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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 37, Friday, September 11, 1942.

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Frc-- mz CIRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY Vol, 42. No. 37. WHITEHORSE, YUKON. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th, 1942 Subscription $3.00 Year. PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT'S CHURCHILL LAUDS DAV ADDRESS LABOR CANADIANS AT WAS IMPRESSIVE. STORMING OF DIEPPE. Those who heard over the radio Describing the storming of Dieppe President Roosevelt Labor Day to the British House of Commons address could not help but he im last Tuesday as the "indispensible pressed with his exhortation, for in preliminary" to bigger undertak- ings. creased activity on the part of all of He pointed out that it was a us and the quiet assurance for our mistake to speak or write of Dieppe ultimate victory which character as a commando raid although some ized his speech. Probably that part commando troops distinguished of his address of greatest interest to themselves remarkably in it. "The our readers will be his reference to raid" continued the prime minister the four main areas of combat (1) "must be considered as a reconnais- sance The Russian Front (2) The Pacific in force. It was a hard sav- age Ocean area (3) The Mediterranean clash as are likely to become and Middle East and (4) The Eur increasingly numerous as the war deepens. We had to get information opean area, various people, staiea the President urge the concentration necessary before launching operat- ions on a much larger scale." Mili another of of our forces on one or tary credit, stated Mr. Churchill, lor these four areas, although none sug- gest this most gallant affair goes to the that any one of the four areas Canadian troops who formed five-sixt- hs should be abandoned. "Certainly it of the force and assaultng to could not be seriously urged that we the Royal Navy wheh carried them abdondon aid to Russia or surrender all there and mst of them back. all of the Pacific to Japan, or the Mediterranean and Middle East to PROGRAM CO MMITTEE Germany or :give up an offensive MAKE GIFT OF SIXTY against Germany. The American DOLLARS TO LIBRARY. people may be sure that we shall neglect none of the four great thea As a result of the dance he'd in tres of war. Certain vital military the Masonic Hall on August 28 last decisions have been made. In due GUNNERS ABOARD A CANADIAN SHIP BRINGING CANADIAN the Program Committee, who spon- sored time will know what these de- cisions you SUPPLIES TO BRITAIN the same for the benefit of the will our enemies. are--a- nd so Whitehorse Public, Library were I can say now that all of these de In Canadian-bui- lt ships, Canada's gift of a billon dollars worth of able to hand over to the library cisions are directed toward taking food and munitions is pouring into Britain. In addition to sending board the sum of sixty dollars. The the offensive." After asserting that valuable supplies to every theatre oi war, Canada is making an import- ant total receipts were $96.75 and the this war will be finally won by the contribution to the Allied cause in connection with the Empire Air expenses amounted to $36.75. The co-ordina- tion of all the armies, nav Program Committee take this op- portunity ies and air forces of the United Nati- ons Training Scheme, turning out new pilots and new aircrews by the of thanking those who operating in unison against our hundred to augment the R. A. F.'s master bombing programme. patronized the dance and also the enemies the President went on to Whitehorse Star : who 'generously point out "that battles are not won donated the advertising and printed by soldiers or sailors who think first tickets for the occasion. of their own personal safety. And wars are not won by people who HALF A MILLION . are concerned primarily with their CANADIAN VOLUNTEERS own comfort, their own convenience, IN ARMED FORCES. their own pocket-book- s. We at On the fourth anniversary H home are now being tested for our Canada's entry into the war Prime fortitude for our selfless devotion Minister . Mackenzie ' King in ' his 7 to our country and our cause. This broadcast address this week made, is the toughest war of all time. We the interesting statement that there need not leave it to historians of the were now half a million volunteer future to answer the question whe men in the Canadian Armed Forces. ther we are tough enough to meet A credit agreement under which this unprecedented' challenge. We Russia may draw ' up to approxi- mately can give that answer now. The an- swer nine million bushels of hard is "Yes." 1 spring wheat or. flour was signed at Canada House, London, England, NEGOIATIONS IN on Tuesday by representatives oi' the Canadian and Soviet . govern- ments, PROGRESS FOR U. S. y TO OPERATE W- - P. &. Y. R. From Chungking a report was cir- culated We have been informed by Mr. C. in foreign circles Tuesday T. Rogers, president and managing that "suggestions" made by the Jap- anese director of the White Pass & Yukon ROYAL INSPECTION OF "PARATROOPS" IN TRAINING Ambassador to Russia ;have Route,- - that negotiations are in pro Concluding a tour of the Southern Command, Britain's King and been found unacceptable by . the cess between his and the Soviet government and that as a re- sult company Queen paid a visit to British airborne troops in training. u- - S. government for the latter to a break into open conflict is ex- pected Picture