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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 51, Friday, December 18, 1942.

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Frc-- CIRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY Vol. 42. No. 51. WHITEHQRSE. YUKON. , ' DECEMBER FRIDAY, 18th, ,1942 . Subscription $3.()0' Year FIVE CONTESTANTS FOR Most Spectacular Fire in Years COLONEL K. B. BUSH LEAL EE CONSERVATIVES GIVES CORPL. GRONKE AT WINNIPEG CONVENTION Strikes White horse When the CHRISMAS SURPRISE. Historic N. S.A.A. Hall Becomes When the Conservative national Corporal Otto Ci -- 'liks. , who drove convention opened in Winnipeg last Blazing Inferno in the Early Hours five submitted the f:st truck u trawl over ;!h Friday names were for the office of leader of the party. Of Wednesday Morning. new Alcan International Highway, got a unique Christmas present thiv These were John Bracken, Premier ol Manitoba, Murdock A. MacPher-so- n, week.;'' . ;' former Attorney-Gener- al lor Another historic landmark in , The origin of the fire is unknown He was at the Whitehorse airport, Saskatchewan, John Diefenbake, Whitehorse was destroyed by fire in at the time of our going to press, saying goodby to Colonel E, B. Bush, s- - no doubt- - ls being' chief of staff of the Northwest former Leader in the Saskatchewan the early hours of Wednesday investigated. Sei House, Harold Green, member for , . , ':.'.''" , . AH the boys wish us to exoress on vice Command, en route to Wash- ington, By the time the tire morning. Vancouver South and Hon. H. H. jte behalf their great appreciation D. C, on' official business. alarm was sounded at 5.20 a. m. the " for the kindness extended ; to them Stevens former Leader of the Re- construction "You're from Chicago, aren't you: building was well ablaze and all by Mrs. Vickie Clarke, under such a Party in the 1935 gen- eral ' Cronke?" Colonel Bush inquired. that the local fire brigade could do trying ordeal. : election. "Yes sir." was to keep the fire from spreading. I with the demolition of the North Whilst addressing the convention ! A strong cold north wind was blow- - j star Athletic Association hall many .."What's your mother's telephone Mr.' Green suddenly collapsed to the number?" Colonel . Bush ing at the time and continued all memories will be awakened in the floor and was removed to an ante- room Cronke told him. The Colonel wrot. the fiire truck day. Fortunately new j minds of the Old-Time- rs who. have where medical aid was ' given, ' it down in his notebook. j constructed the Dowell Con- - by spent many happy times under its by Hon. H. A. Bruce, M. P., for To- ronto struction Co., was available and j roof. The building stood originally "I have a 30-min- ute stopover iii and a noted physician. worked most also did Chicago," Cronke's commanding of- ficer ; effectively as j on Front Street where the. ware-fa- ll Hon. John Bracken, Premier of the members of the local fire house of Messrs. Taylor & Drury told him, "and I am going h Manitoba, was elected leader of the use about twenty minutes of it i brigade who are to be commended Ltd. is now located. In 1903 it' war new Progressive Conervative parly for the excellent work they acconi- - j moved to its present site and ex-plish- ed. phone your , mother and tell hoi with a total vote which, it is un- officially tended. Through the years it hats what fine work you're doing here." stated, was double that of We understand there were thirty played an important part in the The corporal finally got his-bmit- r his closest opponent Mr . Macpher-so- n. men on the upper floor of the pre- - i social life of the community. Prob- - after the colonel has boarded ti Prime Minister Mackenzie j mises at the time of the conflagra- - j ably later on a new up-to-d- nte plane. "Golly!" he -- ...exclaimed King has stated the government ! tion all of whom dropped to the I community hall will be erected t j "That's a real Christmas present, '( w jll place no obstacle in the way of j ground from the windows. One or meet the requirements of this pro-tw- o have our chief of stuff phone my Mr. Bracken entering the House of suffered some injuries in so do- -; gressive community. mom. Gee!" Commons. ing. it is stated mere were also j Alter tne