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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 43, Friday, October 23, 1942.

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Frc-- Bp Stair CjBCULATIHG THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY ' MM - Vol. 42. No. 43. WHITEHORSE, YUKON, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23rd, 1942 Subscription $3.00 Year. CANADIAN STEAMER CHAIRMAN U. S. MARITIME TORPEDOED CABOT NOTHING MITERS HOW BUT VICTORY! COMMISSION PREDICTS STRAIT OUR GREATEST INCREASED SINKINGS THE MARINE DISASTER. NEXT FEW MONTHS. SYDNEY, N. S., Oct. 16. Tor- pedoed NEW YORK, Oct. 20. Enemy in darkness, the Newfoundland-- Nova submarine sinkings of. United Na- tions' Scotia ferry steamship merchant vessels will increa se Caribou was sunk in Cabot Strait in the next few months, Rear Ad- miral Oct. 14 with the loss of 137 lives in Emory S. Land, chairman "'(.'f the greatest announced marine dis- aster the U.S. maritime commission, pre- dicted of this war in the coastal Monday. waters fringing on Canada. Land, addressing the annual meet- ing Canadian naval craft saved 101 of the Investment Bankers' As- sociation passengers and crewmen after the of America, said the longef THIRD VICTORY LOAN PERTINENT FACTS ON 2,200-to- n vessel, owned by the New- foundland nights of winter and rough weather government, had beer BEING WELL SUPPORTED ENEMY SUBMARINES tended to favor the submarine over sent to the bottom by a submarrine LOCALLY BUT MANY SUNK GIVEN BY the patrol forges, which protect Al- lied, that surfaced after the kill and MORE SUBSCRIPTIONS BRITISH FIRST LORD shipping. watched the finish of the Caribou NEEDED TO REACH QUOTA. OF THE ADMIRALTY. He estimated merchant ship pro- duction and the struggles of her survivors in in the U.S. would be at the the pre-da- wn gloom. Up to Weilneiuay night appixx.'-lel- y LONDON, Oct. 20. Britain has rate of four a day by next January, Struck as she neared the end of $25,000 in Third ; Victory Loan "an actual record of attacks which compared with three now and t" o her overnight run from North Syd- ney, bonds had be.-- n subscribec for loc- ally have resulted in the sinking or last April. NS., to Port Arux Basques, which is a quarter of the damaging of over 530 Axis subma"-ines- " Contracts in the' war-tim- e con Nfld., the vessel sank within a few amount of our quota on this occas- ion. since the war began. A. V. struction program have been let for minutes. Servicemen and civilians This is most , encouraging to Alexander, first lord of the admir- alty, 2,604 . cargo vessels, Land said, of men, women and children from the local committee the members of said; Tuesday. which 1,098 have been delivered and Canada, Newfoundland and the which however are fully awani. oJ Mr. Alexander, giving a war com- mentary 2,50(5 are under construction or United States perished as the shat- tered the fact that a large number of sub- scribers at Caxton Hall, said tlus awaiting their turn on 241 ways. Caribou carried down scores are yet. to fill in their ap- plication total included some attacks by U.S. of persons who were asleep in their forms and sign on the dot- ted forces but did not include those PILOT TRUCKS TO MAKE staterooms when the explosion tore line. Considering the. urgency either by the Russians or by France TEST RUNS ON HIGHWAY the apart. of this call to national service on the jefore June, 1940. ship "We have' had much discussion IN NEAR FUTURE- - Canadians 49 oi part of, all of us canvassing for sub- scriptions Sixty-eig- ht n recent months about a second at this time, when every- body them servicemen were lost. Eigh- teen , is so busy, should not be ront" Alexander said, "but we must It is reported that pilot truck.? one civilian passengers; were necessary. always remember ihat our ability will be put in operation probably the 20 were of crew; was a member Imbued with the right patriotic to secure this depends directly up m j next month to make test runs all the Canadian members of the Royal spirit and with a keen appreciation ne degree of control we exercise j way from Dawson Creek through to 18 were Navy and the Royal Navy; of all that is involved in this war no .t sea as well