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Dawson Weekly News, v. 50, no. 3, August 19, 1948.

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Frc-- AW SOW WE EKLY lid BRITISH EMPIRE'S FARTHEST NORTH NEWSPAPER , Subscription, $6.00 per year; Single copy, .2Sc DAWSON, YUKON TERRITORY, CANADA, THURSDAY, AUGUST 19, 1948. VOL. L., NO. 3. Alaskans Fly indent was a wild ani- mal's Buyer Pays 45 Company Head News, the British financier pointed Golden hody in the river Jubilee Here for the but which on i An out' that he was allowed only ten closer inspection proved to be the Oounce for Gold Dubious Over Proves Great Celebration pounds upon leaving England. That body of a man. In Natural State Gold Ops Here Success, Dawson was all the money he could take cut She hurried to Fairbanks and noti- fied Holiday-boun- d for the Pioneer's Gol- den the of England during his recent trip to marshal who proceeded to Frank Lilly, Spokane mining statis-- ! Insufficent production combined Canada. Jubilee celebration Despite cloudy skies- - and unfavour- able Tuesday, a DO the spot. MaoDonald's body was de- finitely tician and president of the Aemrican with rising costs of materials and weather conditions, the 3 plane of Lavery Airways and pilot- ed i spirit at-th- e jy the veteran Alaskan identified. Hard Money Association, recently! wages are having an adverse effect Pioneers of the Yukon prevailed flier Bill Lavery new here from Fairbanks An inqueet was being held at Fair- banks bought 820 ounces of newly mined Al- - upon present day operations of the Fast Time on on Tuesday when Dawson Lodge No. 1 Monday. askan gold for $25,420 or $6,200 more Yukon Consolidated Gold Corporation celebrated its Special golden jubilee Monday, landing at the Klondike air- port Flight of the Mrs. MacDonald, deceased's is than the the'"1 tllis district. wife, at noon. treasury would pay for gold rush stampede to the Yukon. now in To the Arctic Fairbanks. . same gold, in the first big gold trans--1 Such was the information imparted Festivities of the Led by well-know- n former Dawson-it- e day got under Art Lutro, the Fairhankl delega- tion action since the U. S. treasury announ-- , ' to the News this week by Mr. c. G. way at 1 o'clock from in front of Pio- neer Pioneers Hold ced that a private citizen can buy and Hav President of the company who Hall when, led by a included old time pioneers, busi- ness ' Captain Bert Birch, pilot of the group of sell gold Si its natural state without nas been spending the past two weeks Veteran pioneens the parade and professional Special CPA's float-equippe- d swung men of the Gol- den Meeting Barkley on the obtaining a license. here on his annual trip to the KJon- - through the j main Heart city and a few tourists who Dawson-Aklavi- k run and his co-pil- ot streets of town and For Alaskans Lilly paid the equivalent of -- $45 an dike to review operations and consult then circled Minto Park. came along especially to take in the Bill Klompas had quite a flying day ounce as compared with the $35 anj"111 management, Discovery Day festitvities. last Wednesday. The address of welcome was made At ounce price fixed by the government,' "Unless we can recover sufficent Pilot Lavery returned to Fairbanks a special meeting of Dawson Arriving here at 1 p. m. last Wed- nesday by Controller J. E. Gibben. K. C, and according to the Spokane Daily Chron- - Production in the face of diffi-icl-e grave direct as he had to fly a load of Lodge No. 1, Y. 0. 0. P. held in Pio- neer from Aklavik the Arctic fliers Mr. Gibben was followed by R. C. Ro pas- sengers in the cutties," Mr. Hay said, "we reporting event. may be to Seattle the same night. lie Hall Monday night six Alaskan refuelled and hopped off at 2.20 the thenburg of Fairbanks, past president pioneens and Actually, on account of shrinkage, . forced to curtail operations in this figured on being back to pick up his a well known Dawson- - same day on a special flight to the of tie Pioneer lodge in that city. the gold was worth about $31 district." ; an ounce ite were initiated into the local ord-- j i northern outpost. Followed the usual sports events Dawson load on Thursday. to Vio iKaooiotf NOthinff hilt ATI lTlPTPaco iti tli a Arriving on the Lavery plane Mon- day Making the flight to Aialyik were in which the spectators took great I The gold came from tne Pnir Mst- - price of gold could alleviate the pres-O- f Attending the were: Mr. and Mrs. Richard. C. event were members W. J. Turnbull, deputy postmaster gen- eral interest. One of the highlights of the J1 Graham Lammers, who operates situation, the president of the corn- - the Pioneers and rheir wivM of Canada, G. W. afternoon's sports Rothenburg, Art Lutro, Wm. G. McConachie, program was the Gilcher, ! a big gold dredge 100 miles north of Pinted out and, in his opinion, guests. aquatic events in president of CPA and Community Swim-in- g Chas. Schiek, Mrs Eva McGowanj Wm. Barney Phillips Arctic Circle' represented the no increase in the price of gold can Those initiated were: R C. Rothen-!th- e and AL Pool. Pierce, two other CPA Vuciciich, C. M. Hagge, Mr. and Mrs. offi- cials. ,'burg, ! sellers- - n was led. in six jars at be anticipated in the near future. T. Oldroyd, Mr. and Mrs. J. Barrack, James Barrack, Art Lutro, Frank Final event of the day was the ball the Spokane and Eastern branch of Leaving his headquarters in London McGarvey, Billy (Vik) Vuciich, H. W. The flight was mado to survey the game in which Wal Troberg's Domin- ion Alan Walker, George Gilberteon, Lou- ise tho Qoattia TT-ii-- of i r?ov June 23. Mr. Hav Firth ' wvutt a u oil iianuuai ja,im.9 ill iiic ' " v -- -. route with the possibilities of an air Tigers won over the Dawson team Boucher, Mrs. Polenski, Denis Coil presence of Lammers, Lilly and James tie on the Empress of Canada and Following the installation by a score of 9-- 8. It McMikle, C. W. White, Ben Thcrenson, ceremon-- ! mail service between Dawson and Ak- lavik was an exciting ioo (Leonard, past president of the North- - was in Toronto to attend the com- - ,Q Q, in the future. game all the way and kept the fans II. D. Cherry, Frank McGarvey and west Mining Associaiton. . ?anv s annual meeting. He then pro- - ed to the dining room to indulge in After spending an hour at Aklavik, keyed up to the heights of pande- monium Mrs. Ludco. Under the treasury ruling gold in Ceeded to Vancouver, came up the a delectable renast served hv "Mrs. L ! the CPA officials and Mr. Turnbull right along. its natura1 state san be bout, sold on S. S. Louise and arrived in A. Biouin and, Mr- -. r, w h,ho were back in Dawson before 9 o'clock Results of the horticultural and