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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 40, Friday, October 2, 1942

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Frc-- TUL CIRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY 00 Vol, 42. No. 40. WHITEHORSE, YUKON, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2nd, 1942 Subscription $3.00 Year. FIRST COMBINATION WHOLESALE TRANSFER SEVERAL CABINET FOUR VICTORIANS CANTEEN-CLUBHOUS- E WORKERS INTO WAR CHANGES AT OTTAWA COMMITTED ON OPENS IN THE YUKON INDUSTRIES PREDICTED. CONTEMPLATED. CONSPIRACY CHARGES. I0R THE ARMY. Speaking before the convention Cabinet re-organiza- tion and com- pletion George Henry : hall, managing (Contributed) of the Canadian Chamber of Com- merce of the transfer of , military director of Hall &Co. Ltd., Leonard A- - little spot of honest-to-goodne- ss of the Seigniory Club, Quebec call-u- p machinery . from the Nat- ional James Simmons, former B. C. polce Yankee charm found its way into on Wednesday, Elliott M. Little, War Services Department to quartermaster, Joseph , Arthur the Yukon this week, and when it director of national selective ser- vice, the National Selective Service Walsh, managing director of Wm. threw open its hearty and door, to revealed that unless the acute Branch of the Labor Department Cathcart Co. Ltd., and John Graham an eagerly awaiting soldier-publi- c it shortage of manpower is solved are on the tapis. It is expected that Simpson, managing director of J as. was at long last a Red Cross aream shortly there would be a wholesale this will involve several ministerial Maynard Ltd., all of Victoria, have of a Far North canteen and club- house transfer of workers from non-essent- ial changes. In this connection Ernest been committed for trial to a higher for "the boys under arms" to war industries. This curtail- ment Betrand is mentioned for the port- folio court charged with conspiracy to come true. program will cause revolut- ionary of Minister, of Public Works defraud the provincial government The building that houses the changes in the. economic ac- tivities and General -- LaFleche may be sel- ected of British Columbia. The prelimin- ary Clubhouse was donated to the Red of the country, stated Mr. for cabinet rank in charge of hearing against the two first-nam- ed Cross and the men in uniform by Little, but it must be done. The the Selective Service Branch of the was completed last Friday in the good citiizens of Whitehorse. director of national selective ser- vice Department of Labor when the the Queen City. That against the The place, a spacious four room an- nex also stated that the calling up change has been effected. two latter had" been held earlier. to the library, and former of 18 and 19 year old youths and The quartette were committeed to- gether. meeting hall of the I. O. D. E., was married men for compulsory mili- tary furnished with the products of soldier-- carpentry service is a "distinct possibi- lity." SEVENTY-FIV- E MILLION and several donati- ons It is stated that a policy of DOLLARS B. C-YU- KON SON OF BISHOP STRINGER of furniture. However,, more compelling men rejected for draft QUOTA THIRD "V" LOAN. MARRIED IN TORONTO. furniture could be used to good ad- vantage service to serve in Reserve Army in the clubhouse's game, units would affect more than 200,-00- 0 The quota set for British Colum- bia A wedding of interest to all Yu-kon- ers reading, writing and ping-pon- g men in Canada. and the Yukon in the Third Vic- tory took place in St. James Ca- thedral, rooms. The Red Cross field dir- ector Loan drive which opens on Toronto, on August 29th, will be grateful for any fur- niture October 19 is $75,000,000. "Special" when the ' Rev, W. Randall Stringer, ADDITIONAL PLANT donations made to the Club- house subscriptions toward this amount to son of the late Most Rev. I. O. by the citizens of our town. FOR WHITEHORSE STAR be secured from large organizations Stringer, former Archbishop - of Ru- pert's From time to time it is hoped BEING INSTALLED. are expected to amount to $31,000,-00- 0 Land, and Mrs. Stringer of that the women of Whitehorse will and those from large eastern Toronto, and Miss Edith Hardine, make it a point in their social Last week-en- d a large cylinder concerns with branches in B. C. are were married by the Most Rev. D. schemes to come in and operate the press and several 1 other pieces oi estimated to be $15,000,000. Th-- 3 T. Owen, Primate of Canada and coffee-b- ar for the men- - in uniform equipment were moved into the remaining $29,000,000 is to be pro- vided Archbishop of Toronto. Rev. and and in that way lend the feminine Star premises