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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 45, Friday, November 6, 1942.

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Frc-- 42, no. 45. fol. WHITEHORSE, YUKON, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6th, 1942 .. Subscription $.100 Year RANITE LION MAIN NTRANCE VANCOUVER REPUBLICANS SECURE GAINS IN UNITED OURT HOUSE DYNAMITED STATES ELECTIONS. Tuesday night one of the large The Republican Party in the tanite lions which adorn the main Tnited States staged a come-bac- k in trance to Vancouver Courthouse the elections this week cutting down Georgia Street was badly dam- - the Democratic majorities from or.e . ;ed by a dynamite explosion. So end of the country to the other. But bat was the blast the windows hi they fell definitely short o' control- ling 1 the large, buildings facing on to the Senate' and apparently are court house in for another term as the minority square were blown Ie party in the House of Represent- atives t or smashed by the repercus- - with an increased number of Ln including the old Vancouve seats. On the basis of incomplete.;-- ' otcl, Georgia, Devonshire and the returns the. Republicans cut into tV ornby St. side 'of the new Vancou- - Democratic majorities in boUi Jer Hotel. Police found a length ci Houses and captured three Sta'e Governors' offices which have nrned fuse near the scene 'if the may a marked bearing on the outcome oi' ast and believed tr.r stated, they the 1944 presidential campaign. One amage was done by t ac fail ly of the high-ligh- ts of the election is bavy charges of dynamite. A mo- - the easy victory at the polls whie'i sit before the blast occurred it is smashed the ows were by repercus-crusadin- g ported that a man was seen to run attorney, secured as tec-newly-elect- ed vn the court-hou- se steps and Governor ol New ross the lawn toward Georgia and York State. Democratic governors ornby Streets. The tw blasts were also ousted from the states of ere fifteen seconds apart and Rx. 5 U. S.S.R. Official Photograph Distributed by the Ministry of California and Connecticut. Of tne lundreds of people in the vicinity Information. Churchill-Stali- n Dramatic Moscow Meeting. Kremlin Talks 33 state governors the Democrat lought an air raid had been made. had elected 8 and the Republicans discussions at the Kremlin The 4-d- ay during Mr. Churchill's dra- matic personal visit to Stalin covered aspect ot the war against Axis 14 leaving 11 undecided up to Wed- nesday. RICE CONTROL BOARD aggression. Mr. Averell HarrimanPresident Roosevelt's Representative The standing of each party JAKES DRASTIC ORDER and leading member of military a: id air force commands of Britain, U. as at Wednesday i .30 a. m.) was REEZING NUMEROUS S.S.R. and U. S. A. were present, H the Allied nations were kept in iven as follows: House Standing: touch with the "progress of these far-reachi- ng and . vital discussion ANADIAN BUSINESSES. Last Picture shows: Mr. Churchill and Stalin Ipoking far from despondent v 1942 House during the Kremlin talks a picture that will make history. A wide : targe of Canadian busi Democrats ,. ,...;.' 178 264 ess eftablishments will be affected Republicans ................ 162 lCfi the new order of Price Control I GOVERNOR GRUENING WHITEHORSE DISTRICT Progressives ............... 2 3 oard which became effective last DESCRIBES ALCAN STILL LAGGING BEHIND rarmer-Lab- or .......... 0 1 Jlonday whereby the creation of HIGHWAY ' ' SUPERB JOB IN VICTORY LOAN DRIVE. American-Lab- or 1 1 ew selling nutlets ' the stocking of ' . Doubtful . ..... .... 92 oods not already handled and the En route to Washington, D. C, to Although the B. C-Yuk- on Victory Total . . . . 