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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 46, Friday, November 13, 1942.

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Frc-- Cf RCULATIHO THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY Tjj Vol. 42. No. 46. WHITEHORSE, YUKON, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1942 . , Subscription $3.00 Year. PLANS COMPLETED FOR -- :::::.v::::ov.v.v.v...:::.v.. TWO DISASTROUS FIRES DEDICATION ALCAN t. .m OCCUR THIS V'EEK ONE HIGHWAY NEXT FRIDAY WAS MOST SPECTACULAR. (By Lieut. R. L. Neuberger) Two disastrous tires occurred this Plans are completed for the dedic week one causing the demolition o: ation November 20 of the first land the 2-st- orey residence of former of- ficers route in hisLory between Ala a in charge of the R N.. W. M., and the interior of the North Amen- - can continent. P.,- - at the old barracks site and the At ten o'clock that morning, in other the cabin of Louis Irvine. Th the spruce and pine wilderness nsar first occurred on Tuesday and the the" Alaska-Yuko- n international latter yesterday. Loundary, the cutting of a red, The premises ' at the old pol ire white and blue ribbon will formally barracks have been for sometime open the Alcan Highway, wh'ci past occupied by the U. ' S. Army and for time utilized its headq- uarters-but a as stretches acoss the 1,630 miles of upland fastnesses between Dawson rriore recently as sleep- ing for of the soldiers." quarters some Creek, B. C, and Fairbanks, Alasku. Fortunately no seriously one was E. L. Bartlett, secretary of state injured although there were a few (or Alaska and acting governor of casualties. It is understood that the Territory, will wield one blaJe two soldiers suffered minor injuries.'.;. of' a specially engraved pair of scis when hit by ammunition several sors to cut the ribbon. The othir cases of which exploded during th'e blade will be wielded , by Chai le conflagration. . Two others were CamseU, commissioner of the Nortn-ue- st gassed by the chlorine used to abate Territories, who will DAWN TO DUSK "SHUTTLE SERVICE" ALLIED AIR ATTACKS rhe fire and a number of the .occu- pants the Dominion of Canada. ON ROMMEL'S CONCENTRATIONS. of the premises lost their per- sonal Following brief speeches by Ban- -' belongings. Although some lett and , Camsell, Brigadier General Picture shows: Lt. Col. Hademan briefing crews of South African records were destroyed the major James A. O'Connor, command:wj bomber squadron for an attack on enemy positions. part of them, housed in the new ad- joining the Northwest Service Comman i premises, were saved in- tact. will respond on behalf of the : American Army. The road is be: i VICHY GOVERNMENT TIDE IS TURNING WITH The cabin of Louis Irvine was v constructed, and operated undei BREAKS OFF DIPLOMATIC UNITED NATIONS TAKING cause for the second alarm.. General O'Conner's direction. RELATIONS WITH U S.. OFFENSIVE SUCCESSFULLY. premises with all contents were Colonel KB. Bush, chief of staf gutted by the blaze. There wore of the Northwest Service Command will be master of ceremonies. President Roosevelt places square- ly With Algiers now in Allied hands, many willing hands to combat the in instances the two blazes but both will read messages from official on Pierre Laval's shoulders the Oran surrounded, two key towns' demol- ished. premises and contents -- were high in military and governmental responsibility for severing American-- French north of Casablanca captured and . affairs of both the United States and relations. The following the American army ' preparing for a is the text of the President's state- ment: Canada. Other dignitaries repie- - lightening push -- across Tunisia to senting the Province of Alberta , NEW ADDITION TO Marshal Rommel's .'flight are also expected to speak. "The representative of this gov- ernment intercept LOCAL HOSPITAL NOW His Excellency Jean Louis Cou- - at Vichy has reported that into Libya, North Africa is now in UNDER CONSTRUCTION. dert, Roman Catholic Bishop of Yu last evening (Nov. 8) M. Laval, the dolldrums with odds distinct 'v kon Territory has been invited to chief of the government at Vichy favouring the Allied Nations. It will be trs readers pleased five the invocation: An American notified him that diplomatic relat- ions looks very much now as if the Sec- ond ;Our the construction-o- f new hear that Army chaplain will pronounce the between Vichy and this govern- ment Front, as predicted by Winston addition to our local hospital has al- ready benediction. ' had been severed. I regret Churchill, would centre around the commenced and that concrete The ribbon across the h'ighw j Jthis action on the part of M. Laval. Mediterranean and not, as so many for the' full-size- d basement wn? He is evidentally still speaking the people surmised, in Norway, the will be held by four outstanding en poured last Sunday. When com- pleted listed men of the Army, two from language prescribed by Hitler. Netherlands or Northern France. this new' addition which will , the United The in North Africa is now 6f scene The government the southern sector of the road af be two-soe- y structure measurir a about this with such rapidity that in changing do nothing