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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 23, Friday, June 5th, 1942.

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Frc-- !! I V . j r ,. ., ,. - " - , .... . - . , . " - : " T : " " . . . - . Pol. 42. No. 23 WH1TEHORSE, YUKON, FRIDAY, JUNE 5th, 1942 "fr "A" it Subscription $3.00 Year. laps Make Two Attacks Wednesday on Dutch Harbour, Alaska ENGINEERS WIN FROM First aerial attack ever made by a foreign WHITEHORSE BEARS END JEARS IN FAST GAME foe on mainland of Western Hemisphere LOSING STREAK TROUNCE WEDNESDAY NIGHT 7-- 3. results in few casualties but little damage. REARDON'S EBELS 16-8- . The 73rd Engineers Softballers The Whitehorse Bears broke" their fiefeated the Whitehorse Bears in a Japanese bombing planes struck ried out by four bombers accom- panied four game- - losing streak Monday ast game played last Wednesday twice at the U. S. naval station, by fifteen fighting planes. It evening as they mowed down Rear- don's ivening by the score of 7-- 3. Pitcher Dutch Harbour, on the southwest- ern is hot known at this writing how Rebels behind the steady pit- ching Morgan who has beaten the Bears tip of Alaska on Wednesday many bombers .took part in the sec- ond of Chalmers. George Cooper hree times against no losses set causing a few casualties ; but little raid. It is assumed that tne with four for four and Spidle, God-doriva- nd hem down with only four safe hits damage was done. Japanese raiders encountered U. S. Saffer wth three for four Ind three runs. Morgan allowed The first raid was made at 6 a.m. anti-aircr- aft fire but no detailed re- ports led the hitting attack. hem two hits and two runs in the and the second at 9 a. m. local time. are as yet forthcoming. There Kaczyiinski, centerfielder for the-Reb- s, econd innings when Paul Crause The U. S. navy department in mak- ing j was an unconfirmed report that hit a long triple and two sin- - Stock- - two airplane carriers were some- where Jgles while Outfielders Fulo and 3 first stated reached on an error by the announcement "o off the Alaskan coast also connected for trio of acting Langer a Son third and was advanced to on serious damage was done to Amer-ica- n short left. As as mother ships. i safeties for the losers.. , frhomason's single to installations but there were a fThomason stole second Jimmy few casualites during the first raid. As a result of the raid all Alaska i The Box Score: Reardon's Rebes R H E Gentleman dropped a Texas leaguer A few warehouses were set on lire has now beep placed on a wartime , 1 1 0 1 4 0 1 8 12 4 to right field for a hit which drove but the damage was not consider ed footing, the public being warned to in the two base runners. . serious. No details are available at check their air raid needs. ' i i 7 2 0 4 2 x 16 22 0 Gosnel with one out in the En the time of our going to press re- garding A radio, silence was ordered Wed-lesd- ay Batteries gineer's half of the second smashed the effect of the second along the entire Paci- fic night' ' Reardon's Rebels Bove and Hoz- - a single to center and later scored raid.-'.- " '""" coast from Canada to Mexico aphiel, Pinkey. on Thomason's wild throw to third The early morning raid was car- - nd also a blackout. Whitehorse Bears Chalmers and. base. Saffer. The third and fourth innings were BOUQUETS HANDED CAUSE OF ACCIDENT scoreless for both sides but in the YUKON CHAPTER I.O.D.E. CAUSED DEATH last of the fifth the winners got to WHICH PIPELINE FORT NORMAN, Pitcher Spidle for two hits which AT ANNUAL CONVENTION- - PILOT SHELDON GUNN TO WHITEHORSE UNDER mixed with three Bear errors were NOT DISCLOSED. CONSIDERATION BY U. S. At the annual I. O. D. E. convent- ion good for three runs. Three hits and CANADIAN GOVERNMENTS. two more errors in their half of the which opened in Montreal this In an eastern paper an account of sixth also produced three runs. Gos-ne- ll, week a well-merit- ed tribute was the unfortunate accident which re-cen- ty OTTAWA, May 30. Negotiations laid to the Yukon Chanters of the Muenzler and Morgan were the caused the death of pilot Shel- don (for construction of a pipeline con ' organization. Mrs. Angus of To- ronto, victors two hits big guns, 4 getting the necting me on wens near f ort iior-ma- n, that Gunn it slated national convener of I. O. D. was each, one a triple by Morgan. N.W.T., with Whitehorse in E. war services told the delegates cause was not known. The Bears back in their came the Yukon are under way', accord- ing half of the seventh for one run by that during the past year goods and After concluding a half-ho- ur to unofficial information here. v Gentleman but George Kay ended services valued at $885,000 were pleasure flight he was returning to The negotiations are between the game by lining out to Varilla. distributed at home and abroad. nearby Ourtiss Reid Flying Field United States and Canadian gov- ernments Provincial contributions were as The Box Score and announcement of the when the plane was for some un- known Whitehorse Bears R H E follows: . outcome is expected next week. P. E. I. ; ; $ 4,329 reason sent diving into a 0 2 0 0 0 0 13 4. 5 The distance from the wels, 73rd Engineers Nova Scotia ...r. 55,335 ploughed field. A wing of the plane which are 45 miles south of Fort 0 1 0 0 3v3 x 7 8 2 N..B. ...................................... 71,166 scraped a thirty-fiv- e foot tree be- fore Norman, to Whitehorse is about 460 Batteries Quebec 74,999 the crash occurred. Deceased miles. There are nine wells 'already Whiiehorse Bears Spidle, Tho- - Ontario 396,893 in the available and it is understood it is Manitoba 40,455 was one of the youngest pilots planned to sink additional wells if Saskatchewan : .. 85,843 country to secure his, private pilot's 73rd Engineers Morgan and J required. Work on the pipeline Alberta 51,653 ticket and sdon piled up his flying Christiansen. would start soon. British Columbia 93,200 hours to secure his commercial lic- ence. The plans, it is stated, call for a Yukon Territory ..... .. 7,303 During the Finnish war with refinery. 'at Whitehorse which would AN INVITATION TO ALL U. S-ARM- Y In presenting her report Mrs. RussiO he endeavoured to enter the make gasoline available for the tribute to the service of the Finnish Air Service OUTFITS IN THIS Angus . paid special ' Alaska airway which runs? from three Chapters in the Yukon stat- ing but was unsuccessful. Later he AREA. Edmonton to Whitehorse. in Canada journeyed to England to join the R. that if every Chapter Fort Norman is 200 feet above sea the effort at A. F. but again was unsuccessful. He to war had contributed A meeting is scheduled ,for Fri- day level and according to topographical night at 7:00 o'clock in the lob- by the same rate as that made by the was returning to Canada aboard the informatiion here the highest point Yukon Chapters liner Athenia which was sunk by a of the Whitehorse Inn of all re- presentatives three combined between, it and Whitehorse is "our I. O. D. E. war work would German U-bo- at. On that occasion . of any outfit that may Christie Pass, with an altitude of have been 21, times as much as A he was picked up by the Norwegian be interested in forming a Softball 4,525 feet. extend- ed Knut Nelson and landed League in this vicinity. The '58th was." Congratulations are steamer According to reports here United to the three Yukon. Chapters with other survivors in Ireland. He slates Medicals, Reardon's Rebels, White and Canadian engineers al- ready horse Bears, 29th Engineers, 73rd j referred to for this well-merit- ed