as in the air." i Fairbanks, Alaska. For the past in the Royal Canadian Air Force, He said the war against the LT-,- oat fortnight one will wait to be asked for their testing between Dawson and the remaining 11 were army subscription. They will gladly cail still is "our greatest pr oblem.'1 Creek, B. C, and Whitehorse hay : men. at the local Bank and there make Nor-- been carried out but no test runs mostly oorder districts because some Out of the crew of 46 out their application form and sign have as yet been undertaken thro- ughout vegians could not be trusted to tune drown- ed. Newfoundlanders 31 were it. We urge all who have not yet nit broadcasts." the 1630 miles stretch of the "enemy Another eight of the victims done so to put in their subscription YUGOSLAVIA. Balkan sources highway. There is still a section of consisted of United States service without further delay. aid the' Germans executed 500 approximately forty miles to b personnel, and there were five U.o. constructed near the Alaska-Yuko- n erbs, charged with insurrection. ' civilians. REVOLT SPREADING Occupation forces were increased. border. 26 victims were The remaining THROUGHOUT NAZI "More than 800 were arrested last o-- Newfoundland civilians on the pas- senger OCCUPIED EUROPE. night in Belgrade and reporied im- plicated LOCOMOTIVE FOULS traditi- ons list. Following the in a widespread revolution- ary YARD SWITCH IN of the sea Captain Berjamii LONDON, Oct J6. Violent dis- orders plot. FRONT OF COMMISSARY. went Taverner and his two sons against Nazi repressive mea- sures Turkish reports toll of piolonged down with the ship. and brutal reprisals were re- ported pitched battles near Sarajevo, birth- place, today from many parts of of the First Great War, be- tween Shortly after midnight Wednes- day COMMANDO DAGGER oppressed Europe. Axis forces and patriots un- der locomotive No. 71 went off on a Gen. Draja Mihailovic. jamboree in front. of the commissi -- y FLOWN FROM ENGLAND FRANCE. French workers were CROATA German occupation just past the yard switch. Luckily HERE- - in revolt against the Laval DISPLAY ON reported she troops were increased because of the was travelling "unattached" at of labor conscription government's' terri- tory. failure of the ptrppet chief of state, the time. The following mornin,' Pnmmrin daeeers. taken from for Germany in unoccupied blood Dr. Ante Pavelic, to enforce order. she reclined at an awkward am-I- e actual army issues in England, have Bombs were throw, called out Dr. Vladimir Macek, the peasant with one set of wheels on the road- bed Canada for display flowed and police were but not on the rails been flown to and party leader, was again reported ar- rested .arid the Chambery purposes throughout the various to quell riots. Lyon, centres. after several thousand of his other set buried "Deep in the heart trouble municipalities. One such dagger is Annecy were the stations. followers revolted against Pavelic. of Texas." To paraphase a familiar nicely-decorat- ed Troops occupied railway said quotation from "The. burial now on display in a submar- ine GREECE. Turkish reports of.Siv window at the store of Messrs. NORWAY. The Gersan site some French naval technicians and John Moore." "To see her lie thus Trandheim, Taylor & Drury Ltd. building base at report- ed dockworkers had been sent from you would never have thought that As soon as our quota is reached of 34 recent executions, was have been France via Germany' to Greece to she once traversed the rails likr this dagger will be flown back to by Moscow radio to Ion-tim- e. restore docks near Athens, destroy- ed fury." Fortunately no one was in- jured. for a England suitably engraved with a burned out of commission during' the invasion. Greek labor Mr. Bert Peterson and m? personal message from this com- munity the Germans - was conscripted to work beside the stalwart crew have to put the loco- motive said and delivered to a military Another report confiscated French under supervision of Ger- man back on the rails agai.i. whose members had ordered radio sets Some job but they'll do it. unit there specialists. over party m from members of Quisling's came from this narticular area. PAGE TWO TUB