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Dawson Weekly News, v. 50, no. 6, Thursday, September 9, 1948.

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Frc-- o 'A 2 V WEIKL BRITISH EMPIRE'S FARTHEST NORTH-NEWSPAPE- R Subscription, $6.00 per year; Single copy, ,25c ,: DAWSON, YUKON i , TERRITORY, CANADA, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER -- -. j. ,4-,- '. 9, .. r948." , ; VOL. 50., NO. 6 Firid'Ceiittiry most trusted employees during the Wemecke regime" in that camp. ThanksCTvinsr 1 Services Yukon Schools Despite the fact that he was so near Aklavik Plane Old-Skeleto- ns the end of the trail, he rallied himself . hs m been one of the kayo Broadest Siihday Reopened Tuesday Lands on River camp's and, although it must have cost him In Sixtymile most enthusiastic boosters and r.r. ..- - - - - sponsor and Quite an effort and a good deal of At Dusk, IVIohday operator of one of the Last Sunday special services of Schools, throughout the Yukon. Ter- - first ''Aam,:'. radio! sets in., that dist- - determination, he presided at the big 1 vspectors. Harry Colley and Cal Thanksgiving for the Harvest were ritory re-open- ed for the fall 6emester net. banquet held on the evening of Aug- ust Half an hour later and Pilot Bert Harris have .turned, archaeologists. taJ: if L held at St. Paul's Pro Cathedral iboth on. Tuesday, Sept, 7. 14 in the huge dining salon of Ho- tel Birch, of the '" CPA's Aklavik At leasts 6o it 'would, appear, morning and evening. Th Choral, sex--' ;SV-Sc5l3-,Jaf:k- ; Hulland, who ,r u n Hany reports that ..while ie 'and Aksala 'Btfftight vice held on Sunday evening wWwith his e has beei1 031 extnJ-broadcaste- d Vancouver. He even found the would have been forced to land in strength to stand and speak", to the darknesse on the river in front of Cal were on a prospecting trip in the 26 !Trippers,. over Radio Station C: F. ed-vacatio- n trip outside, was not here appreciative throng of over 600 Yukon-er- s town Monday night. Sixtymile district a few weeks ago Y. T. from 7.30 - 8.45 p. m. This was in time fOT the reopening but it is present, most of whom knew Mm As it was Pilot Bircn ') . : expected that he and his wife win be came in with tiey uncovered two skeletons in a r the first occasion that a radio broad Arriving at 7 o'clock last Wednes- day personally and intimiately. Bert spoke navigation lights winking through the large grave that might possibly be cast has meen made of a church ser- - arriving Sept.. 15. evening, S. S. Aksala brought a for almost ten minutes with hardly northern dusk he ! as set the float-equippe- d over. -- 100. yearn. old. , 1.. vice in Dawson. Meanwhile, Mrs. E. E. . Mason is Through the. courtesy : large load of freight, freight, perish- ables a tremor to betray his rapidly failLng Barkley down on the river at teachinS Mr. "We , were crosscutting on , Califor-- , of the Yukon Telephone Syndicate Hullaod's classes. and mail for Dawson, 26 round-tripper- s 1 strength and no intimation whatso- ever 8 o'clock after a speedy flight from sia Creek." Harry related, ,"w hen and the R. C. C. S. arrangements There have fceen two changes on and half a dozen other pas- sengers. that he realized that this was Aklavik. we made the discovery 1 We the Scho1 staff fal1' Miss were up were made whereby , the radio signal his final and farewell appearance jl-- The Aklavik plane on a river bench on California Creek, was carried over the telephone wires iwto arrived here recently from the was one day a-- Tourists on the Aksala were: ; mong them. But the audience knew head of schedule. The weather looked outside replacing Miss Thelma Woods about 300 feet high, when we ran a- - to the Radio Station whence it was Miss Marie Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. it; and when he sat down the entire bad over in the Arctic Monday so while Mrs. cross what appeared to be a long transmitted. Mr. Tommy Johnson Charley Williams, former i It. R. Robertson, Dr. Jennie Tilt, Mrs. was throng rose as one and applaudel Pilot Birch and his air engineer Bill grade 8011001 trench -- dug , into the ground. It in teaer- - returned to the broadcast. charge was of. Reception K. McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. him long and lustily and then sang Klompas hopped for Dawson Monday teaching duties and is in charge of approximately 12 feet long and 3 feet of the service was reported from many Schultz, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Dewar, "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow." instead of waiting to come over as grades 3 and 4, succeeding Miss Do- - wide. At first we thought it was a outlying points and appreciation was A. R. Johnson, Mrs. A. II. Johnson,; reen Prizeman. It was a grand and well deserved usual on Tuesday. funny looking shaft but after digging expressed regarding the special j na- - Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wilson, Mrs. B. tribute to one who had laboured so Arriving on the Aklavik plane Mon- day Classes at St. Mary's Catholic down . about three feet we found two j ture of the broadcast. j J. Dodge, Miss Jessie Cunnings, Miss long and well among his northern was Miss Margaret Oldenburg, skeletons, one an adult skeleton, the At the special service an anthem friends." Asta Skoubo, Mrs. Barry Johnson E. for the fall term. widely-travelle- d botanist from the TJ-niver- sity other that of a child." based on Psalm 24 "The Earth is the Johnson, M. B. Opigex, Miss M. Pohn-so- n, ' of Minnesota. After removing the ancient remains Lord's" was rendered by St. Paul's Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Stovail, E. Heat Wave Miss Oldenburg was in the news Harry and Cal kept on digging and, choir, solo parts being taken by Mr. Ottawa Women Anderson, Mrs. C. Campbell, Mr. and headlines a few weeks ago when she u after going down another two feet Noel Pennington. A. solo , enti t le d QR YllkOn Visit Strikes East and her Mrs. T. Campbell. pilot Bud Helmericks were '1 were surprised to find the washed "Thanks be to God" was sung by Mrs. : From Way Points- - -- Afe Brown, D. forced - down near Bathurst Inlet In gravel of an old river channel and W. M. Joiner, and a solo "One Sweet Mann, F. Morisnigi, Mary Adami, A. It's a small world as two Ottawa One of the hottest heat waves on the Arctic and unreported for several bedrock below that. They found some ly Solemn Thought" was sung by Mr. Adami, George Wjestbrook. girls discovered last week upon arriv- ing record struck eastern Canada and days. Pilot Helmericks, Miss Olden- burg gold on the bedrock but nothing to ; well-know- n hymns of the "Harvest The Aksala sailed for the south at in Daweon by CPA plane. the eastern states during the latter and the Cessna plane were fin- ally rave about. H. W. Betts. These, together with the 3 