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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 26, Friday, June 26th, 1942.

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Frc-- S 1 TTk m mi I I I I. J LJ I.I I I I I la I J I I I I A TVMI J I I I I I . I I. VVVM )V-7- . f$r pr CIRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY Vol. 42. No. 26. it WHITEHORSE, YUKON. FRIDAY, JUNE 26th, 1942 Subscription $3.00 Year. BENEFIT DANCE IN WHITEHORSE BEARS ROBBERY OCCURS AT MEDICS NOSE OUT AID OF CANADIAN DEFEAT ENGINEERS LOCAL STORE NEARLY WHITEHORSE BEARS PED CROSS FUND. IN DOUBLE HEADER. THOUSAND DOLLARS LOOT. IN CLOSE WORK OUT. (Contributed) (By Adrian P. Spidle) In the early hours of Wednesday (By Adria P. Spidle) The newly organized Program The lejuvenated Whitehorse Bears morning the local store of The Nor- thern Manager Matthew's hard playing Committee of Whitehorse announces were in fine shape last Sunday Commercial Co., Ltd., was 691st Medical (formerly the 58th that its first sponsored event will be fiernoon as' they mowed down, broken into and approximately $900 Medicals) Softball team made, it a Red Cross Benefit Dance to be first, the 73rd Engineers 24-- 9 and stolen from the safe. Entrance was seven in a row over the Whitehorse held in the Masonic Hall on Friday hen the 29th Engineers 11-- 3. Geo. Gained by forcing open a window at Bears as they eked out a 5-- 4 win 'evening, July 3, from 9:00 to 1:00 Cooper of the Bears pulled an "Iron the rear of what were formerly Monday evening at Sports Field. t. m. ' . Ian" stunt by pitching both ends known , as the Stoddard premises, The Bears, fresh from their double-victo- ry it the twin bill and at no Uine dur-- but which are now owned by the of the previous day were all mode of the affair will be The ng either game was his mastery of Northern Commercial Co. Ltd., and set to give the Medics a trimming that the which means semi-form- al the mound challenged by the op- posing form part of their hardware dept. but luck was against them and they in their finest to dress Ir.ciies get batsmen. Approximately $500 of the loot couldn't quite make it. irshion with long dresses, etc., while was 'in American bills. There was John Chalmers took to the mound t cir escort will wear ordinary First Game j also a $100 American bank note for Whitehorse and Derosiers did rule of Couples only Also the Fnits. George Cooper was given an eight (the serial number of which is not the throwing for the Medics. In the will strictly ; apply no stags this run lead in the first half ci the frst known). It is believed however that opening inning the service men time. The choice of dress will, inning which he never lost. Ian there is not another of its particular drew first blood when Logan scored lov, ever, be optional, short dresses MacFailane, Bill Gordon, Adrian denomination in Whitehorse at the on Gus Reardon's line drive to right if preferred. ' Spidle, Constable Handford, George present time. Among the stolen center but the Locals came back to The size of the Hall is such that Kay, and Jim Powell air scored money was also an American cross the plate twice in their half. a limited sale of tickets is necessary runs,Ghe first named scored two, as cheque for $11.10 drawn upon a George Kay belted the first ball so the 'Committee has decided to the team batted around and then bank in Vancouverr, Wash., which pitched by Derosiers into deep jell only fifty couples tickets at $2 started over again. was signed by Lieut. Stoltz in fav- our center' just out of Logans' reach for per couple. The price of the ducats Pitcher Bob Hanna of mo losers of the Northern Commercial Co. a circuit of the bases. Bill Gordon may seem rather high but remem- ber showed good form until his support Ltd., but not endorsed. The safe, it then singled and later came home all the proceeds go into the Red collapsed after which he apparently is stated, was forced open with tools on George Cooper's outfield fly Cross War Fund and Whitehorse is lost heart and served them up. in found upon the premises and , it;" is after having stolen second and third. Fiill behind in its quota. Tickets just the right places for the Bears understood that the culprits left .by The 691st, undaunted, again grab- bed may be bought from any member to knock out of the lot. Hanna. Ed. way oithe front door of the hard- ware the lead by tallying twice in the of the Program Committee and un- til Hemma, and Sex "Anderson were department which was left second .when Duggan and Cranna the limit is reached the sale will the only Engineers to solve Cmers closed but unlocked. worked their way around the bases. be open to all civilians, soldiers, delivery for more than one base hit --o- The Bears made it three-a- ll in the ;nd otherwise the only qualific- ation although Otis Gosnell waited out a FRANK A. WALLER last of the second on Norm Langers is that no one will be admitt- ed base on balls twice. FORMER MATE ON STR-TUTSH- I single and Ted Meinings two-ba- se unless accompanied by a mem- ber The Score by Innings; PASSES AWAY. bow to right but the Medicals once of the opposite sex. Whitehorse Bears R H E more took the lead in the third on Music will be supplied by the 8 0 3 5 0 0 824 16 2 There passed away recently in hits and runs by Pinkie Pinkham best recofds available in town and 73rd Engineers ' the Whitehorse Hospital Mr. Frank and Outfielder Logan and a hit by they will be played on a Juke Box 0 0 2 0 0 0 7 9 6 9 A. Waller who was brought to the Third-sack- er Wojewodka. Pitcher or Nickleodeon (no nickles neces-snr- y) The Batteries: local institution by plane from the Derosier also contributed with a hit loaned for the occasion by, the Whitehorse Cooper and Mac-Farlan- e. river boat he was on at the time he to left. No more runs were soorecl until the last of the sixth when Whitehorse Inn. Mrs. Homer Meers, was taken ill. Born at Winnipeg on popular wife of the Manager, has 73rd Engineer-s- Hanna arid Hoch-spru- g. August 3rd,. 1885, deceased acted as Norm Langer put the Bears within already promised to lay aside many '. ' mate on various Hudson's Bay boats one run of tying the score by slug of the latest shipment of records for Second t Games from 1909 until he joined the B. Y. ging one of Derosiers fast balls into the dance and in addition there will N. Co. service in 1920. The first deep right center for a home run. Whitehorse pushed over four runs In the final frome Bill Gordon sing- - , be old favorites including lots of catch the river boat he served on here was from to in the opening led with two out but Spidle ended Viennese schottisches, pol- kas, he waltzes, the "Selkirk" after which was and off balance put 29th Engineers Woje- wodka etc. other boats of the the threat by grounding out, employed on the ball game on ice before it had to Reardon ending the game. This Benefit Dance could be con- sidered here company's fleet until 1927 when he Pitcher Cooper harldy begun. The defensive play of Adams at to White- horse made mate of the str. Tutshi challenge was as a 29th down with of the day, set the shortstop and Cranna at second was out and have an plying on the Atlin Lake. The re- mains to come on two only four hits and three runs, unusually good for the winners and, tirne while simultane- ously 1 were shipped Outside for enjoyable unearned. Except of which were as usual Gus Reardon played his aiding aT most worthy cause. home- - burial on Monday. He is survived for Shortstop Pipkins mighty stellar game at the keystone' but the of it this his widow and one daughter to If we can make a success wasn't solid blow, off by there a run outstanding player of the day wis time it will the door for more staff. whom sincerest sympathy is extend- ed. open the pride of the Bears