WIUT.EIIORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE. YUKON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23rd, 1942 witnessed one small nation' after an- other O- )- -- - fall before the Nazi jugger- naut. They did too little or they 'VolO0 of tho Yukon waited until it was too late. ' Looking back over those eventful V An Independent Journal years we Canadians have seen how the conflict has swiftly spread until Published every Friday f.t the entire globe was engulfed and the war brought to our back doors. C Whitehorse, Yukon Territory Only last week the greatest Canad- ian The White pass and Yukon Route On the Trail of '98 marine disaster occurred when he steamer Caribou, owned and Member of Canadian Weekly operated by the Newfoundland The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to ' Government was torpedoed as she Newspapers' Association. ! eared the end of her over-nig- ht Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska- - Publisher run from North Sydney, N. S. to V -- MOORE-- HORACE E. rt Aux Basques, Nfld. It was AIRPLANE SERVICE lark at the time. The vessel sank makes vithin a few minutes with the loss plane service, making connections northbound and south-boun- d Let us have faith that right -- f 137 lives. Does this mean noth- ing with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, might; and in that faith let us to to you? the end dare to do our duty as we DEDICATED TO FREEDOM Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For informatioii understand it. Lincoln. apply to any Supreme Courage and Fortitude - characteristics of those sturdy were of W H I T EPA S SAG E N T, or OCTOBER 23rd, 1942 pioneers who braved the perils he deep, the dangers and - hard- ships 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. of the wilderness,' to lay the 0 "IF FREEDOM FAIL' foundations .of a nation dedicated to HO freedom. Their sons . and daughters It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who have proved worthy custodians of wrote "For what avail the plough, 'he precious heritage and have built or land or life, if Freedom fail?" a Canada of which we may well be With each succeeding day, the proud. And now this freedom must, real su 2 in this war becomes be fought for and ; paid for. Our clearer and more unmistakeable. freedom . . . our very lives ... For Canada and Canadians it is not are in the keeping of our armed conquest nor the maintenance of forces who have gone forth to bat- tle trade nor even the protection of far a foe who would destroy all that flung parts of the Empire. It is the 'e hold dear. JSMJ preservation of a way of life; the Nothing that we can do can equal way of life of free men; a way of their sacrifice. But we must back life not yet perfect nor. without flaw them to the limit . WORK hard- er but "one providing for free men, the than ever before SAVE way of dealing with a free man's every cent possible, by going with- out evils to create a free man's world. everything not absolutely neces This way cf life is not the pro- duct sary ... LEND every dollar to buy of a year, or a generation or a planes, the guns, the tanks, the century. It had its origin in the ships they need to give therri every earliest days of English history. It advantage, in their fight to keep gained recognition when our English Canada a free nation. forebears won the Magna Charta In no other country do citizens A Wartime Beverage from an unwilling King at Runny-mead- e. enjoy more wholly the privileges REFRESHING, Since then for seven hun- dred and rights of free democracy than INVIGORATING years the concept has broad- ened we do in Canada. But the very md ECONOMICAL I W M I I I I I and strengthened. Accepted nature of democracy that provides yesterday as commonplace, today its "hese rights likewise imposes upov value and meaning is realized when ns the responsibility of maintaining its safety is threatened. them. Freedom! It is the right of each Today there is no more urgen' man to seek his own avocation free- ly need than for money with which tc and without coercion. It is thr carry on. We have - the men and chance through free education to they have both the skill and cour- age make the most 'of one's talents and necessary to