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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 24, Friday, June 12th, 1942.

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Frc-- CIRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY Vol. 42. No. 24 WHITEHORSE, YUKON, FRIDAY, JUNE 12th, 1942 Subscription $3.00 Year. IN SAME DOWN SLUGFEAST. OLD WHITEHORSE STORY MEDICOS BEARS What To Do In An Air Raid DIVISION AIRLINES CANADIAN HAVE WESTERN PACIFIC ADDED ANOTHER 10-PASSENG- ER (By Adrian P. Spidle. ) Published in Public Interest for Protection of Life and BOEING TO THEIR FLEET, If at first you don't succeed, ry, ''"" ..Property. , .;.',".-.,- . try r 5a in so goes the old maxim The Canadian Pacific Airlines ; -- 1 so goes the Whitehorse Bears Ltd., Western Division, have added for they try and try; and try but How to Handle Bombs the premises. If anincendary bomb another lOassenger twin-engin- ed falls in the street, in the garden or although -- they have beaten just Although incendiary bombs are mgw their fleet, operating out fbout every other team in the dis an unknown quantity to us in the upon open ground cover it immedT of Edmonton. The new snip arriv- ed ately with a sandbag and the bomb trict they have yet to beat Manager North it is authoratively pointed out at Edmonton from Winnipeg last burn itself out. Trie will eventually Matthews', hard-playi- ng 58th Medi- cal that they can do little harm if hand- led Thursday and was pilo e l by A. radiation of heat sandbag stays the Battalion softball : aggregation. quickly and efficiently. MacRore. The company now has and also dims the glare from the For the fifth time without a single al- ways five Boeing ships based at Edmon- ton. To combat a bomb efficiently bomb bomb. In approaching a the Medics downed the Bears loss , Y' keep on hand ready for use a shield your1 face with the sandbag the close by Irst Friday evening force .pump (where a well is upon then dump it on the bomb. Don't of 15-1- 4. The 58th took the score GOLD NUGGET VALUED small the premises), flashlight, try to empty the bag. That isn't lead in the second frame and never crowbar, hatchet, thirty feet of gar- den necessary. Then beat it as quickly TWELVE HUNDRED gain lost it but the Bears added a hose, a reserve water supply as possible. Don't stop to watch for DOLLARS DISCOVERED wrinkles to Sergeant1' Matthews' few. and sandbags. The most important results. Another point to be re- membered CHIEF GULCH- - manly brow in the last of the item of course is the water. Keep is that incendiary bombs r "nth when they rose up and every available receptacle fiUed seldom if ever fall straight to the Louis Nadeau of Chief Gulch, Y. crossed the plate four times and had runners on second and third with with water all the time. ground. They will penetrate any T., has discovered one of the largest tvo but. , v . On a perfectly dry surface an in- cendiary window or side walls at an angle nuggets ever found in that district bomb will burn for twenty according to the direction in which valued at $1,200. Chief Gulch is a Pitcher Bargel who apparetly has minutes which time can be reduced the plane dropping same is ap- proaching tributary of . the famous Eldorado the jinx over most of the Bears was to four minutes by the proper ap- plication . Creek of the days of '98. Nadeau is rot as effective as usual during this of water. For the first . Self Protection a veteran prospector who has found fame but what he lacked in effecti- veness his mates more than made forty seconds after a bomb has Should an air raid alarm be given other large nuggets previously but struck flames, similar to those of an and you happen to be on the street none to compare with the one re- cently up for v ith their big bats. John icetyline torch, will shoot through don't lie down on the sidewalks but discovered and now on dis- play Chalmers started the game for the ;ix small holes at the base of the on the ground. Cover your eyes at Jeanerett's Jewelery Store Locals but was unable to control his omb. These will ignite anything and ears but keep, your mouth open. in Dawson. fast one so George Cooper had to go inflammable within' a ; radius of This is in order that you suffer no -- o tn the rescue in the third. Reardon, star First-sack- er for the lirty feet of them. During this! ill effects from the concussion of a JAPS CLAIM TO HAVE forty seconds do not attempt to do bomb should one fall near you. LANDED ON ALASKAN winners had a great day at bat with anything with the bomb. Instead Should you be out in the open and SOIL IS REPUDIATED. three doubles and in addition play- ed hrow water upon all inflammable not near any premises lie down in a brilliant game at the keystone. material which may have caught a ditch or any. hollow in the nearby From London it was reported by Second Baseman, Smaguza, also did Ire. Then concentrate on the bomb ground. radio Wednesday night that the ,U. veil the stick he with big as con- nected but be sure and do not more than When inside premises don't let S. authorities repudiate the claim of for three for fiveand scored three times. Catcher Pinkham and spray the bomb with water. A your cyrosity, prompt you to stand Japan that some Nipponese had strong stream concentrated upon it up or go to the window or door to landed upon Alaskan soil. It is sa usua Center Fieder Logan joined will explode the bomb. Remember see what is going on. Such fool-hardin- ess however reported that the Aleutian Third Baseman Wojewcdka in this always. Keep switching from is inviting disaster. Stay Islands will in all probability figure sparking the Medics defense. Logan the-bom- b to the inflammable mater- ial cool, calm and collected dont' get largely in-4he-Trewdu- ring the com- ing under