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Whitehorse Star, v. 42, no. 33, Friday, August 14th, 1942.

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Frc-- 1 x -- s II E III I I f i f I .AA x T ri.vr Yu'rly vT.V ?Ov 1 rVfvTO mm CIRCULATING THROUGHOUT THE YUKON TERRITORY Vol. 42. No. 33 . WHITEHORSE, YUKON, FRIDAY,, AUGUST 14th, 1942 k "A" it Subscription $3.00 Year. WHITEHORSE ALL-STAR- S MINISTER OF MINES AND TROUNCE CARCROSS RESOURCES AND BRITISH gOFTBALLERS 18-0- - HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR CANADA ARRIVE. (Ry Adrian P. Spidle) The Hon. T'. A. . Crerar, Minister Accepting the challenge made to of Mines and Resources and the Kt.; hpm bv the Carcross Hurricanes Hon. Malcolm Macdonald, British' Softball Team through the medium High Commissioner for Canada, ac- companied of the Star, the Whitehorse All-Sta- rs by Dr. C. Camsell, Com- missioner to the Lake journeyed over ; of N. W. '. T., arrive! Bennett town last Sunday and en- gaged ;n Whitehorse yesterday by private the Hurricanes in a match plane on an official trip through the from which the All-Sta- rs emerged Territory. victorious ' by the overvh dming Mr. J. E. Jeckell, Controller cf score of' 18-- 0. the Territory, and Mr, George Black. The boys from Whitehorse left M. P., arrived from Dawson by Y our fair town about 9.00 a. m. in S. A. T. plane Wednesday to meet two cars and approximately three the distinguished party on its ai-ri- val hours later (after st.ops for pnuto-grap- hs here. . drinking water, etc.) arrived in Cavivqj? where they were 'he re Lt. General Ritchie, Commander of Britain's Eighth Army, at his Liv- ing THANKSGIVING DAY ciphnts of some very hospitable Quarters in the Western Desert. OTTAWA, Aug. 10. Thanksgiv- ing treatment on the pait of Harold J. will be observed throughout MacDonald, well known Yukon Canada Monday, Oct. 12, it was an- nounced Whitehorse Star Honoured by Being Spoi t.'-rn- r i and mtr.n of the i lur in a proclamation publish- ed ricanes. After being escorted to ihe Awarded the Coveted Charters Cup for last night in a special edition of R. C. M. P. quarters where they The Canada Gazette. themselves Producing the Best Publication in its o-- were allowed to divest of someof the-copiou- s dust acquired Class in A Dominion- - Wide Competition. JAPANESE MENACE ON during the fifty mile ride the lads ALEUTIAN BASES MUST Were 'delighted to visit the rasp BE WIPED OUT. berry patches on the shores of the Two years ago trie Whitehorse Star headed all competitors with a lake and needless to say they en- joyed Star was presented with a diploma score of seventy-fiv- e percent alloc- ated Japanese forces now holding sect- ions Canadian Weekly News- papers as follows: the luscious berries immensel- y. by the .' ' of the Aleutian islands are a Association for securing Possible The team and your reporter to- gether menace to this continent and must Williams third place in its class in a Pom in- - Points Awarded with Mascot Sonny be driven out states Senator A. R. the U. i ion-wi- de competition. These com- petitions Local News 30 25 I were the luncheon guests of ("Happy"- - Chandler, Democrat' oi are. held annually and the District News ... 10 8 S. Army and were served a -- delicious Kentucky, who passed through here prizes are keenly competed for not Editorial and Features 10 6 meal including three desserts Wednesday last with three col- leagues value Front ... ...... 5 2 primarily for their intrinsic Page (ask Ray Stock). After lunch Man- ager .....v from the U. S. Senate who which their Local Advts 10 8 but for die distinction took his All-Sta- rs Ariel Hansen came north on an inspection trip of award bestows upon those fortun- ate National Advts 5 3 out to the ball field for a pre-ga- me Alaska and the North Pacific area. enough in securing the same. Classified Advts ... 5 1 work-ou- t. The three other senators are This we are happy to report Typography 10 9 - The starting batteries for the year Mon. C. Wallgren of the state of that the Whitehorse Star has been Layout of Pages and game which began at 1.30 p. m. Washington, H. H. Burton of Ohio unanimously declared by the judges Advts .... 5 4 vere Michalek and Stock for White- horse; and Rufus C. Holman of Oregon. to be the best all-rou- nd newspaper Presswork 5 5 MacDonald and Sanders for They are accompanied by Col. Carl in its class entered in this year's General 5 4 Carcross. A. Russell, senior officer of army The contest opened with a bang competition. headquarters at Washington and as MacDonald walked the first thrc2 In order that our readers may be , 100 75 George W. Malone, special consult- ant It will be observed from an an- alysis, batters and. then allowed Daniels to fully informed as to how these com- petitions to the military affairs commit- tee. of the above that our lowest drive across two of them with a are conducted we may They state that they are also for "Classified Advts" rating was line single to right. Roanhaus fan- ned state at the out-s- et that the publish- ers particularly interested in securing which is matter which a over we for the first out but Herb Phe-la- n are not permitted to enter any general information as to the nat have little control. or no doubled to left for, : two more particular issues which, in their ural undeveloped resources of the runs and after Ray Stock grounded opinion, would reflect the greatest The judges in the "Class IV com- petition north country. If the. military situ- ation out scored himself on Ptcher Mich-alek- 's credit upon their entries or secure this year were Messrs. permits they will visit the long two base hit to deep for them the highest marks. On the Frank D. Maclntyre, Kilburn Rus- sell Aleutians. center 'which Centerfielder Clayton contrary only four issues of each and Albert Muir all independ- ent Radio reports Wednesday morn- ing Adams handled beautifully in order publication can be entered in each of the Association. In making were to the effect that the Japs to hold it down to only two bags. annual competitions and the dates their report these judges