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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 29, Friday, July 17th, 1942.

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Frc-- aft CIRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY o Vol. 42. No. 29. WHITEHORSE, YUKON, FRIDAY, JULY 17th, 1942 it it if Subscription $3.00 Year. AFTER NINE STRAIGHT CANADAIAN PACIFIC LOSSES WHITEHORSE AIRLINES MOVING TO BEARS WIN FROM MORE COMMODIOUS 691st CLEARING COMPANY PREMISES ON FRONT ST (By Adrian P. Spidle) Canadian Pacific Airlines Ltd., The Whitehorse Bears finally have acquired the premises former- ly came through Monday afternoon owned by the late Capt. P. Mar- tin gnd administered a thrilling 4-- 3 de- feat on Front Street and are moving to their arch rivals, the 691st to their new location in the immedi- ate Medicals. Coach Joe Maithew s' future as soon as the necessary boys led the Bears throughout the alterations have been completed. game until the last half of the last For sometime past the accomod- ation inning when Jack Chambers made in their present quarters have himself one of the most popular been somewhat cramped with the men in town by personally deliveri- ng large volume of business the com- pany the fatal (blow, to the Medics in is now conducting at this fiie form of a mighty smash to deep point. The greater facilities made left center field far beyond the available at the company's new lo- cation- reach of "Spareribs" Visigiia and will be much appreciated by "Tar Bucket" Logan, with two men the staff and public alike. aboard.'"'-- ; ROYAL VISIT TO. CANADIAN TROOPS IN BRITAIN. Under new arrangements which The victory was made much have recently been made Mr.E. R.R. When the King and Queen paid a visit to Canadian troops stationed Field, of the Y. S. sweeter for the Locals because of Superintendent in England, they were shown many kinds of up to date equipment, in- cluding A. T. division of the the fact that they beat the Medics company's modern guns, and rode in one of the latest types of Bren Gun first-stri- ng hurler "Dodo" Deros-ier- s. operations between Edmonton and Dodo pitched a good game carrier. V the Yukon, is making his head- quarters Picture shows: The Queen exchanging a friendly word with one in Whitehorse for the fut- ure.' until the fatal seventh for until then of the Canadian soldiers during the royal inspection visit. he had allowed only one run thanks to poor base running by his oppone- nts. . '. , ' x PUBLIC MEETING MISS IDA DALE CONSCRIPTION BILL John Chalmers well deserved this APPROVED-VO- TE HELD AT DAWSON FORMERLY ON ST PAUL'S victory for the able Bear chucker WAS 158 TO 54. REGARDING NEW HOSTEL STAFF DAWSON. has had several games within his grasp , only to see , them lost by costl- y INCOME TAX. MARRIED AT COAST. " Last week the House of Commons errors made b-- his team mates aoproved second reading of a Bill but in this contest he received al- most A public meeting was held Sun- day We read in the columns of the which will permit the government, perfect support. Bus Bentson in Dawson for the purpose of Yukon Miner that Miss Ida M. Dale, by Order-in-Counc- Ii, to impose con- scription at Shortstop, Bill Gordon at Third, discussing the proposed new Income who. was formerly a member of the of man power for overseas John Chambers behind the bat and Tax regulations as they affect resi7 staff of St. Paul's Hostel, Dawson, service. The vote was 158 for and Jimmy Gentleman at the Keystone dents throughout . the Yukon Terri- tory was married recently ' to Mr. E. 54 against. The. Prime , Minister flayed flawless ball which made the Resolutions were passed and Stoddard. The ceremony wa sol- emnized stateed before . overseas conscript- ion Bears look better than at any time copies of same have been forwarded at St. Augustine's Church, was enforced the government this season. j to the Hon. J. Ilsley, Minister of Marpole, Vancouver. Mr. and Mrs. will ask parliament for a vote -- f The final thrilling inning of the Finance. It has been suggested that M. H. Jones of Dawson who were at confidence in the administration. fame began with the Local team a similar meeting be held in White-hor- se ;he coast at the time attended the The negative vote comprised forty-si- x trailing , by two runs and James at which the Dawson resolut- ions ceremony just prior to leaving for Quebec Liberals, two Quebec In- dependents Gentleman as first man up.. Jimmy j can be read and an effort to the north and stood as sponsors for and six C. C. F. mem- bers. proceeded to slap one of Derosier's arrange such a meeting is now be- ing the contracting parties. It was a pitches into right field for a single made. quiet ceremony followed by, a re- ception and then Pitcher John Chambers " at the Georgia Hotel in SEVERAL ATLINITES arrived in the batters box. John BIG INTERNATIONAL Vancouver. ATTEND LAST RITES ' ; ; LATE THOS- - MACHELL also connected with the ball for a SOURDOUGH RE-UNIO- N o-- - AT NEW WESMINISTER. sharp single to right driving Jimmy SEATTLE NEXT MONTH, FOREST FIRES RAMPANT to third. He took second on a IN WIDELY SEPARATED Word was ' received by the last threatened double steal as "Mac" A large and enthusiastic group of PARTS OF TERRITORY. Princess that the last rites for the McMurdo took the .first pitch for a Sourdoughs of the' Yukon and Alas- ka ' late Thomas Machell were conduct- ed strike. On the second offering Mac met at the New Washington at the lovely Forest Lawn new bunted down the third base line and Hostel in Seattle recently for the The extremely hot weather in the at New Westminster reached first when Wodjewodka purpose of making the necessary ar- rangements northern part of the Territory dur- ing cemetery where the remains laid to rest. were threw to Saffer trying to catch for the holding of what the past few weeks has been the Among the attending at the Genteman at the plate but Jim was promises to tje one of the biggest cause for forest fires being ignited many graveside were Mr. and Mrs. James a little too good for he slid under bBo and most successful International in the Dawson and Mayo areas as Kershaw, Mr. and Mrs. John Gar- rett, Saffer scoring a run. The count was Re-Unio- ns which is to be held in Se well as in Northern British Colum- bia Mr. and Mr. George Stevenson, now 3-- 2 in .favor of the 619st with attle August 14-- 15 and 16 next. It and the Peace River bloc. Mrs. A. Durie, Mrs. Ruth McKinnor, tin.