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Dawson Weekly News : special concession edition, October 2, [1903].

Author:Dawson NewsPublished:1903Type:Yukon Newspapers (Special Editions)MARC Record:PAC MARC RecordDownload PDF:DWN-SCE-Oct-2-1903.pdf (74566 KB)
Frc-- 1 I ! i Vol. V. SPECIAL CONCESSION EDITION DAWSON WEEKLY • • DA WSON. YUKON TERRITORY ir'RlDA Y. OCT. 2, lj83. \~C i_, No. 10. i i ! i ! • 1 • i ! i ! i • ' i i • i • i i i i i t _r-- i i ! i /u i t 1 1 i I i ! i i ' i ! • ! j 1- i ·. i 1 • t i • i , --- . • .i t i .f j i ! · i : i ! I i i i i i r i i - ~ i i i i 17 i i ~ ; i £ i I i i ~~ i i i i RUINS OF CONCESSIONVILLE---FORMERL Y PROSPEROUS DA WSON. I .-. ____ . _ . __ ._.-. ___ ._._--..-... _____ . ____ .. -.~._~ _ ____ - -...,. _ .. ______ .-.... _ .. _ .. __ .. _ . . - _ . . -_ ... __ .. _ . . - _ . .. _ . .. _ . .. _ . .. _ . . -_a-_· _ .· _ . . - _ _ . _ _ . . _.· _. _ _ .· __ .· _ . . · _ · ._· .· _e· _ . , _ ... _.._ . • . _ . .. _ ................. ....-.-...-...-. • _ • . _. __ • • DA \YSO~ WEiEKLY NElWS,iffifDA y, OCT. 2, 1983. ' .. S ubmiii;J'tuUl • .rn~~ .. ++++++++++++"1'++++++ + + .:- Th e commisstone. 1'S made an -t. .:. abrupt finish by refusing to h· e· alr -+ + a, ny more eV'ide'n~e, , alndl an· lot· .:. nlO unced tl1, a.t al la rg umJerVts must .. :+ .. :. he put in Wlrtting. (of .!. The News hl a s ta·ken pains to ~:+ .:- present the most. ,imporjijan't f· e'a- {+ + tures before its rea'diers .and for Ii+ -:. that pu rplOS C has issu, ed th is 'l from the·council any I}rovis­ ion of doubtf.ul meaning which m'ight be used to the advantage of the con­ cessionaires and th e corresponding .disadvantage of the tenitory , Rock creek is now practically an e x- fere not on Iy with the rights of the tor', s pick ,stuck into ,them; others to those who follow him ,and profit elusive right. The grants which were mine rs, but with the operations of have been abandoned because the by his prospecting, but why this lawfully subsistiug in r espect of the any other parties who mlghlt en'deav- poaYSltre.ak was not loca.ted Iby Ithe water company whi'ch in the 'COUI'Se of ,Rock creek waters wh en the ord'er- or to impound the waters of these sinldng of the first hole, Otheros opening the gr.ound for the purpose in·council was passed, have now ceas'- creelis for the purpose of u istributing have la,psed tnrough the 'oversigh t of of carrying on its oper-ations as such, The Necessity for a Water Supply, ed to exist and the evidence Ilhows .them to the miners, ''i'hey have the the g.rantee in taking out his reneWlaI should Ibe given the tremend,ous ad· The first aim which w e had 'In t hat there are no fre e miners bona right under this section, .at any point gri ant, It is c1ear1y estabLished by va.ntage which is conferred upon it -:. wee k an extna, sec'tiijon f·dr i ts ~+ view in presenting Qur case was to satisfy t ile commIss ion beyond doubt of the absolute need t hat ex is'ts 'In this country 'for t he establishment upon t h e Cl'eeks comprised within the {iistrict of some scheme which will furni sh to the miners an ade­ ·qate water sUPDly· for mining pur­ poses,outside of t he supplY' which is to .be found within the creel{s t'hem­ selves, To this end we called, many wilnes'ses, wi th the res'ult t hat the evidence upon this point is simply overwhelming and is e'ntirely uncon­ fid e working claims on that creek,.or points in any of t'he creeks and the Itestimony of many witnesses that by this section, we can fillU no reason These .are the on ly t wo exceptions to !4ribut aries within tbedis'trict, ,to con- many claims whi'ch have I thus revert- for whatever ; especially the .advan­ the exclusive righ t to these Rock struct and maintain ,these dams and ed or beeu "ablandoned" h: ave t'llrned o.f secnring any quartz ledge creek waters which is conferred by flum e. s, and if any scheme for the 'ot~t afterward'S to 'be very r'i'ch and which may b€ uu'covered by the wash­ clause 3, and in th e a:bseuce ,of 'any impoun ding of the waters ,of the in' this respeat hist ory will doubit1ess in, g of gravel f·rom the placer claims +} Weekly, bringing that ed '~ti'()n up ... .} to twenty-tour pagl es, ~+ -I' The ar guments of wh lic~ ':. .:. we re handed to us a.pp,e'ar below -t. .:+ and' the people of this t;e,rritlary ~. -l will be able to "'.ender a, just v'er- {+ .:. diet without any reg1a,rd 110 whl al t --t+ .:. may be the find'ings of the ,,~I ~:+ .. } commisSl~()n. --:. persop coming under one of these creeks themselves was f'ormulated, ail repeat itlself, We prdteSlt in the of others, t~o ?eads, the right of t he conces- that the gran'tees 'Would have to do 'tci Sltronge'st terms against this most I Sec) tiiOl'I 14, slonalres to the Rock creel, waters IS I block the same would , be to -com- I outrageous provision, 'It 'places /these abso~u~e, W'e t?erefOre hav e this ~e~ce t he CQnstr'u'ctiOlll of any of concession:alres In a pusi LIOn In 'which This 'Section i·s so completel.v IHled ~ndI~lOn of affalr. s , that the cOIllces- then' wOl'ks at any point 'Which might they can take advantage of ,the ne. with un· fair 'and ,un'jus t exemptions, ,SlOnalfes 'and th ey alone have the be under consider.aUon by them, cessi'nes of 'oth'ers so th'at wh'lle h'av- that it is ' Impossible to deal with right to place t he waters of these two ' Sections 7 and- 8, ing the jrnea, ns alt hand with which to them all within a reasonable space, creeks upon t he creeks within the The rights confe'rred by these sec- re.Jieve I thalse necessi:tl€s they may The provis'o, hpwever, which meets district. In othe words , ' a complete f I I'" h t' f t with the greatest condemna'tl'on ·. I 'S + .. trad icted , It was intiml ated to us by .l ++++l+++ t.++ +l++ f+ +++++"1' the commissioners early in the p· ro- To tbe Honorall'le B. M, IBritton and cocdings that we had a'bundantly demonstrated by our evid· ence the cryi'ng need that there is for addl- Benjamln Taylor A , Bell, Esquire, In presenting to you our argument tional water and, the primary point aga.ins t the Treadgol d concession, we we set out to prove has therefore nons ,are capable of being 'acted upon rom pure y se 'us mo IVes re US€' (); monopoly · of these waters constitut- to the great injury of the minel's, do so and it enables them als'o to that which is contained. in the follow· ing the only possihle outside source wh,ose lands antl mining grounds are get title to 'the ].arge area which ing words: "'The properties of the of water supply for these creeks , is entered upon by the gran:tees, Th, e umier the term «:abandoned" 'claims grantees shall be exempt from re'pre­ given to the grant ees, It may 'be only- p-roteHlon which is accorded to will fall in to tnem, " l 'ne enactment g,entation.' 'We understood from re­ that the Klondike waters above 'Flat 'the miners in respect 'of the rightsConltatned in the -concluding .p.ortion marks dropped by Mr, Ju'Sti'ce IBritton creek cannot be diverted for fear of !' of section 9-"that no water so de- during the 'course ·of the sittings, that so 1es,sening the volume to Wh'l'ch cO,n erre,d by these secliO,ns ~s c,on- t d th f h h bl lI 've'I'ed shall at 'any tI' me be de"'"'ed he did no t think. that thIs provl'sI'on Tread"'old is entl'tled as to en~I'tle ame m, e prov , so w IC 0 Ig-es " , ~j~ ' do so in the full ·and sincere , convic- been abundantly established, b ·c Ith t t I 1 to Ibe a part of the ...... athr nalturalLy entit1ed the gran.tees to ho l,d :"he ml'n- him to restrain such diverSion. e gran ees , 0 pace ,n separate , . '" 0 • 'l 'dump the gravel moved III the exet'- flowing in any creek or tributary iug claims now stan'ding in the name tion that in the best inter ests of this The Possibili·ties of the Klondike and territory, the order-in-council upon Rock Creek W'atcrs. The Obliga:tions ImpQsed Upon the whiCh it is ba.s€'d should either be G,r'an. t-ees, The next point which we thought abrogat ed. or so 'ra.dically amended The only attempt to 'be found with- it proper t o establiSh was the fact as to make it virtually a new ena~t- that the waters of the Klondike river in the order-in-council 'begin­ ment, In our opinion, no more un· ning to end to impose any obliga­ and Ro~k creek were not only valua- fair, lne-sllled. or pernicious bit of tion whatever upon the gran,tees, so ble and of sufficient volume to meet legislation has ever assumed concrete far as the instal\'ation of tneir scheme this demand, but that they constitute form_ It ,confers upon the gran, tees is concerned, is to be found in the practically the only sources of water a franchise od' enormous value, with- ·first proviso in the first clause WhlCh supply for the creeks within the ~IS- out imposing upon them a-ny ob.Jiga' simpl" provides-"that- if the rlgllt trict, other than the wate, rs of the J tion to make use of it, r.t gives to given 'by this section is not exercised creeks themselves, We fancy that them rights and privileges which they within six years 'fr, om the date ner&- there ca.n be no dou'bt in j"Our minds are not compelled to exercise, but. of, it may be revoked by order of the upon this paint, The measnrements, whi ch no other person can secure, governor general in coun'C'lI." ' distances an. d elevations have been It ties up the most valuable sources simply ap'plies to the right to take given to you by very many witnes'ses, of water supply in the t~rri,tory an, d the water for the p· nrpOSe of gener- all of whom have s hoiWn clearly the does not even so much as say that ating power, 1ft surely takes no argu- existence in these two creeks of a it shall 'be put to practical use, It large body of water which is capa, ble ment to convince one of the entire unfairly and unjustly discriminates in of being taken, either ,by gravitation inadequacy of this provi'so, In the favor of the grantees as free miners first llI-ace it does not say that the or 'by . pumping a suffiCient distance as against all other free miners wRh· right shall be revo ,k;ed, but simply up the creeks of. the d.istrict to make, In the distrIct, And all of, tilis legiS' that it may be, leaving it entire, ly in them of great practical value ill' the lation in favor of these fortunate con' the discretion of the governor 'gen- minin'g operations, No other source cessionaires is absolutely without con: eral In council. E,ven if the proviso of water supply has even 'been sug- sideration, and without imposing upon was that the right should be revoked gested by any person, and, Mr, T 'read- them even t he vestige of an o'bliga- or Should ,absolutely cease at the ex· , gold himseIf has not attempted. to tion, 1t seems impossible to 'believe show any other source from which l}iration of six years, if not exercised that t.hose who are responSible for this water can come than those which within that time, that would not con­ th is inequitable measure -:ould have stitute a sufficient safeguard of the are controlled by him, 'It may hav€ understood what they were !ioing pu/'}lic iruterest, 1]\'[1', Treadl!'old hlm- bee n thought unnecessary on our part ~ when they enacted it, We do llot to elaborate this idea as fully as we self stated under o! ath that in his make this s,tatement as political par, d'id,but to our minods it was of the op'inion this proviso conld no t be tisa ns, Our cI.ien't's are not politiCians , firs t importance as showing the value taken advantage of, if he develop ed Th ey are business men of every lla' of the franchise which is conferred within six year s as much ·as one horse tlonali ty and every stripe of p :;litic&.1 upon these concesslonaires, and t he power, and the proviso Is certainly though t to be found in thIs territory, h capable of ~eing , con·strued in that arm that i's done to the country by They are m~m whose one obj ';Wt in placing lhese ,waters so ', complete y way, ! The l' ght which he is Called this conn/Hitton Is to , Idl a scheme "(,, I \ upori to eiel'else is \ the ~'igh t ',fo ta 'e ' within their' control. I' whi cb is killing the country, 'l'hey, a.nd divert water for the purpose lof care nothing for the effect of Ihis in' The Result of the For'eg; oing, gene1 'ating power, U:ponl the strict vest.iga'tion upon th e government t-y It follows from the foregoi ng, that construction of t hat claUSe if h e takes which it was ordered. Th ey ',vill be if the water must be place'd lIpon the .and diverts the water, having in view as r eady to accord pra!ise lc· the !IU' creeks from outsid e sour· ce and if the lbe ultimate utilizing of it for power l.horiti es for the granting ·of t h e r e- on ly outSide SOUl'ce is the waters purposes, he is complying with the l ief from this incubus which they a~k which are covered by th e order·in- lelter of the enactment, and it might as they will be to condemn our l'ul, council, we have ShOWlli t he enormous .wel! be beld that if he actually took ei's if t hey insist upon fasteuin" its power that is placed within the hands , and diV'erted t h e water for th. e pur­ grip upon the country, It :nust be of the concessionaires and t.he great llose of generating power, although abundantly evident to you that the value which their franchise h, as, It .he did no t use one drop of the water people of this territory are uniteJ I follows also that if we can .establis l1 in the generating of power, he would in opposition to tlli s scheme, No reo· lhat by reason of this order-in-council- still be complying with the letter if pIe wonld ever fi·ght as t he men of these wat~rs, constituting as they do not the spirit of tHis provision, If t h is country have fought again5t this th, e only water supp'ly available, are it is the intention of the governmeht proposLtion, merely for the sak"l (jf practically loclie.d up for thirty years that powe l' s'ufficien t to pump the ftghting, Those who can ill :tfford to a t the ,whim of the men to whum this wa,ter to the creeks shou'Td actuallY do so have devoted much vl!.lnable franchise has been granted-we have be generated and put into pracNcal t ime and freely aided with !hE-ir demonstrated the tremendous injury cperation w'ithin this time limit, this means in the struggle, Dozens of that is capable of b eing inllicted l!']}On proviso should un doubtedly be amend­ .miners have left their worl, and 00me the miners of this d.istrict 'by the ed so as to mal{e that meanin, g per­ to Da WSOIl at t.beir own ')xpense tJ men who hold this grant, and the 1 rectly clear, As it stands now, it is .impress upon y. ou their vi ews of this tremend'ous powcr which they ar'e / utterly useless as 'a measure of PI'O­ , concession, eve n though the slt~:'I!;S capabl~ :of wiel?in g 'an.d t he gTea-t op- ,tect-i'on aga!inst the Jockling ,up of , of the commission were beld lI t a portullltIes whIch are afforded to t.hese waters, In a, ny eV8'Ilt the time time of great stl'-ess in the work of them for advancing their own inter- limited is by all means too long, The t h e miners, Surely this 'cc,nnot be ests at t he expense of the district evidence all points to the possibility t"-e result of mere sentiment. 8 (;)"(:e· as a whole, of comp, letely insta1ling the water .thlng more substantial mus.t be be-' h .system within on e or two years, and hin d this determined struggle, ar:d T e Rights Which Treadg: o,ld Has in " why. at least treble that length ot the W'aters of the Klond'ike' anell that something can only be tile firm time should be allowed is something Rock , Creek, and absolute coriviction that ~ . grots that i t is impossible to understand, wrong is b eing done under c!)vl, H' of W e submit that the lfirst clause ,We 'submit theref.ore, that this soli, this ord~r-in-council, a wrong wl'lieh is capable of being construed in such tary p-rOYiso is entirely insu fficient can only be undone ,by the withdrawai a way as to give to t he concess ion - ·to meet the n ecessities of the case, of t his obnoxious mea.sure 0" th ') ap· aires not only the exclusive rig'ht to It may 'be said that t hp. second pro­ plicatioll to it of a process whlc.h t he waters of th e KlondiI{e for pump- \'iso in this section is of value as will free it of its iniquitous [:Jal l l es ing purposes, but the exclusiv'e ri ght glvmg to others the right to make for the purposes of dist.ribution on and give t o it at least some srm· " , ,use of the surplu s p0'.ver developed blance of fairness , the creel,s, The, r s IS the sole n gh t by the grantees. hilt a ,careflrl r ead- The Legal Construct-ion of the O,'der, to these wat~rs between the mou,th , ing of the ·provlso will show the- ut· in.Council. Of, the Klondll,e and :Flat creek, for , ter fallacy of such a contention. 'l'he p,ower ,purposes. It has not been- sug- I provi 0 ' I . th t 'f A goo d deal has been said f rom t d tl t tl t f h Kw S SIIDP Y IS a I any power IS , g~~, e' la le wa 'ers 0 t e n" 1 developed and rendered available b" tim e to time during t ha sitti n!!:s of th e rill e between these pOln s ca b J ~ , , " . ·t. , ,n , e .the grantees, which they do not make commission as to the proper lega l ta\;en to th e creeks or th.e dlstnct I of, the same shall be off·ered 101' con. strllctioll to be placed , upon differ- III any other way than by. PUlDPlDJg, sale t th bl' Th . bi t I 'ellt sections of tl e .order-m-council. Wh'l tJ " h 0 e pu le, ere IS a so u e ,y I :e l? hCOt nces 5 sI 0 0 0 n o , alT:s ,av~ only no o'bIigation impos ed upon th e 'We assume, however, that it is not a prlOJ: rig ,to , . ml,np.:' ~ ,mches grantees to develop 'a particle more lhe inten t ion of t he commrssiollfll'S fOr dIstributIOn, th e ma:jHhty of of power than is ne eded for their o'wn to attempt to place a legal constr u(,· oth ers to use the waters for the pur- PUI'poses a d th" 't t ' f th tl h' I ' ,. I ,n we 10'1, I may r ea- IOn upon any 0 e sec' ons w le I pose of generatlll'g power \V,Ith WhlCh sonahly be 'argued that these men are of donbtful mean'ing, It would be to pump water to the distrI C t. makes nol'll lot I el '1. 'd 'f tl f' th t t h' h Id b ' " " .. 1 (ev op any power ·" eyon manl. es y un all' a , IS s ou ' e It an utter ImpOSSIbIlity· for th'e rest needed by th em-sel'ves for in so done. You have noo au-thor~y as com, of the water to be placed upon the do"ng they u Id ' I ' b I ' ., t d fi 'h • ' . ' I ' ,IOU S Im p y e Ig Vlllg m isSIOn el's 0 e ne "y your repor., c: eek s, In thIS way .Ie conceSSIOn· the oPPOl·tunity to other, s to en.ter th e legal rights of the grantees, AI, a lres have a complete monopoly of into 'p t't' 'tl th.~ , h th h M J t ' B 'tt f h' th . corn e I IOn , WI 1 "",m III t e ' {Jug 1 'L us' Ice n , on rom IS e waters of the Klondike as fa.r as watn, 1' b s' If th I 1 t " d ' d ' I ' ' , 0 u mess, ey were com- ,ega Ta lllIn g an JU , icla experlenoe Flat creek. Of wha t use are these pell 'd l d I ' h , JI fi h ' e- 0 eve up power for ot ers IS we Ittecl to Dlace t e, :proper waters, over and above the 5,(}00 who 'ht " h t t 't t · d I t" " , mlg WIS 0 pump 11e waters cons ruc IOn upon any ou }J lul pro, mIllers lllches to WIlIC .. the conces· of t h KI j'k · t h k " h h f ' e OO( 1 e 0 t e cree s , some VISion, e as no powe r to en' orce sionaires have the prior right, if 'by measure of protection to the min'ing any such finding, whilst the other r eason of the exclusive right for pow- comm.i'ssioner, Mc £ ell, does not l)re- . h' h" interetsts would be afforded, but it is er purposes W IC IS gIVen to the s imply albsurd to say that the ])1'0- ten d to the legal knowledge r equi site concesoionaires tl1ere I' S n'o way pos " , - viso, as it now stands, afford, s the ~l~C~~~y w:od:~~~~I~t~n~~r~~ne~~,ue:~ ~~~ebeb~la:!~C~p~hne~~eS~;'~~~:, W;~~I;~ least semblance of such pruteetion, C1se .of the nght and· the provil si.on wilthin the district but shall be :and of Mr, Treadgold, without perform­ contained. in regulation "'IB" under remain at all times and pll aces the ance Ilipon them of th'e representation whIch they are entitled to com-pens'a- property of th, e gl'lamtees," is anlOther work required by other free miners, ' lion for any damage sustained by rea- most wonderful provision 'Of. th~s most That may be the opinion of Mr, Jus· ,'Son of the worlrn liroaking or being wonderful enactment, What ilt means ti, ce Britton" but we submit that the ,imp~rfect, The grantees un'der these I in pl'ain E'ngI'ish, is t~1s, thalt even provision is open to the' constructIOn 'SectIOns may carry on tne-ir opera- though the watel s WhlCh these men that under its operations these min· Itions upon the lands Qf. free miner, s I bri~'g to the cr~eks no~s do~ from Ing claims 'are exempt from re-pre­ .m such a . w: ay as to h.arass and worry t heIr customers operatliOns Illto and s'entation, The word "repr~sentation" ;them. and impede their mining 'o'per- commingles 'wIth t he 'wmter is no -d, ou'ht used in the sen-se In .],t~ons and greaUy' plrejudice their of the creek, still those waters sh'all which it is generally un lerstood in interests, and still there is no a-emedy not be considered a part «)f the .creek this territory as being the assessment wh:atever vrovided, If these grantees bmt shall, no't with'!;:tan,ding t heir com· work which the regulations mak-e it are to have the free hiand which is mingl'ing, remain the propellty of the necessary t o be done upon mmmg given to them in these respects, they grantees, What infiniLe prospects of claims every year tQ prevent their should certainly be held l'iahle to litigation and worry does this pro- reverting to the crown, Now this se'c­ compensate the owner's of the min- vI'slon open up-Fancy these conces- tion refers to the pro'perties df the ing cla-iID's and land,s for every .spe. sionaires du'mping a sluice h~ad ofgr.antees and ' it is they· th'at are ex­ cies of injury which may result from w:ater into Bonanza ne'ar , Q{)ld 1H!1I empt from representation, Mr, Tre'ad- their operations, 'a'Ild go'ing to a miner 'a mil-e Iown gold has made , a statutory declara- Se~ti 'o;ns 9 and 10. the' creek and .s-aying, 'jthi,g sluice tipn, :,h!ch is upon file in th-e go Ld head .of wruter which is running down I commISSIOner's office, that the mining This .sectiQn No. 9 is one Qf the rt' th is 'creek 'belongs rto us ,aud you muM prope ' Iesan'd interests set forth in mos't objectionable in tne entire 01'- not u'Se the sa!me 'at 3111." Ho'w i, s it the list ,attached thereto belonged to der-in-councU as it s'tands at present. I th t pro. posed to sep'arate 'and distin'guish . e gra~ ees named under the order- It conDers upon the grantees the the 'Waters of i;he creek from the ill-counCI l of ,June 12, 1901, regarding " L ght to 'Sell the water delivered by wa:ters which flow into iit , aos a , result the Klondike wate r supply, the list them, but imposses absolutely no ob- of 'the grantees' operatiollis, It s eems comprisin: g ,about twenty valuaJble 'ligation llpon them to do so, The - claims on 'Bon,anz" creek, and 'as if this proviso was expressly de- '" extreme impr'opctety df thi, s is shown , d ... h vi declaration wa's m·ade for th e expres~ SIgn e' l'Or t e pUI'POjle of. gi ng theose 0 when . this section , is read with 'thoe pur, nJ Ose of s, e'curing for th'em the ex- concession'a:ires unlimited op'portuni· .,~ following secti'on ,No, 10, Why these ties for worrying the miners 'on theemplion from repres~nta!ion ,!conferl'- men should be gran-ted exclu'sive con· I edby t he origl'naL ord~'·-j~~oun~I 'I, cree {'s who may not be dependent ~'" .u-~ ~ trol of the only waters av'aiiwble fur h whi,ch exemptl'on I'S cou y "d I'n ex- upon , t em for water 'sup-p-Iy, Can c, " this purpose, w'ithout having imposed , actly the s'ame words as tl', e "resent, u"on ,them the ,slighteot degree 'of any reason 'be, SUggeSl, ted why these ' y ,., ~ h Id t b d t f l ,f the Intention is simp·ly · 0 exem"'t ()blig~t1o t thelm ' f 'th men S ou no e ma e ' 0 con orm ~ v . ~ . n 0 use , .]'8 one 0 l e , t the I t' h' h l ,pom r e'presen rtation t he properties mY $\'''' rics of this order .i'~coun,cil '0 ! e regUl . a IOns _w 1C every Olller ,. \ , 't. ' fre miner In the;rterrl't'or y 'htt'.i to w4ich are a9 qui l'ed by t he gran-tees 'w' h'i9 1 we are u Herl y unable to corn, 1 " " ' " und er t he provisions o~ thi's order-in· prellend, The argum ent ha s been s~ ,b~!1t to, If ~e Wi s hes to talf up use'd -and will ,no doub t 'be advanced m~,nIllg properitles, Why .'should. they, council, it is t he easiest thing in the agai n, that if these granl teelS imresi t wI .tho~t the, payment of ·any .. ree of world for t he government to cay so millions of dollars 'in th e instilation anY,kllld , w,lthout the necessity for an, d to am enJd the order accordingl y, of a water system the WQuld hie staklllg ·out t he grouni d a~ oth~r min- In hi s evi tlence Treadgo !.d stated that , , y , el'S do without compJ.YIllg III any h is contention is that all these prop- worse than fools lo refu'se to sel,! t he ' h t 'th th I ' er ties ,are exempt .from rej)resenta- water when they 'are , in , a osltion to ~'ann :er ~ a eve; WI , e r8gu a- d I ' e 't If d t p Id tlOns WhICh are Imposed upon others tion under t he terms 'of the present e IV l' I , n o a van age cou ac- ,' " ' order"in coun 'I d th t cme to t h b 'th e' 'f , I t II be entl·tIed to w,alk mto the gold com- - - Cl an every bes em y I r I e usa . 0 se missloner' ffi d " "Th ., poosi,ble proof of the fact that the water, there wou, jd ,be a ,great deal " s , 0, ~e an t,~ay, , , er e IS same is capable of this cmlstruction e f 'i th ' 't b t a 'certalll mllllllg claIm whIch t h e mor , orre n IS arg·um ellJ ' u , 1 h d is to 'be found in the ,posi tion which wh en under secfion .10 tbey a're en- o~ner las a to a.bandon because l.iUed to make entry for ,and worl{ \\ e would not ,sell him ,waIter- make the department of the interior has ab d d I 'i h b ' t h ou t a grant of ~t for us Ju'st as quick- taken with reference to the same un- any , an one C .81 m . w en, y e l 's " Tt ' rttl d tit two or thre'e mont h s ago , Ever C'onstru\:)t.i.on of theil' works they are t~ , ~ t~OU ~an , ,~S . l ~th~on:r since the , first order-in-council was in a .positi~n to .deliver water ,upon . a' , e ~lIners resl mg, WI' ll1 ..t~IS passed the department ot the inter­ .the' 'same 101' the 'work'ing thereof, distric t a l e '~lllIted In their oPPOSItIOn to so 'Ilefarlous a P 0 S la /th ior h as until .Tune of this year r e'cog- th f 11 ' f th 'b f r VI on s, IS, . e u meanlll g' 0 -e' ·a sence 0 a W k 'th niz ed the freedom from r epresent-a- , I 11 ' th 1ft e as' , you WI all earnestness to 'c 'ause compe lllg e sa. e 0 wa er , " tion which Mr. Tl'eadgnld daim ed .for is a't once made' ,apparent, If true report to the governme~.t that If 'g:raL't€'eS r eally mean Ito in!;ltall t?es~ men ~re to be continued in the his properties, In 1901, according to a h t h 11 f d the evidence of Mr, B ell, late assist- wate l~system and to 'se ll wai ter a t rea- ~~g s t : lC h a~: b con erre I upon ant gold commiSSioner, he p'aid to sonable rates :to any miners who may e~,, ' ey s' ou e. compe led to the department the commutation fee desir, e the 'same, what objection in exelClse them an-d not owly that, but that some su'pervi'Sion shQuld -be ves't- upon these properties in lieu of the the world is there to t he insertion k h' h d h ed in SQme I person or body to Iwep WOI' w IC , un er t e regulations of , of a clause compelling them ,tQ do I th t d t h h Id h d within reason the ' rates which the 'a a e, , e sou, ave one and , so. Th-eir objec'tfoll to ,being com- gl'antees m'ay im!}ose upon the sale under the IU'stru-ctlbns of the gold pelled to sell , water is a V'ery 'stron:g of their water. commissioner this money ·was within rea!son why they should \l}e ; co'mp'eHed A lbs~nce of a short time returned to him 'and no !to do so If th -MY •• ~ , All Regul'a.tiHons as to , ' . ,ey are Q'balll7.Illg p , further p,ayment has been made in 'their system solel. y as a water s u,pply , nC,e. , , respect thereof and no work has 'been 'Company, loo'king ,to .the revenue de-I If the 'Con'ceSSlOnanes ar p. WIllIng to d th I' . rived from tb e sales of wa'ter a~ a selI t hey can fix t heir own price, for I o:ne upon e c alms until June of the order-in-cO llncil con.tal 'ns not une'l thIS year, when t.he department ~ame return for :the capital invested a.nd t tl d 'ff t being nett only wilUn'g .bu t anxioUlS 'Word, either by \V,ay of limitation 'Or'1 0 appare~ y a I ~ren, conclusion 'th' f t I as to the Illtel'lpretatiou to be placed lo find conS'LImers fo r the wateT ' e prIce or 0 governmen contro, 1 . , Th ff t f th' I th t t h upon th s clause, We thml{ It a fair which they b ring to the c reeks, what , e e ec o· IS S · a ey can statemen t from Mr, Tread ~old's own objection could t hey puSis'ibly have as Impose 'such a charge upon a man to- e 'd t h t h d' t b t reas.ollable .mell to a clause whl 'ch ward whom t hey are not wel! dis- VI ence a e ISPU es he right 'd h I' tl of the governmcnt to lllSISt up·on tli-e would comllel them to seH the same, ·pose , or upon w ose 'C 'a Im ley 'cast h' 'The 'lr uth o. f. the ,matt. er a c'o(yidin! g to covet~us eyes as to maIm their q}rice payment w lch he has made, and that t· 11 h 'b 't' 'f th th e payment was made under protest. our minds is simply t his, that un'der pl'ac lCa ,y pro J. lIve, I e y , con· It ba's been a matter of common the , cQmbined effects of sections 9 descend ·to sell to him at all. They I Id' th' t h can ascert'ain the richness of the m , ow e ge 111 • IS coun ry, t at these I ,and 1 0 t hese ,men may place them- Tr d Id ' I h 'b t ground in t he various claims for ea go 'c 'alms, ave ' e~n exemp selves in a position to put water .upon h' ht' I' d f I from repres entat IOn for mIllers who 'a mindng (!Iaim which cannot get wait. w lC wa er IS SUpp le or and 'can h ' r egul'ate their price so as t ave sta'ked some of th,em 1ll the ab- er from ,a.ny otLer source and they f th I th fOt hsecure sence of the r ep res en tatlOn work have 'rr.ay r e, fus 'e Ito ,sell to the owner of C l' e m-se ves e cream 0 e uut- b ' , P ut, leaving to the m' lner bar L een dellled the l'lght to a grant, ullon cJ.a'im the water which, is 'a'b'so- e y the ground that Mr, Treadgold. 'Is un- lu tely needed for it's working, so tllat enough by way of profit :to e ncourage de bL't' t he is compelled l by r ea'son of Ithat him to I{eep working 'for them, though r t nt~ 0 Iga l Ion Th o dkO an l y drepre- , d " . f ' sen a lOll WOI' {. ' e now e , ge of fa· c t to abandon h is cl,aim, The moo III a COli lti on 0 prac~IC·al serfdom, thi. s fac t in itself has !been produc- ment that he 'does this, t hes'e in8'Il 'Or If on the other hand ,they wi·sh to t' f t Id " t th " acquire an" particular hoLdl'ng wI'th, .Ivte 0srt: unfoth , lllJUr y t o ' e mtlllh lapp ly fo r his ,ground and geJt i by J III e , ou t resor ting to the vul O'.ar method o, f " lrle so, IS thCOun,r y d , af 's" th no Ill~ virt ue of i t h elr app. J.icaf ion, In a; di- . b ran ~ es 1110re In e mm 0 e OtdI- tilon lo thl s -they 'can cJ'aim an" r efusIllg tu sell water to the opera- 'th th f t th t h J " nary mIller an e ac' a e is gr-oiund to wh'ich 'they 'bring their tors, they can fix a price for It whrch b' d' " t d 't Th t h ' h h the min ers c anno't afford to pay, and elllg Is·cnmllla e, agallls, ese wa: er w!'c as ,been located a t any ~Nco'mpll '~h m, en have all reali,zed the 'fact tbat t ' 'th h ' t f th t 't .~,-, ~ the desired result in 'L!lat Ime III e IS ory · o . e' i er1'1 01')" If one of t hem falls to do the full and subsequently aban'doned, and way, amount of his assessment work with- Ilhe;re are hundreds of such Se. o'tioh 11,- in the time limited, he wouLd lose his u'pon these creel{s, ''l'he word ", aban- ' W e submit that the prior righ t con- ground, no matter how small it might don· ed" i.s lapt to give the i/mpression f erred 'by this section is unfair. 'These be and there would be absolutely no t b-alt gronnd so rlesc'rnbed is fo und grantees are not prospectors in any redress for him, and the kno'wl edge worthless, The uncontI'adicte d e vi- sense of the term and i'f any 'di'scov- that .Mr, Treadg, old could hold over den'Ce .shows, hO'weveT, ,that , such irs eries are made by them in t he co'urse twenty valuabl.e claims, without doing will content 'Oursel ves therefore, with exclusive right to these waters fur pointing out the construC tion, which power purposes cannot be question'ed in our opinion, may be placed upon and we therefore have, as the com­ different clauses, our object in doing bined result of these two conditions so being that the proper remedy may l'the complete monopoly of these w~t: ,be applied and that those who have I , e l'S conferred upon the concesslon­ created this ' concession may remove aireS, Their right to t he waters of ,The Gra.ntees' Rights Under Se()tion t th no' e -case, An · abandoned claim. of their operations, there Is no reason a ~tnoke of work upon one of them I Four, 'is one which reverts to the c!'(J'wn why they should have any gre.ater or paying one dollar to represent the Und er this section it wou· ld be through :th'e failure of the grantee to rights than ,any person else to pro'fit work, has caused many an honest quite competent for the gora.ll'tees LO do the annual repres· eruta:tion work, by them, One can we!.l understand miner to feel that ,advantages were construct th eIr .d'ams and ftumes and upon it or to 'Out renewal gr' arut, why it is that the governmeu;t gives being given to theseconcesslonalres, ~ribs llpon the · creeks of, the di~tric't I M ~any claims h ,av~ been 'aban'doned to the dis'Coverer of new goM 'bearing' and in this way great harm has been III such a way as to .senou.sly lll'ter- WIthout · even havlllg had a ,llroSlpec- -ground greater rights than al'e given done to the 'community, DAiWiSON WEEKLY " •.. - ~RIDAY, OCT. 2, 1983. DuroltiiOn of the Right. fore bave upon Hun'ker creek alone, with their's, unless actually compell- ~ll exclusive and , pTlo'r rights con- these two instan. ces of the g.Jaring ed to do 'so. But the door .certainly {erred by this gran t are for thirty injustice t.hat is done to large mining should be kept open so that if t hrough years, If the order-in-coun:cil con- operators. The wrongs which have the non·user or mis·user of this. fran. tained the slightest provi, sion for the been· done to free miners in prevent- ehise, or the inadequency of the wat­ safe-guarding of the public inJteres, t ing them from relocating Treadgold's er supply f'urnished by it or for any or for co'mpellJng the grantees '10 claims, when they sh, ould have re- other reason requiring in the public exercise these rigbts, this period verted fo· r non'representation, have interest the entrance o'f a competitor mi'ght not 'be 'any too long, but t he been dealt with before. These facts , into the field , the governm ent would order-in-council as its'lands now has all of which are well known, have hav e a free hand In the matter. We the elfe-ct of locking up for thirty created a 'feeling of dissatfaction and ~ontend , however, that to give to years, .of which ,only 18; yoear and, · a distrust in this country, which' of it· th, ese' men the absolute mono];)Oly balf has expired, th e onOy waters self is , sufficient to brand this ,con, which they posses'.;;, without impOSing th at can, be made use of and the re- cessions as beini g one pregna.nt with upon them the sli·ghtest necessity Ifor (~) In the exemption from rentals'l to the "water clauses consolidation per year. One-ha.lf the claims not and. other as·sessments . given by see- act" of British Columbia as' a model worl ed the first y,ear would be re- tion 14; 10f careful legislation on this same (b) 'In ,the exemr tion from represen- s'ubject. stlUked .the s-econd y€ar. tation contained in section 14; I If the above estimate is correct the (e) By the amendmen,t of ' section I ARGUMENT RE ' HYDRAULIC government would' receive in entry 10 of the waleI' regulations, which LEAS.ES. fees when concessions ar throw'n open prevents any miner from supplY'ing $23,000. Five thousand one hundred water from hi, s d·itch to other miners. No Limi, t to Investigjation. and thir'ty m en would be given e m- ~,f) By maok1ng his claim subser- To th e Honorab-Ie Byron Moffatt Brit- p'loyment. and calculating gold a t $15 vient to .the right of Treadgold to ton and Benjamin Taylor A. Bell, per ounce, $9,618,750- would be pro- construct dams , ditches and reser- Esquire. duced . on which the export tax at voirs upon it and thus flooding his That evidence was produced by us, present .Ievied would be $240.468.87. claim or damming the wa,ter that onl y as to those 'concessions which If these same men chose to buy im­ shou,ld flow through his claim. directly and largeoly affect t.he trad.e ported goods for themselves and fam- suit simply jos that the mineTs upon evil to the entire community. exe,rcising the right conferred upon these 'creeks are for nearly t wenJty- Tre'adtgold1s Plans. them or without securing in any man· eight years to come at the mercy of ne r the rights and interests of other Mr. Treadg. olp and his associates. Mr. Treadgold h:;ls informed' us from 'pa,rties who may be affe, cted by it is The failure to ins.tall a system within the witness stand that he has plans Simply monstrous. We cannot better formulated' for the I'nstallation of a '11 t t th It' j t· f the next few years 'Will prdbably re- I us ra e e comp e e m us Ice 0 suIt in the abandonment of a large water supply and that he ha,s the capi- this, than by reference to a matter portion of the ground, and when that tal with which to carry his plans which Is now earneSltly engaging the ha,s been done Mr. T'readgold is then into operllltion. He has carefully re- attention of parliament. It is con­ in a position to wakJe up an'd put his frained, however, from giving any ceded on all hands that the construc­ water 'on -the ground, and In this way more of the detail,s or "particulars of tion of another line of railway , across (g) And generally by granting of the merchants of IDawson, was to . ilies it may be fairly estimated 'that Treadgold and his associates in, ad- be expected, To go. furth er and at- each would pay $100 into the cus­ ditions to a monopoly of the wa,ter tack all concessions, (a) the existence toms, making $513,000 more. The sup, ply, s· uch p· rivi.leges as owners of of which deprives the treasury of revenue to the government in renew­ claims and of the easements and revenue; (b) are detrimental to the ing 1,250 claims at $12 each would privileges appurlena.nt to other claims mining industry of the Yukon t en'i- be $14,580, while the claims re-staked as puts the free miner practically in tory; (c) which were obtained' by would be 542, bringing$5,420. With their power. frau. d and misrepresentation, or (d) an adequate water supply on fair Conclusion. in whioh the requirements of the terms these estimates are too Iow, leases had not been complied. with, But summarized. they stand thus: might be a lask requiring such time Fees -receivable 'by govern- 'Secure it for himself, By a peculia.r his plans or of his ba,ckers than he th'e Northwest Territories to the Pa· Our excuse for the length of this coincidence the right which was for- could avuid. We subm." that no mat- .ciIfic ocean is urgently needed, and a argument and for ,the strong langu!'-ge mer1y contained ill' every water grant ter how omplete a plan Mr. Tread- charter has been granted to the which we have sometimes employed to sell wateT was taken away iby :the g 'd may have" and no matter what Grand Trunk Paciiic railway for that is the vital importance of the mat­ regulations of the seventh December, the extent of the resour.ces that are purpose and· an act has been passed, ter to this territory, and our honest 1901, which is the very date upon !at ~iS. c'Ommand may ~e, no. ~elp, can under whi~h substl\.ntial assistance is conviction that some relief from pre­ which an order-In council amending, be oamed from them III arrIvIng at a being given by the government to vai1ing condition, s mus, t be recom­ the o;iginal Treadgold ol'der-in"couD- solution of the question whi?h y~u the company for the construction of mended by you, if the country is to cil 'was passed and the result of .tha:t are expected to ~olve respectmg Ins that road. Wh'at would be thought have any future at , all other than is that no holder of a water : grant concession. He may have plans which of our government, if it granted to t h3Jt w'hich Mr. Treadgold al1d his upon any of the creeks can sell any are cOlIllJ;llete in every detail, he may this, railway the exc']usive right to friends may design for it, The ];)Opu· , portion of -the water 'which he b{in'gs have unlimited capital behind. him, construct a road, across thi, s stretch lation of this territory is small when to his property under that grant, so but it is entirely at his discretion of country, comple,tely s hutting ou,t compared with that of the rest of our that ev.en the waters 'which are whether those- plan, s !,hall be put into any chance whatever orE any other Dominion. It o'ccup'ies · an isolated brought upon the mining properti'es operation and whether tnat ,capital road' being: built by any oLher com- position, 'The conditions of life here from tributaries of these mining shall be called upon. How does it pany and by the same charter gave to are hard. These are facts which we cree'ks can onl'y be used by the man h elp us in solving the question as to the company thirty yea-rs in which to think entitle as to even a fuller who brings it there, and must then whether this concession is likely to construct the road and simp'ly pro- measure of protection at the hands run to waste, This amen'ding regula- be beneficial or injurious -to say that vided that at the expiration of that of ,those who are charged with guard­ tion lends additional value and adds Mr. Treadgold has perfect p.Jans: an d time their exclusive ri' g-hts should ing onr interests, than the inha· bitants greater power t o the Treadgold con· unlimited money, unless there is some cease. What WOUld. be thought of of the older por,tions of Canada can cession, in as much as it .shuts off way to compel him to put those plans the government if in addi,tion it did claim, 'Instea,d' of this right beipg from individual miners thechan'ce of into operation. If his scheme is a not provide that the company should recog,nized, however, in the pres·ent 'buylng the water, which their enter- ,good one and if it is 1aunched up'on be compe1le,d to carry freight and instance, negligence almost criminal prising neighbors have brou'ght to fair and reasonable terms, then it passengers, or if it did not provide has been display'ed. Tbose who have money or self sacri!fl.ce as we couM ment on opening a:bove con· not 'be expected to provid.e. We h'ave cssions.. . ...... . ... . .... $ 23,000 assisted ,the commission in the in- Fees on claims renewed at q'u,lry Into certain 'concessions. This end of 'first year . . ........ 14,580 evid'ence will tend to aid in the in- Fees on claims ' re·soial,edJ at q'lllry as to either concessions' to !be end of year ....... ....... 5,420 further pursued by the commission. Export tax ..... . . ... .. . ... 240,468 ers and authorities thelIurelves. Customs (subject · to 75 per S.ome Observations, In. presenting the cases -a.g,ainst these concessions as we:]]. as that against the Treadg.old! concession we must refer to the limilations of the commission under which, you investi­ gated, The means by w.h!ch t he Trea,d:gold concess'ion was obtainred anod, granted were not open to in­ quiry. The error and improvidence of officials in grant~ng the leases to t.hese oo-called hydraulic concessions al, so could not be in.quired into. Other limitation.s of th e commission were of a minor ch'aracter. A, fter the commis· cen.t redr uction on account of consumption of Oanadian , goods) .. . ....... . ... , ... 513,000 'l'otalrevooll e receivable at end ·of 11l'st year .......... $773,468 Red uction on account of nse of -Canadian goods . ... . . . . 384,750 Actual revenue \ receivable a, t end! of year .. ... .. .. .. . .. $388,718 The to·lal yearly revenue received from the concessionaires in rentals is $3,355. their ground would of course follow tnat benefit.s for some control being retained by come to this country are, as a rule, sion began its work we were confront- to the community would 'result, but the government over the rates to be men of intelligence, p'luck and indus- ed by a most unfair rulinrg whEmevel- I ' . Th'" H All' ad R'esulited a hostile v'itn~ss · was on the ' tand, . The disp'l'oportion is slartling. t he loss of direct revenue to the govern­ men t being well nigh $400,000 per annum. The incid;ental market for Cana.dian products andl increase in numbers and contentment of popula­ tion is perhaps not unworthy of con­ sid'eration by na'tion builders. nJurles r a" ' Ivee, y we submit that mere ideas or schemes charged by the company. What would try, who have in many instances sev- " 7 . S Fr om the Co'nc. ession. of his woh!.ch he is nut IXJUnd to put he thought if in addition the ohar. ered· family ties and, practically plac- The witnesses 'Treadgold, Anderson, mh' . h' h 0 ar . Stl'UCt d th 1 '1 Jo· slin, Weinheim, C'offey, TyrreLl, .Lr e mqlllry w , IC Y u e III - into o, pera.tion and which he may ter provided that any lands, through e ems e: ves in e.xl e to better their ' ed to make respecting the Treadgold never of his own free will call into which the roa,d. pas- sed, which mig'ht conditions and inciden'talIy aid In the Boyle and Robe were cons'tantly as­ concession is whether it -is Ukely to active being cannot and shou' I'.! not 'be d'eserted 'by the owueI'S shou1d d~velo,pment of the ter'ritory, and yet sured when driven into a corner that­ be beneficial or injuries to this terri- be take n into any account what~ver become the property of the comp·any? tliese men who have risked every- they need, not answer. unless they tory. We do not think that you can in dealing with this question. (f h.3 In fad , how would the people of Can- thing and who are for. ced, to live up liked: . It was alread y abundantly DERIMENT TO MINING INDUSTRY. detect in the, evidence 'which ha,s: been could, 'be compel'led to submit the ada s,tand for a charter granted to to the mining regulations with the manifest that what they' l!l(ed was to given ur from y-o.ur personal eX'amin- d t 11 f h' I 1 ' h th"1 tl ]' gre3Jtest strictness are a t the' mercy g ive us answers favorabJe to the con- e a s 0 IS pans .0 - e gove! n- I IS ral way company upon le mes ces.sions and by this unfair rulinr g Number of Men Empl, oyed, If said concessions were thro'wn open we e.stlmate 5,130 men WOUld' be employed. the firs,t year. This Last year there have been employ.d on the concessions: On ,I' I'HlJel' creek 100; on Ande rson , 2: 5; on 'Boyle 4 (part of time; on Bronso, n & Ray, 3 (part of tim e); on Matson and Doyle, 0'; !lind on Quartz creek, 0; total 13, 2 or about 5,000 less than as if these conces­ sions were blotted out. But' this is unfair fqr the year previous, the num­ bers em.ployoed were, 2, 25, 0, O . 0 and 5, or a total of 32 only. T,he se com­ parisons can well 'be use(l by those who ltielicvh in ,th e upbuiJ.dln,g of ,Can­ ada's intlustlries, ation the slightest benefit that has S'O ment, and those plans tlllon being of this Treadgold order-in-council. of thesr e concessionaires, who have far ac~rued from this grant to any examined were found. f8a,iVe and TheTe is a strong analogy bet ween done nothing for the country and yet they were practically invited to give but the concessiona,ires. On the other the charges to be made fo:' the water the two cases, 'r.he railroad is jns't are treated with such marked, f.avor us the one kind of answer a,nd refuse h d . t t . b th Th us the other. Another · g;reat d!iffi- an , we can paIn on manY' Ill- supplied by them rea&on,\ble, and the as much a necessity to the peop. le I y ' e government. . e bona fi, de t . . h' h .. hId . t i b . culty that we found In presenting our s anees III w IC IllJu ry a.s a r ea, y government was give· n the power to of the territories a, s the supply df I millers, " he ntelllgen t usmess men resulted and we think it a fair argu- say "you shall put these plans into th e water is to the miners upon the 10f this commu'nity, the men who have CIIlS€ was that the ·files were not opan t tl t 'f' tJl 'd . to us except when :Mr. Rowatt wa,s ment 0 say la I III le ye'ar an operation and charge reasonable creeks. The f~rmerg. and business mterests at stal~e he· re, in fact the f d · th under examination and then it was a half which has e apse Sll1'ce e prices for the water," then the , con' men of the territories -do not ' need entire community with the eKceptlon passing af th is or'der-ip-council, noth- sidera,tion of his s{)hemes might well protection from the . greed of the rail. of a few demagogues, 'some of whom founel that many of Lhe most neces- j ' h It d th sary ·documents were not 'here ' at all. ing but In ury IllS· resu e Co a'ame be an important factor. But at p,res' way company any more than the min- you have seen and heard, whose very & tate of' wffairs is likely to contiu,ue ent t hey are in a nebulous state, we e l'S of this territory do from the existen,ce d,epends ,upon t he ~ol1tinu- These documents indisputably exist to the end . i By. virtue of this ord, er- h.ave nothing but tbe barest outline avarice of Treadgold' and his asso- ance of just such 'evils as this 'Tread- and some ,of .them we would have put in-~ounci1 'Mr. Treadg, old has been en- of them, we have no idea whether ciales. We have no hesitation in say- gold concesrsion, pray for the removal in. Further, among the d'ocnments a'bled to 'compel tJhe surrende r to him the y are practicable or whether he ing that if so iniquitous a s'che me ' as ofr th is Treadgold iniquity from the that were here, many were termed by Mr. Joslin oJ t he Rock cteek wat6lr has "the mon ey with which lo 6rarry the Tre~d'gold ' con cess-ion wa ' aa:opted ]li8.J h o! thei'r progress. ",()I~ ,thei" be- priva t.e by Mr, Rowatt anel ,we were grants. which were brlor in date to t hem into effect and we submit th'ere- as the basis ot a charter ' for this ho'/f, we asl, from you a report which una'b.le l o see th em. We are un, a1ble th d · '1 W b 't th t ' ·tl ' th ' t t h to appreciate the meanin"" of the e or er-In-counCl ' · e su ml a fore that no im];)Ortance can be at· r. a· ilway ·company, the people of .the WI . spur e governm~)l on 0 s,nc " I it must hav e. 'been very evident to . tached to them. Northwest Territories would again ac Ion as will accomplIsh ,that end. term "priva,te" when app1ied to pUlb- Machinery. yoou, from the manner in which MT. rise in r ebel'lion and the people of We a].so 'beg to ];)Oin t out to you lic business and also the reason why On 'the concessions at the present Plans of Other Appli,caJnts. docum ents in existence in regardl to JosHn gave his evi.dence, that he was Eastern r C'anada would unhesitating' th·at not t he people of ,the Yukon time there is hydraulic mach-ine ry on The question was often asked by these concession files were left at :practically compelled by the 'Conces- Iy depose f rom om,ce any government alone, I but the people of older :Canada only ,the Miller creek concession. On s ionaires to surrender to tlJJem the the commissioners, whether any other so insane as -to in.iflict upon the coun. are interested in tliis matter . 'I~lis Ottawa and cannot prevent a sus- the Anderson concession a fai r ly ex­ grants which he heM !fur the Ro, oki person than Tread'gold was known. to try so insane a scheme. We can coun,try has to depend, upon the im- picion g,rowing in our minds that per- tensive p· lacer plant is in operation, creek water and thus a scheme I have any s'C.heme for tobe , supp·lymg thinl, of no more fitting para!lel than portalions from the outside for every haps more documents were detained bu t larger plant.s ar e worked by in· which, according' to Mr. Jos'lin was i~ of wa~er. ?he c~mmis:ioners ~ust this, and we snbmit with all earn est. llecessily of life and lhese imports at Ott awa than we knoW' of. 'We h~ve divid,ual owners on the same creek. a fair WilY of beIng put into active bear m mmd thiS fac , that SlUce ness that the analo~, Is not a far run in vlllu e into s everal millionsr of also t.u 'complain of s, ome little diffi- A smal'l plan't, even for a p, lace, r min- operation affording to miners the ear- June, .19(jJ1, n~ ,person but Tread,?old fetched one by any means. dollars in eac h y,ear. 'The cont.inl ll- culty not cre~ted by th~ commission e'r, is all that is worked on t ile Boyle Iy use of the R'OOk creek wl3Jters 'was and hIS assoCIates has bad any -rIght ance of such importations depends W'hlch arose III presentmg our case concession. On the 'Bronson & Ray !lxtingui shed. ,I,t surely' must have whatever .to take any of t hese waters Summary, entirely 'upon the r ros.perity of the b. Y. the proff:red help , of so many un- 'a respec'table boiler for a placer claim as a portIOn of a scheme !for supply Our argument against this COll'ces· slnlled am e's ho ked 0 e been a bene flt to tlbe minill'g interests - minin' gi interests here and if by rea,. ' ex . III I ' was! s m un- Is set up, but larger 'plants by far \jng water to the creeks Under these sion may be summarized as follows: wise q e t s IW d t ~t d if Mr. Joslin had been enabled to put . . . , • son of their decay the commerce of u S IOn. e , 0 no pro en are worked by r i'acer owners within into practical ope'l'Bltion the p, la.ns CIrcumstances, It s,ur.el~ . could not .be 1. The w3Jters of the Klondike and the country languishes, a,s it inevita- that all placer miners in the Yukon the concession boundaries. On the wh, iCh he had forme. ! and it surely exp.ected that men havmg the deSIre of Rock creek are urgently needed bly will, the manufacturer s and bus: l. territory have invariably made money Ma:tson and Doy-l e concess. ion.s no ma- to Illstal1 such a; scheme and having for mining operations, and they form but the ev,'dence: w~ adl duced ,'s that mus t be a. n, in'ury to the community ' ness men of ;I"astern C· anada wl 'll v chinery' has bee'· 1 ·nsta.lle 1 b th J the means at hand with which to do the only sources from which the c ry· ' -'" of me, n whose e 'enc d t t ' , . ( Y e when one man was ab'le as Treadr gold ' Iikewi·se suffer, In this connection "" xpen e an es 1- conces· s1onaires. Some little ground was to force th e abandonment of that so, . could be expected to formulate ing demand for water can be met. we might further say that the gov- mony is entitled to the greatst consid- S];uicing work has been done by the any plans It would ' be simply in 2. The waters of Rock creek are I'atl·on. . ' - "ernment is largely inte-rested in I}ro· concessionaires on some placer claims scheme and to compel the falling in to him and !his associates: df this valuable g. rant. The rights conferred 'by this ~oncession have prevented Mr. Scouse and his associates from taking to their claims on 'Dago hill, the water of the Klon'dil'· e river ,and the result has been tJhat a possi1 ble s ale of these , properties' has been pre­ vented and the holders cif this glrant compelled, as Mr. Olazy put it, to do a,bou't · $10,000 wOl'th of actually sane on the part of capitalists to Treadgold's absolutely for thirty I years. moting t he prosperity of this mining Loss of Revenue. purchas ed by them, but far less work , go to the expense of prep·ar ng plans camp. The · government I 'S, to. all "11' Th d b th ." I I has been d .. I t ' 3 Th KI d'k t T d . e areas cove re y e DOY' e . one an" a ess ex enSlve and, estimates and ma/king other pore- . e on I 'e wa ers ar e rea· tents and 'purposes, .the landrlord, of (Klond,ike) , Bronson & 'RaY' (Bonan- plant has I been used by them than , by I · . t f th ·~·n t 1 gold's absolutely 'for s, ix years, of Immary arrangemcn s or ~ 1 S a - a large. tract of most productive re· al ) M 't ('B ) D I (;0 t f th j . h' th lation of such a scheme in the face which only a year and a half have estate, ,the fees which accrue , to I.t za , a son onanza, oye ""on an- mos 0 e pacer owners 'WIt III e of the fact that no matter how good elapsed and by simply takling and' di- za), Boyle (Qu' creek) , and N. A. boun.d·aries of their concession . . The lha 't scheme ml 'ght be and no matter verting them for TV\wer purposes .with. from every branch of the mining in- T. & T. (Miller creek) concessions! , rather large boilers once installed on - ' Y- d'ustry beine: exceedingly large and · · t h' h d d id th Quart c k c 'C • t th how able the a~pII'cant ml'''''''t be to in that time and without actually util. ~ agams w IC we pro 'uce r cv ence, e z er e on eSSlOn 0 . e , """ ",Oll . paying an enormous annual reveruue is about 65 square miles. Of this, detriment of the Lond, on capitalis't C ~rr" that s~hem~ I'nto nffect the izing any of them, either for that nul" ~ J ' , ~ = 0, " to the Dominion. These fees, ""hich 4014 '1 l' ·th· th hav~ heen ed' b B I hi securing of these waters wa " abso , p.ose or for djstribution , they 'aI'''' ab- ., - square mI es les WI JU e v remov , y OY' e to s t' - Y consist in the issuing of grants and Boyle (Klondikel, whiJe 81-2 square timber lease on the Klondike, lutely beyond his · power. We submit solutely his for !lU pra'ctical purposes renewals and free miners' ·cerUflcates miles more lies, within the B-ronson But one year ago t he Miller creek that no argum nnt I ' favor of Tre-" for the follow in'" ,twenty-Caul' v·ears. v n ' ..u- '" J and in the export . d: uty collected u"on & .n . U t'l th I t conceSOI'on h d h' th old ' t b de 'fr the 4.'e these waters are his he " !J .ay conceSSIOn. n I e as . - ' a no ma:c mery on e g s gran can· e ma . om __ the gold produced are lar ;e or small year no work has been done on either ground though the lease . bad been b ill I t I f i'B not bound to put a drop of t hem 0 ' a sence a comI) e e proposa rom according to the degree of activity of these concessIons, and in the last granted for more than one year. The some other applicant under these cir- on the creeks, and y'et no one else 'th 'Wh' h th .. . d t . WI ' IC e mmmg III us ry IS year the work done on ei'ther hall Anderson people had well nigh {heir cums tances can do so and for more than t wenty· t d d't t ' I t b . . prosecu e , an I cer am y mus e been far less by many times than present plant, but for one or two The Necessilty for tih'e Monop ly Given I eIght years y~t to come . t~ey may run to the interest of t h'e whole ,Dom in- that done on many a placer claim years after their lease had no plant. to Treadgoldl . to waste whIle the mlDmg OIf gold , ion that this revenue S"rlOuld be moalde within their boundaries. No conces· The Boyle, Hronson & Ray and Mat- ceases for want of them. I It has been hinted at several times, 5. It is possihle for hi m to delay :h~~~ge as possible, a state of amairs si on attacked has complied with the son and Doyle concessions had no during the course of the inquiry, that the inst.allat.ion of his scheme until can only be brought about by requirements of the lease granting mining machin ery on thei r , grounod'.;; in order to I}racure the capital neees- for lack of wa,ter the whole or a extend, lug to the individual mine rs it. ~t is impossible to sho'w the ex- to within the last year. A large sary to carry into effect so -large a . great portion of the creeks is wan- the , consideration to which they are ac't loss of revenue. The following boiler was worked on the Quartz scheme as this, it is necessary that a entitled, This statement also applies is an estimate we believe, not unfair, cree'k concession for 'the summer' of doned and then by .putting in .the monopoly should' be given to the con· water all of the abandoned gronn'd to the hydrauliC conc~ssions, which 'may s'erve as an object .lesson: 19(}1 and is all t'h'e mrachinery ev,er cessionaires. W'hile we are free to becomes his, 'The evidence shows In conclusion, we beg to .point' out By \llerely throwing open the con· put or that ever will be put on that admit that cap ' ltalists investing their to you that our government in dealing cessions attac'ked, the followin, g may concession· by t he owners. tha t '''abandoned grounu" is not of money in &uch a scheme sh"uld have with the water question in the North· fairly result: 'On the 'Boyle (Klon- To sum up, three of these coruces- " necessdty wo·rthless ground , but on a fair measure of protection, we 'sub- the contra,ry some of the ri'chest wes t Territories, has p- assred an act dike), 1,500 placer claims would be sions have now on their ground plants mlt that the order-in-council as It I known as. the "Nor th west Irrigation staked., 750 of thes. e would /be worked which would ,be fairly creditable to a c aims in the country are ,tbose which t 1898" h' h t . I I Klondi'ke, and when by rea,son of stands gives them fa,r too mu ch. Why have at some time in their history ac, . . , . ~. IC con ams most c~m- by an average force of 4 men each: pacer c aim of 250 feet square, and Treadgo1 i"s grip upon them under should miners be prevented from b b dd ' p.Jete provlsmns for th. e safeguard'mg on Bronson & Ray, :050 clajms would one of ,these, viz.: the Miller creek, 'this order-in.council they coulrl not 'brin.ging in t.he 'Waters of the Klon. een a an .one . l of the public interests with res'pect be staked an l 150 of the'se would is rapidly getting ready for h ydrauli'c Le utilized, the deal of necessity fell dik e to their own. claims? lWhy 6. He IS not bo_ und to sell any to th/ e water , s· uI}ply in the territories. be worked by an average force of 4 work on a large scale. The other through , No more reputable minin.g should the ,holder of a water grant water. He can sell to whom he No greater contrast ca,n Ihe iruagined men each; on the Matson & Dayle four conces'sions have either no ma­ men aa'e in. this coun tr Y' to i!l a:y than' who ha,s constructed a ditcH and pleases and for such p.rice as he sees than that which exists : between the concessions, 20()O claims would be ch.inery at all on their g~ound or such the three gent'lemen who have test!