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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 35, Friday, August 28, 1942.

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Frc-- CIRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY J-- OLi Vol. 42. No. 35. WHITEHORSE. YUKON, FRIDAY, AUGUST 28th, 1942 it it it Subscription $3.00 Year. WfllTEHORSE ALL-STAR- S MR. AND MRS. H- - DAGLISH CARCROSS HURRICANES ARE LEAVING TO MAKE SHARED HONORS SUNDAY THEIR FUTURE HOME --..- w JSjmBor IN VICTORIA, B- - C. (By Adrian P. Spidle) After spending forty-thre- e years Whitehorse All-Sta- rs and the The in the Territory, eighteen of ' which Carcross Hurricanes renewed their were in the Dominion Postal Ser- vice, Softball feud last Sunday inter-ci- ty Mr H. Daglish is retiring on as the Whiitehorse team journeyed superannuation the end of this" over to the Lake Bennett town for month. He came from Dawson to a pair of games with the Hurric- anes. Whitehorse eight years ago to as All issues remained unsett- led, of sume the position postmaster however, because both teams " here. During these years the vol- ume won a game and the series which LL " ssSS of business transacted at the was tied at one all is now tied at 6asT, sees- - v - teife, , 18 local post office has increased very two all- - The scores of the contests substantially,, especially during the were 8- -7 and 23-- 11 with the All-Sta- rs past year or two,' with the result copping the first and the Hurr- icanes BRITISH CRUISER WINS THROUGH: CREW RESIST INCESSANT that often the energies of the staff taking the latter. The AIR ATTACK. have been taxed to the limit. And games were played before a crowd now after so many years faithful The British cruiser "'Penelope" (Captain A. D. Nicholls, D.S.O., R. of several hundred people, many of service he retires, ripe in years and N.,) was saved by her crew. Lying at Malta for two weeks, she was whom had made the trip over from rich in experience, to spend the the target of incessant air attacks. The whole crew, including steward Whitehorse thanks to , the White evening of his life according to his and cook, heped to keep the guns in action and repair damage. , Her Pass & Yukon excursion. own liking and removed from the Captain was wounded, but she put to sea almost to schedule. AlLjiext The first match was an extra inni- ng hurry and bustle of the everyday day, by superb seamanship, she evaded or fought off bomb and tor- pedo life he has for long been accustom thriller in which Herb Phelan attack, and won through. was the star for the winners and ed to. Picture shows: H.M.S. "Penelope" entering Malto harbour. Harold J. McDonald was the stand- - During their residence here Mrs. fiut performer for the losers. Phe- - Daglish has always taken a most i' lan contributed three hts and four WENDELL V ILLKIE MR- - AND MRS. PATERSON active interest in the social welfare runs towards his teams victory LEAVING FOR RUSSIA of this community. For several years LEAVING FOR THE COAST while McDonald, in addition to AND NEAR EAST ON I she was Recent of the Whitehorse handling the pitching duties, made GOVERNMENT SERVICE. NEXT WEDNESDAY. I Chapter, I. ,.QL D. E. as well" as a . j v:j ... u:t: member of the board of the local a uespertue urn iui a win uy umiug After spending the past eight iVDnKlir. T ihrarv anH wnc nlwavs a home run in the last of the sev Mr. Wendell L. Willkie will be enth with two out and his outfit leaving shortly for the Near East years as manager of the local branch I ready to lend a willing hsnd to helo of the Canadian Bank , of Commerce trailing 6-- 5 thus sending the tilt into and Russia to "perform certain ser any worthy cause whether of a nat- ional, Mr. W. A. Paterson is being trans- ferred nat- ure. another frame. Michalek pitched vices for the government." In mak patriotic or community elsewhere and for the next six and two thirds innings of theljng this public announcement he In earlier years she enjoyed few months will be attached to the the record of the enviable being game but withdrew with the score stated the President had asked him tied six all Marvin Roan-hau- s, Inspector's department of the Bank best teacher who ever taught in the giving to undertake such services . and that in Vancouver. He and Mrs. Paterson School. It follows Dawson Public who replaced him, the credit it was appropriate for the President the for will be and Jimmie leaving have and Mrs. that both Mr. Daglish for the win. only to announce the nature of such coast on Wednesday next. a host of friends from one end of The second game was a weird af- fair services if he deemed it necessary In recent years the volume of the Territory to the other all of. which saw three tired pitchers to do so. Mr. Willkie, however, did banking business in this community whom will regret their departure for the All-Sta- rs issue free passes to volunteer the statement that he has increased by leaps and bounds after so many years '; spent in the sixteen Hurricanes and which also hoped to meet with Premier Stalin and has been most efficiently hand- led Yukon but who, nevertheless, ex- press saw the sand-wea- ry victors of the and to pay a visit to the fighting under Mr. Paterson's manage- ment. the sincerest wish that they first game commit ten errors. Mar- vin fronts.' He admitted the trip was will both be afforded an opportunity Roanhaus, who ' was credited his own idea but that the 'sanction Both Mr. and Mrs. Paterson have of spending many happy years in with the first victory got credit for of the government was necessary to made friends during their lovely Victoria, the capital city of the loss of the second game thus enable him to visit the various many residence in this community all of British Columbia, where they wil! giving him an even break with countries. Mr. Willkie hopes to be whom wish them every success and make their future home And as 'Iron Man" McDonald of Carcross back not loter than October 15. happiness in the future. they travel along "Memory Lane" who seems to get stronger the longer : o together may happy .recollections ol he plays. Strangely enough, the 0. S. SULLIVAN. U. S. -- o- the Yukon always find a place in hitting star of the second fracas was DEPUTY TAX COLLECTOR AIR COMMANDER their thoughts. not on" the winning team Manager JUNEAU TO RETORE- - H. R. H. DUKE OF KENT Hansen of the Whitehorse aggregat-- Mr. O. S. Sullivan, genial Deputy PLANE late George V and the KILLED IN the King ion got to McDonald for five hits ; collector of Inland Revenue in Al out of five trips to the plate for a aska, is