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Dyea Trail, vol. 1, no. 22, June 11, 1898.

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Frc-- THE DYEA TRAIL. VOL. L DYEA, ALASKA JUNE 11. 1898. NO. 22 TO FIND THE WAY when she wont down. The gold wag in mines '-n Eldorad . Bonanza and Sulphur possession of Klondike!» on their way creeks Kxpart* of international repti I south. Tbs present operations re to «a- ttttion bare examiued the mines. ! cure this treasure The wreckers ar* The Galvin company in also baok of tba | said to be working so quietly that their mammoth oattla Tenture undertaken in I j operations r re scarcely known of, and it the name of Charles W Theho, which An E xp ed ition Sets O ut to Explore th e Àrkell Toi is not understood whether or not they involves the driving in over tha Dalton j have authority t . interfere with the trail of 1500 beeves and horses The W h i t e H o r s e R n p i d s wrecked vessel. Riuuor Bays a brother of company will engage in the butchering , one of the drowned Klondikers is push business on an immense scale, their in ing the work. tentiou being to supply the entire gold An expedition fraught with a good one, aud about the same is known of the | deal of importance to Dyea set out from ! Tahkeua river. From Dyea to the glacier the Vendôme hotel, this city, on Tuesday i the trail is magnificent; nothing better \ morning last, ft consisted f six men for a railroad grade could be asked. B u t' under the leadership of Hiram O. G ruber , i the puss and the trail on the other side and the purpose of the expedition is to are a„ unknown quantity, aud the results find out as m uch as possible in the time ,,f t ]1 ( , G ruber party investigations on N L n o n at their command about the trail begin­ ning a t the canyon to the left of the city , these points will be awaited with inter est bet ns hope the result will be favor- R a ir iiu r rising gradually to a sum m it, going able. A practicable trail Laving ils ter- thence to Lake Arkell, traversing th at minuB t eL'?w tire tronbiesoxne uod cianiger- lake to the T ahkena river and ending a t j ous W hite Horse Rapids would be of ira- • a point below W hite Horse Rapids, j men8e ^ v a n ta g e in the developm ent of! A dangerous torest fire raged all day j vance this smoke was wafted down the The claims made for this trail are there- the great gold fields of the interior. It fore of a nature to excite considerable in needs b u t be mentioned to attract atten terest, and the work of the party now in the field will probably determ ine the tru th or falsity of these claims, though not one of the party has ever been iip the trail and it is possible that for this reason the results may not be as con­ vincing as they m ight be. There are sev­ eral points on the trail th at are very much in doubt. The first of these is the summit. There is positively no definite inform ation as to the character of the pass an the new trail Those who pre­ tend to know anything about it say there is an obstruction iu the pass which will j necessitate a tu n n el a coupla of hundred leet long, b u t th at when this is accom­ plished a good trail is to be found on the other side. A second objection is that th e trail would have to traverse a glacier. This is probably true, A mile of glacier covered with boulders and gravel is m st with before the sum m it is reached. This glacier, however, is of suob a na­ ture that it will offer no difficult engi­ neering problem to the building of a railroad, should the summit be an easy oue and the grade on tha other side prac­ ticable, Between the sum mit and L ake tion to the pubjeet. Little doubt exists about the practicn- i bility of the Anderson trail, the new route to Lakes Lindem an and Bennett, i startin g to the left of Canyon City and proceeding thence hv a very easy grade to an (inappreciable summit,, and thence to Lake Lindem an or Bennett. There is no desire w hatever on the part of those interested in tills trail lo give publicity i to its merits; in tru th they will im part little er no informanion regarding it, and facts about it are obtained from outside sources only. W ithout doubt, however, i it is the best trail to the lakes, and it will j not be a surprise if capital is invested for its development. yesterday around Canyon City and as we go to psess is still bnr.dng with vigor between the latter point and Sheep Camp. ^ The sawmill near Canyon City was de valley and covered the city, making things look very much like Puget Sound in summer when the forest fires are under way. The news of the firespred to Skag- stroyed, together with 75,0 '0 feet of ; nay. and aa a result of her industry am! lum ber. A barn and a few tents were , kindly feeling toward Dyea we may ex also consum ed It is not likely th a t any i pect to read in the Sound papers graphic fu rth er destruction of property will oc I descriptions of the burning of Cnnveu cur, as at last accounts the fire was de- i