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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 7, Friday, February 13th, 1942.

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Frc-- n I I a ' mJ III J W WUJ LI I J UVJ U 7 J OW J L I J J L aw: CfRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY Vol. 42 No. 7., . WHITEHORSE, YUKON, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13th, 1942 Subscription $30 -- Year. BY WISE INVESTMENT CANADA'S EXTERNAL THOUSANDS AUGMENTING TRADE HIGHEST IN THEIR INCOMES NOW HISTORY OF DOMINION. IN VICTORY BONDS- - Canada's external trade in 1941' There are many : thousands of was the highest in the history of the Canadians who, on Monday next Dominion; The total value (exclud- ing will eagerly utilize spare cash and gold) was '$3,089,139,658 as available credit to purchase bonds against , $2,275, 168,31 1 in 1 940 an in Canada's second Victory Loan increase of 35.7 per cent. These people bought as heavily as they could in last year's Victory NEWS AROUND TOWN Bond sale and are now -- , drawing Don't' forget the Hockey Club double bank-rat- e interest on money Dance tomorrow night in the .N. S. they would otherwise have expend A. All. cd lor non-essent- ial purposes Today, this money is helping .to The attention of Christ Church win the wra, and in a few years, will attendants is directed to the services reiiun to bond-nolde- is in full on for the next week appearing in the the maturity date. Meanwhile, regular church notice in this issue. these bond-holde- rs collect six every A FORMER UNARMED. BRITISH FISHING TRAWLER OBTAINS months; Mrs. Warne of Log Cabin arrived REVENGE ON NAZI ATTACKERS A large number of people, accord- ing in town Wednesday night and dur- ing to Provincial Victory Loan Early in the war "The Lady Shirley" (472 tons), a small unarmed her short stay here was the headquarters, are planningby. dint British fishing trawler, was callously attacked by German raiders. guest of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilson. of sacrifice in commodities of vari- ous Armed and taken into Britain's Naval service soon afterwards she Her many friends here were glad to kindsr to increase their holdngs recently sighted a U-b- oat which quickly submerged. The trawler meet with her again and to note in Victory Bonds so that they can forced the U-bo- at to the surface with depth charges and then en- gaged that she is enjoying the best of augment ther incomes by additional her with such effective gun-fi- re that the enemy crew of 44 health. interest payments, happy also in the surrendered, . and were later handed over under ' armed guard at Her. many friends here Will hear knowledge that they have substant Gibraltar. Thus, out of apparent weakness and" unpreparedness, with regret that Mrs. Brod (Max-ine- ) ial sums tucked away with the gov- ernment does Brram bring ultmate retribution on her enemies. Cyr, who has been ill in thr for future use.' local .hospital for the past month or Victory Loan officials, however Olof Wjckstrom of Tanana Reef Vancouver to have' some dental so, left Tuesday fqr the coast in state that there are still many peo- ple arrived in town Wednesday with work done. . He reports river open enter Tra'nquille Sanitarium, Kam-"- ! who are under the impression Bob Jones and his 4-d- og team. It j doyfti there for quite a stretch and loops. AVe sincerely trust she will that money placed in Victory. Bonds took them four and a half days to that hundreds of ducks, including ( be able to return home again in the is given to the government. On the make thetrip. Olof is leaving to-- mallards, have stayed in all the not far distant . future much irr-morr- ow contrary, this money is mere'lj by Y. S. A. T. plane for winter. proved in health. loaned, it is repaid in full at matur- ity, and returns (until maturity) substantial interest o half-yearl- y. ' ADVOCATES OF WORLD FREEDOM SERVICE AND SACRIFICE Service and sacrifice are the sure LINCOLN'S CHALLENGE HAS BEEN ACCEPTED BY LEADERS OF THE WORLD'S way to Victory. You perform the GREATEST DEMOCRACIES service but you make no sacrifice , when you buy Victory Bonds. They pay , you interest and in so doing per- form Birthday of SlaveXiber reatest Challenge. a double service i. e. to your LINCOLN ROOSEVELT ATLANTIC CHARTER country and yourself. At Gettysburg To Congress Jan. 6, 1941 Churchill Roosevelt COME ACROSS or HITLER WILL and seVen In the future which seek Four score years age days, we First: No aggrandizement, ter-rito- ral our fathers brought forth on this to make secure, we look forward to or otherwise. Second: No Idle money won't win this war. Put your dollars to double dut- y- continent a new ..nation, conceived a world founded upon four essential territorial changes that do not ac- cord human FREEDOMS. The