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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 19, Friday, May 8th, 1942.

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Frc-- CIRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY i Vol. 42.' No. 19 .WHITEHORSE, YUKON, FRIDAY, MAY 8th, 1942 fc -- fr Subscription $3.00 Yeai BOTH MARSHAL lPETAIN . MILITARY CONCERT AND ADMIRAL DARLAN SUNDAY IN FRONT OF EOT UNLER THE COLLAR . W. P. Y. R. DEPOT. OVER BRITISH ACTION- - By kind permission of the Com- manding When the French Governor-Ge- n Officer another military eral of Madagascar Armand Annet band concert will be given in front tinequi vocably rejected the British of the W P. & Y. R. Depot on Sun- day demand for unconditional surrender commencing at 2.30 p. m. There he replied "We will defend ours- elves was a record turn-o- ut on the prev- ious to the very end." Marshal occasion.- - Weather conditions Petain praised Annet's action and permitting there is )ound to be an- other told him to "hold, out as long as you large turn-o- ut this time. can and make the British pay dearl- y for their act." Admiral Darlari TWO MILLION DOLLARS was more vitriolic and dramatic ex- horting IN SUBSIDIES TO KEEP the people not to forget that PRICE CEILING IN PLACE. "the British attacked us at Mers El Kebir, Dakar and Syria after they Government subsidies to keep the abandoned us in Flanders. Defend in and price ceiling place protect yourselves. The day will come the consumer amount to $2,128,981 when the British will pay. Vive La to date Finance Minister Hon. J. L. AMERICA'S ANSWER TO THE JAPANESE AIR MENACE I ranee." Ilsley informed the House last Fri- day- Visible evidence of soaring military Aircraft output iin the U. S. A., is provided by this picture of B. 25-- 5 seater twin-engin- ed Amer- ican FOUR TO ONE The largest single subsidy in the medium bombers under-goin- g final inspection on the North "YES" BY TROOPS Domestic range was on milk, being American Aviation Inc. Company's flight ramp, with 2-se- ater ad- vanced That footwear $1,387,030 on was ' training Harvard Monoplanes and A.T.-6- A advanced train- ers OTTAWA, - May 6. The Canadian $584,355 and on leather garments on the right lined up for a flyaway delivery. Immense expan- sion armed forces at home and abroad $2777. in is scheduled for 1942. production voted almost 80 per cent in the af- firmative The imports supported by sub in last week's conscripti- on sidies included spices, lima beans, plebiscite, it was revealed Tues- day rice, cocoa, beans, fruits (dried and night by Jules Castonguay, TENT CITY evaporated), grapefruit juice and . anesthetics . chief election officer. The vote showed 251,118 members American engineer soldiers, and attached quartermaster, med- ical, The names of the various organz-atio- ns of the forces voted yes, 60,885 voted and finance troops, are in the Whitehorse area to work on receiving the subsidies were no, while 2987 ballots were rejected the Canadian-Alask- a military highway. not disclosed. The total vote was 314,989. This column hopes to picture some of the amusing, everyday PLEBISCITE VOTE HAS NO The almost 80 per cent 'vote com incidents that happen in camp life. pares with the 68 per cent yes vote EFFECT ON RECRUITING. By J. F. S. for civilians. VICTORIA, May 6. The result By far the largest percentage of Next to eating, keeping warm is Some ses- - have been so severe, of balloting in the conscription pleb- iscite no votes more than 25 per cent-c-ame the chief occupation in camp these indeed, that the sense of taste has has had little noticeable effect from groups outside Canada. evenings. . been lost! on recruiting in British Columbia, In each tent is a round tub of a At an evening feast in one tent, according to District Recruiting of- ficer The total for forces in Britain, stove, which casts off a warm glow a few nights ago, a tall, lanky Tex- an, of M.D. 11, Lieut-C- o. H. E. Jamaica and Newfoundland was j when it is filled with burning em who had been thus afflicted, Goodman. yes, 60,474; no, 23,757; rejected, bers. When the boys, in faded blue, was handed a can of fruit juice by A total of 614 volunteers the 1024. mud-spatter- ed denims, come back one of his tent-mate- s. approximate monthly average this to camp from their labors in some "What is it?" he asked. year joined up in April; The figures for the forces in Can- ada roadside ditch, there is a scurrying "Oh, it's orange juice' smiled his were given as follows: around to find wood enough to fill friend. "Drink it. It won't hurt JAP CASHES $10,000 . Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and i the stoves. you IN SLOT MACHINE. Prince Edward Isand: yes, 41,720; i Usually, during the day, there is "Why, it tastes like grapefruit no.: 5821; rejected, 108. a wood detail from each company, juice. Texas grapefruit juice." 