hurling Norm Langer of the Bears who not and better good times for other climax to a perfect day . The perfect only played a bang -- up game in "; good causes. . , for the Bears chucker came in the --o- center field but contributed heavily Whitehorse Program Committee fourth inning when he belted one of PETER FERGUSON with his bat as well. ' Chairman Adrian-P- . Spidle Henry "Glamorous" Lamoure'ux's FORMER W. P. EMPLOYEE The Score by Innings: Secretary .. Doris McEachern pitches over center fielder Harry DIES IN VICTORIA- - 691st Medicals R H E Ryder head for four bases. Treasurer .... Audrey Carpenter's Yukoner of the 1 2 2 0 0 0 05 4 0 Constable Handford also hit for the Another former Information concerning the dance in Victoria Whitehorse Bears circuit in the first with two on. early days passed away and tickets can be had from any R. C. on June 4th, in the person of 2 1 0 0 0 1 04 6 2 member of the Committee. Mr. The score by innings: E Mr. Peter Ferguson, at the age of 83 The Batteries: Spidle can be reached at the U. S. 29th Engineers R H 691st Medics-Derosie- rs and Pink-ha- m. Engineers Office or at the Inn; Miss 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 3 4 3 years. Born in Scotland deceased came McEachern can be , reached during Whitehorse Bears . - m Whitehorse Chalmers and Kay. 4 0 5 2 0 O x 11 9 1 to Canada and in 1882 panned goia Pass & Yukon the White day at the Lightning Creek in the Cariboo office; and Miss Ryder is available The Batteries: on & Yukon Route in, Whitehorse for a . Car- penter. In '98 he joined the gold country. and 29th Engineers Lamourex For the past 12 Commercial days at the Northern rush into the Klondike and later number of years. Co. and evenings at the Whitehorse of the White Pass years he had resided in Victoria. employee Theater Whitehorse Cooper and Saffer. was an PAGE TWO WHITEHORSE ST.AK. WHITEHORSE. YUKON FRIDAY, JUNE 26th 1942 staunchly to his Serbian hills, has plenty to discourage him. There is the bitter threat to his own family "Volom of thm Yukon' and the families of his followers. There is the knowledge that they An , Independent Journal are outnumDerea aim vms"1"-"-Bu-t behind them is a people who Published every Friday at have no will to surrender. That is morale. Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. We in Canada have faced very The White Pass and Yukon little. The military problems that Route On the Trail of '98 have faced other parts of our Em- pire have bee distant from us and . The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to critical . Member of Canadian Weekly we have watched them with eyes. In the light talk that we often Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska- - Newspapers' Association. hear about us there is not only HORACE E. MOORE' Publisher criticism; there is more than a little AIRPLANE SERVICE of defeatist thinking. It is careless thinking, but none the less destruc- - plane service, making connections northbound and south- - Let us have faith that -- .right makes ive. We have spoken of necessary bound with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse might; and in that faith let us to retirements as if some one had run trie end dare to do our duty as we away. We have considered the des- perate ; Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For information mischances that have befallen '- -v understand it. Lincoln apply to any us as though they reflected on the quality of the manhood of our race. JUNE 26th, 1942 We ''have heard it said that the old WHITE PASS AGENT, o r British Empire has had its day be- cause' 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. defeat has overtaken us on QUISLING WORDS some of our world-wid- e battlefields. No one would want to curtail the The right to speak their minds priceless heritage of our freedom of has kspt men and nations free. The speech. But sucn freedom is only of right of quisling speech has often, in value when we set a value on our A GRAND GIFT these days, robbed men and nations words where, in days like these, of their freedom. they help to keep men free and for the Today we are standing on . the strong on their, feet. What can you troops! threshold of the most momentous say for your freedom to voice opin- ions happenings - in the world's history. if your opinions have no EASY TO SEND, easy to prepare. We know that any moment our thought behind them, if they are Mix KLIM powdered milk with familiar world may suddenly blaze catch judgments ( based on, rumour cold water for an instant supply "In new and desperate flames of war. or gossip? imiurai-tasun- g pasteurized milk. When this ordeal comes, will we These are not days to shut our Nearly 4 quarts from a 16-o- z. can. lace it standing firmly on our feet, eyes. These are not days to fail in or whimpering over past shortcom- ings? criticism where criticism is due, but surely they are desperate enough KLIMfa&MILK A noted foreign correspondent days for us to ask ourselves whether Copyright. The Borden Co. Ltd.. 1942 who knew Germany and its war the stories we are telling, the ru- mours policies well has said that Germany we are passing on, the crit- - never did expect that the campaign jv-iou- io wc die vuicmg are Dasea on against Russia would develop into a anything real. Freedom of speech major offensive. They had it all is not only a priceless privilege, it is Yukon Electrical Company, Ltd. nicely figured. A few sharp blows also a responsibility. Words may and all the discouragement of the defeat men and nations. But your Russian people, all the sacrifices words also may help to keep men Will be pleased to consult they had made and the repressions on their feet. J. L. Rutledge. ' . you regarding : they had , suffered in years past would begin to fester in their minds. I find Light, Power. Supplies and Installations They would feel themselves betray- ed. the great thing in this They would feei themselves in- capable world is not so much where we of victorious action. Dis-heartenm- ent stand, as in what direction we are W H ITEHORSE, Y. and disillusion and dis- union moving. Oliver Wendell Holmes. ' ; ; ; I would be their defeat. 'IVMniVouu,,,, . . iWIUVVmtliinruVUUinrinn'n-"- " i ' ' ' '- -' UU'J '1'-1- ' IJ UI-r- i- No that such think- ing - - - - - -- i . -L- n.-L-L-Lnr one can deny 1 i i. was at least partially sound. But r : : - : it broke down on a strange and un- expected happening. The German thrust toward Smolensk, said this correspondent, was begun as a feint to cloak their real drive. But Rus sia did not recognize it as a feint. Russia struck back with all her re sources and, for a few short days, drove back Germany's conquering army. That success was short-live- d, as we all know, but it was that sue ments of today. It wiped away cess thacb made possible the achieve- - forever the weariness and disillusi- onment and uncertainty that Ger- many had counted as her allies. It gave to Russia a fighting' heart. All wars are won or lost by the morale of the people who wage them. The German army was not beaten in the last war. It failed be- cause mm the people of Germany had ceased to believe in themselves. The Tobacco Their of Quality soldiers, infected by this dis- belief, lost confidence in themselves CUT COARSE FOR THE PIPE COT FINE FOR and their leaders. ROLLING YOUR OWN General Mihaiovitch, holding I fl,iia3e ,lCj .tc fiQc,e mifefi mli6 gluMn I FRIDAY,- - JUNE 26th; 1942 THE WHITEIIORSE STAR, WHITEHORSEv YUKON PAGE THREE DAWSON ANNOUNCEMENT Ian Fraser, nephew of Jack Fra-se- r, local contractor, suffered a broken bone in a foot whilst play- ing softball last week. He will be Willson E. Knowlton incapacitated for about three weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Roland McLean now Optometrist of Vancouver, B. C. are in charge of St. Paul's Hostel here following the departure of Mr. Will arrive in Whitehqrse the latter part of this month and Mrs. Harvey Philips for the Outside. and will b?. located at the Whitehorse Inn Mrs. Joseph Lewis with her son Please Make Appointments Early in accordance with local and daughter have arrived in town 'notices..''" from Ketchikan where they have resided for a number of years and where Mr. Lewis iis employed by a large wholesale house. Mrs. Phil Allen and daughter,' Patsy who have made their home in Vancouver for the past two years, ( m-- C. of Allied Naval Forces in are back in town again. It is under pacifx: U. S. Admiral T. C. Hart. stood that Mrs. Allen will be pro- jectionist For the first time in history, Briti- sh at the Orpheum Theatre and Netherland Naval units will here a position held by her husband take their orders along with Ameri- can before he enlisted in the Armed Naval units from an American Forces. Ummander-in-Chie- f, under the Frank Freidle, who has been in direction of General Wa veil, Supr- eme town on a short visit, has now re- turned C.