lire nad been eiieet-fo- ur Cronke's mother is Mrs. Emn young pups in the basement ively brought under control clouds Cronke of 8930 Baltimore Aven i v McMYNN OF PENTICTON which presumably were cremated, j of smoke poured fourth continuous-Quit- e Her son has been in the Army since ELECTED HEAD YOUNG a lot of Christmas supplies for j ly for two. days from the burning February. Last month with Pri- vate the army had just been stored, upo'i debris, which is still smouldering as Bob Bowe ol .Minneapolis, h TORIES AT CONVENTION. the premises all of which were de- - i we go to press. Guards have", been piloted the first vehicle in history, stroyed. ! stationed around the site. ever to travel by land to Alaska. WINNIPEG, Dec. 1 1. Douglas McMynn, 34, Penticton, B. C, elec- trical engineer, Thursday was elect- ed TARIFFS POWER SOUGHT ONTARIO CONSERVATIVE MA? PIED MEN TO BE president of the National Young meet- ing BY PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT LEADER PREDICTS ALCAN ELIGIBLE FOR CALL Conservative association at a of delegates to the national con- vention PIGEONHOLED HOUSE HIGHWAY WILL OPEN TO ARMY SERVICE- - here. OF REPRESENTATIVES. NEW EMPIRE OF TRADE. Wil- liam The war services regulations ha National vice-preside- nts are v R. Shand . In an address delivered in Win- nipeg been amended now making mani.v Armstrong, Regina; WASHINGTON, Dec. 11. The Montreal, and Mrs, D. Murnaghan, last Friday Lt.-Co- l. George A.- Drew,' men between the -- ages 'of - 19 to 2? house of representatives ways and Ontario Conservative Lea 'er inclusive eligible to be called' up h" Montreal. ' Provincial vice-preside- nts in- clude: means "committee Thursday formallv stated that the Alaska , High way compulsory military service. It iT B. C, Joseph Guy, Vancou- ver; pigeonholed President Roosevelt's would ORen a new empire of pros- perity anticipated a proclamation to lhi.s. Alberta, not yet selected; Sas- katchewan", request for broad wartime authority after the war, adding that u effectWill be forthcoming in ilu: Mrs. D. C. Disbery, Sas- katoon; to suspend tariff laws and regula- tions a future date there may be as many near future. - Manitoba, Thomas Mallm-so- n, in the United States.. The ac- tion people living north of Edmonton as came after several members of in all of Canada today. Winnipeg. RUMOURED SALE OF The association went on record the committee conferredv with '.'...' ; O - ". ot Sam Raybtirn (Dem. INTOXICATING LIQUORS in favor of active continuance House Speaker JOHN DAVID EATON work during the war. Texas). TO BE CURTAILED. reorganisation NEW HEAD OF, THE Provincial associations will be or- ganized T. EATON CO.. LTD. Reports emanating from Otta'v. in each province. NO COLORFUL LIGHTS are to the effect that the sale of in- toxicating TO ADORN VANCOUVER Mr. John David Eaton, son of tit-l- ate liquors is eprtniir CARD OF THANKS Sir John Craig Eaton has as-cnm- pH in the hear future. It is proposed u THIS CHRISTMASTIDE. the' nresidencv of The T reduce the consumption of beer We want to express our sincere Thomas Martin Eaton Co., Ltd., on the 'retirement j Canada bv ten per crnt and '"'ne ! electrician thanks to all our many friends who City that for the first time in of Mr. R. Y.E aton who has held the twenty per cent. The shortening ..' stated so wonderfully came to our aid m has the colorful lighting ar- rangements office since April 1922. A few the hours for sale is also contemp- lated. our recent misfortune. The "Spirit many years in the City Hall grounds, months ago he completed 45 ye;wV AUI ouch Vis is a "Ti-'dt- er !, of the North" really helped our and at Lost Lagoon service with the company. The new provincial regulation the Domini", morale when th North Wind came Victory Square with this Christ-mastid- e president was born in Toronto in government has the right to inter- vene a little closer. Thanks! We love you are being dispensed order to curtail expense. 1909 and has held several executho if it so chooses. As a m:M!-- , for it and we stiill think there's no in public positions with the company since he of fact some of t'1 provinces :-elu- ding these pro Come Spring, In former years 1930. He Brilish Columbia, have H- -' Blace like the Yukon. brilliantly illuminated first entered its service in we'll build again and hope our perties were thousands f married Miss Sign Stephenson n ready reduced their hours for se'!