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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 32, Friday, August 7th, 1942.

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Frc-- w, n ? i ii mil r x.x CfRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY Vol. 42- - No. 32. WHITEHORSE. YUKON. FRIDAY, AUGUST 7th, 1942 it ic ic Subscription $3.00 Year. JOBN KLEE KILLED WHITEHORSE ALL-STAR- S DC SHOOTING TRAGEDY AND MEDICALS TO PLAY ON SPRUCE CREEK. . CARCROSS NEXT SUNDAY. (By Wire to Star) (By Adrian P. Spidle) John Klee, age 40, a mine oper- ator In answer to a challenge made in on lay from Spruce Creek Mini- ng last week's issue of the Whitehorse Co., was shot to death in the early hours of Wednesday morning Star by the Carcross Hurricanes two by William Scott of Stewart, B. C, local teams will journey to the. who " is about 48 years of age and Hurricanes' home-tow- n next Sun- day, the Columbia Devel- opment employed by August 9, for a double-heade- r. Co. Ltd., of Spruce Creek. Manager (Sergeant) Ariel Han- sen's The shooting occurred at Alfred Vic's house where a private party All-Sta- rs, featuring pitcher had been held which Scott tried t -- crash Mike Michalek and manager (Ser- geant) into. . He was asked to leave. Joe Matthew's 691st Medic- als He returned later and shot Klee on are the two teams who plan to Special Constable Bruce sight. make manager Harold MacDonald's Morton arrived quickly on the scene and arrested Scott who is now ALLIED AIR MIGHT: AMERICAN BOMBERS IN R. A. J OFFENSIVE Hurricanes look like a gentle breeze. It is hoped that a large crowd of in custody awaiting trial. It is re- ported American-bui- lt "Douglas Bosto n III" fast medium bombers, now in Whitehorse people will make the that Scott was a, radio oper- ator service with the British Royal Air Force, with a great load-carrjf- ng 'rip over to arcross next Sunday in the during the first navy capacity are the forerunners of a supply from the U. S. that will shortly to watch the games and root for World War. enable the Allied forces operating from Britain to do vast damage in victory for our home teams. The Germany. They have already taken part in devastating British at- tacks first game should be between the 2ISHOP OF ALASKA on enemy targets, such as the daylight raids on Le Trait harbour All-pta- rs and-- , the Hurricanes be- ginning STRESSES NEED FOR and the Natford Works in occupied France. at 1.30 p. m. and the second QUICK ACTION IN game between the Carcross team Picture shows: R.A.F. pilots walking to their "Douglas Boston III" and the THE ALEUTIANS. Medics should start shortly bombers while a train of bombs isbrought up for loading in readiness after the conclusion 'of the first for an attack on German objectives. j In an interview recently fciven y game. thr Most Rav. Joseph Ciim-nt- , For the benefit of those who can- not Catholic of make the trip to Carcross Ad- rian in Se-stt- le Bishop Alaska, Pilot Officer T. IV. (Tom) Watson, Spidle our sports editor, will be last week he viewed with c. n-r- em at the of action and will the military situation in the R.C.A.F. Former Whitehorse Boy Flies scene write the in hio complete action story Aieutions. He stated that the Unit- ed States musV more quickly and in Last Plane Leaving Singapore and has graphic style for the columns of the Whitehorse Star. great strength to oust the Japanese. Exciting Adventures in Malaya and . , o The people in Alaska he asserts are not aware of the danger to the ex-te- nt Netherlands East Indies TEN NORTHWEST they should be. They feel that AIRLINE MEN the Japs took Attu and Kiska prim- arily Pilot Officer T W. Watson, who able to fire at me with their rifles." KILLED IN CRASH. to make war against Russia After his dramatic from was bcrn and raised in Whitehorse escape and to cut off her supplies but they he flew to Singapore Palembang, for accountant Ten Northwest Airlines employers do not realize that the outer Aleuti- ans and was some years Sumatra, where he piloted a Hur- ricane were killed when a U. S. army off in the local branch of the Canadian fine jumping are very "for a while until we had to cargo transport plane crashed last places to attack Dutch Harbor and Bank of Commerce, has the dis- tinction i leave for Java.'" Here is how he Thursday on Wold-Chamberla- in, Kodiak. ;.. of having flown the last I writes of his thrilling experience field, Minn., during the take-of- f. plane leaving Singapore as the Jap- anese ' j there. "Was shot down on March They were: INDIA FACES GRAVEST entered that tragic area. 3 and spent three days behind the Hubert Wiechman, Minneapolis. Jap lines before I was able to get James Painter,. Minneapolis. CRISIS IN HER "Tommy" as he is familiarly called through. Was taken to hospital and . Roy Josephson, St. Paul. MODERN HISTORY. by his many friends in the North flown out by plane to Perth, Aus- tralia, L. D. Husb, St. Paul. has had an unique experience since in the early morning of L. A. Larso, Minneapolis. India faces her gravest crisis he first enlisted in the R. C. A. F. in March 7. Have a pretty terrible Robert Paulson, St. Paul. with Mohandas K Gandhi and other 1940. At the time of his gash across my forehead and left Winston A. Luchau, St. Paul. to