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Dawson Weekly News, v. 50, no. 2, August 12, 1948

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Frc-- BAWS Y WW i-- fl f 3.A 7kT IT? ws BRITISH EMPIRE'S FARTHEST NORTH NEWSPAPER Subscription, $6.00 per year; Single copy, .25c DAWSON, YUKON TERRITORY, CANADA, THURSDAY, AUGUST 12, 194S. VOL- - NO. 2. News Celebrates j the river Friday afternoon in the float- - i Sister Superior All Ready for Discovery a whole. No New Polio Another Milestone equipped Barkley on their northbound Father Renaud was the original ''flight to Aklavik. Gravely 111 Day Next Tuesday j cponsor of Dawson Youth Corporation, Cases Dawson Mike Krutko was an outgoing pas- - now one of Dawson's most up and The Dawson News marked another milestone in its long and" faithful ser- vice .senger on the Actric-boun- d plane, en Sister Superior Mary Mark of St. Everything is now in readiness for coming organizations embracing the Up until Tuesday of this week no to the Dawson district on July route to his home at Fort Macpher-son- . Mary's Hospital is gravely ill this the big Golden Jubilee Discovery Day youth of the town. new cases of polio had been reported: ceieorauon in Dawson next Tuesday, j in his work on behalf of his Church in this district. 31 for that date marked the beginning week and little hope is held for her of the fiftieth i ine regular inbound flight frmn fho The members of the Yukon Order j the highly esteemed priest has display- - Dr. Alan Duncan, medical health of- ficer, year of successive pub-- ' recovery. f-- ? Arctic was due in Tuesday of this at Pioneers will meet at Pioneer Hall led a deep and unswerving devotion, informed the News on Tues- day lication in this city. I The people of Dawson who have v week. at 1 p. m. and will take the lead in (ready at all times to lend a helping that if no further cases develop The News was established in Daw-- j known Sister Mark Cringing the Mary over a per- iod the grand parade. The Pioneers will the ban that has airmail and passengers' hand wherever it was needed. been in effect on all eon during July, 1899, when the Klon-- ' of 20 years in the Yukon will be the CPA Douglas DC-3- , Pilot Phil Iver- - be followed by a procession of floats In the departure of Father Renaud public gatherings and other functions dike was a rip roaring stampede camp' grieved to learn of her critical illness. son, landed on schedule at the Klon- dike and gaily-decorate- d bicycles. this district, is losing one of its most these past two weeks will be lifted and the firet issue was run off the' She took ill about ten days and airport Teusday noon. ago This year the parade will march inspnring, religious, athletic and com- munity on Sunday, August 15th. press July 31. her condition has heen Among the incoming passengers growing worse through town to Minto Park to the leaders. He will be greatly This will allow for the annual Dis- covery During those hectic early gold rush right along. were three CPA officials, G W. G. Mc- - strains "fmagieal music. missed in Dawson. Day celebration and other ?9.vr the Mews KrvnctoVl a atntt a a r. "-jConachi- e, president of Canadian Paci- - During the golden jubilee celebra- tion The Discovery Day festivities will However, in connection with his community festivities to go ahead as IS the eold rush dav it waa iemiul'. of St. Mary's Hospital, held here .".lie Air Line, R. B. Phillips, general be officially opened at the park at 2juew post, Father Renaud hopes to usual. daUy, xcept Sunday, later changing i July 11 of this Sister Mark year, Mary , sup't., western division and A. J. p. m. by Controller J. E. Gibben, K. have the opportunity of revisit Ing Dr. Duncan reports that two-yea- r- over to a tri-week- ly in the early had worked tirelesssly in making the Pierce, assistant sup't., western divi- sion. C. Following the opening address the Dawson from time to time and renew- ing old Ricky Switzer, son of Mr .and twenties and operating, during the' occasion such an outstanding success. Discovery Day sports and field events his friendships here. Mrs. Bob Switzer, of Quartz Creekr T A. 2 1 1 x mm a I past two years, on a weekly basis. it is uenevea max ner untiring euorie Outgoing paseengers Tuesday after- noon win get Ulder way ag M a It is with a deep sincerity of heart is now fully recovered from his re- cent It is interesting to note that Grant on behalf of the golden jubilee may were:" Mr. W. A. Fisher, D. Wal- - quatic events at the Community Swim-- 1 that the people of this part of the attack of the malady and will be Henderson, pioneer Dawson have resulted in a breakdown ct her man whow Miss L. Kramer, George Black, ming Pool, starting at 3.30 p. m. The! Yukon, and particuarly those who able to leave the hospital, where he Is now superintendent for the Dawson T. GustafsoIlf Ada MacDonald health. afternoon's sports actitvities will be knew him best, say "Au Revoir" to has been in quarantine since contract- ing Water & Power Previous to here sister . ... I City Co., was of returning as I T a i one and y0ung-0aught- er Sandy, S. T. Fra- - uruugm to a ciose with an exeiting ; Father Renaud . . . and the very best the disease three weeks ago. superior for St.. Mary's in 1945, Sister ser, Mrs. H. Harvey, for Whtiehorse championship fastball game. of luck. Dr. Duncan also pointed out that Mary Mark had been of all steady subscriber since then. provincial and H. P. Peterson, for Mayo. He will be conducting his farewell now that the weather is turning -- colder This year the old News building on' the Sisters of St. An for B. C. and Deputy P. M. ! service at St. Mary's Church this there is far less chance of the Third Ave. is being given "the new Yukon, with headquarters in Victoria. i dreaded epidemic breaking out i coming Sunday. ri Patsy Murdoch She had served, prior to that time, for General Here look." The ravages of time and the Father Renaud will be succeeded this district. Cold weather, he said, elements had left their marks in WillS HonOUT many years in Dawson warp-- j here invariably tends to curtail by Father J. L. Caron who has the epdi-demi- c. ' ed floors and other impairments. As W. J. Turnbull, deputy postmaster ; been stationed at Whitehorse these a result the News building has been i Mies Patsy Murdoch, daughter of Captain Black general for Canada, arrived here on) past five years. He comes, originally, undergoing a brand new refoundation Mr. and Mrs. George Murdoch, of the Flies South Steamer Casca Tuesday from his head from New Brunswick, Missionaires job this eummer. quarters at Ottawa. j Klondike Nugget and Ivory Shop, led t Left in The new foundation job got under ail pupils in the recent matriculation J"'T"" p,ann6d on makiDS aj Schink Family Hurry way the first of June and is now near- - examinations held here the end of Captain George Black, Yukon's mem- ber special fhgfht to Aklavik "Wednesday j ing its final phases. In addition to a June. of parliament at Ottawa, flew in company with CPA executive of i Visits Dawson Three flying uissioiiaires from new foundation a brand new floor, ficials Grant McConachie, Barney Phil--j "way back east" who flew here from Ar. a result of her high marks Patsy uacft. 