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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 50, Friday, December 11, 1942

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Frc-- CIRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY Vol. 42. No. 50. WHITEHORSE, YUKON. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11th, 1042. Subscription $.100 Year. SADDEST AIRPLANE NEW FEEDER ROAD TRAGEDY IN HISTORY j CONNECTING HAINES j WBITEHORSE IN WHICH WITH ALCAN HIGHWAY THREE LIVES ARE LOST. NOW UNDER CONSTRU CTION A week ago today there occurred Brigadier General James A O'Con- nor, the saddest fatal accident so far in commanding the NorthwvK the history of Whitehorse when a Service Command, has informed Norseman plane, piloted by Les Anthony J. Diamond, Alaska's vet- eran ' cok and accompanied by his two Delegate in Congress, that con- struction mechanics, Ken McLean and Don has started on a second Dickson, crashed on one of thy road to connect the Alcan Internal- -' mcin streets near the home of Mr. ional Military Highway with the md Mrs. I. Taylor, waters of the Inside Passage. It was shortly after 4 o'clock in In a letter to Delegate Diamond,' the afternoon when the trio left the CJeneral O'Connor today declaiwi, lr'cl airport cn a test flight. Ti at l,I am well aware - of your long- time the flight was intended to be of interest in the development oi short duration was evidenced by. the land communication with Alaska.'.;. fact that the engine of their motor The Haines-Champag- ne road, con- struction truck was left running at the air- port of which has started, will due to the low temperature connect southeastern Alaska with rrevalent at the time. The plane the Alcan Military Highway ' an.i had not been in the air many minu- tes will be an important step in the de- velopment when a forced landing became of the Alaskan road net- work. inevitable. In its descent it strucic General Alexander C in C Mid die East (left) and Lieut.-Gener- al We already have landed several trees as well as some tele- phone Montgomery who took the Third Di vision to France in 1939. crews and equipment at Haines. poles and. wires in the vici- nity "This road will provide a sen -- mi ALL COLORED REVIEW MISS B. S. HAWKINS ON of from southeastern A I of the hospital and upon strik- ing port entry the ground burst into flames. SCORES BIG HIT WITH SENIOR NURSE IN P.RAfl aska to the Alcan Highway and wiil Only the body of one of its occu- pants, ARMY AT LOCAL TnEATRE- - HOSPITAL IN WHTEHORSE bring the Highway closer to siifh that of Ken McLean, was exr I Alaskan cities as' Juneau, - Ketchikan Heated from the flaming .inferno. A grand' evening of fun was af- forded (By Lt. R. L. Neuberger) j md Sitka." r 1 The others were not secured .foV the soldiers stationed in this An Edmonton girl, Miss Bertha S. I The road will extend 'appro.;-.- ; some hours afterwards. . vicinity last Sunday night when an Hawkinson of 12122 Ninety-Fourt- h ! mately 142 miles from Haines on I'm: A military funeral service was all-color- ed troupe of soldier-thes-pia- ns Street of that city, holds the dis- tinction Alaskan seacoast, to the Yuk i held at Christ Church Monday for put on a show at the local of being the first nurse ever frontier settlement of Champagn?. the late Les Cook and Don Dickson-- . Whitehorse Theatre for the Army to work on the 1,650-mi- le Alcan In- ternational It will ascend the heights of Chilknt personnel and their wives and the third route that '9i'.'s The remains of Ken McLean have Military Highway, which Pass, the been shipped to Edmonton where sweethearts. was recently dedicated at Kluane followed to the Klondike, the othtis A fine of talent was pre- sented the Chilkoot and White ol array . . being his widow is at, the present time. Lake. : the Army and included miles by dreadful memory. Forty-tw- o The service was conducted by tre Miss Hawkinson is now senior such acts "as vocalists, comedian s, of the road already have been devel- oped Rev, L. G. Chappell, Rector of nurse at the U. S. Public Roads Ad- ministration jitterbugs and imitators to extent the Alaska dancers, some by Christ Church, assisted by two U. S. Hospital at Whitehorse, and a swing trio that had the house Road Commission. Army chaplains, Cap'.. Erwin T. where she works under the direct- -' May and Lieut. F. H. Austin, both of tapping and swaying in time to its ion of Captain O. B. , ifoyle, physi- cian The Haines "cut-bit- " has lo; the Engineers Corps. The mournei s rhythm. Each performer was an of the American Government's been favored by Governor Puniest artist in his own right when it came Gruening of Alaska. He conferred were Mrs. Lillian Cook, her mother Public Health Service. to displaying talent. with' General O'Connor concernim: and father, Mr. and Mrs. Murray, Miss Hawkinson is the daughter The soldier-packe- d audience was the development here early ir the late pilot's father who arrived of Mr. and Mrs. N, Hawkinson of new particularly impressed when ons November. Delegate Diamond has. from Pincher Creek. Alberta, Mis Mayerthorpe, Alberta. She took ner soldier, an imitator, gave his im- pression also been actively urging -- '.the link- ing Amelia Dickson, Mr. and Mrs. Dave training at Edmonton General Hos- pital of the Amos 'n Andy radio of the Alcan Highway to'variouv Wilson and Mrs. John Phelps. 