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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 44, Friday, October 30, 1942.

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Frc-- aft CIRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY Vol. 42 No. 44. WHITEHORSE. YUKON,' FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30th, 194? Subscription $3.00 Yoni Ceremonial Marking Opening Yukon-Alask- a Highway Nov. 30 GENERAL . O'CONNOR WILL USO CAMPSHOWS MAKE OFFICIATE AT FORMAL FIRST VISIT TO CITY-G- IVE OPENING OF HIGHWAY GREAT PERFORMANCE END OF NEXT MONTH. womc Wednesday oi nis week, October SAVE (Contributed) A swell show... top notch perfor- mers, will be date long remem 28, 1942, a and an evening of grand fun bered throughout the north lor on . . . . that was the treat that liter- ally that day the U. S. army engineering dropped out of the skies into corps working on the Alaskan and the laps of a receptive and enthus- iastic Yukon sides of the international audience that filled the town's boundary respectively joined forces local theater, twice over, to capa- city thus making the opening up of .tiio on the night of October 27th. highway from Dawson Creek, B. C. USO CAMPSHOWS OVERSEAS to Alaska an established fact. UNIT No. 17 was flying through nu This unique feat, is to be fittingly its" way north when inclement wea- - commemorated on Monday, Novemb- er 1 ther forced the plane ; down at th 30 next, with a dedicatory cere local airport. Contacts were immedi- ately mony held in the vicinity of the VICTORY PARADE IN established with the trouyif Wnite and Donjek rivers near the x FINLAY BEATON WELL-KNOW- N VANCOUVER WAS EYE-OPENE- R and before the first "please" lnd international boundary. Brigadier- - TO SPECTATORS. YUKONER OF j been uttered a generous "yes" was General James A. O'Connor in com MINTO SETS FINE ! forthcoming and one of the most do- -' mand of the Northwest Service (Special to the Star) EXAMPLE INVESTING IN lightful evenings in the hiistory oJ at with headquarters Command, The immense Victory Parade Whitehorse was in the making. THIRD VICTORY BONDS. Whitehorse, will officiate at this ' .i l a 1 - 1 ; it. I memorable event assisted by Col. wnicn iook piace in Vancouver or. i This well-balanc- ed erouo of or- - K B. Bush, his chief of staff. The the opening of the Third Victory Hon. J. L. Ilsey's office in Ottawa formers then proceeded to give Loan Campaign was a sight never out" with all in' their repertoire and engineering arrangements will be in ' has announced receipt of a Victory to be forgotten by those who. saw it when they were finished they had charge of Col. John W. Wheeler. t n, invDctm0nt nf nn f TTin It It is is estimated estimated that that some some fifteen. fifteen' the audience of both shows yellme --o- thousands persons took part in the j lay Beaton, of Minto, Yukon Terr,- - f pr more And since it was the NAZIS HURLED BACK same and that the spectators nurn y' boys in O.D. who were yelling to- - BY RED ARMY IN THE bered a hundred and twenty-iiv- ? Beaton is one of the most inter- - more they got MORE! CAUCASUS IN SMASHING thousand Every branch of the ser- vice esting characters in the north, hav- ing It was well after midnight when was well represented whilst the COUNTER-ASSAUL- T. resided in the Klondike ar.v the entertainment was over and amount of mechanized equipment since the days of '98. In the pros-Derou- s done with and the merriment had On Wednesday it was reported .vas surprisingly large. The Ameri-a- n Deriod of the eold excite subsided, and the tired, but happy, from Moscow that the Red armv contribution to the parade was I ment, Minto was half-wa-y house performers doffed their grease paint defenders of the road to the Black jxtremely good and much approci-lte- d. . ' t- - i tin. ?a ' tt I -- i i - i.i-- k i between Dawson and White Horse. and prepared to leave the theatre Sea port of Tuapse had turned the It comprised five hundred for a few hours of well-deserv- ed tables on the Nazies in the western men with many artillery pieces, Dozens of great log buildings sleep and then on the plane and of! Caucasus with a smashing counter- attack tanks, etc., and an excellent band, were erected there to house to their original destination. which forced the Germans the members of which were seated people and horses passing up familiar and played on and down the river. Only the The show ran for over an hour jeeps into a retreat that started several .n the days cheir instruments as tney raced shells of these buildings re- main. and a half and among the standout ago. Beaton is today the only performers were such personalia-i- s In i-.i- -en?ber The German onslaught upon Stalin- grad along. It was a day resident, outside of a group of as Carol Winters, blonde, beautiful be forgotten. to is costing them plenty and still and a sight never Indians, and he lives the ?ife of and a dancer par-excellen- ce. Evelyn the besieged city is holding out. The Franklin D. Roosevelt, wife a hermit. Years ago he lost a Hamilton, a tiny girl with a big ac-cord- iah autumn rains have turned the Don-Vol- ga Mrs of the United States hand in a shooting aedi'ent, and a voice that did mo'v President steppes, northwest of Stalin of the along splendidly than intone words when she sang: in F.n eland at the in- - but he gets the , . grad, into a quagmire where uaa amvvvi o . ... ' forces are bogged down. vitation of H. M. Queen Elizabeth. with a steel hook protruding Artie Craig and Geo. Lowell a top enemy from his sleeve. flight team of extemporaneous fu Their Majesties on After days of intense She was met by sixty-sev- en and frolic, and one of the best magi- cian warfare German hopes of being able her arrival in London. He meets almost every steamer and pantomimic artists in show to diminishing o-- passing up and down the river arid capture the city are business, 'Jack McCoy. chances of Ottawa Oct. 27. Subsistence w,jn, nn pvppllent radio is able to every hour and their success more remote. allowances paid to airmen and air-- give an interesting five - minute A great many of the town's local women of the RCAF have been summary 0f the news of the world, inhabitants were present at the fin1, HITLER'S ULTIMATUM increased from $1 to $1.25 a day, ef- - ag ne stands with his shaggy dog on of the two shows, and Mr. Alguirc fective from October 1, it was an-- 1 fhg bank sh0uting his message to the town's local impressario, very TO LAVAL DEMANDS nsunced today at Air Force head-- .: the passegers. generously donated his motion pic- ture FRENCH AND FOREIGN theatre to the for the per quarters. i He has dozens of cords of Yukon army, SHIPS IN FRENCH PORTS- - : o 'hardwood saved up to put him formances. The night of October MOSCOW,. Oct. 27. The Red . hrough hard winters when he might 27th will long live in the memory of The BBC in a broadcast to Ger- many TT1 ' 1-l- OC cnn k two German trans- - , . . . nnK1o - crot npw Slin- - Whitehorse citizens and the Army, r jcci i.uo - i De SICK. VI uuauic w - on Tuesday night declared i ports totalling 12,000 tons, in tneiplies He is about 70, a native of through the Whitehorse Star, wishes Hitler ultimatum to to thank Mr. Alguire and all th? had sent an Gull oi rinianu. . Prince Edward jsiana arm uwn the Vichy chief of government, Vancouver whic'. town's inhabitants who have been Pierre Laval, demanding the sur- render matum to Laval, it sno . he has no so lavish in their help and so gener i a. j Krii l v:ri dv v ut i"" - j Frencn . to the American boys in Q. D. ships. ous merchant of all "civilization look over , V nrftmntlv replies reDlied co come out to harbours ,who would j have promptly who for the present are their guests and foreign now in French sending the since he invaded fho the v,llfnn Yukon mor more the Come and get them" - in fVlie KdQI 1 1 i f I ll Cpltin0 Jt of judgment on " .....0. was an error than 40 years ago. ixenange. Dart of Hitler to address his ulti- - wire "collect PAGE TWO THE) WHrilEllOKSE ST A K. WHITEHORSE- - Yt'KON FRIDAY, OCTOBER .30th, 1942 established an enviable record. This can and must , be maintained. The townspeople for the most part were "Volom of thm Yukon' never more prosperous than they have been during the past two ( P0f An Independent Journal taxes this years. The higher year I notwithstanding we should at least be able to invest a portion of our Published every Friday r.t earnings. The trouble is that many Wh itehorse, Yukon Territory been who during making the high past wages year or have so have still The White Pass and Yukon Route On the Trail of '98 to purchase their first Victory Bond. Such laxity of national pride . and The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to responsibility and of business acu- men Member of Canadian Weekly on their part is deplorable Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska- - Newspapers' Association. Were all to adopt a similar attitude oward national service it is obvious AIRPLANE SERVICE HORACE E. MOORE - Publisher hat the only method any govern ment could adopt for raising the plane service, making connections northbound and south-boun- d funds would be by way lecessary with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, : Let us have' faith.