had made application to join the are at Edmoton to work on Engineers, Quartermaster Corps, ; tribute to their war efforts. Ferry Command and in the mean- time the project. Edmonton Journal. had made .arrangements to fly and others have already indicated their desire to enter a league of this something can be worked out. for a . commercial line operating in Quebec. He is survive tpnrfpd Wp arp infnrmprt that ho sort. Even; if your outfit is sched-- I For any further information con- tact Northern his widow, nee Miss Mary I had been marrd exacty five S. uled to leave for the "Bush" in the Adrian Spidle of the U. by young Division MacBride, his parents and, a sister ! months on the day of the fatal ac- cident. Yukon near future send a representative to Army Engineers, " whom sincerest sympathy is ex- - ' Y. T. to the meeting anyway as maybe Office, Whitehorse, PAGE T'.C) THE I i 1 T E 11 0 R SE . STAR, V H I TE H 0RSETUK FRIDAY, JUNE 5th, 1942 LABORS SHORTAGE SENATOR J. H. KING REICH APPOINTED MINISTER HAMPERS PORTFOLIO. fi Fresh Butter WJTHOU T FOREIGNE S LEING M DRAFTED II;TO SERVICE. Senator J. H. King, veteran B. C, Cured Try BURNS' . UIIU mmmJ ShamrockBrdndCreamay Butter and acting govern- ment Meats ! Shortage of labor is Germany's parliamentarian Eggs jreatest bottle-nec- k the Reich be- ing leader in the Senate, has been laced . with the serious problem ; appointed a minister without port- folio of balancing the needs of war in the Federal Cabinet. He Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products cuistry against those ', of the armed ' i now occupies the post formerly held li.l CIS. . ' The strength of the German arm- ed 'by the late Senator Dandurand, forces are estimated ' at between ! government leader in the Senate for ten ' and twelve millions an ample many years. "You Can Buy No Better" njuicanon of the Uiain on industrial The appointment of Senator King help. Of Germany's twenty-fou- r I to the Cabinet leaves the adminis- -' million workers, nine million, four tration one short of its numerical i v.ii i cti tiiousaiid are women and strength. Burns & Company Limited. over .two million are; foreigners. An 8 auuitional one million; six - hundred SUBSCRIPTIONS NOW DUE TXXTXXIXXXXXXXXXXlTXXXXXXXXXXXXJJJCXXXIIIIXIIIIglXlJ thousand prisoners of war are em- ployed principally on farms. Foreign Workers. Germany has drawn the folllow-in- g, workers from foreign countries: Poland, 1,000,000; Italy, 272,000; the protectorate of Bohemia-Moravi- a, 140,000;- - Belgium, 122,000; Yugo- slavia, 109,00; Holland, 93,000; Slo- vakia, 80,000; France, 49,000; Hun- gary, 35,000; Denmark, 29,000; Bul- garia,. 15,000; others 190,000. . Jews, formerly taboo, are now being forced to work in factories in chain gang style. OF -- o E EM OVAL OF RIPPLE . ROCK, B- - C., UILL BE GREAT UNDERTAKING. " Actual drilling on .the notorious Ripple Rock in B. C. waters, the contract for which is held by the B. C. Bridge & Dredging Co., will not WHO MUST REGISTER commence until next August. In the meantime a concrete model of it Every man between the ages of 16 and 69 who is unemployed or is under construction at the Uni- versity of Washington at a cost of who will not be gainfully occupied after May 31, 1942, must reg- ister. approximately $5,000. This model The following are excepted: Full-tim- e students, or those will be approximately 12 by confined in an asylum, or a prison, or hospital or home for the ' 171, feet. It is being built on a aged and infirm, or are subject to the provisions of the Essential scale of twenty feet to the inch and Work (Scientific and Technical Personnel) Regulations, 1942. with the water space will measure about four hundred feet wide.' For boat tests water from Lake Wash- ington, WHEN TO REGISTER will be pumped around the , model to simulate the swift current If you have not already registered at an Employment and Claims of Seymour Narrows. The model is Office of the Unemployment Insurance Commission within the last being constructed in Washington be two weeks, or have not obtained work, you are required to register cause the University of B. C. has no within the week of June 1st, 194,, or within one week after be- coming lake available for water tests; The entire top of Ripple Rock has unemployed or not gainfully occupied at any time after 19 pinnacles and is 250 by 350 feet May 31st, 1942. Three hundred and fifty-fo- ur - 7 1 ft i inch hples will be drilled two ai a WHERE TO REGISTER time and each will be ten feet deep. It is 'estimated that the ' drillers will 1 . At an Employment and Claims Office- - of the Unemployment be able to. work on an average Insurance Commission, if you live in, or within five miles of, a about five hours a day. When the city or town in which there is such an office; or current becomes too rough the drill ' ' ''; ' ' - , ' boat will be hauled to the Vancou 2. At the nearest Post Office, if you do not live in, or within five Island ver side of Seymour Nar rows. miles of, a city or town in which there is an Employment and Claims Office. The experiments to be under taken with the model are to ascer RENEWAL tain what type of boat is most suit able, where the hawespipes are to be placed and how . the anchors to You must renew your registration at least every two weeks if you remain v hold the drill boat in place are to be unemployed. distributed. Six large concrete an- chor? will be used to hold the scow By Authority of Order-in-Co'unc- il P.C.1445 of March 2nd, 1942. in place over the rock. HUMPHREY MITCHELL Minisierof Labour. BUY APPLY AT YOUR LOCAL POST OFFICE- - SAVINGS 'CERTIFICATES' B420 pplDAY, JUNE 5th, 1942 THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE. YUKON PAGE THREE r Subscriptions Renewable V We wish to notify our subscribers' " "' that all Subscriptions became It may seem to the man-in-th- e- able to lead his Government out of renewable June 1st. t' ou.ou. Lie oaa.;.. . ;. the political wilderness. The of the Hon. P. J. I - V" Tn and impartial obser- - resignation i . Al a -- i! A. Cardin as a member of his Gov- ernment We appreciate the patronage ex- tended V' s pi'-iui- e oi uie preseni siiuaiion along parliament Hill appears to was a sensation along Par- liament to us in the past and too dark but Hill. It came rathersud-denl- y (rn'ain colours, many trust ,we may merit a continu- ance there is no doubt in well-inform- ed and unexpectedly, creating a the of the same in the future. uncomfortable position for backstage circles that this is an ac- curate very picture of the present crisis Prime Minister and his Government. existing in the capital, with the situ-rt'o- h After the death of the Rt. Hon. We are doing our best to produce likely to produce momentous Ernest Lapointe, Hon. P. J. A. Car-di- n a .paper worthy of Whitehorse and unusually important events or was the leading FrenchCanad-ia- ri Your prompt renewal will assist Cabinet. incidents. ' " - . Minister 6f the King Indeed, ; if Premier Mackenzie He is a veteran parliamentarian, a .. . ,,. us materially. King is able to solve properly all brilliant orator, and for many years .ivs involved in the present he is recognized as the strongest J New Subscriptions Invited. force of the Liberal Party in the crisis of his Government, he might I ? termed a "miracle man." At the Province of Quebec, having a huge army of followers both inside and The Whitehorse Star outside of Parliament. In fact, his delicate and it ; is not' without great cifficulty to imagine .howsHfe' will be long political career has been a his- tory of continuous triumphs. How- ever, . when his efforts to. gain sup- port for the King Government's pol- icies lfl l S F O B in the recent plebiscite result- ed in an open rebuff by the elect- orate MSSOWARY in that old province, even in- cluding gi his own personal electoral district, his resignation as Minister followed rather quickly. This was a sensation along Parliament Hill, but it is generally believed that other sensational events may result rrom the present situation because, from the point of view, of the Hon. P. J.