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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 27, Friday, July 3rd, 1942.

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Frc-- VTUL CIRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY Uf7 Vol. 42. No. 27 WHITEHORSE, YUKON, FRIDAY, JULY 3rd, 1942 Subscription $3.00 Year. CANADA CELEBRATES HER ' '' IJL WHITEHORSE BEARS SEVENTY-FIFT- H BIRTHDAY VICTORIOUS OVER V ITH "ARMY WEEK." ENGINEERS IN WILD GAME. Wednesday was the seventy-fift- h The Whitehorse Bears again anniversary of the Union of the proved that they can beat most any provinces of Canada. Three quart- ers team in this area, with the except- ion of a century ago the keystone of the 691st Medicals, as they for a United Canada was "well and outslugged the 29th Engineers soft-balle- rs truly laid" by the Act of Confederat- ion.1. to a 19-- 13 victory in a Wed- nesday ..v.; ; ' afternoon game This week is "Army Week" which Jimmy Tizhe who started the is being fittingly commemorated game for the Bears as pitcher was throughout the Dominion in honor given a five run lead in the first in- ning of those who today are safeguardi- ng but he didn't have his usual our freedom and national in- stitutions stuff and had to be relieved by John and all therein implied. Chalmers in the fourth with the The spirit which actuated "The score 10-- 7 in favor of the 29th. Fathers of Confederation" lives on Chalmers proved to be a good fire- man, and today is best exemplified by however, for he not only stop- ped those now serving with the Armed the Engineers four run rally, in Forces in various parts of the the fourth by fanning the next two world. God bless and prosper them batters but proceeded to set them abundantly wherever they may be. down with onlyj. two hits and two ' o ' runs in the last three innings. MILLIONS U. S. DOLLARS TO The match was a free, scoiring af- fair FINANCE BASIC METALS. throughout as theiKrge score indicates but would have been much In order to relieve a serious 6' closer and a much better game if ihortage of basic metals in Ameri- can Pitcher Bogner for the losers could wartime industries the Recon- struction have found the plate more often. He Finance Corporation has had. good stuff but was unable to control it. agreed to finance the development Henry Lamoureux and Walter and sub-margi- nal of marginal cop- per, zinc, lead and graphite mines in Piipkin played their usual good soft-ba- ll for the Engineers and their out- field Canada..'.'; CANADIAN SUPPLIES FOR BRITAIN. showed considerable improve- ment Canada is one of the largest pro with the addition of Loise in ducers in the world of these min- - Services center and Robinson in With right. erals and for sometime past has Taxation on Incomes, been shipping these base metals Commodities Heavily Increased. Income good, pitching this team might yet make itself known in local softball boh-- n the United States and Great And National Defence Taxes Are Combined circles. Britain. Catcher Bentson making his de- but As a result of this . . new . arrange-- T , u xj t t. ticIw Minictpr nf Finance. Dresented in t AJClot WCCXV tllV. livll V v,; f v j i with the Bears played an ex- cellent ment it is expected that new basic thg Hse of Commons the biggest budget in the history of Canada, game and. may be a valuable metal mines will be opened and ex- - Thrpp billion.nine hundred million dollars is to be raised in the com- - addition to their squad since Ian isting mines enlarged all over Can-8d- a rt tmo r rr moot tho pnvpmments "orieratine charges" of which lilg J COX 1J vv- - o w " ---- --- i w MacFarlane their regular catcher is and particularly in British Co- lumbia, millions is to be, raised amount one billion, six hundred and seventyTtwo unable to , play because of work. Ontario, Quebec and New by direct taxation on income and profits and indirect taxation on com- modities The score by innings: Brunswick. There is no reason why and services without striking at the necessities of life. Whitehorse Bears . R H E be in- vestigated also the Yukon should not as it is well known that Sharply increase:! income and nat- ional year on orders of the government 5 0 0 .2 4 5 3-29- th -- 17 13 7 