p. m. Thursday with the following- - They were Miss Beatty and Miss part of August, taking a heavy toll located by Pilot Ernie Boffa, vet- eran Judging from the old trees grow- ing j Home" completed the music of the passengers in addition to its load of Pepper, of the government service, of life as the result of prostrations, CPA bush flying ace. near the long trench, Colley fig- ures j Choral service. Miss3 round trippers: Ottawa who arrived here last Friday drownings and other fatalities occas- - Oldenburg has been seeking the skeletons must be at least It is planned that in the future 9 Miss " Pinky" Pinkerton, Don Mars, on their firist visit to Dawson. sioned by the sweltering temperatures. and making a collection of Arctic 100 years old. His theory is that the 1 other special services will be carried L. Boisvert, G. B. Bordelau, K. White, En route to Dawson the young la- dies Sergeant Otto Nordling, who had wild flowers this season. long have 'been dug by by the radio waves over C. F. Y. T. other grave may Miss Margaret Renaud, Mrs. C. D. N. met Bob Brazee, of Phoenix, Ari- zona, been on a visit to Dawson for the Only passenger on Monday's the Russians years ago and that there Taylor, for Balllarat, H. M. Holbrook who is on his second trip to golden jubilee celebration ,eaid in a flight was a member of the Anglican may be other ancient skeletons buried Late Press News for Thistle Creek and E. A. Troberg ... ODawson. Bob introduced the Ottawa recent letter that when he got back clergy from Aklavik . in the same trench. for Stewart City. girls to his friends Mr. and Mrs. Jack to Otta'wa he stepped smack into the Leaving here on the northbound -- He and Cal didn't etick around to EDMONTON,, Sept. 4 Thousands flight to Aklavik last Maclennan and it was qquite a plea- sant midst of the heat wave. Otto went on Saturday of official receipts, new tickets and find out. Veterans Official surprise all around when they to say that in contrast to the some- what morning were C. J. Connelly, member memormanda relating to Irish sweep-Stak- e learned that they knew Jack's rela- tives chilly nights experienced in the of the Dep't. of Indian Affaire, B. II. Public Hearing: to Due Dawson Soon lotteries, were seized by city back east. Yukon, the eastern heat wave was McNeill, store employee at Aklavik, ! police and RCMP Friday in a late It Mr. and Mrs. Maclennan R. McLeod of the RC Signals and gave a quite an experience. Be Held in Dawson afternoon raid on an Edmonton resi- dence. Word has been received by the great deal of pleasure to entertain the Miss A. Bernard and Mies B. Heise, Dawson Canadian Legion that the eastern vieitors during their stay here, Aklavik residents. The News has been advised by Con- troller Fined Saturday under the lottery Braves Beat j chief inspector of the B. C. and Al highlight of whch was a genuine Passengers arriving on the Barkley J. E. Gibben that a joint pub section of the Criminal Code was a Brooks in 14th. last week from Aklavik were: J: Hun- ter, berta district of tne veterans- - iauu i moose dinner at the Maclennan apart- ments lic Hearing of the Air Transp ort ! 52-year-o- ld man, an employee of a Act Administration will be visiting last Saturday night, at which Dep't. of Transport Inspector D. j large city firm. It was said by police Board Board Com- missioners and of Transport Edmonton store and future." McMillan, man Dawson "in the near urazee was tne otner guest ana a officials that the man held a key posi- - In one of the classsiest pitching duels will be held in the Admin- istration that his trip to Messrs. Richards and Black who Vad It is expected on tour of the creeks as far as Gold Bot tion in Saskatchewan, Alberta and of the season, the Boston Braves pro- vided Dawson at 2.30 Building, p. the Yukon, Mr. McDonald will spend torn on Sunday in Jack Colbroune's been gathering eea shells for study, British Columbia in the distribution the winning wallop in the bot- tom m. September 14, 1948, to enquire into some time in Whitehorse before com-- i bus. up near the Arctic Ocean. sale of Irish sweepstake ticket of 14th. defeat the air trans- portation i and half the inning to and matters of railway ing on to Dawson. In both places he Both Ottawa visitors expressed books. the second-plac- e Brooklyn Dodgers 2-- 1 to inter-io- r parts of the will arrange the procedures to be fol- - their delight over their Dawson visit Jet Flies at I at Boston's home park Monday. Yukon Territory. lowed by Veterans making applica - : ROME, N. Y., Sept. 4. One man and they were highly enthused over There had been no score in the 670 Miles Hour Particular consideration is to be tion for benefits under. . the Veter - ; was missing when they called the roll the warm friendship and hospitality an game since the top of the second in- ning given to the complaint filed by the ans' Land Act. iof more than 2,000 U..S. service per- - extended to them while here. Dawson Branch of the British Cclum- - ! sonnel leaving here for Europe.. They left on their return trip to as the Bravee ace left-hand- er A jet-propell- ed plane of the U. 5. Warren Spahn tangled In a furi- ous bia-Yuko- n Chamber of Mines, so that j Military police, however, knew Ottawa via CPA plane Tuesday after-- ' Army Air Force achieved what is be- lieved PLANE NEWS pitcher's battle against the all parties interested may, if deemed where to look. Acting on a tip, they noon. to be the world ' speed rec- ord Brooks' ace right hander Ralph Bran- ca. advisable, be represented at-th- e Hear-in?- . i opened the trunk of an automobile for planes when it flew at a Pi!ct Phil Ivereon brought the CPA : driven by a woman and about 10 fribllte Paid speed of 670 miles per hour at the ' Branca was yanked in the 11th. in- ning Douglas in on schedule Tuesday with leave the base. There was the wo- - Cleveland air races Saturday. To Bert Parker when fireballer Rex Barney was Bill Forbes the airmail and three passengers for man's husband the misenig man. The The jet plane was piloted by Ma- jor called in to put out a Boston upris- ing. Dawson. : unnamed man rejoined his buddies Johnston of the U. S. Air Corps, Seriously 111 He pitched to one batter and Outgoing passengers on the south - , and started on the trip Hundreds of Yukoners a crowd es- timated a veteran of 180 combat missions over was then, in turn, relieved by Joe bound flight Tuesday afternoon were: j at 400 and representing Yu- koners I seas during the last war. MANILA, Sept. 4. Thirty thousand Hatton who was charged with the Bill Forbes, pioneer miner and pros- pector Mr. and Mrs. F. L. C. Price and in every walk of life in Van- couver, The U. S. army announced after frightened natives were rescued Sat- urday defeat. Spahn went all the way fori who had spent the past many daughter, Dr. Allan Duncan, Dr attended funeral