the expert guidance of Man- ager until you have both under con- trol. excited and it is more than likely weeks. Matthews has become the best ' the ordeal un- harmed. will pass through ball hawk seen at Sports Field , this . you year; '"'v ' , Sandbags are most useful outside NEWS AROUND TOWN The one bright spot on the losers Ponced" secondT side"' was the hitting of Lorrie Todd on The str. Casca arrived in port v.;me James Ge ;t Ionian with a de-K'rmi- ned Never did we think that we with 24 morning who had a perfect day at bat with yesterday passen five hits and a base, on balls out of look in his eye and a big should have the painful duty of gers, 24 sacks of mail and 54 tons six trips to trie Matters box. The b?t in" his hand Sargo Matthews having to record the most diaooncai of freight. ...''ail thp nthnr ;,:Jih non-playe- rs This week little Center Fielder couldn't be put crime in human history. Miss Broadfoot has joined the out although the opposition tried all ! were facing the gloomy possibility hp Nazis bv way of retaliation clerical staff of the P. A. A. : the fielding arrangements they ! of their first defeat at the hands of burnt a Czech village of admittedly Mr. E. AN Ball, oneof the oldest thought of but no matter how they the Bears while Bargel delivered nur hundred odd souls, shot every and most popular travellers coming which was a ball. all the women to a lineel up for him, Lorrie, in the lan- guage the first pitch man in it. sent into the Territory each year, arriv of Wee Willie Keeler "hit 'em Jimmy took a practice swing and concentration camp and . . separated j i ed in town on the str. Casca yester- day ) looked at the second pitch for a children from them to De where they n't" Crause, Hooper, hpir having completed his business He fouled off the next Nazi domination. strike. under. out called brought up to Dawson. and Tizhe got two hits apiece trip of six timesup ' .V . two pitches and then with the count O . 1 Mrs. T. Portlock ..and child of As nearly always happens in a one and' two he smashed the ball OFFICIAL WEATHER REPORT Mayo, Y. T. arrived, in town on the Bear-Med- ic clash the game was into center field for what appeared June str. Casca and will make her future hard foughtard the outcome never to be a base it but Second Baseman 62 45 home here. Her husband is in the '"rtain until the last man was out. Cranna made the best backward 5 Friday 65 46 emplo of the W. P. & Y. R. The exciting finish came about as running catch of the season for the 68 51 Mrs. Landers and children lc! follows: Itf war. the last inning and third and final out ending the game. 50 39 yesterday morning by Y. S. A. T. 52' 40 i 58th led by five runs so Pitcner The Box Score: plane for Edmonton en route to 58th Medical Battalion R H 63 44 Saskatchewan where they wil , Bagel eased up a bit on. the first l asers to face him but befoie he 1 7 3 2 2 0 015 13 10 Wednesday 72 36 spend the summer on a farm. C'.ulcl regain control'- - Tizhe, Gordon, Whitehorse Bears Mrs. G. Y. Wilson and family ar- - fpidlt and Cooper had scored and 1 5 0 0 2 ,2 414 13 1 ., Lham. Whitehorse , Bears: Chalmers, ! rived from Mayo on the Casca tp J-'?- ul Crause was holding third with The Batteries: and Pink- - Copper and Saf fer make their home here. , . Bargel. Medics: fif-- d the winning run firmly en- - 58th STAK, VVH1TEH0RSE YUKON FRIDAY, JUNE 12th, 1942 PAGE 1 WO THE WH1TEHORSE will be devoted to the Red Cross -- o- -- o ;..-',;?- 5 Fund. A lovely hand-paint- ed pic- ture is also to be -- raffled for the "Volom of the Yukon same purpose. This is now on view at the local drug store. An Independent Journal It should not be necessary to con duct a personal canvas of the: town Published every Friday at for such a worthy cause. We should be ' patrotic enough to hand in or Whitehorse, Yukon Territory mail our contributions and not put and Yukon others to the unnecessary trouble of The White Pass Route On the Trail of '98 having to call for same. One fact stands out clearly before The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to - Member of Canadian Weekly us all. We cannot we must riot fail in our duty to our feUowmen Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska- - Newspapers' Association. , now in the Fighting Forces. They HORACE E. MOORE - - Publisher certainly merit all that we can ; do AIRPLANE SERVICE for their spiritual and material benefit and comfort plane service, making connections northbound and south-boun- d , l et -- us have faith that right makes Should not indulge in card you with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, might; and in that faith .let us to playing or should you consider Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For information the end dare to do our duty as we yourself invariably unlucky in raf- fles understand it. ' Lincoln. do not let these facts be an ex- cuse apply to any . , ::- - . ;. . ,;; for your not making your own personal contribution toward the WHITE PASSAGE NT, or JUNE 12th, 1942 Canadian Red Cross Society. You cannot help a more worthy cause. 