secure complete of one's opportunities. It is the victory for our cause but with on' sanctity of the home. It is the radio our moral and financial suppor tuned without fear to far off stat- ions. their sacrifices are of no avail. Thei This advertisement is not published or It is the friendly greeting of efforts are contingent upon ours the Government of Yukon Territory. by displayed neighbors in the market place. It is Our paramount duty, therefore, is the open door of churches and of fo invest in VICTORY BONDS ... synagogues, of labor temples and the limit. If we are to enjoy free- dom community halls. It is the sense of and security tomorrow we M . justice in Courts of Law and Gov- ernments must invest in VICTORY today. H ruling only with the con- sent I Fresh Butter of the governed. It is public Cured and opinion moving by trial and error Try BURNS . from reform to reform. It is toler- ance NOTHING MATTERS NOW Meats Shamrock Brand Creamery Putter Eggs and fair play and decency and kindness. but. These things will be no more if freedom fails. Our valiant youth Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products have pledged their all, even their lives to ensure that the free man's way of life shall not perish but shall endure. We who ;emairi must sup- port "You Can Buy No Better" them with tanks and guns and ships and shells. For what avail h land or life if freedom fail? "MEAN NOTHING TO YOU?" CO 6 Burns & Company Limited. Three years of war have passed. During those three years we have ' i rimiimiziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23rd, 1942 THE WHIT.EHORSE STAR. WHITEHORSE, YUKON PAGE THREE & Che Old Cog burcb 0 Clinst Church Whitthorse Yukon. , REV. L. G. CHAPPELL, L.Th., RECTOR In the olden days Canadians knew has been accepted." HIS gift was how to live simply and - frugally, to his life. In contrast most of , us have work hard and sacrificially that experienced little more than fin- ancial they might build a home for them- selves, and material discomfort--an- d their children and th?ij very little of that. children's children, and thus create The lime has come wn en it is im- perative a nation our Canada. For the past for all of us to develope three years the descendents of these our national and spiritual patriot- ism pioneers have resurrected the old and take our share in the titanic heroic spirit, offering their very struggle we are waging against the lives that that nation our Canada-mi- ght forces of evil.. ALL of us must be preserved for themselves align ourselves with the power of and for the generations that are to good which alone stands between us follow, and now to-da- y, the old and long darkness. Many have al- - pioneers and their descendents, who igned themselves to this power of are defending it with their lives, good in which they believe with charge you men and women who their lives, the whole of our armed are on the home front to accept a forces are ready and waiting . to "The purest form sacrificial partnership with them array themselves in the same align- ment in which tobocco for the preservation of this same when called upon to do so, "it con bt smoked" Canada. is for us who are on the home front Canada's third Victory Loan bus to rise up and accept our immediate been launched, and during the next responsibility of connectng the cold three weeks it is hoped to raise the hard business of raising money for sum of at least $750,000,000 to aid the war effort with the warm sou 1-s- tirring the government and people of our truth that by doing so we country iii carrying on their war ef- fort are proving our love for God and fo of national preservation. In our our fellowmen. present war effort we are faced with - The only barrier which can a threat to our very existence in a threaten the success of this loan is spiritual, as well as in a nation 1 j stubbornness ( of heart against sup-sen- ce a threat to our normal way I porting it, for there is plenty of of living as God-lovi- ng and God-- J money in Canada in the possession feariine 'men and women, to whom of the rank and file of the public on it is a bounden duty and responsi- bility the home front to make the loan a to keep alive our Christian'" complete