services for the tests that no official peed rcc- - young from the sulphurous smoke, ash- es the Braves. years in the Carmacks area is report- ed Poznansky, C. A. Hurst, S. J. Brani-ne- r, Bert J. Parker, highly-esteeme- d for- mer i ord could be claimed owing to th( and lava of roaring Hibokhibok vol- cano As a result of Monday's thrilling critically ill at St. Mary's Hospi- tal. Rev. Marsh (who arrived from Dawdonite and for the past many fact that the timing carnejas siad on Camipuin Island. win the Braves increased their lead J Monday), Dave Hawthorne,: years' secretary of the Vancouver Yu- koners' lonly caught three of the jet'n six test Aklavik Ten thousand more were huddled :U the top of the National League heap Bill arrived here August 9 to enter Cliff Brown, Miss L. Pepper and Mrs. Association. runs. in fear of the mightly volcano which to three full games over the second-plac- e the hospital and his condition has L. Beattie. Last rites were conducted by the began erupting Sept. 1 for the first Dodgers. been growing steadily worse during the 21 passengers leaving Rev. Andrew Findlay, former pastor Popular Radio Among time since 1S71. In the American League race the the past few weeks. last Friday were: Miss Nancy Brats- - of United Church, Dawson. Boston Red Sox are out in front by Announcer Leaves His brother, Alex, Vancouver, has I. L. Harris, Mr. and Mrs F. AMSTERDAM, Sept. 4. Wilhe lm- - Describing Bert'e demise, a former berg, a couple of game- - with the New York been notified of Bill's serious illness. t-o- v. ir.hhkhnn Adams and Alex!ina, for 50 years Queen of the Neth- - well known Dawsonite, now in Van- - i, xiv"-"- r Yankees pressing hard in second G. Wigley, A. Dery, Ewen Mc- - erlands, Saturday presented her daugh couver, writes in part: When Tommy Johnston, popular ra- dio Berry place and Cleveland third. Mining Engineer Lean. C. Day, II. N. Spence and K. ; ter Juliana to cheering crowds in 'first of all must remind you again announcer at the local community J Christie, for Mayo. Dam Square as their new queen. that our sparkplug and admitte l lead- - station CFYT signed off Tuesday Looking for Lead Outoing passengers on a special : Wilhelniina, 6S, announced that she ed of Yukoners affairs at the coast, Min'nff Man night he said "Goodby and goodnight." flight last Saturday were: W. M. La : had just signed an act of abdication. Bert Parker, died Aug. 23. Some Rel rns Thistle For with the completion of broad- - Const. Wilf Lee, Louis Woolfe ; The 39-year-o- ld queen, who came months ago he learned that his days casting that evening Tommy severed Alex Berry, well known mining en-- - Fleur Lumbourquette. '; to the throne because of her mothers' were numbered yet he continued to his connections with the local station. 'r and who has long been iden-'-.'- d and F. A. j ill health, then addressed the crowd carry on as usual; giving all his time II. M. '"Bud" Holbrook, superinten- dent He planned on leaving on S. S. Klon- dike with the Mayo Silver camp, re- turned ! fro the balcony of Moses Hall, over- - and energy to directing, advising and for Yukon Gold Placers, left on for Thistle Creek where he will to his headquarters at the El-p- a Doctor Poznansky ! looking the square. arranging the countless details i t S. S. Aksala "last Thursday for that be engaged for the balance of the on lact Friday's plane. Leaves, W'Horse ! PRAGUE. Sept. 4. state funeral connection with the succe.-cfu- i out- - destination after spending a few day3 season. Alex arrived here Discovery Day Poznansky, M. D., who had! will be held Wednesday or Thursday come of the Yukoners' Reunion held in town with his wife and family. Tommy's large listening audience In in time to take in the Golden Jubi- lee Samuel in Dawson during tne for former Premier Eduard Bens. Aug. 12-1- 5. Bud had been in charge of opera- tions Yukon will raise his cheery voice and festitivies here. It was his first been practising planned on leaving by CPA Benes will be buried near his "He fliaed very hapidly towards the at Clear Creek, his old stamp- ing pleasant manner over the local station. trip to Dawson in 9 years. past year, Tuesday of this week en route home at Sezimovo, Usti, 69 miles south end and it was obvious that he was grounds since early spring but i3 As a radio announcer Tommy ranks While here Alex made a trip to plane of Prague, where he died Friday . making quite a fight to stay on his returning to Thistle to supervise con- struction with the best and it Ls U be hoped Sixtymile district to scout some to Whitehorse.. understood that Dr. Poznansky Thousands of grief-stricke- n citizens, feet and be on hand, for what he of the company's new dredge that it will not be too long before lead properties in that area. He is at It is the possibilities of es- tablishing many of whom came by car, truck or knew, and moet of his friends knew, on that tributary. Bud took "Susie" he gets back into the work he likes United Keno will look over Present with employed himself in practice in sou- thern bicycle for miles around, visited the would be his last reunion with the his famous pup back to camp with so welL . . and at a salary that will Hill Mines Ltd., and, for many years Yukon. ( late beloved leader as he lay in state. scores of Yukoners he loved so well. him. make it worth inn while. as one of the Treadwetl Yukon's DAWSON WEEKLY NEWS, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1948 DaWSOIl Weekly NeWS Dawsoa branch but before proceeding n BUS LINES to his new appointment will spend a f H, Samuelson Publisher BY FREIGHT LINES well earned holiday at the coast. Security for 0U Established July 31, 1899 Dave is going out for a month and Published Thursday by a half and will be returning to his DAWSON NEWS PUBLISHING CO TRAVEL SCHEDULED TO SERVE ALL FREIGHT job here. Your Family Limited POINTS on the BY BY CANADIAN Both Dave and Cliff have played an Terms of Subscription: VAN important role in the actitvitee of BUS famous ALASKA HIGHWAY $6.00 per year by delivery or by Dawson Youth Today you can give your family the same security that a fortune Corporation since its mail to all parts of the world. in the bank would provide. The Great-We- st Life offers modern family Dawson Creek Mile Zero to Dry Creek Mile 1184 inception two years ago. Dawson Weekly News for sale by:: income insurance plans that will guarantee your family a regular H. G. Macpherson, Whitehorse, Y.T North Bus Route Freight Truck Service South Bus Route There income to live on in comfort in case anything happens to you. Arizona LEAVES LEAVES Businessman LEAVES Authorized a3 second clas3 mail, i a plan to suit your present income. .Wkitehorse and Whitehorse for Whitehorse for Post Office Department, Ottawa. On Third Trip North For the sake of your own peace of mind . . ." and your family's Dawson Creek Dry Creek Dawson Creek Tuesdays - Fridays Mondays - Thursdays Every Friday ARRIVES RETURNS LEAVES fi. Advertising Rates "Whitehorse and Whitehorse from -- Dry . Dawson Creek On his third trip into the North All legal advertisements, $1.50 per Dawson Creek Greek For Whitehorse land and his second visit to Dawson, Thursdays - Sundays Tuesdays - Fridays Every Wednesday inch, six lines per inch. Jiob .Brazee, manager of a thriving FOR RATES AND OTHER INFORMATION Apply at Local Depot Display advertisements, f 1.00 per representative eecond hand car businessa in Phoenix, White Pass Yukon Route Dawson Office Inch each insertion run of paper. Con m Arizona, arrived by plane last Fri T77 17 Commerce BIdg., First Ave. & King St tract rates on application. Vancouver, B. C. day and! has been spending the past Brevier locals with advertising week in town as the guest of his mark. Transient, 50c per line: 100 close personal friends, Mr. and Mrs. 