September, nationalists assembled in Bombay the staff of eye; in fact am lucky to be flying Minneapolis. enlistment he was on 'stage a civil disobedience campaign B. C., and it again. However, I'm safe and well." First Officer John Fischer, 26, Bank at Vernon, of "folded resistance" against the arms that he entered At present Pilot Officer T. W. First Officer Kenneth Olson 28, Britain. the was at that point This latest play on Watson is attached to the Royal Minneapolis. completing part of Gandhi is presumably in re- prisal the Air Force. After, in Canada he left for Australian Air Force and flying an The plane, a 247 Boeiing 10-pas-se- nger, his training for the British government and three months American plane but, he states, "my was loaded with 270 gallons making public a document in which England in 1941 to Libya. When heart is still with the Hurricanes. of gasoline before the take off and transferred later was Gandhi envisioned probable nego- tiations attacked Malaya he was They are beautiful planes to fly and was. operated under the Ferry Com- mand. the Japs with Japan. reinforcements sent to I have' done all my flying in them Olson and Fisher had "If India among the Gandhi had declared except for training." boarded the ship to make a checK Were freed,' her first step probably Far East. style Tommy states Well done Tommy! Whitehorse flight. When about 200 feet up, would be to" negotiate with Japan." In realistic of Singapore on an old and all your friends in the north are eye witnesses stated, it seemed to "Got out He however, "I have contends, Brewster Buffalo. Had never flown justly proud of you. We sincerely uose up, swing over on one side, lever expressed the opinion that stall and then crash. A fire then but it could fly, and I trust that your devoted service to win. I one before, Japan and, Germany should broke out and lasted for about ten other out. It was the your King and Country will be fully have cannot win if had no way said that they to leave Singapore and recognized by the bestowal upon minutes before it was extinguished Britain sheds her imperialism. I am last plane almost on the drome you of that mark of distinction by a squad from the U. S, navy air were her great ally, America the Japs appealing to base. merit. ' - which most certainly close they were you t when I took off, so to make Britain do so." THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WIHTE1IUKSE, YUB.UIN PAGE TWO BRITAIN AT WAR The general public on this side of "Volom of the Yukon' the Duck Pond appears to be . so little informed on certain vital facts An Independent Journal regarding the great pressure under of Britain are. all which the people Published every Friday at working that for the edification of our readers we publish the follow- ing Whitehorse, Yukon Territory fourteen facts furnished by the and Yukon and released on The Uhite Pass Route On the Trail of '98 British government this continent by its official agency. The British Information Services in The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to Member of Canadian Weekly New York. They are both illumin- ating Atlin District and Interior Alaska and instructive and should put Yukon Territory, Newspapers' Association. the quietus on those who find it so HORACE E. MOORE Publisher much easier to criticize than to keep AIRPLANE SERVICE C i. properly informed: plane service, making connections northbound and south-boun- d have faith that right makes Let us With the enemy only twenty miles with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, might; and in that faith let us to is mighty Britain away, producing Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For information the end dare to do our duty as we weapons of war for herself and her understand it. Lincoln. Allies. Her production of planes apply to any now equals Germany's. She is pro- ducing 40,000 big guns " a year, with W HITE PAS S A G E NT, or August 7th, 1942 25,000,000 rounds of ammunition; 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. and millions of small arms, with 2,000,000,0000 rounds of ammunit- ion. Add to this: ships, locomotives, 1 tmtmm I HITLER'S DILEMMA tanks and a thousand types of mili- tary fTTTtltllXTTIIIXlIlMXXJJLJJ supplies. SAVE TIME BY AIR "With every mile that Hitler's . 2 : "BUILD WESTERN PAYROLLS" victorious armies penetrate into t , The production of British planes Russia, they recede further" from has doubled in the last year. Eighty-seve- n final victory." This is the consider- ed cent of the per R.A.F.." planes A PATRON AIR HAIL opinion of Dr. Otto Strasser who from home operating bases, and ll OAsseNCws points out how strange it is that this seventy-fiv- e per cent at bases air express fact is so little realized by the De- mocracies. abroad are British made. FOR 8 Stranger still, he as- serts, is the fact that Hitler is re- peating, Everything in Britain is mobilized step by step, the funda- mental for the winning of the war. Two YEARS error made byLudendorft. out of every ihree persons between Changes in The present successes in South the ages of fourteen and sixty-fiv- e Russia and North Africa portend no We have a letter from up-coun- try are working full-ti- me in the armed writer states more for the final results of this The forces, civilian defense or war in- dustry. war than did Ludendorff's victories she has used "all kinds of . The production of luxur- ies " in Galicia and Turkey, no matter canned milk" but pacific Schedule has ceased. Civilian necessities since she how great these successes may be Milk continually are severely curtailed. . and what local consequences they began it "because of its may have. After all these are but : ' 'r;--..:- .