10,000 Doubloons: The story in Ontario, Quebec, yes, 93,203; no assigned' to the . task oL.choppng brief: About a month ago a Japan- ese 20,341; rejected, 1373. down trees, and bringing them back Speaking of stoves, the regiment placed a parcel in one of those Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, for fuel. The wood is dumped into al P-- X. (post exchange, or canteen) , dime-in-the-sl- ot checking devices at British Columbia, Yukon: yes, 55,-72- 1; a community woodpile, and then it has devised an ingenious system of the C. P. R. station. After 24 hours, no, 11,016; rejected, 481. is "first come, first served." plumbing for its stove pipes.- - the baggage master removes the Some tents get enough wood to The canteen is housed in a jong contents, alters the lock combinat-io- n FAIRBANKS ICE POOL last all night, while others have hospital tent which has no open- ings and places the checked articles SEVERAL. barely enough to get their fires in its robf for stove pipes. in the baggage room Yesterday the SHARED BY "into the sir lor returned, told a station at- tendant: started. Some boys go after four So, after rising Japanese from the P.-X- .'s . "Key no fit," and was The ice moved down the Tahana or five armloads of wood, while three feet, the pipes two stoyes take a couple of directed to the baggage room. There April some don't get any. Thursday, river Nenana at on and undergio'inil. Out he paid $2 storage dues to W. J. the turns, go wear on, Fairbanks time. It As the evenings 30, at 1.28 p. m. boys settle down on their cots to en-i- oy side the tent, ths pipes corrt out of Jones, station baggage master, is 85.000 tickets were that estimated I . A nvA ... a 1 ftsai intri tVio opened the parcel. Mr. Jones grasp- ed sold- - " $80,000 snacks: cookies from home, tea LUC giuunu, anu i lot i ivn uuu ,ui. arid approximately the counter and swayed. The prize will be divided be- tween from one of the stores in town, fish ?ir. money- - is package contained a great stack ! from the river. " 1 On windy days, th? draught Anchorage; Adolph Ochauer, and the smoke where it $100 blls. The Nipponese gent in Olso Eik-lan- d, But alas! In spite of the fires, good,' goes R. P. O ander, Valdez; instead counted a total of $10,000 .said: "All is meant But often, Warren K. Locke spite of all the warm clothing is- sued ,to go. Anchorage; of through the pipe, the in order, ss-s-sa- nk you, ss-s-s- ani of the boys have going Kodiak to them, some at station of the naval air aiv.i colds and chills in smoke fills the tent, and P.-- X. pro- fits you very much, yess-s-s-- !" caught severe held by and five other "guesses" walked out. Exchange. show a loss! - Yukon weather. combinations nl individuals. this lovely FRIDAY, 'MAY 8th, 1942 J'AC.E. TWO TI IE WIUTEHOKSE STAR, WHITE HORSE. YUKON ' CORRESPONDENCE I Sunday 8th, 1942, "Volom ot tha Yukon' v Pte. A. M. Stephen An Independent Journal . K-729- 91 C.F.C. H. Q. Transport Sect. . . - C;o No. 5 Company, Published every Friday at Whiiehoise, Yukon Territory ; Canadan Scotland Army Overseas, The White Pass and Yukon Route On the Trail of '98 M. Jennings, . Whiitehorse Chapter, I.O.D.E. The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to Member o I Canadian Weekly Dear Sir:" '. Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska- - Newspapers' Association, I received your most welcome card from the Yukon, but not the AIRPLANE SERVICE RACK E. MOOKE - Publisher 110 cigarettes. The above address will reach me at any time and there is plane service, making connections northbound and south- bound Lot us have faith that right makes always a chance the cigarettes may with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, arrive yet. Cigarettes are one thing might: and in that faith let us to A-- e appreciate here more than any- thing Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For information the end dare our duty as we understand it. 'Lincoln; else. They are very expen- sive ' apply to any. ? .. Vy:; y: wy-.':vy:- : ; here and at times cannot be ob- tained. Matches are non-existe- nt WHITE PASS AG ENT.or MAY. 8th, 1942 at times and would deem it a great 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C." favor if you could sent me a cigar- ette lighter with flints. - I hope that is not asking too much. The I. O. THE OLD TOWN HAS GONE D. E. sent me two pairs of socks while I was in Canada and said if I There are unmistakeable signs acknowledged same, they would that the ,old town has gone and with forward me a sweater. If they sent it the atmosphtre which through it I never got it. I mention this the years has been so familiar to the fact not to remind them of it, but most of us. Time was when, if you merely letting you know if they didn't feel inclined to do some par- ticular sent it I did . not receive it. : work one day you could-d- o The people over here are very it the next. But those days have and considerate to the soldiers we forever. The town is in a gone sure admire them for the way they state of transition. Development stand up under conditions here. I work on a major scale is. being car- ried have seen the bombing in London, out in various directions and Glasgow and Liverpool and its transforming Whitehorse into a something a person won't