( A. Cardin, his resignation mag- nate solved personal political pro- blem, a A very large bird found but as far as the Prime Min- ister in New Guinea' and Aus- tralia. and his Government are con- cerned, The Cassowary-live- s the troubles are only begin- ning. in the woods and difficulties in There are no jungles and is a sjwift finding Cabinet material inside or runner. outside of Parliament to represent the Province of Quebec, especially with such men as Ernest Bertrand, Vincent Dupuis. Lionel Chevrier, etc, capable of doing a good job as Minsters, but the .troubles , lie in . . . and when you think of Catalogues, of course you another direction. think first of EATON'S Cata- - . It is causing grief in the capital that such an internal crisis and lack logue, that great Canadian in- stitution the Price Guide of of complete harmony only in the the West bringing you furni- ture method of achieving the same, ob is ultimate victory for i for every room in the jectivethat home farm equipment, the cause, should exist in the, Gov- ernment -- drugs, Jewelry, sporting itself and in the country at goods, toys for the children a perilous time when it is most ur- gent everything found in a big city that there should- - exist total store all presented clearly, suDDort absolute confidence, and. accurately and in a style that firm belief in the wartime admin- istration makes shopping by Mail and its leaders in accord Order a pleasure. with the wishes of the man-in-the-str- eet IL VANCOUVER. throughout this nation. 0Sw.NG CO. oVFANJADA LIMITED Shop from EATON'S Catalogues But there is another equally im- portant cAP,UANO OF ASSO- - BBEWted brewEB1ES "STORES BETWEEN COVERS'! point besides the disturbing A UNIT political angle which can be ment- ioned vj. EATON C? WINNIPEG CANADA as an element in the present and it is that pseudo-patriotis- m crisis, This advertisement is not published or is also a matter of 'deep concern, o though this may not be discerned as displayed by the Government, of Yukon Territory. (Continued on page 9.) WHITEIIOKSE STAR, W H1TEHQRSE YUKON FRIDAY, JUNE 5th, 1942 PAGE FOUR 1 " HIE ful. For this reason Britain and the United States are assisting the Soviet army to the utmost of their "Volom ot thm Yukon' ability realizing " that to effectively 'Xs defeat the Germans on Russian An Independent Journal soil spells the death of Hitlerism in Europe. We must not, however, lose Published Friday at every sight of the importance of the Brit- ish land fronts in Libya and the Whitehorse, Yukon Territory Middle East for events on, either of these fronts have their effect on the . On the Trail of '98 main battle in Russia V It is indeed heartening to hear of Member of Canadian Weekly the great work being carried out by the R. A. F. in damaging Germany's Association. . Newspapers' production of war material and HORACE E. MOORE - - Publisher equipment upon an ever-increasi- ng scale. These attacks upon German industrial plants both in Germany Let us have faith that right makes and German occupied Europe have might; and in that faith let us to j already inflicted considerable dam- me end dare to do our duty as we age which, it is authoratatively understand it. Lincoln. stated, will be greatly increased in the immediate future so that it may well be that by next Fall the work JUNE 5th, 1942 accomplished by the United Nations in the air, on the sea and on land during the intervening months will A SECOND FRONT change the whole picture complete- ly. In the meantime by striking at Since sugar ' ThP nrobabilitv of the United her war industries the R. A. F.. aro Nations ooenine a second front in crippling Germany in her most rationing was first Western- - Eurooe. which has been vulnerable part for if Germany's introduced, the l)Cb IftlClftOllVI anxiously awaited for sometime source of supplies are demolished or shipping situation Ol ijusi seems to be getting nearer, rendered ineffective then it is obvi- - OIJT tvery clay much to the satisfaction I ous Germany's downfall must fol-- of has become more serious. The danger to the most of us. That it has not' low as a matter of course for her ships arid lives has increased. Consequently as yet been launched is due primj armies are worse than useless unless arily to the fact that the time is. not j their munitions and supplies can be it has now. become necessary to reduce the yet opportune and not, as it thought adequately maintained. sugar ration from lb. to li lb. per week in quarters, to a division of some per person. Only persons in ( areas remote opinion among those in high auth- ority. from source of supply are permitted to The major question first to be de- cided 6tm$ of Cbougbt have more than two weeks' supply on hand upon is at what .point of at any time. - . ' points such an attack can be most ef -- lectively employed. This is a quest- ion MODESTY SUGAR FOR PRESERVING wmch can only be decided upon The modest man has everything by those who have mastered the to "am, and the . arrogant . man Special provision is made for additional facts of a huge and complex situat- ion everything to lose, for modesty has and whc possess the experience always to deal with generosity, and quantities of sugar for home, preserving and expert training to translate rrogance with envyT Rivadol. and canning. -- ; ;:, r "7 -- ' : such knowledge and experience into Modesty is a shining light; it pre a successful military action. It is a pares the mind to receive know In addition to your ration, you may matter not of notions or intuitions j iedge, and the heart for truth.-b- ut purchase Yz lb. of sugar for every pound of rather of the coldest calculat- -, Guizot fruit that or ana lb. ions. It must be remembered that I , ' . you preserve can, iviuuesiy seldom seiaom resides m a of for of fruit made this war is being conducted on sugar every pound breast that is not enriched with fronts and that each and many into nobler virtues. Goldsmith. jam or jelly. V? . every front, be it great or small, re acts upon every other. The pro- blems Human pride is human weakness Every person who. buys sugar for can- ning Selfknowledge, humility, and love involved are all inter-connect- ed. Decisions arrived at must are divine strength Mary Baker or preserving is required to keep zn have due regardithe future needs Eddy. ,:: .. ""r' " '' ' ; " ' accurate record of the sugar purchased for ; of their many I theatres of war as The greatest ornament of an il- lustrious this purpose. If any sugar remains after well as the future activities of the life is modesty and humil- ity, canning and preserving, it shall form part United Nations as a unit. which go a great way in the Victory can only be secured by character even of the most exalted of the regular ration of 54 Jb. per person the total destruction of Hitler and princes. Napoleon. per week. ' - .. his regime and whilst it is realized Modest expression is a beautiful that this cannot be attained solely setting to the diamond of talent and Loyal, Canadians will be glad v ' by the blockade of Germany, bom- barding genius. Chapin. s