to be officially retired on CRASH OVER SCOTLAND. Dowager Queen Mary and was married November 29, 1934 to H.R. Perfect average. The offensive November 17 next. He left his of- fice leader for the winners was divided in Anchorage the last day of It caused a distinct shock H. Princess Marina of Greece. There when it are three children of the marriage, the world was between Dell Stanphill of of t thfithree throughout Outfielder July to 3 , take take advantage advantage announced Tuesday that H.R.H. the two sons and a daughter. The and Pitcher McDonald who each got and a half months' accrued nouaays H. M. son was born on July r his Duke of Kent, brother to youngest made three safe blows. Mr. Sullivan him. due 1934 King George VI and Air Comman- der last and has the honor of being the from in Juneau The First Game headquarters in the R. A. F., was killed in first member of the British . roya, Mike Michalek for Whitehorse to 1941 when he moved to Ancnor-an- d an airplane accident, along with all family to have a President of the Harold McDonald for Carcross i .With 38 years of faithful ser-e- re age. the other officers and crew aboard United States of America as his the opening pitchers as the j vice to his credit Mr. Sullivan office re-fir- st the ship, when the Sutherland Fly- ing godfather. President Franklin D. Pamp rnt under wav about two ' tires from his government of the godfathers wishes from Boat in which they were travel- ling Roosevelt was one p. M. The first inning was score- less with the very best of crashed over Scotland whilst en of the infant prin-- o christeof Hansen, u: i r frionHs ... in .... the north that for both sides with - rus mii t Michoel George Charles Frankln , ' . . to iceidnu. i. ...'. u i cnihv the neacerouie aa-or- i. man of tne Aii-aw- n. newm y '6K Ih h" VRetirement The late Duke of Kent was born 1 the lapt "?me in honor of President only man to get on base by virtue JJJ December 20, 1902 the fifth child of i Roosevelt. from active service w three) , (Continued on page P GE TWO THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE. YUKON FRIDAY, AUGUST 28th, ig42 that not only was his income tax to be heavier, but that he would have to begin paying it regularly in "Volom of tho Yukon' September instead of paying it in lump sums later on in the year; and An Independent Journal , that a small portion of the amount Published every Friday at which he has been setting aside for War Certificates and Victory Loan Bonds would be collected regularly Yukon Territory Whitehorse, from his source of income, begin- ning The White Pass and Yukon Route On the Trail of '98 in September. The only real danger to public morale on the fin- ancial front would be the continued Member of Canadian Weekly exaggeration of the importance of The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to Newspapers' Association. these new budget features in their Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska- - relationship to the job confronting Publisher HORACE E. MOORE - the country of securing two billions AIRPLANE SERVICE of dollars in loans from the general ' Let us have faith that right makes public as was done last year'. plane service, making connections northbound and south- bound might; and in that faith let us, to with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, the end dare to do our duty as we DAWSON Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For information understand it. Lincoln. apply to any Mrs. Jas. H. McNeill has returned Augst 28th, 1942. home after visiting with her mother W H I T ,E P A S S A G E N T , o r on Coffee Creek. 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. Funeral services were held re- cently IT CAN BE DONE for the late John Paul Miller, pioneer miner of the Sixtymile dis- trict. ITTTTTTTTrTl fTtyyv Here are two unqualified state- ments " .' ' which should not , be judged ' vtsW as a form of whistling, in the dark: j Fresh Butter Corpl. Ken Bond and Const. LP 1. The objective of the money Harold have Cured Widdes, R.C.M.P., re- turned and next big Victory Loan issue, due to Try BURNS from their patrol of the Mc-Ques- ten Brand Putter Shamrock be offered to the Canadian public Meats Creamer) district. Eggs a some time this fall, will be raised. 2. The continuous sale of War Little Billy Friesen, 7-y- ear old son Savings Certificates will follow an of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Frersen of M Burns Famous Shamrock Brand Products N upward curve during the next few Granville, was brought to the, hos-pit- all N months. in a critical condition after These statements are made in tne being kicked by a horse. He was y y knowledge that Canada national riding his bicycle at the time of the y M income has been growing, not de-clini- ng, accident and was kicked in the "head. " You Can Buy No Better" H and in -- light of the fact that ' ., the increase in total taxation for the Miss Edith Ballentine, popular present fiscal year will not even be- gin member of the telephone exchange to cripple the economy of tne staff, has returned to her duties 3 Burns & Company Limited.! individual. In other words, Can- adians after spending her vacation on Bon- anza last year were able to pay up Creek the guest of Mr. and XIZXZXTXXl one billion 361 . million dollars in Mrs. T. W. Powell. taxes and in addition subscribe to ' -- c : government loans totalling over two Charles, Nagin, veteran Dawson billion dollars, making a total of miner, who passed away in Van- couver 3,360,000,000 dollars. V sometime ago, left a $20,000 This year, the. Minister of Finance estate to a niece in the Old Country. is asking citizens generally to pro-vi- de It consisted mostly of cash and a roughly only one fifth more $1000 Victory Bond. this year in taxes and voluntary loans than they provided during Frank Travers has two sons in the lastNyeaiy And when one takes into R.C.A.F., Jackie "who is an aerial consideration the fact that the nat- ional photographer at present stationed at income will be greater this Trenton, Ont., and Arthur who Is year than it was last, that new ob-ject- ve piloting Lockheed bombers' over should not be viewed with enemy territory. Both trained in undue alarm. " . Rupert. , Difficulties Are Psychological , ' . It is recognized 7 that in several Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Burt have leit quarters, opinion has been express- ed for Whitehorse, where "E. C." has quite freely that the hew budget been appointed postmaster. Their would handicap ; the work of the many' friends in Dawson will miss