forget. veritable hub of industry. There is If you should run into George work for everybody and no one Ryder, you can tell him I ran into need be idle. Such work as is now a cousin of hisby the name of Mur- phy being carried out is by no means Of Corporal Murphy, a veteran a temporary nature. On the con- trary de- velopment of the last war. He was asking me the foundations for great all about George and Norman. I here in the years that lie have met only two Yukoners since ahead of us are being well and in the in Vancou- ver being army, one truly laid. Whitehorse is to become commercial and one here. There are quite a pivotal centre in the a number here though and expect aviation of the future." We are now to look them up in the near future. on the map. Watch us grow! "wrote a letter to Chuck Caddie It's UP TO YOU and Bill Grant, but have not heard from either. Any letters or news , On Monday the Dominion-wid- e from the Ydjkon would be greatly lnslstonPILSENER f U j jj campaign opens lor the raising of appreciated. Would be grateful for I U Lager Beer. Enjoy . ITT! J J $9,000,000 to enable the Canadian a 'few old or recent 'Whiten -- ise I Rtd Cross Society t6 carry on its the fine quality and 1 newspapers. p merciful work in this war-tor-n We are having lots of snow" tore world This is a time for us all to I this always popular, SSKtti and feel it, the cold I mean . We $m .realize lha " the Society being in- ternational feel the cold more here than in in its scope, is barred by Canada," due to the dampness I sup- pose. us luiiMuiuiuu, ijviii i' (.fining any The natives say this is the financial support from any belliger- ent most severe winter they hav;1- - had government Its funds must in fifty years. Some say the" Can- adians therefore be secured by way of voluntary contributions. must have brought it over with them. The work which the , Society is carrying out each and every year is Am enclosing 'a snap of our pla- toon. . of such a magnitude and of such I am in the backgronud with wide-spre- ad appeal that we are all the X above my head. '1 thank the more or less somewhat familiar I. O, D. E. .'for their kindness and with its operations The necessity consideration and say hello to my for its work and the need for funds friends with which to carry on the same are Sincerely, . so urgent and apparent as to render ' MURRAY STEPHEN. unnecessary any further comment NOTE We are informed that a on our part in the matter. sweater, cigarette lighter and flints In the absence of a local branch and also cigarettes are being for- warded of the Canadian Red Cross Society in response to the above the Whitehorse Chapter, I. O. D. E. re- questEd. have very generously undertaken to assume, charge of the campaign locally. We bespeak yciir whole will be on a generous basis com- mensurate Thig advertisement is not published or ' hearted support in the matter and with the worthiness of trust the donations secured here the appeal. displayed by the Government of Yukon Territory. friday; may 8th, 1942 THE WUITEHORSE STAR, WH1TEIJ0RSE. YUKON P.GE THREE STALIN IN A MAY DAY ger and a realization of the growing ly-Tgrow- ing Canadian Women's PROCLAMATION CALLS FOR inevitability of defeat. It was be- coming Army Corps may emulate their W. H. THEATER abundantly clear to the British sisters by manning mixed THIS tEAR. Whltehorse Yukon VICTORY German people that their only batteries for anti-aircr- aft defence. : escape would be liberation from Some 2600 women it is stated are May 1st Premier Stalin by On Hitler and Goering. V now serving in various branches of Shows Every proclamation called upon Russiian the --- - army. to rout the- - Germans com forces WOMEN MAY MAN A new departure with the corps Night in 1942. He stated that "be pletely CANADA'S ANTI-AIRCRAF- T is the decision recently taken to a doubt" Germany ana its yond train 1500 qualified tradeswomen were now weaker than when (Except Sundays) army for work with the ordnance Russia was invaded ten months ago It was officially admitted last corps. and that the war had brought the Friday that there is a possibility PREJUDICE: Being down on any- thing Pictures changed thrice Weekly. Germans only disappointment, hun that women who enlist in the rapid- - you arp not up on. See Bulletin Board for Particulars. --- v- Rea gross the to gave 0B il & cry of to to the tne 1 ou'tt jeaf eat ' U U ' ' e cr0M scrutiny may the inU5 Cross ' . v ed ts 1 of Canada. h comp10 " fee apart of ; of y Yout friendly t sugs -- .11 nive ce W l oaF" VOW heart . I J of thH the, Red Cross WMtehom Chapter, I .0. D. E., has assumed charge officers of the Chapter of the to Society.. Please make your cont ributions any STAR, WIUTEHQRSE. YUKON PAGE-FIV- E WIIITEIIOKSE FRIDAY, MAY 8th, 1942 THE SABOTAGE ON RHODE ISLAND FIFTEEN FIRES PUB NO BURN OVER FIFTY SQUARE MILES AREA TOWNS UNDER MARTIAL LAW. List of (Vrow:i-rniitP- (i Mineral Claims to be; sold at Public Auction on TUESDAY, JULY 7th, 1942, al 11 o'clock in the forenoon, in the Court Room, Administration Building, Dawson, Y-- T., Aftci an inspection of blackened Ordinance-- " . ;': -- The Crown Grant Tax wnnfls iti western Rhode Island, Gov. J Howard McGrath stated Fri- - . : ; P. POWELL, 1 'i,u's,m' ' '' ,in i fifhters had secured ! Territorial Treasurer' control over the $2,500,000 conf lag- - M.