first . is working for you and your country, in liberty and dedicated to . the t with the freely expressed freedom of speech and expression proposition that all men are created wishes of the people concerned. everywhere in the world. The sec- ond On the King's Business! That equaj Now we are engaged jn a is freedom of every person to Third: The right of all peoples to , -- ..j .'greater civil war testing whether worship God in his own way every- where choose the form , of government man. Treat him with resDect and that nation so con in the. world. The third is under which will don't waste his time- -it is valuable.' nation, or any they live. Fourth: ceived and so dedicated, can long freedom from want which means Enjoyment by all states of access on tO- - endure It is, rather for us to be economic understandings which will equal terms 'to the trade and raw . Mr. Ken Clark who was formerly here dedicated to the great task re-- secure to every nation a healthy employed in the local W. P. & Y. R. j maining before us that from these peacetime life for its inhabitants materials of the world. Fifth: Im- proved depot left Tuesday for the - coast to , honored dead we take increasing de-- everywhere in the world, i The labor standards: economic join his wife and baby. Ken will votion to that cause for which they fourth is freedom from fear mean- ing advancement social security. Sixth: not be returning having secured a gave the last full measure of de a worldwide reduction of arma- ments Assurance that all men may live out position with the Northern Pacific votionthat we here highly re- solve to such a point that no nat- ion their lives in FREEDOM from want Railway Co., in the States. He will that these dead shall not have will be in a position to commit and fear; Seventh: Travel on the be spending about a month at the died in vain, that this nation under an act of physical aggression against high seas without hindrance. Eighth: ' coast before entering the U.' S. A. God shall have a new birth of any neighbor anywhere in the That all the nations of the world to: assume ' his new position. Their FREEDOM, and that government of world. That is no vision of a dist- ant must come to' the abandonment , ol many friends here will wish Mr. the PEOPLE, by the people, for the millenium. It is a definite basis the use of force, and the lightening and Mrs. Clark the best of luck in people j shall not perish from the for a kind of world attainable in our for peace-lovin- g peoples the crush- - . the future. ' earth own time and generation. ing burden of armaments. n mm n 19 5 vj r.- - S7 '5 .,0 A VICTORY BOND is the promise of the Dominion of Canada to repay in cash the full face value of the Bond at the time stipulated, with half-yearl- y interest at the irate of 3 per annum until maturity. A Victory Bond is the safest investment in Canada. The entire resources of the llplli Dominion stand behind it. A Victory Bond is an asset more readily converted into cash than; any other security. ' .- - 1 0 y. r' - ' -:- ';v.-' i . - , National War Finance Committee, Ottawa, Canada ir i nJL u FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13th, 1942 THE WIIITEHORSE STARV WIIITEIIORSE. YUKON PAGE THREE ATLIN milllTIIIITIITIIITITTIIITTIITTTTIITIIIIIIZITXIIXU "The House . of Quality" ft Fresh Butter Neil Forbes arrived home to Atlin Just Arrived after spending a couple of months Cured Try BURNS'" ' and with his bid tillicum Dan McVicar at Meats Shamrock Brand Creamer)' Butter Prince Rupert. NeiL reports Prince Eggs Rupert as a boom town. Mrs Jim Lund returned to Atlin Burns! Famous Shamrock Brand Products after spending the past few 'months with her parents who gave Mrs. Lund a wonderful time in motoring her all B. and the Edmon- ton over C, "You Can Buy No Better" country.: . Mrs. Luiids U )ther accompaned her back to Atlin. , Bill McKechnie, Fred Cane, -- Jack Bu rns & Com Limited Wheeling, A. Falleson, Fritz, Wick-stro- m, pa ny Kute Benson and Dan Nath- an fir (Hill ... . have left for Vancouver where TTXX a mining law ,case will be decided. Falleson versus Spruce Creek Min- ing. FIRST BEAR OF SEASON crust on the snow the cub could, not Co. (Late Colpe mine;) CITED ONLY A CUB. be traced to the" den it came from. For Liversedge is the partner who first this the set oh the bear and fed Talking about bear, is eyes -- it. We much regret to state the At- lin News-Min- er Spruce Creek cor-respond- ent first one that has ever been seen is still in . hospital suf- fering around Atlin in January. The boys t f from a slightly infected heel who are mining the. Al Morrison Travel Valentine's We wish our correspondent Mr. ground on Ruby had a visit from a Tom Kirkwood the very best of cub bear they found eating outside STEAMSHIPS RAILWAY on a luck and a quick recovery, as his small