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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 34, Friday, August 21, 1942.

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Frc-- rrrfrirf5 hrTitrire:n CIRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY Vol. 42. No. 34. WHITEHORSE. YUKON. FRIDAY, AUGUST 21st, 1942 it Subscription $3.00 Year. PLANS BEING PREPARED Carcross Hurricanes Avenge Defeat MISS MARY DRURY FOR NEW WING TO MARRIED TO SECOND LOCAL HOSPITAL. Of Last Week by Beating All-Star- s LIEUT. S. A. POULTON Whilst in town this week in his At Christ Church Cathedral, Van- couver, (By Adrian P. Spidle) official capacity as Controller of the on Saturday, August 8, Miss Territory Mr. G. A. Jeckell informed Mary Alice Drury, only daughter of us that plans were now being pre The Carcross Hurricanes avenged the Medics, singled in their half of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Drury,' was pared for the erection of a new-win- g their crushing defeat of the previous the first but Derosiers, Saf fer, and married to Second Lieut. Sidney to the local general hospital week by beating the Whitehorse Langer could not bring him iin. A Arthur Poulton, son of Mr. and Mrs. for which the sum of ten thousand All-Sta- rs by a score of 8- -6 in the two base hit by Peyton and an error W. B. Poulton of Vancouver. The dollars has been allocated. When .second tame of a Sunday double-head- er by Cranna accounted for another ceremony was conducted by Major the plans have been completed and played at Sports Field before Carcross score in the second. It the Rev. M. H. Jackson. approved the construction work a crowd of 500 fans. The Hurricanes was three up and three down for In the absence of her father the will be commenced as .soon as pos- sible. also gave the 691st Medicals a-dru- b the 691st in the last of the second. bride was given in marriage by ner : " bing in the ' first game when they : In the third the Hurricanes "Pig brother William L. Drury. Wearing The new wing will have a full- - tallied ten times in the eighth inn- - Three" teamed up to score three a light beige tailleur, she comple- mented sized concrete basement in whicn ng to win 19-- 13 after the Medics ! more runs as McDonald singled, her ensemble with a match- ing the kitchen will be placed. Proper had tied the score in. -- the. sixth, j Kilpatrick. singled, and Adams hit a hat misted in pale blue. Her living quarters are being provided lecessitating the extra inning. I home run. The Medics came to life brdesmaid was Miss Susette Pli-ml- ey for the nursing staff which will The boys from Carcross were and scored four times in their share who wore a chocolate brown have a private entrance. An ele- vator cally hot as is evidenced by their , of the frame thanks largely to Dodo suit with a contrasting hat styled in is also to be installed and pro- vision win win but much of the credit j Derosiers who hit a long homerun varying peach tones. - Mr. Waltc: made for a number of private for the almost brilliant softball with the bases loaded. The stage Poulton, brother of the groom, acted wards for All this set for him when Bargel reach- ed as best man and John Land and Leo women patients. played by the Hurricanes is due to j was new accommodation as been needed the efforts of three jof their number first on an error by McDonald, Foster were the ushers. for sometime past and will be greatl- y .ho reorganized the team after is j Kaczynski walked, and Cranna goi Following the ceremony a recept- ion his second -- straight hit. The fourth was held at the Hotel Vancou- ver. appreciated. Owing to the dif lemoralizing defeat of two Sunday's ; ficulty of securing new hospital go and moulded it into the smooth ' was scoreless for both sides but Carcross scored thrice in the fifth The bride was born in White-hors- e equipment under present war con unctioning machine that downed, ditions arrangements have been the two best pfball aggregations in on hits by Lavine, McDonald (a and after attending the public school here completed her educat-i- o made for the transfer of the beds. .Vhitelprse oh the same day. These i screaming triple to right) an er-- or linen, surgical instruments and hree' men are Harold J. McDonald, by Pete Kiiapper and a single by in Victoria and Vancouver. Her father is one of the principals in Sanders. Walt Kaczynski other necessary eauiDment from the Jlayton Adams and Harold ''Kelly"; Wallace ' hit a four bagger in the Me'ic half Messrs. . Taylor & Drury Ltd. the Mayo hospital which was recently Kilpattrick. McDonald handled the well-kno- wn local merchants who closed. Bv this means such equip- - pitching chores in both games and of the fifth. The Hurricanes were but the 691st for many years have operated sev- eral ment will not deteriorate ihrougn while hit hard at times was able to stopped in the sixth ( at nine posts in various parts of the tied the non-usa- ge and when new equip bear down effectively when the go- ing got busy and score four times; Derosiers Territory. The contracting parties ment is Drocurable that secured got tough. The box score shows ell by scoring ' who are both graduates of the Uni- -: from Mavo can be returned. that he gave up seventeen