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. AH contributions mailed to or WHAT PRICE PATRIOTISM? handed in at the Star office will be handed over to the proper authori- ties for transmission to the head- quarters ' 'Recently a nation-wid- e drive to of the Canadian Red Cross raise nine miLTon dollars for the Society in Toronto. As a matter of A NNOUNCEMENT Canadian Red Cross Society was fact we have already several con held. The response to same, as far tributions which have been left as the Whitehorse district is .con- cerned, here. has been disappointing. Willson E. Knowlton Several local residents made their contributions promptly and were generous in the matter but a 'large Gems of percentage of the local population Cbougbt Optometrist of Vancouver, B. C. has as yet allowed the appeal to go unheeded. GOODNESS Will arrive in Whitehorse the latter part of this month Hitherto the people of Whitehorse and will be located at the Whitehorse Inn Of ail virtues and of have invariably . responded gener-ousl- y dignities the to any appeals made to them mind, goodness is the greatest, be- ing Please Make Appointments Early In accordance with local of a patriotic nature and there is no the character of the Deity; and justifiable reason why a similar without it, man is a busy, mischiev- ous, notices. measure of support is not forthcom- ing wretched thing. Bacon. on this occasion. We must first be made good be- fore The great humantarian work be- ing we can do good; we must first carried out by the various Red be made just, before our works can rXXXXXXXXXxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxXXXXJ Cross Societies i throughout ... the please God for when we are justi- fied world has been unstintingly praised by faith in Christ, then come Fresh Butter in all lands and rightly so. It has good works. Latimer. been a veritable Godsend to thous All that worketh good is some Cured and ands of men in the armed forces in manifestation of God asserting and Try BURNS' Shamrock Brand Creamery Butter ' every land at times when such help developing good.-Ma- ry Baker Eddy. Meats Eggs - .has been most needed and mnst He wo loves goodness harbors greatly appreciated. The boys wno angels reveres reverence, and lives are today facing the enemy on all with God. Emerson. . . fronts expect that we, at home, will Never was love, or gratitude, or Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products willingly furnish the necessary funds bounty practiced but with increas- ing with which to -- provide them with joy, which made the practiser the services and comforts they are still more in love with the fair act. " in need oi.JrThey have a perfect Shaftesbury. Y 4i You Can Buy No Better 99 right to do o for it is the least we SPIRITUAL JOY can do to show our appreciation of The angel said unto them, Fear what they are doing for us. Can not: for, behold, I bring you good we, therefore, allow this appeal of tidings of great joy, which shall be Burns & Company Limited the Canadian Red Cross Society to to all people. New Testament-Luk- e go unheeded or poorly responded 2:10. . TXJJXJJCTIIXIIIIIIIIIIIXZIIXXXXXXXXZIIIIXXIITXJIIIli to? We think not. Tt implies a mor- al What happiness is, the Bible alone obligation on the part of each and shows clearly and - certainly, and everyone of us to do our part in this paints out the way that leads to the great work to the best of our ability. attainment of it. Coleridge. . Yukon Electrical Company Ltd. id 1.1 iaob wc vail UU 1NO Who that has felt Jthe loss of hu- man more is asked of of any us. peace has not gained stronger The Red Cross driveih White- horse desires for spiritual joy?. The as- piration Will be pleased to consult is in charge of the local Chap- ter after heavenly good comes of the I. O. D. E. because it is even before you regarding we discover At 1- - 1 i . . . what be- longs ine uniy local organization legally --to wisdom and Love. Mary Light Power. Supplies and Installations authorized "to make such collections. Baker Eddy. In order that our previous good The strength and the happiness of records as far as patriotic, appeals' a man consists in finding out the WHITEHORSE, Y. T. , v. for funds are concerned shall not be way in which God is going, and tarnished, the campaign for funds tlTTTtTTTTTIITIItXXtTXTgTTXXTXTtTgTXgXXTTTTTTTTtm going in that way, too. Henry here is being kept open for a short Ward Beecher. tim lnncrpr A hrirtaa nortw to K Happiness and virtue rest upon usually the best. Bulwer. impulse behind if in the world, and held in the Masonic Hall next Fri- day. each other; the best are not only Every heart that has beat strong bettered the tradition of mankind. June 19. the proceeds of which the happiest, but trie happiest are and cheerfully has left a hopeful Stevenson. FRIDAY, JUNE 12th, 1942 THE WHIT EHORSE STAR, WHITEIIORSE, YUKON PAGE THREE gxxxxxxxiiiiixiiiiixiiixn FIFTEEN THOUSAND MEN BUILD WESTERN . PAYROLLS" REQUIRED ON CONSTRUCTION ALASKA ,pATRONW HIGHWAY. Latest in Town "Mr. R. R. Evans of Hamilton, Ont., president and general manager FOR & sh of a contracting company sharing in the general contract for the con Ladies struction of the eastern portion of YEARS ( the B. C Alaska Highway, is re ported as stating that fifteen thous- and We have i a letter 'from up-coun- try men will .. be required on the Afternoon The writer states construction of the first 65 mile she has used "all kinds of stretch constructed by Canadian canned milk" but Pacific companies and that employment Milk continually, since she agencies will be ' established by the and Sport began it "because of , its various contracting companies in richness and , flavor, That Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and was eight years ago.". other Canadian centres. Each con- tractor will be responsible for pro- viding It's only real excellence that DRESSES mUk adequate accommodation in- cluding could brinV a a pre- ference vkitchens for his men. These like this. services will be operated under the Assorted Sizes and Colors supervision of the United States Pacific milk government. Mr. R. M. Smith, de puty minister of public works for o Area or course Ontario, has been loaned for the carrying out of this project and is now acting in an advisory capacity. SHOES SUBSCRIPTIONS NOW DUE -- 0 HITLER PUTTING PRESSURE ITALY AND FINLAND FOR Many Different Sizes AID FOR BIG-SCAL- E OFFENSIVE AGAINST U.S S.R- - Brown Black