- - that right makes of compulsion. This has already might; and in that faith let us to been found necessary to a small Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For informatioj tne end dare to do our duty as we extent by the compulsory saving ; apply to any plan. In all probability those who understand it. Lincoln. resent this most are the very ones WHITE PASS AGENT, o r who never would practice thrift of OCTOBER 30th, 1942 their own accord. 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B C. BONDS OR BONDAGE? Gents of Cbougbt THIRE IS NO OIHIR TOIACCO JUST LIKI OLD CHUM If there is sincerity in our expres- sed determination as a nation to se- cure . FAITH complete victory over our ene- rgies and the expresssion is not merely an empty phrase devoid of Trust in the Lord with all thino item all meaning or used as a camoflauge heart; and lean not unto thine own S (jSfel to evade our own personal responsi- bilities understanding. In all thy ways ( to the State as well as to acknowledge him, and he shall dir- ect ourselves, then the answer to the Proverbs 3:5, 6. thy paths. Bill above caption admits of only one ffl'j- - xfw answer WE TAKE THE BONDS. While, reason is puzzling herself Unfortunately some people are about the mystery, faith is turning lethargic by nature it takes much bread and it into her i daily feeding to arouse them to activity in any on it thankfully in her heart of direction. To such the war is still hearts. Frederick D. Huntington. remote and more or less unimpres- sionable. OLD CHUM MvfV They not only do not but Ffuth does nothing alone nothing will not bring "themselves to realize under but of itself, everything God, how Canada-i- s at the present time by God, through GodStoughton. being affected by its repercussions. . Apparently incendiary bombs drop- ped A saving faith comes not of a per- son, in their midst to are necessary and but of Truth's presence awaken them to the grim realities power. Soul, not sense, receives of what is all around taking place and gives it. Mary Baker Eddy. them. They seem to forget that both time and distance have been There is a limit where the intel annihilated by the advent of avia- tion lect fails and breaks down, and thK and that we today measure limit is where the questions con- cerning distances to a great extent by flying God, and freewill, and im- mortality time between two places. alike. Kant. - This apathy is cronic in some cases and a real detriment to our The the steps of faith fall on national war activities. It not only seeming void, but find the rock be- neath. slows down production in various Whittier. . directions but it also simultaneously numbs our own individual efforts. Those of us not engaged in the vari- ous FAULTS The Tobacco of Quality branches of the armed forces have other duties to perform which CUT COAtSI VOI PIU CUT VINI FOR IOIIINO YOOt OWN are both urgent and important, We If we were faultless we should net must keep the morale of up our be so much annoyed by the defects armed forces and in no this way can of those with whom we associate. be better expressed than by provid- ing Fenelon. them with all the equipment and munitions they require in order Ten thousand of the greatest Let the Star be your mrular weekly letter home to successfully Complete the major faults in our neighbors are of less task they have so willingly and un- selfishly consequence to us than one of the undertaken. The best, and smallest in ourselves. Whately. t for most of us the easiest manner in '.''.' Yukon Ltd. which we can do our part in this Electrical Company. direction is by buying the new Vic- tory What an absurd thing it is to pass Bonds and thus provide the over all the valuable parts of a man, WiH be pleased to consult funds necessary to assure adequate and fix our attention on his infir you regarding production in all our war industries. mities. Addison. These industries are vital to our war Light. Power. Supplies and Installations efforts and so is the money with But, by all thy nature's weakness, which to continue their operations. Hidden faults and follies known, On previous occasions Whitehorse Be thou, in rebuking evil, has taken the premier position in the Conscious of thine own. WHITEHORSE. Y. T purchase of war bonds. We have v Whittier. ;.1 "Now WE hold a Mortgage I- - on Canada Ma!" Sure we're working harder than ever but that never hurt anybody. We're working longer hours and putting our money away in Victory Bonds. Now we'll be paid interest instead of paying it. 1 When peace comes we'll have money saved to buy new equipment for our farm might even put up a new barn maybe take a holiday ! Meanwhile, we can't think of any safer or better place to invest our money than in bonds backed by our country. And we can't think of any better purpose than helping our fighting boys get the jump on the enemy. When we read about our lads bombing Germany, we can think that maybe we raised one ofthose bombs on our own farm. So that's our plan from now until peace comes. We will work to save and lend. We'll have it to spend later. And we can look forward to getting that new tractor HOW TO BUY Give your order to the and that fine new automobile we're saving for now." Victory Loan salesman who calls on you. Or 1 We'll be laying up for ourselves the best of all invest of place any it branch in the of hands any ''prV ,M ments VICTORY BONDS backed by all the resources bank, or give it to any 4J'T &l of the Dominion of Canada: they yield a fair rate of send Headquarters. it to your Or local you Victory can author- ize Loan and your employer to start a regular borrow them; they are can against interest; we payroll savings plan for you. Bonds may be bought in denom- inators rcidiiy saleable when we need cash! of $50, $100, $500, $1,000 and larger. Salesman, bank, trust company or your local Victory Loan Headquarters will be gl.:i to give you every assistance in making NOTHING MATTERS NOW BUT VICTORY . . . out your order form. WlCTORY BoNBS WEAR YOUR uu WE NEw COMMANDO DAGGER is a symbol indicating that you have bought the netv Victory Bonds. -- u .ma MEEDS &750.000 000 NOV! L-- 34 PAGE FOUR THE Will 'KEHORSE STAR. WH1TEHORSE- - YUKON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30th, 194;. WE APPRO ACHTOTAL WAR E have come a long way in Dunkirk took from Britain's then, W . the" yeor that hr.s passed. A existing active army the major part year ago civilians in Canada of its immediate striking power and faced ' few restrictions.' '.'We could all of its equipment. Dunkirk left a buy pretty well what we wanted, ,,ion to face the greatestaggressor even tires and gasoline. Sugar and the world has known with its bare tea and coffee' were just things that fists and its heart high. Dunkirk everybody had and might enjo? gave to Britain a new and complete Without limit. We could use light devotion. prodigally. We could move from In those days Britain learned the job to job ?.s we saw fit. Only a meaning of total war. She had io relatively small number of very rearm a force shaken by the over- whelming .young' men were being called for disaster of Dunkirk. She military service. v had to carry on in the face of the Even" now we still live generously most desperate assault that had ever We are suffering few privations. afflicted a nation. ' It was not an Some few things',we cannot do, and accomplishment born of selfishne?s, may not buy, and:must not say; and In the latter part of 1942 eighty pel that is all. A year from now we cent of Britain's military production 'pack to these bounti- ful will be looking was being sent abroad, to her allies days and wondering how we or to her far-flu- ng battlegrounds. could have been so slow to face the Where, in that year, 2,000 planes grim necessities. were imported from the United Perhaps we are passing through States, Britain was seeding her all- ies phases that the British people pass- ed and her armies overseas 9,000 through and that the Russan peo- ple... planes. Where, in 1941, she receiv- ed A beverage of moderation full flavored, clear passed through before the war became quite real to them. We are 200 tanks. she sent overseas and sparkling. Order some today ... it from her own factories 3,000 tanks passing through them more slowly Two thousand of them went to Rus costs no more than ordinary beers. because we live in no such hourly sia. With them went much of her For people Dieppe IF danger. some 42-- 1 best railroad rolling stock. With changed all that, but it has not yet them went 111 planes for every 100 touched all Canadian homes. that she had : promised from her But we