in- dustrial Chamber of Mines to ior even hoarded by anyone. Lilly, uaH,soa on - - Casca on its second r or Auesaay mgnt s ceremonies the same evening and left on exhibition will be published a j who has been fighting for an increase to the laet trip. spe-- Greet U. K. Official President J. W. Ballentine was in the i cia; flight of the CPA Douglas the next week. i in the price of the metal, believes the 111 Vancouver Mr. Hay was joined chair and acted as master of cere following day for Whitehorse and Ed- monton. Winding up the day's festivities day is not far off when the gold min- - Dv Ir- - and IrS- - G. F. Troop, who the monies. was grand dance, held in Com- munity A special meeting of the Dawson j ers will be getting much more than had flown west and they all came For local members it was a very The distance between Dawson and Hall Tuesday evening. Sel- dom Branch of the B. C. and Yukon Cham- ber $35 an ounce north together. Mr. Troop is vice- - significant meeting blending the pio-- j Aklavik is roughly 350 air miles so during the past ten years has of Mines, is being held this Fri- day He said the world price is about President and treasurer of Brazilian there been such I neers of Alaska into the origi n a 1 that the Barkley pilots covered nearly a big throng in Com- munity evening, Aug. 20 at the Arcade $70 an ounce and reported he has a Liht and Traction Co., with head- - lodge. 1100 miles that day. Hall. Cafe to welcome to Dawson P. H. j buyer who will take the gold he pur- - Quarters in Toronto and a director for Bennett, deputy director of the Uni- ted ! chased at "much more than $45 an Yukon Consolidated these past 14 ! I ... Polio Ban Lifted Kingdom Information Office, PLANE NEWS I ounce." years, it r. was nis iirst visit to Yukon Popular Dawson whose headquarters are in Ottawa. in the past six years. Couple Wedded Mr. Bennett arrives in Dawson to- morrow Colours Bestowed Mr. and Mrs. Troop and Mr. Hay The ban on all public and other Outbound the passengers on special j on S. S. Casca and will be "expected to leave by-CP- A plane Tues- - In Gold Land gatherings in Dawson following the southbound flight of the CPA Douglas i Jn paups Church remaining here until August 23. j day of this week en route back to DC-- 3 last Thursday were: G. McCon - j outbreak of a polio case at Quartz He is of his vacation in 1 Vancouver. taking part i Creek over three weeks lifted ago was achie, N. Phillips, A. Pierce, W. G. j ! the Yukon hut is anxious to fit in The Colours of the Yukon Battalion From that city Mr. Hay planned a At a quiet wedding ceremony per- formed Sunday. Turnbull, G. R. Tonge, A. H. Larson,! some business while in the territory were bestowed in St. Paul's Cathedral flying business trip to California be- - by the Rev. P. A. Renaud,, O. Church services were resumed Mon- day Mrs, A. H. Larson, J. Oberly, H. Smith, M. at I., St. as no one from the TJ. K. office has ! last Sunday Aug. 15 with ceremony for journeying east to catch the S. S. Mary's Rectory on the while the Theatre G. E. Ilousser, Mrs. Housser, C. J. Ro Orpheum open- ed had an opportunity hitherto of visit- ing fitting the occasion. Queen Mary on the return trip to Eng- - evening of August 5, Hilda May Rein-der- s gers. to the public Monday night and Yukon. For many years past the flags cf land. became the charming bride of plans for the Discovery Day celebra- tion The Douglas, Pilot Iverson, was: Anthony Ressler. He will be registered at the Royal ' the 2nd. M. M. G. Regt have rested "There is little doubt,' 'the company were carried on as per schedule. bac:k Friday on the regular air mail Alexandra Hotel. run ; in the Court Room in the custody of president said ,"that if we use up our Both the bride and groom are for- mer Mr. and Mrs. Bob Switzer, parent As guest speaker at the Chamber the Controller of the Territory, but liquid reserves in present day opera- - residents of Peace River, Alberta. of lttle 2-year-- old Passengers leaving last Friday ! j Rickey Switzer who tions we will be faced with hTe bride was radiant in a suit of Mr. from now on they will hang from the the prob-chanc- el of Mines meeting Friday evening, contracted the disease, came in Friday evening were: F. Thurstcn, Dr. J. Ste-- ' light blue gabardine with Bennett's subject will 'be: "Britain walls of St. Paul's perman- - lem of depending upon funds from the navy acces- sories and drove their son home Sat- urday. young wan, J. F. M. Croteau, W. Bovin, Tord-- i Faces the Future.' ently unfurled in honour of the men Old Country and it is impossible at and carried a bouquet of gor- geous my Thompson Burns MacDonald, Bill ; of Chamber i the escort paraded a guard of honour this time to remit funds from England. roses. Her bridesmaid was her A attendance large The youngster is suffering no ill ef- fects all! A. George, Sherwood, Jerry Pope, sister The position is obscure, but I Greetji (Judy) who wore a members is anticipated. A Colour Party consisting of Capt, very from the for Mayo and S. E. Miller, D. J. Gal-- ; malady following his George Black, K. C. M. P., Lieut, might add the situation is little differ- - navy blue tailored suit with white ac- cessaries. loway and L. F. Smith, for White-- ' treatment at St. Mary's Hospital. F. Maclennan, A. A. Bigg and ent here to what it is in all other She carried a bouquet of Alex MacDonald's horse. jJohn His was the only case reported In 'George Vernon, all veterans of the Part-- S of the world today." gladiolas. this district to date. Body Recovered battalion, received the Colours from He added: "It is a difficult situation Supporting the groom was C. J . AKLAVIK RUN The CPA's Akla- vik the Commissioner, Mr. J. E. Gibben, and we are faced with a huge under-a- t "Bunny' Lelievre. flight left last Friday afternoon Wants Pen Pal Art Lutro brought word here Mon- - the Administration Building, and taking while being beset hy many ad-convey- ed Following the wedding ceremony on schedule but after an hour's flying verse conditions." r.nd a festive ride around town the day the body of Alex MacDonald, bro--j them to St. Paul's, attends J J out of Dawson Pilot Birch had to ther of Dan, Rod and Angus MacDon- - by a Colour Escort made up of Sig- - Mr. Hay asserted however, that the newlyweds received the congratula-- i t If T, there are any Dawson student?