two from the northern sector. The States can 30x50 ft. will provide for eleven of relations on the part oi order to keep abreast of the oper- ations chosen by their commandi- ng severance extra beds as well as separate quar- ters Neverthe- less, one would have to resort tr officers for particularly note- worthy the Vichy government. for, the nursing staff, Mr. San act of Hitler of any of the use of a teletype machine and oy no service. After the ceremony Collins" is the architect. relations, be- tween read the news from the tape as it the ribbon will be cut into small his puppets, can sever the American people and the was "released "from the army irt thtv lengths to be used as souvenirs of the historic occasion. people of France. We have rot field. The outlook, however, W TOTAL SUBSCRIPTIONS broken relations with - the Fren .- -h the United Nations seems distinctly THIRD VICTORY LOAN As soon as the ceremony is con- cluded, trucks loaded with military We never will. good. TOTAL $86,300- - will continue as President Roosevelt sent a mes- sage supplies will roll forward toward This government to devote its thought, its to the Bey of Tunis for per- mission Fairbanks in the heart of Alaska heretofore Tunisia n The final check-u- p of subscript- ions and its aid to the rescue to pass through This willbe the first official oper- ation sympathy million people of which he stated "The indomitable for the Third Victory Loan in of the first land route linking of the forty-fiv- e enslavement and from and massive American armed for.v? the Whitehorse district reveals 11:" the industrial centres of the contin- ent France from to North applications totalling $86,300. Thesv loss of their liberties which I am dispatching with the largest Territorial pos a permanent institutions." Africa in collaboration with the fo -- ces are tabulated as follows: session of the United States. and free. result of the severance ail of France will co-oper- ate with Bank 93 applications : .. $69,4.00 On a recent visit to Whitehorse, As a in American ports vou in the defence of your country C. P. A. 10 apolie.?tions Governor Ernest Gruening of Al- aska, French ships in "protective cus- tody" They have no other aim than h:e Teslin f applications 350 been placed now in Washington on official have Vancouver 3 applications. 16,00) and all French funds in the early destruction of our common business,' said the highway dedic- ation simultaneously enemy the elimination of the 'for- ces have "would claim attention in United States of evil from North Africa." Total 112 applications $86.30) history." been frozen. " T tiir WHI'liUHORSE STAR. WHITEHORSE. YUKON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1942 t'tWad X VV t- - " mmmmimMMMMMMM "i an't be done? We haven't tried it yet. Why not start now? We sure- ly have a golden opportunity. Volom of thm Yukon -- o- TO ALL HUMANITY An Independent Journal In a recent radio ,. address, Mr. t Wendell Willkie, touching on hi Published every Friday f.l left the impres- sion Atlantic Charter, Whi'ehoise, Yukon Territory that the world outside Great The White pass and Yukon Route Britain and : the United States re- garded On the Trail of '98 it as. too narrow. "Why riot a Pacific Charter?" he asked. "Why The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to Member of Canadian Weekly not a World Charter?" Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska- - I President Roosevelt's r eply Newspapers' Association. amounts to 'ittle more than "Why w AIRPLANE SERVICE not?" And. that is a complete an- swer.. HORACE E. MOORE - Publisher I connections northbound and south- bound Perhaps it was a mistake to give pla,ne service, making the Atlantic Charter the name it has with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, - Lei us have faith that right makes borne from the first. The name was Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For information I might; and in that faith let us to intended to identify it, not to lim.t the end dare lo do our duty as we apply to any - ' . ufp a) uirlerstand it. ' ; Lincoln. The document was drawn .the meeting of President RooseVlt WHITE PASS A 0. EN T, or and Mr.' Winston Churchill in the 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. NOVEMBER 13, 1942 Atlantic in August of last year and was later subscribed to by aU th2 nations in the war against the Axis. It has long been the custom to name THE RIGHT APPROACH international documents for the city in which they were negotiated oi At the termination of the world- wide signed. Thus we have the Peace of cataclysm which confronts us Versailles, ' the Washington '; Treaty, today a trail of human and material the Declaration of London. suffering will be in evidence the Following this practice, the At- lantic like of which has never before been Charter, which was' born not experienced or recorded in human in a city but, on an ocean, was nam- ed hisvory. An 1 put of the ashes of for its birthplace. There was no the immediate past and. present a intention to limit its application to new world order will be in the mak- ing. the Atlantic or to the nations bor- dering What form this will eventu- ally the Atlantic. As President take is 'unpredictable at this