10 wiiiitriiorse on j. uesoa y j some two feet higher than the for- - won this year's IODE scholarship a-m- er scouthbound flight of the CPA plane I lips and Al Pierce . Clifford Schink, former Dawson man Fairbanks in a small Piper Cub July one, is being put into place and ward of $400. At a meeting of the to attend to business matters awaiting I They Plannei on returning 1 a t e who attended school here in his young- - 30th, didn't take much to Dawsoa for when the job is completed the News IODE held Tuesday night at the home his attenion there. Wednesday night or early today when j er days, arrived on the steamer Casca they hightailed it back to Alaska the building will cetntainly have that of Mrs. George Black it was decided Captain and Mrs. Black arrived in they will board a special flight of the last, with his wife and four children following day. new look." to present the cheque to Patsy at Dawson two weeks ago on S. S. Casca CPA Douglas DC-- 3 today en route to spend a short visit with his bro- - They were M.II.Stoltzful.whoflew e Albin Davidson, Dawson carpenter, Minto Park on Discovery Day. from their home in Whitehorse to back to Whitehorse and thence to Ed - !ther Ernie and the latter's wife and They were M. H. Stoltzful, who flew is the contractor on the new founda- - She plans on leaving here for the spend a few weeks in their Dawson monton. i his sister Florence. the small ship, William Anders and .tion job and has had a crew of 4 men coaet in a short time to continue her home. While here the pioneer Yukon ! Cliff's arrival here coincided with Melville Hugh. working on the project. studies at UBC, Vancouver. M. P. handled a number of legal cases Kenny Heffstrom j the birth of his brother's baby girl At first the flying miseionaires ha4 Due to a shortage of lumber in Daw- - The scholarship award was first that came up for hearing before Sti- pendiary j at St. Mary's Hospital, so all in all, planned on remaining in Dawson over In on Furlouxrh eon Al and Dan Van Bibber made a started last year when the distinction Magistrate L. H. Phinney. : it was quite a reunion for'the former the week end. In on a Friday they ex- pected trip to the Stewart two weks ago to of winning the initial award went to The Blacks will be leaving here lat- er ! Dawsonite and his relatives in Daw to leave the following Monday. On a month's furlough, Kenny Heg-- : bring down a raft of 80 saw logs Miss Esther Ewing, of Mayo. in the fall for Ottawa to attend the son. But one night in town, apparently, which they cut up the river. These Progressive Conservative convention I Clitr now makes his home m can- - was enough. They left the following mer Hegstrom, arrived here by plane logs will fce jsawed up at the Shaw LcaVeS in that city when a new leader will be . fornia where he is connected with a day. uig( from Edmonton last Friday. i s-awm- iil to provide sufficent lumber elected to succeed the Hon. John Brac- ken. ! large sngar company. The missionaries, were from Penn- sylvania Ken left here over a year ago to to complete the big undertaking. Arriving by plane a few days after and were on a flying tour of Miss Helen Larkin, public health join the Royal Canadian Air Force After of continuous Cliff and his family arrived by steam- er Alaska and Yukon. forty-nin- e years nurse for Yukon for the Department where he is qualifying as an airplane eervice the News is getting ready to Casca Brinffs was Dr. E. B. Clark, lady physician of Indian Affairs and who had been technician. His present headquarters embark on the next half century with in Edmonton. of California and a close personal Dr. Alan Duncan spending the past few weeks in Daw- son 80 Passengers are friend. a solid, new foundation under it. district, returned to her headquar- ters Mr. and Mrs. Hegstrom were mighty Leaving; Sept. Dr. Clark and the Schink family left Maybe now that the heaves and Here Tuesday on the CPA plane Friday. pleased to welcome their son back out of the old on their return trip to California via twists have been taken Miss Larkin had made the trip down home while young Stan, who has tak- en ; CPA plane last Friday. Dr. Alan Duncan, well known Yukon place, the publisher and his present over his br6ther's former job with the river steamer to repeat inocula- - by Steamer Casca docked at 10.30 Tues- day physician and surgeon, plans on leav- ing reporter will be able to forego some Dawson Hardware ; tions along the way which were etart- - night with 63 tourists and 17 pas- sengers Co., was just about Dawson Sept. 7 en route to Van- couver of their dizzy daffiness with the ex the proudest kid in town when he Steamer News the ' oH carlipr iti season. for Dawson, some of them where he will join his wife tra security of solid, level footing asj spotted his big brother in the Air through trippers who planned on leav- ing and children in their new home which they thrash out the weekly newsheet Force uniform. Steamer Aksala, on its 8th. trip of Biff Truck in this morning with Felix Lederer be bought this spring before coming and other choree. Ken has been having a busy time the season north, arrived in port early for Circle and thence on to Fairb- anks. north. For Friedle-Dail- y since his return greeting and talking Sunday morning and left again for Dr. Duncan will continue his medi- cal Mining Inspector over oM times with many Dawson the south at 7 o'clock Monday morn-friend- s The tourist steamer had no barge practice in Vancouver but expects and former school tiHicums. ing. To Reside Here a. laige but had a deck cargo of 130 tons ofi to return to Dawson against next sum- mer of the barge cargo of S. S. Incoming passengers were Mr. and ed part perishables, freight and express for j to assist his brother Dr. Barry Whitehorse on its last trip to Daw- - OPUlar DaWSOIl Mrs. E. Johnson, roundtrippers