hits In made first as McDonald again drip- ped The recent increase in the popul the two games but only four times a pop fly and after Satier atd vcrsity ef British Columbia, are also making' their home in Calvary... A'- -. Hie out ation of . this community has maae did he allow two in a row. Clayton Lanrer had Knapper for the Her host of Kil-uU-i- Ck. berta, present. reached first on an error by this extension to our local hospital Adams performed brilliantly at sec- ond ' waited out friends in the north extend to the Francis Logan an ureent necessity ana win ODViaie base but even more important " ,v W walk filling the bases ami lor 1 he j bride and her consort heartiest con- - many of tne inconveniences oi me was his uncanny diagnosis of vhe a and the best Ol home gratulatios very second time in this game, a Time and time past. opposing batsmen. the sacks. McNamee wishes for their future welfare and cleaned again, especially in the second garr-agains- t run was' this as ris happiness. the hero of episode All-Sta- rs, TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS the dangerous hard hit liner almost took the third p AVAILABLE FOR ROAD Adams had his fielders placed per- fectly RESTRICTED MILITARY sacker with it. The seventh was to cut off crucial would-b- e WORK AND SIDEWALKS. scoreless for both teams: the Hur- ricanes AREA ESTABLISHED his to factor A contributing hits. Two thousand dollars have been out two three but went, one BE"E BY AUTHORITY. size the other teams in ability to up allocated this year for making tne. threatened Manager these games is the fact that he for- merly the Medics as The Controller tates that me necessary - improvements tITI. 10 'l.L .. uie played with the 691st Medic- als Joe Matthews opened with a line Government of Canada has ap-- ; roars and siriewalKS in wnuenoise. but did lot even and as a member of that team single to right proved a suggestion made by Bng.-- j to the , , outlvine districts the on-- reach second as McDonald bore w w . m in many contests with Gen. W. M. Hoge that a restricted struction of the new International participated and the All-Star- s! Kilpatrick played a down on Cranna, .Derosiers, military area be established lo j'n- - Hiphwav is forsrine ahead. The then went into Saffer. game elude of the Whitehorse at the hot cor- ner a portion fine all-arou- nd game We understand that it is proposed but it was soon apparent the in addition to using his big bat eighth j airport and vicinity. The area io to retain wood sidewalks on the two it would no further as the that go "extending ... . . 1 i to good ladvantage by driving out j described as one-ha- lf ma n streets but mat lor me ouiei proceeded to bat around Hurricanes side of the Carcross mile each - A 1 hits out of eight trips to the ; on streets these will be replaced wun four Only Adams with five out of and then start around again. The ; road from the East-We- st runway crushed rock suriacea wun aecom- - plate. for the result was ten runsr and ten hits in- cluding j: south to Hobo Creek and one-ha- lf A i - J nine had a better average posed granite. Such seem to siana home iun by Kilpatrick ' a i mile each side of the lee Lake road two games. up well under local weatner conun- - The First Game nnrl two singles by banners, .ah from the juncture of that road and ions. Where wood sioewaKs are ic- - off to a Calnsa-os- s team hit saieiy an-- i the Carcross road for a distance of The Hurricanes got ta inert . nwners '-- '-- of A DroDerty . affected bred aAleast once- - (Sanders twice) three-quarte- rs of a mite, start in the first game by sc It j who reauire new sidewalks installed ii ir the nnenine innineIiavine with the exception of Lavine who j Hunting is prohibited in this area will be reauired to purcnase me first batter.w walked and alter struck but. Ordinarily the story of and travel is restricted to those lumber wnen same i& the would end now but a very ! necessary McDonald and Lazzera had both j this game having ppsses issued by the Control available anrt the Territorial guvr bounced unusual thing happened in the ! Officer Whitehorse Airport. Pcr-;mane- nt flied out "Kelly" Kilpatrick the same xree i share of the inning. Lander ernment will lay off Medics passes will be .-i- ssued to balls of Pitcher Bargel's fast j charpe one and McNamee walked and Barrel I authorized residents of the area and o three field for house in left" the. -- o- next beat out a hit to short. Walt Kac- zynski Ised'ons bevond who habitually Lavine. Adams, Off the records. The "Three bases, scoring then took a three and two pass through it. Guards will he first pitched ball into( the Musketeers" made a trip last week up, hit count before McDonald fed him a posted to insure the security of this kit. left center for a double. Kelly scor- - ; to Bnrwash Landing with their for (Continued on page 4) area. ed for the second run. Cranna, Some kit! some trip! PAGE TWO THE WHITEHORSE STAR. WHITEriORSE. YUKON FRIDAY, AUGUST 21st, 1942 a proposal for Indian self-governm- ent, I volunteered to travel 20,000 miles to India and back to put the "Volom of the Yukon' case directly to Indian political leaders on behalf of the British An Independent Journal Government and . people. . Published every Friday at We offered to the Indian people complete liberty the moment the war was over to devise and set up Whitehorse, Yukon Territory their own form of government. We and The White Pass Yukon Route On the Trail of '98 suggested the broad outlines of how they should proceed, but there was Member of Canadian Weekly no rigidity in those suggestions and The Gateway Route of Comfort, Salety and Service to it was left open to the various re- ligions Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alas- kanPPL Newspapers' Association. and races to agree on some Publisher method. But to my regret they HORACE E. MOORE - - neither accepted nor put forward 1AH SFI?ICF any agreed alternative. It was not Let us have faith that right makes this future arrangement, however, plane service, making connections northbound and south-boun- d might; and . in that faith let us to but the immediate situation which with steamers at Skagway.' Serving Whitehorse, caused the Congress Party to reject the end dare to do our duty as we the' proposals. Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For information understand it. Lincoln. Gandhi's Demands Meant Chaos apply to any .;..,;.'' -- .::.y:-Yi,.--:y ): ''V 'U' We offered the representative In- dian political leaders immediate of- fice WHITE P A S A G E N T, o r 1942 August 21st, in the, Viceroy's Executive 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. Council a body of ministers like those who advise . your President. THE MOSCOW CONFERENCE Mr. Gandhi has demanded that we walk out of India leaving, the coun- try Prime Minister Winston Church- ill's XT. filled with deep-root- ed religious a visit to Moscow has apparently divisions, without any constitutional H H resulted in a complete undci stand- ing M form of Government or organized 5 Fresh Butter having been arrived at between H M administration. No responsibe gov- ernment Britain, the United States and the could 3 Cured M take such a step, and H Soviet Union. .A unified Try BURNS' , global plan least of all in the midst of war. The R : : ...... Sliamnxk Brand Creamery Putter N of strategy appears to take prece- dence Moslems! of whom there are at Iff OML9 Eggs H over the opening of a second M least 80.000.000, are deeply opposed K front which would only be resorted N to Congress Party domination, as M to in desperation Russia in were ex- treme are also the tens of millions of the H peril. depressed classes. To have agreed Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products M N It is conjectured from information H to the Congress Party's or to Mr. at; present available that tnere :s Gandhi's demands would have K complete accord on three major M meant inevitable chaos and disorder. measures. ( 1 ) The speeding up i 'You Can No Better" H Buy This is not merely my assertion. It H supplies to Russia including the pos- sibility has beenstated by Mr. Gandhi him- self. of sending air and tanK Quite recently he said 'An- archy crews with their machines. (2) A is the only way. Someone definite and decisive move to re- move asked me if there would be anarchy Burns & Company Limited. the threat of Rommel to tl.e after the British rule. Yes, it will Middle Last, the oil reservoirs of be there But I tell the British, iraq ana iran ana (6) continuation give us chaos." of active naval and aerial attacks India is now an essential and against the Japanese in the Solomon vital roH- - nf tVia hikU f 4 and Aleutian islands designed to ' . , . . . , the Ax?s A powers. There are Br t si forestall the Ion e-exD- ected assault American and Chinese forces, a.--we- ir by Japan upon Siberia. as the Indians fighting side by The presence of General Sir side, to defend India against Japan. Archibald Wavell, Commander - in- - If the obligations of the British Chief of Allied Forces in' India, and and of Maior-Gener- al Mavwll w "1C". nmeiiCBn an" Chinese; allies are observed. rrnAor f a:,..,., v . wr vv-uunuiiu- vi yx xiiiigiitOll I ui ICO Jli tha MiHrlla Voct u 1 must li,5U1 ensure that " J"uia India remains is significant from which two inter-- b?s.e T androm whi to oper pretations may be deduced. The ate- - a?,n!?. the JaDanese f W-fir- st is that the British and US. A;-0- ?? conditions to h ere troops may be made available to any political pnrty-lende- r !n assist in the defence of the Cau-- In?f WblCh wiU ' ieordize tN-casu- s, Mm f th Unit Nations' ahnfer Mfety and the other that Bruma . may be invaded shortly in nrripr t..,v" ail iyjl Vl miw ine aoor P for the advance of our enemies intr divert the Japanese from any con- templated Siberia. attack they may make on war. this new and dangerous theater r yQWUtn&c at fatu ftvfAMutp- - That is an obligation not only t A Wartime Beverage the British and American forces SIR STAFFORD CRIPPS REFRESHING, India it is pn obligation to th-Tndi- an INVIGORATING FRANKLY DISCUSSES people themselves. That i nd ECONOMICAL , PROBLEMS OF INDIA- - why your country and mine fin? themselves both intimately con- cerned Few men possess a more inti- mate with the condition of Indi-a- t knowledge of the problems . this moment. Your sons as we1 facing India or of the conditions as as ours ?re helpin? to defend Inri: they exist there today than Sir ar,d to i"are war against the J-- v Stafford Cripps. lere is what he 'anese. Yo"r policy as well as 6v has to say concerning them. iis to defend India. But Gandhi ar I have always been a firm friend . the Congress Party have other vieiv of India and done my best in the , Mr. Gandhi I have always regards past to work for the freedom of In-wi- th ronct as a preat nationsli dia. When I joined the British war! and , religious leader. But I arr This a'lvertisement is not published or cabinet and found the Government ; bound to say that in the present cir-anxio- us and willing to put forward J (Contnued on page seven) displayed by the Government of Yuk on Territory. WWW . 