Roosevelt put it, it applies to all? v riting. On one phase of it how-ev- er humanity. (here is complete accord al- ready and that is that the changes to be wrought within our own times will be far-reachi- ng in their applic- ation I 6cm$ of Cbougbt and drastic in their import. This is to be expected in the circum- stances PRIDE . ' . WHITEHORSE EDMONTQN v for it is well known and freely admitted that social reform Li Daily except Sunday, via many if not most of the countries Pride, the most aangerous of all Watson Lake, Fort Nelson, Fort affected by this war is long over- due. faults, proceeds from want of sense, St. John, Grand Prairie. Lv. The pity and irony of it is or want of thought. Dillon. Whitehorse 8.30 a. m., Y. T. that it takes a war to achieve what Pride is to the character, like the ordinary common sense could aS attic to the house the highest part, WHITEHORSE VANCOUVER compHsh much more easily and and generally. . the most empty. readily without giving rise to those John Gay. Daily except Sunday, via gruesome disadvantages which all Fort St. John, Prince, George. wars invariably engender. And so Pride is seldom delicate; it will Lv. Whitehorse 8.30 a. m., Y. T. the old order changeth. Let us hope please itself with very mean ad- vantage!;. that the. one to be formulated to Sumuel Johnson. WHITEHORSE DAWSON CITY take its place will be founded prim- arily Pride is ignorance; those assume Lv. Whitehorse 9.00 a. m . upon the broad basic principles most who have the least wisdom or of Christain fellowship 'and not to a experience; and they steal from Tuesday-Thursda- y. Returning Lv. Dawson City 9.00 a. m. major extent upon cold, calculating their neighbor, because they have so Wednesday-Frida- y. economic lines. What so many peo- ple little of their own. Mary Barker are still not aware of is the fact Eddy. that the crisis confronting the world Information and reservations: today is basically religious in its Men are sometimes : accused of J. A. Barber, Canadian Pacific origin and afterwards (to place pride merely because theii accusers Air Lines, Whitehorse. would be proud themselves of they them in their proper rotation) mor- al, were in their places. Shenstone. political and lastly economic. (Yukon Division: Services of Yukon Those among us and they are If a man has a right to be. proud many who fancy that a rectific- ation of anything, it' is of good action Southern Air Transport.) of our, present economic sys- tem done as it ought to be. without any will in itself be sufficient to base interest lurking at the brttom cure all "the ills that human flesh of it. Sterne. is heir to" have first to learn that they are approaching the problem BLACKOUTS NIGHTLY AIR LINES entirely from the wrong angle ana ALL UP THE COAST. will not' arrive at the solution of the mmgmuNES vi QJ riddle now confronting us in adopt- ing What is called a "sea-boa- rd black- out" X 7 such a course. The true solution is now in operation nightly all PASSING MAIL EXPRESS lies in human nature not in up the coast in order to prevent economics. Transform human nat- ure prowling enemy submarines from along Christian lines and most securing silhouettes of ships and of the "major" problems which af- flict tankers travelling at night against fected. No' shore lights, visible from 'j as lluminated signs (but not signals) the world today will disappear the glow of shore lights. Victoria, the sea. will be permitted and a1! must be so shielded as to make then entirely unnoticed and unsung. It B. C. it is stated will be chiefly af-- street and highway lights as well 1 invisible from the sea. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13," 1942 THE WHITEIIOKSE STAK. WHITEIIORSE YUKON PAGE THREE YUKON VOLUNTEERS BERLIN RADIO HINTS ANSWER COUNTRY'S POSSIBILITY OF THE CALL TO COLORS. CAPTURE OF ROMMEL- - ;ne iollowing list, alphabetically NEW YORK, Nov. 7. The Ger- man arranged, of Yukoners" who have radio in a curious broadcast volunteered for service in the Can- adian Friday night raised the possibility of Forces; has been prepared for Marshal Erwin Rommel "being the Star by one of our corresponcl-ent- s taken prisoner" in Africa, suggest- ing who himself enlisted over two that Berlin is anxious over the verrs ago. It is a list which demon- strates Axis commander's eventual fate or to all and sundry that Patr- iotism I has not heard from him recently i:i is by no means a dead issue the retreat across western Egypt. as far as the Yukon is concerned. "What will Rommel do now?" -- .the Volunteers From the Yukon Berlin announcer asked at the open- ing Aldcroft, I., Ayles, Harold. of a late broadcast. Bfiley, F., Barkwell, C. H., Boyle, . Then after telling of the field V'.U ; m A., Bredenberg, A. T., marshal's "tactical genius" and a Burnbur'ry, Dave, B anchard, Wally, possible Nazi counter-strok- e some- where Ltllcntine, J. W, Besner, Gus. in the desert, the announcer - m Bradley, Ben., Buchart, J. S. Burtt, concluded with this statement: Art. ." . "Political and military circles in Crm, George, Carswell, E. E., Berlin refuse to make any predic- tions m Cook, Jack, Cam, Harold, Clifton, or cutter any speculation as to in- - rlKtbi Joe, Corbett, J. ' . the next possible developments in mi YOUR Deeham, T., Donaldson, Ross... Africa.."