COMMUNICATIONS their cabin. It was a very HOTELS 'PRINCESS'" Day flowing gossip from Spruce Creek one, about twenty inches long, and 1 ftOHie'A is greatly missed. . seemed eery hungry. They gave it H loftCATC5T TRAVEL I IIJ Liner Our stock is limited so buy some milk to start with and say, did your gift Atlin has" experienced one of its it gulp it down! It seemed timid at warmest winters since 1926 when first, but was soon as tame and Skagway to Vancouver TODAY f Clarence M. Sands caught a six playf iflf as a dog and now is the pet Victoria or Seattle pound trout trolling on Atlin Lake of the camp. The only reason that SOUTHBOUND SAILINGS on the 18th of January (that's how can. be formed for such a little cub PRINCESS NORAH Northern warm that winter was). The cold- est to be out in below zero weather is Saturday, February 21 Commercial this winter so far has been that a week or so before the mother Tuesda, March 3 around 20 below zero, and just such bear came, along. Rain had been -- Saturday, March 14 Co. Ltd. a winter as 26 only that the lake falling for a day or so and doubtless Tuesday, March 24 happened to freeze up in December the mother bear and cub. or cubs got Connections at Vancouver with this year. drowned out of their den and the Canadian Pacific Services: cub in some way strayed away from Transcontinental PROVINCIAL COMMITTEE Atlin Lake was crowded last Sun- day its mother who was perhaps in more Trans-Pacif- ic or less of a dormant" state. Anyway ' ' Trans-Atlant- ic SECOND VICTORY LOAN with a bunch of the younger the cub has a lovely home. CAMPAIGN DONATE TWO set who had Allan White's plane now Tickets, reservations and full has sirce been seen of the Nothing lent to them by Art Leverette; This particulars from PRIZES LOCAL SCHOOL mother bear and as there was a ' PUPILS. is a lovely small plane about fve Atlin Netvs-Mine- r L. H. JOHNSTON feet with engine and spread gas General Agent C P. R. modelled like a real passenger ship. The provincial committee in stated that Skagway Alaska I It flew once about a hundred -- yards future. It might be a charge of the Second Victory Loan few ago" the same plane flew but it is presumed the gas mixture years caripaign for British Columbia and without Canadian Pacific was not quite correct.' We shall a distance of several miles the Yukon have very generously look for better results in the near a stop and at "some" height at that. olztixxxxxxiiiiiiixiijiiii: donated - two five-doll- ar war savings certificates to be awarded in open competition to the pupils of White-hor- se Public School. These prizes 'are 'to be awarded (1) for the best essay, not exceeding 1000 words, on why everyone should purchase Sec- ond IAIR MAIL Victory Loan bonds and (2) for Yukon PASSENGERS AIR EXPRESS Southern the best originally designed poster su bmitted in connection with the INLAND ROUTE . .ALASKA- - campaign. The. winning essay will be published in the Whitehorse TRAVEL THE SKYWAY Star. . -- ' It. is felt that these competitions TO w ill be an added means of intensify- ing local interest in the campaign. Vancouver and Edmonton VV ILL KEEP RED CROSS THREE PRISONER CONVENTION To EDMONTON To VANCOUVER FLIGHTS The . Japanese government has S99.00 Single WEEKLY S85.00 Single the Geneva Committee SI 80 Return from SI 53 Return 31egraphed the International Red Cross "its WHITEHORSE (plus tax) illingness to send them informat- ion (plus tax) concerning prisoners of war. It For Full. Freight Information Consult J. BARBER, Whitehorse. has also - offered United States through the Red Cross, that captur- ed Americans will be accorded the Connection Made at Vancouver and Edmonton to all Principal Cities in Canada. good treatment specified in the Red - and the United States- - Cross International Convention on Prisoners of War. . PAGE FOUR . THE WHITE HORSE STAR WHITEHORSE. YUKON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13th, 1942 the future with confidence.' ' All such preparedness necessitates the utilization of "all our national- - as "Volom or thm Yukon' weir as our natural resources "to the utmost of our ability. To do this An Independent Journal the monetary wealth of the country imust 'be mobilized since money forms the basis upon which all Published every Friday at other national services depend. We , i can't all , belong to the various and The iVhite pass Yukon Route Wh itchorsc, Yukon Territory branches of the armed services but we can all do our part in furnish- ing On the Trail of '98 the funds necessary to keep The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to them operating successfully. "Our united . financial assistance, there- fore, Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska- - Member of Canadian Weekly becomes v imperative for their Newspapers' Association. very existence as