'dJSZ . t Income Ta Is Fair', to All In the fourth year of war, Canada will need almost four billion dollars. This is the equivalent of nearly $350 from every man, woman and child in the country. Even with the highest income tax in history, 52 only of the money Canada needs will be raised by taxation. The rest will have to be borrowed by means of War Savings Stamps, Certificates and Victory Bonds. Starting with the first pay period in September representing Sep- tember earnings only, your employer is required by law to deduct your income tax from your wages or salary, and send it promptly to thr Government.. Everybody will pay his share as he goes along. v It's going to be tough . . , but not too tough! Here are some good features: 1. You will .pay as you earn, so that you will not be faced with a large lump sum payment next year. .. CHART 3HOWINS H42 TAX UABUITV OF A 2. The National Defence Tax already de- ducted MARRIED PERSON WITH TWO DEPENDENTS AND IH'OM COMPARISON WITHTHt 1941 TAX IIABIIITY during the first 8 months of this year TX . ... has been taken into account in the Table of jrjwsu 4000 . ; Tax Deductions. 3. Though the income tax rates show a sharp Zl TAX PAYABLE increase over last year, a large portion of this -T- OTAL increase is actually savings, to be paid back to, , '2500 I ' 'Sk Employers and Post Offices you with interest' after the war. (?ooo L;-- ! have been requested to dis- play 4. The money you are paying for life insur- ance 1500 gg- - premiums, annuities, principal repay- - . in a prominent place mcnts on your home, or into a pension fund the official Table of Tax may be deducted (up to a certain maximum) from the savings portion of income t3x. your loco w xtTiviPiox '3oo Wo :4soo'w 'ssbo'woo 'vix iocoTiiotilu Deductions. In many cases this may be sufficient to make I.IABll INCCMI BIFORI OtkPTIONS payment of the savings portion of the tax Forms TD-- 1 may be secured unnecessary. from your employer, Post Offices, or local Income Tax Unless you are single, without dependents, and not making payments of the offices. types mentioned in paragraph 4 above, you should file Form TD-- 1 with your employer. Otherwise, you may not be allowed the credits to which you are entitled. DO NOT DELAY. File Form TD-- 1 with your employer at once so that you may get the full allowances from the start. DOMINION OF CANADA DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL REVENUE INCOME TAX DIVISION C. FRASER ELLIOTT, HON. COLIN GIBSON, Commissioner of Income Tax. Minister of National Revenue. STAR. W TT HT f ? 0 R SE- - YUKON FRIDAY, AUGUST 21st, 1942 PAGE FOUR THE. AyHITEHORSE HART OF B. C. cxxxxxxx CARCROSS HURRICANES ; patrick. The All-Sta- rs' came to bat PREMIER and Hansen grounded to Lazzera AT EDMONTON ON 'BUILD WESTERN PAYROLLS AVEGE DEFEAT OF LAST WEEK who threw wild; to first. The Nel- son BUSINESS TRIP. BY BEATING ALL-STAR- S to Kilpatsick who grounded A PATRON ii in threw wild to first also. Daniels Premier John Hart of British Co- lumbia (Concluded from Page 1) mm with the and hit to short beat out a is in Edmonton, Alberta, on BRAND slow ball which he promptly smash- ed out to bases full Adrian flied Pey- ton, business trip. He is accompanied FOR 8 (ct a q his econd for into deep center scoring Hansen but Nelson was Arthur Dixon provincial chief by homer of the game, which even out at the plate on a beautiful tvinnnrrrn amazing, was the third home Stock engineer, F. P. Greene, surveyor-genera- l! more throw to Saders by Peyton. YEARS for B. C. and D. O. Lewis run with the bases bull by the 691st i grounded to Lazzera but was safe assistant chief engineer of the Paci- fic in .this game. Homeruns were dir-- 1 vvhen Maldonado dropped the ball We have a letter from up-coun- try ectly responsible for all thirteen of at first 0n the first pitch to the Great Eastern Railway. Al- though The writer states their tallies. The final score was next batter Stock started for second the premier declined to dis- close she has used "all kinds of the nature of his business it is 19-1- 3, but it was anyooay s contest ;on a double steal but Adams took canned milk" but Pacific known that there are two or three until the last inning. hhp thrnw frnm the catcher and tas-- Milk continually since she The box scoe: ged Stock for the final put of the important matters now being dis- cussed began it "because of its Carcross Hurricanes inning. Carcross came back in the one of which, it is assumes, richness and flavor. That has reference to the future of the Player . Pos. AB. R H next inning to tie the score on a was eight years ago." Levine .... . ss. 4 2 1 1 0 : walk bv Sanders and a sinele bv P. G. E. :: It's only real excellence that McDonald ............ 