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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 20, Friday, May 15th, 1942.

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Frc-- It. :. i CIRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY Vol. 42. No. 20. WHITEHORSE, YUKON, FRIDAY, MAY 15th, 1942 k k k Subscription $3.00 Year. MRS-J- . R. McLEAN PASSES NAZIS HURL TWO MILLION MALTA HEROICALLY RALPH BELL, DIRECTOR " AWAY SUDDENLY AT BEST COMBAT TROOPS FRUSTRATES GERMAN AIRCRAFT CONSTRUCTION, LOCAL GENERAL HOSPITAL. AGAINST RUSSIANS. PLANNED INVASION. CALL A SPADE A SPADE. It is with sincerest regret that -- ve Two million ,of his best combat The air defences at Malta have Addressing a conference of a war have to record the death of Mrs. troops, aided by two thousand dive frustrated a German plan to invade labor organizing committee in Que- bec Nina Marie McLean, wife of Mr. J. bombers, are stated to have been that Mediterranean fortress after last Friday, Ralph P. Bell, dir- ector r. McLean, which occurred sud hurled against the Russians in the taking terrific punisning. As a re- sult of aircraft production "went denly at the local General Hospital Crimea by. Hitler in his mad dash to the Germans may now have to to town" on some of the points shortly after 9 o'clock last Saturday secure the' rich oil fields in the Cau- casus. alter their whole Middle Eastern raised and debunked some of the morning. One informed British source strategy. During the last four days false impressions which clever pub- licity Sometime ago the late Mrs. Mc points out that this German drive 128 enemy planes, largely German, stunts have created. Lean suffered a severe heart attack to smash through the Kersch penin- sula have been destroyed or damaged "First and foremost is the point which necessitated her remaining in in the Crimea couid be regard- ed over the island. The British losses that you tie this proposal to union the hospital for several weeks and as the opening of a three-speare- a. are reported to have been compar- - recognition and what you describe from which she never full , recovere- d, offensive to the Caucasus with other atively few. as decent wages and working con She was later permitted to re- turn drive to be expected from Taganrog The loss of Malta would have ditions. home. About ten days ago it and Karkov. been a serious blow to Great Brit- ain "I believe in high wages and goot' became necessary for her to return A heavy battle is raging there at and her Allies because it is a working conditions, but no honest to the hospital, where every care the present time with the Germans Mediterranean outpost from which persons could for a moment coi and attention that medical aid claiming great success but with the most damaging attacks have been tend that the wages and working could offer were ' bestowed upon Russians claiming no particular made; by airland sea on Axis ship- - conditions in the aircraft industry her. Her husband had called and change. The German claims are ping between Italy, North Africa in the Montreal area are not decent seen her at the hospital around nine substantially discounted. and Greece. i "We've all heard a lot of talk o'clock Saturday morning and had about the worker in the plant doing valuable work the at the just arrived at the local W .P. & Y. as man front, and some clever publicist try- ing when he hurriedly re- called R. depot was Local Happenings to enthuse war workers coined to her bedside. His wife the phrase 'The front line is the passed away as he was on his way factory.' back to the hospital. : of Mr. Ernest Butterfield of Car- - "You men and women who were Bishop The late Mrs. McLean was born Rt. Rev. W. A. Geddes, in Bryan, Ohio on October 14th, Yukon, arrived by Y. S. A. T. plane J cross was a visitor in. town last in the last war or have husbands, fathers, brothers or sons in this one 1902. She and her husband came from the coast Monday, made a trip I Friday. who are being shot down in Ger-- north from Vancouver about nine to Carcross and, left by plane for their morning Mr. Karl Hahn of the rail division , many, torpedoed in the1 Atlantic and years ago and had since made Dawson yesterday 1 her W P & Y. R. arrived in town from , Pacific, or suffering and dying m home in Whitehorse. During Skagway on Wednesday. the Far East know that that sort of residence here she took an active in- terest "Billy" Williams, a mining oper- ator talk is tripe and bunk. in the patriotic and social life of the Mayo district, arrived ' Mr. T. Portlock arrived from "Soldier of production in the front of this community and her untimel- y recently to secure medical treatment last Friday and will be re-- j line of defense! like hell! 52 and passing is mourned by her many and has been a patient in the Gen- ial Mayo 85 cents with and maining here indefinitely. an hour, time, a friends here The funeral services Hospital since his arrival, half and double time, adds up to a were conducted by Rev. L. G. Chap-po- ll Messr,s. W. R. Williamson and J. lot more than $39 a month and bul- lets." at Christ Church Monday, in- terment the Mr. Jacobs, ; representing Weston, radio operators of the Dept. taking place in the local House of Swift Canadian Ltd., ar- rived of Transport, arrived in town on While the product of the factories cemetery. by plane from the coast Mon- day the 6th. is "necessary, nay essential," he de- clared She leaves to mourn her loss her on his annual trip into the Ter- ritory. "this war is not going to be husband and three sisters Mrs. -- E. He left by plane for Dawson Mr. Barney Phillips, one of the won in the factories. This war is Anderson and Mrs. Carl Harper of yesterday morning. executive officers of Canadian Pac- ific going to be won by young Canad Princeton, B. C, and Miss Grade Airlines, arrived in town this ians, Americans, Englishmen, Rus Marks of Williams Lake, B. C, to be pleased sians, Dutch, Czechs, Poles, Belg- ians, His many friends will week and will remain here during. whom sincerest sympathy is ex- tended to hear that Mr. George Rose of Mr.