National War Finance Committee, them both and trust they'll like whose job it is to sell Victory Bonds their new , home in the Southern and War Savings Certificates. Mr. Yukon. Usley, himself, declared in his bud- get Mr. A. T. Hall has returned from speech that that Committee had the coast to assume the manage- ment even bigger and more difficult job of 'the Bank of Montreal here. to do than it. had had in the past. Billy Christiansen and Vic Matan-d- er But at the sane time, it should be have left for the White River kept in mind that the difficulties in district where they will trap this the path of the salesmen of bonds winter. and certficates will be largely psy- -. Dr. Curry, the popular Chiro chological in character. Scarcity of practor, will be leaving Dawson end A beverage of moderation full flavored, clear dollars will not be a big factor. ' ; of this month or Shortly after and and sparkling. Order some today 9 it When the, news of the budget will probably be locating in Prince f costs no mqre than ordinary beers. spread throughout the Dominion, it' Rupert, B. C. Dr. Curry has made was only natural that every man many friends here during his stay UK- -. 42-- was sobered by the information that in Dawson who will hate to see him he' had to pay more for certain lux- uries leave. His trained dog "Musty" will this advertisement if not published or or get along with less of them; trail along With him. . , displayed by the Government of Yukon Territory. FRIDAY, AUGUST 28th, 1942 THE WHITKHORSE STAR, WHITE I IORSE- - Y UKOX PAGE' TH PEE .WHITEHORSE ALL-STAR- S game at 6-- 5 for the Whitehorse All-Star- s.: niiiiiiiiiiiniiiiTii bAVE TIME BY AIR CAECROSS HURRICANES . " . , SHAkED HONORS SUNDAY The box score: Whitehorse All-Sta- rs . 1 Player Pos. AB R H E (Concluded from page 1) Hansen .............. lb 4 0 2 1 I AIR M AIL of his single to left. Daniels began PASSCN6CP5 Roanhaus .... ......... 3b-- p 4 1 0 0 -- Be?yond the Whitenorse second with a single AfP EXPRESS Spidle V cf 4 0 1 0 and went lo second on Phelan's Adrian cc 4 12 0 Comparison center field hit. Ray Stock forced Daniels sf 4 12 0 Daniels at third on tne piay. Geo. Phelan if 4 , 4 3 0 Kay slammed a two base hit to left Stock c 3 0 1 0 BCDouble tenter scoring boih I Phelan and , Michalek ........;... p-- 3b 4 1 1 0 Changes in Michalek but Tizhe ended tne rally ' Kay rf 3 0 1 0 fciOLinanig to Lazzera for the Distilled Tizhe ...... . 2b 3 0 0 1 third out. the ihua was fruitless . aiM I --or eacn team as' neither even got a WhisKy Totals .... .................. 37 8 13 2 Canadian Rye Schedule hit but Whitehorse tallied again in Carcross Hurricanes the fourth on a double by Louis 14 YEARS OLD Player Pos. AB R H E j Levine sf 4 0 0 t) Vancouver -- Whitehorse 'DcDonald p 3 2 1 0 and put out, irnelan maKing secona Lazzera ss 3 11 0 on the play Stock walked and then (Daily except Friday) Kilpatrick ........... 3b 3 1 1 0 Michalek drove in Phelan with a 1 tmmua Adams 2b 4 12 0 NORTHBOUND blistering single to center. The Sanders c 4 2 2 0 Gin 10 ixurricanes came to life in their half London Dry Lv Vancouver. . a. ni, : Peyton If 3 0 4 1 Ar. Whitehorse. . .. 7 p. m. of the fourth and scored four times Maughan cf 2 0 0 1 . after two out. Levine OF were was PRODUCTS peddon. rf 4 0 0 1 FINE SOUTHBOUND . first and first out. McDonaiu up Maldonade .. lb 2 0 0 0 T4ritishCo Lv Whitehorse . n. m. J walked and Sam Lazzua popped io 30 - - - Ar. Vancouver. . 5.30 p- - m. i Adrian for the second out. Kil-- 1 Totals .' 32 7 8 3 f patrick then hit a hign liy to center The score by innings: Edmonton-Whitehor- se which Spkile lost in the sun and let ; Whitehorse All-Sta- rs . R H E Friday) fall lor a double. McDonald going ! . 0 2 0 1 1 2 0 28 13 2 (Daily except to third. Clayton Auams proceeded Carcross Hurricanes , This advertisement is not publisiio l NORTHBOUND to hit a line single to left scoring , 0 0 0 4 0 1 1 17 8 3 or displayed by the Government of Edmonton -- 12.45 m-A- r. McDonad ad Kilpatrick. Catcher Lv. p. The Second Game Whitehorse . . . .7 p. ui. i. Sanders then came up to the bat- ters Yukon Territory.1 The second was easily won box and conected with the first game SOUTHBOUND by Carcross who got away to a 9-- 0 OULTXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX . j pitch for a long home run to right WluVehorse . .7 ra. lead before Whitehorse even got Lv a. center scoring two more times ad started the All-Sta- rs had Ar!Edmonton . . .- - -- 5 p. ra. putting the hurr.canes in tne leau although :xrxxxxji the bases full and none out in both fnr thf first timp in the Pflme. After Direct connections at White- horse . . . the frrst and third without crossing BUILD WESTERN PAYROLLS Payton had singled, Maughan ended , for Fairbanks, Alaska, .. . . t, . the y plate once. In n. the first four rn-- the rally by grounding to Roanhaus. . and at Edmonton with T. C. A PATRON Whitehorse quckly tied the score in A. for points south. branded. McDonald . was given WiflFK the next inning as Hansen siogled BP.ANl magnificent support by his team The above schedule remains and was forced at second by Roan- haus mates as he gave up eight hits and a FOR 8 in force until further notice- - who then scored on Spidle'u walk without letting a run in. triple to deep left center. Mchaiek For Full Flight Information " Whitehorse finally broke loose for EVaphdaTFO blanked Carcross in the fifth and Consult .. V six runs in the fifth as they battled YEARS his teammates gave him a, two run around but they collapsed complete- ly J. A. Barber load in the sixth on a single by Dan- iels We have a letter from up-coun- try in the sixth and seventh as the followed by a long three bag- ger The writer states WHITEHORSE Hurricanes took advantage of eleven by Herb Phelan. Stock ground -- ed she has used "all kinds of walks and seven hits to score four- teen to Kilpatrick who held Phelan times. canned milk" but Pacific i on third but Mchaiek drove him in Milk continually since she on a fly to Maughan in center mak The box score: began it "because of its Whitehorse All-Sta- rs ing thp smre 6- -4 in favor of the richness and flavor. That Pos. AB R H E All-Sta- rs. Carcross eot one of the.player was eight years ago." SUBSCRIPTIONS NOW DUE Hansen ... 