know how total war came) war-rack- ed factories. That is total to Britain, and we know it must war. That is the direction in. which come to us. Britain was as careless Canada is moving, and must move, as we, even in those days after the to a desperate concentration on the YOUR assault on Poland. Not quite as task at hand. careless perhaps, for even before the war she had called a million men There is no place in the world oi for military training, and with the total war for the absenteeism that is , war all men between the ages of hampering our war industries SAFEST INVESTMENT nineteen and forty-on- e. Last Dec- ember, There is no place for ' those mean in a new realism, she en- larged souls who will not abide by the the range of active duty from necessary rationing restrictions that "Canada never has failed and eighteen and a half years to fifty govern us all. There is no place never will fail to meet her obli- gations years. Four million young and not. for those who would capitalize the promptly and in full." so young Britons in the active army, j bitter necessities of war for theii not to mention almost two million own ends. Our country urgently needs every othersboys of seventeen and men Total war means the spirit of a dollar we can spare from' our sav- ings of sixty-- f ive-rshar- ing the real dan- gers nation forgetful of minor self-deni- als and from our earnings. Canad'i of the Defense Volunteers. or selfish interests or private : will pay back every cent with in- terest. That is total war, but that is to- day. advantage, doing the job at hand fc j There was no total war even keep the wheels moving and the! . in Britain before the days of Dun- kirk. courage of a people strong and high, j When you. buy Victory Bonds you Even at war she lived life as It means that if you can ask of om lny Hp for yourself the best of all we still live it a life of broad mar man the sacrifice of his life, you can investments. The are backed by all gins, of minor sacrifices and gen- -. ask of another everything else that the resources of the Dominion o Crous privileges. he has to give. J. L. Ruthledge. Canada; they yield a fair rate of in- terest; you can borrow against them; AN IMPORTANT MINING from Eastern and Central Canada i and they are rdily saleable when MEETING AT VANCOUVER will also be present. . : you need the cash. NEXT MONTH. On the second day of the meeting the sessions will be held jointly with If we lose the war we lose every- thing. The Annual Western Meeting ot the B. C. Chapter , of the American ' If we win the war it will be the Canadian Institute of Mining & Society for Metals, at which ad-- ! because you and fellow-Canadia- ns Metallurgy will be held this year in dresses will be made by distinguish - ! backed our fighting men to the ab- solute Vancouver on November 18th.'. to ed visiting metallurgists from the limit of your ability, 20th next. The programme has United States. been arranged with the main design Nothing Matters Now But Victory. of provoking discussion and, the in- terchange IT IS TOTAL WAR of opinions and ideas to Nobody talks about a "phony" ' BUY THE NEW further the war effort in connection war today. We know from bitter ex- - with , the expediting of mineral pro- duction, perience of ' recent history that our and in particular of the way of life, our homes, our very VICTORY BONDS strategic and critical rriinerals. lives, are threatened by the mort . It is expected, that it will be at- tended frightful menace of all time. Slav- - by the Metals Controller, re- presentatives ery, degradation, unparalleled suf-ferin- g j of respectively the are the fate of the victims of -- fr Dominion Department of Mines and this tyranny., And Canadians are Resources, the Manitoba, Albert! realizing, more fully every day, that Whitehorse Star and British Columbia Department of individual effort of EVERYON!2-non-combata- nts Mines, and the Ontario Mining As- sociation. as well as comba- tantsis , The President and other essential to ultimate vie- - prominent members of the Institute tory. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30th, 1942 THE VHri;EHOR8E STA R WHITE IIOKS K- - Y UKON PAGE FIVR PREMIER HEPBURN'S DAWSON I. DRAMATIIO RESIGNATION CLIMAXES TURBULENT Hector Grant, a former member POLITICAL CAREER. of the Bank of Montreal staff here Fighting Dollars NOW who joined -- the Royal Canadian Mitchell -- F. Hepburn, Premier of Corps of Signals is now at Kingston, Ontario, climaxed his turbulerr, po- litical Ont.. :. , career by dramatically re- signing Building Dollars THEN his portfolio in ihe Ontario Mrs. K. J. Mcintosh, Mrs. J. Wal- ker - provincial Legislature on Wednes- day, Scott and James Hadley of October 21st, but will reiain Quartz" Creek are visitors in town. the portfolio of provincial treasurer you send to war NOW or the time being. The manner in Ronald McCuish, who has been in T-IIB-dollar- s by buying Victory Bonds will re' which he took this stap, without the city for a short time suffering turn to vou when ' Victory is Avon, to furnishing any explanation for his from an injured back, has now re- turned help build a future for you and "for Can-id- a. to Quartz Creek. so doing, was as spectacular as : ; . .;.". many other outstanding events .V' .. . It's a .small price to ask for Victory which have characterized his politi- cal The Occidental Hotel, which has lliis forej?oinr of pleasures and comforts career. been a landmark here for nrmy for a time so that vour dollars may be years, has closed its doors due tr made available Mr. Hepburn has been premier of for war-- . Ontario for enyht years and during lack of business. Manv of the for- mer Sclf denial is not to be compared to his term of office has been an out- spoken patrons have left for other the sacrifices of those who are doinjr liie critic of Prim-- j Minister parts. It may re-op- en later on. if f:plitinr and dying- - business conditions warrant it. And when victory is dollar? Mackenzie King and his govern- ment. won, your With no avowed reasons bei- ng 'v-;;;.:v.;;-;:;:;..--;.;-v.;-- : LOANED to CANADA will 'be yours to furnished by Mr. Hepburn for The West Dawson ferry is still use as voir wish to build, the kind of his resignation speculation is rife as operating no ice running at the pre-- : home, the kind of future, you now. dream Sent time, but business is slack. about. . to his future plans, but it stated in in'ormed circles that no immediate Victory Bonds a n- - the best I NY EST-- S change is contemplated in the relati- onship Dredge Yukon No. 9, located o EXT you can make. They are guaran-t- f between the Ottawa an 1 Upper Sulphur .Creek has discon- tinued ed by the full resources of "the Domin- ion operations and may not be of Canada. They yield a fair rate of Toronto Governments. On .the recommendation of Mr. put into commission again until interest, They are readily. saleable -- when after the war. need the cash. Hepburn Attorney-Gener- al Gordon you Nothing Matters Now But Victory. Conant has been sworn in as the The Yukon Consolidated Gbli twelfth premier of Ontario. Mr. BUY THE NEW Corporation Ltd. have invested - $50.-00- 0 Hepburn, i.ov 45 years of age is re- tiring in the new Third Victory Bonds. to his 600-ac- re onion farm I This is twice the amount this cpm-- f Victory Bonds near St. Thomas., Ontario. pany invested in the previous loan. BRITAIN CALLING UP Mrs. J. A. Morris and her two EIGHTEEN-YEAR-OL- D children have left for he Outside. CLASS MILITARY SERVICE- - Albert Valley and Georpe Sharp- ies short of business Last Chance trip. are . . in town on a I Nor ther n Comm ercial Co. Ltd LONDON, Oct. 22. Britain made Leo Verreau. the wood-cutte- r, has youths of 18 liable for military ser left for his winter quarters on tho vice today. Labor Minister Bevin said the Yukon. has. It is rather for us to be here de- dicated coin.-- . of Granville C. Bredenberg manpower requirements of all servi- ces to the great task remaining C. P. A. plane. 