- - Kenyin's absence. Free French, Chinese, and all in their great bereavement. Carcross who collapsed at the local other allies young men 'who risk shipyard last Monday and was hur-red- y Mrs. Alex. McCarter arrived by and lose lives that you and I may C. STUART MAGPHERSON taken to the General Hospital plain .from Mayo last night to join continue to live in a free country" FIRST IN YUKON TO where he under-we- nt an emergency her husband who has been here for operation, is now progressing satis- factorily. the past two months in the employ GRADUATE IN PHARMACY SGT. AIR GUNNER NORMAN of the Y. S. A. T. A resident of HARTNELL ONE OF FOUR extended to Mayo for several years and an act- ive Congratulations are worker in the I. O. D. E. and YUKONERS IN R- - C. A. F. C. Stuart Macpherson who on Sun- day Mr. M. A. McLeod, representing of the community HOME ON SHORT LEAVE. airmail Gold Mines the social life last was notified by the Springer-Sturgeo- n that he had successfully passed his Ltd. of Toronto, arrived recently at j Mrs. McCarter will be greatly miss- ed circle of friends in Sgt. Air Gunner Norman Hart-nel- l, north short her large final examination in pharmacy and the coast and is coming by . R. C. A. F., recently arrived in prospecting the Silver City. , a is now a full-fledg- ed druggist.Added ly with his party on New Westminster on leave to visit and i - interest lies in the fact that Stuart trip through the Territory his' mother Mrs. L. B. Kembell. Born SUNK BY SHIPS is the first in the. Yukon to gradu- ate Northern B. C. His company are TWO IN THE in Saskatchewan he was educated strategic in his profession. All his friends seeking the location -- of SUBMARINE nlerl LAWRENCE THIS WEEK. in Dawson and is one of four repre- senting .. . ! ST. k a A. A.' 4 1 A 1 i 1 1 1 ivNsns4 wkonv "ere irusi luav ue wim acuu the Yukon in the R. C. A. F. long and happy years in his chosen . ' .1 i i nrf n ii nnnnimpon no laior aiTAnnon K.ina i .pnrpp t p n with credit to himself niir A Tt Haves government u nas ueeu uiiH.inu,r aimwww.v. ..v - - o - - avocation 'operator Carmacks, ar- - that two un-nam- ed ships have been School in Vancouver and in .May at and lasting benefit to this commun- ity. telegraph rived in town Friday to have some sunk by submarine action in the St. .last year transferred from the 17th dental work done He was accom- - Lawrence river- - this week. Approxi- - Searchlight Battery to the A.r Tony who we mately ninety survivors have been j Force. In March this year he grad- - nanied bv his son Messrs. O. Wells of Edmonton fmderstand will be remaining in landed at a Canadian port. Half , uated from Guelph and from the and H. Brunner of Watson Lake, -- and working at the local air-- this .lumber were members of the Bombing and Gunnery School at tnwn both of the Dept. of Transport, ar- rived crew of one of the torpedoed ships. .Donald, Manitoba, last month, in town Monday. port. ' . VSCiV. 'I WO HE W 1 1 IT Kl IOKSE ST A It. AVI 1 1 TKIIO RSE YUKON FRIDAY, MAY A 5th, 1942 f!je 4 I IK far Gents of Cbougbt "Volo of thm Yukon' An Independent Journal ':.-- : merit It is not what he has, nor even published every Friday at what. he does, which directly ex- - 11 i. U.. presses tne . worm 01 a man, uui, Yukon Territory what he is. Amiel. ... - - and The White Pass Yukon Route Man's chief merit consists in re On the Trail of '98 sisting the impulses of his nature. j Samuel Johnson. " The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to Member of Canadian Weekly V Good actions crown themselves with Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska- - .Newspapers'" Association.- - ; lasting bays; Publisher Who deserves well, needs-n- ot an- other's IIOK.Xti: E. MOORE - - AIRPLANE SERVICE Heath. praise Robert Human merit or demerit will find plane service, making connections northbound and south- bound Let us have faith that right makes level. Divinity alone its proper with steamers .at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, iiiitflit; and in that faith let us to of solves the problem humanity, the end dare to do mil; duty as we and that in God's own time. "By Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For information understand it. Lincoln. their fruits ye shall know them." y apply to any 'xJvVV.fe , Mary Baker Eddy. MAY 15th, 1942 Life is continually weighing us in WHITE PASS A 6 EN T, 0 r very sensitive scales, and telling 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. what his every one of us precisely real weight is to the last grain of ALL DOWN THE YEARS dust. James. Russell Lowell. The humanitarian functions of Merit is never so conspicuous as the various Red Cross Societies when coupled with an obscure orig-tnrough- out It pays to have all your Printing done at the Star Office. the world today owe in, just as the moon never appears their origin to a courageous gentle- -. so lustrous as