White European advices are to the effect that in his diemma Hitler is: press- ing for greater aid from Italy and Finland for a big-sca- le offensive against Russia. Hitler was in Come and SEE Stockholm last Thursday ostensibly to facilitate Finland's Marshal Man-nerhei- m on his 75th birthday but and then BUY them. actually to demand that the Finns abandon their lukewarmness and join in a big assault against Lenin- grad ' and Murmanik. What is fear- ed such if the a demand aged marshal is a decarattion acquiesced in of Northern Commercial Co. Ltd war by the United States of' Amer-c- a against Finland. MAJOR JAPANSEE FLEET The more revenue we receive locally the more we can spend locally FLEES AFTER CRUSHING DEFEAT AT MIDWAY. Australian Ministerial Representat- ive After a humilitating and possi- bly in British War Cabinet. a disastous defeat near Midway Except for one 5-y- ear break Sir Island on Saturday the J apanese Earle Page has been continuously fioot withdrew under a relentless a Commonwealth Minister since i -- attack by the U. S. Navy according 1923, filling .the office of Prime to a communique issued by Admiral Minister and acting Prime Minister Chester W. Nimitz in command of for long periods. He has been de- puty the U. S. fleet. It is reported that Prime Minister twice, Treas- urer, twenty Japanese s battleships, air- craft Ministe of Commerce and carriers, cruisers and destroy- ers Minister of Health. He is a Surg- eon were badly damaged. ' Thus by profession. A recent por- trait does the United States control in the of Sir Earle Page. Midway area remain firm. X wttt f t t' . C Tt-t- -. lhe world s rxews oeen mruugn The Christian Science Monitor An International Daily Newspaper is Truthful Constructive Unbiased Free from Sensational-is- m Editorials Are Timely and Instructive and Its Daily i ..... Futures. Toeether with the Weekly Magazine Section, Make S A the Monitor an Ideal Newspaper for the Home. BROTHERS LEAD BRITISH NAVAL AND LAND FORCES The Christian Science Publishing Society M.C., Massachusetts Sir Alan Cunningham, K.C.R., D.S.O., One, Norway Street, Boston, Lieutenant-Gener- al Price $12.00 Yearly, or $1.00 a Month.' (right) who commands the' British land forces in East Africa and including Magazine Section, $2.60 a Year. Sarurdav Issue, Andrew Cunningham, G.C.B., D.S.O.. Introductory Offer. 6 Issues 25 Cents his elder brother, Admiral Sir . ' 'Lt f ih Rritih naval forces in the Meditor- - Name Uomniaiiutx-iJi--"- ci u. .een, photographed during a recent brief meeting m .tne. . -i- c-aie Address rr SAMPL& COPY ON REQUEST East PAGE FOUR THE WHITEIIOKSE STAR, W l I TEIIORSE YUKON FRIDAY, JUNE 12th, 1942 What British Arc Doing to Win War - ; By BERT ANDREWS , (Washington Co-responde- nt 'for New York Herald Tribune. pcIs and fiiuvs have been ob-fr,- '.., her national , income, Not only in- -, from j.i.-ti- sh sou revs by this come but capital reserves went into . i respondent'., in a ."lwc-s- t xoi : upf.i- - the; effort. . .. :.'y r i: r-.'pl- y to. the.' pr )- - 'indists ! But there are still more rumors and a few die-ha- rd sixth column and answers. Here ; are samples. ir.ts in the United States who are The rumor: "Britain is keeping up fond of askinc. "Well, what are the her export trade despite the war." L'riiish doing? The answer: British exports have Thf iimv information does "iot been cut in half, and only three per come under the head of counter cent, of all British workers are em- ployed DiopaL'onda, "'for the authenticity of in production for export.' it is vouched for by American lead- - The rumor: "Yes, but we sent too , crs who know what's going on in many planes to Britain." The an the field of production here and swer: Of the planes that defend the elsewhere in the United Nations British Isles against so many raids, A study of the latest data from eighty-nin- e per cent, were British the embattled British Isles makes it made. ir,. Young Men and Women clear that on many subjects Lord Of the planes that won victories Halifax, the British ambassador, i'or British forces overseas, seventy-fiv- e can secure A MODERN 20 -- PAY "didn't tell the half of it" when he per cent, were British made. of Insurance which will went before a distinguished audi- ence nd of the casualties among the Policy one pay in New York recently and gave airmen in the R.A.F. and the squad 55,000 oo IW EVEMT OP DEATH a review of Britain's war effort. rons serving along with the R.A.F. (if death occult prior to Age Sixty) OR . Lord Halifax, for instance, didn't seventy-fiv- e per cent, were suffered slap at one of the most prevalent by fighters from the United King 5,000 IN CASH whispers of the Axis and Axis sym- pathizers, dom. when you reach Age Sixty which has been to this ef-fe- et: o BACK TO SEVENTEENTH Your premium deposits are payable "Well, if Britain hadn't taken all CENTURY. for TWENTY YEARS ONLY! the American planes and tanks Mail a letter or postcard for rate and information. America would have plenty for its In 1639 an Act of Common Coun own campaigns." The facts are cil was passed which provided that wmm- - these: more than 1,000 watchers should be . For every bomber and fighting j constantly on duty in the City of that Great Britain acquired plane wiiuum uuiu aun&ei iu sunrise, ana from abroad during 1941, she ex hat every inhabitant should take ported nearly five to the battle lines his part. Although the "Standing in the Far East, in Libya, in Russia Watch" had primarily a police n, and elsewhere. " it was significant that its for-- The record was even more im- pressive nation . took place when much of as to tanks. Fifteen tanks the City was rebuilt after the Great For Part-cnlar- s apply to T. A. REA at Whitehorse Inn. went out . from the British Isles for Fire of 1666. The members of the every one imported. True enough City Fire Guard today are in fact FOR SALE Great Britain fell short on the carrying out what every 1'Yeeman of tanks promised " to Russia up to the the City undertook in this .Doth -- m Men, Women Over 40 end Of January. , Yes she fell short 1693 "to keep this City harmless so Feel Cabbage, Cauliflower, Celery, To- mato by one single tank! , far as in me lies," and they literally Weak,Worn, Old? and Cucumber plants. Also Or study the matter of naval are discharging the duty of "watch : Want Normal Pep, Vim, Vitality ? 