- - Erickson, W., Evoy ,Alex., Ed- wards. j "It is emphasized, however, that tW. EHinson, Charles. the characteristic and noteworthy Fournier, Emil, Fairclough, Stanl- ey, (fighting methods of German mil; - r aa-cloug- n, Frank. tary leadership in Africa involve (jrod, i .orvin, Gropkin, John, I also the. possibility of the general be- - Gould, Allan. ing taken prisoner as happened be- - Harper, Fred, Hartnell, Norman, fore to Gen. von Cruewell and now Hin hfielu, Hank, Homer, Dr. G , sary of the Russiian revolution: mm Harrison, E., Hayter, O., Holland, E:il, Hughes, Ar. TEXT OF GENERAL A. G- - L. Isaac, Charlie. ricNAL GHTON'S MESSAGE Johnson, E.', Juneau, Fred, Jen-so- n, Jerry, James, Ralph. TO THE SOVIET UNION. Kaldal, George! Keelling, D. H., Kazinsky, Louis. ; The following is the text of the Lamp, William, Love, J. Ling, L. message forwarded November 7 tc H. ..'r j Russia by Lt.-Gene- ral McNaughton, McCrimmon, J., McDonald, Elme- -. and intended for publication in the M(.i.oug:i.l, G. M.,. McKenzi, J. A., ' Soviet Union on the 25th annive- rsary McK inlay, George, McLeod, Jim of the Russian revolutio: MacReady, P., Miller, ,Rbd, Mullhs, i "Today the peoples of the Union Moon, Murray, Norman, MacDoi-sl- d, of Soviet Republics celebrate an an- niversary Siiirl iialilv ofroiirw! Burns, McDonald, Joe., Mc-Kerz- ie, which they specially cher- ish; Ami il'lirioiifi. .fslt'nl. W. B. Mc- Leod, voice our admirat- ion John, McKenzie, , Today we p;irkliii OM Slylo hrr Alex, McLeod, Malcolm, Mel-le- r, for their steadfast purpose i'h the Id inil- - mi liimoii (liiNor. V. C, Morgan, K. Murphy, Des., face of grave adversity. ui ior;il in rH'rrsli-nuii- . Haddocks, George. "We share their deep anxiety as loo. I 'iiid on I for Nelson, Len., Nicholson, . Clint. the battle ebbs and flows and we loil;iy! joiu-M-l- f NorcUing, O., Nichols, John, Nixon, thrill at their triumphs against our Charles, Nordling, A. common foe. Oakes, Ralph, Olson, II . O., Olds, "We are their ally and we watch II. P. Don. our time to strike so that our con- tribution CAPILANO BREWING CO. LTD A UNIT or ASSOCIATED BRIWIRIES Palmer, E. J., Payette, D. J.. Pel-lan- d, may have its maximum j Of CAN1DA LIMITED Harve, Poole, Don., Palmer feet . against the despoilers of other Jimmy, PeUand, Albert, Perfitt, peoples' rights and liberties. . J.'mmy, Payne, Johnny . - With them we will go on to final Rogers,' Tom, Ross, C. E. victory and afterwards we wUl Scaife, Bob," Sinclair, J. Smith, march forward together in endur- ing This ailvertipcment is nt published or Malcolm, O., Souham, T., Stevens, friendship." flispl.'iypd by tlie Government of Yukon Territory. Tommy, Sutherland, Jock, Slimers, ' '- -' 0 Henry, Seel, Ernie, Smith, Elijah, FAULTS Smith, O., Stevens, Murray, Storm, consequence to us than one of the over all the valuable parts of man, E., Saunders, Art. should smallest in ourselves. Whately. and fixour attention on his infir- mities. we Thomas, Ray, Thompson, W. If we were faultless the de- fects Great men are very apt to have Addison. Vatelet, A. not be" so much annoyed by great faults: and the faults appear But, by all thy nature's weakness, of those with whom we associ- ate. Hidden faults and follies known, Waldner, J.,'. Washbrook, W. B. the greater by their contrast with Tony, Whitman, Norman, Warner, Fenelon. their excellencies. Charles Sim- mons. Be thou, in rebuking evil, Ten thousand of the greatest ' Conscious of thine own Whit-tie- r. Bob, Walnutt, T., Watt, Andy, are of less - ." ' Winding, E. faults in .our neighbors What an absurd thing it is to pass I WANT A HOUSE Yukon Electrical Company. Ltd. I ' Will be pleased to consult you regarding 1 TWO TO FIVE ROOMS Light, Power. Supplies and Installations WILL PAY CASH V.1HITEH0RSE STAR W H I T E H 0 R S E, Y. T. Wri Box p. PAGE FOUR THE WHITEIIOKSE STAR WHITEHORSE. YUKON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1942 NEW CANADA YEAR THERE IS NO OTHER TOBACCO JUST LIKE OLD CHUM BOOK FOR 1942 NOW OFF THE PRESS- - The 1942 .edition of , ihe Canada Year -- Book, published by authoriz- ation of the Hon. James A. Mac- Kinnon, Minister of Irade and Commerce, is announced by the Do- minion! The next Bridge party will be Bureau of Statistics. The held on Friday, November 20 at 8 Canada Year Book is the official p. m. in the Masonic Hall. statistical annual of the country and . Mr. M." H. Warren was the winner contains a , thoroughly up-to-d- ate of the lace tablecloth raffled by the account of the natural resources of Whitehorse Chapter I. O. D. E. Will the Dominion and their develop- ment, the winner please call at the iocal the history of the country, its drugstore to receive his prize, institutions, is geography, the cUi-fcie- nt Upwards of sixty cards have been branches of production, trade, received from Canadian soldiers '.'transportation, finane'e, education, : cknov.ldging the receipt of cigar- ettes e!c in brief, ; a comprenensiv? donated by the Whitehorse study within the limits of a single Chapter I. O. D. E. One recipient of the social and economic, volume writes Mrs. Hi?gins, the treasurer ition of the Dominion. This cota of the loca l Chapter from "Some- where new