-tion- s turn back owing to storm conditions nals Personnel and R. C. M. P. Behind Yukon Consolidated would carry on of their many Dawson friends L , . . the lor aid, of Dawson, had been found in others de,sirou of a pen pal in a to the north 1 as long as possible in the face of at a reception held at the bride's for-- L , . composed of Legion members and vet- - A. miles be- low far Chena river at a point five corner of the world here is the The Barkley finally got away early these mer home on 5th. Ave. of both adverse conditions. Fairbanks on Saturday Aug. 14. erans wars. J opportunity. Saturday for the Arctic and was ex- pected since late- - At the door of the Church, the Col- - He further pointed out that the Refreshment were served by Vein i . Thi x Alex had been missing Ayo Dabin, of Nigeria writes- - to the be back here Tuesday of to government subsidy gold could not Coombes and Michio Xakano, with sev-L- . last fall after returning from a sea- son our Party was met by the Rector, the on (News to say: this week. oral girl friends of the bride assist-- ! . . spent working for Alluvial Gold Rev. W. R. Stringer, who led the Col- - be enjoyed by Yukon Consolidated un- - ! I heard , that t you are a famous pub- - Outgoing passengers on the last our Bearers, Mr. Maclennan and Mr. til the middle of 1943, and at that, ing wiin me serving. Placers at Coal Creek. He had only lisher in Canada so I decided to write Wm. McDon- ald, northbound flight were certain attached to the Following the reception the newly-wed- s Bigg to the altar where he received conditions been in Fairbanks a few days when ; to you in order that you could publish and P. B. for Fort Macpherson the Colours from them and dedicated subsidy program would have to be ful- - left by car for' Rock Creek on he was reported missing. my name and addresa for any who McMillan, for Aklavik. filled before the local would their honeymoon. short service. them in a company His pocketbook and a cheque from i wish to correspond with me, either i Colour party and escorts then found be entited to any benefits therefrom. Mr. and Mrs. Ressler are now re- - i male female. found on or Alluvial Gold Placers were Haines Man Carves seats in the church and special form While here Mr. Hay confirmed the .sidinr in the Best house on 8th Ave., his body leading the marshal at Fair-ban- s I am an African man, age 45, height j of service followed. A large congrega- - appointment of Mr. W. H. S. McFar--j recer. vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Mic-- 1 to believe that he had encounter- ed Teeth out of Ivory 6 feet, 1 Inch and weigh 20 pounds. no foul play as wae originally sus- pected. tion had assembled to watch the cere- - land, former general manager, as a di- - key ? cDonald. I have 8 children and a farm ofi which i monial and take part in the services, rector of the company. Mr. McFarland At reception the bride and ' we raise fruits and vegetables. An old timer on the Yukon, nowjat which the Rev. W. R- - Stringer is alo still acting as consulting en-dea- d, stooi . vere the recipients of many His brother Dan now at Mayo, made; "My hobbies ate shimming and once made a set of teeth by em-- ; made mention of the great work done gineer for the company in Yukon. -- bedding toasts i their health and happiness chiefly corresponding with in pals a flight to Fairbanks last winter pen Despite his somewhat pessimistic and a'..-:- ) of a lovely assortment of bear teeth in aluminum plat-ih- y the Yukon Battalion and welcomed and I an effort t find some clue that would premise to answer all- - let-- a es, but it remained for Stephon Shel - jthe veterans. view of gold mining operations in the valued and attractive wedding gifts. solve the mvstery. souvenir of this country to any pea-so- n 1 . . . . . rui-vBil- on. Sr.. storekeeper and hotelman ofi Klondike under present circumstances, Prior to her marriage Miss Reinders who writes to ms. The found Dy a ranuauno. body was woman who h.n a homestead . a a snort."1 Bnrf Haines to carve himself a set of teeth: Mrs. Chris Hansen came in from the nationally-know- n British u magnate had been a popular employee of the "I work in an office as chief clerk ... !out of real ivory her home at Quartz last Saturday to remains cheerful, hoping for the best, Rex Cafe while "Tony'' is a member ct,, - uisiance out oi ranujuns- - u . where I earn fifty six pounds a month , He had "store" teeth but they made attend the celebraiton Tuesday. j He said that he enjoyed his trip to of the No. 4 dredge crew and one of out on a berrv nicking expedition! about I like making friende 1 1, . .,r.r.i- - tnim a little sore: there was the northland immensely, was glad of the district's star ball players. when her bogged down near the;"1 with- - Amricans.thrat Is why I am car dentist within 100 miles so he sat About 2,000 plant species have eco- - the opportunity of meeting and renew- - Both Mr. and Mrs. Ressler have river, for brush and no writing to you." in searching down and carved himself a new upper nomic uses. ing old friendships in Canada and was made many friends since their arri- val twigs with which to bolster the car plate out of ivory he had on hand hoping that the situation might be im- - in the land of gold and all of Yours sincerely, wheels, she spotted bear tracks and and wore it until his gums healed . The most common form of heart proved before his next annual visit them join in wishing the young newly- - AYO DABIRI, followed them. Later she found moose weds the best of health, wealth 31, Isale-Agbed- e St., He keeps his ivories for special oc- casions. disease occurring in early life is rheu - jto the Klondike. very river's edge. Af- ter tracks leading to the matic heart disease, j In the course of his remarks to the and lasting happiness. Lagos, Nigeria. following these she spotted what i ) DAWSON WEEKLY NEWS, THURSDAY, AUGUST 19, 1948. -- - :News boat at Whitehorse. Bob hitch-hike- d BUS LINES Dawson Weekly O) his way back to Whitehorse and early V H. Samuelsoii Publisher O) FREIGHT LINES in July the three argonauts began Established July 31, 1899 For the One their long trip down the Yukon, camp Published Thursday fcy OAWSON NEWS PUBLISHING CO. ing out all along the route. TRAVEL SCHEDULED TO SERVE ALL FREIGHT They were held up for 5 days at BY Limited You Love BY CANADIAN POINTS on the . Lake Laberge due to a etorm raging . . Terms of Subscription: BUS famous ALASKA HIGHWAY Van at the time. One of the highlights of $6.00 per year by delivery or by their voyage was the shooting of Five The Great-Wes- t Life Graduated Premium Policy Creek Mile 1184 mail to all parts of the world. Dawson Creek Mile Zero to Dry has been especially created to give extra you pro- tection Fingers and Rink Rapids but had Dawson Weekly News for sale by:: they today at a cost for the first year of just half the regular Y.T. been well posted on these treacherous South Bus Route North Bu-- 3 Route Freight Truck Service H. G. Macpherson, Whitehorse, premium. The premium