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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 41, Friday, October 9, 1942.

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Frc-- CIRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY Ufc Vol. 42. No. 41. WHITEHORSE, YUKON, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9th, 1942 it it it Subscription $3.00 Year INVASION OF NORWAY DOUBLE WEDDING HOBBS-McEACHER- N PRESIDENT ROOSEJVELT FEARED BY NAZIS . CEREMONY CHRIST NUPTIALS SOLEMNIZED ASKS GIFTS TO AFFIRM -- MANY AREAS PLACED CHURCH TUESDAY. AT CHRIST CHURCH OUR FAITH IN MAN'S UNDER MARTIAL LAW. INALIENABLE RIGHTS. Quietly solemnized at 8 o'clock Yellow mums and fern formed Advices reaching London state Tuesday evening, October 6, was the background for a pretty wed- ding WASHINGTON, Oct. 6 Urging German occupation authorities had the interesting double wedding Saturday evening, October 3, his fellow Americans to transform ceremony by which Verna Elizabeth some of their "new buying power ordered an invasion alert along the at Christ Church, Whitehorse, Y. T , youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. into giving power" President Roose- velt entire Norwegian coast and pro- claimed Odin Shelburn, Vancouver, was when Helen Agnes, youngest daugh- ter declared last night that donat- ions martial law in many areas. united in marriage to John Francis of Mr. and Mrs. John D. Mc- Eachern, to community and war chests Reinforcements have been rushed to Beale, Whitehorse, eldest son of Mr. Regina, Sask., became the would "affirm before the world our in order to and Mrs. J. H. Beale of Vancouver, nation's faith in the inalienable the Trondheim area pre- vent bride of Constable Mervin Hobbs, R. and Bessie, younger daughter of Mr. right of every man to a life of free- dom, revolt. These steps were take.i C. M. P., son of the late Mr.-'an- d and Mrs. Thomas Fawkes, Vancou- ver, justice and decent security.'' it is stated, after the discovery of became the bride of James Mrs. William J. Hobbs, Ottawa, He spoke in a radio programme large"-sca- le sabotage plans wh:ch Livingstone Stephens, elder son of Ont., Rev. L. G. Chappell, L. Th., launching the 1942 community mo- bilization threatened to wreck the Nazi suppl y Mr. and Mrs. J. Stephens also of performed the ceremony. for human needs, in which system.'; Vancouver. The service was held To the strains of Lohengrin's gifts for foreign war relief and com- munity in Christ Rev. L. G. relief will Church, Chap-pe- ll services be ac- cepted The Nazis are also meeting with Wedding March the bride, in a officiating, with Mrs. W. D. floor-leng- th in more than 600 United to gown of white moire, difficulties in Denmark according MacBride States cities. playing appropriate orgnn and carrying red roses, entered the a report emanating from Stock- holm music for the occasion. Messrs. church He recognized that war needs are on the arm of her eldest bro- ther due, it is stated, to the fad Ross McLeod and Jim Paterson Mr. Donald McEachern. She exacting a heavy toll not alone on the witnesses. fighting fronts and in lives personal that the Germans are preparing to were was preceded ' by her bridesmaid The brides chose similar street but also in the fortunes of every- one. impose a harsh regime upon the Miss Kathleen Willis, prettily gown- ed Miss Shelburn He added, however: frocks in blue, wear in a dress of pink chiffon and Danish people. The parliament has ing a two-pie- ce model in royal blue carrying a nosegay of Talisman "But your giving will provide not met to discuss the dangerous crisis crepe, self-braidi- ng, making the roses and carnations. Constable alone strength for our nations at now existing in Danish-Germa- n re- lations. shirred bodice. Her high-crown- ed war; but proof, in a world of vio- lence George Ferguson, R. C. M. P. of beret was of black velvet and the Whitehorse supported the groom. and greed, that the Ameriron The situation however appears accessories en tone. Pink carnations During the signing of the register people keep faith with democracy, most serious in Norway where steel- - ; formed her shoulder corsage. Miss Mrs. Donald McEachern sang "O that we hold inviolate our belief in helmeted S. S. troops were patroll- ing Fawkes'' was attired in French blue the infinite worth of the individual Promise Me." The choir and con- - I Trondheim's streets with fixed silk jersey with pleated ruching out- lining gregation sang "The Voice that human being." bayonets. Heavy guards have also the long torso and square breathed o'er Eden" and "0 Perfect been placed on all German trans--j yoke. She wore a flower-trimm- ed Love" during the ceremony. Con- stables ANDREW T. TADDIE port trains and the following re-- 1 hat of navy and a corsage of pink Salt and Waring acted as strictions have been imposed (1) A i roses. Each carried a nosegay of ushers. It was a colorful ceremony PASSES AWAY AFTER between 10 m. and 5 a.m. OPERATION IN DAWSON. curfew p. vari-ton- ed pansies and ferns pre- sented with the members of the R. C M. of all trafic by 7 p.m. (2) cessation by local friends. P. wearing their scarlet tunics. Fol- lowing and restriction of railways to mem- -j about fifty friends gather- ed Later, the ceremony a reception Councillor Andrew T. Taddie, tie bers of the German armed forces i at the Pan-Americ- an residence was held at the home 6f Mr. and well-know- n Granville merchant (3) complete closing of all motion where refreshments were served Mrs. Archie McEachern where the passed away recently in Dawsm, picture and legitimate theatres (4 . and a pleasant social time was spent. bridal party, assisted by Mr. and the result cf a foot infection that prohibition of all meetings and th A toast to the brides was proposed Mrs. A McEachern, received some necessitated the amputation of a gathering of more than three per by Mr. J. C. Morrison, local man- ager ninety guests during the evening. leg above the knee. The deceased, sons and (5) unconditional obedi-ec- e for the P.A.A. The young The toast to the bride was proposed who because of his genial disposit- ion to German authority. couples were recipients of a num- ber by Constable Ferguson and replied was known to his wide circle of of useful gifts from the friends to by the groom. friends as "the Mayor of Granville" WENDELL WILLKIE HAS assembled. Both Mr. and Mrs. Beale For her going away costume the arrived in the Territory in the early LENGTHY SESSION WITH and Mr. and Mrs. Stephens will re-sir- de bride chose an afternoon dress of days via the Cook's Inlet route, He in Whitehorse where both the regimental blue wool trimmed in first mined on Eldorado creek, then GEN. CHIANG" KAI-SHEK- - grooms are employed in the main- tenance mulberry, mulberry accessories and operated a meat market for a time department of Pan-Americ- an a coat of Hudson Seal. and later the . roadhouse at Gran- ville. Mr. Wendell Willkie on Monday Airways Inc. The bride and groom left on a He also had other interests in spent six hours in conference with trip to Dawson and on their return and around the. district in which he General Chiang Kai-Sh- ek at Chung- king, will reside in Whitehorse where spent so many years of his life. The China. This is the longest Mr. Raymond, accredited war cor- respondent Constable Hobbs is stationed for the fact that . he was re-elec- ted term session ever granted by the Chinese of the New York Herald-Tribun- e, winter. after term as a member of the Yu- kon general to a foreign personage. .In arrived in town this week Territorial Council was evi- dence a strongly-worde- d editorial one of from Montreal to secure data on the of his popularity and influ- ence the leading Chinese newspapers ex- - government projects now being Mr. W. E. Thomson of the B. C. among whom he lived and ressedythe' hope that Mr. Wiilkie undertaken in the Territory for and Yukon Division of the National laboured and whose interests he Inform President Roosevelt articles and lecture purposes. He War Finance Committee, arrived served to the best of his ability. the American people Oi has travelled in all parts of the back from Dawson in time to meet His passing was a distince shock U "China's plea for the arrogation of world being at Moresby and also in the local committee Monday even- ing. the people of Dawson and along the extra-territorial- ity and foreign con- cessions." Australia not long ago. He left by He left the following morning creeks and is deeply mourned. He C. P. A. plane this morning on his i by C. P. A. plane for Prince George, was a bachelor and is survived by n return trip. We were pleased o Dawson Creek and other way points sister in Switzerland and a bro'uier TOWN have had an opportunity of meeting en route to his home in Vancouver.' in California. NEWS AROUND with him personally. Mr. H. HolHck-Kenyo- n. superin- tendent Mr. E. R. R. Field, superintend- ent Casca cleared from the of pilot