some of these basic metals, especi- ally defence taxes are now to be and receive 2 percent interest on it Engineers quantities combined in one tax and where until the war ends. 0 2 4 4 0 1 2-- -- 13 9 7 copper, lies in large in the Southern Yukon awaiting de- velopment. possible are to be collected at the You'll pay more income tax The Batteries: The Mayo district also source.. The compulsory savings than you did last year in addition to Whitehorse Bears Tizhe, Chal is a fertile field in the estimation of plan calls for most of us to lend the the money you have to place in the mers, and Bentson in those government from $80 a year, up- wards, bank. 29th Engineers Bogner and Hoz-apf- el. those who have prospected matter according to our income, re- payable You'll pay one per cent more As a parts for years past,. after the war with 2rv in- terest national defence tax if you are sin- gle of fact Dr. Bostock is at the present time conducting a thorough in- vestigation An impo'-fp.- t item of this and two per cent if you are a pound more for manufactured to- baccos. into certain scheelite plan is the provision that payments married. Canadian raw leaf tobacco of in.o superannuation funds and life You'll obtain no income tax will cost you 10 to 20 cents more a behalf claims on Dutch Gulch in Government. insurance coverage is -- Jeductable deduction for. your children over pound and cigarette papers five to the Dominion It is pointed out that the terms of f;om the tax. the age of 18, because the "deduct-abl- e six cents more and cigarette tubes national de- fence age" has been reduced to that 10 to 12 cents a hundred more. the the arrangement are extremely elas- tic By combining income tax an unless the children are attending You'll pay 25 cents a month and can be extended to include and personal school university. tax on any 'extension telephones assessment is or you other strategic metals such as tung- sten entirely new system of 50 have in home and 10 to 15 that You'll pay approximately your per and vanadium. Gold, silver being adopted.'' It will ensure will be re cents more for bottled spirits with centmbre for the long distance calls income and other precious metals are ex- - no male person's , eluded. As smelting operations in duced lower than $660 and $1200 1 an added tax of $2 a gallon placed you may make. . . on it. You'll pay one cent more a Canada are now being worked to for those married. has been You'll receive only seven cig- arettes bottle for your favorite soda-po- p full all further production The excess profits tax capacity or 18 and chocolate bars and chewing the in a 10-ce- nt package, will be shipped to the United States raised to 100 f, but 20 fc of 'for total amount collected is to be re- funded in a 25-ce- nt , package in order to gum are going to come to an extra processing. provide the $2 a thousand tax ad- ded. cent each. As far as is being handled after the war; : The project You'll pay 25 percent more Metal Con- troller, taxation on commodities go here are through Mr. Bateman, You'll pay 25 percent more for practically everything in the and Wartime Metals Ltd., a a, few examples in a nutshell Dominion Government cerporation. You'll bank up to $300 a! for your cigars and 35 to 50 cents "luxury" class. X STAR, WHITEIIORSE YUKON FRIDAY, JULY 3rd, 1942 PAGE TWO THE WHITEHORSE loliday trips to famous summer re sorts in Canada and the United States or across the seas, will not -- Volom of th Yukon' be these who are now spending their quarters and dollars vith . An Independent Journal reckless abandc.n. The spending after the war will be conducted Published every Friday at largely by those who are now in- vesting all they possibly can in Whitehorse, On the Yukon Trail of Territory '98 Government war securities. The VVhite Pass and Yukon Route PAPER SHOWER The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to Member of Canadian Weekly We're giving Germany a paper shower. You'd be surprised to see Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska Newspapers' Association. how! many different articles made HORACE E. MOORE -- - Publisher of paper can be brought to a shower AIRPLANE SERVICE of this k'ind. One used envelope is transformed plane