and II. of the Dawson as well as first and second j a in surgical cases here requiring the According to a recent issue Jensen, G. Xun, W. Hamilton, J. Rals- ton son. class mail. jPriest services of two physicians. News of the North, Yellowknife, Mr. machine was for Messrs. Leaving for Twin Fallo and F. Jim and The big their uc vaaua Stti Jtru iui Hits &UUIU i L . His new home in Vancouver is lo- cated and Mrs. Steve Homulus and J. Adameon. neuie auu vj , - Oclock Wednesday night with its jun rnday on 43rd. and Marguerite. young son will be leaving there within left Tuesday Leaving on the Aksala Monday were Eagle when the steamer load of roundtrippers and a few pas- - Meanwhile he is renting his home a month to make their home in Daw- son. From there it will be driven i Scores of Dawsonites, both young Mr. and Mrs. E. Johnson, Mr. and morning. sengers from Dawson. here on 7th. Ave. to Sergeant Major Friedle-Dail- y property on and old, will say au revoir but not Mrs. Cooper, also roundtrippers, II. R. out to the Incoming passengers for Dawtson Dave Patrick, manager of the RCS ra- dio Homulus has been a mining inspec- tor Creek, near Eagle, where thei good-by- e on Tuesday to Father P. A Hurst, E. Somberg, Miss E. Woodcock, rYt;ter Tuesday in addition to tourists were: station who arrived here several at Yellowknife for the Dominion northern mining men Renaud, parish priest for St. Mary's Miss M. Sutton, Miss A. W. Kalus, two well known Mrs. A. Seely, Mr. and Mrs. G. Hus-se- r, weeks ago to succeed Sergeant Major government. It is believed that he operations on a large Church these pact two years. Mrs. L. C. Bradbury, Robert Bradbury, are starting Miss A. Lent, Mrs. R. Pelton, Paul Reid. will be acting in a similar capacity Father Renaud recently received of- - all far Whitehorse while Joe Menzies scale. Mrs. A. W. Graves, Mrs. M. K. Allen, upon his transfer to Dawson. ficial notification from the headquar- - was a passenger for Selwyn and Nor-ter- s jMr. and Mrs. Robert Grant and three 144-Co- rd Raft of the Oblates in Rome of his man Perret for Stewart, A Sad Fatality j children, Mr. and Mrs. F. Kasch, Mr. transfer from Dawson to Ottawa. He SteL..ier Whitehorse, arriving early 'n From Pelly PLANE NEWS land Mrs. Larsen, Miss A. Leitch, Miss I has been appointed assistant director Mon ...... morning, left Tuesday morn- - ! Pelton, W. J. Turnbull and Miss M. The Whitehorse Star of July 30 re- - Lewis. of the Catholic Commission for In-- 1 ing i... lower river points. One of the largest rafts of firewood followin sad fatality in riian Affairs, representative of this Tht .Vhitehorse brought a barge to reach Daw Hon this reason w a s the norts Inbound last Friday the CPA Doug- las organization to the Federal Govern-'- , with a. .arge load of freight and com- ment brought in over the week end from, had four passengers from White- horse that town: that we have CPA Brings and superintedent of Indian ; modities for Dawson as well as for the the Pelly River. It is with deep regret C. W. Low- - and one from Mayo, man. to report that John Owen Williams. 5 From Arctic Schools run by Oblates throughout the '. lower river. The raft, now tied up at the foot I Dominion. I Considerable mail, mostly second of Harper St., on the Dawson beach, after-noo- n elder son of Mr. ana --urs. wvcn , Friday I Outgoing passengers hand last Fri-- ; The popular Roman Catholic priest j class matter, was brought in by the 13 made up of Hi cords cf extra fine were O. McKay, Miss Helen Lar- kin, liams died by his own rushed v. to tvio the uTii.i wm-- . CPA's Barkley, Pilots Birch and arrived in Dawson two years ago this Aksala and Whitehorse. wood. night. He was dav Waite, Don Wm. L. Beckner, and passed Klompas, arrived at 1 o'clock Wed- nesday fall, having been 'transferred from It is the property of Little Sam, well Hospital Smith, Mr. and Mrs. tehorse General Dr. E. 13. Clark, hours of Saturday from Aklavik with 5 passen- gers. Whitehorse. During his two year stay So Sorry known woodman of the Pelly district in the early .... C. E. Chris Schink, David away Schink, of age and They were: F. E. Envoldsen, J. in this district he has won the res- - who was assisted by four other In- diana 20 morning He was years Schink. Schink, Peter Schink, Mary "Sonny." lvl uuen 1 , iui 1 T 1 snma, - : A - v.. " T nerre.u T rj aim J rr i. pect and admiration of hundreds of; Due to lack of space this week, in bringing the large raft down to all his friends as j For J. E. Gibben, known Mayo: Controller funeral serivice was held at the , nymotte. of northern people for his warm-heart- - j quite a number of local items" had to the Yukon to Dawson. J- - Martie and Jack Douglas. afternoon conduct- - me piane returned to AKiavik the ed personality, his leadership and en-- f be held over for the next issue of the The wood will be sold to local deal- ers.. Sunday AKLAVIK RUN. Pilot Bert Birch, grave-sid- e Chappell. same afternoon. ergy on behalf of the community News. Rev. Canon L. G. co-pil- ot Bill Klompas, took off from ed by asj DAWSON WEEKLY NEWS, THURSDAY, AUGUST 12, 1948. BUS LINES FREIGHT LINES TRAVEL SCHEDULED TO SERVE ALL FREIGHT GOLDEN JUBILEE CELEBRATION OF THE KLONDIKE GOLD RUSH OF '98 BY CANADIAN POINTS on the VAN BY HIGHWAY BUS famous ALASKA and FIFTY-SECON- D ANNIVERSARY OF DISCOVERY DAY Dawson Creek Mile Zero to Dry Creek Mile 1184 Bus Route Freight Truck Servlcs North Bus Route. South 17 AUG. --1- 948 LEAVES 1896 --TUE- SDAY, LEAVES LEAVES - YvTiitehorse - and "Whitehorse for Whitehorsa for Creek Dawson Creek Dry Dawson. Creek Horticultural and Industrial Exhibition - Sports - Races - Ball Games - Aquatic Events Tuesdays ARRIVES - Fridays Mondays RETURNS - Thursdays Every LEAVES Friday Whitehorse and Wnitehorse from -- Dry Dawson Creek THIS YEAR'S EXHIBIT Creek. Fct ."Wnitehorsa INDUSTRIAL" EXHIBITION LADIES OF DAWSON, ENTER Dawson Creek HORTICULTURAL AND Tuesdays - Fridays Every Wednesday Sundays oooo CANNED GOODS; PRESERVES Thursdays - AND OTHER INFORMATION " Apply at Local Depot - RATES FOR General Rules and Regulations oooo . -- : . Entries will be received at the Exhibition Building from 8.30 to 10 Class White Pass Yukon Route Dawson Office . a. m. Please bring your exhibits as early a3 possible. 40 Canned fmit3, selection 17 Commerce Bids-- , I: First Ave. &, King St : State clearly the class or classes in which you wish to compete. 4l Canned vegetables, selection Vancouver, B. C Note the limited quantities of the different varieties as shown, in 42 Canned meat, selectioji '- -. 