-in-- C. of the South West to his location on Sixtymile. Pacific area. A. T. Hall, former manager of the Mayo branch of the Bank of Mont real, is a visitor in town. It is understood he is leaving on a vaca LANTERN tion trip shortly to the coast and will later be returning to assume the management of the Bank's branch here. LECTURE W. Williams of the Sixtymile ar rived in town a few days ago on a short, visit. on the John Thied formerly teller at the Bank of Montreal here, has left for YUKON the coast with the intention of en listing in the R. C. A. F. We trust he will be successful and wish him the best of luck. CHRIST CHURCH Joseph Tournier of the Summit Roadhouse purchased two fine horses whilst in Vancouver recently, WEDNESDAYS The two animals have now arrived. and Born at St. Mary's Hospital on June 18 to Mr. and Mrs. Harry FRIDAYS Coull of Bear Creek, a son. at 8 P. M- - Mr. and Mrs. John Donald are V about to make a trip Outside and will remain at the coast for an in- definite HTTTTIIII11TTTI1111MJJJJJ period. Mr. Donald at pre- sent is in charge of the hardware "BUILD WESTERN PAYROLLS" dept. of the Northern Commercial Co. Ltd. Harrv Lester. North Fork ditch foreman for the utilities company, has bsen in town on a vacation trip FOR 8 recently. Enjoy the IN goodness of SOLDIERS CANADIAN famous beer . 'JUHIIffl, YEARS DEMAND IN CALIFORNIA sold at,the sa as ordinary Erice We have a letter from up-coun- try Saturday, May 30th, two lady eers. The writer states members of the" Venice High School she has used "all kinds of gave a large house party in their canned milk" but Pacific Hollywood Home and put in a re- quest Milk continually since she with the USO "Canadian began it "because of. its Soldiers preferred" and the USO re- plied richness and flavor. That that they had none on hand at was eight years ago." the time of asking but promised to that their out and do their best. It's only real excellence keep eye could bring a milk a pre- ference Such is the welcome that greets COAST BREWERIES LIMITED Cali- fornia like this. Canadian soldiers that visits Vancouver - , New Westminster - , Victoria and take it from one that 41-- 15 Pacific Milk knows and their their hospitality, friendliness is unbound- ed on par This advertisement is not published or with the best that the North so displayed by the Government of Yukon Territory. IRRADIATED Or COURBK proudly boasts of. TJm WHITEHORSE STAR, WHITE HOUSE' YUKON FRIDAY, JUNE 26th, 1942 PAGE FOUR cross from whence they took train ATLIN NUGGETS and landed in Whitehorse feeling all in and ready for a good nights Mr. Carl Beal is paying Atlin a sleep. From what we have heard of Beautiful to Look at visit from Caifornia to give the city that Scotch Whiskey-name- d "once over" to his mining interests you have to be real good and tired, A Pleasure to Wear in Northern Resources Ltd., at Dis- covery. the. hotels else you just can't sleep, We trust he will leave us being real busy you know. V feeling optimistic. , v..;: X Mrs L F. Barr flew to Carcross Dean Patty, the engineer in last week and caught a PA A plane charpe of the McRae interests in B. at Whitehorse for Fairbanks her C, Alaska, Yukon, etc., is paying rmuce Creek Placers Ltd. a visit. present home, after spending a This gentleman cannot visit Atlin month's holiday with her parents 0 d lid Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sands in At too often for our likin-g- . We trust , c'lf of these days he may see or find lin. another mining proposition that needs capital to open up, as the last Mr. and Mrs, Fred Acres' reached year has given him a very favWable Atlin with their Beaver catch this impression of the Atlin district we week. Fred figured twelve nice would.. vouch to say, and we don't large beaver plenty to take off ; his 1942 mean maybe. Mr. Bill O'Neill, the trapline this season, and added, if permanent resident engineer in Beaver were Timber wo1 ves it charge of Spruce Creek Placers would be different. Style Creations l td , has just returned from a visit to the Dawson, . Yukon country, Mr, Norman, Government Auditor where the McRae interests have from Victoria, and Mr. Tate, Gov- ernment mining propositions. boiler inspector, nave been paying Atlin a visit. Mr. and Mrs. Milt Caswell, Mr. " find Mrs. Ale Munro, Mr. and Mrs. Taku Sam, Atlin's oldest Indian All Sizes and Colors Ed. Kinderchuk, Fred Graham, Fred passed away peacefully at his In- dian Kane and Leslie Sands chartered village home June 17th. Be- sides the palatial launch of Die kDunlop his many relations in Atlin, Red. White, Blue, Stripes. Plaids. and left Atlin for a cruise to Car- - others arrived from Carcross in time to be with him before he pass- ed on. On the 18th the funeral was SAVE TIME BY AIR held, same being conducted by Father Adam, O. M. I., from the Catholic Church. Around one inch a of rain fell in on Jispljf AIR PASSENGERS MAIL Atlin this week. The potato and AiB EXPRESS other crops should be a world beat- er this season. Mr. and Mrs. . Patsy Henderson and family and Mr. and Mrs. Billy Changes in spending Johnson Village, the of Atlin. past Carcross few days have at been In-ii- an Northern Commerc ialCo.Ltd We are very happy to report that Schedule Pete Matson and partners had a nice clean-u- p of the very yellow back in that busy city, Mr. Jim liiimiiTimuiTTTixxra metal. They had only expected Eastman flew his own plane to Car-cro- ss Vancouver around 90 ounces and it turned out -- Whitehorse to meet his wife and everyone double that amount. here is delighted to see the lady 'Hi TRAVEL OVil,v except Friday) back once with us again. RAILWAY The Boulder Creek Partnership STEAMSHIPS on a NORTHBOUND will be having a real good clean-u- p COMMUNICATIONS Lv- - Vfineouver. . 10 a. in, in the near future according to the Mr. John Williams, Atlin's Gov- ernment "PRINCESS" Ar. Whitehorse. , . . 7 p. m. size of pit nearly finished. (Norman Liquor Vendor, is spending Liner Fisher and Company.) a well-deserv- ed holiday at coast SOUTHBOUND cities." ' Lv- - AVhitehorse . .7 a. m. ,. SKAGWAY to VANCOUVER -- y, . vsv.' Although we do not know the Ar. Vancouver , . 