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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 52, Friday, December 25, 1942.

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Frc-- CfRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY MB WHITEHORSE, YUKON, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 25th, 1942 Subscription '$3.00 Wat BRITAIN REPORTED TO REORGANIZE PRO TEM Vulettdc greetings SUBSCRIPTIONS TO ' COAST DAILIES ADMIRAL DARLAN INCREASED. INTRENCH AFRICA. Effective January 1st next the suo-.scripti- on ; LONDON A Daily Mail Madrid rates for the three Van- couver dispatch reports that Great Britain .'daily newspapers fwiiv " e, had reached a working agreement Sun and News-Hera- ld wi'! be in- creased. with Admiral Jean Francois Daribn which would recognize him as leader The rate for the evening de- livered in fact of the French in Africa. ';,'. papers to homes will be .increased The agreement does not give Dar-la- n from 75 cents to $1 a moiitn. F i Hil- lside permanent recognition, the dis- patch points $9.00 a year p:i yaoi in said, ';. but subordinates every- thing adva;eV:.'" to the common Allied purpose Home of Un. of organizing . French Africa. delivery; liiaruinu paper will tosi, 85 cents a month m-stc- ul Britain recognized, it was . said of 65 tents at as ore;ei:'. tliat Darlan had exerted himself V vc In viuv " risiing : ..s ol pro- duction obtain the best results for the Al- lies, result fry from wa - eondit ioi)s and held that his rule was ac- cepted pnd regu'atitnis beyonci the control both by the majority of of .publisher, the . government'- - has French people in Africa and by all exempted i (-- w papers !'; - the gen- eral responsible military and civil au- thorities ' price-ceilin- g order.' with respect in French Africa. both to subscription and advertisir,;; The agreement was reached large- ly rates. through the aid of Gen Henri TO all our readers both iar and near. May it be a joy- ous ,). Honore Girand, commanding the one and blessed abuntanr wffh that genuine .Spirit of SHORTER HOURS DO French African fighting forces th? j Goodwill which has characterized this season of the year NOT REDUCE OUTPUT dispatch said. In all the through the centuries. nearly forty-od- d Royal' -- - Ordnance Factories in Enghuid AT LIN NUGGETS And to all members of our Armed Forces, wherever thev which employ 300.000 workers, may be, we especially extenl our most cordial grcetin s standard hours per week are u y We extend hearty congratulations coupled with the sincerest wi.h of all of us that they will be fifty-fiv- e for women and sixty 'Yv men. These employees used 'to to Atlin's R. C. A. F. young man permitted to return victoriously to their loved ones in the work seventy or more hours a week Francis Henning who passed h:.s not far distant future. J But the output per worker is as exams with nine others out of 45 I ood now as when longer hours we. . w ith the highest honours. Now Fr.i THE STAFF THE WHITEHORSE STAR maintained. cis can be a full fledged navigator oi Limitations of the normal word- ing a pilot whichever he chooses. We " week were recommended by t ; I c t'ng that he will choose the pilot's Medical Research Council ai-- 1 responsibilities. HEADQUARTERS exhaustive resear -- d investigat '.';'.;;'' NORTHWEST SERVICE COMMAND ion. The experience of the ordna-anc- e Atlin for the past week or two hi: plants has confirmed the fin I-- ings had her share of cold and srnokcjy. , WHITEHORSE, Y. T. CANADA that there is a limit to indivi- dual weather and the mails are very ir- regular; capacity, and that excess -- hours so much so that Doctor G. December VM are bad for production A W. Meyer and Hospital Matron Mi.s sudden emergency spurt,; such as (!:( Alice Foster are stranded at Tele- graph To the workers put on after Dunkirk, mav Creek where they went on 3 People increase the output temporarily, ,t mercy trip last week for a few day:-- . it - cannot be ept up. Owing to flying conditions at pie-se- nt