43 Canned fish, selection : ; the classes of yegetables, etc. This is to conserve space. j 44 Best collection of canned goods, all kinds It is important to bring small boxes, plates, dishes, etc., for your 45 Preserved fruit, (jam), selection exhibits. The committee cannot provide any such containers. 46 Jellies, selection Prizes in all classes will be awarded as follows: 47 Marmalade ffiCORMICIl 1RSIISP0RWI0II CO, LIMITED ' Five exhibits . 2 Prizas HOME COOKING Over five exhibits - v 3 prizes - . ooo Three exhibits or les-- s 1 Prize Class Heavy Hauling Prizes will be awarded only if merited, and the judges reserve the 48 Bread, white, 1 loaf ...... 49 'Bread, brown, 1 loaf . Light Cartage right to 'award special prizes, as deserved. 50 ; Bread, any other variety, 1 loaf PARADE 51 Buns,1 plain Machinery Moving r -- I 52 Buns, fancy OOOO 53 Muffins, any variety Trailer Trucks The Celebration Day festivities will be opened with the Parade 54 Cakes, any variety Which will take the following route: 55 Cakes, iced Heavy Bulldozing ' Starting from Pioneer Hall, on King St., the parade will proceed 56 Pies, any variety - to Front St., thence up Queen to second Ave; aiong econa io ivm5, HANDICRAFTS Light Cat Work NEEDLEWORK and up King to Third; along Third to Church St.; up Church to Fifth Ave. : and thence along Fifth Ave. to the KxniDiuon paric. oooo 'Special prizes will be awarded this year for Floats. First prize Class fc' ' For rates or other information apply to Office at Third and Queen St. will be $30.00, second $25.00 and third $15.00. The Pioneers trust that 57 Crochet work as many fioats ?s possible will enter this year'3 parade and thereby 53 Tatting add. to -- the color and gaiety of the celebration. 59 Knitted work 60 Embroidery work 61 Any variety of needlework not classified . HORTICULTURAL AND INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION 62 Indian work, not beaded OOOO 63 Indian work, beaded When in Vancouver 64 Handmade rugs - :. Amateur Gardeners - Enter This Year's Exhibition s 65 Handmade quilts . COOKS The following list shows the quantity required for each entry THE in the exhibit. JUDGES: Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Abbott, of the Governmental Experimen- tal Vegetables Farm in Southern Yukon. Mr. Lorin T. Oldroyd, of the , ELLA AND STAN University of Alaska, at Fairbanks. Class Cordially invite you and your friends to dine at the 1 Beans, wax, plate of 12 - GROWTH OF THE HORTICULTURAL SHOW 2 Beans, string, plate of 12 - OOOO West End's Most Exclusive Restaurant. Private Dining 3 'Beans, broad, 12 pods 4 Beets, 6 - - Originated several years ago, on a somewhat primitve basis, the Rooms for Special Dinners and Wedding Parties annual horticultural show has become an event of real importance. '5 Broccoli, 2 heads , please" The vegetables, flowers and industrial products displayed each year, "foods that Cabbage, 2 heads are real eye-opene- rs and visitors coming here from all parts express 7 Carrots, any variety, 6 1964 West Georgia St. amazement at the products of the soil of the far north and the handi- craft 8 Celery, 2 heads of the people. It is, indeed, a wonderful show and one of which, 9 Cauliflower, 2 heads the northern people may well feel proud. 10 Cucumber, 2 There are also excellent showings of flowers, and this special 11 Kohl rabi, 3 heads section has grown steadily until the accommodation is taxed to the 12 Leks, 6 x - limit. The gorgeous blooms shown in a really ideal season are a joy 13 Lettuce, head, 3 7. 14 Lettuce, any other variety, 3 to behold. Northern Lights Hotel Also featured at the exhibition each year are collections of pre- served 15 Onions, grown from set, 6 - fruits, vegetables, 'meats, fish and so forth in addition to bat- ches 16 Onion3, grown from seed 6 17 Parsnips, 6 of home-mad- e bread and biscuits, luscious pies, cakes, muffins Keno City and cookies. 18 Peas, any variety, 12 pods 19 Peppers, 6 CELEBRATION DAY SPORTS AND AQUATIC EVENTS Good Accommodation .... 20 Potatoes, white, 10 21 Potatoes, colored, 10 OOOO Reasonable Rates .... Field Events 22 Itadishes, variety; 3 bunches of 6 any 23 Rhubarb, bunch of 6 sticks 30 yards Soys and girls under 6. Licensed Premises . . 50 " Boys 6 to 8 inclusive 24 Squash, 2 .. ;.. 50 " Girls 6 to 8 25 Tomatoes, 6 Robert Greaves 50 " Boys 9 to 12 2G Turnips, white, 6 ' 50 " Girls 9 to 12 Proprietor 27 Turnips, yellow, 6 75 " Boys 13 to 16 28 Vegetable marrow, white, 2 75 " Girls 13 to 16 29 Vegetable marrow, 2 green, 50 " Three-legge- d race for boys under 12 50 " Three-legge- d race for girls under 12 FRUITS, PLANTS, FLOWERS 75 " Three-legge- d race for boys, open oooo 75 " Three-legge- d race for girls, open ClaSS ' : ' ' i ! , 100 " Boys & Men, open 33 Raspberries 100 " Girls & Women, open Retire 1 Any other berries Bicycle race Boys under 18, 440 yards . . . .Display of asssorted berries Bicycle race Girls under 18, 440 yards , : -- '22 32 Plights, any variety " Men's nail driving contest, open When YOU Choose of Ladies nail driving contest, open 34 FloW?rsr group assorted bouquets ' Ball games 35 Sweet pea3 . 36 Pansie3 : Aquatic Events 38 Bouquet of wild flowers Swimming races, diving events and novelty races at Community You, yourself, can be sure of a guaranteed retirement income $7 Any other variety - Swimming Pool on Fifth Ave., under the supervision of Dr. W. M. to give you complete freedom when you're ready to take things easy. 39 Flowers, ornamental or novelty display Joiner. "With the help of the Great-We- st Life you can adopt a plan of savings geared to your future needs. Combining life insurance with pension this modern plan protects Dawson Weekly News To Dedicate Colours in other parts of the country. kerites were right on the beam that your dependents now . . . and at the age you choose, brings you a 1 Three well known Dawson nimrods night and walloping the ball to all cor- ners sure income to keep you in comfort the rest of your life. For full In- formation, H. Samuelson Publisher At Special Service phone us today. who left on a moose hunting expedi- tion of the lot while Che locals didn't Established July 31, 1899 recently were Frank Osborn, Joe Published Thursday by seem to be able to get going at all. A special service will be held at St. Redmond and Dr. Barry Duncan. DAWSON NEWS PUBLISHING CO. Their performance against the Hun- ker The trio of hunters left last Thurs- day Limited ' Paul's Pro Cathedral on Sunday, Aug- ust team was in direct contrast to k. Terms of Subscription: 15th at 11 a. m. at which the night in George Shaw's launch their snappy display against the representative $6.00" per year by delivery or by "colors" of the Yukon Company of the for the Stewart River region, well e-quip- ped strong Dominion Creek Tigers the Bri- gade with shooting irons, a good mail to all parts of the world. 