'ansies. Snapdragons, Stocks, Zin- nias, ships. British shipyards, in the last and ward" which from medieval, pes weak, rundown, exhausted condition make Schizanthus, Nemesis and quarter of 1941," launched almost times had been the vight and privi general n JffL'.?111', tonics, stimulants, old? often needed 8,rex- - after Cental" 30 r.r Marigolds, etc. 40. Iron, four times the amount of tonnage lege of the City of London. r.lJip Supplies y.ou et normal calcium, pep. phosphorus, vim. vitality. vitami In All orders given careful attention troductory size Ostrex Tonic Tablet only 35c. For that slid down the ways in the three -- o : ' sale at all good drug stores everywhere. to ensure safe arrival. months immediately preceding WAR IS COSTING PLENTY- - Hitler's For sale at DAWSON GREENHOUSES great act of aggression. Or WE MUST FOOT merchant ships. The rate is double THE BILL. WHITEHORSE PHARMACY A. V. McKinlay, Proprietor. what it was when war began. It There H. G. Macpherson Dawson. Y. T. 21-- 4 may be room for arzumpnt would be still greater if so much ef aDout the distance now seDaratinp fort was not being applied to build- -. v.diidaa irom an all-o- ut war effort. war effort, or anything approximat- ing LIIIIIIIIII I I I TITTTTTTT1 ing ships that fight.. But we know Or that the country's pro- duction it, without a corresponding step-u- p The airplanes. 1942 figure is three times what it was in the fall to of -- war materials has grown in the amount of money sub- scribed IV. H. THEATRE enormous proportions and that by her citizens to the public of 1939 this despite the fact that .the . cost of maintaining our armed treasury. airplanes from blueprints and arma- ments forces is increasing v Whitehorse Yukon and armor plate are much As steadily. Taking Mr. Spinney literally we more complicated than in the old a matter of fact, even though face a program of War Finance dur Shows Every some citizens may still be days. .dissatis- fied ing the ensuing year which calls, for - The British sources have an an with the measurements of Can- ada's a sweeping upward revision of pub- licity war effort, , the attention ? Night swer for another - rumor uinvi biic uiir mncT i , j; . of plans, designed to give citi- zens u n a . "tyok dnauians must " have bppn Deen that, well, America an entirely - new outlook is paying and is sh.miv on (Except Sundays) going to pay for everything; that' Spinney Z ,T Ueorge W their responsibility in meeting the Britain isn't spending enough & 2 costs of war. . Pictures changed thrice Weekly. . Latest calculations are that Brit stated What methods will be resorted to See Bulletin Board for Particulars. ain's war expenditures are at the recently: "From now on Can- adians, for the purpose of raising the bulk in rate of $17,000,000,000 out of a nat- ional order to meet the require- ments of the extra money needed is not of the income of $25,000,000,000 a Government, will need known at this writing but it is log year. And that taxation is taking or more than double, the ical to assume that the necessity for DRAGLINE DREDGE amount of current forty per cent of the national in- come. savings at pre- sent increased purchase of War Savings BULLETIN ISSUED being, invested ... in v,w. - iui jr Stamps by the generalpublic will be Bonds, War Savings Certificates The Department of Mines, Vic- toria, And that, where Britain and stressed and new Victorv spent less War Savings Stamps." has issued Bulletin No. JO. by than ten per cent, of her natioal in- come, lhat tells the tale. Tn kAnnn launched. And if the necessary Stuart . S. Holland, dealing ' with on armaments in 1938, when to paying taxes, amount cannot be raised by either dragline methods in - mining. Canadians she had begun to prepare in a mild will be or both of these methods then it is Numerous aKea to. loan roughly interesting suble ts , are way for trouble, she had stepped month during the rnminr $166,000,000-- a more, than likely that a system of dealt with in the publication which hat us in 1941 to sixty per cent of r j- - . . J vot. " " direct taxation will-ha- ve to h re should prove benef'cial to operators ,xictaa cannot build up an all-o- ut sorted to. of draglines. FRIDAY, JUNE 12th, 1942 THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE, YUKON PAGT2 FIVE .nlP'D'M, XTV ATlATT A T TTPTJ C? REPORT OF CHIEF JUSTICE CAN. P ACIFIC AIRLINES SIR LYMAN DUFF ON TRANSFERRED TO HONG KONG DISASTER 13DM0NT0N FOR THE TABLED IN COMMONS. DURATJONf The report of Chief Justice Sir MONTREAL, The growing im Lyman Duff on the Canadian ex- pedition portance of Northwestern Canada in to Hong Kong was tabled pacific Coast defense plans and the in the House of Commons last Fri- day. great increase in air traffic in this The expedition it is pointed vital zone make necessary the tem- porary out was sent at the invitation of the transfer of Western Head- quarters British Government and was con- curred of the Canadian Pacific Air in by the Canadian Defence Lines from Winnipeg to Edmonton, Ministers. After referring to Col. according to C. H. Dickins, vice-presid- ent Drew's assertion that the change and general manager of which took place in the government