'The with the Gray Nuns and ha Show. This ; proformer was the parts of Alaska through the con- struction C-na- rd of Honor .was composed of been at Whitehorse since last sum- mer. show-stopp- er. of additional "feeder" officers from army headquarters. best acts She is one of the most prori-cie- nt the Prizes were given roads. The pallbearers for the late N Les amateur protographers at this given to tn ; Stann" Capt. Gee, and a grand prize was Recently she General O'Connor's statement ;s Cook were Major be the best of frontier settlement. Capt. Palfreyman (representing the act that proved to Brigadier General contained in a letter thanking Dele- gate photographed were o; .All the prizes U. S. Army) and Dr. F. Burns Roth, the evening. but the first James A. O'Connor and other staff Diamond for the message prais- ing John Phelps. the goofy "gag" type Northwest Service American workmanship on ; 1h. W. Gordon, Jr., and secret that officers of the Dickson were prize. It is no military Alcan Highway which he sent to the Those for the late Don FURLOUGH. Command. Jack the grand prize was a ceremonies opening the the road t Corpl. Barry Allan, R.C.M.P., deadlocked "This has been a great experi- ence," three men However Kluane Lake November 20. Barber, Yorke Wilson, Gordon Arm- strong, Miss Hawkinson .recenj'y and since they were the grand prize, H. D, Zeiser and Bob Bock-!- er all so good, the Sector Command", said of her work at Whitehorse. (representing the Northwest Air who "was in attendance at the show, "The Highway is a historic under- taking Mrs. "Ma" Simmons of Carero. Lines.) Both caskets were draped decided that to give just one fur- lough and one feels proud to hare fame and the apple of her eye. with the Union Jack and Stars and out would be eating the been of assistance in its construct- ion. George, president of Northern Air- ways Stripes and an array of floral tri- butes elated wh-.- a All of us at the PRA hospital other two so all were Ltd., were in town on a sr"t whilst the firing squad was awardedth:? are glad of a chance to minister '.-t- he commander of the sector trip this week and we missed 'em. number composed of an equal to all three men. ills and sickness of the men v hi'e and colored troops of the U. S. grand prize building this great road." The Dowager . Duchess .had "Go Army. It was a most impress! -- e Miss Hawkinson is senior nurse at with the wind" before we kivjw i friends1 deceas- ed, service, the church being filled to wide circle of of the extend to the PRA hospital and is the f;rsv her whereabouts. We 'were how- ever capacity by the sorrowing friends of both near and far, sincerest we an -- I nurse to be employed on the Alcan more fortunate in mee'v' t; h--- i the deceased! the bereaved ones Highway. daughter the Lady Gladys last wce'. of the heartfelt sympathy. behalf In the nme and on PAGE TWO THE WIHTEHOKSE STAK, WHiTKIIORSE, YUKON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1 1th, 1942 the influence of the mindof Christ. This is something for which, we can be thankful, for it is all to the good "Volom of thm Yukon's for us to have high ideals to guide us in the reconstruction of the An Independent Journal ; world.;';' But there is one glaring omission in 'tne plans most of us are inclined Published every Friday f.t to make. We leave God out of ihe Yukon Territory And when I say this is a Whitehorse, picture. The White Pass and Yukon Route dangerous omission, it is not a mere On the Trail of '98 for religion matter of propaganda but rather a statement of cold fact. The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to For the possibility of the realization Member, of Canadian Weekly j of any of our plans for a better Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska ' Newspapers' Association. world rests on the possibility . thai God is working towards the same AIRPLANE SERVICE HORACE E. MOORE Publisher end. That is to say, there is little to hope for from aU our planning plane service, making connections northbound and south- bound be assured that the unless can we with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, Let us have faith that right makes whole movement of the universe is might; and in that faith let us to towards, the same end. This assur- ance Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For information is the only adequate spur to the end dare to do . our duty as we apply to any action on the part of humanity. For understand it. Lincoln. feel that what we only when we W H I T E P A S SA0 E N T, o r ork for is in line with the mind ol God can we put our whole heart and 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. DECEMBER 11th, 1924 energy into it. Further, it is not j enough for us to be unconscious ?y prompted and guided by