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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 48, Friday, November 27, 1942.

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Frc-- Cf RCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YU KON TERRITORY Vol. 42. No. 48. k WHITEHORSE. YUKON, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1942 Subscription $3.00 Year REPORT ANNUAL MEETING Hon. Ian Mackenzie Expresses Canadian TWO HIGH-RANKIN- G WHITEHORSE CURLING EXECUTIVES BURLINGTON CLUB- - ARRANGEMENTS Sentiment in His Address at Opening RAILROAD LOANED TO MADE FOR ENSUING YEAR. Ceremony of the Alcan Highway. NORTHWEST SERVICE COMMAND. At the annual meeting of the held Hon. Ian. Mackenzie, Minister of Ihe need of a series of great mil- itary Whitehorse Curling Club Mon Two leave of abseivr men on Pensions and Public Health, who at- tended airfields between the contin- ental day the following were eleced ol- - from the Burlington Railroad aiv the opening ceremony of hs United 'States and Alaska, and ficers for the ensuing season: now filling vital roles in the oper- ation Alcan Hiighway last Friday as one the need, too, for a military high- way ....... .... G. Armstrong President of the Northwest Service of' -- the accredited representatives of connecting these airfields and Vice-Pre- s. ...............1 . R. Greenslace Command of which Brigadier-Gener- al the Canadian government addressed forming a supply route to Alaska. Sec -- Treas. J. Gentleman James A. O'Connor is the com- manding that historic gathering in the follow- ing Thus was born this great joint en- terprise,' The annual dues of $10.00 for the officer. The one is Col. terms. Unfortunately Dr. Chas. to which Canada contri- buted season are payable on or befo e John W. Wheeler who is executive of the air- fields Camsell, Commissioner for ihe the development 1943. Mr. James Fox assistant to the president of tht; January 10, while United States North West Territories, who had the con- tributed Burlington Railroad and is inr.v caretaker for the was appointed journeyed as far as Kluane Lake, the construction of the engineer in charge of. the Alain season.''- - was unable to proceed to Soldiers' Canada-Alask- a highway. v Highway and the other is Major I. Starting January 1943 regular Summit to deliver his address " 'It may be an unprecedented ac-Up- n E. Ausland, also on leave from ihc meetings of the; club will be held for an independent nation to G. R. V. Pearkes, Major-Geneta- T Burlington Lines, who is in charge during the afternoon of the first officer commanding the Pacific open its borders and give right-of- -. C, of operations of -- the W. P. &"Y, R. Sunday in each month until the en.i Command of the Canadian Army, way across its territory and use of for the U.S. arm. Colonel WheelerY of the season. the airfields to a neighboring na- tion who was a member of the R. N. W. headquarters are at Whitehorse and Due to increased population and M. P. in the earlier days here and for the building of a great those of Major Ausland at Skagway. also curlers it will be necessary to therefore well-kno- w to many of our military highway. It is no less un -- o- limit the number of players for the readers, spoke extemporaneously precedented that the expense of should bd ELLIOTT LITTLE RESIGNS such an undertaking season. for the Canadian Armed Forces. We borne by the neighboring nation AS DIRECTOR NATIONAL I of his address is It was tentatively suggested to regret no copy and the ownership and control ol play seven nights a week to permit available at the time of going tc SELECTIVE SERVICE. ' "' ' the highway remain, when the wi.r of each player to enter two games press. ." is- - over, with, the government of the Bluntly sti' ting that he lal" en- countered a week provided there is a sufficient " feel honored and privileged tc country through which it has becri ' friction and distructkn-ism- " number of , members. be here today and to participle - onstructed. resulting in what he termed There will be an opening bonspiel as a member of and on behalf of BROTHERS-IN-ARM- S 'virtual paralysis Elliott M Little, for civilians to run one week and the government of Canada in these 4 4 'In these days, however, tne the 43-ye- ar old executive !' ;. another bonspiel the following week historic ceremonies. United States and Canada are move Quebec paper mill, has resigned hi.-positi- on for the U. S. army. The kitchenet'e ' "I bring to you the personal re- grets than good neighbors. We are as director of the govern- ment ill be open for these two events of our Prime Minister who brothers-in-arm- s, waging a life-and-dea- th National Selective Service or- ganization. and also for the balance of the sea- son was looking, forward to being here struggle against a com- mon In his letter of resig- nation providing suitable arrangemen s and of my colleague, the Hon. Mr. enemy. " addressed to the Minister o" can be made. Crerar, the minister of mines and "'It is my firm belief that the Labour, Hon. Humphrey Mitchell. Provision has been made whereoy resources, who had greatlyjipped 1 1 Canada-Alask- a highway will be h Mr. Little sets forth his reasons i'oi any member having to move out of be. here. vdtal strategic factor in the defence resigning. The text of this letU-- i town can transfer by re-sa- le r.iS "He is, however, ably represent- ed of the United States and Canada, together with that of Mr. Mitche!' membership ticket provided he in- forms here by his deputy minister, Dr. and in paving the way to ultimate has been made public. The conclu :-- ion the secretary-treasur- er of. the Charles Camsell, commissioner cf victory. which in. the main will be in- duced club he is doing so. the North West Territories, a " 'The builders of the Canada-Alas- ka therefrom will be that a re- grettable native of - this great northland who highway have made an en- during condition exists t Oitaw.i knows its history; its problems and contribution to the well-bei- ng for which there can be 'no', reason- able, WILLKIE'S LAUDATORY its development better, I believe of both our nations. excuse or justification during REMARKS ON CALIBRE than any other Canadian. (Signed): ' these critical times. OF BRITISH PEOPLE. FROM PRIME MINISTER W. L. MACKENZIE KING. . "The message I bring to you from Ottawa, November, 1942. FIRES OCCURRED TWO In his address to the British War the Prime Minister of Canada is as Mr. Mackenzie continued with his Relief Society in New York last Fri- day follows: own .address as follows: THIS WEEK GORDON Mr. Wendell L. Willkie stated " 'On the occasion of the formal "So here we stand on the fron- tierwitnessing SILCOX SUFFERS INJURIES "no one could