2nd. Canadian Motor Machine Gun week before supply of grub and other substances 'Dawson Weekly News for sale by:: (1914-191S- ) will be dedicated and However, as Manager Foley pointed II. G. Macpherson, Wnitehorse, Y.T. placed in the chancel of the church. considered so essential to a successful out, "you can't be on the beam all the 'YOUR FUTURE IS OUR BUSINESS . . . TODAY" hunting expediiton in these parts. Authorized as second class mall, For years these Colours have been time" First Dawsonites to report bagging Post Office Department, Ottawa. in the custody of the Commissioner Vic was hoping that with one rusty a moose this season were John Drott of the Territory and were placed in game out of their system, his players and John Braga who left here on a pital during her short span of life. are designed to make a hit with the Advertising: Rates the Council Chamber at the Adminis- tration would be in tip top shape for the big of Saturday night for the Australia ditch. The prematurely born daughter of public in general. All legal advertisements, $1.50 per Building. At the request crucial battle Discovery Day. They were back in town with a fine Dr. and Mrs. Barry Duncan, born over M. P. for Yu- kon, Black, inch, six lines per inch. Captain George There is a probability that there Display advertisements, $1.00 per the Colours will be transfered buck Sunday night, or the day after may be a game between two ladie3 two weeks ago and who has been kept New Ford Truck the opened, having shot the season inch each insertion run of paper. Con- tract to St. Paul's Pro Cathedral and will teams on the 17th. also. Quite a few in an incubator at the hospital ,is animal in that vicinity. rates on application. be presented for dedication by two of the local girls have been out these reported to -- be doing splendidly. Brevier locals with advertising of the original members of the Yukon past two weeks getting into shape for A new Ford truck, model F-13- 5, was mark. Transient, 50c per line; 100 Company. SOFTBALL SLANTS the forthcoming tilt. It is understood Massa Sakata brought here on the last trip of the lines used in three months, 25 cents that the Dawson ladies team will be steamer Wnitehorse. The new Ford In a special game scheduled for Takes Over Cafe per line; 1,000 lines used within one Nimrods Away playing a ladies team from Bear Creek wa3 for the Yukon Consolidated Gold' Minto Park last night a combined year, 20 cents per line. if the game materializes. Advance notices for money-makin- g On Moose Hunt Bear-Cree- k Bonanza team was slated Corporation and was purch a s e d affairs and entertainments, dancs to tangle with Vic Foley's nine. A Massa Sakata, well known pioneer through the local Ford dealers Mes-rs- . Infant Daughter Dawson culinary artiat, who had been Colboume large attendance was anticipated. This and Schink, operators other Aug. etc., as well as weddings and The moose season opened on was believed the last game to be play- ed associated with John Janson in the of Hickey's Garage. announcements, .50 cents per line. ust 1 and ever since then enthusias- tic Passes Away Births, marriage and death notices, nimrods of the district, with an prior to the big championship game Rex Cafe since last -- winter, has now and cards of thanks, $1.00 per inch. eye to the increasing meat prices and coming up next week on Discovery A baby girl, born last Friday in St. taken over the Cafe under his own Pilot Pat Callison, of Callison's Fly- ing Classified advertisements, 50 cents in the hopes of bolstering their win- ter Day. Mary's Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Sid management. Service, made a flight to Fair- banks per line. meat supplies with wild game, In a lusty hitting game played at May, of Bear Creek, passed away on He wishes to announce that he will Tuesday of this week with one have been making numerous hunting the park last Friday night, the Hun- ker Monday of this week. make a point of serving only the beet passenger from Daweon. Italian talc, noted for it3 high pur- ity, expeditions to their favourite moose lads took the Dawson team into Born prematurely the baby girl had the market affords and will feature Pat returned to his home base hero is almost 99 per cent mageneium silicate. pastures up and down the Yukon and camp by a lob-side- d score. The Hun- - been kept in an incubator at the hos- - special dishes and special dinners that Tuesday evening. DAWSON WEEKLY NEWS, THURSDAY, AUGUST 12, 1948. Harry Brasseur, who had flown, to shortly after returning to the coast Sale by Tender BERT'S TAXI WhiteCioree to attend Jthe weddinf, from the Yukon. also returned at the same time. The x Estate cf James Di!!on, Deceased First Avenue near Orpheum Bob Grant, well known Dawson-bo- m Tenders are invited for the purchase Brasseur family made the trip down man who has been engaged in the of the following: heated cars and a bus the river on the S. S. "Whitehorse. modem, Two dredging game in South America these The Northerly one half of Lot One Courteous service - day x Friendly - past number of years, returned to and the Southerly one half of Lot Two Effioeat, reliable drivers wife of Sergt. Major night. Mrs. Patrick, acd Dawson on the Casca Tuesday along both in Block "H. E.." in the Harper Phcne or call Dave -- Patrick, officer in charge of the with his wife and three children. Bob Estate in the Townsite of Dawson. SCHEDULED BUS TRIPS TO: RCS radio station, here, arrived by is a brother to Chris Grant of Daw Yukon Territory and the warehouse GRANVn-L- E VIA DOMINION AND plane last Tesday. to rejoin her. hul- - son and to Dan and Hector Grant and building thereon. SULPHUR band in Dawson. She was accompanied Mrs. L- - L. Hogers, of Bear Creek. Tenders -- shomld be addressed to the? undersigned on or before the 31st day Leaves taxi office Wednesday and by their two children aged 3 and 2 7.30 Auditor Enjoys of August, X948. Saturday at a. rm. respectively . . Weekly Trips to Quartz Creek Patrick was Highest or any tender- - necegfr Before Segrt. Major Dawson Visit Airily accepted- - All tenders must bfr Bext Taylor, Prop. . - . Viicn transferred to Dawson, they had made accompanied by an accepted chere i their home in Ottawa but Mrs, Pat--' of order for 10 cent of tae money per rick had been spending the past fe A. B; Moore, Manager of the Hotel , amount of the tender. 