-- . we out A ana 1 jacK T 1 - narnuers 1 ai 4- - 1- -4. uai, W is confidently anticipated there will One of the worst fires in the Ter- ritory and Mr. and . Mrs. Hans Nelson. John Chalmers on second and be a record attendance. is still raging up the Klon- dike Many other old friends arid neigh- bours Mac" McMurdo on first. The first and has already, it is reported, of the deceased. A lar.v.o two pitches "were balls but the third spread over an area of from fifteen number of floral wreaths were ;i 6 1 was just over the outside corner 0 1 0 2 0 0 03 to twenty miles. One of the govern- ment silent tribute to the high esteem in chichi is just 'where Jack lives to Whitehorse Vears road camps in the district was which the deceased was held. have them so SOCKO!. the ball 0 0 0 1 0 0 34 9 0 completely burned out whilst Oscar fame was over and the old adage, Batteries: Miller, an old-ti- me individual miner The United States army head- quarters If at first you don't succeed, try, 69 1st -- tearing Company: Derosiers had his cabin destroyed on Goring announced Tuesday that fry again" was proven to be true. and Saffer. Creek, a tributary of the Klondike, Major General M. W. Clark of New The core by Innings:, Whitehorse 1 Bears: Chalmers and and lost a year's supplies in the York is now in command of all R91st Clearing Company R O E Chambers. conflagration. , , American troops in Britain. PAGE TWO THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE, YUKON FRIDAY, JULY 17th, 1942 objective now in View is to secure, Jmt 4 1 mwxst far by the sale of War Saving Stamps and Certificates, small amounts 'Voice of the Yukon' which, with a little sacrifice on our part, can be diverted from the An Independent Journal channels through which they are Published every Friday at now being dispersed and utilized exclusively for war purposes. These mm small amounts, systematically col-- Whitehorse, Yukon Territory iprtpd will amount to a huge4 On the Trail of,'98 sum. The systematic collection of The VVhite Pass and Yukon Route these small amounts in all :' com- munities throughout the Dominion The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety arid Service to Member of Canadian Weekly becomes therefore a matter of para- mount Newspapers' Association. importance. Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska With this object in view plans HORACE E. MOORE -- - Publisher have been completed whereby local AIRPLANE SERVICE committees are now being organized makes in all communities throughout the plane service, making connections northbound and south- bound Let us have faith that right this Dominion who will undertake with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, let to and in that faith us might; systematic sale of War Savings tne end dare to do our duty as we stamps and Certificates in their re Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For information understand it. ' Lincoln, spective centres Such committees ' apply to any ' - 1 ' ' ,; ' ';' ' ' '" ' ' VilV act "for the duration" and all officers and members of same are WHITE PASS AGENT, or JULY 17 th, 1942 generously donating their services for the good of the cause. Such a 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. display of public spirit and service c S(0 is most commendable and worthy of THE PLOUGH ALL HANDS TO j the fullest support and co-operat- ion . nf tins trpnpral nnhlip. fxTxTT T T X x X X x X xxxxXx X X X X IIIIIIITIITiITTTTi XXXXXXXXTi The war is becoming more acute a : A The whole scheme is now about every day and its tragedy more to be put into operation. The course being poignant. More men are. Fresh 2k. Butter called to the Colours and thus is the being set and the need being urgent lei us an ncuus iu Cured war being brought more closely wiinngiy pui-u- m and the plough and each do our part in Try BURNS' Surh beine the cas sub Shamrock Brand Creatnfty Putter stantial increased production of all this gijeat national movement ever Meats Eggs classes of war material follows as mindful of the fact that upon us all individually, in the first place, de- ter a matter of course as well as a mat- - of urgency. ' volves the responsibility for up- -, Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products . holding our national tradition and For those of us not active service . . .. , .. ' of maintaining b the heritage . we now there are resting upon us grave re- - . ., , f. enjoy and that at the present time spons b hties which u are as equally J . . .. . . . . ' Canada- - is passing -- through the most urcunt and just as Important r(Qn) uinff being . , . , , . , , crucnal period m her history. Can No , complementary x to those w placed ior.0ri You Buy Better" upon the shoulders of all members -- o- now serving with the various bran- ches THE INDICTMENT Our of responsibility our Armed Forces. is the raising of Under the caption "54 Were Trait Burns & Company Limited. sufficient funds with which to fin- - ors" the following editorial appear ance Canada's part in the greatest ed m the July 8 issue of the Ed-w- ar IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITirilTTIIITTirTIl in the history of the world. It monton Bulletin: is, without doubt, tho greatest dial- - When seC0nd reading of the bill ' j oi a matter that was decided defi- - That was the dear intent of the which been . . lenge with we nava to amend the ' National Resources A 1 A tm mm plebiscite. That was the clear in- -, niieiy 31 ine pons. the outbreak ox r l:li onted since, Mobilization Act an amendment to tent of the amendment. All this constitutes treason, And v. ar. . permit conscription of Canadian tliey are traitors. Although the response of the Can- adian manpower for service ' o trseas All men in a democracy are en- titled public generally to previous was passed in the House of Com- - to their opinions. They are campaigns for raisin;; funds for nat- ional mons' last night, 46 Quebec Liberals, entitled, if they like, to believe the tllXXl IITTTTTTYTrTTTTTTITxi war purposes ha-- j been beyond two Quebec