Of the Yukon Territory we would not be surprised if R. A. F. FLIERS they have to spend their Christmas al I take the opportunity, so graciously afforded by Mr. i CATAPULT INTO BATTLE that hole in the woods. Moore of the Whitehorse Star, to wish all of you a Merry ! Most exciting oversea flying, is that done by the Cata fighters, w':v Ne Year. I know that all peopk that Mrs. How- ard Christmas" and a Happy We regret to state "ork Hosely with the R. A. F. Cos -- al Epton is a patient at St. An- drew's of the Yukon join the America.) forces in praying this Christ Command. When a Nazi bohi1 ; Hospital. Also Old Man to and for for the world. We mas for victory our cause peace attacks a convoy, the Catafighter i.--s- hot Abbot of Blue Canyon fame who '.wa j are deeply appreciative of thj hospitality afforded us hi-r- e by a catapult built on to a inc--chan- t found in his cabin at Discovery ill in ship. After Ihe pilot has d !" and we are proud to co-oper- ate with the armed forces .! bed and being without wood for 'is iob of fi"htini the enemy pi r.:t. , three days in which time his feet got Canada in our mutual war el ort. he bails out with his rubber dm'.'.'.' frozen. But after being admitted to nd lets his plane crash into the s ri J. A. O'CONNOR. hospital Nurse" McKenzie 'worked Tpuch nerves and hu'hly specialized General, U. S. A. Brigadier wonders and although the ends bi 'raining are required for this wo'l . the feet have turned slightly black we Commanding. are hoping for the best. OFFICIAL WEATHER REPOR I December GRATITUDE FACING LIFE I 15 Tuesday ....... 1 -- 2 GOLDEN WEDDING There is always something .to bv 1 1(S Wednesday 7 1 4 The men whom I have seen suc- ceed ANNIVERSARY grateful for. Begin with, that some 17 Thursday 14 be- - n best in lifS have always thing, and every day will bring y.-n- i j cheerful and hopWulmen. who wen Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Wilson will 18 Friday 35 more grateful for, until yow their business with a smile be celebrating their Golden wedding 19 Saturday 38 life is full. Therefore, to train In- spirit about their faces, and took the ehan : ;-- and anniversary tomorrow, Saturday. 20 Sunday '.. ..... "26 within to express a greater chances of this life like men December 26tn, and will be at hort;e 21 Monday !:2(i fn a higher abnndrwe of roub smooth alike as to all their friends from 2 to 5 p.m., 22 Tuesday ... 25 30 !'fH';n? -- nd tude is a method of the highest pos-si- be Kinasley. and 7 to 9 p. m. on that day. I 23 Wcflnesdav "22 "44 value. C n. Larson. ,?me-Cha- rles PAGE TWO THE WHIT.EIIORSE STAR. WHITEHORSE. YUKON rKlJJAY, V&U&MBVR Z5tft, 142 vast scheme of social reform in war- time c there are those in Canada who say that this country cannot afford I "Voioo of tho Yukon', these things! We look about the vast extent of ( fQxp. Journal An Independent . Canada, at its huge output of goods, its: field's of agriculture, its richness I of forest, mine and sea, and we Published every Friday r.t wonder at that streak of cowardice Territory in some of our people who still say Whitehorse, Yukon The White Pass and Yukon Route that, amid this wealth, a large part, On the Trail of '98 of Canada must remain poor. Happily " it is a cowardice confined The Gateway Route of. Comfort, Safety and Service to to a minority of our people. The I Atlin District and Interior Alaska Member of Canadian Weekly great majority are determined to Yukon Territory, Newspapers' Association. build a better Canada after the war and as a minimum, we think, they AIRPLANE SERVICE IIOKACK .IS. MOOIIK - Publisher should accept something like the I Beveridge scheme in Britain mini- mum plane service, making connections northbound and south- bound of complete social insurance Let us have that right, makes for every Canadian.' : with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, 'might;, and in tliat ; tailh let us to We have made some slight prog- ress Carmacks; Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For