulat- ion de- part banks, post offices, telephone offices, IRRADIATED OF COURSE of 500 or less. Much credit is men t stores, grocers, tobacconists and due to the Whitehorse" Star and its other retail stores. Certificates may be TTXXXXXJXIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXrJ Editor, Mr Horace Moore, in win- ning purchased for immediate delivery in such a trophy, and also for denominations of $., $10, $25 from. iiA.f, Trusl Companies and Post. Offices. gagging third prize for the best iiiiiiiiiiinniu front page class. We have often 61-- S National War Finance Committee stated that Mr. Moore's editorials W. H. THEATER are always of ' ' the highest ' order. contest, which was the means of in charge of the Whitehorse ''office A wedding of unusual interest Whitehorse tfukon raising the grand sum of around which is locate in the Whitehorx? will take place in Atlin ; sometime one thousand dollars for St. An- drew's Inn. during the early part of October be- tween Hospital, Atlin. No person Will be permitted t Mr. Jim Smith, manager of travel to Skagway or to enter any All travellers passing through Schuz Ltd., department, L. grocery other port, of the Alaskan Territory Alaskan Territory must now secure ind Miss Dorothy Matson, daughter Shows Every of Mr. and Mrs. Pete Matson of ! a permit from the - U. S. Military without such permit. "" lin and Creek. This popular j Police. They will be required to Ruby Try to do ic others as you wmiM will reside, after the knot fill in and complete the necessary Night :ouple have them do to you, and do not i and to be finger-print- ed at in the residence lately forms has been tied, discouratred if they fail sometimes vacated by Mr.' and Mrs. Barney the time the application is being Dickens. (Except Sundays) Murray. The future bride was born made. We are informed that it will ( in Atlin and has spent all her life take three or four days after the Where the motive q do right ov- ists, Pictures changed thrice Weekly. here, except for a few months' trip jnaking ...of application before a per- mit pnd the majority of one's a-4- ' at coast cities. In 1941 Miss D. can be issued. Applicants are are riCTht, we should avoid referrir See Bulletin Board for Particulars. Matson was chosen Victory Queei; therefore requested to govern them- selves to past mistakes. Mary . 3a v here in a very keenly contested accordingly. Sergt. Hester is Eddy. , fmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxrxxrm PAGE SIX TIIE WHITEHORSE STAR, WHITEIJORSE, YUKON FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th, 1942 feet on each side of the base line. Registration of any document $2.00 When $500.00 has been expended Other claims shall not exceed five Recording an abandonment , ; $2.00 or paid the locator-ma- y, upon hav, hundred feet in length by one thou- - If it affects more than one claim-s- and ing a survey made, and upon com-plyi- ng feet in depth. Claims shall be For each additional claim ... $1.00 with other requirements, 00. as nearly as possible rectangular in Abstract of Title ' ; tain a lease for a term cf twenty, form and shall be .marked by two For first entry $2.00 one years with the right to renewal legal posts, one at each end of the . For each additional entry ....... .50 for further terms of twenty-on- e Law Synopsis of Mining claim, numbered "1" and "2" re- spectively. For copy of Document years. Claims located prior to July Location posts of creek Up to 200 words - . . ...... $2.50 7, 1917 may upon fulfilling similar Yukon Territory claims shall be placed on the base For each additional 100 words .50 requirements, be Crown Granted. line, and of all other claims parallel For grant of water Leases, renewals of teases, and to the base line, and on the side of For 50 inches or less $10.00 documents relating to leased claims the claim nearest the creek or river For 50 to 200 inches ........... $25.00 shall be recorded with the Mining Any person, eighteen years of age towards which it fronts. For 200 to 1,000 inches ... $50.00 Recorder in triplicate. or over shall have the right to enter, For each additional 1,000 inches Schedule of Fees entitled to A discoverer shall be a and mine upon any or fraction thereof $50.00 locate, prospect claim 1,500 feet in length, and a Recording every claim $10.00 lands in the Yukon Territory, party of two discoverers two claims, QUARTZ MINING For a substitutional record .. $10.00 whether vested in the Crown or each of 1,250 feet in length. Application for a lease .. $10.00 otherwise, for the minerals defined Subject to the boundaries of other For a certificate of improve- ments in the Yukon Quartz Mining Act The boundaries of any claim may claims in good standing at the time 5.00 and the Yukon Placer Mining Act, be enlarged to the size of a claim of its location, a mining claim shall If recorded within 14 days after