-in- g. and admired by house-warmi- ng is better controlled. 1933 and is the father of three sons. t. and Mrs. Roberts. people. PAGE TWO HE WHITEHORSE STAR, VH1TEHQRSE YUKON y FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18th, 1942 I Britain, this - Canada-Unite- d States i agreement is a second key to the Droblem of post-w- ar reconstruction "Voiom of th Yukon's While Wendell Willkie has been liv- - j ing " in constant dread that this An Independent Journal war may end before the people of the world will have come to a com- mon understanding of what they, Published every Friday tX fight for and what they hope for ' Whitehorse, Yukon Territory after States the and war Canada is over," have' been the United work- ing The White Pass and Yukon Route On the Trail of '98 together to prevent just that eventuality. The conversations leading up L The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to Member of Canadian Weekly the announcement have been going Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska- - on for the better part of a year. The Newspapers' Association. result is that a plan is readya plan AIRPLANE SERVICE acceptable to these two countri 2S HORACE E. MOORE - Publisher and broad enough to include all service, making connections northbound and south- bound others that want some practical j plane guarantee of lasting peace. The. fear with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, Let us have faith that right makes of " a blitz surrender", expressed by Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For information might; and in that faith let us to the dftinguished columnist, Doro- thy the end dare to do our duty as we Thompson, a surrender that apply to any understand it. Lincoln. won Id find the United Nations as "confused and unprepared as the WHIT E PASS A GENT, or blitz war found us in the first 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. DECEMBER 18th, 1942 place," becomes less real in the light of the plan to which the Can- adian and United States govern- ments have put their names and POINTING THE WAY. upon which they have set their seals. Montreal Gazette. No two countries anywhere are ir a better position to provide "con- crete COL. W. F. VON ZELINSKI evidence" of the leiauonsni. I SURGEON NORTHWEST implied in the Atlantic charter tha-- i COMMAND PROMOTED. et us face our are Canada and the United States. The exchange of letters between Ot- tawa common future and Washington forecasting Walter F. von Zelinski his week lit. ;- -, with the same high ti continued economic co-operat- ion in became the seventh full colonel on hearts of those brave which all like-mind- ed nations may the headquarters staff of the North- west who 9 ones fight our participate, is a beacon light .n Service Command which oper- ates cause across the seas. post-w- ar planning. This co-operat- ion and maintains the Alcan Inter- national a mm. in legislation In this spirit, we wish is to be expressed Highway. of national and international scope Colonel von Zelinski, surgeon of, you once again covering such mutual interests as the Command, was promoted from "production, employment, and the the rank of lieutenant colonel. exchange and consumption . of Colonel von Zelinski is a naturali- zed goods." The correspondence envis- ages citizen of the United States, "elimination of all forms of having been born in Germany on discriminatory treatment in internat- ional July 6, 1882. He shares birth there r"822 'T.EATON C-- .. commerce" and "the reduct- ion with such distinguished Americans r C W A A ) of tariffs .and other trade bar- -. as Senator Robert F. Wagner and w riers." ' " v Supreme Court Justice Felx Frank- furter. What vs.: contemplated is a post- war extension of a system under In 1911 von Zelinski graduated which, lor war purposes, the econo- mies from the' ' medical school of Loola of the two countries have been Universit of Illinoise, and that same so adjusted that each serves the year he joined the American Army needs pf the other. Back of this reserve corps. He saw action on system lies the mutuality of action in the Mexican border and served defence, the Ogdensbug