and are now in pro- cess by public subscription. As Mrs. Stringer will be coming to the-Yuko- n touch that is sure to make a "home of being installed ready for far as we can ascertain the quota later in the fall to tak-- j in Whitehorse" out of "the cubhouse operation in order to cope with for the Yukon has not yet been an- nounced. charge of the Mission at Fort Sel- kirk, in the Yukon." changing conditions. These changes and we wish them every have been contemplated for some- time blessing and happiness in their past with the view of provid- ing northern home. POUR AXIS SUBMARINES G C. F. CANDIDATE with faci- lity this community every SUNK BY CANADIAN e reouisite for all its printing ELECTED IN ALBERTA -- o- WARSHIPS THIS SUMMER. necessities. PROVINCIAL ELECTION. CANADIAN U. S. This week the inside of the pre- mises BOMBERS ATTACK At a press conference Wednesday looked as if they had been Elmer E. Roper, C. C. F. candid- ate KISKA ALEUTIANS. Macdonald disclosed in the Alberta provincial elect- ion Navy Minister, struck by a cyclone but none of the that during this summer the Royal staff have raised any complaint held Tuesday was elected by a A strong force of Canadian and Canadian Navy had sunk four notwithstanding" the great disability majority of 1,245 over his runner-u- p American bombers and pursuit enemy submarines and probably under which they have been com- pelled John F. Lymburn, K. C, (Inde- pendent.) planes attacked the Japanese base at two others besides taking part in to work. We realize that The election was con- ducted Kiska in the Aleutians on Septem- ber "many other promising attacks." such incouvenience is only empor-ar- y under the proportional rep- resentation 25 destroying seven seaplanes He also disclosed that the strength and that when everything is in balloting system. The and setting fire to a transport. Morrr of the Canadian Navy is nearly 500 running order again the aims for total votes cast were 20,961 of which than 150 Japanese were killed nr ships and about 48,000 men includi- ng greater and better service which we 1,446 were rejected. For the first wounded in the attack. In addit- ion 1100 officers and men serving had in view wil have been accom- plished, time in the political history of Al- berta two submarines and shore in- stallations with the Royal Navy. 'f a Co-operat- ive Common- wealth were hit. The damaged Federation candidate was transport brought to 33 the number --o- elected. of Japanese ships sunk or damaged REGISTRATION IN HALIFAX, N. S- - ISOLATED in the Aleutians since the enemy, INDUSTRIES NOW DOWNPOUR OF RAIN IN NEW HIGHWAY READY first attacked the islands last June. BEING PLANNED. MARITIME CITY'S HISTORY. DECEMBER 1 STATES U- - S. A Tokyo broadcast on Wednesday stated bitter winter has already SECRETARY OF WAR. Registration of all workers in For two days recently a major come, to the Aleutian Islands. The given industries, similar to the nat- ional part , of Halifax. N. S., was under Henr J. Stimson, U. S.. Secretary first snow of the season had blank- eted registration of - 1940 but on a water, cut off from the outsde world of War, stated recently that the Al- askan the whole island and biting much narrower scale, is being plan-no- d rail and highway caused by the Highway will be ready for winds are sweeping the unsheltered for curtailment of non-essent- ial by oi use by December 1 next. Parts of Japanese camps which are almrst the history will be worst rainstorm in Continuously enveloped in dense activities. The information than eighteen the southern portion are already in In less Scotia. 'or the use of the National Selective Nova inches of rain fell. Three use, a car arriving in Whitehorse fog. 9.4 Service Administration. In the hours drowned, some com- munities from Dawson Creek this week. It is meantime a careful study of .nivilian persons were completely isolated also reported that it is now possible Mrs. R. Taylor arrived in town industry is being made oy the in- dustrial and thousands were of dollars in damage to drive from Whitehorse to Edmon- ton Wednesday morning from Mars'i division of the Wartime over the highway. Lake Dam on a short visit. Prices and Trade Board. was sustained. THE WHITEHORSE STAR. WHITEHORSE, YUKON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2nd, 1943 P ,GS TWO parade is performing an extra war service for his country. He is set- ting . a powerful example that will 'Voioo of the Yukon' attract other citizens into the ranks of the majority. ' ' An Independent Journal In these war days, we can no longer a !f ord to spend any more than is absolutely necessary for Published every Friday f.t good health. Our sailors, soldiers