service, making connections northbound and south- bound Let us have faith that right makes : jnto a cartridge wad; 12 old letters with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, might; and in that faith let us to become a box to hold cartridges; 6 toe end dare to do our duty as we books, a mortar shell container; 2 V4 Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For information Lincoln. lbs. of waste paper make 448 wash understand it. apply to any ers for rifle grenades. Bren Lewis guns, 2 inch guns, W H I T E P A S S A G E N T, o r JULY 3rd, 1942 motars. Yjckers guns. Tommy' guns and ordinary' rifles are all now 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. using paper in ammunition. c ,In a single month the local auth- orities (0 SING AND LIKE IT of Great Britain have collect The Minister of Finance institut ed munitions. 100,000 tons of waste paper A Subscription to the Star is the best buy in- - Town. ed a new era in the economic af- fairs This record quantity was amassed of Canada when he presented by displaying to the public how the his budget in the House of Com- mons British industry turns the dustman's last week. A substantial in- crease waste paper into ammunition for in taxation was confidently the guns; chewing it up by hot re- volving anticipated but the introduction of knives, converting it into a compulsory saving is an innovation thick liquid in huge containers which will undoubtedly have a salu-tor- y which come out at last in long clean elfect upon those who still per- sist sheets of cardboard. in spending all they earn. On "The whirl-'i-gi- g of time brings the other hand those who have con- sistently about its revenge". New it is our practised thrift will no 1 turn to make our scraps of paper doubt welcome it as another avenue count. We are not forgetting the small amounts and thus for saving "scrap of paper" incident of 1914 creating an investment , which may when a solemn treaty with Belgium be extended indefinitely. Just as was regarded by the Kaiser' as of no mighty oaks from acorns grow so ' account. History is repeating itself. can a -- sound investment be built up After twenty-fiv- e years our scraps by saving small amouunts in the assume a more deadly form. ; first instance. It may take a little time for some people to grow accustomed to this Gems of thought compulspry means of saving but it will nevertheless have a tendency to make all live within their income PROGRESS and that most assuredly is a whole- some lesson well worth learning All that is human must retro- grade both from a national and individual if it do not advance. Gibbon. ij standpoint. I find the great thing in this The die being cast and the prin- ciples world is not so much where we Insist on PILSENER , 1 involved being just it is up stand, as in what direction we are MB' Lager Beer. Enjoy" I f . iiSfTT 1 III to us to view the matter sanely and moving Oliver Wendell Holmes. I 1 li jH the fine quality and Sjri govern ourselves accordingly. Intellectually, as well as politi- cally, the direction of all true pro- gress LOOKING AHEAD is toward greater freedom, and along an endless succession of ideas. It was the inimitable Charles Bovee. Lamb who divided people into two Let us labo rfor that larger com- prehension classes the . borrowers and the of truth, and that more lenders. Today people may simil- arly through repudiation of error, be divided into two groups. The which shall make the history of one group is spending money as fast mankind a series of ascending de- velopments. as they get it. The other is practis- ing Horace Mann. thrift and 'salting down" all " : 0 -'- . they can possibly save in War Sav- ings TEMPERATENESS Certificates and Stamps. The temperate are the most truly As v. ar production ' increasingly luxurious. By abstaining from curtoils the manufacture of many most things, it is surprising how peacetime commodities the spend- ing many things we enjoy. William group is finding it more difficult Gilmore' Simms. ta buy expensive articles. There is The golden rule in life is moder- ation one; conclusion which may be safely in al things. Terence. drawn from such a set-u-p and one Temperance is the firm and mod- erate certain prediction which may be dominion of reason over pas made in "the circumstances. When sion and other unrighteous impulses the war is terminated and peace is of the mind. Cicero. 