-; richness arid flavor. That Vancouver -- Whitehorse In the Battle of Britain the R. A. secondary theatres of war. No such was eight years ago." F. destroyed 3,692 Axis aircraft in victories, however comprehensive It's only real excellence' that -- (Daily, except Friday) three months more than four times decide the they may be, can ever issue of this war. the number of British planes lost. could bring a milk a pre- ference NORTHBOUND 5 like this. Lv- - Vancouver. . 10 a. ni, The main theatre of this war is In Britain today, fit man 7 m. every Ar. Whitehorse p. England and the lines of communic- ation between eighteen and one-ha- lf and between Britain and the Pacific Milk SOUTHBOUND forty-on-e has already been drafted United States of America. So long 7 m. Whitehorse . into the forces, unless irreplaceable Lv. a. as Hitler is precluded from winning in an essential job. The age limit IRRADIATED OF COURSE Ar. Vancouver; . 5.30 p- - m. a decisive victory in either of these has now been raised to fifty-on- e. arenas it may safely be concluded 'Trxray x r x x it i linn i x ? Edmonton - Whitehorse tha his chances of ultimate success In the huge raid on Cologne on sending to battlefronts abroad " vas in the final struggle are gradually (Daily except Friday) May 3, 1942, the bombers employed, growing weaker as the war is pro- longed eighty per cent of her total military and will ultimately diminish which numbered over 1,000 were all production, and every soldier for NORTHBOUND altogether. British made. ' whom shipping space was available. Lv. Edmonton 12.45 p. m-A- r. ; 7 .'. Whitehorse 7 ui. With all his past successes and p. Seven million women of Britain Even boys and girls are mobiliz- ed they are; many and impressive-Hi- tler SOUTHBOUND have already been registered and in Britain. Seven out of every is slowly and most assuredly are being directed into Lv- - "Whitehorse --.- .7 a. m. war work. ten between the ages of fourteen bleeding Germany to death. His Unmarried Ar. Edmonton ...5 ra. women between twenty and seventeen are doing war work. p. losses both in human life and war and thirty can be drafted into the : ,.i2 at White- horse connections Direct equipment and material must be uniformed forces. One home out of every five has for Fairbanks, Alaska, colossal and are heaviest on tha . .8 been destroyed or damaged in air and at Edmonton with T. C. Russian front where fighting -- the While building up her ' resources raids over Britain. More "than 44,-0- 00 has been and still is being waged A. for points south., at home for a crushig blow at the civilians have been killed and upon a gigantic scale. Axis, Britain has been fighting all more than 50,000 injured. One The above schedule reiiains The time is fast approaching over the world. She has liberated thousand were killed in April this in force until further notice- - when Hitler must face the Anglo-- Abyssinia and seized strategic ter- ritory year. American forces on a western front. in East Africa, Syria, Iraq, ... 13 For Full Flight information C He will then be compelled to take Iran, Iceland and Madagascar. She During the, year which followed Consult up a defensive position with a hs maintained her shipping life- lines the fall of France the R. A. F. made J. A. Barber weakened army and depleted war over the seas of the world. more than 1,500 raids over Ger- many VVIIITEIIORSE machinery. Hitherto he has always 9 and German-occupie- d Europe, been fortunate in that he has always Five an one-ha- lf million women dropping 20,000 tons of bombs ir been able to assume an offensive are already working in industry and one period of six months from April position. But that cannot be main- tained the number is mounting rapidly. to October 1941. proved in design, has a record of indefinitely and no one real- izes, Millions more, mainly house-wiv- es 14 acknowledged superiority. The Bri- stol more than Hitler does, that he are working part time. Britain produces today the bes", Eeau-- f ighter has no equal in is doomed the moment he is forced 10 all-rou- nd fighter aircraft combination of speed, range and into a defensive position. By the beginning of 1942 Britain world. The Spitfire, constantly mi- - fighting power. THE WHITEHORSE, STAR; WTflTEHORSE. YUKON PAGE THREE Right in Style With Some Ladies Dress Ove pall Slacl (S V wiith long sleeved polka dot bmuses. COLORS Red, Blue, (Jivon iin.l Rose, Brown. , SIZES-- 12, ll and 16. i ;" : I BRITISH DOCKGIRLS TAKE OVET, ADD A DASH OF COLOR British women dockyard .. wc ers coming ashore from a destroyer which has put into a home port for refitting and refuelling. They are with a proving quick and. capable in taking over certain duties from men. NEW SWEATER BRIGHT COLORS with BRIGHT TRIMMINGS. EXCELLENT WEARING