gradually Increases until by the fifth year, LEAVES LEAVES . Authorized a3 second class mail, water ehannls by Gov't. Telegraph you are paying the full amount. Thus, if you are faced with a few Whitehorse LEAVES and Whitehorse for Whitehorse for Post Office Department, Ottawa. operator Hayes at Carmacks. They .years of increased financial responsibility, consult the Great-Wes- t Dawson. Creek Dry Creek Dawson Creek took pictures all along the route. today for full information. Tuesdays - Fridays Mondays - Thursdays Every Friday ARRIVES RETURNS LEAVES Advertising Rates The trio planned on leaving Dawson Whitehorse. and Whitehorse from. -- Dry Dawson Creek All legal advertisements, $1.50 per Tuesday of this week on the next lap ' Dawson Creek Creek For WTiitehorse Sundays Tuesdays - Fridays Every Wednesday Inch, six lines inch. of their journey to Circle. From there Thursdays - per FOR RATES AND OTHER INFORMATION Apply at Local Depot Display advertisements, $1.00 per they figured on going to Fairbanks via the Steese Highway. In Fairbanks representative White Pass Yukon Route Dawson Office Inch each insertion run of paper. Con- tract 17 Commerce Bids-- , i rates on application. they planned to pick up their station Vancouver, B. C. First Ave. & King St Brevier locals with advertising wagon and start on the long journey mark. Transient, 50c per line; 100 back to their homes in Oakland. lines used in three months, 25 cents Before leaving Alaska however, the "YOUR FUTURE IS OUR BUSINESS . TODAY per line; 1,000 lines used within one three young men were looking for NH TRAIISPORTATIOII GO. LIMITED year, 20 cent3 per line. ward to a visit with Dr. Romig, of Advance notices for money-makin- g Anchorage. v affairs and entertainments, dances "We know Mr. and Mrs. Art Daily," j etc., as well a3 weddings and other Maddox explained, " and they gave us 0 m&m'm Light Cartage announcements, .50 cents per line. a great deal of information which has Births, marriage and death notices, come in very handy oa our trip." Dr. for YOUR home Machinery Moving How to take the ruts out of your breakfast routine . . . and cards of thanks, $1.00 per inch. Romig is a brother to Mrs. Daily. En ways to make your kitchen "homey" ... what color to choose Trailer Trucks for your living room ... These are just a few of the intriguing Classified advertisements, 50 cents route down river they also figured new ideas furnished daily on the Woman's Page of line. S33E2Ss2m- -, THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR Heavy Bulldozing per on stopping off at Eagle and hiking These helpful ideas are "plus value" in this daily newspaper for the home that world news interpreted to show its gives you Work Cat to Art Daily's" mining "camp on Ches Light Natural Gold Brings impact on you and your family. aiw mm mmm mmmm mmm ter Creek where Art is now operating Us this coupon I The Christian Science Publishing Society f for SPE- CIAL J One, Norway Street, Boston 15, Massachusetts 1 Third and Queen St. Office at your to $51 an Oz., Open Market a mining proposition in partnership . introduc- tory Please enter a special introductory subscription to I For rates or other information appl7 subscription The Christian Science Monitor 5 weeks (30 issues) for 5 1 with Frank J. Friedle. fire weeks 30 issues only I Name , i ! ine uaKiana iaas are allowing tnem-A- n (U. S. funds) ex-prospec- tor of Reno, Neva se2ves tnree montns for their northern I Cit- y- State I da, who offered natural gold for sale argosy. They have to be back to re- sume J PS-- 4 I I When in Vancouver .... to the highest bidder, was deluged their college classes Sept. 10. with more than $10,000,000 worta o Maddox is a third year student at THE COOKS' at Freegold. The road is in reasonably er of the Clemente Grand Hotel. The orders on his first Ca.y of bti3ineiij, ac University of California while his two good condition and it is possible to movie people of Hollywood had built ELLA AND STAN cording to ihy Mining Record, which pals Bob and Jim are sophomores at drive right on to the claims at Free- - a summer resort there. Rooms cost credited the story to the Associated Stanford University. Cordially invite you and your friends to dine at the gol-- d in three hours from Carmacks. $14 per day. Here in early days" I had Press. They had been planning their nor- thern ' West End's Most Exclusive 'Restaurant. Private Dining --X- lived for a year, filed 160 acres but E. L. Clev.ilanl, of Reno, mine com- pany trip since Christmas and said Rooms for Special Dinners and Wedding Parties Orloff King, well known old time the federal government reserved the head, has "set up a new company that they were enjoying every minute ' DTUACP' TT-k-V- T-o Til A T prospector of the Nansen Crek area, land for lighthouse purposes so I re to buy and ea'l gold iu its natural of the novel experience in the north-lan- d. who formerly operated a gas driven alized I never could get a title. It is 1964 West Georgia St. state on an opei market,, offeiing a stern wheeler, died at Nansen Creek a lovely place, a seal rookery on one minimum of $51 an ounce, which is July 25th. side of the entrance to the harbor. We far above the government, price ot Hullands Send had the loveliest weather during my $35. Greetings North The Firth River ten days stay, days not too hot, nights it is generally assumed, even in lovely. Northern Lights Hotel some gold mating circles, that all gold must be sold to the government In a short note to the News, under By F. E. Envoldsen The 11th it rained just enough to Keno City for the pegged price, but Cleveland date of August" 9, Jack Hulland, sup't. I proceeded to Aklavik on the 29th prevent the plane leaving. Aklavik has there of education for two large hospitals and a large school, Good Accommodation .... says are nc rss'ricitons on the Yukon, stated that of July carrying a mining outfit bad- ly sale of gold in its natural state. he and his wife were still in Seattle needed on the Firth. I had promised two churches and all buildings are Reasonable Rates .... He backs up this statement with and enjoying their vacation outside some friends in Dawson to give my new and painted. Once the streets Licensed Premises . . a letter from the director of the U. immensely. are gravelled and sewers installed it impression of the country and espe- cially S. mint, who wrote: They will be an ideal town. I like Aklavik. Robert Greaves expected to leave within a of the prospects on the Firth. " Cold in its natural state may be day or so for Vancouver to attend Remembering clearly early Yukon Everybody is very friendly. Even the Proprietor sold domestically. The department the Sourdough