3b-lb- -c 5 2 5 2 uns back in their share of the sixth It's only real excellence that Michalek .... lb-p-- lb 5 2 3 0 on a double by Sam Lazzera and a could bri'iq a milk a pre- ference Spidle ...... eg 3 1 1 2 triple by Adams. McDonald held like this. Adrian "ss 3 2 11 the boys from Whitehorse. in the :. sf-3b- -lf 4 12 1 first of the seventh and in his teams Daniejs Milk Phelan lf--p 3 1 0 1 Pacific half came up with two out and none Stock c-- sf 4 1 1 1 He worked the .count around on. Roanhaus p-- 3b 4 0 2 0 OIATED Or COUR9C LANTERN to three and two before letting go Kay ....jpT.. rf 4 0 11 'Trxxxxxxxxiiiixxixzxxrr? with a terrific liner to right which Tizhe 2b 4 111 just eluded Daniels and before the could recover it McDonald latter Totals 38 11 17 10 LECTURE was sitting on the bench with the Michaek was Carcross Hurricanes score tied at six all. Player Pos. AB R H E BUY visibly tired as he walked Lazzera Levine sf 3 4 10 WAR when Adams came on the and Kilpatrick so McDonald P 6 3 3 1 SAYINGS and to the plate he took himself out traded places with Third Baseman Lazzera ss 5210 TERTIFICBTES Kilpatrick .... 3b 4 2 .2 0 YUKON Roanhaus. Adams with the winn- - Adams 2b 3 2 1 1 ing run on tnira base Dase wcaMj- - Sanders c. 5 110 erounded out to Adrian at short- - Peyton If .4 3 2 1 at stop. The All-Sta- rs then proceeded cf 3 2 10 Maughan CHRIST CHURCH to put the the eighth eame as on ice Adrian in their singled, half Stanphill Maldonado lb rf 3 3 2 2 3 2 0 0 Men, Women Over 40 and Stock, with two singled Phelan" WEDNESDAYS nut and the game at stake, driving Totals ... 39 23 17 3 Feel Weak, Worn, Old? 'hem both in with a sharp hit to Want Normal Pep, Vim, Vitality? innings: The score by and the Hurri- canes right. Sanders opened R H F. TXx weak, rundown, exhausted roiullilon mnl double to ceo- - Carcross Hurricanes rou (eel facced out. old? Try oslrcx. Coiii::n eiehth with a general tonics, stlmulanrn. often needed lifter .:o i FRIDAYS Maughan's 1 4 0 4 0 8 623 16 3 40 Supplies Iron, calcium. phosplunis, on4 cpnrpH on Hi. Helpfl you get normal pep, vim, vitality. Ii Whitehorse All-Sta- rs .roductory size Ostrex Tonic Taldet only 3.'c. J-- i 8 P. M- - grounder u but Seddon cAnr, ctn strucK irk out oui on on ale at all Rood drug stores everywhere. at 0 0 0 0 6 4 1 11 10 one of Roanhous' drops ending the, PAGE FOUR THE WIIITEIIORSE STAR, WHITEIIORSE. YUKON - FRIDAY, AUGUST 28th, 1942 feet on each side of the base line. Registration of any document $2.00 When $500.00 has been . expended Other claims shall not exceed five Recording an abandonment $2.00 or paid the locator may, upon fiav. kfffMr hundred feet in length' by one thou-- . If it affects more than one claim ing a survey made,&nd upon com. ,,.'. :yfe".V- - V:- - sand feet in depth. Claims shall be For each additional claim .... $1.00 plying .with other requirements, ob. - v " &lArS$itfi&Za as nearly as possible rectangular in Abstract of Title tain a lease for a term cf twentv a form and shall be marked by two For first entry ... $2.00 one years with the right to renewal C1Tnnnc;c Af ininrfl A IV legal posts, one at each end of the For each additional entry ...... .50 for further terms of OyilOpSlS Ul lUIIIlilg LdW claim numbered "1" and "2" re-- For copy of Docume- nt- years. Claims located prior to Juij spectively. Location posts of creek Up to 200 words $2.50 7, 1917 may upon fulfilling similar V Yukon Territory claims shall be placed on the base For each additional 100 words .50 requirements, be Crown Granted. line, and of all other claims parallel For grant of water Leases, renewals of leases, and . . to the base line, and on the side of ' For 50 inches or less ......... $10.00 documents relating to leased claims - the claim nearest the creek or river For 50 to 200 inches ......... $25.00 shall be recorded with the Mining Any person eighteen years of age towards which it fronts. - For 200 to 1,000 inches $50.00 Recorder in triplicate. or over shall have the right to enter, For each additional 1,000 inches . Schedule of Fees a discoverer shall be entitled to a ; ocate, prospect and mine upon ny or fraction thereof $50.00 Recording claim lands in the Yukon Territory, ' ,. 7 , every Pary wo discoverers two claims, QUARTZ MINING For a substitutional record .. f whether . vested in the Crown or . ., . . defined j,;aj each of 1,250 ' feet in length, Application for a lease for the minerals otherwise, . Subject to the boundaries of other For a certificate of improve-- in the Yukon Quartz Mining Act The boundaries of any claim may claims in good standing, at the time ments ' and the Yukon Placer Mining Act, be enlarged to the size of a claim 5.05 of its claim shall location, a mining If recorded within 14 days after with certain reservations set out in allowed by the Act, if the enlarge- - be rectangular in shape and shall expiry date $5.00 the. said Acts. ment does not interfeie with the not exceed feet in 1,500 length by If after 14 days and within : rights of other persons or terms of 1 L500 snn fppt m in wiHth Wldth' 1 ' No person shall enter for mining the crown iefl three months $15,05 purposes or shall mine upon lands Every claim shall be marked on If after three months and with- - . owned or lawfully occupied by an- - An application for a claim may be tne ground by two legal posts, one in six months . $25,00 other until adequate security has filed .with the Mining Recorder at eacn extremity of the location Recording every certificate of . -- been furnished to- - the satisfaction of within ten days after being located inGt numbered "1" and "2" respect-- of work 7 .... $5,00 loss if within ten miles of the Recorder's For a certificate of the Mining Recorder for any or ively. On the side of No. 1 post partnership $5.00 damage which may be thereby office. One extra day shall be al- - faring No. 2 post shall be inscribed "Recording assignment, abandon- ment, caused. lowed for additional ten miles affidavits, other every or any tne name of the clain, a letter in-- or fractlon thereof. A claim may be document . . ; . $2.51) dlcating the direction'to No. 2 Where claims beine located post, Where claims are are Deing located locatecJ 0n Sunday or any public ,hp n.,mhr nf win J If document affects more than which are situated more than one tne number of feet to the right or holidav . one claim, for each additional ' ' kft of the location the date of hundred miles from the Mining Re-- , line, claim ... "r' corder's office, the locators, not less Any person having , recorded a location 'and the name of the locator. For - - $1.00 . than five in number, are authorized claim shall not have the fright to lo- - On No. 2 post, on the, side facing No. granting period of six months within which to meet and appoint one of their cate another claim in the valley or 1 Pst sna11 be inscribed the name to re-;- .: cord: -- . number as emergency recorder, basin of same creek within sixty . tne claim, the date of location, $4.00 For an abstract of the record of who shall as soon as possible deliver days 'of locating first claim. and the name of the locator'. claim: a the application and fees received to Title The claim shall be recorded with- - For the first entry $4.00 the Mining Recorder for the District. - . mteen dayg .f located within For each additional entry .50 If two or more persons 'own' a Any person naving implied with miies of the mining Recorder's of- - For copies of any document re- corded claim, each such person shall contri- - the provifons of the Act with res-- fice; one additional day shall be al- - where same do not bute proportionately to his interest to locating and recording a l0 wed tor every additional ten miles exceed three . folios $4.00 to the work required to be done cla;ni sha11 be entitled to a grant or fraction therem. Where such copies exceed three -- folios. thereon, and when proven, to the tof one year and sha11 have the ab" ... .'. , . . .. 30 cents per folio' for Solute nght of from AdJmin c'aims noV exceeding renewa! year . foli) three. Gold Commissioner that he has not every over to thereafter, eM n number may be grouped, done so his interest ; may be vested year provided during For recording a power of at- torney in the other co-own- ers each year he does or causes to be the necessary representation work to stake from one done $200.00 worth of work of the lor each claim may then be per- - person . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . $4.00 The survey of a claim made by a claim, files with the Mining Recor- - formed on any one or more of the For recording a power of attor- ney duly qualified Dominion Land Sur- - der within fourteen days after the claims in the group, to stake from two per- sons veyor shall be accepted as defining expiration of the claim an affidavit ,. 4. , , , . Sd.OO apPllcatl" for l:e- - ; absolutely the boundaries of the showing a detailed statement of the - For recording orm A an assignment or claim surveyed, provided the survey work, and pays the required renewal f. madeoJ? f"d or other document ' a Fractional claim on Form "A-1- " relating to a is approved by the proper author- - fee. quartz mining lease $3.00 ity and remains unprotested during GROUPING No person is entitled to locate Rental, whole or fractional min- eral the period of advertisement. wuri , . .. more than one claim in the same claim granted under A person about to undertake a Under certain conditions claims mining district within twenty days, lease for term of 21 years.. S5O.O0 bona fide prospecting trip may . se-- may be grouPed and the work re- - . . . . Rental for renewal term of 21 quired to be " The timber on a mineral claim is Performed to entitle cure from the Mining P-o- '-der years ., ...... $200.00 ... . . . reserved until the Mining Recorder the tn rpnpwais nf owner or owners " ei or owners 10 renewals or - -- 5 - written permission to record at his , Dredging: ... , . .... , the several &tveiu claims ciaims groupea prnunpH mnv may ho De certifies .r that . the same is required own risk a claim .within six months. A lease be issued for performed for "se in mining operations on the may a per- iod on any one or more of A legal post must stand four feet the claims in the grouping. If the claim. The Commissioner, however, of fifteen years for a continuous above the ground, squared or leced claims grouped are owned by more may issue a Permit to holders of stretch of river not exceeding ten t: 'i for the upper eighteen inches and than one person a partnership other claims to remove the timbers miles in length giving the exclusive measuring four inches across the agreement creating a joint and for use in their mining operations right to dredge for gold, silver and faed where other timber is not platinum. The lessee" must have al portion. The readily post must be several liability on the part of all firmly fixed in the ground. the owners for the joint working cf available. least one dredge in operation on the leasehold within three years. Priority of location shall be deem- - flled Cla.imStusha,1J Wlth the be eXeUted . . . Title ' Petroleum and Natural Gas Mining Recorder. ed to convey priority of right. Cer-- A lease be issued for Any. person having compiled with may a per- iod tain disputes may be heard and de-- Taxes and Fees . , , . t, , , the provisions of the Act with re- - of twenty-on- e years for an area termined by a Board of Arbitrators. Royalty at the rate of twQ and gard to locating and recording a of not to exceed 1,920 acres giving Grants of claims grouped or own- - one-ha- lf per cent, on the value' of claim shall be entitled to hold it for the right to the petroleum and na- tural ed by one person may be made re- - al gold shipped from the Yukon one year from the date of the record gas on the area leased. A rent- al newable on the same date. Territory shall be paid to the Com- - and thereafter from year to year, is charged of 50 cents per acre . ptroller. provided during each year he do?s for the -- first year and $1.00 per acre PLACER MINING For grant to a claim for or causes to be done work on the for each subsequent year. Creeks , means any natural water ne year v" $10C0 claim to the value of $100.00 and Assay Office v course haying an average width of Fr renewal of gran- t- sh?ll. v ithin fourteen days after the An Assay. Office is maintained by less than one hundred and fifty feet Tf renewed within 14 davs expiration of the year, satisfy the the Government at Vancouver, between its banks. ' after exPirv date ). $10.00 Mining Recorder that the work has where gold exported from the Te- rritory ' , If aft-D- r 14 days and within 3 been done, and pay the Certificate will be purchased at its full u f f5 . n0t Xeed five montns $30.00 of Work fee. One hundred dollars value. hundred feet length, measured If after 3 months and within 6 rr--v be paid in lieu 6f assessment G. A. JECKEU.. Along the base line, by one thousand months .. $45.00 werk Controller. FRIDAY, AUGUST 28th, 1942 THE WIIITEIIORSE STAR. WHITEIIORSE. YUKON PAGK FIVR do not exceed the price ceiling as of October last, absorbing any loss in- volved at the buying though at the same time allowing the usual me- thods of trade distribution. Indeed, it is expected that the sum required in this work may reach the figure of $100,000,000 for the year and so. far the articles most prominently mentioned in this regard are coffee, cocoa, butter, tea, raw sugar, and petroleum products.; There are Political Awakening many other articles which are elig- ible for a