435 43i) femoval of business establishments ! confer tWith President Roosevelt n l Loan Campaign has so far resulted Senate Standing large premises are prohibited ex Democrats 13, holdovers, 4-- 1; total matters pertaining to Alaska Gov- ernor in the securing of eighty per cent ot fept under permit. The estab 54. Ernest H. Gruening, who as its quota of $75,000.U00 many cent- res, elected 14; holdovers, shment of new businesses is for Republicans idden except by permit to be the guest of Brigadier-Gener- al Jas 'including Whitehorse, have go', 20; total 34. ranted only in exceptional circum- - A. 'O'Connor officer commanding to act quickly if their respective Progressives elected 0; holldow's' tances. All transfers of ownersnip the Northwest Service Command, quotas are to be reached. Yester- day 1; total 1. fre now made subject to permu we were in receipt of a wi re Contests undecided 7. had made a tour of inspection over ranted by the Board in bona fide stating that Atlin had "gone over (Necessary for majority, 49.) ases of sale or gift. long stretches of the highway and the top" with subscriptions to that observed other stretches from the date amounting to $25,000. Their WILLARD T.IRVINE, he of this drastic or-- purpose new air, described the huge undertaking At the time of quota was $20,000. IN er, it is stated, is to prevent the of construction:' R. C M. Pu MARRIED as a "superb job going to press the total subscript- ions fiultiply ing of existing outlets at a voiced the GRAND FORKStB- - C doing Dr. Gruening In so secured locally amounted to time when supplies are becoming who have like- wise sentiments of others over $60,0Qfl with results from other more and more restricted. The or-- of the In the Grand Forks Gazette tli. various parts traversed received. We points not as yet now der applies to manufacturers, whole- salers, marriage was annauncpd of Willard highway. make ri last appeal -- before the of Thomas Irvine, R.C.M.P. to Albe:ta retailers and ten types The formal opening by Brigadier-Gener- al campaign closes on Monday to al. and Mrs. service business with seven exempti- ons is timed Eraser, daughter of Mr. James A. O'Connor ('.one to write who haj not yet so Grand Poss McLeod of Joyce Street, Sale of maga-- (1) newspapers, Novem- ber to take place on Saturday, out their, applications without fur- ther took fines or perodicals (2) Any under- - the later date Forks, B. C. The ceremony 20, and NOT on delay. These forms are ob- tainable 28 with Rev. aking operated by the Dominion s previously reported in this paper. at the tal bank wher-- i place on September officiating. The government or any province ,or any Invitations to attend the opening they can be made out. DO IT NOW! Thomas is Keyworth well known in the Yukon 'gency thereof (3) Religious, charit-ibl- e, have been issued to rep- resentatives groom cermony 6. C. The bridal couple educational and Atlin, and philanthropic of the United States and their home at Abbo!.-:- - -- hunters, are making pganizations (4) Farmers, Canadian governments as well as 10 INCOME TAX BOOKLET rappers, tc. (5) Operators of pri provincial and territorial officials vate boarding houses in respect to and other prominent individuals. A supply of a small booklet en- titled he supplying of meals and refresh- ments "Your 1942 Income Tax" be- - questions frequently raised haw (6) Supplying of goods or -- - been received at. the local Post Of- fice. m can - ing a ervices to the munitions depart rpfreshments reiresniiienis or beverages e .. T t inH uiHiw' This booklet is available to income Ot ia with n the limits ment thereof and (7) Th public on request. or agency laxpayei wuu a view iu v. v.. establishments. Lie of goods or supplying of meals, military I PAGE TWO IB WlirJiEHOKSE STAR. WHITEHORSE. YUKON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER-6th- , 1943 sible and it certainly ain't human. We are nobly doing our part to the best of our ability and God knows "Volom of thm Yukon it is terrible in some instances what some of our men have to encounter An Independent Journal but they never waiver. .Staunch and true they carry on even unto death. Published every Friday f.t I ain't blaming anybody who has Whitehorse. Yukon Territory not as yet made their applications The White pass and Yukon Route for borxls. What