Christian A SIGNIFICANT FACT ideals. We need the active guidance of God in our planning. Otherwise The observant among us cannot we shall be running off into blind THERE IS NO OTHIR TOiACCO JUST UK! OLD CHUM alleys of our own choosing, wb rh and im- pressed nelp but be well deeply with the genuine public in- terest will lead us nowhere. "tod which has of late awakened One warning ought to be added, A, in both our national and internat- ional We must not expect a Utopia when affairs The public conscience this war is over. Our high ideals 1 has been quickened in a manner and have a habit of being dimmed by to an extent not hitherto known in our own self-intere- st; that is wh? years. From coast to coast through-- ( we need the active guidance' of God I out the Dominion discussion groups i to keep our ideals fresh. And we wmm are meeting regularly to study the need to remember that, though high situation from all angles. It is a aspirations mark the minds of most fit 1 SZ?l. f. significant trend and augurs good ; of us today, nevertheless bur notions for our public welfare in the future, of goodness are not universally ap-An- d be it noted, in passing, that j plied even by ourselves. What we these discussion groups, for the can hope for is that we may make OLD CHUM most nart. are not aliened to any a step iorwara, ana piease boa man political party nor are the. topics' rt be a great step. But we shall no; . . til generally discussed strictly of a po make a perfect world yet. We and . . 11- - 1. A A 1 litical nature. Rather do they com- - ; tne numan race are noi quite ready f Hi lis prise subjects pertaining to social for that. We may be discouraged raw 25 S" reform in its wider sense and ap-- and disappointed. But , we can. plication not omitting the principles under God, go forward, and hope of Christianity as a dynamic force eternally that our advance may be for effectively solving mariy of the continued. Rev. E. S. Ottley, B. A., problems afflicting humanity today, j L.Th., Rector, Christ Church, rl-He- rein they differ from the study j monton, Alberta. groups instituted by the C. C. F. Party sometime ago and since oper IIIIIIIIIIITTTIIITITTTTI 3T ated with marked success. The critical period through which "BUILD WESTERN PAYROLLS' we are passing demands of each of us a wide and active interest in cur national and international affairs. A PATRON This is all to the good for a more or fj less intimate knowledge of present -- 'day The Tobacco of Quality world conditions is a necessary FOR 8 requisite to the adoption of a sane and wise course for the future. JiwPORJlTP, CUT COARSI fOI HM 01 MNI 'Ol IOUINO YOUR OWN Moreover, fortified with such know- ledge YEARS we are less prone or liable to be led by "the Grecian art of gentle We have a letter from up-coun- try persuasion" into any blind alleys The writer states which would either lead to nowhere she has used "all kinds of or become an obstruction to our canned milk" but Pacific own best interests. Milk continually since she began it "because of its "THE NEW ORDER' richness and flavor. That Yukon Electrical Company. Ltd. was eight years ago." There is much talk these days of It's only real excellence that Will be pleased to consult the "new order" which, it is our could bring a milk a pre- ference you reffardinff earnest hope, will be set up aftw Hke this. the war. Various points of view are Light, Power. Supplies and Installations expressed regarding the character- istics Pacific Milk of thiis new order. But throughout them all, and perhaps W H t TEH 0 R S E. Y. T. unsuspected by those . who so ex- press 199 ADIA TED OF" COURBB their viws, are the marks of 'ytXXXXTTiriXXXXXIIIIlIZXP FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11th, 1942. THE WHITEIIOkSE STAK. WlllTKHOJWB. YUKON PAGE TURKS J3R. F. C. JAMES, PRINCIPAL iLcGILL UNIVERSITY POINTS TO CRITICAL TIMES AHEAD IN POST-WA- R PERIOD. In addressing the joint meeting of provincial representatives and members of the committee on re- construction Friday Dr. F. Cyril James of Montrea, principal of Mc-G- ill University, and chairman of die rcv-onslructi- on committee, said Can- ada faces the prospect that one-thi- rd of those now gainfully em- ployed, including the men and wo- men in the armed forces, will have to find new employment immedi- ately after the war. He urged hasto in preparing detailed plans to moot the unemployment problem which will develop when peace comes. Dr. James said the single, centrai problem was obtaining full employ- ment of the Canadian population at the highest possible standard of liv ing. The reconstruction committee eventually would be called upon to propose fiscal and monetary policies which would permit a demand for goods and $ervices sufficient to maintain full employment. This program still was far from being fully developed. A definite prescription could not yet be laid clown tor any country, but it was essential that the work of prepara- tion He could tell you how Italian tanks scattered go forward. in Libya; how Sicily looked by the light of flare