subsidy in order to main- tain There are onlv two vacant seats the price Ceiling policy and ii in Canada's Parliament where hv-fiPCf- ons is indicated that all expenditures oi the Government agencies are worth- while probobly will be necessary before next session. One in Win-Pip- e? investments to avoid the North-Centr- e, r which was chaos or confusion of inflation. rendered vacant by the death of J. Change is Favoured Woodsworth. and the other in S. Ever since the death of Mr. Jus-- j Charevoix-Saguena- y. where Hon. tice A. K. MacLean of the Exche- - j Caserain resigned from the Pierre quer Court of Canada, there have Cabinet to go on the bench. An- other been reports circulated in the cap- ital seat involves a case where , a that a change or changes in the member who was unseated by court, Court may be forthcoming in time namely R. G. Davidson, Stanstead, because there are many members of but no writ may be given out until Parliament who are of the opinion "I tefl my family that as long as Jack is House of Commons' committee j the that this tribunal of justice should overseas, We'll eat hash and like it. reports on it and this has not been 1 handle divorce cases that are usual- ly a. Nevertheless, there is much done. brought to Parliament, with the discussion behind the scenes along proposal being that jurisdiction over Parliament Hill about the political , such matters should be given to this We ARE at war. It costs lots to win. It activities of all parties at the pre- - j handles suits nod sent time. The Conservatives ' are Court which would cost everything to lose. So I don't against the Crown, over patents, and holding a conference in Port Hope, such other actions of a similar na- ture. figure that because we'll soon pay a small Ontario, and it ,is generally expect- - ( . I ed that this will produce some pro- gressive amount as compulsory savings, I can fold plans for the party. The Returns More Dependable my hands and say 'That's that !' No sir! C. C. F. party is very active thro- ughout With the national income stated the country, particularly at to be about seven billions of dollars, Some people may need compulsory savings this time in Saskatchewan, Ontario, the new taxation burdens of the. to save something for their own good. But and Quebec, with this political people are considered to be not ex- cessive of that's the minimum. I'm out to save all movement showing definite signs in well-inform- ed circles increasing strength on the national slong Parliament Hill, especially in I can to buy War Savings Stamps and scale. Although it is claimed the view of the "Government's deter- mination Certificates to help win the war and have visit of the Hon. J. G. Gardiner, o follo- -'a policy of "pay-as-you-g- o" Minister of Agriculture, to the in this war as much as something substantial put by for the days West right at. the end of the last possible under the circumstances. when there won't be all this work and session was not any move of politic- al Moreover, the new taxation system significance, yet there are sound is deemed to-b- e creating a method overtime. opinions to the contrary. of collecting revenues much more culrrly or steadier than in the Deliberation on Publicity rs. Thus it is pointed out that in "I've christened my garbage can 'Hitler' It is apparent in the nation's cap- ital April of this year. $10,000.000 wr- - and believe me he doesn't get anything that the subject of Canadian collected, but in the following mom that's worth anything." publicity of the war effort is under the figure -- was $365;000,000 for M serious consideration once again by with the Jun.e figure being $50,UUU.- - Ua. Government since Charles Vin-in- g, 000. Under the new taxaiion sy- - who investigated the matter for 'em, the revenues will be mu? the Federal Cabinet and whose re- port steadier and much more regular! m Premier King refused to table collected. In other words the Gov in Parliament, has held several im- portant rnment's co'lections v ill be conferences in the capital only much greater than in. the. pl Buy War Savings Stamps from druggist, lately. It is expected that practical mt much easier to calculate ana i banks, post offices, telephone offices, depart -- mentgtores, form of a change in an results in the nllt from both corporations grocers, tobacconists and other .the -- present set-u- p may emanate individuals. - retail stores. Certificates may be purchaseil from these deliberations. for immediate delivery in denominations of No Other Reason $5, $10, $25 from banks, trust companies antl post offices. In face of suggestions to the con- trary, yet the Department of Fin- ance eo--s National War Finance Commit t-- f in Ottawa is putting out. a IV. H. THEATER J twelve-side- d five cent coin with no other object but to replace the pre- sent Whitehorse ifukon coin which used up much valu- able nickel . since a hundred five cent pieces weigh a pound of solid nickel. The substitution of copper and zinc in these coins will save at Shows Every Y u koivEletrjcaJCompany. Ltd. 'east fifty tons of nickle a year. Likewise, ihere is no invention at Will ! pleased to .consult present to call in the five cent coins Night of nickel now in circulation. you rotrurdinjr Government's Supervision of Buying: Instalfationv Sundays) nd (Except Light Power. Supplies While the man -in-t- he-street throughout Canada may not realiz Pictures changed thrice Weekly. '.f it is k"n'vn in Ottawa that the Government is1 engaged in buy See Bulletin Board for Particulars. WHITE' HORSE. Y T. order to stabilize pricp so that they PAGE SJX THE WHITEHORSE STAR. WHITEHOKSE. YUKON, FRIDAY, AUGUST 28th, 1942 " . Local Happenings . , Mr V. T? Mardonald. chief ac- - -- ringing Mr.; John B. Gammpn, "an old- - ! countan for the E. W. Elliott Co., timer of Dawson, is a patient m the . Rontt,-- - wt nn this , morning's - - KJA. WfcfcV- - local general hospital. - train for his home in Everett, Wash Mr. Macdonald made many friends Mr. and Mrs. J. Porter and family durin his stay in Whitehorse have returned home, after spending - . . . ; '"n " " Is Our Business a most enjoyable vacation " at car- - , CT!ipvTf!T! TF.T.T.f? cross. HOW HE CAME TO WHITE John and Betty MacBride leave "TEE SHOOTING OF What is more We know next Thursday for Orillia, Ont.. DAN McGREW." how to do it. where they will continue their schooling. We wish them both At the annual stampede of the In- ternational No matter how intricate the every success. Sourdough Union Inc., which concluded in Seattle Sunday, work, or how large or small Mr. Nels Nelson, a former mem- ber