when it emerges from woman who of her own volition, a cloud Bovee. ; forsook the calm' and tranquility of a beautiful home life where every inaterial comfort was at her dis- posal, SAVE TIME BY AIR and left for the Crimea bat- - tlefield in order to give succour' and lirst aid to the wounded and dying. Her name was Florence Nightingale. To her soldier patients she became AIR M4ll OASSENCERS a symbol of mercy as she passed air express through the poorly-equipp- ed hos- pitals L- - V.Jf of those days placing a cool- ing WUASUF ... hand on a feverish brow, loosen- - ing a bandage that was too tight or J offering a few words of comfort. or encouragement to those in need of Changes in them or , perhaps a little prayer to those whose suffering was such that . to them death would be a happy re- lease. All the finer attributes 61 Schedule womannooa were exempiitiea in 1 .his "Lady of the Lamp" in all their simplicity and grandeur. No won- - Vancouver-Whitehors- e ' tier she was the recognized "Guard-te- n Angel" of the British army.,-B- y her unselfish ministration among (Daily except Friday) the wounded and suffering and bj NORTHBOUND her love and devotion for the Lv- - lnsisfon PILSENER j cause Vancouver. ... 10 a. ni, which she espoused Florence Night- ingale Ar. Whitehorse 7 Lager Beer. Enjoy I p. m. JpEi Trv Ijjj touched the chords of the human heart so that they have ever SOUTHBOUND since responded to the 'work which .Whitehorse .... , .7 a. rn. she was the first to carry out with Ar. Vancouver. . 5.:0 p- - m. I ' t such untold blessing' upon those she ministered to and with such un- - monton - Whitehorse dying glory to herself. The lamp which" she carried during those dark (Daily except Friday) and dismal days was never permit- ted NORTHBOUND to become extinguished. On the Lv.". Edmonton "12.45- - p. m-A- r. contrary the great work she insti- tuted AVhitehorse ....7 p. m. upon so small a scale is today operated upon a colossal basis both SOUTHBOUND in war and peace time Our sisters j a- - h it eh orse 7 . a . m. of mercy still walk the hospitals and j Ar. .Edmonton . . .-- -5 p. m. care for the afflicted and distressed; Direct connections at . White- horse The part the rest of us "are called for Fairbanks, Alaska, upon to play is in no way less noble and at Edmonton . with T. C. or important since we are called A. for points south. upon to provide the funds which make all - this humanitarian work, Hie ahove schedule remains V possible. We should therefore look in force until further notice- - upon it both as a privilege as yell For Full Flight Information as a duty to assist in this great work, Consult to the utmost of our financial abil- ity. None among us are so poor J. A. Barber but that we can all make some con- tribution WHITEHORSE This advertisement is not published or inward the common goal displayed by the Government of Yuk on Territory. rC FRIDAY, MAY 15th", 1942 THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WIllTEUOUSE. YUKON PAGE THREE s. SURVEY PARTIES FOR to work on the job. YUKON SOUTHERN NOW mation concernnig them would be U U. S -- ALASKA Mr. Watson Davis concludes his OPERATING DAILY SERVICE gratefully received by the I. O. D. E. PROPOSED article with the words ."In the S. DAGLISH, EXCEPT FRIDAYS BETWEEN KAILROAD IN TERRITORY, minds of the engineers the sound of "' .. Sec'y-Trea- s. : sledge on spike is heard already EDMONTON-WHITEHORS- E- have arrived in Survey parties hammering a new road to victory the Territory ostensibly for the purp- oses if railroading has a chance at build- ing On Monday the Yukon Suothern of mapping out a feasible this essential link." Air Transport Ltd, inaugurated a route for the proposed United States daily service between Edmonton W. ti. THEATER --Alaska railroad FOR SALE and Whitehorse Fridays excepted. n a recent - . issue of "Science" A similar service between White- horse Whitehorse ... ... Yukon (April 17th) which is the official and Vancouver has been in Sealed tenders will be received up organ of the American Association successful operation for sometime to the 21st of May, 1942, addressee1 for the Advancement of Science (an past keeping the company's fleet of to the undersigned for the purchastj Shows Every organization which' occupies a simi- lar Lockheeds and Boeings humming of Lot Block with 5, 25, Whitehorse, position in the cultural life of all the time. house and contents known as the Night the U. S. A. as the British Associ-aiio- n. Stanley Cain property. does in England) some reas- ons, MISSING Terms Cash. are set forth in support of the Three volumes of the Encyclopedia '(Except Sundays) W. L. PHELPS. carrying out of such a project. Britannica are missing from the These reasons may be briefly sum- marized Solicitor for Janet Birnie Reading Room of the Public Lib- rary. Pictures changed thrice Weekly. Executrix Estate of Stanley as follows: The railroad Their return, or' any infor See Bulletin Board for Particulars. Cain deceased. could be constructed almost as quickly as the highway. It would need practically no rubber (prime strategic material of the war) whereas the highway would be onlj '9,000,00 useful with a major expenditure of this precious material for truck tires. Lying idle in the U. S. A. an enough good second-han- d rails witn (jgDEDOf! which to build the whole route. The ties vvculd come right out of the forest along or near the route. Ex- perience of rough-and-rea- dy railr- oad engineers shows that low-- , speed freight service