edition has been thoroughly re- vised in England" as fol'ows: "I and includes in all throughout, have' been given 50 of the cigarettes its the latest information chapters which were donated by your Chap- ter available up to the date of going, to and I really do appreciate them ' '''press.'':'.'".. , a great deal. Cigarettes are at-- a The 1942 Canada Year Book ex- tends premium over here and good old to over 1.000 dealing pages, Sweet Caps are certainly a welcome with 'all phases or the national : 1 ife treat. I thank you sincerely. and more especially with those You certainly come irom away susceptible of statistical measure- -' north don t you? My father was up nient. A statistical summary of tne' M in the Yukon near' Mayo Landing progress of Canada is included in ' last summer.. He has some planer JVL the introductory matter. This gives property up there. lie did ot return a picture in figures of the remark- - this summer as gold seems to be The Tobacco of Quality able1 progress that the country has j "cut" just now. He has a chance tn macie since the first census of Do- minion was taken in Tb71 go as foreman on the Highway to CUf COAISI tOU MPI CUT MNI tO SOILING YOUR OWN Alaska but probably won't go. The Persons requiring the Year Bool: Highway will be alright for yo.i may obtain it from the King's Prin-te- i, folks up there won't it? I'd be Ottawa, as long as the supply pleased to hear from you sometime las ts, at the price oi $1 .CO per copy ; if you could spare the time to write. this covers merely the cost of paper,. Again I thank you for the fags. Sin- cerely printing and binding. By a special B94867 Spr, R. yours, DOAL, concession, a limited number of W. 3 st Tunneling Coy., R. C. j. paper-boun- d copies have been set Canadian Army Overseas. aside for ministers of religion, bona P. S. I to be hope going to tne fide students and school teachers, Yukon when "this" is all over to who may obtain such copies at the work on the property. I wonder if nominal price of 50 cents each but I'll make it. I always wanted to go application for these special copies there. My home is in North?m should be directed to the Dominion Ontario near Kirkland Lake. Statistician, Dominion Bureau ot : Statistics, Ottawa. ; ; ; THE ESTATE OF E. L. THOINIS "BUILD WESTERN PAYROLLS' DECEASED ALL PERSONS having any claims A PATRON against the estate of the above-name- d deceased are required to file the same with the Public Admini- strator Gives you that "extra" flavor'' ) FO X 8 at Dawson on or before the you'" enjoy to., the last drop. , Mf '''. 23rd day of January, 1943, suppoit-e-d JVAPORATED by statutary declaration, after YEARS which date the estate will be dis- tributed, ' having reference only .to We have a letter from up-coun- try claims which have been so filed. The writer states ALL PERSONS indebt-- d to the she has used "all kinds of said estate are requested to make canned milk" bu Pacific immediate payment to the Public Milk continually since she Administrator. The Wartime Beverage of Thousands began it "because of its DATED o AT DAWSON this 301 n "richness and flavor. That day of October, 1942. was eight years ago." . o C. E. McLEOD, COAST BREWERIES LTD. If It's only real excellence that Public Administrator. VANCOUVER . NEW WESTMINSTER VICTORIA could bring a milk a pre-- (2023) '. - : 44-- 3 42 2 ference like this. , This advertisement if" not published or When he woke in bed up displayed by the Government of Yukon Territory. Pacific Milk . A day later he said: "Well I sure got a kick out of that." ( only girl I have ever loved! You be- lieve money on notes." IRRADIATED OF COURSE ' Holidayr.iaker (to country bits me, don't you? . a Mr. Newwed: "So it does, dear. rTXXXXXUXXXXXXXXTXTXXXXXX3 conductor)-rWh- at time is your bus ' Maiden (gentle but wise) I do. Why? ' due at Fallow Green? But there are thousands who Mrs. Newwed: ""Well, it doesn't: SMILE AWHILE I Conductor Hi Bill! What 'time wouldn't. I sent the maid down there with a There was a young fellow named ; did your missus tell you to be 'ome note telling them I wanted to bor- row Pratt, . for tea? Mrs. Newwed: "Henry. I thougit $100 and they wouldn't give 1:: Who stopped near a mule for a hat, EnthusiasticLover You are - tho you told me that your bank loaned to her." FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1942 THE W H J TE 1 1 ORS E STAR . W 1 1 1TE 1 1 ORSR V I IKON PAGE FIVE feet on each side of the base line. Registration of any document $2.00 When $500.00 has been expended Other claims shall not exceed five Recording an abandonment $2.00 or paid the locator may,; upon hav- ing hundred feet in length by one thou- sand If it affects more than one claim a survey made, and upon com- plying feet in depth. Claims shall be For each with other additional claim , $1.00 requirements, ob- tain as nearly as possible rectangular in Abstract of Title a lease for a term cf twenty-on- e form and shall be marked by two For first entry . $2.00 years with the right to renewal of Mining Law legal posts, one at each end of the further Synopsis For each additional entry .50 for terms of twenty-on- e claim, numbered "1" and "2" re- spectively. For Claims located copy of Document-- Up years. prior to July Location