Csnadian Pacific Air Lines in Montr- eal. of Japan between the dates the "; ; British invitation was received The development of the Alaska (Sept. 19) and the date the expedit- ion Highway and other military proj- ects . sailed, ought to .'" have led the in the area north of Edmont- on Canadian government to re-consi- der has resulted in an enormous its decision." Sir Lyman Duff states volume of air transportation being in his report "I am satisfied the squired by the Governments of look the significance of events in Canada and the United States. In. Japan and that they acted under the order to successfully meet these ur- gent I conviction, that, haviing regard to air transport requirements the I the situation as they were acquaint- - HLf l jf-- N if office of G. W. G. McConachie, gen- eral ed with it, there was nothing in Insist on PILSENER : f manager, Western Lines, has ; these events that would justify a Laer been moved for the duration of the departure from the course they had war from Winnipeg to Edmonton. decided upon. Statesmen and sold- iers The Northern air services oper can properly be held account- able ated by Canadian Pacific Air Lines for a reasonably capable pract- ical radiate from Edmonton and by this judgment as to such probabili- ties trasfer the company plans to co- ordinate but not on the assumption that schedules and personel and they must have had an anterior to provide increased air services to knowledge of subsequent events. meet the needs of the various Gov- ernment Thus, after examining all the evi- dence departments engaged in bearing on the question of buildig essential defense projects the expedition I can find no derelic- tion throughout this region. of duty or error in judgment either on the part of the govern- ment of Canada or its military ad- visers, GRANT McCONACHIE TO in the decision to accept the BLAZE NEW AIR TRAIL proposal of the United Kingdom to FORT NORMAN TO send a Canadian force to Hong WHITEHORSE. Kong and the despatch of the force pursuant to that decision." Mr. Grant McConachie, general manager Canadian Pacific Airlines ' A western division, has left Edmonton in a plane piloted by Bud Potter and BUY &mm accompanied by four oil officials to Maze a new 450-mi- le sky trail from UJRR Fort Normsfn to Whitehorse. At SAVINGS Fort Norman the plane will head CERTIFICATES This advertisement is not published or west across the towering peaks of of Yukon displayed by the Government Territory. the Rockies en a route never before avseu. ii - inns piuiicci mgiii proves successful it is destined to r become one for regular plane pas- senger and transport service be- tween Fort Norman, .where the oil- fields are located, and Whitehorse the metropolis of the Yukon Ter- - mory. it win aiso aaa 10 me laure- ls of Mr. McConachie wha was the first airline operator to use multi- engined planes in the west and the first to use ground-to-pla- ne radio communication. Incidentally he was also the first to conceive the idea of an aerial route from, this continent to Asia and the first oper- ator to have uniformed pilots. : IMPORTANT CHANGES IN " BRITISH ARMY HIGH COMMAND EXPECTED. The London Daily Mail states (glare that big changes' ore about to take place f in the high command of the The Tobacco of Quality British army with younger men be- ing ear-mark- ed for advancement. CUT COARSE FOR THE PIPE CUT FINE FOR ROLLING YOUR OWN Promotions will be based on the Understanding of modern warfare methods as shown in recent man- oeuvres. . ' WHITEHORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE, YUKON FRIDAY, JUNE 12th, 1942 THE V PAGE SIX ROYAL AIR FORCE MAKE POST OFFICES fVf ONE HUNDRED SELL THEMT I DEVASTATING RAIDS DURING MAY. A devastating blow at Cologne whereby five thausand acres (about 8 square miles) in the Ruhr indus- trial city were set ablaze and the smashing attacks on enemy shipping in which the R. C. A. ' F. "Demon ' ' ssssi Squadron" played 1 a major role, were the outstanding achievements of the R. A. F. lor the montn oj May. X v ;' . The British Air Ministry an- nounced that during the month the R. A. F. carried out one 'hundred BANKS POST OFFICES ;-- . Hacks against thirty-eig- ht targets DEPARTMENT STORES DRUGGISTS in Europe and the Middle East GROCERS TOBACCONISTS whilst the coastal command with BOOK STORES and other RETAIL STORES the "Demons' led by Wing Com- mander A C. Brown, D. F. C, sank or damaged forty-tw- o ships off the Norwegian. Netherlands, Belgian and French coasts. No part of Co- logne was spared' excepting the tamous cathedral, the nearest bomb dropping one hundred yards away from it. The Nippes railroad works however were badly damaged. SAVE TIME BY AIR IN TWO MINUTES 23-YEAR-- OLD BRITISH A. A. GUNNER SHOT DOWN TWO GERMAN STUKAS. AIR MAIL PASSENGERS AIR EXPRESS Somewhere along the south coa st a searchlight unit was attacked by 20 to 30 German Stukas. , Shown here is the 23-year-- old gunner Onia(io JNIAHDIKXIT! novnJr . who, manning a Lewis gun, picked one Stuka out, opened fire, and rip- er ping it from stem to stern with trac bullets, sent it crashing; into the sea. Another Stuka, headi1gjtraig ht for the gunner was met with a steady stream of bullets which sent it crashing into a nearby field. For Chang es in British his courage Empire in the Medal face of the enemy the gunner has been awarded the Schedule POSTMASTER GENERAL ANNOUNCES NEW ' ISSUES POSTAGE STAMPS Vancouver-Whitehors- e .DRAMATIZING WAR EFFORT (Daily except Friday) There is to Nbe a complete change NORTHBOUND in postage stamps for the duration of fij Aged in oak casks toWl Lv- - .Vaneouver... 10 a. m, the war according to an announce- ment ivftF mellow golden per-i&- pi Ar. Whitehorse. . . , 7 p. m. made by the Postmaster Gen- eral. fection, it makes the smoothest Collins . The or new; issues will drama- tize SOUTHBOUND W' Cocktail you have ever S Lv- - Whitehorse . 