well as lor our AIRPLANE SERVICE own. :: : ;;s"v;' -- ' :-- " HORACE E. MOORE Publisher The Second Victory Loan cam- - plane service, making connections northbound and south- bound, paign opens on Monday next thro- - with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, have faith that right makes j ughoutUhe Dominion and will cori-- Let us Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For information tinue for the next few weeks. Dur might; and in that faith let us to the ead.dare to.dt) our duty as we ing this period each and "everyone of apply to any understand it. Lincoln. US' will be afforded an opportunity of performing a national j duty and WHITE PASS AGENT, or at the time service to same a our- selves. 17 Commerce B. 0. Bldg., Vancouver, FEBRUARY 13th, 1942 In .the raising of these funds we must all do our part to the utmost of our ability. Nothing ..'':;.;;: ,;:':':. '.'.'.' -- .V. , ;' ;;;.':-- , ;;:;.. :v- -: ; - :," r : ;';. GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS more is asked and nothing less ex- pected. Failure to respond whole- heartedly The most of us nowadays have to our country's appeal at grown accustomed to the habit of this time would denote a derelict- ion 4 ,THERE IS NO OTHER TOBACCO iri"' to get the latest news on "tuning of duty on our part. None will JUST L IKE OLD CHUM This is not situation. only the war wish to be so stigmatized. Let's all natural but necessary in order that go "over the top" together. we may be kept informed as to fcnKllaif o Gee d aan tm what is transpiring in various parts CONGRATULATIONS of the world during these critical "(3D 013 (Sunn, Ott gnttltaf) ' times. The changes taking place on .We extend to the officers and the various battle fronts are both members of Whitehorse Chapter I. swift and momentous and vary from O. D. E. for 1941 heartiest congrat- ulations day to day. What the months ahead upon the successful work have in store for us none can fore- tell. they accomplished as appears by The general impression seems their annual report and financial to be that they will become worse statement appearing in this issue. before there is a decided turn in the The many calls of a patriotic tide in our favour. In the mean- time nature which have been made upon we must npt only hope and them during the critical times we pray hut also gird ourselves to face are experiencing has called for the various situations as they arise much sacrifice and not a little in- convenience with equilibrium" and a firm resolut- ion at times on. their part to stem the tide of infamy be the yet notwithstanding this they have cost what it may. measured up well to all the demands and barbarism must be Iniquity made them upon and in a most juore than suppressed they must commendable spirit. be ruthessly annihilated fd r all To the Chapter and its newly-elect- ed time We are in the fight this time officers for the ensuing year to the finish with no quarter sought the sincerest. wishes are extended or given. The time for compromise and-th- e belief expressed that their has long since passed if it ever .fine achievements of the past will really existed; The time for com-- i be continued with unabated dilip- - piacency on our part has also now ence and success in the future vanished. The times call for action Their uhited efforts in behalf of the not for wishful uiuming, ueeas .. various natrintif wrvixiu services n rw . rot words. Reflect that Prince community are worthy of the un- stinted Rupert is only a -- little over four support of all of us. hundred miles further from Japan r--1 than Pearl Harbour and we all "WEEKLY NEWS DESK" The Tobacco of Quality know what happened there. Van- couver NEW FEATURE OVER is a little over six hundred miles distant from Nippon yet JaD-iCK- WX EACH THURSDAY. o glut? Q&xm isgfi) n:e rano o anese submarines are known to be operating off the California coast. CKWX recently introduced to aui ttR raswiiny mu We in the Yukon are only a few radio listeners a new feature in its hours flying, distance from Japan. programme under the caption The conflict is being drawn much "Weekly News Desk" It is a fifteen closer to us and those resident on J minute digest of news and comment the Pacific coast of British Colum- - I culled ?rom the weekly newspapers rTIIIIITTTTTTTTIITIITIIIIIIITIIIIIIIIITTIIIIIIIimi bia than most, people imagine much I pubished in British - Columbia and less realize. Whilst there is no the Yukon. The broadcast will be Yukon Electrical Company, Ltd. necessity to become at all pannicky ; a weekly feature until . further over the Situation let us not rest I notice and will be carried over v Will be pleased to consult . CKWX each Thursday evening at over-assur- ed that "It can't haDDen here." : . 