'ft fo- - the corst by made the reduction to 18 ur- gently George Butterworth, the well-kno- wn before us; that from these honored Fondly do we hope, fervently do necessary but that men has left dead we take increased devotion to we pray, that this mighty scourge of operator, greenhouse would not be sent abroad for service Outside for the that cause for which they gave the. war may speedily pass away Ivn- - on his annual trip until they reached 19. last full measure of devotion. Lin- - coin. winter. Scotty Davies and Steve Telep of P. 0. GEORGE BEURLING Bear Creek were recent visitors o CANADIAN ACE AWARDED town. FOURTH DECORATION. Austin Morner, formerly of Ihe Which Shall It Be Be?r Creek machine shop, has left Last Thursday the Distinguished for Whitehorse. Service Order was awarded to Pilot VICTORY or DEFEAT? Officer George Beurling who has risen to become one of the Empire's greatest flying aces and star de-- The cost of victory is blood. .swea.:. fen der of the George Cross island of tears. . . . and treasure! Malta within the short period of But the cost of defeat is EVERY-THING....fro- m four months. This latest award EVERYONE. makes the twenty-year-o- ld flaxen- - Shall it be victory or defeat? haired Spitfire pilot from Verdun, Every Canadian must give his a- nswerin Quebec, one of Canada's most de- corated terms of putting every dol- lar airmen in this war. This An enjoyable evening was spe.n "he can possibly spare into tne enviable record together with the last Friday night when the Imperial new Victory Bonds. The money fact that he now holds a commission, Order Daughters of the Empire held you invest in Victory Bonds wid all within the space of four months, another of their popular Bridge par- ties come back to you with interest. But. is believed to be unequalled even in in aid of war funds. defeat would cost you everything the ranks of the R. A. F. Ten tables were in play. The you own. . . your savings, ' your lady's prize was won by Mrs. Ga i-- din home, perhaps your, very life. (ON A STREET CAR) and the gentleman's by Mr Nothing: .Matters Now But Victory. This incident happened in a street Coate. The two-of-spad- es prize was car in one of our Canadian cities: won by Mrs. Neff. Two men . were talking. One of o RUY VICTORY BONDS cook at 5.45 p.m.) I Mistress (to them well-dresse- d, obviously pros ' the ' new it's the third time this week, Percus, said gruffly: "I can't afford I know to War Bonds." ' Mary, but my husband just phoned buy A woman not too well clad, with from the golf club that he's bringi ig WHITE PASS HOTEL How long wul line- -, of worry on her face, spoke three men to dinner. MRS. A. K. VIAUX Proprietress from the seat behind: "I ' you need to get ready? ., now. I packc d I'm ready afford Mary gave my only. son. I couldn't trunk the last time it happen:!. it clthc- - " my. PAGE SIX THE WUITEHOKSE TAK, WHITKHORSR. YUKON FRIDAY OCTOBER 30th, 1942 BRITAIN ASTOUNDS WORLD sia under British Lend Lease has tTTTYTTTTXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXTgTTXtgXXWrajp been sent. Large convoys have IN PRODUCTIVITY. SELF K fought their way through, by Arctic NOTHING MATTERS NOW BUT LOFTY MORALE. M DENIAL and routes, .against storms, icebergs,. U-be- ats N aircraft.', and destroyers (From M N Those who are beginning to feel Public Relations Seion ' National H VICTORY the pinch of war in Canada may War Finance Committee Vancouver, M well read what Britain has done. N B. C ; '-- The 'following is a brief summary of N M Buy the New the story: REVOLUTION AN INDUSTRIAL 1 i X 4 WEAPONS: Plane production in 4 ' Canadian -- war product- ion n VICTORY BONDS 4 Although Britain now equals Germany's Forty N J cannot be revealed because of M thousand big guns a year are pro- duced x with 25 million rounds of am the value of such information to the H 3 munition; millions of small arms enemy, it is permissable to say that M N You Can Buy No Better9 9 industrial revolution has occur- red H with two billion rounds of ammuni- tion. an H Also ships, locomotives tanks in the past' -- three years. When M . ' and a thousand types of military war broke, Canadahad practcally H H supplies. no aircraft industry. Now, more Burns & Company Limited. than 400 planes a month come from ENLISTMENT: Two out of every our aircraft factories. In 1939 artil three persons between 14 and 65 lery manufacture was non-existe- nt. TXIXXIXirYTTlXIIIXXXIXIIXTTIIITtlTTTTTTTTTTTrryy work fulltime in the armed forces, Military vehicles were' imported. No civilian defense or war industry. .ank had been made here. Today, : LUXURIES: No luxuries pro- -' i wide variety of weapons rolls duced; civilian necessities severely from our factories in ever-growi- ng curtailed. numbers.' Today, nearly one mil- lion FOOD: Home production doub- led, persons including 145,000 w- omenare directly or indirectly em- ployed six million more acres under in war work and the number the plough, since war began. is growing steadily. CLOTHING: So strictly rationed that one woman buying two pairs o; FOR SELF-PROTECTI- ON stockings a month and one apron a year would have no coupons left for Taxation and borrowing not only other clothing. Clothing rationing produce dollars to pay our war bills has released 300 thousand tons of , but they reduce our spending by shipping a year and 750 thousand taking money out of our pockets be- fore workers for fighting or war in- -' we spend it. If we did not dustry. have taxes, if we did not make an effort to save and postpone our buy- ing TRAINING: Every fit man and until after the war, no power on woman trained for air raids or to earth could hold down the price . repel invasion. One million five level and save us from inflation. But Jl fVI WHITEHORSE EDMONTON hundred thousand men and women V taxation and borrowings have not in Civilian Defense, four million live via been able to do the whole job of Daily except Sunday, hundred thousand in the Fire Watson Lake, Fort Nelson, Fort holding down inflation or of switch- ing Guard, two million in the Home St. John, Grand Prairie. Lv. men, materials and machines Guard. Whitehorse 8.30 Y. T. a. m., over to war. Hence controls hav; WAR SAVINGS: Over 15 bil- lions been introduced such as price ceil- ing, raised, an average of $320 per stabilization of wages and sal- aries, WHITEHORSE VANCOUVER head. priorities, rationing, foreign Daily except Sunday, via exchange control and the direction DEFENSE COST: For every dol- lar Fort St. John, Prince George. of man-pow- er under a selective ser- vice spent on defense in 1938-- 9, Brit- ain Lv. Whitehorse 8.30 a. m., Y. T. programme. now spending over $16. In June 1942 Britain was spending 48 mil- lion WHITEHORSE DAWSON CITY A PAGE FOR HISTORY dollars a day on the war, and had spent more than 34 billions Lv. Whitehorse 9.00 a. m . "I think we should aim to make a Tuesday-Thursda- y. Returning since September 1939. Sixty per- cent of national income goer into reputation for Canadian achieve Lv. Dawson City 9.00 a. m. ment in this war that will be the Wednesday-Frida- y. the war. talk of the world for generations. NO PROFIT: No one in Britain j that will be the pride of ourselves Information and reservations: is making a profit out of the war. : our children's children. I want ov J. A. Canadian Pacific Excess profits are taxed 100 percent. ( alhes to ask themselves "How can Barber, Income tax 50 percent. 11,500,000 people do so much and do Air Lines, Whitehorse. it so well?" Hon. J. L. Ilsley. R. A. F.: In the Battle of Britain, o - (Yukon Division: Services of. Yukon the victorious R. A. F. destroyed THE ESTATE OF I 2.375 German aircraft in less than Southern Air Transport.) three months. In the year following E. L. THOMS the fall of France, 1,500 raids over DECEASED Germany and occupied Europe were ALL PERSONS having claims made. In daylight raids in -- the first any against the estate of the above-name- d half of 1942, the R. A. F. destroyed deceased are required to file AIRLINES enough Axis planes to make up 15 the same with the Public Admini- strator complete squadrons. at Dawson on or before the fAtRBaMNE$ LIBYA: Force of 40,000 men de- feated 23rd day of January, 1943, support- ed 260.000 Italians in Libya and by statutary declaration, after MAfl EXPRESS over 360,000 in Abyssinia, taking which date the estate will be dis- tributed, 120.000 prisoners. having reference only to claims which have been filed. so CONVOY: Out of thousands of ALL PERSONS indebted to the THERE IS NO EASY WAY rewards of self-deni- al greater than convoyed by the British Navy, ships said estate are requested to make they are today? Self-deni- al of thn Ific fhon nno nut. 