1 i-H- OLW' River Vancouver branch of the Bank o f weeks vfaftTng in the Peace S s Call i son ' s country before she and the children the Bank of Montreal, who arrived J. E. GIBBEN, . came on to Dawson. here July 30 on the annual audit of Public Administrator of Flying Service Thp PatrlrVa am living tfnrnorarilv the Daweon branch, left on the steam- er the Yukon Territory Charter - Flying - to all Points in Mrs. J. A. MacDonald's bungalow Casca Wednesday evening en route Dawson, Yukon Terrlto. From Dawson 1 in South Dawson but win be moving back to his headquarters at the coast. For Information into Dr. Alan Duncan's home as soon Mr. Moore was accompanied on his FOR SALE nMBBhihilK , IMII, nil M mi I i i mm. mi, i 'J Get in touch with Jack Temple cr ' f" a3 the latter leaves for the coast, inspection trip north by Mrs, Moore. Pat Callison Three-roo- m furnished ' house .witSt 4 early in September. While here they had the opportunity garden plot; two-roo- m abin, Soistli 3 of visiting the nearby creeks and get- ting 1 LJ Li AU W 1 Mrs. M. K. Allen, of Victoria, mother a first hand glimpse of mining Dawson. For particulars see Mrs. J. ROYAL TAXI of Mrs. Ernest Schink, arrived on the operations and other enterprises in the A. MaoDonald, GEORGE TACK, Prop. - by the Scenic Canadian Casca to visit her daughter and son-in-la- w district. 9 Double bed (Hestmore, Kroehler), and their baby girl, born here twh Mr and Mrs. Moore declared Office in Occidental Hotel-3rd- . Ave etudio couch with a lovely mattresa July 31. before leaving that they had enjoyed and 2 chairs in good condition. Apply x every minute of their stay in Dawson Mrs. IL Brasseur. Mrs. Mabel Seely, wife of Alex See-l- y, and they were especially appreciative Call U3 Any Time - Day or Night extended to former pioneer Dawson business of the warm hospiltality To Let man, arrived on the Casca from her them by D. E Gilliland, local man - home in Whitehorse on a visit to her ager and Mrs. Gilliland. former home here. Jack Chapin, of Calgary, who arriv One mile lays to let on LJttle Gold WILLIAM A. O'NEILL Mining Consultant x ed here at the same time as Mr Moore Creek on basis of 15 per cent royalty. for Mr. and Mrs. Norman Reid and 2 to assist with the annual audit, is C. J. Robinson, Glacier Creek, Y. T. Alaska and Yukon Territory children expect to leave for Vancou- ver remaining here as a member of the Phone: Blue 459 Box 2000 217 Central Bldg. shortly after the 17th. of August staff, succeeding Cleve McLaren who Announcement Anchorage, Alaska where they will make their home in is leaving for the outside thfe fall. the future. Norman had been engaged Both Chapin and Doug Strachan, Re Flora Dora Laundry as mechanic witn ranKin s uarage who arrived some time ago to join I wish to announce that I have now Willson E. Knowlton j Direct connections to Chicago, Detroit, New York? these past several years. Alex Popee-que- , the local staff, are ardent curlers and taken over the Flora Dora Laundry in i also mechanic at Frankiln's Gar- age, should prove enthusiastic members of the Royal Alexandra Hotel, front Optometrist Montreal and Toronto. Enjoy the beautiful scsr.sry who came in early this spring, the Dawson Curling Club this com- ing street, and can guarantee closest and excellent service provided for you when you. i has rented the Reid home on 7th. Ave. winter. personal attention and prompt, effi- cient travel the Canadian Pacific way. who service on all hand-don- e laundry. that father, 823 Birks Bldg. Vancouvet B. C j Norman reports local with his wife visited Norman and hie Ions are atoms with one electron Patrons are also afforded a 24-ho- ur For further information consult your agent. family in Dawson for several weeks removed or added. service on sponging and pressing and earlier this summer, had the misfor a specialized service on alterations to Corrpespondence tune of injuring his hip in a fall down Nearly half of the TJ. S. merchant men's garments of all kinds. the steps at his Vancouver home fleet consists of tankers. ANN JANIS, Manager. August 12, 1948. Editor, I E 1 ''-t'jj"!Bi''ii'i"- wi iiiiwKa smm Dawson Dawson, New3, Y. T. tfe tt Br Dear Sir: mile, Bill asserted. Last year most over her new dntie at the Hostel, of the main Fortymile was staked , x (Canadian) CARE Inc. 'while only a few weeks ago Harry tonironer j. r,. uiuueu ietumeu uj This continent-wid- e organization has. . . I , i . . .-- i-j . ' fVkllev well known northern mining; piane xuesuay uum ma weca.-r:u- u my i r i m tima o nn . 'man and Cal Harris made a trip by to Mayo on government business. played an important role in relieving. , , 9ft X i 20 to stake , launch down that way the sufferings of many people of Eu- - ihntaries Dan Livingston, member of the In-- 1 of the tributaries, l miles on one rope. It i3 composed of leading vol-- . come Tax staff office in Dawson these ' untary agencies as a safe, non-profit- ,, cAg representative past six years, and Mrs. Livingston, j j : fX fSu channel for sending individual aid a- -' t bage there left by plane the end of the month broad. CARE is a person-to-perso- n ex- - . their former home be- fore on the outgoing flight , last sf b Fri(1av riaay. Bill am for Vancouver, pression of our concern for Europe.. fUght Qver tQ Dawgon coming North. It is understood i ' ' CARE is government approved and Qut Qf the than Dan figures on entering the law has signed agreements with the gov- - profession at the coast. j ernments of many European coun:ries ! ) ' . x I permitting CAR;1 packages to enter; Earl Larson, former Dawson man, Mrs. Ruby Lewis, elder daughter of j serve miS'";m free of all duty tax and rn regul- ations. last Friday from E. A. Troberg, arrived here to visit, arrived by CPA plane ImiQoi'atlnQ There is guaranteec delivery; his home at Seattle to visit his father I her father week before laet and is re- - j with a signed receipt from the recipi- ent. i placer miner of. maining until after the 17th. Ruby and j 1 August Larson, pioner i 1 i Gold Bottom. Earl is leaving on next a girl friend of hers, also from Ketchi-- ; SI ail i x i . . v. i if! burton mis CARP: pa?ka?e3 con less--deiiver- td iTiipdav's southbound flight en route. kan. plan on making a trip to Flori-- ; 1 . r tAj iti would law here they will spend the winter; b v-- 1 1 to the benefit iry than you back to his home at the coast where A or . - ...oil. S have to if your purchase the cont- ents manufacturing! Since her arrival Ruby, former popu-- ; i- - pay ;he is in the furntiure j civ, ii it a. i. times' I N yourself here a home. It is pos- sible ! lar Dawson girl, has been kept busy ! 