have had the experi- ence opening of the Canada-Alask- a the opening of tills of friendship and of The local fire brigade was call' ' to England on be- half great avenue I had on my visit highway, it is my privilege, between two coun- tries. out twice this week. On Monday a ; and our 1941 and people end co-operat- ion durig the blitz of 1940 of the government fire occurred in the shower on IW ever forget not alone the course of Canada, to congratulate most CONGRATULATIONS dock but very little damage va-sustaine- d. but the infinite patience of the Brit- ish heartily all those officers and men whose "I desire to extend my congratu- lations On Tuesday the premisi people under circumstances of the United States Army of the Gordon Silcox were set on In- due to the Armed Forces of efforts human herculean which, seemed almost beyond brilliant work and of it is understood to' a l'auliv the completion United States on endurance. have made it possible to operate highway the first stage of one of the engin- eering burner. Although the hose was He credited the British authorities this vitally important months - ahead of marvels of the world. x connected , its use , no; neees'sai v four t down with " deliberately playing more than "You met all the stern grandeur as the use of chemicals was suffi- cient their contributions" in N Africa schedule. the blaze. Un- fortunately own all the difficu'-tie- s to extinguish of nature, overcome to see to gratifying deeply lift is "in order to give an extra "It who of craig and creek, of river and Gordon Silcox, the of great completion America and also so that the world this early recommended by the Canada-Unite- d of mountain, of forest and of mus- keg. alone in the house at the time, suf- fered will have a visible demonstration task Permanent Joint Yours indeed is a gigantic . from burns about the la that America is fully in this war States triumph of modern engineering arms and legs which neressita ' with actual fighting troops.' Board on Defence. WITH PROBLEM science. It is only one .more great his removal to the hospital. 'La' When the war is over, he added, FACED with the problem of link between our two lands. reports are that they were not sc ¬ in' Nortn "'Faced border-fContimi- ed ions and that the patient is pr -- gressiihg "the story of Britain's part, the west coast secure,, Can- ada "Here we stand at this making Africa yesterday and today will dc and the United States both saw on page three) satisfactorily. one of the noble sagas of history. THE WUITEHOKSE STAR, WHJTEHORSEv YUKON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1942 PAGE TWO way to houses with modern im- provements and conveniences and certain necessary undertakings for "Voloo of tho Yukon' public health and advantage will be carried out. Already the question An Independent Journal of incorporating is being mooted in some quarters and the time may not be far distant when .such a course Published every Friday tx may be deemed not only wise but it Whitehorse, Yukon Territory necessary public in services order to which provide are ade- quate not The White Pass and Yukon Route On the Trail of '98 novv available. And it is to be noted that this question, of incorporation the The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to is being freely Biscussed by who Yukon Atlin District and Interior Alaska- - Member of Canadian Weekly property owners of the town Territory, make their homes here and not by Newspaper?' Association. those who have no vested interest AIRPLANE SERVICE Publisher either in the town or in this com- munity. I10KACE E. MOORE .- - plane service, making connections northbound and south- bound Our only object i. for alluding tn with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, these facts at this time is to draw Let have faith that right makes us public attention to the changes now Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For information might;" and in that faith let us to taking place in this community and to apply the end dare to do our duty as we to foster a public spirit which, if any understand it. Lincoln. properly developed and directed, toward assisting WHIT E PAS S A 0 EN T, 0 r will go a long way in the future development of this 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. NOVEMBER 27, 1942 townsite and the welfare of this community. WE MUCH REGRET THE OLD ORDER CII ANGETII To those who suffered disappoint- ment Due- - to the opening 'of the Alcan THIRI 1$ NO OTHIR TOtACCO JUST II K I 010 CHUM in not being able to procure Highway and to the extensive work copies of our last issue we extend being carried out by the Depart- ment our sincerest regret. The demand local air- port of Transport our far exceeded our expectations and and at the other points in the what added to our difficulties was southern end of the Territory and the fact that unfortunately we ex- perienced contiguous areas the town of White-hor- se at the present tme is under- going difficulties last week which, certain through mech- anical r- - L& rita Italia? s&J (L Wf changes in coJbrmity with lack of time, prevented our printing the march of progress. several thousand extra copies.. Hitherto in the past, as far as tho The large majority of those who Yukon is concerned, the policy has suffered such dsappointment arc net invariably been to secure what ma- terial regular subscribers which is unfor- tunate benefits the Yukon had to of- fer for them as well as for our- selves and enjoy the same elsewhere. for with, an increased circu I -- ation Notwithstanding the millions of dol- lars we should be enabled to make which the Yukon Territory nas improvements in this public- ation produced by reason of its gold, furj many which we have been contemp- lating and other natural resources the for sometime past but which ' Territory itself has not benefitted we have as yet been unable to one iota by such rich production. On undertake through no fault of ours the contrary it has suffered muchly For the benefit of non-subscrb- ers by such depletion. Even the Do- - may we state that our. subscription in the has minion government past ; rate is $3.00 a year and that the done little or nothing toward its de--; year runs from June to June. By , velopment or taken any appreciable this means all subscriptions become interest in the welfare of those who ; due and payable at the same time have pioneered in the country icr and a notice to this effect inserted in the past forty odd years.. For the ' our June issue each year obviates most part they have been left to, the necessity for mailing .renewal shift for themselves. Then again i notices to each subscriber. there are others who over a long New