shows: Queen Elizabeth watching one of the initial stages rf operate the railroad for the durat any moment. The report did ion of the war but no definite agree "paratroop" training. Troops dropping from a fuselage at the train- ing 'not state the nature of the suggest- ions. ment has, as yet, been arrived at. centre. PGE TWO THE WHITEHORSE STAR, , WI?ITEHORSE YUKON FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th, 19 i - - - us assume them in the proper spirit and respond to them in a proper manner remembering always that "Volom ot thm Yukon much directly however they may affect us individually, they will not An Independent Journal bear comparison to those assumed by those in the various combat ser- vices.;. Published every Friday at ': Yukon Territory V O Whitehorse, On the Trail of '98 TO THE LADIES The White Pass and Yukon Route When it comes to taking the lead in most activities of a patriotic nat- ure The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to Member of Canadian Weekly the ladies have invariably dis- played Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska- - Newspapers' Association. their willingness and readi- ness HORACE E. MOORE - Publisher to assume such responsibilities AIRPLANE SERVICE both as a public duty and as a mat ter of course. plane service, making connections, northbound and south- bound Let us have faith that right makes The attention of the ladies in this with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, might; and in that faith let us to community are directed to the gov- ernment advertisement published in Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For informatioii the end dare to do our duty as we understand it. Lincoln. this issue calling upon them to reg- ister v': apply to any for national service. The first group called upon to register are WHITE P A S S AGE N To r SEPTEMBER 11th, 1942 those between the ages of 20 and 24. Other groups will be called 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. upon to register from time1 to time later until the registration of all THE PRICE OF PEACE groups have been completed and tabulated. We all wiith one accord desire the TT , Aanat ""aii war to end and for all nations to guch registrations in rurai areas live again at peace with one another. jch includes Whitehorse) are to into , nupc um u. e made at the lQCal post Office. wnicn springs eiernai in tne numan Printing breast. Peace is as much sought If want a clean conscience, you after and longed for by our enemies clean mind. a keep as it is for ourselves but. with vastly different objectives in view. Our enemies are striving their utmost to When a man is wrapped up in secure world supremacy and to himself he makes a pretty small Is Our Business place all other nations under their parcel. tyrannical domination. We of the Democracies are earnestly striving in essentials unity, in non-esse- nt- on our part to preserve intact and Hals liberty, in all things charity. What is more We know perpetuate for all time those. God- - I St. Augustine. how to do it. given qualities which together form , - y the blood stream of all Christ- - very " Let us be sure we see things No matter how intricate the ian civilization. aright. It is according to the true Whilst we most certainly deplore j or false estimate of things that we work, or how large or small the iniquity of our enemies and fare made happy or miserable. the order, we are always at flatly repudiate their claims as a superior race we are nevertheless f It is good to have money, and the your service. forced to admit their of ' singleness thimrs that monev wili buv but it's purpose and of action, both of which The quality of our work, and eood, too. to check up once in a are worthy of a better cause. The while and make sure you haven't our scale of charges, are on a whole nation acts as a single unit. lost the things that money won't parity with those at the What is more, at no time since the buy. G. H. Lorimer. war beganhave they considered the coast. sacrifices they have been called to make as being too great for them to Place your next printing endure although undoubtedly they 6em$ of thought order with us. It will be , have been most severe in many in- stances. executed to complete your From this aspect of their national life we might well learn PREJUDICE satisfaction. something advantageous to our- selves. The Whitehorse Star Although the war has now been The prejudices of ignorance are more easily removed than the i" :.'. in progress for over three years we pre-- in Canada have been called upon to ! judices of interest; the first are alj "WHERE QUALITY AND SERVICE COUNT" blindly adopted, the second will- - make little or no real sacrifice as ! yet. For the past three years life luuy preferred. Bancroft has gone on much the same as be- fore Fortunatly for seriouus minds, a the outbreak of war for the bias recognized is a bias sterlized. most of us. Quite a nu"mber in fact A. Eustace Haydon. have been more prosperous if not as Yukon Electrical Company, Ltd. the direct result of the war then by Thee is nothing respecting which reason of the large government con- struction a man may be so long unconscious, projects which are still be as of the extent and strength of his Will be pleased to consult ing carried out in various parts v of rPreiudices. Jeffrey. regarding ' you the country. Whilst participating XT . . . ... None are too wise to be mistaken, in our national prosperity we must u,' ., . Light, Power. Supplies and Installations ,...... , j t ,but few are so wisely just as to iiftcwisc uc uicumcu iu assume our i , , , . . . . - . 