bombs; how the Huns ducked for cover Detailed programs for govern- ment, in a half-doze- n European countries. He's a and private programs all member of an R.C.A.F. air crew those much related to the subject of recon-s.iucti- on travelled "fighting comrades of the skies." had to be worked out. Trained in Canada R.C.A.F. air crews take It would take considerable time the world in their stride. Smooth-workin- g attack; teams bomber and fighter Pilots, closed or re- stricted for industries -- .down Navigators, Bombers, Gunners, Wireless by wartime conditions like Operators ready for action on any front. paper mills to resume operations. They seek out and destroy the foe wherever ! he can be found. After victory these keen boom in 1919-2- 0 The spending young Canadians will lead the way to a had come from continued high gov- - j bright new world. Our future is in their ernment expenditures and was n hands. Their future is in the skies. due to persons cashing in and Young men with a taste tor adventure and spending war bonds or war saving?. a yen to pin Hitler's ears back have a new them in R.C.A.F. air crews. The - immediate domestic proo-e- m career awaiting R.C.A.F. training in Canada is expanding will be acute, said Dr. James. steadily. More planes, more schools, more To meet this problem of post- war instructors are now available. At present unemployment, unemployment, applications are being accepted for air crew WOMEN "that men TOO may fly." join insurance and social security meas- ures at R.C.A.F. Recruiting Centres throughout Canadian women fill Canada. vitaljobsin the R.C.A.F. could be depended on to some 17 ' - ru..;e;nn va- - i extent, but in addition there would If you are physically fit, mentally alert, leasing men for air crew duties. Hecruits are fit, wiih at .0 physically 18 to and agri-cutur- al 17 Vi and not yet 33, you are eligible. needed, age have to be construction over least High School entrance. Many useful and If you are over 33, but have exceptional fascinating jobs await you. No experience need- ed. programs. qualifications, you may still be consider- ed.' The Air Force will train you quickly to take "If effective preparations are to Lack of formal education is no longer your place with Canada's airwomen. Full in, formation at R.C.A.F. Recruiting Cei.tie-o- r be the responsibility must a bar to enlistment. any booklet. made, write address below for be shared by public and private or- ganizations," Dr. James said.- - "TL work - must be concentrated in wnat will be a slack Problem period." Urgent RoyalCakadiah Airtorge The problem would be "urgent A I R CREW and concentrated."' There would he ,m v - 3 U) J::?'::iJ itW i . v V no posibility of delay in dealing i IV. H. THEATRE FIGHTING COMRADES OF THE SKIES 1'ukon ot Manning R.C. A.F., x Whitenorse . write: Director full information For - 'grated etratpri booklet booklet Hiving u (hese R.C.A F- - Recruiting Centre,: o ne Ottawa Jackson Building, orjhe rth Bay, Windsor. Loudon Hamilton Saskatoon Reg no, Edmonton Calgary, Shows Every Vancouver. 1U1UUIU, vxniav( ' - . i 1 ; ! Night , , L, that Panada would be a m i e ities available There would oe nu w"-- - w.. - (Except Sundays) with it. , ctlIf)v united ana more pi u.spei im -- " j A hi8her WANTED Lady to .care lor '-.- w: ":'Z:1L after .he war. finite Weekly. .unto- - Pictures changed thrice Jndinand recommenda-'- , in-ra- ne -- vas possnblo but ,U-n- d old diiiirhter daily cx'-"p- t definite davs whi'c mother v oiks: Y . be obtained 1 prnp.e not See Bulletin Board for Particulars before the end of hostilities. home mine. I'ox C. Star Oll a . ready to make use of the opport or Tr, the long run. the prospers r X?XXXXXXXTXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX PAGE FOUR ME WHIT.UHOKSK STAR. WH1TEI10RSE. YUKON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11th, 1942. funera1 on December 5th. . IAN MACKENZIE STATES Mrs. Knutsen, as Pearl McKech- nie, CANADIANS " WILL DEMAND spent several years o fher girl- hood FULL SOCIAL SECURITY. in Atlin and had a beautiful chararier, full of sympathy and Addressing a special joint meet- - understanding of people, and will be ing i provincial representatives ' greatly missed throughout the com- - and members of the committee on . munity. , , ' . . ... '. The whole camp extend iheir Ottawa last Fn- - reco.slruct.on m ; heartfeU sympathy to Mr.-Knu- tsen day the Hon. Ian Mackenzie, Mm- - 1 tnd his son Biny and Mr. . and Mrs. ister of Pensions and of Public McKechnie and family. Hea. h,' declared "We in Canada have encountered constitutional dif- ficulties in our aspirations for the ATLIN NUGGETS improvement of our social security legislation, . suiu Mr. Mackenzu', Mr. Ross Peebler made a flying "But I am satisfied the people w.'