subscribers receive the term of years have been in the habit may Star up to June 1, 1943 for the sum of spending a few months in the OTTO of $2.00. Territory and have yet to spend their first winter here. True in many cases theirs was a seasonal The Tobacco of Quality occupation but the fact remains that Gems of thought for the most part their coming and CUT COAISI fOI MM CUT MNI fOI IOUINO YOUR OWN going was similar in nature to that of the sand in the hour-gla- ss "It rur,s BLESSINGS in and runs out but leaves not a vestige behind." The credit for. any Only free peoples can hold their development so far achieved in the purpose and their honor steady to c This advertisement is not published or Territory rightly and properly be- longs common end, and prefer the inter- ests displayed by the Government of Yukon Territory. to those who courageously of mankind to any narrow in- terest displayed the genuine pioneer spirit of their own Woodrow Wil- son. by remaining here and doing their blessed the self-forgeifuln- ess of the ore is produced from the hottest fu- rnace, part in building up the various other. Collyer. and the brgntest thunderbolt settlements scattered throughout the Give me the liberty to know, to . ' f 'em the darkest storm. Colton Territory. think, to believe, and to utter freely. To an honest mind, the bast per- quisites r','' The "get rich and get ' out" policy according to .conscience, above all, of a place are the advant- ages If we find the job .vhere we can of the past is now being superceded other liberties. Milton. 'it gives lor doi"g good. Ad- dison. be of use. we are hitched to the star and a public spirit is being generat- ed ..'' of the world and move with it. with the development of this Beautiful is the acfvity which J Richard Cabot. town becoming an assured fact. As works for good, and beautiful the fames of general calamity and , conditions warrant the population stillness which waits for good;! confusion have ever been productive Blessings are upon the head of tl'e will increase. Cabins, will give blessed the self-sacrifi- ce of one, and of the greatest minds. The purest just. Proverbs 10:6. FP.I-A- Y, NOVEMBER 27 1942 THE NVH ITEHOKSE STAR.' WHITEHORSE YUKON PAGE THREE HON. IAN MACKENZIE EXPRESSES CANADIAN SENTIMENT IN HIS ADDRESS- - (Concluded from page 1) line of brotherhood. It knows no fortifications from it is absent the barrier of guns or bastions or em- placements for war. The only bas- tion on this border is the bastion oi ncighborliness and goodwill. OBJECT LESSON "In the words of one of your Presidents, spoken on Canadian soil: "': .:" : ; "'What an object lecson of peace is shown today by our two countries to all the world. No grim-face- d fortifications mark SUPREME IN TWO ELEMENTS: THE BRITISH AIRCRAFT CARRIER "FORMIDABLE" our frontiers; no huge battleships patrol our dividing waters; no The. 23,000 ton British aircraft carrier -- 'Formidabl e" a v:ew take n from the deck of the battleship stealthy spies lurk in our tran- quil "Warspite". H. M. S. "Formidable"' carries a crew of 1,600 is armed with sixteen 4.5 inch dual purposr border hamlets. guns, and has a speed of 31 knots. '' . . ,w,l''w,w,w'wwww ------- -----i -ii-tn.- -tnr ' 'Only a scrap of paper record- ing mighty crusaders of the air. . , hardly more than a simple GREAT TASK understanding safeguards lives "Just as our contribution to war and properties on the Great aviation now is to do so much to Lakes, and only humble milep )ts and in the ensure peace victory, so mark the inviolable boundary line days of peace and victory (when for thousands of miles through they come), civil aviation . will h-- a and forests. ' form one of the great tasks of recon- struction, " 'Our is in frat protection our and a binding healimr ernity; our armor is our faith; , fQrce between -- . the new world and the tie that binds more firmly the old. year by year is ever-increasi- ng ' ' "Today we build up our mighty acquaintance and comradeship armadas of the air to tear down and through interchange of citizens; and destroy the ugly forces of evil To- morrow' the pact is not a perishable parch- ment we shall build them, to sus- tain but a fair and honorable deal- ing and develop, and , bring closer which. God grant, shall' continue together, the beneficent forces cf for all time.' good, of friendly trade, and of ' in- ternational FORMER PREMIER'S WORDS co-operat- ion. "And in the . words of a former GO ON BUILDING Prime Minister of British Columbi i: "So let us go on building oil-highwa- ys ""With us the boundaries are and our skyways togetner not drawn as in older continents you and we until the tyrants of by the natural divisions of waters our time are overthrown, and then j and mountains or the human bar- - . let us keep on building more to- - ' ' .:: t i i im:ie oi race, language anu cieeu. i ether. V I " 'With the gates always open "Let us keep the gates open and and the highways clear, the tvj the highways clear two great inde- pendent countries become a school in . which nations with their sover- eignty the lesson of tolerance is learned--ol- d unimpared and their good- will prejudices are dissolved, and tn2 increasing. brotherhood of our peoples realize ! "So carry on, engineers of the in the discovery of many com non United States Army carry on, you interests and hopes. " fearless, persistent roadbuilders--unt-il, ONE MORE SYMBOL in this vital area, your work Ths is one more symbol of the is done, and from it the enemy shall peace and the friendship that have j feej tne might of your blows, as he endured for so many years between is feeling it now in other areas o! our two lands. the world! "This road is buin for war. The CARRY ON soil is ours the toil has been yours. "Carry on, aviators of the Re- public We have built the skyway you the together with your fellow highway to this great Alaska base. knights errant, of the air of our "This road is built for war but it own Canada that is . Reside ycu will remain for peace bringing, m now in war and will be beside you happier days, tens of thousands o? in peace. your people across the magnificent "Carry on your mighty missVn terrain of this great North to the 'of valor in the skies sally forth in edge of the Arctic shores. splendid strength to conquer an.! SiitI ipiiilil ofronrsi'! ENDURING PEACE ,to triumph. y-vAy- d- di'liriou. zcsll'iil. "And, just as the highway will "And then when victory is ours ;irkliii Old Si j It- - Imt endure in peace as a symbol of our let us travel together along the hi in. mm f;mii Ha or. mutual trust mutual goodwi- ll- Highways of Honor and the Path- - iniroraliii rH'n'li-iihmiI- . 1 W . !,-- . rf!rrv nf Gf)ll loo. Kind out lor mutual understanding so. too, ways oi Jreace iui o-y.