specifically at Kiska had been heavily bom- barded The remainder of the game was of these four issues are arbitrarily pointed out that the donor" f 1 his by the U. S. Navy. MistaK-in- g miite similar to the first inning as j set by the Board of Directors of the cup mentions specially "that 'he the firing for bombs the Japs the All-Sta- rs pounded out eighteen Association. No other entries are idea prompting this competition is retaliated with anti-aircra- ft. while permissible. to encourage the publisher of a hits good for eighteen runs Pivher Michalek held, the In these competitions all member- ship small weekly paper to produce the from the centre of things and the Hurricanes -- Mike to three scattered hits papers are classified according best .possible paper with the facili- ties ! limited territory in which it is forc- ed Only once did a Hurricane reach to crculation Class I with a cir- culation at his disposal." The judges' to operate." The last paragraph thjird and then after two were out. 2000 o over; Class II with report then stated in part as follows in the report reads "Worthy of spec- ial Also Michalek had the Carcross 1000 and under 2000; Class HI with "With' this thought always in mirld note is the fact that no less than. team so baffled that not a single 1 500 and under . 1000 . and Class IV in going over the papers entered, j four in the group received within ball was hit to the outfield except I with 500 or under. There are eieven i the judges unanimously agreed that j one mark of a perfect score for ' mentioned below, under the pri7o should ro to Ihe Yukon ; typography a "real" feature in the for the three hits of which Clayton headings, Adams' was'the only line drive. each of which points are awarded paper, The Whitehorse Slar, which ; cap' for every one so classed and In addition to Michalek, the out-- k according to- - the decision of the is little short of a gem n hen one j an incentive to others to .try to do This the Whitehors"; considers how far removed it is better." year judges. (Continued on Page 8) WHITEHORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE, YUKON FRIDAY,, AUGUST 14th, 1942 PAGE TWO . THE ' - X -.- " , . . , .. - ' : : : : ST -- . v - elusions and' are liable to do strange things. In the meantime, however, it is certain that science is today be- ing "Volom of thm Yukon' highly respected and eagerly cultivated as never before. c , An Independent Journal Although it must be confessed Published every Friday at that the primary purpose of much of current scientific work is along the line of destruction a considerable Whitehorse, . Yukon Territory part of it will nevertheless have v and after The White Pass Yukon Route On the Trail of '98 more important applications peace returns. Just as in the long run the success of a religion, a The Gateway Route of Comfort, Safety and Service to Member of Canadian Weekly philosophy or a social order de Newspapers' Association. pends upon its acceptance by the Yukon Territory, Atlin District and Interior Alaska masses so is it with science. Its HORACE E. MOORE . - Publisher technological applications are now AIRPLANE SERVICE universally , accepted; its methods and its spirit are becoming a part of plane service, making connections northbound and south-boun- d makes Let us have faith that right the intellectual life of millions. Our with steamers at Skagway. Serving Whitehorse, might; and in that faith let us to armed forces are today living in the the end dare to do our duty as we tropics under ' sanitary conditions Carmacks, Selkirk, Mayo and Dawson. For information understand it. Lincoln. which most of them never knew apply to any existed. Other millions are learn- ing the principles and practices of WHIT E P A S SAG E N T, o r 1942 first aid in case of injuries and August 14th, many more millions are taking a 17 Commerce Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. keen interest in problems of diet. To carry on almost any ofthe SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY work of the world in the future some kind of serious scientific train- ing A generation ago scientists were will be necessary with the re- sult in the habit of making a rather! Yukon Electrical Company, Ltd. that the uses and the methods marked distinction between science (of science will always be in the v : . : ... .. ... - ... r . . : , .. , , .,,;. . .. ... ... and its application to human needs. minds of people along with the Will be pleased to consult On the other hand those primarily clear thinking and intellectual hon- esty interested in the application' of sci- ence it requires. ' you regarding to our every-da- y life main- tained In its fundamental discoveries that every scientific discovery Light, PowerSupplies and Installations science -- has been laying the found- ations had its ultimate origin in some hu- man 1 for technology; in its require need. ments for almost Universal scienafif This distinction between pure and training, technology is assuring sci- ence W H 6 R S E, Y applied science largely disappeared a glorious future. The happy during the First World War. The union of science with technology joint work at that time of research was bound to take place some time. scientists and technologists greatly We of today are, fortunate in that Classified .'Advertising in the Star always brings the desired results- - increased . the respect of " each group we have been permitted to perceive lor the other and with very bene- ficial the great and evei lasting benefits results to humanity at large. which will be derived from such a Among their most ach- ievements important union in the future. has been the transformat- ion of institutes of technology from high-gra- de trade schools to com- prehensive and efficient institutions rm devoted to our human welfare. With ing scientific penetration into the es sentials and with statesmanlike foresight, the leaders in this evolut- ion have marshalled financial and human resources in the service of society with unparalleled success. A The Women's Institutes through- out Is Our Business veil