- I brought water to his c1aim be 'prohi- tit to set. He can refuse to sell and ill-conside red Treadgo'ld order-in-coun, staked and 100 of 'Lllese would ' be machinery as wouldl be considered fied to the a'bove state of facts. Then bited from selling it? lWhy should by such refusa. 1 f reeze out .the holder c il and this perfectly formed statute. worked and on account of the richer miserable equipmerut Cor a placer worthless work e'very year for repre­ se'n tation ]}urposes u];)On t his group of claims, There seems t o be a dis­ pOSition on the part of the commis­ sioners to discI'edit tlhis aPlli!cation, and to cast doubt upon its bona fides. It is abundantly evident ll];)On the tes, t imony of Mr. Scouse, i Mr. Coffey and Mr. Glazy, that negotiations were on foot for ,the s· ale of this property to English cap,italists, hut. that it was a sine qua non to the .carrying througb of 'the negot iations that 'a sufficient water supply for the pro!Jlable work­ ing of the · groUlid' !!I hould be rendered · available. The only available water supply ,known' to' the ap)}licants 'was to be found in t he waters of the Mr 'R th h' ld h h th ff t I 'b d ft ' od' valuable ground which upon it's If the water supply qu estion need, ed pay by an average of 7 men each ', on claim. It is beyond all- . dou'bt tha· t . . 0 - .sc I as sown e e or s so arge a 0 Y 0 wa er as IS con- aband.onment becomes his: whic, h be has made to get the use tai-ned in the Klondike river be put I such careful safeguard s in the North- th (;l Anderson conces'sion, 100 claims the lasft year is t he only one in which o f the Klondik e or Rock ,creek wat- out of the question as a, source of 7. The~e is, no adequate pr?tection , ' west Territories as t.hiS act provides. would be staked. and 80 of these would i a~y effort has b~en made to comPI. y el'S, for t he' ground owned by him supply when Treadgold', s grant is only for the mlIlers whos e plOper,tles may we surely have a n g, h l to say tha,t be worked· by an average force of 61 WIth the r e'gulatlOns or any com­ on !H'llnl,er. He ha.; stated hi s In. for 5,000, of t,he 40,000' or 50,000' inch- be entered upon in the exercises of in this remote region equal care men each ; on the Miller creek , con- plian~e seriously demanded by 'the structions from his company to ex' es, which are fixed by the eviden~e the concession aires' rights. shou].d be observed, ani! no more pow- cession 1 fiO cla,ims would be staked I government. pend a quarter of a million dollar, s in as the minimum of it.s volume? The 8, The miners are djscriminated erful argument can· be used against 1 and 60' of these would be worked by A reference to the above comP1lla· the 'bringing of these waters and has rights which are gra,nted. sh olllcl not a g'alnst in the privileges conrerred tbe Treadgold ord'er-in-council as it an average force of 3 men each; Qn tion and to the method s by which p'ledged his oath to his belief that be excJ.usive rights. No other ];)er- upon the concessionaires. stands today. than the fact tha,t the I t.he Quartz creek concession , 100 placer claims are ord~narily worked he could get all of the bac~ing neces· son can acquire any s,uch rights 'with- (a) In the righ,t of entry and ex· government has lleces- claims would , be staked· and of these will show the immensely increased aary to enable him to in·stall a water out the authority of an order-in·coun- emp~ion from paymen t contained in I' sary .in i.~S treatment of. the water 75 would be worked 'by an average amount of machiner~ that would be system, for the supplying of the other cil and the concessionaires surely sectIOn 10; QuestIOn m another portIon of the force of 2 men e· ach. All worked put on theseconcessIOnsr if they were claims on Hunker creek. All cif this, have' sufficient groun l for the 'Conti- (b) In the prior right to mineral Dominion to · throw around It all of claims would· be renewed. The pro· thrown open to the placer miner however, is blocked because Tread- dent belief that the governm.ent will bearing lodes and de.posits granted ; the safeguards which are contained duclion woul,d ' be safely one-half which would either pay duty or be g;old stands in his way. We there- not grant a franchise in competition by section 11; I in this ac t. We also beg to refer you ounce per {lay per man for 250 days Imported from Canad, a. c , , I r ' f DAWSOIN WEEKLY NElWS, ' FRIIDAY, S'EIPTE M!B'IDR 25, 1903. --' Hyd! ralu·lies. the Klond.lke benches 8lIld on the \'al· (see evidence of Boulais, Trabold and I ~e8sion was located at the time of Is it desira,ble to introouce hydrau- leys a nd bench es of Bear and Lindow ot hers.) In British Columbir a 80 acres the application. kpplication ' pr esup­ Iic mining int o the Yuk'an territory? creeks in the Boyle concession the is the size of a hydraulic claim, but pose loca.tion (s,ee seC'tio n 23 of the Yes, certa4nly where the condHiorus net worl, of claims own ed by the none are granted, where placer claims present placer regu·lations.) Some . ed plaeel' miner s· act as a reC'il)rOcal flOt- exist. The ver y resu!'t that the junior attemipt .·at location was made by are favorable. No ob'jection is rals' by the Yuko n people 'to hydraulic ter to prev·enlt hydraulick!ng. On commissioner thought des ira: !}le will Ty'rrell in regard to the Bronson & ister to believe they had complied with the regul atiOons and that the leases issued were in accord ance with said regulations they have deceived t he minister an·d have only t he m- selves to blame. " in rear of a, n d, adjoiDl1l'g t:he ~reek claims." This addition however in,. cr eaSles the area . rOf 991 ~a ,cres :and' 1ie~ ontside the plan of sur vey. T h e die­ scription is incorrect. W hich pa:rt .!is raIse demO'nstration?, mining on t he concessions we bJave Mill er creek, in a most nigh hand ed take place wbere concession s doo not (Ray (see his d€claraUon or! May 5, attac. ked. Tbe Miller creek conces- and illegal mann e r, the place,,' grants exist. (see Andrew's evidence and : 1'899). In regard to all other conces- In conclUl:ion and before goiug into. sion people are preparing to h Y'diraulic hav e IJeen refus ed renewal so that others) , but will be found imposs ible sions this is wanting. In this the t he fraud and mis. r epreseDltation by but no oth er 'concession bas ever 'been most of th em are out of the way.. A when~ con·ce.ssions exis t (see evi- 'government must hav, e been deceived'. which the various concessiollls were worked: by . hy,ctraulic or any similar p·art of the principality incl uded with· d'ence .of Trabolc1 and ma.ny .other wit- Section 1 seems to proV'Jde for a obtained, we as'k you on. the 'broad prin Ci ple. On Miller creel" ground in tbe Bo, yle conces· sion on t he Kion· nesscs). Our deduction's are: Hy- maximum area of abou t five square qu estion of policy, to consider the s, luking has been done qui te exten- dr ike ~ay be us e? for, dU'mP.j~g ~rolln'C! draulic concessions s'hould' n ever be mil es, not 401 -2 square miles as in righ~s of th'e m iner and p'fOs'pectQr. sively by owners of placer claims, f,?r himself or wltb hiS perml.sslOn fOI' granted where placer claims exist, -the Boyl e. The word "vall ey" is .also To these we owe the entire pl'osperi­ but not even g,round sluicing has ars bhe BronsQn & iRay conceSSIOn, (see and in any case only after g roU'nd used. This m eans the low and com- ty and weal th of the Yul ou. Seven yet been donc by t he concess ionaires . . T yrrell's evid ence,) So also dump- has been thoroughly prospected' (see 'paratlve'ly ].evel area lying Qn either year, s . ago it was of li ttle worth to Hydraulic minin. g has been carried on ing gro un d will be , p,l'ovided on t h e evid ence of K ennedy, : Cameron, [)ay, 'sid e of a stream, but not the foothills Canada. 'fhe e,ne l'gy and rubility of in several places on Hunl,er and Miller cree k and And· ersQn con'ces· McLeod, Hubert and others). and of the mountains and hiils a;djoining these men have made it a powerful Bonanza creeks with marl,ed' success. sions but not on Quartz creelk. tben onl y in very exceptiona'l G as,es (see any of the iarger dictionaries). community. Our present popula,tion Ground sluicing is a very common On the question of capital, Robert should it be granted' in tracts of more This cqnstmctiOon is strengthened' !}y is larger th,an that af Manitoba and method of wor lli n, g bu't ne ithe r sys - Anclerson, the applican,t fool' the An- than 80 acr es. Th e M rutso n is ten the reacling of sections 10 and 11 of British 'Columbia when th,ey enter ed tern has ever been used on the Boyrle de rson concession bad to borrow ti mes, th e Doyle six t imes, tbe Bron- the 1898 p,laoer r egulations, al s'O i'n the confederation. In t he summer of or Branson & Ray conce. ssions. 'Some money to pay his passage from Van· son & Ray 68 times' and the Boyle -the case of Boyle (Klond!ike) by the 1898 more than 50,000 perSOns came ground sluicing has' been done on cou ver to Ot tawa when he app'lied tor (Klondike) 322 times, this size. original application. The Bronson & to the Yukon. }nor 'several yeans The Miner and P rospec; tor, Th ere apparently : three applica­ tions. The firs oi, .exhibit '15, shows the . ground to l ie 500 feet vertically above the valley of 'Bon: anza. Thi's desig­ n'ates ground lying .still further away from Bonam:a than th e tract of 480 acr es. The Eketch lIIttached (exhibit 16) r and the plan (exhibit 18) of Bol­ ton & IHawkins are so as to m ean either the 480 ,acre tract or t'he .groU'Il!d lyin g further away from Bo­ illam: a 'Of the required altitudes, or they may include both, but they do not includ'e either of the tracts lyLrrg in front. The appli ca.tion for the 395 .acre t r,act, if any 'were ever m'ad·e, is· the le,tter of Matson to Ogilvie of ,sep­ tember 8, 1899, exhi'bit 23. This of c·ourse being made .after December 3, 1898, cannOot come und'er , secbiou' 3 of the hydraulic r egulations but must come tLnd er set'tion 4 ifunrder any som e claims held, under olltion. by tbe his concession. J. W . Boyle and, hi s Wood, Ray application speaks of the crest · Yukron's yearly ,contribution. to the owners of t he Matson concession, but partner Slavin had $2,2 betJween t hem Another gre at objection in that of the hills (clearly mearning lo'west t he only hydraulicing done within· its when they struck Klondike, and, ex- these concessions monopolize the foo thill's.) adjOining t be creek. This limits has been done by i)lacer own· cept for one month , for the next two wood which would naturall'Y be used section WOuld confine .the Bwnson & el's, (see eviden~e of O larlm and years, Boyle spent his time at Ot- by t he n ear by placer owner. Under Ray to the B Oonanza valley, where Meik'le ). A s mall amount of 'g1round tawa o l taining these cOoncessi, ons orr his free miner's cel'tificate (see sec- there is no vacant ground, 'the Boy J.e slu icing wa s ,done ()n sonle hill 'claims KlonrHl e and Quartz. Where was his tion 3 ~f the placer regulations) h e is (Klonclike) to 'the Klondik·e valley not in bu t alongside the Quartz creek c'apilal? Yet these lauds granted to entitled to c ut wood free of dues. from 'rim to rim, and Llle :Mill er ·creek concession in 1901. The 'Work 11: one h r 'lll woul d have heen worked abund'- Most of t he mining g,rounrd with'!n concession to the r.reA'k itRelf and n{)t on any or all concessions is r idiculous anll y by the placer mlner without Im· Klondike is frozen lilt all ,known the hills adjoining. ,j1'urtber consid­ as compare d with' placer claims. ported' ca'pita· l except for this conces· de.pths'. In earlier d,ays wood eration of this section will be given sion. 'Of what benefit to this' country fires were built against the frozen when we consider the concessions in Jus been the granting of those con· gravel 'and now steam points are used' detail and examine tb e wording of Hyd,,..a~l ic Necessi ties. 1n ord'er to work a pi ec'e of g'wund by hydraulic methods it iE necessary that the re s hould be (a) abundant w.ater; (b) suffiCien t grade; (c) cessions? None. 'rh e damage bas to tha'w the froz en gravel. So wood their applica,tions. been very great. is a nece. ssity. But by section 12 of S.ectiOon 2 now stru-cl, out ~huws it In ti midl a· t ion of Fore'ign Capit a l. d. ulUlping ground ; (d) a compact ar ea A cursory exam ination of any con­ of ground, not cw t up by grottnd held :Cession leas e shows the provisoes , by placer claims; (e) capiLal to' in- .~onditions and restrictions soo heavy stall hydraulic wo.rld n, gs. Consider a'llod numerous, all of which al'e e n­ these: The Matson and Doyle Con- forceable at th e pleasure of the min­ ce.ssions hav e no water with wbich t o ister, that these leases are gr·eatly work. The water rights they hold are at the mercy of that officer. Only from gulches nea r by and are in t he tempta tion of enormous profits or direct competition with the placer the asstued friendship of the minister mi ner. The scheme m e ntioned in .could t emp t capital to inv esl und e r their applications, of bringing water such lease. Ground really unifit for hyclraulic leases h e cannot cut on a was n ever intende· d to grant con·ces­ concession wit,bou t a permit on which sions where p iace r claims existed. the governmen t ,charge 50 cents per The Matson, Doyle, "\'llderson, Bron­ cord. This has already caused , great son & Ray, and Quartz c,reek conces­ hardship 0'l1 the Bronson & Ray ClOne sions were granted u,nder tbe original cession (se e e viden'ce of MicKnight, section 3 of tbe hydrauUc regula tions, Trembley, e t al.) 'Similar difficulties whil e t he Boyle (Klondik, e ) and Mil­ have already ari sen an the Quartz ler creel(' wer e granted after the cr eek concession and are sure to 8!mendm€nt of Augus t 25, 1900. If arise on the Boylc (Klon. cldk c). If the regulations are intendoed to act as the wlater is monopo'lized' by Tread- any check or rostra!n,t to' the powe rs gold' and the wood by other conces- of the minis,ler t h en thes·e l·ast two leases a, r e wholly megal from the public fact 8!bundantly certirfied to the dities are a sine qua non of his work- minir Slte r that numerous ])lacer claims ing. , We verily believe that -Mr. Robe lay within· their boundaries (see ex­ was lhi n'ldng of t 'restrictions hibits H8 and 257). The Boyle when he said the pla-cer claims cou'ld (Klond'il{e) a lso had no waiter avail a­ no t continue more than three years ' ble for working· as requ i, r ed. by' amend­ • sionaires h ow long can the pla;cer from tbe Yukon, was ridiculous from placer mining, worked in real . earnest, an engineering standpoint, and was a as hyd'raulic concessions should have miner continue? These t wo commo­ false representation to be d.ealt wi th a more assured title. In no other under that head. They again say part of Nort h A.merica nor among they wis'hed to brill'g water fr' OIm the !lIny civilized' nations of the world are Klondike, bu t 'were de b· arred by th e titles so su!)ject to a ttack as' mining Treadgold scheme. T'his would be an ti·tles of all Idll'd, s in the Yu·kon. For- . . 1 I1 . longer. argument again st Treadgold but it is elgn capltru wi nlOt r ea·dl1y invest not true. The efforts to secu re t his under such t itles, nor where th e' free Value of Ground Which C· a.n Be W ork- water (see , Wein,heim's evidence) miner is so oppressed as to !keep, up ed by PI,ace r Mine·r. were a very 'weak bluff. a constant agi tation that may at any The value of groun d' which would The Matson and Doyle concessions tinle pass into mbellion. be worl{ed by the placer miner has also have no {lumping ground. A1l Again belfore indlI'cing fO'reign, ca'pi- varied greatly from certain well t he creek claims 0 '( 'Bona' and its tal to' Invest in concessions and known causes. Previous to 1896 t ributaries _ In 01' .ad ja·cent to these franc· hises these shou'ld' be such as g roundJ had ·to ])e fairly rich in O'rd'er concessions are owned by the placer in their nature can ])e best h! andled to pay. The min'er ,then packed his min ers. by large 'capitalists ev,en though their supplies on his back ove r ChilcOOot, Th e map filed on the examination residence is fo reign. 'l'he grea:test floated dO'wn tbe Yu!kon, whipsawed of W einheim shows a net worl k of doubt exists as to whether a foreign h is lumb er and, poled his boat up 2(H) placer claiuns covering the whol e corporation with a head' foreign office the tributaries to his diggings. Tllen froo t of the concession and all the is t he most fitting creation for t he came the fabulous strik'e of Bonanza lower levels. With these claims in management of Yuk·on gold mines. 'If and Eldorado. One hundre.ds d'ollar's the way t he concession can n ev· er be they are · fit a t aU it i s only when I!ed day looked sman to the adventUir­ worked, by Ihyd'rau lios, but wh il e it the cost of promoting 'and managoe- er~ tof 1897 ' Then the free . miher cannot he . wo rl ed by hyd,rauJ!cs itse"( m{ m t is' reduced to a mi imum and cou l'cl" onty stal{€ four rclaim~ ' I~ he 1 he con-cess,ion own· s s uch a net work the effici ency or management rai sed Yukon, and good claims were pas~ed of fractions among the place r claims to the highest degJ·ee. Even as to over by t he seel,ers for great [or· tha t it can prevent a1most effectually I C!llpitalists only slIch as are possessed t unes. In this period of excitement tlle placer claims within its boundar- of tile highest business capacity and the mOore ambitious would' not bin.d les combining in any way to use the long experience should havc mining t hemselves to worl,ing ground pro­ hY'draulic method. It can fetter 'but property in Klondil e. 'But When, an I ducin, g less than 10 cents to the pan, not stimulat e hydraulic mining with- itinerant boxer like Boyle is granted an.d ""hil e wages continuecl at $1, 5 in their bounds. immense concessions litt le bene fi t can per day and better andi prices were at On the las t heading of capital the naturally res\llt. This is instanc~d on least five tim~s _outside prices, 5 case in favor of the Matson an.d i))oyle Quartz creek where placer millers ce nif.s to the pan was cOllsider ed, rath­ concessio'n s .is wo rse th an ridicll10Us'l have wo rked with medium success ~ er poor and much less thaJl that was Th e applicants were in 1899 almong their placer clallns fool' the last S 'IX passed over. But cheaper wag'es and t h e most impecuniolls {)f t he Yukon years . Boyl e induced London 'cap, i- transportation, wHh improved ma' inhabitants. Even now after having talists to place on h i, s concession chinery, have changed' all this and worked ou,t · some o f the rkhest fra:c- t h ere $125,000 worth of machinery n lW in fro zen grou·nd· 2 cents to the tion's in th e K londike and receiving landed. A similar expense in' pro- pan and 1 cent in unfr orze n groun· d for enormous ' Sl11:ns from the sam~ their motin g, salaries, etc ., was 'gone to. thi ckness of a few feet from bedrodk mi smanagement, dep'artmental, legal Result: ·Working for the season of is regarc1ed as good pay, while wi th and parliamentary expenses' have 1901 at a loss; decision that ground the use 01 water, ground , going one· been s o great tha L lhey ca:nno t com- oould not be worked' lilt a profit with half cent to the pan pays hand, some­ piete a small purchase of placer th eir machin ery and' practicall aban- ly. The very smllllle's, t investigation claims with out obtaining 'ti'me. donment; wit h continued mod·erate on behalf of anyone coul pled' wit h 'The al'gumen't in , regard to water, prosperity of placer mloors on ad'join- 'ven rudimentray k n owledge of min· dumping ground and net work of in, g claims. lng process in AU S1tralia and CaU­ claims covering the ·concession, may 'Another in stance o'f the discourlllg, e'- fornia would at any time have shown be used as weH in r egard to the Bron- ment to fore ign capital that these af.te, r th e early rush, .... .. .. . . ... . . S{ln & Ray as in 1 'egard bo the Matson concession· s have been, is shown by g. r Jund of the value (If 1 cent to th€ adn Doyle con· cessions. (See evi- the And,enon concession. Anderson pan WOUld' be worked' on Klondike dence of TyrreH and lCuth:bertson). re 'says ill' his evidence that th e failure creeks, h ills and benches, while . 3. the holders have capital it has ll'ever of his company to malk e profits in very small fraction of a cent to the been shown in the KIQndike. Hon. earlier d,ays, w hile n earby I!lacer min- p'an would pay where 'water force E. H . B ronson was never in the Yu- el'S were mining and, work,in'g prafita- could be used in mini'ng. lwn, while Mr. · C. C. Ray visited us for 1he llrst ti m e some years after 1 he gr'anting of the 'concession. Too many of these concessiorus are held in Ottawa. But Tyrrell swears 'like My, was becuse of the' cost of promOo­ tion, long dista.nce management and ilrabilit y to r edl uce exp ense. Ander­ s.on's concession lies [or two and' on, e­ 'half miles where tbe Last Chan ce W einheim and, Boyle that hi, s efforts 'white chan nel falls into Hunker, and to suppl y water have been blocked is by his own showing ,rich p, lac er by th e Treadgold grant. groun d. Yet the foreign' inv!;stor bas As to ,the other concession s we I not pro'fi ted. spedfically 'complain of, much t he These l wo instances are the only same objections arise. All except ones in which foreign capHal has' be­ the Mill er creek. have no waiter with come in terested' and the result even whi ch to hyd raulic and that conces- on this rich p lacer ground will long s ion is just uow brinr their water intimida,te forei gn capital from em­ in . All save this on e also aEsert they barking on similar ventures. have been blocl(ed 'by the Treadgold Size of Hyd'rjaJul ic rC l' illi ms, s, cheme. 1B0yle now asser·ts that for A comm()n question o'f the junior his con' CeS&i{)1l on t he Klondil,e he commiss.ion er was t{) t his effect: Has has got a grant from Twelve Mile not the time ra:rrlved' for the intr{)duc­ river tbis summer. This, bowever, tion of hydral1'lic mining more gener­ should be viewed as all aJttempt to ally into t he Yukon 'and Lor t he group­ mal{e comp lete his partner's (Tread c ing of c laims for working by said gold's) monopo,ly to all available wat-. methQd'? Many witnesses tbinking of e.r supply, som e s uggestions having the cheapness of working by' hyd'raul­ been r ife that possibly th is water ics, answered in the affirmative. !Now mi gh t be avail a bole for the placer vol untary grouping' of place r claims mine~·. And'Elrson says h e has .ct.eter- is impossible where concessionaires mined to work by t he hydrau'liC ele· hold interlllicing fraction s·. Mr. Robe, vat or system , but w· !Ler e. W1ill h e get a hosti le witness, said on cross-ex­ hi s water? The Quartz C'reek conces- amination in· regard to grouud w!th­ s'ion seems to be abandoned. The in the Bronson & Ray 'Concess ion that grade of all these conces,sions e xcerpt provis ion for grOUping an average of an to hill s a nd benches inc'luded Is ten or twelve placer claims, creelk, insufficie nl l to wor1{ by hydranlics ex- hill and bench, would if waler sU 'pply ce'pt by the elevator sys'tem. The wa's instaJled be adeq uate to ins.ure low lying Klondil,e valley : within bil e I hydrauic working in' that region un· Boyle concession is ·a dTed· gling propo- der the mos t favorabl e cond'itions. si'tion from whic)l dredges have been This appli es . to othel ' concessions . excluq,ed by the concessIon grant (s'ee M.any . s ingle claiJIls have dumping El'm er's evidence.) On the whol e groundr wjthin theI bOlmd'aries, and front of the Quartz concession. on have worked profita'biy by hydrauli'cs Pr ovi!;i ions of t he, Hydl"au'I 'ic I Le'ase. The hydraulic lease its elf should' be care fully read by the commissioners. Tne restrictio n's and apparent safe­ g uards .geem at first sight vel'y gr eat. COonsid er then why so littl e worl, has been done on the concessions. Th e rl isc retion of the minister is very g rea·t. The reci tals and language a:ll are couch ed' in lerms which fo r es·bad· ow large 'operati ons and great expen· dritu res on ground whiCh would not otherwise be work ed. A great water s upply seems, contemplated. Further study of the lease leads to th e as· tounlling conclUSion that except as to the large discretion of t he minister YOoU can come t o any conclusion Y'ou wi sh or remain bewildere d. They dQ not seem to comply witn the regula· tions. Glause 14 . wi ll, however , cut the ~mot and re llld' with the oth er pro­ visoes sb, c)w that the minister not­ wi thstand ing anything (almost) in , th e ·past can now cancel these leases should you advise tha . t his should,. be Oon'8. Hyd'raul ic Regulartions. It is to be regretted that mor e caTe was not taken in !.raming the regula· ti ons und er which these leas e.s were granted. The very firs,t w'ord "loca­ tion·s" needs interpretation. 'What is necessary to constitute location? If section 14 refers us to 'section 4 of t he quartz r egulat ions, section 15 of bhe p lacer regulations of 189 8. and section 15 of 1h.e present plrucer regu, lations r ead a long t he intorpre-' t ation clause. then not a singl e con- ment of A U glust 25, 19()O. (See 'Boyle's evidence.) It is rather surprising, all a.p­ pllcalri()ns for these concessions are lJ.efore December 3, 1898, but if our remarks concerning the word loca­ tion are correct no lecation had been made. Any ground not applied for be­ fore December 3, 1898, cou'ld not come unde r these leases, but must needs be dealt with under sec tion 4. 'It wiN th erefore be necessary Lo observe ex­ actly what ground was !lIpplied for by the ap.plications t hen on ·fll e. The commissioner of the teH itory was t be judge of. prospecting but in every cas e before you not enough evi­ nenee f prospecting W\LS before this trihllnd to allow it'to go to' a. jury: . It is clear hi s certificate was a farce. Th e gold comm issioner 's certi fi­ cates as to urufitness of the ground fo r placer mining must according to the 'Section be a'bsolute as to all gro und' W1ithin t h e conoession bounds. Every certiii·cate reser ves n umerous claims as fit. How he Imew th e ad­ joining unprospected ground was un­ s uitable i, s beyond' the comprehension of man. Besides !liS no ,surveyor ' no exact location had beell mad e at the date of these pitiful cel'ti1Lcat€s h e could b:r n() means tell as to what groun d he was certifying to. A com­ parison of his certificates with t he evidence produced by Mr. Finnie as to the numoor of placer cla1ms wi thin th e cOoncession boundaries s hows he was certifying in ignorance as to the number 'Of claims 3!S well as th e value Oor extent of the ground wit hin t he concessions. · Th'ese certificates are p eculiar. Section 6 'of the regulations says what the lease shall contain and it is su'bmi tted that under that section an~ provisions in the 1ease incOllsist­ ent witb the regulations Ls voidl , and that und'er the combined effect of the regulations and le a'se any non-corn· pJi.ance with the lease c an be en­ for·ced at any t im e und er section 14. of the leas e rubove refeTred t o. Thus not one concession has com­ plied with sectiun 7 of -th e Tegul'a­ t ions , and the rriinistel' has' no POower to change or ameliorate t he ha.rsh­ ness of this section, so t he Boyle (Klondike) , BronJSen & Ray and' Ma t­ sonJDoyle concessions :;:tand forever liable to concellation for failur e to begin active or;erations within one y'ear. If th e burden of having. mar chin ery on the grou'n. d i· s also insist· ed on untler the lease the s'am€ w,ould be ~he res ult. Section 13 must refer only to the original location and' applicat ion, not to extensiOons. It also seems to im­ ply that the mere granting of a hy­ c1 r aulic leaso of grolwd· do eos. no't ipso. facto close the ground to the pla:coc -:miner. No provision for making lSuch ag,reements as tbat od' January 15, 1900, exhibit 26. in regard to th€ Mat­ son concessi Jn can' 'be found. W€ also must refer to o\1lr d,}u'bts of the minister's power to include ground withia the concession bounds which lapsed after t he conceSSion il s olos€d to the min er Oil' after the d:ate of the concession leBlSB. We have thus dealt at length with these regulations !)ecause the 'extent to which the department has been misled and the minis,ter deceived in his leases will be more apparent when cousid·ered in the Hgbt o f clear rules there laid down for his guid'ance and if · conces slonatres have so misrelpre­ sen ted ma:tteI's as to lift theLT cases beyond the facts and lead t h e min- revenues of Canada was abO'ut $2,000,- 000, while tbe yearrly export of gold balanced ai}out the $20 ,000',000 mark. By the development Canaua had. Cl'e­ ated within bel' borders' the best mar- Itet o f its sille in the world, 'and, IliS we produce little save goldl the mar­ ket Is 1arger than miglLt be sulppoS'cd. Our imports are ab Oout $6 ,000,0(H) a'n­ nU'a!1y. A considerable fleet on oceam, a lfBSpectable railway on land, and:, a sp, lend idr fieet of river boats, have been ·created for the transport o, f Oou·r goods. 'l'be pick of the world'ls moot intelligent, hardy and industri­ ous men have settled in t,ens· of thOou­ sands within our borders to be them- selves pros pectors, min, errs and claim own ers. iCanad'a wa s at last scttled from eastern to western iimibs. Th'en s, eclion. ' The .app lication for the tract of 116 acres in tront is ,clearly the letter of Latchfield & Co. t J S'mart of Novem­ ber 11, 1899, exhibit ~5. This, must Bllso com e und€r section 4 of the hy- idTauHc 'regu'lations. • W'e then have .it cle, ar ly, that u1 p.on !Strict c{)nstru'CtiOll the tracts of 480 . 'and, .395 acres w er e first al)'plied for on Septemr ber 1, 1899, and the ground origi,nally a:ppliedr for is not inrC1ul ded in t h e present lease a,t Illll. A looser construction will p'ut th e llipplicllltiorus thus : November 2, 189'8, 48{} acres; September 1, 1899, 395 acres; No­ came to pass ~omething never tOr ! be vember 11. 1899, 116 acres· . Now it dreamed of fr{)m a nation ;whose im- is 'Clear that FalV'cett's note Oil' e:xh'i­ migration, agents are in ev.ery country bit 15 which Mr. Rowatt says' W1as of Europ e. Under grants as cOIlices'- taken as a cel'ti'fica'be thlat the g;round: sions the country is 'closed a.nd the was unsllJitabl e' for placer mining; prospector ha s no place 1eft tu p ros- exhi'bit 17, which ha's, bOOn , taken ,as pect. The min er is discouraged and M1'. Ogilvi e'SI certilticate that the 'gr ound had bee· n prospected " a180 ex­ hampered and population d windlelS, while old: er Canada loses a valua'ble hibits 19, 20, 21 and 22, all r efer to market. Why? The policy sbould;be the g:round inclurded in the 'firs t :ap­ reversed , the miner, prospector lIIud pl i'cation. It is cle~ rtherei)ore, that pion.eer sho,uld be encoull'aged, th€ n'o prl'()of of value .of grOo\lJnd. has r ever iodle, absentee .or frauduJ.ent oonceSl- ,been given as to t he 116 and 395 s.i. onaire should be dTiven out. The acres. No certificates have been investmen.t of foreign capital shQuld 'given' in ·regard to them and, they in no wise be discom·aged. Let al1 ,have never been clos,sdl to location. this be done and' not 1 20,000 but 100,- jU.nder t his constrllctlon the inclusion 000 persons will inhabit tthe YllkQn 'of these two :acres within the con­ en a sbort t ime to come. ces'sr ion has made a mistake. Tbework- Not .al! th ese min em and prosp. ec- ings of Mat S'on on fractiops and the tors hav€ mad e great prorft.tIs and ' ,harrass'ing of Brewitt, Ware and lrurge fortun es. !Neither did the iEricl{son, .has ran been an error. I SO pioneers in your homes :at' Ontar io and Quebec. There, h, oweve r, the pioneer a nd , SIIll,all p'roprietor were encourage d. There strict inquiry in­ w hi s profits was not u!l'ged with la vie w to determine whether he s hould not be uproo,ted and concessions taoke bis place. There the small I!r ; IirietOor a,rnd too pio,ners ll!we ma:de your ,pour monweal th gr eat. I Here the govern­ men t mal,e lhis class impOlssi:ble an d s,t r ive instea d by the creation of a few conce~ sionaires to make the a'e9t of the popu latio n workmen for wa~es. U p{)'n a clearer ulllder &tanding this will be impos'sibl e from sur ccesSO'rs of thos e who passed th e Seignorial T en­ ure act, a'bolished londr lordism in Prince Edward is land; an d have r madr e Canada grea t .and free. But they must acL a t once. This teru'itory is imm ense. It has only . been touched in a few places. 'T'hrow it open to tlle prospector, miner, pion eer and small proprietor. Th e reslllt will be . s'atisfactory. Pa r1ti~ul'ars of F raud a.nd Mi. srepre­ senlta't i'oin by Wh ic h Con,cess i~ns were Obtai'n'ed, w it h Inc id/enta l Hl ef- erenCles to The·ir Misehl ief; • Introduct ion. Wh er e the king's grant interferes with gran ts already mad'e or is· con­ 'trary to the law of the iand .as ex.­ plfes!Sed: by ads 'of parlia· m e.nt it will be presumed the king has been de- also the cO'I\cession owners would be .i ndebted to Canada for r i'ch fractions dai med, and wOork,ed Oll't. ,Our I(liID­ 'culties would thoo, 'be solely wi'th t he 480 acr€ tract. TMs they 'scarce­ ly pretend. to have e.ver prOospected, and the eVid· en.ce of both W einheim .and Doyle i's that they ,have never dan e a r~troke Oof work on . It. It there. ­ f ore Is open· 10 cancellBltic1n. I[n t hIs ·vi erw the departmen t were deceived! ·by ma ps, ,and t he matter w rold s eem ri diculous eX'cep, t for the groat harm it has done. The evid·en,ce befor e you :sblOWS tha t almost the whole of ,the 116 'acre tnact, the lad'ger part o!f the 395 acr e tract and some of the 480 acre tract is among the r ich est b'lllCh and: hill gl-ound in th· e Yukon. The frac tions worked out by t he conC'essi'o'lllliires have !)een fablllourSl, y rich. The Ifront wa's pI'ospectedl {)ver its whole lenr gth in the aut umn of 1898, ('See evidence of Meikle and Kin caid.) Large work­ ings we re in full prrogress in' the win­ t er of 1898. It was no'tioriolls l tbrat it was rich placer , gr oun'd 'at tMs' time a'nd cO'llld not have escaped th'e atten tion if the a:pplican ts_ To a;sIk fOol' it as a concession would be !S·carcely more s tart1in.g than to as'k for Eldorado cI'eek.1n fact this 'and al! other ground on the creek'S. hillrs' and benches of Bonanza aTI'd E ldro,rado had been close.d by the minister to the placer miner in F ebruary, 189.9, aIJJd t h is ,acUon was cQnfi r med !by 01'­ ceived in his grant and the grant re- der-in-council of S·!Wtember 5, 1899. vol{8d. Wher e be has been deceived' (S ee or.der-i n·counrciJ, Sel)tember 4, In the consideration rthe ,grants W'ill 1900, Canada Gazette, vol. 34, p" 634.) lIIl~o \)e revoked . 'IIhr ese hydraulic This' wae done , witb the published in­ leases in terfere with the llr ior pla:cer tenHon of preserving these rich un. grants. Th ey are 'contrary to ·t he ex- recorded cl 3.'i ms and: I'raction;s · for the pre SlS terms ~f orc1ers.-in-council m;adre · 'benelfit of the revenue. S~le of siagle nncler authOrity of the DominIOn lands fractions and claims by .the min~ster and Yukon territory acts: and the was expected, not cl oncession leases. cons ideration, namely, large invest- The richness of t h e g.olInd was prov­ ment of cap.!tal, brin.ging in gr eat ed . by ,all :witnesses heyond. cavil. The water su'pply. installatio, n of p,owerr- depth of bed rook on the front sections ful machine ry, aud large emp,loym ent was' from 15 to 150 feet. FUl'thel' of labor, h·as failed. 'The law in' pe- bacl( it was r1l eeper. Malsonr and gar d to .revocation of the gra'llts at Schmidt in the t ime mentioned, in the ki,ng and his minis ters ,is beyond exhihits J 9 and 20 ,could. not have cavil. Fraud and misrepresentation s'lmk a single hole to bedrock. These is presu'm ed. conclusivelY' under such c1eclarations of theirs are highly man­ circumrstances. But in thlls argum en,t ufactured. we will not deal in geneoral princi­ ples' bu t will pain t out the naked, a ctual. moral fraud and un: mistaka- be mi srepresentations. M ratson. Ill' dealing wit h this con,cession ;,ve have to determine its area and' posi­ tiO'll. A refereuce to the map shoW's three tracts. That farthest baok from Bonanza occupies the highest level an d' comprises 480 acres. T h e intermed,iate tra'Ct is rOn s lightly low­ er ground and com'prlises 395 acres. These two tracts thereto re h:ave a total at 875 acres. Th e map or plan seems oll'ly to include these two {r~ts . This exact area , a n d! ;plan of survey are refel'fed to as tbe de,scription' in the l.east, exhibit 14. If this 'be taken as correct, then th, e nume rouls frac­ tiens on Ad'a:ms hill worked: by Mat­ I)·on and the fraction referred to in Erickson's ev, idence and in 'exh1bit 31. are not with in the (}oncesS'ion at all. But the tract ()j 116 acr es lying in ,front comes within the description An examination of Ithe applicat ion shows them a tissue of mlJireprese.n­ taUon. . The fi'rst paragraph od' that of November 2, 1898, misrBltresen'ts the 'P'Osition at, the grou·n l t hey ulti­ mately claimed . (See Su·pra.) [t 'rep­ rel) E;n~s that the a;pplican'ts have closely exained: (ri. e., pros'pected) th~ ground. Two 'and three cents to t he cubic yard in th e richn€ss set forth. Yet since then the concessi'onair es have onlyw()rked t hose fractions which r ran several dollars to the p'an, while the macbinery t hey have chiefly used is a rociker, and' the water has in many instances been the buckets 'full for t he rocker. (See ev, idence of 'Wa,re and others.) They helcl out they would bring water from the Yukon river. W ein­ he im . admits on cross"examination that not a single measurement had then been tal,en to deter mine wheth­ er this was practicable or what was the cost. They ul"ged .that 'they WOould bene'fi t n~ wsnN WF.F.KLY N1"W" FRIDAY, OCT. 2, 1983. the individual. miner by increased feet away :from th'e base of the hiGl. d.epartmerut (see his report.) !His re- gether from New York to · cross the omission of these two creel,s from argument of the l,'ind' that would be supply of water, while the 3 1 0tUJal It is fairly clear that on ,November 2, 'port, however, doeS' refer to some h'iJil continent with a view of glvinog box- this' plan is an exceedingly suspic- advanced to settle the question ot thing Intend.ed for this r.ree miner 1899, the date of ell:rurbit' 190, nO' rec· /ground within this conc.ession OIl" ing exhibitions on the 'w'ay, landl€d in ious circumstances. We can only whether Mr. jones . committed the was to get hi,s l!llpsed claims, (-see ognized application was on .file !for ,posite 60 below on Bonanza, and re- Daws'On. They had reacned Juneal,l su'ggest that ·this ·omission was de- crime of murder on a certain d,ay, or Fred Nelson) , claim !fractions off his any gr, oun;d, nearer the r creek! than por'ts that it w,as rich pl'acer grou.nd. In Southeastern A:IaEka berore know- Iiber.ately made for' the purpose of whether Mr. Brown owes Mr. , Rob­ ground, (Meikle) , hamper him wlith 1,000 feet. Exhibits 192 and 193 show The more he was' cros, s-examined the ing that such a place as what is now carrying out th·e impression that there inson a certain sum of money. To law suits, (iEri· cl!:s. on'), secure the the d'epartment so understood the po- more di'(j it become apparent tbat t.he Yukon territory was in existence, was no placer ground. comr rised with- confine the Treadgold case witllln the water they need, (:Andrews andi iB·rew- sition of the front boundary and so neither he n.or his .friend, MCCon ne 11 , and' there the news of the gold finds in the district applied for. 1Mr. Boyle formal limits of a lawsuit' for the itt), and foree a cession t o them -af insiste d that it s hould remain. No viewed' or look, ed ·over t'he giround w,hich had been made here was told ha!? given no explanation of this, and purpose of de termining whether the claims for the sake of peace, (Ware ,d·oubt ca· n reas·onahly exist that 'in this ooncession in more than 'a to them for the first time: TheY' im- has not seen fit to call t he surveyor order-in·council will be ben, eficial 0'1' and Brewitt). As WeLnheim toM lNel- Green'S' ;plan was iru accord with. ,his cursory way. Ris -declaratioTI, on mediate ly head, ed for I Dawson. They who 'was employed by him for the detrimenLal to Lh e mining industry, son these concessionalres are not ·in field notes anid sett1ed: the boundarty which be ootainr e.d t his grOllind, ex- remained' in .Dawson for 'a few days, purpose of ma.king this plan, so that would be to pursue a course as il­ ,here for their health . a'bove set fortb. Only th· e gflonnd hiblt 90, S 'holl'l'd be r ead with tMs and, Boyle then went out to lEI\.clorado this false map stand, s befor· e you wi th logical and as futile as if a physician. They foreshadowed: large invest- oolored. green was leased'. IWhere gedJ.ogical report and hi· & eviden,ce on creek where h'e worked for a time. absolu tel y no explanation of these were to attempt, by means of a sur- m ents, but were imp·ecunious. They this coloring was begun and complet- the .stand. His. l'€'port says impliedly He then returned to .nawson ancl more than suspicious omissions. ITn gical o.peration to prognosticate Te-presented themselves able t o in- ed: should be- inqu ired' into. OUT lfirst !they examined no ground up {Bo- started immediately for Ottawa. He addi tion to this, Mr. Chattaw'ay, di· whether a case of scarlet fever would st all lar'ge hydraulic plant Which charge of fraud is , therefore this a1· nanza t ill they came to 60 below. had not even been upon ,the ground rector of surveys, has s.tated undJer end in chronic Brig·h l's dis. ease or in neither th en n-or :now {I·id· they have tered map. It is ass erted, more 'Th e declaration says thaL he pros- which is comprised. within his l· eas'e. oath that this map is in other re· complete recovery. the money to purchase. than one boundary is changed. pected the wh'ole concession. The As he pass ed from 'Dawson to IIDI- Sl}ects misleading, and that it -does IDxceIYting the general Question of 'But when we come to the next ap- The notice dJ·osing. the grol\illd, ex- report S'ays he was her e prospectirug dorad'o he w'as abl e to see for S'ome not give a correct topographical idea govern ment by orders-in-council, this pH-cation, exhibit .23, the misrep· resen,. hi'bit 189, as well as the cerUficate of for geological purposes. The . d!eclara. distance up the IKl0ndik, e river, and' of the ground com,prised w.ithin it. particular Treadgold ord· er·in-councl1, tation and fraud is OI~s·e . Then the gold commissioner that the lion says he prospected' for the pur· the sight th'at he thus obtained was Further, the plan on file here is ap- considererl as a matter of public p1 l­ heavy operations were making all the ground, is unJfit for placer mining· , ex· poses of ,determining the V'alue -af all that he knew about this property proved suoje·ct to a dotted' line which icy, is of more s erious import th'an hills, whieh MtatE Oll' was coveting, a. hibit 163; t he certificate of' pros'p'ect.· the ground as an 'by.d: ra.ulic claim. when he started, for OttaWla. Mr. would cut off f,rom theconcessiqn any other matte r of government in ;!msy hiv· e of industry. or mar- IllIg ,exhibit 165; and. the proof of His examination showed he knew Slavin re.mained behind and he tells Bear and' Lindow creeks. The map the Yukon territory. Whateve r may ket value from a few thousandl d-ol- pro'specting, 164,clearly ,all refer to not hing of the Val\l'e of. g.l'Ound. from us that he knew of the v, alue of' the prod'uced by Mr. Rowatt has no snch be the method adopted in the investi. 1ars to $60,000 -dotted the area he was the g,wund' referr. eil bo in the a]l'pilica' an hydraulic or min ing standpoilllt, ground solely by reason o· f some dotted lines. How is this? We have gation into the charges of fraud . ap'plying for, yet he r epresented these tion.. Any additio-nal ground would' having no experience, but his d~c- pannings which he made in the ddrt therefore more than ample proof of brought against the so-called hy­ claims were only held in order to ha've had to come und. er section 4 of laration pretends otherwise. His, re- taken from one hole put down by the charges which we have made in dl raulic concessions. th e Treadgold hamper his hyd'rauac wiorkings 'of the r egulations. port says the gr·ound' at 60 was , rich. some other man within the lithits' of our complaint, wi·th respect to the case must not be considered as a 'Wh'lch worldng, s he .ba.s never done I If none of the g.rouncl lying · l.Jetween Hus declaration , s: ays it was p· oor. His the concession . He put d'own one fraudulent char·acter ·of this 1/1an. lawsuit with A. N. 'C. TreadJ /\,old In more than dream. the ·crel, claims , and 1,00 feet there.- affi davit reads as if his preten.ce 'was hole himself, which he franl{ly ad- The evidence of the numerous wit- the position of defendant. The 'real It Is bu t fittiTIg, ho'we'ver, that the from is includedl in the .concession that he wa, s, .an experit min er and as mitted, was' not 'within the boundaries nesses wh om we have called es-tab- issue involved in this ease is the hig.hit~st perfection of misrepreis·entla- then it will be fOUllld that no work such 'he as'sumes, to advise the gov- of the concession . He then start.ed !ished' beyond controversy the fact large is· sue between the people of the tion should· be accord'ed' to a letter 'was ever done on the con. cession. AnI e.rlllllle!ll't blow they' shou~,d deal' with {or OUawa;a:ndLhere the two m en then that there is a large aI'ea of placer Yukon territory and the govern'm~nt , written at onr nationa1 capital. This the work ever all eged to be 'done on this tract of land. His sworDl evl- mad'e t he appH cation which was the ground 'within this territory , ground based on the order-in,couTIcil. lAl. is due t o the letter, exhi'bit 25. This the concession was done. with in this dence contrad'icts tMs. His position beginning of their .present ownership. which is not onl y capable of being though some 'lawyers' may happen to last extension of the lOoncession over 1 ,000 feet (see exhribits 177, 178, 1'79, und er cross-examination, with . the One man., Boy le, knew absolute1y work'ed in that way and which is at play their parts in the presentation the richest ·pla· cer ground in the '1 -,80 and' 181.) 'Therefore t he whole statements he t had made 'on 'oath com- nothing about the ground, never hav- the presen t date being e~tensively and, in the consideration of the Case ; world is las'l,ed wit'h lJ.1e calm assu["- c'oncession is. ope n, to Clancelll8Jti'on. p·ar· ed with the statements; he wa· g ing bee n upon it, and the oth'er man operated by placer miners, so tbat we shouldi still fall into the error of an !e and bald statements' that are [n the spring of 19()1. E. C. Senk· forced' Ito mal,e wh en fac e to face kn e w nothing more of it t han the this concess ion, in s· o far as it was us ing, a false method of induction if likely to deceive. ler, gold cc,mmiss'ioner, came to the with, the facts anl d .his: own wt'oll'& factsabo ve set out. obta ined upon the re.presentation tbat we should consider this' case merely d'ecision that thi s ground 'in t his 1,000 doing wer e pitiable coming from a The declaration of Boyle made on it was not capable o f being worlmd by as a lawsuit. The lawyer who thinks feet area was not the'n and, ne.ver scholar and man. of TyorrelI's' rep' UJta- the 23rd of October, 1899, is the placer methods was obtained that this case can be s, ettled, as if it was with in the limits ' of the oonces- tlon. He d.eclare.s that one H. H. declaration upon which this ,applica- by fraud. The evidence of Mr. !Boyle were nothing but a lawsuit commits 'sioTh He issued his' order and forty Cameron prospected quite asexten- tion is based. The third paragraph shows conclusively that until this tbe same error for which 'B· acon firs t or m-ore grants were issued· wi,thin sively as he cid, which may mean a in that ,declaration, in which it. s'tat- year not one particle of work has reprimands Plato, in that his' philoso. this l,OO() foot ; strlr of ground . Short· few 'hours or a feW' days accor d.i'n'g ed the iocation . had been prospected been. don~ upon t~is g:ound'. The phy was tainted with theology; an d ay after, the two exhibits, ,187 w, ene I\S we rea, c, 'fyrreH's varyin'g sta toe- on behalf of Boyle and! Slavin and pnnClple mdustry ID W .hlC h Mr .. Boy'le then the Neop~atonic schoolE in that Doyl e. The argumEllll't in regard to Lhe Doyle concession is s,imilar to that n'egarding the MatE{)n. 'Instead of three tracts there are two. The ev!· dence of p,rospecting or worlt done, is, if possi'ble, less than in' the Mat­ son. Less pretence {)f workin,g the concession has been mad· e. The . s'tyle of appli !ation is slightly different, 'but the mi Slrepresen tJatio.n is eqlJJally as .great. 'The m.ap is ll'ot s: o p.uzzJin'g. The ir·ont s'ection was never app, lied for prior to December 3, 1898, and section, 3 of the hyd.rauHc regulations w'as not compli· ed with. An-derson. Mr. ATI'd€rson, before -the com'mis· sion, swore that he h'rud :never re.p­ ll'esented tha t his conceS'siuu WalS 'P()or ground' or was un'fi t for ;placer mining. A re.ading of his application" eX'hI'blt , 20.4, would ·conv· ey tne Im­ press,jon that it was poor. We leave this to you. 'He says that it now pr ['odll ces about $3 per ton of gravel or $5 per , clbbic yard , being 3 cents to the p·an . He says tbis is far poorer than he thought th e gro und. would r·no, when he applied for it. " He says the cable­ gllams received .while he 'was In L oru­ d on that it avel'aged from $6 to $8 t o tbe poan (see hi S' ,prospectus') \were too high. \ Mr. Ander· son never, as far as we know, made any declarations, of the value of his gJ'ol\illd, n.ever located it. never pr·ospected it n,or obtained a certificate of prospecting fru'ID the commissioner, never ob'taiued' a certi­ lficate of the unsuitability of the ground for placer .mi,ning under sec­ tion3 of the hydraulic regu%tlons. He nev er confoJ'med, and. did not pr, e­ tend to conform to t hese r eg'ulations. We therefore submi t that the second leas e of F ebruary 12, 1900. was be- yond r the power (rf the minister to grant. We furth'er submit that ~or .. the 'first year after it WlaS granted its terms were not complied with. This leas e is therefore void or sU'bject to eancellation. 'The first lease W8JS mad e by spe­ cial ord'er, exhibit 207. The lease, eX'hlblt 212, as well as the order-in­ council, require the concession t'o be WOrill'ed boy hyd,raulios and it is ,sub­ ject to can-celJation if not so worked. N() more clearly ,admitted fact Wras before the commiEsion than that it has never been worked 'by hyldraurJics. Thiel'efore the first lease is subject ofJo cancellation for non-compliance with its terms. ~ut Mr. An'd,erson s·urely misrepre· seIl,ted' his capital. \He had nothing. H e had no means 'With which to in­ stall the large worms· his 'fi. r-st leas'e called for. He Imew no thing of the grade of his gr·nund whi ch is too Slight to be worked by ord·inary hy­ draulicking. He Imew nothing of the m eans or cost of wa, ter s, upply. Surely an applicant for such a great coniCes­ sion impliedly repre'sents that tbe wOil'ks required 'Of him ·are feasible and. that he is competent and has a1 bility to carry them into operation. written. The tel6gram of M. r. S'm!llrt, me:!l,ts, 1'lIt wh en cross-examined he has "'~en enga~ed so fal' as thiS con their philos""by was tainted wI ·th that a shaft was sunk on the grourud, .""' . ", . V i' deputy minister oJ the inLerior, ex' admit;; he only heard it 'Oru the street. w a depth of t wenLy-four reet, ana cesslO~ IS concerned', has. been the mathemat iCS; and then the alcnem- hilJit 188, was also received' a' Dld, 'fi led, At last .in d-€ l!· peration he .says tn'at that he per!!Qnally tested! th. e gravel worrymg of the place· r mmers who ists for building a whole fabric on a r and, on t.his telegriam Mr. Senk: leIr if the deciara.tlon W!liS un. tJrue Senlk- 'th' h' b nds W e have few exnerl'men,ts I 'n the furna.ce, · al1d on t he ground included in such loca- were W I III IS ou . .. reversed' hi s judicial decision, an-d' l e't- ],er an'd Ogilvie knew it at the time tion is shown by hts own evidence had the evid,ence of s· even or eight lastly 'a certain musician fOt· regard. ters of tbe class of exhibit 201 were as h e had gon· e over t'he g.round with and by the eviden !e of Blavin to be witnesses as to the manner in which ing the soul as nothing but a har. sent to every grantee 'Of said, -hEll .senkler the . dIRY befor, e and' h.a.d told h h . d tl th . d mony. absolutely untrue. Nothing more is e as worne lem over ell' woo claims and aoross their records was bim and Ogi1vie the truth, the who].e needed! to enable you to answer the and, their tailings and over disputes Unles, s ·certain princip1es' are ad- writteru · cancel1ed with a reference to .trILth and nothing but the truth. , anl d question, as to 'whether this conces- as to the boundari· es o. r the ir claims mitted, the argument in such a ,cas· e the letter. The senior commission'er the declara:tion should be l1ead· iill the d b the process of worrl might go for evel'. I suppose I't sion was obtained by fraud! and mis- an y every 0 r . said this, could not be done. Lega:lly light of ,these statemEl'1l'~ to tnem. As rep. r.esentation, other than these meM which could well be thought will be admitted that such a grant as, we agree with him. Actuatly, holw-. to the rela:tive 'cu'l,pab'ility of an ·par- fact.s. The statemen.ts conta;ined in of. Bear creek was established, he Tread'gold's would never be given by ever, it did take place. The gr antees ties we leave you to deCIde. the fourth paragraph of th is doolara- endeavored' to secure the same 'by the all. y resp ectable governmen t, except were not capitalists and could' not Becoming calm agaJin, Tyrrell, be- tion are also considl erably wide of medium of a law suit. When Dllnlop as a substitute f()r a public water afford' to continue a perpetual I·egal fore you, swore that his de'clarat1on the trut h, as shown by t,):le evidence of Jack'son gulch started' operations supply. If it is not to be ,regarded fight whe'll Messll's. 'Senij{ler and as to tne ground 'being, ulllfit for IlIac- of these two appli-cants. on his hillside, Boyle brings along his as a su'bstitute for a publlic water Smart were already on rec()rd. ,against er mining did not refer to ,any of six horse PQwer boiled and two do~s supply, but s, imply as' a private boon them. th.e creek !laims 'On Bonanza, nQr amy I If instead of being simply an in- and sinks a fifty foot shaft through to Treadgold and his ,as sociates, the We have alr eady l'eferr ed to rthe part of the "white chan'I!Jel" extend- vestlgation by a 'commission the ev-I- muck so that he might have some argument is finished and no more damage the manipulation of this lug about 2,000 feet jnl w ;1dth, (see dence which is before you had been reasonable excuse for applying to the wordiS are necessary. conces'sion has done KI, oIl/dike in the evidences of Rendell, Keck, , Weeks taken during the progress of the tri·al courts to 'restrain Dunlop from dump· As to the evid.ence brought before iLondon marl~et. !It has been a fail- and oth ers) , the e ntire length of the of an, ac tion, in which the issue was ing his tailings upon the .conces·sion. your commission in the Treadgold ure, but within these same limits the concession, 21-2 mileE'. ( He SRiylS whether or not the title of these con- When Mr. I Sanderson of 'Bear creek case, no matter how interesting it \lllacer miner works p.ros'perou lly,on these two rl'ch chann91s together cess ionaires· hRd been olJtained by cuts wood, within the limits of the may hav e beeu, most ()f it was ir. woher· e the d.eparllmerut has not can· with the beds of tributaJ'lY' ,Streams fraUd and misre,presentation, what concession without a p,ermit from the r elevan t. There was absolutely no celled his c}aim. we,re covered at that time , by pl' lliCe. r would be the 'findings of fact upon commissioner, injunction proceedings necessi ty for bringing to 'The water mention~d in paragraph~ locations. When as'kted ho'w he lme'Y the evidence of~the concessionaires are. commencer!' by Boyle, vyhich prove tha l t ile Klon{l1ke r streams, hills 3 of the appHcation .has. neve r been the rich ground en d \Od. all tJle lJot-i'n 'ds the msr1vesQ . Surely no court 1n, thEl mean nothing but expense and wor· and benches in the district cOl11pr is' brought on this ground and no ste J)s of these clai'ms h e could, n()t expl'a1n. world (could, come to any other con- ry to 'Sanderson, and so with the ed in the Treadgold grant are rich have ever. been tal,en to d'o so. 