- w predict that these great skyways j ancj the triumph of great causes. ' . )oiirlf Joday! will, in days of peace, form part oi j o- - a vast world-circli- ng system of aiv I. 0. D. E. NOTES transport. CAPILANO BREWING CO. LTD "Alaska is a great air base.. It Another successful Bridge par y W or S0CIAMD RIACRliS or c sr i MiTto has been called the Gibraltar of the was held in the Masonic Hall last skies. It may yet be vital in this ; Friday, evening to augment the War crucial "war struggle. t funds of the Chapter. Top prizss ' 1 R. -- Bird and Mr. "So, when peace comes agam. Were won by Mrs. will wing-- tor G. S. Patterson, while the deuce of across these skies to Mrs. George This advertisement is not publishe lnr .displayed by the Governmeni for the prize went the comfort of mankind and spades Yukon Territory, development of world commerce ; Ryder. PAGE FOUR THE WHITEHOHSE 8TAK. WHITEHORSE- - YUKON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27 1942 Wtk Old Cog hurch ? Christ CI.uitI. Whitehorse Vukon REV. L. G. CHAPPELL, L.Th., RECTOR . .. u .sc-- t hppn rpmoved. vet this cessation in round of daily tasks is will lr , -- day morning for the official the common for us .as a and o of the Akan Highway at necessary natural S spot known as Soldier,' : not as an artificial mte the west individual who .has not learned th, Sumihi " hi-- h up above ' value of a deliberate p-aus- e in life. ahe Laka. it is a love- - j spot an ideal .ilu.tion for the ! routine has pot learned to live. 10 permanent memorial which is to be . withdraw for a short time, from ;h, immediate demands which int- ernment, erected there by the Canadian gov- -; in recognition of toe. f make. : iw-i- n tone., loyalties is the first step towards a Corps engineering of Engineers xeui vcilU111""" of the "J United true survey of what life holds! It is Orifyl WHITEHORSE EDMONTON States Army, in building this high-iWvn- ua- the primary way of interpreting the tnrpst. and elscier, and experiences which lie behind u- - Daily except Sunday, via muskeg foOhe immediate purpose and of preparing ourselves for the Watson Lake, Fort Nelson, Fort of expediting our" war effort, but tasks which lie ahead, Silence, St. John, Grand Prairie. Lv. also for the purpose of cemeting the stillness, are anything but emptiness Whitehorse 8.30 a. m., Y. T. understanding and the relationships 1 and waste. To re-wo- rd an old pro- of our two countries. In addition to.verb-th- ey are worth their weight WHITEHORSE VANCOUVER in gold, and that silence can be and impres.siveness the significence j one couid not help j found at any place, at any time, Daily except Sunday, via the of ceremony, Fort St. John, Prince George. but be impressed by two other feat- - when we prepare ourselves 10 nsien, Lv, Whitehorse 8.30 a. m , Y. T. u res which were so apparet there at out on the hills, during our daily Soldiers' Summit. The one is the routine, in our homes, or in Church. magnificence of the scenery --w- hich God does not speak in the roar nf WHITEHORSE DAWSON CITY looked there met the thunder, or in the blare of trumpets, r ever way, one Lv. Whitehorse 9.00 a. m . eve some different picture of nat- -, but as a still small voice that comes Tuesday-Thursda- y. Returning lire's grandeur at its best the other : mrougn me suente we nave piei . Lv. Dawson City 9.00 a. m. feature is the majestic silence, and ed in order that we may hear it. Wednesday-Frida- y. with these two features side by side "Be still then, and know that I am of God." Many people have the reput- ation it was so easy to feel the nearness God. It is so easy to stand there of being great talkers, others Information and reservations: and hear God saying 'Be still then, earn a similar reputation as great J. A. Barber, Canadian Pacific and know "that I am God." listeners. In our search for God, in Air Lines, Whitehorse. our communion with Him, we must In the rush and tear of every-da- y learn to become great listeners, at- tentive life it is rare that we have the op- portunity (Yukon Division: Services of Yukon listeners, for God has much to get away .. from the Southern Air to tell us, much "to teach' us, if we Transport.) noise and bustle anci cares of lit'o will only fisten. . There is so much and stand apart from it all amid for us to discover and we can only magnificent scenery and .majestic seek it during that pause in life's silence to realise God's Presence, yei routine. The act of Church-goin- g we will all recall that until the pre- sent very is a deliberate pause in life's var began, another yearly, cere- mony AIR LINES r God's routine, a time set aside for com- munion enabled us to realize Presence in the midst of our normal with God, and when we are mm, VINES- - preparing to go to Church, w-- i The work and daily routine. cere- mony held at the Cenotaph in the should at the same time prepare passengers MAIt EXPRESS heart of London each November to leave outside all the cares, all the 11th after the World War 1 began worries all the excitement that heip to fill our daily routine. We should shortly before 11 o'clock with a re- ligious leave all these things outside and service at which the massed to We all of in need give us. are us in order that we may go forward in of the of Guards come into God's house so prepared bands Brigade ac- companied nf times of silence more frequent His strength, to do His will. We that He may speak to us. . the . choir during the than we have allowed for ourselves. don't need to wait for occasion singing of the hymns, alter which Out intention in coming to Church still and know that "Be then, I im iwhpn uro ran aet nut nn tho . hills If iv T V a m w u v a a a a w a a a a w they would continue by playing the is to be present with God. It is a God." Whenever feel down in we fill this need, we don't need, to ''wa- iter stately funeral march composed by voluntary act of coming iinto His around the mouth about life us, prepared ceremonies to find uYs Chopin until the chimes, of Big Ben Presence, and since Jhat Presence is assured suffer- ing we can rest we are comm, union, we" can, and we mu?i announced the approaching hour of spiritual for God is Spirit our ap- proach that from spiritual dryness, find it at any time of our own 11., and following the first stroke "must be one of quiet and starved. It spiritually we are may choosing during our waking hours-.