posts of creek to 200 words .... $2.50 7, 1917 may upon fulfilling similar Yukon Territory claims shall be placed on the base For each additional 100. words .50 requirements, be Crown Granted. t line, and of all other claims parallel For grant of water Leases, renewals of leases, and to the base line, and on the side of For 50 inches less .......... or $10.00 documents relating to leased claims the claim nearest the creek river or For 50 to 200 inches ........... $25.00 shall be recorded with the Mining Any person eighteen years of age towards whiVh it fronts. For 200 to inches hmro tVta riant iri ontor 1,000 $50.00 Recorder in triplicate. Mian uqvc uiv. iigui iv .nv.i (If OVcl prospect and mine upon any A discoverer shall be entitled to a' For each additional 1,000 inches Schedule of Fees locate, or fraction thereof .. . .... $50.00 lands in the. Yukon , Territory, claim 1,500 feet in length, and a Recording every claim $10.00 llV ieilltrl ,,rc-tr- A vconu in tHo Prnwin u y nr party of twc? discoverers two claims, QUARTZ MINING For a substitutional record $10.00 otherwise, for the minerals defined each of 1,250 feet in length. Application for a lease $10.00 Subject to the boundaries of other For certificate of Yukon Quartz Mining Act a improve- -. the The .boundaries in of any claim may claims in good standing at the time ments 5.00 Placer Mining Act, . and the Yukon be size enlarged to the of a claim of its claim shall certain reservations set out hv location, a mining If recorded within 14 days after with allowed by the Act, if the enlarge- ment be rectangular in shape and shall date ' ' $5.00 expiry I -- he said Acts. J does not interfeie with the not exceed 1,500 feet in length by If after 14 days and within rights of other persons or terms of 1.500 feet in width. No person shall enter for mining three months $15.00 any agreement with the crown. mine lands If after three months and with- in or shall upon purposes Every claim shall be marked on or lawiunj' uuuicu uj an- other An application for a claim may be the ground by two legal posts, one six months v $25.00 Iownea until adequate.; security has filed with the. Mining Recorder at each extremity of the location Recording every certificate of IbeeTi furnished to the satisfaction of within ten days after being located line, numbered "1" and "2" respect- ively. of work ... . . $5.00 the Mining Recorder for any loss or if within ten miles of the Recorder's On the side of No. 1 post For a certificate of partnership $5.00 damage which may be thereby office. One extra day shall be al- lowed taring No. 2 post" shall be inscribed Recording assignment, abandon- ment, I caused. for every additional ten miles the name of the clakv a letter in- dicating affidavits, or any other or fraction thereof. A claim may be the direction to No. 2. post, document . $2.50 Whprp claims are being located If document affects more than Lhirh located on Sunday or any public the number of feet to the right or are situated more than one one claim, for each additional holiday. left of the location line, the date of h,mrirpH miles from the Mining Re Claim ... . . $1.00 location and the name of tne locator. corder's office, the locators, hot less Any person having , recorded a For granting period of six On No. 2 post, on the side facing No. than five in number, are authorized claim shall not have the right to lo- cate months within which to re- cord 1 post, shall be inscribed the name meet and appoint one of their another claim in the valley or $4.00 -- For to of the claim, the date of location, number as emergency recorder, basin of . same creek within sixty an abstract of the record of and the name of the locator. who shall as soon as possible deliver days of locating first claim. ," a claim: . ' . the application 'and fees received to '..Title ; The claim shall be recorded with- in For the first entry .... $4.00 the Mining Recorder for the District. : fifteen days if located within ten Fpr each additional entry .50 Any person having complied with miles of the mining Recorder's of- fice; For copies of any document re- corded II it i ivyu v nr- - mnrp ....- - - r nersons own N a the provisions of the Ati with res- pect one additional day shall be al-low- ed where same do not u;, CCiV Mh i 4 ok.w ciiph nprsnn f - shall contri- - to locating and recording a1 for every additional ten miles exceed three folios $4.00 ILldllll, Kf rrmrH innntelv to his interest claim shall be ent jtled '. to a grant or fraction thereoi. Where such copies exceed three to the work required to be done for one year and shall have the ab- solute folios, 30 cents per folio for when to the Adjoining claims not exceeding and proven Ihereon, right of renewal from year every folio over three. cniri rAmmiscinnpr that he has not to year thereafter, provided during eight in number may be grouped, For recording a power of at- torney clone so his interest may be vested each year he does or causes to be Me, necessary representation work to stake from one in the other co-own- ers. for each claim may then be per- formed .................. $4.00 done $200.00 worth of work of the person claim made by a claim, files with the Mining Recor- der on any one or more of the For recording