'YOUR FUTURE IS OUR BUSINESS- - TODAY" lines used in three months, 25 cents per line; 1,000 lines used within one Jno. F. Maclennan. TBPORTATIOII GO. LUTED 1 Brazee was here, two years ago. year, 20 cents per line. He was unable to make steamer Advance notices for money-makin- g a dell brothers, Tom and Charley and CARD OF THANKS affairs and entertainments, dances connection at Wlhitehorse for Dawson Mac Munroe who left in the Rendell's Heavy Hauling . and, as he never travelled TO? the Yu- kon etc., as well as weddings and other on launch Saturday afternoon for the the To the people of Dawson and sur announcements, .50 cents per line. river, (planned on making a trip Stewart region on a moose hunting ex rounding district: I extend by sincere Light Cartage Births, marriage and death notices, to Fort Yukon with Felix Lederer be pedition. They expected to be back thanks for co-operat- ion and patron Machinery Moving and cards of thanks, $1.00 per inch. fore leaving on his return trip to Ari- zona. Monday night or early Tuesday morn izing my shop. Special thanks to Mrs. frailer Trucks Mi Classified advertisements, 50 cents ing. Bigg and Mrs. Mason. I hate to leave line. Quite a poet in his own right, Bob Heavy Bulldozing per your country and hope to be back has completed another "epic" since Personal Mention next spring. I do love it. Light Cat Work Chums Leave returning to Dawson and, providing MRS. STRACHAN, the space' can be found, it will he Third and Queen St.' Office at For Outside Lucky's Shop. For rates or other information apply to printed in a future Issue of the News. Fred Clark, formerly day caretaker Bob does his poetry writing up onat the Administration Building and Two live-wir- e young men who have the porch of Bob Service's cabin. who had been caretaker at the com- pany's 3ftt iltetttoriam office'at Bear Creek been chums during their three year, these past In loving memory of a dear husband When in Vancouver .... number of months, has left his job stay in Dawson left by CPA plane On Quick and father who passed there and he and his wife have mov- ed away seven Tuesday en route to Victoria, their Trip Town back into their Dawson home. years ago today, September 11th, 1941. THE COOKS' home town. Loving thoughts will ever wander Aimee Rousseau, veteran company ELLA AND STAN They were Cliff Brown, member of George Zuke, a welder for dredgeman, has taken Fred's du To the grave where he is laid. Clear over the Bank of Montreal staff these past Cordially invite you and your friends to dine at the Mrs. Fred Creek Placers, and Jimmy Stiles, also ties at Bear Creek. Hickling. three years, and Dave Hawthorne, ne- phew V.; West End's Most Exclusive Restaurant. Private Dining F. G. Hickling. a member of the C. C. x crevr, had a of R. F. Diment who has been uncle these few chance to make a flying trip to town Bon Kunze, who with his brother Rooms for Special Dinners and Wedding Parties working for his past up last week. He bought it through please" with Pilot Pat Callison over the week jua owns ana operates ;viayo utilities, "FOODS THAT years. j the local Chevrolet dealers here Cliff is being transferred from the end. While here Jimmy and George paid a flying visit to Dawson last Franklin's Garage. 1964 West Georgia St. looked up their friends, did a little week. Bon i3 staying here for a week shopping and were observed Tuesday or so and when he returns he will be Vets Official Here squiring a couple of prominent Daw- son taking his aged mother, Mrs. Bertha foelles on a luncheon date. Kunze, pioneer Dawson woman, back They left on the return flight to to Mayo with him. Northern Lights Hotel " Arriving sooner than expected, Mr, Clear Creek camp with Pilot Calli- son X McDonald, chief inspector of the B, Keno City Tuesday afternoon and were giv- en Mr. and Mrs. J. A. MacDonald and C. and Alberta district of the Veter- ans a rousing sendoff at the airport two children Mary and Johnnie plan- ned Land Act Administration, was an Good Accommodation .... U57 by a number of friends. on moving to Bear Creek the incoming passenger on the CPA plane Reasonable Rates .... first of this month so that Jack could - Tuesday. Licensed Premises . . . . Illinois Man on be closed to his work. He is employ- ed with the transportation depart- ment Robert Greaves . Visit Brother, Yukon of 'Yukon Consolidated. The Proprietor MacDonalds will reside in the Drott NOW AVAILABLE Jack G. Elmore, of Effingham, Illi- nois, home at Bear Creek. IN THE YUKON in company with Walt Moehlen-pa- h X and his two sons from St. Louis, After a round of farewell parties at authorized Missouri, recently visited the former's and showers Miss "Pinky" Pinkerton retail outlets brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. and Don Mars, popular Dawson cou- pe Elmore of Carmacks, Y. T. who are to be married after their I WANT to raiv Elmore operates the trading post arrival in Vancouver, left en route from at that point for Taylor and Druryjto the coast on S.S. Aksala last Thurs Ltd. day. A large number of friends were DAWSON CITY The stateside visitors expressed at the dock to bi-- d Don and Pinky v.o. keen enthusiasm over their journey farewell. GEFJEVER Is an endowment policy best for a business woman? Tuesday and Friday to the northland. They made the S,000- - Miss Pinkerton had been employed For the business woman with no- - dependants, an endowment policy is fre- quently GIN the most satisfactory. If you remain single, you can be sure of security mile trip to Yukon and return in their as stenographer in the Mining Re and independence in later years. If you marry, the insurance will be a raluable corder's offfice during her sojourn addition to your mutual security. to Beechcraft Bonanza plane. "The Original Hollands The endowment income plan may or may not be best for you. enthused in the north, while for the past year They