- ' of the hour complete silence would silece physical' and mental. We much time be we have spent too we shall not find the solutions cli be maintained for two minutes. cannot give full exercise to our trying to do good without spending life's problems until we listen deli- - Traffic work spirit in its with stopped, stopped, communion God -- sufficient time taking in spiritual ; berately to God's voice speaking to remained standing for that unless we are soprepared. His everyone ' very food that we 'may be good. It may I rol-- i rf uc JnHitriHiiallv onrl cavi'!;! two minutes. "Be still then, and. greatness should make us silent in be we have exhausted our strength Be still then, and know that I am know that I am God." At last the the presence of His majesty. worrying about conditions over God." silence would be broken by the Even though the raaio news is which we have no control, when we trumpets sounding the last post, a,nrl more - encouraging in these days, should have been building up our ixxiuiiixxiirnrmxrxcc following the laying of wreathes on everyone of us is still in need of the strength with the Spirit of God so the Cenotaph by the King and his comfort, and the help, and the en that we -- can tackle our problems V.H. THEATRE ministers, the trumpets , sbundi g couragement that God alone can with God's strength. There is so reveille would bring us back to give. It is so easy during this time much need for us all to be attuned Whitehorse jfukon thoughts of every-da- y reality. The of world upheaval to develope a one to the Spirit of God. There is so climax of that ceremony is the sil- ence, track mind. There is much so much need for us all to take our Shows Every its very structure was intend trouble for our fellow-ma- n, so much part in the social, moral and spirit- ual ed to intensify the efficacy of that j sorrow, so many hardships, so many development of the world, and interval, for it then, when the noise j problems, that there are times when we can make no real and lasting Night and bustle of the world is gone, that! we find ourselves unconsciously progress at all unless God is work- ing (Except Sundays) we can be still and know God. thinking of nothing else partly be- lt through us and in us. .When we is so rare that we can have the, cause of our apparent inability to become conscious of this need for Pictures changed thrice Weekly. opportunity to commune with God j lend a helping hand, and partly be-i- n God, then we shall make more wide-ope- n spaces, and our oppor-- ; cause we are not relying sufficiently of Vthe silence of1 expectancy" in See Bulletin Board for Particulars. tunity to" do so on Armistice day nasjupon the 'help' that God is waiting order that we may wait upon God, 'TTTTTTglXlTTIIIITTlIiriXX. 1942 FRIDAY,' NOVEMBER 27, 1942 THE WIMTfcllOKSK STAK. WHITFUORSE. YUKON PASK' FIVE' ORTLANDT P. MACK Uner IN CARMACKS PASSES "GREAT DIVIDE." Cortlandt P. Mack, who arrived Carmacks on Tuesday, November 17, after a legthy illness at the age pf 76. He had been placer mining I less continuously for the past forty- - four years and was well-kno- wn and j hif?hlv respected in mining circles i throughout the Territory, He came to the Yukon from Minnesota with three brothers and leaves to mourn his loss his widow and a brother all resident in Carmacks. The funeral service and : interment took place amid the scenes where he had lived and laboured so long. ATLIN NUGGETS . The St. Andrew's Hospital Board held a .meeting on Nov. 16 at the ; Court House to discuss pros and cons regardiing moviing into Atlin's new hospital this winter or next spring, and it was unanimously ap- proved that after the electric wir- ing, painting the kitchen, and oper- ating room : and long hallway (white) was finishedwhich should only take a couple of weeks or so-t- hen 1 k Vetera it et the new hospital would be open. Back from scores of bombing raids over a dozen countries, A vote of thanks was expressed has found adventure in the skies! Just out this young airman by the Board to Mr. George Stevens lor the magnificent building he had of his 'teens, an eager youth in years, he's a veteran in superintended the building of, and experience. He's a first-lin- e fighting man, trained in the also to Mr. George Holt who did ah science of war at 5-miles-a-m- inute! , the plumbing. He and' his buddies in R.C.A.F. air crew are team-mate- s. As a mark of esteem and appreci- ation Gunner, Wireless Operator, Bomber, Pilot, Navigator -- all the Board passed an approval work together as a smooth, swift "attack team" in a giant that one ladies' ward and one men' j bomber. Their targets accurately surveyed in advance by .' ward should bear the, name of "The pilots their flight protected by the daringTecormaissance W. J. Asselstine Ward" and "Tht Dr. George Weir Ward. ' WOMEN TOO blazing guns of fighter planes the bombers wing their N. B. -- We have writen our Hon- ourable join "that men may fly." Cana-dia- n the relentless way to smash Nazi nerve-centre- s. women fill vital jobs in gentlemen at Victoria to R.C.A.F. Women's Division, re- leasing The expanded Air Training Plan has room for more men who find out; by the flip of a coin, which Recruits men are for needed, air crew age duties. 18 to want to be with these fighting comrades of the skies. Right name will honour the ladies ward, 40, physically fit, with at least now applications are being accepted for air crew duty, at Many use-f- ul entrance. School as we do not wish any list fights High awcit Canada. and fascinating jobs R.C.A.F. Recruiting Centres throughout over this matter. you. No experience needed. The Air Force will train you quickly If you are physically fit, mentally alert, over and not yet 33, Mr. W. Rdxborough was engaged with Canada's take place to your you are eligible. If you are over 33, but have exceptional to finish the elgctric wiring of the airwomen. Fullinformation a t any of ' R.C.A.F. ! Recruiting Centre, or qualifications, you may still be considered. Lack foripal building. write address below for booklet. education is no longer a bar to enlistment. Ted Smyth, George Stevens and RoyalCanadi Air Forge George Holt left by plane Nov. 21 U an catch the next Princess sailing air CREW south from Skauay. ' wQ-:-:v..;v:'-y- v: jncvj.Ai.i-ii.- u yy Wii inn im Mr. Axel Nelson and . Mr. Gust Jbhnson made a very cheap sale to the-ne- w hospital Board of their very fine six horse power engine, whit1: FIGHTING COMRADES OF THE SKIES is now installed ready to do all th j work required. ' ' For illustrated booklet giving fullinformation write: Director of Manning, R.CfA.F., Mr. Art Lever'ett has been ap- pointed r,,.