of secrecy must of necessity the province are raising money hide . for the present, and possibly to buy sugar and cans for the Red for sometime to come, the enormous Cross Jam for Britain project. Don- ations What is more We know contributions -- of these institutions to totalling $88.50 have been so far received. how to do it. the, war effort which, both in econ- omy and efficiency are setting a Thirty-fiv- e blood donors in No matter how intricate the pattern which governmental agen- cies Cloverdale chartered the Surrey can hardly hope to follow. School bus recently to come to the work, or how large or small Such, for instance, is the Rocke- feller Vancouver Red Cross Clinic to give the order, we are always at Foundation which today is their blood.. Among the donors was making the whole world its your service. garden. E..R. 01 ward of Sunnyside ,who had Technologists, on their part, have lost, both legs in the last war, and come to realize that scientists are was especially anxious that his The quality of our work, and not impractical dreamers but men blood would be used to save" the life our scale of charges, are on a whose deep interest in the essential of soldier-i- n some this characteristics of natural . pheno- mena war. parity with those at the does not dull their appreci- ation Mrs. Clara McEacherri, Viec coast. , of the advantages which may Chairman of the National Red Cross derive from the union of what is Work Committee and Convenor 01 Place your next printing termed "pure science" to techno- logy. the National Work Room, which makes order with us. It will be patterns and samples for Now that science has become de- mocratic Provintial Divisions, paid a visit to executed to your complete one wonders if the present Provincial Headquarters, Vancouver ' satisfaction. . '. . . World war will have equally ad- vantageous last week. She expressed herself as effects upon science or being very pleased with the excel The Whitehorse Star will an exhausted and disillusioned lent Red Cross workmanship of the world ascribe its woes to science? It women of B. C. is hazardous to make any predict- ions Miss Hannah Forsyth of Merritt, "WHERE QUALITY AND. SERVICE COUNT-- " at this stage since human be- ings has made 150 sweaters for the Red in distress reach strange con-- Cross in one year. FRIDAY,, AUGUST 14th, 1942 THE WHITEIIORSE STAR, WIIITEHORSE, YUKON PAGE THREE gmXIXrXlIIIIIIIIIIIIIiriITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT- - tzxx: CORRESPONDENCE R-150- 886 A. C. Love, R. J. "D" Flight No. 1; Squadron, No. 7 I. T. S. Saskatoon, Sask. 1 Dear Mr. Moore: . Just a line to thank you and let you know I have been receiving .the War Situation and Parliament copies of the "Whitehorse Star" which both Mrs. Love and I haw Although officially Parliament is been enjoying immensely. We do scheduled to stand adjourned until not feel so far away from the Yu- kon Jan. 27, 1943, yet the flood of vital ' KV-v.-'ioo',.'--.- -;''-- when reading the news of the news from i the nation's capital may North, and it keeps us in touch with not only continue but ; it is even the doings of our many friends in, likely to increase in accordance the North. with events in the ( war situation. You will note my change of pr-dr- ss Such a possibility is easily foreseen. above. Have been here for the Indeed, if any critical situation past two months . and have just fin- ished should develop in the war or if the writing my exams. Has been opposition should demand it there "s a stiff course but believe I have doubt that reasonable considerr no managed to do rather well, possibly ation would be given by the Gov- ernment r" ' v an average of between 85 and 90';.. t to the re-assem- bly of Parl- iament Will know more about that next before the fixed date when week when I appear before the action would be advisable in such J5 r V-'-.- . "Selection Board." I'll know then the public interest. what they have me slated for. My , Onnnsf'ion Activities age will likely be a bar to a pilot, -- but In the interval or recess of Parlia- ment, my average will no doubt put the Official Opposition, -- that me in the Observers category. isci'vbave iviii', is siaiect Hope to receive a couple of weeks to have plans for helping the party's leave and if so may drop down to organization throughout Canada. Winnipeg, with Mrs. Love, to visit Moreover, it is reported along Parl- iament mother at the Lak2. Hill in well-iinform- ed sourc- es Mrs. TJove joins me in kindest that three or four seats, now VI " 1 personal regards and we both wish held by members of the party, have to be remembered to our Yukon been offered to the Right Honoura- ble friends. Arthur Meighen as head of the Many thanks again for your kind Conservative Party. It is presumed ness in sending along the "Star". WON BY THE WHITEIIORSE STA It 1941-4- 2. Sincerely, that the Conservative Party is anxi- ous to be prepared fully and thor- oughly TTTTTTrTTTTTTTTIIIIIlTTIIIlHJ ,- -', R. J. LOVE. for any eventualities during the recess or interval of Parliament . . . . , . annpared in court Wednesday i $5.25 costs or ten days' hard abour. with these preparations being made l money tou P mu Srmg T charged with beinfc intoxicated and.! The fine was paid and at Matheson's loans under the. ' both in regard to the party's ; -- . housing . . . shortage . by i i tt UC1 l-- Y . a JL vy.j finpH ft t and own reouest he was interdicted. witmno h micina Acr arm inp i-i- nmp strength and leadership in the Loans Act has House of Commons and in the coun- try Improvement arous- ed much greater interest than ex- pected itself where last year 'Gordon the country,' with Graydon, member for Peel, visited across vpll-inform- ed sources holding that the constituencies across the land for organization purposes. jmany municipalities will try to get some of the money for their local-tie- s. Japanese Policy Indicated But, at the same time, it is The policy of the Federal Gov- ernment pointed out in the capital that about in regard to the treatment 50 per cent of Canada's housing of the Japanese in Canada is indic- ated