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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 47, Friday, November 20, 1942.

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Frc-- yQjTfRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORy"" Vol. 42. No. -- 4?. k if it ; WHITEHORSE, YUKON, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1942 Subscription $:M)0 Year OFFICIAL OPENING TODAY ALCAN HIGHWAY-HISTOR- IC COLONEL K B. BUSH, CHIEF ADDRESS DELIVERED BY OF STAFF, NORTHWEST The Extended Hand GENERAL J. A. O'CONNOR SERVICE COMMAND, WAS AT OFFICIAL OPENING MASTER OF CEREMONIES. Few of us in this day and generation can visualize the potential OF THE ALCAN HIGHWAY. value of the International Highway officially opened today or fully re- alize The dedicatory ceremony of the the important part which it will play in the future history and de- velopment The following is the text of the official opening of the Alcan High- way of this whole northland. v principal address delivered by. Briga- dier-General held today at Soldiers' Summit James A. O'Connor To all who have taken part in t'lis great undertaking in its con- ception, We are witnessing the break- through near Kluane Lake, Y. T., was com construction and completion we extend on behalf of all Yii-kone- rs, of the road joining I' paratively brief. Colonel K. B. the hand of friendship, together with our most cordial congratul- ations -- United States, Canada, and Alaska. Bush, Chief, of Staff, Northwest Ser- vice and in This road is a bond, a tie, the pos- sibilities commemoration of this historic event respectfully dedic- ate Command, was Master of Cere- monies. and extent of which wo this issue of cannot now foresee. Although comparatively THE WHITEHORSE STAR This is the final break-throu- gh el' the was both color brief ceremony the road. It is also the end of the ful and impressive. His opening re pioneering, the romance of t.e marks were as follows: pioneering. It has been a real ex- perience All of us who take part in this for those engaged' in it. In hrs pioneering adventure, we have brief ceremony today are merely iad unity of action by the American the representatives of others. I wish Government, the Canadian Goverri- - it were possible for every, man who cnt, the American Ar,my, the Pu )-- ic has worked on the Highway to par- ticipate. Roads Administration of t;-- e Those here in this imposi- ng United States, Canadian Contractor. American Contractors, and anybody wilderness are the symbols of else within range, Canadian or countless thousands who have made 1 merican, who could give a helping this undertaking a reality. Some oi hand. , us represent the American Army. What has impressed me most hits .Others represent civilian workmen been the "alfout," "go ahead" spirit and contractors. Others represent of the individuals, soldiers, contract- ors the Canadian and American Gov and civilians soldiers all wro ernments, which have - aiunoiizt J have been breaking the trail. Ther.?' the great project that we are privi- leged pre many others who have labelled to undertake. Still others re- present the task impossible , in the time al- lowed, the splendid military forces This has turned out to be of our sister nation responsible for simply a challenge and an inspirat- ion for the workers on the job, Can- adian our security. and American, to go 'ahead-an- d We are opening formally the Al do it. The task has taxed our can Highway in ; a wilderness at capacity and ingenuity but it nus Soldiers' Summit above Kluane been accomplished. . Lake in the solitudes of the Yukon The Alcan Highway, as we call it. Territory a few miles southeast of is truly a Joint effort of our two the Alaska border. For that reason nation's. The name wc have'gu-c- n today's must be plain and ceremony to it symbol:zes that. It combines simple. Yet I think there is not a the first- - syllables of" Alaska and person present who fails to realize Canada. No designation could bV its significance, both in this time or more appropriate. The greater part strife and in the which is to peace nf the Highvvay is in the Dominion come. This road will not only, in length, of Canada. Of its 1,600-mi- le fluence the course of the present approximately 1,200 miles', .thread-- , world struggle but will be a vital through the" magnificent forests and force in the future history of this uplands of our sister nation of the part' of the northern hemisphere. Western Hemisphere. T - pnnn V-l- W ...J mvsplf honored to take Through the courtesy of the Can part in this dedication today and I adian Government and people, am sure that all of us share this American troops and workmen have feeling. Before starting the ; cere fcateiS been privil'ed to help build this mony, I take this opportunity to ex --- road en. Canadian y.Ml Many o!v press the appreciation of the Com- manding THE TRAIL OF '42 them have lived in Canadian settle- ments General of the Northwest above photograph shows a very small but typical portion of the and towns. All of them have Service Command and of the rest of The today. Old-time- rs who came over "The Trail ol eaten the products of Canadian us to the men who have erected Alcan Highway "be keenly opened interested in comparing the travelling conditions of farms. They have camped beneath. will tents and barracks here, who have 