can be maint- ained over track laid with little ballast even over unstable ground such' as would be encountered along part of the route. Just as in the case of older railroads there would be crews of trackmen continually re-build- ing the road but this prob- ably would be little more than would be needed on a freight high- way. One freight train would carry many times the burden of a whole convoy of trucks. The fuel for the locomoi'.ves would be obtainable from Alaskan and other coal mines whereas the gasoline for trucks would have to be hauled in tanks from the south. With red tape hacked away it is contended tha the two bands of steel could be started within a matter of a few days .Without burdening the army with the tas&y an engineering staff could be swiftly organized experi- enced trackmen requisitioned from the railroads andc. C. C. lads put travel of war. This must be mote mm tjvpbv PFH rROSS DOLLAR does the prisoners AmUAcA the actual need. The u.. r . mppr RAILWAY on a work work of of three three dollars. dollars, The ine Red nea vroM Cross buys uuy man - - be the must COMMUNICATIONS STEAMSHIPS materials at bottom a prices. Then, Tl. millions MD . is continuous; ,mo,ne MOTELS "PRINCESS" - . i l onrino- - continuous. mntinuous. i f VoA Trn workers, knitting, sewing, GMATlJTl fiuvii w Liner ",, tailing, without payfinishing these goods The Red Cross is on duty 24 hours every and transporting them free, multiply the day. Never was" a dollar worth more original dollar-valu- e threefold.. in the hands of the Red Cross than now. Skagway to Vancouver "It is well - that this is so, for food, Do your part to keep this Army of Mercy Victoria or Seattle clothing, shelter and hospitalization cost on the march. Open your heart and your SOUTHBOUND SAILINGS millions. purse strings GIVE generously. PRINCESS LOUISE Every week, 40,000 parcels go overseas The Canadian Red Cross Society's accounts are Sunday, May 17 now. from the Canadian Red Cross, to subject to scrutiny by the Auditor . uenerai m m oj m.iua. Sunday, May 31 Whitehorse Chapter, I .0. D. E., has assumed charge of the local Connections at Vancouver with campaign for the Red Cross Society. . Please make your cont Canadian Pacific Services: ributions to any of the officers of the Chapter- - Transcontinental mm Trans-Pacif- ic Trans-Atlant- ic Tickets, reservations., and full particulars from L. H. JOHNSTON General Agent C P. R. Skagway Alaska Canadian Pacific THE ONLY NATIONAL CAMPAIGN THIS YEAR FOR WAR SERVICE FOKDS PAGE FOUR THE WIIITEUOKSE STAR. Will TE 110 KSE YUKON FRIDAY, MAY ,15th, J942 HIGHLIGHTS OF PRIME .MINISTER WINSTON BL1 MOT (IIIRCHILLS RADIO SPEECH LAST SUNDAY. be sold at Public Auction TUESDAY, JULY "ranted Mineral Claims to on 7th, rr vnoii-it- ' nf . nhtifiration . . . . . from , List of ('rov:i wn ivvvii v. w w ( -- r - - Russia that it was feared the Ger- - ; j 1942 -- A 11 o'clock in the forenoon, ) in the Court Room, Administration Building, Dawson, Y- - T., . . ...... ni -- v 1 1 ' mans will in desperation turn to the mul.f tiin ' in-ovisio- ns or . " 1 r he ne thrown i;rowii uraur .iua uiujiuwvc use of poison gas Mr. Churchill is- sued a solemn warning that if Ge- rmany Dawson, V. T., resorts to the use of gas '.U.iv. 1st, 11142. Territorial Treasurer- - against the . Russians the R. A. F. u ill use "its great and growing air superiority in the west to carry gas warfare on the largest possible scale far and wide against military ob- jectives Registered Owner or Agent Name of claim in Germany.": ; He added that Britain would consider any use of gas against its Russian ally. ex- actly as if it were used against David W. Cullen ....."....Homesteak 2 100 50.52 33.05 2.00 35.05 I'.ritain ': ; H. E. Boucher; C. G. Finnie; G, Sinclair ...... ...Providence No. I; 2 125 34.29 22.68 2.00 v 24.68 He declared that it was now cer- tain Yukon Gold Co. ........ Cariboo .......... . ..... 2 132 5L08 v 33.69 2.00 35.69 that more Germans had been ki'ilcd on the Russian front than : May s Layfield ....... ;.,.' Blake 2 150 40.59 26.60 2.00 28.60 were killed on all the fronts 1 Sisters of St, Ann Santa Maria ...... - 2 178 48.78 31.75 2.00 33.75 ...1.:....... Quebec . . 2 179 41.85 27.21 2.00 29.21 'throughout ' the entire World War. j Sisters of St. Ann ; ' . . James Richardson ... Lillie 2 217 49.02 32.40 2.00 34.40 He threatened Germany with a James Richardson '.. Blue Bell ...... .......... 2 218 44.00 28.51 2.00 30.51 ceaseless ever-growi- ng assault from James Richardson ........ Iron Mask ... ....... 2 219 48.20 31.75 2.00 33.75 the air in which . U. S. bombers G. Sinclair and C. G. Finnie ...... Providence Frac ..... 2 230 .89 .65 2.00 2.65 v, ould take aprominent part. The H. D. Kroll ....... ............. Galena Queen . ....... 2 248 50.60 21.85 2.00 23.85 H. D. Kroll Gertrude ........ 2 249 29.08 12.96 2.00 14.96 R. A. F. he stated had a list of Ger- man industrial cities and would David W Cullen Homestake No. 2 ... 2 301 "51.52 33.31 2.00 35.31 continue to bomb them. Civilians C. A. Philp v.". ...".Vergin 2 363 .51.65 33.31 2.00 35.31 ?T T 1 1 1 .......... .......'fron Wheel 2 369 51.60 33.31 2.00 35.31 have an easy way to escape. They j. u. i-iacn- apeue must leave and watch their homes N. A. Trad, and Trans. Co. .......... Klondike Load Ext. and cities burn from a distance. No. 1 ' 2 395 45.90 31.32 2.00 33.32 N, A. Trad, and Trans. Co. Klondike Load ' Ext. He referred to the subject of a No. 3 ........... 