Independents and six will of the majority may be wrong. praise, and as far as the Yukon is C.C.F. members voted against it. But they are not entitled to oppose concerned truly magnificent, it It is hard to believe there are that the will of the majority. When they IV. II. THEATRE must be fully, realized that the high many traitors in the country. do so, it is treason. level , of response accorded in 'the It is hard to believe that 54 sup- posedly No matter what privileges Par- liament Whitehorse fukon J past to appeals for such funds will intelligent men, men sworn may extend to its members, not be sufficient to meet Canada's to uphold the constitution , and to it cannot exterri to them the pnvi-leg-e commitments for the future This Shows maintain their loyalty to the King of opposing the major ty will Every is the plain ungarnished, irrefut- able and People of should For the Canada,' so majority will is above even fact which must all face we flagrantly flout their oaths and pro- mises. Parliament. It is Parliament's fairly and squarely and without '.-..'- "' master. Night equivocation or mental reservation It is hard to believe that 54 elect- ed The 54 the of of The men who "voted against on part any us. pub- lic (Except Sundays) - members of attitude ' toward war finance Parliament, pretend thjs bill have exceeded their parli-menta- ry y ing to be patriots, should dare to ' must necessarily undergo- - a drastic strike privileges, they have op- posed Pictures changed thrice Weekly. such a vicious blow at the in certain if Canada the will of the Canadian peo- ple, change aspects very roots of democracy. See Bulletin Board for Particulars. the have made a political issue is to successfully her full assume For it txHITTTTTT f W W W W W WFF W W W V I is the , first rule of de-mocr- acj rightful share of the great responsi- bilities that the will of the ma- jority involved in the prosecution of the people should prevail of the war. Where , and when the will of the ma- jority - Notwithstanding the vast amount ceases to prevail, democracy Yukon-Electric- al contributed Company, Ltd. already by Canadians, is degraded into faeism. in one way or another, toward fin- -. . " . And democracy had spoken in re- gard , ancing the war it is apparent that to this amendment, spoken Will be pleased to consult , there are certain avenues of revenue loudly and definitely . and unmistak- ably. which have not, as yet, been tapped you regarding The result of the plebiscite or only slightly so. These, for the on April 27 Light Power. was a positive mandate Supplies and Installations " most part, apply to those who have from an overwhelming majority of as yet contributed little or nothing the Canadian people that the Gov- ernment toward our war a f inancing. More should be freed to insti- - WHITEHORSE, Y. T. generally speaking, however, the tute conscription for overseas. FF7DAY: JULY 17th, 1942 7 THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE, YUKON PAGE THREE MILITARY POLICE TROUNCE tdWTTF.HORSE BEARS 7.4 VAM?MMW.WWniiuUuk. . . : (tsy Adrian Jr spidle) A new team has appeared on the softball scene, which has been dom hrzk i , i mm mm inated in Whitehorse this season by the Bears and Medics, to challenge them for local mastery. This outlit which is coached by Sergeant Han- -' sen and calls itself the Military Po lice has made an auspicious begin ning by thoroughly beating both the previous leaders the Medics Sun- day afternoon by a score of 9-- 2 and now the Bears Tuesday afternoon to the tune of 7-- 4. v The M. P.'s got off to an early lead which they never relinquish. ?nd were able to change pitchers in the fifth inning without any ill ef I Mr m is J . r J ; . J iMmmmi ifcri fects. Nelson and Mike Roanhus scored1 in '.the first inning on Preece's single while Daniels and Beeman tallied in the second as Outfielders The British Avro 'Manchester" Spidle and Kay collided in an at- tempt Twin-Engin- ed Bomber, Outstanding j j--0' it $m$ I V III to catch his long fly. The for Speed, Range and Defensive fplt Im0000 :, m M iki m 111 first Whitehorse run came in the second when John Chalmers drove Onteman home on a hit to left after tf-- 1 in in the the fifth fifth by by driving driving on on of of re- lief re-- ' Bl- - Insist on PI LSENER If .ff jf j Jim had walked. Stock became th lief Pitcher Pitcher George George Cooper's Cooper's balls balls to to lfi Lager Beer." Enjoy ' . ; Sjlfeyw Ilk fifth M. P. to cross the plate by deep deep center center for for a a trip trip around around the the pg the fine quality and -- mBhS 1 1 coming home on Preece's second hit bases. bases. Phelan Phelan was was also also responsible responsible $$1$ SWCA 1 1 1 lrC mm . , , ,. , Pp&l satisfying flavor of flO5wV vl H rVCCv lap! of the day after he had been issued for for his his teams teams seventh seventh and and final final mWfi&A?7SHw i his second free pass of the day. score score for for he he chased chased Nelson Nelson home home in in fl tnis always p0pular' If f 11 First Baseman Phela made the score the the sixth sixth with with a a line line single single to to refreshing beverage. Wt&f JSfflM center. George George Kay Kay hit hit for for the the circuit circuit in in jjj HS iSflllB the the Bear Bear half half of of the the sixth sixth for for his his p Bf 'wfeyiP clubs clubs second second run. run. The The Locals Locals lpl Winner of two first fl3 . UMnmWlm threatened threatened 'trouble trouble for for the the..M. M. P.'s P.'s in in pi awards at LondonHQ mISm the the last last of of the the seventh seventh as as Johnson England1936. SWffllSi and Tizhe eot hits and scored on mmm mmv-- A hrpu,.. m frm msm Ian MacFarlane's base hit to left center and then filled the bases as Cooper and Gordon walked. George Kay went to bat with two out and '6 the memory of his home run earlier in the game still fresh in the minds of the opposition. The stage was all set for a thrilling climax for another homer would give the Bears an 8-- 7 victory but Kay like the famous Casey proceeded to ignominously strike out ending the "fray. The score by innings: (WW R H Military Police ... ... .... . . . . . 