-iv- . 1st, 1!)42. ration after it had swept over an ;nv;i of 1 i ft v square miles lot 24 t hours. There is stated to be no w .Si u -- a 1 I' : X C O "r r-- 'doubt that the fifteen fires were m started by saboteurs, Three thous- - Registered Owner or Agent Name of claim O. Z ': M k ;'. ' - " w and soldiers, sailors and volunteers O j h assisted in bringing the fires under O O O control.' Three towns remain under 1 ,,' ' ; ' ' ' r - - martial law to give the military Davjd w cullen .... .. Homesteak ... . . ........... 2 100 50.52 33.05 2.00 35.05 authorities a . free hand in dealing H e. Boucher; C. G. Finnie; with tiie emergency and conducting G. Sinclair .....Providence No. 2 ... 2 123 34.29 22.68 2.00 24.68 a search for the culprits Yukon Gold Co. ..... Cariboo .......... . .... .. 2 132 51.08 33.69 2.00 35.69 May S. Layfield ,.'. Blake 2 150 . 40.59 26.60 2.00 28.60 Sift EDWARD BEATT Y Sisters of St. Ann .... Santa Marja .............. 2 178 48.78 31.75 2.00 33.75 RETIRES FROM PRESIDENCY Sisters of St.. Ann .....Quebec ... 2 179 41.85 27.21 2.00 29.21 2 217 49.02 32.40 2.00 CANADIAN PACIFIC RLY. James Richardson ... Lillie ' 34.40 James Richardson ..... Blue Bell 2 218 44.00 28.51 2.00 30.51 Due to failing health and upon James Richardson ............... Iron Mask ................ 2 219 48.20 31.75 2.00 . 33.75 the instructions of his medical ad- visors G. Sinclair and C. G. Finnie ... Providence Frac .... 2 230 ; .89 .65. 2.00 2.65 Sir Edward Beatty on Friday H. D. Kroll ...................... .... Galena Queen .......... 2 248 50.60 21.85 2.00 23.85 last retired from the presidency of H. D. Kroll ......................... ... Gertrude 2 249 29.08 12.96 2.00 14.96 the Canadian Pacific Railway Co., David W. Cullen ................... ... Homestake No. 2 .... 2 301 51.52 33.31 2.00 35.31 after having occupied that onerous C. A. Philp ....... ....Vergin 2 363 51:65 33.31 2.00 35.31 position since 1918 with conspicuous J. O. Lachapelle .... Iron Wheel ...... ... 2 369 51.60 33.31 2.00 35.31 success, lie, however, retains ' the N. A. Trad, and Trans. Co. . ..Klondike Load Ext. chairmanship of the board of dir- ectors. No. 1 ... ... 2 395 45.90 31.32 2.00 33.32 N. A. Trad, and Trans. Co. .. .... Klondike Load Ext. Mr. 1). C. Coleman, who was No. 3 2 403 21.69 14.09 2.00 16.09 elected vice president and a director jN. A. Trad, and Trans. Co. .... Klondike Lode 2 418 51.00 31,74 2.00 33.74 of the company in 1934, has been Malvina Brosseau .... Alexander ......... .V.... 2 456 48.24 , 31.39 2.00 33.39 elected to the presidency. The new 'Malvina -- Brosseau ,. Cestrain 2 458 40.13 26.26 2.00 2a.?6 president is 63 years, of age and was Yukon Gold Co. ........ .....Golden Age ........ 2 477 51.56 33.31 2.00 35.31 a journalist before he joined the C A: McKinnon; D. Sinclair ...... ...Lion ...r.. ........ 3 24 51.56 33.31 2.00 35.31 P. R. organization in 1899. r ' A. McKinnon; D. Sinclair ...... .. Thistle 3 25 51.31 33.31 2.00 35.31 A. McKinnon; D. Sinclair ...... . . Hidden Treasure 3 26 51.31 33.31 2.00 35.31 CONSTRUCTION OF A. McKinnon; D. Sinclair ...... ...Britannia 3 27 40.27 26.26 2.00 '28.26 RAILROAD CONNECTING A.- - McKinnon; D. Sinclair ...Argyle ........... 3 V 51.63 33.31 2.00 35.31 I A. D. Sinclair Drumkinnin 3 32 ' INITED STATES WITH McKinnon; 51.65 33.31 . 2.00 35.31 ALASKA IS STATED AS A. McKinnon; D. Sinclair ................Roseneath . 3 33 51.52 33.31 2.00 35.31 BEING CONSIDERED- - James McNamee and others ............ Bal Maiden 5 39 100.41 64.69 2.00 " 66.69 James McNamee and others Lelia ...... 5 40 39.94 25.62 2.00 27.62 Sometime ago President Roose- - ( James McNamee and others Bradford .... 5 41 32.89 21.13 2.00 23.13 vetl mentioned at a-pre- ss conference James McNamee and others Dolcoath 5 42 48.62 31.39 2.00 . 33.39 the possibility of building a railroad Jame.s McNamee and others ........... Copper-Hea- d 5 5 43 40.95 26.26 2.00 28.26 .connecting the United States with ,Josian Collins . Big Chief 5 56 51.65 21.97 2.00 - I 23.97 Alaska It is now unofficially re- ported Josiah Collins - .. Little Chief" 5 57 48.20 20.71 , 2.00 22.71 that serious consideration is ' Arthur B. Palmer .. Valerie : .... 5 70 46.21 10.45 2.00 ' " 12.45 being given to the proposed project. : W. A. Puckett & J. P. Whitney .. Anaconda No. 2 5 72 40.34 26.26 2.00. 28.26 One report is to the effect that the ,W. A. Puckett ....... .......1. ...Whitehorse.No. 2 5 74 1 31.73 20.50 2.00 22.50 ' railroad, if undertaken, would fol- low W. A. Puckett ,...,.........,..........:....Rabbit's Foot 5 75 42.35 27.54 2.00 29.54; the route of the International J. P. Whitney .........North Star ... 5 96 , 49.84 32.02 2.00 34.02 Highway now under construction Jas. R. Alguire Sandon ... 5 108 . 51.65 22.29 2.00 24.29 between Fort George and Watson Arthur B. Palmer .....Centre Star. . 