2 403 21.69 14.09 2.00 16.09 N. A. Trad, and Co. ..... Klondike Lode ....... 2 418 second front as a means of- - aiding Trans. ......... 51.00 31,74 2.00 33.74 Russia, but said "Naturally I shall Malvina Brosseau Alexander 2 456 48.24 31.39 2.00 33.39 not disclose what our1 intentions i Malvina Brosseau Cestrain ..... ............ 2 458 40.13 26.26 , 2.00 28.1'6 are. He He however however - - praised praised the the I I Yukon UKn uoid Co. ...... Golden Age ............ , 2 477 51.56 33.31 2.00 35.31 fighting spirit of persons areuine ! A- - McKinnon; D. Sinclair ............ .Lion ................ 3 24 51.56 33.31 2.00 35.31 for a second front. A. McKinnon; D, Sinclair ...;.v..,: Thistle 3 25 51.31 33.31 2.00 35.31 i A. McKinnon; D. Sinclair .. ......Hidden Treasure ... .3 26 51.31 33.31 2.00 35.31 " Regardless of whatever else is A- - McKinnon; D. Sinclair ... .. Britannia ............. ... 3 27 40.27 26.26 2.00 28.26 done he said the war shipments to ' A. McKinnon; D. Sinclair ........ ......Argyle ... ... 3 31 51.63 33.31 2.00 35.31 Russia through the Arctic will con-j- A McKinnon; D. Sinclair .. Drumkinnin 3 32 51.65 33.31 2.00 35.31 . tinue as they have in the past. He A McKinnon; D. Sinclair . Roseneath ....,........... 3 33 51:52 . 33.31 2.00 35.31 added that the main part of every James McNamee. and others ............. Bal Maiden ............. 5 39 100.41 64.69 2.00 66.69 Russian-boun- d convoy has reached James McNamee and others ; Lelia . .................... 5 40 39.94 25.62 , 2.00 27.62 its goal but acknowledged there had James McNamee and others Bradford 5 41 32.89 21.13 2.00 23.13 been some losses. .James McNamee and others Dolcoath .................. 5 42 . 48.62 31.39 2.00 . 33.39 I James McNamee and others ............ Copper-Hea- d 5 43 40.95 26.26 2.00 28.26 The R. A. F. offensive drives, the Josiah Collins , ............................... .............. Big Chief .......:...,. 5 56 51.65 21.97 2.00 23.97 Allied naval victory over the Jap- anese Josiah Collins ........ Little Chief 5 57 48.20 20.71 2.00 22.71 in the Coral Sea, the British Arthur B. Palmer . ..... . ......... Valerie . , 5 70 46.21 10.45 2.00 12.45 occupation of Madagascar and the W. A. Puckett & J. P. Whitney Anaconda No. 2 .... 5 72 40.34 26.26 2.00 ' . 28.26 growing strength of Russia all con- tributed W. A. Puckett . Whitehorse No. 2 ... 5 74 31.73 20.50 2.00 22.50 to Churchill's optimistic re- port W. A. Puckett . Rabbit's Foot .. 5 75 42.35 27.54 2.00 29.54 which is believed to have firm- ly J. P. Whitney .North Star ............... 5 96 49.84 32.02 2.00 34.02 established him as the man who Jas. R. Alguire .Sandon 5 108 51.65 22.29 2.00 v ' 24.29 will lead Britain to victory. Arthur B. Palmer ..Centre .Star 5 110 51.55 33.31 2.00 35.31 ' Mrs. M. M. Mcllveen .................. . Little Chief . No. 2 . 5 114 17.60 11.52 2.00 13.52 , In concluding Churchill said Thomas McRostie ...Verona 5 115 47.91 30.74 2.00 32.74 "therefore, tonight, I give Karl Weik .' vou a Keewonaw 5 173 160.00 10a.48 2.00 102.48 message-o- f good cheer. You deserve. Karl Weik. .. .Gladstone 5 174 51.65 33.31 2.00 35.31 it and the facts endorse it. But be Weik .....................'star -- Karl Ruby 5 206 51.65 33.31 2.00 35.31 it good cheer be .it bad Karl or cheer it Weik Four Big 5 208 51.65 33.31 2.00 35.31 will make no difference to us. ' We ' Karl Weik Black Cub 5 224 51.65 33.31 2.00 35.3. shall drive on to the end and do Karl Weik .Golden Horn 5 230 51.65 33.31 2.00 ' 35.31 our duty, win or die. God helping Karl Weik Beaver : 5 , '231 51.65 33.31 2.00 35.31 us, we can do no other." Karl Weik - jiivw i tavtiuu 5 232 12.66 8.35 2.00 10.35 W. S. Magee .. .Blue Grouse 6fc 60 ' 9.82 6.64 2.00 8.64 ALLOWANCES PAID David Leevans .Legal Tender .... 6 99 . 51.65 33.31 2.00 V . 35.31 NAVY DEPENDANTS TO BE Howard Cochrane & Thos. Mountain -- Becker Sheep 6 133 51.65 33.31 V 2.00 35.31 ON PARITY WITH THOSE OF Howard Cochrane & Thos.-Becke- r Wheaton 6 135" 35.48 23.06 2.00 25.0n' ARMY AND AIR FORCE. Howa-r- i Cochrane & Thos. Becker Rip 6 136 39.43 25.62 2.00 27.62 Howard Cochrane & Th6s. Becker ,.Idelle 6 6 137 .33.18 . 21.78 2.00. 23.78 As from April 1st last allowances W L. Phelps ...Red Deer 754 139 51.55 33.31 2.00 35.31 paid to dependants of men in the W L. Phelps ........Venus Extension 754 140 49.90 32.02 2.00 " ' 34.02 navy will be on a parity with those W L. Phelps Humper 754 141 33.29 21.78 2.00 - 23.73 paid dependents of men in the army W L. PhelDs Bull Moose 754 144 10.35 7.04 ' ' 2.00 9.01 and air force according an an James R. Alguire :....Arab 804 233 51.65 . 22.21 , 2.00 , 24.21 nouncement made in the House of S. H. Wimberley .Standard 804 ; 241 51.65 33.31 2.00 35.31 Commons last Friday by the Hon. F. J. McDougall .. Sunrise 901 5 81.35 52.32 2.60 54.3' Angus Macdonald, Minister of E. McAdam Rilvw Tnv 901 10 51.65 33.31 2.00 35.31 Navy. MAY 15th, 1942 ' inn? uniiTunnuup a u - m i itlm mou vttixt PAG 72 FIYP. FRIDAY, iim t in nviiv'U'iri o i tt in i rjnwuqrj' I uiVVJli THE ESTATE OF u -- 1 .12 ." D w w JOHN IIAGSTROM i i : u;. O U T3 5x O Registered Owner or Agent Name of claim K G , Deceased p, z 3 V) W - ALL PERSONS having any claims O u : W 5; " a 0 u t- -5 o o U O o b against the estate of the above-- ? named deceased are required to file E. McAdam ..Black Fox -- 901 11 51.65 33.31 2.00 35.31 the with the Public Admin- istrator E. McAdam" .. . Beaver , 901 12 51.65 33.31 2.00 35.31 same at Dawson on or before the E. McAdam ..Eldorado :, 901 13 51.65 33.31 2.00 35.31 1st of August, 1942, supported E. McAdam ..... ..Lost Treasure 901 15 22.69 16.11 2.00 18.11 day E, J. McDougall ... ..Susie . 