a power of attor- ney 1 ilC OU1 V claims in the group. to stake from two per- sons after the days Dominion Land Sur- veyor within fourteen duly qualified V. shall be accepted as defining expiration of the claim an affidavit Every application for a full claim , $8.00 tVio hmindaries of the showing a detailed statement of the shall be made, on Form "A" and for For recording an assignment or OUSUIUICIJ provided the survey work, and pays the required renewal a Fractional claim on Form "A-l"- .. other "document relating to a claim surveyed, quartz mining lease $3.00 is approved by the . proper authori- ty fee. .' No person is entitled to .locate Rental, whole or fractional min- eral and remains unprotested during GROUPING more than one claim in the same claim granted under the period of advertisement. Under certain conditions claims mining district , within twenty days. lease for term of 21 years. . $50.0(t renewal term of 21 t tn undertake a Rental for may be grouped and the work re- quired The timber on a mineral claim is .................. . .. $200.00 knno fiHo nrnsnectine trip may se to entit.e years to be performed reserved until the Mining Recorder cure from the Mining recorder the owner or owners to renewals of certifies that the same is' required Dredging to record at his be A lease be issued for a per- iod written permission the several claims grouped may for use in mining operations on the may own risk a claim within six months. performed on any one or more of claim. The Commissioner, however, of fifteen years for a continuous " If the stretch of " river not exceeding ten claims jn the grouping. holders of stand four feet the issue a permit to must may A legal post miles in length giving the exclusive owned by more - grouped are the timbers squared or laced claims other claims to remove above the ground, partnership right to dredge for gold, silver and inches and than one person a for use in their miningbperations for the upper eighteen and platinum. The lessee must have at across the agreement creating a joint where, other timber is not readily inches measuring four liability on the part ofall least one dredge in operation on the must be several available. faced' portion. The post the owners for the joint working of leasehold within three years. firmly fixed in tne grounu. and Title ... the claims shall be executed Petroleum and Natural Gas Priority of location shall be deem- ed filed with the Mining Recorder. Any person having complied with A, lease may be issued for a per- iod Cer- tain of twenty-on- e for an area of right. years to convey priority Taxes and Fees the provisions of the Act with re- gard be heard and de- termined of not to exceed 1.920 acres giving disputes may to locating and recording a Board of Arbitrators. Royalty at the rate of two and the right to the petroleum and nat- ural by a claim shall be entitled to hold it for one-ha- lf per cent, on the value of gas on the area leased. A rent- al the date of the record Grants of claims grouped or own all gold shipped from the Yukon. one year from is charged of 50 cents per acre ed by one ' person may be made re- newable Territory shall be paid to the Com- - and thereafter from each year to he year, does for the first year and "$1.00 per acre provided during year on the same date. ptroller. the for each subsequent year. or causes to be done work on For grant to a claim for Assay Office PLACER MINING " claim to the value of $100.00 and one year . shall, within fourteen days after the An Assay Office is maintained by Creeks means any natural water For renewal of grant expiration of the year, satisfy the the Government at Vancouver, width of 14 days within course having an average Tf renewed Mining Recorder that the work has where gold exported from the Ter- ritory less than one hundred and fifty, feet . after expiry date ...$10.00 been done, and pay the Certificate will be purchased at its full 14 days and within 3 If after ueiween us umnvo. $3000 of Work fee. One hundred dollars value. Creek claims shall not exceed five months ..- - within 6 mav be paid in lieu, of assessment g a. .wrw T. If after 3 months and measured Controller. hundred, feet in length, - $4!00 work. along the base line, by one thousand months PAGE SIX THE WliriiEHORSE STAR. WHITJGIIORHE. YUKON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER . 13, 1942 Local Happenings Mr. Martin Berrigan celebrated hist His many-friend- s in the north will 71st birthday on Wednesday, Nov- ember join with us in extending heartiest J 1th in the best of health and congratulations to Otto Nordling MEN'S AND LADIES' . who has recently been raised to the spirits. C. C M. SEATING SETS rank of sergeant and now proudly Mr. Ritchie who for a short time displays the three stripes on his was employed in the W. P. & Y. R, uniform. depot here left Tuesday for. the SKIS, SKI HARNESS coast and expects to return north Latest Ottawa regulations state next February. . . that any bakery route which does and SKI POLES not sell more than $175 every week We noticed on Monday an army must be discontinued after Novem- ber truck outside the C. P. A. office on 30. - Men 's, Dadies ' and Children 's Front Street' on the radiator of SKI PANTS which was displayed a large printed Mr. Thompson of the, meteorolog i placard -- reading "First Truck Daw- son ical branch of the Dept. of Trans Creek to Whifehorse North- west. port has arrived back in town from Ladies' All-wo- ol SKI SOCKS Service Command 71 hours. his enjoyable vacation trip east. and MITTS- - We have been requested to an- nounce We are in receipt of a copy of a that the stores in town now pocket edition of a Japanese-Eng-- 1 operate from 8.30 to, 5.30 p. m. daily lish Dictionary which is procurable -- from Sundays and holidays excepted. Mrs. Monaghan cjo Messrs. J. j TAYLOR &DRURY Ltd R. Monaghan & Co.. 113 Granville! LOST Gent's. 