'declared those who will be purchas- ing Moderate desires constitute a new furniture for their homes, character fitted to acquire all the rev errs, electric washing mach- - good which the world can yield. This advertisement is not published or ines. radios and the like, or taking Timothy Dwight. displayed by the Government of Yukon Territory. FRIDAY, JULY 3rd, 1942 THE WIIITEII0R8E STAR, WHITEIIORSE YUKON PAGE THREE TABLE SHOWING AT A GLANCE . .: PROPOSED NEW TAXATION. (Amount shown in even dollars r simplicity.) SINGLE PERSONS, WITHOUT DEPENDENTS (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) 700 35 15 20 20 40 850 57 1 58 58 116 1,000 ' 87 5 92 . 80 172 U0 0,',ft' 1,250 162 5 167 100 26? 1,500 217 30 247 120 " 367 1,750 273 58 331 -- V 140 471 2,000 340 101 441 160 601 9 Th at rubber 2,500 475 151 626 200 826 3,000 622 202 824 ' 240 1,064 stamp means 4,000 955 319 1,274 320 1,594 jve .can say Canada's cotton textile in- dustry 5,000 1,332 396 1,728 , 400 2,128 is 11 times ahead of its war pro- duction 7,500 2,400 570 2,970 COO 3,570 "it 10000 3,600 712 4,312 : 800 5,112 records of 1914-1- 8. MARRIED PERSONS, WITHOUT CHILDREN The industry is delivering about 215.000,-00- 0 1,250 50 25 25 25 40 1,300 65 15 50 50 100 .yards a year of aircraft fabric, 1.500 ,76 34 109 108 217 ammunition pouches, anti-ga- s cloth, 1,750 125 36 161 160 321 camouflage netting, parachute 2,000 175 56 231 200 431 gun covers, . 2,250 225 91 316 225 541 webbing, powder bags, uniform cloth, web 2,500 275 126 401 250 651 equipment and other essential materials. 3,000 400 184 584 300 884 4,000 675 289 964 400 1,364 5,000 1,000 387 . 1,378 500 1,878 Dominion Textile is proud to have a part 7,500 1,965 555 2,520 750 3,270 in this. We also wish to report that our 10,000 3,080 682 3,762 1,00 4,762 plant employees are earning 28 more MARRIED PERSONS, WITH 2 CHILDEN per hour than in 1939, and we pay 5.4 1,250 22 6 16 16 32 times more in taxes than the total paid in 1,300 , 25 7 18 17 35 dividends to our several thousand share- holders. " 1,400 30 9 21 21 42 1,500 35 10 25 24 49 1,750 . . 4C 5 53 52 105 2,000 60 47 107 108 215 2,250 73 90 163 162 325 DOMINION TEXTILE COMPANY LIMITED 2,500 115 102 217 , 218 435 3,000 215 119 334 334 668 MONliiEAL - - - CANADA 4,000 450 218 668 ' 480 1,143 5,000 735 327 1,062 600 1,662 7,500 1,637 517 2,154 900 3,054 10,000 2,710 636 3,346 1,200 4,546 (1) Amount Income. , (2) Tax at Present Rates. ,.. (3) Proposed Increase in Tax Alone. (4) Tax at Proposed New Ra'e. " (5) Refundable Portion or Minimum Savings Requirements. (6) Total I.E New Tax Plus Refundable Portion or Minimum Sav Yu kon Electrical Company, Ltd, ings Requirement. ' RATES ' Will be pleased to consult On first $500 of net taxable income 30 On the next additional $50033. you regarding On next $100037 and on next $1500 41 Light, Power. Supplies and Installations CLEARING COMPANY WINS drove Dodo Derosiers across the EIGHTH IN ROW FROM plate with a hit to right for two Y. T. bases and it was the last cf the WHITEHORSE, WHITEHORSE BEARS. third before Gordon's triple and Spidles' ground hit to short could Sergeant Matthews' 691st Clear tie the score. The Bears went into ing Company (Medicals) softball the lead in their half of the fourth Reardon hit the second pitch into p11 the way across the read and toward the crowned Norm as the hero of th j straight team won it's eighth consecutive long right field home run. by center field on a waiting hands of Bill Johnson but day by scoring four tallies and put- ting game from the Whitehorse Bears Jack Chambers but the dauntless back in the fate seemed to be on the side of the the old ball game away lor his when it downed the Bears in a hard Medicals came right to make team. . Bill proceeded Medics so to regain the lead. two fifth for runs fought game at Sports Field Sunday scoreless and as the his first mistake of the, day and let The Locals made an effort to get evening by a score of 10-- 4. The sixth went was into its seventh inning the ball bounce off his glove and by back