reunion in that -- city days when Munroe arrived on the little Eskimo kids have a pleasant smile for you. I had heard treasury does not regulate the price the middle of August and will be re- turning waterfront from Fairbanks, hundreds so many contrary reports from the Firth that of gold in transactions for private ac north in time for the re-openi- ng of" anxious miners hollered for news I had decided to in and for count." i , . ; , : "Vx of the fall school term. before his big team of dogs came go see myself hut discovered I could not do t JThe letter lefines natural gold aa Jack and Mrs. Hulland sent beet to a stop. "Is there anything there?" so as it involved a tramp of 5 rough rthat which has not been melted, smelt wishes to all their friends in Dawson The adverse report made some of miles from the plane landing to Dis- covery ed or otherwise treated .by heating or and expressed the hope that everyone them furious and real earnest consul- tations claim where partners Jack by a chemical or electrical process." would enjoy a happy celebration here took place why they should my Mulholland and Sonny Field were Processed gold may be sold to the on Discovery Day. not hang the Japanese that had first working. government only. brought the news to Dawson. Better Their letter to stated me that they Cleveland's current asking price for Newsy Notes From judgement prevailed however, but I had uncovered good pay back in the natural gold is $51 per ounce. The me-.a- J made up my mind that any report I Carmacks District fourth bench, 200 feet above the wa- ter will go to the highest bidder, he, made should be very conservative. ' level. Also that they had good pay said. - r; 1' Landing at Aklavik after only two in the second but five feet of overbur- den. Dig problem in Clevland's enterprise The following interesting news i-te- ms and a half hours in the air we landed They had two large dumps ready is that of finding sufficient gold to at a cmfill flrvaf n n r? a ft-fr- rr Vi i o-V- i about the Carmacks were camp ' for sluicing fmt pumps were essential "lh " - make even a dent in the demand. His forwarded to the News last week by bank of mud. I was wondering how' 1 . TP V route rnifiht 1 I succeeded in getting one in. What orders, several of which were for A. R. Hayes, well known government to get up it, but a kind person gave the result will be will be known by j - ollvervaUe1 Uici,,ul large monthly shipments, would set telegraph operator at Carmacks. me a hand. A truck carried the freight Vancouver end of September when my partners our a full year's production in the Carmacks Catches up with Civilization to the office of the CPA and me t will arrive in Dawson with the clean- up. V. S. Eight years ago today there was the home of a friend but quarters were Just why the demand for natural not a motor vehicle in Carmacks but too small so I took my bedding and I also found upon arrival that peo- ple gold is so great is somewhat obscure, now the town boasts eflgjht heavy clothes to the largest hotel, the Akla- vik, TCfe Canadian Paciuc interested were going in to work your T Can the article stated, and concluded by trucks, two piek-upt- s and one motor- cycle, manager by Happy Xantais. I was their claims. One company, the Snider V Consult saying that some observers believe and the recent installation of told travellers had to supply their outfit, are now arranging to put in it is wanted as a hedge against infla- tion a gasoline pump in front of Taylor & own bedding but the room I got was drills. How extensive the depos i t s and further devaluation of the Drury new store makes it possible to furnished. This is more of an institu- tion are no one tell can as yet. Time will dollar. than a hotel On entering the large drive in say "fill her up," (provided show. Happy Xantais has lumber you have the price), and listen to the first floor room, I was surprised to coming and intends to erect a 40-roo- m J - V Students sli-d- e into see half of it taken up by chairs that College little bell as the gallons addition to the hotel. He has two 1 had comfortable back rests were fast- ened On Exciting Trip j your tank. large scows coming down the aMcken-zie- . I --x- together 6 and 8 in rows. I failed Joe Britton, well known old timer to see a door at the rear. This was j Aklavik is onyl ll1.; flying hours of Kirkman Creek and Daw-Oaklan- d, the projection room, a movie theatre. Three college students from formerly young j from Vancouver. It will no doubt be Every Saturday night a show was on. j flown into Whitehorse two son was California, arrived here in a great tourist resort. Here planes will 'weeks The other half was the dining room. their 14-fo- ot skiff last Thursday after ago with an infected toe. The be hired to see whale hunt3 in the Here two lengths of tables were mov- ed an eventful 17-da- y trip from White nail wa3 removed and Joe should be Arctic, also bear hunts on its coast. out three times daily for a table tween Dawson and Coal Creek. Thei horse down the Yukon river. home soon to welcome guests at the Card of Thanks de hote breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whitehorse sailed for the south Mon- day They were Bob Longwell, John Mad- - roadhouse. Any overflow would have to eeek the Steamer News evening. dox and Jim Ewert. I --x- Leaving Oakland June 26 in a sta- tion Several weeks bull-doze- r work a t lunch counter between the dining room S. S. Casca departed for the south The Discovery Day Committee of and kitchen, but this was nearly al- ways 7 o'clock last Wednesday wagon they journeyed to Edmon- ton Mount Freegold have uncovered prom- ising evening. In the Y. O. O. P. wishes to thank all full. S. S. Aksala was expected to reach addition to some CO roundrippers via Spokane, Jasper and Banff, showings on the Fairelough. who assisted them this year .and ack- - Guder and Irwin claims, At the tables whites, Indians and Es- - Dawson in time for the August 17th who came in on the Casca, the follow- ing Lanjrhani, briruinrr alone: their boat on a home- - n-)- v ledges with thanks the generous mai'e trailer. and waning confidence in this area imos eat side by tide, young and old celebration. passengers left for up river donations which were contributed to come in fur lined parkas. S. S. Whitehorse returned Sunday points : another boost. There Arriving at Whitehortse by way of ha3 been given :::ake the day such a happy success. the Alaska Highway, Longwell took 'is little doubt that an improvement I cot some very interesting snap- shots. evening from its recent trip to Coal Tom Gwyn, F .Adami, Mr. and Mrs. conditions would bring Later I got acquainted with Creek with a large load of freight and E. X. Patty, for Stewart and Messrs. the the station wagon on to Fairbanks in gold mining steamer Keno on the Stewart Ri- ver Happy, ire had formerly been manag- - eupplies for lower river poilnts be- - Ginnell and Stevenson, deckhands for operation productive run. while his two chums worked on their about an early DAWSON WEEKLY NEWS, THURSDAY, AUGUST 19, 1948. 