success if the money heritage and privileges with every which is now lying idle were to be wholesome means at our command. put to use to help our cause. Many The worship of God demands more people are saying "We cannot sub- scribe than lip service and oral confession to this loan, our taxes are so of our faith it demands that we put high that we have no available into practice what we say we be- lieve. money." Yet,, the , plain facts are The value of our love for that Canada needs the; money, and God and for our fellowmen is de- monstrated the people of Canada have the by the practical manner money. To explain this assertion in which we make use of our ability let me quote from statistics prepar- ed WHITEHORSE EDMONTON love in our daily by one of the chartered banks in ' to show forth that Sunday, via except Canada: The total savings and de- mand Daily be- tween ir lives. There is no incongruity Watson Lake, Fort Nelson, Fort and tru-defenc- e deposits in Canadian banns God of the worship , St. John, Grand Prairie. Lv. between July 1941 and July 1942 and hon- our. of liberty, justice Whitehorse 8.30 a. m., Y. T. We all know "we are faced deposited by the public and not in- cluding Provincial and Dominion with an emergency which challen- ges VANCOUVER work Government deposits, amounted to r WHITEHORSE to the way of free men think and speak little more than three hundred mil- lion Sunday, via out their destiny, to Daily except and do those things which they be- lieve dollars, an excess over the pre- vious Fort St. John. Prince George-- . they should do, under tne year of $509,000,000. With a Lv. Whitehorse 8.30 a. m., Y. T. need as great as it is, the patriotic the question guidance of God, then, comes home to each of us: What is responsibility that confronts us is to WHITEHORSE DAWSON CITY our practical answer to this chal- lenge? loan our idle savings to the country contribution to that they may be put to work to Lv. Whitehorse 9.00 a. m . What is our help win the war, for we can be Tuesday-Thursda- y. Returning this emergency? We have see-wh- at and very certain that in losing the, war Lv. Dawson City 9.00 a. m. given our young men have behalf and lack of active helpful agerls Wednesday-Frida- y. are prepared to give on our ; can always make . that dreadful and in contrast, most of us feel " shabby at the limitations of our thought a possibility in losing the Information and reservations: shall have cent of our we every war, sacrifice. Our young men have of- fered J. A. Barber, Canadian Pacific savings taken away from us. their all their lives. Here is Air Lines, Whitehorse. We may be kicking against the a letter written by a young airman his traces because our taxes are high. which was only read after Better for those to be high than t (Yukon Division: Services of Yukon death. "My life has been given and lose all, far better still than grumb- ling Southern Air Transport.) others taken in with many company scale of liv- ing, reduce is it to our for the preservation of things by to eliminate all luxuries and nature spiritual. I believe in these come down to the bed-ro- ck neces- sities things with all my being. They are of life, so that . when the so. mucn Digger, w . , r , safet call fol imDortant. .. so much wortmer, man ii - help, they - will not ask in vain, AIR LINES v A 1 At-- ,'M rtr i ra your am. uut tnese to take bonds, you 7" for in asking you a part of me, and I a part minute , and willing to take though it be, of Hhem. iesn ana - ... sacrifice. m A 1 more bonds as your blood had to be sacrificed n me MAIL EXPRESS If you look back with pride to the PAS' GtftS things in which we believe were to survive and flourish. It has been (Continued on page 4) nv lot to be nne of those whose gift P"GE FOUR THE WH1T.EH0RSE STA'R, ! WHITEHORSE' YUKON FRIDAY, OQTOBER 23rd, 1943 p Cbc Old Cog gbircb & Yukon Electrical Company, Ltd. Will be pleased to consult - Christ CluiiTh Wliitt horse Yukon ; . REV. L. G. CHAPPELL, L.Th., RECTOR you regarding Light, Power. Supplies and Installations (Concluded from Page 3) our way of life, the four freedoms that guarantee to all of us those rr'nn pioneer days of our Dominion, ,to cherished privileges of the true WHIT E HORSE, Y. T. heroic