informatioa the end dare to do our duty as we in this direction already, but all apply to any iiifierstand it Lincoln. our, post-w- ar planning looks pid- dling w and amateurish beside this W H I T E PAS S A G E NT , o r monumental Beveridge - Report. We DECEMBER 25th, 1942 have no plan comparable to it for 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. - the post-w- ar years. We do not even have a complete plan of health insurance ' yet and a large part of THIS CIIRISTMASTIDE our people have never enjoyed any medical attention at all. It will be with mixed feelings that Let the Canadian Government will welcome, the Christmas many study the Beveridge Report and Whilst deeply season this year. adapt its principles to our condit- ions grateful for all the blessings they remembering always that we themselves enjoy present conditions ean afford, with our resources and this war-tor- n world ate throughout living standards, a larger measure to such to compel one's thoughts . as of social insurance than Britain can recall the plight of those less for- tunate afford. But let us remember also than ourselves. of that Sir William Beveridge is not homes the laughter In many proposing Socialism, that he dis- tinctly children 'and the gaiety which has favors the continuance, of marked ' this festive season hitherto private enterprise, for he knows of the year will be conspicuous bv that private enterprise can. produce Trag-- V its absence on this occasion. the greatest output of goods. It is all. them edy has played havoc with only on such a maximum output in forced to suffer To all such, now " that social insurance can be success- ful. silence, the sincerest and heartfelt '' sympathy of us all is extended. men's The time to plan is now. And These are times which try every Canadian would feel more souls. They spur us on to greater confdent about the post-wa- r. if he effort for the preservation of those knew that Canada had some pro- gram sacred ties and lofty principles like Britain's instead of a few Which form the basic structure of theoretical studies by a group of our democratic way of life. The v. W CHRISTWAS well-meani- ng economists. The inculcate in us a firm determination whole post-w- ar era can not be of to maintain at all cost the glories planned or even forseen now. But Freedom, Peace and Justice through- out before the next year is put the Can- adian the world. They fortify our GREETINGS Government should get its conviction, born through centuries of conflict and tribulation, that post-w- ar policy of spcial insurance Golden down to a concrete and detailed RIGHT not MIGHT is the plan. Vancouver Sun. Rule that must be sustained to en- able Our sincere wish is that us all to live at peace with each other. Christmas joys will linger May all our efforts in this direct- ion Gems of thought with you always. be blessed by HE who taught us the efficacy of right thinking and who in his own life on earth demon- strated Good temper is Jike a sunny day; it the real significance and sheds its brightness everywhere. Full details : regarding air travel true meaning of "Glory to God in Sidney. from J- - A. Barber, 'Canadian the highest, and on earth peace, Pacific Air 'Lines, Whitehorse, or will toward men." Patience is a tree whose root is Dit-- 1 good -- u- ter, but its fruit very sweet. Persian. anv Canadian IVeifie Raihvay BRITAIN'S CHALLENGE Self-deni- al is practical, and is not The Beveridge Report in Britain only polite to all but is pleasant to (Yukoon District : Services of is a mighty challenge to Canada. those who practice it. Mary Bakei ' Air Yukon Southern Transport) And what a spectacle of sheer cour- age Eddy. . among the British! Here is a little island, besieged for three Loving-kindne- ss is greater than years, bled white by war, its peaceful-wor- kshops laws; and the charities of life are closed, its men and more than all ceremonies. Talmud. women in war factories or uniform, its resources strained almost to the Good nature and good sense must ! breaking point. And yet, in the ever join; To err is human, to forgive supreme crisis of its history, Britain divine. Pope. 