with certain reservations set out in allowed by the Act, if the enlarge- ment be rectangular in shape and shall expiry date $5.00 the said Acts. does not interfeie with the not exceed 1,500 feet in length by If after 14 days and within rights of other persons or terms of 1.500 feet in width. three months , .. $15.00 shall enter for mining ' No person any agreement with the crown. If after three months and with- in purposes or shall mine upon lands Every claim shall be marked on owned or lawfully occupied by an- other An application for a claim may be the ground by two legal posts, one six months $25.00 security has filed with the Mining Recorder Recording every certificate of until adequate at each extremity of the location been furnished to the satisfaction of within ten days after being located line, numbered "1 " and "2" respect- ively. of work .. .. . $5.00 the Mining Recorder for any loss or if within ten miles of the Recorder's On the. side of No. 1 post For a certificate of partnership $5.00 damage which may be thereby office. One extra day shall be al- lowed facing No. 2 post shall be inscribed Recording assignment, abandon- ment, " for additional ten miles affidavits, or any other caused. every the name of the clain, a letter in-- document . . . . $2.50 fraction thereof. A claim be or may dicating the direction to No. 2 post, Where claims are being located -- If document affects more than located on Sunday or any public the number of feet to the right or which are situated more than one one claim, for each additional holiday. left of the location line, the date of hundred miles from the Mining Re- corder's claim . . . . ; . . $1.00 location and the name of the locator.' office, the locators, not less Any person having recorded a For granting period of six On No. 2 the side No. authorized claim shall not have the right to lo- cate post, on facing than five in number, are months within which to re- cord 1 shall be inscribed the to meet and appoint one of their another claim in the valley or post, name . . ... $4.00 of the the date of claim, location, number as emergency recorder, basin of same creek within sixty For an abstract of the record of who shall as soon as possible deliver days of locating first claim. and the name of the locator. a claim: the application and fees received to Title The claim shall be recorded with- in .' For the first entry .... $4.00 the Mining Recorder for the District. fifteen days if located within ten For each additional entry .50 Any person having complied with miles of the mining Recorder's of-- For copies of any document re- corded If two or more persons own a claim, each such person shall contri- bute the provisions of the Act with res- - fice; one additional day shall be al- - where same do not proportionately to his interest pect to locating and recording a lowed for every additional ten miles exceed three folios $4.00 to be done claim shall be entitled to a grant or fraction thereof. Where such copies exceed three to the work required the for one year and shall have the ab- solute folios, 30 cents per folio for ' thereon, and when proven to right of renewal from year Adjoining claims not exceeding every folio over three. he has not that Gold Commissioner his interest be vested to year thereafter, provided during eiht in "umber may be grouped, For recording a power of at- torney done so may " each year he does or causes to be the necessary representation work to stake from one in the other co-own- ers. done $200.00 worth of work of the for each claim may then be per- formed person ...... .. .. $4.00 The survey of a claim made by a claim, files with the Mining Recor- der on any one or more of the For recording a power of attor- ney duly qualified Dominion Land Sur within fourteen days after ' the claims in the group to stake from two per- sons veyor shall be accepted as defining expiration of the claim an affidavit ' ....... $8.00 Every application for a full claim absolutely the boundaries of the showing a detailed statement of the For recording an assignment or shall be made on Form "A" and for claim surveyed, provided the survey work, and pays the required renewal a Fractional claim on Form "A-1- ". . other document relating to a is approved by the proper author- ity fee. quartz mining lease $3.00 and remains unprotested during No person is entitled to locate Rental, whole or fractional min- eral GROUPING the period of advertisement. 