3 BERT'S TAXI ELECTED DISTILLERS PRESIDENT COMPANY Avenue near Orpheuia First OF CANADA LIMITED T0 modern, heated cars and a bus friendly - Courteous service - day flight. Effioent, reliable drivers jd new enterpri pione or call t SCHEDULED BUS TRIPS TO:' t. r i GRANVILLE VIA DOMINION AND I Leav3 taxi SULPHUR office Wednesday and ''''v.',',....-...- . f Wti St H o ps !! Saturday at 7.30 a. m. Wsekly Trips to Quartz Creek I 1 "" Bert Taylor, Prop. White Horse Beverages Ltd. takes pleasure in announcing Callison's Flying Service its appointment as authorized bottler of Charter Flying to all Points From Dawson Dugaid Gillespie Distillers Company of Canada Limited For Information announce the appointment of Mr. Get in touch with Jack Temple or Dugaid Gillespie, formerly Vice-Preside- nt Pat Callison and Managing Director, as f resident of the Company. Mr. Gilles- - 1C Continues in hie ranant-- v o lanaerine Director. Rom in VJrtnrJa B.C., Mr. Gillespie is well known as ROYZIL. TZ12lI a Great business Britain. executive in Canada and TRAOC MARK BEO. under contract with COCA-COL- A LTD. GEORGE TACK, Prop. neers were also brought to town in Office in Occidental Hotel-3rd- . Ave Bal's galloping jalopy. to serve-WHIT- E HORSE- - and District Casca Broke Down Call Us Any Time - Day or Night Southbound Trip WILLIAM A. O'NEILL S. S. Casca, which left here la3t Mining Consultant Wednesday evening southbound for for Whitehorse with a large load of tour- ists, Alaska and Yukon Territory White Horse Beverages Limited White Horse, Y. T. Phone: Blue 459 broke down at Hootalinqua. Box 2000 217 Central Bldg. Word to this effect was received by , Anchorage, Alaska White Pass Agent Alan Praser Mon- day. ' a i 1 1 i i V!.' ' ' " " " ' J " 1 11111 "" ' It was believed the trouble was me-- ; I Willson E. Knowlton 1 ehanical and not serious. Optometrist i S. S. Aksala, northbound, proceeded j a couple of old-tim- e sourdoughs on Wareham, Mr. Geo. AndLson, M r s. to the Casca's aid and returned to . Whitehorse with the Casca's passen- - the traiL That's just the way they Coakley. St. Paul's Pro-Catliedr- al 823 Birks Bldg. - Vancouver B. C. gers and cargo. Consequently the Ak-- , wanted it. They haven't slept in a Carcros and Teslin: Rev. J. W. El- lis Rector, Rev. W. R. Stringer, B. Sc. sala, Capt. TM11 Bromley, was unable hotel bed since leaving Sacramento .nd J. F. Orman. Sunday, August 22nd. to make it here in time for the 17th. ue en(j cf jUne. St. Andrew's Mission, Carmacks: Mr. W. J. Brownlee, Mr. J. C. B. Wil- liamson. 8.30 a. m. Holy Communion. as was originally scheduled. It is und-- ! , ... . . , ' i The California argonauts drove up erstood there were . a few passengers . . . TT. , . ., . 11 a. m. Synod Service (Choral Communion) , the Alaska Highway to Whitehorse j aboard the Aksala from VVTiitehorse St. Andrew's Mission, Selkirk: Mrs. (Preacher: Canon L.. G. Chappell, L. Th.) whefe thpy ugM a 22.fMt poUng boat K. M. Mr. L. H. Cowaret, Phinney. j coming here for the celebration festi- - ... ollthnaj mntor Thev manfi the 7.30 p. m. Choral Service (Brdct. C. F. Y. T.) vities. St Barnabas' Mission, Moosehide: ' river trip from WJiitehorse to Daw- - Preacher: (Most. Rev. W. R. Adams. M. A., D. D.) Rev. Richard Martin, Capt. H. E. i son, arriving here August 9. They had Bridge. j Gloslie Named j spent two weeks prospecting for gold W. A. member representing Indian I up the Big Salmon river. i ! Company Head Missions: Mr. F H. Osborn, Sr. From Dawson they continued on to for heavy-dut- y j hifrhwflv service. , !At Bear Creek j Circle in their boat and figured on each different. Special Services at ; going to Fairbanks by bus and thence teamed in 5 up or sets. W C. E. IcLeod general manager for back to Whitehorse to pick up their St. Paul's on Sunday ; Yukon Consolidated Gold Corp'n. has car for the start of the long journey ' announced . the appointment of Chris back to California. The 9th Session of the Synod of i Gloslie to the position of plant sup- - "We're having a grand time," Mr. 1 Yukon will be held at Dawson from cannot erintendent at Bear Creek effective and Mr.s Heintze said, "and friendliness and August 22nd to 24th. There will be as from last week. et over the warm the Synod Service at St. Paul's Pro t ; In this capacity Gloslie will have hearted hospitality which we have en-char- ge tsr 1 of all of the company's Bear countered everywhere in the north." Cathedral, at which the special prea- cher i n n n rr cruise down the Yukon will be Canon L-- . G. Clrappell, L. their Creek services including the machine During shops, garage, transportation depart- - the California visitors camped out all Th., Rector of Christ Church, White- horse. JlJlHJuvL " their cook" A Choral Service will be held RI3 T.'"AD ment and the warehouse. alon tne route- - did own life on Sunday evening at 7.30 at which ; Gloslie has been connected with the ing. all in all, lived the sourdough 'Lr ttl The greatest : Just like the pioneers lived it during the preacher will be His Grace, the makers company these past many years as W-Py'- J mUeage Archbishop. This service, at which ;rvy:r,r1- - S?J ever built ... we Ditrir-a- i cnnftrintpiident. tne gold rush era. V"i -- rv--ll- hve your size had several solos and anthems will he ren- - .... . .i... r. Mrs. Heintze had always . a lie IS One OI uiu, uuuiijiui s musi, JX-?r-- S today. dered the choir, will be broadcast employees," Mr. yearning to mv. make a trip t; t to fv,p the vnrth- - .North- - by valued and trusted 3 r r over Radio Station C. F. Y. T. Two . .i.. . e qt land so that she could "pan some ALCljeOU pOlIliea OUl, auu tuuocyucui- - 6:1- -5 -- ' ' - iKlvear Batteries wlL -- e sun by Mr.s. XV. M. - - 4 - S) i Li for Truck, Tractor ; tn hio ,WWnt gold." She and her husband said they -- clos and Car - had only one regret about their trip J"'"". eueu ,J'CSS AJ11S new position of great responsibility. . leave and "Let not your heart be troubled." the up this way . they hated to by Scenic Canadian "The Holy City- - will be sung by Mr. here Hickey's Garage the country once they got up j In by Air Xoel Pennington, and Mr. II. W. Betts and met the northern people. Dawson, Yukon Terr. will also render a solo. (&m BmFF mem and Paul Enner, fly- - Frank Shirley ' ing their own private biplane, landed Anglican Synod to Card of Thanks j at the Klondike airport Sunday after leet Next Week ; a flight from Whitehorse. 