'prepares now for an almost revolut- ionary advance in the life of the He who sows courtesy, reaps PASSfNGERS WAfl EXPRESS ordinary man! friendship, and he who plants kind- ness, Yet, while Britain can devise a gathers love. Richard Brooks. FRIDAY, DECEMBER "25th, 1942 THE WIiriiHIIORSK STAR. WI1ITBHORSE. YUKON PAlfi THREE FARRIERS TO SOCIAL SECURITY IN CANADA STATED TO BE CONSTITUTIONAL. In his address before a service club . . ;' "'-:- .'.'""' ' ,':" in Montreal last week Mr. M. J. Cold- - I well, C. C. F. National leader, pointed out that constitutional barriers stand in the way of adoption by Canada of 3 social security program such as that 1 recommended by the famous Beve-- 1 ridge report in the United Kingdom ; or legislation already existing in New Zealand. He also pointed out that 1 our difficulties regarding social leg'".-- J HEADQUARTERS lation .ought to be a matter of grave , NORTHWEST SERVICE COMMAND concern at this time and stated that. unless during the progress of the wai WHITEHORSE, Y. T. CANADA 'we reach some definite agreements we shall find ourselves not only un- prepared CHRISTMAS 1942 but unable as a nation' grapple with the problems that must inevitably arise.' Parliament, he Holiday Greetings stated, should demand at the coming session in January institution of the necessary plans to make a constitut- ional FROM settlement possible and cliin-jixe- d . '- -. .. ''.' ..;...' ': .' his address with the warning "If General O'Connor the great democracies failed in rais- ins . the standards of life and bring- ing i. - '' ' "'...'.. :''''' '" '.','' ' " into the family of free and inde- pendent 1 take this"opportunity to wish, the officer's a ml nuMrof t'lie' North- west nations the less fortuna'e 'Service Comma ml a Merry Christmas. -- and a Happy New Year. areas of the world, they ran .the risk We are "spending this Holiday season far from our families and .of courtiin- - world-wid- e revolution in loved ones, but I am sure not on-- ? of us fails to derive satisfaction' days to comer" from the fact that by the fulfilment, of the task assigned ns we wil! help immeasurably to make future Christmases safe and 'secure, 1 WHAT THE MAJOR wish you success and jrood fortune in 104;?, and -- I know that ymi POLITICAL PARTIES join me in a prayer for victory and for the blessing of the Almighty. VvOULD LIKE TO SAY This is a white Christmas for us anil a soldier's Christmas, too, BoT DAfcE NOT. and, some day we shall look back upon it as a memorahle milestone along the path of our lives- - "Tor some time a campaign had J. A- - O'CONNOR, been carried on throughout Canach j Brigadier General, U. S. A. tn riersuade the Canadian govern- - . Commanding. r ,... i ment to commit itself to a policy j of relinquishing the controls which' were imposed on industry as a war CXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX3 "BUILD WESTERN PAYROLLS' measure. If this campaign-wa- s suc- cessful it would throw the nation back into the economic anarchy which A PATRON J0JJL jfuL iiif prevailed in the depression years be- fore the war. t i 8 Present controls were not imppsed ; FOR Whitehorse Inn j wig because, of the war, but because of . fVAPORATED, the failure of the unregulated, un- directed YEARS economic system to provide and Cafe from up-coun- try prompt" and efficient production ; We have a letter The writer states needed to prosecute the war. must not be the vehi- cle she has used "all kinds of "Legislation XTENDS to its Guests and Pat- - milk" but Pacific on which the people of a nation ' .. "..'