'of 200 has hppn Payment to the Public kind is a small burden to bear as lost. Besides punishment inflicted ! Our voluntary savings are just as Administrator compared with the risks being take' the enem naval forces, five mil l important as our taxes in helping to on DATED AT DAWSON , and the sacrifices being made, by lion 250 thousand tons of enemy! this 30th Jbuild up our war effort and in help day of October, 1942. our boys in uniform. There is rw real merchant shipping has been sunk ing to beat inflation. A savings C. E. McLEOD. effort now means self-deni- al a easy . way to pay for the war. W? AID TO RUSSIA: By June, 1942, Public Administrator postponement of our spending until cannot wjn without pulling in our practically all aid promised to Rus- - (2023) 44-- 3 a later date. But, when were the belts. . FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30th, 1942 THE WIMKIIQRSE STAR, WHITEHORSE- - YUKON PAGE SEVEN B. C. LABOR LEADERS ll ." PLEDGE FULLEST SUPPORT . THIRD VICTORY LOAN. British Columbia Labor leaders IF tiDirnrnjiwOa) have placed an unqualified stamp of approval on Canada's Third Victory Loan and have advised all ranks to exert every effort in support of the drive. Here are excerpts from For V CTO RY lengthy statements they have issued: Birt Showier, president Vancou- ver and New Westminster Trades a;wi Labor Council: "jo matter vi hat differences of opinion there may be between Labor and the povers-that-b- e, there is one factor Work Harden on- - which there must be uanimity of opinion: WE MUST WIN THE WAR otherwise Labor will lose all it has pirjeoVand all opportunity for fur-- v Lend EvJ ore to Gstmisidsi F ther gai" Harold J. Pritchett, secretary of the Vancouver Labor Council, C.C. L : "Purchases of Victory Bonds We have the men and they have both the skill and the courage- - . . .... . . " W 1. -- aL ' l .i -- n mean that our "armed forces, fight- -' e nave uie just cause ana the win to win, Then, 4 What is t ie ing on foreign battlefronts to pro- tect Price of. Victory ? the home front, will be adequ- ately equipped. Our democracy is founded on the right to organhe, On? answer is: Harder work on the home front ; a tijrhteninji-o- f freedom of speech, etc.; if the Axis belts from coast to coast; a foreroinr ()f flM luxuries; the wins because we faltered, all these saving of more money ; a program of self-deni- al for tlx-'durati- on;' things we cherish will be but a that lend and ' so we can more more money to Canada. memory. Labor will respond to the call." Tom Price, secretary of Vancou- ver Aeronautical Lodge 756: "We Our investments in Victory Bonds will help to me us better-traine- d, better-e(nippe- d soldiers, sailors and airmen in this global must have more and more equip- ment struirjrle for human justice, decency and freedom. to successfully terminate the s uegle. This can .be 'accomplished by each one of us buying a bond and ur?in? our neighbors ar.d Victory" 'Bond dollars are 'double-dut- y 'V dollars. They will friends to dp so. Those in defense shorten the war and will provide us with the means to carry out factories have a dual load: we must our new plans vh cm ,j rface comes again- - maintain production, we must see to there is enough to it that money Self-denia- l is the order of the day. Save and invest maintain production. We are asked to buy the best securities on 'earth, paying satisfactory interest. In making such investment we are1 NOTHING MATTERS NOW BUT VICTORY. guaranteeing the future safety of ; our country." BUY THE NEW BEiNNETT & WHITE CONSTRUCTION CO. ' LIMITED NOTHING MATTERS NOW BUT 7AS RATIONING NOW SAME THROUGHOUT DOMINION. OTTAWA, Oct, 16. Reduction from four to three gallons in value of gasoline ration coupon in Que- bec, B U Y TH E Ontario and the four western ii provinces was announced today by I NEW the munitions and supply depart- ment. The change, effective at close of business Saturday, puts all of Can- ada on the same " gallonage basis. The coupon value in the 'Maritime' provinces has been three galloe.--fo-r sometime. Motorists who are placed under the new "A" category will ' receive 48 gallons to run their cars imti' April 11 when new gasoline' ration books will be issued. PICTURE RADIOED TRIUMPHANT OFFENSIVE: A RFD ARMY'S Drivers in "A" category, who a:v FROM MOSCOW with sub-machi- ne allowed 60 to 81 units a year will, armed Russian scouts white-ca- d A group of other on the basis of the three-gallo- n unit, the Russo-Germ- an front, showing groups HOTEL REGINA advancing on mns get 180 to 243 gallons. tractors waiting for the order to proceed. mounted on 0. ERICKSON Proprietor i MANAGER WANTED FOR National Selective Service, Unem ploy ment Insurance Commission Office. Open to qualified residents of White Horse and the district served by office. . , SALARY: Employment and Claims Officer, Grade 2, Male, $1500 to $1800 per annum depending upon qualifications, plus Cost of Living bonus, subject to statutory deductions. In addit- ion, a special living allowance of $420, per annum will be paid. QUALIFICATIONS: Education equivalent to High School A lRACIOR DRIVER OF THE BRITISH W. A. A. F. graduation in lieu thereof, at least five years' administrative ex- perience With a Trail of Trouble for Germany. and experience in Employer-Employe- es relations. Know- ledge of employment requirements of the district, ability to deal WIFE OF FORMER BANK j-O- ANS NOT TAXATION with the public, interpret regulations, keep records and supervise MANAGER fc ERE KILLED ON METHOD ADOi TED SO small office staff. RAILROAD TRACK AT FAR BY U. S- - IN THE AND GRAND FORKS, B- - C- - bECoRING OF W AR FUNDS- - CLERK WITH TYPING ABILITY, FEMALE, FOR THE ABOVE OFFICE "In the Vancouver Province "of WASHINGTON. Oct. 24. Thi Otober 23, appeared a report to the United States is relying on postenty SALARY: At prevailing rates depending upon qualifications, effect that Mi s. Hugh Sutherland, to pay a bigger, share oi i.s plus Cost of Living bonus, subject to statutory deductions. . ...j ol V.w manager oi the Canadian costs than either Canada or Britain, Civil Service application forms or applications by letter should i r.k of Comme'.oe at Grand F.rks, the highest tax rates in its despite be made to the Civil Service Commission Representative, Co The B. C. was killed the previous night history. V Postmaster at White Horse, not later than November 6th. when struck by a C. P li. At present .theUnited States is train eight miles out of Grand Forks. nendins $6,000.00000 a month This advertisement is authorized by the Director of National Mrs. Sutherland is believed to have $5,500,000,000 on war Tax collect- ions Selective Service and persons may answer same without a permit been ' atternpii.i.' to cross the rail- road aggregate- - $1,200,000,000 and - from the National Selective Service Office. tracks from a school at Gilpin the rest is being borrowed. Thus, to reach the highway at the tim 2 she 20 per cent of expenditures is being was struck by the locomotive of the met by taxation and 80 per cent by train. There were no marks of in- jury borrowings. on her when found. This ratio will change considerably The late Mrs. Sutherland "and ner as a result of the huge revenue bill husband were former residents here, passed by Congress this week but it the latter being the manager of the will remain a less impressive record local branch of the Canadian Bank Canada's. than of Commerce. They came to White-hors- e In the first six months of 1942, mm from Winnipeg and during Canada's war costs totalled $1,750,--000,00- 0 H . G- - M A CPH ERS ON their stay here were very highly re- spected. including credit put up tin VVIIITEIIORSE PHARMACY. British purchases in Canada, at His many friends in the north ex- tend average of $290 000.000 a month. TRY THE DRUG STORE FIRST to Mr. Sutherland and relatives The total for all governmental ex- penditures of the family their sincerest sym- pathy in that period exceeded in the loss they have sustain- ed $2,000,000,000. through the death of Mrs. Suth- erland In round figures, the United States under such tragic circum- stances. is spending $227,000,000 a day, Bri- tain $50,000,000 and Canada $11. 000.000. The cost to the individual American is $1.75 a day, to the Bri- ton $1.10 and to the Canadian 99 Cascade cents. " U. S. BOMBERS BLAST Dry KISKA IN TWO RAIDS. WASHINGTON, October 27. -- Army Cleaners bombers blasted at the Jap- anese "submarine base" at Kiska in (KAI GERTSEN - Prop) two raids on the enemy's sole posit- ion in the Aleutians, the, Navy De- partment XJ MAIN STREET - announced today. These attacks occurred on Oct. 23 (Opposite Star (Ki'k-e- ) ?nd 24. They were opposed by "active" anti-cra- ft fire but no enemy planes were seen. OPEN A lthough the Navy previous- ly mentioned the presence of FOR i-m- nese undersea craft in Kiska harbor, this was the first tm it had called it flatly a BUSINESS "submarine base." " JOHN SEWELL This was the first announcement of action in the Aleutians since Oct. WHITEHORSE. MERCHANDISE Next Week 20, when the Navy Liberators drop- ped 12 tons of bombs on the Kiska a: camp area and harbor., FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30th, 1942 THE VVIUTOIORSK STAR, WPIITEHORSK vnKON PAGE NINE "WE HAVE WITH US TO-NIGH- T" Introduced by il II Lieut R. L. Neuberger public Relations Section Northwest Service Command. We have with us to-nig- ht Colonel WHEN A MN K. B. Bush of Quincy, Illinois, who has arrived in the Territory to be Chief of Staff of the Northwest Ser vice Command, recently established BUYS A HOME by the American Army to operate . r the Alaskan Highway and other supply routes to the North Paciiic .area. IIpN a man wants a home, he saves for it. It matters Bush to his. Colonel brings new w post widespread Army experience little whether it is a home or a car or what comfort or lux including under fire in the first World War and administrative super ury you have your heart set on, you expect to deny your vision of the Civilian Conservation self other things in order to get it- - Today, all (Canada is saving Corps in the States of Michigan, Illi- nois and Wisconsi lor more than for a home- - Unless