were particularly Gin" Make an appointment to see your Mutual Life of Canada agent today. He WHITEHORSE over the warm welcome they received Don had been a member of the Can will explain to you the special benefits of each type of policy, and help you determine your own particular requirements. in the Yukon, the cool, invigorating adian Bank of Commerce staff. is "I FAIRBVNKS weather, the scenery and the beautiful a lakes where they enjoyed euch good Miss Margaret Renaud, member of insurance Providing service life WATERLOO, HEAD OFFICE ONT. FT. ST. JOHN fishing. St. Mary's Hospital staff, left by jince 1869 Mrs. Elmore accompanied the visi- tors steamer last week en route south on 79 Creek) X. (Dawson her annual holidays. Her brother, Fa --A. as far as Atlin on their way SILVER TOP home. There they caught the big one ther Renaud, former parish priest in London Representative: Mel. "V. Webber, District Agent, Vancouver, B. C. PRINCE GEORGE Special of the season, a 21-pou- nd trout. Dawson, left for his new post at Ot VANCOUVER The Elmores are hoping that their tawa on Aug. 17. DRY GIN Rain Spoils Notice to Creditors and visitors will come back gain in the X "The Base of the Best Indian Summer Claimants A new 194S-mod- el Ford pickup, PRAIRIE near future. GRANDE Cocktail" painted grey, arrived on the last trip In the Estats of Jean T. Grenier, late of the S. S. Whitehorse for the Govt, It was truly Indian summer wea- ther EDMONTON Fine Weather Over of Y. T. The new pickup is for the last week with clear skies and of Mayo, Y. T., Deceased McMURRAY Labor Day Holiday use of Sup't. of Public Works, C. W. brilliant sunshine prevailing through- out All persons having any claims Lowman who has already given the this district for tlie greater part gainst the estate of the above named YELLOWKNIFE Especially fine weather prevailed new Ford its trial spin. of the week. deceased are required to file the same in Dawson district over the past week The Ford was purchased through World Renowned Saturday was actually as hot as with the Public Administrator, at and intermediate end, thereby adding to the pleasure Messrs. Colbourne and Schink, o f LIQUEURS some of the July days. The ideal fall Dawson, Yukon Territory, on or points and enjoyment of the Labor Day holi Hickey's Garage, local Ford dealers. BOLS APRICOT BRANDY weather continued over the Labor fore the 2n riav nf no 1948. su Schedules, Rates, etc., day on Monday. X BOLS BLACKBERRY BRANDY Day week end thereby adding to the ported by statutory declaration, afte. from your Canadian Pacific Everything was closed in Dawson Fred Morgan is now driving his BOLS ChERRY BRANDY pleasure and enjoyment of campers which date the estate will be distri- buted BOLS CREME DE CACAO Air Lines Agent Monday in observance of the Labor new Dodge truck which arrived here BOLS CREME DE MENTHE and hunters. having reference only to claims Day holiday, including the govern a short time ago and which he will On Monday however, the skies be which have been so filed. ment offices, liquor store, banks, stor be using in his local transportation gan to cloud over and, while the All persons indebtea to the es and other business firms. operations. The new Doilge truck was weather remained mild, rain began estate are requested to make imme- diate Numerous Dawcjonites took advan purchased through the X. C. Co., lo- cal A2T375 falilng Tuesday morning to mar the payment to the Public Admi- nistrator. tage of the long week-en- d holiday by Dodge agents. ERVEN LUCAS BOLS short spell of Indian summer. heading for their camps at Rock Creek Founded Amsterdam, 1575 There was every indication Tues- day Dated at Dawson, Yukon Territory, or by going fishing and hunting. Sev Even Sourdough Dave Godin ha3 that the rain might possibly turn this 20th day of August, 191S. eral local nimrods hit for outlying the new look these days as he scur- ries This advertisement is not published to eleet or snow, presaging the arri- val J. E. GIBBEX. points in search of moose. hither and yon about town, de- - or displayed by the Government of of the usual damp, soggy fall I j Public Administrator. Among the latter were the Ren- - livering wood in his new Chev. pick- - Yukon Terriiory weather in these parts. Sept. 2, 9. f DAWSON WEEKLY NEWS, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1948. " An application for a cialm nay be mineral claim (making a total of S BERT'S TAXI ! filed with - the Mining Recorder with- in mineral claims) so located by hist ten days after being located if during that period. within ten miles of the Recorder's Of- fice. The timber on a mineral claim is fc One extra day shall be allowed reserved until the Mining Recorder Tw0 modern, heated cars and a bus TtTflTS ISSIg .Sr"' U for every additional tea miles or frac- tion certifies that the eame is required for Friendly Ckwrteous eervice - day psXi (PjO aad niSht. Efficent, reliable drivers U VQ)U . m -- J SynOpSlS c, Of MllUIlff tt- - t LaW thereof. A claim may be located use in mining operations on the V on Sunday or any public holiday. claim. The Commissioner, howerer, phone or call r10 I Yukon Territory may issue a permit to holders of 'lit V V--" n claim i Any person having recorded a SCHEDULED BUS TRIPS TO: I J J J other claims to remove the timber V J J shall not have the right to locate GRANVILLE VIA DOMINION AND 4 for use in their mining operations - another claim in the valley or basin SULPHUR . , where other timber Is not available. of of same creek within sixty days of Leaves taxi office Wednesday and r .f 1 f "1 f 1 f "1 f 1 - Any person eighteen year age Saturday at 7.30 a. m. . ""V I J or over ehall have the right to enter, locating first claim. Title A.ny person having complied with. Weekly Trips to Quartz Creek V-- A LJ locate, prospect and mine upon any Title x3 ij r- - ..jWl lands in the Yukon Territory, whe- ther Any person having complied with the provisions of this Act with regard Bert Taylor, Prop. to locatqp.g and recording a claim shall vested in the Crown or other- wise, the provisions of the Act with respect for the minerals defined in the to locating and recording a claim shall be entitled to hold it for one year Yukon Quartz Mining Act and the be entitled to a grant for one year from the date of the record, and Callison's recently in Shaughnessy Hospital forj Yukon Placer Mining. Act, with certain-r- eservations and shall have the absolute right of thereafter from year to year provided eenous spinal trouble caused by a set out in the said renewal from year to year thereafter, during each year he does or cause Flyi ing Service fall on the ice several - years ago cru my Act- - provided during each year he does or to be done work on the claim to th while en route to Modsehide. VIE causes to be done $200.00 worth of value of $100.00 and