'acknowledce and correct their mis- - lair snare oi our national respon-- , ; . , especially the mistakes sibilities both financial and other-- ! .a"d Y. T. Ui prejudice. isaac aarrow. WHITBHOE.BE,. wise. From now on we shall also be The public sentiment is helpful or called upon, from time to time, to dangerous only in proportion to its make various sacrifices deemel right or its wrong concept, and the prejudice it instills. Mary Baker j The great obstacle to progress necessary to the common cause. Let , forward footsteps it implies or the Eddy. J prejudice. Bovee.. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th, 1942 THE WHJTEIIORSE STAR, WHITCHOItSF, YITK'OV PAGE THREE Autumn ,,..1942 The Yukon wears each Autumn as a queen Her coat-of-many-col- ors, with rare grace.... The royal reds, grape-purpl- e, forest green, And miles of gold-dipp- ed poplars for lace On mountains dyed with hyacinth-blu- e shadows; And nameless lakes that hold the stars each dusk Like glittering sequins on frost-tinte- d meadows September-cla- d in goldenrod and rust. ush in the marshes mossberries are drying, Cranberries, blueberries high on hilltops wait; Grouse in the thickets, ptarmigan are flying . . . . w Earlier sunsets , close the western gate. Still free the sapphire Autumn skies above you! And your young sons who fight for peace, a part Of Freedom's plan, dream of you. . . . wear you, love you, Like a king's decoration in their hearts. . KATHLEEN KEATS WHITE Insist on PILSENER mi 1 if I Atlin. B. C. Laer Be j TUNGSTEN ORE for the Department of National De- fence. FROM DUTCH GULCH SHIPPED TO COAST. INDIANS HOLD CONCERT FOR RED CROSS Ed. Barker of Haggart Creek has The Indians of Pemberton Re- - not only made a good clean-u- p ' of j serve Creekside, B. C, enriched the gold this season but has also ship treasury of the Red Cross by $7?. ped out for treatment about a ton of proceeds of a recent concert which scheelite from which tungsten is ex featured all Indian talent. Pro- - tracted. It is stated that the ore' , gramme numbers included songs was ox excellent graae ana was ; Pnd dances by the pupils of St.. secured from the Lunde & Swanson Mary's School at Mission and the vorkings on Dublin Gulch in the Indian Day School at Creekside. Mayo district. The playing and singing of Mary Rose Joe and Euphemia Stager and JUNIOR RED CROSS Indian dances of Rosie Stager and IMPORTANT IN SCHOOLS Mary Billy were especially enjov;d. The Indian Brass Band aso provid- ed music arrangements for this School has re-open- ed! Once again Kaving been made b Chief Paul the boys and girls of Canada take Dick and Francis Wallace, 'ihe , w ' '-- J , .. y& - - ::: :v: ::: : :::i:v::: work in life up their chief laying chief also spoke briefly, expressing tne foundation stones for earning a i his appreciation of support from the living in the fields of gainful em- ployment, ' white residents of Pemberton and This advertisement is not published or as well as training for . the whole-heart- ed enthusiasm ot citizenship in a free country. And the Indians behind the war effort. displayed by the Government of Yukni Territory. ship training is the contribution of the chilldren of Canada to the nat ion s war effort mainly tnrougn the Junior Red Cross. Last year the B. C. Juniors contributed $12,393.82 m mask mm l lUi to the National Junior Red Cross War , Fund, as well as $3,616.00 to the Crippled and Handicapped Children's fund. These figures are representative of much self-sacrif- ice and hard work on the part of stud ents and teachers. Outstanding was the example of the Victoria High School which has a 100 Junior Red Cross member- ship of its 1200 students. They have donated more than $672.00 to the two Junior Red Cross funds, made hundreds of articles of clothing and. ft - v v i I if x I vc y jr I other necessities for the three ser- vices, refugees, bomb victims and hospitals as well as toys to comfort small air-ra- id sufferers, and have organized Junior Red Cross First Aid and Home Nursing classes and The Tobacco of Quality , entered enthusiastically into the CUT COARSE FOR THE PIPE CUT FINE FOR ROLLING YOUR OWN drives for War Savings and Salvage. The boys, under the supervision of their manual training instructor. made a large number of arm-splin- ts PAGE FOUR THE WHITEHORSE STAR. WHITEHORSE YUKON Friday, September nth, 1942 - " " ..ii-- ---, FORMER DAWSON TELEGRAPHIST DIES IN VICTORIA, B. C. ; Another Old-Tim- er has passed . mmssmw, f .. . . the Great Divide in the" person of William Brownslow who died in St. IKfMflEJ Joseph's Hospital, Victoria, B. C, on . 3rmml''VA M M M M mm mm ."w August 13, at the age of 75 years. Bv his death the number of the original members of the staff of the Dominion Government Telegraph who manipulated the keys in the early days has been reduced, to one, . Mr; George A. McLachlan, who in 14 to Sept. 19, 1942 the early days was first stationed at SepL Dawson from Selkirk and later at which point he retired from the ser- vice years ago. He has since been in the employ of the W. P. & Y. R. at Whitehorse and still manipulates the keyboard like nobody's business. o . CORPORAL BOND, R.CM.P. THOSE WHO MUST REGISTER MARRIED AT DAWSON- - All females born between January 1st, 1918 and De- cember At St. Paul's Pro-Cathed- ral on 31st, 1922 inclusive, who are not now in pos- session Thursday, September 3, Miss Doris Schell, eldest daughter of Mr. and of Unenipiaryment Insurance