I am most anxious On the Trail of 98 to do is to remind them, as forcibly as I possibly can, that the whole The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to structure of our war set up devolves Member of Canadian Weekly Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska- - in the analysis on each and every- one Newspapers' Association. of you who must find the funds to enable us to carry on. You have AIRPLANE SERVICE HORACE E. MOORE - Publisher only a day or so left in which to put in your application if you have not plane service, making connections northbound and south- bound already done so. We in the forces with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, Let us have faith that right makes It is to each are doing our duty. up Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For informatioii that faith let us to might; and in and everyone of you to do yours. Do the end dare to do our duty as we it now and God bless you. , apply to any . w . itrvlcrstand it." Lincoln. WHITE PASS A GEN T, 0 r NOVEMBER 6th, 1942 Gems of thought 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. 0 (0 Necessity: A Blessing A VOICE FROM DIEPPE "Necessity will teach a mart how-xev- er You people in Whitehorse have no slow he be, to be wise." conception of what this war really Euripides. means, but we who have recently returned from Dieppe have experi- enced v "Necessity is always the first its horrors in a way which we stimulus to industry, . and those shall never forget. Many of those who conduct it with prudence, who went with us fell in the strug- - perserverance, and energy will ' gle each a living sacrifice in the rarely fail." Smiles. cause of Liberty and Justice. Does this mean nothing to you? They had ' V the "Necessity of action takes away worked at their everyday labors, the fear of the act, and makes bold . same as you and I, and when they resolution the favorite of fortune." heard their Country's call they wil- lingly gave up everything and an- swered Quarles. it. Little do you realize what such a sacrifice meant to "Godliness of Christanity is a hu- man them. Leaving their loved ones and necessity: man cannot live all . the comforts which you in Can- ada without it; he has no intelligence. still enjoy takes moral courage. health, hope, nor happiness with- out V But they did it and suffered the godliness." Mary Baker Eddy. heart pangs which such a sacrifice , -- .. " entails. "Want is a bitter and a hateful I only wish that each of you good, could witness the bravery of our Because . its virtues are not under- stood; "The form comrades on that historic occasion--th- e purest In which fobaece fine spirit which fairly bubbled Yet many things, impossible to can b moktdw over in the knowledge that their thought, cause was a just and righteous one. Have been by need to full per- fection Such a spirit under fire makes a brought." Dryden. man almost superhuman. Imagine Exxxxxxxxxxx iTTTl XTxxxxxxxxxxxTxxxxx nill x j then how YOU would feel were you placed in a similar position, with TRUE FREEDOM death and suffering all arounc you, and word .was passed throughout the The Fresh Butter only freedom worth ranks that the folks back home were possess- ing is that which gives enlargement not. backing you to the limit. What Cured and to a people's energy, intellect, and Try BURNS would be your own thoughts under Stmmrock Brand Crcanifer) Butter virtue. William Ellery Channing. Meats such circumstances? You'd never Eggs imagine -- that your own countrymen could be so callous and inhuman. Only free peoples can hold their We over there would have thought purpose and their honor steady to a Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products common end, and along similar lines and come to the prefer the inter- ests some identical conclusion. of mankind to any narrow in- terest We who have been privileged 1o of their own. Woodrow Wil- son return home to Canada in j time for "You Can Buy No Better" the launching of the Third Victory Loan campaign