1 . C .i folifnpnio Q n fl The members of St. Paul's W. A LJOtn men aie uum c.... The clergy, lay-worke- rs and lay de- - wi--- h to thank all those who so kindly are on a flying .tour of tne .orin. . ... , - iegaies num dii v in- - jcci-i,- . t..! -- . - f Lutro Special They hopped off for Fairbanks Mon- - wil1 assemble for the 9th Synod of booths on Discovery Day. time for in day, expected to be back Meets Lutro i the Diocese of Yukon on Sunday, Aug- - -- r ; ' the celebration. ust 22nd. at ?. p m. at the Manse on AnnOUIlCement I Church St., the Synod to continue on When Art Lutro arrived at Klon- - Printer and Wife . ! I Monday and Tuesday. Thee meetings J-- i t s-- m fV I-l- t"h uiKe airport .Monday noon ;uuu It is with pleasure to anncunte t'.r.t 1 On North Outing are open to the public. i other members of the Fairbanks de- - The following members are expect- - Sunday Aaz. 22. the Revd. Canon L. Direct connections to Chicago, Detroit, New Ycr!, liere for the celebration, the "potion j Carl R. Heintze, for 24 years me- chanical od to attend this 9th Synod: : nappeil. Hector of Ciir: -- t C.: :rc::i. . zr.'.rzal and Torcnto. Enjoy the beauMfu! c:; . y former Dawson man was greatly sur- - Chairman: His Glare, the Lord nite uorse. win preach a: st. liar- - end excellent sup't. for The Legal Intel- ligencer, service provided for you when you Prised and pleased to find "The Lutro Church Philadelphia, ircnoi-- - p of Yukon. travel iha a law paper of Canadian Pacific vay. Special ' waiting to take him back to ,' ' ' with the Tr-- . m Sr. Paul's. Dawson: The Rec--t but who is now connected town. Division of Print- - ;r. Messrs. ! A:L?.. White and M. fez- - ....;cr i.-.-.- -.t tinsu; jrour cccf cjenf. California. of State Jim nalientine. close personal friend into tae M tin roe. wife dropped - and his of th,- - -- enial Art. had driven to the mg their like Cretks: Mr. Ross Wocl- - last wee-- c to voice office News O airport in his 1914 model T Ford i : d e a a ; through the ley. cruise delight at their which was gaily bedecked with Hags Christ's Church. se C- - ae was : .ura . : here. K ' wv w--' X i' V northland this summer. and had the inscription 'The Lutro rainproof jac- kets. o:i L. G. Chapped!. come one Garbed in slacks and Special" chalked on the sides for the resemMeu St. Mary's Mayi Rev. G. W. X. H. Ewda; .: Rilg-- . Mr. and Mrs. Heintze occasion. Two other Fairbanks pio- - DAWSON WEEKLY NEWS, THURSDAY, AUGUST 19, 1948 i of the placer miners" in the district Who's Who report a decided scarcity of water at fpRESENT DAY BUSINESS We wish to announce that we are now distributors for Fro mAlaska the present time. Easy Washing Machine Co. appliances in Dawson district. X Is not created toy a few men at the top of the pyramid nor i7 1 i o-o-o big manufacturers, big bankers, big merchants or big politicians. Bud- - i Eva MoGowan, the irrepressible little F. H. Gobar, M. D., of Fullertoo ness is created by a multitude of men and women at the bottom I WE ARE NOW DISPLAYING Irish lady, who is internationally cf Cal., accompanied toy his wife and the pyramid. You are part of the nameless millions of customers Hie New Easy "Clipper" Vacuum Cleaner, low in price, high in known as "The Voice of the Fairbanks fcr & daughter Janice, were visitors to Daw whom business is conducted, on whom hu sin-es- s depends. We deptj service to you. Canada's greatest Vacuum Cleaner Value. Carnival." Casca on you -- as our customers and in turn will service your reqairen the last trip of S. S. eon on in Also the Easy Vacuum, Washing Machines, a great value I with courtesy aad efficiency. Washing Machines. The 3 way Vacuum Cup Action cleanses Pioneers Richard C Rothenburg, last and found their tour of the gold me thoroughly, quickly, eaves time and soap. winter's King Regent for the Carnival. tropolis very interesting. LADIES FURNISHINGS V Due in shortly -- is the Easy 'Spindry" Home Laundry. The He is a .grand past president of the The only regret that the California Ultimate in Home Washing Machines. Pioneer Lodge, Igloo No. 4, Fairbanks. Girls Cotton Dresses . . . Boys Cotton Suits medico had in connection with his There is no easier way to easy living than fcy investing in He was accompanied by hie wife. Ladies Cotton Print Dresses . . . Latest Summer Style P Dawson visit was that he failed to -- EASY" equipment. Priced right. Canvas Running Shoes . . . Styled for Ladies and Girls tt sample a mooee steak while here. Jas. Barrack, past president of the Latest Shades in Chen Yu Lipstick and Nail Lacquers fl o-o-- e He couldn't find one in any of the lo Alaska pioneers, and his wife. 4 ts RONSON LIGHTERS . "ROGERS" BATTERY RADIOS cal cafes. v. S Long and Short Wave, Compact, Light in weight, excellent X Standard Whirlwind . . . Crown Table Models Junior Past President of the Fair- banks reception. Let us demonstrate one of these machines to you. Ewen "Hughie" McLean, who had ii Igloo, genial Art Lutro who MENS FURNISHINGS been winching on the Sixtymile . XX r - made such a hit here with the Dawson Jantzen. . .Pride of the West." . .Sweaters. . .Pullovers ." . .Cardi d: t dredge for Yukon Explorations Ltd., BATTERIES ' ; -!-- .-. r fans when he came over with the Wool Sport Shirts . . . Spun Rayon Sport Shirts C 't : has left his job at that camp and is, Complete line of all Radio Batteries, A. B. Packs, B. Batteries, Fairbanks curlers last winter. at the present, taking things easy in Luggage . . . Dress Trunks . . . Overnite Cases . . . Weekend Cases C! Air Cells, Dry Cells, Flash Light Cells, C. Batteries. town. Barrymore Axmineter Rugs . . . 6 x 9; 9 x 10; 9 x 12 tl Our Batteries are Absolutely fresh, having been just received by Other Pioneers of Alaska were: Wm Wilton Scatter Rugs . . . Assorted Shades tl Don HcDonell formerly connected . us from the manufacturer. Vuiciich Frank McGarvey, Wm. Gil-ch- er t with the Occidental Hotel staff and BEDROOM SUITE Buy "BURGESS" and you buy the best in Batteries. and Chas. Schiek. d who had also been winching on the 4'6" Bed Vanity and Bench . . . Chest of Drawers o--o YEL dredge has also left his job Deniee Coil McMikle is the daugh- ter HARDWARE DEPARTMENT F there and is back in town. CANNING SUPPLIES of the former Adriana Lutro, Art's X Featuring the World Famous Philips Radio Wide Mouth Jars, Lids and Discs, Rubber" Rings, Parowax. sister. Corp. and Mrs. G. I. Cameron and Philips Radios are known and accepted in twenty-si- x different Preserving Kettles, Bots and Pressure Cookers. Copper Boilers daughter lone arrived by power canoe countries the world over oo-- o Ben F. Thorensen, aged 85, who flew I last week from their headquarters at Philips Mantel Radio ... 