2 2 10 11 07 12 This advertisement is not publishedir displayed by, the Government of Whitehorse Bears 0 1 0 0 0 1 24 8 3 ' Yukon Territory. Batteries: . Vv M. P.s Roanhus, Preece and Stock. Chalmers, Cooper, and Bears The Quality of your Service 'is-judged- " by ..the. Stationery you use. .TacFarlane. ' ' " - - -- - -- - -- - -- - --- --- - w-MWW'- W,"' nru-iru-u-.t-ii-.t-- .-. Aged in oak casks to mellow golden per- fection, it makes the smoothest Collins or Cocktail you have ever known. ' iWfei Golden Gin -- hi . . . ..... .... ...... . .-.".- ."-."v XA ."..v1." V."V--- - .JUL'.' .AV.ViYi0.,.V.V.ViV,Vi ".V."-.".-V".".- li - w.swwv... ....- - V rti-- Jtph E. Sf rim A Sr LimrUd, Waterloo BRITISH WOMEN FLIGHT MECHANICS FLY WITH R. A. F. Mi m the aircraft engines are taken up for flight testing duties so that This advertisement is not published The ffirls who assemble and service of aircraft'in actioin. W. A. A. F. medical orderlies also staff their ambulances. r displayed by the Government of thev can gain experience Ficture shows a formation of "Miles masier in "'. . " " Yukon Territory. PAGE FOUR THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WIHTEIIORSE. YUKON FRIDAY, JULY 17th, 1942 Yukoners at Victoria SPECIAL NOTICE Private Len Nelson, one of the is still living in Dawson, is one -- of ' residents and Dawson's the pioneer firit Vnknnm tn Pnlist for overseas, outstanding curler and curling en- thusiast. has been stationed at various places Willson E. Knowlton nn Vancouver Island and at the pre- sent Mr. and Mrss. Vic Jones, well-kno- wn time is located at Work Point Vancouver Dawsonites, left that part of Optometrist Barracks, Esquimau. Len has seen the world two years ago and are service with the search lights at now making their home in Victoria. vv;;v:'''vr-- ;; Will be at;the;v many points and has become quite a Vic is following the shovel operat- - WHITEHORSE INN ing work and is doing well. confirmed Victorian, even to the ex- tent until about July 22nd (subject to change). of joining the ,. ranks of the Jack Welham, the little fellow benedicts. He has been following with the big smile, who used to cut Those wishing consultation r ea rding Eyesight should the mechanical work in the army the big circles on the Dawson dance make appointments at once. and recently was one of the first floors, returned to Victoria several picked when a new unit was organ- ized years ago, where he has settled lor doing some special main- tenance down with a better half and becom- ing toria boys who spent several years UNITED STATES INTERESTS work. Len is now slated part and parcel of the capital j in Dawson, is now piloting street lor a promotion. Mrs. Nelson, who city. Jack spent several years in SEEKING TO PURCHASE hails from the prairies, likes the Dawson and worked on the shovels cars around Victoria and way points PACIFIC GREAT EASTERN coast very much. They, celebrated for the mining company. He was FROM B- - C. GOVERNMENT. their first wedding anniversary a one of the live wires of the city and THE ESTATE OF short while back. always willing and ready to lend a CHARLES L. IIAYD ON ......... Premier John Hart of British Power Joe McDonald, one of the hand and was instrumental in put-be- st DECEASED Columbia confirmed last Thursday V. nown of Yukorvrs, and soft tinS many of the dances right over ball czar, player and manager of the tue toP besides working on the ALL PERSONS having any claims the report that American interest the onetime Lower Sulphur Yellow i tennis court for days with the against the estate of the above-nam- ed have offered to purchase to provin-cially-own- ed Bombers, is making war history on Haines Brothers. Though he was deceased are required to file Pacific Great Eastern the coast . keeping a watchful eye not as lucky as the Haines Brothers the same with the Public Admini- strator Railway to provide Seattle and out for enemy planes and subs. Joe in finding a nugget on the Tennis at Dawson on or before the American Northern Transcontinent- al has seen service up and' down Van- - Court, he gave his services gratis 9th day of October, 1942, support- - lines with direct connection with couver Island and is rarin' to go at and freely. It would be unfair to I ed by statutary declaration, after the projected new railroad between all times. He is keeping the Yukon ; mention the trail of broken hearts which date the estate win oe ais-tribut- ed, Prince George, B. C, and Fairbanks, well in the limelight. There is he left in Dawson but it would not having reference only to Alaska. The premier stated, how never a dull moment when Power-- 1 be amiss to say that Jack was al-- claims which have been so filed. ever, that the offer was ridiculously ful Joe is around. ways the . life of the party and an ALL PERSONS indebted to the small being only a fraction of the entertainer in his own class. said estate are requested to make ninety million dollars which the Johnny Payne, former Dawson immediate payment to the Public province has in the undertaking. Dentist and chief assistant to Doc- tor Mrs. R. L. Allen and her daughter Neff, is still going strong with Irene Jane, are living out on Saan-ic- h Administrator. . .. ine oner being unacceptable the DATED AT DAWSON this 17th interested parties endeavoured to the 2nd Canadian Scottish Regt., C. road where they have a fine A. and this week arrived from home. Both are in the best of day of July, 1942. secure a six months' option which Prince Rupert where his Regt. has health and enjoying the little bit of - C. E. McLEOD, was not granted. The doors for fur- - been stationed for the past several England known as Victoria. Public Administrator. her negotiations, however, still re months. Johnny is the picture of Fred Davies, another of the Vic- - (2013) 29-- 3 main open. health and feels like a trooper from head to toes. He has been picked ROCK-A-BYE-BAB- Y ABOVE THE CLOUDS .. out from a long list of applicants to attend a medical school in Victoria one of the Army's many educat- ional programs. Johnny has passed his basic training and is coming thru the ranks with, flying colours. When he completes this course he may start travelling between the various armycamps giving treat- ments or lecturing. George Kaiser, Dawson born and educated, 'is making his home in Victoria and is successfully follow- ing &:: Si I ' 111 the contracting business. He has a very fine home on Earl Grey way, a family and all. Brother Karl who is making his niche in the engineering world is associated with the Dominion Bridge & Con- struction Co., at Montreal, Que Karl is another Dawson High School product and gained ihvalu able experience with the engineer- - pat - w im4m$x j . ing dept. of Yukon Cons. Gold Corp. Ltd., at Dawson. Karl has a flair for many, things including a very facile pen and has turned out some pood short stories and articles, ap- pearing in the University Alaska paper, Fairbanks News - Miner, Dawson News and Alaska Weekly. He was one of the - first Dawson boys to enter the University 6f Al- aska and graduated with honors and a Civil Engineer's Degree. Karl VmmmtmmMm, , , , M to. ,. , , , -- J is also a member of the benedicts, falling for Dan Cupid in Montreal Little George Lander. 