At Prices yau can afford. Northern Commercial Co. Ltd 1 The World's News Seen Through The Christian Science Monitor 1 An International Daily Newspaper is Truthful Constructive Unbiased Free from Sensational- - 9 ism Editorials Are Timely and Instructive and Its Daily Features, Together with the Weekly Magazine Section, Make the Monitor an Ideal Newspaper for the Home. X The Christian Science Publishing Society $ COMMANDER OF BRITISH NAV AL FORCES AT MADAGASCAR One, Norway Street, Boston, Massachusetts S Rear Admiral E. N. , Price $1 2.00 Yearly, or $1.00 a Month. X. Syfret was in command of the British naval Sarurdav Issue, including Magazine Section, 22.60 a Year. forces which took part in the brilliant and successful T combined oper Introductory Offer, 6 Issues 25 Cents V ations on Diego Suarez, Madagascar, This strategically important Frenc Name... naval base was taken by combined British forces as. a precaution against occupation by the Japanese. Address. Picture shows: Rear Admiral E. N. Syfret, a South African, with SAMPLE COPY ON REQUEST . a distinguished naval career. He was Naval Secretary to Mr. Church ill when he was First Lord of the Admiralty. In November 1941 was made Commander of the Bath for taking a convoy ' throngh the Med iterranean in the face of tierce opposition.. Aped 52. Tommy Jackson arrived in town PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT from Mayo last week. GODFATHER DUKE OF DAWSON Soft, bailers are constantly work- ing KENT'S MONTH-OL- D CHILD. are busy nowadays. pickers out at Minto Park in preparat- ion Berry for the games to be held on The crop of raspberries and blue- berries For the first time in history, an Reg. Ryyan of the McCormick is stated to be normal. American citizen becomes godfather Transportation Co., has left by plane Discovery Day. John Durand, who has been min- ing to a member of the British royal for Whitehorse. on Last Chance Creek, arrived family. On Tuesday the month old Bill Bilan of Ballarat is in, town - in town last week. son of the Duke and Dutchess of Several men have left town for n route for the Outside. Herbert Winaut, who disposed of Kent was christened and President camp No. 8 on Sulphur Creek. r his business here last May, has left Franklin D. Roosevelt was named Alex. Low, government road fore- man for the Outside. Ke is his godfather. The Duke acted as plane by Corpl. Bond and Corpl. Cameron, for the past several years, has undecided as to whether" or not he proxy for the President during th R-C.M.- P. resigned his position and is leaving arrived back from their will return later on. ceremony. patrol up the Stewart river. for the Outbide. BRITISH REPORT JAPS PLANNING ATTACK SIBERIA- - LONDON, July 31. A British-militar- y source said today that Jap- anese forces nearly 400,000 strong are concentrating in Manchukuo op- posite the 1,000-mi- le Soviet frontier appeal from fire ' Answering an from Lake Baikal to the Pacific, victims at Bend, B. .C.,: .within four and "there is little doubt they are hours Prince George and McBride planning to attack." Red Cross branches had supplies on "The Japanese are already in the way. Many victims lost every- thing position to attack whenever they except the clothing they wore. choose,"' said this source who to permit identificaton be more declined The loss was estimated to by name. to the town. than $275,000 Japanese engineers have used A carload of B. C. jam for the large numbers of Chinese prisoners children of Britain weighs 36,000 to construct and develop road and pounds. The Red Cross is allowed rail communications within the pre- sent 111 M 1 rfiini- - ll4K Overseas shipping space for all ths , concentration areas, it was declared. jam' the women of Canada can "l.iks all aggressors, the Jap- anese make. The Food Conservation Com- - J can strike wherever they ..mi'ttee has set a provincial quota of .noose along a long frontier," the 1 00.000 pounds almost three car- - j source .said; predicting that they P. l V loads. would least three drives in 4.4 aid"4 The employees of the Polaris the north .in an attempt to isolate laku Mine ai ..nnst-quai- i ictcuujr Vladivostok. donated $100 through . their local August and September are the Red Cross comn-ite- e to buy medical best months for campaigning in supplies for Russia. that area," he said, "and me Jap- anese, A feature of the recent national inactivity in all other spheres campaign for funds in B. C. was except the North Pacific indicates the support of the Indians in the Siberia is their objective for the last i i i ! . Tn.. .tn Alert Bay district, who contributed half of 1942.' $1047.55. This branch which has 15 of units raised $8310.58 exceeding its OPENING OP SECOND h UT quota of $6500.00 by $1810.00. FRONT SURROUNDED BY GRAVE DIFFICULTIES. This advertisement is not published or the Government of Yukon Territory. displayed by LONDON, Aug. - 1. While the IS FOR great battle for the Caucasus moves toward a climax and the moment ELAND has come for the Red armies to light to the death, a sober estimate O ' ' " . of what is required for a 'second front in western Europe has been made by experts in this country. First' there must be mastery of the air over the continent sufficient Printing lo