901 20 33.87 23.10 2.00 25.10 by statutory declaration, after which date the estate will be dis- tributed, j. W. McLean ... ..Trust 901 24 124.04 80.06 2.00 82.06 having reference only to Samuel C. McKim ..Aien Aristenien 1054 8 41.51 27.21 2.00 , 29.21 claims which have been so filed ALL PERSONS indebted to the If the total amount of such tax, penalties, cost of advertising . and other expenses due in respect to each said estate are requested to make Mineral Claim as above stated is not "paid at the office of the Collector at Dawson, Y. T., before the said immediate payment to the Public day of sale stated in this Notice, the said, claims so in default Will be offered for sale at public auction at Administrator. the time and place above-mention- ed as provided by the said Ordinance. DATED AT DAWSON this 8th 1 day of May, 1942 Dated at Dawson, in tho Yukon Territory this 1st day of .May, 1042. C. E. McLEOD, P. POWELL, Public Administrator.' , Collector. (1955) 19-- 3 JAP'S NEW NAVAL BASE BRITISH COLUMBIA j SHIPYARDS TO OPERATE Yukon Southern Air Transport Limited Reports smuggled out of Japanese CONTINUOUS PRODUCTION occupied Hong Kong are to the ef- fect SCHEDULE ON SEVEN-DA- Y that the Japs are transferring that Yukon Sduthern Air Trans- port Public notice is hereby given all prisoners of war and civilian in- ternees ! SCHEDULE Limited has applied to the Board of Transport Commis- sioners to Formosa and intend con- verting of The Transport Act, for Canada under the provisions Hong Kong into a powerful Under aFederal Order-in-Coun- cil 1938, for a licence to transport by aircraft passengers and or goods naval base.. made public last Friday, British between Whitehorse, Carmacks, Mayo and Dawson in Yukon Ter- ritory Columbia shipyards are to go on a in lieu of the licence presently held by British Yukon' continuous production schedule. Navigation Company ' Limited. The work will be done in three shifts arranged as follows: All persons interested . in supporting or opposing the application HQ First shift: Daily hours worked, are required to forward their submissions in writing by air mail 8; time off for meals, 30 minutes; to the Board of Transport Commissioners for Canada at Ottawa, time worked per week, 48; time paid Ontario, within thirty (30) days from the date of this notice, and for 50 hours. concurrently therewith to pend a copy of such submission to Second shift: Daily hjours work- ed, Yukon ; Southern Air Transport Limited at Windsor Station, 7 hours 40 minutes; time off for Montreal, Quebec. meals, 20 minutes; time worked per This notice is given by direction of the Board of Transport week, 46 hours; time paid for 54 Commissioners for Canada. - hours. DATED the 15th day of May, 1942. Third shift: Daily hours worked, I. R. G. COLLINS, 7 hours 10 minutes; time off for Secretary, meals, 20 minutes; time worked per YUKON SOUTHERN AIR TRANSPORT LIMITED. week, 43 hours; time paid for, 54 hours. ': Each man will work six shifts per week,-- , having one day's rest in seven. h Fresh Butter MINISTER PUBLIC WORKS RESIGNS TO FIGHT Cured Try BURNS and CONSCRIPTION ISSUE Shamrock BrcindCreanieiy Butter Meats Eggs IN HOUSE. Hon. Pierre Joseph Cardin, Min- ister Brand Products Burns' Famous Shamrock of Public Works in the Domin- ion parliament has placed his resig- nation in the hands of the Prime Minister but so far the Governor- - Aged In oak casks towSji General of Canada, the Earl 6f-At- h- "You Can Buy No Better" mellow golden per- - fcgs, lone, has taken no action in the w$ fection, it makes the . ntf matter. W smoothest Collins or It is reported that Mr. Cardin Cocktail you have ever M plans to retain his seat in the House B Burns & Company Limited. rS known. . and to head a group of fifty to sixty Quebec members in opposition to txxxxxx conscription legislation which it is understood the government is about to introduce fc 'A s Yukon Electncal Lompany, Ltd. CARD OF THANKS Golden Gin sincerest ' Will be pleased to consult m i ' I wish to express my you regarding thanks for the many tokens of sym- pathy which have been extended to I Light, Power. Supplies and Installations g bereavement. ! ' in recent ; me my . B' the kindly also much appreciate v This advertisement is ' not published services rendered to me during such WHITEHORSE, Y. T. H or displayed -- , by the Government of a trying ordeal. Poigniy xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxtxxiI J. R. McLEAN. Yukon Territory. PAGE SIX rim WH1TEHORSE (,m,r STAR, WH1 wniTtfHORSF,, 1 Ml UKfal YUKON x vrwn FRIDAY, MAY 15th, u 1942 TENT CITY By J.'F. S. 4 Busiest, perhaps, of all the sold- iers in camp, 'are members of the vceimental band. They have a seven-da- y week. In the early dawn, when their comrades are still slumbering, they have to be up to play cheery timet for Reveille Through the day, j morning and afternoon, they pract- ice, ...rr. , , - aocV late in the day, they play, again, for Retreat, the ceremony of THE NEW BRITISH AIRCRAFT-CARRIE- R II. M. S. "FORMIDABLE" lowering the flag.; On Sundys, as well, they are busy The British aircraft-carri- er H. M. S. "Formidable" (23,000 tons), one of a number of ships of the Not only does the 0 band provide "Illustrious" class, completed since the war, is armed with sixteen 4.5 ( dual purpose) guns and carries a music for the open-a- ir church ser- vice," but there may be