Cards Form 41 1 or Mrs. Willis F, Schell of Kelowna, 413 (Illustrated below). Also all those who have such B. C, was united in marriage to cards in their possession but who are not employed in Corporal Ainslie Kenneth Bond, R. insurable employment. " 7 C. M. P. After the ceremony a pub lic reception was held at the home of Inspector and Mrs. W. Grennan. WHERE YOU MUST REGISTER The bridal couple, to whom heart- iest congratulationg-an- d best wishes are extended. are making . their You must register at your nearest Selective Service home in the Chapman house on 5th Office (formerly the local Employment & Claims Office Avenue near Church Street. of the Unemployment Insurance Commission), or a location set up for your convenience. If you reside in DAWSON a rural area, you register at your nearest Post Office. Henry Kuchman of the North Fork is a patient in St. Mary's Hos- - THE DATE OF REGISTRATION pital. .'. You at time between Monday, A. Landry, a member of' the Yu- kon may register any Dredge No. 9 crew, is a patient September 14th, and Saturday, September 19th, 1942. in St. Mary's Hospital suffering from a sore shoulder. It is reported that John Thied, who was a member of the Bank of Montreal staff here last year, is now THOSE WHO with the R. C. A. F. NEED NOT REGISTER Kai Gertsen, proprietor of the Cascade aur,dry has left for Inmates of Institutions such as hospitals Whitehorse look over business possibilities in the Commercial Me- tropolis and mental hospitals and members of of the Yukon. religious orders. Those in possession of 1 either of the two Unemployment Insur- ance James S. Wilson of Last Chance Cards Form 411 or 413 (illustrated) is a visitor in the city. Matt Franich insurable and who are now employed in also of Last Chance arrived in town employment. to consult the local dentist. ; Mr, and Mrs. Tookey and Ronald McCuish of Quartz Creek arrived 111 town on a short visit. Whilst here NOTE ; If you are now unemployed, you will be required to register. H Mr. Tookey secured medical treat-- , you have an insurance book number or registration certificate U.I.C. 411 ment for a cut foot he was suffer- ing or 413 which you got when you were previously employed, bring it with from. you when registering. ELLIOTT M LITTLE HUMPHREY MITCHELL Director National SUctiv Srvic MiniAf ofUbou 8848 Mesdames Norman Reid, H. M. Hollbrook . and "Mickey" MacDon-al- d, have all arrived back home Mrs. J. Meloy of Coffee Creek, mer-sher- e. in Winnipeg. again after spending the summer at one of the best known residents on Cjine Vancouver press announces Much regret ' was expressed here Clear Creek where their husbands the river? was a visitor in town re- cently that on August 26 Hiss Frances when it became known that LAC are employed by Clear Creek Plac- ers on a combined business and Jean Wilson, only daughter of Mr. John A. Lefurgey, R. C. A. F., only Ltd., pleasure trip. Her many friends and Mrs. James Wilson, . formerly of son of Mrs. A .A. Lefurgey of 3680 here were pleased to welcome her Dawson, was married to Mr. Gra- ham Point Grey RoacT, Vancouver, was Frank Freidle and S. A. Miller to the Gold City. A. Chambers, only son of Mr. killed in an airplane accident at have left for the Sixtymile district Mrs. J. Lewis and her son and and Mrs. William A. Chambers. The Jarvis, OnC on August 19 last. He where they will spend therwjnter. daughter. Joseph and Betty, have ceremony was held at the Canadian was formerly a driller in the em-nl- ov Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCombe of left on their return trip to their Memorial Chapel in Vancouver tha of the Yukon Consolidated Jack Wade have been spending a ; VetciVan.: " Alaska,, .after Rev. A. M. Sandford officiating. The I Gold Corp. Ltd. He was 28 years cf few days in the city. having spent a most enjoyable sum- - bridal couple are making their home i age. - Trrmre wrew nwrfwiTO maw PART I - As it Affects SALAIIRY AMD WACEIE IEAIENEn& 1. Question: WHO MUST PAY? A booklet entitled (D) Tax Credit for Personal Savings Answer: All persons in receipt of incomes over itVilTD 1fn ?vrniir irivn You may deduct from the savings portion $660 single or $1200 married. of your tax (Item 6) 1942 payments on will be available shortly account of 2. Question: WHAT FORMS DO YOU at offices of Inspectors (1) an approved employees' (or trade HAVE TO FILL OUT? .of Income Tax. union) superannuation, retirement Ansiver: Unless you are single, without de- pendents, or pension fund; and not making payments for (2) premiums on life insurance policies allowable personal savings. (Item JD), you your taxable income from the first to the last issued prior to 23rd June 1942 (if should file Form TD-- 1 with your employer. dollar), issued after that date ask your in- surance Otherwise he must deduct the amounts pro- vided o) sing-u- company or Inspector of by the Table of Tax Deductions for a with taxable income between $660 and Income Tax) ; single person without dependents or personal $18007 . (3) annuity or savings policies not post-ponab- le savings. . with taxable income between $1800 and without substantial loss or If A or more of your income comes from $30008 - forfeiture; and file with taxable income over $3000 9 (4) principal payments on a salary or wages, you must yo 1942 Income mortgage Return by 30th September ' 194). If your in- come (2) Married (or equivalent status) or agreement of sale, existing prior to is not over $5,000, including not over with taxable income over $12007 23rd June, 1 9 4 2 v on one residential $ 1 00 from investments, you will use Form (3) Dependents tax credit for each $28 , ; property; Tl-Speci- al; otherwise you will use Form T.l. provided (a) they do not exceed the (B) Graduated Tax savings portion and (b) receipts are pro- duced 3. Question : WHEN AND HOW IS (1) On first $660 of taxable income No Tax. for the payments when filing your Income Return. YOUR TAX COLLECTED? 30 on next $ J 00 55 on next $ 5,000 33 on next 500 60 on next 7,000 (E) National Defence Tax "Answer:- - Your employer is required by law to This tax does not apply after 31st August, make deductions from your salary or wages'on 37 on next 1000 65 on next 10,000 1942. The deductions made during account of your 1942 tax during the period 41 on next 1500 70 on next 20,000 January to August 1942 apply as a pay- ment September 1942 to August 1943. Each deduc- tion 45 on next 1500 75 on next 20,000 on account of your 1942 tax. must be the amount provided by the 50 on next 3000 ,80 on next 30,000 official Table of Tax Deductions for your HOW MUCH OF YOUR 6. 85 on excess over $100,000 Question : current rate of pay, and family status and per- sonal TAX IS SAVINGS? savings as declared on Form TD-- 1 (2) Married (or equivalent status) tax Answer: (Item 2 above). credit $150 : the lesser of The Table is designed to collect about 90 (3) Dependents tax credit for each up (1) Single (a) Yz the total of your Normal Tax, of the tax on your salary or wages, leaving 10 $80 .' Graduated Tax and Surtax; or a balance of not more than 10, in most cases, (plus tax on your other income, if any) to be (C) Surtax 4 on investment income over (b) 8 of your taxable income (maxi- mum paid with your Income Return to be filed in $1500 without exemptions. 7,' " $800) plus 1 for each September 1M3. dependent (maximum $100 for If your salary or wages are less than of . NOTES each). ; other (1) In no case are you required to pay a net (2) Married (or equivalent status) the your income, you must pay tax on your tax (i.e., after credit for dependents) "' lesser of instalments. (See income compulsory by which would reduce your taxable income (a) Yz the total of your Normal Tax, Part II below). below $660 single or $1200 married. Graduated Tax and Surtax; or (2) If a wife has unearned income over $660, 4. WHAT CONSTITUTES (b) 10 of your taxable income (maxi- mum Question: then both she and her husband are taxable $1000) plus 1 for each de- pendent TAXABLE INCOME? as single persons, but any amount a wife -- earns (maximum $100 tor Ansuer: Your income is made up of your full does not affect her husband's right each). salary or wages before any deductions whatso- ever, to be taxed as a married person. A married plus living allowances, gratuities or woman is taxed as a single person under You will get back the savings portion of your bonuses (including cost' of living bonus) and all circumstances except only when her tax which you actually pay, plus 2 in-- , the value of any board, living quarters or sup- plies, husband's income is less than $660. terest, after the war. etc., given you by your employer. It also ! includes such receipts as interest and dividends, rents (after taxes, repairs, etc.), royalties and 7. EXAMPLES OF AMOUNTS PAYABLE ON 1942 EARNED INCOME annuities. From your total income you deduct (after allowing for National Defence Tax actually deducted Jan.-Au- g. 1942) payments (up to $300) into certain types of employees' superannuation or pension funds, of income, . DEPENDENTS MARRIED - NO DEPENDENTS MARRIED 2 DEPENDENTS charitable donations up to 10 your SINGLE -- NO and medical expenses over "5 of your income (maximum $400 single, $600 married, plus $100 for each dependent up to four), to find $ 7S0 S 54.50 $ 14.75 ZZ the amount of your taxable income. J'S 297 M w'l $ 167.20 58.60 25 66 $1.16 347.46 364.13 164.13 I74.M) 67 40 507 46 5. Question: HOW MUClf DO YOU J'w '709 I3- - 509.13 567.46 317.46 378.13 K.0 73 S 924 40 684 40: 784.40 484.40 , 505. 06" 2i0.86 . PAY? 'w 500 1 181 06 901 06 1,007.73 657.73 818.40 .WK.40 1 231.06 831.06 1,041.73 5(,173 1 087.73 Answer: (A) Normal Tax (whichever rate I'm '894 67 494 67 1 711 33 1.211.33 1 1.522.00 922 00 is applicable is applied to the full amount of PART II-A- s it Affects OTHER THAN SALARY and WAGE EARNERS PERSONS rinsvjno iiuii" . . r - I :n.,AStn.a investors, and anil noKnnt persons nn on rnnimisfiinil) commission) (Such as business or professional men, "x Inspectors of Income Tax some time in September. 1. PAYMENTS You must pay your l' J 2. RETURNS You file your 1942 Income Return on quarterly instalments beginning on .e T.7-- B Individual f to Form T.l, on or before the thirtieth day of April 1943. October 1942. Remittance Form be secured from Note: Items 1, 4, 5 and 6 of Part I also apply. sen. in with your payments, may , AN ic rutPinYFR EMPLOYER Daring a any person on a daily, weekly, monthly or any other IF YOU ARE dedurt instalments from the salaries or basis, it is your WObihly beginning in September, and I e 1 wages you pay, J J Jf fncome Tax wkhin one week from the send the amounts deductdJX7 for failure to deduct or remit. If you are in doubt as nay-da- y. There are severe Pe" J"'. .u VOUr Inspector of Income Tax at once. obligations to aeauci, o your DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL HEVENI'E CANADA - DOMINION OF INCOME TAA jipivisiwjh C FRASER ELLIOTT, 'nmmhiintier of Income Tax COLIN GIBSON, STAR, WHITEflORSE. YUKON FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th, 1942 PAGE SIX THE WHITEHORSE MACDONALD BROS. SAVE TIME BY AIR ABANDON SWIFT RIVER OPERATIONS. It is reported that the dragline AIR MAIL and boilers taken into the Swift PASSENGERS river area by the Macdonald Broth- ers AIR EXPRESS in 1933 for the purpose of work- ing leases on the Swift have been hauled to the main Quesnel-Bark-orvil- le road for shipment to the coast via the P. G. E. Prior to Changes in taking their equipment into the Swift river area the Macdonalds had the rig set up near Kersley but the Fraser river gold there proved too Schedule fine to save with their equipment. SALVATION ARMY Vancouver -- Whitehorse HOME FRONT APPEAL-- . (Daily except Fridny) Due to circumstances beyond the control of the Salvation Army, the NORTHBOUND . . ... . .-- .i. methods 01 linancing meir wiue-spre- ad Lv. Vancouver. ; 10 a. m, activities have had to under- go A. W hit olio rse. ... 7 p. m. a change. The Army-h- as been SOUTHBOUND I compelled to launch an appeal to the I,y Whitehorse ...7 a. m. public of Canada who have so gen- erously its work in the Ar. Vancouver. . o.:K) p- - m. supported past. A beverage of moderation full flavored, clear Whitehorse ! In recognition of the Army's War Edmonton - Service Work the Dominion Gov- ernment and sparkling. Order some today . . . it (Daily except Friday) is financing that particular costs no more than ordinary beers. phase of its activity. But the Home NORTHBOUND Front Work which due to war con- ditions 42-- 5 Lv. Edmonton -- 12.45 p. m-A- r. have , greatly increased are Whitehorse . ... .'7 p. m. to be financed by The Salvation This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Government of SOUTHBOUND Army itself. Yukon Territory. . .7 In view of the Army's vast work' Lv Wh itehorse a. m. Ar. Edmonton . . . -- 5 p. m. the Dominion Government has granted the Army permission to Direct connections at White- horse make this public appeal throughout for Fairbanks, Alaska, Canada during the week commenc- ing The World's News Seen through and at Edmonton with T. C. 21st. September The Christian Science Monitor A. for points south. Supporting this appeal will be of nation's An International Daily Newspaper some the most promin- ent The ahove schedule remains citizens. is Truthful Constructive -- Unbiased Free from Sensational in force until further notice- - ism Editorials Are Timely and Instructive and Its Daily In the various cities and com- munities with the Make Features, Together Weekly Magazine Section, For Full Flight Information local committees are mak- ing the Monitor an Ideal Newspaper for the Home. Consult every effort to make this appeal Christian Science The Publishing Society J. A. Barber a success. One. Norway Street, Boston. Massachusetts The enthusiastic . support and Price $ 12.00 Yearly, or $1.00 a Month WHITEHORSE work of the many friends who have Saturday Issue, including Magazine Section, 2.60 a Year. i Introductory Offer. 6 Issues 25 Cents assisted to make The Army's great humanitarian work possible in tlie Name.. , . Liife is not what we find it, but past are earnestly requested u 1 Address. - what we make it. j again support this worthy appeal, SAMPLE COPY ON REQUEST Reason gains all men by compel- ling that even in face of exceptional none. heavy demands and trying times, "When did you blow in' asked the work to , which this great inter- national the sergeant. organization has been call- ed "With the last draft" replied the upon to perform will continue. PHILATELIC CLUB be held in the refreshment parlcr recruit. Contributions may either be left .'it TO BE ORGANIZED. at the Whitehorse Inn next Sunday evening at 8 o'clock to which all i- nterested the Star office or mailed direct . to Brigadier . Matt Junker, Divisional For the purpose of organizing 3 .in stamps and stamp co- llecting .Commander, Salvation Army, Van- couver, Philatelic Club here a meeting will are cordially invited. LANTERN B. C. TONS OF BLACKBERRY JAM FOR BRITAIN. li LECTURE Some children of Britain are go- ing NX; 5. ;Jt-r- 5 Butter to have blackberry jam on their bread this winter, because of the Cured il i, " . a I and on the enthusiasm and hard work of jam V p Try BURNS l$hamrockBrdndCnEam&y butter makers of B. C. Women in "black- berry Meats EggS districts are making all-o- ut YUKON efforts to pick the berries, tons of which would otherwise rot on the ground. Mrs. P. Rayment, convenor 5 Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products of the Victoria "Jam for Britain at Committee, (they made more than three tons of jam last year) reports CHRIST CHURCH that her untiring workers have gone "You Can Buy No Better" to the fields to pick the berries. WEDNESDAYS Powell River under the direction of Mrs. C. R. Marlatt, is sending S.O. at 8 P. Mv S. calls for canning supplies. Jam BBurns & Company Limited.g makers there plan to make a ton of blackberry jam. VWWWWTW T Y X X X X XXIIXXXXIX.xx.xxxj 3IDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th, 1942 THE WIUTEIIORSE STAR. WITTTETTORSE. YUKON PAGE SEVEN FREDERICK J. PATTERSON FORMER SUPERINTENDENT SCHOOLS IN THE YUKON DIES AT WEST VANCOUVER: Vancou4r press reports the sudden death of Frederick J. Patt- erson, M. A., in the coast city at the age of 56 years. He was the first principal of West Vancouver MENT INSURANCE High School and remained there for ten years before coming to the Yu- kon where he was superintendent of schools for the Territory for five IN CASE OF :0:S;-:- V years. At the time of his? demise he was principal at the Sechelt school. He leaves to mourn his loss WAR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY his widow who resides in West Vanc- ouver, a daughter the wife of Rev. Christ Alex. Anderson Church Whitehorse, formerly ' rector but now at OWNERS OF PROPERTY ARE URGED TO of Ketchikan, two sisters Alaska, and one two grandd- aughter, brothe- rs. INSURE AGAINST LOSS BY ENEMY ACTION Interment took place in the Capilano View Cemetery, West The Government of Canada, by Act of Parliament, has set up a Plan of Vancouver, with the Sincerest Rev. Hillis War Risk Insurance against damage to property caused by enemy Wright officiating. sym- pathy is extended to the bereaved actionby countermeasures taken against the enemy by explosions of ones on Denai oi me nosi oi inenus war munitions handled by third parties. deceased in the north. of the In terms of general information, it may be stated that the Plan provides EEPORTED THE ALASKA a certain limited FREE COMPENSATION for damage to owner-occupie- d HIGHWAY WILL BE homes and to chattels, but the main feature of the Plan is that COMPLETED BY DECEMBER. owners of most types of property can protect their property by PUR- CHASE of GOVERNMENT WAR RISK INSURANCE at very moderate Senator Chandler, chairman of rates. the U. S. Senate Military Affairs Committee, who has recently re- turned This type of War Risk Insurance is not being sold today by private to Washington, D. C, from insurance companies, because of the risk involved. Consequently, the an inspection trip to Alaska, reports Government has established a national scheme to make it possible for that the highway now under con struction will be completed by Dec- ember each citizen in Canada to purchase the sense of security that comes from 1 next. He predicts that knowing that if his property does suffer war damage (and the war has Christmas supplies for Alaska out- posts come much closer to Canada in the last twelve months) he can call on will be rolling over the new route. From another source we the resources of Canada to help him make good his property loss. were informed that within the next week or two it will be possible to HOW TO OBTAIN drive a car from Whitehorse to Edmonton. This is a clear indicati- on GOVERNMENT WAR RISK INSURANCE of the speed at which the con- struction work is being carried out. The Fire Insurance Agents and Companies of Canada have volunteered to the Government the services of their extensive facilities and personnel, TRAVELLERS THROUGH on a non-prof- it basis, thus avoiding ALASKAN TERRITORY the setting up of the large organiza- tion MUST SECURE PERMIT that otherwise would be needed TO HOME OWNERS U S. MILITARY POLICE. to handle details of this nation-wid- e HOUSEHOLDERS nd OTHERS All travellers passing through Government War Risk Insurance Limited free compensation is Alaskan Territory must now secure provided under the Act for War scheme. Damage by enemy action to a permit from the U. S. Military owner-occupie- d homes up to Police. They will be required to YOUR FIRE INSURANCE AGENT $3,000. Damage to House- holder's fill in and complete 1 the necessary Chattels, up to $800 OR COMPANY WILL GLADLY for those of his wife, up to $400 forms and to be finger-printe- d at SUPPLY COMPLETE DETAILS OF for each child under 16, up to the time the application is being $100 for others, not house- holders, made. We are informed that it will TH IS GOVERNMENT INSURANCE up to $200. take three or four days after the PLAN." No policies are needed in this making of application before a per- mit classification but insurance addi- tional THIS ANNOUNCEMENT IS PUBLISHED to the above amounts can be issued. Applicants are have notice of the so that the public may may be purchased. therefore requested to govern thems- elves Government War Risk Insurance Scheme. accordingly. Sergt. Hester is The information given above is not intended Ask any Fire Insurance details. Agent or Company for complete in charge of the Whitehorse office to be a complete resume of the Scheme. Full which is locate in the Whitehorse information regarding conditions, exclusions, Inn. etc., is available elsewhere. No person will be permitted to travel to Skagway or to enter any other port of the Alaskan Territory if without such permit. Published by Authority otbe Minister oFi nonet mi . . MARRIED IN CALGARY Miss Georgina H. Parchan, for- merly the Car-cro- ss women of the north who spent the London, England, 84 years ago and a waitress at the Arcada Cafe (Mickey) Camp, teacher at at Keno City in the came to the- - Yukon in the early brides- maid. decades school acted as past two was Dawson, for the past few years, public harried on August 15th to Joseph Mayo district, passed away August days residing f for some years in Rawluke, R. C. A. F., youngest son 24 at St. Mary's . Hospital, Dawson, Dawson before leaving for the Mny f Mr. and Mrs. M. Rawluke of Re-fin- a, PIONEER KENO WOMAN where she had been a patient tor district when that camp was first Sask. The ceremony took PASSES AWAY IN DAWSON. the past two years, after suffering a struck. The funeral services weio Place at the home of Rev. and Mrs. stroke. She was born in conducted by Rev. Father E. LeRoy. paralytic the pioneer of Mrs. Purdue, one Calgary, Alberta. Miss Nora PAGE EIGHT THE WHITEHORSE STAR. WHITEHORSE. YUKON FRIDAY,. SEPTEMBER 11th, i9l! Local Happenings When Winter Comes Burnett Anderson, Dept. of We are glad to report that Don j Transport, is a new operator A the Walker is now a member of the local airport. Royal Canadian Signals Corps at- tached Be Prepared by Having Ready to the local branch. He was Winter Underwear Mr, T. Haney, Dominion Customs sworn in on August 27. official at the Summit, was a visitor in town over-nig- ht Monday. " Mr. George Simmons, president ot W Northern Airways Ltd., of Carcross, Reg. Wynes has arrived back in was in this week with the new Fair-chil- d Ski Slacks town from a business trip to Daw- - 71 of which he recently took son and is now working at the local ! delivery in Vancouver. The plane airport again. is now in operation between here Lined Gloves and Mitts and Burwash Landing! Constable MacDonald, R. C. M. P. Overshoes Rubbers. came in from Carcross yesterday on Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Barker ar- rived a business trip. We understand he from Vancouver yesterday. is being transferred to the Summit Mr. Barker is one of the principals Don't Forget to Buy War Savings Stamps Founders Ltd., and in the near future. in Independent also interested in the Yukon Utilities Miss MacKenzie resigned her Ltd., who are installing the new' position with the Dept. of Trans- port telephone system in town. TAYL0R& DRURY Ltd here and left yesterday for her home in Regina. We hope to have We are glad to welcome to this an interesting announcement to community Mrs. E."R. R. Field, wife make in the near future. of the Capt. "Ted" Field, local sup erintendent of the Western Division flTIIIIIIIIXlXlIIlIIIIIi of Canadian Pacific Airlines Ltd., who arrived in town recently. We Christ Church-Anglica- n- trust her stay here will be a long A GRAND GIFT VEHE OLD - LOG CHURCH and happy one. Whitehorse for the troops! Douglas Todd, brother of the for- mer Rev. L. G. Chappeil, L. Th. . principal at the local public ' Rector. school, has enlisted in the R. C. A. I EASY TO SEND, easy to prepare. EVERY SUNDAY F. according to an official report Mix KLIM powdered milk with we have received from Vancouver. cold water for an instant supply 8.30 a m. Holy Communion. "Doug." is well-know- n locally , and of natural-tastin- g pasteurized milk. 10.00 Sunday School. a. m. his many friends here wish him the Nearly 4 quarts from a 16-o- z. can. 1 1 .00 a m. Morning Prayer. best of luck and every success. 7.30 p. m. Evening Prayer and Sermon. STOP PRESS. We have been in- formed KLIMMILK this morning that the regul- ations Copyright, The Bortlca Co. Ltd.. 1942 for passengers into Alaskan Territory which appear on page 7 of J this issue have since beer, changed SACRED HEART and that no permit will now be Catholic Church necessary for those passing through i O'Reille, Idaho. He also mined in OFFICIAL WEATHER REPORT Alaskan ports en route Outside. the Kootenay country and later was September Rev. Father Charles Hamel, O.M.I. The regulations apply only to those manager of the Fern mine in Alaska, 3 Thursday 80 50 From now on until further notice intending to remain in Alaska. the Outsider mine in the Portland 4 Friday 65 services will be conducted at the Canal and the Engineer mine in the following times: WARTIME PRICES AND Atlin district. 5 Saturday 61 45 6 Sunday "42 TRADE BOARD STUDYING 61 Sundays: LIMITING STORE HOURS 7 Monday v...........;..........;. 58 40 Masses .... 7.00 and 8.30 A.M. 8 Tuesday .................... 53 35 The Wartime Prices and Trade High Mass .. 10.00 A.M I 9 Wednesday 55 .43 Board is securing data on retail Benediction .. 7.30 P.M. 'store hours. It is suggested that BUY Week days: I Canadian retail stores remain open WAR Masses 7.00 A.M. j not longer than 56 hours a week SAYINGS tIIlIIITTTIiIlgTT7TTrnTn Fridays: Benediction ......... 7.30 P.M. with an additional period extended CERTIFICATES "BUILD WESTERN PAYROLLS tXTTiXTXTTTYYTTrxxxytyTir, j to druggists on Sundays, The Board yvvvAwvswvvsnAAAwvvvAAAAAww ihas power to make such hours com-FO- R A PATRON SALE 30 U. S. Winchester ! Pulsory for various districts. Rifle in first-cla- ss condition. Ap- - X ply Star Office. ANDPEWJ30STAD FOR 8 PIONEER MINING MAN (or i ) i FOUND and On road Carcross between a sleeping While-hors- e DIES IN VANCOUVER. IV. H. THEATER YEARS bag. Owner can have same by It was reported in the Vancouver proving ownership and paying for Province that on August 17 last An-drew-Sos- tad, Whitehorse t'ukon We have a letter from up-coun- try this advt. Apply Star Office.. who operated Dig The writer states placer .claims on Pine Creek in the she has used "all kinds of FOR. SALE Or hire ten pack Atlin district some years ago and canned milk" but Pacific horses equipped for packing. opened the Arlington mines in the Milk continually since she Communicate by wire to Mr. La-verdier- e Erie district, passed away in his Shows Every began it "because of its of Laverdiere, Y. T. Vancouver home at the age . of 74 richness and flavor. That years. He leaves to mourn his loss was eight years ago " FOR SALE Peterborough Freight- - I his Widow, who rpsirfps nt Woet Night It's only real excellence that .ing (Prospector-trappe- r) Canoe. Fifth Ave., Vancouver, and four could bring a milk a pre- ference Length 18 footer. In first-cla- ss sons, Harold who is overseas, Odin (Except Sundays) like this. condition. Will load 1500 lbs. with the R. C. A. F., Ralph in Van-Tw- o new paddles. Price $80 f.o.b. j couver and Gordon at Ucludet, B. Pictures changed thrice Weekly. Pacific M ilk Atlin, B. C. A genuine snap at j C. Deceased arrived in the U. S. A. this price. Address Mr .Harper from Norway at an early age and See Bulletin Board for Particulars. Reed, Atlin. B. C ..(first started IRRADIATED Or COURSE placer mining at Pend 'tmii:iIIlIIIIIlMn;Tr; ''UlIirriMITTTYTTTriU