the highlight was an address by the order, we are always at of the staff at the local branch Robert Service who told an audi- ence of the Canadian Bank of Commere, of 800 sourdoughs how lu your service. arrived in town by Canadian Air- - "came to' write "The Shooting of Dan ' Tfce quality of our work, and lines plane last Saturday. He is ; McGrew." He stated that becoming now in the service of the Govern- - tired of. reciting some of the old our scale of charges, are on a ment Unemployment Commission ! ballads the thought came to him to parity with those at the and is travelling through the Terri- - write on himself. This he did but tory on business connected with did not use the poem at the time it coast. ; that department. His many friends , was first written.. Years later he here were pleased to meet with Nels dug it out of a forgotten drawer and Place your next printing aain and to learn that he and his published it with some other works. order with us. It will be wife, the former Miss Reid. one time He was surprised, he stated, to find executed to your complete matron at the local hospital, are that it quickly won public approval. satisfaction. both enjoying the best of health. -- o- COMPLETELY FED UP The Whitehorse Star BRIDE OF B. PETERSON The colored minister called all his ARRIVES FROM SUMMIT flock together one evening in late "WESRE QUALITY AND SERVICE COUNT " TO MAKE HER HOME HERE. summer. .Vv:'" "Brothers and sisters," he said. "You all know I've been It came as: a complete surprise to preachin' many of their friends when it be- came to dis congregation about fo' years known that Mrs. Maud Mc-Gui- re noy. Every fall, at hog-killi- ng time AT L IN NUGGETS I. 0. D. E. NOTES of the Summit, B. C, was 'a l l gets is pigs' feet, and mo-- pigs' c ". etly married to Mr. Bert Peter- son ' feet. Now I'm going to tell you Financially and otherwise the Born to Mr. and Mrs. F. Steele of the popular foreman of the ioiks sometnin , ei i preaches to lis Bridge Party held in the Masonic Spruce Creek at St. Andrew's Hos- pital W. P. & Y, R.. at the home of Mr. congregation any longer, I simply Hall, Friday evening under I. O. P, ' rnd Mrs. J. Redpath on July 28 has got to eat higher up on that a son. E. auspces was most successful. The last. Mrs. Peterson arrived this hog!" ';;:.";-"-'v-::.:- : top prizes were won by Mrs. Geo Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ward t1 eek to make her home here. Be- lated Wilson and Mr. Gould, Mr. W. at St. Andrew's Hospital a daughter. congratulations are extended A. Paterson 'winning the special to the bridal couple together with prize in circulation during the even- ing.".'.. Mrs. Bob Nelson, Miss Sheila best wishes for their, future hap- piness. The Committee wishes to Nelson, Jackie Nelson and Mis3 ' . 'THIS TIME WE ARE thank those ladies who so kindiy Mary Gordy returned to Atlin after We understand Mr. and Mrs. IN THE FRONT UNE" donated cut flowers, prizes and d- elicious spending a week or so at White -- horse. Peterson will be staying in this cakes for the occasion. Some of the party also visit- ed winter, but, if conditions permit, Teslin and were the guests of will make a short trip to Gig Har- bour Mrs. George Howat, who left re- cently Mr. and Mrs. IV McClery at that around Christmas time. : for the coast returned home point. -- o- this week having enjoyed the trip. POLICE COURT We much regret to report the A party comprising Mrs. T. C death of Einard Tatley which oc- curred Richards, Babe, Mrs. Gordon Arm- strong ' ' James T. "Spotcash" Breaden ap- peared at the St. Andrew's Hospital and "Patricia, Phyllis Walker before Stipendiary Magis- trate Thursday. The late Mr. Tatley had and Mrs. Harvey Gennings spent a J. Aubrey Simmons in police ?yWAR SAVINGS been ailing for the past year suffer-n- ? most enjoyabe week at Burwaf! court this week , charged With su- pping from silicosis contracted whilst Landing. Gordie and Mrs. O. M. U intoxicated liquor to an in- terdict. CERTIFICATE employed in the Mayo district. De-"efs- ed Campbell journeyed to the Landing He was found, guilty and was well known in' mining to meet with the party on their re- turn fined $50 and $5.25 costs or in the circles and liked by all. trip. alternative one month's hard labour. The fine was paid. THE LISTENING POST ' y . . The interdicted party was" charg- ed The World's News Seen Through I'm on a A diet. I can only eat with being intoxicated near a hinfs that begin with A. A double-malt- ed The Christian Science Monitor public place and fined $8 00 or five ' milk. A steak. , A large I An International days' hard labour. Fine paid. Daily Newspaper piece of cherry pie. is Truthful Constructive Unbiased -- Free from Sensational- ism Carriage is no different from any Editorials Are Timely and Instructive and Its Daily Two white men appeared before other job. As . soon as you are . Features, Together with the Weekly Magazine Section. Make the bench and each fined $5.00 and working steady you want a day off. the Monitor an Ideal Newspaper for the Home. costs fer being intoxicated in a pub-l- 'c In love.- - baseball rules do not ap- ply. The, Christian Science Publishing Society . place. A gal who can get to first base One. Norway Street. Boston. Massachusetts ? is always out. But the gal who Price $ 12.00 Yearly, or $1.00 a Month . A charge of supplying intoxicat- ing never makes a hit is always safe at Sarurdav Issue, including Magazine Section. $2 60 a Year .. Introductory Offer. 6 Issues 25 Cents liquor to an Indian was preferred home. if against Carl Chambers. He was "Would you like to hear the story of Name. . 1 - .......,..... . fined $150 and costs or in the al- ternative ,. my life?" Add i ess.. three months hard labour. "No. but I'd like to write the next SAMPLE COPY ON REQUEST The fine was paid. chapter." . FRIDAY, AUGUST 28th, 1942 THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WITTTE1IORSE, YUKON PA'ii: SEVEN if ' I MORE BOMBERS FOR THE R.A.F' r 1912 OFFENSIVE ELOWN DaRECT FROM CANADA DAWSON PIONEER PILOT OFFICER T. O. BAKER PASSES AWAY JOHNSON IS NOW SUDDENLY AT HOME. PRESUMED DEAD. Conrad Hammer, proprietor of Pilot Officer T. O. Johnson, 27, of the Union Bakery on Second Ave., 6C26 Hudson, reported missing on Insist on PILSENER K W Dawson, passed away suddenly at patrol duty dn June 1, is now pre- sumed his home apparently from a heart dead, according to word re- ceived attack at the age of 65 years. here by his sister, Barbara The late Sourdough came north Johnson. from Philadelphia during the gold His mother, Mrs. D. J. Morgan rush days of '98 and has resided in resides .in -- Penticion. Dawson ever since, his wife joining . Pilot Officer Johnson was born in him a fewy years later. The funeral Fort Scott, Kansas, but lived in services were held at St. Paul's pro-Cathed- ral Vancouver most of his life. He at- tended the Rev. B. O. Dixon of- ficiating. school in Whitehorse and The Pioneers Association worked at the R. E. Johnson Co., attended in a body. It is unders- tood Ltd., Vancouver, before joining the Mrs. Hammer to whom sin- - R.C.A.F. in March. 