in the running in the ast two game the throw to the infield men weie innings by scoring two runs and Ths tussle was not as easily won the score was 3-- 2 for the Matthews base twice but at Derosiers the time he had recovered and mad-o- n getting runners on and by the Medics as the large score men with boh Cooper second and third. Wodjewodka best it was only an anti-ciim- ax to down and doing a swell job. seems to indicate for until the sev- enth bearing for the waited out a base on balls which the seventh frame. ;. Kacynski first man up inning it was anybody's , ball 691st in the seventh "grounded out to packed the bases for Norman Mc- Namee. The score by innings: game. George Cooper pitched fine Gordon and Cranna popped up to Mac had already disting- uished 691st Clearing Company R H E ball for the losers until the fatal Powell for the second out. Derosiers himself earlier in the game 1 0 0 0 2 0 4 0 310 9 3 seventh when the timely homerun then hit a weak p p fly which by making a spectacular one hand- ed Whitehorse Bears hit by Norman McNamee with the either Pitcher Cooper or First Base- man leapiing catch of Spidle's long 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 1 4 8 4 bases full cinched the victory. Handford . could have easily drive to center in the fifth. The but The Batteries: . first pitch was a called strike w The came opened with Cooper for handled for the final out of the in- ning thenext two were balls. McNamee 691st Clearing Derosiers anl the Bears and Derosiers for the but the boys got their signals fouled off two good balls and on the Pinkham. ball the mound chores. crossed and both tried for Whitehorse and Cham- bers. Medics handling the next one he connected for a mighty Cooper base . lead in the which resulted in making a The Medics took the smash to left field which trcvelec Rebel Gus opening inning when Gus Reardon runner out of the batter. YUKON FRIDAY, JULY 3rd, 1942 PAGE FOUR THE WHITEHORSE STAR WIHTEHORSE TYYYYTTTTXXXXXXiriXXXXXXXJ MAYO BUILD WESTERN PAYROLLS" Trappers Dewhurst and Connolly arrived in town last Week. A PATRON Djck Steeves left by plane for At-li- n, where he is to be employed by the McRae interests. FOR 8 ! ( x) Dr. Bostock and his crew left , JVAPORATEO Mayo June 22 for Dublin Gulch YEARS -- (jMl!, where they are going to do some real prospecting for scheelite. We will find lots of that that they hope We have a Intter froni up- -' country The writer states useful mineral. she has used "all kinds of Ed Burnell returned to Mayo canned milk" but Pacific, from Dawson on Saturday's plane. Milk , continually since she Ed. recently had an encounter with began it "because of , its a bear and his left arm was badly richness and flavor. That mauled. We are glad to welcome was eight years ago." Ed. back to town: It's only real - excellence that Arrivals by plane from White- horse could bring a milk a pre- ference during the past week were like this. Mr. and Mrs. Feathers of San Fran- cisco and Claude Bermingham. Mr. Pacific Milk Feathers is a representative of the Treadwell Yukon Corporation. IRRAOIATCD Of COURSE Miss Hilma Miller, former post- mistress at Mayo,, Y. T., was mar- ried in Edmonton, Alta., on June 13, vO Roy Hallin, R. C. C. S.. who went overseas and only recently returned SAVE TIME BY AIR io Canada. Mr. and Mrs. HaUin will make their home at Kingston for the present. V mm Tom McKay arrived in town AIR MAIL Tuesday morning from Keno. Ac- companying PASSENGERS Tom in his. Chev. pick- up AiR EXPRESS were Harry Colley, George Pot- ter, INLAND KXH , Walter Johnstone, Mike Tomoff, Frank White and Clem Sinyard. The cavalcade returned to Keno Wed- nesday Changes in The Beachcraft evening. paid an early "TlIE WAY I look at it is this. My boy visit to Mayo Wednesday morning, arriving from Dawson at 9 a. m. An enlisted of his own free will. He's got to do incoming passenger was Mr. C. A. without a lot of things he's been accus- tomed Schedule Carman on his annual spring visitl ihe plane returned to Dawson to to. I wouldn't feel right if I pick up a full load of passengers for Vancouver -- Whitehorse Whitehorse. couldn't go without something tool" The school closed Mayo was one Friday) week ahead of the annual summer "The least I can do is to work hard and (Daily except vacation due to the illness of the save. My kitchen, my shopping bag, my NORTHBOUND teacher, Mrs. A. Carthum. She and Lv Vancouver . . 