.Il busi- - round trio to Whitehorse on not permit man-ma- de instru-- ; - 1 any ,w Th1 ht rfnnP he mcnt of the nature of a constitut seemed to pick up was that there ional enactment to stand in the wr-- y j chance may be a good gambler's oi .no tomplete rounding out in this that the road connections may be country of a system of social security started on towards Juneau in the YOUR flBiM which will free our people for all coming spring, which of course time from iears of ill-hea- lth, un-employm- ent, would mean that Atlin will be in the front line more so than ever be- fore. hunger and an impov-ti- '. '.' ? old age" V ' Canadians would not be content We regret very much to see our with removal of the opportunity for individual development and grovvt i. old friend Jens Johansen pulling up At the same time, public opinion stakes and moving to Whitehorse atked that the nation provide col where he will try to get hitched up some' He is executive position. ective security against sickness, un- - employment and want. gifted with a good head and a strong back and we wish him the best. Mr. Mackenzie is chairman of t'ae cabinet , committee on demobbzati m and re-establish- ment to which the Mr. and Ms. Ole Skalle and their reconstruction committee reports. three children have sold out their Atlin belongings. Mrs. Skalle and children are taking the plane from KAISER OF SHIPBUILDING Whitehose to Vancouver and Ole is FAfl.E ISSUES SOLEMN going to remain at Whitehorse for a EARNING TO few months before . rejoining his INDUSTRIALISTS- - family at Vancouver. The Skalle's have resided in Atlin for many SimtIi jn;ilil of -- oiir! friends here. We offer them . Kairtr told a meeting of 4,000 lea(i. many And lrli-Mii- . y.rll'iil. our best wishes for the future. inj industrialists in the United .irUiii Hltl Sll' lT States last night they must show the? tltll! XMI fiNMMI lliltr, way to a decent standard of living Our oldtimer Neil Forbes who invito r;il in rH'rli-nii'iil- . for the country or "Surrender to the left for Whitehorse recently is now loo. Kind oul lor social politicians who have little to extremely busy,, we understand, oiir H today! olfer save an ultimate bankruptcy."' erecting refuge cabins along the A.--Amon- g the gigantic undertakings can Highway. Working with Neil which . Kaiser proposed be planned are the Harlin Brothers who it will now were 9,000,000 units of hous- - be remembered left here a couple of CAPILANO BREWING CO. LTD liM' Of OClU0 (NtAIMltS ing, a "Vast, modern, well-unifi- ed years or more ago. Such men or rtutnt iimiiid daringly designed and audaciously '. should fill the bill to perfection as exc uted highway system," ade- - they are perfect men for such a job quate medical care for all health j arid we extend Atlin's best wishes problems with construction of the to them. ' necessary facilities; work on "Our land transportation which at the This advertisement is not published or Mrs. Jack Acheson has left Atlin close of the. war will be hopelessly displnyed by tlie Government of Yukon Territory. to rejoirf her husband at Whitehorse inadequate through tear and " wear, ' ''u , - whpro u u hp u hnlHc u mntp n nnsitmn with -- u obsolescence," and fulfillment of the ;the Highway Commission. We trust TTTTTTTT-IITIIIIITTtlTtTTTTTTTIITTTTTrrmfTTTT- 7 huge pent-u- p demand for automo to have them fboth back with us at biles. ' Atlin before or after the war is B i - MPS. GEORGE KNUTSEN ended. : a1 Fresh vvy,.-- x Dutter PASSES AWAY SUDDENLY .. T1r, -- Charlie Gairns has left us to Cured and At VANCOUVER. join FrTd family who left here recent- - 3 Meats Sluimrock Brand Try BURNS Creamery Butter a Eggs ly for Vancouver. Charlie was born , All Atlin was shocked to hear of here and spent most of his life 5 Mrs. George Knutsen's sudden around Atlin. We trust everything M death, the news of , which was re- ceived will come his way in his new ven- ture. Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products M M H hre by wirr addressed to H H Mr. W. McKechnie, Mrs. Knutsen's' 3 M M H father, on November 26th. They j Arvid Johnson, another of Atlin's H H Knn no.-f- i -- hv. i-- 5m 0f KP ,-- n p0pUiar men wh0 has worked for " You Can Buy Mo Better" M ness the previous week. Mrs. W. many years on Spruce Creek, has a H M McKechnie was en route to Van- - also left us for Vancouver, but wo M H couver- - at the time, and Mr. Kcut- - trust he may decide to come back H sen took a plane to Whitehorse hop- - home again after seeing the bright SBurns & Company Limited. 3 ing to get transportation to Van- - lights at the., coast for a month cr H co'.iver to arrive in time for the two rTTTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIU FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11th, 1942. THE WHITEHORSE STAR, VH ITEllORSE. YUKON PA'JV. FIVR feet on each side of the base line. Registration of any document S2.00 When $500.00 has been expended Other" claims shall not exceed five Recording abandonment an $2.00 or paid the locator may, upon hav- ing hundred feet in length by one thou- sand If it affects more than one claim a survey made, and upon com- plying feet in depth. Claims shall be ' '. For each additional claim . , $1.00 with other requirements, ob- tain as nearly as possible rectangular in Abstract of Title a lease for a term cf twenty-on- e form arid shall be marked by two