of thi$ new opportunity to do J: munition dumps and plants their part to ensure yictory. p and disrupting transportation ?yc-te- ms GOOD THINKING these are all playing a vital THE WARTIME PRICES AND TRADE BOARD part in . hastening the end of the The great thinker )s seldom a I - Vr- - . I sis war and that is what we all so disputant. . He answers other .men's earnestly desire. To be successful arguments by stating the ruth as in bringing about the total defeat of he sees it. Daniel March. Hitlerism the United Nations must It is the hardest thing in the therefore be in a position to con- - world to be a good thinker without Thinking not growth, makes 1 tinue to engage the German armies being a good self -- examiner Shaft- esbury. manhood. . Accustom yourself, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Celery, To- mato ' 1 on all fronts simultaneously. therefore, to thinking. Isaac Tay- lor. and Cucumber plants. Also ; The front in Russia is of such Secret study, silent . thought, is, . Pansies, Snapdragons, Stocks, Zin- nias, magnitude' as to dwarf all others. after all, the mightiest agent in hu- man The happiness, of your life de- pends v Schizanthus, . Nemesis and Nine-tent- hs of the German army affairs. Channing. upon the quality of your Marigolds, etc.. A t are stated to be in action there with A small group of wise thinkers is thoughts, therefore guard according- ly; All orders given careful attention ' view to further and take care that you' enter- tain to ensure safe arrival. ' a action in the east better than a wilderness of dullards should they' no notions unsuitable to virtue . DAWSON GREENHOUSES prove successful which, and stronger than the might of em- pires. at this writing, seems very doubt- - Mary Baker Eddy " and reasonable nature.-Marc- us An-- A. W. McKinlay, Proprietor. tonius. Dawson, Y. T. 21-- 4 FRIDAY, JUNE 5th, 1942 THE WHITElIOKiSE ISTAK, WHITEHORSE. YUKON PAGTi FIVE; ATLIN NUGGETS jack McElligott left Atlin for Vancouver. , AND 1 .V Carl Dutli and Ivan McDevitt A left .v.w OFFEE Atlin for Whitehorse.'. Lyall Russell left to ' pay a visit to His old folks who live at Edmont- on. i . 'A ' "4 , '. , -- .;. ' .; MME MFEGDMEED . ..." : A Lyman Sands has-bee- n given the job as Postmasters help to our wort- hy Postmaster Mn Bob fJelson. t: v . A :A A- - :-.- A A We are 'glad to have back with , us once again Mr. Bob Pelton who has taken up his duties as agent for HMJ T. ..,.lT.lBm 'he W. r. & Y. It. at Atlin. 7 Clarence Campbell sold his Bea- ver catch to Clarence Sands and V'. took; the plane .iqy Whitehorse to work there for the summer. v Mr. and Mrs. H6gean arrived I '.It. A 1 m from Stewart,Y. T., and Mn Hog-ga- n has already taken over his duti- es Vith the Dominion Telegraph deptC' at Atlin." Ships and lives must be conserved leartv congratulations are ex- - A in .Tnp .Tnrksnn for bringing To bring tea from Ceylon and THIS IS THE LAW back' .with him a wife. Joe will be( coffee from South TEA CONSUMPTION India, to bring You must not buy more than 2 on' the L.ou-An- ne in- stead the engineer MUST BE CUT AT LEAST IN HALF ships must oceans America, cross weeks' supply of tea or coffee for of theNofgold this season. infested with submarines. Today x yourself and household in any A, - those ships and their naval one week. . . escorts are required .for more You must not make further The Indian Beaver catchyias been A1 essential services. Every ship, purchases of tea or coffee at any better this season "than for the past every foot of cargo space, is time when you have two weeks' few years, around 170 pelts arriving v needed to carry war materials, supply on hand at the reduced to date. Clarence Stands purchasi- ng and to bring essential goods to ration. (Exception: those in areas 130 of the catch and Ross Peeb-l- er Canada. remote from supply.) CONSUMPTION the balance along with a few So Canadians must now reduce COFFEE Retailers have the) right to limit or MUST BE CUT AT LEAST ONE FOURTH refuse customers' orders if their consumption of tea and they hundred rats. A' A coffee. You must reduce your suspect the law is not being kept. normal consumption of tea by Retailers must not have on hand IITIIIIIIIIIH TTTTTTTr.-- H at least a half. You must reduce more than one month's supply of normal consumption of tea and coffee, whether packaged your coffee by at least one fourth. or bulk. . There are heavy penalties for , absolutely reductions TRAVEL These are violations of this law. necessary. BWLWAV on a ' T.C.1-- W Communications HOTELS "PRINCESS" 0 BE vmrnim emm seed ooaGB goose) I 1 GBtATUtl II T(UV(, ftJ Liner Mr. Jacobs of Swifts Canadian The Red Cross wish to heartily the once over to his mining interests SKAGVVAY to VANCOUVER Co.", of Vancouver, was in Atlin last thank the anonymous donor -- as $100 here. - . VICTORIA or SEATTLE realized from his grand gift. . -- r week on his yearly visit. He has was . Southbound Sailings just completed his business " trip Capt. A. Worley is the new skip- per PRINCESS LOUISE through the Yukon Territory and ; In a previous issue of the Atlin for the White Pass boat Nor- gold, left for the coast. News-Min- er it was stated in error running between Atlin an I ; Monday, June 22 ' . the Taku with Jorthe . . " that Mr. W. W. Wright- - was a sco"' freight- ing. Thursday, July 2 Mr. . Alexander Malcolm Smith donor, but such was not so, but per- haps The engineer is . Ed. Holde Monday, July 6 northern at some far distant date this They both seem very much stucA (known to his many Monday, July 13 friends as Sandy) arrived in Atlin paper, may be ablle to print the with the beautiful ake and th'pA Thursday, July 16 donor's name. new quarters, the old beached Sco- tia from his home at Ganges Harbour, Thursday, July 23 boat. B. C, to give his mining interests .' Monday, July 27 Atlin Captain Jones will not be running around Atlin the onceover. . Vancouver with the Norgold boat on Atlin Lake this Connections at has" a lot to thank Mr. Smith for as v i i a : Canadian Pacific Services: season, ne s naa a promotion dim ( owing to his efforts in raising huge Transcontinental financial interests Northern Re- - will run from Taku to Carcross on Men, Women Over 40 the food Lou-Ann- ee a forty-fo- ot A Trans-Pacif- ic is the, with us -- ship j sources Ltd., on map ., Trans-Atlant- ic today, and the way things ook to us boat now on the way from Van- couver. FeelWeak, Worn, Old ? A large scow for freight now with a drainage- - system the Want ? will also be used. We don't envy NormakPep, Vim, Vitality from shareholders should be getting a Does particulars weak, rundown, exhauntcd condition make Capt. Jones his new job as it's cer- tainly you feel ftiKKed out, old? Try Oslrex. Conmli.-- i good run for their money invested. , Kenerai tonics, stimulants, orton needed nrtrr .,( or L. H. JOHNSTON going to be slow and tedious. 4U. .Supplies iron, calcium, phosphorus, vil.-ir-i .. m Hi. Ilelos vou eet normal nen. vim. vitality. 