5 Warerange iri" from Seattle to Fairbanks, heard DAWSON HARDWARE CO. Selkirk to take in the Discovery Day Six and Eight Tube .... Covering all Broadcast Bands of the Dawson trip and came along. celebration here. Philips Radio Phonograph Combination provides unequalled enjoyment His home is on Whitby Island, near t X of radio and recorded programs Seattle. i Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Patty, who left Five Waverange eight tube Receiver and Phonograph Amplifier on a trip to the Thistle and Hender- son t THE ARCADE CAFE Geo. Gilbertson who owns the Pio- neer Fresh Fruits Fresh Vegetables Canned Foods Creeks on S. S. Casca last Wed- nesday, Hotel, Fairbanks, H. D. Cherry t returned to Dawson iby power Beef Pork House of Good Eats Harry Gleaves, Prop. is proprietor of a harber ship in the Jaunch Saturday. Lamb Veal Fowl i Golden Heart City. -- Open 6, A. M. till 1 A, M.- - - X " Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Oldroyd are well NORTHERN COMMERCIAL CO. LTD. Miss Judy Reinders and Allister Mc- - Fresh Ice Cream - Sundaes . . . . known Fairbanksans where Mr. Old Diarmid were to be married last night, Whitehorse Dawson Mayo royd is attached to the University i i Coca Cola Floats - Milk Shakes . . on the glorious 17th. ! i of Alaska staff. He will assist Mr. Ab- bot i x '- -t t f - i Orders Taken For in judging the Discovery Day ex Cakes Cookies Pastries Bread hibition. .Phil Burich, Bon&nza Creek placer i Special - - - - - - miner, came in Monday for the lt7h. RAINBOW CAFE Phil expected to return home today. Alan Walker is the popular and (Formerly F. & F. Cafe) widely known announcer from radio FOR SALE TOMMY NAKASHIMA, PROP. ? i i KLONDIKE NUGGET station KFAR and planned on making f t ; recordings of the Golden Jubilee cele- bration t T Sunday Special - Fresh Killed SHOP for future broadcasts over the Kitchen range in good condition. Tom Turkey with all the Trimming pioneer Fairbanks station. Apply News office. BUILDING GOOD MEALS - PASTRY AND BREAD FOR SALE - GOOD SERVICE Nugget and Ivory Several members of the party, most- ly Notice EVERYBODY - DROP IN SOME TIME- - i women, are tourists who were in Jewelery Fairbanks, heard about the Dawson THE ARCTIC BARBER SHOP trip and came along. 'WILL BE CLOSED FOR ABOUT A Page & 1 Watches - Clocks WEEK. I SCHEDULED BOAT TRIPS TO CIRCLE Cigarette Cases Personal Mention Shaw LOST Three Times Monthly S Ronson Lighters Grant Henderson, sup't. for D. C. Connections to Circle Hot Springs, Fairbanks and Lower River Points 'hocolates W. & P. Co., who had spent a short Eetween power plant and Rainbow Approximate Sailings: August 22; Sept. 2. I Pen & Pencil Sets time in St. Mary's Hospital recently cafe, grey suitcase with red stripes recuperating from a heart attack, is containing baby clothes, etc. L. Be- - 1 Felix Lederer Dawson, Y. T. China, etc. now fully recovered and back on the dard. job again. t 9 S Watches Repaired MINING MACHINERY Mrs. Kazinsky, pioneer Dawson wo- man and widow of the late J. P. Ka- - Bought and Sold i zineky, is leaving this week for Whi- tehorse Try a Classified for Results! J. A. West, 3rd. Ave where she will spend a short Courteous and Personal Service to Your visit with her daughter Mabel and A Life Insurance Policy is one of husband in Whitehorse. She will be Requirements is a Trademark at the Co-o- p We now have a full line of leaving later for "Vancouver to spend Give your store a boost, Neighbor! Your Best friends the winter with her son Johnnie and MENS CLOTHING . Help it Grow IT ENABLES YOJ TOJ his wife and family. BOOTS AND SHOES Buy! Protect & Provide for your parents, wife or family, if you should die; Benefit! Build! Provide lor your old age in an easy manner; Mabel (Mrs. Alex Seely) arrived Dress Oxfords Sisman Scampers CO-OP- S ARE Create fund for the education COMMUNUITY BUILDERS a of your children; here on the last trip of S. S. Casca Slippers Save money for a business pf your own; on a short visit and to accompany her Work Boots Rubber Packs START NOW to build a "Reserve Fund" for life's contingencies! mother back to Whitehorse. BRING YOUR INSURANCE PROBLEMS TO: SHIRTS LEGAL FORMS T. A. FIRTH & SON, Agents, Also leaving at the same time will Sport Work Shirts Shirts FOR SALE AT THE NEWS Excelsior Liife Insurance Co., be Mr. and Mrs. Norman Reid and Dress Shirts Dawson, Y. T. two children. Bernice (Mrs. Reid) is SOCKS YOUR PROTECTION HAS BEEN OUR BUSINESS FOR OVER F?RTY YEARS Mrs. Kazinsky's youngeet daughter, Heavy Work Socks fl ) J Light Work Socks x Dress Socks ORPHEUiVI THEATRE Lionel Brasseur is now working for PANTS - ' Grey Flannels the X. C. Co. at Whitehorse. The well TI-IE- S B. fc in. STORE ! known young Dawson man left here Drese Khaki Overalls Tweeds Pants Tonight with his father several weeke ago to HATS : ICE CREAM : attend the wedding of his sister Hya-cinth- e, Felt Hats at Whitehorse, and to meet Ski Caps . ; The Iron Curtain Delicious . . Healthy . . Satisfying . . Engineer Caps his mother and young sister Austina Rain Tite Hats Cones . . Sundaes . . "Take-Home- " Packs who had come up from Vancouver for Fishing Caps the affair. Lionel had been employed GLOVES Friday and Kangaroo Tan Gloves Saturday il ; with the Yukon Consolidated this sum- - Kangaroo Tan Mitte i mer before leaving for Whitehorse. Cotton Gloves Gauntlet Gloves Forever i 99 REX LUNCH BAR 99 X TOWELS Timber MASSA SAKATA, PROP. Ralph (Sox) Troberg and his wife PILLOWS ? " in Technicolor Meals 7 a. m. to 8 p. m. Highest Quality Food and Beverages and two young children, Ralph, Jr., BLANKETS PYJAMAS and Leona came in Monday from their VARIATION: Short Orders, Club Plates, Sandwiches, Canaps, Pastry CROSSLEY RADIOS mining headquarters on upper Bonan- za 5 Tube Electric Set Cocktails, Salad Parade, Salad Dressing, French and to take in the Discovery Day cele- bration. Long and Short Wave, $30.00 Mayonnaise, Fruit Salad for French bar-l- e due, Vegetable 5 Tube Battery Sets Long and Short Wave, $65.00 French Hunter. or Meat, Martinique, "While in town "Sox" was keeping All Quality Merchandise at Tune REASONABLE in on CFYT for additional features WEEKLY: Soup daily. Famous Quebec Whole Green Peas an eagle eye peeled on the rainclouds PRICES Famous U. S. Anderson Split Peas and figured on making a quick trip C. H. CHAPMAN OLD TIMERS: Drop in and have a Cup of Coffee on the House up to his mine Monday nisrht to see CRfrBBS REXALL STORE II how the reservoir was faring. Most . .. ,, i 1. 1 I,, ' . " " rimm TrjTr- - ,m' ii ii hi. wii i, mm J f ! . i i I i r n r ! fi