For first entry $2.00 years with the right to renewal Synopsis of Mining Law legal posts, one at each end of the , For each additional entry ... .50 for further terms !,of twenty-on- e claim, numbered "1" and "2" re- spectively. For copy of Document years. " Claims located prior to July Location posts of creek Up to 200 words $2.50 7, 1917 may upon " fulfilling similar Yukon Territory claims shall be placed on the base For each additional 100 words .50 requirements, be Crown Granted. line, and of all other claims parallel For grant of water ; Leases, renewals of, leases, and to the base line, and the side of on For 50 inches less or $10.00 documents relating to leased claims the claim nearest the creek or river For 50 to 200 inches .....;... $25.00 shall be recorded with the Mining Any person eighteen years of age towards which it fronts. For 200 to inches 1,000 $50.00 Recorder in triplicate. or over shall have the right to enter, A discoverer For each additional 1,000 inches Schedule of Fees shall be locate, prospect and mine upon any entitled to a lands in the Yukon Territory, claim 1,500 feet in length, and a or fraction thereof ...... ... $50.00 Recording every claim .. $10.00 whether vested in the Crown or ' party of two discoverers two claims, QUARTZ MINING For a substitutional record . $10.00 otherwise, for the minerals defined each of 1,250 feet in length. v Application for a lease ... $10.00 Subject to the boundaries of other For certificate of improve- ments in the Yukon Quartz Mining Act a The boundaries of any claim may claims in good standing at the time " ' . 5.00 and the Yukon Placer Mining Act, - . be enlarged to the size of a claim of its location, mining claim shall with certain reservations set out in a If recorded within 14 days after allowed by the Act, if the enlarge- ment said Acts. be rectangular in shape and shall expiry date . . $5.00 the y does not interfeie with the not exceed 1,500 feet in length by If after 14 days and within rights of other or terms of persons 1.500 feet in width. No person shall enter for mining three months ..:.'-- . $15.00 agreement with the crown. purposes or shall mine upon lands any If after three months and with- in Every claim shall be marked on owned or lawfully occupied by an- other An application for a claim may be 4the ground by two legal posts, one six months . . .. $25.00 until adequate security has filed with the Mining Recorder at each extremity of the location Recording every certificate of been furnished to the satisfaction of within ten days after being located, line, numbered "1" arid "2" respect- ively. of work; i . .'?.' $5.00 the Mining Recorder for any loss or if within ten miles of the Recorder's On the side of No. 1 post, For a certificate of partnership $5.00 damage which may be thereby office.;, One extra day shall be al- lowed facing No. 2 post shall be inscribed Recording assignment, abandon- ment, caused. for every additional ten miles the name of the clain, a letter in- dicating affidavits, or any other or fraction thereof. A claim may be the direction to No. 2 post, document . $2.50 Where claims are being located than If document affects more located on Sunday or any public the number of feet to the right or which are situated more than one one claim, for each additional holiday. left of the location line, the date of hundred miles from the Mining Re- corder's claim .... .. . $1.00 location and the name of the locator. office, the locators, not less Any person having recorded a For granting period of six On No. 2 the side facing No. on than five in number, are authorized claim shall not have the right to lo- cate post, months within which to re- cord to meet and appoint one of their another claim injjje 'valley or 1 post, shall be inscribed the name : r $4.00 the date of location, of the claim, number as emergency recorder, basin of same creek within sixty For an abstract of the record of and the of the locator. name who shall as soon as possible deliver days of locating first claim. a claim: the application and fees received to ' Title ..'.'. The claim shall be recorded with- in For the first entry $4.00 the Mining Recorder for the District. . fifteen days if located within ten For each additional entry .50 Any person having complied with miles of the mining Recorder's of- fice; For copies of any document re- corded If two or more persons own a shall be al- lowed where same do not the provisions of the Act with res- pect one additional day claim, each such person shall contri- bute miles exceed three folios $4.00 to locating and recording a for every additional ten proportionately to his interest claim shall be entitled to a grant or fraction thereof. Where such copies exceed three to the work required to be done for one year and shall have the ab- solute folios, 30 cents per folio for thereon, and when proven to the right of renewal from year Adjoining claims not exceeding every folio over three. Gold Commissioner that he has not to thereafter, provided during eight in number may be grouped, For recording a