10 a. m, John Hansen were transferred to work basket are the nearest I can get to Ar. Whitehorse. ... 7 p. m. the hospital in Dawson for 'medical SOUTHBOUND treatment. They left on Thursday's his battlefront. But I can buy War " fiv- - AVhitchorse . .7 a. m. plane. Savings Stamps and lots of them Ar. Vancouver.. 5.30 p- - m. The Hazel B, arrived in town Sunday morning, bringing the mail every week, so that he may have the tools Edmonton - Whitehorse and a small shipment of merchan- dise. Passengers on board were Mr. to win. And that's what I'm doing! How (Daily except Friday) and Mrs. Burt. Mr. Buri is on the Post Office staff in Dawson. The about you?" NORTHBOUND Hazel B. returned to Dawson im- mediately Lv. Edmonton 12.45 p. m-A- r. after discharging her car- go Whitehorse ....7 p. ni. with Mr. and . Mrs. Burt and W. Buy War Sarin gs Stamps from banks,, SOUTHBOUND Mervyn as passengers . ' post offices, telephone offices, department Lv- - Whitehorse .7 a. m. Wardie 'Nabob" Forrest arrived stores, druggists, grocers, tobacconists, book stores and other, retail stores. Ar. Edmonton -- 5 p. m. in Mayo on Saturday morning's plane from Dawson and C. A. Car- man National "War Finance Committee 12-- S Direct "connections at White- horse was an outbound passenger for for Fairbanks, Alaska, C Whitehorse; also an outbound pas- senger and at Edmonton with T. C. from Mayo was Malcolm A. for points south. Matheson who is going to reside in It pays to have all your PRINTING done at the STAR OFFICE- - The above, schedule, remains Whitehorse. Mrs. Matheson and until further notice- - young Gordon are leaving on the in force next boat. received the congratulations of their Hotel and in a few days expects to For Full Flight Information fellow townspeople. proced tc Dublin Guch to look over On the plane from Dawson Sat-ur- da 1 Consult was Corporal d'Easum return- ing Martin Maesich, an old timer in 1 he scheelite prospect?, in that vic- inity. Barber the Mayo district passed away on Mr. Cameron '. is connected J. A. to Mayo. Apparently Corporal Saturday in the Mayo Hospital. He with Ventures Limited d'Easum had'nt travelled enough WHITEHORSE that day as . that evening he took had resided in Mayo ' for over 20 Tom Burns was admitted to the path, to matrimony, being mar- ried years. Hospital Sunday morning. H;s to Miss Midred Lettner of Van- couver. Mr. D. Cameron, mining engineer, many friends wish him a speedy re- covery. poli and Egli, prospectors from The ceremony was per- formed was discharged from the Hospital on ' v the Roup, are at present in town. by the Rev. ,C. Williams. Thursday, where he had been con- fined St. Marv's Annual Sunday School Also a visitor to town from. Mayo The happy couple afterwards ad- journed with a severe attack of flu. He picnic was held at Five Mile Lake Lake, is Steve Arbutina. to the I. O. D. E. Hall and is at present staying at Mervyn's on July 1st Dominion Day. FRIDAY, JULY 3rd, 1942 THE WHITflllORSE STAR, fjIIITEHORSE. YUKON PAG 12 FIVE DAWSON IS FOR TRAVEL H. G. Menzies is at present a pat- ient in St. Mary's Hospital. DHOLE oilL WAY on a TCAMiHIPS COMMUNICATE "PRINCESS" Born on June 21 at St. Mary's Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. G. Dixon II UUVtk fcw Liner a daughter. J. Alexander of Sulphur C reek, VANCOUVER SKAGWAY to who has been a patient in the hos- pital VICTORIA or SEATTLE here for a few days, expects to Southbound Sailings return to the creek shortly. " . ' PRINCESS LOUISE . Mr. H. Wheeler, chairman of dir- ectors 6 The Dhole, fierce wild Monday, July a of the W. P.