shortage is of a permanent nature so now clearly on Parliament Hill that it is a national problem. In where it is revealed that all the able I other words, the money was not ap-- I bodied Japanese have been removed propriated by the Federal Govern-- j from points considered especially ment merely for solving the hous- ing vulnerable. In addition the Gov- ernment problems of any particular does not intend merely to municipality or locality, nor to satis remove the Japanese from one place fy the demands of any particular to another and to allow them to live section of the land, but for the nat- ional at the cost of the vest of the popul- ation. welfare, with concentration It is planned to use them being on lasting rather than tem- - wherever or whenever possible. ! porary propositions for construction Though the Government has been or renovation. j urged to intern them , as well as , o-- ' other enemy aliens, yet this would POLICE COURT mean an internment camp of 23,000 People which is contrary to policy In police court on Monday Eric O. smce bad treatment of Japanese Larsen, a naturalized Swede, ap- peared 'ere would produce repercussions before Stipendiary Magi- strate tow? ids Canadians in the hands of . J. Aubrey Simmons charged the Japanese authorities and the with being intoxicated and disor-HpH- v. costs of such treatment would be He was fined $5.00 and staggering. Finally, so far the evacu !$5 25 costs or in .the alternative five A beverage of moderation full flavored, clear ation of Japanese in the United .days in gaol with hard labour. The and sparkling. Order some today ... it States is only one-thi- rd completed fine was paid. The following day costs no more than ordinary beers. but for some time now in Canada he appeared again in court charged there were less than 9,000 out, of with supplying intoxicating liquor to 42-- 5 23,000 to evacuate.. an Indian . woman. t . He pleaded Canada's Housing Shortage guilty and was sentenced to three This advertisement is not published or There is evidence in Ottawa that months' hard labour in Dawson. displayed by the Government of-Yuko- n' Territory. the Government's new grant of John Paul Matheson, half-bre- e. PAGE FOUR THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE YUKON FRIDAY,, AUGUST 14th, 1942 ATLIN NUGGETS SAVE TIME BY AIR f 1 Jackie Nelson,' Miss Sheila Nelson and Miss Mary Gordy have left by boat for Carcross where they intend taking a car on the new road to visit I AIR MAIL 1 I ASSCNGEPS I with friends in Teslin for a few I AIR EXPRESs days ' . His Honour Judge ' W. Fisher of Prince Rupert has lately paid Atlin a visit and the following appeared Changes in before him for Canadian Citizen papers: Kev. rather unan, u.m.i. (who' walked all the way in from Teslin in around thirty hours.) Al. Voss and Einar Arnevik, Schedule Mr. Barney Murray has accepted a position with the White Pass and Vancouver -- Whitehorse Yukon Route at Whitehorse and I will be leaving us in the Very near I occasion (Daily except Friday) future. Mr. Murray has for many for BiEfN NORTHBOUND years past been in charge of the Lv Vancouver . v 1 0 a. m, grocery dept. of Louis Schulz Ltd While in Atlin Mr. and Mrs. Murray Ar. Whitehorse. . . . 7 p. m. made a host of friends and will be SOUTHBOUND greatly missed in this community. Lv. -- Whitehorse -- . .7 a. m. We wish and extend to them the Ar. Vancouver. . 5.80 p- - m. very best of luck. . Edmonton - Whitehorse Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Clarke paid Atlin a few days visit from White (Daily except Friday) horse and have left again for that NORTHBOUND Mosquito infested city where they Lv. Edmonton 12.45 p. ra-A- r. may spend the rest of this summer. Whitehorse . . . .7 p. ra. Accompanying them was Mrs. Robt. Nelson, the postmaster's wife, who SOUTHBOUND is going to spend a short holiday at Lv- - Whitehorse -- . .7 a. m. Whitehorse; also Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ar. Edmonton . . . -- 5 p. m. White who have left us. We under stand Mr. Clarke was delivering his Direct connections at White- horse launch to a construction company at for Fairbanks, Alaska, and at Edmonton with T. C. Carcross who purchased same. A. for points south. The above schedule remains MAYO in force until further notice- - For Full Flight Information (By Our Own Correspondent) $iiperiMiinlity of course! . SSlA wfeJCVa. 7 ' Consult And "delieiouji$p!ifuL, The Nasutlin, which arrived in sparkling Old beer MlQp j Sljle VTSS J. A. Barber Mayo Saturday afternoon stayed lri s you (a mou flavor, flrf JJJ WHITEHORSE over until Monday evening. invigorating refresh- - jUl KWSpft- - tj John Backe and Gerry Kelly from menl. loo. Find out for WW J f fl jrj Jfj&Ciffl Thunder Gulch paid a brief visit to yourself today! A$ YYMf town. They drove in with Mr. and LATE W. F. MacKENZIE Mrs. Pete Jensen. LAID TO REST AT ATLIN Fr. M. Bobillier of Selkirk arrived """Sfe-S- ' CAPILANO BREWING CO. LTD s UNDER MASONIC RITES. on the Nasutlin to make a short A UMIt Of ASSOCIATED BREWERIES tfrftf "'"'"''-ii- ij Of CANAOA LIMtTCO j"' J visit to Mayo. A large gathering attended the Little Miss Patsy Fisher left by funeral service held at St. Andrew's plane for Calgary. She is travel- ling Church ,last Sunday for the lata all the way to Edmonton in William F. MacKehzie. Rev. R. P. care of the C. P. Airways. Graham officiated. ' The Masonic ' A card party was held at the I. O. This advertisement is not published or service which followed was under the direction of A. R. Munro, W.M., D. E. Hall Saturday evening and displayed by the Government of Yukon Territory. assisted by W. W. Wright as Chap- lain. was very well attended. Prize win- ners The were: Ladies,. Mrs. M. Mc-Inty- re; pallbearers (all members of the Fraternity) were Bros. Mac- Leod Gents, Mr. Ray Bird. Ui.XtZXTTYTTTIIIIllIIIIIIITIITTTTTTTTrTTrTTrrT7 White, P. Tennant, N. S. Fish- er. Mr. JeckeU, Controller of the Ter- ritory, John Thomson, Jens Johansen arrived in Mayo Saturday and M. B. Beckman. The large morning to make his inspection of Fresh ssgfs: Butter number of beautiful