'The He therefore stands convicted in· ,the clusiOll than to at fraud and misTepre- numerous other who have in gold, an y more than to prove their capital necessary for W'Orking tne eyes oj' any .experienced miner of senLation of the very · gross'est -char- testi'fied to the hlgh·hanaed , arbitrary mere · exlstence. T'here wa. s no u.e. grollnl d was' then non·existent in the seeking a reversion,ary inte'reS't in acter were a t the bottom of this ap- and. vexatious conduct of this co nces· ceEsity for listening to long-drawn. app1i cants or grantees handl s. What the hu ndreds of rrch claims wH'Mn plication . sionaire. out scbemes, ela.borated for the nonce. has since .been raised in !IDn~]rand h1~ , 81-2 square miles' , es pecially in These m en according to their own He h as this year, for th e first time, merely to show that water can be been misapplled· from a minilJlg' 'stand- the wel~ Imown pay cha.nnells a.ooVle showing never ha d' th·efinancial abil- attempted' to rl o any mining upon this pumped now as it was in the diays p oin t. men tioned. ity to hand le so enormous a s'cheme. properLy, and that is done with the of .Archimedes. If any practical in. The affi, davit of prnspeceitng an,d 'That t his is n'Ot a hyd raull,c propo- When they arrived in nawson, BaY'le ordinary placer mining m ethodE. He formation on the question of water value of t.h e ground, exhibf.t 162, s1'lli()n is shown. by the tests · pro-pose. d te lls us t1l'at he had' . $"9 and: :Slann has placed upon this ground a boiler. supply to a placer mining region in shows that th.ree hol'es were s,unl" in' the m.ain , alI"gumenil, an-d by thie tells us that he had $3, so that '$22 which really belongs to the 'Quartz the froz en norLh is' earnestly desl-red one to \}ed-rock and two about 81-2 evid'ence of Mr. Cuthbel'tson, mining Was th'e combined capital of these creek concession and which is in- by the 'Dominion government, let the feet . In the tw'O 18Jtter of eom'se engineer, who was hurri edly called concessionaires. Without any pms- s·tailed in t be saw mill put up by him governmen.t seILd a reliable man to nothing (If g)'eat valu e could be and from whom a , supplementary re- pecting at all being done, without any on his limber limit an.d which he uses Nome, Alaska, to study Mr. Lane's found . The former would' pI"oblahly por-t would he valu, alYl e to your corn- capital with which to float their for mining purposes when not em- system, which ·carries the water a be 100 feet deep, and this oille hol e mission. Tyrrell's own evidence iarge enterprise, they man'aged to se- ploy· ed in the saw mil l. Ilt is un- distance of something lil,e 6'5 mil es on 31-2 square miles is termeru pros- should , howeve r, supplemel~t this' for cure for themselves a territory, 1arg- necessary to elaborate this part of aucl actually supplies Lhe place r min· peeting. At Jeast 51} holes' '8hou~d acoord, ill'g to bim tbe channel of Bo- er in area by many miles than the our argument for the admission from el'S, bY' whom it waS' hailed as a have been sunk. This document 1I 1s · 0 nan'la and· th, e wMte channel both combin· ed area of all of the other con- the concessionaire himself is £ 0 plain blessing. Mr. Lane has no .exclusive spea1{s of the lfirm impl'ession o, f the cut off and po· ssibilit.y of worl{ing I by 'cessions which have been in review that there can be but one finding privileges, and acquIres no mllllDg applicant as' to the ground hein'g; un- hJ)draulics. ' before y· ou. Our friend Tread'gold upon the question as to whether or land except und er the general provis­ Iftt for placer mining while at th'a:t The work of prospecting is ted ious seems to have acquired some inter- not, the terms of the leas.e have been ions of the United States mining ·time the gr· eat numbe.r oll cl, a;ims and cost great labor. The conti nu- eEt in this conces·sion early in its his- complied with by the 1essees and laws, and he is required by his char. sbown in the list produce. d by Mr. ance of the 'whIte channel from the tory , 'and he and Mr, Boyle s'eem to that is that so far as the W10rkling ter to supply the miners with water. Flnnle were then in full forc.e anid bounds of the Matson.J)oyle conces- have joined hands fo r the purpose of of the ground is concerned there has It will be found that another su.pply being worked by their oWillers more sions . a·cross this' concession was exploiting this country as th()TQugh1y not been eve n an attempt at compli- similar to Mr. Lane's is' . con templated. or less. Besides this, the d, eponent known even in 1897. But the e act as possible. Boyle, accorddng to his ance wi th this provision until this for the purpose of bringin· g water to would have us believe he did, this determination of the extent and rich- own statement, is' T readgold's repr e- year. another part of the Nom e dis t'riet, work without · st aking a claim and for ness of th'is channel within t he s'entative in that gentleman's absenee This concession stands forth upon a d istance of sO'IIlething like 85 miles . the sole purpose of tes.ting th,e bounds of this concess'ion were not -he has this K londike conceSSion, he the evidence as most gigantic in s ize If the Dominion government wil! send ground fOT pl'acer mining_ Hts ac- determined and' while the miners has the timber berth of ten miles and most bare·faced in iLs inception a comIfIisRion to investigate these 'lion. s sho· w tn·at · he was' after a coIl'- worked their rich up'per Bonanza, s.quare, he has ,the interes,t in Quartz and completion. The placing in the and such like affairs, it will gain cession. That he waS' not sin cere in E, ldora:d'o and Hunl,er claims, many creek concession 'and hoe has a val ua- hands of a man like Boyle of a much useful information which can his profes,sion of worlcing the ' ground claims in tbis white channel, the b'le water fmnt lease in the city of pO'wer so tremendous as, he is able to never be gained by the method of a by hyuraulics, is seen in that h,e had limits of which were as it has been Da wson and having all of these in· wield over t his vast area through the lawsuit. no water supply; no dumpin. g' grounid, said, slowly. 'and laboriously shown, terests there is not one aet of his Ins trumentality of this lease is a Although you are doubtless ac. and no capiL al , while a . grea t part of lapsed. 'Hence this rich concession disclosed by the , evidence which has wrong which calls for aTh immediat.e quainted with a variety of methods hi s iront was eovere, d by placer has grown more rich. We, however, evet· been productive of the sligh test remedy and tha t remedy can only be of induction, I shall again fortify my. claims th en thought rich . The de- doubt t he concession's legal title to benefit to this country or which has the cancellation of the concession. It Eelf by again r eminding you that Ba.. p onent's , sole object was as in .all lapsed claims. Tyrrell, in his evidence res ulled in anything but worry to is still in the hands of the original con advises a diversity of method cases, submiHedl by us, one' only, viz : before you, says he never r ef.erred to other people. applicant and his I olicitor, 'McGivern, according to the matter in hand ; and 'To secure a gr· eat tract ,of rich placer them in his d· eclaration. Has the There is a deep mystery about the who have had t.hree yens within as to the rigid method s applied to gwund un,der a hydmul ic grant. minister any power und er the · r egU- b{)undaries of this concession. The which to demonstrate, not only their the abstract sciences he gives a par. lations to lease claims which may re- only application which appears upon ability to operate the ground, but also ticular warning against their 'applica. v'ert in. future? the records is that in which the the benefits' which would accru e to tion. to matters of policy, which of all Bronson & R, ay. The owners ·of this conces,sion were origina.!ly, as far as Tyrrell knows', ,Bronson, Ray and Tyrrell. As shown in the main arg. ument, being a valley concess'jon, it should be confined to t he low lying Bonanza flat. Tyrrel'l as.sumes the burden of hav­ ing been' pros:pector. He was' then on the geological survey. E· veru if he did prosp ect, . examine an, d, dis­ cover his dutieE. were not to report to Broson & iRay, but to the officia.] above him. He hrucl no rigbt to IJJs'e his wo.rk · for the purpose of acqUiring land for himse'lf or them. (See sec­ tion 7 of the Dominion lands act.) The grqund in the white channel ,ground applied for is described as ex- the country through their operations. I knolVled'ge he calls th e most im· and in tbe creek bottoms was known tend-ing from rim to rim. I Both men These three years have been .produc- mersed. to be rich when it was granted and sta Led that at leas-t two other appli- live of nothing but litigation evowed And now let us consid. er the Tread · thanils to the ·heavy prospecting is cations were put in subsequent to by . 'Boyle, bitterness of spirit engen- gold order-in-council as a means of known to be richer now, but the bene- this, but in some mysterious manner dered amongst the placer miners and providing a public water supply to fit of all this prospecting goes to the these applications have dis· ar peared. the withholding from mining oper· a- th e Klond'ike district. concessions. They have stood by Absolutely the only application, 'whiCh tions of an imm ense tract of land By th e terms of sectIOn 1 of tne year after year from 1899 t ill one is before this ()ommis'sion, is that in and nothing short of the complete order the grantees are given the sole year ag.o not doing any work! 'and not whic h the boundaries are described as cancellation of this improperly grant- righ t to take and divert water from complying with their leas· e in any re- from rim to rim , and )'et we l findi a ed: leaEe will r em edy the injustice the Klondike river for the purpose of spect. We submit it should be ! an- lease issued to them which ' extends caused by it. generating power for .pumpin, g water celled. It was .procured by fraud and from summit to summIt, not of the to work the auriferous deposiLs in the minister of the interior had: no valley but · of the surroundi ng moun- I ARGUM'ENT BY DR, CATT, O. the district, except 3,500 miners ' inch. power under the regulations to grant tains, and is mad, e to convey to them es which may be diverted, by licensed an "extension of time in the mean- the ri ghts of conces, sionaires over the Dawson, Y. T., 'Sept. 18, 190'3. ho lders of mining locations on th e The grea;t initial error arose from tb e gr eed of this miner And·ersnn who ~ought t'O acquire t'Wo and · one·ha-If s'quare mi'l e.$ while his fellows on.~y got J 00 fll A t ~quare. He was aidred by FawcetL who ille'ga.lly dosed lhe ground to 'CoutlLre and' his associates, (see exhibit 210.) The wrong; then dr()ne should be righted and and his associates sh'ou· M at last from tardy justice bave the ir rig;hts to tbl, s groun'dl as free miners reoognized. ' A 'Wrong wa.s done. A concession (fOT drauli.c 'we,rking bas never ben done drauic wOl'king has never been done ,on the ground. Let the paeer miner £y referenee to Tyrrelt l's report to have a cbance. his departmen'~ and, his evidence on time" · after the end of the :first year. vast territory which has been figured To the Honorable Royai Commission- Klondike river. In this context it by Mr. Chattaway as compnsmg ers, Justice Britton and B. T. A. should be . remembered that by th e Boyle (Klolnd ike.) . the stand it wlll be ·seen that at mos, t Quar-tz Creek Concess· iO!n. I he only . spent two weeks In the coun- Th e first question which presen'ts .try in 1898. In this two weeks he itsef in regard to this concession, is: I was on. Hunker, Dominion, Eldorado, Where i, s the front bou· nd\lry line? Bonanza . and other C'reelGl. 'The 'The application, ·exhibit 1&1; the in- mel\est glance 'at these would have strnctions of survey, exhibits 191 arud tak, en more than a week. One week 190; and' pa'ge 10 of Green's :Field wa's left. If h e p.rospecte. d. the ground Notes, exhibit 170, all , sho'w that this in this concession in' the remainJng front boundary line lies' one th\ llJSand I we ek he concea1ed th. e fact from the There is nothing more romantic in the history of this country than the s·tory told in the witness box by the applicants for this 'lease, of their ar­ rival her e and their subsequent ac­ qui sition of t he mining concession comprising abou t for ty square miles of land. about forty square miles. The very Bell: . order·in-council which can-cel1ed sec. .plan which they have submitted to Gentle men: Our a.rgument in the lion 10 of the water 'regulations an n In July, ,1897, Joseph {Boyle F·rank Slavin, who had' starLed the department and th e .department Treadgold case will be directed, like was iSEued on the same day as th e !Ias apparently accepted is false and the complaint, against the Tread, gold former Treadgold order-in-counc ;1. fraudul· en t upon its fac e. The two order-in-council itself, and not against viz., the 7th of December, 1901, a n ~ importan t placer mining creeks. :Bear any philanhtropic scheme that 'A. N . miner acquiring a water right is for· and Lindow, are not shown upon ·it C. Treadgold mayor may not have bidden to sell water to others ; I' ') at all. Mr. Newlan.ds, the legal ad- formulated in his · own m ind. AI- that it will not pay any individu? ' viser, in his report to the min ister I though the argument i9 to be based miner to exercise bis right to h~s and, of the interior (exhibi t 153) states partly on the evidence brought be- proportion of this 3,500 in.ches. to- quite properly that in his opinion the fore your commission, it is not an It will be noted that the grantees DAWSON WEEKLY NEWS.IFRln.AJY, OCT. 2,1983. - are not required to ·generate any use, distribute and ddspose of by sale given amount qf power. According 0\' otherwise, the water de1i'vered by to Mr. Treadgold's own evidence the grantees within the district, and twenty thousand horse power can be goes on to say that no water so de­ generated from the waters of the ]ivered sh'all a t any time be dl6emed Klondjke river between its mouth alld- to be a part of the w'ater natuTally Flat creek. AsI;ed as to how many Howlng In any creek or tributary horse power he intended to generate, within the district, 'but s, hall be and 'he said about ten thousand. When remain at all times and. places the asked as to how many horse power property of the grantees. 'I'readgold he was required to generate he said and his aSSOCiates, by the constru· c­ "Not one." This first section of the tion of dams in all the creeks and order-in-council is the only s·ection tributaries ~ay therefore place them­ that may be cancelled if the right con- selves in a pOSition to sell to the ferred by It is not exercised within placer miners a large portion of their six years. When asked how 10llg he present water supply, which the could by developing only one horse grantees may sell over and over water supply to the Klondjke district der' said notice It is submitted that that the ' only way in which said the righ t fork of Gold Bottom creek. is fraught with extraord!inary finan- from the evidence adduced· before the ground can be profitably 'Worked' is The action of the ·crown in olIer­ cial risks. As a matter of fact the commission. , the reply to the second by the hydraulic princi]lal or on some ing these daims for sale called' furth risl,s are inl finite1y less· than the ordi- question so published cannot be other- equally extensive sca1e. a remonstrance from the WOUld-be q;ary risks of mining. H the crying w.ise than that this hydrauliccoll'ces- ThM the ground, over which ,we concessionaires and by their solicitor, neen of the district Is wateT, nothing sion is in'juriou S' to the mining inter- prospected was on 2.1. and' 26 from Mr. H. C. Lisle, before whom the will pay so well as water, for the ests of the Yukon terri tory. ' the mouth of saicl creek, . affidav it of Hermon was sworn, they di istrict is admittedly rich in gold. The reply to the third question And, I make this solemn declara- registered what must' seem to the That it is the deliberate intention must be that this concessjon was ob- tlOD conscientiously belieVing It to commiSSioners a very ridiculous P.TD­ of the government to establis'h Tread:- tained by fraud: and misrepresenta- be true and knowing it to be of the test. Mr. Lisle's letter is dated May g01d and his associates in tbe pOBses- tion on behalf of the applicants and same force and effect as if mad e 19, l~OO ,and' complaining of the 'pro­ sioll of a gigantic monopoly, is indi· after notice of such misrepresenta- under oath under and' by virtue of 'posed sale of these placer claims he cated by the ord· er-in-councli of lDe- tion had been received by the min. - bhe Canad,a evidence aot 1893. urges as a ' reason against it "the cember 7, 1901, issuecl on l he same Ister of the interior andl without prop- (Sig, ned.) 'C. J. H!E)RIMIOIN. company has a very in'fluential direc- d'ay as the former Treadgold order, er inquiry by the de.partment. Dec1ared befor e me at Dawson in torate and I dread any unplea.santness to prevent the sale of water und er The reply to the fourth that the the Yulwn territory the 61th day of with them," imagine th reatening the any water right acquired under the holders of this concession have not lTuly, 189. government with such dreadful con- , power hold his whole chanter intact, again, as all water so delivered re­ including the first section, his answer mains at all times and places the was: "Probably thirty years." p'ro.perty of the grantees. It may be regulations. Treadgold, in his eVi- only failed to comply with the re- (Signed.) H. C. LISLE. sequences as unpleasantness with dence, denied all knowledge of this quirements (If the lease, bllt in their A commissioner for takin'g affidavits this influ ential directorate----what the other order·in-council forbidding the occupa:tion of the same have con- in , and. for the Yulwn territ.ory. company is or who these d'\'eadful di- By the last paragraph of section 14, said that no act of parliament could the grantees have "the to as- confer su !h powers or confiscation. sign any of the rights conf'erred upon Bu t an ·act of parJ.iament is a danger­ them to any company or !ompanies', ous weapon. If t he ]lowers conferred or to any persons associated together by sectibns 4 and 9 are not to be for the purpose of carrying into ef- used as the words of these sections .tect the objects of the grant or any imply, it would be well to have them part." By generating one horse pow- resclnd ed. There would be fewer sale of water under the regulations tinued the fraud and misrepresenta- The ease with which large areas rectors are is not disclosed, , there . gQverning the use of wate'f. iRis evi- tion practiceil to obtain it. could be acquired here as pictured seems to been a tacit und'er- er Tread! gold and his associates are mysteries to solve. 'therefore invested with the right to Section 10 gives the right, sU'bject hold for a period: of thirty years this to no paY'ment except the 'royalty pre­ twenty ! thous.and horse power for sale scribed. upon output, to maloo entry to any operator who may wish to for and work any abandioned mining purcbase their 'Privilege. claim or claims on I BonanZ'a, Bear and dence in that respect is highly in- The reply to the If\fth cah not be to the British public is demonstrat- standing as to that; incred,ulous as cred ible. It would be a hard· matter that this concession presen.ts any S'llC- ed by the recklessness with which it is this seems to have been most to convince anybody that Mr. Tread .. cessful means to develop any benc\J, Hermon swears to an. affidavit wlrich effective. We have it from theevl­ gold was ignorant of this ordJer issued es, ban'ks , or other elevated grou,nds would lead one to believe that he dlmce of Mr. O. S. Finnie, chief clerk 011 the same day as bis former order, but on the coutrary that it had performed a physical (mpossi- of the gold commissioner's office in recommended by the same minister retards and Interfers with the de- bUity, and yet ever seeking to de-. charge of the files and records. that to the same cabinet, dealing with' the velopment not only of groundJ of t he ceive and mislead, the affidavi t does these claims were not sold but were same sub-ject matter and of such vast nature described but with the d,evelop- not state in so many words that I Her- given to the concession. .material benefit to the same gl'anr tees. ment . and ,workdng of creek placer mon has prospected' all of these six The above 'report o.f the mining in­ Whether Mr. Treadgold! was ignorant mines, thousand and l fi'fty-one acres, yet spector was set out in. a petition to ur it or nlu t; this oth,er ordl6r-in-coun- In laying before the commiss'lon the gives his opInion on oath that the the minister ot the Interior as were ciJ is for all practical purposes 'a p· art points -to be considered and which I ground can onlY' be worked on some also the following interesting and of this franchise. In f8;Ct it would. have think should be urgedl as reasons' tor large hydraulic scale, baSing his op.jn- true ' statements regarding the creek, been less' perniciOUS if 't.hadi been in- the cancellatlon by the !rown of this ion on having sunk two holes to bed- for 'five miles of which the minister corporated in his !harter. as' -. would concession commonly . knoWlIl . as· "The rock, qad before him an application for a then have applied only to the I Klon- . Herman concession," 1 1 submit that 'J: This palpably misleading affidavit, lease as a hydranlic concession on dil( 6 district, whereas the whole Yu- a t fi d i y argu ent t yoet on the face of it woefully insufli- the ground that it was un'fit for Paragraph 3 of section 1 requires Hunker !reeks, such right to b ,e ex the g1"antees to olIer for sale -to the erciseable only when the grantees· by public only what surplus 'Power they the ·construction of works are in a may generate; an absolutely useless position to dJeliver water upon such proviso sin !e they are not ,required claim or claims. It is surprising that to generate any given, amount, and, If the abandoned claims on !Rock creek they should generate any surplus should' have been overlooked. , since would sell it in any case rather t han that creel, was previously referred to "let It run to w,as! te. as if there were placer miners on it kon territory has in this respect m no con ne n m m 0 I . . again been mad'e to sulI'er for the the rules obtaining in actions at law cient, is 'absolutely t.he evidence pacer mlnmg: ben6Jf\, t of Treadgold and his asso- before the court. lIt is to be presum· upon which this large and valuabJe I "That the following claims a mong clates. Respectfully submited. ed that t.he commission was appoint- tract of mining land had heen given others within said area are now be­ ed to hold' an investigatioll into mat- away by the government. Ing prOfitably work'ed by the ord'inary ters affecting the Yukon as , a mining Following shortly after the ap' ]l, licR- placer methodl: rNo. 3 on the right country ·and especially In regard to tion and oath of Bermon .we find on fork ; (Jiscovery claim and 'Nos. I, 2, not only the elIeot of tying up 1arge the files a transfer of all Hermon's 3, 4, 5 and 6 above discovery 011 Gold t'racts of p1acer ground in so-called right in th~ 'application to the same Bottom Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9. 11 and hydraulic concessions, but as to the Peter Reid' Ritcllie and 'Ueorge 'Foote 1'2 below discovery. -If the 'right conferred 'by s'ection with rights to protect. fIt has been 1 Is given in the pub.Jic interest, there said that -placer miners will have HERMAN CO NC'ESSI'ON. is an und'erlyln, g mystery in It that equal rights with th e grantees to ac- , ordinary reason cannot solve. quire abandoned dalms. Well, 'let us Argument by George BlalCk, ·Esq, 'Section '2 gives the prior right to see. I By the construction. of dams on I To the 1H0norable Byron MolIatt IBrit- divert and take water trom the Klon- the tributaries of Bear, HUllker and ton and Benjamin Taylor A. Bell, (Hke river in any ,part of its course Bonan- za, the grantees would soon be Esquire, commiSSioners appointed from source to mouth, for distriblJ- in a position to deliver water any- by ,Royal Commission to make In- tion an'd use In the district, up to where on these creeks. All that the ·qulries regarding hydraUlic conces- 5,(}(}0 miners ' Inches. The grantees granl tees wil1 then have to dlo will be sions in the Ynkon ~ erritory': are not required to exercise the right; to make entry for the claims In. the ' they simply hold it for thirty years gold commis''s office, as they and may sell it whenever they get l a lapse one by one. good offer. If t hat is in the 'Pu: b'Jic Paragraph 5 of sec _ .on 14 shou'ld int erest it is for Mr. 'Treadgold and be read in this context. · ·· ·The rights the !Dominion government to explain conferredJ on the grantees shall ex.­ the j)rocess. tend for a periOd 01 thirty years', at Section 3 gives the right to divert the expiration of which all exclusive and use the water of Rock creek, sub- and prior rights granted to them ject to any grants 1awfullY subsisting shall cease and· be determinedl; hut and subject to the rights of free min- the works and structures built by el's bona , fid'e working claims on Rock the grantees, togEl'ther with the lands, It is to be regretted: th'at the COIDr missioners di d not see I flt to hea r arguments' at Daw-son as much evi­ d! ence was introduced the import­ ance of which upon the ques'tions un­ der discussion will probably not be fully und'erstood by them, they being necessarily Ignorant of local condi­ tions and· having no knowledge of practical mining in the Yulwn, many matters could have been better €'X· plained in open court were the com- creel . It was s hown thwt Treadgold rights andi easements whi ch they shall missioners had an opportunity of in- has' acquired the I Ackland grant, which have purchased or acquirerl , shall 're- quiring as well of !ounsel as of wit.- I 'S the only other gra1\Jt lawfully sub- . the lltees' prl'vate p ' roperty mam gra . nes se.s , than in a written arg· ument. slsting on Rock creek, 'Strange to A mining claim, once entered In the The complaint filed by .counsel wi th s ay, the rights of the placer miners name of the grantees, can. never lapse the commission at Dawson on the are carefu1ly protectecl on Rocl, to the crown to be relocated hy the 24th of August, 190'3, against the hy­ creek, where there are no placer min- ordinary mine r, It wil remain the dr, aulic concession. granted to Peter el's. Mr. Slgmund Roth schild's evi- private propeTty of the grantees. The Reidl rutchi e and George Foote Wash­ denc,e shows ~hat although. Tread- placer min er on the other hand has burne of five mlles of Gold I Bottom gold. s grant. lS not yet .ratrfled by to stake a claim, record it and renew l,cl'e~l, on th e 16th of October, 1901, parhamen ~, It has stood In th. e{ was, i t from year to yea:r, ,anq do- the. as-- was :prepared and ,filed ,-purs ant 0 of a. bona 1l.d e operator seekIng to sessment work from year to year, the followin. g notice published in the acqUIre the TIgh t to us.e the water of d'epen.ding on Treadgold l and his asso- Yukon 'Official Gazette of the 15th of Rocl~ ere-ek for a s?ecl'fi~ ~u.rpose. on ciates for water. Treadgold In his August, 1903: Hunker creek ane} Its a 'LlolnlDg hll.IS. evidence stated that he would have "Public notice is hereby glv'en that As the matter stands Mr. Rothsehlld to deal f, airly with the ]llacer miners the Honorable Byron Moffat Britton woul' cl! have to buy the use of the be'cause of the damage a mall with alld Benjamin Tay, lor A. Bell, cOIDImis­ watero! R:0ck cre~l, from Mr. Tread~ aD axe could do to his problematical sioners appointed, by 'Royal 'C'ommis­ ~Old and. hiS assocJat~s, who can h?ld syphon in a single night. But surely sion und er ,the great s: eal of oCan. ada. It for thll'ty years WIthout expendil~g the government that grants' a charter are now in Dawson ready to proceed one penny. If this Is In the pubhc will protect the grantees ill the ex- with the inquiry thereunder. ) ·ntel·eo·t there will have to be a new . I f th ' .' ht 'f 't h s . ' ~ el c se 0 ell' llg s, even. I I a The matter to be. Inquired mto are : apOsalY']lse. to maintain a special force of men To whal e xtent is' the eoncession to Section 4 allows Treadg01d and his for that purpose. Malcolm H. 01'1' Ewing, A. N. C, associates to construct dams and H ere it will be noted that no such Tre· a.d, g{)ld and WaIter BarwicK, co m­ other works at any 'Point or point in expensive works as a syphon and monly call ed, "The Treadgold C 'o'llces­ t he 'bed!, banks, valley, , slopes and pumpin'g system are necessary to put slon" likely to beneficial or Injurious hills 'of the Klondike river bet.ween Treadgol d and his 'associ~tes in a to th e mining interests .of the Yukon its mou tb and Flat creek, and of any position to deliver water on abandon· territory? creeks an.dl tributaries within the dis- ed claims. The mere construdion of 2. Are the hyd'l'aulic concessions trict. 'That is to say, the gran.tees dams and' flumes as mentioned in · sec· granted under the reguloations ill that may build dams and construct other tion 4, works which will pay for them- behalf in the Yuk()n territory 11kely 'WOJ'"kJs at any point on all the rich s, elves apart altogether from the ac- to be heneficial or injurious to the placer cre~ks ,. Bonanza. 'Bear. and qu, isition of mining lands, is all that mining Interests in. the Yul{(}n terri­ Hunker, WIthout respect to the Inter- is necessary to place the gran ,te~ In tory? ests of the placer miners .. except that I a position to acquire all th'e 'aban- 3. Were any of the hy;draulic con. the 'g'rantees shall place III a sepa'rate I doned claims on Bonanza·, [jear and cessions granted unde r the regula. rl um]l for the use of the owners of Bunker . and to ho\d1 'thein in tions in that behalf in the Yukon any mining ground .entered upon by tuity. Asked- by M'r. Clar·ke as to territory obtained by fraud or mi s:­ the.m. a'll gravel wh~Ch the . y ma. y .be I Wh.ere he proposed to get his water representation on behalf of the appli. obhged to move III such mln\Dg supply, Mr. Treadgold said he intend- I cants? ground. The righ ts of place.r miners ed to get all he possibly could! from 4. Have any of the holders of these are to be tra~pled upon WIth ~bsO' Rock cree, k and from every tributary hydraulic concessions granted, under lutely no provlslOns for Ind. emnrfica- of Bon.anza, Bear and iHunker, thus the regulation, s in that behalf failed tion this of the "separate showing that he intendedl to exercise to comply with the requIrements of dump." Without .the provisio~, ot the the righ t conferred by section 4 in a the leases of such concessions? :'separate dum~" It would. be lUterest- literal s~ns€. 5. What hyd'ralllic or other means IlIg to Imow If the grantees would This Treadgold order-in-council Is is it d.esirable to adopt to success­ wash up t he d'ump and .confisca.te t.he so perniciOUS in every detail that it fully develop benches, banks, and miners'. gold: ·~s to the ques~lOn of is 'almost a waste of 'words to con- other elevated grDunds, which can indemlllficatlOn It will be well. lU this si, der the effect of its several sections. only be worked nnder a great dlsad­ context to 1001, at. t~e regul~tlOns an- The whole case against it is sum- v'antage under natural conditiolLS, or nexed to the order.\D.coun !ll.. Regu- marized il1 the fact that the .grantees are not able to be properly worked lation B allows compensatIOn for are not required to perform an}' pub- at all without an arUficial sup·ply of damages slls,tainedionly oy any of the licservice whotsoever in exchange for water, :!rantees works breaking or being im- 11 th . 1 t dl . 11 e All "'~I'son~ havI ·n. g complal'nts to - a e rig I s, powers an PrlV eg s ," ~ perfest, and even then the compens'a- conferred upon them-rights, powers make within the scope of tbe com­ tion (by regulation "C") is to be de- and privileges which amonn,t to more mis'Sion, or having inform8JtioJ1 in termlned judicially by the gold com- than . a monopoly In the ord1nary sense their .possession. material to be known, missioner, subject to appeal to the of the word, in- that they place the and, which will assist the commission­ ten'ltorial ;court. But no i'ndemni fi'C'a­ tion i& allowed' for construc'ling a dam gran tees In a position to exel'cise or other works ,on a placer claim, ex- what migh t be called: a generall'l.ed "D" monopoly in control of all placer cept that by regulation the mining within the district. el's in their investigation, are request­ ed to furnish particulars in writing, to the undersig.ned, as soon as' possi· ble to enable the commissioners ,to ;:r a ntees will not s·teal the miners' ::o-Id l ut "shall yield it to the own- .It was said before your commission arrange time and. place and whatever '" , that liberal privileges should be given. may be necessary for the production el's" r Sllppos'e 1 .his will be s· aidl to . ~ '. .. t to any company bringing a water s'up- of eV Idence. be III the pu,bhc Itn tdertehs t' th d ply to the district. Why all these Take notice that the inquiry will be It sholl, ld be no e a ese l ams . . " k t · d' t· rights powers and privlleges have I publIC and the first pubhc meetmg and other wor s tmentlOdn~f lUthsec lon 1 been ~iven to Treadgold ancIJ his asso- of the commissioners will be held in 4 are to be cons ruc e or e gen- , 11 f th ciate q without reqUlrmg them to sell the south room at the court, house, e ~· of p. oweir b at~ we d as or e f to th~ public an in. ch of water , or one Dawson, on Monday, the 17th day of (lIverslOn dlstr u IOn an llse 0 9 3 t 'I I '. t· . f t ,. ounce of power, or to perform any .A.ugust, A. D. 1 0" at en 0 c oc, a. m. water," ThlS sec Ion III ac ma",es _ . t th b 1 t aste S of publIC servIce whatsoever, t he peo- By order the aran ees e a so u e m r . - .., RD'Wi TT e ven'" the .present water sU]lply of the P:I e of the Yukon ·are waltmg lIIl pa- H. H. iA , Id b i 1 0 e "ould thl 'nk tlently to learn. .so far we hav~ only G. A. LACOMBE, "'0 ear ng cree IS. n,, · . . St· C . , that the twenty thousandJ horse pow- the e~planatJOn of ,Mr. Trea~g01d In ecr e aTles t.o omml SS1On. er O f the KlondlJ,e river would! be the wItness bOX: when he saId, toere 'Datedl at DawEon this 14th day of . l' t J1 fo th grant but August, 1903." pnollgh for Treadgold, and his asso- ~Ot ap.p I~a 10 1 ,r de th ' ~iates without giving them the right that 1 . \Vs slm p :- ISSU~ as e re- Although the form of the com]llaint to clevelop power Irom dams con- suIt of conversatlOns WIth the me m- fil ed may be rather broader than was structed, in 't.he creeks. Sec-tion 4, bel'S of the , government. to be anticipated: under such notl~e or 'h 'Id be read in connection with I . A.n attempt has been made to show Ion the other hand may not contoam all :e~:'ion 9, which giveR the right to i tnat the e'stablis'hment of a proper the allegations that it might have un- manner in which these concessions Washburne, and in view of the ques- That from No. 10 from the mouth were obt ained. tionable nature of the preceeding down the creek has· been nearly all The scope of the inquiry having transactions in connection with this worked by ordinary pJacer methods been widened by ord, er-in-council p· ass- concession careful attention should and has paid well. ed July 30, 1903, which provides that be given this document. 'It will be That the de]lth to bed, roc k! varies O!Inasmuchas it has been alleged noticed that the consideration vaid · from 14 to 22 feet and is suitable that the hydraulic claims granted in for a grant of this large area o'f for both SlImmer and winter work, pursuance of the reg. u1atioll'S for the placer ground was originally ~xjlress· pay averages about 'five cents' per granting of hyd'raulic claims in the ed. as oue dollar, but this must have pan, mal,lng the g'l'ound very valuable Yuk,on territory have been procured appeared too easy even for pt~senta· for working by ordinary pla !er min­ by fraud, and misrepresentation. and tion to the unsuspecting British pub- ing methods. that the materi'al conditions of the lie and the document shows that the That as development work proceed, s leases have not been observed, there- on.e dollar has been changed to t!Je the value of the creek is foun·d to in­ by rend·erillg the same liable to can- magnificent sum of one hundred dol· crease, and if it were not that such cellation, the commissioners shall lars. Even at that the possibilities development is greatly retarded by have full power and I'e p{}rt their con- of easily ·acquiring a six ~housand, the clOsIng of t he ground on account clusions fro m the r esult of -such in- acre placer mine so glowingly [lie· ' of the aforesaid application' .for a quiry." tu,red in the prospectus may be sal,d hydraulic conceSSion, much new It is to be regretted that gre.ater to have been · fully realized. ground would be opened LIP and atitude was not given. by the com:mis'- As against the applicatlDn ~y Her- worked, thereby affording a p rofi ta- mon assigned as above '.0 Ritch;e bie employment to a large number sion in, the admission of evidence and that a full "inquiry" has not been and Washburne and the oath of H er- of men, and contributing more to the had, in order that in "reporting their mon we have on file prior to thp general w~lfare and prosperity ·of the ", conclusions from the result of such g)'anting of th e lease to th? latter country than would' a grant o. f s·ald ' inq,uiry" und er .the power , given by gentlemen and subsequent t'l tbe clos- areas to said C. 'J. lHermon under the said ordler in counc il ther e should be I ing of the area to placer miners be- name of a hyd'raulic concession .. no evasio. n of the .real, ~uestions at I , cause of .the ap~lIcation ;o.I.ess thaD 'I'hat tl)..e mining regulations for tbe issn and t claim the right to deal three 1 Igely sJ..gDe, d petJtlOns from Yukon t::erritory define ana limit the with'the s'ub'Je e t broadly and not min.ers, residents or Gold' Buttom size of claims which a free miner can within the narrow limits to a certain creek, actually living and milling wilh- locate and· receive grants for. e~tent sought to be laid down by in the area applied for , contradicting Tha t said area being made u p. of the commission. HaUy the statements by the applieant ground stal,ed an·d· workl6d as pIaeer This concession bears all the ear as to the nature Yf the ground a ncl claim s, and other ground suitable to marl,s of fraUd from its mception. praY'ing that it be left to the US '3 of be· so Worked', if. said application for To }}egin with we have Mr. lPeter Reid the miners. hydraulic conceSSion is grantedl saiJtl Ritchie, one of t he lessees, evidlently W e have it from the evidence of regulations will thereby be circum­ a retired farmer, upon cl'Oss-examin- Mr. Rowatt, cus,todlan. of, the files, vented and defeated by said appIl­ alion after a great show of indigna· that one of these petitions alone cant and he will receive a grant for lion, I'eludantly pl'odrucing a pros· bears about one huudred' signatures; a placer claim many times greater in peotus of a company with 'a preten- that it is dated the 12th of August, si~e than a tree miner is permitted tious sounding nam e. hold'ing out to (1901. Is adidres· s· ed to the minister , of to locate and obtain. a grant for un­ investors among other attractions the t he interior and was received by the del' the regulations. fact t hat this same Peter :Reid minister p· rior to the 16th day of That ·since the closing of said area Ritchie, who admits that he is not October, 190-1, upon which d,ate the for location as placer claims, many an engineer of any sort, has consent· iease was issued, which substantiates claims have been stal\ed. · therein and ed, to 'act as consu1ting "engineer for the allegation that. t he minister had applied for but grants therefo·re have the company." The ]lros'pectus' also notice of the fraud and misrepresen· always been refused, because of said 'boasts of the faot that large areas ta ion prior to the grantmg of the application for a hydraulic conces- of mining ground can be easily an.d lease. sion. cheaply acquired in the Klondlike; Under the regulations governing Your petitioners therefore pray that this later 'atractlon must have been placer mining in the Yulmn territory said application be refused and! the quite essentioal to this 'little inSotitu- a t the date of the staking of the 'right said area be opened for location by tion with Its capi tal stock of but forI" of Gold Bottom creel" a tribu· placer miners, and as in duty bound £10,000. The idea sough t to be con· tary locally Imown as I S oap creek, and will eve'r pray. veyed to the investing Britis· h public included within the boundarie.s of this Dated this 12th d1 ay of A·ugust ~ .. being that with a v- ery small il1Vest- concession, alternate g:roups of ten D. 190' 1. ment large sums could! be acquired claims .were reserved for 'the cr9wn That the miniSlte.r was fully aware and carrie 1 off from the Yukonan·d "to be disposed of in such manner as of tbi· s petition there can be no doubt, from Canada . might ·be decided! by the minister a' 'from A. M. 'Chisholm, barris- The evidence bMore us s·hows the "of the Interior," and notwithstand- ter of Ottawa, now of Toronto ac­ methods pursued by these conces· sion- iug the sworn opinion of lHermon as companied this petition to the min­ aires in acquiring their vast areas to the unHtness of this ground for ister, !alling tbe attention of the de­ to have been as fraud: ulent as those placer mining the crown reserved· to pat'tment 'particularly to it. Across: adopted in dealing With their inves- itself as above, ten {}Iacer claims. the corner of this 1etter we 'find, a tors. Later on and in the year 19W the memorandu.m written withr lead peneili The firs t d. ocument. on t he records crown undertook to dispose of these cil "Mr. Rylie. Wha.t are the facts: is an app.Jication to the ~old' commiE- placer claims at public auction, and of this case. C. 'S." Mr. RowaH on' sioner by one C. J. 'Hermln dated as to the propriety of holding this oath after considerable pressure iden· the 30th of June, 1899, for Hve miles ground as placer claims we have the tified this hand-writing and the: ini­ of Gold Bottom creek "comm encing following repOI·t by the mining in- tials to be those of Clifford Sifton. at the lower half of claim 'No. '26 spector in reply to an inquirY by the th e of the interior. There' above the mouth extending up stream gold commissioner regarding the char- is no evidence that any, further- ~I10p- five miles and, rea· chin, g from ' summit acter of same: er consid'eration was ever giveIll the to summit on either side. of the "Office of the Mlwing llls'pe:ctor, matter. The infiuential directorate stream and up the right fork ." Not- Hunker Creek, sept. 17, 1.900. evidently prevailed wlth the minister withstand,lng the fact tha:t at the date J. L- Bell, Esq., Assisiant Gold, iCom- as against the s'latements of h.undreds of t his application there were record- mission er, Dawson : of miners and' the allegations of .fraud ed ancIJ being worl,ed! no less than Sir-In reply to your letter of A, u· previous to the granting of: the .lease . . ,fifty placer mines within the area , ap- gust 29 last with enclosure from the Let us hope that it is not too late .plied for. the man lHermon accom- commissioner asking for a repor t on yet to rectify his grave and costly panies his application \vith a decla- ten claims res erved by the govern- error , for that it has been a costly ration und er oBlth as follows: men t on 'Soap creek, I have the error not only to the mine· rs of the "Canad, a, Yulwn Territory, towit: honor to report that on Sunday, the yutwn but to (ue government cannot I. ,C .J. 'Hermon of Dawson h~ the 16th instant, 1 inspected the ground be denied. The exchequer wOlild h"ve­ Yulwn territory. free miner, do 501- and ga'thered in-formation respecting received a much greater sum in, fees emnly d,eclare. the same. Th e claims' on 'Soap. creek from placer miners fOl' the ground 1. That comm encin g th e 26th day up to No. 10 are all good ground, fair- leased. , had they been allowed to mine, of September, 1898, and continuing ly rieh and certainly quite l fit for it'~ than has been paid by the hold­ fo, r a period of three months tllere- placer mining, and r have no hesita- e l'S of tbis 'parasite on Gold, Bottom. after l prospe~ted · for gold on what tion in reporting that the ten govern- cr eek, and many men instead of be­ is h-nown as Gold Bottom creek, a men t claims are also fi t for placer ing driven off to h·unt other claims. tributary of Hunker creek. on my own mining. would have a means of livelihood and ' account solely. [ have the honDr to be, your obe· fortune; the mining industry would 2. That associated wi t n me was d'ient servant., _ not hav e been retaroed and, the coun- one man. I BIDLCIHER, Mining Inspector." try would have benefited accordingly .. 3. That we san h two holes and I The claims referred to by the min- Has this dream of ·Hermoll and his· reached bed rock in both and that we ing inspector in his report 'are all associates as to large hydraulic worl,s did not fln·d ]lay din in sufficient within t.he area applied(fO'r by 'HeI'lffion materialized? The evidence submit-· quantity to warrant the worldng of Ritchie alld Washburne, on the plea ted to the commissioners, both the­ same by ordinary placer mining meth- that they are unrfit for placer minIng, documentary evidence and the ev-i­ ods and I am strongly of the opinion Soap creek! being the local name for d, ence given by the miners on the: DAWSON WEEKLY NEWS,IFR1!DA' Y, OCT. 2, 1983. ground, miners from this concession · from thiEl hillsi.des, indicating as is the scale, but what it Is necessary for THE A,RGUME.NT OF CO·U'NSELO'N Iverse proceedings. Further more i· f blighl-ed creek must convin·ce them case on other crek, s. that the pay has an. d 'What the statement by !Beau- BE,HAL'F OF THE HOL'DERS O'F .claims were so granted subsequent as it must convince any reasonable come down from the hillS. .dette goes a long way to prove is, THE HERMAN HY'DR·AULlC ,to the date of tilie applicatioll , for the men, that these concessionaires have The concessionaires attempted to L'EA'SE O'R CONOE'S,SION. I lease, t 'en of them were granted to that it is necessary fQr the conces- · . stoppeod at nothing l to get and hold make a point of the fact that below ... In the matte!' of the Royal Com- one a p ,rllcan.t as, compe-~s~tlon for this ground not to work and devel- th'e concession and toward the mouth sionaires now to prospect 1Ihe ground" mission appointed under the great groundiIost III other 10cal1tlCs, Wh~lch vpe, but to speculate with it at the , of th~ creek the hillsides are n{Jt , 1Iecessary for them to dJo th'e pros- seal of Canad. a to inquire into certain ten claims, weJ'oe not opell to. sotal{'mg expense of the miners of the YU'kion, ·working. Rere again tile cunning of specting tha.t Hermo.n evidently lead matters concerning hydraulic leases by placer miners, but reserved to the to hol d it as a dog in th e manger, the concessionaires is diS'p1ayed, in V he gold com mi'ssioner to lyelieve he Or concessions within the Yukon tC'!'- crhown b u~der foltrmer t regulaltilons neither working it themselves nor al- choosing their ground from the best rl·tory. were y every a erna e ten cams had done, but which the petltioi:e"S . th lowlng {Jthers to do so. part of tbe creel;, and the evid,ence ... 'fhe notice published by the orders w'ere vested III e crown and were 'Apart from the documentary evi- is that from the conces&ion down the to the minister of the interior said or the members of the royal commi;» not open to staking by' placer min- dence disclos in2: as it does such an hillsides are steep rock slides while he had not done, before the ji fiue. I . h ~s." And further , the stal 'ers of the - slOn proc arme.(!, t at five distinct all,d rernainin 2: clai'ms so staked have seen unwarran ted condition of affairs, the within the concession are promising of bhe lease. SleIlarat tt Id b . - , e ma el'S wou ' e Inquired fit to abandon some of their claims action of the miners laying aside looking benches and immense ~i'epos- The evidence of the witness&;; into, which may be stated shortly as their work in the midst of the short its of gravel known to the miners to Young, Johnson, Bannister, Gibson, follows: so granted, which in the lfirst place were ob tained for them through the concession efforts of Mes'srs. Woodworth & summer season, comi ng as they did carry pay in s'everal places. Th e com- . . 1. Is the T d Id ml 'ssl'oners w'IIl l'em,ember the occa- Nebe, In ruddltlOn to those already rea go ' in large n·umbers t{J present them- beneficial or injurious. selves to the commissioners for ex- sion of refusing the, concessionaires, mentiond and. many others is to the 2. Are hy.draulic conces'sions bene- Blacl(, S JJicitors, oue of 'whom is now amination to tel1 them on oath of the leave to extort , from the .witnesses effoect that this concession is a six tflcial or injurious. ·counsel for the complainants. At the . f t' t the exace location time the hy~raulic lease was granted facts , to give them their unanimous III orma Ion as o . thou'sand acre placer Claim and that 3. Were an y. hydraulic concessions f th ' ht b th . order • the first ten claims on. Soap creek some ground on ,the creel, upon. which to dump tailings, etc. Th-e letter or Mr, Lisle, of August 11, 1900, . shoWl! clearly that some miners he Ld, this vi ew ,and wished to hold up the con­ cession and compel it to buy -ground lIeeded, for tailings 8Jt a hi'gh price," he , fur the r state.(! that h, e and his partner had some Rindl of prate'st 'agains t the concess,ion, but if we ·gave the price $1,700 for their claim INo. 10, wbich t hey hadl previously ·offered to sell for they would with­ their opposition," clearly they .J~new that t he concessio.n mus.t hav~ dumping -grou'nd s on the creeks: , ~d ,that if t hey did· nOlt get the fracUons they would he 'Compelled, 'to buy worked, ou t ground at a high 1fi. g:Ill'e. Clearly also t he petitions filed' against the concession were mala fide sO' far ,as the men referred 1.0 in ,the let. opinion based on actual experience 0 IS pay .sou g . y 'cm ~n it is being held and very sligbtly obtained by, fraud, or misrepresenta' . th t th ht 0 l ue their cheap 'Were he ld as placer claims, eight of ter were concerned. The wh.ole av'- capable of immedi·ate veri'ficatlOn, a ey mlg · c n III worked as sulC'h to the excl usion and -tion on behalf of the applican,ts. - h th f th them have since been aband,onedl {be- dence m this poi,nt may, be 'summed must have weight witb the commis- me ods at e 'expense 0 0 ers. injury of many legitimate placer min- 4. Have any of the holders of a ing claims within th· e limits of th e up thus, the witnesses wer, e of the sioners and the government. McCrimmon's evidence is a good el's. hydraulic concession failed to com"ly .v hydraulic lease, but not granted in the opiruion: that, it was not po sible for . What is that unanimous opllllOn sample of that of the {Jther witnesse s. The witness 'Fred'erick Justus with the requirements' of their leases. lease) . anyone to say that any groundJ was regardin2: this concessIOn and its ef- JOhll L. Eby's statement was particu- swears t:hat he bas been engaged in 5. What hydraulic or ather means (d) - That prior to the granting of unfit for placer mining Lf that person. fect? At Gold .Bottom village some larly interesting in that he has put a general mercantile business at Gold should. be ad{Jpted to develop elevated said lease, varlous petitions, etc., wer~ judging from general obs-erva­ eighteen o . l' twenty witnesses were ex- down eight holes on claims N· o. 26, Bottom 1'01' the past twenty-five grounifos. were' ;filed with thoe department of tion and from the resu1ts obtained aminedl taking UI) the entire days sit- the scene of Hermon's prospecting, months, that , his company, the Hunk- The :first, second and fifth section. s . the Interior, aoo here again the doe- upon s mk,ing two holes, to bed-rock, ting of the commission, many' more and in these eight holes he has found er Mercantile Company, has donc an do not affect the Herman hyd,raulic I . . dl d .. f partment of the' inter or is. lmplle- y an . y,et It IS rom this s·ame observa­ were in rea,diness to be called had no blanks-strange that lHermon average business of $6,000 per month, lease and 'will n.ot be ' dea1t with . charged with care-lessness' in .granting tion that t hey consider the hill'sldes time permitted. Was there any dif· should ·have been so fortunate- in not on Cold, :Bottom {)re-e~, that in the herein. the hydl raulic Lease, or wilh in()om- within the concession limits as , fit for ference of opinion am{Jn2: those who stri. kJn,g pay. Eby is working the t'wenty-lfl:ve months business thay The notice :further required that . ~ petence in' 'coming to a decision that placer miniIllg, and' this in face of had the privilege of being heard on claim by ordinary placer mthods and have contracted 'less' t:han $to{} in all particulars ot the complaints s.hould the majority of the ground was nlDt the fact, th'at the hillsides below the this all important 'question to th· e it {}ays' ~im well. Hermou. andl his of ,bald debts, that the miners who be in writing. fit for placer mining in the face of conces'si'on limits are ,all open for Yuk{Jn peop.Je. They c{JI'roboratedl as fellow applicants could on1y conceive were fortunate enough to secure Only one complaint was lfiled the petitions. s,taklng, and a' all the hUl- a uni t t.he statements made by peti- of It b'eing worked on some large hy- clai·ms on Gold Bottom creek before against the Berman· conceSsion, and (e) That, several months prior to siodoes look ,aliI,e, see C'Vidence of IMc- tioners t.o the minister. of the interior draulic scale. Eby also swears, he the granting of the concession are that was delivered by Mr. George the granting of the lease. a letter of 'Crimman, who say, s "that the hill- before the issue of the .lease. The would gladly take and prospect much prosperous and d.oing 'Well, and t.e i1\ B lack of counsel for five complain- a mining inspector waS filed with the opposite the conces'Sion are 'Of inteIligent r~pl!es made to the search- more ground .within the: boundaries ill a pos,IUon to form a reliable OPID- ants. It may be no. too here, that upon department of the interlo.r to the ef- the same .quality apparen,tly as thoSle ing technical qllestions p,ut to WlI ·t- 'Of the conceSSIOn, but it IS to ion on this point. He say, s the con- the hearing of the complaint not one , fect, that the firSlt ten claims on Soap below." And it is upon thi, s 1\' ne "ses by - 'COmml'ssl'on'el' . Bell, and t· he do so. under . the p.rese.nt condlt.lOns. cession i's a blight, tying up 'gQod of the complainants gave evid, ence. - cree'k wer, e fairly ricltand' that t here- g, eneral observ, ation that true h yodJra.u'llc added strength given to their state- J.n hIS opinion . whIch IS the .0Plllion ground, . The conces·sionaires buy no Mr. Black raises the following points for he had no hesitation in rC'Port- lease is condemned, as covering men ,ts as a reslllt of cross examl'na- {)f all other WItnesses, what IS most goods, produce no gold, c!rculatJ no in the complaint. ing that the ten government claims placer , ground. None of the witne:;;I5~S tion by the concessionaires· , · gives to n'e-eded in this country t.od, a y is to money, and employ no men· , that even A. That the Herman concession we're also . fit for placer mining (these when giving this evid·ence were made the m iners case the stamp of sln- have the ground' that IS tied up now were this concession a bona fide. pro- was oblain-ed by misrepresentation on 11 claims being all within the hydrau c 'aware by · couns·el for the complain!- cerity and tr,uth in contrast to the in conce~sions thrown open to be pOSition it would in no way benefit behalf of the applicant. There is no lease limits.). This paragraph is open ants of 'the , fact that, the depart- position of the lessees. worked by miners. the Yukon territory and fn any even" allegation whatsoever of fraud on the t.o the s.ame object10ns ·as the , pr· o- ment of ,the interior had repQrts' from Let us refer briefly to the evidence Herbert ;Gameron worked. claim INo. the time has not yet arrivlld [or any part o.f the applicant, merely of mls- .ceeding one. The mining inspector Mr. Ogilvie, then commis·sioner ot given' at Gold Bottom beginning with 27 last winter with twb men by placer such hY'draulic operations - time repres.ental.ion, nor is it charged that .has apparell'tly come to this conclu- the Yuk{Jn territory, and' Mr_ 'Sen!k­ the witness MQCrimmon· . He owns methods for four mon.ths he took out. enough .for that after the placer min- the applicant in:tentionalIy mad'e any sion, that the ten government claims ler, then gold commiSSioner, as to the claims Nos. g and 9 ,below discovery $8,000 worth of g· old dust, a)!d this Is ers ·have ,finished, and on Gold Bot- misrepresentation himself, nor t hat are fit for placer mining, through his quality of the ground. As stated! be. on Gold, Bottom creek both within within thiEl area granted to Ritchie tom creek wherever t hey are , allowed he had any knowledge, of misrep're- .g,eneral o\}servation 'on the creek, and ; fore, the evidence '\lId' llIOt show . any the limits _ O'f the concession. lHe and Washburne, on the pretense that to work richer an· d better grollll'd is s-entation being ma·de_ this Is the very method which the 'misrepresentatiO'n or fl'aud, on the worked them by the ordinary placer it Is unfit for placer mining. continually, being opened up. B. That said lease was improvi- witnesses at Gold Bottom deruollnced, ·part of the 'applicant lHerman. The mining, method.s, sinking s.,hafts and The, s D. G. ! Fraser who has [n further consideration of this dently and improperly made hy. th, e when it was alleged by counsel for 'complalnanl ts may c{Jllsld, er that they d'I'ifting and both claims paid him mined. on Hunker, !Dominion, Adams matter and of the replies given by minister of the interior, after notice the 'complainants that He rman hadl : have proven tnat the de'partment well. !He had worked' into the shal- ·creek andi in good pay on Gold Bot- the evidence documentar~' and· ora! ol such misrepresentation, and is d, et- , used it, when he stated in his. dsc- not r, equire sufficient evidence ,before low ground: where it became neces- tom creek within this concession, de- to- the enquiries bY' the- comll1is:oa- rimental to the Interests · of the Yu- laration and application: that the ·iss· uinlg t he leas, e, but bhat is, a pOint sary to operate by means of "open scribes the wor, 1 . d, one bY' the conces- el's 'in the notice above !"eferred to it kon territory and to the miners of ground within the iHerman lease was not within ,the scope of the commis­ cuts" extending across both claims sionaires and their laymen as having is' importan t to note that the a,!}pli- said territory. The first portion of 011' the whole more fit for hY'draulic sion, and in any event the presen't in order to get dl'ainage. 