5 5 110 51.55 33.31 ' 2.00 35.31 Lake and continue up the valley of Mrs..M. M. Mcllveen .Little Chief No. 2 5 114 17.60 11.52 2.00 13.52 the Francis Di- vide Thomas McRostie Verona 5 115 river, over Bering 47.91 30.74 2.00 - .32.74 into the Pelly river watershed Karl. Weik .....Keewenaw ............. 5 173 160.00 100.48 2.00 102.48 and then by some as yet undeter- -. Karl Weik .'Gladstone 5 174 51.65 33.31 2.00 35.31 mined route as far as the north Karl Weik ......Star Ruby 5 206 51.65 33.31 2.00 35.31 , bank of the Tanana some distance Karl-Wei- k :.Big Four ............... 5 208 51.65 33.31 2.00 35.31 east Tanacross and thence into Fair- banks. Karl Weik M Black Cub ....- -,. 5 224 51.65 33.31 2.00 ' 35.3 i Another report advocates a Karl Weik Golden Horn .' 5 230 51.65 33.31 2.00 35.31 route from Prince George to Wat- son Karl Weik .Beaver 5 231 51.65 33.31 2.00' 35.31 Lake and thence by the route Karl Weik Willow Fraction .. 5 232 12,66 8.35 2.00 ' V . 10.35 above mentioned. It is estimated W. S. Magee ................. " :..Blue Grouse ! 6 60 9.82 6.64 2.00 1 8.64 that the cost of constructing such a David Leevans .....Legal Tender ........ 6 99 51.65 33.31 2.00 35.31 railroad would Howard Cochrane & Thos. Becker .Mountain .. range anywhere be- tween Sheep 6 133 51.65 33.31 2.00 35 31 sixty-eig- ht and two hundred 6 135 35.48 23.06 2.00 25.0i million dollars: 6- - 136 39.43 25.62 2.00 27.62 6 137 33.18 21.78 2.00 23.78 W. L. Phelps Red Deer ....... .. 754 139 51.55 33.31 2.00 ' 35.31 Men of 30,40, 50 W. L. Phelps : ...Venus Extension 754 140 49.90 32.02 3.OO 34.02 PEP, VIM, VIGOR, Subnormal? W. L. Phelps Humper 754 141 33.29 21.78 2.00 x 23.78 Wast normal pen, vim, vigor, vitality? W. L. Phelps .' '. Bull Moose .......... 754 144 ' 10.35 7.04 2.00 9.01 Try Ostrex Tonic Tablet. Contains James R. Alguire '. Arab 804 233 tonics, stimulants, oyater elements r 51.65 22.21 . 2.00 24.21 alda to normal pep after 30. 40 or 5a S. H. Wimberley Standard 804 , 241 51.65 ' 33.31 2.00 .35.31 ?. tl1 introductory size for only F. J. McDougall ......Sunrise 35(. Try this aid to normal pep and vim 901 5 81.35 52.32 2.00 54.32 tod.iy. For sale st all good drug stores. E. McAdam Silver Fox ;.. 901 10 51.65 33.31 2.00 . 35.3 K FRIDAY, MAY 8th, 1942 TUB WHITEHOKSK STAR, WIHTEIIORSE- - YUKON PACTS FIVE THE ESTATE OF .:;V :- -' ' t, . -- o ,2 JOHN IIAGSTROM ,..:;..- - ; . 3 X -- 3 .; C O Registered Owner or Agent Name of claim B 2 c S y w Deceased '.-A- l.: V'o. ' ' M 2 .:V.,..-V- , - ALL PERSONS having claims (; - '.3 . w 3 ; any ' , o o o c o o against the estate of the above-nam- ed ' ; ' ' , O - . ;' H r -- - - u h deceased are required to file E. McAdam r Black Fox 901 11 51.65 33.31 2.00 35.31 the same with the Public Admin- istrator McAdam ..... 51.65 33.31 2.00 35.31 at Dawson on or before the E. McAdam ..V..;.-..'....!...'..'.;.'"..-...!.'..- .. .-..'..'Eldor- ado' 901 13 51.65 33.31 2.00 35.31 1st day of August, 1942, supported E. McAdam Lost Treasure ........ 901 15 22.69 16.11 2.00 18.11 by statutory declaration, after F, J. McDougall Susie 901 20 33.87 23.10 2.00 25.10 which date the estate will be dis- tributed, j. W. McLean Trust 901 24 124.04 80.06 2.00 82.06 having reference only to Samuel C McKim .'. Aien Aristenien ... 1054 8 41.51 27.21 2.00 29.21 claims which have been so filed ALL PERSONS indebted to the said estate are requested to make ' If the total amount of such tax, p enalties, cost of advertising, and other expenses due in respect to each immediate payment to the Public Mineral Claim as above stated is not paid at the office of the Collector at Dawson,' Y. T., before the said Administrator. day of sale stated in this Notice, the said claims so in default will be offered for sale at public auction at DATED AT DAWSON - this 8th the time and place above-mention- ed as provided by the said Ordinance. day of May, 1942 C. E. McLEOD, Dated at Dawson, in the Yukon, '.Territory this 1st day of May, 1942. Public Administrator. P. POWELL, (1955) 19-- 3 Collector. DOMINION GOVERNMENT Some present sources of supply "BUILD WESTERN PAYROLLS" IS FOR SPUPS SEARCH FOR BASE hinge upon precarious ocean trans- portation. METALS BY MAKING TAX We must cut down BANDICOOT CONCESSIONS THIS YEAR. wherever, possible the risk of fail- ure of supply. H In order to stimulate prospecting May Be JJnder Noses for base metals and strategic min- erals It is more than possible that we FOR 8 () this year the Dominion gov- ernment ave in 'discovered sources fo these , under the 1942-- 3 l.idget metals right under our very door- steps will provide income and excess pro- fits It woulcfbe inexcusable to YEARS .'HgJ, tax concessions to individuals negect this possibility and- - the and corporations according to an government has decided to assist in We have a letter from up-count- ry. announcement made last Thursday the search for these metals,' 'stated The writer states The Bandicoot is a very by Finance Minister Ilsley in the the Minister. she has used "all kinds Of large rat of India and House of Commons. The tax