are totally at a loss Give me the liberty to know, to to understand the apathy of some think, to believe, and to utter freely, people in subscribing to the same. according to conscience, above all We can't for the life of us make it other liberties. Milton. aBurns & Company Limited. a out knowing as we do the vitally '' 8 c important part which these national The Pilgrims came to establish a txxzzzzzxxzzzzzzz: LXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXJLXXJ :xxxxxxxxxxxxx Joans are playing in this grave nation in true freedom, in the rights crisis. We cannot we will not be-- of conscience.Mary Baker Eddy. Jieve that Let the Star be your resrular weeklv letter home our own countrymen are so indifferent to the great sacrifices If the true spark of religious -- md now being made by all members in civil liberty be kindled, it will burn THE VIRTUE OF HABIT world; and in spiritual things, in the our armed forces for the security of Human agency cannot extinguish it. Practice ever precedes knowledge living of the higher life, this law is those at home. It don't seem pos-- Daniel Webster. even in the ordinary things of the 'rigid in its exaction. James Allen. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6th, 1942 , THE VUTOH()KSE-tST,K- , WIHTKI I()KsK. YUKON PAPrR TTTRPt? DAWSON land since September 1941, i :va:V- - '-- "-v -.- .v-'--1-V::;-.; S. E. Tucy of Bear Creek has A Radiogram was received here enlisted and is on his way to the last Friday stating that Jack Wyness coast to report for duty. had passed away in the Vancouver General Hospital. The late Mr. Wyness had been Eorn at St. Mary's Hospital on "suffering for some Saturday.. October. 24, to Mr and time past from a severe throat af- fliction. Mrs. J. H. Hadley, a daughter. He was- - 70 years old and Have You one of the finest type of Old-Time- rs W. Hare of the Mayo district has ; uawson ever had. Mrs. Wyness arrived in town and expects to be band was at passed his bedside away. when her hus- - App arel for Zero, Day s? employed at Bear Creek. His wife v, il! join him in the near future. ! ' I Corp. William Metcalfe, R .C. M. Warm Keep "Flu" has been prevalent of late P was married at; the Home Street - Keep Dry and the hospital has had its share of United Church, Winnipeg, last moth the victims but it is not of a viru-- ! to Miss Isabel Mowat, daughter of with our lent type. ' j Mr. and Mrs. James Mowat of Glad- - jL stone, Man. A reception was held I Miss Elsie Nightingale is now a i at the Marlborough Hotel after-memb- er tflackin Glothina of the Women's Division 0f j wards. In 1932 the groom as com-th- e aw JVC. A F. She is the first mem- - I mended for his, gallantry when h-- bcr of the Dawson City Chapter was wounded during the running ' IO. D. E. to join the active forces. down of a dangerous lunatic. Major also ;:;: .. Sandys-Wunc- h, now Assistat Com- missioner R. C. M. P. was also Fred Lundeberg, who has been a wounded. Extra Heavy patient in St. Mary's Hospital for a few days, hasr left for Middle Sul- phur It is announced In the Dawson to resume work at the Y. C. G. News that Frank Slaven passed WORK GARMENTS C. camp there. ' away in Seattle on October 12 last. He mined on Coal Creek which Featuring Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Troberg were empties into the Yukon river sixty in town for a few days last week miles above Circle City. He left for and hpve now returned to,; Upper tne Outside in May 1941 after dis-M- r. Strength -- Service -- Comfort Sulphur where Troberg is in posing of his mining interests to charge of the dredge there General A. D. McRae and associates. Slaven was in the Klondike and also Winter weather seems to be clos Atlin in the early days and in 1904 Have YOU Bought YOUR Share ing in on us. Northern Lights have staked on Coal Creek, Alaska, which claims later developed into of War Bonds. been ranging from east to west in, a beautiful one of the best dredging proposit- ions array of color but the ther- mometer in Alaska.. He also built and registered 14 degrees above zero last Friday morning. operated the roadhouse at the years. mouth of the Coal Creek for several Northern Commercial Co. Ltd Ewen McLean, Ragnar Matson. Albert Bjorkell, , Johnny Kazinsky ' and Mike McCallion left by C. P. A.;" l "o for Whitehorse last Thursday. 