5.:J0 p- - m. exact figure, Spruce Creek Placers We much regret to state that Mr. VICTORIA or SEATTLE Edmonton Whitehorse had a real big one for so short a run. Charlie Ingram has been reluctantly - Southbound At a rough guess by the ones who compelled to again return to St. An- drews Sailings (Daily except Friday) . packed the gold it . may have been Hospital, as he is still suffer- ing PRINCESS LOUISE in the. 19 to 20 thousand dollar mark. from the effects of an operation Thursday, July 2 NORTHBOUND of a month or two past. , Monday, July 6 Lv. Edmonton -- 12.45 p. m We are happy to relate Northern . . ' o . " . Monday, July 13 Ar. Whitehorse ....7 p' in. Resources Ltd., and the people Our old friend Alfred Vik was "Thursday, July 16 SOUTHBOUND around same , are ' showing smiling admitted to Atlin Hospital, all this Thursday, July 23 Lv- - "Whitehorse a. m. faces. The dragline is how work- ing rain Atlin has been having was' the Monday, July 27 Ar. Edmonton . . around the old Jim Read pit, pn cause, as some of the water leaked Connections at Vancouver with m. ,p. .-- 5 Pine Creek, and the best of all this into a drum of carbide and Alfred Canadian Pacific Services: Direct connections at White year a drain ditch,' so the pit is had his lamp burning when he took Transcontinental horse for Fairbanks, Alaska, fairly dry. off the carbide lid. a heavy flame and at Edmonton with T. C. 3 . leaped up to his face and burnt him Trans-Pacif- ic A. for points south. Columbia Development Co. Ltd.. rather badly, but we are happy to Trans-Atlant- ic oh Spruce Creek have been and, we. say, his .eyes escaped being hurt and Tickets, reservations and full The above schedule remains believe, still his face, although at in are on splendid pay, present . particulars from in force until further notice- - but the great scarcity of miners this bandages, will doubtless be alright L. H. JOHNSTON For Full Flight Information season is the boner, as only one in the course of a few weeks time. Consult shift of 26 men is working now. General Agent C P. R. Dean Patty of Fairbank left here Skagway Alaska J. A. Barber Mrs. Jim Eastman arrived home for Whitehorse after spending a few WHITEHORSE safely by plane from Detroit after days for the McRae interests on Canadian Pacific spending the past couple of monthsSpruce Creek riday'Tj uNil 'ith, THjnVillTEUOiiSE CATOQKI CM v.- - FOR-- ' (ft (ftu n ni jflin (ft n.nrn JJUUJ will be mailed next week Canadians will be required to register so that ration cards, good for the 10 week period, PRINT IN BLOCK LETTERS LEAVE I LANK commencing July 1st, may be issued immedi- ately, fit the end of that periofl a coupon USf NAME ONLY ration book, good for six months, will be issued. APPLICANT'S FIRST NAME, 5) HOW TO IIKIpISTEII " numbEA" STREET (OB RURAL ROUT ti Residents in Urban Areas not served by Letter Carrier, and Residents in A. CITY OR POST OFFICE PROVINCE (AND COUNTYi Rural Areas FIRST NAMES OF OTHER PERSONS A LEAVE THIS AT SAME ADDRESS HAVING SME ttniti Application cards will be distributed to all house- holders 5. LAST NAME AS AT TOP. . U Jl through the post offices on or before Tues- day, June 23rd.. Additional cards will also be de- livered for every person resident in the household, . who bears a different last name from the head of the household. If needed, extra cards may be secured from local post offices. These application cards should be filled out imme-(diatel- y and dropped in the nearest mail box or post office. A pamphlet giving complete instructions will be delivered, with each card. As soon as your name is duly registered at headquarters, ration cards, good for a ten-wee- k period, will be mailed to you one ration card for each person in your home. These THE WARTIME PRICES AND TRADE BOARD will be for sugar only. , DECLARATION IN SU7P0RT OF RATION BOOK APPLICATION. ICnfioning for Sugar I, THE UNDERSIGNED, SOLEMNLY DECLARE THAT I Coupon (AND THE FOREGOING MEMBERS OF THE 8AME FAMILY) LIVE AT THE ABOVE ADDRESS, BEING KMom4's Kffwtiv July I si ACCURATELY DESCRIBED HEREIN, AND THAT NO OTHER APPLICATION HAS BEEN MADE ON BEHALF OF CANADA ANYONE MENTIONED HEREIN. Beoxining July 1st, no one will be permitted to buy . sugar for regular domestic use without a ration 12. coupon. REM SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT OR SPONSOR Prompt cooperation on the part ot the public in filling out and returning their application cards is necessary to ensure return of the ration coupon card in time to purchase sugar on or after the above date. The provision for additional sugar for preserving, etc.. will be continued. Special voucher forms for Remember the amount ot sugar allowed each indi- vidual this are being supplied to all retailers. purpose will be under the new coupon rationing plan exactly the same as allowed at present pound per No person may have on hand more than two weeks' person per week. supply of sugar, unless resident in a remote district DO NOT SURRENDER YOUR APPLICATION CARD TO A IVY UNAUTHORIZED PERSON HMim STAR. wftlTEHORSE. YUKON FRIDAY, JUNE 26th, 1942 WlllTKHORSE PAGE SIX THE of document $2.00 When $500.00 has been base line. Registration any expendJ feet on each side of the Other claims shall not exceed five Recording an abandonment $2.00 or paid the locator may, upon hai hundred feet in length by one thou- - If it affects more than one claim-s-and mg a survey made, and upon feet in depth. Claims shall be For each additional claim ..... $1.00 plying with other requirements, J as nearly as possible rectangular in Abstract of Title-f- orm tain a lease for a term cf twenh. and shall be marked by two For first entry .;. $2.00 one years with the right to renew- - legal posts, one at each end of the For each additional entry ...... .50 for further terms of , twenty- - Law Synopsis of Mining claim, numbered "1" and "2" re-- For copy of Document years. Claims located prior to Juljt spectively. Location posts of creek Up to 200 words $2.50 , 181 may upon iuminng simiW Yukon Territory claims shall be placed on the base For each additional 100 words .50 requirements, be Crown Granted. line, and of all other claims parallel For grant of water--to Leases, renewals of leases, aJ the base line, and on the side of For 50 inches or less ....... $10.00 documents relating to leased claij the claim nearest the creek or river For 50 to 200 inches . ......... $25.00 shall be recorded with the MiniiJ Any poison eighteen years of age towards which it fronts. For 200 to 1,000 inches ...... $50.00 Recorder in triplicate. or over shall have the right to enter, For each additional 1,000 inches Schedule of Fees A discoverer shall be entitled to a locate, prospect and mine upon any or fraction thereof ............. $50.00 claim 1,500 feet in length, and a Recording every claim . T-v.- vU lands in the Yukon Territory, party of two discoverers two claims, QUARTZ MINING For a substitutional record .. 10.00 the. Crown ; or in w hether vested .tiniJ each of 1,250 feet in length. ADDlication for a lease otherwise, for the minerals defined Subject to the boundaries of other For a certificate of improve-men- ts in the Yukon Quartz Mining Act The boundaries of claim any may claims in good standing at the time ; 5, and the Yukon Placer Mining Act, , be enlarged to the size of a claim 0f its location, a mining claim shall If recorded within 14 days after with certain reservations set out in allowed by the Act, if the enlarge- - be rectangular in shape and shall expiry date . ....... . . ... . $5 the said Acts. ment does not interfeie with the not exceed 1,500 feet in length by If after 14 days and within No person shall enter for mining rights of other persons or terms of 1.500 feet in width, three months , :.: . ...... ..... $15,00 any agreement with the crown. If after three months and with- in purposes or shall mine Upon lands Every claim shall be marked an owned or lawfully occupied by an- other An application for a claim may be the ground by two legal posts, one six months . . .......... $25 until adequate security has filed with the Mining Recorder at each extremity of the location Recording every certificate of been furnished to the satisfaction of within ten days after being located line, numbered "1" and "2" respect- -' of work ........................ .... $5.M the Mining Recorder for any loss or if within ten miles of the Recorder's ively. On the side of No. 1 post For a certificate of partnership $5.00 damage which may ' be thereby office. One extra day shall be al-- faring No. 2 post shall be inscribed Recording assignment, abandon-inen- t, lowed for additional ten miles affidavits, or any other caused. every the name of the claun, a letter in-- fraction thereof. A claim be document ............ , . . . $2.1 or may dicating the direction to No. 2 post, Where claims are being located If document affects more than located on Sunday or any public the number of feet to the right or which are situated more than one one claim, for each additional, holiday. left of the location line, the date of hundred miles from, the Mining Re- corder's claim v......;......... .......... . . $1.1 location and the name of the locator. office the locators, not less Any person having recorded a For granting period of six On No. 2 the side No. than five in number, are authorized claim shall not have the right to lo- cate post, on facing months within which to re 1 shall be inscribed the to meet and appoint one of their another claim in the valley or post, name cord ........ $4.00 of the the date of claim, location, number as emergency recorder, basin of same creek within sixty For an abstract of the record of who shall as soon as possible deliver days of locating first claim. ana tne name 01 tne locator. a claim: the application and fees received to Tjtlc The claim shall be recorded with For the first entry $4.00 the Mining Recorder for the District. in fifteen days if located within ten For each additional entry .. . 50 If two or more persons own a Any person having complied with miles of the mining Recorder's of-- For. copies of any document re- corded the provisions of the Act with res-- additional where do not claim, each such person shall contri- bute fice; one day shall be al-- same pect to locating and recording exceed three folios ........... . proportionately to his interest a lowed for every additional ten miles $4.00 to the work required to be done claim shall be entitled to a grant or fraction thereof. Where such copies exceed three for one and shall have the ab 30 - and when to the year folios, cents per folio for thereon, proven solute right of renewal from Adjoining claims not exceeding ' .folio Gold Commissioner that he has not year every over three. done so his inteiest may be vested to year thereafter, provided during eiht in number may be grouped, For recording a power of at- torney each he does to be the necessary representation work in the other year or causes to stake from one co-own- ers. done $200.00 worth of work of the for each claim may then be per-- person $4. The survey of a claim made by a claim, files with the Mining Recor-- formed on any one or more "of the For recording a power of attor- - d duly qualified Dominion Land Sur- veyor der within fourteen days after the claims in the group, ney to stake from two per shall be accepted as defining expiration of the claim affidavit . an Every application for a full claim sons ;. .. ,L . ... . . . $8.00 absolutely the boundaries of the showing a detailed statement of the For recording an assignment or shall be made on Form "A" and for claim surveyed, provided the survey work, and pays the required renewal a Fractional claim on Form "A-1- " other document relating to a is approved by the proper author- ity fee. quartz mining lease $3.00 and remains unprotested during GROUPING No person is entitled to locate Rental, whole or fractional min the period of advertisement. more than one claim in the same eral claim grfinted under Under certain conditions claims mining district within twenty days. lease for term of 21 years.. $50.00 A person about to undertake a may be grouped and the work re- quired Rental for renewal term of 21 bona fide prospecting trip may se- cure The timber mineral claim is on a from to be performed to entitle years .................. ..... .. .... $200.00 , the Mining Recorder reserved until the Mining Recorder the owner or owners to renewals of Dredging , written to record his permission at certifies that the is the same required several claims own risk a claim within six months. grouped may be A lease may be issued for a per for the use in mining operations on performed on any one or more of iod of fifteen years for a continuous A legal post i must stand four feet the claims in the grouping. If the claim. The Commissioner, however, stretch ten of river not exceeding above the ground, squared or faced claims grouped are owned by more may issue a permit to holders of exclusive miles in the length giving other claims to remove the timbers for the eighteen inches and than upper one person a partnership right to dredge for gold, silver and for in their use mining operations measuring four inches tne across agreement creating a joint and at . platinum. The lessee must have faced portion. The post must be several liability on the part of all where other timber is not readily the least in one dredge operation on available. firmly fixed in the ground. the owners for the joint working of T leasehold within three years. the claims shall be executed aid Priority of location shall be deem- ed Title Petroleum and Natural Gas filed with the Mining Recorder. to convey priority of right, Cer- tain Any person having complied 'with A lease may be issued for a per- iod disputes be heard and de-- - Taxes and Fees arei may the provisions of the Act with re- gard of twenty-on- e years for an termined by a Board of Arbitrators. of not to exceed 1,920 acres giving Royalty at the rate of two and to locating and recording a Grants of claims grouped or own- ed one-ha- lf per cent, on the value of claim shall be entitled to hold it for the right t the petroleum and nat by one person may be made re- newable all gold shipped from the Yukon one year from the date of the record, ural gas on the area leased. A rent on the same date.- - Territory shall be paid to' the Com- ptroller. and thereafter from year to year, al is charged of 50 cents per acre provided during each year he does for the first year and $1.00 per acre PLACER MINING For grant to a claim for or causes to be done work on the for each subsequent year. Creeks one year $10.00 claim to the value of $100.00 and Assay Office means any natural water course having an average width of For renewal, of grant shall, within fourteen days after the " An Assay Office is maintained by less than one hundred and fifty feet Tf renewed within 14 days expiration of the year, satisfy the the Government at Vancouver, between its banks. after expiry date $10.00 Mining Recorder that the work has where gold exported from the Te- rritory If after; 14 days ancl within 3 been done, and pay the Certificate WR De purchased at its full Creek claims shall not exceed five months ..... .". . $30.00 of Work fee. One hundred dollars value. hundred feet in length, measured If after 3 months and within 6 mav be paid in lieu of assessment G. A. JECKELL. along the base line, by one thousand months $45.00 work. Controller- - FRIDAY, JUNE 26th, 1942 THE WHITEHORSE STAR. WHITEHORSE, YUKON ' .. PA'JE SEVEN ' . -- .. . :, .1 ' ' ...... , .. ... . , . . .' ..... (. . t , MAYO .T1X1X1XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXTTTTT cxxxn Two of the "hardy annuals" who SrSL nrresn V5c. Butter Tor years past have been making a "i .i7 business trip into Mayo annually in H Cured Try BURNS' and the persons of Mr. Trotter of the' Meats Shamrock Brand Creamery Butter House of McLennan, McFeely & Eggs Prior Ltd., and Pete Campbell re- presenting Messrs. Marshall-Well- s, B. C. Ltd., were in town last week 8 -- md glad we were to meet with Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products them again. They left by plane last Saturday afternoon, for Whitehorse en route to Carcross, Atlin and the Outside. "You Can Buy No Better" The Bank of Montreal has closed its doors and now Mayo is without :anking facilities. But this won't be Burns & any Limited orever. Mayo is bound to have a "come back" as surely as night fol- lows riTIIIirTTYTTTIIIITIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII rxxxxj day. The electric light plant closed down the beginning of this month. Another smaller one however is be- ing shipped in and will be owned and operated by local people. Mr. John Gallagher, Government Agent and Liqjuor Vendor, will be Vgfi Aged in oak casks to m leaving for the Outside the end of mellow golden V per- - July or beginning of August having m fection, it makes the vgj his It is not Ib resigned position. smoothest Collins or s J Cocktail youjiave ever s$ known as yet who will be appointed K known. v .o the vacancy. The local hospital will be closed end of this month but it is under- stood that the matron, Miss Page, is being retained in the capacity of district nurse. There has been no resident doctor here since last Dec- ember. Golden Gin Mrs. Charles Taylor and child left by plane Saturday for White-hor- se I l I Jatcpk C. Stf ram A Son Limited, to join her husband. They will be making their home here for This advertisement is not publishe.i an indefinite period. or displayed by the Government of Yukon Territory. It is understood that Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Matheson and young son who have been operating the Gift Shop here for sometime past, will be leaving shortly for Whitehorse where, it is understood, they will be making their future home. Dr. Eostock and his party arrived in town with their pack train Sat- - I urday having made the overland trip from Selkirk. Dr. Bostock has mi ... Ammmm. ymmm . now left for Dutch . Gulch to make an examination of the schelite pro perties there on behalf of the Do- minion Government. ' .. Mr. Cameron, a mining engineer, arrived in town by plane from Whitehorse last Thursday for the ' nalil) of course! purpose, it is understood, of inspect- ing Ami delicious, zeslful, certain mineral properties in sjKirklin" Old Sljle licer FROM this district. Unfortunately he was . Iriiir Vi famous flavor, BANKS POST OFFICES taken ill whilst in Whitehorse and invioraliiip refresh- - DEPARTMENT STORES DRUGGISTS GROCERS x TOBACCONISTS. had to go to the hospital here upon . menu loo. Kind on I for BOOK STORES and otto RETAIL STORES MS arrival. He is now progressing yourself .today! satisfactorily however. The editor and publisher of the CAPILAN0 BREWING CO. LTD Men Women Over 40 Whitehorse Star was a' visitor in A UNIT Of Of CANADA ASSOCIATED IIMITED BREWERIES town last week on a business trip. I Feel Weak, Worn, Old? He arrived by Y. S. A. T. plane whilst here made ar- rangements Want Normal Pep, Vim, Vitality ? Thursday and to have the printing Does weak, rundown, exhausted condition make ' you feel fagged out, old? Try Ostrex. Contains which has been lying here for Keneral tonics, stimulants, often needed after 30 or nlant displayed by the Government of is not publishedor 40. Supplies iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin 'some shipped to White This advertisement "i- - Helps you get normal pep. vim, vitality. In- troductory years past Yukon Territory. slse Ostrex Tonio Tablets only 35c For "ale at all good drug stores everywhere. horse. thv wm-mmKS- K STAK. WIHTEIIORSE YUKON FRIDAY, JUNE 26th, 1942 PAGE EIGHT DOMINION-PROVINCIA- L YOUTH TRAINING PROGRAM n agreement 'has been made be-1- " f. v! v X'XXX v"'X-;'X'- X X'XWXvXy X;XvX;X XyX ecu the Government of the Dom- inion of Canada and the Govern- ment v.v.w.-.- v v.'dVrtw ol the Province of British Co-- 1 .mbin to provide a measure of iin-- J mcid assistance to students of ac-- r 'cmic morit, who are in financial i -- ed, to ( n.'.ble them to continue their studies at University of Nor- -i u 1 School. Schedule DESTROYER ESCORT FOR A BRITISH AIRCRAFT-CARRIE- R The pi ovisions of the have been drawn up with special The 1870-to- n H. M. S. "Eskimo", one of fourteen destroyers of the British "Tribal" class photo- graphed reference to the war effort. There when on escort duty with a British Aircraft-carrie- r. The "Eskimo" has a complement of 190, exists a shortage of doctors (both her speed 36 knots, she is armed with eight 4.7 guns and seven smaller guns, and carries four 21-in- ch medical and dental) in ; the Armed . Forces; engineers and scientists have ben absorbed into essential War services; and the schools have suffered through the. enlistment of a large number of teachers. Each sec- -t ion of the Schedule deals with a special group, and is designed to ac- celerate the training of gifted stud- ents, and so repair the shortage re- ferred to above. Section I. CANADA Assistance may be granted to a student upon proof in any of year, ; financial in any need Faculty, and N ATIO N A L S E L E C T I V E SERV I C E academic merit. Section II - Students proceeding, to degrees in Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering oi Science Chemistry or Physics), who are in any year except the first be granted financial aid. Those may NO EMPLOYER HEREAFTER SHALL HIRE ANY PERSON, MALE assisted under this Section must WITHOUT THE APPROVAL OF A SELECTIVE 4r OR FEMALE, agree, in writing, to place his or her M IN AN EMPLOYMENT OFFICE OF THE services, upon graduation, at . the SERVICE OFFICER disposal of the country in the ser- vice UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE COMMISSION " for which he or she has been : ' ': ';":v''.': ' : L.-"..:.'s:- ::t:' trained. Whenever a vacancy occurs, or additional staff is required, or; a lay-of- f Note: Medical and Dental stu- dents of staff is anticipated, the employer shall notify the local Employment Office. who are in one of the two He niay engage only persons referred to him by, or approved by, the local final years may be enlisted at Employment Office. once. They thus will be on pay A local Selective Service Officer may revoke at any time, on not less than and allowances of the Arm of ten days notice, any approval granted by him. the service in which they are Appeal from a Selective Service Officer's decision may be made in .writing enlisted, and therefore will not within ten days to the Divisional Registrar of the National War Services Board, be eligible, nor will they need and the decision of the Board shall be final. assistance under this section un- less medically unfit for mili- tary service. EXCEPTIONS Section III This order does not include employment: (1) In agriculture, fishing, Students .who are otherwise ac- ceptable hunting or trapping; (2) Subject to the Essential Work (Scientific and Technical to the Provincial Normal Personnel; Regulations, 1942; (3) In domestic service in a private home; (4) Of Schools, but who are prevented students after school hours or during holidays (but does include employment from entering upon their training during Summer Vacations); (5) In part-tim- e work which is not the principal as teachers because of financial means of livelihood; (6) Casual or irregular employment for not more than need, may be assisted under the three days in any calendar week for the same employer; (7) Under the Govern- ment terms of this section. of any Province. Such as are assisted will be ex- pected This order does not affect Re-employme- nt: (1) Within not more than 14 consecutive after the last worked for the employer; to agree to teach in the days day a person same schools (2) After sickness or disability which caused the suspension of the employment; of the Province for the year following