con- cession Syndicates and companies apply- ing canned milk" but Pacific Ceylon but is also found will be in the form of an al for the tax concessions would Milk continually since she lowance against income and excess be required to satisfy the minister began it "because of its in Australia, Tasmania fpofits tax purposes in respect of of national revenue that they had richness and flavor. That and New Guinea. It does j amounts contributed to prospecting been "actively engaged in prospect- ing was eight years ago." much damage to rice I syndicates registered with provin- - for the metals and minerals in It's only real excellence that fields and gardens. icial authorities. question under quaified persons could bring a milk a pre- ference A person may not claim an al- lowance during a substantial part of the like this. of, more than $500 in re- spect 1942 season, and in the case of syn- dicates m TJ7 of ' any one . syndicate, and that they had carried out Pacific milk (4 there will be an all-a- ll limit of the purpose for which they were $5,000 on the total amount which formed." An audited statement of IRRADIATED OF COURSE one person may claim. expenditure woud'be required. 'XXXXXXXXX3 . . . and with EATON'S Mall to This Would allow a person Order Catalogues as the back- bone participate up to $500 in each of 10 of your Budget, pur- chases syndicates. can be planned in ad- vance Limitation for as much as six The allowances would be subject Butter months. Shopping for pract- ically to provision that in no case shall household and every and the tax saving to any person by Try BURNS ' farm necessity becomes a reason of the allowance be more Meats SluiinrockBrand CrcamCr) Butter simple matter. EATON'S Cat- alogues Eggs help banish the bogie than 40 per cent, of the amount of of budget balancing. the deductions. . In addition, in registered pros- pecting syndicates it is proposed to Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products Shop from EATON'S Catalogues deduct- ion allow mining companies a "STORES BETWEEN COVERS" up to $5,000 for expenditures in sending out their own prospectors, T. EATON . Cfc.. Mr Ilsley said. "This allowance "You Can Buy No Better" WINNIPta - CANADA shall also be subject to 40 per cent, limitation i on -t- ax-saving.' 'These tax concessions will - be given for one year only and will Burns & Company Limited apply in respect of income for . 1942," the minister concluded. r'TTTTTTTTTTITtXIXTTTTTTXXTXXXItXIItXXITItXXXXXXlIXil Minerals Needed GERMANY STATED TO BE Certain metals, such as tungsten, NOW SEEKING AIR TRUCE. chromite,. moydenum and mangan- ese, yTTTTtTITTTTTxTIXTTXTXXXXXIXXrXXXXXXXTTTYYTXXXXXXXy.r. A dispatch from Berlin to the for example, are vitally neces- sary 3 Yukon Electrical Company, Ltd. Geneva Journal via Sweden and An our war equipment and in passed by the German censor states manufacturing processes The de- mand "It is semiofficially stated in Berl- in- for them may increase sharp- ly. -- Will be pieased to consult M that Germany will call off the . you regarding s bombing of English towns if the R. A. F. will change its methods of another instance of their , insincerity. Light, Power. Supplies and Installations being attacks now bombing i German cities." The frequent g All Nazi ; promises and treaties made by the R. A, F. upon Germany such telling effect is , the best have heretofore been honoured 'in jwith Nazis W H I T E H O R S E, Y. ,T. which the their breach. The bombing of Ex- eter, and only answer England, last week-en- d is but understand. C'ZZUJJJLT. rmiTiiiiiiiiiiiiniin cxixixixnxixixxTxix, FRIDAY, MAY 8th, 1942 THE WIIlTEliORSE STAR. WHITEHORSE, YUKON IllH.' CIV (Mltmlil! F O R M U L A gggl W'CAPi!lLAHO B. B E W I M C .0 0 . L TPt V: A N C I O U V .B W fl STANDS FOR llPSgg&g P-- J 'i " 1 111 ULTIMATE 111) III PERFECTION T) VV IN THE BREWING Jill Iff THE LARGEST SELLING BOTTLED BEER III WESTEIM CAHADA! 'DU$:T M " IT'S BETTER BECAUSE IT'S MADE BETTER " CAP1LANO BREWING CO LTD., VANCOUVER, B.C. ' $ ZT ! ALL UNION LABOUR x J- - v j n y9n n MJ This ndvertisementis not published or displayed by t lie Government of Yukon Territory. . I 'I ' F' FRIDAY, MAY 8th, 1942 THE WHiTEIIORSE STAR, WIIITEIIORRE. YUKON PA'JP: k SEVEN I. 0. D. E. NOTES BRITISH OCCUPY MADAGASCAR FOR A series of Vanishing Teas, orig-ate- d in Whitehorse by Mrs. W. D. UNITED NATIONS. NOW OPEN LlacBride, brought in a sum of On Tuesday a British sea and ;;4.00. This money is to be sent to FOR BUSINESS land force occupied the strategic- ally hrs, Churchill's Fund for Service I nil . 