shall. wlUJa. Charter Flying to all Points Accord- ing No person shall enter for mining From Dawson work on the claim, files with the Min fourteen days after the expiration of to our informant he might have purposes or shall mine upon lands to- - ing Recorder within fourteen days the year, satisfy the Mining Recorder For Information undergo a major operation t j re owned or. lawfully occupied by an Get in touch with Jack Temple or medy it with the with after the expiration of the claim an that the work has been done, nnd par posssibility of a last- ing other until adequate security has been Pat Callison affidavit showing a detailed statement the Certificate of work fee. One hnad- - limp. Ken was recently transfer- red furnished to' the satisfaction of the from of the work, and pays the required red dollars may be paid In lieu cf Osoyoos detachment to Van- couver. Mining Recorder for any loss or dam- age renewal fee. assessment work. His wife and family are re- maining sTUDDE0 SUUEJ which may be thereby caused. ROYAL, TAXI with Mre. Bond's parents in Grouping When $500.00 has been expended or GEORGE TACK, Prop. Keiowna for the time being. Where claims are being located ; Under certain conditions claims paid the locator may, upon having l X Deep, rugged studs, set in angu- lar which are situated more than one may be grouped and the work re- quired survey made, and upon complying bar arrangement like tractor Office in Occidental Hotel-3rd- . Ave THAT one of the interesting side- lights cleats, dig in . . . take hold hundred miles from the Mining Re to be performed to entitle the with other requirements, obtain a on the Sourdough Reunion ... give light trucks and cars corder's office, the locators, not less owner or owners to renewals of the lease for a term of twenty-on- e years. was tractor-tractio- n in the bad-roa- d the striking window display at the season. than five in number, are authorized several claims grouped may be per- formed with the right of renewal for further Call Us Any Time - Day or Night Hudson's Bay store. Members of the to meet and appoint one of their on any one or more of the terms of twenty-on- e years. Claims lo- cated committee did some rustling around number as emergency Recorder, who claims in the grouping. If the claims prior to July 7, 1917, may upon town and dug up an old rocker from shall as soon as possible, deliver the grouped are owned by more than one fulfilling similar requirement, b an old timer named Barlow, out Bur- - applications and fees reoeived to the person a partnership agreement creat- ing Crown granted. WILLIAM A. O'NEILL Mining Consultant naby way. Also a gold pan, pick, sho- vel, Mining Recorder for the District. a joint and several liability on Leases, renewals of leaees, and do for the part of all the owners for the cuments relating to leased claim etc., and Hud- son's prevailed the upon If two or more persons own a claim : Alaska Phone: and Yukon Blue Territory 459 Bay to depict an old sourdough each person shall contribute propor joint working of the claims shall be shall be recorded with the Mining Box 2000 217 Central Bldg. working a creek claim. The H. B. staff tionately to his interest to the work executed and filed with the Mining Recorder in triplicate. Anchorage, Alaska Recorder. Schedule of Fees excelled themselves. A huge backdrop required to be done thereon, and when was painted to represent a typical proven to the Gold Commissioner that Taxes and Fees Recording every claim $10.00 Yukon scene, complete with cabin at !he has not done so his interest may Royalty at the rate of two and one- - For a substitutional record 10.00 Willson E. Knowlton mouth of the creek and with the min-- j be vested in the other co-owne- rs. half per cent on the value of all Application for a lease 10.00 er in the foreground, surrounded by; gold shipped from the Yukon Terri For certificate of improvements 6.00 Optometrist ! The survey of a claim made by a - implements of his trade, plus numer-- j Hickey's Garage tory shall be paid to the Controller. If recorded within 14 days after duly qualified Dominion Land Survey- or ous pictures an an appropriate wel-- 1 Dawson, Yukon Terr. For grant to a claim for 1 year $10.00 expiry date 5.00 shall be accepted as defining ab- solutely 823 Birks Bldg. - Vancouvet B. C. come sign. It made a very attractive For renewal of grant l after 14 days and within three I the boundaries of the claim scene which literally stopped traffic If renewed within 14 days after months 15.00 surveyed, provided the is on more than one occasion during the survey ap expiry date .10.00 If after three months and within We hear that four it view. i proved by the proper authority and six months 25.00 . . . days was on --m a . l If after 14 days and within 3 remains unprotested during the per months - 30.00 Recording every certificate of !iod of advertisement. Former .Dawson Mountie, Corporal A newborn baby's heart normally If after 3 months and within 6 work 6.00 beats about twice as fast as an adults' subscribe The IS For grouping certificate 5.00 Ken Bond was undergoing treatment for eW5 NoWi A person about to undertake a bona months 45.00 I fide prospecting trip may secure from Recording an abandonment 2.00 Recording assignments, abandon- ments, the Mining Recorder written permis Registration of any document 2.00 affidavits, or any sion to record at his own risk a claim If it affects more than one claim other document ... 2.60 within six months. For each additional claim 1.00 If document affects more than Abstract of Title one claim, for each addi- tional A legal post must stand four feet claim For first entry 2.00 1.00 , .WrtSN'.'.SW above the ground, squared or faced For each additional entry. 5.00 For granting period of 6 months for the upper eighteen inches and within For copy of documents which to record 4.00 measuring four inches across the fac- ed For an abstract of the record Up to 200 words 2.50 portion. The post must be firmly of claim: For each additional 100 words .50 a fixed in the ground. For the first For grant of water entry 4.00 Priority of location shall be deemed For 50 inches or less 10.00 For each additional entry 50 to ?nvoy priority of right. Certain For 50 to 200 inches 25.00 1 For copies of any documents re- corded ! aisputes may be Beard and determined For 200 to 1,000 inches 50.00 where same do not ex- ceed three folios by a Board of Arbitrators. For each additional 1,000 in- - 4.00 J Where such copies exceed three ches fraction t ... or thereof 50.00 Grants of claims grouped or owned folio-- , 3j t cents per folio for by one person may be made renew- - QUARTZ MINING every folio over three able on the same date. I )!- - recording a power of attor- ney ! Subject to the boundaries of other tf .