graduation, at least. (3) On resumption of work after a stoppage caused by an industrial dispute; (4) In accordance with a collective labour agreement which provides for prefer- ence The needs of the schools in rural according to length of service or seniority; (5) On compulsory re-inst- aie areas are to receive special attent- ion ment after Military Service. under this section. Until further notice from the Director of National Selective Service or a Where medical colleges have eli- minated local National Selective Service Officer, employer temporarily the . summer vacation and any may engage any employee, if he submits within threej days to a local office an application in dupli- cate commenced the academic year ear- lier for the approval of such engagement. Such application shall state the than in normal applic- ations for assistance will years, be insurance book number, or the insurance registration number, (U.I.C. Form 413), con- sidered name, address, age, sex, occupation of such employee, the name of his or her at from students once at- tending most recent employer, and the date he or she left employment with such employer. such institutions. Application form may be obtain- ed Penalties for infringements of this order provide for a fine up to $500.00, or imprisonment up to 12 months, or both fine and imprisonment. from the Department of Educ- ation, Technical Branch, Victoria, This order supersedes previous National Selective Service Orders B. C. Except as noted above for ji jl medical students, they are return- able respecting restricted and unrestricted occupations. by September 1st, 1942. f Further particulars may be ob- tained ELLIOTT M. LITTLE, HUMPHREY MITCHELL, by writing Lieut.-Co- l. F. T. Director National Selective Service Minister of Labour Fairey, Director of Technical Edu- cation, Victoria. B. C. , FRIDAY, JUNE 26th, 1942 THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE, YUKON PAGE NINE Our Correspondent in Uniform Meets Many Yukoners in His (ravels Through California. Among the Alaska Yukon Sour- - j erners. The early 1900's first saw riotlighs wno attended the meeting i her in Alaska and her husband the nf the Southern California Sour well-know- n editor and publisher ct doughs Ciub ' in Los Angeles last the Nome Nugget. month were some of the best known E. M. Rusk hit Juneau for the old timers , wno are sun going strong ( first time in 1896 and fpent 12 years in sunny California where they i in Alaska coming to Seattle in 1915. never grow old. Though over a quarter of a century Mrs. W. J. Bunger who mushed away from the North 'i- - still prides the trail of the gold rush and landed himself being a pioneer Alaskan finally at Nome, Alaska, haslost j and is carrying on the tradition of none of her pep of yesterday and , the North in the South, never fails to attend the gathering Bob Hillary , is another of the oi' old timers. grand old men of the North who Mrs. Anna V. Horner who' hails saw Dawson, Fairbanks, Iditarod hnm Alaska and the first owner of ' and Ruby in the Gold Rush davs the Hotel at the Hot Springs near and his brother Ted Hillary is. now Ruby, still retains the ownership a conductor of the W. P. & ri one of these davs plans on re-- tween Skagway and Whitehorse. turning North " when the Highway j Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Brown of brings the second big boom to the Nome, Alaska, took a bow at the North. " -- ii-'OS Angeles gathering and looked George i Cunningham, known 'ike very young pioneers. throughout the Yukon and .Alaska, ' Theo. S. Solomonas, clothing mer-- makes his home in California and . chant of Dawson's early days, still taken a real liking to the sunny knows his clothes and informed us f alifornio climate and the warm that the . Canadian Army Uniform is sea breezes which have taken pre- - ' made of the very best material. Mr. ference over the blizzards and the bolomonas recalls many of the early snow -- drifts. How fickle perhaps, day Yukoners including Mr. Davia but can anyone blame him. IDoig, first manager of the Bank of Mrs. K M. MeVeittv boasts of 23 B. N. A. (Now Bank of Montreal). wars in' the North with her stamD- - who-opene- d the iirst Bank in a 'len, ing grounds around Nome, Alaska, and adonced large sums of -- money where her husband was with the wunoui oinciai sanction ana witn police. Her near quarter of the great success. Had he waited for century in the North has taken none vord fi om his Head Office in Eng- land of her zest but given her some- - it would have been too great a tning that only youth can rival. delay. Doig was one . of the real Ben F. Hadley is a pioneer among pioneer bankers of the Northland a pioneers and saw the highlights of gambler but gambling on people the Gold Rush and ran a roadhouse who had braved untold dangers 10 and store at the Forks and an old reach the gold fields was a sure t.'niuim of George Murray of Do thing which proved itself many minion Creek and Benny Gladwin, times. assayer for the mining company. Mr. and Mrs. William Moom two Hen was glad to hear of his old pals other well known stalwarts were and to know that Benny Gladwin presented and took the bow grace- fully. u as still going strong and who tiow has gained fame as the one ' Leonard Best another active' nor- therner This advertisement is not published or man in the Yukon who has handled now in Calif., never, fails to displayed by the Government of Yukon Territory. more GOLD than all the rest put make himself known. ' together. Benny Gladwin has turn Mrs. "Boddie" Robertson, a real visit to the Yuko r-o- me dav and re-- , (XXXXXXXXX 1 ed out millions in gold bricks and Holly wcodian fashion plate always of thrilled thousands of Tourists with lends col.our and charm to the gath new old acquaintances and some her Gold Run sheiks among them W.H. THEATRE his display. Tourists from every ering of northerners and was there is Pete Berg and Roy Royer (Royer of the world know Benny the i in force. part now located in the Sixtymile dist- rict). Whitehorse . . Yukon Gold Man: He has had his picture Mrs. Harry oaroner wno is now located at Inglewood, Calif., where taken mnro often than anv Holly-- ! wood Star and has persistently been ' she owns a very successful business Ray Krause well-kno- wn Dawson Shows Every a head-line- r. His elamour has and several Auto Courts, is one of boy and member of the Krause firm of clothiers who owned a large store raised never faded one iota. George Mur- - Dawson's own girls, born, . a 1 1 i. in Dawson on Front Street, is now Night left Dominion Creek and eoucated mere ana sne &pem ray years ago successfully located in L. A., an-- ' with several years on Gold Run Creek and for years was partner Pj and owns a very fine .up-to-da- te (Except SundaVs) husband worked for the her where A. Knudson in the Royal and Re the down-tow- n part store in Yukon Gold., Her maiden name was going ina Hotel in Dawson. Onlv recent- - since Pictures thrice Weekly. of the city. Ray has long changed and in the course Elizabeth Nyholm and came retired ly Mr. Murray joined the ranks of the benedicts See Bulletin Board for Particulars. outside for his health. Ben Hadley of conversation sucn weu khuw ' fam- - and is a proud daddy. After leavine names as Rev. George Pringle, rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxi Dawson in 1904 he located in Fair- - ed Yukon Sky Pilot, A. T. Taddie, At the Yukon-Alas- ka gathering Gertrude Melhus, the Bernier Bro he met old friends and even school in out coming banks for many years Krause, J. Ir chums some for the ,first time in Fred's wood and eat his cheese and thers. Pete Berg, Ray, his home in 1916 and has made of the crackers. Bud Rogers and Jaclv Mc-Gra- th 25 and in the course ' Royer, years since. Though ving and