and Hyde through the World War, playing his Park agreements, and corollary un- derstandings part in the Allied victory over his and arrangements. The native land. He has served continu- ously plan as outlined has two main bases, in the Army ever since. a recognition of economic inter- - -- pendence Mrs. von Zelinski now- - lives at and an accompanying re- cognition Santa Barbara, Calif., while Colonel M I B) "1 J: of a common interest in von Zelinski is in the North. They pct-w- ar economic international have a daughter Adrienne, who is policy. Briefly, what is proposed is working for her Master's degree at that Canada and the United States the University of ' Southern Cali- fornia. shall, by reciprocal action, give ef- fect . to the Atlantic charter by faci- litating - Other full colonels on the head- quarters the exchange and consumpt- ion staff of the Northwest Ser- vice 1 4m mwm mum of goods, "which are the mater- ial Command are Kenneth B. Bush -- i; .a foundations of the liberty ..and of Quincy, 111., chief of staff; John welfare of all peoRjes." W. Wheeler, Crown Point," Ind.; Developed into a reality in North Joseph P. Glandon, Mexica, Mo.; America, the charter and its benefits Harry A. Montgomery, Tulsa, Okia.: become available to all other nat- ions Caryl R. Hazeltine, . Corvallis, Ore : and the way is laid to "a jusr and Thearl W. Essig. Warsaw, ind. and enduring world peace." The Brigadier General James A. object is one that must be applaud- ed O'Connor of Bay City, Mich,, is the everywhere. "That means do not commanding general. of the North west. Service Command national Highway and other supply imply very much that these two has left Whitehorse on his first trip routes to Alaska and the North nations have not already achieved COL. K. B. BUSH LEAVES to the national capital since the Pacific area. " thiee In Bush's absence" Colonel Harry Command was organized in their own field as neighbors hav- ing FOR WASHINGTON, D. C-O- N months ago. A. Montgomery of Tulsa, Okla., will common interest and a com- mon a OFFICIAL BUSINESS. be acting chief of staff. Montgom the hee's Under his direction the new or- ganization Coming on purpose. and the has been formed to oper- ate ery heads tbe operations section of of the Beveridge report promise of real social security in Colonel K. A. Bush,' chief of staff and maintain the Alcan Inter l the Command. - FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18th, 1942 THE WHITUHOKSK STAK. WHITKIIORSR. YUKON PAGE THREE member of the armed forces bein? listed as missing thcre"shdu'kT be hi) interruption in the payment of BUILD WESTERN PAYItOIXS 0 tl separation allowance and assigned pay pending the definite establish- ment A PATRON 0 of a change of status of the member in question. 8. Because the Canadian people FOR 8 are required to practice the most That rigid ecnomy to finance the cost of JVAPORATED war, the departments ' , of govern- ment YEARS including all those of national defence should practice similar Last Minute Rush economy. We have a letter from up-coun- try The writer states 9- - Freedom .of the person, of speech, of the press the radio and she has used "all kinds of other means of communication Ls canned milk" but Pacific essential to the well-bein- g of the -- Milk continually since she nation. When war makes limitation began1 it "because of its of these freedoms necessary, safe- guards richness and flavor. That should be provided against . was eight years ago." Come bureaucratic tyranny. - It's only real '.excellence that could bring a milk a pre- ference like this. BUY UJRR Pacific Vlilk SAVINGS We Will Help You. CERTIFICATES IRRADIATED Or COURSE Pick it Out Now Northern Commercial Co. Ltd Buy War Savings Stamps. CONSERVATIVE POLICY plied with reinforcements, equip- ment L (la and amunitions of war in order OUTLINED IN RESOLUTIONS that they can and shall be so em- ployed I VflrM WHITEHORSE EDMONTON AT WINNIPEG CONVENTION. in relation to bur fighting allies that Canada shall make her w 7?aily except Sunday, via WINNIPEG, Dec. 11. Following due and honorable contribution to .Watson Lake, Fort Nelson, Fort and complete victory-Empir- e St. John, Grand Prairie. Lv. is the text of the war policy resolu- tion a common as adopted Thursday" by the War Council Whitehorse 8.30 a. m., Y. T. Conservative national convention. 