'rhen it was been done by th'e most primitiv, e cation for this .. hydraulic leRs':) is Qat- tbis paragraph is not within t he s· COpe mlnJng than placer mining. Very lit- 'hold'ers of the lease are purchasera that be got a sample O"f the pernicious placer methods, using the hand wind- ed June 3~, 1899, that th e ' ease to of the commission, as the acts of the tle reliance can be placed · on the 'from Hern'lan andl nQ proof was ad­ efl'ect of this concession and the pow- lass and a little eight-horse power Ritchi e and Washburne W l!'; granted minister o.f the interior are: not being .Jnspectvr's' report, whe n attenUon is 'dluced th,at tbey knew O'f, or w~e er of the · con·cessionaires. He found boiler for thawing. October 16, 1901, and' that in the inquired into nor cr,iticised. Any eVi- called' to the fact that his opinion of parties to, any of the proce-edoin'gs there was a fractional piece of ground The ·concessionaires have contrived interim between the date of the ap- dence given in that line must hav'e the quality of the ten government inl connection with the app.Jicatloll', o.r between his claims 8 , an.d 9 that he to obtain certificates th at work t{J the plication and the date of t.he 'eaSf) 'been for political or OcheI' purposes claims {which are not part of the had knowled'ge of any' · flaw in the w{Juld have to cross with his' open cut value of $5,00{} r e:quired by t he terms the regulaUons for the disposal of. or as it · is called, for a play to the , concess, ion, though within its limits, title 'at the time of the purchase. It and' drains. He applied. to the gold of the' leas· e to be per.formed! , annually mining 10catlons in the Yukon terri.' I galleries. No on e- could fail to 'un- but were granted: for compens,ation as is submitte'd, therefO're ,that there is commissioner for a .grant to this frac- by them, has be~n dOne, but how , have tory to be worked by the hyd'l'auli.? derstand both from the notice pub- aforesaid) 'was based upon an esti- abS Jlutely n{J proof of misrepresenta' tion but was refllsed because it had they done it? We. find on the file an or othe r mining process were '.lmen i· lished andi in othe r ways that th· e mate of the first ten claims' on· Soap tion on Herman's part nor a fortiOri 'been given to the concess,ionaires, affidlavit by P. R. Rltchie that he has -ed Iby order in council of August 25, minister of the interior aD'd his: acts creel" (also not a part of the conces- of fraud, (this, latter is not alleged was a .part of the conce,ssion, osten- done or caused' to be !done various 1900, aD'd read' as follows; were not ou trial. The latter part of sion though within its limits) of in the complaint nor ,touched. on by Sibly for the reason, if Hel'm,on's affi- ,work on this ~op lessiol!o. among other "No application 'for a lease for hy- the cla\l'se is pur, ely a ·general charge which eight bave since lapsed to the the C'Viden()e ). If ther~ has l een ~y davit were true, tha it was unfit ach ie vem nt , non· e of wbich are of dr·aulic mining purp'oses, however, and is f'ldmis'Sibly only und,er section .crown bein, g abando ned as unfit for mistake on the part of the, depart­ to work! hy placer methods, a likely the nature of hpd'faulic works, an shall be -entertained for any ' tract two of Ithe' published notice, as to placer mining. ment, as the wltne\;.ses' seem to th1n ,~, story, with placer c1aims adjoining eighteen foot shaft, a space drifted 'which includes within its boundaries 'Whether concessi{Jns .n gelleral are It will be seen that all the charg-es nei,ther t he applicant nor the presen!t it imm ediately above and below, the out measuring forty feet up stream, ·any placer, quartz or other minin g beneficial or injurious. It is, worthy made in. the complaint are wit.hout llOldl ers of the lease are responsible same .ground, in 'fact as these placer .fifty feet across the stream and 'eigbt claims acquired under the regulations of note, that there is no speci· fic the scope of the commission, ex·cept unless they lmowin'gly caused. tt, of claims except for an imaginary' line. feet deep, the ·performance of this I in that behalf, or in the immediate charge in· the COmplaint that the Her- .sections th,s there is a bsol utely no pr of ·in iMcCrimmon could. not get the frac- .work is also sworn to by ;Wo W. vidnity of which placer, quartz m man co ncession, is detrimental to the CA) That t he lease was obtained the evidence given andl n'o allegation t ion an.d in consequence has had to .oowell and R. '·E. Pounder, (the latter other mining claims have been dis- miners in its vicinity in particular, by misrepresentation on behalf of the in' t he complaint. quit w{)rk on claims 8 and 9 and is ,since deceased). covered, and are being pl'ofitall l/ op- over and above the general e ffect applicant. (,See secLlon 3 o[ the ThO- With alleg,ation IB in the .complaint now worki ng claim No. 28 also wi th- On examination Mr. Dowell ex- erated. and ,also that the gold COlD- 'that concessi{Jns are alleged to have tice published by the com'mis.Mon), and evid'Cnce, as t o the p{Jlicy. O'f in the limits of the concession and ,plain. s how this was done--He waS missioner shall, in ad'diti0n to iur- upon the whole Yulcon. terri tory an'd ,and. .granting' hydraulic leas·es, I have lfinds it good placer ground. As he worll'ing claim Nb. 1, not knowing nishing the report, above referrerl to, the min~rs thereiu. (B) That said lease fs detrimental I nothing to dl o in as, much as any re­ s ays, hacl' this fraction ueen owned that there was a concession frac'tion be required to furnish a ce,'tifiC'a.'.e I C. That said lease was made con- .to the interests of t he Yukon terri- port by the commi&si{Jll could only by anyone but a concessionaire, he of forty feet between claims 1 and 2, tll,at the location applied l fOor does not trary to the spirit and letter of the tory a J!d to the miners of said terri- affect the future and noil the pasil could have IHll'chased or leased it he dri'ftoo to the line of .2, taking {Jut contain I IllY s uch placer, quartz or mining regula tions in force in the torY, (see section 2 af s'ald notice). policy in thi s respect. on reasonable terml:!, but the policy of .ground oJ the abov e dimensions, aftel' other mining claims 11:: ]' have any Yukon te-rritory. This is again a All the rest of the complain t is There remai ns to be d,eaJ.t with t he concessionail'es is not to work he had completed his w'ark and clean e such claims been grante j in the im- charge agains:t the minister of the practically waste paper, so far as the now objection ", C" regarding frac­ ground, or give miners emploY'moe.nt, ed up the gold, without consultation, mediate viCinity of such location. interior 0)' his department, in as much inquiries by the commission are con- tions and hil.lsides within the con­ but to keep it idle, _ to · freeze the or any communication with the con- In add ition to the above it will be' as it would be the d.uty 0Jf the de- cerned. ces's ion raised' by the evid'ence but miners out, and some day when they :essionaires and 'without any leave necessary .for ·an , ap,plicant for a lease partmen t to see that all applications Upon the hearing of th· e complaint not raised in the complaint. have succeeded in their schemes they [rom the m P. R . Ritchie oonfronted 'for hydrau1ic mining purpORe:l to fil e for hydraulic leases complied with all the evid.ence addu ced was .directed I It is submitted: will come along with cheap labor and .him with the trespass' and demanded in the department of the interior a the mining regulations. Five rea'soris to three points namely: 1. That this evid:ence is not re­ take away to themselVes and their and collectedl from lum a percentage d·eciaration made by a min ing e n- are given for this last charge namely': (A) That the lease was obtained ceivable there being ·no charge in the foreign, capitalists by means of their {)f the gold t::ak,en out. Then Ritchie gineer, or other competent person, to (a) There was no' evid'ence before by misrepresentation on behalf of the complain t, and ,all complain,ts w~re small investments and. smaller meth- following in the wake of Hermon who the satisfaction of the r .:.inister .of th'il the minister of the in'terior to justify ap',l}licant (see section 3 of said no- bY' :the notice requiredJ to be in' wrlt- ods the gold, that, had, the miners by the way he dl enies knowing swear,s interior, that t.he location :lpplied fOI' the mak,ing of said lease, purely a tice) ; ing. been al lowed to mine, would have ,that he had "done or caus· ed to be I.s suitable for hY'dr.aulic nlining avail- charge against the minister of the in- (B) That hydraulic leases are det- 2. That the fractions, even thou:gl -enrich ed and provid.ed, a ·competency ," (lbe work so performed by able with which to succes3fu!1y 0[1- terior or his department 0Jf careles's. rimental generally to th'e interests of 'placer ground, were needed in to many. Dowell inaependent'ly. Call it be ar- erate the location; and tha : ttlere;s ~ ness or incompetence ; the Yukon territory, (see se'ction 2 to fadlita.te hydraulicing and to giv'e But this was not all of I McCrim- 'gued that such conduct s~ould! be sufficientd.umping ground upon which (b) That the only material fil ed in of said notice.) tailing ,ground, this point has, been mon's expe, rience with this conces- tolerated by the authorities whose to depos it the tailings J)roducerJ from support of the application fOIl' s·aid (C) That the iHerman hydraulic I fully dealt with above. ! sion. In reply to croSs examination dluty it Is to protect the interest {Jf his. operations. lease is the d,eclaration purporting to lease is detrimental to t he miners in 3. There can be no evid,ence given by Ritchi'e t he concessionaire, he the pe'Ople, or that thisconoession R · ad the les\Seosof this concession be signed by the 'said applicant, (C. the vicinity of the groun· d' thereby tboat the hillsdes withi n the conces- 'swears that Ritchie offered to allow should be allowed' to longer exis, t, complied with the requirem ents o. f ,I. Herman) , etC., and a letter by the granted, because some fractions IYin~ s'ion are fit for placer mining , and him to work the fraction upon con- T,his work instead 'O. f rep· re:s·enting the law in force at the date of the solicitor of the applicant. This ag.ain between cr€ek claims prevent all of any opinion to .that eftleel can be bas­ .dition that he should take no action .an expenditure of $5,00{} by 1}he COllr lease such a lease would have been is merel y a charge of carel·essness theslC creek claims being workedl by ed: only on observaton, a method con­ with other miners to protect them- ces'sionaires as required bY'the terms impossible, for not only were tbere against the minister of the interior one continuous open cut, and, because i d, emn ed by the witness es when us-ed selves by preventing the granting of of the lease, is the result of a profita- many placer claims in the imme 1iate 0 1 ' his departm ent in iss~ling a hy- miners are not at liberty to stake by the applicant ::Herman. It i'5 im' an application then p'ending by Ritch- ble farming Ollt of portions of th eir vicinity of the six thousand and fifty·, draulic leas,e upon insufficient mater- placer claims upon the hillsides with- probable that the hillsides within the io for a twenty-five year water grant ,groun, d, allC~ as related by the witness Olle a cres compriSing the co ncess ion ial, aU'd is untrue as there were re- in the area leased. concession have been abanodloned, on Gold Bottom creel" a water grant Dow· ell, the improper appropriation Ibut there were many of s, uch claims ports from the then commissione-r of The evidence und€r sections A only though apparen.tly e qually good 50' far that if made would' have caused in- of the \Vorl{s of others, warl, in no in operation actually wimin the the territory , 'Mr. OgiIvie, anod frO' m went to show. that. in the opin.ion as observation can tell. calcuable damage to the miners on sense· originating with th e conces's iollr boundaries of the groun· d applied fon, the gold commissioner, Mr. Senl,Jer; of the wilnesses, insuffici~nt mater- 4. That thes e matters, only aff·ect the creek, -and of this the concession- aires. In making this lease wi thout prop· (c) That place l' mining claims ial was furnished· to the rlepal·tment the futu re policy in regard to the aire stands self convicted as he ad- We find, {In the mle 'from Jlhe same er illlquiry, in the fac e of the array s,tak,sd subsequent to t he d'ate of the or the interior , which should have granting of hydraulic leases. mits t.hat h e withd,rew the ap·pllca- Mining Insp'ector J3elc'her who madiC of facts proved t, o have been in the application for such hydraulic lease, required furth er material before is.. There is onl yone more point ,to be tlon, paying the costs himself as soon· the rep'Ort of Se'ptember 17, 19 frO' , a posses'sion of the minister of the in- within the area covered by such suing the hydraulic lease. Neither cl'eait wi t h, and t hi& was n·ot raised as public attention was calle-d to it- report that all o. f the so-calJed, repre- berior a t the time of making the lease, were granted, by the crown with fraud nor willful or implied misre'Pre- in the complaint nor very clearly the application lhat McCrimmon was sentation work by the concessionaires lease', and more ov-er in direct viola- full knowledge that t ne same 'were sentation was proven. All of the evi- raised by the eviden'ce, is wheth· to be bribed into allowing to let slip was dune by placer methods, and he tion of Jaw, a grave error ha's been 'Within such a rlCa. H ere again -the cl'ence on this v int was purely in. sup- er the concession has been workedl by by, unexposed by being given leave carefully prefaced, his statemen,t with committed' by the department. A dcep charge is p.urely ·political. for there port of the charges impliedly madte placer minin: g methods when it 'Should to us e tq e concession fraction. which the remark "i'f placer worl, is legiti- intiury has been done to the miners. is no allegation whatsoever that these in the com'plaint, that th· e (I, epartment have been worked, by hyd,raulic, in meant that he would ' have been al- malte" or words ,to 1lhat effect, he Th'e min1ng indus try has been imped- place'r mining cl·aims in r eality cov- of the interior {Jr somlC'body wa.scal'e- con.travention of the terms , 'Of the lowed by the concessionaire to work evidently has doubts and properly ed and hind, eredi and! an iniquitiOlUs eredl placer mini ng ground, n, or was less or incompetent. leas. e (Eee clause four of notice his own claims 8 and 9 instead of be- .wi'll take no respoll'sihHity for s'ue'h fraUd perpetrated upon the people of there any evid ence put in to show Counsel also endeavo red to support pllblish e ! by commission). After th e ing blocked as he is today. a transaction. the district and upon the government. tha t the claims mentioned in this this charge of misrepresen.tation by iss'ue 'Of a hydrauliC lease it is al· MC'Crimmon is a mine r of many To patch this up it 'Wa.s foll'Owed on The ·concessiolllaires by their mis· section were not of such nature as to evidence to the eff'ect, .fiat there was ways a question how soon hydrauliC .years' experience, he swears that the 'fil e br the statem~nt of o~e ~eau-I representa·l\ons have 'wrongfully an.d warrant there being consid€ red hy- some placer ground withm the houn- machinery ' and hyclraulic mining there is a large portion of th e area .dette, said by the witness 'Flllme to illegally acquired, a vase area of d l'aulic ground, and that they might d.aries' of the concession, but could methods should he employ·ed. There covered: by this concession that would .be a gov'ernment mini~,g engineer. H-e placer ground , and . their coptinued not have been very f.airlY' includ1 ed add'uce no evidence whatsoever th'at is a letter from Mr. :Beaudette, the be taken, 'up, prospected,' and worked . fin.ds these placer mlDlllg me-th'Ods, possession of the leas· e and the in the liel'man lease instead of being any of the ground act ually granted mining engineer for the !Dominion were it not for this concession, that which Hermon swore 'Were not ap- ground covered by same will tend 'granted as placer claims. It call' be undter the lease was fit for Placer- I,government, of ,the 2n, d of 'December, the ind.ications are that the hillsides .plicable to t he ground" quite accepta- only to a perpetuation of what has eas·ily understood that persons in the mining, with the exception of some 1902, to the effect th-at there must at Gold Bottom within the concession ble. explaining l!hat during the , fir$t clearly been demonstrated, a fraud vicinoity. of ground coveredl by a hy-of the f.ractions on the creek. It has be a cC'ftain amount , of od:evel{Jpment ,are as valuable as the cel'ebraterl y'ears of the lease con, siderable work and an ~njustice. draulic lease frequentlY' & take claims never been claimed by ,the Herman by placer mining method, s to see of : hillsides of Hunl,er and its otper of the nature of placer has to be Therefore in view of tne evidence w·ithin the boundaries of the ground concession nor by any otuer conces· what na, tu re t he hydraulic 'p, lantt must tributaries. H e has gOlle so far 'as .done. This is inconsi'stent with att~ su'bmitted to th e commiss·ioners and covered by such lease with a view to sion that, ground held und,er hy- be, and, tbat for the l first year t leaSlt to select a spot that he would at once contrary· t~ the spirit and letter of I having regard' to their powers an, d in- afterwards compelling the lessees to d.rauli c lease was purely and sl'mply he would. consider there would be n o stake if open. but dare not disclose the regulatIOns and the .terms ~f t~e Istructions in tbe premises, I respect- purchase their alleg, ed rights as plac- 1 hydraulic ground, but ouly, that ;a objections to placer mining methods it dare not touch it becausoe of the lease. The work swore III by Rltclllle fully submi t that the commissioners. er miners at exorbitant prices" or to great part of the ground, and nearly being used. At the present ,time th e c~ncession. He bacl,s up his rea-I et al. consis.ted in sinkin:g a. few I should recommend the total cancella- lenter upon a lawsuit in' 'which these ail of it, was solely hy,draulic ground. lease for the H -erman concessIon i s \Sons j'{Jr expecting pay in the hill- shafts and domg some- drlftlllg; In no I tion of thiSJ lease and the return to jumpers o, r sttakers have nothing to It would be impossible for th· e Her- not two years in force. Further more , sides by, the fact that better pay is way preparatory or necessary to hY-' 1 the public iiomain of the ground lose as they are gen.erally executi()in man con'cession to be worked by hy· it could be noticed', from the paper~ :found in the creek just below slides I draullc or other wo ri,s on a large wrongfully taken there'from. • {}roof and. do not pay the costs of ad.. d: r, aulic means unless' its owners he· ld filed by counsel for the complainants, DAiWSON WEEiKLY NEWS. lli'RI'DAN, OCT. 2, 1983. that some one has boon conSltallJtly seized of this valuwble and excllUs'ive ground was closed to 10c8;tion, con- acitual lly p,r'O'sp)ecite.d p'ri,or to th~ daite re'vealed had they done so, th:us f al1- the law governing these matters. In stirrinlg up agitation ,on Gold Bottom right for tJhirty years, g iving no con- seq ue ntly to exploitation, it was cov- therle~f the Qr(O, umli , included in, . the ing to ·comply with th e regulations. short, the concession was gra,nted 'creek by petitions and protests sideration therefore, but depriVing ered by concessions and t hen, whe n loca:tilon; al nd pnovidJedl t.lvalt Not Anxious to· F indl G~ld\ upon statements which d· o not reveal against water grants, etc .. so ,that others of the oP]Jortunity of utilizing the government reopened it to the in- the' commi!ssio'ner ha/ re plo l"tJeidi that It is allege d by • yrre lI ·tha·t. 'he the 'facts as they exisL T'he ground, is the holders of a lease cou1di n'Ot tell the water for a ny pu rpose ~hatsoever dividual locator, 10 and behold, it the g.rouncl, includ'edl ~n , the 10cl31:l ip" "d, id the prospecting for t h e purpose susceptible to pla·cer mmmg. .por­ how perfect their title was· and, .whJth- during t he said term. was already appropriated. 'Not by the is not being WIOrkl ed' undJer- thle reg.ula- ot determining its valu e as a hy- tions of it are being 0 workedprofi­ er they were justified in going to Another objection to t'he order-in· hundred foot, or the thousan.d f Jot t iolns g'overning' place. r mi,ning. draulic claim." The regulations un- tab ly today, and a large proportion large expenditures of money t o place council is that while Treadg01d has claim, but by the mile. Tracts thus Th e Bronson & Ray lease was d€l' ,w hich hydraulic mines are ac- 0· ( the r emainder cou ld be so worked a hy,draulic planl on the ground. I the righ-t to divert 5,000 inches of closed to t.he miners were subjecl granted under his section .It will be quired. in this territory ds'tinctly says if thrown open to the placel- miner ventu r e tOo say that in t he case of water for use and d'istribution in the only to application on the part of obvious at once that a cond ition pre- that it is a condition ,precedent to the und er the regulations in that behalf. the Herman concession th·e agitation district. there is · nothing comll,ulsory the conoessionaire, and as these ap- ceden t to the granting of i a lease is, granting of a lease that the' applicant Upon th e evidence given above t he has been· · for two reasons, andl for in th e obligation to sell wate r to. any p lications meet with re, fus,al at Oot- that the applican t, or some person hlmse, lf or some pe rson laeting for tract of territory re ferred 'to was cov~ two reasons only, nam e)y for t he pers·on and no res.triction as to the tawa, the gro-und becomes the ultima acting in hi s behalf, must have been him, shall have been upon and actual- ered by a lease to Bronson & Ray polit ical advancement ,of s·omebody, price asked. thule of ,stampeders, foundation is laid upon the ground and actually p, r, os- IY' prospected the ,gr ound" aud further for hy,d raulic purposes. OT to force the hold: ers of t h e hy- Again 5,000 Inches of W'ater is a for countless lawsuits a nd disap. point- pected it. Upon the result of such tne regulations provide that th e loca- T:oo Much GrlOundi in Lelase_ dralllic lease topurch'ase · t he worked' very inadequate supply when it is ment and loss go hand in hand. examination the governm ent acts. tion a p'Pl, ied for is not suitable to be Another very important poim whi, ch out "reek ground! at a high price. The considered that Treadgold is given Each concession presents a new as- How G'l'ou'nd W·as P'rbsPieq\: ed. worlmd under the reg\lla tions. govern- has a bearing upon th e matter. is -t'hat charges have been made so recl,less- great privileges. to install in return pect, and each has in it a wrong, Let us' examine into the nature ·ot ing placer mining. the g round within the surveyed lines 1y and: the evidence has been so lack- a water system which shan make it an injustice and a fraud peculiar to the representations , which were made Will any disinterested ]Jerson say of the concession apparen.t1y bears no in directnes,g to the point s' at possible to worl{ the elevated ground its.elf. under which the government was in- that this ground was properly p·ro· s- relat ion t.o t he desc ription in the issu ' , that it seems· as if s-ome 'pe'r- in the K'londike district. The Quartz creek and Boyle and du· ced to grant this 'concession. The pected? .Does the law contemplate lease wbich reads: son or persons is 'Or are stirring up When it. is considered tlfat no other Slavin concllssions may be alluded sworn declaration of J. B. Tyrrell, examining· ground p· retty well over Start 'at al pOint on Bona:nza the aitation for end,s not now dis· person in th e Klondik e d'istrict h as to as affording instances of i groun d the agent for Bronso· n & Ray, r eads the s11rface to find what is on bed- creek .. tw~ and one-h,a.. miolos up closed. .It was shown 'clearly in the any right to tak e water from any coven:!d by lea-se which was not 'the as follows: rock? st,l'eam in direct d'iSlt'a, n: c'e from ills case .of the And,erson conces'sion in point exce. pt for his own use. and p·articular ground applied for. In 1.-"Tha,t in the m.onth, .of July, Th'e statement is clearly mad'e that junc~ib ln , wi'th the .Klondl ike river, a letter from Mr. Purchase, the man- that he is debarred from utilizing each case many acres not contemplat- 1898, I prospected a piece of grloI Uinid', the pros'pec,ting was done for t he the.nce up, said Boinanza' cr~ek tlW'o anet . ager of the compan'y, 'that the con- the wate r of t he Klond il{e river , the ed in the original application , f{JUnd the northe'r-Iy boul ncfury a:n'dl 'ed' gle, jOf purpose of d€teTmining its valu e as one-half miles in dir'act dl i'lrtanCle , and cession had' been s'tampeded ,three terms of the charter are obviously their way into t he lease. which beg!ins 21-2 miles UP' BIonJatlza a hydraulic claim whereas bhe intent back therdr'Ol'n to the crlesl!; of the .~·eparat.e times, , l"eeping matters in pernicious. That no work was done as requir- cr~ek from its mci~h, eIX '.t~nds u.p b;c)th of. the law is, that t he object of hills on ei'the'r side of the slame, con­ .such a position that they dl id' not It ap'peared in evid ence that the ed by th e lease, is· self ev id ent and sides o.f saidl cl'eek 21-2 mlil'es in. di- pI'Qspecting shall be to determine ta,ining an' areal .of 5,492 a~res mo're ! know how good or hadl their titl~ minimum quantity of water i. n the th~ com missioners must be satisfied reet line. whe.ther or no the g·round is sU!itJa~le or less." was it was alsos11'OWll in .the case Klondikle is 75,000 miners' inches, and from the evidence submitted upon 2.-"T,hat I d·id' thi, s p.noSlp/ecti :~ lI~r for plwce.r minin.g. No such pro.s pect- The intention is q.uite evid ent. The of ~vha.t. was known as the "Milne the potential velocity of the stream these two points. th. e purplose of d'elterminil ngl its \na. 1iu!e ing l as was done couM, ]Jrove t he Ia:t- gov'ernment intended to limit t he 'concession" that the majoritY' of the is often ' 2'25,000 min ers' inches, the The Herman lease covers ground as a hydlrau'lic cla~ 'm. ter Lo be the case ur th e conlrary .' depth of t hese concessions to one claims, s,taked ·upon the cancellation whole of which is running to waste t ha t is susceptible to be w'orked by 3.-"Tha)t I m'ade many e~atmi ;n !a_ Then again, how .could gravel be mile, unless the intention was to give 'Of that lease were aballdo n e.dl ·after because Treadgold has it, does not placer mining methods, and it was tiloins of the g.ra.vel p~ty well lo~r ex,amined pretty well o'ver t.he: ,surface t h'e concessionaire the whole of the a y·ear's holding. use it and is not bound to use It.. a bundantly proved that these very the sU'rfiac. e of .the SQ,idl pi'ek:~ 011' and t he value be determined of .what valley, t he langlIage e mployed .to i1- Th'e holders of ,the Herman condes- and all others are prevented from do- methods' were relied upon to hold the ground ' a! nd found n! olwhel'el e'nougih might be undernea t h ?: lus'trate what is' mean t is not o'b- :slon ar· e somwhat in the same po·si. ing s_ o. ground under the clause requiring sufficiem to .warrant me· in assulming No surprise m~ed be manifest when 3cure . tion as, t.he hold,ers of :th e I Anders·on H was' proved before th e commi s- representation by work. that it would be a pr-omable pla)c, eir the character ·of the prospecting is Th e Bronson & Ray conces.sion cov­ -concession, with this ,difference, that sion that others stood ready and will- The Matson and Doyle conces'sions mining a.rea. considered; t,he surprise lis tha.t su~h el'S valleys, hills, mountains, creeks the latter leaSie has been in fOlice illg t o install a system to p'rovide are near the ri chest creel~ in the 4.-"Thtat from th'e ind: icl3)tlons I ob- rudimentary and ineffic ient methods and g\ll ches. It in cludes within its no)" f,or some six y,ars and its hold" water, but could secure nO' franchise, country, and the ' melnods adopted servedi throUlgh such ,prosp,eeits I am of examination led too a.ny Toolults bou,ndari es creel, claims, hill claims, ·ers after such a .J.aps· e of ,time can that one of Treadgold blocked tile there show .the baner-u l e ffects of of the opinion th,at t!he g'r'oundl is . su,lt- whatever. Th e opinion fu·rther e x- bench claims and gulch claims. After 'beter take the riosk nf placinm ma- way. these concessions. ed' otlly for wo rkin.g' ol n, an exteinshl~ pressed that only me thods of a hy' leaving the valley of Bonanza creek chinery on the ground. The results The ~Iause exempting Treadgold The mOll t startling fraud, howeve r, sClal e such as a hydlrta:uli, c princi'P,he:or draulic des'cription would mak e t his and reachin'" the ·crest of th e hills on of the cancellation' of th! e lease on from representation gives him an ad- is clearly the Bronson & R.ay on lower other simila.r princip'('e! gravel available for profi.table use, is either side, the concession line passes ' 'lMil noe concessio-n" aTe bright and vantage over other miners in the Bonanza creek. This is near Dawson 5.-"Tha~ only · s'ome p'ro' of t.h,i, s r efuted by s U 'bsequent development Ion ove. r t.lle crest, along the succeed­ J hinin: g ·examples of what WOUld! hap- d istrict which is inequitable and un- and the eff'ect upon eve,ry branch of kind will mta·ke it av.aila'ble for p'r ofii ta- work .on the same gravel.beds within in g bench, up the n ext hill, C\own the pen if most of t he conlCessions o r just, an d' not only retards the in 1us- industry j.f it wer e opened impels me ble use. th~ hnes of theconcess'lOn, and the mountain embraCing a vast area far leases were set aSid, e namely, t he'I'e t ry of mining but is the direct ·caus. e to go , more fully into the eVidence 6.-"Tha~ a person named! CajmeriOn eVidence of Tyrren that he was igno· r- re moved from Bonanza valley and, would be · a great rush of :the agita- of loss of revenue to the government than in the other cases 'bec'ause if p r(Ospe'cfedi it qu i!te as ex. telnsiV'ely liS an t 0f hydraulic mining. having no geographical connection tors to. stake claims which would be and legitimate bu~ness of ,the mer- ever a rani, fraud was perpetraled on I di d, and is now out, of tlhle aouinltr&', Location of' GriO·und. with it whatsoever. aband:oned after a year's hold-in,g. chants. a people or on a government this and his evide'nce is n. Cot aVl al il l,ble, or' l The question arises, where. are the The cJes· cription in the lease and It is submitted therefore that: Treadgold has another very valua- supplies the instance. wO'uld produi ce him t: o ma,k: e a, d ~e.cla lr.,\;- gravel beds which were .so carefully the intention of the government as to 1. Of the l five POillltS, to WhLch tile ble asset in his franchise which h as Time rectifies many grievances and t ion b.efo,re you in effecl1: simH'ar to the prospect.eel and pronounced worthless what should be included in a lense, in fl uiries of the commiss,ion were I'i- been granted most improvidentl y, and adjusts affairs so t.hat t hey may har- one I now make. for. placer minin g purposes? The an- bear absolutely no relation to each rected t.he .first an, cl' 'fit1th clear.!)" 'can-, t'he extent of which does not appear moni~e with existing conditions. Evidlence of Corrobo rfa:t:, ion.. swer is that the a ncient deposit othe, r. The leas e is made to include n,ot aff'ect the lHerman · conce·siSion, to be realized. I refer to the right Hydraulic concessions, so-called. The above is the evid ence in chief known as too white channel :which ground thJ government did not co-n- 1lJ0r can the second; fOl' th e reason of acq'uiring abandoned claims. have been indiscrimina:tely plastered upon which the concession was grant- has a distinct course ·down , E.].dorado template should be cove red 'a.nd the abov. e given, t h,at the llndingg. of the When 2,000 inches of water can be over an immense auriferous area in .ed. Before analyzing it, it might be and Bonanza crossi ng t he latt lr at g r oun d wrongfully covered is : placer eommission can only affect the fu- placed ' on ground within the limits this district. Leases have 'been given we ll to explain what was the valu e Oophir hill, and continues trom thrut g r ound . ture poli~y in granting hydTauli c Of the lease. Treadg. old may mal{e en- and are now in force, which cover of Oamero n's evid ·en~e which w0uld. poin t t hrOlugh t h e lines of this con- Two points have been made .clear, leas·es. try for any abandoned claim on ground s usceptibl e to the operation o r , hav e so ' materially cO'lTobated the cession and emerges at L he Klondike the firs t. is that the examination was 2. Th e third 'poin t has only been Bea r, Bonanza and Hunl,er creel,s. placer methods, and hundreds o r · fo, re.gOing. ·Mr. Cameron's evidence rive r. That portion of the ground farcical and a matter of form only pressed, in so far as mi SlI'e!pre.sen ta- 'lIhis means that the moment 2,00· 0 mines are compelled to. remain in reads: f rom O'phir hil'l to LoveLt gu lch could and t he second is that \the lease in­ tio'1 nn b'ehalf of the applicant, all Inches of water a re tur.n e-d into t he idleness. "On, or 'about the middlle 'of JlliI1.e, n nl be prospect.ed in a year with a clunes grmllld that the 1ruw fo-rbids thf' ev€idence . has been widie of the flume, thousands of placer claims df 'lIhis is only a small pa.rt. of the re- 1898, I was up; on .. and! p, rjoS[ plec, ted' thie large force of men backed by capital. being within a concession lease. mark, in attempting to s h'ow that unlmown and probably . great value suHant injury done. As a result of hi·ll6ides Oin the low~r por;tilon of 'S'o- and th is ground was pronounced of no Wbil e it is tru e that since the date ~omebody has blundered in giving a will become Treadgold"s property in this system miners are deprived of nanza creek, and ' a, lm,ojs, t inva riably vallle by me n who ola im to know of the le ase, November 3, 1899, there lea se on insuffici en t mat~Tial, a point perpetuity by the simple process o· f their inherent right to locate, a vast found' a certlain · amoulllt oif' gold' suffi- what is under t wo hundred feet of has been nothing clone a s r equiTed not within the s·cQ1Je of t he cOID'mis- making entry. ' extent of territory Is I(ept in an un- dent tio pay, if a pl'en~ifiul supply of gravel wit hout lool{ing at it. by its term s, yet any work upon sion . Thl el r e is· no allega.tion in t h e In this regard let me point out for productive state, merchants are de- wali:er can be IQbtai'n,e. dl to work the That portion.of the ' concess'icm the ground has not differed In any com plaint nor evid'ence of fraud. Y'Ol;' earn e s,t cOllslde r wtion, th at prived of business thal legitimately groundl by the hydl muli.e m.thlods, but wh,ich cover s Bonanza creeki for two respect from that pel'formed by o r- :~. I In ,res, pect to' . poin t our, ther e 'l.'readgo-ld is the only man in the be longs to them and, the government in my op,inion n'ot suffic ielnt tol p13, Y an,d a half mil es is boo w e ll l(ll ()lwn dinary placer miners. I is no evid ence to s how that t h e h01d~ Yukon ten-itory wh o can acquire a loses to' the exten t , or thousands of f,or working by the o .r!dlilfll~r'y. me~h lC?.ds I ,t) require sore ,!'2-,an ,a ref~rence to, it. , The cOllce~sionai(es ha~e J;sk'ecJ the ers ot i:he lea~e hav e failed· too IC'om- t itle I ! o bis' land , evel:Y' I~ther miner dollars Which would O'ther·Wis e f. natllr· .of pl'acer minl ing. r ~ If 'fut1tner ptoo( IS nece ' ary tlO minist e r 'of the interior for · ·'an ex­ p ly with the flequirements· Qf ,their .mnsl. do $200 worth .of wod, a year ally {Iow into the t reasury. ,Such was the flim sy and impl'ovi- sh·ow Ihat the grollntJ willlill the lease tension of time in the m ean'time" and lease, if t hese r'equirem€lll'ts are un- on 'hls c la im 01' it reve rts to the In addition to the baneful effects dent character of the evidence upon . Is valuable place r ground , it may be have secured it, what.ever this may de!'stood and fairl y interpreted an'd crown . and after these 2.000' inches enumerated above, and as a direct re- which this concession was secured. sLated that short ly after t he leas. e mean. the sole effect o-f which bas eveD' if placer work has' been carried of water are in, to T reallgold, wlthou't su It -of the policy adopted by t.he ,gov- AnaJysis of Evidience. had been .give~, ~ g l'ant iss ued for a been lo mal\i€ L he hillside's of lower on by the hold~rs, whi·ch has not been and co ns ideration, while Treadgold ernment, aIllI which this a rgumen t is Upon the declaration of one man placer clalln wltIlln the surveyed' hnes Bonanza and the ground adjacent pr oved or admitted, ¥,et i t wouldl ·be holds his gl'ound f.or thirty years and intended to expose and , condemn , that in the month of July. , 1898, in of. the ·concession. Immediately upon thereto a ·dreary desolation in place permi SS ible, in oroCler to find out what does nothing t o develop it, a nd it m'l-ny mine rs are' le'aving the country, addition to his duties as a "'overn- t hI S being known to 'Bronson & .R~ nf a productive gold field. hy,drauli· c m3!ch'ine ry was necessary cannot be taklen from him. dissati i fierl , disappointed and disgll'st- ment ."'eoloO'ist durin'" which "'he ex- they cnmmunicated with the minister Reasoll S f.or Ca.ncelling Lease. and of what nature it shouldl be, and The effect of this cllwse is tha l ed , and not without good cause. amined'" an d'" reported "npon the main of the interior and a lleged that "as Th e Bronson & Ray lease shoul-d be it could h ardly ble expected t.hat par· Treadgold takes the place of th e gov- First comes the concession gran led creel(s .of the Klondike to r eport upon th e grolln-c1 in q.uesti?n is valuable" ca,ncelled and the ground throw. n ties wOllld go- t o large expense when ernment with regard to reverted to Bronson & Ray .. Covering. probably their, he prospect.ed t hey des ll'ed to have tt. What occur- open to location for the following rea­ they could' n ot. tell how secure they claim s by s· imply tllrning 2,0 00 inch- the most important ground in the dis· g roun d two and a half miles long r ed in the m ean time to change the SOilS: w ere in t heir t itle. es of water into a ditch. trict, from a m ining st.andpoint, it a n c l one mile wid e. to' thp. summi t of character of the ground El'Om worth- 1.-Th'at the c~nceSlSi 'on co~ers I would' :th er efor e r es.plect fl1 lly tur- U nder Lhe opera.tion of th is clause operates c1frectly as a bar to the con· the hill s on either side, the lease less Lo valnable? Th e fact is that placer grou,nd wh ich the law ' nevter' the. r submit that, in so far as the IHer- Treadgold receives direct enconrage- tin.ued -development of the country. was g iven. Th e only corroborative the ground always was val llable for con'template,d' should be . incl udl edl in man concession is ,concern'ed, the r e- ment to diverl water where It will Th e first cttect of thIS concess ion evidence on recorrl in suppor t of the placer purposes. and is wrong fully hydraulic leases, if it oould be WK).rked por t of the commission should find, enable hi m to acquire mnr'e claims, was to close from location ground de- application is from th e man Cam. withheld from entry today . by placer methods. tb-at the Herman co-ncession was not and he will thus directly contribute s·cribed as: eron who simv ly declares that u pon a R,equirements of the Law. 2.-That the. re p,resental tl,ons made obtained by fraud ' or misr'ep r 1 esenta- to the abandon ment of others by rea- All that , terri)tory fr'om a pl ol u nt 130 s.umm er's day in t.he middle of June The government d id not contem- under which the g ·ove~nment wtas in- 'lion On' behalf of th e appl icant and son of ther e being rLO water, whic h feelt below the uppe r' line of croee k h e was upon and .prospectell the hill- plate t.hat g rol1uil . applied for unde'r duced to gr'ant the leal se are c,o'ritrar-y . that the holde r s thereof h.ave com- claims will become his property upon cll;t'im No. 85 bellow on Son·anza c~eek , S'ides of lower Bonanza, a.nll -that he the regulation s governing hydroau li· c to the facts as they exilSit'ed al t the plied with the r e'qllirements th e r e'i n making entry .for them. bo a ploint alboujt 30 feet below ,the up- invariably found gold. bu t th e locali- miniug should be prospected pretty time· the rep~es.e'nt'a-t i ·c,ns Were mac/e . • stated. and that such holders a, rie not r am dealing very geuerally with pe'r line o, f oreek · cla im No. 57 {bel ·.o~ ty covered by his examination is not well over the su rfacc. The lruw is 3.-That inasmuch as , t hJ e glOvern­ specially interested in the remainin·g those objections to the grant which on Bon'alnza . spec ificall y gh'en, and the re is noth- t.ha t th e grouncl shou,cI be demon- men, t requ·ires that th e ground! a'ppHed matters inquired into. s1.and out prominently, no t. g iving the Harmless as the announcement may ing to prov e that he ever examine c l s.trate d as unfit for placer mining be- fool" shall be prol spec· tedl, it is ins uffi- Dated ,this 17th d'ay of September, time to other clauses in the lease appear. it has a hidden sting. The the ground descl'ibed in t.he lease. fore it can be withdrawn from t he c ienli: merely to priosp, ect " pretty well A. 'D. 190, 3. which al'e objectionable, they having grouud thus closed t.o location 'over Oo'mer on merely says he was on the operation of the plaecr min ing regula- oV'er the surface of t he' 'grou,nd" this JOHN K. SPAlRLING. been bro ugh t to you r notice. tIle distance referred to extends " up hillsides of lower Bonanza, which is t ions, and placed within the category does not meet th~ g,ovennme'n, t re- Counsel an d Solicitor for the [ffolders I cla im tha t an ex clUSive franchise the valley and to th e summit of the very indefinite and Oamel'on 'was only nf hydraulic rules. qUlire'ment, and no such me: th'od ca,n of t h e Herman leas'e or concession. such as the one gran ted to Treadgold hills un either s ide ." a street acquaintance of Tyrrell. It W'as All Placer Gro.uncl. . d'eJ1:ermine the ch'a,racl!:er of the without su ffici ent safeguar ds for the Ch! a'raoter of G.roundl CI!Ose'd'. ·Was gold ever found in i!he YU1Wll To demonst.rate the fallacy of the ground: ARGUMENT OF W. A. BEDDOE. I people is contrary to public policy , Dealing with the character of the in p'ay ing quantities by prospecting representa,tions mad e t o the govern- 4.-Th:at before it C I3,n b'e proved will result in ·crippl ing the very in- gronnd . closed to location, and incltid- the surface on ly? ment. and prove t he exact character thl a, t the grlound applie'di (IO r is nl oi t sus- To the Honorable Byron l\'Ioffatt Brit.- dustry it is supposed to help and will ed wilhin the lines of this concession, Conlrl one man in me month of of rhe ground co·vered by this, lease, c.eptible to pl'acer, and c. on- . ton and Benjamin Taylor A. Bell , deprive the country of the use of the it is pertinent to inquire closely, as to July prospe.ct 5.482 acres of ground. let us see what was its status as a sequently such g l'oun cG as caI n eJo'me Esq .. Commissioner s aPPOinted by water which from its. geograp,hical po- whether or no it, or any consid erabl e mu c· h of it under water. and ' a great p· lacer district at the tim e the lease into a concession, it is nece·ssary , to Royal Commission lo make in iuir- sition in thi s camp nature intended portion of it, is mineral or otherwise. proportion of it any,thing to 260 feet was' gran ted. pl'ospect it in a minerlike ma rllner to ies regarding hydraulic concessions fo r the use of an the mine r s and not No argument is necessary to estab- deep to bedrock, and frozen from the The gold commissio.ners informed bed· I'OoC k, thi's' was not dl one· . I· n t h e Yllkon Territory. a few absentee capitalists. li sh t he fact that 'Bonanza creel~, be- snrface down, a nd s'a y that It did or the department before the lease w, rug 5.-Th'at aoc'ordin'9 to the· dedal ra- It will be withi n the recollection Other C'oncessi,ons. t.ween 57 and 85 below dis'covery is d id no t. contain gold" Assuming t h· e given that. within its surveyed lines ti'o.n of B~onson & Ray's agent a por- of the commissioners tha t upon t h e W,he n concessions we re granted in I gold bearing. The undetermined ques- surface only was pann ed, ,could that t here were then thir ty·eight creel, ticn only of the groundl co, vc-red by opening day of t he inquiry I ap· the Yukon district. evil day· s came t io n is as to that portion included in in e ffi c ien t operation be done in a claims, fi fty hills. ide claims and one the lease was Pr'o·sp'ected, and' t.hat I)lied for and secured permission to upon the country. Not that co nces- the vague descl'iption "and to the month . The idea is too preposiero: us hundred bench claims. This wa's in portion very indifferently. deliver an argument on the maters tu sions of themselves are harmful, on s.ummi t o f ,the hills on eith er side.'" for intell igen t m en to entertain for a May, 1899. 6.-Th'at the lea. se is in,tended' to be inq uired in to. the c,rntrary, when placer mmmg To deal consecutively and logi·cally mom en t. Althou gh the re were nearly . two ClOver the valley of 'Bonl anza cree~ .As oral argu ments were dispens ed methods are exhaus.ted there will re- wi th this featu're of the case It will The hillsides of lower Bonanz, a hundred placer ,claims ,within the area up to the c.res, t ot: th. e· hill ·bordle, rin9t with I submit III written one in its main imm ense valu es in the gr avel assist. materially. to' a complete unde r. with in the lin·es of t.his concessdon a pplied for by Bronson & Ray. their on the same; and not incllude hi·lls, place, my statuI! not bei ng affected which can onl y be treated in one way. standing of the matter to refer to sec· con tain gravel which in places is 250 agent in examining the ground failed valleys, bench, es. , hillsid,eS' a, nd' gulches. by this decis ion. C·apital will hav e an opportunity then t ion 3 of the regulation s for th e dis- feet deep, and fro7.en to bedrockl. to make any commen t upon this fa:ct, c,rossed' al t right angles to the g, en)e f'la-l Th e objects of the commission have to recover this residue of gold by posal of mining locations in the Yu- Could any idea be formed· of t.he but mad e it a ppear that the ,area dil"ec. tion o· f Bo'nanza creek and !far re­ been set out SQ flllly, th a t I s hall t he practical a,.pplication of hydra u- l\On territor y to be worl(ed hydraulic- . value of thes· e grave l deposit s be f.ore was useless fo r any p urpose other mOlled from it. avoid repetition he re. but proceed to lies. It will then be n eceHsary to ally approved by clat- sinkin g to bedrock? Would any opin- t han that for which he desired to put 7.-Th,at the co'nditions .. o, f1 the· I'eas. e add ress mnelf to the matters in dis- give certain mini.n g rights wh ich will e d 3d December, 1898 , which reads as ion g iven upon t he s ubject be worth t he grou nd. h:ave be: en violated l, and by its terms pll te. _ be by way or lea.~e . and large a reas follows : ' t he p'ape r upon which it was written. Acre upon acre of washed , gravel it should be cancelled ' as p/"iOlVided The Treadgold order-in-council of will be necessary to ach ieve t.he best A,ny pers:On who pr-il r to ".the 1sl t D'e- wh en it was kno,wn that t.he surface are wit hin t he s lH'veyed lines of this th·erein _ April 21, 1902, has been analyzed very results and these areas will be cover- cember, 1898, filed an applicl ajUO!n in on ly had been "pretty well " p'ros- concession. Men hav e s.taked hun- In conclusiou, an act of common full y, ann t he objectionable feaul.1res ed by concessions. the d l~ ,a.rt'meht ai l1 ,Q ,U~'l,Wla 'or in th. e pect.ed? dr ~j s of ·claims upon these vas, t de· justice s hou lc l be c lo ne lhe miners, o'f same made clear. This is proper, and th e government office o· f th'e c() mmis. silO·ner 'of the Yu- To det.,nnine the v· a lue of placer pps its of gol d bearin g gravel, ,and t he pioneer s and mainstay of the Being well within t he scope of the undoubtedly contemplated providing kLon ter'rHary, or' in t he office If th'e groun d on the h~Jlsides in t he Yuko n upon appl ication at the gold ·commis- coun try. This concession s hould be inquiry I point out that the sole for such a state of things wh e n fram - gi old' c: ommiss'i.oner, f'o'r a min,i'n'g IOca· dist ri ct. one· must penet rate t.o bed- sioner's office have been inform ed t hrown open and then the in·numera­ right. t.o divert and tal,'e water from ing the regu lations governin g hYd raU' j t!i'o/ Il in the' Yuko1 n ter-ri1f:'or\y, no, t p, r-o . - rocl\. Tyrrell admits t his in his re- t hat their applicatio(ls cannot be en- ble placer claims it n.ow cOI' e, rs would the Klondike river ro ,' purposes o-f lic mining. \Vhat has occllrred how- vidle· d' for by the min i'ng regul· aHo1ns port. to th e governm ent referred to tered. be worl,ed by individual effect a nd a power 1'ets up an exclusive p·ri vilege ever is far d ifferent from whal lhe already in foroe, the mi:nis. tler olf th,e above. Both the men who examined No Pro· specting D. o,ne. vast exteu t. of mineral lerr itory would which is injurio(] s to the Illining in- govern m en t intend ed. Every proviso in,terior- may issue a la3se subj,ec. t to this grou nd ex pressed o: pi nions upon The ground co'vered by the Bronson r es1)ond to the efforts of t hose who terests of this territory , and retards I ion in t he la w mal, es th is doubly th p. same oondit·io'ns as t:o s'iz'e a IDd' something in l'espect of which . from & Ray lease was n ever prospected in are invi ted to prospect, develop and I'ather than bene fits that industry. clear, particularly the recent enact· otl,er\vise, a. nd confer'r'ing t he s'a~l'le' their own showing, they were densely a manner ·calculated to disclose its add to th e riches of thIS part of the This provision is not surrounded by men ts. A great abuse has been prac· rights a.~ a lease issued u'nder tl1lase ignorant. ' value. The concession w,as, secured Domini·on. s'lfeguards inasmuch as the benefici- ticed. I'egulati'ons flor a I'ocat ~pn 'a. cquir.ed' ~t Experience has proved that s urface upon ·eviderl'ce as to t he value of the In view of the facls given,. and for ary is not bound to utilize this power Alm ost. inperceptibly the country pU'blic Clompetitilo.n; p 'r1OVid~dl ltoha't , the ind.jcations of gold lead to the pre- g 'ound which was misleading, unl'e- t he r easons a lleged. the ev idence fol' a::t unexp ired lerm of five y'ears. has been gobbled up and the untried commissi'oner ha· s rep· orttedl that it sumption tha.t the re is pay on the liabl e and inadequate and created a upon which this concession was so An c ther objection t.o it is, that by mineral bearing ground absorbed by ha:s been· to his, sa, tisfactiiotJ bedrock, bul as neither of these men wrong impression upon th e govern; fraudulently acquired and imp'rovi­ developing a minimum of po wer with- these s.o-calle d hydraulic concessions. I thlat the a lppli~ant h. i'm.self, or a pe .... went to bedrock they could Qf ' neces- me nt. Th e 1Prospecting so-called · was d en t ly. granted should be reconsidered in 1.h· e said ter m, Treadgold becomes Duri ng that period ot time when th e $On a:ct'ing for him, was upi," an~ , sit.y know nothing of wh,at woul d be , not of that de·scription required by and jlustice and equity s hould prevail. DAVVSON ~EE,KLY NEVVS \ (From Thursday's Daily.) DAWSON, YUKON TERRITORY,FRIDA,Y, OCT. 2, 1983. . \ JOE' CHAMBERLAIN OUTLINES (The Associated Press.) WN:OON, act. I.-Mr. Chamber· lain contributes to the iDaily Tele­ graph this morning a letter whi ch is intended to serve as a .preface tQ the republication in )}ook form of a series .of articles which have appeared in the Daily Telegraph en the fiscal problem. The 1etter, however, is practically a complete expesitlen of his proposed pelicy. A ft.Por disclaiming the credit ascribed to him in some quarters fer the authors~ip, ot the articles in the Daily Telegraph, which he says con­ ,2titute the conclusive indictment 'Of the present one-sided system 'Of free imperts, Mr. C: hamberlain proceeds: "It is not well wit h British trade. After a leng period 'Of succes'S t he , policy 'Of unrestricted free imports has now shcwn evident signs bf fail­ 'lire. We receive from our ccmp· eti­ t ors a larger proportion of manufac· t ured gcods and we send them a larg­ er proportion of raw materia1s than we used te. ·"o.ur supremacy, in what have al­ ways been considered 'Our standard industries, has been wrested frem us er is seriously menaced. 'Our colenies , alone continue te increase t heir pur· chases 'and even here we must aban· dQn all hope of ex.pan sion, and we are threatened with the loss er 'Our ex· isting trade if we are unable to meet their requests for preference. HIS NEW FISCAL POLICY "Gur competition, which is already , se acute, is not a · fair competition. RT. HO'N. J . C'HAM·BERL· A.IN. It is supported by bounties, fostered 'by the operatiQns or trusts and strengthened by the ecenemical ad· vantages which our opponents enjoy i~ the shape of ' cheaper labor, and in the absence 'Of all those r egulations which we have assented to in the in· terest of th e werking ' classes, and in order to raise t heir standard of 1iving. "The case for Inquiry is overwhelm­ ing and t hese articles suggest that the case for refprm wlli be over· whelming also. The s.upporte,rs 'Of our antiquated pol icy r.$ort naturally tQ well worn devices, which hljlVe always been at the service of every opponent ()f reform. ' 'I'hey abound in stat~· ments fer which there is ne fcunda­ tion, culminating in t he bold asser· tion that t hQse who caned attention to t he dangers of our present system are p repared to restore all the evil s 'Of the anti·corn law times a nd re· duce t he masses to actual starvation. "It is easy to characterize such per­ versions 'Of the t ruth in parliamentary language. They are founded on gar- bled and incemplete extracts from articl e alone will net i'ais e the price speeches, without regard to their gen,· proportionately with t he dtlty, but the eral tenor, and they attribute motives cest to the consnmer will be mainly and intentions Which exist 'Only in the regulated by th e supply and demand. im~ginati~n 'Of free feed con trover· 1 This is especially the. fact When th~ salIsts. \. duty lS small. There lS much expen· "The llne of argument, concisely ence te confirm the theory 'Of the stated, seems to be as fo1lews: economists. Neither in I France, Ger· "Eirstly.-It is intended to give many nor in any ether protected preference to our colonies' whose chief country have the prices risen by the ex,ports are articles of food. It will, amount of protection duty, while in therefore, be necessary te put a duty this country the small tax of one shl11- 9Ij..):ood, ~rhis stllrtement impl\. es that ing en. COrI\ did not raise t be ... price.s food is free now and deliberately ig· at all. 'It should be neted that the nores the fac t that a large part of danger of the future is no t a rise in our revenue is raised by taxes on prices owing· to taxatiou, but a Cail· food an·d· drink, the bulk of which is llre 'Of supply due to natmal causes consumed by the wcrkmg ·classes. such as drought, er te artificial cem· "Secondly.-The whole amount or binatiens, such as t he Leiter cerner. ne w duty will be paid by t he censum· This danger is greatest when the er. This is centrary to the dectrine seurces of sll.pply are few and lend 'Of most eminent of modern ecenom· themse1ves to menopoly, while the ists, who say that where an article policy that :Ievelops ne w markets and is imported from the fcreign ceuntry I increases the fOO . d producin g areas 'Of and· is alse preduced at he me and in the werld will tend to cheap· ness and the colonies, a tax upon the foreign abeve all , to stability of price. SIREDWARD MALET WARNS BRIT~ RI' CH CHINESE . AIN AGAINST BISHOptS ARE K . IDNAPPED ADVICE (The Associated Press.), I Sir 'Edward Mal et, it weuld be left ,[;ONDOIN, Oct. ~O.-Sir Edward by the ether powers in splendid isola· Mal et, formerly British ambassador to Germany, writes to the Times this morning representing the attempt s 'Of the bisheps to force the hand: s 'Of the government in Macedonian affairs, and says that Great 'Britain could only accede to the bisbops' demands by In plain .English, going to war. If the governmen t made such a move as ·the bishops demand, writes tion, and faced with the alternative of an igneminious retreat or war. 'The former would do . infinite harm to the Macedenians, while the latter would mean the letting. loose of rthe dogs of · insurrection as well as t.he degs 'Of war, .and weuld glve t he cov­ eted opportunity to Great Britain's innumerable enemies throughout the werld. Fifte· en Ori.entals Captured: by Bri­ gands · atld Held for RWl.siOm. T·error Reigns (The Assoqlated Press.) C:H'EE FOO, :Ohlna, Oct. 1.- Aband of Russlanized Chinese b'rigands have raided Takusan and kidnaped 1ifteen wealthy C.hinese, whem they are held­ ing for ransom. A reign 'Of terrer exists in the Yalco district. The !Rus· sian troops are holding the Corean side 'Of the river. HOT AIR ABOUT PROBABLE WAR' STEAMBOAT MEN WITH GERMANY CHANGE ABOUT (The Associated Press.) I'American prosperity means the ruin N, orl!hef'n TranspoertatiOln Men Experi. CHI0AOO, Gct. l.-"ln plain En· of Europe." Continued Professer ence a Severe Shal :i'n, g Up. glish. the attitude of the Germans Small: "It. was betrayed te me in Many Charg. es Ma dle. toward the United States is, "We like casual conversations WIth many dif· you awfully, but we've got to fight you ferent types 'Of people, from one end all the same.' This dees net mean 'Of the country to the other." trade hampered with tariff regu- qations. as it means sooner or later shooting to kill." Professor Albien 'Small on arrival at tl1e University of Chicago after a summer tour threugh Europe, uttered these words and gave this as the rea­ son . for German intentien 'Of provok'­ ing war with the United States. Germany desires traoe ex~ansion in South America and the East. As head et the department of soctolegy at the University of Chicage, Dr. Small has for several years ,studied the move­ ments of the German empire. He was formerly a student at the Uni­ versity 'Of Berlin and Leipzig. On , his recent mission Dr. Small had a grand opportunity to talk with the German business men, scholars and government 'Officials. "The Germans 'are making extraordinary efferts to 'Please the Americans, and if we want those efforts to continue we haven't a minute te waste t ill we have a navY' a little ' stronger than theirs." He said : "There is a tremendous under­ current of belief in Germany that METEOROLOGIST FILB IS DEAD H i, s Nam~ Associated With a Num· ber of Catastr'Ophies Which Have Not Been Realized. (The Associated Press.) HElRLIN, Oct. I.-Prof. RudoJph Falb, the meteorologist, is dead. His n- ame has been associated with a num­ ber of' 'Predictions of approaching catastrephies to the world which have not been realized. (The Associated Press.) V .IE'NNA, Oct. l..-The new&papers report ·thail Queen Charlotte, who is stay ing with her father , Prince Wil­ liam, of Schaumburg Lippe, at the· latter's castle of Nachod, Bohemia, has received a.narchist letters threa.t­ ening her with death. 'Precautions have 'been taken. (Special to the News:) SKAGWAY, Gct. l.-{}eneral Man­ ager Lawless, 'Of the Pacijic ()oast I Ste'amship cempany, has resigned. No successor has yet been apPOinted. Fred 13. Tracy, known t hreughout the north as one of the original steam· beat rustlers in earl y days'. who has been connected with the Alaska Steamship company for several years, has resigned. " Geerge Daniels. two years ticket agent ·at Skagway for the White Pass, Is in the Lick'et 'Office of the Alaska Steamship company at 'Seattle. C. H. Holdridge. general agent of the 'Pacific Coast co .. Seattle. is suc­ ceeded by James Pharo. for a long time agent of the same com.pany at San Francisco. PO,P'E P'R'EPARING AN ENCYCLICAL His Ho'liness Prepa.ring a .Document on MacedJonlan Qlleost ion. 'LONDON, Oct. J.