men and women venturing democracy, if you believe in the across unknown seas, working their sovereignty of truth, the inviol- ability arduous way into the heart of a new of honour, the sacredness of land, facing every imaginable peril, freedom, the majesty of compassion POST OFFICE AIRMAIL SERVICE rXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXrTTTTTTTfl toiling early and late that there and the stewardship of all life under . NOTICE ' "BUILD WESTERN PAYROLLS" might be built in the New World a the hand of God, THEN PROVE God-fearin- g, honest-minde- d, hard YOUR FAITH. If you cannot aid Commencing -- Tuesday, October20, A PATRON V NWIIIIM( working nation, if the story of their this cause by the offering of life, 1942, Air-Ma- il for Canadian points achievement gives you a vision cf then make another offering of over the Canadian Pacific AirJines the greatners of your heritage things material which you will not will close every Tuesday, Thursday 8 the" of ; that beside the eg jaTl THEN, for preservation be ashamed to place and Saturday at 7 a. m. story, accept once again in this day sacrifices of those who wear the Air-Ma- il for Seattle and U. S. FVnwimrrn of your country's' need the simpli- city, King's uniform, of those who are points over the Pan American Air- lines YEARS of the life which their all. MAKE the frugality prepared to give dose will daily at 9.30 a. m. was theirs, accept it and cheerfully YOUR CONTRIBUTION NOW. For As the Air-Mai- ls above mention- ed, We have a letter from up-count- ry. lend to your country your resources, this country of ours is not a thing are taken away from the Post-offi- ce MThe writer states your savings, your luxury money-- all, apart, it is you and your neighbors shortly after the closing tim-i- s she has used "all kinds of that is ours above the pioneer who will pave the way to a new .noicaied above, patrons are re- quested canned milk" but Pacific level of life. IF YOU BELIEVE IN future the of by practice ycur re- ligion to post their Air-Ma- il mat- ter Milk continually since she THE PRESENT, if believe 1 in time of need. you a early in order to relieve the last began it "because of its minute congestion. ' richness and flavor. That GOLD MINING TO E. C. BURT, was eighf years ago." BE CURTAILED Postmaster. It's only real excellence that NOW OPEN FOR THE DURATION. coula bring a milk a pre- ference PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT like this. NOT DISCLOSING GIST OTTAWA. Prime Minister Mac kenzie HIS INTERVIEW WITH Pacific Milk King in a prepared statement WENDELL L. WILLKIE. last Friday said the government has Teddy's found it necessary "to issue instruc- tions IRRADIATED OF" COURMe WASHINGTON,. Oct. 16. Presi- dent that plans be formulated for CXI Roosevelt said today he had further curtailment of gold mining, BARBER had an exceedingly successful and as well as other non-w- ar industries." interesting talk Wednesday with The policy was adopted to meet Wendell L. Willkie, but he would "the urgent and immediate need for SHOP not go into details because, he ex- plained men and materials required by Can- ada's IV. H. THEATRE he could not disclose mili- tary war effort" and did not indi- cate secrets. -- AT any lack of confidence by the Whitehorse jfukon That was all he could say, he tpld government in gold or in the future White Pass a press conference in answer to a of the gold-mini- ng , industry, " the .question asking whether, as a result Shows Every prime minister said. of the report given him by Willkie, Hotel Curtailment of gold mines would he anticipated "any changes in our form part of a "comprehensive pro- gram Night military strategy." of curtailing civilian activi- -' Your Patronage is Solicited ties" and would be worked out in said. consultation with management and He indicated the curtailment (Except Sundays) employees. In transferring to an in would not affect gold mines produc- ing Pictures changed thrice Weekly. f A well satisfied customer -- jf dustry more important to the war "substantial quantities of min- erals is our best advertisement. See Bulletin Board for Particulars. effort, workers would be making a or metals essential for war valuable contribution ; .Mr. King purposes." riXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXTIXE ' .