5 3 3 2 . failed to p Stanphil. The All-Sta- rs could bring a milk a pre- ference Lazzera ss 5 1 1 1 1 0 ; score in the second but the Hurri- - like this. The box score: Kilpatrick ........... 3b 5 4 3 1 canes sewed up the game in the Adams ............. 2b 5 1 3 0 third by crossing the plate five Carcross Hurricanes Pacific Milk Sanders ............... c 5 2 3 0 , times in the following manner. La-- U Player Pos. AB. R H E Peyton If 5 3 3 i vine struck out, Adams singled, La vine ...... 3 0 0 1 Stanphill ............. cf 4 12 IRRADIATED OF COURSE Adams ..... 4 1 2 U Maldonado lb , 5-- 1 3 Lazzera 3 2 11 Daniloff rf 4 1 0 Kilpatrick 3 1 11 I NEW RECTOR NAMED Totals .:....' 47 19 22 McDonald 4 2 0 0 FOR ST. PAUL'S ANGLICAN 691st Medicals . the ball until it was too late. Ad- - Sanders ... 3 1 1 0 CHURCH, DAWSON. V Player Pos AB. R H Peyton .. 4 12 0 The Rev. J. E. Alsopp, who has Cranna ss 5 1 2 of St. Stanphill . 4 0 2 0 been in charge Margaret's Pcosiers .............. 3b 4 2 1 Church, Vancouver since September Saffer .; c 4 0.0 and McDonald, then Maldonado 2 0 0 1 1939, has been appointed rector 'f Langer v:.... sf 3 1 0 Daniloff ... 3 0 0 1 St.. Paul's Anglican Church in Daw- son. knapper 2b 4 10 He and Mrs. AIsodd are exDect Logan .............. cf 3 2 1 Totals ..................... 33 8 9 5 ed to arrive early next month to as- sume McNamee. If 3 2 1 In the his new charge. mean- time Whitehorse Ail-Sta- rs Fardel p 4 2 2 Rev. B. O. G. Dixon of Moose-- . Kaczynski rf 3 3 2 0 effort to tie the score in the fourth Player Pas AB R H E ; hide is conducting the services. Matthews lb 4 0 2 0 , on a double by Adrian, a walk to Hansen lb 4 1 0 0 Rey. J. E. Alsopp was formerly Totals 37 13 1C Nelson 2b 2 0 0 1 Phelan, a double by Michalek, and with the Church Army and alter The score by innings: a home run by Wall but fell one Daniels ........ ........ sf 3 0 1 0 studying at the Anglican Theologic- al Carcross Hurricanes- -r R H E run short when Spindler who- - dou-- 2 Adrian ss 3 11 2 Col'ege in Vancouver was or- dained 1 3 0 3 0 0 10 19 22 3 bled following Wall's homer died on Stock ........ c 3 0 0 1 by the Most Rev. A. U. De-Penci- er, The Hurricanes Phelan ............... cf 2 I T 0 691st Medicals second. . got two Archbishop of New Wes- tminster. 0 0 4 0 1 4 0 0 413 10 4 more in the fifth on a home run by Roanhaus 3b 3 1 1 0 . The Second Game ; Lazzera and an error by Adrian Michalek ............ p 3 110 r ' The second who allowed McDonald to reacn Wall ...... rf 3 11 0 game began as if the FYODOR GUST FIRST Hurricanes were a bit shaky al-- frst on a ground ball to shortstop, Spindled If 3 0 10 I SOVIET UNION MINISTER t-.npiyh- . they made an offensive Roanha"s added the final All-Sta- r, threat in their half of the opening tally iri the sixth v'hen he singled : Totals 29 6 7 4 inning on a walk by Lavine and a'to rieht and Mike Daniloff knocked The score by innings: v It was officially announced by PHvo Minispr Mackenzie King re- cently single by Adams with nooe out but the bal1 into the tents letting him Carcross Hurricanes R H E that Guset has been Fydor circIe the bases. The final Pitcher Mike Michalek soon dis- -. score 0 1 5 0 2 0 08 9 5 P"pcinted the first minister to Can- ada posed of the next three batters in- -' was 8-- 6 and the Hurricanes were Whitehorse AU-Sta- rs for the Soviet Un'on. He is ex- pected eluding a strikeout of Kelly Kil- -. avenged at least temporarily. j 1 0 0 4 0 1 06 7 4 to arrive in Ottawa soon. This is just a reminder that Silver Spring, your favorite beverage, is available at all clubs and licensed premises. Ask for it by name. PHONE G. 4179 for free home delivery. 25c reduction for ever dozen empties. 1 This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Government of Yukon Territory. FRIDAY, AUGUST 21st, 1942 THE WHITEHORSE STAR; WIT ITKIIORSK YUKON PAG1S FIVE CHkRCBILL'S MYSTERY VANCOUVVER ISLAND TP IP TO RUSSIA MINERS STRIKE FQR MAKES HISTORY. INCREASED WAGES. '.-t- o -- 'int'ster Winston Churchi- ll's I About 1200 miners employed in trip to Moscow is the fourth his-...-ivii- ife four of the coal mines of Canadian journey he has undert- aken j Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd. on Van-jcouv- er since he assumed the leaders- hip Island discontinued work on in the British House of Com- mons. Monday in protest against' the low Clothes For Every Occasion The first spectacular trip scale of wages. They protest' that was his voyage into the Atlantic on the wage scale for miners is 30 tc August 14, 1941, to meet with Pre- sident 35 per cent below the wages being Roosevelt. The result of that paid in other war industries and are dramatic interview was the Atlantic asking for a 30 per cent increase. $ Your Best Bet in Charter which set forth the broad Over five hundred of the miners are declaration of Allied aims with employed at Nanaimo and the bal- ance Sweater Values pledges- - of international justice and at the company's two mines at access for all nations to the world's Cumberland. The mine operators