-A Sofia dispatch says it is rumor'ld in Catholic circles that the pope Is preparing an ency· clical on the Macedonian horrors. JAPAN WILL SEND REGIMENT TO COREA + (The Associated · Press.) + -:. PARIS, Oct. I."" According tc .:. -:. reliable information received -:. .:. here, Japan haEl decided to send .:. .:. twp regiments of infantry to -:. ~ Corea. This is regarded in au· + + thorative quarters as being a -:. + most impcrtant step and as 1ike· '+ + ly to accentuate the ,pessibilities + + 'Of a war crisis. '" .~ Japan's decision is. censider'ed + 4o .. to be directly related to Russia's + + prepesitlen to evacuate Man·-:' + churia on October 8. It is now '+ + accepted in the highest quarters + + that the evacuation is impessible + + of accomplishment, as Ohina has + +to not signed the terms on which . + + Russia cenditioned her evacua· + + tion. + + + ++t++++++++++++++++ MYSTERIOUS - iRUMORS ABOUT POLITICIANS + (The Associated Press.) + -:- LONDON, Oct. i.-The air is '" +to full of mysterious rumors that '" -:. Mr. Balfour and the Duke 'Of '" .:. nevonshire will resign; that the .:. .:. king objects to th e appointment ~I + 'Of Arnold 'Forster as minister, + + , jwd that Lerd Milner has been + +to summoned to Balmoral, etc. 'I +to It is announced today that + -to Lerd Milner left London last + + night, whither it is not stated, + + and that he will be absent sev- ' + + era1 days. It is practically cer- + + tain that ne official anneimce- "*' + men t of new mihisters will be + + mad e before Menday. + + "*' +++++++++++++++++++ 1 ONE MILLION SAW PARADE Union ~..u .sicians Refusedl to . 1VI1ar,c1'I M 'ilita'ry Bands Wer'le C~m­ pelled 1 to. (The Associated Press.) CHICAGO. Oct. 1.-0ne million per· sens saw the grea t pal'ade 'Of the Cen­ tennial c&l~b'Tatoin w'J •. ch filed for t hree hours through the streets. The parade was practically destitute 'Of music. with the exc~ptien 'Of the banilsbeio.nging to the regiments of the national guards, the Tegimental commanders having given the musi· cians choice or m'arching or being cour t martialed. T'he unien musicians declined to !parade because the marine band of enlisted United States marines had been engage'd te play. CABINET ORISIS DOING HARM Feeling of Un,rest in Finandal Ci·rcles Until New Min iEttry Formed. (The Associated Press.) ID'NDON, Oct. 1.-'],11e Censerva­ tive press is emphatic in regard te the protracted cahinet cris'is. The 'Standard says: "Until the ca binet cr.isis is ended business men every­ where wm , be filled with undefined apprehensions. Even in Walo street, much more than in London, a termina­ tio to the crisis would be welcomed with a sense of general relief. The , p'rocrastination does not assist the ministry to recever its shaken pres· tige." StRONG WORDS ABOUT CZAR LIPTON FOR AMBASSADOR + (The Associated \Press.) "*' '" SI ALT LAlKlE, Utah, Oct. I.-Tf King E'dward weuld bring still + '*' closer tegether the Eng1ish and American people and if h e wculd. '*' '*' weld more 'firmly the commerc~al interests existing between the +t. '*' English and AmerlCan people, and maintain the cordial Telations' '*' + 'Of every chal'acter existing, he woill Sir 'l'homas Lipton his' + +t next ambassad·or to t.he United States, said United St.a:tes 'Sena- .:. '*' ter Thomas Kearns tod'ay, in speaking of and lamenting the + +i death or Sir Michael iHerbert. + -:. Sir Thomas Lipton has don e more during the past fifteen + to! months te ,increase the good fellowship and genuine friendship • {o. existing between the American and English people, \ continuedl '+ to Senator Kearns, than' all of the men and women in rthe Hrioish '+ .} nation . And ,he has dene it without design, by his beating con- +} tests. .. + Sir Themas !Lipton is a typical repr esentativ e of English '*' .} citizenship, and one of the: most .polished diplemats I have ever. '+ to met, and one of the mest successful business men In the world . + '*' He would make a great succ~ss as ambassador from England, and, '*' '*' I hepe King Edward wii'l reaii ze his opportuni:ty." t. + + +++++++++++'+++++++++++++++++++++++ •• + NEW POLICE INSPECTOR OF N. W. M. P. IN DAWSON .", . Photos by Ducles. INS'P'ECTOR R. Y. 'DOUG'LAS, N. W. M. P. The ·accempanying. halftone is from a .photograph of Inspecter R . Y. Deug· las, of the Northwes t Mounted poUce, who recently arrived in Dawson from Calgary. Inspector Douglas is· on duty at th e Dawson barracks, and is rap· idly lJecoming well acquainted with the Klondike. and its people. Inspector Douglas joined the pelice a.t. Regina in May, 1902, -and is oue of tbe youngest officers in the cor·ps. H~ was fermerly in business in Montreal and was a member of ,the 'Thi'rty­ six th 'reglmen't and the Queen'· s Own Rifles. He was also attached to the Royal Grenad iers. He won ra:me in aquatic sports while in E'astern 'Oanadl a. HEAD OFFICE IN DAWSON " The North American Trading and Trans'portatien cempany is moving its head 'Offices 'Of the western portion 'Of the con.tinent from Seattle te Dawsen. with him on the trip seems to strengthen the repert of the c?ange. Th i sin effect is a report current in &eialiSlts in Vie nna Say He Com. ea Dawsen teday, and it is not offi cially Like a Thief 'BetWeen Co~n contradicted. The offices 'Of the company at Se· attle have been the offices at which the a'ccoun1s regarddng the northern posts ol the cempany have been .kept. The removal 'Of 'Such a central 'Office te Dawson weuld mean the recogni­ tion 'Of Dawson as a more impertant focal localioty fQr that important busi· ness. of Troops. (The Associated Press.) VIENNA, Oct. l.-A meeting of 2.000 Socialists was held last night to pretest against the visit 'Of the czar of Russia. Addresses of a mest vielent character were made. One s])eaker remarkied : "The czar whose onl y instru ments 'Of cultlva· tien are the gallows, t.le prison and ·Siberia. comes lil(e a thief, affected by the stigm'a 'Of his crime. between a cordon of treeps." Winter Arrives in Ska~ay. (Special to the News.) SKAGWAY. Oct. I.-This was the first winter day here and the snow is nearly down to the alley. Vice·President and General Mana· ger Will H . Isom was asked this morning It this were true. He did net contradict t he report, but said that whatever the company might be deing in regard te its head offices Is not a public affair, and he had nothing to say for publication regarding the matter. R. B. 'Snowden, secretary 'Of the company, and E. W. McAdams. 'One 'Of the chief bookkeepers, arrived at Skagway yesterday en route to Daw· son from SeatUe. Mr. Snowden has been stationed at Seattle for years, and has been the chief man of his company at that oimpor.tant statien. The fam he is ·ceming to Dawson a t this late time in the open. season and that Mrs. Snowden is in company Mr. Isom will remain here indefi· nitely this trip. He usually spends three mont.hs of the }"ear in the North. and has not been here that long this seasen. He prcbably will go out over the ice AS,SOCIATION FORM'E'D TO WATCH REPORT!S. Mexico Will See That O'nly the Truith Lea, ves the C~unltry. (The Associated Press.) MiEXICO CITY, Oct. l.-An associ­ ation has been formed here to prevent the sendi ng of false re,p6rts te the United States. DAlWiSON WEEKLY NElWS.(FiRfDA Y. OCT. 2, 1983. rH~;J~""'C;;;;';;;:;;~""S:;~;;;p;d~:"iii:;':;;;:;;t;dfHAY IS , " :'1 "'+-:":" :":' ' 0('-:"1-+++'++.: •. : .. : .. :.-:. ':-':":'-1-.. 40+++++++++++ •• ++++..;..++ ..... ++++ .... • ++++,1 ++++++++ 1.++++++. ++++++ .. fo fo++++"''''''''''+'''+''''+++++ + •• +,*,++ol· .... o!·+ol· +++. ! •• :-+ t'o!'.Jo1 0 A M AGE D ' " LlrlING" A WINTER'S UTFIT UP THE PELLV. A number of pictur,es iIlustrBltive ·of the characteristics of the great Pelly river basin are Showl}! in tbe accompanying halftone engravings. The pictures, were ta1!.en a few weeks ag'o by one of the stam.ped,ers who ,ascended. th-e Pelly on the steam· er Crlmmin on her famous trip 'with lhe Endevold!'!en· party. While ma.D"Y ·of the stmapeders' . returned' disgu, s,t· ed with the' r epresent ations : mad.e to them o'n the particular trip, nearly ,all 'are admirers of the Pelly oo1l'ntry. and believe tbat in time it wm some 'to the front ,as a plaoer !district. QuHe a nu;mber of the men 'who were up t he PeHy this , summer, rtn· tend -to return' there in' time. iSame d,eclare th'ey would go now were it n'ot for the fact that they are engag­ ~d l at present in other Wlork 'Which de· ma'nds t heir more immedtate . atten· tion. The 'Pelly long has been a stream with which to 'conjure. Ever since the trading comJ)an.~es of half a cen' tury ,or more ago penetrated. the Yu· ]{oon wilderness, the IPelly b as been looked, o n as' a possible gold ifieM. The men who ' have turneu t heir at­ tention to the country the last year or two have , found 'evid.enoes· of gold in m.any portions of the valley. The individltal prospectors seem inc'lined to work more in the vi-cinity of lHo01e canyan, the head· of n, avigrutlon., 5'0 miles 'from the mouth of the st r eam. Some hav, e devoted donsidera'ble Hme to exploitin'g McMHlain an!d ,Ros's rive-r,s, big t'rib, utarles on, the lower portion of the river, but the tendency just now seems to be to go ·as high as Hdole ·canyon, an d· on the ,part of s· ome to go far above the can· yon. Gold is to be found in slII1a11 quan· t ities on bars at all points' al'ong the ,river. This is tak,en as 'an indica· tion that there is gold S'Ome'where in the Pe'lly ' in gr,eatquantities, or at [eas t sufficient 10 ma.intiarn a good plac er camp. The streams in the baSlin are num­ 'bered by the thousand,s. 1I'he gre'ater number haVe not been explored, and, perhaps the majority hiave n €ver been travers·ed by a white m·an. '1'0 pl'os: pect th e country th'Oroughly· for placel' or qU'ar'tz' will 'be the ' work of a centuTY or more, as is proven in the prospecting of 01d countries which have been opened, up to chnj-Jizatron for severa1 centuries. Some who are aOQUlainted in iPelly basin , s'ay the temperature is milder lhan, that at Dawson or eleselwhere in, the 'Yukon basin pro,per. 'The I Pel, .ly basin is heavily timbered, and :grass an v other vegeatiion groWlS' H uxurlantly': Big crops .of wild,' haY can be harvested at many open • "Iaces in th e v'alley. Sltraw'ben'ies, hucldeberrie's, r,aspberries .and other 'small fruits grow in abtlDld'ance everywhere in the y. A few , scattering tribes of nativ'es, inhabil th e Pelly. They are 'friend, Iy to the whites, and spend :most of their tim e hunting and trap'pin· g. A t r.ailing post has been establis'h­ ed at jU'llction. of Rc'ss ri vel' a.nd, the ,pe lly. The post is well p.atl'onized by miners, trappers 'and 'Indians. LiIly Biggest Loser Z, ealandian on CARGO LANDED HERE and Ca'lSc' a W~th MlOre Than Two Hund'redi Kl.onct~kers 1011' the Outside-M~ny Well Kn~wn " p~ople on the List. ..... The greater portion 'Of the carg a dam aged while en route down the river in char g· e of the Zealand;fan be- 100'gs to LiIly & Co. It is hay. The hay · fills two large seows a.nd amounts to many tons. The Zealandianarrived from Og!l· vie, the place of her mis: hap, shortly before. noon tod.ay. She brought aB her four scows. The two which were damaged were repaired, at Ogilvle and brought with the others. The pas'sen' gel'S o~ the Zealandian arrived on th.e Selkirk. ' The aooid·ent occurred. while the Zealandian was attempting to land at Ogilvie to tie up for the night. It was dark, Captain Turnbull the mas· ter explains. The side of on€ scow was pulled partly Qut by the force brought against it in snubbing. This admitted water. The pressure also sprung the sIde of the other wow, and some water got into it. The cargo of both SCo'wSlwere dds­ . charged on the river b'anik, a n d the scows repaired, after which the freight was jo, eplaced' in the craft. Much . of the hay has a,bsorbed a great deal of water , but perhaps can be saved' and will be almost as good as any if open-ed, and oried iInmed~· ately. f Selkirk &all's. The Selkirk ' s ailed for · Whiteh'orse yesterday with the following passen· gers: For Whitehorse. -George cA. 'Morri· son, J. L. CQlby,Mis's' E. L . Kelly, Mrs. C. V. Olark, George 'F. Tonp'ain, Mrs. Ton pain, Qarl 'Tonpain, John F . .Bel,!, _G ", J1._L 9 is C ·SWJ.),l;I..~_ iI:l.~ Latimm'e, F . B. Thayer, James L. Brown, Willard H. Lammers, J. H . Walker, Mrs. 'H. Bennett, E. S. Line, Ed.ward Isom, Mrs' . J. ' Wo Lysons, Zuma Ly,sons, Rev. C. E. Rice, 'H. G. Bishop, F. F. Lee, 'J , ames Cameron, Latty Boyce, Mrs. Latty Boyee, W. · A. Goering, rS. MlBoothroyd, Odel! Rea· burn, Ira 'Stuver, Pete Chuok, J ete Day, W . G. LukeI', 'Franl~ Clark, Gus Brostrom, Charles Thompson, iR. Rich· ardson , Robert Eka,n, W. Bou-ttilier, S'amuel ,shIver, ,C. W. 'Thomas, Roy Swearinger, Thomas G. Gerd.ine, R. B. OliveI', W. B . . Reaourn, Oha'rles Both the Beirut assassin and llle Stuver, W . B. Ballou, I Spencer Cut· THE OFFICIAL CLEANUP 'D; ISCo-VERY BAR, HO,O'LE CANYON. Asiatic correspondents appea,r to ha"le ting, ·Charies H. Ehrhorn, George rw. ~==~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~=~~=~~~~=~"T."H~a."sh~e."d=in= t~h."e."p."a~n ." . . ~~~~=~~'f~= · ."N~A~.H~A=N~ 'E=TI N=D~IA';" ~N~ 'S~, ~P~ 'E~L~L~Y=""R~' "~E"",:,,~R~ ' ~2~OO=M=1 L~E~ '~S=F~R~O~M=~S~E~ 'L~K~I""R~K~.=~ Woods , A. H . 'Wood, s, W. IH. Mitchell, -~~--- E. J . 'Klliapp, George E . Regan, Jam'€8' + +. + ~ ". + O£O .... :- + ". + ... + + + + + ed the nian's step, and! : Edwin. con- ed ,the pr,etty, Dl:ayfuJ, teasinl g little R . Turner, George Phisrcator, J . W. be can reunite it. meated the New York American for + + s{)ious of his· own shortcomings a,s a creatures, apparently 'so innocent and Van Natts\ Henrietta Sipson, Daisy 4. Moreover,_ meddli,ng a!ld officious its .ag, gressive battle for the choice of + HOW LOVERS' ... dis'ciple of Terpsichore, feels himselt harmles's, ·but whose 'sharp teeth 0. ( 1:: Sim.pson, 'Aubrey Sfmp· s'on, JameiS , friends h a,ve to answer for many United States senators by ""pu-Iar + QUARRE'LS BEGIN. + ag.grieved and accus~s Ang~J.ina of home, and whose sh'ar'p daws scr,atch ... ~ Simp, sDn, J. M. Sltewart, H . N. Ed· broken· . engagem.ents, and many love vot,". + .. flilHng. Ang·eliua looks u'pon the ac· cruelly when one toucl1es them. ff . . cl 1 th h." G Il Th ' dingS'field, J . P . Scearce, W . W. Cwy. a all'S' nlppe I n e ,,,u,,. ener, a; Y' e other notable events of the + + '*' + i' '*' ... '*' + + '*' o£o ... + + ...... + + cusatio.n as wholly nndese-rved', and 18wpersensitiY'ooess Is a misfortune 'For way points-SergeaIllt-'MIajor the misc hief maker is, guiltless .of gathering were the adoption of an N'obod " I now, s how the wI'nd ,blo' ws,' r e'P: els it with · en.ergy, perh'ap· s wi1:!h 'rather than a fault, an~, although it Tucker, Sergeant To]for, d', M. D. J • more than a desire to tease, s'ome· election distrIct plan of organization t emper. E'dwin repeats j,t more strong- is un:pleasant when one's dl ea ones Oamp, bell, J. C. J'ohnson, Iftalplh Whence it comes, whither h goes." times the!'e is mallC'e aforethou, gh t, for all the counties in th e state out- ly, and' before either of them quite carry a c· hip on the ;should~r , it is Blanchard, R. A.' Rumball. and the o rigiu and vagaries 01 mis- but in either case "whispering, ,ton· side of Greate r New York and Buff'a- knows it" self·control is thrown aside, wortJh whiJ.e to ta'we pains uot to dis· CallC!a Salils. understand,ings between, lovers are to an, d the lovers. are com: pletely "a.t t b ·t 'j'b . T I . gues ca· n paison truth," and, incalcu- 10, the retirement of John F. C'arroll, ~Jle full as unexIJected' and co ' nt,r.ary. ur . I S e'qUI I flum . ru~ ove IS bl h . " b I f dId T 0 i h . h U , . outs." tender, alw'ays. There 'are few peo. aJ e ·arm IS ",one ' y ta e'tJearers. ormer eputy ea er of Tammany he ; asca sailed last n g tWIt Love·rs' tiffs are regarded· by ma·ny Or, on the other hand, Angelina pie, men or women, who hlllVe .. !llotJ Wh'en the slander is mad e of whole hall, and, William H. Fitzpatrick, of the following- passengers: person, s as· something unavo,uble and cloth" as the sayin .g is, it is a.n eao. y Erie, from the 'committee, ' he elec· For Whiteh~rse--'S lUal10way J th i;nks that E, dfwin been t~o at· their weakl1esses, and' to undel'S'tan'd ~ 'L v . 'n ,. to be expected in eveTY love affair, tentive to the pretty gkj who is visit. and bear with these is not the Jeas,t matter to deal with it. p'rov,ided: it is, tion of Congre~sman Frands !Burton Caroline, G. A. ,Palmer, Mrs. A. For· Inde€d, such .ti,isagreements furnislI ing his sister, and says so, sho'w-ing d'uty of ge'lIuine affection. 'Let lovers k'no.wn. Harrison to take Carroll's seat, and est, G. Legsd:ig. Mrs. 'F. !Close, Mis's much amusement to outsiders al-. I d "'A lie. th·at is· all a· lie may be met ,a. ~eneral exchange of Vie' W5 I'n con· Ida C loo~ Pear G Nalr Mu·dve M~r·' , h er pique plai1l'ly, even 'sharp' y. ID - who have qu.aueled look back .a~ ,d1 ~~, . , " v th.ough in many cas·es, it is the aId win d'euies the 'oharge, , a,nd the indlig' say', if they can, how the dls'agree- with and conquered· outright; but a ,templation o· f an, offensfve camp: aign ton. George Meikle, 'P. Johnson, !C. story of fun to the 'boys and pain lie that is partly a truth I 'S ' a h'arder to control the next state assembly AndeI'soll Mrs E C S·tahl and daugh . natio-n with which' .he does' so only ment began. Probably the matter ' .. . , - to the fl'o'gs Th'e' roe is rarely any- matter to fight. Usually the lie ha" and carry the st ate for the presidency ter Gr~tchen J Byne ' E Wendt ,T . . ' E 'e'l"VeS to stren·gthen Ang'.elina's' con- w,hich provoked t he first unkind - ~ , . ,. , .... thl 'ng 'tInny abollt a quarrel es,pe· J'ust 'enough ,of , the leaveno[ truth and ,,~overnoI'ship next year. Ashenape H Johnson F 'Macl"ae 'r , ' 'viction of hi, s dup:lici·ty. ; lot is · aB in speech was s'omething so trivial as to , . ' ,. ' . , . cially if it be serious. va'in that he tries to make her urn, call forth a blush at the mere rec01. to prevent its falling ,flat, and· since Poh, L. Girs, hert, L. o.osh, J. M. It jiO t he first ·step th'at counts; derst'and' that commo'n courtesy de- , lection of it, a. trifl'e which I.l,eems' the maligned one cannot deny it in Blue Laws for Germany. Stew-art, G. W. Heney, I. White, A. th'e re must always 'be a beginning, man'ds that he 'shall show a certain now utterly unworthy of considera- toto he mig,ht, in many: cases, as tweli Berlin, 8ept. 9.-As a result 'of the Lobley, J . Hughes, A. lE. Bel-der, M. and th, e best way is not to beg,in. It amount of civilit'S to his sister's tion. Yet, !)maIJ. as it was, like the not deny it at .alL !He and she who recent anti.'alcohol congress at .Bre. D. Petro, J . '8c'humacher, L. P. Da· is usually the, I'eries, t trifle which gU'ests. Ang,elina refuses to ' listen to mus'i'aord seed of holy writ, it grew re, fus.e to listen ,to tattl-ers are wise', men ,the imperial govern ment, sup. mon, O. E. Potter, H. J'ackison, IP. starts the mischief. rile beginnin'g his expl,anatioons, until at last IEd1 win to .gian~ statu,re, out of all proportion and in any case no tale . shoU!ld! , be posed, ly ,at the suggestion of tne em. Areanault, J . Levine, 'Mr. and· Mrs. of strife is 'as the 'lettin'g out of says something that stiug1l to t.he to its ins'lgni: ficant I begii nning" l A credited when the accuser is unwill· press, who was very much impressed Murphy, Mrs. L. iBroad'Way, John water," and the tiny trickle, which at quick, and, presto, his ring is th'rown thorn is a little thing, but it has ing to re'peat the charg~ in the pres· with the facts brought out about the Strom, G. M. Person, W. T. Thomas, first is scarcely pel'c'eptible, and at him and the rift in the lute is ef. caused many a death 'by 'blood. poison. eDlce of t'he accused. ,,1., oreover, they temperance education in t he Unlted D. Prog:eh, J . A. Fan a.nd wife, Mrs. wh'ich no one' r.egards as ·of conse- fected. P.erhaps it may ye.t .be mend). ing, and a thorn in the spirit 'rankles who seek peace should; remember States by Mrs . . Mary H. !Hunt, will E. Wen'zie, CharlesWenzie; Mrs'. M. quence, may SWE!'ll insensibly (O " a ed. T, here is a popular fallacy that far than a thorn in th'e' fles'h. taut it tail,es tw-o .to Iqu'al'l'el, 'arnd that la.y a temper,ance bill before the S. Trower, Mrs. Beebe, A. Hallen, lE. flood wlhich , sweeps away :all restl'aint, lovers ' quarrels go to!;,trengthen love It is astonishi'ng what a little thing "a s·oft answer lurneth away wrath, reichs tag, which, if passed, will make Henderson, R .Scorer. J. Pender, R . carrying wreck and, disaster in its rather than to wealren 1t. , a'lld that will start discor'd; 'will lead 'to "Ioo];:s but grievous wcrds stir u, p anger."- Germany the most temperate country Scouse, A.. Whyte, R. H. Melnom, A. course. No two I}eople, J!owever de- one o. f the greates t ple-asures of court- Ii'ke d'aggers andl words lil,e blows," Helen Old field. in Europe. All saloon keepers are to A. Newell, J. B. Baum, Mrs. Byrne, voted to each other, ever lived whos, e ship is to differ in 'ord,er to "I,isa and and shatter the cup of happiness' , tJe for ced to sell l~monade, milk and L. J. Gray, Mrs. 'C. Bernis', : Mm. iB. R.' taste s andl opinion's were 'precis'e'ly Ge fri en.ds" aHerwal'd. That depe'l!ds s:pilling its precious wine forever. Peopl, e's Se~at.or. coffee as well as alcoholk beverages, Trennernan, Mrs. George J adrlck, I!i)'d the same' untill'Ong continued as's,oeia- greatly. 'TheTe are peaple who n.eY'er 'Or'ben bitter quarrels and irremed'ia. Albany . Sept. 5.-Aside from the and must announce this, tact by con. A. Erickson. Williarn Vachon, George tion had made them 'so. The proper forget an, d who rarely forgive . A hIe breaches oc'cur between those unanimous l'enomination. of Denis spicuous signs, Under no circum. S. ,Buil, M. E. Duffy, George E . P,attes" course in every pa 'rtn€'rs .~ip is ,to give mended cu,p may 'be , Sttrong ,if the ce- who really love one another, becaus'e O 'Brien for justice of the court ofap., stances will they be allowed to en· A. Weber, J. A. Duefer, M. E.R.iley, and take, each one Hrivmg to pleas'e I rnent usE!d i~ good, 'but it is, not o1iuen of a mista,ke w.hich might have been pea.]s the conspicuous feature of the courage their guests to drink or to Mrs. F . L. Rich , Mrs. Lewis, J. 'B. the other: 'Sore spots must 'be touch- , I sightly. Thus a woun d; rarely foa.Hs I easily explained to fun satisfactiOlll, ' democratic state committee meeting t reat them to get them s, barted drink- Lewis, Mrs. Wes, t, A. J. Riley, M'rs. ed tendel ly, or, betteT still, let alone. to leave a scar wihich may sUng and I bu t that the one who .had taken of. today was the adoption w:ith much ing. Wilcox. Mr. and Mrs. H. Tarhell, J. Selfis~ness . u.nder one fo·rm or an- burn for years after the hurt has , fens e was too angry to listen 1'.'0 anI)' en-thus,iasm of a resolution submitted The number of barmaids is to be H. neudy" A. Anderson', W. Johnson. othe'r: Ires~-at the root Ot most qual" I apparently healed. Npr is it ofte'l! d! efense on the part of th, e un'wiiltiug by 'Charles F. Murphy. Culer of 'Tam. regulated, acctlrding to the size 'Of the Mrs . . Lahumal, .s. Birch, C. Wust, J. rels m th1s world, whethelr between easy to mistake the scar for 1 dImple. offend'er. many hall: business done, and they will nat be Erickson, E. M. 'White, W. Dunham, lovers o, r other people. Je_~IOUSY, that I A wa.tcMul gard, en'Elr never allows' a I Not infrequently 'some unlucky im. "This sti pulated that th e ca ll for a.ilowed to sit down and. drink with E. AlIinmore, J . O'Neil, A. Wheeler, com~~n result of se\f-seel,mg, always weed to show its head, in his 'bord~rs, llJulse temllts a woman to see ,how the democra.tic st.ate con vention of I t he custom~rs. I. Fis'her. SUSPICIOUS and upon t~e .,alert .to . ex· stiH less d.oes he perm~t it to ,go to I far she 'ca'n try the patienc.e o . r t'h'e 1904 shall provide for 'the nomination I j Way points-- H. MdN €'il, L W. War- ~ct Its ~ues to the uttermost f~rthJD;g, seed. The lover should be equally man w: hom she loves with' all her of a United States sena'tor to succeeo, The PruSSian prison authorities rington, Sam Smecker, R. A. , War· IS a frUlt, ful source 'Of dl-ssenslOn.Ed- careful to avoid all apP'earanc.e of . heart. No end of harm 'is wone by IChauncey M. Derew and tha t the are perplexed what to do' with a man wick, L. J.ohnson, A. McCoin. win is persecuted" not. to say indigo distrust a'nd su'spicion, to put ,away peo'ple who mean no'lle. So she goes meth· od of choice shall be a party named M1chael Keller, whose sen" nnn t, because Angelin; a has, in his from him all that may' interfere with' beyond her tether, 'and before sJie question." tence to death, p'assed upon him in opinion., danced, too often with an- ohe flowers of love and ~aith. 'It is knows it the tightly strained cord ha,s After having had the resolution ap- 1853. wa s commuted, to penal servl· otiher man, nay. worse, she has pl'ais- the little foxes which are t'O be dread~ snapped and: not aJ;] t,he powers th'at proved Mr. Mur:phy cordially compI!. 'tude for life. The prisoner is no'w M'ine owners of Son ora are arrang· ing to employ Chinese 1aborers in place of Mexicans. (From MondaY's Datly.) DA:WSON WEEKLY NEWS. IF'RI' DAlY, OCT. 2, 1983. RAMPART STiRRING ~,,1AGNETIC ROCK S. I C- -H-A -RBE IS Survey So lves a P rob l !em-Has Pu' z- , zled' Navig'ati on Along Alas~. Stanford University, Cal., Sept. 10. HO R RIB LE -S.amuel Jackson Barnett, assistant I professor of physics, has returned to the universHy after several months spent in survey work along the Alas- kan coast. Professor Barnett left here la~t May to take charge of a Hydraulic ~lants in Favor party sent out by, the United states A c'oast and geodetic survey to make , re 'accurate surveys of the .northern countI·y along the coast line. Quartz Creek Miner , Under Arrest The party made a special investiga­ tion in the peculiar magnetic disturb- ances which have made navigation difficult in certain localities. Near PROGRESS IS MADE Skagway these disturbances are very severe, the defiection of the needle being g ,O great that the compass is rendered almost useless in t hat vi- TAKEN TO BONANZA cinity. It was found, 1hat this strange state of affairs was due to the Big P llI'nts Inst'aHled on Hiojos and Rlbundancc of magnetic rOCK in the Hube rt Weisn er- AccUlS, ed, of G.i v i'ng F. W. Rode nki rch Strychn i'ne W ith Murdierous I nte!n, t- Mi1 n) e r- Saved from Terrible Detat h by P·hysician. Hunter, andl Olth,'ers!to Be P lacedi on locality. This rock is present in immense Big Mi ndok and' R,uby- Rioh Strike quantities on Douglass island on t he on New Benches, lRam: pal't is forging forward, as a hydraulic camp. Two pla.nts 'have been installed this season. and ,a,re doing well, and others 'are to. be in­ stalled. next year. William B. Ballou, who arrived from Rampart last night on thE steam,er Sarah, i}rin gs the news. He and IS. A, 'Cu:tting, who al'· rived, with him, and D. MI lLean will install 'a hydrauliC plant next season. on Ruby creek. "Two hydrauHc plants," says Bal· Iou, " have been ins'talled in t h'e ~mp. One is on Hoosier and the other on Hunter. Each creek 'has two to three feet of pay over t h:e gravel. The bedrock on Hu'nter is twenty-two feet d, eep, and on Hoosier nine_ "The Rampart 'Mines company, or­ ganized, by !Rev, Koont'Z , of Ram'part, is preparing to install on Big Minook mainland and near Skagway it is es- pecially abundant. Professor Rarnett says that there is almost a perfect magnetic pole at that point. He will p'repare a full report on the subject for the , government, ' CLERGUE PAYS HIS DEBTS WILL R~SUME + (The Associated Press.) + .. S~UL'J1E S'J1E. M'RA1lE, Ont.," + Sept. 28.-A telegram received + .. from F . H. Clergue, who is in, " .. NeW , York state, says he has + + paid the Speyer loan and waruts + +' t he wor.ks to resume operations + + October 10. All salaries will' be '*' + paid immediately. '*' + • + ++++++++++++++++++ Charged with attempting to poison F . W. Rodenh'irch on No . . 4, below Radford's discovery on Quartz creel" Hubert Weisner was arreHed by the police yesterday afternoon. He is accused of giving iRoden'kirch strychnine. Weisner was arrest ed yesterd,ay afternoon as he was ~n his way to Caribou from Quartz. He was kept at the' Caribou detachment until th'is afternoon, when he was sent to Grand, Forks, where he will have his p're1im inary hearin g before Captain RouUedge, commander of the creeks detachments. He will reach the Forks this evening. When tb, e news of the alleged crime was received Captain Routledge went to Caribou, He also is going to the Fork.s. ,next year one oC the b1'ggest hydffiuloic CAN'OIDATE FO,R plants. in Alaska. Koontz is manage r The alleged pulsoning occurred Tbursday nig ht. Bad feeling, it is stated, existed betWeen the men , who lived, with two others in the same cabin on Quartz. Weisner is th, e former owner of t he , claim. 'Iind sold out to Rod, eD'kirch and a miner named Fowler. , 'I1he ill,feeling be­ tween Weisner an d 'Rodenkirch, it is reported, was caused by' a debt, of the company, "My two associates and I are alone in the enterprise of InstalUll'g a h draulic p'lant on RuhY' creek. , We h,ave 'bond, ed and leased a grou'p of fifteen claims. 'The er,eek is so steep and the gr,avel so shallow it wiH not be difficult to work 'the grolllIld, ,on Ruby. Tlle grou'Ild Is Iflve NEW YORK M, AY, ORALTY. Lewis Nixon Has Annou'nced .' T~ He Will Run. (The Associated Press.) ,NEW YORK, Sept. 28.-'Lewis NIX· on announced today that he is a ean· didate tor the Democratic nomina· tion for mayor of New York. On. the nig;ht in question Roden· kirch was seized , with cralIl\Ps 'and showed other symptoms of poisoning. One of h'is companions was sent on a wild rid.e after Dr. Elliott, of Grand to nine feet deep. I "This Is the '~rst !ear Ram~art has 'BLAIR DECLINES ma-de any ShOWlDg ID .. yd,raullcs, and, Forks, who reached the scene in time to save Roden,kirch's life. Th e miner was in , a terrible cond, ition when t1he it seems that rIlat method is the one RESPONSIBiliTY .best a dap'ted to the country for ex· physiCian al'l'ived and was close to the gates of dearth, bu t ' w'i th hard work by the d!octor and other twoO ~iners was puoJled th.rough. His es­ cRop- e was very close. tensive operations on economical basis. "Bert EPpJer, formerly of IJ)a;wson, h,as a 1 ig scrapin'g, plant on Rhod, e Is­ land creel" ,and is dOin'g well. He has fifteen men 'll:t work., . Rich pay trll,S' been sm'u' Clk of l'atJe on the ben'ches near Glen gu~lch. Men are shove ling in and getting giood returns. Water is being brought from Pioneer ereek, three miles dis· tant, to the benches. One of the benChes is known as the 'Watcher bar, and, lies between Glen and Eu­ rek:a. The Shirley lies lYe~ween Glen andl (}{)Id, Run, "Glen is produoin'g well t his year. The output of the creek wHl exceed $100,(){)O'. T'he Eagile M'in'ing com­ pany is doing particu~arly w, ell. EVIDENCE THAT NONE CAN DOUBT THAT DO'DD'S KIDNEY PIL LS ARE TH'E , ON,E SUR,E C UR,E FO'R RHEUM,ATH'I M. / Ask's t he Pu, b li c to Ju d'ge Him by W hat He Says, N iOIt News­ paper Quotations. (Speciaf to tlie News.)' '" OTTAWA, Sept . 28.-Mr. 'Hla!r in the cours'e of a newspa,per interview d,eclines to be beld responl slble for what the newspapers say for him. IRe asks the pu'b~ic to judge him Simply from Ms ' own utterMl'Ces. Elliott saw that Rodenkirch's symp· toms were those of poisoning and re· !;lorted th,elna.tterto '~he ponce, who at once bega.n ,an investig.aHon . .sus· piciOI]' was directed, ,at Weisner, it is believed, on account of the ill-feeling between him and. Rodenkirch. The cabin was' thoroughly examined. and portions of the poison were discov· er.ed. Othe~ clues were also founll. + •• + + + + + •• + + + + + + + . + It !s stated the two men' quar· + • reled, before Rodenkirch was seized + N. W. M. P. RESERV, ATlON. + witb the cramps + + Wei.sner wi].] have his 'preliminary + (Speciai to the News,) • bearing Monday. • OT'l'.II.'W A, sept. 28.-'FortY' + Both .h e and ltodenld.rch. are ,w~ll + acres of Jan.d at the junction of + known ID the Quartz d,lstnct. Wels­ +' .stewart and Mayo rivers' have + \ ner fOr~erlY held down " ,0. 4 . b,~IOw + been set aside for mounted + Ra,dfO~d s' djSCO~ery for a co~slder. + police purposes. + ahle t ime, It IS not known If the + + debt wb ich caused the Id-feeling is ++++++++ •••• + ++++++ connected with the s'ale of the claim. LADY COM'ES NORTH TO FIND HER MATE. From the Suns of Cal: ifo t noila to t hoe ' Gold Fields ~f t he No'l1tl1. SCoH ANE MAN KILLED. I PRO' GRESS - Se.attle PoJ,jceman Is Sh,ot in D~r-kn,eas ' by Hcld~Up M~n. the Ontario Grit ;:nachine, is chief of police of the ci ty. But that fact did not prevent him . from being the I Chief Grit Push in the recent election-the Bos~.-tbe man who Hand led the Stuff. He authorized the p;U!'chase of such election necess,ari es as whis­ key and cigars. The election over, Hugh refused to pay, just as the Grit, pns'h in. Hamilton d, oes. A tenderfoot politician who had, made hims'e lf r e­ sponsible for the whisky bill. had an alt,ercati on witli Hugh about it, and Hugb i;nQc],ed him c\, o,wn, T he ten· derfo'Ot had Hugh summoned: but, of C01lrse, Hugh had pull enough to stop the proc~edings,. But he Is still chief of police, and he is still the Main Grit Push. Daws'On.'s ,a great place for Grit heelers,-Hamilton Spectator. 'Seattle, Sept, 14.~Patrolman lAlbert IS SPEED Y C. Schaneman of the Seattle police force was murdered at I tlve minutes before midnight on Occidental ave· nue, between Main and Jackson streets, by William S. Thomas, one of the three men who held up the Villard house saloon at midnight Sat· urd,a;y. Thomas, after trying to make his escape, was s, hot down on First ave·' nue south just below Jackson street by Patrolman Gilman T. Phnbrick. His injuries consist of a bullet in, his ba'ckbone. 'Schaneman was taken in the patrol wagon, to the police station, where he was placed on the table in the patrol· man's 'room. He was never co~scious and died at 2:17 a. m, Ma, rriedi at Forks. Miss Sophie Bred'e.Jie and Charles Kll'utson were married Saturday even­ in. g at Grand Forks bY' Rev. John Pringle. Tllle bride is from Portland, Oregon, and San Francisco. The groom is from San Francisco, Mr. and Mr .s. Knutson will make their home on No. 3 above on Bonanza. 8ULGARIA GETS NO HELP FROM BRITAIN + (The AssocIated Press,) + '*' LONDON, Sept. 28.-A diplo- '*' .. matic agent has notified the Bul- '*' .. garian gov. ernment that 'neither + .. Bulgaria nor Turkey can count .. + OllJ Great Britain's support in " .. the event 'Of their openly or se- .. .. cretlY' opp'Osing a realization {)f .. .. the , Austro·Russ1an project of " .. reforms in Macedonia. .. + • +++++++++++++++++++ RILEY LEAVEt DAWSON. Sou l'd:ough Pr'essma n Going to the S, t. Lou'is ExpQsiti lon. Marcy Riley, w.ho was pressman on 'the News from August, 18'99, when the paper fir Blt began publication, until last sprin'g, leC1 for his old home in !..os' Angeles, California, last night. A 'large num'ber of friend, s, saw hIm off on the Casca and hummed: " I Won't (}{) With RiJey Any More" as the boat pulled out. After visiting Los Ange· les, Rlley will take In the exposition 'at St. Loui S! .Riley. had. 1ivedJ in the Klon,(llke so 'long that when departing he express­ ed keen regret at leaving ",home." He dioes not intend re1urning. - ----- Clark's Pork and Beans. The 'lmmense increase in the sale of Clark's Pork ,and Beans is proof of their quality. W. Clark, Mlr., Mon· treal. • McD~nald's Work Dago Gulch on FOR NEXT SUMMER Washing Down Hill W iJth Assisoflilince of Rlei dller Pum p, Wh ich Is ,p"olV~'n,g Cortti'nual Succ,ess -;ro Op etl"alte Contig.u' CI\oS Properties. Alex. McDonald is getting ready for next season's work at his property on J)ago gulch, lower 'Hunker, and is makting w~ nderful progress with his operations. An area of 250x750 feet has been stripped to a d, epth of twen· ty and' thirty feet in prepara:tions for next summer's work. He is obtain- ing good pros'peets. On the hill back · ot : the pump, where the groun d was cleared off s'ome weeks ago, the dirt: has been. 3J11 shov­ eled ill' and will be deaned ap iD! a few da'ys. MClDon'ad has been allowed dU'mping privileges, on the And,erson concession, 'Since the installation. of the big iReidler pump the whole 'face, has been torn from the bill by hydraulicking. The pump, has ,proved a continual suc­ cess and Is' doing great work. MdDonald will ' clean out lDago gulch and th. en use it as a dUIDping groun,d for operati~ns on the corutJlngu· O\IS properties whilch he o'wns on both sides of the gulch. The white chan­ nel comes across the top of th~ hjll at that point and tJ:len hreRlks aCTOSS the gulcb. Th:e only dlfl'er,ence between the operations coI1ducted' by the Klondike king on. Uago and hydraullc'king is that he has to pump his tailings away. A 10·i' centrifugal pump is used in that work. Three nQzzles, re­ gu, Iar hydoraulicking monitors, are be­ ing used in washin. g out the gulch. The plant has caus'ed so inuch Cjlri­ osity among miners that the follow­ ing description is given. In th,e fir&t p.J'ace MoDonald has , a cross, com­ pound,condensing Corliss engine with a speed "of . ni,lety revolution~ l! min· ute land a t\1irty·I'nch stroke. The p, iston speed is 2~5 feet RI minute. Columbus, 0., freight handlers wiJ1 organize. Officers on t he Crreeks. Major Z. T. Wood, commanda,nt of police, and' Major Cuthbert. O fficer commanding this djvisjon, are on lower Dominion making arrangements for a new detachment on that creek. :Fl'om Dominion they will go to GoLd Run. During 'Major Cu,th'bert's ab· ,sence Major Howard is acting officer comma,ndlng, HE WILL NOT RAOE THE IARE Mr. Billin'gs Says He W ill Not P I_ce LOLl Dillo n in COintest, Being U ntl"3·i ned. , (The Associated Press.) .c:l.lEY·IDLAND, Ohio, Sept. 28.- Mr. Billings, owner of Lou J)illon , the trotting mare, has announ ed posi­ tively she will not be allowed to go Into a contest with another horse in a trial for supremacy. Mr. Bi,llings has reason for his d:ecision. Lou Dj]­ lon is but ,five years old" comparative· Iy inexperienceU and untrained. WOULD BUILD AN01HER BOAT , S i.r ThKl'ma. s L·'pton Says He Wou ld: Bu,ild, a Boat, But Lacks Designe r. (The Associated Press.) tOHIICAGO, ,SE\pt. 28.-"Tf I coUld 'find a d,esigner who was certain to beat Hers'choff, I WOUld! build Sham­ rock IV. and challen'ge for the cu;p to, morrow, said, Sir Thomas Lipton to· d, ay. • Sir Thomas was able to receive visitors last night. He showed no ef­ fects from his recent illness. 'The engine is directly lOnnec'ted ' Seattle, ,Sept. 14.--George Yan with the big duplex, dou'ble acting Horst, the man who robbed and beat Reid'ler, \vith a 30·inch stl'oke from '1' .S. Lippy a t his home several In the German parliament there the en'gine. The pump's' valv,es are weeks ago, was sentenced i bis morn­ are over eighty representative, s of operated mechanically. Any hY'draulic ing by Judg, e Bell to imprisonment workingID'en. shock or the slipping of w.a.ter P!1Slt for twenty years, in L.le penitentiary' the valves is prevented. The scheme ,at 'Walla Wa.\la. We refer to the tramp as a tough V D' t th' . h d also admits of any desired piston an /Hors IS mormng c ange ' nut, ' So why brook aweh From consistency, eh? It ollght to be known as a speed' and allows a larg,ely increased' his , plea from not guilty to guilty, valve lift over the ordinary type of and on his bEhalf counsel mad.e a p,ump, the valve openings being larg- :petition for the clemeucy, of the court doughnut. er. With the high piston speed of 'on t he , ground 'that, by admitting the -------'--- the engine the plant can develo,lJ' pow· crime, his client had, saved the co un·, SCOTTIE GETS er in co'mpetition with an, y modern ty the expense of a trial. steam plant. Deputy ,prosecuting Attorney Todd, HIS LIBERTY Th.e pump has a mechanical prOOi- who represented the state, replied cierucy of more than 115,000,000 foot tbat t be case at bar WIlS not on~ Magi.1:t"a;te Allows Hi m to Go o. n' Sus­ pend~ Sente, nce on Dru.nk and D'isol'derly Cnarge. pound, s per 1,000 pounds 'of dry which had any mitigating circum­ steam. Th'e pump has a capacity of stances. Van Horst, thou, gh young in 1,800 gallons a minute, 'It is now years, was an old offender, who had pumping aga.inst 150 feet with a ca· already served six years in the peni­ Jlacity of 700 g'Rlllon~. H can. pump tentiary in British Oolum'bia, and was "Old Scottie" w,as given a sUS'Pendc 1,800 gall OD'S 1'5() feet on less t han cha.rged with robbery in another Se· ed sentence OD' the charg. e of being two and a half cords of wood per attle ease, where he 'had held Ull and W. E. Ellis GIo't , Se! He 'Oould Not Walk · Arone . 0'1' Feed H'imse lif-He T ells of H is Cure. Mi ners, MechanIcs, S, portsmen-To 'heal and sotten the skill and remove grease, oil and rust stains, paint and earth, etc., use The ",viaste, r Mechan· ic's, "Ta r Soap. Albert Toilet Soap vO.,, Montreal. • Miss Ma'gdalene Hausha ller, one of dTunk and dis or der'1y by Oaptain twel've hours. T he rock pu'm p con- robbed, a ma.n at Leachi park. Und,er' Cedar Dale, Ont.; Sept. 25.-(S; e· cial.}-Every day' 'seems to furnislh fresh proofs that Dodd's .Kidney, Pills are the one sure and permanent cnre for 'Rheumatism. TIlis villa,ge fur­ nishes evidence ' that no one can doubt in the person of W . E. Ellis. His s,tory is best given in his own words. "Two years ago," says Mr. E.Jlis, " I got wiuscular Rheumatism. I tried all sorts oC medicines, but none of them did me any good. "At I'ast my wife would .send, for a doctor, When he arrived 1 sai, d, 'Do'ctor, can you cure Muscular Rbeu­ matism 7' 'No,' s, aid the doctor. 'Then,' I said, 'you are of no use to me.' "I got so 'bad I could not feed my­ self or walk alone. Then I was in­ duced to try Dodd's, Kidney Pills. I took six boxes of them, which drove al\ the Rheumatism out of me and left me in good health, again." IDodd's Kidney Pills cure Rheuma­ tism by removing the cause-by put­ ting the Kidneys in shape to take the uric ' acid out of the blood. They always cure Lumbago ail'd Sciat'ica in the same way. 'Bostou, Mass., union bricklayers, wllter , being on stri,ke since July 1, have returned to work, securing a rate of 55 cents an hour, and full ree· og.nltlon of the union . / DELEGATE PIRKS NOT WANTED Unless Wa lki ng Delega,te ,Is Squeched W ill W'i, t hd raw f rom Convention. (The Associated Press.) I\!A!NSAS CITY, 'Mo" I Sept. 28.-The Pittsburg, Gleveland, Buffalo a nd Wheeling d, elegates to the 'Sltructural Iron Workers' convention' tonight de­ cided t o withdraw from , the conven· tion unless Walking Delegwte ,Parks of New York is squelched. They rep· resent 10,0{)O men , The treasury oC the American Fed­ eration of Labor held $62,940, July 1 last, of w,hich $55,894 was credited to the detfense fund and $7,046 to the general fund ot tbe body. the charming you,ng women wbo give up the old , home life to come into t he North to wed, ' is shown in the ac· companylng p.jctur e. Miss Haushaft· Wroughton in the puJice court to'day. , \umes more fuel than the iRci'dler. , t be circumstances there was nothing S'cottie's real name is 'Allan Esplin, . 'The plant has a complete heating that would recommend the defendant He was arrested, Friday night by Con· system and' a hot well for using the to clemency. stable Mc S,cottie had; twken same water over again. It also has In passing sentence Judge 'Bell said too much liquor, something that often an upright, vertical flY'"w heel air that up to this time he had been in h a'p'pens with members of' his' race, pump 'carrying a vacuum of twenty-, the habit of impOSing sentences of a n d waSi trying to make a speech, six to twenty.eight inches. .from ten to fifteen years for t his d!ance and s'ing a little all at the same The Reidler has eight. valveR , two ,class of offenses. :So far t his COUTse time. sudion and two delivery for each ,had had no dteerring inll.uence upon He s'aid. he bad just two drinks and side. The great machine runs so the criminals who have been oper.a.t- a plug of tobacco. smoothly that a few feet awaY' one ing in the city. On the contrary. dur, J, P. Blake was fined $2 and costs would not knoW' it was in operation. Ing the last summer robbery had been for being drunk and disorderly. He The pipe line sh{)ws barely' a vibr2. more rampan t tban ever :JJetore. was ' arrested by Constable Sitwel l. tion, the vibration being sCllrcely While he recognized that t he fact of Blake pleaded guilty, more than that of the g ;ravity system. the defendant's saving the state the Peter Muir was found guilty of the T h'9 water goes through one large ·expense of a trial entitled, him to same offense and also got $2 and costs. opening irustead or a num"er of small- eonsideration, the fact that, other He was arrested, by Corporal Bell er ones and eonsequently tM~ friction charges were pending which would SatUl'day n igh t at the corner of T ur- is less. not be taken into consideration in ner s,treet and F irs, t avenue. T he Reid,ler ~!ses }nly one.sixth tl'le the presen t sentence, would act as fllel requ ired by tbe nvo p.umps which an offset to any such 'Claim. For CURLERS TO HO,LD McDonald had f{;rmerly in opE'ration these reasons' the sentence of the ME,ETING TH IS EVEN.ING. and gives 1,800 gallons to their corn. cour t would be that the defend.ant E . C tt W 'II B . P be con· fi ned for a , period of twenty xecut,ve ~mml ee I 'eg," re-I bined' 1,000. It was broiight Nonh , 1t 1 mlna ry Wo r k. in 177 b()xes, One hundred and years in the penitentiary a t Walla The execut ive committee of the eighteen barrels of ceme~t with 400 Walla. D C I· I b '11 h Id 'After Jl1d'ge Bell had ceased SIJearl{· I alVson ur mg c u WI 0 a pounds to tbe barrel \'l¥re used in the meeting Thursd'ay night to take up construct ion or its ~oun(la'i',m. ing Van Horst stood for a time with the preliminary work looking to curl· George F, ,M, ClJ)ougall, a.n ungineer his eyes fixed upon those of , the man . th' I t who had, sentenced hi'm , His strong ong IS' w n er. of wide experience. Installed the A lii I . t d th' . jaw was set, bis thin lips were drawn ve y season IS expec e lS Will· pump, with the assistan"e nf W. T. t Tb b f 1 · t f in a straight line and the expression ans a ..,r. b h' t th 1 'b . d of his face was not a "leasing one, mem el'S IP 0 e c u IS' un er· of experience. M('Dou 'g~ll did hia .- Mrs. M ' agdalene H h 1 ,0- I er. e num er 0' app,lcan s or 'Carruthers. who is also an engi neer Seamen on native river craft get $3 ---------------- - t d t b . f t lh I b "Is that all?" he finally asked. a month in China; ()n seagoing Chi- er p, assed through Dawson t his week , s 00 0 e IDdexcess.o wna e.c u wor1, so we ll ! hat th~ monster ma· "That is all for the offense with R t b h '11\cltn accommo ate on Its present rmks. chine ran like !t .: h3.rm from t he mo, An Importa,nt D'iscovery. nese vessels, $8. en route to ampar, were s , e W I whicb you, are now chaf\ged." re'plied be married to J. F. Nelanny, a .mem· 1 --------- - ment the stea:n was t urned on', sr.d Judge BelL Pat-They say the kin'g of England W il l ,Disturb Wi llila m. has opera:ted' \Vi thout a hitch ever has Irish blood in his veins. With G iOld in He .. Tleeth. ber of the , postofilce staff at that Corbett, the pugilist, is to appear s ince. He is! at t;,e With a curse, Van 1H0rst swung on Plac'e his heel and started back toward the MI 'k~Is, that so? I'll ll'cl r the next An Atchlson bride has so much '. . . ,as the wrestler in "As You Like It." big p·lant anJ !J"I, everythi:l ; goIng ~-. The brIde-to-be IS from San ~ ran· railing of the court room. ,He was gold in her teeth that her husband , . . This is the time for Shakespeare's with the pre,~i~i ')'.l 0)( ,'lock work. man that tells me .'E~ward has a yel· is accused of mercenary m{)tiv€1; in I cisco, w~ere she ~as hved the last SIX bones to turn.~Philadelphia Ledger. met by Deputy Sheriff Slark. Who put low streak in him. marrying her.- Atchison Globe. years wlth her slster, Mrs: Dr . . J. B. a pall' of handcuffs upon hi s wrists The two-minute trotter was time dn coming, 1 ut when it arrived it came il. a hurry. I Clifford. Her parents are ln Wlscon· Hugh t he MIa, chi nist. before leading him through the cor- Secretary Hitchcock says he is "op- a long Rivetesr in Aberdeen Scotland sin. Miss Haushalter is a charming posed to haste" in Oklahoma. Th is The Grit mach ine fiouri&hes in Dalw· r idors to lhe j'ail. In his cel! Van finally I sMpyards have been out for a month 'bruI:ette, Whjle ber e sbe was a may be a manifestation of his friend- son. Hugh M.cKinnoJl, n ot nnkn{)WD' Horst said he b ad nothing to say for past. guest at tbe Cecil. · I ship for Mr. S.peed. in Hamilton as a former member 'Of pu,blication. DAWSON WElEKLY NE1WS, F1R]IDAY, OCT~R 2, 1M3. DAWSON WEEKLY NEWS as did that gentleman, when he over· FIR'MNESS FINA.LLY WON. tors in a fe~ general but very ill- name of Mr. Ross does uot appear. that concessionaires proffered their stepped the bounds of propriety , dur· advised observa;tions'? We were told during the ele "' ction guidance to Jpdge Britton .and he ,re- iUCHARD ROEDIGER. Gen. Mgr. Orie .Dollar per Month. Published every Friday by the DA WSON !«EWS PUBLISHING CO. Office-Cor. Third Avenue and Fourth Street THE vVEEKL Y NEWS has a. larger bona fide Circulation and covers a greater field than a.ny other paper In the Yukon Territory or Alaska. It has regular established routell on Hunker, Dominion, Sulphur Bear, Gold Run, Bonanza and Eldorado creeks and all of their tribu­ taries In the Yukon; also del1vered by special carriers en route and at Forty Mile, Jack Wade, Eagle City, Circle City and Cape Nome in Alask,,-. ~ ing his discredited and farcical in. A correspondent writes to the The very introduction of a few that Mr. Ross had' 'been recognized, as fused it. vestigation. Montreal Star that "the Berman can- ~erlt:ences in the argument of the a man of cabinet rank. rrhis recog- T'pis 'is more s, erious, th'an a desir9 cessi:on on Gold Bottom creek is -Board of Trade ,sollolWrs, words nltion, however, was only local, and to hide th e ' truth. If 'any ()lVertures I t seems consis'tent that , a g()ver1l'- charged before the Tread'gold com- , which imp.Jied, malice, , d· id far to neu- did' not ad'd anythin'g tv the ability' or were made to Jud, ge Britton by those ment vindicated by the most mission of inquiry witb having been tralize what was otherwise , a stron. g influence of Mr. Ross. who wer e' mainly interested, to the less corruption that ever , disgraced obtained by misrepresentation. At- pres'll'I1tation. They were evidently 'It is now alleged that the govern- end' that they mJght guide him, it ' IS public life in Canada sh'ol1ld be rep- torney iBlac made a 'fight to see the inserted without much d, eliberation, ment has an eye on a man of cabinet d,ue to the public tha.t j;he n"m e'3 or resented by an offici, al organ whDse 'papers in the case. 'I'bis was opposed and it would h'ave been nobler and she, and that man w!1l come from the gll'ilty partie's be disclJ5ed, !l'lri by Mr. Justi-ce Britton, but , ended de1ight it is to villify and, Insn-lt rep- more in accoNlance with p'ropriety to resentative citizens of Yulron terri- finally in Mr. Black , gaining h,is point." ignore tJhem altogether. T'he News maint ained throughout tory In its misguided, attempts' to The Sun says 'beflOr~ the c:ornm'is- tbe inquiry that Judge [Britton had play what it r,egards as' its little p, a'rt slone.a, c;h on'e of , the fiV1,c tCf!ltifiedl tha.' Manitoba or the territories, and Mr. that J.u·dge Britton explain 'What was Ross has been passed by again. the nature of ihe gujdauce .offered . • Mr. 'ROBS is an example of a man Wheh the 'Province say.:; there is politically killed b,y ~is friends. no reason to suppas that the result Address a\l cOUlmlmlcatlons DAWSON WEEKL Y NEWS. no control or power over the papers to the in the Yu'kon political drama. he wal S nJOt Q mi'ner or 1 " l ! aiWye'f .. This, sent from Ottawa. These papers were . d A hIli h' If 'th . , 'th .. f "h He had a political future, 'but it was of the inq'l;l',v Nill not be framed LAMENT'ABLE IGNOR~NC'E. The receiPt of our Canadian ex­ changes confi~'ms what the News felt col1lfident. was the case, when the tele­ gr.ams ,first broug'ht the news that Dawson papers were being used by Is false, and the :Sun knows it to be. rume . man w 0 a es Imse WI . a vIew ,0 e al. va.nt.age 0 , e sent here in the custod' . y of a depart- ·th 1I t II . h h' k ,. k t'b 1 " , t" i d" Ever, )" man had the right to tes,tify WI , or a ows 0 a Y Wit Im, wea - 1 U on e. rvv, n.ce .s no se ze mental clerk, and Sh01l1d have been ' I ! I ' . I It· I f ffi ' t 1 led f "h 't if he chose, and t.hose who aJs's'isted men, s s mp y IiJ.Vlt ng po Ica ex- 0 su cleu .mow 'ge 0 • e SI ua- What thJ 's 11 prod'ueed' at the hearIng. tinction. tion to J 'ustify any such express-ion or oountry neeJls above a the commissioners in securing ev i- W, hen Judge Britton found himself Th d 1 b ht th I . things in its public life is men O'f /big dent :were just as much the r, e,presen- e , scan a roug lipon e par- op mon o face to face with determined men he h h th of M 'D , ideas , and bIg ideals; in , a 'Word, big ta:tives' of the pe'Op-Ie as the ollles who ty t roug e electonr. ~\lOSS men. Canadians 01 no very aJtlvanced gra.dlJlally gave !ground, as in the reoeived, a fee and appeared in a is blamed' u'pon him, because he must case of Mr. Black. b h ld 'bl f h t age ean'not f'ail to make frequent co m- pr.of'essional cap'acity. e e responsl e or w a was GOOD MEN WANT'ED. BR,ITTON C'R,ITICISE'D. members of paJl'liament to prove to parisons 'between public men of the If Mr. 'Black had no right t o see . t h John S. Ewart, K C. of 'Winnipeg, The men Who presented the peti. done in· hIS name, and' ere was the p'a'pers in the Herman concession, when· d ()livering an address ' of wel­ the government that the royal com- pres, en t, and t he public men of a not tion passed at a mass' meeting 81re much done t hat should not have been. . . t . , t" t'o very distant past, 'when "there were mISSIOn was no glVlllg sa IS1'ac I n, the judge abandon his position,? He and Judge Britton I klllew it why did, alluded to by the S, men whl o 'Mr. ,R, oss will not come to Yukron come to Judge Perdue of Win'Ilipeg expressed the hope that he would not The p'aper "uoted fruID by Mr. giants in the lan, d." h'a, ve n. o s1iak, e in th~ cO\l,n'try, andl Wl1,o .. abandoned the positi-on because It was M k M P S t b 10 Mow many men are there in lOana- lii've by thein 'abil '~y to',mai ke ~~ulJ.lle. this fall, perhaps it is better that he should not, it is certainly klnder on -, . ". on cp em er , was untenable and 'he faced' a man of , d' bll'C 11'[ today who stand to T 'hl'~ "'dtl'tl'O~ w~s presented' b, y :nr. I1 to him to prevent him 'from coming. the Dawson Daily News, which is the lan pu e . ' furce which the judg~ quickly recog- ~ ,v' 'll iU accept any outside job from the gov­ ernment, whi'ch pralctice he severe1y co'ndemned. Referring to tbe 'scan- on ,ly Da wson paper on, ,'f\,}e In the H- represent ' , a principle? There are a nl'zed. Alfred 'Thompson" member for Ditlw· . , . BASE'D ON WRONG PRE,MISE'S. bTary of the house. The fall. owing is fe'W, certainly, but they are t'ew . son on the Yu' loo'n counCIl, suplpar ted . . son', Mr. Ewar, t said'. If it' was wron,g to pTO'du(le the pa- • 'h 't bl' h d' th W· n'peg enough to make them conspicuous. for office 'hoT the Sun. How Dr. "I D dal and farce just' conduded , in Daw- " e I em P'U IS e III e 1ll I pers, then Judge Britton 'proved hlm-"" The Vancouver Prov1;nce, as other , n ' awson City, at the present T 'b f S t b 11 When the Liberals defeated the Thompson likes the allegation rhat h'e n. une o ' ep em er : self a weak and vascillating man on outside papers, cann.Qt be heM res.pon- momen.t, a judge, who, until yester- Ottawa, Sept. 11.-In the house o, r Conservatives in 1896, the Liberal the bench. has no stal{, e in the country a'Ill d' lives sib1e, except morally, l!or Che foolish day, was a strong political pal'tis'an, commons today Mr. Monk quoted ' the ' party pused before the cuu'1ltry as re- by his ability to make trouble we . The vcry , first day ,of the comllii~- and inaccurate communications sent is Inquiring into matters ill contro- Daws· on Daily News, to prove that formers, as purists, as men whose leave to him and the affi, cial organ fl'om DaVl" son. sion the papers in every case should ' Newspaper men are versy 'between the polltical parties. Judge Britton's inquiry into th e ohief purpose in life was to remedy to ,determine. 1 . t .. have been demand'ed, and jf they snpp'osed to be acucrate, thet!' train- And can we 'be s'urprised that his I'ul- , Treadgo d conceSSIOn W l as, no glvmg wrongs, 'Which, it must be adm ibted, There is no' djgnity about an article ' satisfaction ,and that the kick c ul- were refused , then the solicitors ing leads them to follow closely Ithe 'jngs, are bein g telegraphed to the op- minated in a mass meeting. The pub- existed at the time, an'd badly needed for the Boar, d' of Trade or people such as the one which ap,peared In lines of fact, but ~pecial 'correspond, - p osition at .ottawa to be there dis- lic is' foolish to look for any benefit remedying. shou1d have withdrawn from the ca~e, the Sun yesterday. It will provoke ents are apt to express, their awn cussed and denounced? Whi1e ]1,1[1': frQm the in vestigation, Many perti- 'Whose fa'ult is it that thi s splendid nothing' but disgtis-t in the minds of and Jud~e Britton would' have (!ome opinions, or the opinions of others Justi ce Britton's regular salary runs nenl quest.ions were ruled out of or- program has not heen 'carried out, thinking men. The writer may im. del'. and it was for the govC'rnment to a realization of his rluti es. withou t I'efle,eting the news item as at the usual 'fate, he is presented by to see whether it should not inter- that the wrongs have increased raJth· The press of 'Canada has given agine he is doing yeoman service in. it really occurred . his politieal friends with the finest er than . diminished? Is it the fault of the caus'e, instead of which he is im· fere. Juc1l ge Brittori a: 'flaying for 11 is action, "The prime minister could not see the leaders or of the ranlt and ifile? first in coming here at all, and then periling more than he kno'Ws. Mr. Monk's object in callingatten- If the latter 'are determined 1 1ipOn a for h'is actions after he cam'l. (~om- The Sun is going to great lenogrt:h, s tion to the ' g, currilous, news, paper al'- Comm (lcnts, 1'fowever, u'pon the ma- holiday trip that the 'cO'lltinent can terial sent 'by special and misinformed, afford, and a bonus of ~2,O(}(}. !His ju­ cones'poll,dents sometimes' leads a dicial usefulness in every case of po- poJiocy of charter-mongering, '01' any ' fi d when it'is so free with names, and ticle unless it was to try and fasten ments 'on his hurried and undigm 'l paper into error, and more often litica;l compIexion is forever gone. the charges of wrongdoing u. J)on the other form ofcorrup.tion, it reqllires' retreat have not yet reache,1 Dawson, su'ggests' th,at they re tl'Ouble breed- ma1(es it ridiculous. Henceforth every decision adverse to commission. The same attempt ha.dl heraism in the leaders to carry out a The royal comtnission9rr found ,ers without a stake in the . . We The Province, witb the wisdom .the Oonservative party Will evoke been 'made before and had failed , -as policy of reform. wil'l hazard , a guess that the writer what others have , fol1nd. aTJi! ~OUlO w'hich comes from the' perv,erted ae- memories of the Treadgol, d commis- it wmlld fail again. There w:as noth- 'Dbe sp,ectacle now before the coun- have not yet realized, that th~re are dare ndt ' · popular verd'ict ing in what Mr. Monk had read, th!l!t coun t sell t by a correspondenl t, s'ays: sion." he had not himself perused , already. try, degrading as it is, w!]