-t- ake from one person 4.00 PLACER MINING claims in good standing at the time Tor recording a power of attor- ney of its location, a mining claim shall . i CflsKCIAUY IWNB W V V, to .-- take from two XJersoti? S.O0 be rectangular in shape and nhall not iVr 5 y Creek means any natural water recording an assignment or IT lit. ttsfi ! ci:f'f.' 1.7h) ;',-(- r i- -i if ni'th hv 1 r.tiO oilie;- - r Ith- - to :82 course naving an average wicitn 01 a 4X irtit" Z L ieet in width. letis than one hundred and fift3T feet (;uar;z mining lea.-.- e 3.00 i wi con" ? til. "t iCvery claim be marked on .-h- all uul, ".h'io ,.!'. or fractional min-ia- l between its banks. AT ALL II MLS' the grou:il by two ! po.-.t- s, one at 'HAVE A CASE IIAXDY Ci.i.m granted nnd.-- r i-a.- -e j Creek claims shall not exceed five eoch bxiiLiu.iy of the location line for term of 21 years 50.000 j hundred feet in length measured a- - humbled -- 1" and "2" respectively. I'ental for renewal term of 21 long the base line, by one thousand On the side of Xo. 1 post facing No. lor teim of 21 years 50.00 jfeet on each side of the ba;e line. 2 Pt :.ha!l be inscribed the cam Dredging j Other claims shall not exceed five of the claim, a letter indicating the A lease may be issued for a period hundred feet in length by one thou- - uirecuon io .no. z post, tne number ' f fifte.-- n years for a coutinuouf: V sand feet in depth. Claims shall be of feet to the right or left of the Wretch of river not exceeding ten nearly as possible rectangular in form location line, the date of location and :nile3 in length giving the exclusive and shall be marked by two legal the name of the locator. On No. 2 ri-- ht to dredge for gold, .silver and posts, one at each end of the claim. Post, on the side facing No. 1 post, platinum. The lessee mu3t have at numbered "1" and "2" respectively, shall be inscribed the name of the .ast one dredge in operation on the Location posts of creek claims shall claim, the date of location and the i, jseaoli tvitjiin three year.". 531 be placed on the base line and of ail ame cf the locator. Petroleum and Natural Gas ..,,lT3 j other claims parallel to the base line, The claim shall be recorded within I Ica-.- e may he issued for a period n n el nn t h p ciJp of t Vi P r i m ,f-n,'p;- f r!ftee-- n days if located wrthin ten twenty one ycaiH for an area at ELDtvamrEE) the creek or river toward which it li es of a Mining Recorder '3 Office; not to exceed 1j20 acres giving the fronts. : - additonal day shall be a'l'.owed iii-h-t to the petroleum and natural gas r every additional ten miles or frac-o'- j on the area leased. A rental i3 charg A ditscoverer shall be entitled to a thereof. ed cf Z-- j cents r acre for the fint claim 1,500 feet in length, and a ;ar-t- y J :.-.-:- -' application for a full claim year and$1.00 p--- j acre for of CHEJ N of two discoverers two claims., each o r.i.v -- n I or:n an ' for a j of 1,2500 feet in length. THE PACFW im on Form "A-l- " Asay Office t The :.o;::: I. any claim may over An A.s.-;a- v Office is vr'iir.iu,.A .i- - A; vo enlarged : o the size Ciaim al : : v 'rt-- y p riori of 12 the Government at Vancouver, where lowed by zne .id ine enlargement '" - ; -- o'- i -r-ii- jry w;i: does not interfere with the ri?2;:s o.' a;: a:tor:'-- y -'-v- -n rain- - VANCOUVER NEW WESTPtllNSTEK -- VICTORIA other persons or terms of any .i ';r u The azzrerate within J 11. OUiUI-- J V. j-c- . c. This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Government of the Yukon Territory tnent vith tr.e Crown. I 'a'.'. : : frr.m a:;y other t'oiitroller. i i -- I ! DAWSON WEEKLY NEWS, - THURSDAY,-SEPTEMBE- R 9, 1948: c: INCREASED MICES 2 r'- - I! We wish to announce that we are now distributors for ---Announc- ement Easy Washing Machine Co. appliances in Dawson district. sterling .P At-Ui- e present time there are signs of buyer's resistance in nzzj L Anyone, wishing to purchase tbg) PBPBtqQj.paUern consumer. Jinesejhsitancy of the public in certain types of sp2.1. -- - ....... fj jr ' '; ; -- a -- - -- V'. silver, (locally,fenown.aa. Bridle Wreath hpuldV 3?lace,- - axk order atthe WE ARE NOW DISPLAYING iKlondike Nugget & Ivory Shop before October 15th. Th3 pattern has ng ehquld not be construed .'as an indication of impending deflation. TheCQnctraction.jint spending s in luxury and semi-luxur- y lines. How- ever, The New Easy. "Clipper" Vacuum. Cleaner, 4owJn. price, high not heen available Jor several years. Now the factory h decked to it is expected that prices in lve stock and dairy products will seryice; to ;ypu Canada's greatest -- Vacuum CleATier Valtte.. K,. put one run through this year; orders to be in by November 1st for Also the --Easy , Vacuum . Washing Machines, a great value in delivery Jarch, 1949. The following list maye? ordered individually reach 'peak-leye- lfi this yearRise in prices creates f inandar-proWen- is i .- --.. . - , ...... for companies and consumes whlch tends to tighten credit rating.-- " Washing. Machines. The ,3. way Vacuum Cup Action cleanses or in sets: tins thoroughly,, quickly, eaves time and soap. Coffee spoons Butter spre-ule-rs L II. Due in. ehortly .i3. the .Easy "Spindry" Home Laundry. The Small teaspoons 'Dessert knives LADIES FURNISHINGS Ultimate in Home Washing Machines. Large teaspoons-Desser- t Dinner knives "CardJgSD. and Pullover Sweater- - Ideal for Cooler Weather There is no easier way to easy living than by investing in spoons Serving spoons Sweaters - ..Sfyled by Jantzen - Myrna Lane -- Pride of the West" "EASY" equipment. Priced right. Cream soup spoons Butter knives Flannelelte Pyjamas and Gowns - WJarm- - and Durable fcv. Dessert Fork Flannelette Sheets - Sizes for Single and Double Beds Sugar spoons Soup spoons Paper Drapes by TTrimz - Fancy ; CplorPjatterns. "ROGERS" BATTERY RADIOS Cold meat forks Dinner Forks Plastic 'Shower-an- d Window Curtains to Match . Long and Short Wave, Compact, Light In weight, excellent Forks Gravy ladles -- Salad Yard Goods - Tartans - Wool: Suiting - Lingerie Crepe reception. Let us demonstrate one of these machines to you. '- - Butter spreaders -- Pie knives Tubular Wool Jersey - Cotton Prints Draperies , ..... mens furnishings ; BATTERIES ; ; kfcr Complete . line of . all Radio Batteries, A. B. Packs, B. Batteries, , Luggage.- - Dress Trunks - Ovraite -- .and Weekend Bags See. the Jantzen and Pride the , new V. V of West Sweaters Air. Cells, Dry Cells, Flash Light Cells, C. Batteries. . . , f . .... Our Batteries are absolutely fresh, having been just received by Leather Jackets - Eiderdown Jackets. -- , us from the manufacturer, . 