enable an invasion force to esta- blish and maintain bridgeheads. Secondly, shipping must be enough to carry invading forces to landing points and supply them adequately The Eland is the largest there for an indefinite time. Third- ly, of the South African such forces must be equipped Is Our Business antelopes. The males with tanks, artillery and equipment sometimes stand six feet of all kinds at least equal"' to that of in height and weigh over Germany. " What is more We know 1500 pounds. Fourthly, those who direct Bri-tai- ns' grand strategy must be satis- fied how to do it. an invasion will not weaken -- the Egyptain front or endanger Indh, No matter how intricate the Australia, or New Zealand, menaced work, or how large or small by the Japanese. rFifthly, United In these restless and trying the order, we are always at times the practice of true States troops must be trained and economy is becoming more ready as reinforcements to back up your service. " . and more necessary to all of British troops when required. us. Budgeting and planned buying are now an important And lastly, the AUies must be The quality of our work, and part of our everyday living. able by air and sea attacks to harass our scale of charges, are on a That's why shopping from and hamper Nazi communications EATON'S Catalogue benefits so as to offset their strategic ad- vantage parity with those at the you more than ever. No mat- ter what you need furniture, of operating on what are coast. clothing, farm implements, known as "interior lines," harness, shoes, dress goods, The momentous question now seed you'll find them in Place your next printing EATON'S Catalogue all as- suring facing Britain's war chiefs is how order with us. It will be you the utmost in value these conditions can be fulfilled and and satisfaction. how soon. executed to your complete Shop from EATON'S Catalogues satisfaction. "STORES BETWEEN COVERS" T. 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Registration of any document $2.00 When $500.00 has been-expende- d &is8Zk ' Other claims shall not exceed five Recording an abandonment $2.00 or paid the locator may, upon hav. :''-WSwSQB:'- i' hundred feet in length by one thou- - If it affects more than one claim ing a survey made, and upon com. PId. sand feet , in depth. Claims shall be For each additional claim $1.00 plying with other requirements, ob. 4rriTfi..:L'l as nearly as possible rectangular in Abstract of Title " ' tain a lease for a term cf twenty, form and shall be marked by two For first entry $2.00 one years with the right to renewal vnnncie nf M ininrf I fllV leal posts,' one : at each end of the For each additional entry .50 for further terms of twenty-on- e ynOpSlJ) Ul milling caim) numbered "1" and "2" re-- For copy of Document years. Claims located prior to July spectively. Location posts of creek Up to 200 words $2.50 7, 1917 may upon fulfilling similar Yukon Territory claims shall be placed on the base For each additional 100 words .50 requirements, be Crown Granted. line, and of all other claims parallel For grant of water Leases, renewals of leases, and to the base line, and on the side of For 50 inches or less $10.00 documents relating to leased claims the claim nearest the creek or river For 50 to 200 inches ..; $25.00 shall be recorded with the Mining Any person eighteen years of age towards which it fronts. For 200 to 1,000 inches ..... $50.00 Recorder in triplicate. or over shall have the right to enter, . ,i u , . For each additional 1,000 inches Schedule of Fees . . ' A discoverer shall be entitled to a . ' locate, prospect and j mine upon any . or fraction thereof $50.00 t in and n a Recording every claim ........ $10.00 lands in the Yukon Territory," ffet lenfh- - . party of iwa discoverers two claims, QUARTZ MINING For a substitutional record ... $10.00 whether vested in the Crown or , . , ..' . , ,!r, each of 1,250 feet in length. Application for a lease . .... $10.00 otherwise, lor the mineials detined Subject to the boundaries of other For a certificate of improve- ments in the Yukon Quartz Mining Act The boundaries of claim any may claims in good standing at the time . 5,00 and the Yukon Placer Mining Act,; be enlarged to the size of a claim 0f its location, a mining claim shall If recorded within ; 14 days after with certain reservations set out in' f allowed by the Act, if the enlarge- - be rectangular in shape and shall . expiry date ,. . : ...... ; $5.00 the said Acts. ment does not interfeie with the not exceed 1,500 feet in length by If after 14 days and within ' rights of other persons or terms of j 500 feet in width three months shall enter for $15.00 No person mining with- - the :,;,.V;. agreement crown any If after three months and purposes or shall mine upon lands Every claim shall be marked on with- in owned or lawfully occupied by an- - An application for a claim may be the ground by two legal posts, one six months ... $2500 other until adequate security has filed with the Mining Recorder at each extremity of the location! Recording every certificate of been furnished to the satisfaction of within ten days after being located ime numbered "1" and "2" respect- - of work . . . . . $5.00 the Mining Recorder for any loss or