11 . ' ji island of . : CLEANING and PRESSING Women, i ne loiiowmg were tne important Madagascar hostesses: Mrs. MacBride, Mrs. to guard the vital sea lanes' vo the REPAIRS and ALTERATIONS )aglish, Mrs. N. Murray, Mrs. Gen-ing- s, Middle East, India and China for of all kinds. Mrs. I. Taylor, Mrs. Muir-lea- d, the United Nations. Japanese de- signs ORDERS TAKEN FOR MADE- - TO MEASURE SUITS Mrs. J. L. Sansom, Mrs. Hg-,in- s, on the island have thus been Mrs. Chappell, Mrs. Geary, thwarted. The occupation was car- ried Mrs. Bird, Mrs. G. Armstrong, - Mrs. out with the full approval and The Whitehorse Tailor G. Ryder, Mrs. W.L. Phelps, Mrs. E. support of the government of the Z, Richards, Mrs. Ken McLean, Mrs. United States. Front Street Opposite Power House. , v Dunn, Mrs. Joe Morrison, Mrs.J. B. Watson, Mrs. LePage, Mrs. : work will take place every Monday Greenslade, t Mrs. Travers, Miss and Thursday afternoon. Wool for Mrs. W. D. Mrs. How, Gordon, Jr., war knitting will be distributed H. G. Macpherson, Mrs. Don Mur from there. All ladies interested in A Subscription to the Star is the best; buy in Town. ray, Miss Evelyn Elliott, Mrs. D. helping are cordially invited to Wilson, Mrs. R. Taylor of Marsh come and sew. Lake Dam, Mrs. F. nG. Wilson, Mrs. Todd.'' : -- " ';';::;;:-;-;r.-:':::v":,- : The needlepoint footstool donated bv Mrs. Gaudin and raffled last month was won by Miss How with No. 13 ticket. A sum of $43.75 was raised by the raffle. The summer sewing sponsored by Whitehorse Chapter, I. O. D. E., will start on Monday, May 18, at 2 p. m. RD3BERJ The Masonic Hall has been lent this summer by the local Lodge and ii now a vital wat material Enemy action in the Far East has caused such an acute shortagcjsrf rubber that JlSrattS our whole war effort is in serious danger. Canada and her Alhjj must have rubber, quickly, for the armed forces, for factories, for ships. The Japanese control our source of crude rubber imports the" only other quickly available supply is old scrap rubber, which can be reclaimed. Every citizen in Canada must do his part in collecting all the scrap rubber in the country and turning it over to the Government for war purposes. Here is how to do it. THIS IS JIN URGENT APPEAL FOR TOUR HELP Question! Is the rubber situation really Question : What kind of scrap rubber is needed? serious? Answer : Every all-rubb- er or part-rubb- er article must be salvaged. Here are a few of the Answer: The shortage of rubber is so grave articles you must turn in : that any citizen hoarding rubber or using it Old Tires of kind Rubbers of every unnecessarily is committing an act disloyalty. Old Inner Tubes Overshoes It is now illegal' to destroy any rubber article. Rubber Boots, Hats, Coats, Aprons, Pants, Question: Of what use is reclaimed rubber? Gloves, Tubing, Matting, Toys ' Sport Shoes (crepe soles are especially good) Answer: Old rubber is processed so that the Garden Hose Hot Water Bottles Stair Treads . rubber content is reclaimed. This reclaimed Bathing Caps and many other articles rubber is used in the manufacture of essential Question: What happens to the scrap rubber articles for our war effort, thus replacing crude collected? rubber. 1 . Answer: The scrap is sorted, baled and as- sembled into carload lots and is then purchased Question: How much scrap rubber is needed? by the Government at fixed prices throughout Answer: Fifty Million Pounds. This is a Canada. The Government pays forwarding larg? quantity, but it MUST be found. Every hansportation charges on these carload lots, and old piece of rubber in Canada, no matter how. is responsible for their allocation. You may be small, is needed, QUICKLY. sure that every pound will be used directly or indirectly in the war effort. Question: Should I turn in any usable rubber Question: How do I go about saving scrap articles as well as worn out ones ? rubber? Answer: Absolutely not 1 By no means Answer: Start hunting for it TODAY. Clean discard anything that is still useful and that out your cellars, attics, garages and sheds right might have to be replaced. On the other hand, away. ' You will find more rubber articles than rubber tires used as boat bumpers, swings, etc., you expect. Start them all on their way to the should be turned in for war uses. battlefront. HOW DO I TURN IN MY SCRAP RUDDER? 1. Give it to the children for their school of Canada The schookboys and girls are collection. through the school being organized, 2. Give it to your local National Salvage Com- mittee. authorities, to act as Official Collectors of Scrap Rubber. The school nearest you 3. Leave it with any Service Station or Tire is, therefore, your best Collection Depot. Dealer where you see the sign; "Voluntary You dispose of your scrap rubber Scrap Rubber Receiving Depot' All the resources of the great may House of Seagram have been in any one of the following four ways: 4. Sell it to a junk collector. employed by its master blenders Wfc. ., gather uo vour scrap rubber and dispose of it by one of these to create this superb whisky ZethJs, it whi le used by the Government for Canada's War Effort. Do it NOW! of Priceless Perfection. Department of Munitions and Supply DIVISION ROYAL BANK BUILDING, TORONTO HOUSC OF SEAGRAM DitfilUri Shk 1157 SCRAP RUBBER , -- T This advertisement is issued in co-operat- ion with The National Salvage Campaign, Department of National War Services This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Government of Yukon Territory. FRIDAY, MAY 8th, 1942 YUKON THE WIIITEIIORSE STAR, WHITKIIORSE, Y. s. ,' Mr. Ernest1 