raw materials. . On his return trip jcall the men's action an "illegal home he inspected troops in Iceland. strike." The miners, on the other On December 22, 1941 he arrived j hand, say "It's just a holiday while Smart Dress Shirts unannounced at the White : Houss, J we consider the situation and wail Washington, D. C, for a furthej j word from ' the War Labor Board in conference with the United States Ottawa." Well Tailored and Neatly Finished. President afterwards addressing the U. S. Senate and the Dominion NAZIS HOPE TO DEFEAT House of Commons in Ottawa ov RUSSIA THIS YEAR THEN December 29. SEEK COMPROMISE PEACE. Value Leaders in On June 18, 1942, Mr. Churchill made another trip to the U. S. A. Turkish journalists who have ' re- cently DRESS PAINTS to confer again with President returned from a conducted r Roosevelt at the White House and tour of parts of Germany and the on August 12 he arrived in Moscow, Russian front report that German U. S. S. R. to confer with Premier leaders pin their hopes of winning Josef Stalin. the war on defeating Russia this year or at least shattering organized Favourite Work Gloves DAWSOM Russian 1 resistance. This accomp- lished they then hope to make a ' Paul Thibault of Paris-on-Do-mini- on, compromise peace with Britain and has left by plane for his Stales of,. America. Ger- man the United HATS and GAPS Style - Savings home in the east. ' psychology has always been ' ' -- With difficult to understand and Is still Fall in the offing Bears, so. mrocc, grose and ducks are appeari- ng in various localities in the dis- trict.'.':' ACCESSORIES Maurice Grenier who was em- ployed BUY for the past two seaons on WAR street repair work here has left lor the Outside. Arthur Fillion expects SAYINGS Northern Commercial Co. Ltd to leave for the coast at the end of CERTIFICATES this month. ' ! -- ! , ; Phil k Allen formerly operator at the Orpheum Theatre here but now 'in His Majesty's Forces, has recent- ly been released from the hospital where he spent several weeks suf- fering from scarlet fever and pneu- monia. Phil R. Burich, well-kno- wn Up-p- or Bonanza Creek miner, was in town for a few days recently on a business trip. ' " Fire Chief John Bremner. is back on the job again after enjoying two week's vacation. . Mrs. L. G. ChEppell, wife,, of the rector of Christ Church (Anglican) Whitehorse, and her two children, Judith and Peter, were here on a vacation trip the guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. Gloslie at B?ar Creek. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Haines of the North Fork Intake were visitors in town for a few days recently. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. D. Anderson have eft for the Otside. x.jfjnii rrr'niiimin 111 PILOT FINDS "TRAIL OF '98" RELIC. Tom Novah has left by plane for building at Lower Post, B. C, Ted Field, superintendent of -- the Edmont.m-Yuku- V. ruiined log Clear Creek where he will do some a- - I in a I Canadian Pacific Air Lines, and the pilot who laid out the route of the Yukon Southern A.r prospecting. medical kit used by the Royal Nor hwest Mounted Police in the w Transport hJ IrLi found Yukon a cold weamer-scarre- d rush of 1398. Superintendent Field is seen presenting the interesting relic to M It is understood t'yt quite a num- ber t n commissioner of the R. C. M. P. at Edmon on who accepted it on behalf of the Hancock W of families are planning to leave W T F wiil be preserved in the R. C. M. P. museum at Regina. Despite the 44 vear, elapsmg snve for the Outside before the winior f9Tthe medical kit wa 'found in re .arkably good state of preserve n. sets in. WHITEHORSE YUKON FRIDAY, AUGUST ' 2 1st, 1942 PAGE SIX THE WHITEHORSE STAR. sir : fba: PK( m ' ' !' Willi cums h illllfl self tainl: t mmm eninj :!i?S:K::::S his : dang own ,V. &-w::W:::;-- 5m and J mies r way: IlltlliP but stat IS troo If 1' see VSS.V.VA iii-- i mm S3 3 fc:-:-vX'X:v.- vX' fcyv:::: :: : & tell mm ? mm mm. You can now buy War Savings Certificates . . . an '.WjY.V.V.'.ifA mmm -- CvM-Xv:v:v. investment guaranteed by the Dominion of Canada W&mk I i . . . at ail Post Offices, Banks, Trust Companies pi an mgm ipit llf $5 FOR $4 W INTEREST AT 3 Ilf l;xll& " '' ' fmZ&i TAX FREE S $10 cm FOR $8 to t??l REDEEMABLE fei $25 FOR $20 REGISTERED 'rJg MISS DOROTHY DURIE hind which he,was hiding, and grasp funeral service was conducted at Murray is taking up a position with the W. P. & Y. R,. Numerous have DESERVES A REWARD the rifle from Scott's hands. the Kootenay Hotel by kind per- mission farewell been the bridge and other FOR VALOR. At the Coroner's inquest, presid- ed of Mrs. W; Roxborough. j parties extended to this populrr over by Stipendiary Magistrate couple the past week, the last being , All Atlinites raise their hats to George Hallett, the jury brought in Carl Noal, took charge of the first and Mrs. Clar- ence at the home of Mr. Miss Dorothy Durie and especially the following verdict "John Klc part of -- the service, Jeff Dunn play- ed M. Sands where six tables xf those who were present at the ter- rible came to his death on Spruce Creek. the organ and George Hallett. bridge in evidence. After were shooting scene in which the : Atlin, B. C, as the result, of