- - R..;irt;n6. Ottawa, or the nearest of these R.C.A.F. Recruiting Centres: the Janitor's Edmonton Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg North Bay, Windsor, London, Hamilton, to take over Vancouver Vancouver, Co aigaxy, lgary, , Halifax., Torontc)( 0ttawQ( Montreal, Quebec, Moncton, job at the hospital. Mrs. W. McKechnne has left for to ten of ' "After air mail postage and purcli- -' Atlin for the roast- - until the end each on its way was Vancouver on a short holiday. $10.00 We asin.c of the money orders there v;s ; January and perhaps not -- then. force men overseas. fiehting our balance of$20.00 left, which h;-b- een fonvaid a who came The Christmas Cheer List at thank the many handed over to the C'igaretto readily with-- , their open pockex Cnnio' oro fnr Atlin men in so Fund. Atlin. oiui. xv - - that promis- or! books, and to-the- . ones closH been ; army overseas has now at the hist evidently -- forgot and and we have great satisfaction in ; would remind them that i stating that $124.50 was handed ; in minute u f we (Hp Ai'lin Ladies are' lookr.g We are happy to bo informed th 4 for distribution. This day (Nov. 21) , vi,v- - . . i -- nr.. TT..T I U to '.in, their cigarette funds for for an Air s Mail envelope with a Christ- - Virginia will, not now be leavt.i; Order f for the boys overseas. mas Card and a Money WIUTEHORSE YUKON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1942 STAR. . THE W HltEll()KSK I'MiTj olA m"" . -- - : , i I . . - : . . BRITAIN'S RAILWAY WOMEN TAKE OVER THE STEEL Over 500,000 British women are helping to run the railways in BRITISH A.A. GUNNER GIRLS DESTROY 3 RAIDERS IN 48 HOURS place of men called to the forces. Many of them have taken over the kep job Picture shows: A.T.S, grls of a mixed Anti-Aircr- aft battery on the carrying on from their husbands or brothers. They are of dealing with an ever-increasi- ng volume of war-tim- e transport East coast of Britain front line of the air war. Their battery she! vv it h cool efficiency. down 3 Luftwaffe raiders " in the space of 48 hours. Picture shows: Mrs. Nelly Tern perley, 26 years old former laund- ress. She carries out the responsible work of signal maintenance while her husband is serving in the Middle East. She loves the healthy out-do- or life involved in her war job. Climbing in work- manlike uniform to fix a newly cleaned lamp on one of her signals. MILITARY ACTIVITIES IN have a common cause. Herr Hitler is suspected of planning a drive TURKEY BOTH SPAIN AND through Spain and another drive CAREFULLY SCRUTINIZED through Turkey, with a view lo BY UNITED NATIONS- - gripping the Allied forces in North Africa in "pincers" and making The military activities now being himself master of the Middle East. displayed both in Spaia and Turkey He is even reported to be with- drawing are being carefully' scrutinized by 40 divisions from the Rus- sian the United Nations but no reliance front to spearhead these drives. apparently is as yet being .placed Presumably Franco is mobilizing thp assumntkm. . , as held in unnn j - ! in order to give weight to his ple some quarters, that il favours the j to Hitler to keep his troops out of cause ( I the Allies. the counl Spain and thus save iy An editorial in he Edmonton Bui-- j from another "bath of blood." And letin's succinctly covers the situation j presumably Turkey intends to res'.'t as follows: , should the Nazi forces invade its Franco has mobilized part of Te territory. . Spanish army; and at the Other end But both these are assumptir, is of the Mediterranean the Turkisn only. There is no certainty th authorities are having another at- tack Spanish and Turkey forces would of jitters not join the Nazis instead of fight- ing The two far-separat- ed reactions them. Franco is a protege off Hitler and Mussolini, and only gain- ed r.XXXXXXXTTXTXXXXXTXXXXXXXX3 powerthrough their help. Turkey 'BUILD WESTERN PAYROLLS' has played both ends against the middle and profited at the expense A PATRON ' I of both. Franco's word is no better A beverage of moderation full flavored, clear than that of his Axs and bosses; it and sparkling. Order some today . . . Turkey's political meandering is no FOR 8 $FIj& proof of friendship for the Allies. costs no more than ordinary beers. Fortunately there is no liklihood IF AH .EVAPORATED of the Allied leaders depending en YEARS iffit Franco and Turkey to stop Hitler's projected drives, or try to. They el This advertisement is 'not publishedor displayed by the Government We have a letter from up-coun- try are reinforcing the armies in North The writer states Africa and the Middle East steadilv Yukon Territory. she has used "all kinds of and rapidly, building up forces there canned milk" but Pacific capable of taking care of themselves Milk continually since she in any eventuality. now be entered on the record as a of your paper who were in a pos': began it "because of its This may help Franco and An- kara smashing success. The response oi ion to assist us in any way. richness and flavor. That to make up their minds to the Canadian people has been wor- thy We are most grateful to every : was eight years ago." really tell Hitler to stay out. of the brilliant victories which of you and we feel that you are; that are being won by the fighting forces part of the army of workers excellence real It's only of the Allied Nations in Africa. have been responsible for the mo could bring a milk a pre- ference CORRESPOIIDEflCE The part that has been played by gratifying success of the Third Vf like this. NATIONAL WAR FINANCE the Canadian newspapers in placing tory Loan. COMMITTEE the Victory Loan before the public Yours for Victory, Pacific Milk VANCOUVER, has been worthy of the cause itself. G. LYALL FRASER, November 12, 1942 Our Committee feels that we have Chairman, Provincial IXRADIATCD Or COUR9C Dear Mr. Moore: received the most magnificent sup- port 'TIiIXIiXOTTIIIlllXXX3 Canada's Third Victory Loan can by you and all of the personnel Public Relation Sectiot FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1942 THE WIUTKllORSE STAR, WillTEHORSE YUKON PAGE SEVEN feet on each side of the base line. Registration Other of any document $2.00 . When $500.00 has been expended claims shall not exceed five Recording an abandonment $2.00 or paid the locator hav- ing hundred feet may, upon in length by one thou- sand If it affects more than one claim . a survey made, and upon com- plying feet in depth. Claims shall be as For each additional claim ... $1.00 with other requirements, ob- tain nearly as possible rectangular in form Abstract of Title a lease for a term cf twenty-on- e and shall be marked, by two For first entry " , ...... $2.00 years with the right to renewal Synopsis of Mining Law legal posts, one at each end of the For each additional entry .50 for further terms of twenty-on- e claim, numbered "1" and "2" re- spectively. For copy of Document-- Up years. Claims located prior to July Yukon Territory claims shall Location be placed posts on the of creek base