~ not 'be in Y.ukon men of superior intelligenCe upon the question, Wha~ver may be saidl to I~~ C/: n- These kicl,ers at Dawson were like without redeeming features if it sets and more sc hO'larly attainment than 'The News has carefully followed . tn'any . the oommissi. ol n ajppolnfledl 1:0 the lhree tailors of Tooley street, and the electorate thinldn'g albout getting those "'ho as.sum e a condl·tl·on of in- the proceedings' of the commission, ' H inqui'r'e into' the Tr lSal d\gplldl clOn,ces- pretenrled to spea!" for the whole Yu· better men into l)arliament. tellectual superiority, They are and p'erf-ormed I!- 'pu~lic duty in point- hon. There is n.o Teason either 'Why the quickly disabu!l'ed, however, when i'ng out those , things that were wrong The instru-ctjons to the -commiss, ion' were amp'le, and' he 'could see no Liberals s'hould do all the th, inking on they arrive in Dawson. and defending th, e peollle of Yukon ground for rejiecti'on upon tqe man- this subject. The great body of the from un.just op'pression, ner of its conduct. electors -are vretty well convinced UNDIGNIFIED AND INA, CCURAT'E. lHo'w a government -can hope to at· sion i'n the Yuko'n sele,":1s tol hla)vle ClOn­ du, Clted it's j, nv.estigatibl'llS' w.i\~h tlhe eajrnest dl esire to g, et ajt :the truth \andl b'ec' Y~e tI~oroughly "seizeid" of ,hie sit- ENCOURAG,E THE SCHEME. The idea of sendin'gl qUl arLz tu the Si. Louis exhtbi.ti, on is good an'd s h,ould be , eneourag,ed in every pos­ siMe manne.. Wilson Fos'te r is 1Il 0Sit enthusiastic on the su'bject and in- Dr. Sproule alluded to the recent that a's the ratation of crops is a remarl,s of .r. S. iEwart of Winnipeg d th' f' tl '1 . th t A publication which pur,ports to be ulil\tion. tract a peep, le when. citizens , of repute vites all th'ose who have specimens Wit'h the exception of ch'arging of qU'artz VI'hl'ch w'l'll Illu",t-'ate the r~ before Jud'ge Perdue, .n w'hich fault goo lng 01 le SOl , so IS e 1'0 a- . . 'f " ,' 't" th I t f I tion ri,f parties a ""od thip.g f{Jl' tihe. th-e mouthp, e of a g()vel nm . ent, and , and position are openlY' insulted by ~ 1 ~ Judge Britton with being 'biased, 'as was Oll . ",-\- 1',11 ,,.. e emp oY'me n . 0 Y o '~ I, . " . . , . , Judge Britton upon this commission body ]}oliUc, especially 101' th e de-, gJ ve expresslO .n to v.Jews w. hJlCh, are sion. ffi I h h 'W tire in ve.stigation, it w, as veryevi- in the Yukon. In bis address Mr, struction of tlwse noxious gl'Owths assl1med to be 0 ola, W IC vie S' This 'country is too great for some E t h d . d th' f th . f ffi . I th ht d den t to ev,ery un!}rejud'iced onloo,ker 'w,ar a vOice e vi e ws Q. ' e which flourish In every palitical are a reflectIOn 0 0 cia oug , all' , of the men in it. Woe want larger Manitoba bar. 'Moreover, he was a carry official endol'sement, should be that there was no d'esire 'W'hatever the official paper , passes comD'l'ehen- / cle'arly 'appearedl t.hl'ou-glioOut t he e ll- souTce's of Yukon to' s'end th€m to him ~ ~ _. --- -~- a.nd h e will see that they arriv,e aft the fair. T.his is a gOOd opportunity to adver­ tise to the world that Yuk()n ha.s, \ promin ent member of the 'Liberal regime unduly pmlonged. men" of greater depth , arud broader to get a t the trulh. party, If the Conservative I}arty is to dig,nlfled a.p.d accurate. minds, to Indicate and, direct a gov- something more t'han placer ~old , an, et 'Hoi w the Province arrives at itll it is not unllkelythat som.e of the spe-/ "Mr. MoCreary denied Ewart voked commend itself to the peopl e when 'l'he Sun is neither one n{Jr tlle ernment 11 oli cy. conc'lusions with no knowledge ut the more tban 'his own. personal views. next it , comes to p'ower, it must have other. The articloe published yester- The ()pportunity is pres'ent for an Mr. Lancaster ~aid that othel' law" d " th ' d h et facts will go far ip , ' d,etermine the big men, men of big ideas and big ay mornIng IS' e eV! ence er 0- offieial in Yukon te.rr itory, not yeI's were present and, did not _ ,5" t th value of its u tterances. se'nt from what he said , Mr. Me · ideals t, o represent the constituen- fore laC'king, that suppor s e con- only to shed lustre upon journ alism, Creary answere .d -that. no douht the IC ies. It is positively refresing and tention of Sir Wilfrid Laurier that bu't to attl'act s'tr, en,gth and cement a MaDltoba bar would dISCUSS the mat- encouraging to meet, as one occas.ion- YukO'n has. a scurri'lous press'. good 'feeling between the , J)eo'ple and ter later. Mr. ; Ewart 'Was no Liberal ally does in active !lubEc life a man 'Th e official organ has descend'ed the admin'istratlon, Instead of which, and had not been since the school ' so low to hurl a venomous attack 'I'he Board of Trade solicitors ac- cimens sent may he recognize,d, 'an, d result in attracting capital to develop some of the very p.romisin'g ledges whiCh are to be found in ma.ny part.s Df the distriCt. The has who has too much self res'pect too by alienating those who a:lone can qUestion. ' - , against r, epwtable gentlemen, that explicitly 'in their argument to the abandone'd any intention of contesrt:- '''The refiection on ' Jud'ge iBritton much dignity, to call an, y man master, 000 needs to stoop to filthY' d,epths to S'upply what is required, the !Sun commissioners that every hostile wit- ing the Yukon ' seat. It rests , under was unwarranted . It was idle to pl'e- ready as he may be to defer to rnst upon the plane of tne Sun's ar sinks lower and lower and delights in ness was repea:tE!d ly told from the the erroneous imnression . t hat CiJif- cuse tbe commission of 'being unr'air, and protectin'g witaesses soo that t he tru'th should not be tol:d" They ~ay government practJ.cally tend , that. judges were 'biased by party wise and experi encedleadeiship. ~ \ - malicious misrepresentation. ' affiliations. There was hardly a ma_ n gument. b'enc11, when a question was' P'ltt t'he ford Sifton has been vindi'cated in. the ' Just as tbe Liberl,s are on trial 'This course can have but Dne re- on the bench but bad' taken part in • The writer of the article i,s evi- answer 'Of which might injure the con· election of Mr. ~oss. If Mr. Sifton "'OII'tl'CS on ' e tl'me '01' another. Mr, now, the Conservatives will be on suIt, but one' Thos'e who • '" dently p·ossessed of mor.e freedom cessionaire, I not to 'answer Galliher of Yale, and Mr. Davis of trial later on before the great jury of look to it for support-assistan'ce and ~-l' than responsibility, 1'or he permitS' agreeaJble. S'asl;atchewan, spoke in. a similar public opinion. They can see ." help--are dragged doWill by the Sun h,imse1f much license' in usimg ruames , If the conces,sionaire found unless wm r emain under th8lt impression , I long enough to give an opportunity to th'at ne · those wh.o deny the vindicatio.n, there' strain, The question th en Mopped themselves the misdeeds, the Scandals and may per i,sh with it.. When pub- and the house too m up the redistri of men whose moral character an.d could not answe'r without hurting his may 'be s,omething doing in. palitics ' , . . ' that 'are the sure and certain outcome ' , lic con'fid'ence- is gone, w:hen a paper bution bil1." position in the community are far cause he refused and Vhe truth 'Was that will eclipse the Gamey scan.dal. FrDm this will be disclosed the of sending to p'arliament men without higher than his own. los'es the respect af the 'community, it not exposed. source of the examp.Je followed by principle, courage, self-respect or pa- Is it the province O'f the offici'al 01'- is aI}proaching diss'Olution. This di.rect invitation from the cO'm- triotism. The, News will not move from its gan to insult citizens who have done' mi.ssioners to the witness to con'ceail , channel one inch, bllt in its onward whrut they reg.ard as a duty? Is it the facts does not go l far to s'u'pport caurse it wastes one preci'oul s mo­ t he testimony of the .Province t hl at t he Yukon or·gan in mud slinging. Wben any discussion of the govern" The ahove is the opinion of LUe one of the functions of a g'oV'ernment After the ar~'uments have been read opposing conceSSions, 81nd ana­ lyzing the means employed to get them and the men who used the ment's Yukon pol\{:)" is attempted onlY Montreal Star, a publication generally one avenue of es'cape ap'pears for the to 'be found svea:king to the point. cliscl'ed'ited horde of Yukon exploit- What has been our experi en.ce: in el'S, i Y'llk, on ? A man heralded as a Mes- melllt ' to look back and warn the' 'Sun h ' paper to print deliberate unitruths? the commiss.ion-ers had 'any' earnest means, t e peop'le will not hesitate Has the Sun forgotten that one of in a kindly w;ay that permanent suc- desire to be seized, of th, e truth , to say that those men wh, o have con, 'Each of the former editors of the I siah who would redeem his peop,le,. a the gentlemeu alluded, to was prof- cess is based upon truth, and tha:t The men Who might have told the conSisten tly fought against con.ces- , the effect of any a:ttack is' determin'ed . 1 Id h b I fer'ed a pla ce with the Board of Trade, t. ru'th were insultingly allud, ed to' by SlOns s IOU ave een more ]o) 'a ly by a comparison of the clLal'acter and Moses who would lead them out of ' official organ, before they were foisL- cou nsel, by t he Board '01 Trade corn- J unge Britton, and~ work ing miners sUj)lported. record of the aggl"~ssor and the one ....,.;~!!!'!!"!!!'!!"!!!'!!"!!!'!!"!!!'!!"!!!'!!"!!'!!!! ed onto the government payroll, fol- the wilderness, never lifted up his mittee O f which be was a mem];}er?' lowed the same tactics, and they lost voice 0 11 one occasion in the house, Does the Sun Imow t h,at the genUe-. for such methods cannot win. but left the city t() escape from an man declined upon the grou,nd that maligned. whom he supposed couM not ans,we.r - ' The Toronto News says "judgIng him were op~nly taunted and offen­ Judge Britton had' h'ard.Jy taken his embarrassing situation. , M'R. ROS, S PAS,SED BY. from the impartial repCllrts wired from sively spoken to from the 'bench, Dawson., the population of the city while to others' . who would have is sharply div id ed into two cla:ss'es- he h a:d no desire to eID'barrass the: seat to investigate Yukon's, greatest Men in. pubic life who are faithless s.ituation ? . '-'~' ; The federal election was held less worsted 'him in debate he extend,ed, a grievance before he started talking to their trust, as Mr. Ross 11a:s been, Has' the official, politics from t:he bench , and was re- come within the category of those !.ion that one of the good. honest. upright men who organ nu I'ecollec· than one year ago so that memory is public apology fo r even ma:king a su,pport ''l'readgold, and, 'the­ the gentlemen re· ,,green with respect to the ~vents of jocular allusion to them durin.g their bul,ed by Dr. Gatto fo'!' so doing. condemned by the N€ws, fen"ed t o was placed upon. record a s, that time. absence. ous, ragamuffins who are on the other Mr. Sifton alolle 'appears -to realize The Star says it is refreshing to the saf'es,t defense of hl 'S cOI'rtlpt YU- I find. ill public life men with t,OD .mnch t t tl .. "th h ' mAn , ,0 ,le commiSSIOners ac' e con- cause he was to enter t e cabinet; ID earnest desire not to be seized of the A few mo-re l\ 'on admJ'nl'stratJ'Oll ' IS s'I 'lence and ob- selt-respect anll too mu ch dlgnlty' to I' f I h . ? h ~ C USlOlI 0 t le eaflwg. f.act, it was alleged by t e organ sUP- situation 'by decli ning to order the 'Aug,e'an stabJes of side." h'aving the right to sU'bmit an , argu- Voles were asked, for Mr. Ross be· Th, e commission further evi nced an months Yu'kon and will sence, Time after t ime the house of caU any man .master. Ts it inco, nveniont 'for the Sun to poroductlon o, f the files which 'weTe clea nsed, and citizens will find brou, g'ht from Ottawa !Vt the expcnse munity fro'm insults mad€ ill the be im· the commons has been forced, to discuss Yukon has not this p'leasure, ,its remember that the only other occa­ Yukon questions in the absence of the member is not a free agent, and oth· si(l)n upon which the 'same gentleman responsible minister, who under one el's following in, his steps must d, o as addre, ssed the commissioner~ Was, to portin,g him that h~ was to be , minis­ ter of the Interior and, was then , on his way to Ottawa to be sworn in. . \ T'his was fictitious, as t he News of th e p'eople 'for use in t his very in- name of a goV'el'nment that has ae­ pointed out at't,he t ill).e, and then it quiry, Does this look as if the commis- ceived and betrayed the people. pretext and another has a,bsented him- they are told ?r step' down and out, acknowledge an ap'Olo-gy frOm Ju,dge self. and the result is tha:t ,there is too Britton, who h'ad, been' guilty, oC a was said' a new folio, th~t of minis- Sione-rs .were anxious to ~et the truth? It would bb well ror the Board of No wonder, being well up in the much subserviency, 'too much cringing grave indiscretion in making an al- te r of mines, wo:uld be created espe- , Can the Province, w'ith lhe.s'e facts I Trade solicit'ors to designate by name science of eva-ding the main issue, he and no independence of thougbt and lusi'on to him during his alYsence? cially for the b, enefit of IMr. Rass. brou'ght to its attentio!,\, ~ntertain the those mell' alluded to in their ar, gu- says: "What kind of people have I got action. T s it wittJin the limited lmowledge This bubble also ' exploded, and opinion that the commission~rs were ment to the , commissioners as' "dem e- in the Yukon?" The ap.proaching elections will be of the Sun that more consid,eratio'n from that time Mr. ·'ROS~. did not OC, desirous of getting 'Ill t'he, or go'gues whose existence depends on That portion of the press whieh de- the opportunity for strong men to was extended to the 'commissiolHlrs cupy the serious attention of any- that they earnestly sou.ght to 'be Tread,gold, .;' fends YlIkoners, is not scurrilous, but come to the · front, men who can orig- by the News than, the circlJImstances body, s,eized of the s-itua;tion? just and accurate. ·although the trutn~ inate and carry out a policy, and who jnstified? The matter comes up again upon Th e Province says further that Eastern exchanges contain some ha ve 'P,rinciple, courage' , sel'f-res'pect ' b may not be palatable. Members of Does the Sun imagine th'at it may the announcement that ¥r. Sifton is Judge 'Britton refused 'the guidance very a surd correspondence from the ill informed' government should and ability -combined. arrogate to itself the right to .name to leave t he cabinet,' ,and already the of so me of those who were mainly in- Dawson on th e commission and its emulate t he example of Jud'ge Brit- Longshoremen at Prov4d, ence, :Et. 1., I the meil to whom reference WaE names of several 'gentlemen from the terested. 'This is the 'first time we doings. All of this will react upon' the ton and make an apology as complete have determined to organize a union. made lJy the Board 'Of Trade s'olici· west have been mentioned , but the have 'heard the charge m.ade ddrect .. government when the t ruth is told. (Prom Thl:rsday's Daily.) D.A!WSON WlIDEIK'LY NEfWiS, F1RlIDAY, OCTOIBER 2, 1903. WilL DO I OAW'S'ON MERCHANT LEAV·ES FO,R OUT'S·IDE. PARENTS Head of -Mah'oney Trad'ing Company WEST NOT SQ BRIS· K AS THE EAST JU.ST NOW. Mrs. Orrell R.eturns from Trip OUlb­ sid'e an:tt Rep'orts Great Activity. M'DONALD ENDS ! YEAR'S WORI( ~d a financial success, and demon­ strated that the ground is rich. BIG WORK Seeks Better Hfiaith. I Mr. and Mrs. ThomlUl Mahoney, txJth well known and esteemed citl- I .­ zens of Dawson, leave tonight on the steamer .Columbian for the outside. I CARELESS Mrs. J. S. Orrell, of the millinery firm of Summers & Orrell, has return­ ed from an extensive trip through the . East buying new stock. She reports Pla,nt on [)ago Hm CI·osed -DOWn for Winter-First Cleanup Since Installation. (}eorge F. McDougall, engineer-in­ chief on the properties, is going out. side to s pend the winter at hi~ home in C:bicag, o. He will return in AJPl'll with supplies for McDonald. , On account of the success scored by . the Reidler pump on MCDonald's properties, two similar ,pumps, it ill reported , wil'l be brought in next spring for operatl-on on Bonanza. Gold Run Men to Op­ erate All Winter WILL EMPLOY 100 They will go to Los Angeles, Cal., whe re Mr. Mahoney intends to take Neglect to Register the sun-exercise treatment for loco- \ motor ataxia from whicn he h'as sui- Their Children fered for the past three years. Mr. Mahoney came to the Klo.ndike in 1898 in company with Pat Ga:lvln. In 1899 he became store manager for the N. A. T. & T. Co., and hoas since been In the mercantile 'business for himself. He has been one of our successful IDEA Rutl'edge & Da, vis Will Prosec;ute business men 'and s' lI,Ys he rates to leave the country which afford. s so many OPPol'tunities for rapid money­ making. Afraidl Act ~f Registratil ()ln ,Makes Off· spring British Su,bjeots-Reoord' for September !-o'west Of Year-Mar­ riages Drop to 'Ten-Twelve Deaths. Thei r E.nterprises Without I nlter­ ruptio·n-Dredge to Cost $134,000 to The best wishes of the Dawson Be Placed on Fortymile in Spring. public will be with Mr. Mahoney on the outside. Seven claims owned by J. J. 'Rut­ ledge and· D. W . Davison Gold Run wil1 be w~rked all winter. An hun­ dred men will be kept at work and dumps will be pr·oduced and placed in position for washing In !th e spring. The announcement was made today 'by Mr. Rl1tledge. The ' claims. to be worked are Nos. 8, 13, 24, 32, 36A, 37 and 38. Mr.RuJledge also anuounces that nert s'pring the syndica;te which has secured a concession of the Fortymile river from its mouth !to the interna­ tional boundary will have a dredg· e · costing $134,000 ready for operation. He Ie.aves here in a few daYis to go outside to look to preparations for the installation of the ·dredge. "It is .the plan," says Mr. Rut­ ledge, "to have the dredg'll built at - Whitehorse and ready to start down the Yukon early next spring. All the equipment exc€]}t t he high over­ hanging ponti-ons of the dredge will b-e placed· in position. ~'Summer af·ter next we shall have a second dredge in operation on the river. Ttie first dredge will be used below the canyon of the Fortymile. #~he second will be used .above the canyon. 111 order to get ,the second dredge above the canyon we shall ha ve . it brouglLt ' to Fortymile next summer by steamer and hauled over the ice of the rivet to the ultimate destin:atiWl next winter. "The dredge to be used below the canyon will have a ca;p.acity 0 5,000 cubic Y'ards a day. 'It is of the Risdon ty,pe, and is being built in I San Fran­ cisco. 'The cost of the dredge which I quoted is the ca-c;t laid down i,n work­ ing order on the concession. "~r. Davis is not associated with me in th e dredging bUSiness. Eastern capital is in this enter· prise. "o,n Gold Run we -are using self­ dum'Pjng hoists. "I shall leave In 'a few days for the coast. -Mrs. Rutledge goes wi-th me." ALASKAN CLUB FORMED OUTSIDE New Org·a. niza;tiQn L·a,u~ched alt Seat· tle~Names of Well Known Klo, n· di kers Associated. Seattle, Sept. 9.-4n enthusiastic m~eting of tbe newly formed Alask'a club was held last nig.nt a t the North­ -ern hotel. A list of more than: 10D names was submitted as having ~jgn­ ed the roll, . with various other lists ont which will lll,ely swell the num· ber to 200, with many t\)ore in view. A permanent organization was effect· ed by the election of the following officers. President, S . S. Bailey; vice·presi­ 'Ilents, John W . Roberts and O. E. :sauter; executive committee, James D. Hoge, jr., William Pigott, Will A. :steel, T. S. Lippy, J . E. Chilberg, ,Frank T. Hunter an·d J. H .. T ennings. The election of a secretary, treas- 1. 1I"er, three trustees and fiv e vice­ presidents from the various sections 'of Alaska was deferred until the next meeting. There was a desire to elect 1 ...John C. Green, the temporary secre­ tary, permanently to t hat -position, but . he declined to accept. The meeting adJourned to meet at t he call of the Ipresident.. A prominen t fi gure present was ex· "Governor James Sheakley, who first went to Alaska in 1887, and was ap· pointed governor by Pres ident Cleve· land in 1893. H e made 'an address before the meeting and highly com­ mended the object of the newly form· · ed orga nization. \ All the different brancbes of metal workers in 'Tacoma, WaJsh., will 1i1H~ly · comhine in one large organization. CHINA CONTINUES RUSSIA'S STATUS R I! ther Tha,n Sign Final 'Pr'OpIOIsal China Will Pe'rm iif: Russian Occup· ",tion. (The Associated Press.) PARIS, Oct. 1.-Advices received show t hat China intends to continue th e present Russian standing in Man­ churia rathel' than commit herself to finally Signing the iProposed agree· ment. In view of these conditions Ja- But seven births are registered for the month of September at the office of the assistant commissioner of police, though many more are known I to have taken place. In the last two months about twenty births have oc­ curred which so far h'ave not been registered and the parents are being notified to obey the law. A number of Americans are unwill­ ing to register th e births of their children under the mistaken idea that by doing so the children become Brhtish subjects. The idea is wrdng' l A child born here of American par­ ents is an American if he wants to be pau's decision to send troops to Corea one. On the other hand if he wants is 'regarded as . being a most s ignifi. ! La be a Britis h subject. he C'an be­ cant step. AdvlCes further show that come one without any trouble. His the war spirit in Japan has been ma· parrots, if they h'ave not IllllJturalized f teria~IY augmented during the last in this country, are domir.iles and he fortlllght. also is a dom icil e. The mere act of ULTIMATUM · TO TURKEY I No.titied Th, a"t Maced;onia.n Reforms Must Be in Ha.nds of Christi: an Commissi'ol n. (The Associated Press.) registration has no effect on his na­ tionalHy. The question of whether or not a child born of American parents in this territory can become president of the United States worries , some of t.hosc from the other &ide, thou gh there is not one chance in a million that one of them will ever get with­ in the shadow of the preSidential chair. Registration has no bearing on that importan t question, bnt is a guarantee of the child's legitimacy. I Those who fail to regis.ter are vio­ lating the law. Ten m'arriages were solemnized during September. This is also be­ low the record of previou& months for 190; ', but does not indicll!te that ODESSA, Oct. I.-The Bourse Gazette asser ts that the coming mee\ing between Count ' Lamsd·orf and Count Goulchowsl,i, respectively Russian and Austro-iHungarian for· eign ministers, will be followed bY' a notification to the porte that the !pow­ ers insist upon the execution of t he ma.rriage is becoming un·popular in ' Aus tro,Hungarian reforms in ·Mace· thtl KlonLike for there are rumors of donia beIng e~ltrusted to an exclusive· Iy Christi'an commission. OREAT RACE BETWEEN PACERS Arralng'ements Have Been M'ad'e for a Race . Between. Den Patch andl Prince Alert. . (The Associated Press.) MEMPHIS, Oct. I.-The DrivLng Park association announces' that ar­ rangements have been made for a race between Prince Alert, 1: 57, and Dan Patch, 1 : 59, on October 20. . The La'st Tlhi, 1'I\9 in 1 00,9:S. Dog Fancier-Yes, m'ad'am, I have all kinds of dogs here. Is. there any particular breed you wish? Old Lady (who reads the pape'rs) ­ Oh, anything that's fas·hionable. Let me see an ocean greyhound. a number to come this month. Twelve deaths are record eu. for Sep­ tembe r. The ' num.ber includes the deaths of Louis 'Siversol1, on Gold Run, and Frank Crowden on QU'artz crel"e. Sivel'Son w.a.s crushed to tdeath beneath six feet of g,ravel whiCh fell from the roof of a drift in which he was working. His chest and abdomen were crushed Ill' all!d d'eath must have been instantan. €Qus. Crowden was killed while ascend­ ing l a 90-foot shaft on Quartz. The boatswain's chair in which he was seated broke loose and he drop, ped to instant death. T'he acciden.t was dne to his own negligence. Another acci­ dental death was that of Mark AI­ cock, who was drowned in the Yu­ Iwn at t.he mouth of the Klondike, whil e stampeding . The list als· o includes the death of Marie Pasqua, the lunatic, on the steamer Vidette, en route to 'White­ horse. Her remains were coffined on the vessel and taken to the railroad town for interment. DAWSON FLUME HOSE FACTORY ORDERS FILLED PROMPTL Y. There are very few cleans- · in~ o!)crations in v/hich Sunlight : ,Bunks, Roof Covers; Wagon Covers, the Eastern 'provinces and states pros­ pering more than the Western coast . "The great harvests in the 'East," says Mrs. Orrell, "are the secret 'of iElastern prosperity just now. 'The work created by harvesting --the im­ mense crops and the moving of the grain mak1 es everything brisk beyond Alex. McDonald has closed, down his plant on Dago hill, lower Hunker, for the winter. The boilers have been laid up for the cold months and all the machinery Is und'er cover. A house .over the engine was recently completed. Organization of granite cutters ill Wisconsin is being p. lanned by the American Feder'aUon of Labor. See the· mirror d! ance-AudHoriu· m.* Ne w Orleans, La., hor.seshoers have presented demand, s calling · tor rec'og­ nition of the union .and a new scale of wages and hours. The"flrst cleanup since the installa­ tion of the new plant took place Sun­ day and Is said to have Y'ielded a highly s'atisfactory amount of dust. It is stat~d that the project has prov· 'Lo· sses. incurred 'by the stri'ke of the workers at the nap.htha wells, BaIku. Russ-ia, amount to no less than £1" 400,00!} to the owners alone. We Are Inagurating The fall Season! WITH MONEY SAVING PRICES FOR BUYERS. The great FaIt merchandise movement has been inaugurated ===a rare opportunity for buyers to save money on everything wanted for the house and their personal requirements also. We are reaching out for greater trade and preparing for im= portant changes in different departments of our business, there= fore we throw aside customary profits and bend every effort in one direction===to sell, to clear, to get ready, for these important changes and the new season's business. Read off our special offerings. Herein lies the smart shop'" per's opportunity to economize. One hundred pieces Mercer Silk Houselining ISc yard. One hundred Rieces Houselining Cotton 7 1-2c yard. for Women's Wear '1',000 yardS .lo'ancy Wrapperettes; worth 25 cen~. Special, 15 Ce.nts Yard 500 yards Irish Fancy FinneUe 'Cloths for (B louses; worth $1.00 ... ......... ... ............ . . ..... . . . Special, 50 Cen,m Yard Twenty pieces Fancy .lo~rench F lan.nels ..... . ..... . Special, 75 Cents Yard Ladies' Golf Swe'aters, new styles Specilal, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00 Ladies' Black Cashmere Hose, sizes 8 1 h, 9, 9% and 10; worth $1.00 .................... ............ . Specia, I, 50 'Cen,ts Pair One hundred Ladies' Ready-w-Wear and Triml!!ed Hats ; worth $5 .00, $7.50 and: $10.00 ... ........... ., $1.50, $2.50, $4.00 for the Home 36·inc!;i Amer ioan Ar t Burla.p ; worth 75 cents ... ... . Specral, 50 ' Qonts Yard Handsome Chenille 'an'd Tapestry .cur tains .. . . . . . . Special, $5.00, $7.50 and $10.00 ,Pair 'One hundred W·indow Shades- To clear .......... . Special, $1.25 Pair One hundred Oak }o'inished Curtain ,Poles .......... . 50 Cents Each 500 yards Not~in'gham CUrtain Netts; regu'1ar, 25 cents ............. .......... . . .. . .. ......... . . . Special, 10 'Cents Ya,rdl Special value and new designs in Cretonnes .. ... . S.pecial, 20,25 and 35 'Cen'ts Five Hundred Yards Japanese Matting at 2Sc and 35c yard. Ladies' Silk Waists Ten dozen La.dies' White and .Black China , SHIr Waists Jor Evening Wear; worth $10.00 .. . .. ... . g 'pecial, $5.00 E.ach Three dozen Ladies' Black and Oolored Taffeta I Silk Wa i's ts ; worth $10.00 to $15.00· .. .. ...... ....... . . Sp~ial, $5.00 Each Seveuty·five Ladies' Cloth Dress Sldrts ; regutar, $1 5.00 to $25.00 .... . ..... ... ................ . .. . Speci'al, $10.00 E, a. ch Ladies' fur Coats ,One hundred Ladies' Fur Goats, in Seal, Persian· Lamb,'akan, .coon and Aust'an B eaver, at startling . prices. Ladies' Black Astra.kan Jaokets, 27-inch . .... . .... . Special, $35.00, $40.00, $45.00 Ladies' Australian Coon Jackets . .. ... ....... . .. . . Special, $35.00 Each Ladies' Beaver Jackets· . ... .... ........ . 40.00 and $50.00 Ladies' Electric Heal Ja{!k~ts ..... ....... . . .... . . $50.00, $65.00, $75.00 Ladies' Alaska Seal Jackets .... .. ...... . ......... . $150.00, $175.00, $250.00, $300.00 Special Value Bed Pillows. $1.25, $1.75, $2.50 Closing Out Ladies' and Children's Shoes. '" Every pair of Ladies' and Children's Footwear must be sold, hence these prices: Ladies' Patent Kid Lace Sh·oes ; regular $8.00 ..... . Sale price $4.00 Ladies' lPatent Leather Lace Shoes ; regu lar, $8.00. S· ale price $4.00 Ladies' Patent Leather 'Oxfords ; regUlar, $7.00 ... . . . Sale price' $3.50 Ladies' French Heel Kid Lace Shoes; regul·ar, $7.00. S'ale price $3.50 Oue hundred pairs Ladies' Don gola and Kid Lace Shoes; regular prices, $5.50, $6, $7 . .... .......... . S'ale price $3.50 Misses' Dongola Button Shoes, sizes 11 to 2; regular, $3.50 .......... . .. . . .... ....... ..... .. ......... . Sale price $2.00 Misses' 'Dongola Lace Shoes ; sizes 11 to 2; regular, $3.· 50 ... ........ . ..... . ...... ... . ...... .. .. .. . 'Sale price $2.00 Misses' Lace I Shoes. sizes 11 to 2; regu'lar, $3.00 ..... Sa.le price $1.75 One hundred pairs Misses' Sandal Slippers; regul'ar, $2.50' , $2.75 and $3 .00 ... ..................... . . Sale price $1.50 100 pairs Infants' Slip. pers; regular,. $1.75 and $2 .00. Sale price 75c Soap cr.. !lnot be used , to , advant· t· ·, Floor Covers, Etc. J l ~ ~l~~ :~~~W~ :'. ,,~~E~~ ~~~~.· ____ ~ I~~ . . s_e.c_o.n'ld_.A_v.e.n_u.e_. _____ •• o.p_P.o_s.i.t.e_D_a_w_s.o.n_.H_a.r.d_w_a.rne_c_o •• _~ SCOUGAL£'S , ;" I.' ..... , '_ .. .... : .. ~ . :":" , . . .... ,;,: ., .' (From Saturday's DailY.) DA WI SON WEEKL V 'Tl7'~ FIUDA Y, OCT. 2, 1983. MEMBERS OF NEW ~CABINrT ZEALANDIAN SINKS : SCOWS + (The Associated Press.) + + (Special to th~ News.) • +I OGILVIE, Se!}t.26.-The Zealan di'an , while trying to make + +I Il.JONIDON, Sept. 26.-The Associated Press is able to s,bate + + definitely that Lord Milner has been offered and has declined +l .. the colonial s.ecretaryship. Further pressu re is being brought ..:­ '*' to ·bear on him, urging..bJim to reconsider his d'etermination, but -l +- if the forecast of his [riends is .correct he will not accept. -l .. Mr. Broderick, former secretary of war, has . ac'cepted the . .'} .. .secretaryship for In'd1a, and in th· e event 'Of 1L0rd Milner yield- + +- ing to pressure, t he Duke of Marl borough , now under secretary + for for the colonies, will become under secretary for India, the p'r~ -l .. cedent dMaining that both scc:etary' and under secretary shall + +-. not sit ilL t he s'ame hou'se. No l1efinite annouJlcement of the com- {+ ... a landing here last night with fou, 1' scows, manag,ed to snub the ... {+1 ftrst one, but the water being so s'Wift sh e pulled the side ·of the ... +- scow out. They th,en drIfted dl()wn about tw'o miles 'and tied up ... +- at the foot of an island . Two sco'WS were sUlnk and the goods: .. '*" wet. The passen·gers will be tTansferred ·to t he steamer Selkirk. + + ... +It • The contents h·ave been reScued and, are now piled up ou t he +- bank. '*' posi·t!on of the new cabinet IS expected befor e Monday. + .. . +++ ••• +.+ ••• +++++++++++++++++++++++++ .. +- The Zealandian. sailed from Whitehorse 'Tuesday. with four ... '*' scows. The freight on the steamer and her scows was consignedl ... ' fo! as follo:ws : J. E. Lilly & Co., 1~0r12 pac'kages; S'toner & Bru ce, ... +- 1,302; Mersereau & Cl ark, 117; M~Donald .Trading Co., 600; Junes 1 .... !Bros., 105; Des Hrisay & Go., 28 ; Guion & Miller, 196; Ames, '" -+ Mercantile Co., 3'59 ; G. [ . .0_ Barton, 44b_ ... +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-+++++. FIFTH CHARGE TO BE PLAOED SULIES TRIAL NEXT TUESDAY 0000 SHOWINO ON DOMINION OOLLISION' ON THE RAILROAD --' - MIner Ch~rgeli W~h Rrobbing S,luice T, h.olmas MlOrgan Will Be ,Ao,cus,ed of Box on No. 20 Below on .R' Home of Tom .Keogh Sulphur. on Eighth Avllnue. LOR,D 'y ULNE'R, WHO HAS BEEN OFFER'ED THE SE';'RETARY'SHIP TO THE COLONi'ES TO SUCCEEI D C'HAMBrERLAilN. Fi'rst Accident of Kind in H iSitory of ;Mli·l1~ng Inspecto, r HOllidl ajy SiaYiS the DalWson-Big C: ar Ru'ns Wa's'hup Ha. s 'Surlpr~ed M '~ners' I Charged with wbbing the sluice 1-- Away. ·Expec· ta1:iolPls--l:i'ci'n-g Outsi:d'e. 'box of No. 20 beldw on 'Sulphur, Thomas Morgau, the alleged stick- PETITION FOR APPEAL AGAINST rSulies, the miner of that creek who U 'p man, will face five charges 'When oDawson's first railroad accide nrt 'Was committed tor the crime, will 'be he goes to trial. He is , accused 'of happened, yesterda.y on the electric put ()n trial in the territorial court robbing the home of Tom Kedgh, at DECISION RE NORTHERN ligllt plant's tracks across the long Tuesday morning. He will be tried 1141A Ei ighth avenue, sometime he- \. stretch lof gravel below the mouth of Ilefore Mr. Justice Craig. tween the 14th and! 19th of this SEC , URITIES CO. the Klondike. A car with a capacity S'ulies -Is accus'ed of removing sev- month. of three' tons ran away, smasher into era1 thousand. dollars' worth of dtlst Beside other articles, a wolfs'lt:!n one of the smaller carriers, stove in from the box. When the theft was robe and a p.air of heavy boots w. ere t its· end and then jumped the traciks. committed the bottom of the box wr..s stolen from Keogh's· cabin. Keogh T; he 'line has a down grade of h ·d. 11 (The Associated Press.) 3In investing stockholder in the -entirely removed. S'lrlies had his pre- as I 'eud ed the shoes wMch were about fifty or sixty teet from the fo d t M '1 be- th ST. PAlUL, 'Sept. 26 .-The petition stocks of the two railways named, limin'ary u':laring before Mlj.jor How- Uoll ' a organ s P' ace SiS mg · e plant to the barge by the riv'er bank. ' arct on the ereeks and was sent up on-es which were taken. The charges for an order allowing an appeal in and· without power to interfere in the The cars are pu:lled by. a s'pirited h. . h '11 b I "d ' t M mauagement 01' control of these !lor trial. w le WI e ail . agams organ are 'the case of the S/tate of Minnesota, horse. The big car was· being taken · as follows: roads, that the court erred in not 'b k t f th 1 t I Monday Mr. Ju-stlce Oraig will sit against the Northern. Securities com- ;finding that the Northern Securities ac emp y ram e p an. t gain- in chambers. · Mr. Justice Macau'lay Hold. ing up Charles :l;enier and fil' ed considerable m.omentum on the pany was ed with Judg, e Dochren company was formed, for the express is still engag. ed in hearing the tres- George McLachlan, September 24. . h " f down gra.ct, e. The -driver dldJ not m t e circUit court 0 this d'istrirt to- purpose Qof gaining a m'ajority of pass case of Weinheim vs. iEklcks'on. Rdbbing the home of Mrs_ Gomez, d check the horse's s'peed until it -was TWO WEEKS TO FILE PROTESTS Onl, y Tonight Rema'il n$ to' Comp!ja,in Against Assessment-Noti'des Mail'ed: M l ondlay. Two weeks only remain in which DalWsonl tes may protes't rugainst t he assessments made again'st them for the current year by the city assessor: All protests shoulQ be 1I1~d with the city, .assessor, wh·o · also is ex-officio city clerk, at 1fu,e city offices. b t S t b 13 ay. stock of these two road, s 'and manage- e ween • ep em er and 24, 19()3' The assignment of error filed with ment. Wo late. The car began to draJg the R:obbing the home of Miss Peterson, '/L t"t ' . 1, . ' f 'horse along and then the driver ap- cue pe I' Ion -In su"s-tance secs ot"t;h It · is further claimed that the court between November 30 and, December th t ~ . plied the whip and jumped· from his . a tU'e court was in error in every erred in failing to decide that ':he se- 5, 190~. fi d' . th d h' h d' d seat. The tow rope was trailin o " in a n ,mg In e . ,ecree w IC . Ismisse curities company was 'organiz od wi!·.h Robbing the home of 'J . B. Younk- th loop alongside the car and as the e complainants, ' bill of complaint. 'tl1.e intention of evadin o '" the law.' of ins, between ·March ~ and 20, 1903. It' I" d h driver's feet r eached th e gl'0und they • IS C lume t e court erred in the state of Minnesota, which pro- 'RobbIng the home or Tob Keogh' , hid ' h were whipped from wnd,er him and he o mg t 3Jt the agreement which re- 'hibi ts such merger. s as the Northern between Se ptember 14 and 19, 19v3. It ~ . . sat dow,n, with g, reat f.or· ce. Th Cl r eins s'u ' e~ 1Il' the formation. of rhe North- 'Secur·ities comp'any, lLnd t'nat the The charge of robbing the Oleson s-lipped . from his hands and, then horSe ern -8ecuritiesco'mpany with· power to C(,)Ul't erred in ordering tha.t the state home wiU also probably be laid ' and car went on a wild r~N' down aequire a majority of t he stock of t he was no,t entitled to any relief in the . '. t against Great Norther.n and Northern Paci;fic action hrought to dis, solve the merger . . the track. Morgan is charged, with being a ral'lwaY's woo ll.nlawful, t ha,t ' ,le Th Those at the barge s'aw 'them com- " I ~ L e assignment of error cloiled one-worker," the hardest sort of a court erred in ho'lding that the North- w'ith a brief petition asking for a re. ing and scattered andi then came the criminal to bring to jUls,tice, and als: o ern Securi'ties' company I cras h. The damage was no~ seriOUS. 'with pedd1 ling his alleged plund '~r at was mere Y vers' 3JI of ju,dgment in the case. though the drivel' is not 'very nctive priv3lte dwelHngs iustead. of dls'posing at present. '~~o~~~ !~u~;a;ecs:~~:.d~fh~~~r::~~:~' ATLANTIC ~A1L DELAYED' BY OF- WHAT THOUSANDS SA~ one or two of those pl3Jces. FICIAL RED TAPE . , _ .' AL BARTLETT IN AN ASYLUM (The Associated Press.) LONDON, Sept. 26.-General iudig­ F'oirmer D 'a, wson ,Busr!n, ess Man Now in nation has been aroused· here by, a The arrival of the' Umbrfa's ma.j} 'brought matters to. a hea:d, t he raj} The G ·reat Cry of Thiose Who H' a, ve Bee.n Relievedl f!'Om the ,Miseries of Dyspe'p5'i:a 'by 'Doddls Dysp.epsli'a Tablets. " I 'Cannot say enough in Ifa vor of road officials refu sing. to forwa;rd the Dodd's tDys. peops!a; Tablets." surplus mail bags until the postoffic That's what Miss Gusty V. Cam' p- That the washup on Dominion was better this summer ,than is 'the op, inion of Mining Inspector iPMHip HolIid'ay, whose head'Quarters aM at eari'bou. I't 'wa.ter ha.d' been abun'd­ ant 10Th the cL'eek during th-e . sU'mimer instead of being scarce, ·he say ';;" !D0- minion would bave outShone ' any 'othe, r cr-eel,r in 'the 'territory. AS' 1t ', h. ow,ever, the C'lea:nu: p surpassed t he exPeftations of t he· Many who worked hard' t his, sum. mer will s, top for the w1nter and s;pellid the cold month.s in pil'os'pect!ng in the 8tewart riVeT country, w'bHe t hose who did not work during; th~ 'Warm se'ason will push ,0p'eMtions t his' 'win'ter 'On their claii ms, s o that 'the ·creek wi 1l be 'busy Again after the fre~e-up . 'Holllday will leave the 'later paJ;t 'Of tMs week on a fOjlr mont'h,8" vaca­ 'tion to t he outs~de. H e came 'bo -th:'e i Klondl il ke In the ,Tus· h Of 18· 97 'and this wiH be his first ftrip to the ou, t­ sdd,e sin! ce -then. He will visit hi~ 'Old bome in Quebec and . al8'o hill brother in MontreaJJ, 'whlo is ill. Hol­ iday has been tpe mining ins'pe0tor OllJ Uominion for t he past t hree and a half years. Wh'i· le driving in 'Frid '~- nigh't his horse 'bolted and. raced· 'alon'g 'the 'dArk r-oad fGr t, h.ree and a 'ha;lf miles 'befoI'e HoJlid, ay could I'egruin control. 'Th.en the 'auimal stopped , a, Dld fell Into : th'e d·i tch from exhaulltion -:- It rwn away this, sid e of t he rC1iff roadlrouse ,and went . thund.ering diown too nar­ row highway at breakneck · speed. The d,arkness' :made ,the affiair ·doubly dangerous, . The horse 'Was' , frightened, lHiolHday 'believes, b! a bear. Hund'reds, of notices or assessmen. t wi1l be mailed Monday by the assess­ or and dd s:trfbuted iDi toot man­ ll~l' 'to tax p'ayers. The notices inform 'each person-or co.mpany taxeil exactly in what sum they are 'taxed and that appeals, if mad'e, muslt be filed · before the expiration, of the next t wo 'Yeeks. The court of aplpeals will sit at the court hou .!e, begin­ ning October 15, Bruyere: As riches and 'l'avor for­ s~ke ·a man we discover him to i)e a fool, hut nobody could find it out In his prosp eri ty. Oreg~ Home for Inaane--M'al'Shl a, 1 Hiere Who TO'O'k Him Out. United' States Mars'hal George Drei­ bell). is', of Rampart, arrived here yes­ t€Jl'day en route to Rampart from the outside. He is' returning , after hav­ -jng taken Al Bartlett, a form~r Da!w­ son man, and; three other char:ges to t~e states for confinem ent in prison and asylums. dispute between the postoffice author­ iti·es andi t'he management of the London & Nort h.wetsern railroad, over p'ayment f,or the transportat"ion of mails , by which t he Am erican mails have been seriously delayed !lit Liverpool, when, und, er · exceptional circums:tances', they have not beeD' a.greed to pay the cost. Oonwonted 'unexpectedly with this ultimatum . (;he bell, of ,. LltUe rSh1ppe~,n, Gloucester I T.he securities of the $27,000.00 11 pos'Loffice compiled ' unoer protest. Co" N. B., says, and r: s wha.t thou- lead trust, which was formed in New On arrival of the IDtruri'a v b-e rail- sands of others are saYing every day. YOI'k yesterd'ay may be found ddfficult They can g,ive you their reasons for to float. ' WIFE BEATER UNDER BONDS Al Bartlett was formerly a member of the b·ig Da'w'son packing company of Bartlett Brothers. Marshal! Drei­ belbis· says that Bartlett's insanity is (aiven. SU&pended · Sel\t)en. ce-StriklllS Better Hlillf on F1 orehe'ad-Thl"elat- not of the vi01ent type. The man is peculiar in his action, s' , but he is not ens Her Exist/ence. -+ secured a divorce from, him at Ram- 'I deemed, safe to be at iarge. His' w'ife Charles Morg was round guilty of part this sumrper and a few days lat­ assaulting his wife by striking her er Judge Wickersham foundi Bartlett on the forehe3ld and given a s'llspend- insane. Before being arraigned on ed sentence in the p'olice -court today. the charge of insanity Sartlett had He was put under bonds to keep the been held at Ramp'art in the charge peace, himsel, f in $2'50 and two sure- of theft. ties in $250. In default he will go to Michae-l Izzo, an insane barber from jail for three mon,ths., and Bartlett were taken His wife charged him with assault- to t he Oregon asylum at Salem. Oth· ing her by striking her on. the fore- er prisoners taken out by the mar­ head, s hakin g his fist in her f.ace and shal were Bigelow, sentenced' to fif­ threatening to "mash her out of ex-, teen years, and W. D. McCarthy, to isten-ce." He also ma· dl e a number of ten years in the penitentiary for rob­ violent gestures. it seems that the bery below Weare this spring. They man is not of m.uch3Jccount and is In- are in the McNeil's' island peniten­ elined to use intoxicants too freqnent· tiary. near TacoIDIa. Jy. Marshal Dreibell is says that Mike Hartiett, formerly of the firm of QEORG, IA DEMOCRATS Bartlett Broth'ers, who killed his wife in Seattle~ will be given his trial In FAVOR G'O'RM, A,N. SeattJe nex t mon th. 'Atla.nt a, Sept. 19.--'ClarJij RoweN, The marshal left forE-agle a t noon in a canoe in company with 'Eli Ver­ Georgia member of the National reau. Dean{)cra:tic committee and ~ 'itor df the ConsH tution, favors Ise,na:~r GO~'1 L"RD MILNER ma, Il! of Mal"Yland as Democnatlc presll- 1U ~:;:~al nominee of 1904. Mr. Ho'~el1 "ILL DISCUSS IT 'Senator Gorman's staunch Democ- racy ; his splendjd -capabilities; his knowl edge of men and meaSJllTes, gained ,th'rough long experience in r'ol'iti·cal lif.e, ought to make 'him sat­ isfactory to all e'lemen ts in the party. Le'a· ve. s Carlsbad todiay to) Discuss M · ;litters With Prem iter Baifour. (The Associated Press.) Toad took a siml1ar ~tand .. but on th1s saying it, too. Miss Gampbell gives occasion the post al au~borlties stub- hers as follows: I BOUNDARY CASE DRAGS ALONG 'bornly d· eclined to comply wi,th the . "I suffered from Dyspe'psia for t wo demands. Cbns'€quently hund.reds of mon,ths and was always getting worse land· ed at Quee.nstown. - ilt appears the railroad disput es its liability to carry to London a larger portion of the Atlantic maU t)lan can be sto'W, ed in anorMnary bioa;t or tra;in. without extra payment. ' mail bags· brought by t he IIDtruria t'll d ' f b Dodd' n. I rea mg 0 cures y ' SI .uys- were left at Liverpool and forwal'dedi P epsia Taiblets led me to try ' them. ,to London in small numb t-lrs as the One b()x -cured me completely and I postal cars of ordtlnar'y' tr3Jins permi t- can honestly recommend , })odd's Dys- ted, the last portion not leavin, g Liv- pepsia Tablets to a'lJ who are suff€Jl'­ ·erpool un1i1 Monday. ing from Dyspepsia." D_ T. WiJltson C· o·nclu.cfles · H,is Argu. ment and Christop'hier Robin- son Com'mences. It is 0ures like thjs that have made YOUNG '· ME ' XlCAN GIR ' L FIL l LS EV Dodd's DyspepSia Tablets· · a househoM '. . -word throughout 'C'anad'a. They . ' ERY MU · NIr:'-IPA ' L. OFFICE p, romptly relieve the aches and pains ('.rh· e Associated Press.) IJONDON, Sept. 28.-The opening of the third week of the session of the A:laskan . boundarY' commission . fdulld D. T. Wats'on, of the A:mericon counn­ s· el, ' cont'inuinghis presen1.ation· - 1)f the American case. He concluded at 1'2: 2'5 p. m., having been speaoking since Wednesday afternoon; \..I IOf Dyspepsia; they drive away the AT LINAR . ES desp()ndency tha,t is, one of the worst (The Associated Press.) ernment appointed her acting mayor. aH~CAGO , Sept. 28.~A dispatch to So well did she filJ the position that t he Record-Herald from LInares, she has been comnfissioned to remain Mexico, says: Miss. Manuela FlareS ~~thOe~~e t:r~~1 the expiration ef her is maYOT, treasureI', secretary .... 't,. The city had a population of 15,000, attorney, city clerk and, s'tenographcr but there are less than ' 3,000 re:lipents of this city, all the officials having now, others either died or lied. fallen, victims to yello'w fevl'l'. President Diaz commended' the 'Senor Flores W3lS mayor, and was work of Miss Flores highly, and the firS't p· erson to be attacked. Mi~s I stated that congress wll1 vote her a Flores acted as her father's Eel're- medal for bravery ouring the epi­ tary. When. he was strick en the g( v- demlc. A. J. BROOKS OORY LEAVES· IS WANTED FOR OTTAWA I - Flor. mer Packer of the Ska'gway Tnail 'Gove n tit De Ms f is Among the Missing- . I ' r ;::t_:s::cs::n T::ring o~ the Srster is Anxious. tile Te·rrrtory. A. J. , Brooks, formerly a packer on I W. W. Cory, inspector for the d. e­ the S'llagway trail, is anxiously in- I partment of the interior, left yester­ qulred for by his sister, Mrs. Olive day for Ottawa. He was a pass'enger E. C,arr, of Hornitoo, Maripost Co., I f~r Whi tehors ; on the steamer. ,sel- Ca'l1f'Drnia. kirk. The wrH~r states Brooks is Since coming to the Yukon sev. eral about 55 years old and has been a weeks ago Mr. Cory has visited Forty­ news, paper man and a mining pro- mile, S-lewart and Selkirk and in­ motel' much o'f his life. The writer spected offices there and has made in. features of this too common com­ plaint. But theY' do more. They 'Cure Dys· pepsia once' and ror. alL Y()l\ can't fin'd a Dyspeptic who has ever used Dodd's Dysp.ep'sia Talbfets. I EX-JU'DGE H'ERB'ERT DAVIS OF CHICAGO DEAD. Was Once Offered' Cilltil Glo 'V!e"" .~bip bt Ph.ilipp, i nes. Lord Chief Just ice Alverston ex. pressed the appreciation of the com. missioners, s'aying: "We , thank you for you r very powerful argument." A t a nod from tpe lord ch'ief jus­ tice, Chris, tophel' Robiuson, K; C., arose and . commenced h'ls' s· peech 'On behalf of the Canadian cla ims. (The Associated Press.) _ - '--_______ _ OHlICAGO, Sept. 28.---®x:-Judge Answered. Herbert J. Davis died early todiay. "Pa, .why d: idJ Rip. Van Winkle slellp Presid,ent McKinley tendelied him the so long'!" position of civil governor of the Phi!- "'Well, one reason , I suppose, W'liS ip.pines. He declined and s,ubsequent- . t'h.a!t ·his wife wasn.?t th'ere to wake, Iy declined a seat on the 'Philipp.ine : h'im up every few minutes and· tell ben h, offered him by Judge Taft.l ·him she was sure 'there were bUrgla(S He was 45 years old. . in the hquse." i ························ .. · .. ···· .......... · ........ . . Having ,,,/ed : • • Clark's Canned Meat. i i .nd O/ark'. Por.k and Beans i i would you acc."t any oth.". Instead'? i • • • • ::: C.nned M • .,. mu.' be p.,.,_tly pu.... I Th. c.nnlnll mu.' be P,.o".,./y do_. Cl.,..'. P,.oce •• I •• P.,.,_, p,..ce ••• "As, yet nobody knows whether the man from Maryland willbecandid·ate :'01' th, e nomination in the ·sense of seeki'n:g it, but the preserrt 'trend of Democratic thought is plainly in his direction. ·Con'diti'oThs seem to 'be ar­ " llip~\~ro'ngly the nomination of Go.r- ma, n'a" (;AlRlIJS'BlAD, Sept. 28.-ILord Mi I. ner I.ert here today en route to En­ gland' tu {Il iscuss with Premier Bal­ four th e offer of the colonia,l s· ecre­ taryship. I would be pleas' ed to have anyone specttan of local offices' . He d· id! n.6t rooms, low contract rates. knowing. of th, e whereabouts or her do as extensive work in Dawson this Warm Locksley Hall, York and 'Fourth ave .• brothel' to write her at once. year as last. • O/ark'. Pork and Beans • i ~-. wit. ".", .-. wHO '_M, •• - I i ....... ~ ... ~:~::~~~:.~~:::.::~::~~~~~ ........... . \ CP'rom Monday's Dally.) POSTS ARE Bonney-Wats'on wagon took the body to the morgue. Fup.eral arrangements will be made today. On Tuesday afternoon, August 25, CUT after leaving the ofHce of bhe 'timber O U T companY' in the Batley bul1dlng, Mr. Bunch telephoned' that he would 'be I late in getting h'ome,-as' he 'Would'Icall at the hospital to see one of his oons N. A. T. & T~ Re- I duces Its Branches RIMPART IS LOWEST N~ Stations to Be Malilh/laillleo Hel"e- a· Pter Beyond' the M 'ir4olok M'otnoJliO" lis;-ts'ofn Has Great F1a.Ith in 'the Tanal1'iI' Cou,ntry. wh.o was ill there. The fa.m11y 'wait· ed his return, but he ddd not oo'me, and )U the following 'Saturday the police were notified. Special officers were sent out, lIiud a thorough search was' made every ­ where. The only trwc6 th'at could he had' of him was that he had been seen on a street car the day following his disappearance, and was' th'en com- ing to the city. On 'August 30 a man answerin. g his' des'cription 'Was seen at TbJir· d! avenue and Union street, but he was never positively iden:tilfted ' as being t.he missing man. Mr. , Bunch was 53 years of age. He was born aIt Rochester, Ky., and moved to Was'hington In 189, 3, firs t locatiag at Ta, coma, where 'he re'maln· ed six months. He then came t o lSe· attle, where he remaillled. for a short time, and then located' in HallIard, where he en. gaged in the sawmill 'bus­ iness. In 1, 897 he moved to Seattle, DAWSON WEEKLY NEWS ,mllDA, Y , OC. T. 2, 1983. riglht and if. you .ever s· a w ,a . pre'tty .thin~ thl3.t . was it. The S'wedie got Into the regular ' fi·rst-class c()lach on the Montana Genml llI.'ei r HeJena an.d, he' had' just enou:gh 'cyan~de' in h1m to ma'ke Mm 1l.ghting, drunk. He WIllS: a 'Powerful fellow ,and loolred as thouglh he c01l1d' hamdle three or four ordln'ary men without much trou­ bl e. '''Well, he 'lI0 sooner got into the car than h e h· ustle'd two : or th'ree In­ off.en.sive p'assengers IIIndl ifLrual'ly pull· .ad opt his p, Ipe. No o¥ dal'ed s ay a,nythlng until F1anlgan, the . conidulC'­ tor, came along. Jerry toldl -Mm to PUlt up his . p'ipe or go int o 'vhe s'mO'ker and 8!t the sa-me time asked' hIm ·fQr his l1are. Tha't made th,e 'Swe'de foam PAYING PREMIUMS Merchants ' Hire Inde­ pendent Boats at th, e mou'th 1vnd: he was not unlLY RUSHING SHIPMENTS gOin'g to smaSlh the train an'd break up the railroad. IRe 'b·egan. :to S'weaJr at everyt'hing and e:VerY'body connelct­ .ad with th.e railroa.di up to and jn- -eluding J er.ry 'and J . J. HI1l. rl'enry , dlidn't say 'anything, bult he qttietly re'ach'edaver and getting , his ticloot ;punch in the pll'oper : posi: ti ln lire'e'd a h!ole In ,the It'.eHo'w's ear 'Iobe and, then malf'ehed: him oult into the s'moker anl d' after coHe!cting his fal's :he advised , Mm to ke'ep qU'i~t and l.e't the other pRsse'nge'rSl a10ne. ,Well, sir, the feHow was. so ICO IJlplete~ Thl'eJe and, Four Times uS1.Ia1 Charges 'Bei'n9 Giv~n for Wh.1, tehlorae-1)aw· son Hlau.I--Tyrrell and Light Go on Run-SitU'atilon TI'9hter. Th~ piOsts of the North A:mertcan 'whlch has been his home ever since. 'Trad.lng & Transp-onation Com'pany For nearly a year he was bookkee,J)er betwen St. Mich'ael and iRampart ' h-8IV'e at the Ralnier-Grand h'otel and resign­ been abandO)l.ed. The anIJ.Iouncement ed' sh 'months ago to go with the tlm­ is mad.e by General Manager 'Will Ill. ber company. He leayes a wife, a Isom, who has retu'rned from , a tour d, au-ghter and two sons, one here and . HON. ST. JOH:N BR'9DR+C, K, SECR,ETA'RY FO'R IN, OIA. ' Iy sub'du'ed thl3lt a Clh!i1d !COuld lhiave =~==========~===~~~~~~~~~~~~~==~~ man'ruged .,.um. I never 'saw a'llYthing Premiums are being paid. 'by iD~­ son merchants to get freight from Whitehorse to naJwSlon on indepeDr den't steamers. S'cme of the ship­ pers ·are paY'ing three and, four times the usual summer rate in ordIer to get t heir freight rush-ed dolwn from Whltehors.e. of inspection along the river. I the other in Dawson. "The posts between Rampart 8IIld St. Michael," 'says Mr. lsom, "h, ave WINNERS GET not been wh ere they 'could do he'avy trading, an'd 'we have thought be'st to THE TROPHIES 1et the smaller indiyianl {)omp.anies b'and.Je the business of a retail nature in the district. Accordingly we have clos'ed our post/!, along that stretch. "We have a new post thIS year at c.b.en-oa, in the Fairbanks district. r ·believe Chenoa is the more des.\rab1e ;plaoe. It ~an· ·be re8!ched 'at aH times of the open season, beyond .question, s hould there ever be an ex'treme low stage of WlRter in the T8Illan.a river. The cOlilt of freightln'g from ,chenoa to the gold creeks is the ,sl ame · 8JS from Fai.I1banks, and the uiStaILCe Is· not great enough to am'Ount to any­ thing. "The Tanana camp Is booming. It dou'btles'S win be one -of the best ftl :AI·aska." I DETAILS OF BUNOH · CASE Medla,ls Presented' to Am~ur Chlam· pil ons in PaJrlol'$ of A1thl~ic Club. Five beautiful gold medals denot­ in.g cham'pionshlp were presented Sat· urda.y night to the winners of t he amateur boxing tournament held last week at the D. A. A. A. The presen· tation was made in the club- parlors, which were cT{)wded with lovers of the many art a.nd' friends of the {lon' testants. The medals were' pres'ented to iF. Stan.]ey Long, heavyweight champion of the Yukon; Kill Owens, mid,dle· weight champion; .Jack 'Timmlns, welterweight champion; (John MCiKln· non, lightweight champion, and "Beau" ,Prather, bantamweight champion. At the request of the boxing com- WHOLESALE DESTRUCTION + (The Associated Press.) • + LONDON, Sept. 28.-A dispatch from ,Sofia to the Times sayt!' + {. a document purloined, from the I Hilmi Pasba archieves 'Which + + have fallen into the hands of one of the consuls confiTms the '*' '*" wholesale extermination carried out in Macedonia. + .. 1t records that ninety·three villages had been dest;OY~d in . + ... the Vilayet of Monastir alone, and that the total number {)Jestroy, + + ed reaches 111. Reports -from other reliable ·quarters represent a + '*" much larger number of villages destroyed. • ... .The corr espondent continues the a:ttention of the 'humane and! • + charitabll( should be directed, to the starving population. Amer- • • ican missionaries who have addressed appeals to the United! • +! ,States and Eng].a~d for dispatch of a contingent of the Red Gross, • :*' are prepared to assist in the distribution of relief. • • • +++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++ Fath'el" of DialWlson 'N;eWl3pjap~r Ma· " mit:tee 'of the athletic clu1 b, W . lA. T H , E Y M AY , Evtd:elntly Oommi, t.t'eid 'Su'icilde Bed.doe made the .presentation, s. T. he , Found in the · Bay. amalteur champions, who Woere re· ceived with applause, rep, lied in graceful terms. Th e nrst 'details l'eg'ar.d ,in~ the find· 'In a · short speech 'Joe Boyle paid a ing of tbe body of Thomas .. J. !Bunch , tribute to_the , s,tandard establis hed at /) _ _ ~. ., falther of E. S. Bunch, t he lDawson the tournament. Leroy TIozier, the H 0 L 0 C L A I M S newspaper man, are given in thle Se· official refer· ee, was f-orced. to respond . aUle Post-Intel1igencer of Se,ptemher to a demand for a speech. He 'com· 15, a copy of which arrived yesterday. pliment ed, the ·ch;b ·on the tourns.- The report follows: miOnt and, said, the amateur sport was The body 1 of Thomas J. Bunch, only ill its infancy here. bookkeeper for the Rlversi, dle 'Tim· bel' {lompan'Y', who - disappeared a montl:j ago, was taken from th e l ay a:t P ier 1 yesterday afternoon a t 5: 30 I'clock. It was ill , a bad. stalte of de· composition and has evidently been' in the water ever since h'e d·isapl pear· ed' about !August 30. Identificat ion was by pap·ers in his podkets. He was fu~ly : dressed and in' each pOC'!iJet (I'f h is trousers was foun· d! a 6·pound h'am'lDer head, ,placed there for tbe purpose or' h'Olding ,the body down, Ev· ery indication points to suicide, but where the remains came from th.ere Is' no means or telling. A short time after 5 'o'clock some of t he dock hanld. s' at the pier 'Were looking over the side when they 'made the discovery. They elimbed down . and telephoned to the The W'hiS'tI~r's Admine~ Plela.seid With Lietter from .. ew York. London, . Aug, 15.--- G. 'W. Smalley's vindlcatory article on Whistler, pub­ lished in the TImes has been hailed by the friends of that 'mlsundersto· : d man and artist as , a crushing re;lly to the belit tling criUcism Indulged in, for the most part here. Theodore Watts Dunton, the ('om· p'anion of S'win'burne, and himself, a poet and novelist of renown, writing to the 'Times about Whistler, says: "Ml as I be allowed .to conclude this n'Ote by expreSSing my admiration of your Ne'w York 'Correspondent's amaz· ingly vivid 'portrait ·of one of r. !le most vivid personalities 'of our time. It isa ma· sterpiece . . oJ was nearly, go· ing to 'say it was a work; of a g, enius." (Special to the News.) '*' OTTAlWA, "Sept. 28.-An ord er·in·council has been pass· ed '*' "'*' the .vu'lron placer mini ng regu'lations to provi 1e that {­ '*' membership in the Va!wson Rifi es, , or in any other local corps of • '*' active militia, not permanently employed and paid by the goveTn. '*' '*' ment, shall not be held to disqualify members thereof (if other- + '*' wise not disqualilfied und, er section 4, 2 of th e reguiations) from '. '*" holding mining cla.ims in Yukon territory. '*' + + +'*'+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ . !I'+ +++++. + + ++++++++ + C • TA'LES ,A· BOUT • ... , M , ON, " ANA UFE.'" + + +.+++++~.++++++++++ until late ' at nig,ht. Th. en the'Y piled on a n,um'ber of pitch lo'gs and tuirneid in. ·.When:}"ll the rest were snoring sound'ly Charley thought tlhat he heard a deep and gutterall ' g, ro'wl, In­ tersper'sed w.ith 6'Puttering hlsS'es', eoming, it seemed, -from the 'bowels of the earth, The campers awoke ea,rly ill! the morning and prep'ared for their day's hunt, and, ialS t!.hey ,were bu.i1ding up the fire previous to­ 'tirug breakfa'st 'Charley related, ,the ex· periences of the night. The res, t of the party deni'ed 'having .hearld' a S lund a sound; and sa:id that Charley must have been dreaJllling. Mahiana wa, g ,not fully satisfied! ." lllt s'uch was the case, and y·et he could' not un­ derstand, how it was possible to 'have heard th 1 e real thing. .Tu· st liS, they were g,etting I rea.dy for t'heir mornling 'meal and: rus the ; fil"e was the h'ottest they h, eai u' lQ :!ri' glhltful ]j'ke the 'chanlge that ca'm~ over ,htim. "Of course, 'h,e wlllhaJVe a hole jn 0IJ.'e; of his ears for an e· ttlng, ami ilt I.s t I be hOV'e.d th! at it WiI1 :be 18. gentle reminde,r to ,him that because 1/1. m;an , hap] e'IJ s' to he .fu:1U of b'a:d w'his:ky he ha, s no license t o make It is feared by many in touch with the situation at Whitehorse that even bimse1f a 'publ1c n11i;s, ance a!Il'd ev'an with th'e assistance of the steamers dangerous. Oh, loTerry · u,naerstanldlS ,Ms ,busiines· s, all riJg!hlt. rr have 'seen him put off more hoboes than 1 h'ave .fin·gers and toes." I , Edj'tbr Vro'dmlan'S Fil gJ,it W'1lt/1 1& i WOOr;J. churck. "I don't lvnow 'as I ev'elr told yO\l about it, b'ut I 'bl adl · one df I th'a fight s of my l"i1e ,last yea'r wfth a wood· chUCk," J . 'M. V roo:ma, n , editor' of t he Ji'e.rgUs County .Alrgus. , said' the other dlay.' "It se'ems a,lmost l, aug'hla."ble th' 8Jt anyone cOl1ld have any s'erious trou'JjI~ , with ·an· 'an'ima,L of that spe· des, fbut I w\anit to 'ten you that t hey are vioious little t'h ings , and. they are fuU of ,fight, ,We .werecaimping in the mount ains ne'a,r a . cabin in which tWI{) (Jr three WlOOdchuclcs had th~i.r , ha:bit:a.t. 'I s'aw .one of them. a g1reat, big, fat one, a f·ew ~nncred which are induced by t he new r· ates to enter the trafHc thait the freight ' at Whitehorse ca'llnot all be gotten here. The steamers Tyrr· ell and Light , just up from St. Micboael, have been engaged by local merchantJs to pro· ceed to Whi'tehor. se at once and get frelgM which is there in. the block· ad e. The White Pass will release any freight 'at Whiteb-orse. Some of the freight 15 not billed th, rough, and therefore need not be released. EX­ actlY' what -. settlement the oo:m:poany will mSike wtth shippers on freight which is billed throu,gh and Is being released is not announ' ced, bY' the White Pass, but It is understood through some channels' the compa.ny will charge O'n~y f'Or the local hau'! a:s far as Whitehorse. feet aw.ay ' from the cabln, . and I dE,­ tel'md.ned' to he'a'd h'im off from his re'Lr.ea, t .ann se~ 'wh'at he would do. 1 soon. ran ill between him 'and the cabin Tbe Yukl{)ner, which, W8JS 1lJ.J the : and' he 'm:a:d~ tor me, With a ~avage White Pass fleet during: the su'mmer, growl the little animal ran. at me, has been laid up for the seallon. Her and, as :I had! nothing in my !land. s draft is too deep for her to be 'han­ and couJd, no't ld. ck Mm, I s" ,arteu, to dIed .expediently this season. 'The run. He 'Was rlgh't at my h'ecls" anu ' crew of the Yulron has been trans­ be'fore I llad ru: n very far I fell teHe· d to the li,ttle Zeal, andian. which sprawling on the g'round. iRe aMack. was put on the run two weeks, ago. . ed me qu'icker than .1J,ghtning, 'amkt , 'be. CaJ)tain 'furn! bull IIiI, The Tyrrell left for Whiteh'orse this afternoon. The Light will get awa,y fore my paTtner couldl ;re.acn us and It is exp· ected the Tyrrell and the beat him off~he was Q~IIIJOSt split. Light will be able to mal,e two Ill,ore ting with laughter-{he s, avage little round trips this season. All other I beas't had torn a · Iarg.a hole in tbe steamers' on t he run are expectedl to , s eat of my :trous ers. I suppose th a't make about two more round t rips. If tMs is the only 'c'ase i'D the hisWry all suc~eed' in d~ing S{) they wm land of the , human race where~,a man h'ad approximately. Il1 those t'wo round to be r escued· from the .an. g'ry jaws of I trips, 3,000 tons of freight. The use a ~oOOlChuck." of barges h.elps each IiIteam~r great· Iy. Alt the rate some of the steamers have been getting down tM riyer, IRI ELAN, D IS G'RATE·FUL TO KII NG· . they will not be able to make tiwo' Dublin, Sept. 5.-Ai present the material and financial prosperity of Irel'and is greater than ever before. The new policy, favorable to Ireland, inaugurated "by the government at the instigation· of King: .Edward is of . great and real benefit to iIreland, .which has gained, ,merely by the appHcwtion of 'bhe new "land 'bill," m'ore than a million pounds . 'The people nobly and spontaneous­ ly, without any pressure from the au­ thorities In Dublin and in the other Iris· h towns, have exp'ressed during the recent visit of King· iIDd: ward their gratitude to the {lrow'll and the hope that the government would not hesl· tate to adopt all ·such meas·ures as are necessary to , the improvement of conditions' in the Emerald Isle. 'The king's visit was ,in my opin­ ion, a political step' oE the highest importance. King Ed,ward and Queen Alexandra had a true appreciation of the bearing of their visit and. took a true view of the situation when they replied to t hose · who insis,ted on the perils' 'Of such a . visjt by "ay ing: "Vie are going to a civillzed peo~le who ijmow how to receive and to ap- preciate their friends." . round trips betore the middle of Oc· tober. The big stea~er Grafr was ten days making the run down the river the last 'trip. 'I'he Daw-son 'woas eight d'ays. The Zealandian, wh ich got in todaY', was s, ix days, and! 'W· as delayed more th, an: two d: ays by a mis­ hap at Ogllvle. The chances are that nearly all the boats' will h'ave more or less trouble on bars. 'The nights are gwwing longer, necessi­ tatln. g lyin. g up long'er at nl"ghts, the river \i· kely will faH cons'lderablely more, and on the Whole the conditions grow less, favorable every day. The presel1t cold nights are not 'favorable to high water. Money no O, bje. ct. Northe,.n Commercial Co •• Sole Agents fo,. Yukon. Evoerybo,d'y in· Fergus countY' know's : Char1e'Y M'ahana an'd a gre8l't ma'll'Y people 'all over tJhe s: t:ate hia'Ve heSJrd that he is a hunter flIat is second ,to none in the whole North'west. When any 'One wants to : 00 sure of getUn1 g their bag, s fille'd with chicken. s or to hring d'Own a "whitetaU" .they are tol. erable sure to ti',Y Ito ring :jn on 8. party of wlhlch Mr. ,M8Jhwa is IQ mem, ber. Every fail he' pilots a number or friend, s out into the mou'llta.Jns nelllr Lew'ls,town and helps them get re1'u­ ftaHons as h. unters. iA. year or two ago he had ' a very congenia'l lot of. friends 'IIInd w.ent up into the S"no'wies in order to shoot 18 few deer. The second! night out they cam'ped, up on the mountain ,side a little way, near a beau'tifnl stream. As the night WillS' ch.jJ]y the, y 'built up a great bonfi,re and Sfl.t around it growl and roar from underneath YQur question as regard, s the rela­ t~'em and the h'air , stood up so ' tive positions of the Oathollc and stra'ight that hats were lifted! 'hlgh in-I Anglican 'churches is very delicate to tiIle air. In 'ano'ther second ,they and embarraSSing. 1 can only an­ · heard a rustle through the bushes sw-er it by avoiding it. Leo. XIill., and 'a mountJa'in lion made as is well known, entertained the ~ondi , a dash down the valley. Further in- hope If bringing about a union be- Many years ago the writer visited the Hawaiian islands. In ma'king "­ trip around one of the smaller is· l· auds we came one ~'ay upon a verita.­ ble hit .of Eden. In the badkgrounds were the mountains reaching to the clouds; about us a ha.!! dozen grass houses, each in its setting of verdure. shadowed by cocoanut palms ; before us the qu iet waters 'Ot the 1agoon W'ith the white line of the barrier re ef, and beyond that the Indl'go sea reaching to the horizon" We sat down in the shade to rest . and' a nwtlYe came out to interview us. H e w: as a perfect specimen of uncivilized, man . In the prime of life, six feet tall. straight as an arrow, with a frank open countenance and an inch-wide lace pattern ·strlpe tattoed in blue the whole length of each leg. STANlEY SCEARCE STANlEY SCEARCE WINTEIl OUTFIT! 114 ThlrdAv. PO. 8"549 114 Third Ave. Phone 65 '" Stallley SCea,.ce is now on the coast buying an'd forwarding to Dawson the largest stocks of fresh Blltte"!1 EggS!1 Oheese!1 PotatoeS!1 Olllolls!1 Ham, BacolI, Apples!1 O,.allges!1 Lemolls, and all good things in the market commonly enjoyed by good livers. These will be arriving in Dawson not earlier thanileptem- ber 25th to October 10. in order to insure his obtaining the most mature and finest goods. . Why Pay Suck High Prices All Winter 1 You can place your order now by ca'lling at the store and secure your provisions at reasonable prices. Complete de­ livery" ill be made by Octoher 10th out of shipments selected a nd designed for this special purpose. Stopage Oall Also Be A,.,.anged. I vestig'ation proV'e'd that the party had twee~ the. two .churches, and actively camped. over .the . d.en of 'the lion, anti and mtelllgently endeavored to bring thlllt 'while th.e fire . h· ad m8!de 1t un. about that consummation; he was ,comfortable for h im 'he was lable , to not successful, still the hope of see- endure the h~t until the addltion, al lug It a. ccompllshed is not yet gone; warmth in the morning ma.d.e 'h"is ',po­ sition intolerable, and therefore he man e a dash for I,,,erty, much to the s. uTprlse and, momentary fright ()If th'e ·hunters. Of course, ev.ery one . was so startled thlllt a shot lilt the retreating animal 'Was .out of the Aues'Hon· . I,How Je,rry Fla,nagan M\a.nage"d ,the I B e'11i gel'ent Swede. I " lD'id I ever tell you how J· erry F1aniglllolL put a: drunken and fight­ hunUng Swede to s'iJ.en~e," the old traveler '!lsked me t h· e . obher ,day 'as on the contrary, lam 'stll! cherish­ ing the fond hope that it may be real· ized bef-ore I close my eyes forever. It is the high est thing that I can hope to see realized in my lI!e, ~or I am convinced that as long as the schism exists in thl3 Englll&h church the complete fusion of the English and Irish nations cannot take place. Yet it would 'be so pro'fitable to booth and would help to solve th e Irish problem. t · S"'~··'Lry s,.r~Ror. ',4 "rh--d A"eflue. J he s. ett!· ed · back in his , seat and took • ,.. •• , ... ., ... ,.. ... ,l. • j •• I ... la fr: e's'h h'Old on h1s ,ciglar with , his ~~~~~~.I~~~~. ·. t~~~~~~~~~~~~~r.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ·. ·I.~~~~~~ back teelli. ~o? Wcl~ It 'W.s all \ . Mrs. Eugene ,c. Stahl and! dau, gh­ ter, Gretchen, left yesterr.ay on the easca for the · outside. They will s, pend' a week in Seattle, and go to southern Calitol'nia for the winter. • S ~d my guide : "Do you live here?" "Yes." "Always lived here?" "Why don't you go to one of the "What for?" "To work?" "For .what?" "To earn money." 'lWhat do I want of money? I o"m my grass hOULSe; I own my vegetable pat-ch ; I own my canoe; I make my own n ets . and I don't 'Wear any clothes. ·Why sh luld I work?"-i8os­ ton Transcript. Henry Tardell, keeper of the Gold· en NOTth botel on Hunker, and Mrs. Tardl ell left on, the Casca for the out­ side. The, y will winter in California. and r eturn here next summer. DAWSON MARKETS J Eighteen Articles on the Up Grade, DEMAND IS AOTIVE 'Number ~f Commoditie;; Preltity Short -Busi,ness Good in Dawson-Peo· pie on Cr'eeks 'and l In own 'Buylng-­ Cong e'Sti, on of Freighlt: a:t iWh ilt'ehalrs. e The local market is stiff. A num­ ber of articles are pretty short and the demand Is active. This is the reason given by tra,ders for advances in eighteen commodities in the last three orfonr days. The demand is principally from the creek, s. It is a1so strong in town. 'Fortymile and some of the other outlying d~stricts are drawing 'on lDawson to a. limited extent . . 'Business is accordingly good in [)awson. The congestion of frelghrt at Wbite· ho~se is hurting the consumer. a , ix­ teen hundred' tons of freight are on 'the river. Some traders believe that a number of articles will drop slight­ ly when the freight arrives, while others say that the winter quotations are here to stay until next spring. The Wbite Pass companY', accord· ing to a telegram received from Vice· ,President Newell by J . H. Rogers, lIgnres that it can move only 2,500 tons of the 3,700 tons at Wlhitehorse. 'r'his is its limit. Potatoes are wh01esaJing at 8 cents. Last week t hey went fQr 7@ '11,6 cents. Apples which formerly went at 5@7 are now stiff at 6 straight, and, are short. Flour is at $3.50' instead of $3.25@3.5O'. 'Smoked meats have taken another jump npward. 'Both ham and· bacon are wholesaling at 3~ cents. Cann· en stra wberries' , raspberries and black· berries have advanced 50 cents a ease. .J ersey cream has risen 50' cents a cas e: while other brands remain at last week~s quotations. Other commodities show no change, but are stiff and· liahle to adV'8.llce, The qllotations prevailing in the local market at the openin g this morning were as follows: Butter, Eggs. Cheese and Lard. Wholesale. Retail. Agetl'lI, 60-lb. case, I~ bricks ...... . .... $24.00' Agen's, 60-lb. case, In tins .............. 27.6'0 New Westminster ,. 25.0(} Rill Bros., 48-1b .... 24.0'0 Eden Bank ........ 4 ()I Bradner's Jersey, 48- $1.0'0' 1.~5 1.25 1.26 50 1.25 DAW'80N DAILY NEWS, TlHUiRJSDAY, OCTOBER 1, Hl03. ham Smoked Meats. 30 Bacon fresh) ... . .. . 30 Evaporated Potatoes. ~ WILL PLAY of wedding rings pawned annually is 60',000, but the saddest story is, th'al of the oldest , pledge 'left in the charge' Qf the office. It dates from 1869 and RUSH IN EXPORT Lubeck's ..... . .. .. 9 Graham's .. .. ...• 7.50 Granulated .. .. .• 26 Canned Fruit. Peaches, Ca!. ....... 9.50' S. & W . fruit, asst.. 12.50 Pears, Ca!. ...... .• 9.50' Pears, Ca!. . . ... ... 9.50' Apricots" AJmerlcan.. 8.50 Pears, CanadJiIllIJ, . ... 6.0'0 Apples .. . ... . ....• 7.50 Pineapple, Hawaii .. 12.0'0 Other brands . . . ... 8.50 Strawberries . . . ... 7.00 Raspberries and black· berries .... . . .. .. 7.0'0' Canned Vegetables, 10' 9.0'0' 30 50' 2-1.25 50 50' se 50 50 75 50 7.50' 7.50' S. & W . veg ... .... . Tomatoes ..... . .. . 7.00' 50 7.0O'@8 3-LOO String , beans . . ... . . 4.50'@5 25 Peas ... ........... . 4.50' 25 Cabbage .... . .... . 6.50'@7 3-1.0'0' Carrots .,.. . . .... . 6.50' 3-1.00' Corn ... .....••.... 4.50' 25 Spinach ......•..•. Asparagus ... • ..•• Asparagus tips ...•. 5.75 6.25 9.60 11.50' 7.50' 3-1.0'0' Beets . . .. ........ ". 6.0'0 4-1..00' Pumpkins ........ . 7.00' 3-1.26 Squash ........... . 7.0'0' 3~1.25 Canned Meats. Roast beef, 1 doz. ... 5.00 Roast mutton, 1 doz. 6.0'0' Victory mutton, 2 doz. 11.50 Corned' beef .. . . .. .. 4:50 Sldced ham ........ 9 1 QO@10 Sllced bacon, Rex, 12 2-lb. cans ........ 10',0'0' Clark's ready lunch beef.... .. .• ••.. 4.60' Lunch tongue •• ••. 10.00" Ox tongue .•.••••••• 10.60@12 Other meats . . •• •. 4.60 Canned Fish. 6.0'0 2-1.25 50 50 1.00 60' 50 1.21? 60' AT EAB LE ' ~:hn:i~!sOfk~I!~i\~f t~~t~::r o~t 1~~;' For twenty-three-yea'rs the widow p'aid the interest, but could never save the five francs , which was alI th:at had been advanced OD' t h e security. Auditorium Troupe Leaves City GIVEN A GUARANTEE Two 'Hu,ndlred Solcfliers at Fort Eg, bel'lt Offer Ind'uoe·merrts f()r One N igh't's I Per1'ormance-Company Will Opelll Ag' illin T omorrow-Box 'Pa,rty, The Auditorium theatre troupe left Dawson this morning to play tonight before the soldiers and citizens of Eagle. This is pay day at Fort Eg­ bert, at Eagle, and the s01{1iers have given a guarantee for the attendance of 200 of their men . This insures a good house. At th e end of that . time the clothes were returned to her-not from rea­ son of ;pity or sen ti ent, b,ut becau,se the moths had got into thetn and· they were valueless. HAL L OPENED Many Taking Gold to the Outside ~ITH DANOE ROYALTY ROOM BUSY One of Most E~joyable FU'nct~ns Even Given on Sulphur. Held at No. 2 Below. On e of the most enjoyable d'ances ever given · on I Sul\?hur creek took place Friday night in the new hall on No. 2 below and w·as attended by a large Jumber of S'Ulpbllrites and Last 0 pp0 r'tun,i'ty t o 'G;et Out by Boa~ Oa uses 'a' Sttir Among Men With I n- d ivil dual Po kes- Different fr o'm Olde n Days. their friends. The function was given With the narmwing of the 'margin by Griffin & Mahan, the roadhouse of d'ays In which to get away from men, who recently erected the hall. the outside, the number' of men bound The new structure is 3Qx.25. It was I for the outside with ,pokes of dust artistically decorated for the dance, has greatly increased. 'Every d·ay the comptroller's office is crowded with which was · the first one held within men paying the eXIPort duty on the its walls. gold. 'All tpe company went to Eagle ex- Music was rendered on Lhe piano 'Some take big pokes and others have but a few nuggets ·for s'ouvenirs. Th,e bulk of the dust leaving the coun­ try goes through the banks. Indl· vidual shipments seldom ar e made in big quantities. cept lBittner. · Willie thln!\,s too much and violin, all the latest dance pieces of :British soil to cross to t he Yankee being played. Late in the evening a side. Eight members of the com- bounteous su'pper was served. Among pany .will delight the iEagleites. Vau- those present were : deville and one or two one-act come- Mrs. Rour. k19, Mrs. Scrieber, !VifS. dies will be presented . iHolverson, ,Mrs. 'Cl ark, Mrs. -McKin- Clams, ... .. . .....•• 9.'00 Lobsters .. . ... . .... 20.QO@22 Shl'im.p, Batariva ... 9.44 Booth oysters ...... 9.00' 25 E.ggert and his piano, compris, ing non, Mrs. Averson, Mrs. 1iogan, Mrs. 50 the German band, went along. Roberts, MTs. George, Mrs. ' Bren i- 25 'fhe company is making the t ri, p· on meur, rs. WilIiamson, Mrs. Woodson, 50' the Lightning, and will be back in Miss Mace, Miss Averson, Miss, Rob­ time to play here' tomorrow night. The erts, Bl'endmeur, Miss Herkewrith , steamer will leave 'E'agle immediately Miss Summi, Miss Lund , and Messrs. after the performance there tonight. W. Hopkins, John 'Doh-bs, C. Mitchell, 'l'his an interval of only one I L. 'S, hepard, Woodson, Summi, Wil· evening without a sbow at the Audi- liams, Friedman, · Ecl,les, Gartus, St. torium. IC'lair, Daly, M'anuel, A, Baird, D. 'In early day, s the gold was shipped from the country und€r the careful eye of the owner, and' escorted by a nunber of men armed to the teeth. Pack trains came {lown the creekls with gold, and the loading of the precious treasure on the steamers at [)awson and the transfers at White­ horse, S, lmgway and Seattle attracted a' great deal of attention. Oysters, blue pofnts 2's ...... . ..•..•. 12.60 Oysters, blue points, 1's .. .. .. . .•... 13.60' Sardines .•.•• • •..•• 18.GO@20 B. C. salmon ........ 9.00' Milk and Cream. 2-1.25 3-1.0 0' , 26 11.0'0' Milk, Reindreer .. ,. . 9.QQ@9.50 Milk, Eagle ..•. ..... 9.5Q@10 Milk, Gold SeaL.... 8.7i. 1.00 This wi11 be the first theatrical .per- Buchanan, F, Waiters, J . Ryan , D. J. formance given In Eagle in three M cMill an , S , Waddell, H. Phelster, years. W. George. J. Ghilds. I. Henneger, J. The Auditorium will next present Rourke, J. Wilson, T. Wilson, l A. 'D. its strongest card since the opening -Durham, F. Olsen , W . Ripley, J. Zorn, under the' new management. The T . ''Vhitemore, F . Lunberger, S. bill wiIJ be Stuart Robson's excellent Henry, M. Rarris, D. A. Corne r, E. comedy "Our Bachelors," with Rooley Carlson, J. Lund, R . Dodd , F. Thoma&, Milk, Sunnyslde .. . . 8.60' Cream, Highland fam· ily .............. 10'.0'0 Hdghland, honel . .... 11.00 Jersey, family . ..... 7.50' \Jersey, hotel ..... .. 8.50' St. Charles, family . .. 7.0'0 St. Charles, hotel. . . . 8.00' Peerless, family ... • 7.50' Peerless, hotel ...... 8.60 Standar{l, family ... 7.00' Stand'ard, hotel ..... 8.00' Poppy. . . . . .. ..... 8.60' Pioneer .. . . . ... . . . 8.00' 25 in the leading part. Mr. Gately, the G. W. Coffin , D. Smallwood, W. Go/'­ new member of the company. who brecht, Z. Weis, C . Sweeney, lE. Ho­ .has just arrived from Kansa~ C'ity gan, P, Anderson, C. Danielson, R. under engagement, and the iNewman Averson. and I S. MdPherson. brothers wi'11 appear in the cast. Mr. The fair sex of Sulphur have no Gately is a versa; 'Je actor in leglt!- I superior, s as graceful dancers. T his mate drama, and is"'Said to be a mas· ' was the general sentiment 'among the ter of his art. miners · wh'en the function came to an Now the dust is brought in from the creeks · on the numel"OUS daily stages, and its arrival is scarcely ever known to the public. It Is shipped· np t.he river in. the same quiet man­ ner, and goes through, Skagway 'and' down the coast, attracting scarcely any attention. Men who figured in frontier garb in company with the dust shi,pments in the pioneer days are no 'longer in evidence. The ship­ pers of tOday are garbed as' men i n any other country, and nothing dis· tinguishes them on the 'b'Oats from the other tl'avelers. The dust gOing out nowa,days is uearly irrsured against loss on river, rail or ocean. Some heavy losses oc· eUITed in earlier years through · failure I to insurer One of the heal'ieB'l lasses from debt. Vancouver is a 'beaut!· m'l coast city, and is expandin.~ on permanent lines, but is dull just now. The same is , true of other oo/lst cities, especially Se·attle. "Toronto has come forward wonder­ fully ill the last five years as n. mod­ ern up-ta-date city. It has shaken itself, and Is in the front row in the matter of styles in goods and the like. I spent my time chiefly in 'Voronto, Montreal and Chicago." WORKING ON THE NEW ROAD Whirt~ Pass Is Cutt ing' Strettch H ighwa,y Bet.ween, 'Sulph'ur and' W: Ound'ed' MO ose. of 'Th e White Pass has '31 gang of men engaged cuttin~ the new stretch of trail from Sulphur to Wound·ed Moose. They were sent out this week, and are expected to have the work finish­ ed in a few days. The new trail will be eight miles long. General Agent Rogers says that no more men are needed, When it be-, came lmown he would need some men he was besieged' by a flying wedge of. fellows who wanted t.he work. Monkey Brand Soap makes copper like gold, tin like silver, crockery like ma.rble. and windows like crystaL _ , P lans al e being drawll up felr per· manently instituting a state alliance of bul1ding crafts in Connecticut. NEW DENTAL PARLORSl DR. VARIClf Victor cream ....... 7.50 Dried Fruit. 25 9.'00 25 The Auditorium drew a large house end i~ the early hours of t h e morn­ last night. A box party, given by Mr. ing. 'A . .n. Durham was one of the and Mrs. T .Dufferin Pattullo, in IJest dance-rs seen on t h E' floor among honor of Mrs. Franll McDougal, who the men. was that of $40',000. which went d'own Treatment of Cavities. Apples ..... . . ..... 1'5 Peaches ... ,.' .. ... 17 Apricots .. . , .. . ... 17 . . . .. ...... 14 Pears . .. ... ..... . . 17 Coal Oil and Pearl eoal 011 .••••• Pennant coal 011 •••• Can.dles, Electric Candles, Granite . . . Candles, Schelder .. . Feeds. Oats ............. . Candles. 6.00 8.00 3.0'0 3.25 4.25 18 leaves soon for the outside, was. a Sulphur looks forward to next year 20 feature of the evening. Twenty,five with undiminished faith, in the creek. 20 guests were present. They occupied Mr. and Mrs. Schrieber have bought 15 the several 'boxes in the upper por· out J . 'P. Marshall at ~No. 12 b elow 20' tlon of the house immediately over and will run the roadhouse and store the balcony seats. Th e partitions this winter. 7.00 9.00 3.50' 4.00 4.60' were re moved from t h e boxes for the Ed Strauss, Mike Seddelmier and occasion , and the place elaborate1 y E ,ric Severson have :purch'ased INo, 1.4 decorated. Electric Jig IJ ts of all col- below from nave Buchanan and will ors, draped and entwined British worl,' the claim th-is winter. on the Ialanner In 'Possession oc Fred Rekate, who also lost his life with his treasure. Extraction Without Pa'j". F i llings, B r idge, P late. th e Rockies. The In,ftllx into the North west territories Is wQnderfu'l. The territories'l have had thre'e good All Dental Work (iuaranleed 5 Yrs. crops in succession, and it Is said' ev- ery farmer in , that countrY' is f.ree Dentiate fra nuiae. Queer\. St. ..................................................... SEABROOK lb. package . ••... 24.0'0' Washington creamery Meadowvale ( .. . .. 24.00' Canadian creamery . . ... 5 . 0' Bran ....•......... 5 1 h 7% 51,6 and 'American fiags , cut flowers , tap· ·A. E. Ellis, t he wood chopper, re­ estries, l'UgS, easy chairs, pillows, and' tu rned home to his cabin Friday 'night all such gave the place an air of to find t he place in fiames. 'Dhe cab­ luxury and comfort. A smoltlng apart. in and its contents were totally de­ ment was preparen in the rp-ar for the stroyed. The loss reached $500'. It SELLS Hay .............. . Fresh ranch eggs .... 12.5Q@16 50' Dawson ranch eggs. 3.0'0 $3.00 Chopped .... . : ...•. 011 cal{e meal ..... . 6 7 men. T ral9edi ies of a P'awns h'op. Bell's S tage. Crystallized eggs ... 40.0Q@50 1@1.25 Among ,the col um ns of dry figures in the report just issued of the wor· !lJ 30' Fare, $2.0'0; round trip, $3.50. Leave of the French government pawnshop 30 Forks 9 : 30' a . m. , Leav· e Drowson from some pathetic facts stand out. It is Canadian creamery cheese .".. ..". Oregon cream dheese California cream 271J2 25 cheese ...•...... Genuine Swiss cheese Young America . ... . Manitoba Twin .... . Lard ..... . .. " ... . 30' 3, 5- 27% 25 221J2 50' 50 30 50' 25 Fresh Fruit and Vegefables. New potatoes . " ... 8 Onions ... . . . .... ,. 1(} Carrots ...... ..... 12@15 B€ets ... .., .. ,... .. 12@15 Turnips .. .. ...... 8 Apples, box ...... ,. 6.00. Apples (pie) ...... . 5.00 Oranges, navals . . . . 1Q.0{) Lemons ..... . .. . .. 10'.00' Tomatoes .. : .. . ... . 20' Rutabagas . ... • ... • 8 Grapes . .. ....... . . 6.0'0' Cereal • • 10 121J2 20 20' 1.25 50 331-3 10 5Q@75 Flour .... . , . ... . . . 3.50' 4.00 Soft fl our ... ....... 3'.50 4.0'0' U rsham ... . .. ,.... 4.00 6.00 W"hole wheat " " to'Q 6.0'0 Rolled oats .... . . .. 9 I Q Grape n uts .....•.. 6.60 4--1.0'0 Beans , white .• .• . . 8 IQ Beans, lima ........ 9@1() 12% Beans, bayo ........ 7% .. 10 China rice .... .. ... 10 ~* Japan rice ......... 10 12lJ.i Palna rice ......... 11 12% Sugar . . . ...... ... 8@9 1()@1'21,6 Sausage ... Fresh Meats. 40 Beef, pound ..... . Pork, pound (side) .. Mutton (fresh) .... . Veal .. . . . ........ . 26 32% 36 60' 50 25@65 4O'@60 30@6 O' 6Q@75 Chickens, Fish and Game. Poultry, pound ...... 40 50 Cr'ibbs' dTug store 5 p. m. .. sad to read that the average number Wood Healers I 8-inch Air Tight, Flat or Raised Top .. 2I -inch" " .. .. " ~4-inch " .. " " 27 -inch" .. " " 30-inch ., " ,. 36 -inch ,. ,I 42· inch" .. .. " .. Ooal Heaters No. 10 Blazer, Plain . No. 20 " " No. 70 '4 " No. 90 ,~ " is supposed that a defective stovepipe caused the fire. BOILERS, ENGINES, FITTINGS AND ALL KINDS OF' Corner, Harrais & Smith have sus­ pended operations on 'No, 19 and ' 20' below. I SmHh and Corner are going outside this winter, whlle iH-arrals, will remain on Sulp,hur and look after the properties. MINING MACHI'NERY $7.50 9.00 12.50 15.00 17.50 22.50 27.50 $B.OO 12.50 20.00 30.00 I Pb onel/-8. P. O. 8 0][ 802. An. ALBION IRON WORKS . 207 3~o AVE. ........................................ I8-inch St. Louis Fancy CaR t Top 20-inch .. " " " 22-inch " " " " ~O-inch Moore's " ,. " 22-inch " " " " 24·in·ch " " " " 28-inch Cole's " " " Ooal Heaters No. 30 Sun Heater No 116 Famous Hot Blast No. 120 " "Oak No. 140 " " .. ... t · • $15.00 17.50 20.00 17.50 22.00 25.00 32.50 $25.00 35.00 35.00 45.00 Roasters ...... ..... 42% BroilerS, fres·h....... 60 Turkey .• ,' . .......• 40 Ducks.. . .... ...... 35 Yukon Hardware Company, Ltd. Salmon .. .. 25 Whitefish • . . ~6 Halibut.. .• l!6 Front street, DAWSON. Telephone No. 7. Plcker1l1 • • . . 40 ':Fresh oysters (Eagle) 46.0'0 " r===l; ~ . . . DA\(\TSON \(\TEEKLY NE\(\TS _.) (From Frlday's Daily.) CAUSED BY NEGLECT Jury 'Finds Cowden Was Careless FELL NINETY FEET Both Ldgs and the Left Arm Br~ken- Viqt:im D-ied I mmedl il a, tely - Body Brought to Town-AIWa:\ting' Advices by Wire. lA :ccidental deat.h resulting from his own carelessness is the verdict in the case ()f Frank E. Cowden, who was killed by falling down a shaft on The bod, ies were removed in, ,tJieir costly · cask'eIls 'by . nigUit and· with someth,ing of 'the old-time Hawa'i'ian cutoms abou t the oceedill'gs , throughout the scene at the cemetery w'as an impressive one. J Jx·Qlle'e'n Lil, iQu]{alani was presen't to witness the ,removel of 'uhe 'bodies of her ancestors and other Te'latives, also the Prince al1d Pr'inrcess' Kala­ niaTItaol'e and others of roya.l lineage. ·Twenty-three caskets were removed wi'lh mucJh solemnity from the mauso­ leum and placed· in o~d·er in the tem­ porary shel'ter pTepared for 'them, while bhe roy'al retainers chwnted olio­ lis, d r funeral songs. 'l1h'e mausQ­ leum will be repaved' land 'the walls al1d, roof will be plastered. Insects wer e beginning to ea t the'lr wa 'Y' int o th'e chamber and. threatened 'to at­ tack O h e caskets. Possibility is the calculation (h·at an ice wagon wi1:l cu'ccumb to the strain of carryin. g two tons; probabll· ity is that. the ice man will sell six tons from one load. A lover may t hin k a d, ay an ·eter· ni,ty when he doesn't see Her, but it isn't half as 10n' gas the hour she leaves h im alone with the baby after they are married.--Exohange. UNITED STITES DAWSON. YUKON TERRITORY, FRI.D~Y , OCT. 2, 1983. OFF FOR i CATTlE TANANA IN RIVER Twenty-five Leave For Graff ]ettisonts l50 New Camp Live. Steers CUDAHY GETS IW AY I LIVELY DIVERSION Power W ill Remain on the Lower Riv· Members of Crew TUJ"n COMiboys for er and Ply Between Rampar:t, Fa·ir. ba'nk and Wea,re Until Close of N'av· igation-Isom to Be nelped. Tl'he Cuclaby sailed this afternoon Two Days Rounding Up HeJ"d- Some Animals Swim Five Mile·s­ Remarka,ble Ca'rgQ Is Landed. T he battleship Mary iNO. 10. S~~:~i;el~rg:'h~e;'~~~:;tge;to;:olt~f I EX 0 D US this city has to make an annual al· lowan !e for stealing. A big store in IS PREVENTED Brooklyn sets aside $10,000 at the be· ~inning of every year for that pur· po-se. Stealing by employes mal,eE the s ma llest part of the losses. S· hop· pers with "lifting" proclivitifls are the chief offenders, though truckmen get away with many dollars' worth of merchandise In the course of a year. One of the most impertinent fea­ tures of t h is stealing is the fact that the goods are almost alwa),s 'brough t back to the store from which they are taken and exchanged for other arti- cles. or cash. The old rul e of requir- ing the !heck gi ven with the purchase to 'be brought wh en an exchange is made, ,does not defeat the plan of thieves, as it was a rule that was long ago found to be ill advised, mak· ing enemies of regular patrons wbo had lost their checks. Those who het on Corbett, but. did not go entirely broke, may lose the r emainder readily by wagering it Qn the Sbamrock at 5 to 1. On September 14, at Wheeling, W. Va., International Union of Steam En­ gineers· will meet in convention. Duncan Will Not Abandoned Be NARROWLY AVERTED Emma Nott Rerturns Afiter SUClCeS'sful Attempt .to Reach MayO-Miners Feared Shortllg'es and Were About to Leave by Wholesale. A ·wholes'ale exod us of miners and prospectors from t he upper Stewart country has been forestalled by the Tanana. They will be transferred W son 150 head of cattle in order to pro· OURLEY GIVEN Graft', which a trip of ten had to jetti· for lower river points with fifty pas- arrived last night after sengers. Half of the number are for day'S from Whitehorse, t th steamers now making t he hard fight. a 'l'anana steamer at Weare, a e ceed. She encoun.tered two bars, and Quartz creek Saturday. This is the mouth of t he Tanal1a. COSTLY COAT at this late time of the year to land decision in· effect as arrived at by the Oavid T. W'atsO'n, of PiftJsburg, Pre The Cudahy will not go through to hung up for, days; lost two rudder, s goods at Mayo and Dun'can. This SIDE PRESENTED coroner's jury which sat OD' the case sents America's Case in St. Michael this trip. S.lIe expects and broke a third. news is brought by the steamer Emma before Oaptain Routledge. Bou,ndary, I f F H li b I Tl ttl t' d . Nott, which ret'llrnecl lhis morning to go on yas ar as ' ort 'am n,e Q'W l e ca e were jet Isone SIX Souraough ViCltim of Horrible Hl $lx Cow den's hody has been brought to Y k d t l h '1 h~ M' Th from M'ayo Landing. the 11 . on flats, an to 1"3.ll'S er er ml es a""ve 1 mto. e steamer as He Le/a, veiS· DaiWlSlOn on Trip Dawson 'and is at Greene's undertak· h P The NQtt made the trip to Mayo (The Associated Press.) passengers at that PQint to t e dw- 'was on the bar there two days. be. to the Outsid'e. ing parlors awaiting telegraphic ad- UONDON, 'Sept.25.--iDavid T .. W'at- er. The Cudahy will as'sist t he Isom fore it was decideu to discharge the and return· with success, amd expec'ts vice from his home as to the disposi- son, of Pittsburg, counsel for the in getting her barges to Da'Wson. If cattle. that 'three or , four more calls will be tion to be made of the remains. Ameri'can side, continued this morn. possilble all the barges wi1l be The Selkirk had endeavored for .Just be'fo· re the steamer Dawson made there by steamers 'b'efore t he , Both legs and the left arm were ing's session of the AlaS'lum boundary brought to Dawson this season. I'f 'five hours to get the Graft' oft'. It was pulled ' out for Whitehorse yesterday end of navigation. Purser , Frank , Wis­ broken -in the fall which killed cow- commission with his analysizaotlon or any have to be left at w'ay points evident the ship was too heavily lad- al'ternoon C'lIrley iMunroe was 'Pre- hart of the Nott s'ays she arrived at den. The man also Wlas badly 'bruis· the treaty of 1. 825. they will be brought the remainder of en to be moved. 'The cattle were sented with a .flue, brand·new .coat, Mayo just in time 'to prevent an ed ami .otherwise damaged. Alex. a3ag'g, the unofficial represen- the distance in t he early spring by forced over a p.Jank into the cos ting $'5.45. Leroy Tozier did the exodus from the Duncan and other 'E. H. Elwell , of 34 belOW on Hunl,· tative or British Columb.ia, asked the the Cudahy. water. They were headed for the presentation act, but in such a way n.earby districts. Many" of the pros· er , the most intimate friend of the de· commission to give an answer to his C~ptain Dobler and First Mate nearest shore, but they swam in all that Curley was in blissful ignorance pe !to'rs were preparing to leave t he ceasoo, a.rrlved from Quartz creek appl,icatioll' to be heard , which will be Traung, who were on the P.ower, were diirections. ,Many of them took to of the nature of the gift or of the country. They leared no supplies, t his morning in charge of the remains denied. He denounced the action of transferred to the Cuaahy at Fort island· s in the neighborhood. Some fact that it was for him. wo, uld be land.ed in the district, and and gives the first detailS of the man- G t '0 ·t· I I I' Hamlin on the I 'ast tri" of t he P.ower wen .t to the mainlan.d. Several swam Leroy gave · Ourley a large pwckage that unless 'they got out siarvation ner in Whl 'cll the accl·d.en. t occurred. rea.un aln n runn ng w me .. t th h '" th h P tl d h I · t d f down the riYer. The Power will work more than fiv e miles before they with a letter and told him to give it would s are em in t e ~ace t.tlis win- "It " M El 11 "th t roug or an c anne ms ea 0 seems, says r.' we , a nort! up Cla ence stra· t t o th 56th between Rampart, Weare and Fair- made shore. to one of the · p'as,se,ngers. Unaw.arj:l tel' . .ro.owden had been' car e less in fasten- , 1 ri, . e 'r ' t' t Go d ' v d th ff t f" h h t banks for a month and then, 2:0 to St. All the crew turned cowboy, and of the horrible hoax of w ... ch he was wen y'Lollr men were It r on.s ing th e rope by whi !h be was being egree, e e cc 0 I{ , IC . WIlS . 0 ~ L d' f '1 b ... le e la t t h f te t Michael for the wiuter. 'l 'ne Cuda.hy roJ' eighteen hours every'one, 'from th e victim Curley tucked the 1Jarcel an mg, a ew ml es a ove JJllllcau, Jilted from t he .mine when the acci- .av a rge S r e c. 0 rn ory m· d t d t h fI t b art d tabl A ~o I will winter on the upper river. Pas· the captain to th e cook, were driving under his arm and 'strode up t he I rea . y 0 come own on e rs 0 , dent occurred. This is in accordance ISP U y an merlCan pv~ess on. I Nth 1 sengel's who left Dawson on the Ouda- cattle througb the woods. gan'gplanl, while the " ;rowd s ,~outed bu.t t le ot was in s uc ; laste to re· with the verdict rendered · by the cor· C. M H Th C I hy today included: The ship brought a b eterogeneous entbusiastic fare wells. . . ' turn and havin g no {,ej.ght for Gor· oner's J 'tlry, and after inves(i!!'ating Ive$ ore eat an 0011 • Cl' d t 10 's Landl'llg she dl'd not uo after ~ j ~or FO I't Yulwn- T. H. Beaumont. cargo of dynamite, hogs, gasoline, I ur ey seemed s ur pn se 0 see so ( TI • the case I feel it is right. No f,:",il "llppUes the system betoor For Rampart~rs. n.. iR. '~ra:dy, G. shee'p, coal oil and ca.ttle. The men many f riend S gath red to fljid hi m them. l e maY' be that when tbe men "'l1he shaft down which Cow.den with the heat It needs .than Clark's W. Speer, Pete Johnson, Gharles Ed- who holyston e the deck of t he ship farewell and was somewhat t aKen learn three stea mers ate en route fell was nine ty-foul' feet deep. He Delicious PorI, and Beans. • ward s, Lena' H onsholter, Mrs. Mc- say' the cargo was t he hoodoo. It ab' a !'lr at their enthusiasm. 'He C Oll- u· p the river t hey will not ·care to I fell when ' within eighL feet of the Questen. was such a hoodoo that to cap all the cluded he was whole lot more popular leave t he country. to· p. He pu t out his foot, as the meu MAY HAVE NO Weare-R. O'NeiIJ, George Win- troubles several deaths occurred . . One than he had rea:lized and grew teal" Wer e it not for th e news taken by .customarily did, to help guide in zierl, 1. J . Wheeler, J. A. Van W inkl e, was that of a sheep, dubbed Mary's ful at the thought of leaving the the Nott .that sever a;l more calls mamlng a most conv eni ent lauding OIL UNT ' IL 1904 N. McKay, David M'cKay, A. Forthof· little lamb. 'Th e other was that of " boys." A testimonial signed by Tom would be .made at Mayo, the put'ser befor e .g;ettlng out at the toP. It fer . .James Rogers, Charles Johnson, a luck,less black bear which sauntered Kirkpatrick and twenty, others ac· says, a grea~ exodus doubtless would seems that action released the hook R. Roberts, Minni e , Bentley, H. '1'. ne. ar the ship and was shot bY' Pilot companied the coat, also , .• e follow· have been the order within t wo or from Its insecure fastening. The un- Upper River Statibns o. t th'e N. C. Bentley, .James Lennon, Mrs, Hay- Sid Barrington. Numerous other ing subs.cription list with Which the thre@ weeks by rafts and small boats. fortunate man dropped like a leaden Exhaustedt-W'QOd -Also ward, Mrs. C. Cornell, . E . G. i Haymond. minor fatalities occnrred among rab. coat was purchased: The tOuncan and other new loca li· weight. The light he carried was Very Selllree. J. 'E. Curriel', S. G. Bent, W . Sam bits. Thomas Kirkpatrick, 25c; . Ghief ties, Wlshart declares, are coming to doused 'before he struck, and his Clark, H. Hutchinson. , H . W. Knight,' The first bar encountered is a ne w Isaac, 15 ·cents; .John C. 'Murray, 2'5c; the front and will be a great country frightened companions at the top . J. W . oassidy, Mr. and Mrs. R. .T. OlllC on the chart. It Is dubbed by Frank Berry, 25'c; Chief Silas, 15e ; Ion the whole. peered into t he black shaft only to If the steamer Susie uow ,on ~he M,cChesney. the crew ··Jacksou's discovery," after William 'Lloyd, 25c; Benjamin Levy, The 'Prospector and t he Lafrance hear the dull impact of t he doomed WllLY up 'the Yukon does ~ot re?lemSh , 'IDagl8-'Oavid 'rhomson, .J. S. Patae, the skipper. 25c; Moosehid e Annle, 25c; Mala- were making gOOd time up the 6te\v· man's body against t he bottom'. Northern Commercial Ollsta- E. J . Wichter. After the steamer was lig,htered by mute Kid 2'5c' Hootch Albert 25c' art. The LafranCe is expected ~ack Doulbtless the victim was killed in- tions this' trip all the company's bOalts Circle--.Mrs. H. Scott. the discharge of the cattle she was .John Mul'ligan: 25c ; George Butle;, today. It is likely that the::e t wo stantly. Men descen'd8id into the on this end of th e r.ver doubtless will hauled" oft' by the 'Selkirk, hut not 25c; McDonald & Nelson, 2! c; Wil· steamers and the Nolt will a.1l be abl e shaft immediately and found CQwden have to abandon the p.I"actlce of 'burn- LAND OABLE without considerable effort. , l]jam H . Fairh-anks, 25c; Two 'banks, to make at least one more trip to dead. ing oil until next summer. Th·e sup- Durin: g the time the Graft was on 1(}c; .Bonanza 'Solo Game, $1; MOon· Mayo this s€ason . ".John tC'ahm and Cowden had been ply has been exhausted on this end the bars and it was not necessary to tana Pete, 25c; Ladue estate, 25c ; When the Nott was on the way do'wn ill' the mine to set the steam of run. The ·S'amh. , 'W, hich a'rrived A FAILURE serve as cowboy, some of the crew Nigger .Jim, 25c; .Joseph Andrew down yes terday she met t he Pro spec· points, and were returning to the I'ast nilght, had to take out her oll had. opportunities to wear out the GlaJ"ke, 25c; Ang.lo-oAmerican Com. tor at Stewart Crossing. Th e river surface. Cahill came up first. Cow· burners near Nation City and substi- ted ious time by picking berries and mercial Company , LimIted, 5.c; total hau risen several inches higher than den was next. A 'bosun's' chair. tute wood burners on thIs ' trip up Gro~nd LJnes D~ NO!t Prt ve SJa\ti sf\a;c- shooting grouse, partrid. ges and amount subscribed , $5.45. when the Nott w.ent up, and it wa'8 made by 'fastening two ends of a rope the river. tol"y in t:he 'T",nana Bllsin, other game. In' the midst of tro ub1es Curley will visit SeaUle, but will expected -the Prospedor would get beneath a board, was used in travel· The fact tha·t it \vas expected to Sig, n'al COJ"ps Men Here. they were in paradise-the hunter's travel with armed escort and wear a through without much difficulty. The ing up and down t he shaft. The i be able to get oil all tMs year had paradise. steel shirt. Nott intend's to return to Mayo, and chair was lastened to the wjndlasscaused ;many ot the wood, camps to Land cables installed In the Tan. After all, it is considered the Graff her officers thinlk: she will have no rope by an iron hook. /From all that 81hu,t down. This has caused a ffhort- ana basin 'by the United, ,states gov· d. id well to get such a 'hig c. ar.go do n PERISHABLE'S MAY great trouble mal{ing the run. She can be learned It .appears that Cow- age ot wood on the lower river. Cost ernmelltt In connection wit" Its AI as· the river at this time of ... e year and COME FORWAR,D. started from Dawson on h. er last trl p den failed to fasten the hook about of navl'gation, therefore, wi11 not be kan telegraph service al'e not a swc· w hen water is so low. The hurri- with thirty-five tons. ,Some of it was the rope securely, and when near the cheap 'after all this season .It Is Ullr cess. They lie along the surfaee, .and cane deck was converted into ca])in Sh,ippers Had ,Better See J. H. Rog~n; for Stewal't 'Crossing. The first bar top the movement of his foot preclpi- ders'tood the oil slll:tron· s of t he, North- are so exposed. they ' frequently are a.ccommodatlons for the sheep. The Abou· t This at. Onc~, encountered :ould not lJe crossed with tated his fall. ern Commercial have run short b.e- broken. A wa,ndering bear or other old ship looked like Swinnerton's pic- Th e White Pass agen~ ha· s been, all the freight, so the consignments "Jack McDonal l, owner of the mine cause of the ~ailure or !IIn =ean boat creatul'e often causes trouble with tu res of Noah's ark making her f tm. notified to the following effect: All for the cr.ossin!; were put ashore. on which the accident occurred, the to arrive at St. 'Micfua~1 f"om ea1~for- the lines. The cable line is bein. g OUS landin g on Mt. Arrarat: consignees in Uawson who have s htp- Soon after the boat had proceeded lower half of No. 10, immediately de- nia wrtb . stJ'pplies in goodl t ime. abandoned a.nd wire on poles substi- men1ts of peristlables now en route, the river rose. The officers say they scended into t he hol e with 'Tom Sui· I tuted wh ere p·ossible. Twenty miles SCOTTIE PUT and also any hay and oats, that they could have gotten all t heir cargo to livan and found the man dead . FINDS NO O . NE of wL r e were laid in ,he Tanana basin. release t·he hay and, oats in Qr· the crossing had the river risen short· "McDonald has been very gener- The news of the experience with UNDER ARREST del' that the perishables may come Iy before they got to the firs t bar, ous and kind. He has offered to do WAS TO BLAME the ·Tana·na land cables is brought 'by forward, otherwis'e they must all The 'ProspectQr picked up what t he anything within his power to assist members of the United !;I'gnal come in tbe order of shipment. This Nott had discharged, and landed it at in the adjustment of the affairs of corps, w'ho arrived, here from Fort Curious CIlIa.rac. t'er Accused! of Being refers to t hrou. gh bills of ladin'g. t he crossing. Co·wden. All the boys along .QuArtz Min,ing In &pedor on Cold Run SIIy~ Egbert last. nigh t, en route to the Drunk and Disorde.rly-Oases In making the present run up the 'knew Cowden and 11Ke.u him well. He Accidlent in W;hich Siv'elr'SOn W'MJ coasl. in Police Court. Cowdlen's Fu,neral. Stewart the Prospe, ctor is pushing a was a splendid man, always sober and KilI'ed Was Unavoldla, bl'e. Ten en listed men of the United The funeral of Fran· k E. Cowden, barge in front of her. industrious, and very cOllsiderate of States 'army arrived last night on the who was killed accidentally on Quartz The Nott made on this 'trip one of his family. He cared for them well Sarah. 'They are en rout. e to the onto "Scottie" has come to grief at last. creek, will be h eld at 2 p. m. Monday the best showings in her career. :She and leaves them a "ttle home in Mining Inspector John A. Segnle side. Their terms of enlislm€nt have The old man who insists on appearing from Greene's l1ll'd, ertaklng parl-ors. was supplied with new engines and Ferndale, Whatcom 'county, Wash. He or Gold· Run ha.s submitted fo fue nearly expired, and they soon will at all the local celebl'ations in High- The body will be buried. here. Friends ot.her equipinent shortly before being has a wife and five little children and gol'd commissioner a r.eport on the ae· receiv e their disc'har, g€s. land, garb and naked knees has fallen are invite d to attend toe funeral. put into commission this trip. and now a father and mother tbere. J knew cident on No. 7 Gold Rlln Tuesd'a;y Three of th e number ·.belong to tb e by the wayside and is a t the police ' __ I has power. The hoodoo which was been in the Yulwn since 1897 and has Siver·son. Sugrue says : in the iEigMh infantry. C company. disorderly. He was arrested by Con· la'CI! of power. 'It is Kil le d. The ~ott Cowden for twenty years. He has whic· h reslllted in the death of Louis signal corps. The othe rs are privates jail on the charge of 'being drunk 'and I NO GAMSLING on her years ago was simply (}ue to mined on all the !reeks he l'e and has " I inspected the drift in wbich the Th'e visiting soldiers will leave on t he stable iVl :Millan after .he had refused AT SIAGWAY does not !arry passengers. Officers been on the Alaskan side. IRe was acc-id en't occuJ'l"ed\ and 'found no eovi· Selkirk. Some go to 'Skagway, others a nml\ber of times to go home. of the boat are: Captain . Clausen ; 33 years old. He leayes no estate in d,ence of neglect on the part of the to Seattle and .some to Vancouver, "'Scottie" Is one of the curloas pilot, Myers; purser , Wishart: chief 'this country, but had sufficient to m'illers or the owner. AI ifue miners Was'hington. characters of th e camp. When any engineer, George Finger; second. M '. 'bear his own funeral expenses." on t he clai'm are expel'ienced , and sort ol a celebration is in progrl')ss he Games Shut DOWn a.nd' D'~mi-M~ncJe S. Prescott. say the accident was un[orseen and H·er Outing Spoiled. app ears in kills and usually insists Arr ested-Cdnfliot WI,th City could not bave b.een guarded' against. "Diu you have a good time when on dancing the Highland fI: ng. Authorities. MORE ROYAL DUST. A High Oompliment. : "The claim is ownHd by Hamilton· , you were away?" For bei ng drunk and disorderly Gn Remlilin)s 'at Hoawaii)l: n Monarchs en From M , a,usoleum. Tak· and is worken on a la.y by P . H. " No. It was a terrible bore. A First avenue, Jacob Chester '\\"3 5 (Special to the News.) Mother · E1 arth ( to the moon)-Say, you ' flat-faced shiner, wh:at ·are you laughing at? Honolulu, Sep't. n.-All tn "! remains 01' Hawaiila'n monarchs· in the royal mausoleum in Nuu8nu cemetery have 'l een removed from that seplI1'Chre to a temp'ora,ry structure nearby to allow 1 'epairs 'and improvemen'ts or th€ mausoleu· m. for 'vI.hich vhe las:t legislature appropriated $17,500. iPeterson. H. Peterson. Henry EllisO'll woman that my hpshand used to be I fin ed $2 and costs in the , ')ollce court and' Tony F,reeman. engaged to sat at the same table this by Magistrate Wrrl'l!!hr __________ with us." t.on. Chester be !ame jagg~:!. i"~t. "Running an aulto 'mus t be excit· night and ha!! to be taken int. ') eus- inl g," said the ir·iend . You'll find this a sp1endid receip t tody. H e pleaded guilty. "It is." said the owner. "Every For dodging th. e tortures of heipt ; .Jahn Jorconae pleaded, guilty to time you s'top you won'der if the uy chips and sit in I violatin g a city hy.?aw by ·Iiseh·l"g· macMne will stallt a.gain when you A game till YOII win, 11T'. g a firearm wlthlD tbe mUnJ !l.1al are rea-dy." And then you'll . rejOice in cold [eipt. i lirr ils RDr! was given $2 and· ·0'3: S. I SK.A.GWAY, Sept. 26.-Skagway is closed up tighter than a, drum as re­ gards gambling. 1'1:- is very- p.robable that the wheels will not ag'aln turn. Yesterd'ay the marshal arrested' the The Moon- P.ardon , m.e, but W8.S'IJ't 1 was just ad'miring the fit of you'r new electric gir'll"!.­ Cleve1and Plain Deal!!'r. demi·monde of the city. Trouble is, . expected between him and the city I Bricklayers at Minneapolis. Minn .. officials regarding municipal . rlg'hts. have re, fused to work with nonunion .JiJdge Brown will be appepa.led W. laborers· . (From Wednesday'" Daily.) MORGAN SENT UP Alleged Stick-up Man Committed NOT SPEEOH MAKER Says He Does Not- Know thle Gen, tle­ ma.n When Asked. If He Desires to Quest io n Witn.ess-Allegles Combi­ nation to Keep Him in Oountry. After a preliminary hearing . which did not lacl, in entertaining .features 'l'homas Morgan, alleged stick-up man and burglar, was committed for trial by Magistrate WrougMon , in the 'Police court today. MOI-gan alleged that a comiJoination existed to l,eep him in this country and remarl{ed that. he did not · kJnow if the magis­ trate was in the combine. ,Vhen asl{ed if he wished to ex­ amine a witness he disclaimed ac­ quaint.anceship with him. He said that another witness must be "bug­ house." l\Ilorgan was committed on the stiel,-up cha,rgc. The charg. es of rob­ bing the Younlcins, Gomez, lPeterson and Kecrgh homes were read and en­ larged one week. The comoined plun­ der taken from these places aggre­ gates, more than $1 ,000 in v. alue. I While the burglary charges were 'being read Morgan IH~pt inovin. g his head' with a sort of mechanical mo­ tion. He was asked· if he elected to plead to the acousations. "I ain't much oC a speech maker," said Morgan in reply. "Moot anyone can s· k, in me at that and I don't ·know if you are a friend of mine, but there is a combination against me. I don't Imo'W whether YOll are il1 on it or not." The magistrate again -ask~d him to .ele·ct whether or not he wouLd plead in the police court_ Strong on Etiquette. "If r have been guilty of any con­ duct unbecoming a gentIeman--" Morgan started la say, but he , was cut short ana the burglary charges enlarged. H e was then given his preliminary hearing on the charge of llO.Iding u'p and robbing Charlcs Zenier and George MclJachlan Thursday night in Zenier's cabin near Eighth and Tur­ ner. Zenier wat;; the firs t witness and described Morgan's entrance to his hom e with a 4:5 Colts I'il'volver and toW how the intruder made him put H, P his han ds. The robber, he stated, called McLactllan "Kid. " when tellin.g hIm to throw UJl his hands. He threat­ ened to blow , t heir brains out i· f they started on any monk ey work and said he had a man with a Wincnester out­ s·ide. He identified Morgan as the t hief. oAt , fi rst Morgan ap'Peal'OO nervous Morgan's cabin. After Morgan had oeen charged with robbery, he tes· tified, he started to act in a drunken manner. "Do you wish to ask the witness an· y questions?" asked t he magistrate. "What's the use. H's a put up job," said the old man in the dock. He again modestly disclaimed being much of a speaker and relerred to a combination. iHe was then com­ mitted_ W'a.nderiul R'at Collec~io ·n . The NaLional museum at Washing­ ton has a remarlroble collection of ra,ls, which was p'resemted 'by Mlljor Edgar A. Mearns of the medIcal de­ partmenl o[ the army. 'In this col­ lection are specimens of water rats, mountain rats, field rats, tree rats, ship rats, factory rats, cave rats and plain everyday ratE. '.Phere are trop­ ical rats, arctic rats, rat.s fTam Su­ matra, rats from the Phi lipp·ines. edi­ ble rats from China, rats from the E'ast Indies and muskrats; also skun kR, chipmunks, s'quirrels, mink, raccons, opossums' and hunnrens 0[ Varieties of mice, inCluding field mice aond wood mice. HIGHWAY IS ASKED Clear Creek Miners Want Road RESULTS ARE GOOD R'iche&t Poor M / am's oDoiggings in Yu­ kon-More O r Less Troubled' W,ith Waiter and' Need PumpS---Summer Wo:rk Ended BeCiilu~ of Fro'st_ , ,Clear creek is the · ri chest poor man's creek in the Yulwn. in the opinion of Weldy, y.oung, who return­ ed las't night from the new .d·iggil1gs. Wherever the miners got to SluiCing this season on Clear, he says, they obtained good r es11 lts, though all we re troubled more or less with water and I' C'Quil'e pumps before they can hand le the ground. The mines on the creekJ ar.e just through for the summer. Operations were suspended on the approach of the fros t. The depth to bedTock is th ree to l fi ve feet. ·The miners need a road and are petitioning the Yukon council to that end. A large Llumber, all who were in the dil'trict, have s i,gned the peti­ tion. They ask that a road be con­ strllcterl from Stew art river to dis­ covery on Clear, a distance of t wen­ ty- fiv e miles. If the creek is to make any progress it must have ,the road. At present miners have to pack their grub to the d'istrict on the-ir oacl,s. Machinery is required, but until .the road is built the miners will be help­ less. Under existing conditions it is impossible for a miuer to take ma­ DAlWSON WlIDEIK'LY NElWS, lffiU'DA Y, OCTOlBEiR 2, 190 3. THINKS HE , . WAS DUPED RECORD IS ATTACKED Dreibelbis Talks Menthai on Crown After Sulie t s Character PERHAPS A VIOTIM EXPERTS ON STAND Un;tec:l. St;rte, s Oftic. Who Arres)tec:l Evic:le nc'e to Sh! ow That P"i~Oiher Served Term for Thef1t in. 1898 in Hild)"ard then identLfied an inven­ tory of the prisoner's effects. He also identified the signatures of himself and the prisoner. He had a record of one .1ohn Solies being in the jail. The record' was a releasc order signed by Colonel Steele. Solies was imprison­ ed for two months at hard 1ahor, lHe was sent to jail September, 1898. The sergeant admitted that he re­ cords were not kept in first class sh!),pe in 1898. The system, he said, was not good. Conviction of Sol i~s. Wh ile Hildyard went to iget more records, I- Iarold G. Blankman, police court clerk, was called' to the stand. He produced' the court records show­ ing the conviction of John Solies for theft -in 1898. Solies' signature was attached to his own evidence at the trial. Solies was charged with stealin.g boards. The e~idel1ce show­ ed that one board was found in his cabin and th,~ ~est outside. Blankman in reply to a question said that a man was once con victed of )the N1 0me Often'der a Year Agto 'Be­ lieves I the Fellow Wati Matl'e a Tool of by Tricky Att.orneys. Dawson Jail-Defense Testimony. Objects to stealing a stick of cord wood' in Daw­ son. "SQ yigorously were the ried out in those days," Wood worth. laws car· remarked "But I'm not a country jury," ex:- The ~pinion that liiu Menthai was Evidence to show that .Tohn 'Suiles postulated the judge mildly. the victim of unscrupulous attorneys servcd a term for theft in the police "1 must complain that T did not is entertained by United States Mar- jail in 1898 was introduced .at his I suggest you were a country jury, my shal George Dreibelbis, who arrived trml on the charge of robblllg the lord," said Wood worth, "nor am I a in Daw'Son M ,onday en route from the sluicebox of No. 20 below on Sulphur swamp lawyer." outside to Rampart. Dreibelbis · ar- this morning in the territorial court. Smith on' Sltand. rested Menthei at 'Eagle a y,ear ago, The name o[ Lhe man who served tbe F E B and put him in the pris,on, from term in 1898 is given as John Solies ... Smith was recalled by the which he escaped Shortly afterward'. in the police rec. ords. crown and identified receipts igned Menthei is the man who for $50 David Sanson, of the Banl{ of Com- by Sulies· in his presence. Woodworth swore away the liberty of innocell't merce, who is a Signature expert, ex- put in the report of the preliminary I S t hearing to show that 'Smith's evi- He en Wagner of eat le while at amined the signatures of the prisoner Nome and sent her to the penitenti- and John SoHes and .said they were dence at the hearing and later at the ary and to an early grave. written by tbe same man. trial did' not jibe. "r do not. believe Melllhai is a bad The first witness called this. morn- Hildyard then took the stand with the police index .records of 18, 99 man," says Dreibelhis. "I believe ing was Constable Frank S. Wrig" L . that in the Nome trouble he was vic- who is in char,ge af the S.1l 1 11hur de- showin.g that one John Solies was timized and though"essly allowed tachment. He first saw I SuJies when then in jail. 'rhe record was compiled hl 'mself to be lllad'e a tool of J'n the t h from other book's, however, and the the accused was talm n to the de ac - hands of tricky lawyers. 1 knew . him ment. He testified that Sulles said index was not admitted as evidence. David iSanson, of the Bank of Com­ in Name, and he d'id not seem to be he was on his way from Dawson to a bad fellow." Gold Run. The constable asked him merce, then took the stand' and testi- "When I arrested Menthai at Eagle a year ago he bad been wanted for some time for the Nome offence. oA new jail had just been built at · Eagl e. When the jail was being bl\lilt I assisted· in the work, Strangely enoUlgh, Menthai got away from that very sa:me skook'llm house on wh· ich I labored. 1 said to the other man in charge when we were e rel -ting the place that it appeared the bars at the wlnd'ows were being put too far apart. 