1 FR CANADIANS he latter expects to be employed i THIS CHRISTMAS ties.. ' ;.":' vided these trees are " cut before at the air-fie- ld at Snae." Timber Controller A, S. Nicholson midnight of Oct. 31, .they may be OTTAWA, Oct. 28. The Price said the restrictions on delivery will delivered before Nov. 15, but ship- ments that few Christmas trees after Nov. 15 will mean require c 1 very Board and Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Fournier cf Board. Industries Control will be on sale in Canadian towns permit. Bear Creek have received word of i Transport Department announced the promotion of their son, Emile, to . jointly last night that delivery of and cities this year. the rank of sergeant in the Royal Christmas trees will be "drastically Mr. Nicholson added that Chri -i-- mas Landlady: I won't charge you f Canadian .Artillery. . He left here in ! curtailed" to conserve manpower trees now are being felled in breakfast, seeing that you didn't eat 1939 to enlist and has been jn Eng- - gasoline, rubber and railway facili- - some sections of the country, pro- - any-- " Boarder: "That's good I couldn't sleep either!" 'ixxxxxxxxxxixxj 'BUILD WESTERN PAYROLLS" A PATRON II III JrWttU FOR 8 , Evaporated Km m m Bit YEARS We have a letter frofn up-coun- try The writer states she has used "all kinds of canned ' milk" but Pacific Milk continually since she began it "because of its richness and flavor. That was eight years ago." It's oriiy real excellence that con In bring a milk a. pre- ference like this. Pacific Milk IWAOIATED Or COURBE &xKW:W:a - "SCOURGE REICH FROM END TO END. rxxxj OF BRITAIN: R. A. F. TO SEQUEL TO BATTLE PAGE FOUR TUB WIlJ'JiEllOKSE STAR. WHiTEilORSE- - YHK0N FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6th, 1942 ATLIN NUGGETS CHRISTMAS PARCELS FOR FORCES OVERSEAS MUST BE MAILED It was a treat to see the heavy BY TUESDAY NEXT. gold brought in from Odonhell Liver by Jack Thomson and his Next Tuesday, November ' 1Q, has mining partner 'this year Dan Mc-Lin- is. been set by the postal department 'as It now looks as if Jack will the last mailing day for Christmas be receiving lor many years to come parcels to soldiers overseas with any m5L high rewards lor the taith he had in hope of delivery by Christmas, oi-iici- als doing dead work for the past ten of the post office said. jears or so on the above named The tremendous amount of mail creek. They now do the work with now reaching the base post office, hydraulic pressure. where, mail and parcels are sorted for ali parts of the world will be Walter Sweet, Neil Forbes, Claude greatly ' increased by the Christmas Cull' 'and Leshe Epton finished up avalanche, it was stated. their hydraulic pit on Lower Otter. Senders of parcels are advised Creek, Handling some thirty-thre- e that by sending less than the limit I tdi? 1 I thousand square yards of dirt for of 11 pounds per, parcel, much can WHITEHORSE EDMONTON the season. . We . understand the be done in providing shipping space. gravel looked promising as far as w Daily except Sunday, via looks go, but - the recovery of the LATEST U. S- - PLANES Watson Lake, Fort Nelson, Fort yelow stuff was the bunk.,, Neil St. John, Grand Prairie. Lv. HAVE' SIX PROPELLER torbes has now left, for Rose Creek Whitehorse 8.30 a. m., Y. T. and finish a BLADES, THREE ROTATING on Upper Spruce lo try . snail he started there 'several years OPPOSITE DIRECTION. WHITEHORSE VANCOUVER ago. We unaerstand Jim Lund and perhaps another partner or two may America's fast, high altitude Daily except Sunday, via join Neil. . fighting planes will be even fasttr Fort St. John. Prince George. and will operate more smoothly as a Lv. Whitehorse 8.30 a. m., Y. T. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Norman let4, result of a, new propellor designed for Vancouver. They will be missed by Curtiss-AVrig- ht Corp. v;hitehorse DAWSON CITY Ly laeir many friends and the Atlin Some of these propellors have al- ready No , s-M- iher wishes to extend t been delivered to the U .S. Lv. Whitehorse 9.00 a. m . Mrs. I.orman its thinks for sever? 1 Army Air Forces for installation on Tuesday-Thursda- y. Returning contributed lighter planes. Lv. Dawson City 9.00 a. m. ar licles : that good lady to the paper. We ' trust they both The new propellor has six blades Wednesday-Frida- y. W ill have success and that Atlin has Three rotate in one direction and not seen the last of them. three' p the opposite direction. It Information and reservations: was especially ' designed for giant J. A. Barber, Canadian Pacific Mr. Charles Gairns' has sold his 2000-horsepo- wer motors. T Air Lines, Whitehorse. home at Atlin and will shortly be Company engineers say it will leaving with his family for Vancou- ver. add approximately five per cent to Mr. Harper Reed was purch- aser propellor efficiency of planes hav- ing (Yukon Division: Services of Yukun of the Gairns home. We under-sta- d a speed of more than 400 miles If Southern Air Transport. ) Charlie is going to enter the per hour. contracting business in Vancouvei .Thanks to the dual rotation prin- cipal, after the New Year and we have it also will eliminate torgue, pleasure in wishing Mr. and Mrs. or twisting effort which a propellor C. Gairns and .family the very best ordinarily has on a single engine of luck in their-ne- w venture. . plane. AIR LINES v . George Watt, Oscar Swansoh and WR. Axel Nelson and Gust Johnson Gunnar Lindgren, ,who hydrauliced have sold out their mining interests on Mrs. George Adams' ground on PASSENGERS MAIL EXPRESS vh ich adjoin the ground of 'the Spruce Creek Placers Ltd. to this MCKee ureek this past summer, have all left for coast cities to enjoy company. a well-earnn- ed rest and we nre Two American army officers pa'.d happy to report they were all well ALASKA SEAL .INDUSTRY tTtHmiimrtrmYrrtfTi Allan a visit recently when Pilot healed financially. FROZEN AS RESULT OF IV. THEATRE Les Cook piloted them to this fair WAR IN ALEUTIANS. H. Norman Fisher and his bunch of city. From .remarks passed by these parters have finished for this season Whitehorse ... tfukon go-ahe- ad road builders we should on the Con. M. and S. works on No pelts were taken last July : imagine that a road to Juneau may - be built early next season and need- less, Boulder Creek where they stripped from the great seal herd of the Pri-bil- of around eighty thousand feet of bed- rock Shows to say same will pass right Islands because of .war in the Every through Atlin, so . a lot. of , us that by hydraulic mining and were rewarded Aleutians according to a report is- sued fair for the by wages way thought of leaving by plane etc. this they work? and the ground uncov- ered. from the Alaska Defense Com- mand Night year have postponed our trip and headquarters. In the will now go all the way to Vancou- ver past ' these seal first discovered v", c ; rookeries, by auto and those refer (Exctt Sundays) walking can use shanks mare. Spruce Creek Placers Ltd. have by the Russians, have produced closed their works for this season on pelts to the value of many millions of Pictures changed thrice Weekly. Our old-tim- er Joe Bingham said Spruce Creek; likewise Northern dollars and ifis"Tfelieved that this is the other day "Isn't it just wonder- -' Resources Ltd. on Pine Creek. the first time in more than a hund- red See Bulletin Board for Particulars. ful to think one can now reach Van It is with great regret we have to years that the herd -- iiave been 'ETTTITTglXETTXTIXTTTTTrrB couver in a day from Atlin. When I report that Frank, Marlow is going unmolested. came here some forty-tw- o years ago out of business and has now about we were on the trail for around a sold all stocks on hand. The Mar-- year with the hardest kind of