.. ..' canned and to all the residents of but rons Milk continually since she will ride to social security, a began it "because of its spare tire. It should take care of the Whitehorse and district the Com- pliments That emergencies and hazards of life. The richness and flavor. of the Season. aged, the sick, the widows and orph- ans, was eight years ago." farmers who have suffered loss It's only real excellence that of crops by hail or drought all who I could bring a milk a pre- ference are prevented from exercising 'ihe May the New Year be a Happy and Prosperous One- - like this. opportunity to earn must be provided for, and on a generous scale. Pacific Milk "The C. C. F. rejects the thought that poverty which must be relieved shall become a economic life of the nation." reported speech made by Klmer IRRAOIATKD Or COUE by social legislation The above is culled from a Roper, M. L. A . lor IMnumton. normal aspect of the social ami rxXTXMXXTXXXXXXZXXXXXXXX. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 25th, 1942 PAGE FOUR LIFE AT NUMBER TEN the House but only by an unusual occurrence like the construction of L OWNING STREET, cabinet. During the First 'Great W??r LONDON, ENGLAND. Lloyd George disciplined himself strictly at table, went to bed about ' All the qualities required of , a 10 o'clock, woke early, read memni- - Prime Minister can be found in no f.aa i anda, telegrams, newspapers one man, not in peacetime, still le s I cnmptimes dozed again before getting in the conduct of war. Tne sons 01 breakfast. During up for a 9 o'clock Mary may have the one thing nee!-fu- l, the day he snatched short, spells of but they are all the better ot ' having the sons of Martha at the;r sleep. Fnr pverv rjurnose of . business : . or elbow. The former stand at the fire wrote j pleasure, mental or physical", place, stare at Van Loo's portrait uf j Mr.' Churchill, "we ought to break Walpole, walk about, talk aloud, is- sue Lnr rfsvs and our marches into two .verbal instructions, relapse into VM When v-f- f I was at the Admiralty in the Goupl ed with our a low armchair, light a pipe or cigar, war I found I could add nearly two tne latter sit at the big table unlock effort by going hours to my working red boxes, . read papers systematic- ally, luncheon." And today as to bed after write comments thereon. Where Sincere Wishes to con- tinue Prime Minister he is reputed one spends minutes writing, another discomfiture thf- - practice, to the spends hours. ; and disablement of his colleagues and Palmerston read every report. for chiefs of staff. The Duke' of Wel- lington a .drafted endless memoranda, wroy.2 got up at 5 o'clock, ever; letters innumerable by hand. Glad- stone with morning and made appointments has been descrbed as i""tha Palmerston before breakfast. -- x aspiring to be a Mary. Lord Sals-bu- ry Churchill makes them after dinner sat at his desk for long hou " and and prolong them far into the night, Happy each day. Balfour was caught read- ing v Sleep the ."Stones of Venice" and .the With the gift of obedient, sleep ma;-- ' "Life of Bach" when the printers and swift attention of Were clamoring forhis election ad-cre- ss. go a power concentrated energy, a power of com- pletely Nevile Chamberlain preferred discharging a topic but a is Prospe rous the study of memoranda to the study r,f accurately recalling it at will an.l of men. He lacked the minor hyp.) ! without notice. Every subject has, crisies which lubricate the ministerd and longitude, and tne iacai latitude passage through the lobbies and pvo-vid- e Prime Minister moves easily froM New Year a oushon on the front bench. He continent to continent without allow- ing liked to do his own drafting and to his brain to be fevered or chill! t orrect the drafts of others as did the quick change of climate He his brother. Mr. Churchill's Mir-ul- es by the moderate temperature ot are meant to impress posterity. retains Stamina the British Isles. tells that beyond all meu There are 24 hours in the day of Lecky us the each clock. Prime The Minister, use made measured of them by he had had the ever gift known ofseizing Lord John rapidly, Russell in Northern Commercial Co Ltd the essential fact i depends oh physical stamina, mental every question distinction. The expert civil servant vigor, gii