Whitehorse, Yukon Territory and airmen are crying for every The White Pass and Yukon other penny of our earnings to make On the Trail of '98 their striking power more and more potent. Every time any one citiizen The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to turn- ing answers that cry resolutely Member of Canadian Weekly his back on the temptation to Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska Newspapers' Association. buy something he doesn't really need his' example helps materially AIRPLANE SERVICE HORACE E. MOORE Publisher to create solid public opinion. When we shut out our short- sighted connections plane service, making northbound and south- bound selfish inclinations so that Let us have faith that right makes we can buy Victory Bonds, we not with steamers at Skagway, Serving Whitehorse, might; and in. that faith let us to only take a direct part in the war, Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For information the end dare to do our duty as we we perform an invaluable service in apply to any understand it. Lincoln. crystallizing a strong united Can- adian voice that shouts, W H I T E PAS SAGE N T, o r "Nothing Matters But Victory." OCTOBER 2nd, 1942. --o- 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. CN LEISURE L -- o ! I think it is almost as important WITH OUTSTRETCHED HANDS I that people should make as good se of Periods of leisure as of hours iimnnmn LXXXXXTj The residents of Whitehorse wel-- of labor. The period of leisure is come the opening of the first Ameri- - can Red Cross combination canteen- - becoming ever more important now h Fresh NNx -- w Butter that is better assured than it was clubhouse in the ukon ana con- - a generation One of the first m 'mm rm-- m rm ago. and gratulate those resoonsible for its j Try BURNS' essentials to the of leis-- establishment hre m making their enjoyment ' Sliamrock Brand Creamery Putter ure is mat it snouia nave been pre-ceed- ed h Meats Eggs dreams come Due. by a period of work. We bespeak for the organization I am sure there is not one of the a neriod of unexcelled success and prosperity realizing as we do the i idle rich who "ally enjoys as much Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products i as the man who has worked before Cross important part which the Red K 1 1 1 l 1 mi he his leisure.. The enjoyed man the has always played throughout who knows how to his leisure world in times like these and being spend in the which he will way really en-5n- f, influence appreciative of the mora! ; Miot w.-hin- h uoh an" m-Mnni7- .- iy is going to work all the better "You Can Buy No Better" for having the prospect of leisure be ation invariably has upon all whom fore him. The best use of leisure is M it seeks to serve. M - With the large number of U. S. change of occupation, and doing M things you really enjoy. That is K & Limited army men now in our midst and Burns Company h scattered throughout the Territory, more lasting pleasure than any form all of whom are removed from those of entertainment. Viscount Grey. TTXXX rTTIITIgTTIimiHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIU near and dear to them and deprived as they are, for the .time being, from the wholesome influence and bene- fits Gents of Cbougbt of home life and set amid a new environment so different to that Yukon Electrical Company, Ltd. wnich they have hitherto been ac- customed FORTITUDE to, the establishment of Will be pleased to consult this Red Cross combination canteen-clubhou- se Fortitude I take to be the quiet will undoubtedly become possession of a man's self, and an you regarding a veritable "oasis in the desert" for undisturbed doing his duty what- ever most of the boys. evils beset, or dangers lie in Light, Power. Supplies and Installations The operation of the establish- ment the way. John Looke. will of course demand many Let us not be weary in well doing: willing hands and some sacrifice on makes might, and in mat faith lei WHIT E H O R S E, Y. T. the part of many if the organiz- ation us dare to do our duty as we under-stan- d I v. is to function adequately and it. Abraham Lincoln. fulfil its mission. This being the Let us not b weary in well doing: case, and realizing the generosity of for in. due season we shall reap, if the people of Whitehorse in the past we faint not. Galatians 6:9 under somewhat similar conditions, There is a strength of quiet en- durance YOUR CLOSEST it is a foregone conclusion that in as significant of courage as FRIEND this particular instance no appeal for the most daring feats of prowess. . . . YOUR SLEEPING ROBE assistance will go unheeded but, on Henry Theodore Tuckerman. the