& Y. R. was in Monday, July 13 town last week on a short trip. '. dog of India, is remark- able Thursday, July 16 for its habit of hunt- ing Thursday, July 23 -- Monday, C. H. ' Chapman has returned to the tiger and other M -- im. July 27- - town from his trip into the Sixty-mi- le large wild animals in Connections at Vancouver with district. Commander-in-Chie- f of the United packs. Canadian Pacific Services: States Fleet. Frank Fridle and family of Sixty-mi- le Transcontinental A recent photograph from Amer- ica have been in town on a. hort Trans-Pacif- ic visit.'"' of Admiral Ernest J. King, Comma- nder-in-Chief Trans-Atlant- ic -- of the United States Fleet, who lias Tickets, " reservations and full Born June 6 at St. Mary's Hospit- al also taken ... and one of the finest ex-- . over the duties of Chief of particulars from to Mr. and, Mrs. Fred Cederberg, Naval amples of graphic description operations, from Admiral H. a son. .,.m Spark. is EATO N'S Catalogue. As L. H. JOHNSTON Admiral King first saw active ser- vice you look through the beauti- fully General Agent C P. R. as a Midshipman in the Spanish-Am- erican Mrs. J. Oxendale, Mrs. E. J. illustrated pages you'll Skagway Alaska Somerton, Mrs. J. Patterson and War. At the age of find that every item is pre- sented Mrs. Leland Fillrpre, all of Xorlhi 49, after having been captain of clearly and attractively Canadiaif Pacific Fork, were in town on a short visit warships for five years, he qualified that every line of printed last week. as a naval aviator. He has twice matter tells its story in a been awarded the DS.M. manner easily understood. No Born to Mr. and Mrs. H.- - V. G. effort has keen spared to make rTTTTITTIXTTTTTIIIIIIIIIi; Wheeler at St. Mary's Hospital on Charles J. Robinson, pioneer ' your shopping convenient and June 25th, a son. Mr. and Mrs. profitable. miner in the Yukonnd -- Alaska, ar- rived W.H. THEATRE Wheeler are spending the summer in town last Thursday fr m Shop from EATON'S Catalogues at Granville, the Sixtymile. x Whitehorse Yukon "STORES BETWEEN COVERS" Mrs. J. W. Stingle, who left here Runar Leonard West, who arrived T. EATON C&nw several weeks ago to visit her hus- band WINNIPEG CANADA Shows Every recently from Mayo and has since v. ho is mining on Upper Sixty-mi- le been under police observation dis- appeared river, has returned to town. last Thursday and is now Night being sought by the police. Mrs. A. M. Nordale, wife of the . for the Y. (Except Sundays) thawing superintendent Harold Logan and George Davis C. G. Co., Ltd., arrived home last are in the Hospital here suffering Pictures changed thrice Weekly. week from Vancouver where she from injuries sustained whilst rid- ing See Bulletin Board for Particulars. has spent the past year. Her a "bike" into town from Sul- phur SUBSCRIPTIONS NOW DUE daughters are attending school Creek. rgixxxxxxixsxxixxxxixixxii; there. jJ ' i KJ eii&fc' BWBm ACASE I - , CAPfLANO BREWINC COlTD VANC . j T0DAY I V VpRODUCTOF ASSOCIATED BREWERIES OF CANADA LIMITED This, advertisement is not published ot displayed by the Government of Yukon Territory - STAR WHITEHORSE YUKON FRIDAY, JULY 3rd, 1942 PAGE SIX Til E Will TE HORSE V Local Happenings . For $um i 7',T H IT rriiTPAM :ur. ana ivirs. moseitrj' ui famw" Mr. H. Clarke the Hardware Mer- chant left here by Y. S. A. T. plane lor of Atlin made a round trip bv Edmonton yesterday morning.- - plane to Whitehorse last week on a Ladies1 Slack Suits Lusiness trip. Mr. P. W. Forrest of Nabob fame New Shipment, latest styles and Colors a rri ved back in town this week. He. Mr. Bright, District' Engineer for expects to be winging south in the the P.R.A. arrived from the coast ar future. :;'.'V Ladies Sport Blouses f auirday on an inspection, trip and Cool and Colorful. left later for Fairbanks. Amone the nasseneers who left for Dawson Wednesday night on " LADIES: WRAP AROUND TURBANS Mr. and Mrs. , W. Cameron and board the str. Casca were Mrs. Du- - their two' daughters, Helen and rant, Mrs. Bernier, P. N. Blake, T. and Head Handkerchiefs. A large selection to choose from. Betty Jean, arrived from the coast Roberts and Mrs. Hagglund. on Wednesday's train and will be making their home here. Miss Lorraine Watson arrived back home from the coast Wednes A Beautiful range of LADIES HANDBAGS Mr. T. ChiUcott who was, in town day night to join the clerical staff of Up to the minute style. few an in- spection the U. S. Engineers, Trans-Cana- da last week for a days on trip of the local airport left Alaska Railroad office; by Y. S. A. T. plane on his return trip to the coast Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Donald of Dawson TAYLOR & DRURY Ltd arrived in town early part of this week and left yesterday for the Mr. George Sirnmons, president of coast, Mr. Donald was formerly Northern Airways Ltd., Carcross, employed in the hardware dept, of was in town Saturday. He is leav- ing the Northern Commercial Co., Ltd. RED CROSS DANCE TONIGHT OFFICIAL WEATHER REPORT shortly for California to taka in the Gold City. . June delivery, of two more planes for his It is gratifying to learn that all 25 Thursday 77 53 compary. Mr. Al. McKinhey having resign- ed the tickets for the Red Cross dance 26 Friday .... 