Ball, looking hail and N Mr. J. W. Noland arrived by annual ew oeaaware his arrived hearty, has on A. T. planv from the coast Saturday and left later for Atlin, B. C. nisiness trip into the Territory At LADIES'; SILK HEAD HANDKERCHIEFS hands jresent he is busy shaking The Dawson ice went out at 10.30 with his many friends here and also , in a variety of patterns. incidentally booking orders. He Stewart we Roy a. m. Wednesday. will probably leave by the first boat LADIES' TURBANS hear was the winner of the pool. going down the river to Dawson. f : 7 in fiiie wool, accordian pleated. ; Mr. R, E. Dennison in charge of and baby were in Alec Dame maintenance for the Y. S. A T., was Mrs. RAYON and VELVET town over night Monday and left business trip. in. town Tuesday on a ' ' for the. East the following morning; '. :' . i plain and printed. Mr. G. A. Jeckell, Controller of Messrs. J. Weston and W. R. Will- iamson; "'. rsX: fancy linens arrived in town this the .Territory, two members of the radio week oh' his annual dfficial visit. : staff of the Dept. of Transport ar-- Lnre Edjre Toilet Sets, Oriental Runners, Lace Table Cloths ' i rived by Y.S. A. T. plane Wednes Cushion Covers, Etc. Ilia niiiiy inum: vim. bi- - vV Hav i i ' ir t- - T.. ! wcKOine nome . unity, oi., wuu has bee in charge of the Taylor & Three of the real Old-Time- rs ar- rived Druiy Ltd. post at Selkirk for the in town this week and are TAYLOR &DRURY Ltd past few months. going to act as pursers on the river boats. They are Jim Fairborn, Several C. P. A. officials arrived Howard McMillan and D. Edwards. in town Monday on a business trip The latter was assistant postmaster It's a late spring for Atlin tnis including Messrs.' Grant McCon-achi- e, in Dawson years ago and substituted year and the Robins have only re- cently Ted Field, H. Porteous, Bar- ney for "Doc" Kane here at one time. Christ Church-Anglica- n- arrived. They .won't even Phillips and Hugh Johnston. Tsing us their songs yet-i-i- t's still too HIGHER INCOME TAXES THE OLD LOG CHURCH cold. .' Several of the masters of the FORECAST FOR THIS YEAR- - Whitehorse 'river' boats and their crews arrived Rev. L. G. Chappell, L. Th. in town on the last Princess. Capt. Due to the physical difficulties in- volved Rector. . - . SAVE TIME BY AIR McKay, Capt. (Newcomb and -- Capt. the forthcoming budget will SUNDAY, MAY 10th. 1942 Coghlan we understand will be ar not be brought down by the Miri- - riving on the next northbound ister of Finance until the end of this 8 30 a m. Holy Communion. Princess. month. It is known, however, that 10.00 a. m. Sunday School . he must secure an additional seven 11.00 a m. Morning Prayer. I AIR MAIL I hundred million dollars in revenue I PASSENGERS I Two river boats the Casca and 7.30 p. m. Evening Prayer and I AiP express! Whitehorse are already in the water over and above last year's amount Sermon. and being used for the accommod- - j and since he is prevented by the tXXYXXXXXXXXXTXXXXXXXXXl rxx. jit ion and feeding of the boat crews. P"ce ceiling policy from taxing Others will be slipping down the general business he perforce will '' '."'-- . ' .' ' . . ' ways in quick, succession from now have to resort to increased personal rtTtlltXXXIXXXTXXXXXXTTTYTl on. i and corporation taxes. SACRED HEART lhang es m ir,. t iua; t1 .sj urriiiii wtAiiiiiB utxwni Catholic Church from the coast this week his on an- nual April Sundays: (services in church) business trip into the Territory. Schedule 30 Thursday .... .. 50 31 Masses .............. 7.30 and 9.00 A.M. As the N. S. A.A. hall is already occupied he has been forced to use May High Mass 10.30 A.M. a room over the meat market for 1 Friday 50 31 Benediction .7.30 P.M. 2 Saturday 46 26 Vancouver-Whitehors- e his sample room. Sub rosa we Week days: (services in the rectory) 3 50 23 understand an order for Sternoil is Sunday 4 Monday 40 32 Masses .................. 7.00 and 730 A.M. (Daily except Friday) awaiting him when he reaches the 5 Tuesday 51 32 Fridays: Benediction .. 7.30 P.M. North Pole. NORTHBOUND "6 Wednesday 55 32 CIIIIIIIIITTTTYVrTTXXXTTTyi Lv- - Vancouver. . 10 a. m, Ar. Whitehorse .... 7 p. in. SOUTHBOUND Travel - i 1 1 Lv- - Whitehorse . .7 a. in. I RAILWAY on a Ar. Vancouver.. 5.30 p- - m. J STEAMSHIPS I L COMMUNICATIONS HOTELS "PRINCESS" Edmonton- - Whitehorse OBIATIMI I II TlUVCk V Liner Monday, Wednesday Saturday . Skag way to Vancouver NORTHBOUND Victoria or Seattle Lv. Edntont on 12.45 p. in-Ar- . SOUTHBOUND SAILINGS Whitehorse . '. . .7 p. in. PRINCESS LOUISE SOUTHBOUND Sunday, May 17 Lv- - Whitehorse . .7 a.m. Sunday, May 31 Ar. Edmonton p. m. Connections at Vancouver with Canadian Pacific Services: Making quick connections Transcontinental with other Trans-continen- t' Trans-Pacif- ic al Airlines Trans-Atlant- ic The above schedule remains Tickets, reservations and full in force until further notice- - particulars from L. H. JOHNSTON For Full Flight Information General Agent C P. R. Consult "Th. In which purest tobacco form Skagway Alaska J. A. Barber bo smokod" can Canadian Pacific WIIITEIIORSE