1 business. i for you to clothe and feed your i visiting brother Ralph and family, on relative, friends and groups of your. Airs. Mickey MacDonald and infant Bonanza and otner friends and iormer . X : choice in Europe without the difficul-- 1 aughter Sandj left by plane Tuesday j school chum ty of purchasing itemsT packaging, of this week for Vancouver where She made a trip around the loop ; .wrapping and mailing. You can send, . Mickey and the other with Mr. and Mrs. Nick Carswell on CAUE s several Sunday when she had the opporunity v;as many as three of eah of phil(1ren who left here i inu v of visiting her brother Walter at Dora-- ( Packages every month to needy Euro"!weeks ag0. peans. The ten dollar price cf each MacDonald .said before leaving inion. i package covers everything contents, j husband had secured a good -x-- ! shipping and delivery. Among t h e , Vancouver Island where the Mr. and Mrs. F. Kach, of White-- ( horse, arrived on steamer Casca Tues-da- y choice of packages are Food, Infant compauy for which he is now working night and plan on spending a Food, Baby Food, Layette, Banketl. is building them a new home. Woolen Suiting, Cotton, Housenol) formerly employer here-mont- h in Dawson with their daughter. i Qj Linen and Knitting Wool Packages. with the transportation dep t of the and son-in-la- w Mr. and Mrs. Alex Wark. Yours truly, 'Yukon Consolidated. Mr. Kasch had been in hospital in: LELIEVRE, C. J. x friend Whitehorse these past five month3 ,m-nf- k and her ' ,,., ot. LtiH ficured the trip to Dawson might Personal Mention Mi V E. Sutton, wno nau AK- - l.e::. i,ir. regain hi heal,!, 4' ;'ached tacneu ',o to .he Andean Mission at Ka?ch was looking as er.gerge- - past seveiai , P&tPE OF lavik these TNE I t I an. IU Couture, pioneer miner, prospec- - J" AUla Monday morn-- ; tic ana styn--a as eei -- uen ,tll1 y to?fcand trapper of the Mayo and Daw-.o- n tne - - Mrned!ed c:f the Casca Wednesday morning. THE PACIFIC . r 'ino- - en route outsiue vu - son districts, paid one of his n arrived i me l j holiday, .,5t,, rtf hr dh- - week from queni visits to town last from the Arc-- ; - e CP Plane his home in the Fortymile country. . n.w.nn thev'ter Hyacinthe at Whitehorse. Mrs. last we aek. w iiiie I" Rill had been located in the Forty-mile- , tic of the city by j Harry Brasseur and younger daughter sight: VICTORIA the shown WESTMINSTER prospecting these pa5t few years. were Buck of the St Paul's' Austina returned to Dawson Tecently. VANCOUVER NEW Dorothy He has the mining pos- sibilities Miss had been spendinS the past great faith in arrived in The, , Vu.on Territory Buck of the Governrr,. Hostel staff M nQt puMI,he4 or dlip!iyed hy the of that area. to take at in April of this year Dawson Others, too. have faith in the Forty- - DAWSON WEEKLY NEWS, THURSDAY, AUGUST 12, 1948. 3r We wish to announce that we are now distributors for PRESENT DAY BUSINESS YUKON ORDER OF PIONEERS Easy Washing Machine Co. appliances in Dawson district. Is not created by a few men at the top of tie pyramid Eor lj 0-C--0 big manufacturers, big hankers, big merchants or big politicians. Bus- iness t ; of c98 Celebration WE ARE NOW DISPLAYING Days is created by a multitude of men and women at the bottom o; the pyramid. You are part of the nameless millions of customers for The New Easy "Clipper" "Vacuum Cleaner, low in price, high in service to you. Canada's greatest Vacuum Cleaner Value. Tuesday August 17th 1948 whom business is conducted, on whom 'business depends. We depend Also the Easy Vacuum "Washing Machines, a great value in Golden Jubilee of Stampede of 1898 on you as our customers and in turn will service your requirement Washing Machines. The 3 way Vacuum Cup Action cleanses with courtesy and efficiency. thoroughly, quickly, saves time and soap. LADIES FURNISHINGS Due in ehortly is the Easy "Spindry" Home Laundry. The Ultimate in Home "Washing Machines. Grand Parade - 1.30 p. m. . . Girls Cotton Dresses . . . Boys Cotton Suits There is no easier way to easy living than by investing in Ladies Cotton Print Dresses . . . Latest Summer Styles "EASY" equipment. Priced right. Field Sports - Aquatic Events - 2.30 p. m. . . Canvas Running Shoes . . . Styled for Lad:"es and Girls Latest Shades in Chen Yu Lipstick and Nail Lacquers O-O-- O Horticultural Exhibition . . "ROGERS" BATTERY RADIOS 'RONSON LIGHTERS Championship Ball Game - 4.30 p. m. . . . Standard Whirlwind Crown Table Models Long and Short Wave, Compact, Light in weight, excellent reception. Let us demonstrate one of these machines to you. Hot Dog-- s Coffee ...... Ice Cream mens Furnishings O-O-- O Jantzen. . .Pride of the West. . .Sweaters. . .Pullovers . . .Cardi BATTERIES Wool Sport Shirts . . . Spun Rayon Sport Shirts . . . Dress . . . . . . Complete line of all Radio Batteries, A. B. Packs, B. Batteries, Luggage Trunks Overnite. Cases Weekend Cases Air Cells, Dry Cells, Flash Light Cells, C. Batteries. "Days of '98" Dance in Community Hall Barrymore Axmineter Rugs . . . 6X x9; 9 x 10; 9 x 12 Our Batteries are absolutely fresh, baring been just received by All roads leads to Dawson, the heart and centre of the Yukon Wilton Scatter Rugs . . . Assorted Shades us from the manufacture. BEDROOM SUITE Buy "BURGESS" and you buy the best in Batteries. 4'6" Bed . Vanity and Bench . . . Chest of Drawers -- - O-O-- O Around Town . . . Officials Here on HARDWARE DEPARTMENT CANNING SUPPLIES Air Force Plane Featuring the World Famous Philips Radio Wide Mouth Jars, Lid3 and Discs, Rubber" Rings, Parowax. After spending the past year and Philips Radios ,are known and accepted in twenty-si- x different Preserving Kettles, Pets and Pressure Cookers. Copper Boilers a half living at Pearl Harbour, with countries the world over i O-O-- O An RCAF DC-- 3 landed at the Klon- dike the exception of the three months Philips Mantel Radio ... 