- - ' " For Free Home Delivery This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control Board or by Government of the Yukon Territory WOE MM mi 0 IU1 EM IK WAR EN n . . . things that are hard to get now Every day, almost, we find that "something else is getting scarce. So often, we are told "they're not making it any more". Factories are making guns instead of ploughs, tanks instead of tractors, planes and shells instead of stoves and beds. We'll have to replace so many things when the war ends . . . things we can't buy now. v fax MEY mm VICTORY. BONDS r provide the cash to buy them . - L rr-r- m n ns- - n n n nn nrrs r?fl!1Ttf tin i arWWilK JUlB-- . i iSltUii UJ 7-"- i UU llMIIlf -- with Cash - wM Produce . . . in one lump sum, with money Farm folk can pay for Victory Bonds in another, convenient we have saved. There is no safer "PRODUCE the way by using investment ... no better way to FOR VICTORY" TICKET. By protect our savings. simply signing a "Victory Ticket" you can authorize those Or we can buy bonds and who buy produce from you tc pay for them through our banks send all or part of the proceeds to the War Finance Committee in monthly instalments. As the to buy Victory Bonds for you. instalments come due the bank (Ask your local War Finance will charge them to our accounts. worker for details.) WHAT A VICTORY BOND IS Look at a dollar bill. A dollar bill is like a bond. It's a promise who has it. You get bills when you,eH . to pay to the man things and pay them out when you buy things." A Victory Bond is "a bill" intended to be saved. When you keep a $100.00 Victory Bond for a year you receive an additional the Victory Bonds you can-Y-end $3 00 (3 interest). Buy all money to Canada to help to win the war Save your Londsto need when the war end, have money for things you'll Rational War Finance Committee PAGE SIX THE WIMT.EIIORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE. YUKON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23rd 1943 Local Happenings NEW GOODS JUST ARRIVED : Don't forget the l. O. D. E. Bridge Const. Waring, R. C M. P. is being Par.y in the Masonic Hall tonight: transferred to . Watson Lake. A cordial reception awaits you. MEN'S CHECK ALL-WOO- L SHIRTS Rev. Father Adam, O.M.I, of At-li- n, B.C., is a visitor in town for a MEN'S WINDBREAKEKS sales 1 Mr. George Larone, man- ager for Burns & Co. Ltd., arrived week or so. MACKINAW BREECHES in town last Sunday on a business trip and left on his -- return trip yes- terday. Mr.'. W. C. Carlson arrived irom MACKINAW COATS LINED PARKAS Chilliwack, B. C, t0 3 -- in the staff MOCCASINS OVERSHOES of the Canadian Bank of Commerce Mr. V. II. Davey, district super- visor here. ' FELT BOOTS SHOEPACKS of airport traffic control for the Dept. of Transport with head Dr. F. Burns Roth, who recently DON'T FORGET TO BUY quarters in Vancouver, was in town left on a hurried trip to attend the this week for a lew days in his of- ficial funeral of his brother, has arrived capacity. He left for the coast back in town. Victory Bonds this morning. For the first time in the history of The first snowfall of the season the shipbuilding industry in Van- couver arrived Saturday but didn't stay women are now employed as long. We are now enjoying Indian "passers" in the rivetting dept. TAYLOR JDRURY Ltd Summer weather with lots of sun- shine. Fog lay heavy during the Constable Mervin Hobbs, R. C. M. early morning hours yesterday but P., and nis biide have arrived back it soon disappeared when Old Sol in town f Kir- - their ti ip to Dawson ITALIAN TROOPS MUTINY l,uisi Lrent's, Longene watch. Re put in his appearance. At 12.45 noon Monday while list- ening ward offered WHEN ORDERED TO on same being re to a news broadcast from San turned to the Star Office. His many friends will be pleased Francisco a short description of the RUSSIA FOR SERVICE. to hear that Mr. L. Higgins, who town of Whitehorse was given in an has been on the sick list for the pas item which stated that Brig. Gen. Reuters News Agency v reported wanci Luiiiaining a sum Tuesday under an "Italian frontie week or so, is making satisfactory O'Connor had arrived