contrary, will be responded to A man may fall into a thousand i ... CHOOSE IT CAREFULLY with a readiness and willingness perplexities, but if his heart be up- right A- -' dealer your for a "PIONEER BRAND" "YUKON' which such a movement richly de- serves. and his intelligence unclouded, EluERDOWN or "MOUNTAINEER" DOWN-FILLE- D he . will issue from them all with- out , deeping robe. The finest money can buy. dishonor. Robert Louis Steven- son. Write for Catalogue No. 53 and tell us the name of WE ALL MOULD PUBLIC your favorite dealer. OPINION Speed Friend: "It's great speed- ing along like this. Don't you feel The majority of Canadian citizens glad you're alive?" are on the march again. With heads Passenger: "Glad isn't the vord. erect, eyes iront, tneir ranks are j I'm amazed." sKirting past luxuries and non-essentia- ls, on their way, to purchase She Didyou know I'd become an you'd gone on the stage. lieve in the transmigration of souls the new Victory Bonds. actress? not very I Film Star Hostess No, Every man and woman in that Her Friend No, but I heard Visiting Professor Do you be- - I like them fried in the usual waj T PAGE FOUR THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE. YUKON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2nd, 1942 atlin nuggets COMMERCIAL AVIATION ADVANCED AT LEAST Word recently received that from Mon-ro- e Van- couver TWENTY YEAES BY WAR. L A D. I E S ! Lloyd informs us Within the space of three years whom some Atlinites will rem- inder the has war advanced the develop-- " j as a boy here, the eldest sou ment of commercial aviation by at and Mrs. C. L. Monroe, and Mr. least of twenty This is years. the ex- pressed lor several years Government opinion of Mr. L. B. Unwin, Is Your Fall Wardrobe Agent here, is now Captain Lloyd pres'-den- t of Canadian Pacific Air i Monroe, 2nd in Commad at the Lines Ltd., who was in Whitehorse Complete ? Foyal Engineers Training Camp at recently on a tour of inspection of Chilliwack, B. C. We offer our the various air routes under his hearty congratulations to our young control. In all parts of the north, NO? finite but we always figured "He Mr. Unwin stated, he saw his com- pany's would Go Places." planes performing , herculean tasks of transportation with the Atlin had the pleasure of the stepped-u- p tempo of war-tim- e pro- duction. THEN DON'T HESITATE company of Mr. T. C. Richards of "It is impossible of course" Whitehorse and Miss Gladys Sim- mons he said "to discuss details of air of Carcross who came in by transportation in the Canadian plane late Saturday evening and de- parted North-We- st since so many defence It's but a few steps on the Sunday. projects are involved but the gen- eral - picture is one of intense and Mr. and Mrs. George Nelson of increasing activity." to our door. Spruce Creek are passengers for this next outgoing ;" Princess boat. Unknown Chiropractic May we show you what Mrs. Florence Hussey (nee Durie) has left Atlin for Kechikan, Alaska, we have FACTS PROVE COSTLY. where she will rejoin her husband who is in the coast guard service of The Health Seeker is interested Especially the New Dresses the U. S. A. ' in but one thing the pi " ospects of recovery. Just Received. The following passengers have Unsuspected but strangely insist left for Prince Rupert as witnesses ent: in the Bill Scott murder trial: Con- stable IT grew! IT repairs. IT HEALS ! Tom Kelly, Acting Constable If SELF-contained-susiai- nfid and Bruce Moreton, Alfred Vik, Fearne SELF-Curab- le fails to heal and re- pair, Don't forget this week's Steele, Herman J Rudolf, Leslie as Incurable: why so? Miss Dorothy Durie, Miss of Sands, quota Until (..?' opractic, these basic, Margeret Stout, Doctor G. W. simplified fundamentals were not Meyer, - M. D. . employed. War Savings Stamps Around them great controversies Mr. Carl Beal of Northern Re- sources have waged. Basically, thelNborn Ltd., has arrived to look ability to repair and heal which IS over the workings on Pine Creek , Cure, was repudiated. where so much gravel has travelled ! Throughout Chiropratic em through the sluice boxes this sum- mer. ploying Nature's method never lost Northern Commercial Co. Ltd We feel Mr. Beal will not be a MAJOR decision. On MERIT disappointed on the setup and re- coveries alone, it was legalized as a separate to date this summer. "investigated" by competent Courts - pnd distince Healing Science when Pilot Billy Roxborough Jr. paid . and Legislatures. Britain's Spitfires foresight than either the British or Atlin a visit from Whitehorse today As a result, Chiropractic is now American Government in those diys and is returning this afternoon to in United