98" with this new arterial highway which in the years Canadian spruce and pines. They days hauled in supplies, who have cooked those bygone be veritable life-li- ne to the whole northland. have forded Canadian rivers. They to a ahead will prove have otherwise distance of have sunk wells in Canadian sod. meals, and who of the highway, extending over a construction In the the- - accorded wilderness a little divided into And we have been pushed back the thousand. U. S. army officers and men, 1671 miles, ten of fljing ceremony couia thousand civilians' high honor and demotion farther so that this regiment, together with two be held. I also thank the many dis seven engineering of the Public Heads Administration, completed our fiKg within Canadirn Provinces the supervision " under tinguished guests who are present undertaking in six months according to a statement made recently by and Territories. , tnis the (Continued on page 5) for in dedicating joining with us Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson. great international road. PAGE TWO tub WHITBHOKSE ST AH. WHITKHORSB- - YUKON L FRIDAY, - NOVEMBER 20, 1942 a boundary stretching from the At- lantic )) to the Pacifiic and since then, a similar boundary between Yukon "Volom of thm Yukon and Alaska denoting, the line oi de-- J marcation between Canada and the ; An Independent Journal United States of America. . To the ! everlasting credit of both countries : be it stated that the amity and Published every Friday f.t genuine spirit of good neighbourli- ness WhHehorse, Yukon Territory which has existed throughout The White Pass and Yukon Route the years, and the manner m which On the Trail of '98 their respective rights -- have been and mutually respected, his upheld The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to been an eloquent object lesson to all Member of Canadian Weekly the world. Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska- - Newspapers' Association. Today another link has been forg- ed in this chain of Oood .Fellowship AIRPLANE SERVICE HORACE E. MOORE. - - Publisher the like of which has never before been welded in any ether country. plane service, making connections northbound and south- bound This new link not only binds forever Let us have "faith that right makes the north with the south but will al- ways with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, might; and in that faith let. us to tend to strengthen an'l deepen Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For informatioxi that mutual understanding and the end dare to do our duty as we apply to any spirit of friendship which has in the understand iV Lincoln. past characterized our relationship W H I T E PAS S A GENT, or with each other and made the North NOVEMBER 20, 1942 American continent such a 'nappy 17 Commerce Bid g.. Vancouver, B C. and prosperous land where the spirit of Democracy flourishes un- hampered to the mutual belief it and A COMMEMORATIVE EVENT advantage of us all. It is our privilege on this occas- - ion , as well as a pleasure, to record the greatest event in the history ot (Jems of Thought the .Yukon since the gold rush das of '98. . - , ' " j Today the international highway ! TRUE FREEDOM that is to link Alaska with trie j United States of America has be- come The only freedom worth possess- ing an established fact and was of- ficially is that which gives enlargement opened by Brigadier-Gen-er- a! to a people's energy, intellect, and James A. O'Connor today as re- ported virtues. William Ellery Channing. elsewhere in this issue. We : No! Freedom has a thousand ukoners join heartily in this uni- -. charms to show que celebration not only because it That slaves, howe'er contented, is the culmination of a great work ! never know .... u cll done and su:cesii'ully complete, Religion, virtue, truth whate'er we Pte. Lewis has no confidence in his ability to thumb a ride to but also for the reason that the call ' Texas, but someone might be driving as far as the postffice. He highway passes through a great part A blessing freedom Is the pledge of our Territory which in the yeais of all. William Cowpei. enjoys getting mail from home. to come will undoubtedly be great- ly benefitted by it. The construction of this highway hes been the greatest undertaking of its kind yet to be carried out, and it is a commendable fact that it ha:; been completed in record time and ahead of schedule. This amazing feat has been due largely to the in- genuity and engineering skill of those who have had charge of the work. The difficulties they en- countered in, certain sections, al- though great, were successfully over -- come with the result that today trucks and other automotive vehi- cles can be driven all along t ic highway from Dawson Creek, Brit- ish Columbia, to Fairbanks, Alaska, a distance of over sixteen hundred miles. The completion of this under- - iJ TO'll ' ' X V X X " ' i . taking, by reason of its magnitude, the difficulties encountered and' overcome, and the-tim- e element in- volved, will forever remain a lasting tribute to those responsible for its accomplishment and affords another striking "demonstration of man's ability to subdue the rugged forces of nature to his own advantage. To all the officers and men under their charge, who have successfully carried out this' great work to is completion, we most cordially ex- tend heartiest . congratulations for they well merit the warmest com- mendation of us all. The crash of a pile driver shatters the silence, bulldozers and caterpillar tractors roar as For over a hundred years now they carve out a lifeline to our northern bastion. Engineers are shown pounding bridge there has existed on this continent supports into the riverbed, completing another link. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1942 THE WHITEHORSE STAR. WIIITKHOIiSE. YUKON PAGE THREE Letters on The Highway From Near And Far betters from all parts of this con tinent have been addressed to Bri Heartiest stlier-Gener- al James A. OConnor, Commanding Officer of the North- west Service Command with head quarters at Whitehorse, Y. T. Thro- ugh Cong ratulations the courtesy of General O'Con- nor we publish a few of such com- munications which are typical' of the ' To the large number received but which lack of space prevents publication at this time. .' Officers and Men of the U. S. Pte. E. Pieper of DAWSON, Y. f., Wyandote, Mich, October 29, 1942. stands guard at Main and Broad- way Army, The P. R. A. and the (it says here.) My dear General O'Connor: It elves me a great deal of plet.s- - Contractors ' ure to convey to you and the troops come. Together with other routes, under your Command the greetings either under construction or in pros- pect, and congratulations of the people ox this Highway will make it pos- sible On the Official Opening of the the Yukon Territory upon the com for ; military ; supplies to- - be pletion of the Alaskan Highway. transported to Alaska with greater The Officers, non-commissio- ned speed and more continuity than ever Officers and men of the various before. ALCAN H GHWAY branches of the service of the Unit- ed As Governor of Alaska, I con- gratulate States Army, and Public Roads the men, soldiers and civi- lians Administration and civilian con- tractors, who have worked on this who have been engaged Highway. On behalf of the people' "Linking the North upon this project, havo earned the of the Territory. I thank them for the admiration and respect of the Can i wholehearted effort and unselfish With the South " adian people with whom they have labor which have made possible the come in contact. They have done a Alcan Highway. I wish also to ex- press good job in record time. appreciation to our allies and The immediate function of the neighbors of Canada, on whose soil Highway is to expedite the success- ful much of1 the road has been con-struct- ed. Northern Commercial Co. Ltd conclusion of the war. Ostensibly its peace time function is to connect Many of the people of Alaska the Territory of Alaska with the hope that this Highway viU be aug- - other part of this continent which memed by ether roule; in the com- paratively comprises the United States of near future If the same America. The Alaskan Highway skill and devotion are put into those will do much more than that. May additional routes, I am sure that the this road, conceived in time ot Territory will soon be connected peace, constructed in time of war, with continental United States by a and built for posteriity, lead to vic- tory complete and magnificent transpor- tation and progress, but more especi- ally system, which should in my may it lead our two countries ! view at the earliest moment be ex whose Territories it traverses into tended to the Bering Sea. such harmony and concord as will With renewed assurances of my set an" example for the whole world. appreciation of : your work and un- dertaking, I am Yours very sincerely, Very cordially yours, (Signed) J. E. GIBBEN, .(Signed) ERNEST GRUENING, Acting Controller of the Governor of Alaska. v Yukon Tenito. y. WAR DEPARTMENT JUNEAU, Alaska, Office of the; Secretary. November 3, 1942. October 29, 1942 Dear General O'Connor: TJfinnex, atom ffivtieUtiff- - Dear General O'Connor: I regret very much my inability to be present at the ceremony open- ing Construction of the Alcan Highway, A Wartime Beverage nf schedule, wa;- - the Alaska Highway, but official REFRESHING, risible the determination D. C, dic- tates bv business in Washington, INVIGORATING otherwise. However, I recall I and devotion r of individuals who end ECONOMICAL with pleasure my recent visit witn have had. part in its construct. been has you and members of your staff in The wilderness barr-o- r vital Whitehorse and the opportunity conquered by men to provide a which that visit gave me" to" inspect military link between interior North the Territory of Alas- ka' undertaki- ngs America and the Highway and other the them all I" congratulate Command. of your En- gineers of The dedication of the first land United States Army Corps conceived apd planned who Alaska is an route in history to civilian the For the highway, as well as event of great significance. and creW who, with the contractors advocated years many of us have formid- - hed across this such a proj,ect. Its successful com- pletion to oa. great deal to iable corrain. We are gratetul will remain a neighbors Wios3 co-opera- tion Thin advertisement is not published or our entire . continent, not only Canadian but hps been so important a factor displayed by the Government of Yukon Territory. now in a time of military peril, 1) to J (Continued 'on page in the days of peace which are PAGE FOUR