an afternoon complement of 1,600. Dimensions 753 x 95x 24. H. M. S. '."Formidable" wheh has done much useful hand concert in town. took part in the Battle of Cape Matapan on March 28, 1941, when the Italian In time of actual battle, the army work in the Mediterranean, bandsmen act as stretcher bearers. ''' Navy suffered a crushing defeat . -- V,-" ':';'4-- : The rest of the time, they practice their music. Since the tents in camp are not soundproof, one can readily under- - j stand why the medical detachment s hospital tenls, and those of the band rre situated on opposite sides of the ' camp. -- ; The difference in the exchange r"" ' between Canadian ,and American money, sometimes causes a natural confusion in the regimental - can- -; "THE H(0)lMK toon when tVio hnve aron'l olu;avc I sure how much they can buy for their dollars. The other day a soldier came in to buy some air mail postage stamps. To the corporal behind the coun-t- ei he said, "I want some stamps. I have a dollar here." "Maybe I can help you" said the corporal. "They're 15 for "a dollar." "I can figure this out," snapped the customer. - After a long period of deliber- ation, he said, "Gimme two." LESLIE GROVE, LINEMAN SKAGWAY TELEPHONE CO. SERIOUSLY INJURED ON SUNDAY LAST. Peotile who buy more of any thing than they currently needy Leslie Grove, a lineman in the and merchants who encourage employ of the Skagway Telephone them to do so, are sabotaging Co., lies seriously ill in the hospital the war effort and are therefore there as the result of an accident public enemies. which occurred last Sunday after- noon. Grove was .working at the top of a jSole at the time. The pole broke Loyal citizens do not hoard co-operat- ing to the best of your suddenly precipitating Grove to the ground. In its descent, the They buy only for their im- mediate ability to save Canada from pole fell upon him crushing one of needs. They cheerfully such horrors as Hong Kong? his arms and causing serious head injuries. At the time of going to adjust their standard of living, If Canadians do their duty, press we understand the unfortun- ate realizing that their country's there will be no more hoarding. man still " lies in a critical con- dition. needs must come first. They Everyone will get a fair share of do not try to gain unfair ad- vantages the goods available. More food OFFICIAL WEATHER rREPORT over their neighbours. can be sent to Great Britain. More raw materials more May j 'Are you a hoarder or a loyal manpower will be available 8 Friday 55 30 9' Saturday ........:..... 55 38 citizen? Are you hampering for making guns, tanks, planes 10 Sunday , 66 .3.1 Canada's war effort by un-necess- ary and other armaments to back 11 Monday ........ ... 70 '30 buying? Or are you up our armed forces. 12 Tuesday 72 40 13 Wednesday 71 32 In' cases where it is advisable for you to buy in advance of your immediate requirements such as your next Men of 30, 40,50 season's coal supply you will be encouraged to do so by .' direct statement from responsible officials. PEP, VIM, VIGOR, Subnormal? Want normal pep, vim, vigor, vitality? Try Ostrex Tonic Tablets. tonics, stimulants, oyster elements Contain WARTI ME PRICES AND TRADE BOARD aids to normal pep after 80, 40 or 6a 2re) S, SP?11 introductory size for only OTTAWA 54. 1 ry this aid to normal pep and vim today, for sale at all good drug stores. FRIDAY, MAY 15th, 1942 THE W H ITEI10RSE STAR, WIUTEilOKSE. YUKON PA'jf. SEVEN ZITTXXZXIXZTT f ixixiiin rxx. ftOM KEARNEY WELL- - ' Vancouver, on Thursday of last, rTTTlIIIIIIIIlTTITIITlIIlJ KNOWN FUNERAL week, recalls to mind the days of '98 Christ Church-Anglican- - SACRED HEART DIRECTOR AND FORMER when he was one of the many to THE OLD LOG CHURCH Catholic Church yUKONER PASSES whom the Yukon was "The Promis- ed d. Whitehorse AWAY AT COAST. Land" He opened' two stores-o- ne in church Rev. L. G. Chappell, L. Th. Sundays: (services in Dawson and the other in Bo Rector. , Masses 7.30 and 9.00 A.M. The passing of Mr. Thomas James nanza and by all the rules o fthe EVERY SUNDAY High Mass 10.30 A.M. pioneer funeral director in pCearney, game should have, made a large for-- I 8.30 a m. Holy Communion. Benediction 7.30 P.M. tune before , he left for the coast in 10.00 a. m. Sunday School Week days: (services in the rectory) BUII D WESTERN PAYROLLS" ! 1911 But credit was extended pro 1 1 .00 a m. Morning Prayer. Masses 7.00 and 730 A.M. miscuously and many accounts were 7.30 p. m Evening Prayer and Fridays: Benediction 7.30 P.M. A PATRON I never paid ' Sermon. ' rTTTTTITIIIIIIIllIIIIirilXl The late Mr. Kearney was a mem- ber CXXXXXMXTXXTXXIaXXTXXXXX of the Yukon Council and in fOR 8 ( 1906 was nominated for parliament in the Dominion Housed but later yE4lS:;;;v:7,gl( JVAPORATJO, resigned in favour of the late Dr. Alfred Thompson. In 1911 he left We have a letter from up-coun- try for Vancouver and established his The writer states funeral parlors on Broadway West she has used "all kinds of which are still operated under his canned milk" but Pacific name He took an active interest in Milk continually since she federal, provincial and civic affairs began it "because of - its and a past Grand Knight and hon- orary richness and flavor. That member of the Knights of was eight years ago." Columbus. He was also a past pre- sident It's only real excellence that of the 'Yukon Pioneers' As- sociation. could bring a milk a pre- ference The funeral services like this. were conducted in accordance with the Rites of