if within ten miles of the Recorder's ively. On the side of No. 1 post For a certificate of partnership $5.00 damage which may be thereby office. One extra day shall be al- - facing No. 2 post shall be inscribed Recording assignment, abandon- ment, caused. lowed for every additional ten miles the name of the claijiri a letter in-- affidavits, or any other : Action thereof. A claim be document .... $2.50 or may dicating the direction to No. 2 post, . wh0r0 Where .loimc claims are 3ro hpina being located wafpH 0 , 1 c,,r.jc,,T .;lW)(, If document affects than located nn on bunday or any public thp tne rmmhpr numoer 01 nf fppt ieet tn 10 thp me ripht ngnt nr or more which are situated more than one h1;Hav . one claim, for each additional V left of the location line, the date of hundred miles from the Mining Re- - v claim ... . . ...... .. - v. - $1.00 locatlon and the of the locator. corder's office, the locators, not less Any person having recorded a name For granting period of six authorized claim shall not have the 0n Na 2 post' on the side facing No. than live in number, are right to lo-- months within which to re- cord to meet and appoint--on- e of their cate another claim in the valley or 1 post shaU be inscribed the name ... $4.00 basin of creek within e cm the date of location, number as emergency recorder, same sixty For an abstract of the record of deliver of first claim. ' and the name of the locator. who shall as soon as possible days locating a claim: the application and fees received to' Title The claim shall be recorded with- - For the first-entr- y $4.00 the Mining Recorder for the District. in fifteen days if located within ten For each additional entry . .50 If two or more persons own a Any person having complied with miies of the mining Recorder's of- - For copies of any document re- corded claim, each such person shall contri- - the provisio"s of the Act with res-- fice; ore-addit- ional day shall be al-- where same do not bute proportionately to his interest pect to Seating and recording a lowed for Ivery additional ten miles exceed three folios ";SlfoO to the work required to be done cIaim sha11 be entitled to a grant or fraction thereof. Where such copies exceed tlv?e thr, j .u V,Q for one year and shall have the ab- - folios. 30 cents per folio for m w every folio over three. done so his interest may be vested to year thereafter, provided during eight in number may be grouped For recording a power of at- torney each he does to be tne necessary representation work in thp nthpr year or causes to stake from one , ' 111 lilt: U II It; I tU"OW IlcxS. ? 1 1 n done $200.00 worth of work of the for each claim may then be per-T- he person ................. . $4.00 survey of a claim made by a claim, files with the Mining Recor- - formed on any one or more of the For recording a power of attor- ney duly qualified Dominion Land Sur- - der within fourteen days ,after the claims in the group. to stake from two per- - veyor shall be accepted as defining expiration of the claim an affidavit , . ,, , . sons - . Art , , ., . . , , , . , . , , ., , . Every application for a full claim io.w absolutely the boundaries of the showing a detailed statement of the , ' For , . , . . 1 . , . snail u be made on Form "A" and j for recording an assignment or claim surveyed, provided the survey work, and pays A1 the required renewal t. , , . A , other document relating to a , . . a Fractional claim on Form "A-- 1 . is approved by the proper author- - fee. ' quartz mining lease $3.00 ity .and remains unprotested during GROTTPINP No person is entitled to locate Rental, whole or fractional min- eral the period of advertisement. u U more than one claim in the same claim granted under Under certain conditions lease for term of 21 . $50.00 A person about to undertake a claims mining district within twenty days. years. bona fide may be grouped and tne work re" Rental for renewal term of 21 prospecting trip may se- - Tho Tne t. timber w nn Q miWal mmeral claim on a 13 quired to be . ...... from' Performed to entitle years $200.00 cure cure irom the the Minine Mining reorder ..-oi- der reserved until the Mining Recorder written permission to record at h s uwaei or owners 10 renewals en l ot f . Dredging ., . thp ine se cpvprni eral Haimc claims grouped orMidori mot, v be certifies that the same it, is required ; own risk a claim within six months. may A lease may be issued for a per-io- d nnar.atinne iha performed for 11CQ use m w- - mimng operations on n the on any one or more of of fifteen for continuous years a A legal post must stand four feet the claims in the grouping. If the claim- - The Commissioner, however, stretch of river not exceeding ten above the ground, squared or faced claims grouped are owned by more may issue a permit to holders of miles in the exclusive length giving for the other claims to remove the timbers upper eighteen inches and than one a person partnership right to for silver and dredge gold, measuring four inches across the agreement creating a joint and for use i,n their mining operations at platinum. The lessee must have faced portion. The post must be several liability on the. part of. all where other timber is not readily least in the one dredge operation