THE WIMTEHOKSE 5STAK. WHITE! IORSR YUKON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1942 with orders to maintain law and ian civilization wages today. We g0 right They areshown with horses forth into the unknown, armed with 3 It Mm Yvo and dog-team- s, preparing for a determination and knowledge 01 journey of many months. : what is right, and we face the di- fficulties Edmonton in those days was the of the trail in the certain Gateway to the North, just as it is knowledge that eventually we, or today. Already great numbers of those who follow, will win through, gold-seeke- rs had left the Alberta In war, the Alcan Highway pro. Trading Post for the fabulous Klon- dike vides the United Nations with a , following trails discovered priceless strategic asset. Not only hrough- - the years by- - missionaries, can we move men and materials to explorers and traders. Many died points from which they can strike in the attempt to get through. Only at the enemy, but we can begin to the strong could travel the Yukon tap the marvelous mineral resources arrive in Whitehorse to commence the con- - U. S. Army Engineers Trail of the Northwest Territories, which struction of the Alcan Highway. ! Today, only forty-fo- ur years later, in these practical days ase more that same Yukon Trail is the Alcan precious than gold itself; and, in th? LETTERS ON THE interested in the project. What you Highway a Victory Roa3&hat leads process of doing this, we shall create HIGHWAY- - FROM and your associates, both in the jfrom the Arsenals of the Americas the basis of a peacetime economy Army and Public Roads Admin- -; to the battle-fiel- ds of the NEAR AND FAR --the Orient, that will ensure for all men, security istration, have accomplished in some where a detestable seeks to enemy and all that is implied in the Four six to seven months is something not dominate all free men in a method- ical Freedoms. ' (Concluded from page 3) soon to be forgotten, and I heartily bid for world power. The United States and Canada in providing this swift means of and congratulate you. The story of this nighway is a have been good neighbors for a long transportating men, weapons I should be if the interest sorry magnificent story of achievement-o-ne time. The Alcan Highway will bring supplies. 'which have in a railway project that will be classed by histori- ans, us in closer contact with each other,' (Sgd.) ' HENRY L. STIMSON, from Prince George to Fairbanks of the future with the Great and as partners in a common cause ." - Secretary of War. should in any way be interpreted as Torth Road of the Romans, the Pan- ama we can- - and will build a new fram- ework meaning that 1 preferred the rail- way' Canal and the Burma Road. -- for the New Day. WAR DEPARTMENT project to the highway project. But it will be set above all these The opening of this historic hig- hway, Headquarters, Services of Supply I consider them both essential. stirring examples of human effort is the opportune time to ex- tend Washington, D. C. Most of us realize that the Norch-we- st because of the unpaialleled speed cordial greetings and personal October 28, 1942. Provinces, of Canada, and Al- aska, viih which it was built; because of appreciation to every man who had My dean General O'Connor: are to be linked together in he r igantic task ot organization, a hand int he job of building it, and , I wish it were possibleHor me to such a way that ' there can be no maintenance and construction which especially to the men of the United' be with you today as you close the doubt that there will be a large '.n-- it entailed, and because of the spirit States forces. They have done a final gap of the Alcan Highway. crease of population in the next few in which virile men of two sister great job in an excellent manner Months of toil and sweat on the years. I teel sure that many of the nations undertook the task of cut- - seeking no publicity and no plaudit?. of and have men .who have been up in th?t ting through tundra and part you your men muskeg, Let them rest assured that through brought well-earn- ed victory to one country wiU want to pick out for rorest in -- defence of the cherished j the centuries ahead, this historic of the toughest .tasks ever attempted themselves a home and that many freedom.' of mnnkind. Truly, in i road will be a oermanent mpmnrinl the continent. ' tourists from the Eastern States will Ciirnnino's "Labor on words, is dis- covered to the Great Accomplishment of The Alcan Highway will stand as want to visit Alaska in the summer. to be the grand conqueror. 1942.;' . a monument to the engineering skill 'yWith best wishes, I am To the men who toiled and sweat- - To each and pvprv nnp - T sav , ."All . . of the United States Army. It will Sincerely . yours, ed at the mainfold tasks along the success in your new ventures, God-Alca- n ..stand as a monument to the soldiers (Sgd.) FREDERIC A. DELANO Highway, I would say that speed, and God Bless you." and civilians who built it. . Built to j their efforts exemplify in a practical (Signed) WILLIAM ABERHAr'.T the exigencies of war, it will grow OFFICE OF THE PREMIER manner the struggle which Christ- - ' Premier of Alberta. into its full usefulness in peace. I Alberta. commend your men on their con EDMONTON, duct "while engaged on the soil of November 10th, 1942 another and friendly nation. The My der General O'Connor: advance' planning, the industrious There is an old photograph in the effort and the unfailing execution liDrai7 of the Legislative Buildings of your command have brought only in Edmonton which shows a group the highest praise from the govern- - of North West Mounted Police under ment of Canada. ; Colonel O'Brien outfitting at a point I was privileged to view the high- - ''-ea- r. where the Legislative Buildings .'