floral offerings the local Givernment Offices. He Cured and were a silent 'tribute to the high announced that Mr. S. M .Wood was Try BURNS' , esteem in which the deceased was taking over the duties of Liquor Meats Shamrock Brand Creamery Butter ESS held throughout the community. Vendor and Territorial Agent in The late Mr. MacKenzie, who place of Mr. J. D. Gallagher who is came to Canada from Scotland, leaving shortly for the outside. Mr. leaves to mburn his loss his widow Wood will combine the duties of Burns' Famous Shamrock Brand Products and married daughter resident at Mining Recorder with his new dut- ies Williams Lake, B. C., and two sons and transfer all the records to one of whom, Alexander, has resid- ed the present liquor store premises. in the Atlin .district for the past Mr. Jeckell and Dr. Bostock made You Can Buy No Better" four years. : Deceased had been : a a trip to Haggart Creek and Dublin resident in Atlin for the past eight Gulch Sunday, returning Tuesday years. . ':. evening. They were much impress- ed To the, bereaved ones the sincere with the placer operations. Mr. Burns & Company Limited est sympathy of the Atlin com-Jeck- ell returned , by plane to Daw-muni- ty is extended. son Friday, afternoon. XXIXXXIXIIIIIXITTIIIIIITTTTTITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT11 FRIDAY,, AUGUST 1 My 1942 THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WHITEHORSE YUKON 'PAGli FIVE . . - ' E?'s.:;uwr.y.v.v.W'.vsw , 1 :-XvXv:- ;!;jvX;;;: ,.t .-- .. ' V;' jf) 0 When our pioneer grandparents had a big joh to formed and went into operation. Under the leadership of the National and Provincial Com- mittees do they called in their neighbours. A brn raising men experienced in the organization broughrhelp from miles around. Skilled barn and conduct of financial operations Local Com- mittees framers took charge; sides were chosen and com- petition were formed in all communities. Co- operation between teams lent interest to the work. and competition characterized the This old Canadian custom was revived when work. The biggest "raising" in Canada's history Canada's National War Finance Committee was got away to a magnificent start. WE'l eoT a 01 TO DO. NOW The War goes on. The National War Finance Our fighters must have more ships and tanks and and planes. They must have better the Committee carries on. Some will serve on guns continued ships and tanks and guns and planes than the committees organized to promote and has. We must all work, and save and lend. Certificates enemy sales of Bonds, War Savings these The safest investments we can find for our Stamps. All of us must continue to buy Bonds, War Savings Certificates and cent savings are securities. We must save every dollar, every to Canada. We must Stamps and they will provide money for us to lend we can and our money buy things that we will want when the war is the war provide the money required to carry on the money required to win the war. ended. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL WAR FINANCE COMMITTEE Nation! War Fmanct Committer A02 PAGE SIX THE WITITEHORSE STAR, WHITEIIORSE, YJJKON FRIDAY,, AUGUST 14th, 1942' feet on each side of the base line. Registration of -- any document $2.00 When. $500.00 has been expended Other claims shall not exceed five Recording an abandonment $2.00 or paid the locator may, upon hav-in- g hundred feet in length by one thou- sand If it affects more than one claim a survey made, and upon com. feet in depth. Claims shall be For each additional claim $1.00 plying with other requirements, ob. as nearly as possible rectangular in Abstract of Title tain a lease for a term cf twenty, form and shall be marked by two For first entry $2.00 one years with the right to renewal Law legal posts, one at each end of the For each additional entry .50 for further terms of twenty-on- e Synopsis of Mining claim, numbered "1" and "2" re- spectively. For copy of Document years. Claims located prior to July Location posts of creek Up to 200 words $2.50 7, 1917 may upon fulfilling similar Yukon Territory claims shall be placed on the base For each additional 100 words .50 requirements, be Crown Granted. line, and of all other claims parallel For grant of water Leases, renewals of leases, and to the base line,', and on the side of . For 50 inches or less ..C...... $10.00 documents relating to leased claims the claim nearest the creek or river For 50 to 200 inches .......... $25.00 shall be recorded with the Mining Any person eighteen years of age towards which it fronts. For 200 to 1;000 inches ..... $50.00 Recorder in triplicate. or over shall have the right to enter, For each additional 1,000 inches Schedule of Fees A discoverer shall be entitled to a locate, prospect and mine upon any or fraction thereof . .. ...... $50.00 claim 1,500 feet in length, and a Recording every claim ........ $10.00 lands in the Yukon Territory, party of two discoverers two claims, QUARTZ MINING For a substitutional record ... $10.00 whether vested in the Crown or each of 1,250 feet in length. Application for a lease $10.00 otherwise, for the minerals defined Subject to the boundaries of other For a certificate of improve- ments in the Yukon Quartz Mining Act The boundaries of any claim may claims in good standing at the time ... 