we do save, we'll lose all right; to' a. home, as five years. ';' we know it.' Under Hitler, conquered people have no rights. In August of this year Colon i ush married Miss Ida Giltner or Every dollar spent needlessly today, gives Hitler a betterchance " Parsons, . Kansas, daughter of ; to take away your right to enjoy the luxuries that a free Canada pioneer family in that State. Mrs. Bush is now at .Parsons with, her can give you tomorrow: parents. Colonel Bush is 49 years old. He Your dollars saved and invested in 'the New Victory Bonds was born on May 4, 1893, in Dan- ville, '" work two ways for yon: Illinois, bin shortly afterwards his family moved to Quincy. . There Victory Bond dollars help in the fight now He he grew up and attended school. v.cht to the University of Illinois at - for your right to the things you want. ..' Urbana and graduated in 1916 as civil engineer. A year later Bush Victory Bond dollars will-provid- e the cash answered the, call to the colors and went overseas with the 4th Infant- ry. for you to get what you. want when in six ma'): He participated the war is won. engagements and came out with ihe rank of captain after 21 months o." "What are a few luxuries now, compared to the years of freedom service in"-Franc- e. Following the War, Bush com that only Victory can make, possible! menced on a career in the Regular : 'i-V- - ' V '''.:'. ' r Army which was to take him into NOTHING MATTERS NOW BUT VICTORY. ., all regions of the United States and across the globe. He served at Camp Fuston, Camp Meade, Platts-bur- g Barracks, and with The Ad- jutant BUY THE NEW General's Office in Washingt- on; D. C. He assisted in setting up the administrative machinery in the BONDS VICTORY Adjutant General's office for hand ling the soldiers' bonus, and he served a tour of duty in the Philip- pine Islands. WHITEHORSE INN In 1932 Bush was with the Sixth Corps Area headquarters in Chicago HOMER S- - MEERS Manager. and when the C. C. C. was organiz- ed i - ' ' -- 1 a year later he was active in tre undertaking. From April of 193! until May of 1938 he had charge ot: Command Bush has re producing vast and everincreas-in- g armed strength, the military mi';ht Army activities in the C.C.C. camyi vest Service establish- ment quantities of war weapons anci of the United Nations, is growing Michigan. ,iad supervision of the in steadily xand surely. With the in- dividual in Illinois, Wisconsin and machin- ery munitions that are being used of the administrative effort of all, we shall notable advances of war In During this period oractically every theatre that organization, C.C.C. in conser- vation, 'for operating 1 . from Can- ada perhaps sooner than expected seize were made by the in r, v. War supplies placed rhe Command has been the initiative and the mastery. reforestation and fire con- trol. inland have been used in practically Many, miles of roads and trails jharge of all roads, lines railways, and other very.-- " battle since Dunkirk, Thus were constructed in the three States. .vaterways, pipe which serve we have accomplished the seeming- ly In 1938 Bush again joined The routes of It trasportation controls all American impossible. NOTHING MATTERS NOW Alaska. Adjutant General's Office in Wasn-ingto- n, and during 1940 and 1941 he Army r-nln- nel projects Bush's, in mother. Western 'Mrs. Canada. C. J. HITLER'S SLUR AN INSULT but. was assistant to the War Depart- ment Illinois. C.C.C. ! Bush still lives in Qirncy, sort Representative with the Hitler says we Canadians are After serving at Fort Knox and Fort o CHANGES and fat.". He says we are a decade v PICTURE Benning as Adjutant GeneraV of the THE people. He says our liberties, our I he went with democracy the things Armoured Corps ideals, our and the last, v e th is Avar that organization to the desert in Between the art of war m we have long cherished and rough' Southern California and assisted ir. in Canada forgot to the task of building for make us an easy prey. Either the establishment of the Deser our devotion neither prepared Hitler is right or we must prove We were a nation. and we have oeen prov- ing Training Center. Our armed him wrong, ordered to duty m in men nor weapons. he is wrong. We' have taken In July he was 11,000. But the numbered The Adjutant General's Office in forces terrific blows: we have suffered um Washington, D. C. where he receiv- ed ni-tu- re has number changed, over 500 000 w, tn serious defeats: we have learned the men now of war the hard way. But our his present assignment. 100.000 on reserve. We art than As Chief of Staff of the North- - more PAGE TEN THE ."Will 'lit 110 RISE ST A K. W 1 1 1 TE M O R S R-- . V t frn X FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30th, 1942 CANADIAN AIR FORCE oi it navy the;; and now At the beginning of the war, Can- ada When war began and the Canad- ian had 4,000 men in its air force. navy was mobilized on -- -a war Today the air personal exceeds 125,-00- 0 footing, it was able to send to ssea and is one of the world's out- standing only 15 vessels of wich only six " fighting -- machines. The were fighting ships. Our permanerr; flying schools of Canada are send- ing strength was less than 1,800 men. airmen to every war ai;en i Today our Canadian navy is main where empire troops are fighting. taining nearly 500 ships on active Canadian air squadrpns - are station- ed iuty, and has an enlisted force o; on flying fields that almost en- circle uore than 41,000 men, NOTHING MATTERS NOW BUT VICTORY! the globe. , SMILE AWHILE STRONG CANADIAN ARMY At the outbreak of war, the Can- adian "English is a strange language army numbered only 4,500. lfter all." Today we have an active army of . "Why so?" '..';' ': y more than' 350,000 backed by a re-wr- ve "I heard a man talking of a politi of 120 000. Our army is a cal candidate the other day: "If he highly mechanized, hard-hittin- g, only takes this stand when he runs, compact ' striking force. Many ie'11 have a walkover.'' thousands of them are at battle stations overseas. When the time She Why have you brought me comes for all-o- ut attack, they will artificial flowers? be a sharp spearhead of invasion. He Well, real ones usually do -- o- while i'm waiting for you. DANGERS AT HOME S. VANDT, Main Street ii ) I':, Mrs. K6owed - I wonder why - If our standard of living dosen't is that a nautical mile is nearly a fo down, the navy, army and air seventh longer than a mile on land? , force will have a more difficult time Aoowed Wen, darling, yai, getting the men and materials they know things swell in1 the water. need for war, we will force the gov- ernment :jt f.t :: to ration more things ti Jim who's your cook now? make sure everybody gets a fair John Delia. ( " ' - ' ) fair share of such supplies as are Jim Delia who? - available for our use, and we will John Delia Katessen. put such pressure on the price ceil- ing O ;)t ft :;i that it may be blown to pieces Green: What's your idea of an and start us on the road to inflation. optimist? Jones: A fellow without art:' money going into a restaurant, md "BUILD WESTERN PAYROLLS' ordering oysters, in the hope that no will be able to pc:y for .'his Uin.ic.- - A PATRON 1 RiflFIf with a pearl. -- 't i BRAND Pompous Diner I'll have a port'' on FOR 8 Ct 1 of chicken. It must be trim a Ply mouth Rock cockerel, this year's YEARS ii - ElADHD "ii "it'ii v n r ATFD tA -- I bird, and nothing but a leg vViil ''do Waiter Yes, sir. Right or ieft leg?".' ,'::; ' r: ';:. We have a letter, from up-coun- try The writer states The rich uncle wrote io his ne- phew she has used "all kinds of I am sending you the canned milk" but Pacific you requested but must draw yc.u Milk continually' since she attention to a spelling error in yo.'r began it "because of its last letter: "10" is written with ona richness and flavor. That nought, not two. was eight years ago." ': a It's only real excellence that They had a quarrel. She spoke up coulu oring a milk a pre- ference You can say one thng for mother: like this. .'-'- . she's outspoken. He By whom? Pacific Milk . ...'' . ' Prisoner (after being sentenced to three months' imprisonment) That IRRADIATED OF COURSE settles it. ZXTXX1 Magistrate Settles what? Prisoner I've been ' wondering it: :rxxxxxxm whether, to go to my mother's or my wife's mother's for Christmas. Now I won't have to go to either. - VV. H. THEATRE "Are these chickens freshly kil- led?" Whitenorse Yukon asked the -- demure young St 5 v-.- v: n ' v, housewife of the poulterer; "Fresh killed, lady?" he replied. - V - : Shows Every "Why, artificial respiration would probably bring 'em round!" Night Street v Car Conductor Did yoa home BRITISH HOME FLET DESTROYED RETURNS FROM PATROL. get all right last night, sir? (Except Sundays) Passenger Of course, why do you Heavy seas, arctic conditions. 1 linding rain and gales, are the ail-to- o . ..'