a bullet government agent, conducted the Mr. John Williams led the late John Klee met his untimely fired from a 303 British rifle by graveside , service. Tne chief mourn- ers supper in Auld Lang Syne. singing death who are deeply grateful for William Scott." The following com-- were the fiance of the deceased. the pluck which Miss Durie display- ed ! posed the jury: Messrs. William Miss Alice Foster, and Miss Jessie bri that tragic occasion. . By Roxborough, Cyril James, Major C McKenzie. Jack Still of Taku was admitted closing in whilst Bill Scott held his W. A. Nevile, Joe Yonaites and Atlin News-Mine- r. to St. Andrew's Hospital a few. Harry Clarke. days aro. We are pleased to state cocked rifle ready to do some more shooting Miss Durie enabled Alfred Owing to the absence from town Mr. and Mrs. Barney Murray he is on the up-gra- de. the have left for Whitehorse where Mr. Atlin News-Mini'- '. Vik to come from a wood-pil- e, be of the Roman Catholic priest FRIDAY AUGUST 21st. 1942 THE AVIIJTEHORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE. Yl KOX PA'il. SEYLN gIR STAFFORD CRIPPS after the allies have withdrawn." FRANKLY DISCUSSES China will hardly appreciate this. PROBLEMS OF INDIA- - Again Gandhi has said: "Ameri- can aid amounts in the end to (Concluded from page two) American influence, if not to Ameri- can cumstances he is not showing him- self rule, added to the British. If to be practical or realistic. Cer- tainly the British left India to her fate. .... probably the Japanese would leave the action he is now threate- ning mass civil disobedience uy India alone." These are solemn his followers is calculated to en- danger words, and what do all of them amount to? Mr. Gandhi is not pre- pared both your war effort and our 0vin and to bring the greatest aid to wait. He would rather ieopsrdize the freedom and the and comfort to our common ene . ! whnlp pause nf tha TJa innc. '' mies. ' Gandhi's views are not al r v in. uuntu na nuno. ' mm He threatens extremes of pressure ways easy to follow or consistent, in this most difficult hour to win but let me read two of his recent political power for his own party. statements. '.;:v. There is not the slightest doubt that "We do not want these allied other large andpowerful political troops for our defense or protection. parties in India, are opposed to Mr. If luck favors us, the J apanese may Gandhi's demands. see no reason to hold the country Victory Must First Be Gained I regret profoundly that he has taken this attitude, and I know that SAVE TIME BY AIR the Indian people as awhole do pot support him. He may gain a meas- ure of support for his mass disobed- ience, The purest form in which lobocco con be tmoked" but, for the sake of India as 1 well as for the cause of the United AIRMAIL PASSCNCERS Nations, it will be our duty to insist aip EXPRESS on keeping India as a safe and or- derly tiiiuotoTry base for our joint operations against the Japanese. Whatever steps are necessary to that end, we must take fearlessly. Once victory in is gained, India has been offered Changes complete freedom to provide in whatever way she chooses for her own self-governm- ent. But that vic- tory must first be gained. We can- not Schedule allow the' actions of a visionary, however distinguished in the fight for freedom in the past, to thwart Vancouver -- Whitehorse the United Nations' drive for vic- tory in the east. The isse is too (Daily except Friday) grave smd too great for the whole 'northbound world. American, : Chinese, Indian and j Lv Vancouver. . 10 a. m. British soldiers must not be sacri-fiice- d Ar. Whitehorse.... 7 p. rri. in the gallant struggle for the southbound liberty of the world by political I,v Whitehorse . .7 a. m. party maneuvering in India or any It is the interest of Ar. Vancouver. . 5.M p- - m. other country. India that is at stake, as well as thai Edmonton - Whitehorse of China, Britain and the United States. I am sure that we in this (Daily except Friday) country can rely on you to give us your understanding, your help ana, NORTHBOUND your support in doing whatever is Lv. Edmonton -- 12.45 p in-m- . necessary to maintain intact the Ar...' Whitehorse t p. front of the United Nations in In- dia . Lager Beer. Enjoy '-f- V SOUTHBOUND and to reopen the lifeline of our ff 3 gallant allies, the Chinese. Lv Whitehorse ' a. m. Ar Edmonton ". . . -- 5 p. m. Direct connections at White- horse IV. H. THEATER for. Fairbanks, Alaska, and at Edmonton with T. C. Whitenorse ifukon A. for points south. Shows Every The above schedule remains in force until further notice-Fo- r Night Full Flight Information Consult (Except Sundays) J. A. Barber Pictures changed thrice Weekly. i WHITEHORSE - , ii See Bulletin Board for Particulars. Yukon Electrical Compnyttd. Will lf pleased to consult von regard injr Light. Power. Supplies and Installations This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Government of WHITEHORSE. Y. T. Yukon Territory. .WHITEHORSE STARrVHITEHORSE YUKON FRIDAY, AUGUST 21st, . 