is of - organization. No man had never to re- peat cpn Icr.g endure the strain of the who briefed As.juith he conveyed a mislead- ing position who is not endowed with an himself, of effortless absorpt- ion. iron constitution or is unable to re- store impression his strength with sleep. Tha NEW ARMY RATES swift and effeciive of greatest commanders and the great- est The power statesmen have been able to sleoo attention is not always a prelude to OF PAY COMPARED ,..,? or,H pffpptive action. To under WITH THE OLD & & & at will and to do so at the height of a ! to act decisively and stand clearly campaign or., a crisis. The master 'are and they may be OTTAWA Following is a com two operations faculty in politics may be imagina- tionbut IV. H. THEATRE "the truth of its perspective i widely divorced. Ramsay MacDon- - parison between the present basic may be marred by egotism or passion, ald held up his explanation or u -- Zinoviev daily rates of pay of lower army haunted letter over a whole wev ranks and the new rates which go Whitehorse ifukon or, dimmed by fatigue", or interval of silence tne nto effect Jan. : ' by tragic memories of past disasters. end and in the Gladstone normally slept the mo- ment hesitating public made up its Rank New Old he put his head on the pttbw against him. Thomas Jones in . e Private (on enlistment) $1.30 Shows Every and was not disturbed by a debate in Manchester Guardian. Private (after 4 months) 1.30 1.40 Private (after 6 months) 1.30 1.50 Lance-Corpor- al .. 1.50 1 ' Night Lance-Bombardi- er . . 1.50 1.60 Mott Electric Ltd. (Except Sundays) Pictures changed thrice Weekly. Directly the wind lets up Atlm Vrneo"ver. Electrical Prince Rupert Lake should freeze ever rs the bony Y. T. See Bulletin Board for Particulars. New Westminster Contractors Whitehorse, nf water is certainly cold enough eie this. To the Many Friends We have gah ed in Whitehorse and to all its . Citizens ; We Extend The World's News Seen Through The Christian Science Monitor Christmas and New Year's An International Daily Newspaper I it Truthful Constrictive -- Unbiased -- Free from Sensational Greetings itm Editorial Are Timely and Instructive and Its Daily Features, Together with the Weekly Magazine Section. Make the Monitor an Ideal Newspaper for the Home. We thank you for the many favours The Christian Science Publishing Society bestowed upon us and trust we Massachusetts One. Norway Street. Boston. I may merit the privilege of your Price J 1 2.00 Yearly, or $1.00 a Month patronage in the future. Saturday Issue, including Magazine Section. $2 60 a Year Introductory Offer. 6 Issues 25 Cents Douglas J. W. Metcalf 4 '6 ' Name. Address Electrical Superintendent - - - - - Yukon Division SAMPLE COPY ON REQUEST 4 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 25th, 1942 'HE WlirUEHORSE STAR. wjllTEMORSEv YUKON COMMANDING OFFICER CURTAILMENT OF WHITEHORSE ARMY LIQUOR CONSUMPTION HOSrITAL PROMOTED TO ANNOUNCED BY rr. " THERE IS NO OTHER TOBACCO JUST LIKE OLD CHUM RANK OF MAJOR; V v PRIME MINISTER. (Lieut. R. L. Neuberger) The veteran commanding officer Last week Priime Minister Mac- kenzie of the Whitehorse Army HospitU. King announced a sharp re Captain Mendel Silverman, has duction in the release of liquor in been promoted to the ran of ma- jor. bond for beverage purposes and the Under the direction of Major prohibition of liquor and beer ad- vertising Silverman, whose home is in Ruth-for- d, for the duration of the war. N.. J., men constructing the The long-await- ed temperance pro- gram, Alcan International Highway have as given over the C. B. C. was itimized as follows, and an Order-in-Coun- cil medical been given care and treat- ment. has already been passed under the War Measures Act author- izing , "Despite the intense cold ?.t the curtailment. many points along the road," Major Silverman said, "the soldiers are in 1.