States, legalized forty-si- x R. J. Mitchell (designer of the Spit- fire) continue flying. Billy was looking three Canadian Provinces and the Woman Played Vital Part in Do was able t3 continue his ex- periments "just fine" and his Atlin friends Yukon Territory. velopment of Famous Fighters. and finally to produce were very pleased to see him, even Of Nature's (Chiropractic) scope one of the greatest fighting ships of if it were only for so short a time. and limitations, great significance "In 1931" writes William Winter the present war." lies in the fact that many Work- men's in the current issue of the aviation : o Mr. Bill O'Neill of Spruce Creek Compensation Boards and In- dustries magazine, Flying, Lady Lucy Hous- ton A Junior Red Cross branch in Placers Ltd. has returned from a utilize it. unwittingly preserved for Bri- tain every school is the hope of Mr. H. northern trip of several weeks. Most noteworthy for the doubt- - the priceless Spitfire lieage. G. T. Perry, Minister of Education, 3 ful over ONE N HUNDRED AND She put up nearly half a million expressed in a special message to We understand the witnesses who SEVENTY FIVE Insurance Com- panies dollars to finance the 1931 British principals and teachers in the Pro- vince left for the Scott trial went as far apply it throughout the long Schneider Trophy team, the Air the opening week of school. as Whitehorse en route to Prince ! Catalogue of Disease. Council having lost interest in fur- ther "I have been glad tc learn that some Rupert spent around forty eight I Surely, shrewd busines execu competition on England's part. of the largest elemetary and sec- ondary hours wandering the streets etc., as tives, whose business IS Health It was that team that won the schools have a one hundred there was no place to sleep. We i would not be so unwise, as to adopt famed trophy outright for England." per cent Junior Red Cross member- ship, hear however that two of them Chiropractic physical examination Before that, Lady Houston haa and suggest .this record as a threw Barney Murray out of his and spinal corrections " if the method financed the flight over Mount goal for all schools." shack and turned into dreams. had NO merit. Everest. An English aviation cor- respondent, Confirming legal decisions, Chiro- practic with whom the writer OPENS NEW PRISONERS pays high dividends to those talked recently, pictured Lady FOOD PARCEL PLANT. who "investigate" it personally. Houston as a strong-wille- d, pur- poseful The Red Cross is opening -- anoth Of the Chronic (long duration) woman who was determined prisoners-of-wa- n food parcel plant, and Incurable, Chiropractic asks to do something worth while with equipped to pack 20,000. paixelJ a but one question: her millions. According to this week, in Windsor, Ontario, and a "Have YOU ever given YOUK-S- EI story, she had moved to the tax-fre- e fifth is contemplated for Winnipeg. F .... a CHANCE!" Isle of Jersey in the English At present there are three packing What IT has done for millions, Channel because of a tax dispute in A grand gift for the plants Toronto, Montreal and IT can do for YOU! England. Still she financed the troops easy to send, capacity of Schneider team and accord- ing easy to prepare. Mix Hamilton each with a J. L. CURRY winning KLIM powdered Milk packing 20,000 parcels per week. to hearsay; the original Vickers with cold water to months c? Hie Doctor of Chiropractic make creamy pasteur- ized six Welligton-bombe- r. During the first milk. A 16-o- z. can' year the Red Cross shipped ap- proximately Hours 1-- 5.30; 7.00 to 8.30 p. m. "Thanks to Lady Houston, who makes nearly 4 quarts. (OfltltH! IN- I- l"t Mui Kl. ! 1,900,000 food parcels seems to have had more aviati n White Pass Hotel. Suite 1, valued at $4,750,000. PAGE FOUR THK WHITBiHORSE STAR. WHITEHORSE. YUKON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2nd,- - 1942 CORR ESPOIIDEflCE at it alone." So after he'd tied a CLOSE INDIANS HAVE couple of red : pennants on to the SHAVE AT HALL'S HILL v R-150- 886 wing struts (a warning to others to ON SPRUCE CREEK. L.A.C. Love, R. J.. give me lots of room) I was off on v " Co. 64-- d my own. It was quite a thrill, and i At Hall's Hill Spruce Creek, No. 6 E. F. T. S. after managing to get down again, Beyond around twelve o'clock Saturday Prince Albert, Sask. in one piece, and receiving the en- vious Comparison night, Willie Jack, Mrs. Willie Jack Dear Mr. Moore. congrats of my chums yet to and Henry Jack were returning to Just a note to inform you of my solo I found a secluded seat and Atlin after selling some moose meat new address, shown above. Have tried to figure out how it had all on the creek, when