5.00, and the Yukon Placer Mining Act, be enlarged to the size of a claim of its location; a mining claim shall If recorded within 14 days after with certain reservations set out in allowed by the Act, if the enlarge- ment be rectangular in shape and shall . expiry date $5.00 the said Acts. does not interfeie with the not exceed 1,500 feet in length by If after 14 days and within rights of other persons or terms of 1.500 feet in width. three months . $15.60 No person shall enter for mining any agreement with the crown. If after three months and with- in purposes or shall mine upon lands Every claim shall be marked on owned or lawfully occupied by an- other An application for a claim may be the ground by two legal posts, one six months $25.00 until adequate security has filed with the Mining Recorder at each extremity of the . location Recording every certificate of been furnished to the satisfaction of within ten days after being located line, numbered "1 " and "2" respect- ively. of work ....................... .". . . $5.00 the Mining Recorder for, anjr loss or if within ten miles of the Recorder's v On the side of No. 1 post For a certificate of partnership $5.00 damage which may be thereby office., One extra day shall be al facing No. 2 post shall be inscribed Recording-Assignme- nt, abandon- ment, lowed for additional ten miles affidavits, or any other ' caused. every the name of the claLn, a letter in- dicating document . . ....... ... . . . . $2.50 fraction thereof. A claim be or may the direction to No.' 2 post, Where claims are being located If document affects more than located on Sunday or any public the number of feet to the right or . which are situated more than one one "claim, for each additional holiday. left of the location line, the date of hundred miles, from the Mining Re- corder's claim ... .. $1.00 location and the name of the locator. office, the locators, not less Any person having recorded a For granting period of six On No. 2 post, on the side facing No. than five in number, are authorized claim shall not have the right to lo- cate months within which to re- cord 1 shall be inscribed the to meet and appoint one of their another claim in the valley or post, name $4.00 of the the date of location, claim, number as emergency recorder, basin of same creek within sixty For an abstract of the record of and the of the locator. who shall as soon as possible deliver days of locating first claim. name a- - claim: the application and fees received to Title The claim shall be recorded with- in For the first entry $4.00 the Mining Recorder for the District. fifteen days if located within ten For each additional entry .50 Any person having complied with miles of the mining Recorder's of- fice; For copies of any document re- corded If two or more persons own a the provisions of the Act with res- pect one additional day shall be al- lowed where . same do not claim, each such person shall contri- bute to locating and recording a for every additional ten miles, exceed three folios $4.00 proportionately to his interest claim shall be entitled to a grant or fraction thereof. ' Where such copies exceed three to the work required to be done for one year and shall have the ab- solute folios. 30 cents per folio for thereon, and when proven to the claims right of renewal from Adjoining not exceeding folio three. year every over Gold Commissioner that he has not to year thereafter, provided during eight in ; number may be grouped, For recording a pdwer of at- torney done so his interest may be vested the each year he does or causes to be necessary representation work to stake from one in the other co-own- ers. done $200.00 worth of work of the for each claim may then be per- formed person ' ;, "'. ............ ..... $4.00 The survey of a claim made by a claim, files with the Mining Recor- der on any one or more of the For recording a power of attor- ney duly qualified Dominion Land Sur- veyor within fourteen days after the claims in the group. to stake from two per- - -- sons shall be accepted as defining expiration of the claim an affidavit .'. . .... . $8.00 Every application for a full claim absolutely the boundaries of the showing a detailed statement of the For Recording an assignment or shall be made on Form "A" and for claim surveyed, provided the work, and the renewal other survey pays required a Fractional claim on Form "A-1- ". document relating to a is approved by the proper author- ity fee. quartz mining lease $3.00 and remains unprotested during GROUPING No person is entitled to locate Rental, whole or fractional min- eral the period of advertisement. more than one claim in the same claim granted under Under certain conditions claims mining district within twenty days. lease for term of 21 years. . $50.00 A person about to undertake a may be grouped and the work re- quired Rental for renewal term of 21 bona fide prospecting trip may se- cure The timber on a mineral claim is .to be performed to entitle years ; ... ... $200.00 from the Mining .Recorder reserved until the Mining Recorder the owner or owners to renewals of Dredging written permission to record at his certifies that the same is required risk claim within six the several claims grouped may be A lease be issued , own a months. for the may for a per- iod use in mining operations on performed on any one or more of of fifteen for continuous years a A legal post must stand four feet the claims in the grouping. If the claim. The Commissioner, however, stretch of river not exceeding ten above the ground, squared or laced claims may issue a permit to holders of grouped are owned by more miles in the exclusive length giving other claims to remove the timbers . the eighteen inches and than or upper one person a partnership, and right to dredge for gold, silver for use in their mining operations four inches measuring the across agreement v creating a joint and at The platinum. lessee must have faced portion. The post must be several where other timber is not readily liability on the part of all least one dredge in operation on the firmly fixed in the ground. the for available. owners the joint working of leasehold within three years. to . ' . H the claims shall be executed and Priority of location shall be deem- -' -- - Title Petroleum and Natural Gas filed with the Mining Recorder. convey priority of right. Cer- tain ' with A lease may be issued for a per- iod Any person having complied disputes may be heard and de- termined Taxes and Fees of twenty-on- e years for an area the provisions of the Act with re- gard by a Board of Arbitrators. of not to exceed 1,920 acres giving Royalty at the rate of two and" to locating and recording a one-ha- lf cent, the claim shall be entitled the right to the petroleum and na- tural Grants of claims grouped or own- ed per on value of to hold it for by one person may be made re- newable all gold shipped from the Yukon one year from the date of the record gas on the area leased. A rent- al on the same date. Territory shall be paid to the Com- ptroller. and thereafter from year to year, is charged of 50 cents per acre each for the first year and $L00. per acre provided during year he" does PLACER MINING For grant to a. claim for or causes to be done work on the (for. each subsequent year. one year .'