'more than one claim in the same claim granted under Under certain conditions claims mining district within twenty days. lease for term of 21 years... $50.00 A person . about to undertake a may be grouped and the work re- quired Rental for renewal term of 21 bona fide prospecting trip may se- cure The timber on a mineral claim is ....... l'r ...... $200.00 to be performed to entitle years from the Mining Pecorder reserved until the Mining Recorder the owner or owners to renewals bf Dredging written permission to record at his the , certifies that . the same is required own risk a claim within six . months. several claims grouped may be for the A lease may be issued for a per- iod use in mining operations on performed on any one or more of of fifteen years for a continuous A legal post must stand four feet the claims in the grouping. If the claim. The Commissioner, however, stretch of river not exceeding ten above the ground, squared or laced claims grouped are owned by more may issue a permit to holders of miles in length giving the exclusive other claims to the timbers for the upper eighteen inches and than one person a partnership remove right to dredge for gold, silver and measuring four inches across the agreement creating a joint and for use in their mining operations platinum. The lessee must have at faced portion. The post must be several liability the where other timber is not readily on part of all least one dredge in operation on the firmly fixed in the ground. the owners for the joint working of available. leasehold within three years. the claims shall be executed and Priority of location shall be deem- ed .- -Title Petroleum and Natural Gas filed with the Mining Recorder. to convey priority of right. Cer- tain Any person having complied with A lease may be issued for a per- iod disputes may be heard and de- termined Taxes and Fees with of twenty-on- e years for an area the provisions "of the Act re- gard Board of Arbitrators. of not to exceed 1,920 giving by a acres Royalty at the rate of two and to locating and recording a t .the right to the petroleum and na- tural Grants of claims grouped or own- ed one-ha- lf per cent, on the Value of claim shall be entitled to hold it for by one person may be made re- newable all gold shipped from the Yukon one year from the date of the record gas on the area leased. A rent- al is charged of 50 cents acre on the same date. Territory shall be paid to the Com- ptroller. and thereafter from year to year, per for the first and $1.00 acre . , year per ; provided during each year he does PLACER MINING For grant to a claim for or causes" to be done work on the for each subsequent year. one year ............ $10.00 claim to the value of $100.00 and Assay Office Creeks means any natural water For renewal of grant shall, within fourteen days after the An Assay Office is maintained by width of course having an average Tf renewed within 14 days expiration of the year, satisfy, the the Government at Vancouver, less than one hundred and fifty feet after expiry date ........ ..$10.00 Mining Recorder that the work has where gold exported from the Te- rritory between its banks. If after 14 days and within 3 been done, and pay the Certificate will be purchased at its full Creek claims shall not exceed five months, $30.00 of Work fee. One hundred dollars value. hundred feet in length, measured If after 3 months and within 6 may be paid in lieu of assessment G. A. JECKELL. along the base line, by one thousand months , . . $45.00 work. - 1 Control! tf fcfDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th, 1942 THE WHITEHORSE STAR W 1 I ITEII ORSE YUKON pa';i: seven IS FOR lira I FLAMINGO m IT". ' r Future Developments In sharp contrast to the days of The Flamingo is usually 1933 when unemployment reached found in Southern Eu- rope, its peak so that no less than one and Africa and some a half million Canadians received parts of Florida. It has almost $25,000,000 for relief, to-d- ay long legs and neck, this s no problem and powerful webbed feet' and a broad forces are being gathered together bill. These birds usually in the nation's capital in order to travel in flocks. large put into effect the new national selective service policy which aims .Jta to create a proper balance between the manpower requirements of the armed forces, war industries, essent- ial and non-essent- ial work. In this Insist on PI LSENER J and by looking to EATON'S connection, though there will be a Catalogue for their style Inspi- rations, national registration of women Canadian women keep right in step with Fashion's starting this month in line with every change not only in this objective, yet it is expected clothing for every member of that the Government will exercise the family but in almost every proper care or caution in this dir- ection other household need as well. in the interest of the welfare Don't let fashion or furnish- ing of married women with or without problems bother you. Open children, particularly at this time your EATON'S Catalogu e, when many men, youths, and single youH find the answers there. girls are still engaged in non-essent- ial work, calling for . the services of Shop from EATON'S Catalogues married women when and if this is "STORES BETWEEN COVERS" absolutely