'Longene watch. Re- ward Street, Vancouver, B. C. Price 45c. I offered on same being re- lumed to the Star Office. We notice in the coast papers that ixxjjlxxxcxxjctxxxx: LLU.UIIXIIXIIIIIIIITT1 XXXXXXXXXXX7 a daughter was born at the Vancou- ver WANTED Sewing machine. Must General Hospital to Mr. and be in good condition. Write P. O. Mrs. B. E. (Fred) Dunn, on October H Box 23, Whitehorse. 46-- 1 16 last. K Fresh Mb Butter .'. '. N N H N FTUND A wallet containing a sum Cured N His friends in the north will join a Try BURNS and M of money and identif icatitn Slwmnx k Brand Butter N with us in extending heartiest con- gratulations Meats Creamery K papers. Owner can have same c ' Eggs N and best wishes to PO N calling at the Star office, ami . x Acton Daunt, R. G A. F. who was proving identity. married October 15 to Marjorie Grant, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. f. Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products N N A. Grant of Sydenham, Ont. The : Christ Church - Anglcan- - marriage was held at the bride's home, the Rev. Dr. James Faulds, THE OLD LOG CHURCH officiating. You Can Buy No Better" r M 1 Whitehorse Rev. L. G. Chappell, L. Th. Two new members arrived this - Rector. week to join the local staff of the SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1942 Canadian Bank .of Commerce D jjBurns & Company Limited. M. Sinclair, former manager , 10 00 a. m. Sunday School. Bank's branch at Zeballos, V x- - 1 ' ixxtx3:xxxxxxxxxxxtxxxxxxxaxxj:xxxxxxxxxxx XXXXXXXlfl 1 1.00 a. m. Morning Prayer until it was closed and more recent 7.30 p. m. Evening Prayer. iy of the Inspector's dept. at Van- couver sxxxxxxrxTxxxxxxxxxx IIIZID and W. G. Beech from the TrrYYrrrTTYYirrYYYXYXxm Grand Forks branch. We welcome WANTED them both into this community. SACRED HEART Catholic Church Washington. - The manufacture Female clerk with typing ability for National Selective Ser- vice, of safety razors for civilia' use has Unemployment Insurance Commission Office at Whitehorse. Rev. Father Charles Hamel, O.M.I been banned .and the manufacture From now on until further notice of straight razors will be discontinu- ed Anyone interested please get in touch immediately with services will be conducted at the after the first of the year. Only following times: razors for export, lend-lea- se and 'y ; '. ; j. f. heap, Sundays: , military needs are to be produced. Masses 7.00 and 8.30 A.M. Razor plants will now make the Regional Travelling Supervisor, Selective Service, Whitehorse Inn High Mass .. 10.00 ,.A.M commando daggers. Benediction .......................... 7.30 P.M. Week days: Mr. J. F. Heap, Regional Travel- ling Masses 7.00 A.M. Supervisor, Selective Service, CANADA SEVERS HER Mrs. Newly Rich Dowager Laiy (In Chapel at Rectory) has arrived in town his on first of- ficial DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS Kumber (proudly) Now edon't for- -. Fridays: Benediction 7.30 P.M. into trip the Territory and WITH VICHY GOV'T. Cet, Mary, that we are usually re- ferred . , ,rr.T.TXXXXTYTTYYTXTXYTYTTT will be remaining here for the next to as the 'Richmond Kurn-ber- s, three weeks. Over C. B. C. on Monday it was to distinguish us from We have been notified that the in- sertion announced that Prime Minis:?r Mary (eagerly) Yes I kno' IV. H. THEATRE of "Empties worth twenty-fiv- e Mackenzie King had issued a state- ment ma'am, from the Kew Kumbers. Canada's relations cents' which appeared in the terminating Whitehorse jfukon Silver Spring advertisement of our with the Vichy government. It is Father sat in the' ladies' hair- dressers ! issue of October 23 last does not ap also reported that Mexico has adopt- ed shop with his little dau?h-e- r Shows ply to the Yukon Territory. a similar course. while his wife had a permanent Every -- o- wave put in her hair. The child, OFFICIAL WEATHER REPORT DARLAN BELIEVED patting her father's bald head, re- marked Night November TAKEN PRISONER IN sweetly: "No waves for you, 7 Saturday 10 i NORTH AFRICA. lad. You're all beach!"" ' (Except Sundays) a bunday .. .. 12 7 German dispatches from Vichy on 9 Monday jg . j Monday stated "It is assumed her" Grocer Do you want white o Pictures changed thrice Weekly. 10 Tuesday 20 8 with greater probability this morn- ing brown eggs, ma'am? See Bulletin Board for Particulars 11 Wednesday 33 1 that both Admiral Darlan and Bride The kind I; want are whits 12 Thursday ...... 36 23 General Juin have been taken pris- oners with a yellow polka dot in the mid f XXXXXXXXX XI 1 11 T 1 t TTTTH2 ( denotes below zero) in North Africa. dle.