power o'' at- torney year done so his interest may be vested each year he does ' or causes to be the necessary representation work to stake from one V in the other co-own- ers. done $200.00 worth of work of the for each claim may then be - per- formed person .......... -- :. $4,00 on any one or more of the For" of attor- ney recording a power files with the Mining Recor- der of a claim made by a claim, The survey afte the claims in the group. to stake from two per- sons qualified Dominion Land Sur- veyor within" fourteen days duly Stf.00 shall be accepted as defining expiration of the claim an affidavit Every application for a full claim . absolutely the boundaries of the showing a detailed statement of the shall be made on Form "A" and for For recording nn assignment or other document relating to a claim surveyed, provided the survey work, and pays the required renewal a Fractional claim on Form "A-1- ". quartz mining lease $3.00 is approved by the proper author- ity fee. ''',"' entitled to locate Rental, whole or fractional min- eral No is during person and remains Unprotested GROUPING under claim granted more than one claim in the same the period of advertisement. within twenty days. lease for term of 21 years. . $50.1)0 district Under certain conditions claims mining renewal term of 21 undertake a Rental for A person about to se- cure may be grouped and the work re- quired The timber on a mineral claim is years ... . . . .V $200.00 bona fide prospecting trip may to entit.e to be performed Recorder Recorder reserved until the Mining Dredging from the Mining renewals of the owner or owners to is required certifies that the same to record at his A lease be issued lor a per- iod written permission the several claims grouped may be mining operations on the may within six months. for use in of fifteen yearsTor a continuous claim of risk own a performed on any one or more The Commissioner, however, claim. stretch of river not exceeding . ten feet the claims in the grouping. If the holders of stand four permit to must issue a A legal post may the exclusive miles in length giving owned more by laced claims grouped are the timbers, or to remove squared other claims above the ground, right to dredge for gold, silver and and than one person a partnership operations inc'ies. in their mining the eighteen for use have at for upper and platinum. The lessee must inches across tne agreement creating a joint where other timber is not readily measuring four the part of all least one dredge in operation on the liability on must be several The post available. faced portion. working of leasehold within three years. the owners for the joint firmly fixed in the ground. the claims shall be executed and Title Petroleum and ..Natural Gas Priority of location shall be deem- ed filed with the. Mining Recorder. having complied with A lease may be issued for a per- iod of right. Cer- tain Any person of twenty-on- e years for. an area to convey priority Taxes and Fees of the Act with re- gard be heard and de- termined the provisions of not to exceed 1.920 acres giving disputes may and recording a Board of Arbitrators. Royalty at the rate of two and to locating the right to the petroleum and nat- ural by a entitled to hold it for be per cent, on the value of claim shall gas on the area leased. A rent- al one-ha- lf Grants of claims grouped or own- ed all gold shipped from the Yukon one year from the date of the record is charged of 50 cents per acre by one person may be made re- newable Territory shall be paid to the Com- ptroller. and thereafter from year to year, docs for the first year and SI. 00 per acre each year he on the same date. provided during for each subsequent year. be done work on the to causes For grant to a claim for or Assay Office MINING $100.00 and of PLACER S10.00 claim to the value one year - within fourteen days after the An Assay Office is maintained by water shall, Creeks means any natural For renewal of grant satisfy the the Government at Vancouver the of of expiration year, having an average width Tf renewed within 14 days from the Ter- ritory course Recorder that the work has where gold exported less than one hundred and fifty feet after expiry date S10.00 Mining and the Certificate will be purchased at' its lull done, pay between its banks. If after 14 days and within 3 30-0- 0 been of Work fee. One hundred dollars value. five months G. A. JFCKf: I not exceed of assessment shall in lieu Creek claims 6 miv be paid within and 3 months measured If after Controller. hundred feet in length, $45 00 work. months long the base line, by one thousand PAGE SIX THE WHIT.EUORSE STAR. WH1TEPIORSE YUKON Local Happenings 'XMAS SHOPPING" Mr. Bert Petersen left yesterday, j dentist, writes us that he expects to JUST ARRIVED for Grey Harbour to join his- - wife 'be in Whitehorse between December and family.