1 1.4 General Agent C P. R. troductory size Ostrcx Tonic Tablets only 3.ric. J ur The draw for the Hamilton Watch sale at all good drtiK h tores everywhere. Alaska donated to Mr. Alexander; Malcolm Smith Skagway which was anonymously -- "' For sale at left for his home and ranch the Red Cross, was held Mya 23rd. (Sandy) PHARMACY WHITEHORSE Canadian Pacific the at Ganges Harbour after spending being Mr. B. J. Schwanekamp ' .... H. G. Macpherson around ten days around Atlin giving fortunate winner. l" TTTTTTTTTTIT T TTTTTxxl At the Bridge Party held May 22 Mrs. Daglish was the winner of the Indies' prize which on this occasion -- . Vvas a hand-crochet- ed bag donated V"", ' Mrs. Porter. The men's prize was won by Mr. Ford and the two-of-spa- des prize by Mr. George Ry- der. The next Bridge Party will be , held on June 19th. V rr (7 0 . Polish Relief. Owing to the urgency of this ap peal the National Committee of ti'.e uvj 13 O l.O, D. E., which is the only official channel through which gifts tor t!ie above can be sent, has agreed to ac- - cept used outer garments and artic- les, "Cupboard Quislings" ! Is that too hard a name for such' as warm dresses, over- coats, people who selfisTily lay in unnecessary stocks of suits, shirts, sweaters .trousers clothes or food, or other goods for fear of shortages? and re-conditi- oned shoes. All su n articles must be cleaned and disin- fected ready for packing by the No ! The name is not too hard, even though it may , v donors before being handed in. It he earned through thoughtlessness. For in reality is particularly stressed that the they are doing, in a petty, mean way, what the Quis- ling above' refers to articles donated lor does in the open. Polish relief ONLY and in no way ; applies to shipments for Engand, than is for current Anyone who buys more necessary . where new clothing only is being forwaideil. needs Is breaking his country's law for personal advantage. ASHES OF THE LATE RT. Is betraying his loyal neighbours and those who are REV. P. T. RO WE, BISHOP not so well off as he . OF ALASKA GO TO SITKA- - Is, in effect, depriving our fighting men of the One of the most widelyknown munitions and supplies they must have to,defend us. and beloved Al- aska prelates throughout Is hindering our war effort and helping our enemies. and the Yukon passed away at his home in Victoria, B. C, last Monday in the person of the Rt. Loyal citizens avoid putting unnecessary and Rev. Peter Trimble Rowe, Protest- ant abnormal strains on our factories. In time of war, Episcopal Bishop of Alaska, at loyal do not spend one dollar more on civilian the age of 65 years, the result of a for needs. throat ailment. goods than is absolutely necessary current Before the Klondike Gold Rush the late Bishop Rowe had become The law provides for fines up to $5,000 and imprison- ment accustomed to the rough and rug- ged up to two years for hoarding; and hoarding is life in this northern territory. just another word for unnecessary selfish buying. Arriving in Fairbanks in 1895, which was sparcely settefl in those days, .Bishop Rowe was looking for In cases where it is advisable for you to buy in advance of a place to hold his first religious your immediate requirements such as your next season's service and decided th Cy Marx's coal supply you will be encouraged to do so by direct saloon drew thebiggest crowd. statement from responsible officials. . At the conclusion of this first re-- OTTAWA, CANADA - "r"uuxrijxXfM"jv vtjvvvv,nririi"i'"jV i ' i ' mmm ligious service Cy Marx turned his ards through whose generosity Bis- hop YUKON CONSOLIDATED own hat upside down, placed a ten- - Rowe was able to erect the first TO OPERATE FULL FLEET dollar gold piece in it and then hospital in Alaska. It. was the TEN DREDGES THIS SEASON made the round of the saloon col- lecting boast of the Bishop that he had in all $1400 with which the itver ( suffered a day's illness thro- ughout & fi&mWPJ! late Bishop erected his first little his life. He admitted that The Yukon Consolidated Gold wooden church amid fourteen he had had some clos calls when Corporation Ltd., will be operating wooden saloons. Bishop Rowe tra- velled travelling on the trail or by boat their full fleet of ten dredges this far and wide both on foot but was proud of th' fact that he season according to an announce- ment and by dog team during his thirty-fo- ur had never1 had a iiirlough during his made by Mr. G. R. F. Troop years mission in the north long and eventful life. He was cer- tainly the company's secreatary. It may be covering approximately 2000 miles a most popular and revered necessary however to curtail some each winter. His one concession to figure throughout the northland and of the thawing and stripping that old age was the substitution' of the it is a fitting tribute to his' love of has been undertaken in , former airplane for snow-shoe- s. Last year the north that at his own request years due to shortage of labor, but he travelled 5000 miles by Diane his remains were cremated, after supplies are satisfactory. which made him a confirmed aviat-ionVenthusi- ast. the funeral 'services held in- - Vic- toria, Bishop Rowe's long B. C, and his ashes are being yearsofxsrvice in the north recall brought north to be deposited at PREJUDICE: Being down on any to mind Jack London and Tex Rick-- Sitka, Alaska..! thing you ar not up on. FRIDAY, JUNE 5th, 1942 THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE. YUKON PA'JE SEVEN SECRETARY OF WAR BREACH BETWEEN ITALY gTlMSON DECLARES JAP AND VICHY GOVERNMENT RAID ON U. S. A. WIDENS- - INEVITABLE. The demands of . Italy for certain Secretary of War Stimson stated French territory is causing the breach between' Italy and ,the Vichy lest Thursday that the war. depart- ment government to widen. Latest re- -j considered a Japanese air raid ports to hand are that Pierre Laval, 0n the United States to be inevita- ble i chief of the Vichy government, has in return for the U. S. A. at warned Mussolini that if Italy at-tem- ps tack upon Tokio and other Japanese to occupy Corsica the French cities He added these significant fleet will be used for the defence of words "Whatever happens, we shall the island. not relax our most effective defence our preparations for a major of- fensive." ' v"': SUBSCRIPTIONS NOW DUE It pays to have all your PRINTING done at 1 he STAR .OFFICE. Th purest form in ,whitfT tobacco 9an bt smoked" O fir' UNITED STATES READY OPEN BATTLEFRONT SAVE TIME BY AIR IN EUROPE STAES HIGH OFFICIAL. Lfc-)Gene- ral JBrehan Somervell, AIR MAIL general officer commanding the U. PASSENGERS AIR EXPRESS S. army service of supply, stated in London last Thursday that the Unit- ed States stands ready to supply men and material on a large scale to a European battlefront despite large commitments in Australia and Changes in 0 India and shipping shortage. He declared that U. S. production, which is already ahead of schedule, Li K i :7 AW will reach its peak this Fall. Schedule ' o -- . , CANADIAN LEGION AT ANNUAL CONVENTIONS Vancouver -- Whitehorse DEMANDS CONSCRIPTION. (Daily except Friday) At its annual convention held in as Win anie Price Winnipeg last ' week the Caadian -- NORTHBOUND Lv Vancouver. . 10 L m, ers. Legion unanimously demanded the Ar. Whitehorse . . . . 