in Whitehorse date-lin- e that an Italian papers. Owner can have Alpine same a Mr. Mun-ro- e progress toward recovery. to take over his duties of keeping regiment had mutinied at Gorizia in uduuig ai me btar office and of Dawson is in charge of the supply route, to Alaska - open. northern Italy when it ordered proving identity. was the Territorial Office here during Whitehorse was described as a small Mr. Higgins' enforced absence. outpost in the far Canadian Yukon, to the Russian front. Other advices reaching London and as being an extremely import- ant We to meet stated Albanian mountaineers had vuuugaicu jiuii sneeis v were pleased personal- ly link in the new route along the proclaimed an independent Albaia gooa cona-uon- . Apply at Star with Mr. II. W. Richardson who Alaskan highway as well as on the was a visitor in town last week. He air route. and were now fighting the Italians a Office. is the western editor of Engineering on three mountain trdnts. Because News-Recor- d, published by the McG- raw-Hill GERMANS IN CANADIAN of a continuiig revolt at Skappari OFFICIAL WEATHER REPORT Publishing Co. Inc., , of PRISONERS-OFWA- R which menaces Italian control of Chicago, 111., and came north to Albania II Duce has been forced t-- ) write the official article on the con- struction CAMPS TO BROADCAST send additional planes, heavy artil-l- er 8 Xctober Thursday in of our new highway from THEIR FOLKS AT HOME- - and infantryy forces to try and 45 u 9 Friday ... 50 40 an engineering point of view. He quell the up-risi- ng. 10 Saturday .. 48 36 travelled by "jeep" from Dawson LONDON, Oct.-20- . A new inter- national 11 Sunday .... 44 29 Creek to Whitehorse and has left to radio program on which CARD OF THANKS 12 Monday ... 40 26 Germans in Canadian travel by the same means over the prisoners-of- - 13 Tuesday 38 20 highway north from here to Fair- banks. war camps can broadcast to the We wish to express our heartfelt He informs us that he will folks at home will be started Thurs- -' thanks for the many expressions of T4 Wednesday 40 r9 15 Thursday . 46 44 be the first to have traversed the day night, it was announced Tues-- 1 kindness and of sympathy which 16 Friday ... '44 43 highway from one end to the other. day. have been extended to us in the loss A daily "America calling Europe' we have sustained by the sudden 17 Saturday .. 39 32 18 Sunday :.. 39 32 acmxxxxxxxxxxxmxxxrccn shortwave broadcast from New and unexpected death of our dear 19 Monday .... 42 34 York announced the prisoners mes- sages daughter Lucy. . Christ Church - Anglcan- - will be broadcast from' Ameri- can Mr. and Mrs. Nakashima. 20 Tuesday 42 S9 21 Wednesday 36 47 stations and relayed by the B. THE OLD LOG CHURCH B. C. at 1100 p. m.'.Gsiman summer Whitehorse time on four wavelengths. Rev. L. G. Chappell, L. Th. It advised Germans to "listen Rector. carefully" and -- relay the prisoners' SUNDAY, OCTOBER You Find the Girl 1942 25, words to "anyone who might be in- terested." 8 30 a. m. Holy Communion. It was . believed the pro- posed 11.00 a. m. Morning Prayer broadcasts were a possible 7.30 Evening' We Furnish the Ring p. m. Prayer. move to halt thfe chaining contro- versy imimiiLinxxx) by retuting German charges of mistreatment of prisoners by ' their own testimony. SACRED HEART Notwithstanding ' the ban on Ger- mans Catholic "listening in" on foreign A CHOICE SELECTION Church broadcasting this latest method de- vised Rev. Father Charles Hamel, O.M.I. for getting the real facts dis- seminated Engagement From now on until further notice throughout Germany services will be conducted at the should go a long way towards de-b- ur following times: king Gosbol.; propaganda. Alter and Sundays: a1! blood is th!:ker than water and Masses 7.00 and 8 30 A TV1 I "'oiutionment soop follows when Wedding High Mass ..10.00. A.JVl j c,,e gets the kcw related to lhcm by ' t,K'ir own k'rh' and kin. Benediction . - 7 tit .w Rings Week days: Masses 7.00 A.M threat men are very apt to have (In Chapel at Rectory) reat faults; and the faults appear Fridays: 'mrxirxxxixxrTxrxxTTTTTt Benediction .. 7.30 P.M.! imeir- - mon-- - A.1 the greater excellencies?. 1, by ; . their iiharlps contrast Sim. with S. VANDT, - Wain Street