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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 31, Friday, July 31st, 1942.

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Frc-- 1 1 ,Jw1'l.1i'l'-- : (aft WW CIRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY Vol. 42 No. 31."" WW WHITEHORSE." YUKON, FRIDAY, JULY 31st, 1942 ic k if Subscription $3.00 Year. SAD DROWNING . MILITARY POLICE IN CLOSE PRETTY WEDDING CONSCRIPTION BILL FATALITY AT EAR WIN FROM WHITEHORSE SOLEMNIZED AT PASSES WITH LARGE LAKE LAST SUNDAY. BEARS 1-- 0. CHRIST CHURCH, MAJORITY IN COMMONS There was a great shock felt thro-,,tfhn- ut The Military Police nosed out the In the Old Log Church last Fri- day Last Thursday by a vote of 141 to the community when it be-- Whitehorse Bears, in a pitchers' bat- tle evening at 7 o'clock Freda 45 the House of Commons gave its pame known that Mr. Cecil" Rich between Mike Michalek of the Joyce Roselys, youngest daughter of approval to Bill 80 vesting in the ards, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. T. M. P.'s and John Chalmers of the Mr, and Mrs. Erie Rchards. became government the right to conscript C. Richards of this city, was drown Bears when Left fielder George Kay , the bride of Gordon Thomas Yard-- Canadians for service anywhere in ed whilst swimming in Ear Lake dropped Daniels long fly and then ley, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. the world. Thus for the second last Sunday afternoon.- - threw wild to the infield ' enabling Thomas Yardley of Langley Prairie, time in the history of Canada the The funeral service was held Wall to score from first for the only B. C. The Rev. L. G. Chappell, Commons has approved unrestricted Tuesday in Christ Church, the Rev.. run of the game. Both Michalek Rector of Christ Church, 'officiated compulsory military training. The I. G. Chappell officiating. Sym and Chalmers wero in fine form as at the ceremony. only formalities now necessary" are pathetic friends of the family filled they kept good control over the op- posing The bride was given in marriage for the passage of the Bill in the the church to over-flowin- g, ine "batsmen and ' gave up only by her father and looked charming Senate and the royal assent. The nrofusion of flowers placed on and two and five hits respectively. Mike dressed in white lace and chiiTon government has, reserved the right around the bier arid also in the Mich? lek has proved to be the class with flowing train and veil and to exercise the powers conferred fhancel' was- - a silent and eloqueni of th; local pitchers as his astound-:r- g carrying a beautiful bouquet of upon it by the Bill when it deems it tribute to the esteem in which Cecil lecord of allowing only' thres sweet peas and baby's breath. Her necessary so to do n which event it was held throughout the community. hits- - and no - runs in his last two sister, Mrs. Frank Allan, was mat- ron will ask for a vote of confidence in The pallbearers, most 1 of ' whom games will attest . ''.;: of honor and was dressed in the House. were- - his former schoolmates, were Three times the Bears threatened yellow chiffon with a matching net The Hon. P. J. A. Cardin, who re- cently Messrs. Don Murray, R. Greenslade, to score; first in the opening inning picture hat. Miss Phyllis Walker, resigned his seat in the cab- inet D. Blaker, J. , Boon, mm w. row- - . Spidle walked and went to third on the bridesmaid, wore a pink chiffon over the conscription issue, lines and Lloyd Ryder. Chambers outfield fly but got no dress and matching net pictur e hat. concluded his address in the House The untimely death of Cecil was farther 'as Bill Gordon went down Both carried lovely bouquets of in the following manner: deeDlv felt" by all. '"He was born and swinging; second in the next inning butterfly plant and baby's breath. "Exercise your authority, you raised in Whitehorse and after com- pleting Gentleman' walked and went down The groom was supported by Mr. members of the majority, but with his education at the public when ' Chalmers also was . given a Jimmie Paterson, the bride's brother kindness, not in the Hitler or Mus-soi- ni school here went to the coast where free pass and both men advanced acting as usher. The bride's mother way. Exercise it in such a he and his younger: brother attend one base on a passed ball but Bolton was gowned in a dusty rose after- noon way that the feelings of those on ed Chesterfield School, North Van- couver, took the third strike; and then in dress with matching accessor- ies. who you exercise the authority by B. C- - He would have been the seventh Louis Selmer singled to ; the force of numbers, are not hurt 24 years of age in September. center with one out and advanced The church was tastefully decor- ated to such a point that it will be hard occasion with flowers To his sorrowing parents and to to third on Chalmers fly but again for the and willake a long time to cure members and relatives of the family Bolton struck out. The only other kindly donated by Mrs. J. Morrison. what you have caused by your sincerest sympathy is extended. Bear threat was in the thiri inning After the ceremony a reception was words and your actions." held at the home of Mr! and Mrs. J. i , :.":'6- - ' when Lamoreux laid down a per- fect "The people of the Province of Watson. The bridal couple, POPULAR MEMBER - ' - 1 bunt and beat it out but got no Bruce law-abidi- ng citizens. Quebec are to whom heartiest c i igratulations WHITEHORSE INN STAFF . further than second; and best wishes are extended by They have proved that in the past The Military Police had nine men ' this in MARRIED SATURDAY- - their friends here, are holi-aay.-- rg and they will prove it in many " left on base during the game but stance. When the law is enacted, Lake. at Atlin On Saturday evening, July 26, only in the first and last innings did although it is the worst law that has Miss T. Davidson, 'daughter of the one of their men reach third. The ever been passed by a democracy in late Lawrence and Mrs. Davidson of fatal last of the seventh began with FOR NEW WING TO Canada, we will submit to the law, Vancouver, became the bride of Mr. a base on balls to Outfielder Wall LOCAL GENERAL HOSPITAL we will obey the law .' There will be J. Saborfte Jr. a popular member of and then Daniels hit a long fly to no trouble. We might remember the Whitehorse Inn staff. Mr. L. left field which George Kay let Councillor W. L. Phelps on his re- turn the incident but just the same we Higgins, Territorial Agent for bounce out of his hands, Wall who from the recent session of the will obey the law and conduct our- selves Whitehorse, conducted the ceremony had held up for the catch took sec- ond.' Territorial Council informed us as citizens respecting the au Mrs. Homer, Meers Kay picked up the ball and and before Mr. that $10,000 has been allocated fpr thority. made a bad throw to the infield and as witnesses. the construction of a much needed to the contracting part- ies before anyone could recover it Wall We extend addition to the Whitehorse General FRED MARSHALL congratulations, and had rounded third and crossed the heartiest Hospital. It is understood the work best wishes for their future welfare plate for the. winning run. Both both MARRIED AT COAST. will be carried out as soon as teams had played airtight ball, and and happiness. lumber and labor are . available. the only errors of the contest were Mr. George Andison of Mayo, Y. POLICE COURT made by Kay on the same play. Streets and Sidewalks T., sends us a dipping from a coast Before Stipendiary Magistrate u. The score by innings: A grant of $2,000 is available for paper announcing the recent wed Aubrey Simmons in police court on Whitehorse Bears R H E repairing sidewalks and necessary ding of his step-so- n, Fred Marshall, Monday A. B. Bicknell was fined 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 2 2 roadwork which will probably be in Vancouveer to Miss Margaret $5.00 and costs on a charge of in- toxication Military Police carried out in the fall. The usual Young Parker, daughter of Mr. and or in default five days' 0 0 0 0 0 0 11 5 0 grants were made for the General Mrs. Jack Parker. The ceremony imprisonment. The fine was paid. The batteries: Hospital and Public Library, and a was held in St. George's Church, Nick Nelson, another white man, Bears Chalmers and Chambers. special grant of $500 was. made to- ward the Rev, P. R. Ellis officiating. was fined $5.00 and costs or five M. P.s Michalek and Stock. the $1600 new X-R- ay machine Fred was formerly clerk in the days' imprisonment on a similar now in operation at the hospital. , office of Burns & Co., Ltd. here, charge. Nelson was also fined $25 CARD OF THANKS There will be a new principal which position he had to relinquish and costs or in default fifteen days' and an additional teacher when the due to ill health. He is how em- ployed imprisonment on a charge of assault. public school re-ope- ns in the fall. in the office of a large in- surance Both fines were paid. Mr. and Mrs. t. C. Richards and Miss How will be .the intermediate. company at the coast. On Tuesday Johnny Paul Mathe-so- n. family, wish to express their appre- ciation o Heartiest congratulations and best thanks for a half-bre- ed of Vancouver, was of and sincerest Mr. T. A Rea of the Excelsior wishes are extended to the bridal fined $5.00 and costs or in default the many tokens of sympathy ex Life Insurance Co., arrived back in couple from their host of friends in bereave- ment. tendedvto them in their sad five days' in gaol on a charge of in- toxication. town Sunday from Atlin, E. C. the north. The fine was paid. r PAGE TWO mnsfpred out of the fighting services o) . . 1 ii. . 1 t. 1 0 would Dear memum. , In Ottawa there are a num- ber "Voloe of thm Yukon' of studious young men who An Independent Journal don't want to see business oper- ated on the private enterprise Published every Friday at basis. They are intimating that many of the wartime con- trols and restrictions will be Whitehorse, Yukon Territory continued after the war; that he White Pass and Yukon Route I Traii of '98 On the the profit-incenti- ve system is 1 doomed. (The emphasis is ours.) The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety, and Service to Member of Canadian Weekly It is obvious that in order to de- feat a war machine brought to a Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska Association. Newspapers' high point of perfection by totalit HORACE E. MOOIIE Publisher arian methods, we too must fight on AIRPLANE SERVICE atotalitarian basis. But we are not fighting for the preservation of plane service, making connections northbound and south- bound Let us have faith that right makes totalitarianism or bureaucracy, or with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, might; and in that faith let us to unbridled regimentation. We are tne end dare to do our duty as we fighting for the right to exercise Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For information individual initiative .as private understand it. Lincoln. apply to any ' workers, as professional men, as businessmen. And a decent profit-incenti- ve W H I T E. PASS AGENT, or is part of that right. JULY 31st, 1942 Peacetime Russia discovered that an 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. incentive by which a man can earn more comfort and security had to be WHAT PRICE BUREAUCRACY ? restored. We shudder to thing of what cimiTTmiTtTtmTTrTri In the editorial columns of the would happen were some of Ot- - latest issue of Maclean's Magazine "BUILD WESTERN . PAYROLLS" tawa's theorists to attempt to run, to reach our desk (August 1) a short say the automobile industry with a yrucle appears under the caption textbook and a mimeograph." "Those Clinging' Bureaucrats A PATRON which is worthy of the widest pub- licity ii for the reason that it succinct- ly Gems of Cbougbt sets forth a phase in our political FOR 8 life of which the general public is not. aware but which is neverthe- less JjttPORATED, I CAPACITY FOR GOOD capable, if carried Xo its logical YEARS conclusion, of wresting from the Goodness consists not in the out- ward people their inalienable rights of re- presentative government rights for things we do. but in the in- ward We have a letter from up-count- ry. thing we are. Chapin. The writer states tne securing of which our forefath- ers she has used "all kinds of fought so strenuously and sacri- - The reality and individuality of ficed so much and which in them- selves man are good and God-mad- e, and canned milk" but Pacific form the very essence of true they are toere to be seen and de- monstrated; Milk continually since she began it "because of its democracy. V is only the evil be- lief In last took richness and flavor. That April we occasion in that renders them obscure. these columns to warn of the dan- gers Mary Baker Eddy. was eight years ago." of the government relegating It's only real excellence that to its civil servants powers which Man's capacities have never been could bring a milk a pre- - are vested in and rightly belong to measured; nor are we to judge of the people's accredited represent- atives what he can do by any precedents, ' ference like this. in the House of Commons. We so little has been tried. Henry then stated "If and when parlia- ment David Thoreau. J : "3:1' Pacific Milk relegates any of its, powers and The reward of one .diity is the privileges to the civil service to that j power to fulfill another. George IRRADIATED OF" COURSE extent it loses control over such de- partments. Eliot. And if such a procedure Tnxxxxjxixiiiiiiiuxiiin is indulged in promiscuously parlia- ment The expectations of life depend itself may in time become upon diligence and the mechanic Aged in oak casks to merely an appendage to the civil that would perfect his work, must mellow golden per-)&- J THE ESTATE OF service." The second paragraph in first sharpen his tools. Confucius. fection, it makes makes the the CHARLES L. HAYDON the following quoted article from smoothest Collins or We cannot afford : to be halfway Cocktail have Maclean's would seem to indicate you ever DECEASED in anything. The whole-heart- ed known. that our grounds for suspicion were man is the who ALL PERSONS having claims well founded and that some of the one succeeds in this any dangers we had reference to will world. Mary E. Mizer. against the estate of the above-name- d soon be coming home to roost. Here deceased are required to fi'e is the article: the same with the Public Admini The Melting Pot. Like the United "Apart from its principles we as- sume strator at Dawson on or before the that in preparing the budget States, Great Britain is', a melting 9th day of October, 1942. t-- suppo' Mr. Ilsley and- - his advisers have pot. Unlike the United States, the thoroughly examined the question melting pot has had a thousad years 'L Golden Gut ed by statutary declaration, after of whether in practice such taxation in which to simmer gently. Britain's which date the estate will be dis rates are likely to kill the goose that 41,500,000 English and Welsh, and tributed, having ' reference only to lays the golden egg; whether they 5,000,00 Scots have strains of Ro- man, I I Jaitph E. Sttjrsm I Sons Limited, claims which have been so filed. will dry up sources of Income need- ed Celt, Saxon, Norse, Danish, V Waterloo I ALL PERSONS indebted to the Norman and Huguenot blood. in the years ahead. Evidently they, count on an increasing national said pstatp arp rpcmpstpd tn make This advertisement is not published income. But a watchful eye will The English Channel . . . . only immediate payment to the Public have to be kept on business to see twenty miles wide makes Britain or displayed by the Government of Administrator. that adequate provison is being al- lowed an island cut off from Europe yet Yukon Territory. DATED AT DAWSON this 17th for reserves necessary for re- vision part of Europe; free to develop her to A busi- ness day of July, 1942. peacetime output. own democratic government one of without reserves when war the best yet devised; her own public C. E. McLEOD, production ceases would take years opinion strong and vocal: her own SUBSCRIPTIONS NOW DUE. Public Administrator. Jo rebuild. And workers and those poetry a hymn to freedom. (2013) - 29-- 3 THE WHITEIIORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE. YUKON PAGE THREE CABCilOSS HURRICANES Wednesday's plane. " . jjEFiiAT U. S. ARMY SUPPLY Miss Page and Miss Roll have re- -; - , turned to town after speeding a few . The series ol games to be played enjoyable days at Mayo Lake. U( u. ,.u; vai ine mat between Darge the Nasutlin towed cross, started' Thursday ' evening j witn her from Mayo on her last .trip ,vith the U. S. Army All-Sta- r, sup looked lige a floating machine shop. vs. Carcross Hurricanes. ply team Mr. D. Cameron Archie Martin latter showed plenty of power Ihe and Ellis Johnson arrived in town at the bat and on the field to from Dublin Gulch. trounce meir opponents Dy xne John Backe and Mrs. , Backe drove core of 24-- 4. It was a field day in from Keno. Brian Kelly came for the tall Mounted .Policeman, with1 them. who not oniy piLuiieu six uuiui&s vi " n0 hit ball but batted 1000 for the The power pole on the corner, of lri winners. Other big guns lor tlie First Ave and Centre St. has an i winners were Adams, Saunders and unusual angle Who backed into it? Cooper, who clouted homers off The plane made a special trip to pitcner .wipouitft, iu iuuiiu .uui Mayo Saturday1 morning to take nnurnr rtf Vi a TTnrrifanoc Dick McDiarmid to the hospital in But it was McGurk, for the All Dawson. Stars, who started the seventh inn- - Ed. Barker came to town bring ing rally to chalk up a core for the jng Mrs. J. Andisoii and Joe Mc ' loosers. As it is seen .from the side- - Caffrey. He returned to Haggart lines that a little more conditioning Saturday morning accompanied by will bring the army boys into shape Mrs. Seaholm. and from the amount of spirit Oscar Miller arrived by plane shown will redeem themselves beNom Dawson, also returning to fore long. " I Mayo, was' Billy, Williamson. Bill Batteries: is going outside shortly for medical Carcross Hurricanes Sanders treatment and MacDonald. In a letter recently received from U. S. Army AH Stars Kilpatrick Gordon Mclntyre, our former and Locke. school teacher who is with the Can- adian ' o- - army, Overseas, he mentioned SECOND GAME OF SERIES having met Jock. McCrimmon; Jock ARMY is the first Yukoner that Gordon has CLOSE ONE FOR U. S. met since he went Overseas. TRANSPORT SCORE 6-- 5- Dick McDiarmid, who has been prospecting at Dublin Gulch, was The second game of the series be taken seriously ill and orought as tween Carcross and U. S. Army far as the Government road camp teams proved to be one of those by Ed. Barker and the rest of the close scoring aiiairs. iue way into Mayo by Road Foreman port team opened the scoring in the Neil Keobke. Mrs. Seaholm, late of ?ppnnrl inning with two runs. How the Hospital staff, accompanied ever, the Hurricanes after another them. . ' win evened the scoring in the fourth Slim Keobke and crew arrived and addfTthree more in the fifth from the Elso, where they have to put them in the lead. But it been dismantling machinery and was in the sixth inning that an equipment for the Treadwell Yukon error proved costly for the Hurric- anes, Corp. They are to dismantle the as four runs crossed the plate diesel which has been supplying which they were never allowed to light and power here. It is being catch "their opponents. The Trans- - shipped to Whitehorse. v , . ', - - - port team showed plenty of power This is all the news at present. on the defence, executing no less By the time I send you my next This advertisement is not publishedor displayed by the Government of than three double plays during the ietter, the swallows will be all gone contest. Which showed that those and wjnter will be just around the Yukon Territory. , . ' boys from down South really take corner. their ball serious. Simpson, bmitn and Williams proved a big help to the winners, with Begg, Kilpatrick i 1J 1 ! w 4V.aiv l id 11 1 ana lviacuonaia, yiayuig cu brand of ball. The latter (a former Whitehorse Bear) showed he had plenty of stuff on the ball, never lost control of his opponents, and had the fans on edge all through the game. ' Batteries were: Simpon anct Jones for the Trars-por- t; MacDonad and Maughan for the Hurricanes. Carcross wishes to challenge a team from Whitehorse sometime in the future. . MAYO July 23r 1942 (By Our Own Correspondent) Ed.'Kimbel has arrived back in The Tobacco of Quality, town from a trip to Whitehore.' CUT COARSE FOR THE PIPE CUT FINE FOR ROUING YOUR OWN Mrs. Archie .Close left by plane for Dawson for medical treatment. Ernie Denning and Wick Thorn-bla- d returned to Whitehorse on WHITEHORSEi YUKON FRIDAY, JULY 31st, 1942 PAGE FOUR THE WHITEHORSE STAR, British Yukon Gold Mines Ltd. Eureka No. 2 6 68 47.42 IN THE TERRITORIAL COURT British Yukon Gold Mines Ltd. ....... Nipper Fraction 6 69 9.04 Carcross Syndicate Ltd. .............. Royston 6 70 49.65 Ltd. Pedro 6 71 42.90 Carcross Syndicate OF THE YUKON TERRITORY Carcross Syndicate Ltd. Vega Fraction 6 72 24.80 British Yukon Gold Mines Ltd. Vanguard Fr'n 6 73 29.29 In the matter of "The CrownvCant Tax Ordinance", Edmund Bristol and John H. Conrad Annex 6 76 34.69 i nu f hP Sal of Taxes of Crown - granted Mineral James C. Grace and Carcross Syndi Aim in nic 2nd, 1941: cate Ltd Washington 6 98 48.89 Claims held on July William J. Fleming Empire 6 104 51.65 Summons issued out of the TAKE NOTICE that by an Originating William J. Fleming Excelsior 6 106 34.63 dated 14th of July 1942 Territorial Court of the Yukon Territory William J. Fleming Porter 6 107 51.6r ot attend at Judge's Chambers at concerned are required to William J. Fleming Empire No. 2 6 121 51.65 the 11th day of September, 1942, the Court House, Dawson, on Friday William J. Fleming Black Rock 6 . 122 ,31.28 at the hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon, on the hearing of an applic- ation William J. Fleming . .!........................ Suburban 6 123 20.08 under the Crown Grant Tax Ordin- - on the part of the Collector Arthur Barden Palmer Allin 6 151 9.70 sale of Certain Crown Granted Min f r an Order confirming the Arthur Barden Palmer ........................ Celtic 6 152 38.10 and for an Order ves ing -- Arthur eral Claims held on 2nd of July, 1941, Barden Palmer Iron Mask 6 153 17.17 Yukon Territory such of the claims. ...w in ihP Commissioner of the Arthur Barden Palmer A. D. 6 154 44.82 not sold and were not redeemed by as advertised for sale which were Arthur Barden Palmer First Chance 6 155 12.86 or on behalf of the registered vners thereof Arthur Barden Palmer ........................ Iron Cap 6 156 33.41 if do not attend either in person or that AND TAKE NOTICE you Arthur Barden Palmer Douglas 6 157 38.37 and place above mentioned, such ordei by your solicitor at the time Arthur Barden Palmer ....................... Russell Fr'n 6 158 .005 will be made in your absence as seems just and expedient. Angus S. Fraser Remy 10 18 47.37 to which such application will be made and The lands with respect Guite, J. P. War Eagle 10 34 141.70 registered interests therein on the records the names of those having Guite, P Bunker Hill 10 35 98.00 of the Land Titles Office are as follows: Guite, P ' Susie 10 36 51.65 Registered Owner 1 Claim Groupj ' ot jAcreage Guite, P Glenlivet 10 37 41.11 Guite, P ; . North Star 10 38 51.65 Rnhprt R CamDbell. Archibald J. ' , Guite, P Center Star 10 39 44.36 Hill 2 1 1.75 19.12 Bannerman and Lars Netland Sound Guite, P. : Alice 10 40 41.88 H. G. Blankman, David W. Cudden Guite, P. Jeannette 10 41 50.15 and Thomas D. Green - Red Bird 2 181 51.65 James R. Alguire ............... Arab 804 233 51. 5 H. G. Blankman, David W. Cudden Quite, J. P. ........... Bonanza King 953 17 51.51 2 132 44.63 and Thomas D. Green Peacock Guite, J. P " No. : 953 18 46.75 Jos. D. Gadoua, E. Schink Sr., John Guite, J. P. Lucky Boy 953 19 51.65 2 222 47.75 A. Bittencourt Washington Guite, J. P Monte Christo 953 20 50.13 Big Jim 2 2.50 36.30 J. P. Guite Violet 2 251 48 80 J. P. Ruth 2 252 46.30 Dated at Dawson, Yukon, this 15th day of July, 1942. J. P. 2 253 51.30 C. E. McLEOD, Lady Gay P. J. Solicitor for the Collector. J. P. VA& R. Fraction 2 254 8.60 Joseph Wildhaber, Cassion Wild- - Pioneer 2 342 51.63 MILITARY AUTHORITIES but . subsequently was expanded Mel Melville 2 367 29.90 TAKE OVER JERICHO into a country club through the William Olivia Jessie 2 368 51.60 GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB. doors of which have passed many Lizzie 2 373 51.60 Early in August Military Author- ities prominent residents and visitors. At Alpine Lizzie Olivia Craig 2 374 51.60 will take over in its entirety present there are 540 members but Lizzie Olivia Cra Galena Farm Walter D. 2 392 51 30 the well known Jericho Golf and for, sometime past the course has not John Vaglio J-Count- ry Club in the Point Grey been in regular use.. It is stated J. George A.Hunter and William Elliott American 2 433 51.65 district of Vancouver. that the taking over of thepremises George A. Hunter White Rose 2 435 51.65 The club was founded in 1905 and by the government means the clos- ing Arctic Chief 'Copper Arctic 5 51 28.44 started as a small 9-h- ole golf course of the" club entirely. Whitehorse 5 52. 35.81 Golden Gate 5 53 42.24 Arctic Chief Copper Julia 5 106 46.62 Dry Gulch 5 107 11.78 James R. Alguire ... Sandon 5 108 51.65 Arthur Barden Palmer ......... Little Jonnie 5 129 48.91 William Mayer, William T. Morfoid Robert H. McDonald, Thomas Matthews Copper Cliff 5 156 51.65 Francis J. Nicholson Brown Cub 5 200 51.26 Yukon District Gold Mining Com. .. Venus No. 2 6 21 51.13 Yukon District Gold Mining Com. Venus Fraction 6 22 11.12 Yukon District Gold Mining Com. . M. & M. 6 25 51.08 VjYukon District Gold Mining Com. . Vault ' 6 26 21.48 Yukon District Gold Mining Com. Uranus 6 27 51.65 Yukon District Gold Mining Com. Capella 6 , 29 23.02 5 Edmond Bristol and John H. Conard Jumbo 6 38 36.09 Canadian Yukon Mining Co. . ..... , O. K. 6 39 35.03 Canadian Yukon Mining Co. ...... . Fox 6 . 41 10.15 Edmond Bristol and John H. Conrad Elephant 6 43 35.97 Edmond Bristol and John H. Conrad T. & B. 6 43 45.84 A Wartime Edmond Bristol and John H. Conrad Thistle 6 51 35.75 Beverage Edmond Bristol and John H. Conrad Rose 6 52 44.01 REFRESHING, Edmond Bristol and John H. Conrad JFatr- - Play 6 53 6.61 INVIGORATING Edmond Bristol and John H. Conrad Aurora 6 55 40.21 nd ECONOMICAL Edmond Bristol and John H. Conrad Glacial Lake 6 56 51.65 Edmond Bristol and John H. Conrad Columbian 6 57 19.15 Edmond Bristol and John H. Conrad Westover 6 58 24.21 Yukon District Gold Mining Com. Ltd. . ;:.. Mammoth . 6 59 7.58 British Yukon Gold Mines Limited. Caribou 6 61 51.65 British Yukon Gold Mines Limited. Pride of . Yukon 6 62 . 51.55 British Yukon Gold Mines Limited. " No. 2 6 63 47.88 Edmond Bristol and John H. Conrad Jupiter 6 64 40.16 James C. Grane and Carcross Syndi- cate Lone Jack 6 65 51.64 Ltd ...... .......................... William McKenzie ................................ Chesley 6 66 44.79 ( This advertisement is "Jiot published or displayed by the Government of British Yukon Gold Mines Ltd. ..... Eureka 6 67 47,67 Yukon Territory. FRIDAY, JULY 31st, 1942 THE WIIITEIIORSE STAR, WIIITEIIORSE, YUKON PAGE FIVE These Make Britain 6rear n M .' tlXIIIIIIIIIirTTTl'TTTTTTIIIITTiliilTTllTTTtlTTTTm : ,;.''.... , ' I Fresh V Butter Synoptic Record of British Achievements in Peace and War, Pre- pared H by U. S. Government Office of Facts and Figures. M M Cured Try BURNS N Shamrock Brand Creamery Butter M M Meats Eggs are ngming 10 save tno decided to stay at their machines H hole world from the pestilence of and benches during raids. Indiffer- ent M M . , n in rlAfrsvica rf all to the throb of planes and the M Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products thud of bombs, they worked fur- iously, H Litis most sacred to man." N fifty-si- x sometimes sixty-fo- ur M Winston Churchill, hours a week until exhaustion N M on Sunday, Sept. 3, 1939. forced them to limit the hours of H M By nature a sane and moderate work. " M You Can Buy No Better 99 After October 31 the German squadrons abandoned mass daylight T-..- ii erwek 4imo raids. But they continued to pound lelcomed the decision with an over-- away at night until the following Burns & Company Limited June when the . British night flyer Idox was the result of the night-- 1 and radio detector made the cost 'too. high..;. . ..' ;' hare of alternating shocks and hu- - j ' The Battle of Britain was won. niliation in which the people had The German invasion was foiled. A Yukon Electrical Company, Ltd. ved since Hitler came to power. handful of young RAF flyers had Step by step the tyrant had turned saved Europe and pai'liaps the Will be pleased to consult ttheir orderly world into a mad-- ., world from destruction. Again Win- ston Churchill spoke for hispeople: you regarding ijiouse. 1 ne release irom mgmmcue "Never in the field of human con- flict linto reality, however, grim, was a Light, Power, Supplies and Installations was so much owed by so many (release of the national will and to so few." spirit- - ': Foiled in his plans to invade Brit- ain, WHITEHOR S E, Y. T. Their darkest hour came in the Hitler turned south and east Ispring of 1940, with the sudden col and the British began to fight cam- paigns far from home in Greece, Belgium and of Holland, states lapse "ished weanons as the United Crete, Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Iran nance, in mat nour .Britain iaceu exporting five planes to every one SAVE TIME BY AIR I determined to strike at the enemy tne fascist world - alone. Winston imported, fifteen tanks to every one wherever he could be reached. As Churchill, now Prime Minister, a result, both of these' campaigns imported. again spoke lor the people when he and of Russia's magnificent stand, Britain's people are contributing said, "Let us therefore brace ours- elves both Suez and the oilfields of the almost sixty per cent of the national AIR MAIL duties and bear our- - This means giving PASSENGERS to our so Middle East remained outside Hit- ler's income for war. I selves that if the British Empre and ' grasp. up all luxuries and many necessities AIR EXPRESS its Commonwealth last for a thou a drastic reduction; in the stand- ard Meawhile Britain was fighting sand years, men will still say, "This of living. The British income-ta- x another defensive war on the At- lantic I was their finest hour." rate always high, is imposing a against the fierce German History may well place that judg severe burden on the people. A submarine campaign. Again the ment on the story of Dunkirk and married man with two children in Germans failed in their objective Changes the Battle of Britain which follow earning $2,400 a year now pays to cut Britain off from her Empire ed. The immediate task was to about $480 in income taxes, as com- pared and the United. States. rescue 350,000 men the shattered with "the American of similar remnants of the British and French In the past year the British have income who pays $6.00. Under ex- isting Schedule made daring Commando raids on it is virtu- ally armies, from the beaches of Dun rates in Britain, ; the German-hel- d coasts of Norway have kirk. Bv June 4 the job was done., impossible for-anyon- e to and France. Small bands of highly The next job was to prepare more than $20,000 left after paying trained infantry and parachutists his Vancouver -- Whitehorse matter how large against a Nazi invasion. That sum-Im- er his taxes, no the counterpart of our own (United "stripped British are of 1940 Britons worked as they income. The Marines have surprised has (Daily except Friday.) Lad never worked before. Their States) for action," as Lord Halifax factories had to replace the vas., German garrisons, blown up docks said. '. NORTHBOUND arid oil tanks and other installat- ions quantities of weapons 'w,d equip During the year in which Britain Lv Vancouver. . 10 a. in, ment left on the fields and beaches and made off with prisoners. and her Empire faced the Nazi A r. Whitehorse. 7 p. 111. of Flanders. Britain had to be con- verted Although the campaigns in Nor- way, world alone, her island became a into a fortress to repel inva France, Greece, Creteand haven for the free governments in SOUTHBOUND down Malaya ended in' tragic defeat, Brit- ain from con- quered Lv. Whitehorse ..7 a. m. sion. Road signs came ; pill exile and the fugitives boxes went up. The cliffs and today is immeasurably stronger nations whose sole idea was Ar. Vancouver. . .5.0 p- - m. f beaches became a maze o jji at home than ever before, after two to go on with the battle against the wire and gun emplacements. The and one-ha- lf years of war during Axis. Following in the footsteps of Edmonton - Whitehorse j British had little time. On August which she .has borne the brunt of Benes and the Czechs came the re- presentatives (Daily except Friday) 3 the Germans began intensive dayl- ight the battle on many fronts. of Free Poland, Free. raids on England the ''soft Britain's armies have fought ten Norway, Free Holland, Free Bel- gium, NORTHBOUND ening up process preliminary 10 campaigns and garrisoned strategic Free France, FreeLuxem-bourg- , Lv. Edmonton -- 12.4 p. in-Ar- . invasion. Their objects were, of bases such as Iceland, Malta, Gib- raltar, Free Greece, and Free Yugo- slavia. Whitehorse ....7 p. m. course, to demoralize roduction India, and the Middle East. All found refuge in London, and civilian life, and to drive the Britain's fighting forces have suf- fered where they pooled their remaining SOUTHBOUND RAF out of the skies over Britain. 183,500 casualties seventy-on- e resources in the service of the Un- ited Lv- - Whitehorse --.- .7 a. m. Ar. Edmonton . . . -- 5 in. In both of these objectives the Nazis per cent of all. the Empire dead Nations. p. failed. and wounded. Britain became the training ground Direct connections at White- horse The Battle of Britain, the greatest Britain's Navy, with never less for the free legions of all these for' Fairbanks, Alaska, air battle in history, lasted from than 600 ships at sea, has sunk 5,-250.- 000 countries. Polish and Dutch fliers. and at Edmonton with T. C. August 8 to October 31. It cost the tons of enemy merchant Czech, Belgian, and French soldiers, A. for points south. Germans 2,375 planes destroyed in shipping with losses of only one Norwegian, Greek, and Dutch sea- men daylight alone, and many more at half of one per cent of these con- voys. all found their chance to serve The above schedule remains until further notice- - in force day, September 15, Britain. ' night. On one freedom in 185 German planes were brought Britain's Air Force fought and In her long history Britain has For Full Flight Information down over England. The Battle of of European Consult won the greatet air battle in history: fought a succession Britain cost, the British 375 pilots its 'Coastal Command has flown tyrants among them her own J. A. Barber killed and 358 wounded; 14,281 civi- lians miles.' 1 1 T T AH1P VTV Nano-leon- . killed and 20,325 wounded. mare than5,000,000 workers pro- duced, Wilhelm II, and Hitler. That great j J WIIITEIIORSE Britain's factory But production went on. Thir today, ji war fin-- tradition is being carried on in 1941, twice as many v-a- s because British wovkers soon WIIITEHORSE YUKON FRIDAY, JULY 31st, 1942 THE WHTTKHORSE. STAR, PAGE SIX m v. AT?TTJa COM'Y STOP CLEARING COMPANY MOVEMENT ON FOOT MILITARY POLICE FROM TO HAVE R. C. M. V. ..... IV. THEATRE SOFTBALL TEAM WINS POLICE BRITISH COLUMBIA. WINNING STREAK IN II. FROM 18th ENGINEERS HARD-FOUGH- T GAME. Whitehorse ifukon IN THRILLING CONTEST, Rumor has it that there is a the Royal The 691st Clearing Company dia- mond Shows have movement on foot to Every The 691st Clearing Company soft- - aggregation nosed out the 18th Canadian Mounted Police take over ball team gave the Military Police Engineers in a thrilling ourteen in- ning Brit- ish of the province of the policing Night their first defeat of the season in an official game last Thursday evening by Columbia but, as yet, no extra inning game played at Sport's -- Field forthcoming on the score of 13-1- 2. Pitchers Hoettal (Except Sundays) comment has been last Sunday when they scored of the 18th and Bargel of the Med- icals Pictures changed thrice Weekly. one run in the eighth to win 6-- 5. ! the matter and 1 went the route for their re- spective See Bulletin Board for Particulars. Ontario, Quebec At present Marion Barge) of the Medicals, teams and it was Bargel British Columbia are the only three GARY COOPER P.'s of the M. J and Lefty Roanhaus Dominion who who scored the winning, run for the the in provinces RAY MILLAND locked horns in a thrilling pitchers j Matthews men. battle in which Bargal gave up only ! maintain their own police forces. The score stood at eight all at the ROBERT PRESTON Those supporting it do so on econom . in - SIX nils wane ivwiiwuuo end of the seventh and remained the ; to ical grounds but it is pointed out, on two more. The Medics got away both until the tenth when that the provincial same BEAU GESTE lead in the first inning the other hand, a three run sides tallied once then there was no duties of other and Bar-ge- l, police perform many on hits by Dodo Derosiiers but in the in the eleventh scoring character such and Saturday provincial Friday VaneUi and a line a purely a walk by scored twelfth both teams again single to left by Norman Langer as acting deputy mining recorders, and in making the count ten all. In the An outstanding picture. Don't miss tax collectors and registrars 1 ol lowed up by a wild throw to . thirtenth frame the hard playing V:.-- -: seeing it.";: Catcher Stock which let in partially settled districts represent third by each rTTggTglgTWYTXWgTZITTTN rivals crossed the plate twice and Vanelli. Derosiers almost every phase of government both Langer entered the fourteenth and as they various extraneous in the third inning service. These tallied again functions it is pointed out would not the score was tied at a dozen a SUBSCRIPTIONS NOW DUE to second on a after walking, going be performed by the R. C. M. .P. piece. Marion Bargel began the in passed ball and came on Langers doube to frame with a screaming the civil service and consequently With the second hit of the game. with two out driven and was increased. center would have to be greatly 4- -0 in favor of the 691st, score now the M. P.'s came back in the fourth It is pointed out that it is not a de- partmental home by Joe Matthews single for the decisive run. LANTERN but of matter one pro- vincial to score twice on hits by Preece, for four Wodjewodka got three as and Phelan. dauntless police. Stock, TT3jg&, lid Bob Saffer to lead the winners -- Military Police then proceeded to batting attack and they were fol- lowed tie the old ball game up in their half ATLIN NUGGETS by Norm Langer, Joe Mat- thews, LECTURE of the fifth as Adrian and Beeman Marion Bargel, and. Second scored on Booth's liner to center. .Mr. Roy Turner, of Messrs. Louis baseman Cranna with two safeties Second baseman Vanelli of the Schulz Ltd., is at present in White- -j each. Strauss, Moe, Beeman, and the on Medics got his second blow of the horse on a business trip. Smokey garnered two blows apiece game off Roanhaus to open the for the losers and f accounted for sixth and was driven home by Man- ager Mr. Ross Peeblet, who has been seven runs between them. Third YUKON Joe Matthws pinch single to in Whitehorse for several days on a baseman Sims also scored twice. right. Cpareribs Visiglia who had business trip, returned home Wed- nesday. The score by innings: walked ahead of Matthews should 18th Engineers R H have scored also but he hestated be- tween 0 0 0 1 0 4 3 0 0 1 0 1 2 0 second and third until it was Born at St. Andrew's Hospital a 12 13 CHRIST CHURCH too late. Coach Ariel Hansen's boys baby daughter to Mr., and Mrs. Bob 691st Medicals tied the score again in a thrilling Campbell (nee Miss Jean Gairns). 0 0 1 2 5 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 2 1 , WEDNESDAYS last half of the seventh in which Both mother and baby are doing ' 13 15 2 there was action aplenty. Hansen, fine. The batteries: and first up, worked Bargel" for a base 18th Engineers Hoetal and Smith on balls and then Shortstop Adrian Her many friends will be pleased FRIDAYS 691st Medicals Bargel and Saffer connected with a fast ball and drove to hear that Mvs. Albert Norman it deep into center field for what who left recently for, Whitehorse to their heads to pay Vic Stevens a at 8 P. M- - appeared to be an easy home run under-g- o an appendictomy operat- ion, visit at Taku Central. We believe but suddenly from out of nowhere is now making very satisfactory it was Vic's birthday. After spend- ing Johnny Logan who had cross- ed broke down and, after nearly being came recovery. the day and being well enter- tained the road on a ten yard jaunt to v'" by a splendid host, they left shipwrecked, Atlin was reached his rear to leap high into the air and A party of twenty-fiv- e of the in two boats in the evening for At- lin. about 3 o'cock in the morning of the spear the ball. This sensational, al- most Atlin Community Club took it in Both engines of the boats next day, unbelievable play of Logan's - saved thegame for if he had not made the catch the two runs would have won it for the M. P.'s. Hansen, however went on to tie the score on mmmmm .Mm Wall's hit but that was all his team V.V.VW couiu ao ai ma; ume. trucner car-g- el got his first hit of the contest to ' f-,- - open the eighth and eventually scored the winning run on a hit by Langer. The losers tried va1 ently to even the score again in their half iff s"- - of the eighth as Stock got assfar as third with one out but Phelan pop- ped up to the infield ad Roanhaus took a terrific cut ai one of Bargel's' curves for 'the third strike and the 4 final out of the game. The score by innings: 691st Medicals R H E .3 0 1 0 0 1 0 16 8 1 Military Police I 0 0 0 2 2 0 1 05 6 3 .sw.- - The Batteries: .1 691st Medicals Bargel and Hoi. Military Police Roanhaus and U. S. ARMY CHIEF OF STAFF INSPECTS BRITISH ARMOURED DIVISION Stock. General George Marshall, Chief of Staff of the United States Army, visited London in April for FOR SALE Lady's travelling trunk discussions with Mr. Churchill and British Service Chiefs on the" subject of "carrying the war to the Large Eveleigh 40x23x15. Practic- ally enemy." He revealed that by mid-194- 2 the U. SvArmy will be raising four Divisions (about 150.000 new. $45.00. H. Reed, At- lin. men) a month. Picture shows: Mr. Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister and General Marshall, B. C. Chief of Staff of the U. S. Army inspecting a Guards Armoured Division "somewhere England." FRIDAY, JULY 31st, 1942 THE WHITEHORSE STAR, . WHITEIIORSE. YUKON PAGE SEVEN m m " " " ' ' " 'r : .. . ! . , feet on each side of the base line. Registration of any document $2.00 When $500.00 has been expended Other claims shall not exceed five Recording an abandonment $2.00 or paid the locator may, upon hav- ing hundred feet in length by one thou- - If it affects more than one claim-- r- . a survey made, and upon com- plying sand feet in depth. Claims shall be For each additional claim ..... $1.00 with other requirements, ob- tain as nearly as possible rectangular in Abstract of Title a lease for a term cf twenty-on- e form and shall be marked by two For first entry ................ ...... $2.00 years with the right to renewal of Mining Law legal posts, one at each end of the For each additional entry ....... .50 for further terms of twenty-on- e Synopsis claim, numbered "1" and "2" re-- For copy of Document years. Claims located prior to July spectively. Location posts of creek . Up to 200 words ..... .. ....... $2.50 7, 1917 may upon fulfilling similar Yukon Territory claims shall be placed on the base For each additional 100 words .50 requirements, be Crown Granted. line, and of all other claims parallel For grant of water- -to Leases, renewals of leases, and the base line, and on the side of For 50 inches or less $10.00 documents relating to leased claims the claim nearest the creek or river For 50 to 200 inches $25.00 shall be recorded with the Mining Any person eighteen years of age towards which it fronts. For 200 to 1,000 inches ....... $50.00 Recorder in triplicate. Or OVCi Miau uavv b" - , ' For each additional 1,000 inches Schedule of Fees A discoverer shall be entitled to a and mine prospect upon any locate, thereof $50-0- 0 fractlon or claim ............ $10.00 Recording claim 1,500 feet in length, and a every lands in vested uic in i un.uii the Crown iwiiiwj, or party of two discoverers two claims, QUARTZ MINING For a substitutional record ... $10.00 whether for the minerals defined each of 1,250 feet in length. Application for a lease : . . $10.00 otherwise, ". ' - . . . Subject to the boundaries of other For a certificate of improve- ments in the Yukon Quartz Mining Act The boundaries of any claim may claims in good standing at thetime ; 5.00 and the Yukon Placer Mining Act, be enlarged to the sizeof a claim 0f its location, a mining claim shall If recorded within 14 days after with certain reservations set out in allowed by the Act, if the enlarge- - - be rectangular in shape and shall expiry date ....... ...... $5.00 the said Acts. ment does .not interfeie with the not exceed 1,500 feet in length by If after 14 days and within rights of other persons or terms of 1.500 feet in width, three months , $15.00 shall enter for mining No person any agreement with the crown. If after three months and with- in purposes or shall mine upon lands Every Claim shall be marked on six months $25.00 owned or lawfully occupied by an- other An application for a claim may be the ground by two legal posts, one Recording certificate of until adequate security has filed with the Mining Recorder at eacn extremity of the location of work every ... $5.00 been furnished to the satisfaction of within ten days after being located line, numbered "1" and "2" respect- - For a certificate of partnership $5.00 the Mining Recorder for any loss or if within ten miles of the Recorder's ively On the side of No. 1 post Recording assignment, abandon- ment, damage which may be thereby office. One extra day shall be al-- facing No. 2 post shall be inscribed ' affidavits, or any other caused. lowed for every additional ten miles the name of the claim, a letter in-- document .... $2.50 or fraction thereof. A claim may be dicating the direction to No. 2 post, Where claims are being located If document affects more than located on Sunday or any public the number of feet to the right or additional situated more than on one claim, for each which are " holiday. left of the location line, the date of . . $1.00 claim hundred miles from the Mining Re , . location and the name of the locator. corder's office, the locators, not less Any A person having recorded j j a luttiU,J11 . For granting period of six t On No. 2 post, on the side facing No. i u 11 u i w" u months within which to re- cord than five in number, are authorized claim shall not have the right to lo-- . ., , a orv,j the name . 1 post, shall be inscribed meet and appoint one of their cate another claim 1 in the valley n or - 1 v"01 0 $4.00 to , . . , .... . of the claim, the date of location, UA c abstract of the record of For number as emergency recorder, basin of same creek within sixty , , . an , . , and the name of the locator, t x claim: who shall as soon as possible deliver days of locating first claim. a hp annlieation and fees received to The claim shall be recorded with- - For the first entry $4.00 the Mining r Recorder for the District. Title in fifteen days if located within ten For each additional entry .. .50 Any person having complied with miles of the mining Recorder's of-- For copies of any document re- corded II two or more .persons own a be al- - where same do not shall the provisions of the Act with res fice; one additional day each such shall contri- bute exceed three folios , $4.00 claim, person additional ten mles pect to locating and recording a lowed for every to his interest such exceed three Where copies proportionately claim shall be entitled to a grant 0r fraction thereof. . to be done 30 cents folio for to the work required folios. per for one J year and shall . have the ab- - . , . . rt thereon, and when proven to the solute right of renewal from year Adioinine Acrjoining. claims not exceeding every folio over three. Gold Commissioner that he has not 7, .x -- j j j r. eieht eieIU in number may j be grouped, For recording a power of at- torney provided during to year thereafter, irnru done so his interest may be vested e necessary resentat.o" work to stake from one be each year he does or causes to in the other , co-own- ers. done $200.00 worth of work of the".- - claim may Jn, Z person . $4.00 i "e r more of the For recording a power of attor- ney claim, files with the Mining Recor-- .." of claim made by a The survey a the group. to stake from two per- sons Dominion Land Sur- veyor der within fourteen days after the duly qualified . $tf.oo defining expiration of the claim an affidavit Every application for a full claim accepted as shall be For , recording an assignment or showing a detailed statement of the Form "A" and for absolutely the boundaries of the snall be made on other document relating to a claim surveyed, provided the survey work, and pays the required renewal a Fractional claim on Form "A-l- ". quartx-jninin-g lease $3.00 is approved by the proper authori- ty fee. locate Rental, whole- - or fractional min- eral NO is entitled to and remains unprotested during GROUPING person claim granted . under than one claim in the same more the period of advertisement. lease for term of 21 years. . $50.00 conditions claims mining district within twenty days, Under certain Rental for renewal term of 21 A person about to undertake a be grouped and the work re-- is claim ...... may The timber on a mineral years . .. $200.00 bona fide prospecting trip may se- cure to entitle quired to be performed reserved untn the Mining Recorder Dredging from the Mining Recorder renewals of to the owner or owners the same is required written permission to record at his the several claims grouped may be certifies that mining operations on the A lease may be issued for a per- iod six months. m of fifteen for a continuous within of years claim own risk a performed on any one or' more Commissioner, however, The not exceeding ten river stretch of stand four feet the claims in the grouping. If the isj.ue permit to holders of must a A legal post m miles in length giving the exclusive owned by more squared or faced claims grouped are tQ remove the timbers and above the ground, right to dredge for gold, silver inches and than one person a partnership ,.n their mining operations for the upper eighteen and platinum. The lessee must have at four inches across the agreement creating a joint other timber .g not readily the measuring the part of all least one dredge in operation on liability on several The post must be .available faced portion. of leasehold within three years. working the owners for the joint firmly fixed in the ground. the claims shall be executed and Title Petroleum and Natural Gas shall be deem- ed Recorder. A lease may be issued for a per- iod Priority of location filed with the Mining complied with Any person having for an area of right. Cer- tain of twenty-on- e years to convey priority Taxes and Fees , , of the Act with re-Roy- alty be heard and de- termined the provisions of not to exceed 1,920 acres giving disputes may Board of Arbitrators. at the rate of two and gard to locating and recording a the right to the petroleum and nat- ural by a it for of claim shall be entitled to hold A rent- al per cent, on the value gas on the area leased. one-ha- lf Grants of claims grouped or own- ed an gold shipped from the Yukon one year from the date of the record is charged of 50 cents per acre by one person may be made re- newable Territory shall be paid to the Com- - and thereafter from year to year, for the first year and $1.00 per acre on the same date. er "pr provided during each year he does for each subsequent year. frant to be done work on the vnr to a claim for or causes Assay Office PLACER MINING nnf . $10.00 claim to the value of $100.00 and vea Is maintained by Office after the An Assay within fourteen days water shall, Creeks means any natural For renewal of gran- t- .the the Government at Vancouver, course having an average width of if renewed within 14 days expiration Recorder of the that year the satisfy work has where gold exported from the Ter- ritory 'less than one hundred and fifty feet after expiry date $10.00 Mining Certificate will be purchased at its full the done, and pay between its banks. If- - after 14 days and within 3 been dollars value. nL $30.00 of Work fee. One hundred five mon" '"'" G. A. JECKELL, Creek claims shall not exceed , in lieu of assessment j within 6 mnv may hp oe naid pam ncu measured If after 3 months and Controller. hundred feet in length, $45 00 work' months along the base line, by one thousand Local Happenings tt KEEP COOL " Dr. and Mrs. E. . C iloodiess oi Dr. M." Franks expec'.s .to be leav- ing through here last for Dawson by plane on Tues- day. Drinks : Dawson passed Fruit Juices Most Refreshing week-en- d en route CMiside. During Hot Weather Mr. George Simmons, president of Mr.-- G. A, - We understand that Ltd. of Carcross, Airways Northern Territory, FRUIT JUICE RASPBERRY Jeckell, Controller of the GRAPE spent a few hours in town yester will arrive in town next week in day on a business trip. ORANGE JUICE LOGANBERRY his official capacity. APPLE JUICE LEMON AND Mr. T. Kerruish left this week and his wife and General Iloge with a crew of men for Teslin LIME JUICE ORANGE SYRUP. Mrs. Pettit, wife of Major Pettit, where an air-fie- ld is about to be left on a trip to Dawson aboard the constructed. str. Whitehorse Sunday. TRY THE NEW KOLA SYRUP FOR ICED DRINKS Miss Turgeon, until recently on Mr. T. ChiUcott arrived in town the clerical staff of the P. R. A., left this week from Vancouver on busi- ness Lemon Powder in Bulk. yesterday morning for her home in connected with airport con- struction Prince Rupert. work now being carried out in the Territory. offici- als High ranking government from Washington, D. C., were in TAYLOMDRlRYLtd Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Daily and fam- ily town for a few days this week on arriived on " the str. White-hors- e official business. Saturday en route for San where they will make Francisco Mr. McLean, head of the civil their future home. aviation branch of the Dept. of Transport was in town this week in Mrs. Landers and her two young an official capacity. Children are expected to arrive home this week-en- d from the prair- ies Rt. Rev. W. A. Gcddes, Bishop of where they have, been spending Yukon, was in town last week and the part, few months. left Sunday night on the str. White- horse wmM -.-- K. u 11 ivy 1 11 u?i for his home in Dawson. , Mrs. L. A. Chappell and her two children Peter and Judith, ax you , Mrs. A. E. Yeulet and her young are leaving on a vacation trip to daughter, Vimy, arrived from Daw- son Dawson and will in all probability on the str. Whitehorse Saturday be away from home for the next for ha indefinite period. "It is month or so. understood Mr. Yeiile: and the two boys will be arriving later on in the Mr? R. Greenslnre arrived back home Saturday on the str. White-hor- se fall. ' -- mm wmmms&mme;. - v-- r -- jmww l from Daws in where she had Having completed a most success- ful been on a vsit to relatives. Sergt. business trip and spendng th Greenslade has Uso now returned past few months in the Territory from the Gold City w hero he h::s Mr. E. A. Ball leaves Sunday on his been relieving fc the past several return trip to his home in Vancou- ver. weeks in the government radb-tej- V Here's hoping we'll have the gra ! i office there. , pleasure of welcoming him back to FOR SALE Raspberries; $3.50 a the north next year. crate. Shipped in paraffin cans. Mrs. E. Yeomens, Skagway, Al- aska. His many friends in the north were pleased to again welcome Mr, F. M. Burns, Dominion Customs In- spector FOR SALE Household goods in- cluding of Vancouver, who arrived sink, 8-d- ay clock, lamps, back in town yesterday after an of- ficial dishes etc. Also Disston steel trip to Carcross and Atlin. Mr miter box and saw. Apply Star Burns will be leaving for Dawson Office.. 30 tf. early next week. We are glad to hear that Mrs. Burns, who recently Christ Church-Anglica- n- under-we- nt a major operation is progressing very satisfactorily. THE OLD LOG CHURCH o '.. Whitehorse '. ATLIN Mn and Mrs. James Kershaw Rev. L. G. Chappell, L. Th. have arrived from Vancouver to Rector. spend the summer here. EVERY, SUNDAY At a birthday party given to Mrs. 8 30 a m. Holy Communion. Jack Tatten by her friends the an- nouncement of the engagement of 11.00 a m. Morning Prayer. their eldest daughter Nelda Eileen 7.30 p. m. Evening Prayer and Sermon. to Mr. Peter Spanos was announced. .The many friends here of Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Richards and family wish ' SACRED HEART to express their deepest sympathy in the sad loss of their son Cecil. Catholic Church OFFICIAL WEATHER RErORT Sundays: . t July Masses ........... 7.30 and 9.00 A.M. 23 Thursday , 68 44 High Mass .I............. 10.30 A.M. 24 Friday 73 42 CAPILANO BREWING CO., LTD., VANCOUVER, B.C. P.M. 25 Saturday 73 42 Benediction 7,30 . 26 Sunday 75 44 - This advertisement is not published or Week days: 27 Monday 63 42 Masses 7.00 and 730 A.M. 28 Tuesday 67. 50 displayed by the Government of Yukon Territory. Fridays: Benediction 7.30 P.M. 29 Wednesday 75 39 .. . , . D : . D