4. We favor the formation of 'an unswerving vmpire w?r council in which Can- ada WHITEHORSE VANCOUVER 1. We proclaim our and the other dominions shall loyalty to His Majesty the King. Daily except Sunday, via 2. We affirm our belief that the be represented. Fort St. John. Prince George. future of this dominion as a free 5. Recognizing that the worli Lv. Whitehorse 8.30 a. m.. Y. T. nation can best be ensured as a struggle in which Canada is engag- ed member of the British Common requires a total war effort,, we DAWSON CITY WHITEHORSE wealth of Nations. believe in compulsory national 3. We pledge to the men and selective service, and that all those Lv. Whitehorse 9.00 a. m . elected lo serve in the armed force? Returning women in the services at home, Tuesday-Thursda- y. should be available for service 9.00 a. m. abroad and at sea, support to the Lv. Dawson City limit of our resources, to the end wherever required. Wednesday -- Friday. that they shall -- be adequately sup- - We believe in the effective total and allocation iur utilization proper In format ion and reservations: war, by compulsion where neces- sary, J. A. Barber, Canadian Pacific of all the resources of Can- ada,' Whitehorse. Air Lines, including agriculture, industry and finance, as well as manpower, and that our aim should be at all (Yukon Division: Services of Y ikun times to bring about so far &s Southern Air Transport.) human means can achieve it, an WHITEHORSE LODGE NO. 46 equality in sacrifice. i j i 6. All appointments and promo- tions A. F. & A. M. in the armed forces of Canada communications . m should be based on efficiency onV- - I holds its regular MR LIM S Whitehorse, on Bonus Extension L the Masonic Hall, S0 now the third Monday of the month , at 7. The cost-of-living-bo- nus provided for civilian employes 2& WW 8 o'clock. should be extended to apply to pen- sions Visiting brethren welcome. of veterans and to the do-pende- nts PASSENGERS MAIl EXPP25S feg J. Et. WATSON, P.iit of men and women in tnt Secr.tary. armed forces. In the event cf eny CXSXXXXtXIXgXXXXXJLULIggm PAGE FOUR THE vmTK!IOK8E.STAKv.,WHlTKHORSBv YUKON SATURDAY. DECEMBER 19 LT.-GE- N. CRERAR, D.S O. i of officers and men c.long 1.630 x 1 1 " '" ACKNOWLEDGES RECEIPT ! miles of wilderness road are housed B- - C-YUK- ON SILVER in Danaciw aim icai k-v- . sera winter, and that "highway operations r i REPLICA OAMMANDO are organized to servs the purpose R DAGGER. for .which it was built. '.'',. i '';'..'.''' m m w a mi mm mm mm mm . m jn a cablegram, from Londan, re- ceived NO SMALL PACKAGES I o u r-- n I i it ii L rm in Ottawa on December 8lh. CIGARETTES AND TOBACCO. Lieut.-Gener- al H. D. G. Crerar, D. S. O., Commander 1st Canadian Small packages of cigarettes ana Corps, expressed appreciation on ic-cciv- ing dime packages of pipe tobacco mur.t British Columbia and the go, the prices board ruled Thursday. Yukon's silver replica of the Com- mando' After April 0 next the smallest Dagger. package of cigarettes made for sale Ariv By winning second place - in the in Canada will contain 18 cigarettes inter-Provinci- al r;ice to exceed their and no container of cut tobacco will Third Victory Loan quota, the peo- ple hold less than l13h of a pound. of British Columbia and the Yu- kon The restrictions were announced earned the right to send their by David Sim, administrator of dagger to the 1st Canadian Corps. tobacco. The token was engraved: "Symbolic The order prohibits introduction determination of the citizens of the of ncv brands of tobacco products of British Columbia and the Yukon and the size labelling and pricing cf to support our Armed Forces until brands now sold is not to be varied. Vic'ory is won" and was despatched Savings in material and labor will "The purest form conclusion of the in which tobacco to England at the assist manufacturers in meeting in- creased recent campaign. con b smoked costs of raw materials. The text, of Lieut-Gener- al Crc-rar'- s . , I -- 0000000000000009 0 .000 0000.0000000000000000000000000900' m0 -- i .ri nr j" ifx t MnAriAAJLnrtr - - iruLn fui n n.i reply is as follows: "Please express to Province of British Co- lumbia . and Yukon deep appreciat- ion of gift silver dagger symbolic of