19 months, of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, is already a veteran air traveller! Riding much to the disappointment of some -- .m lo oy uummonpiace xnat ne no longer looks out at the celestial scenery. Above he is shown o thepretty Dawson damsels who taking .. . a nap m a C. P. Airlines Ltd.. Diane nearm? aranrt PraJrio v,0 ,Vo . - o - v M.w vioj lJ JHUlliUllLUXl AXU111 IliC X UlVUi' were beginning to think Karl a wom- an-hater.' kittle George is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Genre The mother of George mKery. When six weeks old Georsre had his first fiiohf fm and Karl, Mrs., J. A. MacLennann from Atlin to Whitehorse. FRIDAY, JULY 17th, 1942 THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WffITEHORSE YUKON PAGE FIVR and with Fred Taylor on Dublin CORRESPONDENCE Gulch. Most of the party returned RADIOTELEGRAPH to town Sunday afternoon. mm There was a large turnout of children and quite a few of their OTTAWA, July 11,1942 parents at Five Mile Lake on Do- minion Star and Dawson News: whitehorse Day, the occasion being the and butter m xu-- sugar Rationing Annuol Sunday School Picnic of St. discomiuueu uii uij ajtjtxivi,iuii jjOll Mary's Church. request Councillor Gordon Lee. at Wardie "Nabob" Forrest was an requests people to reduce ow where outbound passenger Tor Whitehorse possible use of sugar, butter, tea, on Wednesday's plane 1 coffee. Please publish. The Nasultin arrived in Mayo GEO. BLAUJY. early Friday morning bringing a heavy mail and freight. The crew House of Commons were nearly all strangers to Mayo, . " OTTAWA, July 6, 1942. except the genial Capt. "Bill" Brom- ley. Whitehorse, Yukon. Ed. Barked came to town Friday The enclosed information as to from his workings on Haggart the DU1K. CUM SJL :OUpWl MBMV, i Creek with the first clean-u- p of the given in reply to questions asked by season. Ed. also had about a ton me in the' House of Commons, may of scheelite from the Limde and be of interest to your readers. Swanson workings on Dublin Gulch. GEORGE BLACK. Owing to the unusual dry wea- ther .".'.'.Copy-":- ' -- :j there are several large forest Sessional Paper No. 344 fires in the vicinity of Mayc. Rain Thursday, July 2, 1942 is badly needed. (Sony! Had we Canada .. have known we would v,vc gladly Department of the Secretary of s nt some up from Wh tehorsc -- Ed.) ' .'State ''. , RETURN TO AN ORDER OF THE Five Mile Lake is a popular resort HOUSE OF COMMONS, dated during these warm days and on the 21st, May. 1942, showing: Sunday the Wood family and the 1. What amounts has the Gov- ernment Steeves accompanied by tne Lee expended to date V on each family spent the day there. of the following airports, Dawson Jack Hawthorne arrived in town Fort St. John, Watson Lake, Creek, this week from Highet Creek where Fort Nelson, Whitehorse, Dawson? he has been doing the annual assess- ment What amount has been spent 2. on his mining claims in that to date on each of the airports on district and has left for his holdings Vancouver Island, and what are the Thomson'Creek. on s of such airports. names There is a little activity at the The attached return has- - been re- ceived from the Department of Elsa Camp at present. About six left Mayo on the Moreland to do National Defence for Air. what will possibly be the ."Final" fShmedV N. A. McLARTY, -- -o ' cleart-U- D of the Treadwell Yukon Secretary of State of Canada. ;' Corp. V,' Don Morrison aim mis. jwm FeferenceNo. No. 241 Wolsey arrived in Mayo-ef- K. todays Mover: Mr. Black (Yukon) A . plane from Whitehorse. They re- ported Dated: , July 2nd, 1942. Whitehorse to be ,very busy Department of National Defence CAPILANO BREWING CO., LTD., VANCOUVER, B.C. back these days but were glad to be For Air in Mayo. . 1942 OTTAWA, June 30th, The new road to Haggart and This advertisement is not publishedor displayed by the Government of Department Answer insofar as this Dublin Gulch is rapidly nearing . .. is concerned: completion and those who have Yukon Territory. of security it is not interest In the been over it say that ' it is a fine advisable to divulge this considered information respecting individual piece of road. A Subscription to the Star is the best buy in Town. airports. The ' aggregate expendi- tures : 1 as at May 22, 1942, are as foll- ows:- t 1. Fort St. John, Wat- son Lake, Fort Nelson, and Whitehorse $2,091,475.47 (No expenditures have been made in respect to Dawson or Dawson Creek). 2. Fort Hardy. Tofino Patrica Bay $1,439,283.53 . . ' o ; : r. MAYO (By Our Own Correspondent) July 7th, 1942. A party of seven, which included - I If Y 1 L Mrs. Whitney Miss Nancy Whitney, Mrs. Sine. Dunnett, M.r and Mrs. Shandro and Corp. and Mrs. o) eta to d'Easum left Mayo on Tuesday evening for Haggart Creek. They went as far as the Government The Tobacco of Quality Road Camp by truck and walked CUT COARSE FOR THE PIPE CUT FINE FOR ROLLING YOUR OWN the rest of the way a good ten miles. They spent an enjoyable time visiting with the Mayoites who ottioee tie cj3 wvm dom&m ymn mm 000 & are with the Haggart "Mining Co., ATLIN NUGGETS r Mrs. Emil Turnquist arrived from the coast to spend the summer with mm VMS her husband at Atlin. . In the very near future work will ar ain start on Atlin's new Hospital and it is hoped enough money is now on hand to finish such a mag- nificent building, Mr. L. Dozois, a Dominion Gov, ernment surveyor from Ottawa, anr