it is presumed just been here a little more than a happened so sudden like. Hil B.C.Double one of the car's tires blew out and week now, and have been kept quite Anyway am -- certainly enjoying he car then skidded off the road busy, our days are long 5.30 a.m. to my flying the loops, spins and Distilled and down the one hundred and 8.00 p. m., one day and 7.00 a. m. to rolls are something too! Hope I am ifty foot hill, rolling over many 8.00 p. m., the next alternately, so it fortunate enough to finish my Canadian Bye Whisky times and ending up in one big junk dosen't give us much time to our- selves. course. There's heaps to do yet. nie, JNo one can understand why ail However, can always find MrsLove is staying in Saskatoon 14 YEARS OLD hree passengers were not killed. time to read the "Star" which you until I finish here a further six Henry and Willie Jack got away have so kindly continued to forward weeks. ' .vith slight injuries and did not even on to me. Congratulations too on would t appreciate receiving the nave to go to hospital, but we re-ir- et taking the recet newspaper awards. Star as usual and for now my kind- est to state Mrs. Willie Jack did Whitehorse, and for that matter, the regards in which I know Mrs. mm MlU lot fare so well and is in hospital Yukon, will be proud of the dis- tinction Love joins. and as Doctor Meyer is away at the you have earned for your- self Cheerio! London Dry Gin Scott trial at Prince Rupert, Miss through your fine paper Con- tinued . Sincerely, Alice Foster, the matron, has taken success to you. JACK LOVE. ftNE PHODUC1S OF full charge of the case and as a Today has been my big day-a- fter P. S. Saw "Blackie" Cross (R.C. uane is now here Miss Foster has seven times up I have M. P.) in Saskatoon, the day before advised shipping the patient to "soloed" and it feels mighty fine I left. He's looking fin 3 and was ?-- "- RtW Whitehorse for immediate medical too. Yes! my instructor this morn- ing asking for you and his friends in attention. In connection with this after a short "fly" climbed out Whitehorse. Will forward my copy case while Mr. John Noland was "telling me I was too dangerous to of the Star on to him in Voikion. making fast headway to Atlin in fly with, so I'd better take a crack Sask., after I read it. R.J.L. his truck he met tne Pete Matson i.ovtiiisement is not published with Miss D. Matson car as passen- ger or displayed by the Government of and both car and truck hit each Yukon Territory. other at the sides and did consider- able damage, at least to the car, but we are happy to state no one was hurt in this collision. "BUILD WESTERN PAYROLLS' Atlin News-Mine- r. A PATRON 1lRia!SCa GOVERNMENT WAR RISK RATES- - FOR 8 OTTAWA. Premium rates unuer i e the War Risk Insurance Act will be YEARS 15 cents for $100 on private dwell- ings, outbuildings, garages and their We have a letter from up-coun- try contents, including private passenger The writer states automobiles, under an order-in-9Qun- cil she has used "all kinds of made public Friday night. canned milk" but Pacific Fire insurance companies will act Milk continually since she as agents of the government in the WHITEHORSE EDMONTON began it "because of its collection of premiums under th-schem- e, richness and flavor. That Daily except Sunday, via whiich is effective as of was eight years ago." Watson Lake, Fort Nelson, Fort Sept. 15, and by the order compan- ies It's only real excellence that St. John, Grand Prairie. Lv. are authorized to execute poli- cies.'''. could bring a milk a pre--- Whitehorse 8.30 a. m., Y. T. ference like this. The person wishing to protect household and personal effects in WHITEHORSE VANCOUVER Pacific Milk private personal wherever use, they Daily except Sunday, via are located, can also obtain insur- ance ' t Fort St. John. Prince George. IR&ADIA TED Of CJDUR9E at the rate of 15 cents per $100. Lv. Whitehorse 8.30 a. m., Y. T. 'TxTXXXXXXyxTTTXXTTxHIXxn A similar rate will apply on farm properties and their contents, in- cluding A WHITEHORSE DAWSON CITY private garages, barns, out buildings, farm implements, auto- mobiles, Lv. Whitehorse 9.00 a. m . BUY livestock and produce. Tuesday-Thursda- y. Returning UJQR Churches, hospitals, educational Lv. Dawson City 9.00 a. m. SAVINGS charitable' and religious institutions, Wednesday-Frida- y. y CERTIFICATES libraries, museums and public buildings will receive the rate of 15 Information and reservations: -- J. cents for $100 but 90 per cent co- insurance A. Barber, Canadian Pacific will be obligatory. Air Lines, Whitehorse. Jerry Ah, if we could return to TAX the joys of romance when knights (Yukon" Division: Services of Yukon