f rwn i) i) determination to prosecute war to end. In this task 1st Canadian Corps - can be relied upon to fulfill to the very utmost its allotted part." - From. . National War Finance Committer, Public Relations Section, 1227 Vancouver, Block Vancouver COL- - H. A. MONTGOMERY ACTING CHIEF OF STAFF NORTHWEST SERVICE (By Lt. Richard L. Neuberger) Colonel Harry A. Montgomery, recently of Tulsa, Okla., took over this week his duties as acting chief of staff of the farthest north Ser- vice Command ever established by the American Army. As senior col- onel of the Northwest Service Com- mand, Montgomery will head ths organization's personnql while Col- onel E. B. Bush, chief of staff, is in the United States on official busi- ness. The commanding officer of this Command, which operates the new A lean International Highway to Al- aska, is Brigadier General James A. O'Connor, a leading figure in the Highway's construction. Montgomery, 45. years old, was born in Brooklyn, N. Y., in August of 1897. He graduated from tho United States Military Academy at West Point in 1918 and has served in the Army continuously sin'-e- . lie is a member of the Corps of Eng- ineers and has graduated witn hon- ors from sevcr"l spcc::.l engineer- ing sciiopls and academies. In July of 1939 Colonel Montgom- ery organized the Tulsa Engineering District.' At. the time of his depar- ture from that post for the Arclic, the distriict was supervis;ng $200,-000,0- 00 worth of war contracts. Mrs. nrLViEiiB siPimnM(E Montgomery, and their three chil- drenRobert, 19; Peggy, l5, and Lager Beer Richard, 4 reside at 1234 East Twentieth Street in Tulsa. Brewed to the same formula for a quarter century. Colonel Montgomery is chief of operations lor the Northwest Ser- vice Command. His principal tasks now are seeing to it that thousands FRIDAY, DECEMBER ftth, 1942 THE YVHimiORSE STAR WIUTEIIORSE. YUKON PAGE FIVR DAUGHTERS OP AMERICAN Fairbanks, Alaska. Commanding General. We all vaaie Governor and Mr. Bartlett. REVOLUTION PRESENT Dear Mrs. MacDonald: highly this symbol of the great Ter- ritory A piece of ribbon is enclosed. Tir FLAG TO ALASKA TO All of us associated with the which the road now links to ribbon was cut by Honorable -- I.1 NORTHS iEST SERVICE Northwest Service Command are the United States.' " Mackenzie and Mr. Bartlett as '!. COMMAND. grateful to you and your fellow I have , read with interest about climax of the ceremony opening Va members of the Daughters of the your husband's pioneer advocacy of road. Have you seen the picture' Col. K. B. Bush,' chief of staff, American Revolution for the flag of this project. I am .sure you will be in the newspapers of Mr. Bml-- M Northwest Service Command, ack Alaska that now honors our Head- quarters. pleased at the very fine recognition presenting the Alaskan flag? Sum. nowledges the gift of the Flag of given to him in an excellent article of them are very good, indeed. Alaska in. the following terms: The flag was presented at the by Governor Gruening which ap- pears With renewed appreciation aiu in the November 22 issue oi with Holidiiy greetings to December you an. 12, 1942 ceremony opening the Alcan Inter- national The' New York Times Sunday Mag- azine;" Mr. I MacDonald, Mrs. Donald MacDonald, Highway. Your friend Bob am, Alaska Regent Bartlett made a very inspiring and Yours sincerely, I am taking the liberty of sending B. Daughters of the American splendid presentation, and I had the K, BUSH. a copy of this letter to the Gover- nor's Colonel GSO Revolution, honor of receiving the flag for the " ' office, for the interest of the Chief of Staff. I.. 1 . MiQhpj disPiaved by the Liquor Control Board or by Govemment of the Yiuon Territory vy This advertisement is not t published oi .displayed GE SIX THE VH I TE110KSE STAR, W HI TEH OBSB YUKON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18th, 19'2 Local fl- - Happenings ' : CHRISTMS CHEER Don't forget the I. O. D E. Bridge It is a pleasure to again see the Party at the. Masonic Hall tonight. local stores so tastefully decorated It will be the last this "year. for the festive season. Buy your Good Eats and hear that Mrs. Craw- ford, Sincerest sympathy is extended to We regi'et to Mrs. Jack Barber who received wife of the office superintend- ent word