7 p. in. Federal government carry out a total war effort by putting into ef- fect SOUTHBOUND immediately all necessary com- pulsory Lv- - Whitehorse . v7 a. in. measures including con- scription Ar. Vancouver. . WO p. mv m. of man-pow- er for over- seas service. Unanimous approval Edmonton - Whitehorse 1 was also given for the rehabilitat- ion of all veterans of this war and (Daily except Friday) ! also to a motion demanding the NORTHBOUND Federal government take steps Lv. Edmonton 12.45 in-A- r. necessary to llimit the profits of p. Whitehorse ....7 in. industry and to eliminate all excess p. The profits. ' SOUTHBOUND Lv- - Whitehorse ' . .7 a. m. WARTIME BRITISH LABORITES Ar. Edmonton . . . -- 5 p. m. TUlS SUPPORT CHURCHILL ftt Direct connections ai White- horse At its forty-fir- st annual convent- ion 90 BEVERAGE for Fairbanks, Alaska, the British Labor Party .over- whelmingly Ukv ' and at Edmonton with T. C. voted to support Prime A. for points south. of thousands Minister Winston Churchill for the duration. The total votes cast in The above schedule remains favour were .2,319,000 with 164,000 in force until further notice- - voting in the negative. For Full Flight Information 5 The defeat of the demands for a Consult break in the political truce with the government was not unexpected in J. A. Barber view of the massive bloc of votes BREWERIES WHITEHORSE COAST Limited wielded by the various trade unions which contribute the ' bulk of the; Vancouver, Victoria, New Westminster Labor Party's funds and their astute of many delegates the .exervUh'e leaders. committee deleted three resolutions 41-- 14 The four-da- y conference promis- ed inviting Sir Stafford 'Cripp; to be the most controversial in other expelled labor jtes to rejoin This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Government of the party's history but this did not the party. They vveVe declared out materialize. Much to tha annoyance of order. , t Yukon Territory. - PAGE EIGHT 111 J-- J 11 XX X M. Mm - w of any document $2.00 When $500.00 has been expended Registration feet on each side of the base line. abandonment $2.00 or paid the locator may, upon hav-in- g ' Recording , an Other claims shall not exceed five than one claim a survey made, and upon com- - more affects If it tJ"w I Kfe hundred feet in length by one thou- - each additional claim $1.00 plying witn otner requirements, ob-ta- in sand feet in depth. Claims shall be For a lease for a ternr cf twenty. of Title Abstract one with the right to t ctk) iivua 7 r $2-0- 0 years renewal shall be marked by two For first entry form and 50 for further terms of twenty-on- e f 1 one at each end of the For each additional entry located o f 0ii? legal posts, years. Claims prior to July Synopsis ot Mining Law claim numbered .T. and 2 re-- For copy of Document $2.50 7', 1917 may upon fulfilling similar ' . spectively. Location posts of creek Up to 200 words requirements, be Crown Granted. words .50 claims shall be placed on the base For each additional 100 Yukon Territory . Leases, renewals of leases, and of water line, and of all other claims parallel For grant documents relating to leased claims to the base line, and on the side of For 50 inches or less ............ $10.00 recorded with the be shall ............ $25.00 -- Mining the claim nearest the creek or river For 50 to 200 inches of age towards which it fronts. , For 200 to 1,000 inches $50.00 Recorder in triplicate. years Any person eighteen For each additional 1,000 inches Schedule of Fees or over shall have the right to enter, haU be entitled to a a discoverer thereof $50.00 . any or fraction Recording every claim ............ $10.00 and mine upon locate, prospect .n lgngth and ft For a substitutional record ... $10.00 lands - in the Yukon territory QUARTZ MINING discoverers two claims, y lease ........... in the Crown or Application for a $10.00 -- vested whether otherwise, for the minerals defined .n l Subiect to the boundaries of other For a certificate of improve iiv the Yukon Quartz Mining Act The boundaries of any claim may claims in good standing at the time ments 5.O0 t and the Yukon Placer Mining Act, be enlarged to the size of a claim of its location, a mining claim shall If recorded within 14 days after with certain reservations set out in anowed by the Act, if the enlarge- - be rectangular in shape , and shall expiry date : $5.00 feet in length by If after 14 days and within the said Acts. ment does not interfeie with the not exceed 1,500 rights of other persons or terms of 1.500 feet in width. three months $15.00 No person shall enter for mining any agreement with the crown, If after three months and with or shall mine upon lands Every claim shall be marked on in six months $25.00 purposes owned or lawfully occupied by an-- An application for a claim may be the ground by two legal posts, one Recording every certificate of other until adequate security has filed with he Mining Recorder at each extremity of the location vof work , $5.00 been furnished to the satisfaction of within ten days after being located line, numbered "1" and "2" respect- ively. For a certificate of partnership $5. the Mining Recorder for any loss or if within ten miles of the Recorder's On the side of No. 1 post Recording assignment, abandon- ment, damage which may be thereby office. One extra day shall be al- ia faring No. 2 post shall be inscribed affidavits, or any other used lowed for every additional ten miles the name of the claiin, a letter in- dicating document ... $2.50 - V , or fraction thereof. A claim maybe the direction to No. 2 post, If document affects more than' Where claims are being located ocated on Sunday or any public the number of feet to the right or one claim, for each additional which are situated more than one holidayi left of the location" line, the date of claim . $1.00 hundred miles from the Mining Re- - of the locator. location and the name of six For granting period the locators, not less Any person having recorded a corder's office, No. On No. 2 post, on the sidetfacing months within which to re authorized claim shall not have the right to lo-1- o in number, are five than 1 post, shall be inscribed the name $4.( of their cate another claim in the cord meet and appoint one valley or of the claim, the date of location, basin of ' creek For an abstract of the record of emergency recorder, same within sixty number as and the name of the locator. deliver days of first claim, a claim: locating who shall as soon as possible .1 A . . A A A AA received. to - be recorded with- in ..j? or me ursi enxry $.uu the application and fees The claim shall Title For each additional entry .... .50 the Mining Recorder for the District. fifteen days if located within ten For copies of document re- corded Any person having complied with miles of the mining Recorder's of- fice; any If two or more persons own Q a . . , . where same do not m F 11 A1 shall be al- lowed tu , . the provisions of the Act with res-- one additional day claim, each such persor shall con tr - for every additional ten miles exceed three folios .... ... $4.00 bute proportionately to his interest or fraction thereof. Where such copies exceed three to the work required to be done folios. 30 cents per folio for thereon, and when proven to the Adjoining claims not exceeding every folio over threer " ou Gold u Commissioner that, he has not ... J eight in number : may be grouped, For recording a power of at- torney . . . vctpH o year thereafter, provided during 8 done so his interest mn may u0 be vested each the necessary representation work to stake from one in the other co-own- ers. dfme for each claim may then be per- formed person .............. . . . $4.00 rf rf on any one or more of the For recording a power of attor- ney The survey of a. claim made by a claim, files with the Mining Recor- - claims in the to stake from two group. per Land Sur- - der within fourteen duly qualified Dominion dayj after the veyor shall be accepted as defining expiration of the claim an affidavit , Every application for a full claim sons $&oo absolutely the boundaries of the showing a detailed , statement of the shall be "made on Form "A" and for For recording an assignment or other document relating to a claim surveyed, provided the survey work, and pays the required renewal a Fractional claim on Form "A-l- ". author- - fee. ; quartz mining lease ' $3.00 is approved by the proper , Rental, whole or fractional min- eral ity and remains