1948-PONTIAC- S- Work Boots - Dress Shoes - .Bedroom Slippers the best in Batteries. Boys Tweed Pants - Boys Broadcloth Shirts Buy "BURGESS" and you buy , o-o-- o Two models to choose from: Mens Wool Sport Shirts - Mens 'WclSocks Overalls - Bib and Coveralle - Iron Man Pants CANNING SUPPLIES I Sedan CoUpe r Wide Mouth Jars, Lids and Discs, Rubber" Rings, Parowax I 4-do- or Sedan HARDWA'RE DEPARTMENT .... Preserving Kettles, Pots and Pressure Cookers. Copper Boilers - ' '- - - - xx "' " ; :- - ' ' FRANKLIN'S GARAGE Eckoline Stainless Steel Kitchen Stools Steem Electric Irons - 4 and 5 Quart Pressure Cookers DAWSON HARDWARE CO. ,,: Large Assortment Nylon : Household Brushes teen-age- d Dawson Everready Radio Batteries - A and B Pack Personal Mention girl and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bratsberg, left Hoover Vacuum Cleaners - Complete with Attachments Radios - Washing Machines - Bicycles - Stoves by plane last Friday, arrived in Van Bagpiper Hughey ' McLean, erst THE ARCADE CAFE couver Saturday where she was met Fresh Fruits Fresh while river skipper, dredgeman, and Vegetables Canned Foods by Mr. and Mrs. Dan Livingston. Nan hale felolw well met, left by plane 1 Beef cy is spending a short visit with the Pork Lamb Veal Fowl' House of Good Eats : : - Harry Gleaves, Prop. last week en route to Mayo silver Livingstons before leaving for Van Open 6. A. M. till 1 A. M. camp during where the he coming expects winter. to be employ- ed couver Island where she will attend NORTHERN COMMERCIAL CO, LTD. a girl's school. Fresh Ice Cream - Sundaes .... X Whitehorse Dawson Mavo A message from Nancy, saying that Coca Cola Floats - Milk Shakes . . . . Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kasch, who had she had arrived safely and was having been spending several weeks visiting " Orders Taken For a wonderful time, was broadcast over Dawson, left by CPA plane last week Special Cakes - - Cookies - - Pastries - - Bread CFYT Saturday night for the bene- fit en route back to their home at TVnite- - of her parents at Gold Bottom RAINBOW CAFE horee. Mr. Kasch has been in poor ' i r where Bert has been placer' mining helath lately and the trip to Dawson St. Paul's Pro Cathedral all season, s . '' f (Formerly F. & F. Cafe) was made in the 'hope that the holi- day Rector: Rev. W. R. Stringer, B. Sc. TOMMY NAKASHIMA, PROP. Q might prove beneficial to him. it Sunday, Sept. 12th " x PUBLIC NOTICE Sunday Special - Fresh Killed 11 a. m. Morning Prayer & Ser- mon. J Albert Derry, winchman for Yukon Tom Turkey with all the Trimmin's BUILDING Consolidated at Quartz Creek this past 12.15 p. m. Sunday School. The annual meeting of the Dawson GOOD MEALS - PASTRY AND BREAD FOR SALE - GOOD SERVICE season until recently, and his nephew 7.30 p. m. Evening Prayer &. Ser- mon. Community Christmas Tree Associa- tion' Junior Wdgley, who had also been will be heM in Community Hall EVERYBODY - DROP IN SOME TIME- - employed with the company at Quartz Wed., Sept. 22 at 8 p. m. camp, left by plane last week for! Elections of officers and other busi- ness Page & c Mayo. X ! pertaining to this year's tree. All interested are urged to attend. Ken Halley, field engineer fox Yu- -' Sept. 9; 16. SCHEDULED BOAT TRIPS TO CIRCLE Shaw kon Gold Placers, and his wife and Three Times Monthly DEPARTMENT OF INDIAN AFFAIRS daughter returned to Dawson week CATHOLIC WOMEN'S CLUB E (Notice is hereby given that the before last from Thistle Creek where Connections to Circle Hot Springs, Fairbanks and Lower River Points I i Chocolates ANNUAL BAZAAR 'Moosehide Indian School will re-op- en Ken had been in charge of operations i r for the winter term on September 15th this season. He returned to. Thistle Saturday, Sept. 18th at 3 p. m. Felix Lederer : Dawson, Y. T. I at 9 a. m. All parents having school on the S. S. Wfhitehorse last week PARISH HALL age children will please have them but his wife and daughter, who had FISH POND report on that date. been spending the summer holidays Tea will be strved CVWAJTN,. Capt. H. EDWARD BRIDGE, L.TH. with him at Thistle, are remaining in FOR SALE Representing Indian Dept. town. Findlay Kitchen Range $50.00; good The Halley home at the head of " Subscribe for The Nezvs Now! Harper and th. is now undergoing condition. Apply N. Pennington, Cus- toms. a foundation job with Mike Winage i in charge of the construction work. Where Neighbors Meet! 1 I A Life Insurance Policy is one of I i X We now have a full line of Co-operati- on is the "the people's business." It's a way of neighbors I f Your Best friends Mrs. George Black, wife of Yukon's MENS CLOTHING working together to serve themselves at cost. It is based on the desire member of parliament, left on the to secure goods and services of honeet quality at a fair price. IT ENABLES YOU TO: BOOTS AND SHOES Protect & Provide for your parents, wife or family, if you should die; S. S. 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Taylor, well known Dress Socks northern mining engineer, left by PANTS - !: Grey Flannels plane last week after spsnding an Dress Tweeds FRIDAY AND SATURDAY THE B. cfe'F. STORE Khaki Pants enjoyable visit with her son and Overalls ler s all the lovm7 long" for " daughter-in-law- . Mrs. Taylor's home j HATS j! you .... FRESH TOBACCO - PACKETS AND lb. TINS is B. C. She ! Felt Hats at Nelson, was greatly Ski Here's all the croonm you sih for ... FRESH CIGARETTES - POCKET PACKS AND TINS fascinated by her first trip to the Caps EXPORTS - "CAPS" - PLAYERS - PHILIP MORRIS j Klondike. Rain Engineer Tite Caps Hats Here's all the swingin' you go for . . . AND MANY OTHER FRESH CIGARETTES I Fishing Caps X GLOVES IF I'M LUCKY George Cellar, assistant manager Kangaroo Tan Gloves for the N. C. Co. and Mrs. Sellar, Kangaroo Tan Mitts with Cotton Gloves moved into their new apartment a-bo- ve Gauntlet Gloves 99 - REX LUNCH BAR 99 the - store last week. For the TOWELS fj Vivian Blaine - Perry Como - Harry Jam 3 !a Massa Sakata, Prop. past several years they had been liv-- . PILLOWS ing in the Harry Jones residence on BLANKETS Monday and Wednesday Meals 6 a. m. to 11 p. m. - Highest Quality Food and Beverages PYJAMAS Park Ave. VARIATION: Short Orders, Club Plates, Sandwiches, Canaps, Pastry CROSSLEY RADIOS Possessed Noel Pennington, of the Canadian 5 Tube Electric Set by one Woman . . . Cocktails, Salad Parade, Salad Dressing, French and Long and Short Wave, ?50.CO Customs Service, his wife and their Obsessed Mayonnaise, Fruit Salad for French bar-l- e due, Vegetable 5 Tube Battery Sets by another .... young daughter have moved into the Long and Short Wave, $65.00 or Meat, French Martinique, Hunter. All Quality Merchandise at Robert residence recently vacted by the Sel- - REASONABLE PRICES Young Sylvia Sidney WEEKLY: Soup daily. Famous Quebec Whole Green Peas lars. It is understood that the Pen-ningto- ns Famous IT. S. Anderson Split Peas have bought the Jones home. C. H. CHAPMAN ---- in OLD TIMERS: Drop in and have a Cup of Coffee on the House X CRIBBS REXALL STORE THE SEARCHING WIND Miss Nancy Brateberg, popular , . . - - ' ' . r , , ; ; Y