necessary. T. EATON CLn. No Imminence of More Rations WINNIPEG CANAOA Situations can change rapidly to force immediate rationing of any article in the event -- of the immin- ence of actual shortages, but auth- orities along Parliament Hill do not intend to put into existence in the next couple of months or longer ex- tensive rationing of, anything more than that existing now for gasoline, simar, tea. and coffee. Therefore, unless there is an absolute neces extensive rat This advertisement is not published or sity for such action, ioning of commodities is not plan- ned displayed by the Government of Yuk on Territory. for the period immediately in face of all rumours or stories. ought to put in their supplies of coal demands of man-pow- er and woman-pow- er or wood as soon as possible. There for War purposes begin to More Money Needed is not the slightest suggestion or diisclose themselves in everyday While the new scale of taxation hint of rationing of these articles 'life -- V7 and the hew form of compulsory for next winter which will most Rumtir-Mongeri- ng Condemned savings may seem to be extremely likely not be necessary, but at the heavy burdens now for the masses, same time this is emphasized on ac-cou- unt Hon. J. L. Ilsley, Minister of Fin- ance, LANTERN yet a new national loan campaign of the priority of war re- quirements has come out openly to con- demn will be made shortly " by the Gov- ernment. and of the short supply those persons who were dam- aging It is pointed out in Ot-h- ot of British coal as well as the un this nation's war effort and pvnenditures in the pre satisfactory supply of American the country's finances by spreading exceed revenues coal. malicious falsehoods or rumors will sent fiscal year about the Government's fiscal poli- cies, LECTURE anu u.c by about $1,850,00U,UUU Concentration of Business about War will particularly rumors compulsory savings plan pro duce about $100,000,000, leaving A concrete indication of the dras Savings Certificates not being re- deemed, to be ootain- - tic effects of the war upon normal about the possibility that on the ti 7n nno 000 or more ed through voluntary lending by the business is ' seen in the section of bank deposits would be frozen, and .1 11 uwi.-cf- rn A the chartered banks of Canada of about stories that 25 per cent of all-saving- s It is recognized masses. ramnaien will be necessary reducing the number of their bran- ches would be taken by the YUKON to raise the money, but, in view of throughout Canada. So far it Government. Of course, these rum- ors increased national income is planned to close , down about or stories are entirely false and greatly of Canada's eighty branches on account of staff completely without foundation. In- deed, ami thP huee success national loan campaign of last win- ter shortages and the business of bank- ing there is nothing along Parlia- ment at will have to be concentrated in Hill to indicate that the Gov- ernment over-subscrib- ed, which was heavily should be forth- -, a fewer number of offices all over had any intention to fol- low the money CHRIST CHURCH the country, though a strong effort such policies and Hon. J. L. without much dimcuuy. coming will be made not to unduly inter- - i Ilsley's condemnation of s:ich rum-or-monger- ing WEDNESDAYS Looking Ahead fere with the facilities offered to is timely and appro- priate backstage along the general public. In any event, it since it is a fact that there is is emphasis at 8 P. M- - Parliament There Hill which clearly sug- gests is a sism of the times and what may never any truth 'about mere rumors that householders and others be expected by the people jas the or unauthorized stories in wartime. PAGE EIGHT THE WIIITEHORSB STAR. WHITEHORSE, YUKpN FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th, 1942 Local Happenings Picnic Suggestions Mr T Rea of the Excelsior Life MissTamney, chiel stewardess 01 from his business : the C, P. A. was a-,- ; visitor in town Co arrived back ; For the holiday of last week. trip to Dawson last Saturday and latter part : left yesterday morning on his return trip to the coast, Mrs. H. G. Macpherson left on a LABOUR DAY, SEPTEMBER 7th irip to the coast yesterday and w:U We have been)fficially notified be away from home for the nex, PICNIC PLATES, NAPKINS, WAX PAPER, from Vancouver that Ralph Edward . few weeks. , , Mayonaise, McGavin's Cakes, Cream Cheese, Fresh Fruit, 1 Fancy Biscuits, Sandwich Spread, Lemonade Powder and 'recruit and terdsy for-- . the coast en route to congratulations new Orillia, 6nt., where they will both Fruit Juices. best wishes. continue their schooling. We wish Take your camera with you. We have all sizes of ;i-KOD- AK them both success. theological student every Mr.. S. Webber, who has been in charge of the An- glican AND MOVIE FILMS Mission at Champagne for the Mrs. James Breaden of Mayo