City, the destruction of the tramway. ! the obliteration of Sheep Camp and the démolition of the golden staiiway up I the summit. creasing. The burning tim ber sent up immense clouds of smoke, and as the day ad- fields with fresh meat. The beeves will be slaughtered at Fort Selkirk aud the m eat taken down the rivai to llawson t - where a perm anent butcher shop will he established dike, a deal involving, it is said, no less | than eight million dollars. The trans- j The Ualv,E comi,8U? ^ Bs »ec'ired ; a third interest in the townsite recently GALVIN’S BIG DEAL l ’at Galvin has engineered the largest mining deal in the history of the Klon Ak Work on tlia Clara Nevada. j action was undertaken in the interest of ; ! the North B ritish American Corporation Arkell all is shrouded iu mystery. The lake ia known to exist and to ba a large th a t there was 8100,000 in gold on board The interesting news is brought from l better known as the Galvin company: Seward City that efforts are being made j The concern ha» a paid up capital of to get the gold supposed to have gone ; 83,500,000 and its stockholders are men down with the ill fated Clara Nevada. of fiuaucial prominence in this country The wreck is near Eldred rock, over ?0 miles from bera. I t is raported th a t a tug and several sm all boats, a dozen men and a complete diving outfit ara engaged in tha work A m inor baa beea prevn ; established at the junction of btewart I river and McQuesten creek. It will tie I known as Barlow City. Big Also Me ! Donald, the Klondike king, is oue of the i promoters of this enterprise. A store a id E ngland. Galvin organized th . j with 500 tons of supplies will he estab company in Loudon on his return Irom lished at this point. the Klondike last fall. His recent Hying .... ^ , , Mike Brennan and Sykes Barkea have trip to the Klondike and back was in returned from the Copper river oountn connection w ith tha big deal. The p ro p -' with the biggest kind of a disgust on } They are eo sore over the proposition lent ever since the Nevada was wrecked erties to pass into the hands of Galvio’e ^ a t their friends daren't mention the \ o n pan y include some of the richest subject. JJ YEA TB A IL. JUNE 11.1898. s. ____ CONTROLLING THE OLD ESTABLISHED ND ORIGINAL ' — BURN’ S PACK RAIN AND SUMMIT AERIAL TRAMWAY ARCHIE BURNS, Manager i, -tï'3rs^D^ocr-»jfi. -1 » '- jsj^x s t - - j l W e * m ' “ l e y ° " r ',r d e r ‘ f o r; U m n a a t c J .iiin p a p ^ . ~ U A - * « ■ J ses, merchandise or any kind ot cuiy, Oamden and Columbia, also goods; purchase them for you T T the main moth bargee Ajax. Bja.x below and deliver to you promptly I I I | and save you money and annoy Cjax, njax and Ejax, also hand ling freight for various other anoe. lin e s o f sh ip s. Main Office and "Wliarehouee. (’or. First and Scow Sts.. D IE A, ALASKA........ E. W JOHNSTON Manager Sheep Cam p, A laska George E, W ilcox, Proprietor I?ir$t Ç las8 ^cconimoâation.s. Spring $c(l«st (£lcan greets anil pillow (^ases. BUNK ROOH ATTACHED •tS 'S Jg i.'-ar'jC i THE BEST OF SERVICE AND POPULAR PRICES IN THE DINING ROOM S p ecial R ates to P a rtie s ad is r a n CHARLES PIPER, PROPRIETOR. MAIN STREET, NEARSECOND This house has been thoroughly refitted and furnished throughout and popular prices are the rule in every departm ent Connected with the hotel is a bar supplied with the best. HOT F R E E LUNCH served day a n d ' n i g h t ............................................. Wr^lgMtimg to 201 P o i n t ® . A first class pack train is operated in connection with the hotel and freighting o the Summit or the Lakes is done at the very lowest rates. XIEPA KTl'RR OF MR P.0.SH A U .C R 088 ! l a t h e departure of Mr P. G. Shsll- aross, m anager of the large interests of I'hallcross, M acaulay & Co., the city will lose one of its most esteemed citizens and the business community one of its most enterprising members. From the birth of the city last fall up to the present time he has been one of the foremost in all projects and plans which had for their object the welfare of the city, and his purse was always open for the fu rth e r­ ance of these things. In this latter re­ spect he was one of the truly liberal men of the city. H is counsel and bis liberal j ity will both be sadly missed in th e fu­ ture. The citizens of Dyea cannot help regretting th at his business interests com­ pel Mr. Shallcross to leave the commu­ nity he did so m uch to build up, and it is hoped by all th at he will one day re­ turn to m ake his home here. Mr. 8hall- cross is now busily engaged in settlingup the affairs of his firm, the principal part of which is the closing o u t of the im ­ mense stock of goods comprised in their two stores, known as the Chilcoot T rad­ ing Company, and this work will be com­ pleted in a abort time, the m erchants of this city being large buyers of the com­ pany’s stock. Mr. bhallcross will leave in a short tim e for the iuterior, where his company is said to be acquiring large interests. T he Trail takes occasion herewith to wish Mr. Shalloross the best of luck in bis new field of operations. M anager G riffiths of the Riverside ho­ tel refuses to release the m anuscript of the lecture which 8am Wall was to have delivered to the ladies of Dyea. We are therefore compelled to forego the pleas­ ure of printing the lecture. The next best thing, we think, is to insist that Mr Griffith» commit the lecture to memory and deliver it. We suggest this to Miss H artm an. I t is our opinion that a lec­ ture w ritten by Sam Wall and delivered by M r Griffiths would prove a huge sue cess. It would be a happy combination. The rush from the lakes to Lawson is on in earnest. Thousands of boats are en route. It is said that everything is now clear. The regulations of the Can adian authorities regarding W hite Horse rapids, however, will, if enforced, cause considerable delay. At present only one boat is allowed to go through the rapide every ten m inutes. Of course there will be a howl at this regulation, and the time between boats will probably be cut in two, if such has not already been done. SUM M IT OF CHILKOOT PASS K. W. Fisk. Proprietor ( io d beds and first class meals at reasonable rates The best of W ines and Liquors Always oti hand . . . . Call and see me when you pass DRUGS, STATIONERY . Cl GARS. TOILET ARTICLES PL RFC MES. Etc. Perseriptions a Specialty COME IN AND SEE US. WE WONT HURT YOU North Main Street next to Dr Price’s Hospital T.A MOTTE’S River Street, between We serve only the best of everything and RESTAURANT AND GRILL ROOM Nineteenth & Tw entieth Ste. The neatest and cleanest place in town Our tables are always supplied with all the delicacies of the season. OUR C O FFE E CANNOT B E EX CELLED . D IN N ER FROM 12 M. TO 7.30 P M— M LA MOTTE, MEALS SERVED AT ALL HOURS Proprietor DYEA TE AIL. JUNE 11. 18ÎJ8 . — - — (------------------- — - — flcQuesten Creek. A . Trlhutnry of St.vrurt River Which la Turning Out Rich. A great rush to the Sta wart nrer ia predicted. Reports of rich strikes on tributaries of that river have reached the thousands on the way down, snd there is little doubt that many of them will tara the bows of their boats up the Stewart which empties into the Taken abent 75 miles thia side of the Klondike, and for about a knnered miles distant from its month flows parallel with the Klondike. The newest strike was made 75 miles from its confluence with the Yukon on what m well known by all old time Yukoners as McQnesten creek, which is about 65 miles long and receives its source from the same mountain ranges which feed the yellow metal Into the rioh tributaries of the Klondike. It rises a little north of •sat of Too Much Gold «reek or nearly dne east of Dawson, and flows a little west of south, where it mingles with the Stewart river waters. The stream has a most favorable location as a gold propo­ sition . The creek was discovered soon after the discovery of Forty Mile, at whiok time several claims were staked, but subsequently abandoned before any thorough prospecting had been done. At that finie it was pronounoed the banner creek of Stewart river, but owing to its remoteness from supplies and the fact that it is distinctly winter diggings, about which very little was then known, it was listed with the ou pay dirt streams, though m t until several specimen nug­ gets were taken ont which established the presence of coarse gold. For most of the distanoe the hills rise very abrupt­ ly from the water and it is called a rapid stream. The gold taken out in 1891 was maiuly from the bars, whioh could be worked only in early spring or late sum­ mer, owing to high waters. Msny places exist in the ereek bed where gravel is sev­ eral feet in depth and can be work.d with profit only by drifting, and than only when tko winter frosts check the water from running iuto the workings. In the earlp spring -of 1891 an old prospector from Colorado was druwned while at­ tempting to wash the gravel from a bar by taking it out through a hole out in the ioe. The following autumn two prospec­ tors purchased winter supplies and w eut up the river to do winter development work on their claim, but their boat upset and they barely escaped with thair lives. This was the only pretension made at winter working until the past season, when claims yielded coarse gold freely some of tke prospects going as high as #31 to the pan. The presumably richest portion of the creek is already staked and the rush has fairly begun. Bob Henderson, an old time Yukoner, has lo­ cated a quarrer section of lund at the mouth of the creek for townsite pnrnoses, aDd a new camp will spring np there this season. The site is a most favorable one, since McQnesten creek is at the head of navigation for small steam craft on the Stewart river. It is said that Henderson is joined in his venture by Alex McDonald C.W. YOUNG An astonishing order was received last week by the Chilooot Trading Co. It was for 8000 pounds of bacon to be sent to D aW Bon via St Michael. The bacon was shipped to the sound on the Rosalie, to be transferred to one of the large steamers on the ocean run. This order was a tribute to Dyea as an outfitting point and shows the ability of our mer­ chants to fill the largest orders. B RAN C H H O U 8JS SHEEP CAMP. e-ias? The soldier boys of the Fourteenth Infantry will give a ball this evening at the Palace hotel. The best people of the city have been invited and the reoeption will be one of the social successes of the season. The regiment orchestra will render the musie. Z B PATRICK General Outfitting. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERIES « AND PROVISIONS River 9t. near Twentieth Charlie Anderson, owner of 39 on E l- dorado, is said to be slightly non compos as the resnlt of a long and severe spell of siekuess. It is hoped, however, that hie mental trouble is only temporary. He is one of the best known and most popnlar claim owners in the Klondike country and is said to have refused $500,000 tor his claim on Eldorado. A quartz ledge assaying $22 to the ton has been located a mile back of Tagiah peat. Development work is being done. The tributaries of Indian river have proven so rich (hat a town has sprung up •t the month of the river. Hotel and Lodging House. o nveiiientpl r»e ( if'j 71* fits» ltd ri re Dyes.____________________________ M cl w w Bnon, Plop’s HOTEL CHIRK OOT ' River St., above Nineteenth THE LEADING HOTEL IN THE OITT. First class rooms. 'The table supplied with the best the markets afford. C'en - rally located on the direct trail to and from the interior. D. H. MoDonaiiS. SHALL CROSS. MAOAÜLA1 AOO Manager. Fisyik tsw. John F. Culver returned on the Queen from a visit to l'acoma. He reports the prospects good for a big rush very soon. FOR SALE OR RENT—One of the largest and best locaud hotels in Dyea. Inquire at Stokes Bros. Manager Shorthill of the Olympic News Stand, than whom there is no more truthful man in these parts, made a flying trip to the SoUBd and baok this week, leaving here Wednesday afternoon at 5 o’ clock and returning Friday about noon. He tells of many wonderful things he caw while flying leiaurely through space and there is little doubt ho njoyodhis trip very much. •HOTBATHS! i 1 HAVE PURCHASED THE And will continue to oonduct them in first class style. Promptness and cleanliness* will be maintained. I hnve also put in a Batfi Room for adies MRS. MoDONALD will have charge of thia add will see that it is up to requin- mente in every particular. Open from t a m to 1030 p m. RIVER STREET, Opposite Hotel Chilkoot. THE DYEA TRAIL P n b liih « d W e ek ly by T H E T RA IL PR IN TIN G COMPANY SITBSCU IPTIO N R A T E S : .'ll* Ybxb 13.00 I'i b S ix M o n t h . J3.00 S ï b o i.» Co p ie » $0.15 Our Authorised Agent on Puget Sound Is the Cosmopolitan Printing Company. Ho. 707 Pike Street. Seattle, Washington. {Telephone, G reen 79.) They are authorized to make contracts for ad­ vertising, job work and subscriptions and to receive and receipt for money for the same. Th i Trail Pbintino C ompany. NOTICE, Until the arrival of myself or one of my sons to take charge of the Trail of­ fice, Mr. Will A Nash will act as my agent in carrying on the publication of the T r a il, I solicit the patronage of the business men of Dyea and vicinity and assure them 1 expect to gr»atly im­ prove the paper in the near future and to carry it on ns one of the perm anent busi­ ness enterprises of Dyea. Respectfully, 0 . D. U lmer, S r. Proprietor of Thk D yea Trail. S eattle, May HI, 1898. Most people who have never visited this portion of Alaska, imagine th at it is a A cold, dreary and desolate region where nothiug grows and where the inhabitants have to ge about dressed in furs to keep warm. Such is i ot the k case, ^however, for at the piesent tim e the people of Dyea are enjoying as nice w eather as can be found anywhere on this globe. As we write ladies are passing the office dressed in light summer olothing while a num ber of childreu are wading about in a pond near by in their bare feet. The adjacent hills are covered w ith a m antel of green dotted hers and there with fra­ grant wild flowers .and sweet flavored berries, while here in towD there are in­ num erable gardens where all kinds of vegetables are thriving. The woods abound with all kinds of game, while the rivers and Lynn oanal teem with fish. The w inters here are not so very oold. The w riter spent last winter here and it was only on one or Jtwo occasions th at thermom eter w ent below zero. Num er­ ous persons lived all winter in tents and 1JÏEA TRAIL. JUNE l l r 18'J8. w ithout fire. Yet they did not suffer from the cold nor feel any inconvenience from the weather. The Seatle people are wideawake when ever there is any business in sight. That oitv did a large and lucretive business during the w inter and spring rush to the goldfields and if there is any other busi ness in sight the busiests men of Seattle want all of it or at least ■ share. In this connection it recently dawned upon the Seattle people that San Frano’sco was doing a land office business owing to the concentration of troops at th at point. This has caused the i-eattle Times to froth »t the m outh and to soundly berate the congressmen and Senators of the State of .Washing for allowing this state of affairs to exist. The Times says that Seattle should have all if not the greater portion of this trade as it is 2,000 miles nearer M anilla than San Francisco aud for th at reason if for r.o other the g veru m ent should have chosen Seattle as the place of embarkation for the troops to M anilla. We are very much afraid th at Seattle will n et get any government pap during the present unpleasantness. We thought to have bad some good war news to publish this week but up to the hour of going to press there has been no news of a battle received. The latest reports that have been received here are that Commodore Schley had Cerva’s fleet bottled up in the harbor of Santiago de Cuba, and that he could annihilate him whenever he saw fit. We hope th at he will get a little of Dewey’s activity and immediately proceed to crush Cerva and his fleet and that the game time Admiral Sampson will proceed to bom baid Havana and raze Moro Castle to the ground The ice in the lakes aud in the rivers is rapidly breaking up aud soon the vast concourse of people now gathered at the lakes will be floating down the river to wards Dawson, where they expect to gain fortunes. In two m onths from now there will be double as many people there as | cow, for the immense am ount of gold I th at will come out next m onth will be | the cause Jof a stam pede such as has I ! never before been known in the history of mining. Everyone goes to the gold fields via Dyea—even Portus B W eare of the N orth American Trading and Transporta­ tion Co Eleven days from Seattle to Dawson (via Dyea only) tells the story, and a w onderful story it is. W hy should any man go to Dawson by way of 8 t Michael? I t is a costly, uncertain, time consuming r ute, aud by next year will likely be little used. i Vogee SIGN PAINTING . HOUSE PAINTING PAPER HANGING S S a t f a f a e f i o n G u a r a n t e e d . PIONEER DUGG1ST W H O LESA LE and R ETA IL One Block above Healv & W il sen's, JOHN F CULVER ...UNDERTAKER... and Rmbalmer Corner T hird and Broadway, DYEA I DR. J. H. W EBSTER , - t ^ . D E N T I S T . ^ - A L L W O RK G U A R AN TE ED . Office F irst street, bet. Main & Broadway. LOG CABIN HOTEL E L D 0 A D 0 SALOON AND LODGING It’AIN M B Ï E 1 BEAK FIR ST . I x e i t k n v g S tr ic tly First e; see. J S-IIA ED I SON, Prop. SHEEP CAMP, ALASKA. FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT IN CONNECTION. HEAP QUARTERS FOR PACKERS J JO U R D EN u j m i l l e r j b z iriD A R s L u k e M c G r a t h , MILLER & ZIMDARSj Attorneys at Law. DYEA. ALASKA W ill Practice in all Courts of AlaOa. G E N E R A L BL A C K S M IT H IN G , H O R SE SH OEING C R E E P E R MADE TO ORDER. SHOP: Cor. Ninteenth and River Streets ....Pcific Meat Company... WHOLESALE AND BETAIL B IT) HEBS AMI PACKERS c ' A' PA U LE Y D y e a T r a d i n g C o , WHOLESALE AND RETAIL L argest and most completelstock in the line of Groceries, Dry goods, H ats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Hardware, Doora, Saab, Windows. Sledges,Lam ps, Statonary, Crockery and all kinds of Fancy Goods in thecily. Kememfcer a: other thing : O ur slock ■ Goods is not only the Largest, but our prices are Seasonable. We make a specialty of YUKON OUTFITS M A IN S T R E E T , N E A R F IR S T DYEA TRAIL. JUNE H. 181)8 The ball at the Palace hotel last S atur­ day evening for the benefit of the Dyea baseball club was not only a financial success but an exceedingly enjoyable affair socially. M anager Levy and his aides had arranged everything for the com fort and convenience of the guests, and the mnsic rendered by the orchestra from the 14th infantry was «scellent. A dainty aDd appetizing lunch was served by the ladies. Another ball will be given by the baseball boys at an early date, and there is no' doubt it will be even a greater success than the last one. There was a strange face in towa one day this week. I t was th a t of Archie B urns of Sheep Oamp. Archie used to be a m ost fam iliar figure on our streets, but of late has put in all of his time u p the trail. He starts down the river fro m B ennett with a scow about the 15th. Alaska showed a gain of $614,300 in gold production last year, alm ost entirely from the ooast mines. The great mines on Douglas island are largely increasing their m illing capacity, sod to th e Alaska Treadwell and the A laska Mexican a third, the Alaska U nited, has been added, which, however, was not a pro­ ducer in 1897, its mill having been but lately completed. The tram way around W hite Horse rapids is reported to be running a» slick as a w histle. The cars rnn down to the w ater’ s edge and into a slip, the boat glides on to the car and away they go awiftly and «asily. I t is said the tram ­ way is doing a large bn sine»». Photo graphs of the line are in possession of Mr. P G Shalleross, manager of the Chil- eoot T rading Co. Henry Macaulay, of the firm of S p ratt & Macaulay, of V ictoria, was in town this week. H e is on his way to the inte­ rior w ith a stock of merchandise, in com­ pany w ith his brothers Jam es and Tom. Jam es has m ads a half dozen trips in and out of the gold fields in the last four or five years. H enry M acaulay brings the news th at a great crowd of Kloudi kera who are unable to get through by the Stiokeen route are com ing to Dyea to go in over the Chilkoot pass. The Stick- •en route has proved the greatest failure of the year. Incredible as it may seem, it is even worse than the W hite pass, for once in a great while a story reaches civ­ ilization to the effect th at some adven turous spirit has endured th e fearful hardships of the dead horse way and reaohed the other side alive. B ut even this much cannot be said of the Stickeen. Who enters there leaves hope behind. I t is said that 5000 people are stuck there aud that as many of them as can afford to make the trip will come this way— -the only way. E . L . P I L L M A N UNDERTAKER AND EHBALHER COR. » r 3 O £ ( M b H G C H O © C P K J W J H I Q H © © to le­ ss w d n e « a a M a « o H to to a * M , £ * f w r o o Hotel Northern Bar and Lodging. MAIN ST R E E T , near the landing. The finest Wines, Liquors arid cigars Clean. Com­ fortable Lodgings. R obert Blei made a trip to White Horse and back this week, accom plishing th e journey in four days. All O rders Prom ptly A ttended to and j All W ork G uaranteed. MAIN and F IR S T STR EETS Near Postoffice WE have enlarged OUR Job Department AND ARE NOW W E I S M A N k A N H A L T top. 1 C S jçoody, F red G F L Penaliar I Pres, and Mgr. Cashier, j First Bank of Skaguay PR E PA R E D ■ I l l l l l l l l l t l l l TO DO Tramsacts a General Banking! Business. Exchange Bought and Sold JOB PRINTING IN M ETR 0P0LITN STYLE IM K A TKA1L. Jl'N E 11.189». ( fat in and take advantage of tbe great closing out sale f the Chilcoot Trading Company. Two large stores stnckd with all kinds of goods of the best quality. T he prices will astonish yon. A great closing out sale is in progress «(The Chilcoot Trading Co.'s stores. The prices are away aowu. The present is byea’s. Everything comes here. Ju st as snrelv as the gold fields develop so will a fine city be built | I here. It is inevitable. Dyea is nature’s | own route and is tne one th at will be j used. T here may be others, but so far j they have been mere expérimenta. The new rush to the gold fields is & i- I ready beginning. The City of Seattle brought in a large uum berof Kloudikers, and the prospect is that on her next trip she will bring a good list. There isevery iudicatioir th at the number of passengers Ibis way will constantly inoreas from this lime on. All is not well with lis te r fikaguav. in spite of the fact that her sky is illum ined by a rainbow railway. Boats land at her wharves and passengers disem bark--only ; O utfitting a Specialty, to inquire the nearest way to Dyea. The i River St. near Tenth, dear people of Skaguay assemble on the wharves and. with tesrs in their eyes, be­ seech the Klondiker to go the W hite pass way. They tell him of the great j B rackett wagon road, of Soapy Sm ith | and other wall known attraction», but j his only answer to their pleadings is the j question, l,How soon can I get to Dyea?” Thus it comes that the dread disease known to science as innocuous desuetude has stricken our dear sister’s trail -a | trail that never was a trail, is not now j and never will be a trail. Gus J. K ieburtz is able to bo out of i bed after a siege of suffering with a leg which he severely wrenched coiningdow0 the sum mit. He was brought home on a pack horse and immediately put to bed. W H O L E S A L E AND R E T A I L DEALER IN G R O C E R IE S ,H A R D W A R E , & DRYGOODS YUKON OUTFITS A SPECIALTY O T H E R E D F R O N W WHOLESALE AND RETAIL CKOCERIIS AND PROVISIONS. Fruits and Candies Stoves, H L " in and Graniteware Transportation. Dyea and Sheep camp Express office H . H E I N a R B î T , M n a a g e r t rtblisshed at T)ye&, ISH4, John Healy, Kstale of Ede»r Wilson ditr'r) .1 . F.Mslonv. Aii'tnr,, Jsnean, Alaska. HEAI.T & WILSON TRADING POST General Merchandise. Carriers and Packers, We can Outfit you and T ransport you over the Trail. F l r a y o f a H o t e l i n C e a e e e C a n SAM J . HERRON, General Manager. Chilkoot Trading Company. 8HALLOKOB8. MACAULAY A C O P ropmibtorh W h o l e s a l e but oarefu'i nursing has brought him ; nd Retail around so that he is able to move about ; w ith the aid of a crutch. To make m at ters worse, however rheum atism devel oped in the injured limb, and is a source of much pain and irritation. Gns has the sympathv of a wide oirole of friends, i for no m an in town is better liked c r j more resnected. Under 8 train of tinan-1 l cial reverses which would have utterly ! discouraged niaety nine out of a bun- . dred men he bore up so cheerily ai to win the esteem of all who know him, Even this last m isferiune to bis health leaves him undismayed, and his deter­ m ination to win back w hat he has loet will succeed if there is any ehance in Alaska for a man of brains, energy and pluck. UP TOWN STORE. A "J ," S r ww G r o c e r i e s , h a r d w a r e a l l k i n d s o f M e e h a a d i s e , kind* of Hood* far thi Yukon at Hound Price*. O UTFITTING A S P E C IA L T Y . Main Store and W arehouse Broadway near fourth ARIZONA PACK TRAIN. Office Near Chilcoot Hotel DÏEA TRAIL, JUNE 11, 1898. Inform ation W an ted Relatives of the following named per- 4 0 ns hare writtea this paper asking for information regarding them, fearing they were victims of the snowslide of April 3. Any information given us will be communicated to inquiring relative»: A K KELLOGG—Homer, Midi; Jn parly with Carl Copp and Tom Snell. IAMIS MURRAY— New York; partner of Frank rarnham : information regarding both la desired. iAMES H FELLOWS—Indianapolis, Ind JULIUS HASS— Fond dll Lac, Wis • T r BURKE— Arboles, Colo. DEATH LIST The following is the death list up to date of the snow glide of April 3d. If any reader ot this paper knows of any name which should be added to ibe lief, he will confer a favor by giving us au­ thentic information ; C M Holt, Tacoma, Wash. J B Pearce, Tacoma, Wash Albert F King, Tacoma, Wash J E Doran, Tacoma, Wash Albert Engiund, Tacoma, Wash Gus Ziebarth, Seattle, Wash Frank Sprague, Seattle, Wash C P Harrison, Seattle, Wash W L Kiley, Seattle, Wash G ub Stevenson, Seattle, Wash Con Gepfert, Seattle, Wash E J Hudson, Seattle, Wash R L EBterbrook, Seattle, W ash Oscar Johnson, Seattle, Wash Chris Johnson, Seattle, Wash C L McNeil, Elk River, Minn Mrs Anna Maxson, Jefferson Co, Pa Kas Hedgard, Baker City, Or Thomas Cullinan, Portland, Or John H Morgan, Emporia, Kas L Weidelin, Kansas City, John Reddy, Kansas City, C Beck, Florida E 1) Atwood, New York O A Ulen, Woolley, Wash J K Clark, residence unknown W H Warner, Menlo Park, Cal Geo Eggart, Menlo Park, Cal John Merchant, Grizzly Bluff, Cal Austin Pres ten, Grizzly Bluff, Cal Tim Glynn, Portland, Or G F Smith, Sedro, Wash Geo Lewis, Spokane, Wash Mark Welch, Butte City, Mont Frank Millet, Butte City, Mont C W Kenney, Prescott, Arizona Henry Jaeger, Los Angeles, Cal JeffSaling, Weiser, Idaho Joseph Smallwood, Portland, Or William Falke, San Francisco, Cal John Vogel, Los Angeles, Cal W A Dahlstrom, Lincoln, Neb S M Grimes, California William Carroll, San Francisco, Cal Curtiss C Turner, Omaha, Neb AlbridgeiD Bissell, Palatine, 1 1 1 Thomas J Wall, Hazel, South Dakota O A Anderson, San Francisco, Cal Andrew Anderson, San Francisco. Cal Andrew H. Cominings, Tacoma, Wash Richard B. Laughlin, Tacoma, Wash y ( Radishes are ripe in our gardens. D H McDonald and wife are in Beattie on a short visit. D r* Kjaerbye and wife have gome south. The Chilcoot Trading Co. is closing out its tremendous stock of goods at a sacrifice. Broadway near Third and adjoining Hotel Chilkoot. -------AROUND- Fear not for Dyea. It is nature's gate­ way to the greatest gold fields on earth, and nothing can prevent her from be­ coming the great city of Ssoutheastera Alaska. As a pure and wholesome stimulant for medicinal or family use, nothing equals the famous old Jesse Moore whiskey, which is endorsed as the best by all who have used it. Jesse Moore Hunt Co., 404 Front street. San Fran cisco, Cal., and Louisville, Ky. Sold everywhere. The capabilities of Dyea’s soil a re well illustrated by the truly magnificent lettuce which Mrs Weisman is taking from her garden every day. No import­ ed garden stuff can equal it. Do you need chairs? See those at the Setond Hand Store, Third and Main. White Horse Rapids IS NOW IN SUCCESSFUL OPERATION For Particulars Apply to P. (i. SHALLCR088, Chilcoot Trading Company, DYEA, Alaika. Norrthern Trading & Banking Co CAPITAL STOCK, AUTHORIZED, 9*00,000. CAPITAL STOCK, SUBSCRIBED AND PAID UP, *108,O O U . DIRECTORS:— C. 8. Feehheimer, Eldrfdg. Durbrow, AcccnrlADt ot the Anglo CalifoiBi.- A ! fred Lilienfeld. Furnisher, Market St.Ssn Eranciseo; Jo*. N.pthal.y, Attern.y Wholesale nrdielail deahrs in elotline, hunishirg sot da, looltard thcea. cigais and trbaccosrnd general merchandise. Agents for the American Tobacco Ccm puny, aleo tha Win. Lewis Ctmpany md E. Goslincky cigar and tobacco manu­ facturers Buy »Dd make advances on Gold dust. Buy and e«ll exchange». Receive de­ posit». Largest stock of goods north of Seattle. Big Tent, Broadway, near Sixth St. SUMMIT OF CHILKOOT PASS H . W. Fisk, Proprietor Go d beds and first class meal* at reasonable rates The beat of Wines and Liquors Always on hand . . . . K AUFM AN BRO j. JnEAD UALASKA The best equipped Dry Goods and Clothing establishment in Alaska Specialty Yukon otothing at price* equally aa low as any houee on the Paerifc- ooaat Call »nd.see me when you pass.  CHANGE F I MERCHANTS Fem a’c an I Chronic C ases a Special t Preecriptions carefully Compounded. corner Fourth andMaimts AND LARGE BUYERS GENERALLY. Dyea has had as good spring weather aa any part ot the United State*. Phil Anhalt denies he atole a dog at Lake Bennett. It was a hilly goat. We stand corrected If you need anything visit the Alaska Commission Co, at Main and Third. Second hand goods at way down prices. Messrs I)ahlman and Klatt, Dyea’a moat persistedt prospectors, have gone down the canal for a two or three weeks’ trip. They will prospect diligently and have hopes of finding something good. i f i / 4 ©iiyi@ §© DRUGS, STATIONERY, Cl! GARS. TOILET ARTICLES I We are dosing oat our two stores, comprising the largest stock of Goods in Dye». Staples are going fast; it will therefore pay you PERFUMES, Etc. Perscriptions a Specialty TO SEE US AT ONCE AND STOCK UP. COME IN AND SEE US. WE WONT HURT YOU North Main Street next to Dr Price’s Hospital f *'e «U fi«h »nd cleab, many of them beiaff yet in the Warehouses. 5 Gold on th e C hilkat. Humor» of « new gold strike reaohed Dyes lute Thursday evening, and before 1 1 in dawn of Friday morning a dozon per- . sans had left for the scene of the reporied find. The exact location of the alleged strike deems to be not very well known; u faot, it is very indefinite. The report reached l yen from Haines Mission, and :s to the effect th a t the strke was made on the C hilkat river, in a southwesterly direction from Dyea. I t is said that every white m an at the Mission has gone to the new diggings l ’articvlsrs of the find are meagre in every respect, but flake gold is said to have been found in paying quantity. T hat is as far as the particulars go at this time. If there is any m erit in the alleged discovery it will take but a few days to find it out. I t is quite probable, however, that there is little foundation for a rush to the Mis­ sion. the point of departure for the dig­ gings- The members of the Dvea Literary so- oiety will take an outing to K napp's Park tomorrow, accom panied by their sketch­ ing materials. After enjoying themselvf s rmid the beauties of nature and parlak ing of luncheon the club will informally disperse for the sum mer. The elub has been a great success and many lasting friendships have been formed among its members. It is anticipated by the Pacifio Coast Steamship Co. th at the Alaska excursion business this year will call for the addi­ tion of another steam er. Should this an­ ticipation prove well founded the com­ pany’s new and speedy vessel the Sena­ tor will be added. There ought to be no trouble or delay in getting mail in or ont ef th e gold fields this summer. W ith steamers ru n ­ ning every day from Lindem an and Ben­ nett there m ight easily be a weekly mail service. Mrs Lizzie Scharoyer of Skaguay was the guest of Mrs H S Potter on W ednes­ day last. Mrs J D Perkins has gone to Lake Lindeman to visit her husband. A great deal of prospecting is going on around J uneau. FOB SALE—A large tent; cheap. Ap­ ply Second hand store eurner Main and Third streets. Do you need chairs ? See those at the Setond H and Store, T hird and Main. If you need anything visit the Alaska Commission Co, at Main and T hird Seoond hand goods at way down prices. IAEA TBAJL. JUNE H. 1811». IF YOV HO. LOOK OVER T H IS L IS T . IF YOU FIND SOM ETHING IN IT YOU WANT WE W IL L SELL ! IT CHEA P: 1 large steel restaurant range, used only few weeks: 26 fine folding chairs, for either restaurant or housekeeping. 18 tables, turned legs, detachable, and very well made; 12 woven wire cots, east­ ern made, uever been used; 6 fine Ro Chester lamps, new; 11 doz cups and sau­ cers; 2 doz oval sugars; 7 doz 8 inch plates; 6 doz 8 inch soup plates : 4 doz 5 inch plates: 1 doz 4 inch dishes; 1 doz 6 inch dishes; 1 doz 9 inch dishes: 1-2 doz individu .1 tea pots, with strainers; 6 fruit saucers; 12 bitter bottles: 18 mo- | lasses table jugs; 2fi m ustards: 6 pack- : ages Gold Dust washing powder; 20 lbs I common laundry soap ; 100 m attresses; air tight heating stove, never been used; 4 wall lamps, new; 1 small R ochester; 6 feather pillows; 1 case window glass 14 by 16; 50 lbs white lead; 5 gallons tu r­ pentine; a lot of dry paint colors: h at­ chets, hammers, axes, saws, tools of all kinds. AND H U N D R ED S OF OTHER A RTIC LES OF USE AND BEAUTY. ! EVERYTH ING BOUGHT AND SOLD Alaska Commission Company I COR. MAIN and T H IR D STREETS Gheap Lumber. Kerry LumberÇompany, of Skaguay are Clos ing out heir entire Stock of Whipplei —* Restaurant Main strast, next door to Stokes Bros. Meals at all hoars- Spsoial D inosr every day. The best of everything the m arket affords. LUMBER R. D - WELDON ATTORNEY AT LAW Office in U. S. Oommiwtioner1 » .... Office....... Staaographsr in Offiae at Pices that will astonish you. So Cali on them before buying Eiswhree