unprotested during No person is entitled to . locate GROUPING claim granted under the period of advertisement. v- - . . more than one claim in the same , ' lease for term of 21 years. $50.00 certain conditions claims mining district within twenty days. A person about to undertake a Rental for renewal term of 21 bona fide prospecting trip may se ired f the work re- -. The timber on a mineral claim is ' years $200.00 to be Performed to entite ' .cure from the Mining Recorder reserved until the Mining Recorder Dredsfinsr ' he owner or to owners renewals, of written permission to record at his the is required ' . the several claims grouped may be certifies that same A lease may be issued for a per- iod own risk a claim within six months. the for on use in mining operations Performed on any one or more of of fifteen years for a continuous A legal post must stand four feet the claims in the grouping. If the claim. The Commissioner, however, stretch of river not exceeding ten above the ground, squared or faced claims grouped are owned by more may issue a permit to holders of miles in length giving the exclusive for the upper eighteen .inches and than one person a partnership other claims to remove the timbers right to dredge for gold, silver and measuring four inches across the agreement creating a' joint and for use in their mining operations platinum. The lessee must have at laced portion. The" post must be several liability on the part of all where other timber is not readily, least one dredge in operation on the firmly fixed in the ground. ft the owners for the joint working of available. . ". v leasehold within three years. . .. . ; . .. , n . A- - tne claims shall be executed and TitIe ' Petroleum and Natural Gas Priority of location shall be deem- - led the Minin Recorder A lease may be issued for a per- iod ed to convey priority of right. Cer- tain with Any having complied person of for an area Taxes and twenty-on- e years Fees be heard and de- - disputes may the provisions of the Act with re- gard of not to exceed 1,920 acres giving termined by a Board of Arbitrators. : Royalty at the rate of two and and to locating recording, a the right to the petroleum and nat- ural Grants of claims -- grouped or own- - 0f e-h- alf Per cent, on the .value of claim shall be entitled to hold it for gas on the area leased A rent- al be made U gold shiPPed- - from the Yukon one year from the date of the record; acre ed by one person may re- - is charged of 50 cents per ' Territory shall be Pid to the Com- - and thereafter from year' to year, the date. acre newable on same for the first year and $1.00 per ptroller. each he does provided during year for each subsequent year. PLACER MINING - For grant to a claim for . or causes to be done work on the Assay Office . , i one year... $10.00 claim to the value of $100.00 and Creeks means any natural water For An Assay Office is maintained by renewal of shall, within fourteen days after the coursTliaving an average widtlr o the Government at Vancouver, T( renewed expiration of the year, satisfy the less than one hundred and fifty feet after , expiry Q. Mining Recorder that the work has where gold exported from the Ter- ritory between its banks. If after 14 days and within 3 been done, and pay the Certificate will be purchased at its full Creek claims shall not exceed five months ........ $30.00 of Work fee. One hundred dollars value. i . hundred feet in length, " measured If after 3 months and within 6 may be paid in lieu of assessment G. A. JECKELL. along the base line, by one thousand months $45.00 , work. Controller. .FRIDAY, JUNE 5th, 1942 THE WIIITEHORSE STAR, WIIlTEIIORSE- - YUKON PAGE NINE 0 Mm Hi mm The White Pass and Yukon Route (Concluded from page 3) The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to openly as politics along Parliament Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska- - Hill-"- - :. :r-'- - In this decisive moment of Can- ada's AIRPLANE SERVICE history, the really dangerous internal enemies of this nation's war plane service, making connections northbound and south- bound efiort are the pseudo-patriot- s, . not with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, only.- - iney are run the politicians Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For information paid agents of the enemy. They are not formal "fifth columns." They apply to any - . are not hired saboteurs, traitors, or professional criminals. But they W H I T E PAS S A GEN T, o r Canadians wiio, thougli are those 17 CommerceBldg., Vancouver, B. C. they believe that they are patriots, still hold mat oniy xnose uunes.uie )U.!LlJiM)!L!H()47E2 ,n thpir country's . interests which i - " J V .; are in their own interests the m- - . 7TTTTTTTTTYrXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXYX:3 T ft. -- V7 IUS 17 i' -- .f thoir mm hfimPS OT 1'aiT- l- ilies, the interests of their own vill- ages, Yukon Electrical Company, Ltd. the interests ; , : towns, or cities, : - - of their own sections of the country, ' Will be pleased to consult the interests of their own work, profession, or business, the interests ; you regarding of their own political or . social cir- - Light, Power. Supplies and Installations cbs, and - the interests of their own ; .inno Mm nr rpliffion. They are ! those Canadians who, though they The finest gem from W H I T E H 0 R S E, Y. T. believe that they are patriots, still Seagram's treasure chest of feel and find constant reasons for aged whiskies now comes to you about the and complaint criticism in a new setting the original activities of their leaders wartime old-fashion- ed whisky bottle. no matter what they do or do not because these essential emergency 16 oz. 2.1 5 25oz.3.35 actions cause them inconveniences rnd disturb the normal and peacef- ul B4R routine of their everyday life. those Canadians who, K '"SP They are Jesepk I. Seagram I Sons limited - Waterloo, Ont. though they believe that they arc mm patriots, still interfere in the broad This advertisement is not published international - scope of policies of or displayed by the Government of their leaders who must keep Can- ada r Yukon Territory. SicASH OR INCOME in her proper status amongs; WHEN YOU REACH 60! the world powers' since no nation can live untolitself in, this moderr w exaggerated in the least. They Each "unit" provides for $25.00 A MONTH Income period. :re realities. There is no doubt beginning at Age 60, or, if These are the really : dangerous bout their existence. such income is not desired internal enemies of Canada and an Nevertheless, in face of the pre- sent $4,040 IN CASH. ... impartial ana 1 wen-inionn- eu 11 ' J J uusci-v- or nUnAfl crisis in the capital, yet there along Parliament Hill can rec- ognize seems to permeate a feeling or hint them, with this black picture of a hopeful view of things amongst SicASH TO FAMILY of the crisis in the capital being usually well-inform- ed sources and IF YOU DIE BEFORE 60! neither one-sid- ed and one-colour- ed, this means that there is a strong possibility of a gradual elimination - Each "unit" provides for from the national scene of our pre- sent PLUS INCOME TO FAMILY t'50-J- - CASH!, in event , of death before reaching and ,,.