were bold. ' Southern Air Transport.) Harry Sure! Armor's the only (Stand In Front Home Bakery) clothing that won't wear shiny and bag at the knees. We solicit your patronage and ' - ' mm the best of guarantee you ( "I suppose it was necessary fur service. you to visit me as often as you did, AIR LINES RATES REASONABLE doctor?" queried the .convalescent, studying the bill. air climes o WYNESS & CAIN "My dear chap," replied the doc- tor, Proprietors. PASSENGERS MAI I EXPRESS "you were in great danger every time I called." FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2nd, 1942 THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE. YUKON PAGK FIVE TO ENSURE WORLD PEACE years" after this war to guarantee including the factories that are cap- able been destroyed, only the common against rearming. . ' of producing those armaments. people will be left. I am confident Aged U. S. Senator Has Right Idea Norris, one of the "little group of "For a period of at least 50 years that they will welcome disarmament, Aiont Axis Nations. wilful men" who opposed United those countries should be watched, and be ready to divert their energies States' entrance into World War 1, to guarantee that they make no new to other channels where humanity W. Norris, Ind., Nei., George Sen. said in an interview: Weapons. A committee should be can well be served." v veteran Liberal member of Con- gress, "The peace terms of this war established which would have the Norris predicted that the Axis proposed on the eve of his must include complete and total authority to visit and report on any would go down to a crushing defeat. 81st birthday that the United Nati- ons disarmament of Germany, Italy and plant where it is suspected that they But should it win, he said, Adolf prepare to watch Germany, It- aly Japan. Every vestige of armament are making munitions. Hitler will turn on Italy and Japan and Japan for "at least 50 in those nations must be destroyed "When the rulers of the Axis have and "lick his allies." . k VII SLEPT WELL 1MI NIGHf,- - WDOTT YOU? . ' those taxes aren't enough. Think of Well, than taxes. Remember, pay your of the lads from the office. wife and ask ICE fellow, George-o- ne and then sit down with your . ' 5.-.- . rA crrput fuss over what George gave, up, you had h m out for dinner one nigm. AAon yourselves, "What else can we do?" Sure, you've given up a fen i-- j. , Anrl then, , all of a sudden, cutdowr-o- n iwus ana J your wire was - m little luxuries. But there are lots of things yet that you can hLi crnnd iob. his girl and nis i j ta- - tiic kick of Do it gladly. Because you'll really get a out investing the money you save in Victory Bonds, and in knowing you're no. oi steel ior auu " do it all. lighting you n ;jf letting George well, didn t 0u i6 .a6 nicrht vou slept 1 uc piayea wnn., nnu uiat jw ,-- -- j about George and what he gave up. Am rmc thinking r 7 . . i ,r . j fr KrMkfast too. But ueorge Just keep ma sort Dea. iou nau au cS6 good , rhthe clothes remember, those Victory Bonds you buy aren't giving-t- hey re K And still a good job and you wear That money wil. you've got country money to help protect you. I . . . J : 1 tinner a bit. DUt lending your And being conscientious, you worry auout ."'"iirh much more more come DacK io you wmi imwwi. just haven't been able to push yourself into doing ML mwmw win wwmys NATIONAL WAR FINANCE COMMim PAGE FOUR THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE, YUKON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2nd, 194-- ) J-o- cal Happenings Home Grown Vegetables . ' Mrs. Vicki Clarke has , arrived 1 f lvliS- - V1VIVI . Mr? v-- " (' J Vifciua VliquaiM n a arrived on.tng! . ,., v uQ offer cnPnHinS the Dast Aksala this morning en route Out- -; flp- r- Just Received shipment of XCW W CClvO t wvm-- w w. o side. ing for her daughter entering school there. Yukon 6rown Carrots Mr. Haldane, chief CPA. store- keeper at Winnipeg was in town from Carmacks, and Mr. I. Taylor of Taylor ; & Drury this week, on an official trip. Ltd., left by C. P. A. plane Sunday foil-easter- n points on a business trip Swede Turnips and Cabbage Five passengers left by ('. ?. A. and will be absent for the next tew plane yesterday for Fairbanks and weeks. . . 