Mr. V. Bruce an assistant, arrived recently in Atlin. We understanc they are doing work that will allow planes to take their bearings from the air for future sky photography around this part of the country, or in other words "Control for aerial photography." We hear another very satisfactory clean-u- p was made last Saturday b; Northern Resources Ltd. at Dis- covery. They also say the Sprue Creek Placers, clean-u- p ' was a wholloper. -- v"::-: ;-- ' Messrs. Watt. Swanson and Lind-gre- n Russian Nurses Brave Death to of McKee Creek had their Save Red Army Soldiers. flume covered with about ten feet This year over 90 per cent, of of tailings cause by high water ow students in Russian medical schools ing to the very heavy rains. Around and universities are women. Thou- sands a thousand dollars worth of damage of them have left their studies and dead work resulted. temporarily and are serving as front-lin- e nurses, field-dresse- rs, June and July have set a record stretcher-bearer- s, and pilots of Red HlTLER chose "Guns instead of butter." in and around Atlin for the rain Cros aeroplanes. fall. It has helped some of the Picture shows. Soviet medical So the Nazis have guns! We must catch up r-ini- ng and to others it has been nurse Liza Kozyukova advancing on and beat them. most detrimental. The vegetable skis in a sector of the Russian front. gardens are however a picture well They tortured people to make them save. worth seing. FOUR TEAMS TAKE We must save willingly. Constable Tom Kelly has left with PART IfT TRIPLE So it's up to us, each one of us, to econo- mize a prisoner for the outside to stand HEADER SUNDAY. of our own free will . to economize trial on a charge of signing a cheque . " but having no bank account. The (By Adrian, P. Spidle) and buy War Savings Stamps so that we prisoner was nabbed on his arrival Sport's Field saw plenty of action 1 ere from Vancouver. can outstrip our enemies with planes and last Sunday afternoon as lour teams engaged in three tussles. A large tanks and guns and ships . . so that our crowd of spectators were on hand soldiers may be better equipped than the throughout the long warm summer post meridian period and they got enemy they have to conquer. their fill of excitement and thrills. Women must help by economizing in the The first game was between Ser- geant Hansen's Military Police team kitchen, by patching and darning, by and Sergeant Joe Matthews' 691st W?jral outfit with the M. P.'s win- ning shopping carefully- - and cutting out waste. 1 by the score of 9-- 2. Superior Make up your mind noic to buy one, two, pitching, superior fielding, and a much stronger, batting attack gave five or more War Savings Stamps every Vf- - Vf- - V 1 Coach Hansen's , aggregation an easy week. You can. You must! to-- victory over the listless Medicals who showed signs of weariness throughout the match, a strange contrast to their usual peppery Buy War Savings Stamps from banks, pos t offices, telephone offices, department stores, druggists, grocers, tobacconists, The box score: book stores and other retail stores. Military Police H H E 2 0 2 1 2 29 10 0 national War finance Committee m tM 691st Clearing Co. ?Tlor-f!ener- sI G. II. Brett, U. S. J 0 0 2 0 0 02 5 2 Deputy Supreme Commander in the The Batteries: the Whitehorse Bears for a 7-- 4 win The hapless Bears came back' in M. P.'s: Michalek and Hansen. S. W. Pacific. George Cooper had handcuffed their half of the seventh for a pair 691st Clearing: North, Eargel and the General Sir Archibald Wavell, Saffer. revenge-seekin- g Engineers for of scores by George Kay and Henry r " "sunreme command of thp "l,n six innings and his team had given Lamoreux but they were still three ond opme ras a one sided him "''' ir !!, pnd afr force in the affair in which the a one run lead which lookc runs short when the final out was rejuvenated good enough for the victory but made. r"h Wt Pacific area has as his 691st Clearing, team - walked price over Cammack, Eddie Hemma, The score by innings: deputy, Major-Gener- al G H. Brett, Manager Jesus Varela's 73rd En- gineer Paul One ,- -rrv Feather, Clarence West-hoCa- nd 73rd Engineers . R H E Chief of the U. S. Army softballers to the tune of j- - Y2eiorpi Brett has been 16-- 4. the other boys from the 0 0 0 0 0 1 67 7 3 Dodo Derffiers pitched hi? 73rd jumped all over him" in the in the U. S. Army since 1910 and in ''sual pood game and Whitehorse Bears kept control first of the seventh for six hits and 0 0 1 1 0 0 24 7 2 qrSjntfon vinpr s;nce 1916. He is over his opposition at all times. six runs assuring Hichard Morgan The 5 5 years old and at the otbreak of The third Batteries: game was a thriller of a victory in which is probablyThis 73rd Engineers: and Hotch-sprun- g. Morgan this war was in command of a fam- ous 'intil the last inning when the 73rd 'ast appearance in Whitehorse be-o- re i American aeronautical reseaich Engineers recovered in time to come leaving for Officer's, Training Whitehorse Bears: Cooper and and development station. from, behind and score six runs off chool in thStates. ( Saffer. FIUDAY, JULY 17th, 1942 THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE, YUKON PA'JF. SEVEN NEW BOEING BOMBER SAVE TIME BY AIR MAKES SUCCESSFUL TRIAL TRIPSLAKE WASHINGTON The famous Boeing Flying Fort- ress has now a sea-goi- ng sister ship AIR MAIL PASSENGERS a heavily armed patrol bomber AiR EXPRESS which, it is claimed, has a longer range and a greater bomb capacity than any other naval plane now in ' service. , . It has. been under construction behind closed doors for the past lhang es in year no details concerning it being divulged by the navy department made its first test flight over Lake Washington last Thursday. Schedule Whilst specific details are re- stricted by navy regulations it was 7 Wwn&L aiatu ffaduiUtp. announced that the new Sel Ranger Vancouver;Whitehorse while in the . weight of the four-- A Wartime Beverage engine class, is powered only with REFRESHING, (Daily except Friday) two huge Wright Cyclones which INVIGORATING are believed to be the most power- ful and ECONOMICAL NORTHBOUND aircraft engines in the world. Lv Vancouver. . 10 a. m, Superfically the plane has certain Ar. Whitehorse. ... 