- - political complications instead oi au casn in one sum, yuu tou Age 60, pseudo-patriotis- m because it is in- evitable arrange for your first "unit" to be paid now since the masses of $500 IN CASH (for final expenses, this nation are saturated with a cur- rent etc.) then $75.00 A MONTH for of patriotism which calls for 2 Years and 3 Months and additional more and more war activities, more ''units" will extend income period. and more war initiatives, and more and more war enthusiasm so that SECURE NOW your first "unit',' in your PENSION PLAN and add role in PERSONAL Canada may play its proper drama.. additional "units" as your means permit. , this international And' the man-in-the-str- eet thro- ughout Mail letter or postcard for rate at your age. Canada should know that an experienced observer cannot deny that the will of the masses always motivates . the actions or creates the decisions of their leaders along Parliament Hill, particularly in a democracy like Canada, with once FROM Imore this being the most liKeiy - o background and fundamental prin- ciple JANKS POST OFFICES of the DEPARTMENT STORES DRUGGISTS behind any 'solutions GROCERS TOBACCONISTS causing the crisis in the BOOK STORES and othtr RETAIL STORtS problems For Particulars apply toT. A. F.EA at WhitehoW Inn. 22S capital. PAGE TEN FRIDAY, JUNE 5th, 1942 Local Happenings To the Ladies Anderson returned home J. Mrs. C. Beaumont was a pas- - Mrs. Sunday after . spending several sender on the str. Casca Wednesday New Arrival weeks at the coast. hnuid ior Dawson. : Mr. O. Letourneau of Carmack -- I . Nine R. C. M. P. constables ar-m- uI Dres Shoes O. Krkk.n arrived in town mod from- - the coast Sunday. Con- - j,;,,! tfio -- ct.--. Whit.6.hnrse stable Waring is being suuoneu Sunday Very Latest Models . ,,.' here. The others left for Dawson at ' Mrs. Rutledge of Vancouver was .' Sunday to be later distributed thro- - prices to suit every a recent arrival in town and is now j ughutit the . Territory. .:. pocket-boo- k. the cook at the Regina Hotel. I . . : . . , j Two familiar visitors arrived m also' '-- f;-; . , lun Stmday ftom Vancouver, in On M.y 20th last Hans E. Formo i "e of Mr. Carman of the persons ' oi 1 lvv Kcno, ' Y. T., ' died in Vancouver ' iiuua- - ti..,.,. u r I'lAc-fv- r TVToplrav , Smith Sp ort Shoe 72 at the age of years. -- Vancouver Blair & Co. Ltd.anc Mr. irea Jxing Province. representing Messrs. Gault Bros.; A Splendid Selection. 'T.trl Thpv arp nn their annual busi- - - Mr. Eugene Jacquot was in town I ' th thnmgh hQ Territory last week for a lew days on a busi- - ness trip and returned to his Kluane . j of and McKay TAYL0R& DRURY Ltd l.nme luesday. Pennington were in town last, night and returned this morning. They Mr. C. J. Rogers, president and ; came m to see the popular master of . I Un w P. & Y. 1UU11"1'U"18L1 Ui tu". V r .the str. Casca, Capt. D. McKay, who K. anu :irs. uogers arnveu in iuwu j unfortunately is ill in the hospital (PILOT SHELDON LUCK and Gordon on base. tli week. is at the present time. Here's hoping LEAVES YUKON SOUTHERN The Box Score: he'll be ahle to be out and around FOR FERRY SERVICE. 58th Medical Battaion R H E Corp. Sutherland, R. C. M. P. and again in the near future. 0 1 0 2 2 1 1 1 08 12 0 Mrs. Sutherland of Dawson arrived Capt. Sheldon Luck, one of the Whitehorse Bears in town last week-en- d en route to ' THE RED CROSS most popular pilots to traverse the .3 1 0 0 0 1 0 2 07 10 2 llema, Sask. air lanes of the north and who, Batteries : : The Red Cross drive is stiil after three open. years service with the 58th Medical Battalion McNa- - Mr. Stan Reid is leaving for the All contributions thankfully receiv- ed. Y. S. A. T. was raised to the rank mee ana nnKnam. coast having secured a position Out- side. A lovely picture is about to be of chief pilot of the Y.S.A.T. di-- Whitehorse Bears, MacDonald We wish him every success in raffled for the proceeds being de- voted ! vision of the Canadian Pacific Air and MacFarlane. t. future. to the Red Cross. There is no lines, hag resigned this post in order legitimate excuse for not making to join the Ferry Command with Rev. Father BobiUier, O. M. I. left some contribution toward this most headquarters at Montreal. The attack upon Dutch Harbour aboard the str. Casca Wednesday for elk-ir- k where he will be located for deserving cause. Sheldon has more than six thou- sand brings the war -- nearer home.' What the future. flying hours to his credit and about protection? r . The here far to the response so hitherto has been a familiar figure Red Cross for funds has appeal, by T")r H R Rnctnr-l- r Tlrimiriinn fJpn- - in Whitehorse and throughout the ,"' . ' ' ." ... ! no means measured up to expectat logist, arrived trom the East a. c Sunday j ! . . , Yukon Territory. His . many friends THEATRE ions. Everyone is ureentv reauest- - and left same night by str. White-hor- se here wish him every success in the to turn in their be ;ed contributions, for Selkirk en route to the future .and happy landings at all I they large or small, without further Whitehorse ... ... Yukon McQucsten, country. times. He is being succeeded in the ! delay so that the total amount col-- Canadian Pacific Airlines service Capt. E. R. R. "Ted" Field, Y. S. ; Cr0SS Cted u ca" adquarterTYoTTrnay be fpifded leave Red by another popular pilot,. Capt. Don Sfrnw is Every A. T. superintendent at Edmonton, V. Patry who has also been in the donations at the Star office if your arrived in town this Week on com- pany i service of the Y. S. A. T. for the Night it is more convenient to business and -- will be remain- ing you. past three years. Congratulations here for a time. are extended to Don who well 'mer- its (Except Sundays) OFFICIAL WEATHER REPORT his promotion. Pictures changed thrice Weekly. Messrs. P. Campbell representing Marshall-Well- s, B. C. Ltd., and Mr. May -- - See Bulletin Board for Particulars. W; H. Trotter of the House of 28 Thursday 71 ,45 MEDICAL BATTALION -- NOSES. Messrs. McClennan, McFecly &29 Friday 74 39 .OUT WHITEHORSE Prior Ltd., left on Sunday by the ! 30 Saturday 63. 35 BY SCORE OF 8-- 7. : " - 'BUILD WESTERN 11 YROLLS" Whitehorse for Dawson. 31 Sunday 62 42 June The 58th Medical Battalion softr Rev. C. E. H. Williams and Mrs. 1 Monday ..... 66 42 hall team beat the Whitehorse Bears A PATRON Williams arrived; from the coast 2 Tuesday ... 68 35 for the. second consecutive time in Sunday and left that night for Mayo 3 Wednesday 66 37 last Thursday's game at Sports Field TO; where Mr. Williams will be in by the close score of 8-- 7. Harold FOR 8 charge of St. Mary's Anglican THE ESTATE OF MacDonald in his last appearance church.' EDMON STANLEY CAIN for the locals before leaving for his trw. .rn I ' DECEASED v new stalion at Carcross pitched a YEARS MmM We notice in the daily prses that good game but poor support caused at the annual meeting of the Royal him to lose the lead given him in We have a letter from up Society of Canada held at the .Un- iversity All persons having any claims the first two innings when George country The writer states against the estate of the above- - of Toronto last week Dr. Kay, Adrian " Spidle,' " Howard Maple, she has used "all kinds', of Otis J. Todd of the University of B. named deceased are required to fileJ """T TV' c ,i,"tu ,.5 u:Sand-a- ul Crause crossed the plate canned milk" but Pacific C, father of the principal of White- horse vnni uic uuuci -- aigiicu ai ilia for four runs The Medics three ' Milk since she continually Public School, has been elect- ed office in Whitehorse, Y. T., on or sluggers, Rightfielder Arnold, Third began it "because of jts before the ls of a member of the society. day August, 1942, Baseman Wojewodka, and Pitcher supported by statutory declaration, richness and flavor. That McNamee who got to MacDonald after which date the estate will be was eight years ago." 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