on firmly fixed in the ground. the owners for the joint working of available- - leasehold within three years. Priority of location shall be deem- - daimS,Sh' Title v Petroleum and Natural Gas w V Wed Wlth th? Mming Recorder' ed to convey priority of right. Cer-- A lease may be issued for a per- iod A v, r - Any having complied with , , , , ' person tain disputes j- - 4 may 1 be heard and de-- .rr Taxes and Fees .. . . , . of twenty-on- e years for an area . , , ; . , the provisions of the Act with re-- termined by a Board of Arbitrators. ,A of not to exceed 1,920 acres giving Royalty at the rate of two and gard to locating and recording a. Grants of claims grouped or own- - one-ha- lf Per cent, on the value of claim shall be entitled to hold it for the right to the petroleum and na- tural ed by one person may be made re-- a d sbiPPed from the Yukbn one year from the date of the record. gas on the area leased. A rent- al newable on the same date. Territory shall be paid to the Com- - and thereafter from year to year, is charged ef50 cents per acre for the first and acre ptroller. year $1.00 per provided during each year he does PLACER MINING For grant to a claim for or causes to be done work on the for each subsequent year. Creeks means any natural water 'ne year $10.00 claim to the value of $100.00 and Assay Office course having an average width of renewal of grant shall, within fourteen days after the An Assay Office is maintained by less than one hundred and fifty feet renewed within 14 days expiration of the year, satisfy the the Government at Vancouver, between its banks. f expiry date ... v .$10.00. -- Mining Recorder that the work has where gold exported from the Te- rritory u after 14 days and within 3 been done, and pay the. Certificate will be purchased at its full Creek claims shall not exceed five months ........ $30.00 of Work fee. One hundred dollars value. hundred feet in length, measured If after 3 months and within 6 , may be paid in lieu of assessment G. A. JECKELL, along the base line, by one thousand months $45.00 work. Controller. FRIDAY, 'AUGUST 7th, 1942 THE AVTTITETIORSE ST .AH. WTTITFJHOR&E- - YTTKOV PA'iE SEVEN l Plan Appreciation Ror Britain By L. S. B. Shapiro (Toronto Saturday Night) MEW YORK, N.Y. This week, this truth dawns brightly over all .;Y months after, the entry of the of America, it will bring fuller co- operation Ljted States into the war, the peo-- between the English-speaki- ng L of this nation are beginning to peoples during the war and eel the power and confidence that it will guarantee closer relations in ome with transfer of the initiative the critical post-w- ar period. To this end a movement is Under 0ld the- - essential bases for oflen- - way in New York and Washington Ue action, we are accumulating :.o petition the President 10 pro- claim Ihe power, and we feel the urge for September 15 of this year and kthless retribution. r every year as "Battle of Britain This grand change in the shape of Day," a holiday for celebration and hp war comes six months after the meditation. On this day there 'entry of the U. S. and two years and would be' parades and speeches raid iine months after Britain challeng fireworks, and a recollection of the miracle of British resistance in ed the enemy. It takes no mathe- matical genius to estimate that September, 1940, when the freedom Britain and the Empire held the of the world for generations to fort of freedom for two years and come depended on a slender line ol "The purest form in which tobacco can b smoked' three months; and it takes no mili British and Empire pilots bolstered tary master to realize that to-da- y's by the refusal of the British people 'shape of the war turns on the to recognize defeat.. mighty base of Britain's resistance "Battle of Britain Day" might during those two years and three well become a day of thanksgiving, months. Without Britain's resist full of the stuff of freedom, preg- nant ance during those heartbreaking with the spirit of interdepend- ence 1 years7 and months, all might easily of all. free nairjns. have been lost now all, including Originator of the plan is Morris L. the sovereign independence of the Ernst, the famous New York law- yer. United States. He has already developed There are many here in the Unit- ed wide enthusiasm for the plan, and States who are vividly conscious at the proper time a petition will go of what Britain's stand has meant i-- to the President. to this country.- - And they believe It seems to rne a similar move- ment all Americans, in simple justice should and wilt develop in should be vividly conscious of it. If Canada. thanks for your grand gifts of cloth- ing some of which arrived here yesterday. It is a great joy and comfort to us to know we have so many kind friends working for us and we dt appreciate enormously the work yoi-ar- e doing. TORONTO, CAN. , 1942. We were delighted to find that n ... July 14, navy blue knitted suit for a girl had ! Mrs. Laurence Higgins, Treasurer, Whitehorse Chapter, I.O.D.E. a very pretty handkerchief with a sixpence tied in it. It was a swell Whitehorse, Yukon. Dear Mrs. Higgins: thought of one of you to put it. there, and I personally shall see that Insist on PILSENER It is with considerable pleasure we acknowledge your further gen- erous some bombed child who has pos- sibly Uger 'Beer. , Enjoy yy ' contribution to our work of lost all its treasures, get the $446.86, received from Mrs. R. H. suit and sixpence. Brotherhood, National Treasurer of Once Tnore may I say thank you. the I. O. D. E., to whom our official You may be sure that many are receipt has been sent. very comforted here when they re- ceive Your continued support is par- ticularly your , lovely gifts. appreciated for the added Yours very grateful, good measure of assistance it enables LILIAN PLATTS, us to render to the overseas forces, Depot Organizer. in the overseas hospitals, among the suffering civilian population of Britain, and for parcels of food for prisoners of war in enemy count- ries.'. riixiixuxxxTXXix: FRED Yours W. ROUTLEY, faithfully, ' , IV. H. THEATRE National Commissioner. Whitehorse jfukon Women's Voluntary Services for Civil Defence Shows Every W. V. S. Clothing Depot, Evacuation Dept. 1 Night Park St. Avenue, 74 ' -- mr-m. "7. ..II, 1 '.. Bristol, England. (Except Sundays) w-- yr v t;s - mm July 6, 1942. Whitehorse Chapter I. O. D .E. Pictures changed thrice Weekly. Canada. not published or displayed by the Government of Yukon Territory, See Bulletin Board for Particulars. This advertisement is Dear Friends: Yukon Territory. Will you accept our most grateful fTTTTTTIITTTIllliXTIXXIXn: PAGE EIGHT THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE, YUKON FRIDAY, AUGUST 7th, 1942 I L oeal Ha ppen i rigs j ODD 1 DRESSES Mrs. Howart left last week on a ,.' Mr. T; A. Rea of the Excelsior short trip to the coast. Life left Tuesday on the str-White-hors- e for Dawson on a business trip. Mrs. J. Barber and her young A New Shipment of daughter, Daphne arrived home Dr. Monty Franks, left Tuesday Sunday evening from Edmonton on for Dawson on the str. Whitehorse Ladies' Print Dresses Canadian Pacific Airlines plane. after spending the past few weeks in town in his professional capacity. Lieut. May, Chaplain to the U. S. : ::-:.- : New Styles and Fabrics, Army Engineers Corps., was in Mr. F. M. Burns, Dominion Cus- toms town for a few days last week-en- d. Inspector, Vancouver, left on We were all glad to meet with him the str. Whitehorse Tuesday for again.' v. ' Dawson on an official trip. Ladies' Dress Shoes Mrs. Crumrine and her daughter Mrs. Hoge, wife of Brig. General Some Snappy New Models. Miss Josephine, after spending sev-era- ll Hoge, and Mrs. Pettit, wife of Ma--j- or Moderately weeks in town, have left for Pettit, arrived back in town; Priced. Banff, Alberta, where they will re- main from Dawson on the str. White-- : for a time before leaving for horse.. - ' ! the south. They are contemplating V:".v: T YL0R-- & DRURY :-:- : Ltd trip t& Mexico. We hope making a Just a reminder! There are a few j they will make another trip north subscribers who have not yet re- newed next year. their subscriptions for the ensuing year. Their attention to this important matter in the near OFFICIAL WEATHER REPORT future will be much appreciated. July 30 Thursday ..... 73 53 Mrs. Grennan, wife of Inspector 31, Friday ....... 75 44 W. Grennan, officer in command of August , the R. C. M. P. in the Territory, ar- rived 1 Saturday .... ........... ........ 83 47 in town from Dawson on the 9. Snndav 83 59 str. Whitehorse and will be remain- ing 3 Monday 71 56 here , for the next few weeks. 4 Tuesday 75 53 Inspector and Mrs. Grennan are 6 Wednesday 73 49 guests at the Whitehorse Inn. trunk At the conclusion of. the evening FOR SALE Lady's travelling Large Eveleign 40x23x15. Practic- ally seryice at Christ . Church last Sun- day new. $45.00. H. Reed, At-li- n. the congregation remained to hear a recital of Stainer's "Cruci- fixion" B. C. by gramophone records with Lawrence Tibbetts and Richard FOR SALE Raspberries $3.50 a Crooks as soloists. - crate. Shipped in paraffin cans. Mrs. E. Yeomens, Skagway, Al-as- ka. FOR SALE Household goods in- cluding Men; Women Over 40 sink, 8-d- ay clock, lamps, .'is, f;;-::::- j $::.sssaii. dishes etc. Also Disston steel Feel Weak, Worn, Old? miter box and saw. Apply Star Want Normal Pep, Vim, Vitality ? Office. 30 tf. eeT&K li fc-kv''- h general tonics stimulants, often ned after 30 S? 40. Supplies Iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin V Wf Mi .I ; Help you net normal pep. Tim. vitality In- - ff-n- --i inmtm& i i i'lt ---- irr ImW 3 CX X XX X X X X X X X. ..AAAAAAAAAAJ i3?S?H7 ale F1 TonirTabletsonly 36c. at all (tood drug stores everywhere. Christ Church-Anglica- n- THE UNITED NATIONS RESOLVE SEA-WARFA- RE. TO CRUSH ENEMY PIRATIC u THE OLD LOG CHURCH Whitehorse Rev. L. G. Rector. Chappell, L. Th. LANTERN II w EVERY SUNDAY 8 30 a m. Holy Communion. LECTURE 11.00 a m. Morning Prayer. 7.30 p. m. Evening Prayer ' and Sermon. on the rTTTTTT T T x t I T T x xTTTiXXIIXXJ Txiiiuiixn YUKON ATX (t SACRED HEART I at Catholic Church CHRIST CHURCH to-- ' Sundays: Masses 7.30 and 9.00 A.M. WEDNESDAYS High Mass 1 10.30 A.M. Benediction 7.30 P.M. and Vfstl Week days: FRIDAYS Id Masses 7.00 and 730 A.M. at 8 P. M- - Fridays: Benediction . 7.30 P.M. R. A. F. SCHOOL FOR TRAINING BRITISII AND ALLIED AIR rT--r-rT-TYTTXxxxxxxxxxx- xx..i I GUNNERS