1941. ceiest sympathy is extended in her His wife resides in Yarmouth, N. bereavement intends closing the S. He was an ardent sportsman and business and returning to Philadel amateur camerman. Vancouver phia.' . : Province.' '' ' ': O . leaving Mayo shortly. While tea MAYO and dainty refreshments were being served. Mrs. Shandro was given the (By Our Own Correspondent) prize for the highest bridge score, and Miss Nancy Jeffrey the consol- ation Ole Johnson was taken to the prize. Dawson hospital by plane today for medical treatment. Mr. J. D. Gallagher, former Ter- ritorial -- v 'A - tJmsW ' - -4-- swi,"' - -- - - V Agent . at Mayo, left for Discovery Day was very quiet in DaWson on Thursday's plane. After Mayo this year, there being no residing in Mayo for seven years, he This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Government of celebration of any kind. is leaving to join his wife and familv in Vancouver. Yukon Territory. , "Bobby" Richards, here on' a busi ness ( trip, arrived from wnuenorse on Tuesday's plane. Outgoing passengers from Mayo, Ion Wednesday's plane, were urea Cartier and T. O. Connolly. Norman Mervyn returned from Whitehorse today where he was m the employ of the White Pass for the past few months On Wednesday the Divisional In spector of the R. C M. r. paiu a short visit to Mayo, arriving on the R. C. M.,P. plane. Mrs. Maclehnan, Mrs. Dunnett and Peggy, Mrs. Aylwm, Kennem and Freddy and the Ewing tamuy v.ere picnicjng - 7 at Five Mile . Lake OF IL(S last Thursday evening. ,Mrs. C. A. Eoerner and Mrs. R. The Tobacco of Quality Steevps wpre hostesses Thursday CUT COARSE FOR THE PIPE CUT FINE FOR ROLLING YOUR OWN evening at an enjoyable card party, held at the home of Mrs. Steeves, in j honor of Miss Page, Miss Roll, Mrs. Ayhvin and Mrs. Whitney, who are PAGE EIGHT THE ( -- WHITEHORSE STAR. WH ITEI I ORSE- - YUKON FRIDAY, AUGUST .28th, 1942 j Local Happenings WORK SHOES Mr. F. M. Burns, Dominion Cus- toms Mr. Mc Murdo left on the str. Inspector, who has been in the Whitehorse Wednesday for Yukon FEN'S PALMER McLELLAN Territory for the past few weeks Crossing and Mr. Frank Housley for . u Iliigh Top. Solid Leather Hoots leaves for the coast next Thursday. Dawson. Mr. T. Hunter of Messrs. Louis Mr. J. Bruce Watson left on the ! LECKIE'S Schulz Ltd., Atlin, B. C, was in str. Whitehorse Wednesday ' night High Top Leather Boots- - town for a few days this week on a on a vacation trip to Dawson. We business trip. hope he enjoys it. MEN'S MOCCASIN CUT WORK BOOTS . With Panco Soles. Mr. T. Kerruish was a visitor m Mr. W. S. Drury left aboard the town this week for a day or so from str. Whitehorse Wednesday on a MEN'S RUBBER SHOE PACKS Teslin where he is engaged on con- struction business trip to his company's post of the airfield. at Carmacks. 12 in. and 15, in. Tops. Born at the Whitehorse General Mr. George Chambers of Cham A Full Line of Men's Leather and Canvas Work Gloves Hospital on Thursday, August 20, to pagne had the misfortune to suffer and Mitts- - . . , Mr. and Mrs. Frank Constable, a some bad gasoline burns and at the daughter. present time is a patient in the local Mr. J. Weise, manager of the local hospital. ir TAY LOR & DRURY Ltd branch Northern Commercial Co., A Reminder! Thanksgiving ser- vices Ltd.. left on a business trip to Daw are being held in (jist son Tuesday. Mrs. Weise and child- ren Church Sunday where a cordial left on the last Princess tor j welcome awaits you. There will be. Prince Rupert on an extended visit i addresses at both morning and to Mrs. Weise's home. evening services. ... Mr. and Mrs. A, D. Vars and child I Rt.'Rev. Wv A. Geddes, Bishop of passed through here ' Monday en Yukon, left by Canadian Pacific route for the Outside. Mr. Vars Airlines plane Monday for the coast was: .previously a . member of the to join his wife and family. They staff of the Dawson branch of the will all be coming north a little Northern Commercial Co., Ltd. later on to spend the winter in Dawson. vTxtxxs TXTrrxxxr-VAix- x xizi, SACRED HEART Don't forget the dance in the Ma- sonic Catholic Church Hall tonight being held under the auspices of the Program Com- mittee Rev. Father Charles Hamel, O.M.I. in aid of the local public From now on until further notice library. We are informed that a services will be. conducted at the five-pie- ce orchestra will be in' at- tendance following times: and that all the tickets-hav- e Sundays: been disposed of. Masses 7.00 and 8.30 A.M. High Mass .......... , .. 10.00 A.M. RETURNS FROM COAST Ben ed iction ... ... . 7.30 P.M. Mrs. W. S. Drury arrived by Can- adian Pacific Airline plane las' Week days: . Thursday from the coast after at- tending Masses 7.00 A.M. the marriage of her only Fridays: Benediction 7.30 P.M. daughter Mary. She was accom- panied fTTTTTTTTTTTTtnxXYrTTT22 by her son Will who substi- tuted for his father at the wedding OFFICIAL WEATHER REPORT ceremony by giving his sister in . August marriage. 20 Thursday 73 40; 21 Friday" 63 32 i 22 Saturday,', C1 At i 23 Sunday ... 59 44 24 Monday .... 59 43 Harvest 25 Tuesday 66 33 26 Wednesday 66 - 41 FOR SALE Seven tube Westing-hous- e radio in good condition. merce. Apply Canadian Bank of Com- - Thanksgiving FOUND On road between Wh;te-T.or- se CHRIST CHURCH and Carcross a sleepin:' SUNDAY, AUGUST 30th 1942 bag. Owner can have same by proving ownership and paying fWr this advt. Apply Star Office. Services FOR . SALE Or hire ten pack 8.30 a. m. Holy Communion. horses equipped for packing. 11.00 a. rh. Morning Prayer. Communicate by wire to Mr. La-verdie- re of Laverdiere, Y. T. 7.30 p.. m. Evening Prayer. (Addresses at both FOR SALE Peterborough Freisht-- t services) Prnsnetoritrapper) Canoe. Length 18 footer. In first-cla- ss condition. Will load 50 lbs. NATIONAL CAPILANO BREWING CO., LTD., VANCOUVER, B: J. Two new paddles. Price $80 f.o.b. DAY OF PRAYER Atlin, B. C. A genuine snap at this price. Address, Mr .Harper Sunday, September 6th This advertisement is not published or r--dis- played Reed, Atlin, B. C. by the Government of Yuk .m Territory. I t t