.way in various stages of construct- - now stand, for a hazardous journey ion. At that time, I returned to into tne snowbound . North. The Washington sure that the job wouti year is 1898 the year of the Yukon be completed on schedule and in a ; Gold Rush. Colonel O'Brien and manner that would reflect undying jnJs men are bound for the Yukon credit to those who did it. Please convey, to your officers and to your men, my greetings and sin- cere congratulations. As a nation, we are proud of them. They have shown the kind of determination, that backed up . by hard work, will win this war. Sincerely yours, (Signed) BREHON SOMERVELL, Lieutenant General, Commanding. Excutive Office of the President ! National Resources Planning: Board Washing-ton- , D. C. - November 4, 1942 My dear General O'Connor: It was my good fortune to vis;t you near Fort St.. John early in June of this year and through your kindness in taking me in your plane I went over the routes that you were I 1 studying for the location of the In-- On this "carry-all- " tons of earth are moved from one section of the road tp a fill. Hidden two ternational Highway, now known as or three fee under the muskeg in some sections along the road are glacial ice formations thousands the "Alcan Highway." You may be ! of r( years old. When muskeg is removed the ice melts, creating heavy morass, U. S. Army enginee- rs! sure that I shall never cease to be have solved the problem. ... FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1942 " THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WI.ITKIIORSE. YUKON PAGE FIVE ADDRESS DELIVERED BY FOUR U. S. ARMY MEN GENERAL J- - A. O'CONNOR CHOSEN RIBBON HOLDERS AT OFFICIAL OPENING AT HISTORIC OPENING OF THE ALCAN HIGHWAY. ALCAN HIGHWAY TODAY (Concluded from page 1) WHITEHORSE, Y. T., Nov. 19 Tin's highway, "stretching from Four outstanding enlisted men in the Lawmen Creek on tho British Co-lumbta-Al- berta United States Army were selected line to Fairbanks in today to play an historic role in the the core of Alaska, i:5 o real and ceremony which will dedicate the unique tie between bur countries. It Alcan International Highway Nov- ember is unfortunate, but not unusual ' in 20. They will hold the sym- bolic history, that it takes a serious time ribbon which will be cut by of peril for nations to get together m Ian Mackenzie, Canadian cabinet projects of this magnitude. This minister, and E. L. Bartlett, Secre- tary project was born in the hour of of State of the Territory' of peril and produced for military pur- poses. Alaska. . This is one of the sparks Corporal Refines Sims, Jr., of from the blow struck on December Philadelphia and Private Alfred 7th a spark that is serving to weld Jalufka of Kennedy, Texas, were together , Canada and the United chosen by Colonel E. G. Paules of Slates, which with other sparks is Los Angeles to represent the Whiie-hors- e extending the same unity through- out v sector of the road. Master this hemisphere The Highway Sergeant Andrew E.- - Doyle of Phil-adelph- ia "The purest form to Alaska the Alcan Highway is and Corporal John' T in which tobacco a token of the spirit and determin- ation Reilly of Detroit were picked by can bo smoked" of our peopies to be their own Colonel Robert D. Ingalls of New master and not others' slaves. York City to represent their com- rades A rosy picture can be painted for on the Fort St. John sector. this Highway after this war is over. Jalufka. and Sims, who js a Negro, For those that have become ac- quainted are the bulldozer operators who " with the land through met on the Alaska-Yuko- n border which the High wuy passes, with its for the final break-throug- h on the forests, rivers, mountain. plateaus, highway. Doyle, a radio expert and words alone are not impressive. A signal corps man, hag been in . the little imagination can readily pic- ture Army 1G years. He -- is the highest a new empire for those who ranking non-commissio- ned officer will follow us, to build and enjoy. on his sector. Reilly, , a Negro, is The history of this section of the known in Detroit as a concert bari- tone Dominion is new to me, new and singer and has made an out- standing record in the service. . entrancing. I am now reading a hand-writt- en diary about the men . "These enlisted men," declared of the Western Union Telegraph Paules and Ingalls in a joint state- ment, Expedition, men led by Colonel "are worthy representaives of Charles S. Bulkley of the United the thousands of American soldiers States Army Engineers, who thread- ed who have clone such a magnificent the line through British Colum- bia's job in building this road." when they were solitudes, pro- jecting In ancient Egypt man brewed beer, find down the telegraph to Moscow in Wifp T-Ta- vo n lnrlr of fVo4 mlr,. 