training for the C. Pilot D. A. MacDonald. who has ThP str. in Whitehorse for the Edmonton-Y- ukon been operating for Northern Air- ways Edmon- ton, at afternoon for P. A. with headquarters the C. P. A. local dock yesterday, j Carcross, has arrived :i: of Ltd., Division making the last has been in town this week in is left last Sunday on a business trip Dawson. She j his official capacity. town en route for the Outside. to Edmonton. - trip for this season. WHITEHORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE, YUKON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9th, 1942 PAGE TWO THE vessel was completed in Canada. This year 50 have been built, and a I new one is now sliding down the "Volom of tho Yukon three days. For a V ways every - mm country where shipbuilding was a An Independent Journal very much minor industry in pre- war ! days, that is good going. In addition some 4,700-tonne- rs Published every Friday r.t are being built in eastern ports and Whitehorse, Yukon Territory naval vessels are being turned out The White pass and Yukon Route ten times faster than ships of all On the Trail of '98 'in Dominion kinds were being built yards three years ago. The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to These are things Canadians should Member of Canadian Weekly jot down and remember, along with Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska- - Newspapers' Association. the equally remarkable figures given out from time to time show- ing AIRPLANE SERVICE E. MOORE - - Publisher HORACE that corresponding output of planes and tanks and guns has been plane service, making connections northbound and south- bound .-- '''. achieved. Whatever objectionable with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, Let us have -- faith that right makes tendencies we may have developed and Dawson. For information Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo might; and in that faith let us to under war conditions, a disposition the end dare to do our duty as we to blow our horn too loudly is not apply to any understand it. Lincoln. chargable against the people of the w Dominion. WHITE P ASS A 6 E NT, or ! Quite the contrary. We have put 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. OCTOBER 9th, 1942 far more into this war in the shape of equipment and munitions than any other nation of comparable size THE YEARS AHEAD. ever put into any war. Even if we don't want to boast about it, this is something we ought of war has brought The pressure to get and keep clearly in mind. about an unprecedented degree of Exchange. co-operat- ion between the uniiea --o- Slaves ana Canada ana m no died WE KNOW THE WORST is this more on this whole continent noticeable than here in the north w were the highway connecting the Delegates to the convention of the U. S. wHh Alaska via the Yukon chambers of commerce of Canada Territory has been constructed. heard from Hon. J. L. Ilsley and because of the magnitude of this Deputy Minister Clark that war project public attention . has been taxation is now about as high as it centered in and around the con- struction is thought advisable or even safe to or this highway and will be impose. Mr. (Jlark warned that to for sometime to come as the work of raise taxation too high would kill carrying out the permanent con- struction initiative and thus slow down pro- duction. proceeds. Another impor- tant There can be little doubt project now about to be started of that. However patriotic people is the construction of the new rail- road may be, the state must leave them running likewise through the some fair margin of profit and WHITEHORSE EDMONTON ' Yukon Territory into Alaska, lnese wages if it is expected that they two projects, together with the lay- - will exert themselves to the limit Daily except Sunday, via Fort Nelson, Fort Ving of the pipe line from Fort Nor- man and production to the limit is need- ed Watson Lake, St. John, Grand Prairie. Lv. into the Territory will con- tinue now. Nothing less can guaran- tee Whitehorse 8.30 a m., Y. T. to attract public attention for victory. sometime to come 'which will natur- ally There have been rumors, and a be accelerated as each project somewhat wide apprehension, that WHITEHORSE VANCOUVER federal taxation would be raised is brought to completion. Daily except Sunday, via No less important, as far as the again next year. The statements by Fort St. John, Prince George. north is concerned, is the