9.30 p. m. (P.S.T.) on 980 kilo- cycles you regarding Facing the facts fairly and short wave or 6.08 band. megacycles on the Light, Power. Supplies and Installations squarely as they' exist at the present time common sense dictates that we Don't forget the " Hockey Clubls prepare for any. and every eventu- - dance on St. Valentine's " Day, Feb- ruary WHITEHORSE, Y.T. miy, jiuj uy o uuiiig can we iace 14th. ' ' . i rxxxxxxxx: IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITITTTTTTT1 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY ' 13th, "1942' ' THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE. YUKON PAGE FIVE ANNUAL REPORT AND FINANCIAL Financial Statement of Whitehorse Chapter 10. D. E. for Year Ending January 15, 1942. STATEMENTS OF WHITEHORSE : ";v ;:"'"' RECEIPTS ; CHAPTER I.O.D.E. FOR THE YEAR 1941 Balance in Bank ..'Jan.'f 15, 1941 .................. ...... ...;. $15.78 Contribution's to various funds 225.00 OFFICERS FOR 1941 - ;. OFFICERS FOR 1942 Donations to War Service Fund .'. '. 248.77 Honorary Regent Mrs. L. A.- - Vines Honorary Regent Mrs. I. Taylor Donations to various funds from Carcross, Y. T. .. 568.15 Regent " Mrs. I. Taylor Regent Mrs. H. Gennings . Commission. on Victory Loan . 362.75 1st: Vice Regent ... 1st Vice Regent ; - Mrs. H. Dennison Proceeds pf Entertainments (withou deductions ... 322.65. Mrs. W. D. MacBride Proceeds of Play (witnout Royalty deducted) .... 179.60 2nd Vice Regent Miss Dora Paton 2nd Vice Regent ; Proceeds of Poppy Day .................... ......... 16.05 Secretary ............'Mrs. J .B. Watson Fund from 1941 32.05 Mrs.- - H. G. Macpherson Adjustment to General Secretary Mrs. Jas. Porter Treasurer Mrs. L. Higgins "Gross proceeds of Raffles i............:... ......... 206.00 $2176.80 Treasurer .......... Mrs. H. Gennings Echoes Secy. Mrs. L. Todd Echoes Sec'y Mrs. A .D. Taylor Educational Secy Miss A How .,: DISBURSEMENTS ;. 7 Educational Sec'y . Miss How Standard Bearer ...... ....... Entertainment Expenses ....... ... $104.44 Standard Bearer ... Mrs. J. McLean Mrs. L. G. Chappell . 10.70 Local War Fund ........ ...J....... ... Refugee War Work ...... . . 30.99 Under the able leadership of the A number of people sent in spec- ial Wool Fund 220.04 Regent Mrs. I Taylor, another very donations for the Canadian Red Canadian' Red Cross ........... .220.00 successful year has closed for the Cross. The Pacific Milk Co.- - donat- ed Prisoner's of War Fund .. 100.00 .Whitehorse Chapter Imperial Order a case of milk to be used for the Blanket Fund .................... 249.90 Daughters of the Empire, Two new various entertainments.' The fol- lowing Lord Mayor's Fund 135.00 members .were added to the roll, articles were donated by Dr. Barnardo's Home Fund . 50.00 making a membership of thirty-fiv- e Chapter members and their friends Canada Guest Fund V" .150.00 including -- Life ' members and those for Raffles: Needle Point' Picture, Queen Elizabeth's Fund ....................... ........ ....... ...... . 50.00 non resident. Three members left Painting, Silex Coffee Maker, China Navy. Fund ...... ........'..4........ .....Q.... . 150.00 town during the year to reside else- where... Tea Set, 3 prs. Hand Emb. Pillow Queen's Canada Fund .' 50.00 V; ; ' . ' ; - cases, Crocheted Purse, Hot Plate Sailors and Minesweepers Fund;.. " .......... .150.00 The sum of $178.79 was raised Mats, Apron, Pot Holders, Petit British Children's Fund 100.00 during the' year for the General Point Foot Stool. Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen's Families Assoc. . Fund 100.00 Fund and $2176.80 was raised for During the summer months the Women's Voluntary Services , 100.00 War purposes. Chapter Rooms were open twice a " Headquarters for urgent War Funds ....... ... ' 150.00 week for sewing, and several large Miscelaneous: ; With the exception of a small sum boxe of clothing were sent to the V. General Fund .... . .1....... . .. .. ........ 5.63 for Christmas Cheer for expended National . Chapter for i shipment Transfer to General Fund (adjustment) 16.05 patients in the local, hospital, our overseas. We are greatly indebted Cigarette Fund ...... 12.50 General fund was used mostly for to several ladies of the town who Canadian War Service Fund .'. 5.00 general expenses and we have a are not members of the Chapter for Bal. in Canadian Bank of Commerce Jan. 15, 1942 .... 16.55 $2176.80 balance on hand. j .