1868. There were the gold seekers I've made for my birthday party. through the ages man has brewed better with 'who crossed the icy passes of the Do you think that my sense of de- sign each passing year profiting by the experience Yukon three decades later; the bold is good? of those who went before. Today, when you farmers who first plowed the North- western Hubby (counting candles) Yes, Canadian plains; the trap- pers but your arithmetic's terrible! "drink delicious, zestful Old Style, you can know who explored the magnificent the world produces no finer refreshment. Caribou region; and back a little further Alexander Mackenzie and with us today at this dedication Fraser and others whose feats of ceremony at Soldiers' Summit. We exploration in Canada match, rival are honored by the attendance of and surpass the deeds of such Mr. Camsell, General Pearkes, Mr. and Bartlett, Mr. Fallow and . numerous American explorers as -- Lewis Bonnerville. others. Their presence is a symbol Clark, and Fremont and makes of the . bond between the United Knowledge of this noble past States and Canada, between soldier us of the American Army more and civilian, in the prosecution of proud th?n ever that we have been the war. I also want to thank the privileged to lu!ld t:ie Alcan High- way u many communities communities as on Canadian ground. future far apart as Fairbanks, Alaska, and There will shortly be a and Great Falls, Montana whose people when the American soldiers this desired to be with us but were pro-vent- ed others who have worked on from doing so by our very their places road will have resumed limited facilities. The good will of in the peaceful civilian life of their these men and women is appreciat- ed have had a country. For those who by all of us connected with this share in its construction, the Alcai Highway will be an indelible mem- ory, undertaking. CAPILANO BREWING CO. LTD. a memory in which, as the On behalf of the soldiers, the con- tractors VANCOUVER. B.C. and the civilians of the take justifi- able years go by, they can A UNIT OF ASSOCIATED BREWERIES OF pride and satisfaction. As the United States, who have worked on CANADA, LTD. ! PI ill i i i LM.ft talcs grow longer and bigger, - the the Alcan Highway, I formally thank the Government and people Highway can well become a sago and an undertaking of historic mag- nitude. of the Dominion of Canada for th2 For the benefit of their co-operat- ion and friendship which families and friends and listeneis, I has made our task possible. Through This advertisement is not published, or all the distant generations to come, -- ' ; . . . . know that the boys have well earn- ed displayed hy the oveinnient of Vnkon Territory. I that this road will be an un- - the right to be proud, and I count pray myself lucky to be one of them. . DreaKaoie uona oi unueiMcmui: i between our lands;' It is truly a Harold There's the handkerchief I've kissed it a thoussand times, As I conclude, I want to express who symbol that we are Good Neighbors that you dropped last night, dear. l Alice That isn't my handko-slep- t my appreciation to the men have traveled man miles to be for all time. with it under my pillow, and ! chief. That is little Fifi's sweater. . THE WIJITEHOUSK STAK. W I II T E HORSE- - YUKON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1942 PACE SIX rev- - m WW. W MuviiHMWMW' .v.-..-W.s-.i-.-- .- U. S Army band marches throu gh Whitehorse to its own accom paniment. TV 0 POPULAR MEMBERS YUKON DETACHMENT YOUNGER SET EDMONTON- - HERE R. C. M. POLICE ACT AS IViARlJED IN GrUAUD OF HONOR AT Our readers will be interested in HISTORIC CEREMONY- - roadinc the following dipping from the Edmonton daily press:. . With the permission of Inspector in n nu iet ceremony Saturday ! w. Grennan, officer in charge of LU Pev. R S. Faulks officiated-a- t the I r. c. M. P. in the Yukon, members mr-mag- e of Anne, youngest daugh- - , 0f the Force, dressed in their fam li- ter of Mr. and Mrs . J. A. McKenzie, ! iar scarlet and blue uniform ? d I" -- - in:i, to Mr. Harvev H. Johnston, under the direction of Corp. Beryl Payment of U. S. troops and Canadian contractors brings only son of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver C. Aan of Whitehorse, acted as the American exchange, faciliating purchase of war materials in Johnston of Edmonton. Gusrd of Honor at the impressive United States -- for Dominion's arsenals. Given in marriage by her uncle, open in r? ceremony of the A'can Mr. 13. Cairns, the bride wore a gray Highway today. Inspector Grennan -- n AVorfime Prices and Trade Teacher What did the Prince 6 and accorded with w col, suit trimmed in blue, was also in attendance matching hat and accessories in I a seat on the platform with the Board, Edmonton. Alberta. to wake the Sleeping Beauty? bhck. Her corsage was American 1 other distinguished visitors. "rry I don't know. v . Teacher Now, what does mo'. ici Beauty roses. :.:''- - ..' Neighbor: "Why on earth did yo-- i wake in the when Miss Dorothy Doan, bridesmaid, . , . give you you wife to quit playing wore an afternoon frock in blue WARTIME PRICES BOARD encourage your morning? ! o '-i- ano and start playing the Mary A spoonful of cod-liv- er ( v col. black accessories, and a cor- - COMMISSIONER ARRIVES clarionet? sags ot Tahsman roses. IN TOWN THIS WEEK. The Other: "Because she can't Mr. Stanleymery of Whitehorse, sing while she's playing the clari- net."':' Y. T., was best man. A reception for immediate, friends Mr. George J. Bryan, region;'? ,V; W. H. THEATRE rentals officer for the province of and relatives was held at the 'Mac- - Alberta, has been appointed a com- - Whitehorse Yukon donald after the ceremony. The tabic missioner to investigate, conditions , OFFICIAL WEATHER REPORT wr s centred with a tiered wedding i in e Yukon lemtory ior me waiv: November rSL-- P tnnnpH with n smnll airnl.r:,. Shows Every ,nor oh .v,;Q Mv !me Prices and Trade Board. Mr Min. Mr Bryan arrived in Whitehorse Mon- - 13 Friday 28 18 chrysanthemums were used as dec- oration. Hav anrt : ha Wn mpWn? n rarpfnl ' 14 Saturdav 19 7 Nioht check of local conditions and will j 15 Sunday ................... .. ...... 