. ask? Pictures changed thrice. Weekly. Conductor Well," when you got common lot of Allied destroyer crews in their constant patrol and and convoyescort duties. A striking contrast is provided in this view from the up gave lady your seat last Bulletin Board for Particulars. See night you were the only two in the the screen-do- or of a British destr-ive- r approaching and after a long "TTmilirilll I T I T T Til car. spell at. sea. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30th, 1943 THE WH1TEHOKSE ST A K W 1 1 1 TE 1 1 0 K S E V UK 0 N PA(!K KLKVKN feet on each side of the base line. Registration of document any $2 00 When $500.00 has been expended Other claims shall not exceed five Recording an abandonment $2.00 or paid the locator inay, upon hav- ing hundred . feet in length by one thou- sand If it affects more than one claim a. survey made, and upon com- plying feet in depth. Claims shall be For each additional claim ... $1.00 with other requirements,-obtai- n as nearly as possible rectangular in Abstract of Title a lease for a term cf twenty-on- e form and shall be marked by two For first entry ... $2.00 years with the right to renewal of Law legal posts, one at each end of the Synopsis Mining For each additional entry ...... ' .50 for further terms of twenty-on- e claim, numbered "1" and "2" re- spectively. For copy of Document years. . Claims located prior to July Location posts of creek Up to 200 words $2.50 7, . 1917 may upon fulfilling similar Yukon Territory claims shall be placed on the base For each additional 100, Words .50 requirements, be Crown Granted. line, and of all other claims parallel For grant of water Leases, renewals of leases, and to the base line," and on the side of For 50 inches or less ........... $10.00 documents relating to leased claims the claim nearest , the creek or river For 50 to 200 inches $25.00 shall be recorded with the Mining Any person eighteen years of age towards which it fronts. For 200 to 1,000 inches $50.00 Recorder in triplicate. ' or over shall have the right to enter, and mine A discoverer shall be entitled to a For each additional 1,000 inches Schedule of Fees locate, prospect upon any lands in the Yukon Territory, claim 1,500 feet in length, and a or fraction thereof .... $50.00 Recording every claim $10.00 whether vested in the Crown or party of two discoverers two claims, QUARTZ MINING For a substitutional record ... $10.00 otherwise, for the minerals, defined each of 1,250. feet in length. Application for a lease $10.00 Subject to the boundaries of other in the Yukon Quartz Mining Act The For a certificate of improve- ments boundaries of claim any may claims in good standing at the time ... . . 5.00 and the Yukon Placer Mining Act, be ;..' : enlarged to the size of a claim of its location, claim shall a mining with certain reservations set out in If recorded within. 14 days alter allowed by the Act, if the enlarge- ment be rectangular in shape and shall expiry date $5.00 the said Acts. does not interfeie with the not exceed feet in 1,500 length by If after 14 days and within rights of other persons or terms of 1.500 feet in width. No person shall enter1 for mining three months $15.00 any agreement with the crown. 'purposes or shall mine upon lands Every claim shall be marked on If after three months and with- in owned or lawfully occupied by an- other An application for a claim may be tne ground by two legal posts, one . six months $25.00 until adequate security has filed with ' the Mining Recorder at eacn extremity of the location Recording every certificate of been furnished to the satisfaction of within ten days after being located line, numbered "1" and "2" i-espect-- lveiy. of work .... $5.00 the Mining Recorder for any loss or if within ten miles of the Recorder's On tne side of . io. 1 post For a certificate of partnership $5.00 damage which : may be thereby office. One extra day shall be al- lowed tanng Ko. 2 post snail be inscribed Recording assignment, abandon- ment, caused. . for every additional ten miles tne name of tne elahn, a ieuer in- dicating affidavits, or any other or fraction thereof. A ciaim may be the direction lo'No. 2 post, document . , ; . $2.50 Where claims are being located If document affects than"', located on Sunday or public more any tne number of feet to the right or which are situated more .than one "v for each additional 1 one claim, holiday. ; . itit of the location line, the. date of hundred miles from the Mining Re- corder's claim ... .. $1.00 location and the "name 'of tne locator, office, the locators, not less Any person having recorded a For granting period of six un lo. 2 post, on tne side facing No. than five in number, are authorized claim shall not have the right to lo- cate months within which to re-co- rd 1 post, shall be inscribed the name to meet and appoint one of their another claim in the valley or ... $4.00 of the claim, the date of location, number as emergency recorder, basin of same creek within sixty For an abstract of the record of and the name of the locator. who shall as soon as possible deliver days of locating first claim. a claim: the application and fees received to Title The claim shall be recorded with- in For the first entry $4.00 lie. Mining Recorder for the District. fifteen days if located within ten For each additional entry .50 Any person having complied with miles of the mining Recorder's of- fice; For copies of an document re- corded If two or more persons own a the provisions of the Act with res- pect one additional day shall be al- lowed where same do not claim, each such person shall contri- bute to locating and recording a for every additional ten miles exceed three folios $4.00 proportionately to his interest claim shall be entitled to a grant or fraction thereoi. Where such copies exceed three to the work required to be done for one year and shall have the ab- solute folios. 30 cents per folio for and when to the Adjoining claims not exceeding thereon, proven right of renewal from year every folio over three. Gold Commissioner that he has not eight in number may be grouped, of at- torney to year thereafter, provided during For recording a power rione so his interest may be vested each year he does or causes to be tne necessary representation work to stake from one in the other co-owne- rs. done $200.00 worth of work of the lor each claim may then be per- formed person ... . . . . ; ... .' . . '..'.-- '. $4.00 on one or more of the of claim made by a claim, files With the Mining Recor- der any For recording a power of attor- ney The survey a claims in the duly qualified Dominion Land Sur- veyor within fourteen days after the group. to stake from two per- sons shall' be accepted as defining expiration of the claim an affidavit Every application for a full claim WOO absolutely the -- boundaries of the showing a detailed statement of the shall be made on Form "A" and for For recording an assignment or ' the required renewal "A-1- ". other document ." relating .to a Form claim surveyed, provided the. survey work, and pays a Fractional claim on ' lease $3.00 quartz mining is approved by the proper author- ity fee. person is entitled to locate Rental, whole or fractional min- eral and remains unprotested during GROUPING more than one claim in the same claim granted under the period of advertisement. for term of 21 $50.00 lease Under certain conditions claims mining district within twenty days. years: Rental for renewal term of 21 undertake a A person about to and the work re- quired be grouped mineral claim is may The timber on a ...... ...... $200.00 bona fide prospecting trip may se- cure' to entitle years to be performed reserved until the Mining Recorder from the Mining Recorder renewals of Dredffinp to the owner or owners certifies that the' same is required written permission to record at his the several claims grouped may be for use in mining operations on the A lease may be issued for a per- iod own risk a claim within six months. performed on any one or mo'e of claim. The Commissioner, however, of fifteen years for a continuous If the stretch of river not exceeding ten claims in the grouping. of the holders A legal post must stand four feet may issue a permit to owned by more miles in length giving the exclusive are claims grouped the .timbers) squared or laced other claims to remove above the ground, for silver and partnership right to dredge gold, a than one person operations eighteen inches and for use in their mining for the upper and The lessee must have at creating a joint platinum. four inches across the agreement where other timber is- - not readily measuring several liability on the part of all least one dredge in operation on the . must be available. The post faced portion. the owners for the joint working of leasehold within three years. firmjy fixed in the ground. the claims shall be executed and '." Title Petrolelim and Natural Gas - Priority of location shall be deem- ed filed with the Mining