1942 PAGE EIGHT THE Local Happenings j Hunting Season Opens Sept. 1st Mr. Johnny Johns, the well-kno- wn Mrs. L. G. Chappell of Christ and her two child- ren, Church Rectory, guide of Carcross, was a visitor in town this week. Judith and Peter, arrived back We Stock Imperial Long Range Shells home on the str. Casca Tuesday in various gauges. Mr. Andison of Paris-on-Domin-- ion night after spending an enjoyable passed through here : last week holiday as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Rifle Shells in all calibres. on his way to Eburne, B. C. Gloslie at Bear Creek, Dawson. The Harvest Thanksgiving Ser- vices at Christ Church will be held Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Burt arrived from Dawson Tuesday on the str , un Sunday next, August 30M Believe it or not "Happy" Le Casca. Mr. Burt is succeeding Mr Labour Day Sept. 7th H. Daglish as postmaster here and held up 2 hours in a Page .vas last assumes his new position tomorrow. is a Dominion Holiday. traffic jam at Teslin one day We congratulate Mr. Burt upo his week. appointment. In extending a cor- dial Keep a pictorial record of your holiday. G. A. Jeckell, Controller of Mr.. welcome to Mr. and Mrs.Burc the Territory, was in town this week we also express the hope that their We stock all sizes of Films and on an official visit and left for Daw- son residence in this community will be yesterday. - Cine-Kod- ak Kodachrome Film. a long and happy one. Mrs Harold Dennison arrived home on the str. Whitehorse lasl Inspector W. Grennan, officer hi several charge of the R. C. M. P. in this week-en- d after spending weeks tn-l5aw- son. Territory, and Mrs. Grennan, left TAYLOR & DRURY Ltd on the str. Whitehorse Sunday night Mrs. S. Vandt, wife of the pro- prietor bound for their home in Dawson. .... of the Novelty Shop on Main During her stay in town Mrs. Gren- nan St., arrived in town this week to was entertained by friends and j-mr- x- tuuuuli wrw nrnTr!""" " ..... join her husband. enjoyed her visit here muchly. In- spector A welcome awaits you at me Grennan is expected to re- turn Bridge Party tonight in the Masonic again to Whitehorse in "the Hall held under the auspic,es of the Whitehorse Chapter L6.. D. E. near future. Mr. F. M. Burns, Dominion Cus Mrs. Bob Nelson, wife of the post- master toms Inspector of Vancouver, arriv- - at Atlin, B. C. left on her ed back in town on the str. Casca return trip home Tuesday after Tuesday from his official trip lo j spending a short but enjoyable holi- day Dawson. j in Whitehorse as the guest of Mr. Terry McDonald, pilot for her son and daughter-in-la- w, Mr. Pollock Airlines Fairbanks, Alaska, and Mrs. Ernie ClarKe. She was made his first commercial flight tc accompanied by her daughter and Whitehorse Tuesday in the new tin son, Sheila and Jack; and Miss Ma motored Stinson plane brought Gordy. We trust she will make north from New York. j another trip to the metropolis of th 1 11 . O . U. i LUC, cunui Ul Hl "VI- - Yukon in the not far distant future aid-Tribu- ne, Grand Prairie, made i' The Whitehorse Program Com his first trip into the Yukon thi. mittee are holding another dane week. He also made the trip to this time for the benefit of th Dawson by plane and leaves tomor- row Whitehorse Public Library. It wi-- be on his return trip. It was all held in the Masonic Hall on Fri a new experience to him as it has day, August 28. Dancing will b bee been to many others. Mr. Tooley from 10 p. m. to U, m. Admissio ex-May- or of Grand Prairie arrived 75c per person. Fifly double tick back in the same plane from Daw- - ets and 25 single tickets only will b son and leaves with Mr. Yule to- morrow sold and may be procured from tht after spending a most en- joyable members of the Committee Ad- rian time in the Yukon. i Spidle, and the Misses Helen OFFICIAL WEATHER REVORT McEachevn, Audrey Ryder ant. August Lpraine Watson. ' 13 Thursday '. ... .. . . ............. 70 52 14 Friday 65 5? HIGH RANKING U- - S. 15 Saturday 71 53 AEMY OFFICIALS 16 Sunday 63 53 17 Monday 59 52 VISIT WHITEHORSE. 18 Tuesday 64 32 This week Lieut. General Brehon 19 Wednesday 59 40 Somervell, Chief of Supply, and FOUND On road between Whjte-hor- se Major General Reybold, Chief .v and Carcross. a sleepim Engineers, U. S. Army, of Wash bag. Owner can have same by ington, D. C, were in town this proving ownership and paying for week to confer with Brig.-Gener- a! this advt. Apply Star Office. Hoge. They were accompanied by their staff officers. The left FOR. SALE Or hire ten pack party ' later for an undisclosed destination. horses equipped for packing. Communicate by wire to Mr. La-verdi- ere of Laverdiere, Y. T. EXCURSION TO CARCROSS FOR SALE Viking six tube dry The Whitehorse All-Sta- rs and battery radio. Practically new. Medics softball teams are going 'to Mantle model. Long and short Carcross Sunday to avenge their wave. Price $50. Apply Star defeat here last Sunday. The W. P. Office. 33tf & Y. R. are running an excursion for the occasion. The train leaves FOR SALE Tables and chairs CAPILANO BREWING CO., LTD., VANCOUVER, B. here at 8.30 a. m. and will return Apply Star Office. the same day. Return fare $2.00 FURNITURE For plus tax. As limited number HOUSEHOLD only a of This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Government sale. Apply Canadian Bank of of tickets will be available early ap-- I Commerce Apis. plication for same is advised. Yukon Territory. 1