14 10 - Toast to the bride, was proposed Sundays) make his and recommendat- - Monday 9 1 (Except report t16 by Mr. T. Chilcott and to the groom inns tn Ottawa Hp informs us that. '17 -- TWr.ilav 2 ?. thrice Weekly. by Mr. W. G. McConachie. Pictures changed hp will hp nloasprl if thnsp having 1R Wednosdav 10 16 After a wedding trip to Vancou- ver recommendations 19 Thursday 10 0 Bulletin Board for Particulars, the couple will visit in Edmon any complaints or see ton before leaving for Whitehorse, to make will write to him in care o i .. ( Denotes below zero.) " ' JXIXXXXXXjUUxxilTn Y. 1., vvhere they will make their f ' " '1 ' .. home.' On behalf . of their host of friends j .here we extend heartiest congrat-i''.'.t'o- rs ?nd best wishes to the ' ' '"' "nnnle. CHRIST CHURCH W. A. AFTERNOON TEA and sale of HOME COOKING '" at . CHRIST CHURCH RECTOKV Wednesday NOVENBER 25th 3 to 5 p. m. The humorist who erected-th- e "Help Wanted Female" sign (insert in centre) must be bored with denuding potatoes and washing his own socks. Sgt. Al Mangone, former bartender in Roch- ester, j I'W SILVER COLLECTION N. Y. (left) helps the boys to forget their troubles with &oou oho.v. Pte. Al Hubbell of Dal-'a-s, Texas (right) does his Washing. FRIDAY,' NOVEMBER 20, 1942 THE WHIT.EIIORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE. YUKON PAGE SEVEN First Class Private. Dick Lewis of Oskaloosa, Iowa, shares his ration in his messkit with a hu sky puppy.' He'd heard huskies were vicious, found them . friendly. FITTING TRIBUTE PAID General Sturdevant is a native cf CLARENCE L. STURDE VANT Neillsville, Wisconsin, having ba i BRIGADIER-GENERA- L born there in August of 1885. He VLVW VHITEHORSE EDMONTON FOR ALCAN HIGHWAY. graduated from West Point in 1908 Daily except Sunday, via . md immediately entered IT on an act- ive -- Watson Lake, Fort Nelson, Fort By R ICHARD NEUBEUGER career in the American Army. In St. John, Grand Prairie. Lv. (Public Relations Officer.) 1914, when he was only 29, Sturde- vant Whitehorse 8.30 a.m., Y. T. WHITEHORSE, Y. T., Nov. 20 had charge of a military survey On the dedication today of the lt?50-mi- le of the island of Guam. Events WHITEHORSE VANCOUVER Alcan International Highway, nearly three decades later were tj engineering officers in this frontier focus history's searchlight on Daily except Sunday, via1 settlement were giving considerable Sturdevant's report. Fort St. John, Prince George. of the credit for the job to a man in As an engineering officer Sturde- vant Lv. Whitehorse 8.30 a. m , Y. T. far-o- ff Washington, I) C. Brigad- ier has served in practically every General Clarem-- e L. Sturdevant, region of the United States in VHITEHORSE DAWSON CITY assistant Chief of Engineers. Montgomery, Alabama, in Seattle, No task connected with the build- ing Washington, in Kansas City. Mis- souri. Lv. Whitehorse 9.00 a. m . of the wilderness road was more He was serving as division Tuesday-Thursda- y. Returning difficult than that of preliminary engineer of the Missouri River Divi- sion Lv. Dawson City 9.00 a. m. organization. Troops had to be as- sembledselected when he was' designated in Wednesday-Frida- y. and sent to distant 1940 to be assistant chief of the rulheads. Supplies had to be rush- ed Engineer Corps. Information and reservations: into a trackless upland sup- plies General Sturdevant is tall, quiet J. A. Barber, Canadian Pacific which consisted of everything and contemplative. Senators and -- Air Lines, Whitehorse. f i om bulldozers to canned consom-n-r Congressmen agree that he made an ' .. Arrangements had to be made excellent impression when he testi- fied (Yukon Division: Services of Yukon for boats, barges, trains, airplanes, before a special Congressional dog sleds, pack horses and everv committee early this year regardityi? Southern Air Transport.) other conceivable type of trans- portation. the Alcan Highway. The General usually can be seen at his desk This basic part of the highway eariy in the morning until late ft job was handled by General Sturde-vr.n- t. night, customarily smoking a ; pipe. From his desk in the W&r He is one of the most expert rifle I AIR LINES I Department Building, he assigned shots ever to raise to the rank of and general officer and his home is filled regiments, ordered equipment AIRSS LINES Y chartered steamers. He worked with trophies of his shooting. J 7 with the officers in the field and General Sturdevant considers his PASSENGERS MAIL . EXPRESS translated their requests into, tons of part in the building of the Alcan supplies and columns of troops. And Highway one of the most significant on numerous