67 44 his position on the staff of the 27 Saturday 63 38 Miss A How, teacher at the local tonight have been disposed of The Whitehorse Inn Cafe left yesterday 28 Sunday .. 59 38 public school left yesterday morn- ing for the coast to1 enlist in the Armed refreshments, we are informed, will 29 Monday .. 68 45 on a well-earn- ed vacation trip Forces. His many friends here wish consist of cold punch, sandwiches 30 Tuesday . .69 50 to the coast She will be returning him every success and the best of nd cookies made by local ladies in- -, July to her duties here in about " resume 1. IUCK. terested in the affair. 1 Wednesday 58 32 two months' time Mrs. Harold Dennison and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Jones (the Ron. Greenslade left on the good Dawson Hardware Co.) passed thro- ugh ship Casca Wednesday night on a here Wednesday night en route round trip to Dawson. Ron. Green-sad- e Official Opening home after spending the past three in at present relieving" in the months at the coast. They left on government Radio Telegraph office the str. Casca Wednesday night. in the Gold City. Saturday Messrs. King and Cameran, whose Mr. W. S. Thomson of Vancouver, FUR COATS LADIES' WEAR names throughout the Territory who are superintended the - last two War Electric Sill "familiar in . our mouths as house- hold Loan campaigns in the ' Territory, Muskrat Large Stock High words", arrived back in town arrived in town this week in con- nection Grade Ready-to-Wea- r Saturday by plane from Mayo and with the sale of War Stamps Squirrel Hudson Dresses, Hose, Seal Slips, then left for Atlin, B. C. They and Certificates. He left on the str. are leaving here for the coast Sun- - Casca for Dawson Wednesday night. I Coon Nightgowns, Etc day. MEN'S WEAR Nice Line Men's Suits, Overcoats Etc- - Miss Belle : Lethbridge of the FORSALE New "C" Melody Sax-apho- ne Whitehorse Inn Cafe left Tuesday Beautiful Selection Ladies and by Y. S. A. T. plane for Vancouver 1 at a bargain. Apply Star Gents Wrist Watches. Office. having been notified that her bro- ther was seriously ill. Latest, news Christ Church-Anglica- n- is that he is recovering. Belle ar- rived ALL AT VANCOUVER PRICES back here Wednesday night, week. THE OLD LOG CHURCH Whitehorse NEW EQUIPMENT FOR S. VANDT, - Main Street Rev. L. G. Chappell, L. Th. WHITEHORSE INN CAFE. Rector. This week handsome 'new solid maple tables were installed in the EVERY SUNDAY Whitehorse Inn Cafe which have 8 30 a m. Holy Communion. occasioned much favonrahlp M 10.00 a. m. Sunday School ment, A new bake shop is now 11.00 a m. Morning Prayer. I Fresh Butter neanng completion a 260 loaf bake 7.30 p. m. Evening Prayer and M oven having been installed this H Cured Sermon. and 0 " M Try BURNS' SUPPLYING LIQUOR TO M H Meats Shamrock Brand Granted Butter Eggs INDIANS 0MUST STOP. M Victor dePassmier, a Belgian who H SACRED HEART claims to have been around this dis Catholic Church trict for the past ten years, appear H N Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products ed before. H Stipendiary Magistrate J. M Sundays: Aubrey Simmons in police court M Masses ........... 7.30 and 9.00 A.M. Monday night charged with supply- ing M High Masi 10.30 A.M. liquor to an Indian. Hp was M M You Can Buy No Better" found guilty and fined. $100 M Benediction and 7.30 p.m. M J costs. U to the time of going to M Week days: press the fine . had not been paid. N M Masses 7.00 and 730 A.M. The Indian in M the case was fined M Burns & Fridays: Benediction ...7.30 P.M. $10 on a charge of being intoxic H Company Limited . N ated. tlllWiriTrTTTTTTrmilltlTTTTTITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTt