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Dawson Weekly News, v. 53, no. 10, Thursday, October 4, 1951.

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Frc-- (01 N D N o)fS) A U 1 ASSOC o P k A A v n A ZfV 0 vftO i itle - j Aauu J 1 'MMP' V n Vi D AT n o a llllllll ) L OWNER OF ORIGINAL - Mill A Inl u " C3 TV i s-- i a ii it i r ! v$ D I A - I l "7 y i I C ' -- J a m n "7 A A 1LY " NEWS BRITISH EMPIRE'S FARTHEST NORTH NEWSPAPER Subscription, $6.00 per year; single copy, .25c DAWSON, YUKON TERRITORY, CANADA. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1951. VOL. 53, NO. 10. Nineteen Elk Brought While it is sincerely hoped that an a ustralian Airmen Representatives jective could not have been reached, JQg q Y"llkori without the assise of Wrienrs, i" persons that are tempted to shoot jRecajed J,y Dlffest From Alberta to Yukon 'yg'j- - JJrG Visit Gold City teres-te- d persons and modern science, j they are being placed here for the e-vent- oal The Canadian National Institute for Robert W. Service, hailed by some Kjar, director of Ar riving Monday last in a C-4- 7 air- - Arriving in the Beaver aircraft of! Them game Mr. pleasure and use of all Yu-kone-rs, for the blind has for the last 33 years j I , a. . : ,u --. . . ... .... . - ' . . . j c. j- -- eariy-ceniur- v criucs as a jhiumh- - of the Yukon Territory, it is also that craft of the Royal Canadian Air. the Consolidated Mining and Smelt-- 1 ... A and publicity pointed out I been proving a point to the blind- - . ,. , , . Kipiing, for such work as The t rem- - i- -. rvvmnanv in nn Satnrdav . ... . .. J v o, on there . arrived in Dawson September 28th. are severe penalties for anyone rwn--e pnuicu uj kj. w"-- " i '" j members of their organisation, rnej ation Sam McCee", and "The Shoot on a business trip. convicted of shooting these big game Major Mason and Captain Fitzgerald were Allan Armstrong, real estate trained workers of the Institute, most devel- opments psee miens. of the Royal Australian Signals. businessman of Prince Rupert, B. C.:;0f whom are themselves blind, hava ing of Dan McGrew" is still around Mr. Kjar, reporting on late The coming winter will be the de- cisive Major Mason and Captain Fitzger- - G. Neely 'Moore (pilot of the aircraft) : prepared the newly blind for theirjnd very much alive and continuing of his department, was quite time in determining whether or aid, as guests of the Canadian gov- - and engineer for the C. S. and M., and adventure of readjustments teaching to write verse. enthusiastic over the success of that not further stocking of Yukon areas eminent, were recent arrivals from-- D 11. E. (Dune) Whitmore, geologist - them how to read and write, how to Wallace Reyburn digs up Service body -- ia toeing able to state that the will be made of these animals. Ivorea wnere tneir unit ns ana lsor the pomapny. Iwork and how io play without sight. . I ... ! n aji Octobers Reader s Digest art propagation of Elk and ai'so of buf maintaining the communicauons sys- tem The party arrived here from MayojTne home teaching. Employment, icle condensed from Everybody's. falo was now a fact in the Yukon. Motion Pictures in that theatre. The officers are on an annual inspection trip and re-- - Recreational and Social Welfare pro-po-rt Now living in the south of France, After a trip of approximately six- teen on leave and after their Canadian that the Mayo area is steadily ; grams have proved a point. But with- - At Public School Service published "Songs of a Sua hundred miles from Elk Island tour will return to their homeland progressing as a great silver and out the assistance of friends, inter-lea- d Lover in 1949. "Rhymes of a Rough Al- berta) and then hack to the: war area. district. j ested persons and modern science, Edmonton, of Park (40 miles east neck" last year and has another vol which began at that point and Mr. Patry'a motion pictures of Ha While in Dawson in the short time As representatives of the Consoli- - they could not have been successful. ume is now ready fer printing. waii and the Yukon, postponed that was at their disposal, the boys dated and Smelting Company ended at the Braeburn Lake Coral on .-d- ue Mining The Dawson and District Branch Service is not a Canadian as gen the old Dawson trail, John Carrni; to the measles, will now be held at escorted by Sgt. Major Dave Patrick j these boys travel northern B. C, the 0f the Canadian National Institute erally believed but an Englishman chael and Ken Prayor of Whitehorse the Public Schoo on Sat., Oct. 6th of the R. C. Signals, visited the local , Yukon and Alaska all the time and for e .Diind earnestly invites you to He started his adult career as a bank delivered their charges after a trip To insure adequate seating for all installations of the signal corps after .watch for all types of ining develop- - assist the blind in their adventure clerk in Scotland, writing verse in that last from September 6th to tho there will be a matinee for the child- - which they visited one of the dredges ment that their company may be in- - to blindness by making yoar sub- - every spare moment. He came to Can ren at 3 p. m. and an evening show-'0- f the Yukon Consolidated Gold Cor- - terest.ed in. scrpition during the campaign. 11th. ada at the age of 20 .drifted around The nineteen elk were liberated at ig for adults at 7.30 p. m. poration under the guidance of Mr. ....While this trip to Dawson was onej for several years, then became a bank Lake had been care- fully Silver collections will be taken a. Nordale, resident manager. of a business nature, Neely and Dune GRANVILLE NEWS . . . Braeburn .They clerk in Victoria, then in Whitehorse inspected to make certain that tJie proceeds to go to the hospital. , wjiile being shown a clean up in were also renewing acquaintances Mr. and Mrs. J. Blendheim had the and finally in Dawson. they would be in shape to survive the " the gold room at Bear Creek one of after their trip here last year. ; misfortune of damaging their car and .Now 77 years old. Service has S0O animals looked a One of history's greatest underwat- - the boys made the remark "this is As a matter of local interest, these suffered bruises and shock when their long winter. These poems to his credit, and hope? to com little odd at the time time of their er deniolations was the blasting of hof I would like to do my mining."' mining boys personally favor the four .1 . ear went off the road last week. plete a 1,000. Whether he reaches his the nine-acr- e Flood Rock, near Long The gold room, the dredge and Nug- - -- nrvt ct q kin or rvar Ihp twft TVOCt staking I . A A TrMH.t hos 1ff fnr Taw. release as it had been necessary to I ! sroal or not. the verses he has written off their horns before transport- ing Island Sound, in 1858. get Hall were the highlights of their that is prevalent in the Yukon. Son to take up eaw i u xur uave iuaue mm uiianuauv iu- - visit, and Dawson and it was some- thing I ! -- - ..kiAk tViaif Vi o ir a nnivthicar "VYf 1 them to this point to prevent i J I dependent. His first Ikmjk, Son.s of Ess yolks are used in tanning lta-the- r. they wouldn't forget, they said. ' . i - 1 1 l r . 1 I them from injury in what, was an is To Prove a Point i oiruiuiiuii , jiars tivtr x.-vt- w, motor trip yet Y. C. G. C. for the season known the "longest copies m Lnglisn and American ed undertaken for the purpose of trans- porting Aarton Burr challenged Alexander Many of us have read Kon-tik- i, a Local hunters are having success itions. animals. Some $3,000,000 is being spent each Hamilton to a duel because the latter story of adventure in which a young in their hunting trips, bagging mostly game His Siim M'Cte was a real name. roaming the woodi weeK in Aiueru m tne searcn or new said he had a "despictable opinion man set out to prove a point. It is an small game. Two local hunters have The elk are now dredged up from the ledgers of the be the fore- runners oil deposites. of Burr. exciting narrative1 in which the oh- - succeeded in bagging moose. in the Yukon and may Whitehorse bank in which Service of many more. These are the worked. Mr. Mcdee. taking a lim first elk that were ever in the Yukon. view of ervic-y- s iren.aliun story, Another fact, as regards these ani- mals withdrew liis; money from the is that two calves are born each m J , It Si li bank. Until the day he died, the art-hi- e year. 1 1 1 li 111 says, his life was made miser- able In regard to buffalo, according to by all an. sundry asking him: Mr. Kjar, there are two bull buffalo ir "Warm enough, -- for yoti ?". .iirui foui .-co- jvs at - large . in - the --Yukon and these had been released in the Siamese Twins vicinity of Braeburn Lake on the 21st of September of this year. These buf- falo I2orn; Are Joined i were a gift from the Alaska Wild Top of Skulls Life Commission and came from the im HboBB-anioyBts- tBvd Big Delta Park in Alaska. A ncto here of Interest is that in 1928 the mm mw JtOCK ISLAND, It be 'kw-- ' - ' cz: i may iiiipos-sibl- e Alaska Wild Life (5o mission and to seperafe I lock Island's Sia- mese the Alaska Sportsman were the insti- gators twins, iHjrn Sept. lfi joined at in the move that resulted in the tops of their skulls. the importation of 2S Buffalo to Big locters studiil X-ra- y pictures of ' Delta Reserve. The 2S animals had the tiny boys and said tluit an operat- ion grown to a herd of four hundred in to sever the librous matter which 1950. Last year, because of the short- age cxnjnevts the youngsters may be fatal of pasture due to a new airport to one or lxdh of them. and the passing through of a high- way, f The parents of the children .Mr. an; I it was decided that licenses I $4fl cV h WMhti-mufatoK&f- eA .Mrs. JNy Urodie, said today that If would be granted to 25 persons at seperalion would result in death eith- er and kill one PER DAY Vv-'f- v hunt :.noi( a niece to --r- T 4- - of the babies, they would prefer the SOD appli-- j Of each. bull -- butfa.lo not to permit the operation. selected in a i, cations only 23 were Th Hrodies have three liontnal chil- dren. form of a draw, the lacky hunters j tit 1 962 were taken out by Alaskan Came j who pointed out the big an-- j Wardens I TJie Creek rebels, i, dereat whom jRial that, was theirs and let them; J i r: . ft jthe United Sta-e- s ,h;.s contributed 50.00 wasn't a rreat - "ylfXyi ITS- - S" 'v - . . tret if. The ( j r f j t. t ; i::arly SlTo.uoo.fM'O in aUl, num!er ab- - eonsid-- 1 deal Mi monoy when a person 'jt J.," soidb-rs- . Uuffalo dresses at j ers that a grown ; V v t) ' - J r 'S'-iy- i iru( pounds Mr. Kjar, director and Mr. G. Cam-- j I lli DAY Assistant Director of the de-- ; tron. 1J1.N HACKS I AY partment in the Yukon both ask that.j ST -- ALL persons in the Yukon that see j t:ther Buffalo or Elk report to thej Came Department at Whitehorse as j to the TIMB. DATE AXI3 LOCATION j ".'hen seen; this is, of these animals very important." These animals are j being propagated in the Yukon to i, ":' I that is now. supply game eventually Bin Buk-iu- y ricii u hoats:iainy ;;- -t nearing extinction in these parts,; a . J : i ry jolly t . -- V" tamely moose and caribou. . So lad iftuti he n.vTi Numly to all hunters. CouLl -- !: all hunj-- i uh' caution In a note of before YOU ! . !.i.T.h'i :V. h- -. 'it is advised to LOOK ..r .cr kc:,'-- r hevr. the .!! 1 1 :i,.vt h h V t ' SJIOOT. , r-..:-- . - : ii.J :r.':V.rx, . is in respect to elk. these will appear 1 i c: through the bush us very li.sht yd- - h-.:.- :; c-- f Dcr-.c- : Hums. in i-- o .lor and all oi normally hav- - Lamb's Rum lu.wt;!) Navy Mii.'.r 'i1 .1 those - . T- - seen I : ffltiftw (??fliyfp(v: iTTfTi(? mmii ) This adTerti-semen- t ia not . published or displayed ay Buffalo; unhss the the CoT't of Yukon Terr. In inspect to the burner sees the head they may easily he mistaken lor a moose as the ,-olo- r- DAWSON WEEKLY NEWS, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1951. x)awson Weekly News and that is a costly joh in such a Established H. Samuelson, July Publisher 31, 1899 S3 ft remote The road area. cost approximately! I mil- lion B. Y. N. BUS LINES to construct, which was about Published every Thursday by one million above the original estim- ate. DAWSON NEWS PUBLISHING CO. LIMITED It was built jointly ly the Fed Dawson Creek - - Whitehorse - Fairbanks eral and ukon Temtional govern-- j Member of the Canadian Weekly Read Down South Route merits, and the operators' original i Read Up Newspaper Association. i Lv. Thnrs and Mon. Dawson Creek, B. C. Fri. and Mon. At understanding- - was that, it would be j Ar. Sat Wed. Terms of eubscription j and Whitehorse, Y. T. Wed. and Sat. Lt. maintained bv these authorities. How-- ' 16.00 per year by delivery or by mail j ever, the Yukon government has no Read Down North Route Read Up to all parts of the world. j money for such a purpose, and so tol- ls Lv. Mon. and Thurs. Whitehorse, Y. T. Tues. and PrL Ar Daw3on Weekly News for sale by I Ar. Mon. and Thurs. Dry Creek, Y, T. Tries, and PrL Lt! have been instituted. Not. clear at C. S. Macpherson, Whitehorse, Y. T. Robust, full-bodie- d, rich Authorized as second clas3 mall, j in flavor. A rare old mm, this time are the rates that will be Read Down via Alaska Coachways Read Up charged on short distance traffic, or Lv. Tues. and Fri. Dry Creek, Y. T. Mon. and Thurs. C " Ar Post Office Department, Ottawa. j aged in oak barrels. Ar. Tues. and FrL Fairbanks, even on the coal Which United Keno Alaska Mon. and Thurs. Lt! Advertising Rates XLO INCREASE IK PRICE. hauls from its Tantalus Butte mine to ! FOR RATES AND i OTHER INFORMATION, Apply at Local Depot Keno Hill. j All legal advertisements $2.00 per' ! While the operators can hardly be j inch insertion, six linee inch. White per per Pass & Yukon Route White Pass & Yukon Route Display advertisements, $1.50 per j I aMT-- Fl said to be happy about the charges, 17 Commerce Bldg--, Dawson, Y. TV Vancouver, B. C If which add considerably to expense Inch each insertion run of paper. Con- tract in an area where costs are already j rates on application. Advance notices for high in cornmparison with those of ! moaey-maJtin- g 'CAPTURED FLAVOR OF THE INDIES" affairs, other Canadian Camps, there is a entertainments, dances, etc., aa well as wedding and other an This advertisement is not published or displayed iby the Government tendency to regard them as unfortun- - Heavy Hauling p"i; nouncements, .50c per line. of the Yukon Territory j ate, rather than unfair. One authoritjr Birth, marriage and death notices, for instance, points out that in .the Light Cartage card of thanks, $1.50 per Inch, mini upkeep, it is reported in the North- - to service the mines of Mayo, it tra- - Yukon there is no gasoline tax to Machinery Moving ' mum $1.50. era Miner. bolster revenues for roads and that ....... ... ...... ,, eres rough and virgin territory, asj j, m:. Trailer Trucks such a tax, the Ontario rate Classified say, wou- ld, advertisements, 50 cents These tolls came into effect. a well as serving the communities of per line. add much . to the cost of heavy the first of the month, the charges Braeburn, Carmacks and Minto en Heavy Bulldozing truck operations. Anobher executive CORRESPONDENCE 'being collected at the southern end. route. It still needs a great deal of adds that upkeep costs should prob-gravelli- ng Light Cat Work where the new road joins the Alcan and grading and requires ably come down considerably in a For rates or other Information apply to Office at Third and Queen St. Hiway about ten miles northwest snow removal in the winter. Chicken, Alaska, snort space of yearS- - Sept. 17-5- 1 j wlliteh'orse- - Speaking generally, One of the big costs factors too, is The operators most seriously affecr-th- e Dawson News, jthe tariff is $4 per ton gross (includ- - matter of -- bridges. The road cros- - ed are the new companies with no IfnMICK TRANSPORTATION CO. LIMITED Dawson, Y. T. ses a numiber of .rivei, including j revenues yet. They are going to find Dear Friends: and $2 for incoming loads, with spec- ial three larger ones; the Yukon, the 'their freighting a Ibit higher than We wish to express our thanks rates to apply on certain types Stewart, and the Pelly. Eventually originally estimated, jof freight such as groceries. For the the crossings will requite permanent and appreciation to the City of Daw--' son for two enyojable visits. A word biggest operator, United Keno Hill i onuses ; J or n steei a t or concrete, but at. The Auditor General of Canada may NEED SOMETHING? TRY A CLASSIFIED Mines, the toll is expected to add present temporary bridgings have to of explanation is in order. J be removed from office only on joint close to $115,000 to annual costs. suffice. In ! ( We are the type of people who summer each crossing has resolution of the Senate and House' invariably miss the ferry, arrive at Up keep of the new road will be a cable ferry or bridges of barges; 0f Commons. j costly, probably between $150,000 and in winter ' ice stores too early in the morning or an bridge made thicker '. just at closing hours. We wish t o ' $175,000 a year for several years at and stronger by timber lashing froz-- j After sundown at is colder on a des-e.- n LEGAL FORMS FOR SALE AT THE NEWS least" The road is 225 miIes thank the folks who operate the ferry ! long an into the ice. Each spring and ert than in a forest. Sand loses heat for ."their kindness. Plerk in i all'weather Web way built principally fall these bridges have to be renewed, while trees hold it. are friendly and actually enjoy serv- ing a customer. Your immigration of- ficers are efficient without being hard-boile- d. They are helpful and friendly. The atmosphere of your homey hos- pital is warm and kindly and I could enjoy being sick there. ' fit i - t - We are Americans and we like our Canadian neighbors who share with - W' us the mutual bonds of understand- ing and goodwill. We are sorry we have so little time on our visits to visit our friends. It didn't seem right not to see our lov- ed become friend, the late Percy DeWolfe. sir'-- - '"' . . ' -- :- - -- v n- - " i . . .. . . . . . We like Dawson friendliness and .osnmissioned ricers vrish you all a good winter. Sincerely yours, .in the S , ' . A Anne & - : - Fred Purdy. "-S- -i " 4 ' - U -- :'-" ,:. - I YUKON TOLLS HIGH Canadian Army Active Force XV - ' v " ' -- v, . " .v. ; .1 While mining operators in the Oal-ena-Ke- no Armour Artillery Infantry Hill area of the Yukon are pleased about the new road that car--r'e- s traffic from Whitehorse to the mines and back there is 'some con- cern Young men recently graduated from High School about about the schedule of toll initiated with a minimum educational standard of charges being to pay for its Junior Matriculation, may become officers in the Canadian Army Active Force. If accepted you begin training at Camp Borden as an officer cadet to qualify as a Second Lieutenant in the Active Force. You will receive Second Lieutenant's pay while in training. This will consist of three : s.-- - - .. : :- - . V. training courses totalling a period of ... the letters start. Then twenty-eigh- t weeks. When you are granted a commission many readers SCIENCE of THE MONITOR CHRIS- TIAN you will then serve for periods of 3, 4 or 5 years as you choose . ' - v.z-yx- - .. . .:. ....:: . r . . tell the Editor how much they under the Short Service Commission Plan. At the end of this world-wid- e enjoy daily X newspaper, with such com-- m this service you may apply for a permanent commission. en t s as: "The Monitor is the most carefully edited news-pap- er T-W- s is a chance to serve Canada at a time when defence stands as a in the U. S. . . . "Valuable aid in teach- ing most important national concern. The training and experience . . r in leadership will be invaluable assets to any young man "Ann that is complete and fair ..." throughout his whole life. The Monitor surely is a reader's necessity . . . TO QUALIFY YOU MUST BE: You. too, will find the Mon-to- r informative, wilh complete Single world news . . . and as neres-f-ar- y O Physically Fit as your HOME TOWN paper. Between 18 and 25 years of ag Use this coupon for a Special A Junior Matriculation Graduate f. Introductory subscription 3 MONTHS FOR ONLY $3. Uw vipltinci to: Th ChrUtiaa Scirnra Monitor rAPPLV TOD4Y n P. Un, Norway m.. Boston 15. Mm .. U. r. S. S. A- -" jC" Curr.eB U Personnel Depot, Pleaao -- oJ in mo an intro.Wlory r ubtrrip-- l . . . i no unritiuia 9cioco MooMor -- . rantre i 1 Mtiwi. I cnclaao $1. Army Avenue. Edmonton, Ana. i ,- -y uondauorters, . u- - :n rtociot. (aanw) Edmonton -r- - AHa. Edmonton, Wales Armov urie5, of (ailraa) Prince A453S-AY- V PB9 (cry) (X4MM (ium) Trained United Strength is needed to prevent Aggression ! DAWSON WEEKLY NEWS, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1951. It appeared the Communist cfcarge If it affects more than one cl&Xia For each additional claim L79 Callison's was designed to counteract the effect Abstract of Title in Asia of For first entry 1J Russia's refusal to repatri-t- e Service For each additional entry A0 Flying Japan's prisoners; and implement For copy of Document 4 Up to 3 Folios 3.00 Charter Flying to all Point Peiping's campaign against the Jan-anes- e 'ICOT tlQUIUt BlACVBCKtY CHEY UOUEvt CIEMt Of CACAO For each additional Foilo From Dawson UQUEU SYNOPSIS OF MINING LAW For cf water peace treaty signed in 9an grant For Information YUKON TERRITORY For 50 inches or less 10.04 Francisco this month. - -- 4 For 50 to 200 inches 25.00 In touch with Jack Temple or Get Any person eighteen years of age For 200 to 1,000 inches 50.00 Pat Callison The Peiping dispatch said that the or over shall have the right to enter, For each additional 1,000 in- ches outbreak of the Korean war the Jap--j locate, prospect and mine upon any or fraction thereof 50.00 anese troops were incorporated into lands in the Yukon Territory, whe- ther QUARTZ MINING Tested in the Crown or other- wise, Subject to the boundaries of otnr tie U.S. paratroopers and the marines J for the minerals defined in the claims in i William A. O'Neill Known the world over SltVft TOP good standing at the Urn and assigned to "bases near the north i Bit t-- N Yukon Quartz Mining Act and the of its location, a mining claim tlzH I Registered i Yukon Placer Mining Act, . with cer- tain be rectangular in shape and shall not Consulting Mining Engineer pole. The Japanese, it added, were This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Government reservations set out in the said exceed 1,500 feet in length by 1,500 sat all time under strict military of the "Yukon Territory Act. feet in width. No person shall enter for mining Every claim shall be marked oa pox 2000 Anchorage, Alaska guard. purposes or shall mine upon lands the ground by two legal posts, one at "A number of prisoners attempted like this. He seems confident of rec- overy. erday morning. owned or lawfully occupied by an- other each extremity of the location line until adequate security has been numbered "1" and "2" respectively. to escape and failed," it. said. "They Anxious Britons, who had prayed furnished to the satisfaction of the On the side of No. 1 post facing Naw "were court martialed and no more "The Queen has been with him this for the safety of their beloved mon- arch, Mining Recorder for any loss or dam- age 2 post shall be inscribed the nam which may be thereby caused. of the claim, a letter indicating ta was heard of them." morning"'. got. no indication of the king's located For Speedy, Where claims are being direction to No. 2 post, the number A morning .nedical (bulletin said exact condition in his 'battle against which are situated more than one of feet to the right or left of ta Efficient Service hundred . miles from the Mining Re- corder's location line, the date of location the king "has had a restful night." the after-effec- t, of the and Loose Moose Breaks surgery. office, the locators, not less the name of the locator. Oa 2fo 1 Day . . or . . . . Nijarht It came after -- a Buckingham Palace than five . in number, are authoriz&d post, on the side facing No. lpczt No Traffic Law, But-- to meet and appoint one of their shall be inscribed the name ot tSirn source had reported that the king The profession of acting was conf- ined -- CALL number as emergency Recorder, who claim, the date of location and t!Xm r t 1 ".made it safely' through the first entirely to men in ancient Gre- - shall as soon as possible, deliver the name of the locator. applications and fees received to the The claim shall be recorded wltila crucial night after his operation yest- - ece. Taxi Cook's ANCHORAGE. A wandering- - bull Mining Recorder for the District. J fifteen days if located within tea If two or more persons own a claim moose was cordially escorted to the miles of the Mining Recorder's of- fice Stand at Royal Alexandra' Hotel each person shall contribute propor- tionately ; one additional day shall b al- lowed city limits the other night after a .po- lice to his interest to . the work for every additional ten rrrP required to be done thereon, and when or fraction thereof. prowl car clocked him going 28 proven to the Mining Recorder that Any persons 18 years of age or over iOUiiEiuuiuiuiiiiiiininiiiHiiiiiuiimiiiniuiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiii miles an toour tliroiiRli an alley i-- n the he has not done so &is interest may locate may durias any period of 1JI vicinity of Eighth Ave. and I Street. be vested in the other co-owne- rs. months personally, slb. Attorney tur The survey of a claim made by a another or by an attorney seven mUfc Not that the beast was guilty of a duly qualified Dominion Land Survey- or eral claims In the agreg-at- e J. A. Hanna traffic violation. It was just that of- ficers shall be accepted as defining ab- solutely a distance of 10 miles from any other the boundaries of the claim mineral claim (making a total of S Jim Brentlinger and Monroe surveyed, provided the survey is ap- proved mineral claims) so located by him OPTOMETRIST Baker figuered he was against the law by the proper authority and during that period. remains unprotested during the per- iod Power of Attorney must be filed of nature. of advertisement. with Mining Recorder before stakiax. P. O. 3ox 593 Whltehorse Besides, there were overturned fen- ces A person about to undertake a bona The timber on a mineral claim is fide prospecting trip may secure from reserved until the Mining Record? and chewed up shrubbery in the the Mining Recorder written permis- sion certifies that the same is required for KSlllllUIIIIIIIIIII to record at his own risk a placer neighborhood that indicated he was use in mining operations on the claim within six months. claim. The Commissioner however, ;!iI!l!!!lllll!i!l!l!I!li!iili!l!!II iilllUlllll up to no good. A legal post must stand four feet may issue a permit to holders ot They honked their horn at him, and above the ground, squared or faced other claims to remove the timber c a - for the upper eighteen inches and for use in their mining operation turned the spotlight full on his large ROYAL TAX! 1 measuring four inches across the fac- ed where other timber is not readily S3 brown body. At the end of I Street portion. The post must be firmly available. 3 fixed in the ground. DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE across Sixteenth Avenue he vanished Metal tags to be obtained t from Title 5 2 STAND AT WESTMINSTER in the brush. "For onhj "Pennies a day . . . Mining Recorder and ftfflTed to daim Any person having complied with, posts. (Placer and Quartz. the provisions of this Act with renrd 15 5 HOTEL 1 Priority oi location Baau oe aeemea to locating and recording a claim shall i A PRIVATE INCOME FOR LIFE WHEN YOU RETIRE is Owned and Operated by p King" Georcre to convey priority of right. Certain i be entitled to hold it for one year disputes may be heard and determined . from the date of the record, and g Don McDonell j Yes, security costs so little when you build by a Board of Arbitrators. j ' thereafter from year to year provided Undergoes your retirement income around a Canadian Grants of claims grouped or owned during each year he does or causea !ii::!!!!!ll!lll!!;ii!!!li:!!l!!:i!ii:illli!!li!!l!!ii!li!IIilii:!IIIU!!lil!ll!ii;i!l!!i!::iinii' Government Annuity. It's fun to face the by one person may, be made renew- - j to ibe done work on the claim to the Operation future this way, and easy, too. There's no able on the same date. i value of $100.00 and shall, within j fourteen days after the expiration of medical examination. Payments are low PLACER MINING ! the year, satisfy the Mining Recorder LONDON King Gorge VI was rep- orted and your contract won't lapse if you miss Creek means any natural XI water o that thp unrl- - Iwc Kaon Asm. course having an average width of . . ' Z'.J the nrtitr.a Your fs guaranteed by in good spirits to day and con- fident one. money less than one hundred and fifty feet Government of Canada and ... YOU red dollars may be paid in lieu ot between its banks. of recovery from a major lung assessment work. CAN'T OUTLIVE YOUR INCOME! Creek claims shall not exceed five operation. hundred feet in length measured a-lo- ng Provision of applying excess repre-sei.tati- on work up to a value of $400.- - A palace spokesman said Queen! Start your Canadian Government Annuity today! the base line, by one thousand -- o Must he performed during year feet each side of the basa line. WILL COST YOU V) on Paizabeth spent The morning with her FIND OUT HOW LITTLE IT i:i which it is performed. Other claims shall not exceed five When $5o0.oo has been expended husband, but. that no other members MONTHLY PREMIUM FOR AN hundred feet in length by one thou- sand or p:iil the locator ANNUITY OF $100 A MONTH I The Director, Canadian Government Annui'.'ei, feet in depth. Claims shall be may, upon having a of the royal family have been perm-- j STARTING AT j Department of Labour, Ottawa. Portage Free) nearly as possible rectangular in form survey made, and upon complying AGE 65 AGE 60 j Please send me information showing how a u.ia uiner requirements. i tain a itted to see hiin. Age Men Women Men Women J Canadian Government Annuity can bring me and sLali be marked by two legal lor a term ,f 1 security at low cost. posts, one at eacn end or the claim, twenty-:i!i- e vears. "21" $21.12 The spokesman was much more 512.84 $1500 J18.4B I wtn the right ot tenewal for further "25" 15.24 22X8 25.20 My name is... numbered "1" and" "2" respectively. . '-ri- v-: ,f tw-ii'y-'.'ii- f yt:ar cheery than earlier medical bulletin 30 22.08 28.08 32J16 I (Mr.WMiis) Location posts of creek claims shall I. I live at.. .jse.--.- . ,t : and io- - 35 24.12 28.08 36.6() 41.88 j be placed on the base line and of all they're fag which merely reported that the king's .iii.:e::ts relating !o Ikis-- ,) claims I 40 31.44 36.60 49.68 56.88 other claims parallel to the base line, condition was "as satisfactory as can "45" 42.60 43768 71.78 82.08 I Date whon Amwry to storf- - and on the side of the claim nearest -- rder :,k- - u.Mfilt-.- i :i Uili. it 4 1 ii .' Minin.r-;;- ( ' "50" ""6T56" 71.64 118.40 133.20 the creek or river toward which it , be expected. ANNUITIES BRANCH Date of Birth- - Telephone. Schedule cf r-e-cs f wndrstand Aaf thm information f givm wilt fronts. He told a reporter: DEPARTMENT OF LABOUR be held confidential. A discoverer .-- hall be entitled to a Recording every claim $10.00 Canada; ; claim 1,500 feet in length, and a par r or a substitutional record 10.0'J ' The Kins is in goo! spirits as far For a certificate of improve W. P. ! ty of two discoverers two claims, each as one can ' be after an operation Jof 1,250 feet in length. ments 5.00 Application for a lease 10.00 j enlarged to the size of a claim al- - Recording every certificate of lowed by the Act. if the enlargement ... 5.0U : . . - .... -- v. If recorded with n 14 iav aftPr iicic nnr inipnpra ...... eiin inn risrius il ' - I ) V. ilUi .i.i - - (J jther persons or terms of any agree- ment expiry date per year 5.00 ID with the Crjwn. If after 14 days and within three not months w An application tor a c!aim may be 15.00 fifed -- with the Minins Recorder with- - ,f after tbree months and with- - in ten days after being located if Ul bix III'KIUIS lLo.V'l I within ten miles o. t.;e Recorder's Of-- j I'or a Grouping Certificate 5.00 lice. One extra uy shall be allowed liff-ordin- g assignment, abandon- - Envelopes For Rent Cards i for every additi;nu . .en miles or frac- tion ment, affidavits, or uriy other thereof. A tiaim may be located Ok anient 2.50 Heads Business Cards If document affects more than Letter I on Sunday or an., j ublic holiday. one claim, for each additional e Any jjtrs:-i- . h;. . r recorded a claim Meal Tickets Meeting: Cards i '.-h- all not have i.-.- v rijrht to locate claim 1 ") i basin I .'; an ab.-fra- ct of !!:e i w. ii cf i.nother claim in ibi vaiiey or Menu Cards Circulars i.i ci'eei-- . i bin sixty day r a claim For the first . e r y 1 ." j .r .eating first c lai: H50-1- 0 I i each a Mi: Shipping Bills Dodders For p;e.i.i... . , to slaking un-'Jo- r -- ..ii ii!!y . .'u .opies o: : i : i do ;f.:'-::- L i i i :.,jvers i 1 ni, : s - . v t. advertisement is not published cor.lea wis i-- ;-e : :.. i- - This Title Posters Shipping- - Tasrs i ce i thr e lo:i . or displayed by the Government of i Any person inz complied wi'ii 'A' if ere such eo; ;e exf'fd ;;r( Leal Forms t ! :;.e prvi.-i.)-a j -- :' the Act with respect Yukon Territory Statements folios, 5o cents to.i i for - shall i t to locating and .e; rding a claim ! every folio over three. For be entitled to a grant for one year re- cording Bills j Bill Heads Duplicate and shall have the absolute right of a power of attorney to Japanese Prisoners i i stake from one person 4.00 j renewal from ye2r to year thereafter, Dance Tickets Gummed Labels I provided during each year he does or For recording a power of attor- - of War Trained in j causes to be done $200.00 worth of sons $.00 Requisition Forms j r.ey to stake from two per- - Slips Min-- j Laundry work on the claim, files with the Alaska, Commies Say ? : ? t ing Recorder v. ithin fourten days For recording an assignni'mt or Dry Cleaning Slips Shop Work Tickets t i after the expira'ion of the claim an other document relating to a ? Rental, whole or fi actional inin- - ainuavic snowing a uew.ieu swiemein For Sale Cards Lodre Notices of the work, a:il pays the required, eral qurtz claim mining granted lease under 2.00 The Chinese Com- munists renewal fee. i HOXG KOXG. ? ' lease for term of 21 years .... 50.00 i Provision for applying excess rep- resentation tlie United Stat- es Rental for renewal term oi 21 are f woi: up to a value of. $S00.00.. Must be recorded during year years 200.00 of training .V) Japanese prison- ers in which it. is performed. ! Dr id g i rQ : Grouping A U -- li'i it. ay ',, i.-::.ij- e.l for a peri . 1 of war in Alaska and the Aleut- - I Under certain conditions claims i oi i;;tcea year.i lor a cr.niinuouij f,i- - incot-Piratio- n an .t' U.S. j ! may be grouped and the work re- - ! stretch of liver riot exceeding ten I i quired to be performed to entitle the j miles in len.-t- a trivi;; tJie exciu.--i v.- - Army. i owner or owners to renewals Of the i rJt u :r-a-'- e ; ;.;om, saver a:.a The charge ws made yesterday in several claims grouped may be per- - plaTif;'.i:n. 1 !bd-- t Lave t ; f ormed on any one or more of the j least one di r.a op-..-ra.:io- n m the an official New China New? Agency x ! ; laims in the grouping. leasehold within th. ee yers. li?ivitc-- h from Pc-iping- : published here 'A Taxes and Fees ! . " T" . "aat . It al;n Royalty a: the rate of two and one- - - ' - - IM-o-Ue- d Takun?pao. n th i4 v-.- v i'J. i I'll I 1 half per cent on the value or an send . not to exceed 2.5C i acres giving he the I. S. is "planninsr to ! gold shipped from the Yukon Terri- tory right to the j.etroledm and natural gaa iUs?;in-e.- l shall be paid to the Commission- er. r.iillion Japanese into Alaska on the area leased. A r-n::- d is char-- - e-- J of c n a "re. She first as immigrants.' I'or grant to a claim for 1 year $10.00 year and ?1.o per acre for each sub-s'.'iiiC- .t to Tor renewal cf grant The Reds said the U.S. planned year. If renewed within 14 days after use the Japanese for future 'asrsrefs-:on.- " ev-.r- y 10.00 Assay Office 11 and v, 3 An Assay Office is maintained hy it added that the Japanese trocp ; 20.n0 ihe Government at Vancouver, where A-i- re shipped to Alaska and the Al-outia- ns I If after- - z oaths and within 6 A 1 htATiei from the Territory will build airfields, hi-- h-' T t months 45.00 purchased at its full value. in 194C to V i- -' T'V n abandonment 2.00 A. II. GlliSOX. . vays iand "other military installa- - Registration of any document 2.00 Commissioner. DAWSON WEEKLY NEWS, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1951. Personal Mention A FEW (TamiM Supple Them Kjar, director of game and TIMELY SUGGESTIONS Publicity of the Yukon left last tues-da- y for a familiarization tour of the Gent's Furnishings Department Dawson area, of the Yukon with vet- eran With the Canning Season approaching you had better check your Cable Cardigans flier Pat Callison owner of Supply of the Following Articles: Callison Flying Service of Dawson. New Parkas for Winter Wear Quart and Pint Sealers Italian Rurs Screw Lids - Top Discs - Rubber Rings D. JL Culver, free lance writer, left Dawson last Friday on the steamer Heavy Wool Sox Ideal for Cooking Pressure Cookers - - Nasutlin for Carmacks. Mx. Culver Felt Boots had spent some time in Dawson, gath- ering y 7 The simplest way to can goods is by using a Canning Machine material and information that Hardware Department We have In Stock a very good Canning Machine that wlil Seal, will be expended in his writing. Open and Re-li- p your Cans. Also two sizes of Cans In Stock Weather Strip The Royal Canadian Mounted Po Caulking Cotton lice of the Dawson detachment are 80ME OF THE NEW MERCHANDISE JUST RECEIVED INCLUDE3 proud owners of a new "blue Chev-ole- t Stove Pipes Pick Up truck. The iboys are Baby Bottle Warmers - Cribs and Mattress Ladies Wear Department quite happy to have this new vehicle. Plastic Goods - Pyrex Ware Nylon Pull-Ov- er Sweaters Bob Gaundroue, son of Mr and Mrs OVER PROOF Easy Washing: Machines - Ranges Cardigan Cable Sweaters Elmer Gaundroue, left last Friday to Home Utility Electric Drills - Crocks resume his training at Clinton, Out: This advertisement is not publliaed Grand Mere Cashmere Twin Sets or displayed by the Government of and Linoleums with the h.CAF. Cong-oleu- m Rugs the Yukon Territory New Assortment of China Cups and Saucers John Donald, manager of the North- ern Nice Selection of Suitcases & Travelling" Sets Commercial Store arrived home CLASSIFIED ADS. Cake Plates, Bon-Bo- n Dishes, Glasses, from Wihitehorse on Thursday last Glass Sets, Juice Sets, Fisrurines with his family with a new Ford FOR SALE. Three piece bedroom station wagon. John is quite proud suite, very good condition. Ap- ply Fancy Serviettes for all Occasions DAWSON HARDWARE CO. of 2iis new "rig" and (who wouldn't Xews Office. he). HELP WANTED - MALE NORTHERN COMMERCIAL CO. LTD: Ernest Kirk arrived home after the Night Janitor for ithe Dawson School. completion of his fourth river trip to Must be capable of heavy work and Stores Throughout the Northland THE B. fo E. STORE the far north outpost of Old Crow. have some knowledge of steam Ernie got back on Friday last and heating -- Position will ibe open after will be leaving again this week for and Tobacco the 15th of October. Reply stating Cigarettes . . . . . . 4 ; his last trip of this season. I age, experience and wages expect- ed. Players . . . Exports . . . Caps Applications to he submitted to ; .? w . . . Fresh Nuts ... The Wes Shiers have recently pur- chased B. G. Harvey, Superintendent, of a Ford Pickup truck from Works and Buildings, Dawson. Y.T. John Donald of the N. C. Co T. A. FIRTH & SON FOR SALE. Fine, warm log cabin at. Established 1906 lErnie Rosenaa,' master, mechanic f WE NOW HAVE NEW SERVICE ... the Yukon Placer Mining Company Built corner Second Ave. and Albert St. only two years ago. Fine GENERAL INSURANCE AGENTS POPULAR DEMAND was a recent visitor in Dawson. HOURS BY shape. . . . Apply Xews office. Our Lunch Counter Will be Open From NOTARY PUBLIC Arriving from CO Mile area recent- ly UNWANTED HAIR 7 A. M. to 1 A. M. was Joe Castonguay, veteran miner Permanently eradicated with Saca who has been operating' on proper- ties Pelo. The most remarkable discov- ery Satisfying; Breakfasts and Take Out in that area for some time. Joe, of the age. Saca Pelo is guaran- teed it is rumoured, will be working prop- erties free from chemical and. drugs Box Lunches closer to Dawson diHng the and will not kill the hair roots. We Have a Good Supply of ... . PENGUIN BREAD IS . . . next year. LOR-BEE- R LAB ENGLISH PEEK FREEN FANCY BISCUITS IN A VARIETY OF PRODUCT 675 Granville St., GIFT AND PRESENTATION TINS A QUALITY ... j Daltan Farr spent a brief visit in Vancouver, B. C. ALSO HALF POUND PACKAGES Taty White Milk Loaf . .' . Wholesome Whole Wheat Loaf j town recently a.s he made a quic-- k DUNCAN FANCY' BISCUITS - SHORTBREAD AND CHOCOLATES Long French Loaf . . . Sweet Cheese Loaf trip from the Yukon Placer Mining i Camp at 60 Mile where he is employ MADE IN SCOTLAND PENGUIN BAKERY ed. y.o. o.p. Just the Thing for Gift Mailing Overseas j Phil Hickey, government liquor ven-- j dor, was an outgoing passenger on t DAWSON CONSUMERS' CO OP . the CPA plane Tuesday for Vancou-- ; ver t5 attend the funeral of his mo The regular monthly meeting will , ther who passed away Monday. be held in Pioneer flail on Thursday, Alex Wark, of the Territorial of- - October 4 th at 8 p. m. t ! fice staff is taking Phil's place. C J LELIEVRL President. A BREAK FOR THE WORKING MAN i Fire of unknown origin badly dam- - II . GRANT, ; aged the home of Bert Barber, well Secretary. , known old timer of the Yukon. Bert's . . . SPECIAL WINTER RATES . . . ; home on Duke street between Second I i land Third Avenuss was burned a fe.v FOR ROOM & BOARD ! i years ago. A I M h j Only prompt action by the fire de-- i (mmm Tins advertisement is not published or displayed by the Government part-i- n en t and volunteers saved the at of the Yukon Territory j adjoining buildings. At present Bert is staying at Pearl iiarlour Hotel. Is'? t T H ARCADE CAF Navigation Notes NO George Black, KC, former member and Royal Alexandra Hotel of parliament for Yukon arrived on The B. Y. X. -- steamer XasuUin ar- rived irit. Mary's Hospital auxiliary will the CPA Tuesday from .Whitehorse. meet at the Hospital, Thursday, Oc- tober r-.-- v. . (.i. in Dawson on Thursday last i Norman McLaughlin & Len Froehlich 4th from 7.30 to y p. m. Mrs. H. Fontaine, of Crookston. with a large load of freight both on Minn., left on the plane Tuesday for it's devk and auoard tiie barge Onek- - oil and ;provisious. The oil was dest her home after spending a week here eeno The Xasutlin under the com- - ii.-.- l -- for Eagle for the contracting , visiting frinds. Mrs. Fontaine left the niand of Captain Corquin is doing the :il.m engaged in 'building an airport Yukon twelve years iago. and this was LEGAL FORMS FOR SALE AT THE NEWS transfer work from Kellyville a mile a. tuat point and also for Mr. E. X. 1 her first trip back, above Five Fingers) to Dawson and patty's properties at Coal Creek. I return. On this last trip the Steamer This will be the last trip of the B. Councilors Gordon Lee, of White-hors- e, s ORPHEUM THEATRE one hun ired and eighty tons of y. x. loats to the lower Yukon this and K. J. Corp, Mayo, arrived freight were carried to Dawson after year. j I on the inbound night of ihe plane FRIDAY AND SATURDAY the transfer ha,l been made from the j Tuesday for the fall session of the j Steamer Aksala. These transfers are The capital of the Union of South' Yukon Council .vhich started yester- - i Yvonne DeCarlo Dan Duryea necessary duo to the very low water Africa is Pretoria, although the 'day. levels that arc now prevalent in the Union's parliament meets in Cape- - i in Vdkon River. town. More than 7,00u varieties of apples "RIVER LADY" 1 1 niri-r-- - I, The NasutUn left ain on Friday - - I have been recorded in the Canada and j (TECHNICOLOR) last to make another contact with the The Rt. Hon. Arthur Meighan is the the United Suite. A Chinese radish may weigh a3 Aksala at Kt-'ly- x ille. only former Canadian Prime Minister much as 50 pounds. T M'-- t m" W-;.-t- ! Yukon R . ;:nd- - :;. today. A -- i'o, .a p. an requires accet to : MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY ' of Cafian Harold wi:ii 1 than ll.K" vot- - Deanna Durbin in "SOfvlETHING IN THE WIND" J.-at- es arrived in Haw sou on Sei"e;n-- ' : ":r. Adams, st-co- n i preside:it of . -- r. is the smallest, federal electoral bt-- r '2.7 from Stewart Ciry. The Yukon ike t'nited '.State, wa-- s the lawyer for i ic-uln- n division in Canada. i tr' V S t ! ; e will be Fridays and Saturdays only, beginning Oct. 5th., admission Ruse left the following day for Nation the defence of the British soldiers ar- - outnumber farm oieraUrs as a voting ' 31.00; .75c; .25c children under 14 - ' ' 'K Ala.-u- a w :;h a load of : i. ' :".. '..'sum. . group by 4.97 to one. Subscribe for TJic c:vs A7::