-- ; He expects to be re-- 1 15th and 20th en route Outside, Beautiful Wrist Watches turning north in about a month's -- j Those requiring his professional time ' I services are requested to contact Dr. For Ladies and Gentlemen. Whitehorse Inn or at the ; Franks A Greyhound bus arrived in town j .w: t MHc QoWvif.p hand in, tneir names uiei. LADIES" TOILET SETS A Command. We informed that It are MEN S TIE and COLLAR SETS f Morrison of the PA A le made the non-sto- p trip ' from Ed- - Mr. Joe monton to Whitehorse in 48 hours. this week on a trip to- - Seattle d CHILDREN'S ALL-WOO- L umti hp for the- - next lev; later, awav More particulars BLANKET CLOTH SNOW SUITS. weeks. We understand Mrs.. Mor- rison Mr. and Mrs. J. Gaudin are leav- ing Monday for ' the coast where will be leaving later.. -- .h:' Toys I Toys I Toys I they will remain, for the next few ' Mr: and Mrs. W. D. Gordon ar. months.. :.' ' ' leaving Monday for the coast whert and Wore Toys Mrs. G". (Doreen) Anderson arriv- ed they will spend the next few home by CPA plane last' Friday months. Buy Early While the Assortment' is Good. extended to the coast. alter an trip- - BUY WAR SAVINGS CERTIFICATES . A fortnight today Christmas will Mr. T . Campbell of the Dominion FOR XMAS GIFTS- - be here and we haven't made out Treasury Dept. is leaving Monday our shopping list yet. That's what a to spend a well-earn- ed Christmi.s lot of people are saying right now vacation at his home in Vancouver. TAYLOR i&DRURV Ltd Dr. Monte Franks the well-kno- wn His many friends here wish him a most enjoyable trip and vacation A TRIBUTE and will be glad to welcome him; back early in the New Year, . To the memory or Les Cook one of ;"';;;.: Due to the telephone system be- ing and t'lie mn- -i intrepid experienced nd vvell-know- n pilots of the north, Pew out of commission this morning knew this noithl'and better than we are unable to publish t'vs weather report this week. It will than Les and none were more popular he in aviation circles. Trie tragedy is appear in our next issue. that the skill mid ingenuity whicn he h'id so often and so unselfishly display- ed. Congratulations are extended to IrTrvis many mnrey flights -- for! the Harvey Gennings who recently re- ceived benefit of other he was unable to his commission as lieutenant apply to save his own life and those of in the Canadian Army Signals his companions who dkd with him. Corps. He is again in charge of the ; -- o office government .radio-telegra- ph CARD OF THANKS here, Lieut. May having been trans- ferred, we understand, to Edmonton. I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks .and appreciation for many Just at the time the funeral ser- vice kindnesses, messages of sympath, was beginning in Christ Church received from many friends' during Monday, the fire department was the sad and sudden loss of my be- loved called to extinguish a fire at the husband. Pilot Les Cook newly constructed log cabin of WHITEHORSE EDMONTON Special thanks to Rev, Chappell, ISergt. and Mrs. Roberts. Unfortun- ately Capt. Erwin T, May, Lieut. Tinn'.s most of their personal belong- ings Daily except Sunday, . via with household furnit- ure Watson Lake, Fort Nelson, Fort H. Austin and the officers and men together of the U. S. Army, 18th Engineers. and effects were destroyed be- fore St. John, Grand Prairie. Lv. the fire was extinguished. The Whitehorse 8.30 a. m., Y. T. LOST ;Pair of glasses, silver, .rim, interior of the premises was alsc without case. Reward. Capt. I.. badly 'damaged. WHITEHORSE VANCOUVER Colvin, Northwest Service Com- - "?; ' Daily except Sunday, via mand. Mr. W. Tibbets ot the Dept. oi Fort St. John. Prince George. Transport, who has been in charge Lv. Whitehorse 8.30 a. m., Y. T. WANTED Room for young man: of traffic control at the local who is neat and tidy. Will con- sider airport for the past several months, DAWSON CITY anything, RepIyBox H. is leaving for his home near Toronto WHITEHORSE Whitehorse Star, having been transferred to another Lv. Whitehorse 9.00 a. m . location. During the six months Mr. Tuesday-Thursda- y. Returning WILL PAY CASH For house or lot Tibbetts has been here he has mad 2 Lv Dawson City 9.00 a. nx r both. Will consider anything many friends all of whom wish him Wednesday-Frida- y. Pox D, Star Office. every success and the best of Tuck in the future, Information and reservations: --o- J. A. Canadian Pacific Barber, I. 0,D. E. NOTES Air Lines, Whitehorse. The blue Chenille bedspread raf- fled recently by the I. O. D. E. was (Yukon Division: Services of Yukon won by Mr. G. McKenzie of the Southern Air Transport.) IDowell Construction Co., with tickot WHITEHORSE LODGE NO. 46 No. 63. A. F. Si A. M. Magazines for the Canadian Army Camp may be left at the Dominion holds its regular communications in Govt. Telegraph Off ice, Front Street. the Masonic Hall, Whitehorse, on Hereafter wool may be obtained AIR LINES the third Monday of the month at on the first and third afternoons of 8 o'clock. each month at the home of Mis. Visiting brethren welcome. Harvey Jennings. j. B, WATSON, P. M The next Bridge Party will he PA$SfNOIS MAIL EXPSS Secretary. held Friday evening, December 18, cxixrxxiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiin at 8 o'clock in the Masonic HalL