back- packing low general store here was a great Yukon Electrical Company. Ltd. thrown . in for good meas- ure. asset to Atlin and the creeks around. Them days seem to be gone Mrs. Marlow , has already left for - Will be pleased to consult forever." Vancouver. i , Owing to the war Atlin has only you regarding The Xmas Present List for our about half the population she had "Atlin boys overseas at Sands Store a year ago. , JL Light, Power. Supplies and Installations is now over the . hundred dollar Mr. and Mrs. Alec Munro are the mark, but one still has time to add proud father and mother of a 8 lb. their name on the dotted line if they bouncing baby girl born at St. An-der- w's WHITEHORS E. Y. T. act quickly. Hospital on Nov. 2nd. A 1 U V-- 4 hss m f Ujb-- s ' 1 vv? 4 s 4 W 1 if ' Is 1 1 ; . . . 4 , . t:-r.- y. n awe ' WEAR YOUR COMMANDO DAGGER ' v ... if it o symbol indicating that you havt bought Ih nw Victory Bondt. Tte laifesS way .to iBsyestt You riwoncy f DOTCT M 000 When you buy Victory Bonds you are laying savings have been collected. But the average up for yourself the best of all investmentsfor may not fit your case. Your own circumstan- ces back of each one is your country's solemn are distinctly your own. You may be able promise that every dollar you invest in Victory to do better both out of your current income Bonds will be repaid to you in full, plus a and out of your accumulated savings in the fair rate of interest. You can borrow against bank or you may not be able to reach the them, and they are readily saleable when you average. Your share of voluntary savings is need the' cash. And that solemn promise of every dollar you can possibly spare, repayment in full is backed by all the vast HOW TO BUY resources of the Dominion of Canada. Give your order to the Victory Loan salesman who calls When the war is over, you will want to buy on you. Or place it in the hands of any branch of any all the things we must deny ourselves now. bank, or give it to any trust company. Or send it to Then, your Victory Bonds will give you the your local VictoryLoan Headquarters. Or you can money to buy all these and your purchases authorize your employer to start a regular payroll sav will provide new employment for pur boys ings plan for you. Bonds may be bought in denominations of $50, $100, $500, when they come home again $1,000 and larger. Salesman, bank, trust What's your share of the savings job? Well, company or your local Victory Loan the average Canadian would have to lend to Headquarters will be glad to give you ir-- . Canada to meet Canada's need $Hn every $5 every assistance in making out your I to of income left after taxes and compulsory order form. "NOTHING MATTERS NOW BUT VICTORY!" National War Finance Committee ' 35 rwi nmiof vr-i-- rm v M .1 JLoJ M PAGE SIX THE WlilT.E HORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE YUKON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6th, 1942 Local Happenings FOOD FOR THE GODS ivlis. 11. G. Macpherson arrived Mr. and Mrs. Taylor of Spruce Creek arrived in town this week en home Wednesday by C. P. A. plane route to Lhe coast ai:d hope to leave from an extended visit to the coast. by CPA. :lane this week-en- d. KING SALMON BELLIES Born at Whitehorse General Hos- pital Monday, November 2,' to Rt. Rev. W. A. Geddes, Bishop of on able' to leave for h; FROM THE LOWER RIVER Vr. and Mrs. Nels Nelson a daugh- ter. Yukon, was ': . home in Dawson on Tuesday after '" ALSO being weather-boun- d here for a Mrs. Mary . Genn-ing- s arrived home few days. SMOKED SALWON STRIPS by CP. A. plane jast Friday from the coast where she had been on a visit Mr. S. Vandt, proprietor of the Novelty Shop, left on a. buying trip to her mother. THE QUALITY as usual is UNEXCELLED. to the coast by CP. A. plane yester- day Squadron Leader Carter Guest, R. and expects to be away for C. A. F. arrived in town recently about a week. and we understand will be remain- ing here -- for a time. , , Mr. P. Clausse of the Dominion BUY fBG7QRY BOMBS