--r- nall a great deal of help in this work, made during the Donations were ( also to some visitors from the U. S. submitted fund to the fol- lowing: Respectfully from our War year who few in were spending a days Refugee War Work, Local SARAH D. TAYLOR. MARY M. GENNINGS, town: Five shipments were made Treasurer. War Work, Wool Fund, Can. Red Regent. during the year valued at $761.00. W. A. PATERSON, Cross,' Prisoners of War, Blanket The sum of sixteen dollars was Auditor. Fund, Lord Mayor of London Fund, made from the sale of Poppies for Dr. Barnardo's Fund, Canada Guest Remembrance Day, and the Regent Fund, Navy Fund, Queen Eliza- - j placed a wreath which was purch- ased Financial Statement of Whitehorse Chapter I.. 0. D. E., for Year-Endin- g 1eth's Fund, Queen's Canada Fund i from the B. E. S. L. workship January 15, 1942. Sailor's" and Minesweepers, British ' in Vancouver, on the Cenotaph on Children's Fund, Women's Volun- -' that day. tary Services,' Cigarette Fund, Can- -j Under the direction of Mr. E. C. WAR SERVICE FUND ada War Service Fund, and a sub- stantial Richards .a play entitled "When am mnt - was . sent to the Father Smiles" was put on for two National Chapter to be used in any nights in the N. S. A. A. hall, which RECEIPTS way they saw fit netted a substantial amount. We Under the direction of Mrs. Matt- hew are greatly indebted to the Members Balance in Bank Jan. 15, 1941 .04 Watson, a member of the of the Masonic Lodge No. 46 for the Membership Fees, not including Echoes Subs 43,50 Chapter in Carcross, who under- took free use of their hall for our enter- tainments. Membership Fee for 1942 .... 2.0.0 to collect monthly from the Echoes Subs 18.50 people of that small community, the At the request of the National General Fund . 5.75 substantial amount of $568.15 was War Service Convener, several art- - Premium on American Currency ...... '.20 added to our War Funds. A small icles, which included dresses and Donations- - .... ...... 14.50 amount of the monthly collection knitted garments for children Proceeds of sale of Calendars 11.75 was held out to purchase cigarettes overseas were sent to. the Canadian Balance from refund of A Excursion Tickets 14.50 monthly for the boys who had join- ed National Exhibition in Toronto . Proceeds of Entertanments ..... 49.00 the services, from that vicinity. Miss Anne McKenzie kindly of- fered Proceeds of sale of Poppies ............... 16:05 $178.79 The Ladies of Carcross have also to take the exhibit personally sent in a large quantity of knitted by plane, as the request was receiv- ed DISBURSEMENTS . comforts. too late to send by parcel post. Affiliation Fees : 16.00 The sum of $248.77 was donat Some of the members of the Echoes Subs .- -. 19,00 by friends of the Chapter, who Chapter "helped the local Victory General Expense '. 47.74 specified that their donation was to Loan Committee and canvassed the Miscellaneous ............ . ' be used for certain funds. town 'to? the Loan drive and the sum Changing of Name of Cr.apter 1.00 A sealed milk bottle was kept at of $362.75 was received from Ot- tawa Supplies from Head Office : - 18.30 the local depot by the Station Agent as commission. c Adjustment to War Fund from 1941 ...... 32.05 Mr. J. L. Sansom for tourists and A present of socks and cigarettes I.'O. D. E. Calendars : . . 7.20 and nice was given to each man who left 10.40 others to drop in change, a Christmas Cheer amount was 'received from that town to enlist. Balance in Canadian Bank of Commerce Jan. 15, 1942 16.90 $178.79 Respectfully submitted, sdurce. Christmas Fund A collection of. ' Aluminum was GERTRUDE PORTER, Dominion of Canada 41,V ,. 1959 $100.00 Bond. made by the local school children ... Secretary; j Current Account Balance $46.39 and boxes were placed in the stores for the collection of tin foil. FOR SALE Mercury radio console Respectfully submitted Eleven Bridge parties were held model in first-cla- ss condition. SARAH D. TAYLOR, MARY M. GENNINGS. Tri'xn'.ivr. during the year, the expenses for Six Tube, Electric Eye, Good Tone. Regent. . W. A. PATERSON, these were quite small as all the Cost ,$125. Sale price $60. Apply Auditor. prizes were donated. Star Office. PAGE SIX THE WIIITEI10RSE STAR, WHITEHORSE, YUKON ; FRIDAY, FEBRUARY COME ON HOCKEY PLAYERS DO YOUR STUFF AND DON'T DISAPPOINT YOUR FANS. lflllfn Apparently last, week's gentle sarcasm-wa- s players too are gentle thick-skinne- d, on else hoc- key be-r"u- se nni m n f nl lfst Sunday, for the second consecutive week, several members of both teams failed to' show up. In any organized league this would he unpardonable and even in this $mq6a?e Inagno shows small respect for of the teams, hockey fans, members, KEEP A SUPPLY OF THIS or hockey standing in general. DELICIOUS REFRESHMENT ON HAND COAST BREWERIES LTD. The following gives the standing FOR STAY-AT-HOM- E EVENINGS VANCOUVER NEW WESTMINSTf II ; VICTORIA 42-- 1 of teams and players. One point is y fi. counted for both a goal and an as- sist Liquor Control Board or by This advertisement is not published or , displayed by the which leads to a goal. Government of the Yukon Territory Whitepass Won three games and lost three, v 7TTTTTttiTTiimmnimi Player Points "BUILD WESTERN PAYROLLS'' Macdonald - Caddy Hilton A PATRON Nelson Cooner Norrington ...i FOR 8 ... . D. Blakcr v W. Cyr . ..... FVlDnolTFD P. Cyr YEARS MacBride We have a letter from up-coun- try ' Total points . .. 