family, Roy warmer climes ever talkfest many well-know- n Daw- - Wyness and several other of the G. A. McGregor, he must be nearing his 60's he looks Brothers, (Gold Run School sonites were brought into play and town boys made Elliott's their head- - Irene Brown, in his early forties. Dolly Nicoty,. Ernie and Ray fired question after question quarters and Ray would give ari: i Mrs. Clara Smith anotner wen Teacher), wanting to know all about his home thing to drop in hist for another Charlie Redmond, T. G. Bragg, Ray, known Dersonality known to many town stamping grounds of the "old round table conference with the Harriet. Phil and Dick . Creamer, northerns makes her home in Calif., and it wouldn't take Hazel and Edna Mclnty're and the gang" among them Archie KiHespie, boys, very and never misses an opportunity to Marshalls and Qvists of Gold Run, the McLeod Brothers, - Ernie Red much coaxing for Ray to turn th, greet friends from the North. Alan Hartley, Gerald Kelly, keys over to one of the staff and Mrs mond, Poissont, Arcade her Sgt. G. B. Joy, Mrs. Bernie Stone, carrying Chris "Luke" Grant, Johnny "Bunt" head North. His brother Leo is lo- cated Miss Pringle E. Cox, Miss McCrea, years as only women , of the north talked and Mellish, and their old friend Fred in Hollywood and owns one f and Miss Bogan, were rn could -- rival any "Belle of the Elliott, where the boys used to gath- er the finest stores on Holly woe I Ball1' and was . one of the many asked about. ' to make a for a "hand or two" and burn Boulevard. Gardner hopes Yukoners at the gathering of North- - Mrs. :.; WHITEHORSE, YUKON ; ; FRIDAY, JUNE 26th, 1942 T ME WHITEHORSE STAR, ...... i- - Local Happenings Mr. W. S. Drury of Taylor & "Stampede" - John Stenbraten ar-Dru- ry Ltd., is back home again rived back in town from a trip niter spending ten days at his com- - down; the river latter part of last pany's Teslin post. week, . v-':v"--':'.- -. . - Mr. ,S. Vandt of Vancouver1, is Messrs. P. Campbell and W. H. SELECTION OF opening up a gents' and . ladies' (Bill) Trotter representing the two roady-to-we- ar establishment in tae largest Hardware Houses at the Dinner Rolls, Scones, Fruit Cakes, Maderia Cakes White Pass Hotel premises. I coast arrived by Y. S. A. T. plane Corpl. Ct. Cameron, R. C. M. P., from Mayo last Saturday. They are i-rriv- ed from Selkirk on the str. now on their way Outside having Caca this week. He left with his completed their business trip BUY A CAKE AND SAVE YOUR SUGAR RATION own boat on. his down river patrol through the Territory for this year. Inter. I 0 ' Whitehorse Billy was drowned in PACIFIC WAR COUNCIL Marsh Lake this week. It is under- - IN COMPLETE' ACCORD, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Bananas, and Fruit in Season Arriving slood that he was "under the in- - lluence" at the time. I A meeting of the Pacific. War Each Boat. Mr. C. K. Le Capelain of Ottawa Council was held in Washington has arrived in town 'and will be re- - yesterday attended by President maining here as liason officer for Roosevelt, Rt, Hon. Winston Church-- 1 lie the U. S. and Canadian govern- - iH, Rt. Hon. W. L. Mackenzie King inents. 7 (and high ranking officers. Their Mr. Leo McKinnon of the Y. S. deliberations are of course a mili-- A. T. has been promoted and is now ; tary secret but it is offx-all- y a la- in charge of publicity for the west- - nounced that there is complete ac- orn division of his company. He is ' cord as to the future prosecution V now in town in his new official the war as far as the United Nat- - capacity, j ions .are concerned. A Ration Wide Reputation Mrs. R. C. Beaumont arrived from -- o- Dawson this week on board the str. POLICE COURT ... for over Two Decades Casca. Besides her passengers the Casca had on board five tons of Before Stipendiary Magistrate J. freight, 25' 1 tons on the barge and Aubrey Simmons on Monday Eric 1 1 sacks of mail. Larson was fined $50 and costs for Mr. L. Todd has resigned his posi- tion drinking in a public place and as principal at the local public Adrien Dugas $100 and costs for s"!iool and with, his wife and family supplying liquor to Indians. Fanny will be leaving for the coast by Smith and Alice Duncan, both In- dians, Canadian Pacific Airlines next were each fined $5 and costs 1 i vXi week. Their many friends here wish or threVdays imprisonment for be- ing &. i i mm. i i them every success in the future. intoxicated and Dickson John, -- mm ' nt J Boyd, the General Con- struction also an Indian, was given five days Co., was in town this week hard labour without the option of a rnd left later, by Y. S. A. T. plane fine for a similar offence. lor Edmonton. Mr. Chillcott was , . i O s I In also here in connection with the OFFICIAL WEATHER REPORT work now being carried out at the June ; -- V) mm local airport. 18 Thursday ......... .................. 70 43 Mrs. N. Crumrine and her. daugh- ter, 19 Friday 58 47 Josephine, of Seattle arrived in 20 Saturday 63 . 46 V i town this week after spending a 21 Sunday 68 week in Skagway. Both have been , 22- - Monday..-- ' 73 36 A in the Yukon in previous years and 23 Tuesday ' 79: 42 .J L.- -- ' their excellent work is well known 24 Wednesday ...............tsf.....r 79 43 l oth far and wide, o Capt. D. McKay of the good ship MEDICAS "B" LOSE TO II 111' o HEALTHFUL UIVIGORATINC Casca, who has unfortunately been WHITEHORSE BEARS- - a patient at the local hospital for the past week or two, left for the The Whitehorse Bears defeated This advertisement is not published or coast last Monday and will -- not be the 691st Medicas "B" softball ". team returning north again this season. in a close game played Wednesday displayed by the Government of Yuk on Territory. His many friends throughout the evening at Sports Field by the score Territory trust his health will be of 9-- 8. Jimmy Tizhe pitched a six of the second the Locals took the last three innings of the nine fram materially improved in the neai hit game and should have had a future. wider margin of victory for of the lead in the latter half on scores by battle were scoreless. Y losers eight runs only three were Tizhe and Johnson. However, the The most important thing abou I. 0. D. E. NOTES earned. Bovee's tricky slow ball lead was short lived as the Medicals this game is the fact that there an effective but so many good ball players in th was not quite good combined hits by Kwastel and the The committee in charge of the enough to win the game for the redoubtable Langer for a pair of 691st Medicals that their thin I. O. D. E. Bridge held in aid of the Medics. string team could hold the White tallies and a tied score. In the Red Cross were Mesdames. J. B. The ball game opened with a bang fourth North took it upon himself horse Bears, victors in five of their Watson, B. Allan, J. Anderson, and as both sides scoured four times in i to put his team in the lead by sig- - last six games, to a one run win. It's Geo. Wilson. the first inning. Visiglia walked to the consensus in this man's town( ling to open the inning and then The refreshments were delicious begin the match for the 691st and pilfering second with a beautiful that the boys that man the Military and the table looked lovely with was driven in on two errors made slide, taking third on Derosiers Hospital really love their sport--j wild roses and Yukon orchids. on ground balls hit by Derosiers and ground ball, and crossing the plate this reporters private opinion is thau The lady's prize .wajs won by Kwaste respectively . Then with on Langers' outfield fly. Dropkin j there should be many more liH Mrs. Macpherson and the ' gent's by two on Norm Langer proceeded to reached first, on an error in the fifth tnem. Mr. Canfield. 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