this week that her mother had of The Dowell Construction Co., Christmas Presents early. prssed away suddenly. Mr. and was notified latter part of last week Mrs. Barber left by C.P.A. plane that, her mother had suddenly passed the yesterday funeral for Edmonnton to attend away. plane for Mrs. Michigan Crawford to left attend by army the Remember the children. We ha ve last rites. :Vv '.7 V; Toys, Toys and More Toys Due to the effective work of tr.e jfjJt jJJL jfjuC Sk local fire brigade the curling rink, adjoining the now demolished N. S. A. A. hall, was saved from the con Christ Church flagration. Buy War Savings Stamps ANNUAL ANCHORAGE TIMES STATES For Christmas Gifts JAPS ON KISKA BECAUSE THEY CAN'T GET OFF ! Cftri si mm In a recent editorial the Anchor- age Times stated that the reason the TAYLOR & DRURY Ltd Japs are still on Kiska is because they can's get off. All Japanese (garol aircraft there and more than twenty vessels have been destroyed and many shore batteries silenced. And then it facetiously adds that if it is THIS WEEK desirable to have the Japs leave the mm island transportation mjght be per- mitted them and they would evacu- ate YARD LEY SETS for Ladies and Gentlemen-uintheri- e in hurry. a SUNDAY, DECEMBER 20th Perfumes, Face Powders- - and Soaps, Artistic Trays, 3.30 p. m. and 7.30 p. m. CANADA RUSHES FOOD" Candle Holders, Cigarette Boxes, Etc. in the new fibre ware. In order that all may have an PARCELS TO GREECE opportunity of attending' one of NEWEST FICTION AND MYS TERY STORIES. these services it is . requested that TORONTO, Dec. 15 Dr. Fred those who can conveniently do W. Routley, national commissioner TRY THE DRUG STORE FIRST of the Canadian Red . so will attend the afternoon ser- vice. Cross, an- nounced Both services will be iden- tical. today the society has ar- ranged H. G. MACPHERSON for immediate shipment of -- ......' i 10.000 food parcels to help relieve starvation in Greece. -- - CHURCHILL REVEALS BRITAIN HAD ONLtf Choice Christmas ONE HUNDRED TANKS WHEN FRANCE COLLAPSED fTXTXXXXXXlXlXIXXlXXXXXrZX On Tuesday Prime Minister Win- ston SACRED HEART " Churchill informed the British Gifts House of Commons that at the time Catholic Church of the fall of France the British had only hundred tanks. one army Rev. Father Charles Hamel, O.M.I. That was in June 1940. Even these, Including From now on until further notice he added, were too weak to stand services will be conducted at the up against German anti-tan- k guns. following times: In less than a year an entirely nevv Sundays: , Genuine type-- of tank had been devised and Masses ..... 7.00 and 8.30 A.M. by the autumn of 1941 the army High Mass 10.00 A.M had 400 of these. Today this num- ber Hair Seal Moccasins Benediction ... , 7.30 P.M. has been increased probably Week days: five-fol- d. Masses . .. ".' 7.00 A.M. . . 1 o : Ladies' and Gent's (In Chapel at Rectory) OFFICIAL WEATHER REPORT 'Fridays: Benediction 7.30 P.M WRIST WATCHES December fTTtiimiiiirtitiixiirtn 4 Friday 10 . 4 IV. H. THEATRE . 6 5 Sunday Saturday .., , 34 3 15 10 S. VANDT, - Main Street 7 Monday 3 26 ' 8 Tuesday 4 26 "Whitehorse k'ukon 9 Wednesday 7 : 2Q MARSHAL PETAIN NOT LOST Pair of glasses, silver rim, 10 Thursday 2 16 WILLING TO CO-OPERA- TE without case. Reward. Capt. I.. Shows Every 1 1 Friday , 25 5 WITH NAZI REGIME. Colvin, Northwest ' Service Coi i-m- and. 12-Saturd- ay ..; 23 14 In his lon-delay- ed reply to Hit- - v-- " 13. Sunday 12 4 ler's request for full co-opera- tion of Night 14 Monday 5 12 'France with Germany the aged WANTED Room for young man 15 Tuesday 1 Marsnai feiam states wumijr ui who is neat and tidy. Will con- sider (Except Sundays) 16 Wednesday 1- - "2 in the absence pf a certain degree of anything. ReplyBox H. 17 Thursday 7 "13 liberty down-trodd- en France is not j Whitehorse Star. Pictures changed thrice Weekly. (Denotes below zero) in a position to offer any such co- operation. This morning (18) the lowest The violation of the WILL PAY .CASH For house or iot See Bulletin Board for Particulars. temperature officially recorded is 43 armistice by the Germans will j or both. Will consider anything. ! below. This is at the airport. never be forgotten by the Marshal. 1 Box D, Star Office. 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