7 a. m. Canada's war efr'crt on every $V known. 1 front. This news 'should bring joy Ar. Vancouver. . 5.:50 p. m. to the hearts of philatelists and in- cidentally, Edmonton - Whitehorse involve added expendi- ture on their part winch will no (Daily except Friday) doubt ' become u good investment sometime in the futuie NORTHBOUND Lv. Edmonton 12.4.) p. m-A- r. Golden Gw 1 Whitehorse ... .7 p. ni. TWO SONS OF REV. GEORGE SOUTHBOUND PRINGLE NOW IN RC.A.F. ft 1 . Lv . Whitehorse . .7 a. m. 1 Jfph E. Sf ram A Sont Limited, I I Ar. New British C-in-- C, Northern Com- mand, Edmonton '..'. -- 5 p. m. . The twot sons of Rev. George India: Lieutenant-Gener- al C. Direct connections at White- horse Pringle, well-kno- wn minister in the D. Noyes, C.B., CLE., M.C. has suc- ceeded for Fairbanks, Alaska, Yukon, and Mrs. Pringle now resid- ing This advertisement is not published sTr General Alan Fleming and at Edmonton with T. C. at 2970 Oak Street, Vancouver, ..-- I or displayed the Government of Hartley as General Officer Com- mand by A. for points south. are now on active service with the ing-in-C- Mef Northern Com A. F. They are nephews of Yukon Territory. The above schedule remains mand, India, He er-i?re- d the Rev. JShn Pringle another former in, force until further notice- - Artillery in 1940 and was District Yukon missionary. ' . Commander, India, from 1940 to To be what we are, and to become For Full Flight Information PO. Gecige R.- - Pringle, 28, a for- mer what of becoming, 1941. This is a recent portrait of we are capable United Church minister at Consult General Noyes, who is aged 57. is the, -- only end in life. R. L. Stev- enson.- Peachland in the Okanagan, went J. A. Barber The attack upon Dutch Harbour overseas recently and his brother, WHITEHORSE brings the war nearer home. What John B.,v29, is with the ferry com-mand- of There is always something to be about protection? ... - the Air Force. 1 ' grateful for. C. L. Larson. FRIDAY, JUNE 12th, 1942 THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE, YUKON PA'JE SEVEN 1 J : Subscriptions I Renewable We wish to notify our subscribers Y that all Subscriptions became renewable June 1st. we appreciate the patronage ex tended to us in the past ai trust we may merit a continu ance of the same in the future. We are doing our best to produce a .paper worthy of Whitehorse Your prompt renewal will assist us materially. New Subscriptions Invited. e Whitehorse Star xmxxixxxxx) txru TRAVEL RAILWAY on a STEAMSHIPS COMMUNICATIONS Enjoy the real CREAMY MILK IN HOTELS "PRINCESS" goodness of this GReTlST I POWDER FORM famous beer II TPAVfC w Liner ,. (old at the same The (deal millc supplv at home and price as ordinary on vacation- - Just add to cold water beers. SKAGWAY to VANCOUVER and mix. Gives you over eight times its weight in natural-tattin- g eastern VICTORIA SEATTLE ized milk. or A Borden Product Southbound Sailings PRINCESS LOUISE " Monday, June 22 - , ; Thursday, July 2 , Monday, July 6 Monday, July 13 COAST BREWERIES LIMITED Vancouver New Westminster Victoria Thursday, July 16 rTTTTTTTII TTIIITIIIXX1.XJ..I..1 41-- 15 Thursday, July 23 This advertisement is not published or displayed by the government of Monday, July .27 28). ' . Yukon. Territory. . 5. A Canadian bomber group 1 Connections at Vancouver with consisting of R. C. A. F. squadrons Canadian Pacific Services: under Canadian command and staf- fed Transcontinental BRITISH COMMONWEALTH The major features of the new by Canadian ground crews will Trans-Pacif- ic AIR TRAINING PROGRAM agreement are: be formed. ' Trans-Atlant- ic GEATLY EXTENDED. 1. Many more men will be train- ed 6. . . Important changes, are to be --Tickets, reservations and full in Canada than under the orig- inal made in administration and control . particulars from Under the new air training agree- ment plan as expanded from time to Df R. C. A. F. oversea personnel. L. H. JOHNSTON" of the British Commonwealth time. , 7. R. C. A. F. overseas head- quarters General Agent C P. R. Air Training program which was 2. Canada will furnish a sub- stantial is given general supervis- ion signed in Ottawa last Friday Can- ada portion of the trainees but of all R. C. A. F. men attached Skagway Alaska will bear one half the cost of more will come from the United to the R. A. F. operation, Australia and New Zeal- and Kingdom than heretofore. 8. All pilots, observers, air-bomb- ers Canadian Pacific will bear the cost of training 3. There will be complete co- ordination and navigators considered lXXXXTTTXXXI the men they send to Canada and of air training in Canada suitable for commissions according the United Kingdom will be respon- sible with existing R. A. F. schools re- taining to the standards of their own parts, equipment, bombs and am- munition for the remaining portion. The their iderftity but coming countries and recommended for but Canada will" have solo new agreement is to be in operation under R. A. F. control. . i commissions will be commissioned. discretion in determining th?.j type from Juy , 1942 to March 31, 4. The number of R. C. A. F. 9. The United Kingdom share of and quantity of equipment required 1945 at an estimated cost pf $1,500,-600.000- ..' squadrons overseas will be increas- ed. the cost will, as far as possible, be ' (Previously they numbered in the form of aircraft, engines, SUBSCRIPTIONS NOW DUE THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WH1TEHQRSE YUKON FRIDAY, JUNE 12th, 1942 PAGE EIGHT Local Happenings Fountain Fruit Syrups formerly of the Mice Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Philips oi P.A.A.' left by clerical staff of the j v D"vcon arrived on the sir. Casca Y. S. A. . 