occasions General details of his Army career. He Sturdevant came into ine fiald to see says that everyone, "Canadians, for himself, traveling over practic- ally Americans, soldiers and civilians," Let the Star be your regular weekly letter home. all of the route of the lo ig has co-opera- ted to make the under- taking a success. highway I yTTTPT?,' phone g. 4179 r?7; 7 mp 'A 1 ' 1 Delivery lor free Home Government of the Yukon Territory Control Board or by the Liquor This advertisement is not published or dis PAGE EIGHT THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE. YUKON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER'' 20, 1942 CONGRATULATIONS A New Future For Yukon fS 5 As residents in Whitehoise and carrying on business for j, 42 years here we extend to General O'Connor and his army of Engineers and men our hearlifst congratulations on the completion and opening of the lcan Highway. ' ' A5 ' i mini iiynmmtmi m a No one more than the Sour lough realizes the great diffi- culties which had to be encountered in the completion of this great engineering feat. arrive in Whitehorse to commence the con- struction .' A New Epoch is now opened up in the North Country. U. S. Army Engineers of the Alcan Highway. Those who came over the White Pass and Ashcroft trails almost fifty years ago realize most the progress which is be-in- g made. Local Happenings The country is now openel up to all means of travel, the Car and the Aeroplane. The old dog team is discarded for the newer methods. FOR SALE One absolutely new A meeting of the Whitehorse hand clothes wringer. - $5.00. Curling Club will be held in the It is our hope that the "Al'un" Highway will be the means Apply Star Office. Masonic Hall Monday night at .8 of fostering still more closer r elations with our friends and o'clock. Allies of the United States. FOUND A wallet containing a sum Due to the space required for re- porting of money ' and identification the opening of the highway Owner can have same c. papers. .oday several of our usual features TAYLOR&DRURYLtd calling at the Star office and have had to be omitted. proving identity. Don't forget the afternoon tea and 'sale of home cooking at" Christ Church Rectory next Wednesday un- der Christ tharch Anglican- - the auspices of the W. A. Time rzxxxxzxxxznxxzzcuzzzxxz :mmro THE OLD LOG CHURCH 3 to 5 p. m. Whitehorse We are requested to announce that hockey meeting will be held a L. Th. G. Chappell, Rev. L. wwC- - .: ' Hector. at the fire-ha- ll next Tuesday at 8 h Fresh Vkh Butter SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1942 p. m. All interested are asked to H H C'red ana attend. M Try BURNS' 10.00 H..-- 0 a. a. m. m Hoty Sunday Communion. School. Due to the fact that this paper is H M Meats Slwminxk Brand Cream& 5uttcr Eggs being published the same day as the M 11.00 a. m. Morning Prayer M highway ceremony takes place cer- tain 7.30 p. m. Evening Prayer. features must necessarily be rTTTTTTTTirTTTTTIIIllllULIJ omitted from this issue. V. e l ope, S Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products however, to be able to include same H H SACRED HEART in our next issue. . ' H The river has been throwing ire Catholic Church for the past few days and on Wed H 46 You Can Buy No Better" nesday at 3.30 p. m. it was covered M Rev. Father Charles Hamel, O.M.I. H over Yesterday morning, however M " . From now on until further notice it was open again. It probably services following will times: be conducted V at : the won't be long now before the river I Burns & Company Limited. will be closed for the next few . Sundays: months. Txxxxxxxxxxrc iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiihii Masses 7.00 and 8.30 A.M. Rev .R. C. W. Ward arrived in High Mass . . 10.00 A.M town Saturday from- - Teslin and is Benedict ion 7.30 P.M. the guest of Rev. L. G. and Mrs. . Week days: Chappell at Christ Church Rectory, j Masses . ... 7.00 A.M. He travelled over the new highway (In Chapel at Rectory) in company with Mr. and Mrs. A. YOUR CLOSEST FRIEND Fridays: Benediction 7.30 P.M. McEachern who drove their private fyrrTTTTTtmrrtinmitii car from Edmonton to Whitehorse. . . . YOUR SLEEPING ROBE . . ' -- o : ...CHOOSE IT CAREFULLY A prominent man, in an inter- view, "BUILD , WESTERN PAYROLLS was asked to give his defini- tion -- , your dealer for "PIONEER BRAND" "YUKON" Eiderdown or "mountaineer" down-fille- d of an experts sleeping robe. Tht finest buy. A PATRON money can His answer was succinct and de- finite. . ;: Write for Catalogue No. 53 end tell us the name of ' your favorite dealer. "An expert is one who can com- plicate FOR 8 Lor i ) simplicity." EVa dad itFD YEARS NOTICE . We have a letter from up-coun- try The writer states she has used "all kinds of Several hundred copies of canned milk" but Pacific Milk continually since she this souvenir edition (oTthe began it "because of its Yukon Electrical Ltd. opening of the Highway Company, richness and flavor. That was eight years ago." been printed. These may be Will be pleased to consult It's only real excellence that procured from the Star Office could bring a milk a pre- ference you regarding like this. at 10c each or wrapped and Light, Power. Supplies and Installations mailed to the United States or Pacific Milk elsewhere for 15c each. IRRADIATED OF" COURSE WHITEHORSE, Y. T. ACT QUICKLY