to 200 words ....... $2.50 7, 1917 may upon fulfilling -- similar For each additional 100 words .50 requirements, be Crown Granted. line, and of all other claims parallel For grant of water Leases, renewals of leases, and to the base line, and on the side of the claim For 50 inches or less .......... $10.00 documents relating to leased claims ' nearest the creek river or Any person eighteen years of age towards which it fronts! For 50 to 200 inches $25.00 shall be recorded with the Mining or over shall, have the right to enter, For 200 to 1,000 inches ... $50.00 Recorder in triplicate. locate, prospect and mine upon any A. discoverer shall be entitled to a For each additional 1,000 inches Schedule of Fees claim 1,500 feet in or fraction thereof ... .... $50.00 lands in the Yukon Territory, length, and a Recording every claim . . . ,$10.00 whether vested in the Crown or party of two discoverers two claims, QUARTZ MINING For a substitutional record . $10.00 for the minerals defined each of 1.250 feet in length. otherwise, Application for a lease $10.00 in the Yukon' Quartz Mining Act The boundaries of claim Subject to the boundaries of other For a certificate of improve- ments and the Yukon Placer Mining Act, be any may claims in good standing at the time . ..... 5.00 enlarged to the size of a claim reservations set out in of its location, a mining claim shall with certain allowed the If recorded within 14 days alter by Act, if the enlarge- ment be the said Acts. does not interfeie with rectangular in shape and shall expiry date V '. $5.00 the not exceed 1,500 feet in length by If after 14 days, and within No person shall enter for mining rights of other persons or terms of 1.500 feet in width. three months $15.00 agreement with the any , crown. purposes or shall mine upon lands Every claim shall be marked on If after three months and with- in owned or lawfully occupied by an- other An application for a claim may be the ground by two legal posts, one six months ". , . $25.00 -- Recording until adequate security has filed with the Mining Recorder at. each extremity of the location every certificate of ' been furnished to the satisfaction of within ten days after being located line, numbered "1" and "2" respect- ively. of work $5.00 the Mining Recorder for any loss or if within ten miles of the Recorder's For a certificate of partnership. $5.00 On the side of No. 1 post damage which may be thereby office. One extra day shall be al- lowed faring No. 2 post shall be inscribed Recording assignment, abandon- ment, caused. for every additional ten miles affidavits, or any other the name of the clain, a letter in- dicating fraction claim document . ... - $2.50 or thereof. A be may the direction Where claims are being- - located to No. 2 post, located on Sunday or any public If document affects more than the number of feet situated more than one to the right or which are One claim, for each additional hundred miles from the Mining Re- corder's holiday. left of the location line, the date of claim .' .. $1.00 not less location and the name of the locator. office, the locators, Any person having recorded a For granting period of six On No. 2 the side than five in number, are authorized claim shall not have the right to lo- cate post, on facing No. months within which to re- cord to meet and appoint one of their another claim in the valley or 1 post, shall be inscribed the name ........ $4.00 of the the date of claim, location, number as emergency recorder, basin of same creek within sixty For an abstract of the record of and the of the locator. who shall as soon as possible deliver days of locating first claim. name a claim: the application and fees received to Title The claim shall be recorded with- in For the first entry .. .. $4.00 the Mining Recorder for the District. fifteen days if . located within ten For each additional entry .50 Any person having complied with miles of the mining , Recorder's of- fice; For copies of any document re- corded If two or more persons own a the provisions of the Act' with res- pect one additional day shall be al- lowed where same do not claim, each such person shall contri- bute to locating and recording a for every additional ten miles exceed three folios ' $4.00 proportionately to his interest claim shall be entitled to a grant or fraction thereof?- - Where such copies exceed three to the work required to be done for one year and shall .have the ab- solute folios. 30 cents per folio for thereon, and when proven to the Adjoining claims not exceeding right of Renewal from year every folio over three. Gold Commissioner that he has not eight in number may be grouped, to year thereafter provided during For recording a power ot at- torney done so his interest may be vested the. necessary representation work each year he does or causes to be to stake from one in the other co-own- ers. for each claim may then be per- formed done $200.00 worth of work of the person ........ .'.' ... .'.'... $4.00 The survey of a claim made by a claim, files with the Mining Recor- der on any one or more of the For recording a power of attor- ney duly qualified Dominion Land Surv within fourteen days, after the claims in the group. to stake from two per- sons eyor shall be accepted as detinmg expiration of the claim an affidavit Every application for a full claim ....... $8.00 absolutely the boundaries of the showing a detailed statement of the shall be made on Form "A" and for For recording an assignment or claim surveyed, provided the survey work, and pays the required renewal ' a Fractional claim on Form "A-1- "; other document relating to a quartz mining lease $3.00 is aDDroved by the proper author fee. during No person is entitled to" locate Rental, whole or fractional min- eral unprotested ity and remains GROUPING more than one claim in the same claim granted under the period of advertisement. Under certain conditions claims mining district .'