7 p. in. resemblances to the trans-ocean- ic SOUTHBOUND Boeing Clippers and the Flying Fortress but it is almost entirely Lv- - Whitehorse . .7 a. m. different from both. In size and Ar. Vancouver. . 5.30 p- - m. contour it closely , resembles the Edmonton V Whitehorse Clipper although it is smaller and more streamlined. Instead of spon- sors, (Daily except Friday) which are characteristic of the Clipper, it has rigid wing tip pon- toons NORTHBOUND while its single tail assembly This advertisement is not published or Lv. Edmonton 12.45 p. m is similar to. that of the Flying Fort- ress. Ar. Whitehorse . . . .7 p. m. It is of all-me- tal construction, displayed by the Government of Yukon Territory. is heavily armed and has complete SOUTHBOUND living accomodation for a ten-ma- n Lv- - Whitehorse ..7 -- a. m. crew. Mr. Edmund T. Allen, head Ar. 'Edmonton . . . "5 p. m. and di- vision of the flight aerodynamics The World's News Seen Through Direct connections at White- horse of the Boeing Aircraft Com- pany for Fairbanks, Alaska, f who was at the controls, The Christian Science Monitor and at Edmonton with T. C. stated "The controls handled very An International Daily Newspape A. for points south. lightly, belying her size. She really it Truthful Constructive Unbiased Free from Sensational- ism has a marvellous control. The Editorials Are Timely and Instructive and Its Daily The above schedule remains sstability appears to be good on the Features, Together with the Weekly Magazine Section, Make the Monitor an Ideal Newspaper for the Home. in force until further notice- - basis of all our present information. , The hydrodynamic charaeieristics : The Christian Science Publishing Society For Full Flight Information One, Norway Street, Boston, Massachusetts are unusually good. S!.e lands an-- 1 Consult Price $ 12.00 Yearly, or $1.00 a Month. takes off perfectly." Here is an ad- ditional Saturday Issue, including Magazine Section, 5S2.60 a Year. J. A. Barber headache; for our enemies Introductory Offer, 6 Issues 25 Cents VVIIITEIIORSE in Europe, the Near East and Japan. Name... . . - Address - DAWSON SAMPLE COPY ON REQUEST SUBSCRIPTIONS NOW DUE Miss Margaret Cunningham, a member of the teaching staff here, fTTTTT 11111 XTTTII1 1 1 1I1XXXJ has left on her vacation trip to Van- couver accompanied by her brother-in-la- w. drew's Hospital a bouncing baby WESTERN PAYROLLS" This, popular teacher has . girl. Hearty congratulations are "BUILD spent two terms in Dawson. The Barz brothers, who have been extended by their many Atlin J . v- - ' operating a trading post in the Bon-netplu- me friends. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Curt have ar- rived district for the past three A PATRON home after having spent an have left for the Outside. years, One of Atlin's oldtimers, Samr m vacation trip the river enjoyable up Daniels, left July 2d for Vancouver sS to Mayo. Curt is on the staff of the Recently a tragic accident occur- red to consult with medical specialists. FOR 8 Vet local post office. when Sandra, the ' in Dawson Although Sam has been a very sick JVaporatjo ' nineteen month's old daughter of man for the past month or two he YEARS Mrs. Cameron, wife of Corporal Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bratsberg died always seemed to have a smile on G. I. Cameron, R. C. M. P., stationed"! from injuries when she fell from an his face when talking to a friend. at Selkirk, has returned home ac- companied auto to the ground. At the time of Miss Eva Lambert accompanied We have a letter from up-cou- ntry. by her young daughter the accident the child was sitting in him. We wish them both a fine The writer states who has been attending school here. the auto with the driver. The driv- er voyage and a safe return. she has used "all , kinds of was looking backwards whilst in canned milk" but -- Pacific Mrs.' Jack Wyness is in receipt of the act of backing his car. . The Milk continually since she word from Vancouver to the effect child had her hand on the handle of Mrs. Jack . Acheson (nee Miss began it "because of its that her husband, who recently the door nearest her. The door Winnie James) has left Atlin to join v richness and flavor. That underwent an operation in the coast opened and she fell to the ground her husband at Fairbanks, Alaska, was eight years ago." city, is now progressing satisfact- orily; her head being struck by the front Jack having left here a couple of It's only real excellence that wheel. It was one of those unfor- tunate months ago for that fair city. They accidents for which no blame both will be missed very much from could bring a milk a pre- ference Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Maddock have is attached to anyone. the Atlin camp. Mrs. Acheson was like this. received a cablegram from their son born here, and Mr. Acheson has George, who left with the last con- -. lived here, for many years. We Pacific Milk tingent, stating that he had arrived ATLIN trust however to see them both back in England. with us in Atlin when this war is ' Born July 2nd, to Mr. and Mrs. ended, as they were a most popular OF" COURSE arrived here in IRRADIATED Mrs. Louis Brown George Bernard Shaw at St. An couple for so many years. a small boat from Mayo recently i 1 Local Happenings Wet Weather Mr. Ross Peebler of Atlin arrived We observed a straw hat being Requisites this in town this week on a business trip. escorted on - the street one day week. Strike one! ""Mr. Eugene Jacquot of Kluane Mrs. J. Barber has left by Y. S. was a visitor in town for a few Men's Raintite Coats A. T. plane for Edmonton to secure days this week. medical treatment. She wasaccom-panie- d His Excellency the Roman Cath- olic by her young daughter Bishop of Alaska was a visitor Raintite Pants Daphne. in town for a few days this week; Sandy Grant met with a painful 44 Raintite Hats Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Langham of accident at the dock this week when Mr.Freegold passed through here he was struck in the face by a steel girder. last week end en route to Prince Slicker Coats Don't forget the whist . drive Rupert. which is-- being held tonight in the Mr. C. C. Gleason, who was a Men's Plaid Shirts in Cotton and Wool Masonic Hall under the auspices of visitor in town last week, left on Whitehorse Chapter I. O. D. E. A the str. Casca Sunday for Selwyn. 