- - Reduction of the amount of good health. It is believed that the beverage alchol released from bolsd medical aspects of this undertaking during the year beginning Nov. 1, are unique in military medicine. At 1942, from the previous 12 months, by no time in our history have we be'i the following percentages: Beer, 10 called upon to treat and evacuate per cent; wine, 20 per cent; spirits, 30 large numbers of troops over suva per cent. ;:;. terrain with such tenuous lines oi 2 Prohibition of all liquor a 1-v- ertising communication and over such dist- ances, for the duration of the war, in the climatic conditions after a six weeks' adjustment period. which characterise the Yukon Ter- ritory." 3--Re- duetion in the alcohodic content . of all distilled spirits to not greater Dr. Silverman declared: "As a re- sult than 30 per cent underproof, effective of the experience gained from as soon as stocks now packaged and. treating these soldiers under Arctic ready for sale are exhausted. ' weather conditions, a definite con- tribution 4Prohibition against lortif icati oi". will be made to both mili- tary of wine with distilled spirits. and civilian medicine. Many 5 Provncial governments to shor'er. of the Army doctors have ,kept de- tailed hours hours of sale to at most eight notes and observations.". ' per day. Major Silverman added that the Few Will disagree with the pro- gram The Tobacco of Quality condition, ment- ally in sound men -- were of the Dominion government as well as physically. He and as Minister since outlined by the Prime CUT COARSf FOR PIPE CUI UNI f OH ROLLING TOUR OWN took over a mod- ern, his staff recently advocates of tem- perance the most of us are 125-b- ed hospital built hen? new and moderation in all thii-j's- . under the supervision of Col. H. A. mmmmmmm What is now necessary, in order to Ser- vice Northwest Montgomery of the Command. give full force aid effect to the new - Order-in-Coun- cil is for the various provinces to pass the necessary leg1;-latio- n regulating the sales of all siu h LTXXlXXXXXXXrXXXXXXyTXXXXXXXXXXXXIXXXXiXXXXIXXXXIXXXJ the lines but not H -- .ever along ages 0 0 m H necesarily so stringent as. those now H fjjL jfjJL fjjL X in operation in the State of Washing-lo- n. M Under present' conditions there M A MERRY CHRISTMAS is no limit to the quantity of liquor y a person can purchase at one time. Tne a consequence is that on occasion many M M and temperate persons are deprived from a being able to satisfy their moderate ea$on'$ greetings M M A HAPPY NEW YEAR needs;.' M M H REGINA HOTEL I. 0. D. E. NOTES H M - 0- - ERICKSON, Prop. to Oik and till M M M Mc-Clim- on The doll donated by Mrs. H M ' and Miss Humphrey's w.-.- i a won by Mr. Arthur W. Hildrith wich H ticket No. 251. H The regular meeting will be held av Burns & Company Limited. M G. Wilson on the home of Mrs. Frank Friday, January 8th, 1943, at 2 p. m., A... tttytt AAAAAAAA TrrTTTYYTTTTTT TTXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. and will be followed by a Library Compliments Board meeting. of the Season 'XXmXXXTiTXXIXXXIXXJCXiXTXXXTXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXi 6 t4 H m I wish to thank my many cus- tomers N K for their valued patron- age. M M a" H H H ca$on'$ reelings M M H H M MERRY CHRISTMAS M X M MAY YOUR CHRISTMAS BE HAPPY M N H -- aid H and Your H H M R SMALL A HAPPY NEW YEAR i H H NEW YEAR JOYOUS H H H to everybody ; m M i H H TIN SMITHING ! H H GEORGE RYDER H H JOHN SEWELL H H AH forms of N H Wool. N WHITEHORSE, Y. T. M M MERCHANDISE Dniyinjr FURNACE WORK M 5 XXIXXXXXXXXXX xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxixixr. PAGE SIX JMIK W H I 'UK I IOKSK' ST A K. W 1 1 IT B 1 1 0 KSE YUKON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 25th, 1942 Local Ha ppenings mrssryr w We much reeret that the sterejs Mr. Douglas J, W. Melcalf, super v imendent Yukon branch of M.,tt which were to have adorned this issue have not yet arriy- - j Eie-tr- ic Ltd., whose head office is at Christmas .k ouver, B: C, has left by C P A. ed due to unavoidable delay in the j To Old Friends ' plane for the . coast' on a