."within twenty clays. lease for term of 21 years. . $50.00 A about to undertake a Rental for renewal term of 21 person work and the re- quired be grouped bona fide prospecting trip may se- cure may to entit.e The timber on a mineral claim is years ... . . . . . . . $200.00 be performed to reserved until the Mining Recorder Recorder' from the , Mining renewals of Dredging: to ' the owner or owners certifies that1 the same is required his ' written permission to record at the several claims grouped may be for use in mining operations on the A lease may be issued for a per- iod own risk a claim within six months. performed on any one or more of claim. The Commissioner, however, . of fifteen years for a continuous feet the claims in the grouping. , If the holders of stretch of river not exceeding ten A legal post must stand four may issue a permit, to owned by more miles in length giving the exclusive laced claims grouped are the timbers above the ground, squared or other claims to remove right to dredge for gold, silver and for the upper eighteen inches and than one person a partnership for use in their mining operations and The lessee must have , at platinum. a joint measuring four inches across the agreement creating where other timber is not readily all least dredge in operation on the the part of one liability on faced portion. The post must be several available. for the joint working of leasehold within three years. firmly fixed in the ground. the owners ; the claims shall be executed and . Title ' ' Petroleum and Natural Gas Priority of location shall be deem filed with the Mining Recorder. Any person having complied with A lease may be issued for a per- iod ed to-conve- y priority of right. Cer of twenty-on- e years for an area Taxes and Fees the provisions of the Act with re- gard tain disputes may be heard and de- termined of not to exceed 1.920 acres giving to locating and recording a by a Board of Arbitrators. Royalty at the rate of two and claim shall be entitled to hold it for the right to the petroleum and nat- - one-ha- lf per cent, on the value of ural gas on the area leased. A rent- al of the record Orantc rf claims ProUDed or own- - the . Yukon one year from the date - from all gold shipped is charged of 50 cents per acre ed by one person may be made re Territory shall be paid to the Com- ptroller. and thereafter from year to year, for the first year and $1.00 per acre each he dors during year newable on' the same date. provided for each subsequent year. or causes to be done work on the For grant to a claim for Assay Office PLACER MINING $10.00 claim to the value of $100.00 and one year shall, within fourteen days after the An Assay Office is maintained by Creeks natural water of grant means any For renewal expiration of the year, satisfy, the the Government at Vancouver, course having an average width of Tf renewed within 14 days Mining Recorder that the work has where gold exponed from the Ter- ritory ess than one hundred and fifty leei after expiry date S10.00 its lull been done, and pay the Certificate will be purchased at between its banks. If after 14 days and within 3 530 00 of Work fee: One hundred dollars value. Crppfc fiaimc shall not exceed five months be paid in lieu of assessment G. A. JEC'KEl.l. rrnv 6 within and hundred feet in length, measured If after 3 months 545.00 work. Controller. 'ong the base line, by one thousand months PAGE EIGHT THE.W 111 TE 1 1 0 RSE ST A R WIHTEHORSE. YUKON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1942 Local Happenings Gift Time Now that the river is frozen over Mr. T. Kerruish arrived in town Is Approaching arain many local ski fans are able tc from Teslin at 3 o'clock this morn- - ! ing and will remain here for the enjoy their favorite sport again. next day or two. It to select Inspecor W. Grennan, RC.M.P., pays your officer'.-- , in charge of the Yukon de- tachment, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Phelps left Christmas Gifts early. left by C. P. A. plane, for this morning by C. PA. plane ir Dawson Tuesday after attending the the coast in order that Mr. Phelps opening ceremony of the Alcan may consult a specialist They Many beautiful and use Highway. expect to be away from home for about a month. ful articles to choose WANTED Man to make ice toe Curling rink. Apply Gordon ; We were informed this, week that from. S.-'- C Armstrong at Burns & Co., Ltd. c.i further contributions of several J. Gentleman at Northern Com-mercii- al hundreds of dollars has been receiv- ed Co. Ltd. Children's will be Toys locally from an outside point in FOU SALE Man's warm winter the Whitehorse district. This brings on display early next cloth over-coa- t. Size 38. Apply our total of subscriptions for rhe Star office. Third Victory Loan to over ninety month. thousand dollars. FOR SALE One absolutely new WVMlll"l' ,.AYyVyyyyyyy)u j hand clothes wringer. $5.00. Apply Star Office. was Miss a visitor Gladys Simmons in town of for Cafcross a few TA YLOR & DRURY Ltd mjotxx: LUX J:xxxxrzxxxxcn hours "one day this week. Christ (ihurch Anglican- - It is of course impossible for u THE OLD LOG CHURCH with our limited, space to give in Whitehorse detail the achievements of me Row L. G. Chappell. L. Th. United Nations in the various thea- tres Rector. of war but the opinion is gen- eral There Is Yet Time SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 29th that the tide is turning in fav- our 10 00 a. m. Sunday School. of the Allies on every front. orders for Chrstmas .' To place, your magazine gifts to friends and 11.00 a. m. W. A. Corporate Com- munion. relatives. They are always greatly appreciated. With the thermometer dropping We have just received a shipment of fine English bulbs Hyac- inths as low as 27 below this week those 7.r0 p. m Evening Prayer. and Daffodils. Plant them now and have fragrant blooms from the southern states are exper -- iencing ixxxx: in the depth of winter. their first real winter. At Dawson and Mayo the temperature TRY THE DRUG STORE FIRST SACRED HEART j is still lower with Fairbanks he j lowest of all with the thermometer H. G- - MACPHERSON Catholic Church i still dropping according to latest re- ports WHITEHORSE PHARMACY. Rev. Father Charles Hamel, . O.M.I. to hand. From now on ,until further notice services will, be conducted at the official Weather report following times: November Sundays: . Min. Max. M;- - mcs . 7.00 and 8.30 A.M. 20 Friday 13 18 High Mass 10.00 A.M : 21 Saturday 31 Benediction ........... ..... .. 7.30 P.M. 22 Sunday 8 Fresh Butter Week days: 23 Monday 4 ol Cured and Masses 7.00 A.M. 24 Tuesday 4 Try BURNS' (In Chapel at Rectory) 25 Wednesday 4 '27 Meats Slmmnx'k Brand Creatnoy Butter Eggs Fridays: Benediction 7 30 P M , 26 Thursday 1 rii i ( Denotes below zero.) .... inrm hi - Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products 3 " You . Can Buy No Better" H n o n . I ?x a h h II u I n U Vllll UtJI I T LIII1ILVUH 'TTTYtTI X XXYXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ' ' Y u kon Electrical Company. Ltd. 'V WiU be pleased to consult you regarding Light, Power. Supplies and Installations ks i WHITEHORSE, Y. T. WAR AND PEACE: TANKS PASS THROUGH AN OLD ENGLISH VILLAGE. The peaceful aspect of an old English village is disturbed by the now-comm- on noise of tanks which rumble through on their way to the Star is the best buy in Town. Subscription' to battle training.. The tanks seen here are "Covenanter" Mark Vs. A D D