the Roman Catholic Pacific Milk Church of which the deceased was a devout membe'r? me i? 5- - CELANESE SHARKSKIN and ENGLISH POPLIN JACKETS TIES CURRIE and TOOKE Maybe you think your small change cannot help . . r Woven in England that "total war" means "somebody else." GABARDINE Mayhc you're one of the thousands of housewives who haven't yet started to put even 50 a week into SHIRTS AND TROUSERS War Savings Stamps just a neutral ... There aren't any neutrals in this war! You're a help or a hindrance to victory. You can't get out of it. If you spend thoughtlessly you'll deny our fighting forces u s the arms they need and imperil your own future. omer; If you and 2,000,000 other housewives in Canada-- put only 50 a week into War Savings Stamps, it week to help win the war. Which SLACKS SLACK SUITS means $1,000,000 a side are you on? BLOUSES STRIPES and CHECKS SHEERS and CREPES Buy War Savings Stamp from bonk, post office, .druggist grocer ond other retail fore. I Northern Commercial Co. L td. 5- -s National War Finance Committee. EIGHT THE VIJ1TKII0RKE ST AH, WIUTI3IIOR8E. YUKON . FRIDAY, MAY 15th, 1942 4i A msec SOWS . Get ready for the Mosquito Jn vasion. .- -fTJjfie "SASKEETO" -- an English preparation for repelling and healing. Largely used i in the Tropi.cs. --- - Staway an effective repellant. "J .Citronella - - Insect Powder Stafford Allen's English Preparation made from Pry the rum flowers. It, is death to all insects, moths, black flies.houso flies, mosquitoes. ' '. . v' ";.; " V." i"rr TAYLOR & DRURYLtd BRITISH BOMBS TO SMASH THE GERMAN WAR MACHINE T ore than a year's experience of bomb-droppi- ng on targets in On-man- y has confirmed the Briti ;h Air Ministry's view that the Mr. H. Hollick-Kenyo- n, Superin- tendent "MI ro T rn:4i j i wuo.m;, Jiiuuu is aut; io arrive in s irest chance of smashing the German war machine, lies in Brit- ain's in charge of the Yukon Di- vision town from the coast tomorrow. ability to produce and carry bigger and better bombs, Newer, of Canadian Pacific Airline, types of British bombers will be able to carry bomb loads that has left for the coast for th a pur- pose would have been described as "fantastic" just before the war . . of conducting test examinati- ons Capt. D. McKay, Capt. C. Cogh- - A rough casting being sized with jxy-acetyle- ne burners prior to for the new pilots which his mn, capt, McDonald and ' Capt. going to the factory for finishing. . - - organization now have-jnJra,'i- ing. Newcomb are expected to arrive to- morrow He will be in readiness for the opening away for about a couple of the -- navigation season's if months. on the V. TROY, FORMER JtiEV- - FATHER ADAM, 0. M. I. river. Although Lake LeBarge is ( OVERNOR OF ALASKA AND TRANSFERRED TO ATLIN. ;"-V:f.:':- C still covered with ice it is within NEV SPAPER PUBLISHER FOR SALE Western . Family Cook the range of probability that the PASSES AWAY IN JUNEAU. "cv. "D., i-rtui- ei T71 d. T j. T ... Auam, A J u. nr ivi. 1. -- r I stove 2tf x 3 J in gr d condition first boat to go down river wili who has been the parish priest at Warming - oven. . Waterfront. leave the local dock latter part of John W. Troy, a former Governor the Sacred Heart ? Catholic Church Apply Star Office. v next week. of Alaska and publisher of the Daily here for sometime past, left -- today Alaska Empire passed away recent- ly to 'assume charge of the Roman in Juneau in his 73rd year Catholic Church at Atlin, B. C. The THERE IS NO OTHER TOBACCO JUST LIKE OLD CHUM ' The late Mr. Troy took to jour- nalism i best wishes of his many friends here like the proverbial duck go with him. takes to water learning the craft j. Rev. Father Bobbilier, O. M. I., under an uncle who publisued the the present incumbent at Atlin is Port Townsend Argus. He came being transferred to Selkirk, Y. T ' north arriving in Skagway on Au- gust and a young priest, who has recent- ly 19, 197. where he published the completed his " training, is arrive Skagway Daily Alaskan and also ing from Ottawa in the immediate icted as correspondent for Seattle future to assume charge as, parish, and New York papers. In 1911 we priest in Whitehorse. find him back in Seattle where he l ecame editor" of the Alaska-Yuko- n Governor of Alaska and was inaug- urated ?"a"szine, an illustrated monthly into office the following publication. Two years later he re- turned month. During his six years in of- fice north and purchased in Jan- uary he remained faithful to. the 1914 the Daily Alaska Empire trust reposed in him and during his in Juneau in which he took an act- ive long residence in the north he made interest up to a few years ago.; a host of friends who mourn his Wk U & M In March 1933 he was nominated passing. " : ' .a "' The World's News Seen Through The Christian Science Monitor ' An biternational Daily Newspaper is TnithfHtConstructive Unbiased Free from Sensational- ism J- - Editorials Are Timely and Instructive and. Its Daily Features Together with the Weekly Magazine Section, Make tke Monitor an Ideal Newspaper for the Home. The Christian Science Publishing Society One, Norway Street. Bostonr Massachusetts . Price SI 2.00 Yearly, or SLOO a Monrh (7Zn pannnri Saturday Issue, including Magazine Sectibri; $2.60 a Yea r.--- a I l J I I I I I f I l I I I I I I I I 1 Introductory Offer, 6 Issues 25 Cents .. Name - Address... . ; , . The Tobacco of Quality - SAMPLE COPY ON REQUEST . rw riri AUI tINI r Wtl KBIIINV TOUR VTI n Jt navs to have all your Printing done at the Star Office.