. $10.00 claim to the value of $100.00 and Assay Office Creeks means any natural water course having an average width of For renewal of grant shall, within fourteen days after the An Assay Office is maintained by Tf renewed within 14 days expiration of the the the less than one hundred and fifty feet year, satisfy Government at Vancouver, between its banks. v after expiry date $10.00 Mining Recorder that the work has where gold exported from the Te- rritory If after 14 days and within 3 been done, and pay the Certificate will be purchased at its full Creek claims shall not exceed five months ........ $30.00 of Work fee. One hundred dollars value. hundred feet in length, measured If after 3 months and within ' may be paid in lieu of assessment G. A. JECKELL, along the base line, by one thousand months . . $45.00 work. . " Controller. ! FRIDAY,, AUGUST 14th, 1042 THE WHITEHORSE STAR, WII1TEIIORSE. YUKON PA'iE seven U. S- - GOVERNMENT FREEZES ENTIRE DRIED FRUIT CROP. Be yond , On Monday the U. S. governmer.1 Compapisoii froze the entire production of dried apples, apricots, peaches, pears, prunes and raisins in the hands of B.C.!Double packers to make them available for m he army, navy and lend-lea- se ship- ments. Distilled The order also applies to .he carry-ov- er from the 1941 crop. Canadian Rye mi The entire crop of iVii.s'-a- i, sawia and Thompson seedless grapes is 14 YEARS OLD also oruerea 10 be diverted into the production of raisins. -- o- NAZIES EXCHANGE ONE mm FRENCH PRISONER FOR THREE SKILLED WORKERS. London Dry Gin Pierre Laval informed 'the French rlNE PRODUCTS OF people Tuesday that the Nazis CO. would return one French prisoner of MBiitishCotoiiibiastillery DV. ij HEW WESTMINSTER B.C. var fcr every three specialized " orkers who volunteered to go tn Insist on PILSENER Germany. lie Was at Compeigne . at he time to meet the first trainload f one thousand prisoners who had oeen released for workers already This advertisement is not publishe I in Germany. He also saw another or displayed by the Government of oup entrain for they know noc i what. Yukon Territory. DELICATE OPERATION ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY SUCCESSFULLY CARRIED THOUSAND CANADIANS OUT ON VAN. BABY. DATE. DJAFTED TO The Department of National War The removal of a tiny key used to Services on Tuesday reported that open a peanut -- can was successfully upwards of 140,000 men' had been removed Monday from the larynx drafted into the Canadian army. of the 4-y- ear old Sharon Bell, This total exceeds by 15,000 or moie whose father is a member of the the total number conscripted in the Vancouver police force, by Dr. C. L. First World War and does not in- clude Jackson in Philadelphia where the the figures for August (25,-00- 0) child was taken by plane for the and September (20 000) which emergency operation after Vancou- ver have been the two heaviest months doctors had through lack of for call-u- ps since the drafting of proper instruments been unable to men began a few months after the . dislocate the key L S - - " 4 - " - 0 V s , - - H of France. Although the men called for compulsory military ser- vice are not as yet required to serve cent of those entering the army on This advertisement is not published r. displayed by the Government of outside Canada officials report that call volunteer for service anywhere Yukon Territory. - between thirty-fiv- e and forty oer in the world. v PRI7E WINNERS IN THIS YEAR'S CANADIAN WEEKLY NEWSPAPERS COMPETITION 0D OlKCD to QOffl! The following is a list of the pri?e lTvM. I I III . winners in this year's annual com- petition conducted by the Canadian Weekly Newspapers Association: Class I. Penticton, B. C Herald. Brampton, Ont. Conservator. Swift Curren, Sask., Sun. Class II Powell River, B. C News Wolfville, N. S. Acadian -- Dundalk, Ont. Herald. Class III -- I Aclon, Ont. Free Press. I II v f V ' Rcssland, B. C Miner. Watrous, Sask. Star. Class IV. Whitehorse, Y. T. Sta The Tobacco of Quality Pilot Mound Sentinel. La'leche Press. CUT COARSI FOR IHI P.Pi CUT FINE FOR ROllINO YOUR OWN The three days annual convention tcmfv of the association opened yesterday m .Saskatoon. Sask. PAGE EIGHT THE WHITEHORSE STAR. WHITEHORSE, YUKON FRIDAY,, AUGUST . 14th, ip42 Local Hap penings Dark Nights Are Coming "Bobbie" Richards has left on a Miss Ann Baer left by Canadian business trip to Mayo. Pacific Airlines plane Wednesday for the coast. Provide yourself with a good Mr, A. E. Hardy, the new man- ager of the local branch of the Can- adian Messrs. W. Patty and W. O'Neill FLASH LIGHT Bank of Commerce, arrived in of Canadian Placers Ltd. were . in town Wednesday night to assume town on Wednesday. his new duties accompanied by Mr. George Ross, chief of staff. Pre- viously Mr. William S. Howland of At- lanta, Mr. Hardy was manager of Georgia, a memoer of the Synthetic Rubber Two and Three Cell. one of the Bank's branches in the editorial staff of "Time" and "Life", Okanagan. spent last week-en- d in town secur- ing Flash Light Batteries and Bulbs :':v.vV;'.r --'.V..