40 The writer states Town she has used "all kinds of Won three games and lost three. ' canned milk" but Pacific Player Points Milk continually since she Phelps . 8 began it "because of its Macpherson ; 5 richness and flavor. That Todd 5 was eight years ago." I. Murray ,.. 4 It's only real excellence that iPorter . 3 could bring a milk a pre- ference F. Blaker ." 2 like this. v Bird 1 D. Murray 1 Pacific Milk Tjotal points 29 AUSTRALIA'S MECHANISED CAVALRY ., ..',-..- . IRRADIATED OF COURBB This picture shows an Australian light tank troop entering a R. C. RED CROSS bivouac area at'the,en of a patrol. fTTTTTIIIXITIIIIIIIimXm HELPS SEAMEN. Representing only a small part of the Canadian Red Cross help to , C. "men Division of the of sea", the last Red month, Cross, the sup- plied B. Yo u r IM earest and B est 862 articles to the navy and 990 to the Merchant Marine, accord" ing to the monthly report of Mrs, H. A. Ramsden, Provincial chairman of the Work Committee. The women of this province also made Red Cross supplies tot -- fill approximately cases as in December many Furs consigned to us are sold in Open Auction to last vptir. Onthe 236 cases only 36 were shippecLjjAfter the war was 1942 Buyers who bid for Furs in Auction Sales everywhere. declared on Japar word was receiv- ed thils assured of Market Prices- - from National! Red Cross Head- quarters You are Top AUCTION SALE DATES to hold all B. C. supplies. Red Cross workers have resumed the making of surgical dressings, al- most March . . . . . 2nd We make liberal cash advances on shipments await- ing a quarterolNa million being sale, when requested Our selling charges arc lower-Remittance- s made ii Decembe April . s. ... 8tn are sent immediately a sale is concluded. May B. C. RED CROSS ANNUAL MEETING July : . . i' WE INVITE YOUR The annual meeting of the B. C. August . Division of the Canadian Red Coss CORRESPONDENCE Sociiety has been called for Febru- ary 26th and 271 the event to be "held in the Hotel Vancouver Edmonton! Fur Auction Sales on of 30, 40. 50 PEP, VIM, VI(J0R, Subimrm& LIMITED r Wat normal pep, vim, vigor, vitality? . . Try, Oatrex Tonic Tablets. Contains tonics, stimulants, oyster elements aids to normal pep after 30. 40 or 60. , Edmonton Alberta Get a' special Introductory size for only 351., Try this aid to normal pep and vim today., For sale at all good drug stores. ' -- " " if The Spirit 11k IrEdDWir 'FkmeslimwT(D)(iay Ti .HINK BACK to the old days when Canada was young. Think of the high courage, the indomitable will of those pioneer women. Within the stockade or in the open field, they toiled yes, fought by the f side of their men for the safeguarding of everything they held dear. In the hearts of the women of Canada, this old spirit flames anew today! Gone are the heavy muskets, the log barricades - but the love of freedom, the stubborn resolve to win through at all costs these things remain unchanged, unchangeable ! Grimly quenching their tears, mothers say "God bless you" to their fighting sons -- everywhere young women are serving where duty calls -- the women of Canada are bound together in one common cause. In thousands of Canadian homes, women are revising their family budgets, planning new economies, mak- ing c A if ' f extra sacrifices- - so that more and more money will b,e available for the purchase of Victory Bonds. They know these women of Canada that every 1) if N dollar loaned now means more tanks more guns-m- ore II j , - : r planes more ships more of everything which is needed to smash Hitlerism"and 'bringPeacc to all the family hearths of the world. I : L WMWMWIIWIWWIoi' N 1 ' I ': 1 ' - ' - - - II Notional War Finance Committee, Ottawa, Canada " A PAGE EIGHT THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WIIITEHORSE, YUKON .FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13th, 1942 ! Local Happenings Get ready to make your Victory Mr. J. Barber, assistant superin- tendent Mr as Loan purchases on Monday when ; here for the Y. s! A. 1 ' the campaign opens. - ' left yesterday morning on a busi- ness Miss Dora Paton.R- - N. matron a't trip to Dawson. the local General ' Hospital left Mr. W. S. Drury, who left recent PAPERS WALL BOARDS AND BUILDING Tuesday oh a trip to the coast. ly by plane oVy a business trit to his . After spending a most enjoyable company s post at Pelly Banks, is We Have on Hand a Ftill Line of month or so with '; relatives and expected to arrive back home any DONACONNA BOARD in all sizes. Corjner Strips, Moulding. friends at f the coast Mr. Albert , time now. ". ,,: Taylor returned home by Y. S. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dennison CORRUGATED WALL BOARD, CORRUGATED IRON A. T. plane . last Friday, Mrs. got away Tuesday on a vacation . VANCOUVER FIBRE BOARD ' . . . Taylor and her young daughter will "trip to Prince Rupert and the coast. - , " .. ' not be returning until about the end They .will be returning home in . Fir Panels, -- Fir Strips, Quarter Rmnd, Roofing Paper, of March. '. i about three weeks' time. ' BuUcUng Paper, Tar Paper.' : S ANTICIPATE YOUR NEEDS SUPPLIES ARE SCARCE AND DIFFICULT TO PROCURE. TAYLOR & DRURY Ltd dhqw Capimtfrapll OFFICIAL WEATHER REPORT Christ Church-Anglica- n- February (THE ODL LOG CIIUIICH) 5 Thursday ; ., 11 10 6 Friday ... .. 12 6 Whitehorse 7 Saturday .. 12 !18 Rev. L. G. Chappell, L. Th.. 8 Sunday 20 . 0 ns a landlord as a tenant Rector. 9 Monday .... 33 '6 FEBRUARY 15th, 1942 10 Tuesday .... 38 27 10.00 a. m. Sunday School 11 Wednesday 40' 2 jS a part of the general plan to halt further increases in 11.00 a. m. Morning Prayer. the Cost of Living, the Government on December 1, 7.30 p. m. Evening ' Prayer ' and '1941, extended" the policy of the Price Ceiling to rentals v.-- .' Sermon. for all commercial and housing accommodation in Canada. " : Ash Wednesday ' Generally speaking the new rental laws provide that: ; (Feb. 18th) 8.30 a m. Holy Communion. ' 0) No oral or written lease for any commercial or housing .7:30 p. m. Evening r Prayer and accommodation (furnished or unfurnished) may legally Sermon. be made after October II, I94f, at a rental higher than " the rental lawfully payable under the lease in effect on Friday that date unless an application for increased rental has V (February 20th) COnRESPOnDEtlCE been made to and approved by a I ocal Rentals Com- mittee World's Day of ' Prayer ' of the Wartime Prices and Trade Board. Such 2.30 p. m. Service , for Women an application must be based on specified circumstances 3.15 p. m. Service for Girls. December 26, 1941. arising since October 1 1, 1 94 1. Mrs. H. V. Gennings, Treasurer, , NOTE: Land and premises used solely for farm pur posts ar Whitehorse Chapter, I.O.D.E. not subject to rtnl control. IHlIIIHllllllIHIIIimTl Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. A tenant is entitled to a renewal of his lease unless the Catholic Church Contribution $125.00 to Navy landlord requires the premises for certain reasons League of Canada named in tlje Board's Rental Orders and has given the Rev. Father J. J. Adam, O M. I. tenant u written notice to vacate within the time and FEBRUARY 15th, 1942 Dear Mrs. Gennings: in the manner 'prescribed therein. If this notice to From Mrs. R. H. Brotherhood, vacate is contested -- by the tenant, the landlord must 8.00 a.m. Communion Mass. your National Treasurer, we have 10.30 a. m. Mass and Sermon. secure a Court Order for possession. . received with great pleasure the sum 7.30 p. m. Rosary and Benedicion of - $125.00, being a contribution (3) Copies of all Rental Orders and Regulations of tVm Until further notice all services from your Whitehorse Chapter "to Board and win be held, in the Church. application forms for rental variations are be used" for one or all of the follow-in- g, available from any of the regional or sub-offic- es of the iiiiiriiiTTTran it t tttTTX? where it is most needed; Mer- chant Wartime Prices and Trade Board, and. in areas where Ser- vices." Navy, Navy or Navy such offices are not yet established, from the Clerk of " . .' any County or Distiict Court or local Rentals Committee. . W. H. THEATRE We acknowledge herewith receipt Whitehorse .." ... Yukon" of these. . funds and thank you most whole-hearted- ly for. : your splendid VIOLATIONS of these orders are punishable by law and should b : Showing this week : contribution. The money 1 will, for reported in writing to the Prices and Supply Representative the most be used in ( .... IT'S A SCREAM .part, our ser- vices Regional Office, Wartime Prices and Trade. Board, at the nearest to the men of the merchant of of the following cities: Vancouver, " any Edmonton, Regma, TURNABOUT navy at Halifax and Sydney. It is Winnipeg, North Bay, London, Toronto, Brockville, Montreal, oyr sincere hope and this will meet Quebec, Saint John, Halifax or Chartottetown. MMy Mistake" said the Stork in your approval and you may rest as- sured Terror. that your gift will be faitb-full- y applied. ;. '. Cyril DcMara Owen Lobley Featuring Apart from our thanks to you, Administrator oj Housing Rtnimk Administrator of Commercial Rtnimk ADQLPHE MENJOU will .you also convey our appreci- ation toyour many associates whose CAROLE LANDIS efforts made this lovely gift poss- ibly" laauecf under th authority f JOHN HUBBARD '. ' THE WARTIME, PRICES AND TRADE BOARD Otuw. Canada , A Hal Roach Production Yours -- very .truly, Wednesday & Saturday at 8 p. m. HARRYVR.. GILLARD, s Managing Secretary.