1 Men's Work Gloves Great Variety. cordial welcome awaits all who at-- - Rt. Rev. W. A. Geddes, Bishop of -- .tend." Yukon, arrived in town by Y. S. A. . Councillor W. L. Phelps left by and left the fol- lowing T. plane Saturday Y.S.A.T. plane yesterday for Daw- -' morning for Carcvoss, Atlin j TAYLORS DRURY Ltd of the pon to attend the session and Teslin. It is understood he Territorial Council which to- day opens will be . back in Whitehorse shortly. in the Gold City. Mrs. Phelps loft this week for her summer cot- tage Mrs. W. S. Drury leaves this in Carcross. week for Vancouver to be present at Mr WiUson E. Knowlton arrived the wedding of their daughter Mary MAYO Dr. Bostock,, who arrived in town back in town from Dawson by YS. to Sidney A. Paulton of Vancouver. Sunday ir vi evening ' with i: . Road . Foreman j The is scheduled to take jveouKe, is speuuiiig a lew uays m A. T. plane Saturday and is located ceremony at the Whitehorse Inn where those place on August 8 next. Mary's (By Our Own Correspondent) Mayo. brother will be for the coast ';v; requiring his professional services leaving Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Fisher have may make an appointment. See Mr. in a couple of weeks. Mr. W. S. left for their summer camp at Mayo Funeral for the late Louis Larsen knowlton's advt. in this issue. Drury is at present at Fort Selkirk Lake. Accompanying them was was held at St. Mary's Church Sun- day Inspector W. Grennan, officer in on company business. afternoon. There was a large Miss V. E. Page and Miss M. Roll, charge of the R. C M. P. in the attendance to pay their respects to Mr., and Mrs. Eric C. Richards an- nounce nurses from the Hospital, who are Territory, left yesterday by Y. S. A. the engagement of their taking a well-earn- ed vacation. his memory, and many beautiful 'T. floral wreathes were sent. Mr. and plane for Dawson. We under- stand daughter, Joyce Roselys, to Mr. that on his return to White- horse Gordon Thomas Yardley. Mrs. Van leaves, Don Morrison he will be accompanied by George Reynolds arrived from and Eli Verreau were in town for The marriage is set for Friday Mrs. Grennan. Mayo Lake on Thursday. He the funeral. ... next, July 24, at Christ Church at brought the sad news of Louis Lar-sen- 's ' We extend a cordial welcome to AAAAAAASAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWSM 7 p. m., followed by a reception Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm death by drowning in the Matheson ; IMPORTANT from 9 to 11 p. m. at the home of and their young son, Gordon, who Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Watson. Lake. have arrived here from Mayo nnd I Public Meetim taken up their residece in the Robt. The plane which arrived from PACIFIC COAST MILITIA Lowe residence. It is understood Dawson Friday afternoon was two RANGERS that Mr. Matheson is - going to in-st- al days' overdue on account of the W. II. THEATRE a telephone system here. dense smoke that has been hanging We have been requested to an- nounce SUNDAY, JUNE 19ih Mr. Milne, one of the executive around Mayo, caused by numerous that a Yukon lavision of ine officers of the Hudson's Bay Com- pany, cbt fires. Mr. Jewett was an out- bound at 3 P. M. Pacific Coast Militia Rangers is to arrived in town Wednesday passenger for Whitehorse. be formed here. It is being, organ- ized for the purpose of deliberating upon by Y. S.' A. T. plane from Edmonton purely as a defence unit and in Daw-so- n a resolution recently passed accompanied by Mr. Watson, archi- tect An enjoyable card party was held for the entails no obligation on those join- ing relative to the proposed new In- come company. They 'left at the I. O. D. E. Hall Saturday same beyond being required to yesterday by plane for the corn-compan- y's evening. Prize winners were, for Tax regulations and to take serve in an active capacity when post at Fort Selkirk. necessary in its own district. Those the ladies, Mrs. Rose Weed, and for whatever action may be deemed Messrs. Peter Charisse and Chas. the Mr. Canefield, a advisable concerning interested gentlemen, necessary or are requested to apply at Stone of Fort Selkirk arrived in the local R. C. M. P. barracks where visiting pilot from Whitehorse. the same. town last week-en- d and will be in charge of the government telegraph all information may be secured. ' office while Mr. Bruce Watson en- joys C P a well-earn- ed vacation for the POLICE COURT Now is the Time next two months. We understand BeforeyStipendiary Magistrate J. that Mr. Charisse will be remaining AubreySimmons in police court on here as assistant to Mr. Watson. Monday Field Johnson, an Indian, Mr. Cyril James, who wps a pat- ient was fined $5.00 and sentenced to To Buy Furs in the local hospital lor several five days' imprisoment for being weeks suffering from an injury to intoxicated and to a further five his foot, was able to return Sunday days' incarceration if the fine was A Fine Selection of FUR COATS morning to his home in Atlin, E. C. not paid. The fine was not paid at We are sorry to state that Mr. the time of going to press. Now on Display. Make Your McGregor, chief stewaid' on the On Tuesday Tommy Smith, an Choice Now. Keno, is a patient in the local hos- pital Indian, was found guilty on a charge suffering from heart trouble. of intoxication and fined $7.00 or in We trust he'll soon be out ar,d the alternative seven days' impris- onment. HfJust Arrived Large Stock Ladies' and Gent 'a around again. The fine was paid. Mrs. "Ma" Simmons was a visitor o WRIST WATCHES in town over night Saturday the OFFICIAL WEATHER RErORT guest of her son and daughter-in-la- w, Trade in your old Watch for a new one. Mr. and. Mrs. J. Aubrey Sim- mons. July Bring in your Watches for repair She left the following morn- ing 9 Thursday 54 46 by train for her home in Car-cros- s. 10 Friday 60 48 FOR SALE Electric Washer and Dryer Combined. Mr. George Simmons, presi- dent 11 Saturday ...S. ....... 67 43J of Northern Airways Ltd., was 12 Sunday 73 46 also in town over-nig- ht Saturday 13 Monday . 66 4S S. VANDT, - Main Street returning home in hi plane with a 14 Tuesday 68 47 full load of passengers. 15 Wednesday 61 49