expansion the minister and deputy minister of T. Y. 8.30 Lv. Whitehorse a. m , of commercial aviation and the part finance are therefore timely, and which Whitehorse, as a pivotal point will be welcomed by the public. DAWSON CITY in the trans-continen- tal and in- ternational There is general agreement that the WHITEHORSE scheme, will be called more of the war's cost we can pay Lv. Whitehorse 9.00 a. m . upon to play in the years ahead as during wartime the better. But Tuesday-Thursda- y. Returning . far as aviation is concerned., even that sound principle could be Lv. Dawson City 9.0d a. m. The combination of the new applied to the point of discouraging Wednesday-Frida- y. highway, the new railroad and the producers all along the line from already well established air routes the work bench to the desk of the Information and reservations: will be important factors in oveiv industrial executive. J. A. Barber, Canadian Pacific rnminp the rhanv handicaps of tha Canadians are now paying heavr past and in the future development ily and paying cheerfully, They Air Lines, Whitehorse. of the Golden North. , will pay all the more cheerfully, The work accomplished by the U. and work all the harder, for know- ing (Yukon Division: Services of Yukon S. army this season in the construct- ion that the whole surplus proceeds , Southern Air Transport.) of the highway is beyond praise. of their labor are not to be taken The permanent construction of the away from them as is done under same is yet to be undertaken and Htler's "new order" of things in wiil occupy the next few years. Germany. Exchange. When this permanent work is com pleted we, are assured that the high- way will be on a parity with the Gems of Cbougbt hoct nn this continent. The de-- ftS ' v y -- . mm velopment of this whole north coun- try OVERCOMING in the years ahead is therefore PASSENGERS M All EXPRESS assured. Real glory springs from the silent conquest of ourselves; without that THINGS TO REMEMBER the conqueror is onlv the first slavo James from faults, as the having overcome : You will find it less easy to up- root Thomson. them, that is an advantage to us. faults, than to choke them by Last vear one 10,000-to- n cargo It is not so much being exempt Alexander Popel ? gaining virtues. John Ruskin. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9th, 1942 THE r WHITEHOKSE .STAR. Will TEH ORSE, YUKON PAGE THREE ROUTE "A" HIGHWAY IS FOR ECOMMENDED BY INTER GNU NATIONAL COMMISSION --iOT FAVOURED BY F-W.- A . vvrt.oinijriuiN, UCt. 6. A SeC- - ond highway to Alaska, along route "A" from Seattle north, should not i be undertaken at this time is the' opinion of the Federal Works Agency. Its position was made known to- day by Delegate Anthony J. Di-mo- nd The Gnu is an African of Alaska who had introduc- ed antelope with a large ox-li- ke legislation to authorize construe head, a long mane, tion of the highway along the route and horns which curve recommended by the Alaska Inter- national downwards and outward Highway Commission. Alan Johnstone, general counsel and then up. for the F.W.A., said in a letter to ! Chairman W. Cartwright (Dem. , WHY? Because he llbe holding down a responsible, well Okla.) of the House of Represent- atives paid position m the industry in which he is employed. H fit t.i (i) U(.( But it t be luck. roads committee that since won His success will be due to the the United States army was con- structing bpeciahzed Training he is acquiring RIGHT NOW through an I.C.S. Home the route Study Course. prairie highway For a tried and true guide to satisfactory shopping, turn to to Alaska construction of the "A" bluing he past half-centur- y, four million men and women EATON'S Catalogue. It's de- signed route would interfere with the war of ' u?ne the b,e?efit the specialized training supplied effort. to make your every by I.C.S. Faculties.:..--I- f you can read and write and are purchase trouble-fre- e and Jonnstone said the budget bureau : willing to study, I.C.S. can help you to success and higher easy! Look through your had advised the F.W.A. that con- struction earnings. Reasonable terms for tuition fees may be ar- ranged Catalogue today. We know of the second road would and expert vocational guidance is available on you'll be pleased with the "not be in accord with the program request. . , . t .. wide varieties of goods offered of the President at this time:" and you'll find shopping by TECHNICAL end SCIENCE COURSES Mail the EATON'S way a sat- isfying PRIME MINISTER Civil, Structural: Architectural, Plumbing, Hearing, Mechanical: Air Conditioning: experience. APPEALS FOR A Architecture Plumbing Mechanical Engineering Building Heating Mechanical Drafting SOLID HOME FRONT. Civil Engineering Air Conditioning Mechanical Shop Practice Highway Engineering Shop from EATON'S Catalogue Structural Engineering Refrigeration: Gas and Electric Welding Refrigerating Sheet-Met- al Wprk "A STORE BETWEEN COVERS" OTTAWA, Oct. 3. Prime Min- ister Aeronautical : Operation Machinery Automotive Trade Mackenzie Aviation Refrigeration with Diesel Km&'last night ap- pealed Engines Ground Engineering Electrical: to Canadians, "civilians on Airplane Building RefrigerationwithElectric 'T. EATON CS. Aeronautical Engineering Drive Electrical Engineering WINNIPCO CANADA the home front' o support with ail Refrigeration with Steam Power House Operating their power "our fighting men and Chemistry: Engines Industrial Electricity Chemical Engineering Railroad M.P. & C.E.: women, wherever they serve." Chemistry, Mfg. Iron and Air Brake Radio Mr. King's iueech was del ivercd Chemistry, Steel Mfg. Pulp and Locomotive Car Inspection Engineering Mining: over tne national networK 01 tne Paper , Railroad Car Repair Coal Mining Chemistry, Mfg. Petro- leum Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Products Shipbuilding, Steam, Mine Mapping Surveying and I iYI it yyi t xx i ittiii xxxxtx xi on the program Comrades m Arms Internal Combustion Marine, Refinlng-Plan- t: Gold Mining and Metal- lurgy 1 ijt ': . a. i i x. a. Power: M wnxen was inaugurated last nigm, Stationary Engineering "BUILD WESTERN PAYROI I Diesel Engine Operation Marine Engineering Copper Mining and The prime minister spoke brie'lv Diesel-Electr- ic Operation ' Petroleum Refining Metallurgy Gas-Engi- ne Operation Plant Operation . Assaying and made reference to the award of A PATRON honors to Dieppe veterans announ -- ed BUSINESS, ART, ACADEMIC COURSES He said that' yesterday. Lt.Col. Buiineee: Secretarial Art: Cecil Merritt of Vancouver, win Traffic Management Illustrating Accounting Industrial Designing FOR 8 was awarded a Victoria Cross, w-- s Advertising General Education: Show Card Lettering Bookkeeping Sign Lettering . but expressing in action the spiri oJ Correspondence School Subjects HWPORATED, Management College Subjects Effective Speech for Canada's forces. YEARS 1IMI fighting Commercial (Complete) English . Office, Club or Plat- form. He forecast that from now on "we Salesmanship Mathematics We have a letter from up-coun- try shall all; increasingly experience AN INVITATION: Just mark and mail the coupon below. It The writer states nnxious hours of hopes and feai :," will bring you full details by return mail without charge or obligation. Canadians at home to DO IT NOW! and he she has used "all kinds of urged canned milk" but Pacific make sure that no failure on their Milk continually since she part denied the fighting forces a International Correspondence Schools Canadian, Limited, need. Department, 1771 B began it "because of its single Montreal, Canada. richness and flavor. That was eight years ago." RED CROSS HAS 38 Tell me how I can increase my personal efficiency in: BLOOD DONOR CLINICS. It's only real excellence that could bring a milk a pre- ference There are 38 Red Cross volunteer (Write above the Technical or Business subjects in which you are interested) blood donor clinics in Canada. Blood like this. Name.... .....Age... donations average 3,500 a week with an expected increase to 4,000 in Address. t Pacific Milk September and 6,000 by the ed cf Employed by.................. the year. A new development in IRRADIATED Or COURBE this project are mobile units which uixxxijittix i it uijccmp I -i- ll visit medium sized communi- ties and industries, thus opening up .i;itiiui02a (jDramto mm mmm wm& heretofore untapped ; sources of do-atio- ns. Two mobile units are now ton dtoTnj- - o f&nra o fumxm o tamm o mmn o nmtz IV. H. THEATRE order from Ontario. "Wp ha ... vp vet to - receive a com- - ' Whitehorse . ifukon plaint from our Canadian Red Cross thi rd in Canada in volume of sup- - the first six months of the year has Warehouses in England on L., C. pi,,s i( Britain. ' been lost due to marine disasters. Shows Every surjDlies". said Mr. H. Milburne, Vrnistions have b t.: underway These sunnlVs .inlud" ir:soners-o.- - Montreal, national head ef the Red with the Red Cross and the Japan- - war food parcels, -- ambulances, relet Night Cross Transportation Committee ese government for some tlrr-.- e to clothing, blankets and quilts, ho-w- ho was a visitor in Vancouver last send parcels and other supplies t- - pital necessities, drugs ad canned (Except Sundays) week. "Not only ore B. C. Red prisoners of war in Japan. "nods alro 14.600 drums of milk Pictures changed thrice Weekly. Cross supplies packed perfectly but Less tha two percent of the total powder valued at $280,290.00. the See Bulletin Board for Particulars. the quality of workmanship is of the !vaiue of goods ($6,700,000) shipped gift of the Kinsmen's Club's of Can-highes- t." This prov'n o also stands by the Canadian Red Cross during ada to the children of Britain. STAK. WHITKHOKSE- - YUKON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9th, 1942 H1TEHOKSE PGE FOUR HE LT.-CO- L. MERRITT AWARDED COVETED VICTORIA CROSS FOR BRAVERY AT DIEPPE. OTTAWA, Oct. .3 A" bit oil jnetal, a bit of ribbon, a few words of praise tne material rewards' for a soldier's risk, suffering and -- effort---came So well did the Red Cross knit- ters Friday to 178 of the Canadian of B C. respond to the emer-pcnc- y sun waits who . helped singe the call for turtle-nec- k sweaters enemy's beard at Dieppe. and toques that the first shipment 'National Defence headquarter of 500 survivor's bundles are bein; announced the award of the Vic- toria assembled by the Victoria Red Cross to one of the Canadia. Cross. "It will be necessary to keep attackers, the Distinguished Servic-- . on knitting these articles so the sup- plementary supplies may be built Order to 12, the Distinguished Con-uue- t ' Medal to 12, the Military Cross up," says Mrs. H. A. Ramsden, Pro-vinc- ial Red Cross Chairman of the to 16, the Military Medal to 45 anc. mention in dispatches to 92. Women's War Work Committee. Lt.-Co- l. C. C. I. Merritt of RED CROSS CORPS Vancouver who led the South NUMBER OVER 13.000. Saskatchewan Regiment into There are 4112 active members the attack on the French coast and 9,000 nursing auxiliary emer- gency town on Aug. 19 and remained "The purest form reserves enrolled for volun- teer ; behind a wounded prisoner of in which tobacco service of transport, office and 1 war, received the Victoria Cross, v can b smoked" food administration, and nursing the Empire's highest award for in the Red Cross Corps, throughout vaior, nrsi iu ue wun uy a ugui Canada. These are grouped in 123 ing man from this Dominion detachments in 49 communities. since the war began. More - than 300 . members of the His mother, Mrs. Cecil Mack Mer- ritt Corps have transferred to active resides at, 3744 West Twelfth organizations. Ave., Vancouver, and his wife at g Fresh na- - Butter Belleville, Ont. Five other British Columbians Cured ii and Try BURNS ALASKA won decorations and a sixth was Shamrock Brand Cncameiy Butter Meats L mentioned in dispatches. Eggs The glowing sun casts its CANADIAN DISTILLERIES Shimmering ray DIVERTED TO WAR Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products in the To reflect the glacier PURPOSES IN NOVEMBER. glass-smoo- th bay. s I sat at my desk and pondered Effective November 1 the entire The scene, output of the Canadian Distille s "You Can Buy No Better" will be diverted to war purposes Then thought of home where my and no current production will ' ' the grass is green. used for beverage purposes after And yet there is something that that date for the duration of ihe R Rr Cnrnnnnx I tori casts a spell, H urnc i mi war. The order was issue by Though what the lure is Chemicals Controller E. C. Stone of no one can tell. the Munitions and Supply Depart- ment. The order does ot prohibit It be the silence the may the sale of stocks already on nand world weary seek, which it is understood is sufficient ' Or it may be the beauty for the next five years nor docs it of a snow-cla- d peak. affect in any way the manufacture Yukon Electrical Ltd, For there are a great many and sale of beer. Company, who find solace here As a matter of fact the distileries And continue to come back . have been . f ' . , -- Will be pleased to consult operating on the auoye year after year. basis for sometime past and the is- suance you regarding of the order is in-th- e naUr-- 2 Once Alaska stood forth as a vacation land, of a confirmation of existing . ' ar- rangement. Light Power. Supplies and Installations But it now becomes strong with war's grim demand. For our boys in karki have NEWS IN BRIEF W HITEH O R S E. Y. T. many thousand fold Arrived to protect this great Edward Herriott, seven tyy ear land of gold. ' old former premier of France hes been placed under home arrest at AIRCRAFT PLANTS i ANTI-INFLATIO- N BILL And our grim destroyers cruise Lyons by the Vichy government ac- cording POOL RESOURCES SIGNED BY PRESIDENT. to a delayed report. Another the stormy sea, -- Their TO BOOST OUTPUT. mettle to test in the report has it that he has been plac- ed Surrounded by congressional melee. in a concentration in leaders and intimate advisers Presi- dent coming camp un- occupied air- craft NEW YORK, Oct. 3 Eastern Where onc-- j there were dog teams France. manufacturers yoesterday Roosevelt signed the anti-inflati- on mushing along pledged their co-opera- tioa toward bill on. Saturday night giving Now there are planes w:th Charles Vallin. former vice-preji-d- ent him broad authority to stabilize achieving air supremacy by agree- ing French Socialist prices, and salaries. The bill their powerful songs Party, has immediately to pool their cohit wages been entrusted with a commission was rushed through the last stagey bined resources of engineering, re-- ! Yes, Alaska has changed to French troops on the Chad-Liby- an search, manufacturing technique. of congressional consideration dur each year after year, border by General Charles De-Gau- lle. patents, facilities, materials and ing the day. was delivered at the But her age-ol- d chirms White House at about 8.30 p. m. ard personnel in an all-o- ut endeavor to never cease to endear. attain maximum production. was signed by the President at 10.15 Where the bear, the moose and French naval reinforcements have p. ni. after he had discussed tt:e mountain sheep roam, been dispatched to Dakar, vital Pete What does he do for a liv- ing? measure with the congressional The hearts are many who West African coastal base, by order leaders and other officials who w'ere call it their home. of Admiral Darlan. A submarine Pat He used to be a surgeon ,fjut prpsnt. flotilla transferred from Toulon he had to quit. STAN. W lTXlAMS. September 20 successfully passed Pete Too hard on his nerves? FOR SALi 303 British rifle. A- -l "The Bard of Whitticr.' through the Straits of Gibraltar. Pat No, too much inside work. . condition. Apply Star Office.39-- 2 I'm glad I live in Canada. My family is safe here. There is no Gestapo, no hunger, no brutal aggression. I have a good job, and I am free, and unafraid. (t In many lands, the people have been robbed and beaten, their money and possessions forcibly taken from them. Here in my country, I can lend my money and know that it is safe, backed by all the resources of Canada, and that I will get interest on it, too. I am gladly doing without some things so as to be ready to lend every dollar I can to the country that has been so good to me and my family." Every dollar you lend to Canada helps to protect you ... gives you the right to work in personal freedom instead of under brutal dictators . . . enables you to live your own life, for yourself and your loved ones. Victory Bonds are a good way to save . . . this country has always paid back every penny loaned to it, with interest. Plan now how you can lend your money . . . figure how you can save to lend more. Back up the men who are fighting tor your ireeoom . let your self-deni- al show your loyalty to Canada. IjSCu sawn OO'O 0 0 0 FOB NATIONAL WAR FINANCE COMMITTEE WHITEHORSE, YUKON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9th, 1942 PAGE SIX THE WIIIT.EIIORSE STAR, Local Happenings Cold Weather Clothing Mrs. J. Elliott of the Yukon Ivory Mr. Birch, government telegraph Shop left Tuesday lor her home ;n operator at Lower LeBarge who has MEN'S LINED PARKAS Vancouver. Evelyn is remaining, in been a patient in the local hospital Whitehorse this winter. for a few days thisy week, left yes- terday with fur trimmed hoods. .to resume his duties. '"'T': : '0 Mr. Wilson, chief of the commer- cial MEN'S HEAVY WOOL PANTS aviation branch of the Dept. ot Born at the Whitehorse General Transport, was in town this w .ek Hospital on Sunday, October 4, to MEN'S SKI PANTS on anofficial trip. Corp. Beresford Allan, R. C. M. P. and Mrs. Allan, a son. MOCCASINS FELT BOOTS Mr. G. A. Jackell, Controller of ;';;,r:;;;;;:':.'';'.'' the Territory, and Mrs. Jetkell let': Mr. Volney Richmond, Jr., one of OVERSHOES and RUBBERS Tuesday morning on a six month's the executives of Northern Com- mercial vacation trip to the coast and the Co. Ltd., spent a few days WOOL and LEATHER MITTS States.'.. in town this week on company busi- ness. '- -r; FUR CAPS and WOOL TOQUES Kai Gertsen, who operates : e Cascade Laundry in Dawson, has Rev. W. R. Stringer, B. Sc., and removed his dry cleaning plant t) Mrs. Stringer, arrived in town Mon- day TAYLOR &DRURY Ltd Whitehorse and is having same in- stalled night and left yesterday aboard on Main Street nearly op- posite the str. Casca for Fort Selkirk where the Star Office. they will be in charge of the A l-gl- ican Mission. Mr. Stringer is the Mrs. A. R. Hayes, wife of the Do- minion son of the late Archbishop I. - O. government telegraph oper- ator Stringer and Mrs. Stringer. ' Dt at Carmacks, spent a few days ing their stay in town Mr.-- , and Mrs. Our New Personal in town this week visitong her Stringer were the guests of Rev. L. many friends here. She arrived on G. and Mrs. Chappell. the str. Casca and left by the same Christmas Card Books boat on her return trip yesterday. ' DAWSON Have Arrived. Colonel and Mrs. Pettitt left Tues- day C. Shelley, who has been-workin- g make Your Selection. for the Outside having been Come in Early and at the Holbrook camp; has anived transferred to Kentucky During in town and is en route to White- horse. TRY THE DRUG STORE FIRST resided in the several months they . this community both made many H. G- - MACPHERSON friends all of whom wish them 4 Miss Evelyn Burkland. an em- ployee WHITEHORSE PHARMACY. every success and happiness in their of Northern Commercial Co new location. Ltd., has left on her first trip Out- side. She is looking forward to ti e FOR SALE Quantity of second- hand trip with the keenest pleasure. corrugated iron sheets in . . .'.' ;. ' good condition. Apply at Star Grouse are more plentiful" than Latest Arrivals '.'"'Office.';';' for some years past but little game is reported in the Sixtyrnile .-'st- rict. FOR SALE 1935 Ford Sedan five- - A banner "spud" crop is reported passenger car with new fenders J this year. They are large and of Genuine Hand-Mad- e MOCCASINS and newly painted. Car and tires good quality. ' in fair condition. Price 5$50 cash .. ... A- - "; Big Chief Brand Write Ross Peebler, Atlin, B. C. Frank Friedle has arrived in the city after spending the past year in the Sixtymile distict and is leaving INDIAN SLIPPERS for the Outside in the near future. Christ lihurch - Anglican- - His wife and family left for the Hyawatha Brand Slippers States a few weeks ago. V THE OLD LOG CHURCH ' Whitehorse Dr. J. L. Curry, the well-kno- wn SLIPPER. MOCCASINS Rev. L. G. Chappell, L. Th. chiropractor who has been practising Rector. here for the past two years or " so, Made by Huron Tribe. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1942 has left for Prince Rupert where it 8 30 a. m. Holy Communion. is t understood he intends to locate. 10.00 a. m. Sunday School. He will be remaining in Whitehorse 11.00 a. m. Morning Prayei. for a time to treat with patients in 7.30 p. rh. Evening Prayer. that centre of major activities. Leather Suede Jackets John A. McGrath, an old-ti- me Mackinaw Coats Wool Sweaters resident of Granville who operated LXXXXXXXXj ixuixxiiEzro until nine years ago the hotel owned New Dresses. SACRED HEART by the late A. T. Taddie, died sud- denly from the effects of a heart at- tack. Catholic Church into Dawson The remains for burial. werj He brought is Also a nice line of FUR COATS sur- vived Rev. Father Charles Hamel, O.M.I. by his brother Lawrence 6t From now on until further notice following services will times: be conducted at the of this age. city. Deceased . was 74 yyears S. VANDT, - Main Street Sundays: OFFICIAL WEATHER RErORT Masses 7.00 and 8.30 A.M. October High Mass 10.00 A.M .Benediction 7.30 P.M. 1 Thursday 57 45 I. O. D. E. NOTES Cabin, B. C, and the ecrew centre Week days: 2 FrWay 59 42 Clothing for the Polish Relief will piece, donated by (Mrs. Alf. Scott of Masses 7.00 A.M. 3 Saturday 55 39 be received at the Masonic Hall on Haxtun, Colorado, by Mrs. Ate-McK- ay (In Chapel at Rectory) 4 Sunday , 50 o Monday's and Thursday's between of Pennington. Fridays: Benediction 7.30 P.M. 5 Monday 49 39 2.30 and 5 p. m. The next Bridge Party will be he'd 6 Tuesday 43 3ft The pillow slips raffled recently in the Masonic Hall on Friday, O't-obe- r rXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXTTTTTTl 7 Wednesday 51 35 were won by Mrs. Warne ol Log 23.