1 from Coffee Creek Very Fine Quality. live arrived in Whitehorse. Mr. G. A. Jeckell, Controller of Mcintosh. Wealthy and Crab Apples Mr. E. R.. R. Field, superintend- ent the Territory, and Mrs. Jeckell, ar- rived of the Edmonton-Yuko- n Divi- sion in town this morning aboard now arriving. of the C P. A. is in Edmonton the str. Aksala. They are leaving WHOLE PICKLING QIN IONS on company business on a six month's trip Outside for the' benefit of the Controller's Mr. W. A. Chambers, chief travel- ling health. accountant for the C P. A. was TAYLOR & DRURY Ltd in town this week in his official Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Fuller and capacity. baby and Mr. and Mrs: E. Renvail and family arrived in ' town 'this Howard Brunlee, mechanic for morning from Dawson en ; route Burns & Co. Ltd., left yesterday by Ouisicte. Col. S. -- A. Miiler was Mrs, James Fulton and children ESTATE ANDREW T. TADDIE C. P. A. plane for Edmonton and the Aksala en route ,a passenger on arrived the last boat from Mayo by via Vancouver will be returning to bkagway. For Sale next Thursday. to join Mr. Fulton and expect to make their future home here in The Dr. J. L. Curry, the well-know- n By Public Administrator Miss Roll who is well-kno- wn in Chiropractor, who has been practis- ing j Gateway City. Mrs. Fulton is the DAWSON the Territory has arrived in White-hors- e his profession in Dawson lor the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Five Teams of Horses, and will be leaving tomorrow Harness, morning by C. P. A. plane for Be past two years, has arrived in town Breac'on. .'. Sleighs, Wagons. Chains. and will be remaining here for a TERMS CASH lime before proceeding Outside. His Delivery to be taken at Dawson. advertisement will be found on page I. 0. D. E. NOTES arrived Offers should Messrs. Macaulay & Vass lT state what part (3) of this issue. in town yesterday from their min- ing of above equipmet is tendered for. operations on Shortey Creek and The monthly I. O. D. E. Bridge C. E. McLEOD, Mr. W. E. Thomson, organizer for we understand will be remaining 39-- 1 Public Administrator. here for the winter. the B. C. and Yukon Committee of Party held in the Masonic Hall last the National War Finance Commit- tee Friday was an unusual success. The left by plane for Dawson Tues- day committee ably demonstrated that FOR SALE 1935 Ford Sedan five-passen- ger afternoon. He is expected tv W. THEATRE enjoyable evenings are possible as H- - car with new fenders return to Whitehorse at the end of evidenced by the enthusiasm ob- served and tires and newlv painted. Car the week. Whitehorse tfukon in fair condition. Price 5$50 cash. ';:V: at the twelve tables at play. Write Ross Peebler, Atlin, B. C. The prizes donated by friends of the Rt. Rev. W. A. Gedd-- s, Bishop of vnit ciir-'i- nr Rritkh Hfln A- -1 I iUKon, witn Mrs. Lrectnes ana tneir Chapter , amply justified the keen- ness ' Shows condition. Apply Star Off ice.39-- 2 children arrived from the coast of the play. The lady's prize Every y, v-wwvwv- wws on Friday and were the guests 0' was won by Mrs. Frank Harbottla FOUND Ring. Owner can secure , Mr. and Mrs. G. Bid.ft ve while Night and the gent's by Mr.J. Gaudin. same by calling at Slav Office and j awaiting the sailing ot the steame , , , ,,,, . , . . " (Except Sundays) : i on o Mr. Coates was the winner of the proving ownership Whitehorse. Thov are returning to 9 their home in Dawson. Deuce of Spades prize. Pictures changed thrice Weekly. : A cordial welcome awaits all at See Bulletin Board for Particulars. Christ Church - Anglican- - Rev. J. E. and Mrs. Allsopp and the next Bridge Party. baby daughter arrived in town last rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxrxxxxxxiiS THE OLD LOG CHURCH Friday from the Princess boat and i Whitehorse were the guests of Rev. L. G. and Rev. L. G. Chappell, L. Th. Mrs. Chappell while awaiting the '; Rector". arrival of the steamer Wh;f 'orse. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 4 They left Monday frr Dawson Latest Arrivals 10.00 a. m. Sunday School. ' where Mr. Allsopp will be the in- cumbent 11.00 a. m. Holy Communion.. of St. Paul's Pro Cathed- ral. 7.30. p. m. Evening Prayer. Travelling- - with Rev. and Mrs. fTTTTTTTIIITIIIIlIIIIIIIIIj Allsopp was Miss D. Walshe who is joining the staff of St. Paul's Hostel. Leather Suede Jackets SACRED HEART OFFICIAL WEATHER REPORT Mackinaw Coats Catholic Church September 17 Thursday ........... 44 26 Wool Sweaters Rev. Father Charles. Hamel, O.M.I. 18 Friday 57 39 From now on until further notice 19 Saturday 52 44 services will be conducted at the 20 Sunday 63 36 New Dresses. following times: 21 Monday 70 45 Sundays: 22 Tuesday 70 31 aSses 7.00 and 8.30 A.M. 23 Wednesday 69 l3S Also a nice line of High Mass 10.00 A.M 24 Thursday 70 32 Benediction 7-3- 0 P.M. 25 Friday 73 37 FUR COATS Week days: 26 Saturday ;. 69 36 Masses 7.00 A.M. 27 Sunday '.. 68 44 (In Chapel at Rectory) 28 Monday .....a 66 46 S. VAINDT, - Main Street Fridays: Benediction .. 7.30 P.M. 29 Tuesday 61 44 rTTT7 1 1 1 ITTTTTTXXXXXXXXX 30 Wednesday , 57 40