was an incoming passenger on Tuesday's "HELP WIN THE WAR" past few months left yesterday morning for the coast to resume his plane from the Silver City to join Buy War Savings Stamps and Saving Certificates. her husband who has been a resi- dent studies at the U. B. C. here for the past three weeks. Having completed his official trip TAYLOR & DRUkY Ltd through the Territory Mr. F. M. Mr, and Mrs. H. Daglish left yes- terday morning for the coast to Burns Dominion Customs Inspector his return make their future home in Victoria. left yesterday morning on His The many friends who were at the trip to his home in Vancouver. many friends in the Yukon were depot to see them off was a fitting ! :lad to welcome him north and will tribute to their popularity in this : be again looking next year forward when to it is seeing hoped him ht- - community. Buy Now and Save 35 Per Gent will be accompanied by Mrs. Burns. When the train arrived at the Mr. Thorburn, also of the Customs local depot Wednesday night who Dept. left on the same train for should step on to the platform but Carcross en route to Atlin, B.4C. Mr. "Blondie" Robinson looking the pic- ture till "flO labelle the other Customs official of health after his sojourn at j Coats who was here recently left for the the coast. He left some weeks ag y j coast on a previous boat. to secure medical treatment at the Shaughnessy Military Hospital in TTTTTTTTTTTTi:XXXXIimllJ Vancouver. SACRED HEART A fine selection to choose from We are informed by the R. C. M VaUilVH rtholir Church v, , 1 p thatthe body of u-s- - sldiei ! who fell into the turbulent waters of also Rev. Father Charles Hamel, O.M.I. the Whitehorse Rapids whilst fish. From now on until further notice ing several months ago, was dis services will be conducted at the ; covered Wednesday morning by Fifty Choice Silk Dresses following times: Drury McGinty about fve miles Sundays: down the river presumably whilst to clear at $6.00 Each. Masses 7.00 and 8.30 A.M. he was searching for the missing High Mass 10.00 A.M son of Sophie Slim. Benediction 7.30 P.M. SOPHIA SUM'S YOUNG S. VANDT, - Main Street Week days: SON REPORTED MISSING Masses ................... 7.00 A.M. BELIEVED DROWNED. Fridays: Benediction 7.30 P.M. Whilst playing with two other OFFICIAL WEATHER REPORT children on the float where the Yukon Electrical Company. Ltd. planes land on the river the five August year old son of Sophie Slim, an In- dian, 27 Thursday 64 43 Will be pleased to consult is believed to have fallen into 28 Friday 68 34 the water and drowned. The trag- edy you regarding 29 Saturday 71 43 occurred between 8 and 8.30 30 Sunday 62 39 Tuesday night. A thorough search Light Power. Supplies and Installation!! 31 Monday . ... . .. .... 62 50 was at once instituted by the R. C. September M. P. for the missing boy. Constable 1 Tuesday . : .............. 63 48 Salt, with the aid of Gordon Sil-co- x's WHIT E H O R S E, Y. T. 2 Wednesday 70 . 42 speed boat, also patroled the river that night and throughout the FOUND On road between White-hor- se early hours of the following morn- ing, and Carcross . a sleepinr but so far no trace of the child Sixteen, kinds 'of food are packed bag. Owner can have same bj has been found. weekly into 50.000 eleven-poun- d proving ownership and paying for narcels. Mr. Kelly stated. With BUT this advt. Apply Star Office. Tons of Food Weekly the exception of three war veterans UlflR FOR. SALE Or hire ten 1 pack the only paid employees the SAVINGS horses equipped for packing. More than half a million pounds work is done voluntarily by 130 wo CERTIFICATES Communicate by wire to Mr. La-verdie- re of food is shipped every week from men who pack approximately 90 of Laverdiere, Y. T. Canada to prisoners-of-w- ar in Eur- ope tons of food a day. by the Canadian Red Cross and ! The shipments are carried on FOR SALE Peterborough Freight- - every ounce is packed in three Can- adian (Vessels operated by neutral nations "In German camps, for example, in? (Prospector-trapp- er ) Canoe, j warehouses at Montreal, To- ronto j and when landed at Lisbon are there is what is known as a' "man Length 18 footer. In first-cla- ss and Hamilton, according to in- formation taken over by the Internatonal Red condition. Will load 1500 lbs. j given by Mr. J. N. Kelly, j Cross representative there. of confidence". He is a prisoner Two new paddles. Price $80 f.o.b. Toronto. National Publicity Director . "We know that inmates of enemy picked out by the camp director t" Atlin, B. C. A genuine snap at' of the Canadian Red Cross who was prison camps get those parcels. We distribute the Red Cross parcels as this price. Address Mr .Harper , in Vancouver last week on a tour get signed acknowledgement cards they arrive and he must get a signed Reed, Atlin. B. C. 1 of the Dominion. back from them," Mr. Kelly said. card from every recipient.