Recorder-Tax- es Any person having complied with A lease may be issued for a per- iod to convey priority of right. Cer- tain and Fees the provisions of the Act with, re- gard of twenty-dh- e years for an area be heard and de- termined of not to exceed 1.920 acres givins disputes may to locating and recording a Board of Arbitrators. Royalty at the rate of two and the rjght to the petroleum and nat- ural by a claim shall be entitled to hold it for of one-ha- lf per cent, on the value gas on the area leased. A rent- al date of the record the Grants of Claims grouped or own- ed all gold shipped from the Yukon one year'from iseharged of 50 cents per acre thereafter . from year to year, by one person may be made re- newable Territory shall be paid to the Com- ptroller. and for the first year and $1.00 per acre he does provided during each year on the same date. 1'or each subsequent year. or causes to be done work on the PLACER MINING For grant to a claim for $10.00 claim to the value of $100.00 and Assay Office . one year shall, within fourteen days after the An Assay Office is maintained by Creeks means any natural water For renewal of 'grant expiration of the year, satisfy the the Government at Vancouver, width of within 14 days course having an average Tf renewed Mining Recorder that the work has where gold exported from the Ter- ritory less than one hundred and fifty feet after expiry date ........ $10.00 been done, and pay the Certificate will be purchased at its full between its banks. If after 14 days .. and within 3 $30 0 of Work fee. One hundred dollars value. Creek claims shall not exceed five months within 6 rp"v be paid in lieu of assessment G. A. JECKFJ.I. measured If after 3 months and . ' Controller. hundred feet in length, i- - S45.00 work. iiong me base. line, by' one thousand months PAGE. TWELVE THE V H ITOHORSE STAR. WW TE1I0RSE, YUKON , FRIDAY, OCTOBER 301h, Kn Local Happenings F E E DOM who has Mr. K. Ritchie arrived from Dav Mr. W. F. Manning, son 1 uesuy and for the time bein adorned the teller's cage at the local is employed in the office at tht; branch of the Canadian Bank of local W. P. & Y. R. depot. Commerce for the past year or oo MUST BE FOUGHT FOR... and has handled large sums of other The officers ana crew of the good people's money with conspicious sue which, the last cess.l eft on Wednesday's train for ship Whitehorse, was AND PAID FOR boat lo navigate the waters of the the coast having been transferred left for the Outside. He made many friends Yukon for this season, here all of whom wish him every coast Wednesday. arid Fortitude success in the future. Supreme Courage were - : . :'.:--;-'.-;-.:.-v;.'- : characteristics of those sturdy pioneers We are in receipt of a letter from who braved the perils of the deep, the Const. H. J. MacDonald who was CRITICAL BATTLE BEING and hardships of the wilderness, hurriedly called to Ottawa recently WAGED IN SOLOMONS dangers illness of. hi to lay the foundations of a nation dedic- ated due to the serious BOTH SIDES LOSE freedom- - Their and daugh- ters He states his mother, al- though to sons mother. WARSHIPS IN GREAT FIGHT. custodians of very frail, is still alive and have proved worthy comforted by having him home. the precious heritage and hvhuiU-t- r Mac sends his kindest regards to all An official report issued from Canada of which we may well be proud-An- d Washington, D. C, on Tuesday stat- ed his friends in the north. now this freedom must be fought that Japan had thrown mighty for and paid for. Our freedom. ..our land,, sea and air forces against very lives . -- are in the keeping of our is Halloween. Tomorrow night United States positions in the Sol which armed forces who have gone forth to Here's hoping that the this fun time-honor- ed ome Islands., with increasing furj battle a foe who would destroy all that usually characterizes and recklessness and at great cost in hold dean , we marked be not occasion will battleships to both sides. Shelled with injury to any of its participants from the sea by Japanese warships Nothing that we can do can equal their to property. sacrifice But back them tv must or any serious damage bombed and strafed from the air, U. we ;V ..:-.--::V:,'.--- . S. marines and soldiers defending the limit. . . -- WORK halrder than ever The Rt. Rev. W. A. Geddes, Bishop "Hell's Patch" a 25 square mile before- - . . SAVE every cent possible, by of Yukon, arrived in town Sunday beach-hea- d on the north coast ol going without everything not absolutely and assisted in the evening service Guadacanal fought off another necessary ; . . LEND every dollar to at Christ Church. 7 "determined" enemy land assauit. buy the planes, the guns, the tanks, the Indicating the crucial nature of the ships they need to give them every ad- vantage OFFICIAL WEATHER REPORT test now proceeding President in their fight to keep Canada a October Roosevelt called the U. S. naval free nation- - " . 48 29 22 Thursday high command into conference last Nothing Matters Now But Victory 46 30 23 Friday Monday to discuss what was admit- ted ... 40 36 '24 Saturday to be one of the most terrific 25 Sunday .... 48 43 ordeals in American history whilsl BUY THE NEW .... 47 28 26 Monday Secretary of the Navy Frank Kno: 27 Tuesday 33 28 declared "the . outcome is not yet 28 Wednesday 39 33 clear." VICTORY BONDS LOST Gent's Longene watch. Re- - ward offered on same being re- turned SENATOR AND MRS. A. D. TAYLOR & DRURY LTD. to the Star Office. McRAE DONATE THEIR PALATIAL HOME "HYCROFT" FCUND A wallejcontaining a sum TO THE NATION. of money and identification papers. Owner can have same o The palatial ivy-cover- ed resi- dence ' calling at the Star office and. of Senator and Mrs. A. D. Mc-R- ae TELEGRAM , WHENCE? proving identity. with its five and a half acres of beautiful gardens located oh the Our birth is but a sleep and a Ottawa, Ont. brow of Granville Hill in Vancou- ver, forgetting; Oct. 29th,1942 B. C. has been donated to the The soul that rises with us, Christ Church - Anglcan- - Dominion government to be utilized ! THE STAR our life's star, Whitehorse: i in future as a home for invalided Hath had elsewhere its setting, THE OLD LOG CHURCH Following is the latest informat- ion war patients. The two-sto- ry rein And cometh from afar: Whitehorse on Victory Loan before you go forced concrete building contains Not in entire forgetf ulness, Rev. L. G. Chappell, L. Th. ' to press. Subscriptions to Canada's eleven bedrooms each with a "sun And not in utter nakedness, Rector. Third Victory Loan yesterday total- led parlor. The spacious ballroom is tc But trailing clouds of glory SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1942.. $458,258,300, halfway through become a dining room and the do we'com 1 1 .00 a. m. Holy Communion. ; the eighteen day campaign to raise drawing room is to be re-furnis- hed From God, who is our home. 7.30 p. m. Evening Prayer. the minimum objective of $750 -- 000,000. more 'simply to conform with its Wordsworth. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Wednesday's orders brou- ght new, requirements. in only $43,674,400, approxi The edifice -- o- was erected in 1912 mately $8 million below the pre-jvio- us arid took rrx x i xx x x i ihhiiiiixih years to complete. It is one CONFIDENCE AND HOPE of the finest homes daily average. SACRED HEART at the coast where royalty and commoner alike 1 W. A. SHIELDS, What we need above all things Catholic have in the past enjoyed the ' Section Church hospit- ality Dominion Public Relations when struggling in the maelstrom or of the donors. National War Finance Committee. Rev. Father Charles Hamel, O.M.I adversity is confidence and hope. From now on until further notice JUST LITTLE THINGS They are the safeguards, they arf services will be conducted at the UNSELFISHNESS the life lines that will sustain aj:d following times: The little common things of. life how matter no great encourage us, presist in selfisnlv Sundays: A So long as you kindly word, a little trust, , Masses 7.00 and 8.30 A.M. A friendly seeking for your own happiness, so the material loss or personal sorrow. smile amidst the strife High Mass 10.00 A.M That crushes long will happiness elude you, ai.d Confidence and hope are nature's souls into the dust. Benediction 7.30 P.M. you will be sowing the' seeds of own recuperative powers. With tha Week days: A flower for some tired wretchedness. .Insofar as you suc- ceed asset in our bosoms, internal as wreil Masses 7.00 A.M. Or eyes, in losing yourself in the service music for a weary heart as external encourgement will put (In Chapel at Rectory) "Just little cf others, in that measure will hap- piness things" not any size-- But new vim and life into us. Mtefn-tun- e come too and will Fridays: Benediction 7.30 P.M. ah, the sweetnesYthey you, you impart! jreap a harvest of bliss. James is the test of a man's worth.--Ch2r- les Edith McKay. Allen. B. Davis. G I I c I ! I