combined air express. business and pleasure trip and ex- pects the mi i-- dle The congratulations of their man) 10 return north about of January to complete the elect- rical friends are being extended to Mifs To Wew Friends Olga Erickson, of the staff of the installations at the local airport Whitehorse Inn ' Cafe, ' and Mr. and radio stations. His company have also other local electrical con- tracts Harold Trefather, an employee ol To All Yukoners to complete in the near future. The Dowell Construction Co., who were married on Monday. Mr. L. Cabin, B. C. Higgins performed the ceremony. Mrs. Warne of Log an 'vcd :n Jo-v- n -- .'rrt vrcnk ?nd is the ..'.'.':. We Wish a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Wil- son. A C. P. A. plane bound for Van- couver She is here on a month's vacat- ion. was reported missing this Her many friends here are glad week. Many conflicting reports to meet with her again and trust sue-wi- ll nave been made concerning the JOYOUS CHMSTMASTIDE have a most enjoyable time d.t;- -' same but up to the time of going to ' this morning (Thursday) no Vo season. : , press definite information is available. I wish CARD to express OF THANKS my sincerest BIRTIIS -- u- TAYLOR &DRURY Ltd thanks, for the many expressions ri sympathy extended to me in my Born at the Whitehorse Genei."l recent bereavement and especially Hospital on Monday, December 14th, to the Northwest Air Lines and the to Mr. and Mrs. Charles"Bennett, a U. S. Army. son. ; . : . . MRS. DONALD DICKSON. On Wednesday, December 16th, to rrxxixrxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcD Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs, a son. ::M M M M M M . ' On Monday, December 21st, Christ Church- - Anglican- - Seret. Greenslade. R. C. S. C, and j LOG CHURCH Mrs. Greenslade. a son. THE OLD Whitehorse The Whitehorse Pharmacy Rev; L. G. ChappHl, L. Th. WILL PAY CASH For house or lot. '; Rector. or both. Will consider anything: CHRISTMAS DAY Box D, Star Office. Expends to one and all 8.30 Holy Communion. a. m. best wishes for a 10.30 a. m. Holy Communion and SACRED HEART address. Very Merry Christmas. v Sunday, December 27th 8.30 a. m. Holy . Communion Catholic Church 11.00 a. m. Morning Prayer CHRISTMAS SERVICES 3.30 p. m. Carol Service and Christmas Eve Address. Solemn. Midnight High Mass 7.30 p. m. Carol Service and Celebrated by His Excellency '' Address. ' Bishop J. L. Conrdert, O. M. I. exxxxxxxxxxxij Co-Adju- tor Apostolic of the Vica, ! ate of Yukon and Prince Rupert. The Choir, composed of ladles of ii i .' j u;'. e ii xt Tir ! m Christmas Greetings Tne town ana soiaiers uiuie in. vv. C. and directed by Rev. Father Charles Hamel, O. M. I., will exe- cute Christ Church the Mass composed bv TT. r nr-sr-- h and sinrr the. following carols: ANNUAL 1. Silent Night 2. Am?els we have heard on H''h I appreciate this opportunity of 3. Come all Ye Faithful extending to the residents of 4. Veni Jesu amor mi (By Chenibini.) Whitehorse and vicinity mysin-cere- st Christmas Day wishes that thev will all Mass at 8.30 and 10 a. m. have ?n enjoyable t'me through- out 'Ol 7.30 p. m. Solemn Benedicton in this festive season. m which tho choir will participate. Sundav. December 27th Mass at 7.00. 8.30 and 10 a. m. mm TXXXXXTTXXXT 7.30 p. m.-Benedict- ion. TXXXTXXXi aXXI Sv VA IN DT, Main Street SUNDAY, DECEMBER 27th 3.30 p. m. and 7.30 p.' m. In order that all may have an Yukon Electrical Company. Ltd opportunity of attending one of these services it is requested that V'HITEHOBSE LODGE NO 46 those who can conveniently do A. F. & A. M. Will be pieasei! to consult so will attend the afternoon ser holds its regular communications in you regarding vice. Both services will be iden-tica- l. the Masonic Hall, Whitehorse. on -- i I Ihe ythird Monday of the month at Light, Power. Supplics and Installations 18 o'clock. Visiting brethren Welcome. J. B. WATSON, P. ?,T WHITE HO USE. Y T Secretary. ' CXXXXXXTIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX2 i