- ; data in connection with the con 'for all sizes; :"':.'' George Palmer of Mayo, Y. T., struction of the International. High- way. . and Ralph James, son ofHVIrs. J. He was delighted with his Redpath, left yesterday morning for visit and expressed the hope that he the coast to enlist in the signalling will be able to come north again Radio Batteries Accessories. corps. We wish them both the best later on. We'll be glad to meet of luck. Ralph's father was killed with him again. in action whilst serving with the 102nd Battalion, "Warden's War- riors"," Mrs. R. Nelson, wife of the genial TAYLOR & in the First Great War. , postmaster of Atlin, B. C, arrived in DRURY Ltd town recently on a vacation trip. Two new members have been ad- ded She is the guest of her son and to the already large staff of daughter-in-la- w, Mr. and Mrs. E Messrs. Taylor & Drury Ltd. Miss Clarke. It is Mrs. Nelson's first thank- fully Outstanding subscriptions Inspector D. J. H. Blake of Essondale has joined the visit to Whitehorse and shesefns to received. Martin, superi- ntendent . of the "G" ; l i. rr i i I Division, R. C. clerical staff and as stenographer be her enjoying slay here immen Mr. George Aylwin, who for a num- ber sely. M. P. arrived in town this week WCITEHOESE ALL-STAR- S from Ottawa on an official of years was in the, employ of trip. the Northern Commercial Co. Ltd., Gordon Silcox, now night oner-- TROUNCE CARCROSS at Mayo, is the other new employee. ? tor at the local power plant, left in SOFTBALLERS 18-- 0. his speed launch last Sunday on a Men, Women Over Mr. W. Drury Jc; left by Canad- ian fishing trip to Lake LaBarge ac- companied (Concluded from Page 1 ) 40 Pacific Airlines r-lan- e for Van by C. H "Chuck" Caddy. standing players were Louis Adrian Feel Weak, Worn, OH? couver to attend the marriage of'his Luck was with them for whilst fish- ing who played flawless ball at Short- stop sister Mary, which was to ike place off the island they caught two arid got three hits and two Want Normal Pep, Vim, Vitality? last Saturday. We hope to be able trout weighing 25 lbs. each. walks and Herb Phelan who solved to publish a report of the wedding o MacDonald for 'three out of five. general tonics, stlmutonfs. otdn iarter 2 in our next issue. Clyde Booth showed some speed on Mr. P. J. Tooley, who was at Car-cro- ss MAYO the baseajhs by scoring from first, in the earJy days but has been base on a single to right. n i l 1 1 1 T TTTTTTY, tjjjj , located at Grand Prairie since 1907, (By Our Own Correspondent) The All-Sta- rs enjoyed the trip arrived in town by Canadian Pacif :c and wish to thank those Carcross Airlines sportsmen who were responsible for W. H, THEATER plane Monday on a , pleas-t- o Mayo, mving from Dawson on ure trip. He was the mayor of ( Thursday and going South Friday. their hospitable reception. Grand Prairie for six years and is ! .,,,. - ; - - ri:i The box score: U'hitehorse jukon well-know- n to many old-time- rs in I , , . , , WHITEIiORSE , i horse by Friday's plane. He is ALL-STAR- S thf nnrtn u u Hp i lpft nn thp u Ak.ihi at ' " . J Shows Player Pos. A.B. R. H. E. Every rv nr j j i- -i. l jwwiiiig joining tne me siaii stair oi of Taylor layior & oc urur Drury J lor Dawson Wednesday night and . . , T., Ariel Hansen ....... lb 4 2 1 0 , . Ltd. at their Whitehorse store. Mrs wnl i be returning i to uru-- i l by . . Aylwin AtM - and children wiill follow B. Nelson 2b 4 2 10 Night wm' Y. S. A. T. plane. Mr. Tooley is the . lollow latei Wl11 be much Louis Adrian ........ SS 3 2 3 0 agent' in Grand Prairie for the Can- - : Ge0f very missed in Mayo as he took a very Bob Daniels SF 5 2 2 0 (Except Sundays) adian Pacific Airlines Ltd. keen interest in all branches of Marian Roanhaus 3B 4 2 2 0 sport. - Herb Phelan ..... .:. LF 4 2 3 0 Pictures . chanffed thrice Weekly. OFFICIAL WEATHER REPORT Ray Stock ..... C , 4 1 11 Ed. Barker paid a short visit to See Bulletin Board for Particulars. August Mike Michalek . .... P 4 12 0 6 . . . . . . . y a le" naay accomPanied " Thursday 67 49 Dr Clyde Booth . ........ CF 4 2 2 0 by Bstock. ..ZZZZZZ 7 Friday 74 54 Arrivals Bill Beeman ....... .RF 4 2 1 0 .ZZZZIZ?- - from Haggart Creek re-- 8 Saturday 62 55' 'BUILD WESTERN 9 Sunday . ....... ......Z.ZZ 62 46 cently KimbeI- - were 0scar . Miller and Dick 'Totals 40 18 8 1 PAYROLLS" 10 Monday 63 46 ! 11 Tuesday 68 " 43 ! Bl11 Mervyn, Brian Kelly and CARCROSS HURRICANES A PATRON 12 Wednesday 60 45 Albert Pelland left fr their trap Player Pos. AB R H E wssvvvwvww j lines up the Stewart in Ed. Kim- - Dave Sanders ........ RF 2 0 0 0 I. 0. D. E. NOTES jbel's boat. Dell Stanphill ..... RF ' 1 0 0 0 FOR 8 Thirty-si- x pairs of children's socks! Gerald Kelly is in from Thunder Bob Craig ... 3B 2 0 0 1 have been received from Mrs. Jack Gulch. He is awaiting machinery P. Montgomery IB 1 0 0 1 JWP0RATED. 1 , Morrison for Polish Relief and parts from Dawson before returning Tony Maldonado IB 1 0 0 0 YEARS British evacuees. to Keno. PBob Still ...... SS 2 0 0 1 The Chapter will hold another of The new road is almost completed Clayton Adams .... CF 2 0 1 0 We have a letter from up-coun- try its popular Bridge Parties Friday to Haggart Creek.. Foreman Neil Warren Scott ........ 2B 2 0 0 0 The writer states she has used "all kinds of evening the 21st inst. Proceeds in Keobke reports that he is within Sam Lazzera 2B 10 0 0 canned milk" bu Pacific 55y. three miles of the Barker camp. Raiford Maughan SF 2 0 0 0 A.N --Cha- -iAies' Milk continually since, she Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Bleiler paid us H. Kirkpatrick LF 2 0 1 0 FOR oALE Viking six tube dry u . . . , . -- u began it "because of its j- - t, ,a brief visit from T. Highet. . Jack Morgan ... C 1 , 0 0 0 . battery radio. Practically new. 77., richness and flavor. That ...p Fotter 1S stay" Wallace Sanders C 10 0 0 The.fKemal ,Geor& Mantle model. Long and short was eight years ago." Prile "Z - days, and is Harold MacDonald P . 2 0 1 0 wave. Apply Star It's only real excellence that iu naggan snorny wnn lorn j Office. could bring a milk a pre- ference r . McKay. Totals .... .. . 22 0 3 3 like this. FOR SALE Tables and chairs A card party was held at the I. The score by innings: Apply Star Office. O. D. E. hall on Saturday evening Whitehorse All-Sta- rs ., and was " " well "V--J attended. UIILIIUCU, The ladies 'CXHiCO Whitehorse AU-Sta- rs R H 'E Pacific Milk HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE For! - prize-w- as won by Mrs. D'Easum, 5.4 2 0 5 2 018 18 1 -- Mic. anaoian aanK oi . and the gents prize was won by Mr, Carcross Hurricanes IRRADIATED Or COURSE Commerce Apts. . D'Easum. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 3 LXXXXXXXXXXX'gTTgTTTTTIXIi