1. piane i . .. . lui 4U tuc. cniet Mnn- - . r Just received shipment of assorted flavours in gallon and Out- side.. last Thursday en route for the . day.".'-- . quarts Mrs. Tollefren and Mrs. Carnsew Miss Ida M. Dale, formerly on the of Dawson arrived in town by plane LEMON, GRAPE, ROOT BEER, LOGANBERRY, ORANGE in Dawson staff of St. Paul's Hostel ' Wednesday and left on yesterday's a'.rivcd on the str. Casta last Thurs- day (No Sugar Required) train for the Outside. rout for the Outside. en Gertrude Turgeon of Prince Miss Mr. H. R. Hawley arrived from B. C, arrived in town Wed- nesday staff Rupert, PLANT BALLS the the coast recently to 'join to occupy the position of branch of tne Canadian of the local stenographer with the P. R. A. Bank of Commerce. Cash paid for clean cotton rags at Something New. The Canadian Red Cross Society needs, your financial assistance in the Stir office. Place in bowl of water and watch result. order that it can carry on its great 'humanitarian work. All donations Vv HITEHORSE BEARS PETUNIAS, ZINNIAS, ASTERS, TRAVELLING VINE, Kratefully received. You may leave WIN EASY AGAINST. MORNING GLORY ,. Oc Each- - them at the Star office if you wish. ENGINEERS. Mr. Volney Richmond Jr., of the Northern Commercial Co., Ltd. ar- rived (By Adrian P. Spidle.) in town from Seattle last Fri- day In the lirst game played at Sports TAYLOR &DRURY Ltd en route, to Fairbanks. He only Field in almost a week the White-hor- se spent a few hours here but will be Bears defeated the 29th En- gineers returning later. . '' Wednesday evening by a Mr. J. McLean having disposed of score of 9-- 4. Bad . weather caused his residence here this week left postponement of all the games yesterdi y for the coast where he scheduled for the week-en- d but the will reside in the future. His many field is in good shape again and un- less friends here wish him the best of the 58th Medical Battalion luck. takes over the grounds for camping Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Sansom left purposes there will be a full slate of Fonday for Skagway en route to tilts as usual. Vancouver where it is understood John Chambers hurled a good they will make their future home. game for Whitehorse, limiting the Their many friends here trust that 29th to four hits and four runs al- though Mr. Sansom will make a speedy re- covery he was a little wild in the . from his recent illness and early innings when he issued five extend to them both best wishes for free passes to firfct base. MacFar- lane the future. with three hits and three runs, We are in receipt of a letter from handford with one hit and two Mr. R. J. Love, formerly Sheriff and runs, Lorrie Todd with two hits, Clerk of the Court, who is now in and Spidle with two hits and two training at No. 3 Manning Depot of runs led the offensive for the vic- torious . . ' the R. C. A. . F. at Edmonton, Alta. Bears. Eon MacFarlane t III ! i He is in the best of health and ex- pects caught' a great game and together to complete his first course with George Cooper at second base Ift ancient Egypt man brewed beer. And down this month. Mrs. Love is at present played the best defensive ball dis- played through the, ages man has brewed better with staying with her sister at Saska- toon. by the locals in their last each profiting by the experience We all , wish Mr, Love the several games. passing year best of luck and every success. Chester Fee, shortstop for the of those who went before. Today, when you inspector W. Grennan, officer in Engineers, was the outstanding know drink delicious, zestful Old Style, you can command of the U.-- C. M. P. in the player of the losers for he not only - Territory, arrived in town last Sat- - handled all his chances perfectly the world produces no finer refreshment urday and spent the week here on but smacked out a double and a official business. single and scored two of his teams four runs. Richard Lewis who held SU BSCRIPTIONS NOW DUE down center field also tallied twice for the 29th. IIIIIIIIIITIIiriTTI The Bears took the lead in the Christ Church-Anglica- n- secorfirinning , when Handford walk ed, went to third on MacFarlane's THE OLD LOG CHURCH single and then both runners scored Whitehorse on Lorrie Todd's two-ba- se hit. They made two more in the third on two , Rev. L. G. Chappell, L: Th. hits and an error and then in the Rector. fifth the ball game was put on ice EVERY SUNDAY ; by three runs and three hits includ- ing 8 30 a m. Holy Communion. extra base blows by George 10.00 a. m. Sunday School Cooper and Eon' MacFarlane. 11.00 a m.--Morni- ng. Prayer. All in all it was a pretty good 7.30 p. m. "Evening Prayer and ball game but it was the consensus Sermon. of several spectators most of whom play for other teams that the 29th CAPILAJSIO BREWING CO., LTD. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTT1 need just a few more players like" VANCOUVER. B.C. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTITTTTTT1 Chet Fee, Dick Lewis, and .Carl A UNIT OF ASSOCIATED BREWERIES OF SACRED HEART Essler. CANADA LTD. Catholic Church The Box Score: , 29th Engineers - R H E Sundays: 0 0 0 2 0 2 04 4 3 I v Masses 1.:. 7.30 and 9.00 A.M. Whitehorse Bears . "1 High lass 10.30 AM; 0 2 2 0 2 3 x 9 10 2 Tin fldvprtispment is not m-blish- ed "or displayed bv the Liauor Control ... Batteries t V Benedict 7.30 P.M. Board or by the Government of British Columbia. . 29th Engineers: Bogner and Cril-le- y, Week days: - Mr. Willson E. Knowlton, the well ure. He will be located at the Masses 7.00 and 730 A.M. Whitehorse: Chalmers and Mac- Farlane! known Vancouver Oivometrist, will Whitehorse Inn where appointments Fridays: Benediction 7.30 P.M. be arriving in town in the near fut may be made.