5 Waverange airport Wednesday shortly before spent on their trip back to the Old; Six and Eight Tube .... Covering all Broadcast Bands DAWSON HARDWARE CO. 11 o'clock with Air Vice Marshal Gu- thrie Country, (Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Williams i Philips Radio Phonograph Combination provides unequalled enjoyment , nave moved hack into their coey homej i and party from Edmonton. of radio and recorded programs on 7th. Ave. j Making the flight to Dawson with Five Waverange eight tube Receiver and Phonograph Amplifier A thorough repair job to the foun--j the Guthrie party was Inspector Stan- ton, Fresh Fruits Fresh Vegetables Canned Foods THE ARCADE CAFE lation of the Williams home was com- pleted new officer commanding RCMP recently by John Holstrom who' in Yukon and Mrs. Stanton. Beef Pork Lamb Veal Fowl House of Good Eats : : Harry Gleaves, Prop. had a small crew working with him STORE CLOSED ALL DAY TUESDAY, AUGUST 17th Open 6. A. M. till 1 A. M. Dr. and Mrs. E. B. Neff are now GWTI Fresh Ice Cream - Sundaes .... living in their new home, formerly the NORTHERN COMMERCIAL CO. LTD. residene of Mrs. Nan Gleaves on Sixth Coca Floats Cola - Milk Shakes . . . . , Ave. Mrs. Gleaves has moved into thej Orders Taken For Royal Alexandra Annex on Firet Ave. ' The Colours of the Yukon Battalion, Special Cakes - - Cookies - - Pastries - - Bread x (2nd. M. M. G. Regt. will be installed RAINBOW CAFE Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Gray have moved in st- - Paul's Pro Cathedral at a cere- - from the Snair bungalow in South mny to be conducted next Sunday (Formerly F. & F. Cafe) Dawson, to their new home on 7th. morning at 11 o'clock. Q KLONDIKE NUGGET Ave. at the head of King St., formerly All memlbers of the Canadian Legion I TOMMY NAKASHIMA, PROP. the residence of Sergeant Major Paul are asked to meet at the Legion Hall Sunday Special - Fresh Killed j - SHOP Reid and family. v Chuck bought the ; at 10.40 a. m. to parade to this Ser ? Tom Turkey with all the Trimming BUILDING house from Paul before the latter left -- vice. GOOD MEALS - PASTRY AND BREAD FOR SALE - GOOD SERVICE for Ottawa. t Nugget and Ivory X Births -- EVERYBODY - DROP IN. SOME TIME- - Jewel ery Anker Hoidahl and his prospecting partner Alex McGuiness, who returned J McCORMICK. At St. Mary's Hoept two weeks ago from their trip to the Watches Clocks tal Tuesday - i August 10, a baby girl Firth River, are engaged in the now weighing 9 pounds, 3 ounces to Mr. SCHEDULED BOAT TRIPS TO CIRCLE Cigarette Cases remodelling of a new apartment in the and Mrs. James McCormick, Daw N. C. quarters above the store. Three Times Monthly son. Mother and infant are doing I Ronson Lighters The new apartment will be occupied well. ' Connections to Circle Hot Springs, Fairbanks and Lower River Points by George Sellare, assistant manager 1 Approximate Sailings: Aug. 12; 22; Sept. 2. I Pen & Pencil Sets of. the N. C, and his wife. During the past few years Mr. and St. Paul's Pro Cathedral I Felix Lederer : Dawson, Y. T. Rector: Rev. W. R. Stringer, B. Sc. China, etc. Mrs. Sellars hadJbeen residing in the Sunday, August 15th Harry Jones residence on Park Ave. 11 a. m. Morning Prayer and Ser- mon. x Watches Repaired (Dedication of Col-lou- rs Work has been progeseing these of Yukon Company.) Co-Operati- ve for American past few weeks on a new "cat" ware- house 7.30 p. m. Evening Prayer and CARE American Remittances for the N. C. Co. The new build to Try a Classified for Results Sermon. Europe, Inc. ing is being constructed on N. C. prop- erty directly behind Pioneer Hall. NON-PROFI- T GOVERNMENT APPROVED A Life Insurance Policy is one of . Jack Olsen has the contrat job and relative ShCARE or some FOOd' needy othins one in r Europe. Blanket Guaranteed Package, $10.00 delivery to your by friend, CARE has Blondy Warvell and a small crew We now have a full line of IN NO THER WAY CAN YOU SEND SO MUCH FOR SO LITTLE Your Best Friends doing the construction work. MENS CLOTHING TO PLACE ORDERS AND INFORMATION CALL AT THE IT ENABLES YOU TO: DAWSON CO-O- P BOOTS AND SHOES Protect & Provide for your parents, wife or family, if you should die; Weddings Dress Oxfords YUKON AGENT THE DAWSON CO-O- P Provide for your old age in an easy manner; Sisman Scampers CANADIAN Create a fund for the education of your children; Slippers SPONSOR THE CO-OPERATI- VE UNION OF CANADA Save money for a business of your own; A quiet wedding was performed in Work Boots Rubber Packs START NOW to build a "Reserve Fund" for life's contingencies! the Rectory of St. Paul's Church by BRING YOUR INSURANCE PROBLEMS TO: SHIRTS LEGAL FORMS T. A. FIRTH & SON, Agents, the Rector Rev. W. R. Stringer on Sport Work Shirts Shirts FOR SALE AT THE NEWS Excelsior Life Insurance Co., the evening of Saturday, July 31 when Dress Shirts Dawson, Y. T. Miss Shirley Ware became the bride SOCKS YOUR PROTECTION HAS BEEN OUR BUSINESS FOR OVER FORTY YEARS of Mr. Bert Taylor, owner and opera- tor Heavy Work Socks of Bert's Taxi Service in this dist- rict. Light Dress Socks Work Socks O R PHEUM THEATRE PANTS Grey Flannels Attending the marital couple were THE B. cfc F. STORE Mrs. Lillian Purver and Mr. Ed Bour- - Drese Khaki Tweeds Pants Monday que. Overalls and Tuesday : ICE CREAM : A reception for the newlyweds was Felt HATS Hats The Homestretch held at the home of Mrs. Purver fol Ski Caps Delicious . . Healthy . . Satisfying . . j lowing the ceremony. Engineer Caps Rain Tite Hats with Cones . . Sundaes . . "Take-Home- " Packs Mr. and Mrs. Taylor are making Fishing Caps their in GLOVES Cornell Wilde Maureen home the Burkhard bungalow O'Hara Kangaroo Tan Gloves in South Dawson, formerly the resi- dence Kangaroo Tan Mitte in technicolor . of Const, and Mrs. Bob Gor- don. Cotton Gloves Gauntlet Gloves 99 REX LUNCH BAR 99 TOWELS Wednesday and Thursday MASSA SAKATA, PROP. PILLOWS Meals 7 a. m. to 8 p. m. - Highest Quality Food and Beverages In Hospital BLANKETS Fred Caley, hard-workin- g proprietor PYJAMAS The Iron VARIATION: Short Orders, Club Plates. Sandwiches, Canaps, Pastry CROSSLEY RADIOS Curtain I of Caley's Grocery Store on Thir Ave., 5 Tube Electric Set If Cocktails, Salad Parade, Salad Dressing, French and ente-e- d St. Mary's Hospital last Sat- urday Long and Short Wave, $30.00 --Mayonnaise, Fruit Salad for French bar-l- e due, Vegetable 5 Tube Battery Sets j or Meat, French Martinique, Hunter. ' and has been confined there Long and Short Wave, $65.00 Friday and I this week for a thorough rest cure. All Quality Merchandise at Saturday WEEKLY: Soup daily. Famous Quebec Whole Green Peas Fred had been in poor health lately REASONABLE PRICES I Famous U. S. Anderson Split Peas and his doctor advised that he enter C. H. CHAPMAN Forever Timber OLD TIMERS: Drop in and have a Cup of Coffee on the House thp fnr r rTirnilpfd ro;t tn to. CRI3BS REXALL STORE in gain his health. t; Technicolor u 13