government telegraph department Re- ward has returned to his headquarters - watch. LOST Gent's Longene here from Lower LeBarge where he offered on same being re- turned has been relieving the government the Star Office. to agent, Mr. Birch. Mr. Chausse is welcomed back to town and now has TAYLOR & DRURY Ltd FOUND A wallet containing a sum his living quarters in the old tele- graph . of money and identification office on Front Street. papers. Owner can have same c. iV.V'V'-U- Y calling at the Star office and Mr. M. Munroe, who hs been re- lieving proving identity. at the local Territorial of- fice during. Mr. L. Higgins' indis- position, expects to leave tomorrow on his return trip to Dawson. Ht Christ Church - Anglcan- - made many friends during his stay THE OLD LOG CHURCH in the commercial metropolis of the Whitehorse Yukon all of whom will be glad to Rev. L. G. Cliappell, L. Th. meet personally again with him . Rector. next time he comes to Whitehorse, 8 30 a. m. Holy Communion. 10.00 a. m. Sunday School. His many friends will regret to 11.00 a. m. Morning Prayer learn that Mr. Frank Wilson had 7.30 p. m. Evening Prayer. the misfortune to have the thumb rTTTYTTmTTIIXIXXllULlLU and fore-fing- er on his right hand Canadian V, cut off whilst working at the local Legion shipyard on' Wednesday. He was ) II.. TTYYYTTTTTTYlTXXXJXXXkIia taken at once to the hospital where (B.E.S.L.) SACRED HEART Dr. Roth attended to the injured J. PORTER - President. hand. Mr. Wilson stood up well Church Catholic under the ordeal despite his seventy Rev. Father Charles Hamel, O.M.I. Mine years and is now at home. From now on until further notice services will be conducted at ' the OFFICIAL following times: WEATHER October REPORT You Find the Girl Sundays: i Masses 7.00 and 8.30 A.M. ' 30 Friday .. ....L.. . ......... j 29 14 . ... 10.00 A.M We Furnish the High Mass 31 Saturday . . . .......... 27 22 Ring Benediction 7.30 P.M. November Week days: 1 Sunday .... ................ 23 8 ' Masses 7.00 A.M. v. ; 2 Monday ) 17 jo , (In Chapel at Rectory) 3 Tuesday n a Fridays: Benediction 7.30 P.M. 4 Wednesday ........................ 9 0 A CHOICE SELECTION rrrXlSDmLXXTJtXXXllXXXXTll 5 Thursday ........................... 8 ,"3 6 Friday. 8 1 1 Engagement ( indicates below zero) THE ESTATE OF ' and " . E. L. THOMS CORRESPONDENCE DECEASED Wedding ALL PERSONS having any claims against the estate of the above-name- d Folks: deceased are required to file That means everybody. What do Rings the same with the Public Admin- istrator you think about setting up a Broad- casting at Dawson on or before the Station in Whitehorse? I " 23rd day of January, 1943, suppos- ed have listened . to so many people by statutary declaration, after struggling with their radio, trying in S. VANDT, Main Street which date the estate will be dis-tribut- ed, vain to get a little music, news or a having reference only to speech etc., and all they get is a claims which have been so filed. violent hissing, sizzling noise - in ALL PERSONS indebted to the other words hash. Others nave Edgar Bergen, Amos and Andy and Whitehorse, Y. T. If tho said estate are requested to make tried and do not even bother to dust replies outstanding . talks by outstanding warrant it, the writer' of this letter immediate payment to the Public their radio. Now how would you Administrator. feel about chipping in a dollar or so people. A Whitehorse amateur will willingly approach other bodies DATED AT DAWSON this; 30th a piece to get a small transmitter? night should re&dily set the (world) throughbut the district on your be- half dav of October, 1942. . , We have "amongst us, undoubtedly, Yukon on fire.. What do you say? in the matter. Let's hear from C. E. McLEOD,, I lots of hidden talent of various Make your desire known' to the you without delay. Public Administrator.j kinds. We couM .also obta;'.i record- ings Whitehorse Star or write, "The Cheerio, and Happy Landings. 2023) 44"3 1 of'your favorite programs Humble One" P. O. Box 123, HUMBLE ONE.