1 could, then put my head between some oC them. The other man disagreed' , and 1 made no issue of ,the matter. When we put Men­ thai in the strongbox he simply spru ng the bars a little and the next mornin. g when we went to scruti.nize our prisoner he had fiown. "Although Menthai is in my opin­ ion not a bad fellow I scarcely un­ ders t.and how it was that the prose· cution of Ilis case was dropped by the American authorities. I was su.r- prised when I arrived' in Daws(ln .and where he got the sediment on his jump, er and 'Sulies' sait.! that it was on the garment when he left 'Dawson. At 'No. 4 above, where, he sai. d· , 'Sulies claimed to have slept in a cao­ in the previous night, the prisoner in the presence of Welsh and himself stated that he had on the bunk and t hen that he had slept on the fioor. Identifies the Broom. Wri.ght identified the whisk-broom, which , he said, he had discovered hid­ d'en in the outhouse which F. E. B. 'Smith had seen S'ulies entering. To t he oest of his recollection, it did not rain during that morning. He lwep s' a diary on the weather, but failed to j)ring it to Dawson. f 00 cross examination by C. M. Wood'Worth he said that he h~d not looked at his diary to s·ee if it rain­ ed on the morning in question_ He was confident that it did' not rain. iHe admitted 'that if it was raining fied that he had oeen fourteen years in the bank and in that time h~d long experience in dealing with signatures. F()r five years at Toronto his work dealt exclusively with signatures He compared the signatures of John Sulies and John Solies. lHe analyzed each ehara·cter in the differ­ ent signatures. The upward strokes were ligh t and the downward heavy. He pOlllted out a number of peculiar­ ities in the three signatures_ ThE letter "n" had' a small twist to the end. The lette r "s" in tne three sig· natures cor· responded. The formation of the letter "1" was the same in all three. 'Another characteriSltic in the signature V\'as the dot o'ver the let­ ter "i," It was near the end of each signatnre and was formed with a dash· movem ent. Sanson stated that the signatures were all by the same person. The trial was resumed this after­ noon with the crown still putting In its case: Clothes on' Hillside. SEASON I CLOSES Last Steamer Has Sail­ ed For Duncan NO MORE BUSINESS P~ospe~to r Returns But Finds No In­ . ducemlents for A'noither Yri:p Up thle Stewart-Emma Nott Le.aves Make Last Run of the Yda. r_ The rejuvenated Emma Nott sailed las,t night for Gordon's and Mayo. It is not expected another steamsI' wi!! leave Dawson for upper 'Stewart river points this season. The Pros­ pector, which returned from Gordon's and Mayo last night, will not attempt to ascend the river again. The managemen t of the Prospector announces the r ea.son 101' not sending the steamer up the iSt ewart again this, season is that there is no' freight of­ fering. Since the first scare of two weeks ago the Stewart rose several inches, and a number of boats have ascended' the river to Mayo and' Gor­ don's. They have taken up in the aggregate 100 tons of general sup­ plies. This, it is .. announced, is suffi­ cient to l,eep the camp stocked fo!' the winter. 1.'wo weel,s ago it was announced 400 tons of supplies were needen' at GOI·d·on's and May, o. Thi. s seems to have oeen proven untrue. However, the camp aouotless would. have been better stockJed were con­ ditions favoraole until a 1ater d'ate. But as it is, it seems n·o more ship­ ments will be mrad'e this season. The Prospector may · malre a short I'un up the 'Stewart to 'Sam iHenry's' ranch for hay. 'She also ma.y make one or two trips to 'Whitehorse before the close of navi g, ation_ 'S'he is one o~ the tleetest steamers on the Yukion. The La France, bound for Mayo and Gordon's, was met above Wildcat slough, making good time. . ) The lEmma Nott, which is \tttem{}t­ ing to mal,e another rUII to MaY(l and Gord·on's, was· met last night above Swede greel" She had just left Daw­ son on the trip_ Captain Langley, of the Prospector, says the water is higher in the Stew­ art than when the Prospector had such a hard trip on the run up :the river two weeks ago. found the case was not being prose- on Dominion, and not on Su.lphur, it cuted. might 'also be raining on the ridge between the two creek, s. If Men thai were to oome into my jurisdiction now I should' not arrest him without instruction s. Were ~ to The barriste r took t he constable into an exhaustive disoussion of Jl oseph Mace was t he fir s,t witness In the at the afternoon' ses'Sion yesterd'ay Ma,tter of the MIC'Don-aldls Bonanza (KJondike) ' Limit~d_ arr est him on my own initiative the weath er. costs mi ght oe assessed against me." "Isn't th is rath e r a useless specu'la- tion on rain ," remarked Mr. Justice Crai.g. H e remarked that in walking down a street in Dawson he h\ld' found it raining at one end and dry at the other. and testitled to finding the bag of clothes on the hi1l s id'e in comp'any with F. E . B_ Smith, one of the claim owners, who gave· his evide nce in the morning_ .T. P. Marshali, a clerk at the road­ house on No. 12 below on Sulph1lr, told of finding a whisk-broom und'er the pole fioor of the outhouse which ENOAMPMENT INSTITUTED a 'Smith had seen 18ulies enterinlg. s'hoemal,er, to the stand and gave ex- Frank , C. May, l(eeper Qf t ile road- Then came Gilbert Sinclail', chnery into the new diggings unless and acted as if he might have bl?6n he is a man of means. Young says drinking, but z.e.nier did not thin.k he that t.he country is a cheap one for had been dJ'inking when. the alleged road building. Jt is level and does thief got through with him_ Morgan not present any hard construction said he was not aaquainted with problems. zeni~.r and did not want to ask any F'ully 400 men will be on the c reele Odd Fellows ESltiablish First LlOdge '~n D'awson Wo~king in tt:hl e H ijg1 her DegreQs. Past Chief Patriarch W. E. pert testimony on the soles of differ- house at No. 2 below, said that Sulies en t shoes. Five pairs of shoes and had taken meals at his ,place two boots were put on the jud·ge's bench weeits before the robbery of the sluice and Sinclair made an exhaustive ex- box. The accused', he s'aid, d isap­ amination of them. He explained how peared without paying, but returned everybody ·had some 'peculiarities, in to t.he place tile day after the theft the way their footgear was worn. and settled_ . The prisoner told him, Notice is h·ereby given that all per­ son l'l having claims against the Mc­ Donald's, Bonanza (KlqnMke) , 'Limit­ ed, recently carrying on mining; oper­ ations at Creek Placer Mindng Claim No. 2 above Discovery on Bonanza Creel{, and, on Slmolmm Gulch, in the lDaWlson Dislrict of the YuklOn Terri­ tory, must dUe partioculars thereof ' with .Tames s.tewart, of . Wlnchester 'House, 'Old 'Broad Stret, Lon' c1K: m E. 'C., England, the Liquidator of the said Company, together with a Statu­ tory Declaration provIng th~ . same, on or before the 3Mh day of November, ques JOns. n'ext summer, he says, and all will do MCL~clll~n . 'followed Zenier . and well, provid'ed they get (lpened up. ~ave . b' JS s'lde of the stor Y', an~ also I R. M. Young,orcrther -of Weldy, and ltle~tlfied Morgan. as . the S.LlCk:ll P his partners o, W'n from No. 5 to No. a.rllst. He .went WJth 'Sergeant ~mlt,h . 20 below on Clear. They have bed­ and Detectlve Welsh to MOIgan s r{)ck uncovered for an area f 1050 f t cabin and found -the stolen property by forty, feet wide and ha've 9 gOOd p:~. on a :taole. Morgan got out of bed, They will work the properties exten­ he Said, and started to dress. He put I sively next summer. on hiS trouser s and t hen hc learn· ed "I consider it the richest poor ma ' that he was charged witu th~ crim e. creele in the Yukon," s'aid w.el~; McLachlan stated that he Immedl- when asked for his opinion of the a1ely began to act in a dl'ullKen man- diggings. "The creek is stak.ed right ner after hearing the chaJ-ge. He up to the mountains. About twentY" staggered and fell on the bed_ fi ve or thirty miners were left there Repli lSs to Magistl1a, te. I when I started for Dawson." "Do YOU wish to as].;: the witnes's -.--------- any questions?" asked the magistrate. THE AB'SENTMINDED P·R, O'FES· SO'R ''11 .think he's brughouse. That's all. T, AKI ES AB'A TlH. He seems all righ, t," remarIred Mor- gan. 'S.idney Shell on became acquainted with Morgan, he testifiel, about Sep­ tember 5 an,d stopped' at th€ same cabin. - With them were two others, Tom Dodds and George Moon. 'On the night of the stick-up he wen1 home be­ tween 9: 30 and 10_ Morgan e ntered jnst ahead of him. Sbeldon undressed and went to bed. 1M0rgan began talk­ ing ann said' something about 'getting a pass to the outside. He asked ,shel­ don if he hat.! any money andl Sheldon answered in the negaU,"e. Morgan had a gnn in his right hand and a vest in hl s left. " No, I don' t w\lnt to asl~ him any Questions," said ' Morgan in reply to the usual query: "Sid's all right. He ain't bughou&e." J. B. Younkins testified ,hat the 45 Colts · found on Morgan was s·imilar t.o tbe one St01 Elll from 'his cabin in March. "Don't know the gentleman," said Nanaimo, B. C., miners are strongly Morgan in declining to ask qu;stions'l ?onsid~riug the guestion of severing 'Staff Sergeant Smith told ot t he conn· ectlOn the W.estetn Federa­ visit which he and Wels, h made 'to I tion of; 'Mi~el'l;. Holmes instituted Klondike Encamp­ ment No. 1, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, last night. On the pre­ vious night he conferred the three encampment d'egrees on members of the Dawson lodge and last night the ceremony of institution· was perform­ ed. The fo1!0 wi1:lIg officers were elected: 'Chief patriarch, Burne Pol­ locI,; high priest, J . G. Jens1;n; s'enior ward:en, 'Sumner B. :W.aite; scribe, Andrew Nerland. and treas u'l'er, Dun­ can C. Robertson. The Klondike encampment holds its charter directly trom the sover­ eign grand Jou'ge, which is the head of the ord er, and' is under its super­ vision. Th e local encampm en t will meet semi-monthly in Odd ;Fellows' hall. The Ocld Fellows are the :first organ­ ization to establ ish a; lodge in iDaw­ s'on which is working in higher · de­ grees than t hose co· nferred in pri­ mary lodges. The local subordinate lod'ge of t he order will celebrate its second anni­ versary on October 7. It was organ­ ized' in 1901 and its career has· been mark et.! by steady progress. The lodlge had seven charter members. Its membership now reaClles more than sixty. One Reason Why. One of the delegation of English wOl'kingmen sent to this country to investigate labor conditions' bere, as compared with those in England, Mr. Moseley, says in his report, that "American 'Workingmen are infinitely beLter paid', fed, . clothed and hous· ed than are those (If England, . a.nd they are much more sober." Tne conclud­ ing superio rity. their greater' sovriety, is one very substantial ca'Use' of their · being "better "fed, clothed a'nd houoSed."-St: Pa' nl ·Dispatch. ,Examine the Boots_ Three pairs (In the bench had all the same peculiarities. T·hey were worn away at the toe on the inside of the foot. In each there was a small rise between the bal! of the big toe and' the ball of the foo l. The heels a lso displayed peculiari­ ties. All leaned oyer. The large p,air of hoonailed boots was an excep­ tion to the others. They had not been worn much. The laced ·shoes were alI laced in the same way, which he des'cribed as a rather pecnliar one. Judge oCraig displayed greal inter­ est in the shoes and boots and felt around' the inside for the foot-idiosy'll­ cracies described by the expert. A discussion as to the peculiarities of foot wear followed, in which Sinclair said that people no longer wore heavy bools when going prospecting. The expert's evidence was to show that the boots found by F. E . B. Smith in the ba.g on the hillside were those of ,Sulies. Sergeant Hildyard. in charge of the jail, followed and' produced a · pair of overalls which were worn by Sulies when he was taken to the jail. Wood'Worth objected to LPattulIo asking questions oearing on Sui i'es , previous reputation. The barrister for t he defense maintained that he had only shown Sulies' reputation for industry and work on the · claim. Judge ,Craig ' r eminded him that he had asked tw'o other witnesses abo'Ut 'Slllies' character. , W(lodv.'-'Orth then entered' an objeCtion to any evidep,ce on character. He also maintained that evid'enca (It character could only be in corroboration of the fact. ' The Judge retired for a few min'utes to look up eases bearing on the ·point at iSSoue and on his return to the bench allowed the evidence. . he testified, that he was at I No. 42 Gol'd Run when the robbery· was' com­ mined.. Testimony was also given by Thomas Dundop and Kate MORae. It was of a general nature. WilIiam Mizner and, his wife testified that s.uJies was a frequent visitor at t heir place. They had always trusted' him. C.harles Williams testilfied that Sulies went to his roadhouse at No. 1 below on . Sulphur the day after the robbery. Sulies had a meal at the establishment. .lane ,Conk'lin told ·of 'Sulies leaving clothing with her in I Dawson . The court then adjourned to t.his moming. 1903. ' And Notice is further given. t.hat after the 30th day of November 190? the Liquid'ator will pro· ceed · · t~ di;: tribute the assets' of the said· The McDonaJdls B'onanza (K10ndlike), Lim­ it eel, amongst the parties entitlei tlleTeto, having regard to onlY' such claims of w'hich he shall then have had due notice, ' and that he w!lI not be liable to ·any person or persons ·of whose claims he shall not the.n have had notice. Dated 28th September, UlO3. JAl\'IEoS S, TEIWART, LiQuidatl)-, By WHITE, DA VE,Y & TOB'lN, His Solicitors. COLD WEATHER STRIKES CITY· For Sale I Police Thermome'ter F'alls to 19 · De­ g·rees Above Ze~o-Lo·w'jl!JSt So Fa r This Season. Nineteen above, or thirteen degrees of ·frost, was recorded last ni.ght by the police thermometer. Yesterday was cold. The maximum reached only 28 above. As shown by Sergeant Major Tuc\o­ er's statistiCS, the temperature is be­ ginning to fall steadily. Saturday the maximum was 44 above and the minimum, 21 above. Sunday the maximum had fallen to 41 above. The minimum slightly ' higher than Saturday's, or 23 aoove. Monday the maximum was 38 and the mini- mum 22 above_ \ Last night's recor dof 19 d'egrees above is' the lowest so far this sea­ son. The following .mining claims ou Dominion Cr·eek, below Lower Discov ery, 1 offer on easy terms for the next 30 days: U. ~ No, 37, U. lh 38, U. lh No_ 77. Undivided 'h int. No_ 82, L. lh No_ 83. U. lh No. 84, L. lh No. 86, U. lh No. 87. U_ 'h No. 87A, U.lh 91, L. lh No. 92. U. lh No. 93, L. 112 No. 94, U. lh No. 96. U. and L. lh No. 97, U. lh No. 98, U. lh No. 99. u. 112 100. U_ and L. 'h No. 146. lh int. hillside, L. L., L. 'h 89. u. 112 hlllside, L. L" No. 73, .. . hlllsid· es, U. and L. lh, L . L., No_ llA., above Lower Discovery. For further particulars. write to or call on F. w. eLEMENTS, · Edin1 burgh. Scotland, tailors' strike drags on. ' In Perth and Dundee th'e ' Bflok6f1R6aIEstat6a"dMiftes trade is a105 in a di&turbedl cond' ition.. P.(O. Box '758. DAWSON. Y .. T." (From Tuesaay's Daily.) DAW:SON WEEKLY NElWiS. F1R~DAY, OCTOBER 2, 1903. VICTORY DECISIVE Zempel was timekeeper for Bates and 0 A U G H T E R J. J. Gately for BUTley. . : It is up to the n. A. A. A. to see . . that these contests start on ·the time .... .. advertised instead of an hour or sI later. 'The contestants should be c'ompelled to put UP ' a forfeit that Bates Knocked by Burley Out they will appear in the ring at the . SUE S FAT HER time spedfied and if they are not on- hand' the club should take the money . Then the responsibility· for tJ hese lOng . , . d'e]ays can b~ pla.ced and dealt with Procrastination is being carried to a AT RIVAL'S length in bouts in 'Dawson that will only hurt the rin-g. SOLDIERS PATR'OL Blue·Coa~ed Pickets Gua.rd the Prop­ erty of Mining 'Com.~"ies. MERCY 'Crip.ple ·Creek, Col., ,Sept. 7.- Crip pIe Crook's seven rich hills are to­ day fairly dotted with soldiers of the National guard. Every large prop1lrty is belted: with t' ~ppedl to Fi oor in Third R,{j~nd W~th a line of blue-coated pickets and it is H'arcJ 'Left Swing to J'aw-Nick Hlas no 'exaggeration to say that one calVe I not go 100 yards in any part of th Things His Own Way in Conl tos.t.- famous mineral district without en -Caribou Wins. countering sentinels. Supplementing the troops scattered! over the district are squads of cav· • (The Associated Press.) • .. , H'ONOLUl1U, Sept. 29.-The attorneys for Claus SpTeckels + '*' assert that the marriage of Mrs. Thomas Watson (d'aughter of Mr. ... .. Spreckiels') to Mr. Watson is voi d. Mrs. W.atson is now in. iEn- + ... gland suing 'her father for the recovery of a block of iHonoluln .. + property valued at $4,000,000 wh ich shoe conve)'led to him soon + ... after her marriage in 1894. ... "" The marriage led to an estr angement between the daugh· ter + ... 'and her parents. Mrs. Watson return'ad the · property which had + + previously been presented to ,he r by her f·ather. • "" Spreckels' attorneys allege that Watson ·had been pl'ev-iously. ... ... married' in 1869 and a divorce secured in Utah in 1876 was illegal, • + consequently the second marria g. e was void. + • + ••••••••••••••••••• ++++++.+.++.+++ •• + ~~X ;:~~:ctwi1~o~!n~~i:t:erW~eerehi~! SULIES ON 'TRIAL FOR ROBBERY Billy Bates was knocked out in the I . ++++~+ .. ++++++++++++ • + + + ·lo (Special to the News.) + .:, OT'DAlWA, · Sept. 29.- Shoals·$o + of petitions 'are coming in.~ .~ aginst the gov'ernment's rail· .~ .~ way proposals. Over a thousand .$0 .~ have been received within .l past few days. .. + • ++ .. + .. +~ ••••• + ....... . ALDERMAN RITCHIE NOW LOR,D MA VOI R. Brolther of tbe La:tie· elol·or of Ex. chequer Hon· ored. (The .Associated Press.) LOtN'DON, Sept. 29.-At a meeting of aldermen at the Guildhall today , Alderman 'Sir James Thomson Ritcb ie, , brother of the late chancellor of the exchequer, was elevated to be .Iord mayor of London for the ensuing year in succession to '8'ir Mar·cus Samuels. Movement of OClCan ·Li·nerG • (The Associated Press.) NEIW YORK, Sep· t. 29.-The Oeric has arrived' from Liver.pool, and· the Rotterdam from Rotterdam. NEWS OF DOMINION Severson is Interred on Gold Run ROSE IS IMPROVING Ba.chelors of the R.ealm Give C!hajrl·es Meyers a,nd Bride a W~rm. WeldOme -Sup· e.I"ilnte'ndent of Schools Visi'ts Granville. (Special to the News.) GR'ANlVILLE, Sep __ - / .-Sa turday Outclassed from the first blow, infantry soldiers patrol I OF SLUICE BOX third round by Nick Burley I·ast night I MRS LYNCH In the n. A. A .. A. arena in thepres· _ ence of nearly 1,00() peovle. A: swift TRADES AND evening a number of lower iDominion bachelors accompanied by lady left swing to the Jaw did the work IS HONORED neatly. and LBates' head hit the can- John Sulies is being tried in t.he territorial court before Mr. J uslice Craig on the charge' of robbing the - LA . friends' paid' their respects to George then s'wept with a broom. He esU. BOR AT· OTTAWA Meyers and :bride, who recently re· mated that the dirt was worth $1,200, turned from Lacrosse, · Wis. They vas with a thump. He was' unbIe to leave ,the ring for 'a · few minutes a· ft· er the contest and then hadl to be Big Fiar'ewell Pa·rty Gi\i:eln cm LoVJett Gu·lch-M'a.ny Guests Atttend and HavePleaSl3.nt Time. though it might ru. n less. iRe notffied Deputatii on to Present Resolutions. were taken completely by surprise, the police and he andi a constable Civil Service Examinati'o'n tio but George, as usual, was equal to guided to his dressing room. sluicebox of No. 20 below on Sulphur. the property of Smith & Come!'. Tile found tracks, leading from · we dump Be Ch'ang. ed. the occasion and, ahly assisted bY' his box. r charmin· g wife, soon had everyone The victory was one of the .most decisive Nick Burley ever scored. He played wlth !Bates. The latter seem· ed una-bole to · reach his lithe opponent, while Burley bored in with ease when h e felt like . It and pounded' /Bates all over the ring. tr.ial wm last through today and At 9:30 the same morning Smith present f()eling at home. (Special to tbe ' News.) probably consume the greater Pill t or met Sulies on the hillside a\:}out three. (Special t9 the News.)T.he evening was happily spent. lhe LOV'ETT GlJILCH, Sept. 29.--Qn the morning session tomorrow. The quarters of a mile from the claim. OTTAWA, -Sept. 29.-A deputation choicest viands were dispensed · in· : Satu-rday evening a fareweI1 social alleged robbery occurred the night {If Smith was following horse tracks. representing the -Dominion Trades terspersed with songs and -recitations. dance was given by the boy. s of Lov- August 29. Sulies. he said, came out of -the brush. and Labor congress iSl here tod'ay, Sp· ectal mention should' ·be given ett gulch to Mrs. Lynch of 86 Bona.n- The evidence against Sulies is ('i"- He wore a j'umper, said' the witness, p· resenting resolutions adopted I at a Messrs. Taylor, Las.hbaug'h, Morris, za This was the last dance of 'the cumstantial and a large number of which was cove-red with mud on the recent meetin.g at BrockrvHle. Zlmmerman and McCroskty as enter­ season . Mrs. Lynch leaves s'oon tor witness'es will be called. Crown. Pro!'. le.ft side. That side was also wet. 'Sir · William Mulock's bill tu amend tainers of high merit. Oeorge was the outside. ecutor 'Pattullo appears tor the The other 'side was dry and clean. the civil service act was under con· ",oLed a jolly good fellow, and at a · Burley had Bales goin. g from the begin. ning of the first. After they had fiodllled a few seconds in the cen­ ter of the ring Bates led l a straight left for the face and was· b1ockled. Then BUTleycaught th() younger man with a h'ard left swing to the point of the jaw. The blow wasl one of the most scientific Burley ever delivered. and left lBates at his mercy foor the remainder. 'Of the co.ntest. A1l the steam and confidence seemed tak, en out of the -defeated boxer. The dancing booth was very taste and C. M. Wood worth for the ac- He identified ilie coat which WaS put sideration in the · house this morning. late hour all joined in ' siugin:g "Auld fully' decorated for the occasion. CUBed. In as evid, ence. Sulies iIad on blue Sir Wi'lliam said! it was not the in-ten· Lang .syne," and. witth many good At mid-nlgIit an excellent supper Detective Welsh was -the first Wlt- overalls and rubber boots. The !lC' tion of the present bill to deal with wis·hes fol" -the . future of the bride was pl"ovided' by the worthy . hostess .ness at the opening of the case lilis cused had a whisk broom in his all cJ.asseg of government employes. an! d bridegroom departed for , home. Mr. Lynch, on behalf of Mrs. Lyn~h, morning. He testified to contril1ic· . pocket. Mr. Peterson announced that In some J . T: Ross, superintendent of made .an eloquent speech, thanlcing tory s-tatemen'ts by the accused, dC' :Betore Smith saw SuHes, he found cases a practical examination. wilL ta,ke schoolS, visited Granville 'Friday. the · guests for their kindness a·nd as scri'boed clothing. which was found a bag of clothing on. the hillside the p, lace Of a literary examination. Laundrey &, of 241 , are . pTe- sistance during the past season. and told of the arrest. which contained' a pair of felt shoes ' the winter outside. After supper dancing Was resumed Martin Harrais, once famous· on ti}e which were wet and covered; with ASK FOR TROOPS Cyril P. 'Wood le.ft last week ,for Ghi· until the "wee sma' houl's. PacLfi· c coast as a · great footbalI play· sediment, a pair Qf lealher g. hoes· , a i.fornia, where he goes to resume his A most enjoyable'evening was spent er,followed the detective and de- fur cap with a strap and, piece of AT THE SOO studies at the University of California., Gets 'Stiff . Punch. .by all, or as one guest remarked, th1lY scri·bed the condition of the boxes ar d wire attached, etc. A pail of water Mrs. George Markus and daughter Bates then triedl to rush matters had a "jolly lovely Ume." repeated a conversation he had with stood oy the bag. Smith wund the were visitors to GoId Run las·t Sun· and landed. -a number of ineffective 'Mrs. Lynch gave a series 0 fsocial Sulies. He identified a coat ~aken b· ag fifteen or twenty feet .from tr,e day. d e d . th t Th fob f I th' h ' h place he met Sull·es. Military Assi.s1!.ance Oemindoed'-Laur- I Surveyor Astley J's bUl'ldl'ng a corn· blows. He sent his right to the kid· ·anc s urmg e · pas .. season. ey I' m a ag 0 co mg . w IC w:;s nej"s , and in return got Ill. stift' punch to have 'boon fully appreCiated by the found' by F . E. B. Smith, on.e of the 'Sulies. he tesU1led, said he was ier Sees No Necessity fol' odious cabin near Be.lvedere place, the stomach. -Nicl( hooked his left boys. All join . in wishing her a most claim owners, the day aHer the rob· goi ng from Gold· Run to Dawson. Them. where he, wit.h his family, will resid· e to the head. They ex~hang~· several pleasant trip and will be gla.d, to see bery, as one which ha4 .previously Smith s· aid he was treinbling and this winter. blow. s .. and then Nick swung rill'ht and her hack; lI gain . been worn by the ;prisoner. agitated. Smith followed him down (Special to the News.) . Chares Ro· s· e. who a week · ago fell left to the face. Hates clinched to 'Among those present were Misses Harrais was followed by Smith, the creek to the roadhouse ai No. 12 OTl'AIW A, Sept. 29.-The mun.icipal down a s· haH on 2'55 lower Dominion escape punishment. They b~oke. nice· Miller, Lynch, Overend-, Davidson, who learned of the robb(l/!'Y' when he ·be.low. There, he testi'fied, the nc- alllthorities at the Soo have .asked for and sustained a broken. leg. is slow· ly and Burley swung hi s. left to the Smit.h. etc .. ·etc .. Mesdames Wickin· was at breakitast. He w·ent down. to cused went to an ou1.nollse: When. the assistance of the militia repelling Iy ' im· proving. chin and lBates drO'Ppedl to the floor:' son, 'Hall; Lynch, Courtney, Bl'ewitt the boxes, examhled them, and f(')und lie entered. the place, said Smith, ,he aggress·ive .action by the Glergue Thomas KooI, who has been en- Bates was badly d'azed l and ros'e to Olds, Gustavsen, Messrs. Massey, that the riffles had! been removed. The had the whisk broom in his pocket. company's late employes. The de- ll'aged in the shoe-making blls· lness his feet without taking the benefit of lIaskln· s, Oarpenter, De Long, 'A. and .first two riffles a t the head of the When he came out, he s'aid, the broom partment advised them to ,follow -the the last six months, left Saturday the count. He ran into his corner E, Johnston, Lund. , Crawford, Barnes box were lying on the ground' to one was gone. Smith identified the proceedings laid down In the militia for Caribou, where he will a-ge and looked around· -In a ques1 tioniug Longfellow, Gallighan, Baker, Kelly, side. The third rIf.fle was inside the broom. act. 'Sir Wilfrid Laurie-r, · in the house, with a brot·her in the wood business. and pu~zled manner and. then recov· Gailbraith, Jones, Verne and Black. box, but leanlng against the side. The Then the police came along and s· aid there was no necessity as yet The body of Louis 'Severson, the ering somewhat continued the con· end of the box had been torn. out. Sulies. was arrested. The witness was to send unfortunate. miner who was killed by test. But he was a beaten man 'and GRAND BALL 'The dIrt seemed to hav, e been Te· still on the stand when the court ad· a cave·in at No. 7 Gold Run last only aasted' throu~h the round by moved with a sbovel and the ·box jou·rned. NORTHWEST FARM·E·RS weeki, was Interred Satu.rday with ap· ducking 'and' clinching. ~urley, more- AT THE FORKS =============--==~===============- WANT RATES Llo.WE R'8D. propriate cer·emonies in- the ceme· ov, er, 'realizing ap'parentl y that he had ROS. S REACHES OTTAWA WITH tery at No. 20 Gold Run. nothing to fear seemed· to show 'a Ht· S~nd a P~~t~~;ntto 'R~~;t"nmeM for I GOSSEL'IN IS tIe m ercy. Bontanza Social Club Sets · a Bril.r.~nt COMMISSIONE ' R BELL :In the second !Burley played with (Special to the News.) Pacel for Creek 'Sllciety--G.liliter- Bates, but the latter managed to 1ast OTTAWA, Sept. 29.-Mr. McCreary AT LIVINGSTON I ing Scene Described. through the round by clinching. n (Special to tbe News.). (Special to the News.) • presented a 'big petition to today the clinches he ~lung to the victor r "O' . ... ''l) FOD. Tr. S S 29 + OTTAWtA, Sept. 29.-Commissloner Bell and. Secreta.ry Romatt ... from Northwestern farmers askJiDlg for and seemed to be tr vo1 ng t o s tave off 'Ll'n! U, 'nln!, l ept. . .- The ..... f th n ' • ., ell r fr C P lfi 11 A I ,., I J' grand ball given by the Bonanza '80- .... 0 e royal concession commission. arrived from I Dawson today. + r e om anaOlan ac I c ra w·ay ss s-tant ",,0 d C· omm.issilD..,er Vlsiltlj:ng the end in a bl. ind, help.Je· ss· man· ner. I I I b t It I rid .. Curiously enough, .Tames Hamilton Ross, M. 'P., came In on the ... rates on milk, and for increased tr.ans- He wohbled. a.round the ring with Bur. c a c u· a · s· ball 'ast i F ay even· ... ..... t t ' f '11tl ing was a success. .... same train. Mr . . Ross says he will be here four or I flve days. 'It ' + por a· IOn aCI es. ley after him. Hurley sent him to FortY' couples g.QLced' the spacious .. is not his intention to go to Yukon, but he wi1J spend the autumn + the floor with a right swing to the . .. and winter . at V.ictorla. .... of the jaw. 'Bates rose a-t 9 and hl all wrth their p·resence, an-d. whiled T eares'sed 'Hurley's face with a s.traight away the fleeting hours tripping the left. Bur-Iey repHe, d wi la . a left swing fantastic. The terplchorean art so · s;-ntly to. the jaw a nd !Bl1ly went d'own .again .... and got UP at 9 . . Then Burley . u ··wer. te-rmed the poetry of motion was cut him a few. more than exempli1iedi .when Y'O'lIth and beauty, radiant with joya'lld Blows Lack Steal m. pleasure, glid ld over the polished IRISH ADVISES P·EACE. M l acedoni'al ns Are U rgi'ng ,Discontinu· al nce of the Uprising. (The Associated Press.) BEmLJN, Sept. 29.~A dispatch to Lokal Anzeiger saY's a prominent Macedonian is urging revoLutionary leaders to discontinue tile upris·ing. the Big Salmon CoulnJtry-Away LO'nger Than He Expe!Cted. Assis·tant Gold C-ommissioner Gos­ selin has gone 1.0 Livingstone ·creek, in the Big 'Salon country, on a tour of in&pection. He will in&pect the re· cord1lr's office at Llvingstone. News to this effect has been received· at the office of the gold commissioner by I wire from Mr. Gosselin. Bates did much better than ex- !loor, the very personification 01 pected in the third. !He landed! · a few gracefuln-ess in perfect rythm with good' blows and in the Ifi.rst art of the sweet melodious st.ainsof th l vio­ the round held his own ~airly well, lins and the harmonious symphony MONEY COLLECTED FOR REGIMENT IN AFRICA GOES ASTRAY • (The Assoc iated Press.) + TURKISH TROOPS ! It was expected that Mr. Gosselin . would have been back to IDawson 'Sun- hut his Mows did not .seem to annoy of the piano. Nick, who came ilIack with powerful The orchestra cons'isting of ilrst rights and lefts-to the head and body. and second violin and' a piano, was + OMAHA, Neb., ·Sept. 29.-Colonel Blake, who commanded the .)0 +- Irish brig&de with the Boers in the South African war, in an ad. .} +- dres. s· at the Emmett memorial meeting made charges against the + '*' national officers of the Clan·nalJ.·GaeL .. -:- He did uot produce uocumentary evidence, but said it was in 'l' .:- hiS! possession, and as'serted he wa.s to able to do so. He said, "l +- the organization secured $10,000 for the Irish :brigade, and an· .,. .} nounced it bad been forwarded. '$0 .} On his return he learned that the money was never sent to + .} I Sout h Africa. .The officers of the ·Olan·nah"Gael informed' him it -:­ -:- had been retained In that organization for the benefit of return- .$0 ARE WITHDRAWN d~y , but evidently th~ trip . into t he Big Salmon country IS takIng more time .than he expeoted. In a clinch Bates slipped to the a rare treat in Itself. and rend'ered floo r and Bllrley crealeo a laugh by al l the latest pDpular pieces Df the helping him to his feet. , Just before d'ay, the danccrs showing their ap­ this Billy was dropped to the floor p·reciation by rep'eated encores. i During the absence of M-r. Gosselin Insu'rgents . Announce T'hat Turk.'S O. S. Finnie is acting as . assis-tan.t Have W.thdr'a\Wn from the. Fron· gol d commis.sioner in add .i tiO'l1 to per- ti'er Request o· f ~ulga"i'a. forming his du,ties of chi.ef clerk. with a hard left swing to the jaw. At 12 o'clock an excellent luncheon and rose on the count of 9. Another was partaken of after which the mer­ left swing by Nick sent Hilly again ry dance continued until the early to the floor, but he gamely ll'ot up mom. The names of those p· resent again and went wobbling tdward the so far as obtained were: viotol', who met him with two wicked Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, Mr. and uppercuts. Bates then did a little . Mrs. Frey. Mr. and MrS. Kinsey, IMr. leading himself, but · received s'everal an{]i Mrs. Murp-by, Mr. and: M· rs. Fos· hard body blows and then Nick ter, Mr. and Mrs. C1arlq Mr. and IMrs. swung his left for the jaw andl sent Geer, Mr. aud Mrs. Christens'en, Mr. Bates with a hang to t.he !loor. .Bates and Mrs. 'Riltymond, Mr. andl Mrs was unable to stand witboUJt ass· ist- Hutton, Mrs. Watkin· s, ·Mrs. lHall, Mrs. ance for nearly four minutes after Falk. Mrs. C'line, Mrs. Kenyon. Mrs. the blow. This round lasted two min- Tiemeyoer, the Misses Langseth and ute~ and· twenty seconds. the Misses Dalton, Miss (;onway, Miss Anderson, Miss Daley, Miss Coutts, Hannay's Cold Fedt. Miss Brelllie, Miss Bos-tram , Miss + in. g veterans. He says the amount has never been distributed. + + + ++++++++.+++++++++++ +++++-++++++++++++ + OFFICIAL CHANGES BRIGAND WORKS IN RUSSIA 1 NEAR CANNES Office.-s to Be Exchan'g,od-Prince Stole a Rifle and Ammu'nJi,lion and Obelenski the New G· ove.-noOr Compels Tourists to Give of Up Valuables. 'Jeff Hanuay got cold feet when it Deering, Miss' Tiemeyer and Miss · EI. came time fQr the ll r elimina['Y be· bin. g. (The .Associated Press.' (The Associated Press.) tween himself ·and · Caribou 'S: inclair. Messrs. iMcleod, M. organ, Pretty. ST P . ET!E:RSHlJIRG, Sept. 29.-It is CANNlES. : France. Sept. 29.- The He demanded that the preliminary Brewis, 'Rami!, Coffey, Bots. ford, Lar. rllmol'ed in' high military circles that district around this town is being ter­ money be split ·and Cari,bou naturally sen, 'Bostrom, Coutts, Coffiin, Dalg- Ge.neral Kouroll'patkine will be . ap- rorized by a bri'gand' , supposed to be refused. Jack Slavin volunteered to liesh , Johnson,. Zebue, I Baker, Wood, pomted governor of the Caucslls. and au Italian. who has stolen a rifle take his place and' I·asted just one J ennings. .Lund, ThoJ'son, 'Deering, be replaced as war miuister by Gell- and mmunition from a farm house (The Associated Press.) BUiR:GAS, Bulgarian, Sep.t. 29.-Dis­ patches from the insurgents conduc·t· ing operations in. the Kirk1isse 'dis· trict announce that the l'urk-i&h troops have withdrawn from Zaber­ novo, Karlovo and -Gralatlcoco, three points on the Turkish frontier. It is ' unod·erstood that ·n accordance with a request of the 'Bulgarian gov· ern tnen.t, Turkey will withdraw her troops from the frontier and s'ign with sincerity a paci, fic declaration. BORDEN AGAIN ATTACKS BILL Up for Its Third R~ding-VigorOlu,s Attack by Leader of Opposition _ took no chances but went after tack '. . .' ' . b . or 0 . III an , and taken to the woods. Already he OTTA'WA, Sept. 29.-The national minute and forty seconds. CariboU Heine, Vincent, O'Conn· ell, Thl·beau· eral Bobrikoff aovern f F' I d I l 'k h ' I . d d b t h ' t tb deau , .Plagman, Quirk, Cuban-, Pick- Prmce, Obel enski s1H~cefldillg to the has robbed and murdered an elderly transcontinental railway ·bill w,as up I e a w II' Will an ' ea Im o · e le. Ho . well , .'Be· r!!:man. Kehoe, An.der- latter s t fi .. i ~ pos . I gentleman . . who was out · shooting; al· for the third reading ... Hon. 'Mr. Bor- 001' three times In sllcces· s on. son. . so mad e a cyclist strip and leave his den made a vi!! attack llpon the Slavin stayed down the lam time. It was announc ' ed that the next After last' e t th tl ~ Le f h . . mg o~ r . wo. mOll S. le [ . money and clothes· by the roadside. p·roject: speaking for nearly two roy Tozier re ereed t e two con~ grand ball will take place on the eve strike of the st.reet car men at Ricb· . hours'. tes ts. Charley Boy·le acted as time- of tbe American. Thanksgiving day, Il).ond, Va., has been officially decla:" The Beirut war scare was declared )!:eeper for the prelimiuary and Chief sometime d'uring the latter part of ed off. in round numbers, it has cost ! off before the pub.Jic had learned for I A I . 1 11' McKinnon for the main bout. Gus November. ~225 000 aw ega zmg s-tri·kes· is in prepa· .. , . . certa in how to pron'Ounce it. ration at SI.. Petersburg, RuSsia. I ROBINSON CONTINUES ARGUMENT + (Tbe A.ssoclated Press.) + «0 LONDON, Sept. 29 . ....,When the .:. + Alaskan boundary commission·lo -:- resum'ed Its session tilis mDl'n- .:. +- ing Ohristopher Robinson. K. C., .:. .} who suffered from severe indis- + +- position yesterday, but benefited· • .l by a night's rest, I'esumed his .:. '*' speech on behalf of the Cana . • $0 + dian claims', though, at the sug- .:. +- ge&tion of Ch i~f Justice Alver- ·lo + stone, he remained: seated. .$0 + Mr. Robinson dealt vigorously -:­ 'l with the fallibility of , .... e maps of {. + the '-district under contention· . + +- claiming the American deduc-·$o '*' Hons th'erefrom were t.herefore '*' +- weak ~. + + +++++++++++++++++++ A colored. man was elected a.s in­ ternationa1 vice president at the con' ventlon of. the longshoremen he~d. at Bay City, Micb., recently. COURRIER DU KLONDIKE ~~:c D~ '\.?V'"so~ \A/EEx:L ...... ::tN'E'\.?V'"S ,) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DE PROFUNDIS. Une scene digne de la litterature scptique et sombre du siecle passe, une scene qui aurait ete toute ecrite pour les desespoirs d'I-Ienry Murger et les sanglots de Baudclaire, s'est deroulee hier soil' dans la sal\e d'un etablissement prive de la ville den om­ me on n'a Jamais su pourquoi-Y. M. 1. Longtemps apres le coucher du so­ leil, une trentaine de jeunes gens ap­ partenant aux Arts, aux Lettres a la Nolbesse et meme a la Magistrature, ont enterre la VIE DE BOHEME d'un des leurs. De la susdile, nous ne saurions rien dire, a moins de doubler le for: mat respectable de ce journal quu­ tidien. Et Musset a ecrit: "Sans doute il est bien tard pour par­ ler encore d'elle .... " • * • * • Advinrent donc les temps OU, vers la dixieme heure, des mains pieuses coucherent la pauvre VIE, secouee deja des derniers spasmes, sur un lit fait de branches de houx et d'ane­ mones effeuillees, qui etaient, 're­ spectivement, les REGRETS AMERS et les DOULEURS LOINTAINES. 'Puis quelqu'un, delicatrment, trempa dans une coupe de champagne le myrtle fietri des ILLUSIONS PERDUES et cn kspergea le corps amaigri ' de l'Expirante. Enfin pour 'etre emportee avec Elle dans I'Eden des Celibataires, sejour pUrlssime 6u fiottent d'eternelles har­ monies, on jeta sur le linceul, au seul endroit que n'avaient pas moullle les larmes, une bourse pleine d'or qui rendit en tombant un detnier soupir metallique .. ;. C'etait I'AME DES FOLIES qui mourdit a son tour. . Adieu, petite am~ des Folies, adieu, tendre Vie de J eUllesse d' Aime! Pars, va te perdre dans I'ether et laisse-nous . esperer-au nom de la Sagesse-que pour toi il n'est pas de Metempsy­ cose. Stampede Sur Flat Creek. WilliS E. Everett qui connaissait depu is longtemps la repudation de ce Creek est parti en compagnie du Dr. Thompson, du, Dr. Elliott, de Grand Forks, de Ron Crawford et Cl;mde Kelly sur les licltx de la n oU\ieIle decollverte. Peu apres leur depart, effectue avec la plus grande discre­ tion, notre confrere Casey Moran et Billy Wl'ight se sont mis a leur jJoursuite. On gagne F lat Creek par la route de ' Gold Bottom et le trail de I' Arkansas. N ous annon~ons sous toutes reserves que des "pans" don­ nant $2 a $8 ont ete lavees sur cet ,cmpl accmen t. ~. Autre Emigrations. Mr. Mareel Varicle, fils du tnedecin­ .dentiste si repute, quittera Dawson ·dans quelQues semaines pour aller ·,suivre les cours ' d'ul1e ecole dcntaire ;l Portland, Oreg'oll. , f '· Departs. Notre excelent compatriote, Mr. Pierre Ledieu, Avocat, quitte Dawson pour aller passer I'hiver pres des si ens, dans le vieux pays de Quebec. 11 nous reviendra vers Avi'il pro­ chain, c'est-a-dire plus t6t que les hirondelles. Apparition des rPemiers Froids. Le titermometre de la police est dcscendu I'avallt-derniere nuit e 22 degn\s SOtls zero. C'est la premiere apparition du froid de la saison. Ces statistiques furent obtenues du Se 1'­ gent Major Tucker. Les CycIistes Ahusent. Des plaintes ont ete deposee s ces jours derniers contre le sport un peu trop audaciellx de certains " Bikers." Non-seulement des cydistes roulent sur les trottoir.s dans l'interieur d~ la viIle mais encore la brusque appar i­ tion de leur acrobatic effraie les passants paissibles qui, par ces nuits ;noires, pOllrs\1ivent lellr chemin avec difflculte. Ces velocipedistes, dans la crainte d'encourir les justes re­ ,Proch cs des citoyens n' ont pas, naturellcment, la precaution de faire SOllner leur timbre OLl autre instru­ ment d'alarme. Un arrete de police va etre promulgue a cet effet. Tombe Dans Son Puits. Cha r lie Ross, proprietaire dLl 255 below sur le Dominion est tom be dans un puits de 35 pieds de pro­ fondellr, samedi dernicr, se cassant la jambe gauche en deux endroits differents. Ross descendait dans SOI1 ]luits par l'echelle lorsqu'un de ses picds boueux glissa. Nous deplorons bicn vivement I'accident sllrvenu a cet excellent travailleur. Mr. Ross est age dc 54 ans et a sa femme et ses enfants qui vivent en Iowa. Train de Bois Derobe. DAWSON WEEKLY NEWS,FRl'DAY, OCT. 2, 1983. radeau appartenant a Ray Johnson ont ete "olees, il y a quelques nuits. Le tres malhonnete auteur de ce rapt a coupe les amarres qui retenaient la masse fiottante a la berge du Yukon. J ohl1son et J ames Sullivan; de la Mc­ Donald Trading Company, sont par­ tis a la recherche du ou des voleurs, ·hier dans un canot, pour, en meme , tem ps se rendre compte si une partie de cc bois n'aurait pas ete dispersee au long du Yukon. Jusqu'a present les recherches ont ete infrutueuses. Le Columbian En Route Pour White- horse. Le Colllmbian .est parti avant hier a trois portant ,pousse heures pour Whitehorse dix passagers. Le steamboat devant lui 4 barges pes';:m- ment chargees_ Les Depots D'Huile de la ·N. C. Co. La Northern Commercial Company est en train d'approxisionner d'huile de petrole differents postes au long du Yukon pour que ses stea.mers em· ploient ce combustible a la prochaine saison. Un chargement de 25,000 barriques d'huiIe recemment arrive ,a St.-Michael est en train d'etre reparti sur de nombreuses eta pes par les steamers Leah et Herman_ Les sta­ tions principales sont: Circle, Fort Gibbon, Andreafski et St.-Michae!. La toute gracieuse Margie Newman eS, t applaudie chaleureusement a l'Auditorium depuis quelques soirs, car dans son gentil role de Belinda elle arrive a soutenir seule une piece pltitot de£ectueuse. "Laf;rance" Atendue de Duncah. Le steamer Lafrance doit arriver aujourd'hui, venant de DUllcan. La recente crue de ' la Stewart porte a croire que ce steamboat pourra ef-­ fectuer ·sans encombres le voyage de descente . On trous informe que les Creeks "Minto" et Highat" seront probablement, travailles cet hiver sur ttne plus gran de echelle que ceux du Duncan. Le man que de machineries entravera beaucoup de travau pour quelques temps encore. LA FIN DE LA JOURNEE. Sous une lumiere blafarde Court, danse et se tord sans raison La Vie, impudenle et criarde, Aussi, sitot qu'a I'horizon La nuit voluptuellse monte, Apaisant tout, me me la faim, Effac;ant tout, meme la honte, Le Poete se dit : "Enfin! Mon esprit, comme mes vertebres, lnvoque ardemment le repos; Le coeur plein de songes funebres, le vais me coucher sur le dos , Jj:t me rouler dans vos rideaux, o rafraichissantes tenebres!" , -Charles Baudelaire. .... --'-- - ... - _. Baisse Sensible de la Riviere Klon- dike. Les eaux de la Klondike ont com­ mence a descendre avant hier matin. Leur niveau a diminue de 10 inches a l'heure actuelle. Ces observations sont dues aux soins de.John Laumeis­ ter, Inspecteur du pont Ogilvie. Le courant de la Klondike est tn!s capricieux et change de lit frequem­ ment. Echos N octambules. A la soiree intime don nee en \'honneur de Mr. Dugas fils au Y. M. 1., notre devoue red~cteur en chefW. A. Beddoe s'est couvert de gloire cn interpretant d 'unt fa ;on aussi sincere qu'originale tin speech en fran~ais de I'inepuisable J. c. Noel, sur "Ies devoirs de la vie de famille." Navigation Sur le Haut Yukon. Le steamer Cudahy de la N. A. T. & T . Co. Hait a Eagle avant-hier soir a 9 heures, en route pour Dawson. Le Cudahy a passe la Louise en aval de Circle,. Samedi. La Louise POtls­ sait trois barges~ . -- Le Cudahy devra repartir de Daw­ son pour St.-Michael. Nouvelles de Flat Creek. Les seuls claims regulierement en registres Sur Flat Creek sont les Nos. 0, I, 2 et 7 'below discovery et No. I Les Actes de Clifford Sifton. I La Saskatchewan Valley Land Com­ pany vient de se rendre acquereur de 250,000 acres de tcrrain canadien si tue dans les territoires du N ord Ouest, au prix de un dollar l'acre. La presQue totalite des actionnaires et acheteurs est americaine. lIs vont ceder leur propricte a raison de 8 I dollars I'acre et vingt colons par groupe. Cela laissera a la S. V. L. Co. le modeste profit immediat de $1,750,- 000. De plus la valeur des terrains accroit des mailltenant. Le Canada est ainsi prive de ce considerable benefice simplement parceque le Ministere .de I'Interieur a neglige \e s'y interesser. L' Administration de I'Hon. Clifford Sifton est criblee de petits scandale~ de ce genre qui ont rendu ses amis possesseurs de plusieurs portions du territoire, aillsi que de fortunes rapidement amassees. L'affaire Treadgold seule pe ut .rivaliser en exageration avec cet 'agissement pell louable. Mr. S1£ton a toujours ete le principal beneficiarre de ses propres actes.-Guelph Herald. Alienee Morte En Route. Le Major Cuthbcrt a ete informe par telegraphe que Marie Pasquier, la folie dangereuse Qu'une m'atronne de la police conduisait a l'Asile de New Westminster, cst decedee a bord du Vidette dans les parages de YukOli Crossing. On suppose qu'elle a succombe des suites d'une tumeur au cerveau. Tae Dans UDe G, alerie. I Un bien triste accident vient d'emou­ voir douloureusement le creek Gold Run. Ce matin Louis Severson, I'un des proprietaires du No. 7 descendit dans un puits situe sur la moitie aval du claim, en compagnie d'Ellison son associe et quelques ouvriers, pour se rend re comptc de I'exposition d'une nouvelle paye. Il etait 8 heures 10l'sque tout-a-coup le plafond nature! de la galerie sous laquelle Severson etait demeure seul eboula. Le malheur. ux fut inst~ntane~ ment enterre dans le gravier. Ses Le Mariage D 'Aime Dugas. Urre assistance tres choisie a en­ te,ndu 1]ier matin la mess/! de 'mari l!ge celebree par le R. P. Bunoz, qui a above. C'est a I'embollchure du creek All compagno'ns accoun1S aussitot, furent Gold que Se jette dans Flat Creek O ll frappes de mutisme et resterent par­ la ph1part des claims ont ete,)alo nes_ al(ses devant le sinistre tas de terre. . Pas un ne put crier sur le moment. unis comme epoux Mademoiselle Alice "Fort POUI' Son Age." Barrett et le ri ls de I'honorable J uge. Mr. de St. Tocquard est en admira- L'excellent organiste qu'est Mr. tion devant un be be vagissant que la Pep in, a tire de I'orgue de la chapelle maman berce dans sa petite voiture, Ste Marie, des sons nuances et all Pare Monceau. pathetiques. La "Marche Nuptiale de -"Oh! ch ere Madame, Lohengrin" cxecutec pendant I' Absou- sanl bebe vous avez la! c'est une , , petite fille? ' te a ete un vrai regal pour I'auditoire. " Puis Mr. Morin, dont la voix vibrante I - Non, UIl gar~on. et chaude de baryton est tres appra- - ooVraiment! comme il est gros et ,priee a une acoustique d'eglise a fort! quel age a-t-i1? ' chante deux magnifiques poesies re- -"Deux mois et ol1ze jours, Mon- iigieuses. sieur. Un . deJeuner mtlme reul11ssait en -"Vraiment! et moi qui lui aurais suite a la demeure de Madame Aime don ne trois moist quel ravi s - Dugas, une douzaine d'amis de la --------- famille. La spirituelle humeur du LA TERRE QUI TUE. J uge, la grace de la jeune epouse, la La Deesse Noire, en ce moment, Quelque s minutes apres dcs mains diligentes n'on t pu retirer que le cadavre du pau vre Severson. Louis Severson etait un homme doue d'unc grande force physique. Baron De Silans En Route Pour Ten- mile. Le Baron Hippolyte de Silans, president du Syndicat Lyonnais du Klondike va quitter D \wson pour le district dl1 Tenmile, ou sa compagnje effectue des prospections a la machine perforatrice sur la concession qu'elle 'a obtenue. " Le Baron est devenue un enthou­ siaste fervent de la contree et de­ m eurera probablement au Klondike cet hiver. Mr. Alfred Tarut, le sympathique co-directeur de la societe remplacera Mr. Paillard, en route pour Paris it I'heure actuelle. "LE VENT." Monologue pour jeunes filles dit par Mile. Reishenberg de la Comedie­ Fran~aise. Grand'maman, disait Rose, Le soir, au fond du bois C'est le loup, je suppose Dont on entend la voix? Et la bonne fileuse Sur son front rougissant Embrassant la ,Pen'fellSe Repondait .'db l\cemen t : -"N e crains rien, mon enfant, G'est le Vent .... -"Comment ca, grand'ma~la~, Le Vent.. .. Le Vent? -"Certainemcnt, le Vent! -Au printcmps, bonne mere J e sens je ne sais quoi ; Et la brise legere Me trouble malgre moi ; Le rossignol qui veille Dans le grand marronnier · Me' murmtire a I'oreille 'Qu'il faut me marier .... -"Sotte erreur, mon enfant! C'est le Vent. -"Ah! vraiment, grand'maman C'est le Vent? -"Eh oui! le Vent! -Uautre soir Marguerite Et mon cousin Lucas Se sont sauves bien vite En entendant mes pas .... Mais maman, je vous jure Que j'ai tout entendu Un baiser, j'en suis sur Fut pris et puis re~di1 . -"Pas du tout! mon enfant C'etait le v.ent! -"Alions donc, grand'maman I Le Vent? -Oni! Le Vent! La semaine derrtiere, Fort tard' dans la soiree Rose, d\! la c1airiere Revint tres decoiffee. -D'ou venez-vous, friponne En cct accoutrement? -Mon Dicu .... , fit la mignon ne D'un air bien innocent MOn Dieu ... _ ma grand'maman C'est le Vent.. .. -"O ui -dil, vilaine enfant C'est le Vent? -"C'est le Vent! LES BOEUFS, LES BOEUFS! Sous les yeux des etoiles placides qui plafonllent le ciel du Yukon, c'est le beefsteak des Yukoners qui passe ... C'est le filet mignon des riches resi­ dences; c'est le ragout doutellx du restaurant. Tai! tail les boeufs, les boeufs! La Fievre Scarlantine a Dawson. La fillette de Mr. et Mme. Monk dans Sixieme avenue est atteillte de la fievre scarIatine it la maisol1 de ses parents. La residence a ete mis~ ' en quaran­ tine par 1'0fficier de Sante de Dawson Dr. Rimer. On ignore les , cause~ exactes qui ont cree ce cas, qui esperons-Ie sera unique. Le Dr. Alfred Thompson soigne l'enfant. Treadgold Et Les Huissiers. Un peu avant le depart du White­ horse, "Waterfront" Brown, de sa profession porteur de complaintes it Dawson- il n'existe de sots ' metiers nulle part-a mis son pied gauche­ certains de nos confreres pretendent que c'est le droit-entre une cloison du steamboat et la porte d 'une cabine occupee par !VIr. Treadgold, le roi de tous les eoncessionnaires. La largeur respectable de ce pied permit a son proprietaire de passer la tete, plus le bras, plus une assignation, entre la cloison deja dite et la porte Slls-men­ tionnee, q u'un dos de millionnaire, a-t-if rapporte, repoussait vers l'ex­ terieur. II parait. qtle ce faiseur d'em­ barras de Mr. Treadgold allait' se sauver sans seulement payer , ses dettes a la N. C. Co. Qui aurait pense cela? AlIez donc vous fier a ce que les journaux disent! N'empeche ql1'a . Whitehorse, la hcinte, le desholllleur et meme le paille humide des prisons sont le sort reserve au -futtlr marchand d'eau du Klondike. A moins, ce Qui se polltrait encore, que Treadgold trollve le moyen de payer. "Bibi La Puree." Pauvre {le nous! Bibi la Puree est mort! Vous I'avez tous connu, cet emule de Verlaine, cette silhouette navrante du quartier latin et de Mont­ I m 'artre, jlOltJ' lcquel Jchan Richn s a ecrit ~Ine ballade fameuse. Il etait long comllle un jour sails pain, il etait desolant somme les larmes, il avait une face de Christ, il etait salement vetu et avait souvent faim. 11 a vecLl 20 ans comllle cela, et c'est ce qui I'a rendu celebre. Nous pouvons nOLlS vanter en France de produire des types qui pas­ En Camargue et da ns tout le Bas- sent a la posterite r ien .que ponr Rhone c'est le cri d'alarme des I'origin alite de lems principes. metes provencales quand elles venlent - ,--------- rallier les petits qui sont alles joner I Mrs. McConnell a Eagle. trop loin de lenrs jupes. Mme. Luella Day McConnell se Les boeufs, les bQeufs ! ' trouve heurcuse a Eagle en attendant Encore cet appcl meridional est un I'arrivee de son mari "Red" McCon­ peu devenu I'histoire du Loup et du nell. Ces llouvelJes nous sont ap­ Berger, car il n'est pas toujours obli- portees par le capitaine Meikle qui ar­ gatoire que des manades de taurea~lx, rive de la-bas. II nous a dit textuelle­ bruyantes et desordonnees, passent ment : joie visible du marie, jointes 'a la satis- manie sa faulx plus cruellement que de faction biell sincere mais moins ex- coutume. Les jou'fnaux de ces jours­ terieure de "M on Ollele Joe" qui ei nous apportent une incroyable Illois­ souffre de 'rilUmatismes, ont fait son de deces, d'accidents mortels, de ,passer aux convives une matinee suicides; et tout cela vient ajouter de charmante au COurs de laquelle un I'acruite a c~tte sorte . ~'rebetude nombre incalculable de voeux de bon-I d?uloureuse qlll marque ICl les ,fins par les rues d' Alais, d' Aries ou de "Mme. MeConnell etait au meme Beaucaire pour qu'il soit lance par les hotel que moi a Eagle. Elle alllusait Mort de Frank Crowden Sur Quartz i mamans inquletes. les clients de l'etablissement en leur I Creek. Les boeufs, les boeufs !... racontant la fa~on etrange dont elle (La jeunesse y crot d mo'ns en avait quitte Dawson et les souvenirs heur ont ete laisses aux jeunes epoux. d automnes. N ous avons a deplorer encore la e 1 moins au pays des cigales.) qu'elle y avait laisses. Je I'ai vue mort acidentelle d'un minellr estime, Est-d, entre autres, rien de plus Petition POU!:' un Trottoir. poignant que la mort soudaine du'l Frank Crowdel), qui fut tue en tom- Trente-et-~n propne(aires et resi- pauvre Severson enseveli hier sous un bant du haut en bas d'un puits profond de,nts ont envoye une petition au Con­ seil MUliicipal ponr la construction d 'un trottoir dans Church street, qui cOT\1muniquerait avec celui partant de la demeure de Mr. Green, entre 6eme eboulement de graviers auriferes dans de cinquante pieds. unc galerie du Gold Run? Les maigres details que nous avons Certains philosophes de I'epoque, re~us par telephone nous informent tocques de symbolisme, ne manque- seulement que c'est au moment ou raient pas de pretcndre que, cette fois il se disposait a poser le second pled encore, la Tcrre s'est vengee des blcs- sur nn barreau de I'echelle qn'il glissa et 7eme avenues, avec une prolonga- t b tion jusqu'a la 8eme et de la, ' a la sures qlli 1 1Ii font la pioche enfievree e. tom a _. ________ _ residence Harper. ~es hommes, assoiffes de richess~s, d~ I Vers Le Ciel D'ltalie. Le Conseil a ordonne deja la con- Joulssance s valllCS, et que cellll qUI strl1ction d'un trottoir dans Duke hier matin descendait dans les en­ '§treet .a Salomon Lombard et d'un trailles fumante s de la Grande Nour­ autre dan s la 7eme avenue a Emil riciere a ete etouffe d'un coup par le Stauf. l'csserrement de ses fiancs, premcdite Retour de Treadgold. A. N. C. Treadgold, Joseph Boyle et un ou deux autres sont revenue hier d'une excursion a la fourche Nord de la -Klondike. IIs sont alles la princi­ pal,ement pour se rendre compte du volume de l'eau. On dit aussi qu'{l s ont considere sur les lieux la pos­ si·bilite de tracer une route en droite ligne en vue de Dawson. Mr. Treadgold transporter I'eau a doit quitter inccs- samment le Klondike. et fatal; que cc cl1pide s'est englue pour jamais aux ca illots de sang d'or' qu' il allait reclleilli,' encore sur la plaie beante .... _ I nsulte et Sottise! La ou est le travail, I'cffort, la pcine sans certitude de recompense, la ou le frere en Diell paie son tribut de misere all peche originel, le mystere de la Mort Qui passe, prematuree et implacable, sera tOl1jonrs le chagrin humainement essentiel, la chose hor­ rible qui affole le cerveau et provoCJue i'anatheme. Douloureuse Bruliire. La Mascotte de AlIgold. L 'excellent photograpl1e J. E . .N. Les minellTs du creek AlIgold reodu Dudos Se rend compte chaque jour 'fameux par les recentes decouvertes, davantage de la gravite dc la brulftre possedent un petit porte-vcinc auqnel qu'il se fit a la main droite en I ils accordent la plus grande foi et operant dans le D . A. A, A. hal l. La vouent sans partage leur rude affec­ plaie qui a ronge asez profondement tion: c'est le behe de Mme. Charles le dermc et les premiers tisslls fibreux Fisher, jeune fille six semaines, se re colore lentcment. Cependallt,' le premiere nee sur ce coin du Klondike, docteur pen se que notre ami sera da'ns qui accapare toutes ces devotions et J. R. Gandolfo, l'un des caracteres intenses de la jeune vie du Klondike, 'va partir sous peu pour I'Europe. Ceux .qui desireraient le charger de quelque commission pour Notre Saint Pere le Papc Pie X auront chance d'obtenir satisfaction pa r cet obligeant inter­ medaire, qui sera a Rome dans moins de deux mois. La Mode Feminine. Dun s quelques temps la Frant;aise" recevra de Paris interessantes informations "Page de tres relatives aux modes d'hiver,. signees du nom antorise de Mmc. Mariette de Sauve, la charmante conespondante alneri- came. Mort De Louis Primeau. Louis Primeau, canadien fran ;ais, qui fut I'un des pillS efficaces inter­ prt!tes de la nation Sioux, vient de mourir a I'agcnce de Standing Rock. ) Mme. Congdon Donne un "At Home." ,debarquer a Eagle; elle eta it A ce propos, l'autre soir entre 8 et 9 vetlle d'u n pardessus masculin tres heures, Front street a ete le theatre lourd et d'un chapeau d'homme. d'une scene tres americaine, tre;; Mme. McConnell n'hesite pas a affir­ "Far West." mer qu'elle a quitte Dawson pour tout­ Dans la nuit cOlllpacte, dans la boue a-fait. ElIe est legere et gracieuse profonde, quatre pasteurs-cavaliers et monte les escaliers de I'hotel avec chevauchant d'ardents petits bidets des jambes d'athlete." des prairies etaient postes aux abords des grandes portes des docks par ou se deversait en heurts mugissants le fiot presse et grondant d'un puissant betai!. Paris S'Ennuie. On dit que I'automne de cette anneE dans la capitale dl1 Monde n'a ri en d'absolument folatre. Les etrangers ) sont rares et on s'amuse mal. Nous apprenons que les danseuse, du J ardin de Paris, affectees de la tor­ peur et du spleen ambiants moderenl a ce point leur _ energie choregraphiqu( qu'on n'apercoit prcsque pas d'en· volees de jupons au cours de leun plus ou moins grands ecarts. Triste, triste, ... Meuh ... Meuh!. .. Enfermes depuis de longs jours dans des cages de sapin, sur une riviere triste, les voici qui debouchent, cornes hautes, fO llS de liberte, humant l'air, beuglant a l'eau, se cabrant, se depassant, se cognant aux cloisons sonores du wharf plaque de zing et le deroulement de leur force inconsciente, ennuyee, brutale, est une chose parfaitement esthetique. Les cow-boys, d'un co up, ramassent I Expert En \juartz Ici. les mustangs dociles. Hop! il foncent Mr. W . H. Temple, un expert miniel au beau milieu de cet o~ean de cornes, d'Halifax, vient d'arriver a Dawsor. ou les petits chevaux aux jambes et nous croyons comprendre qu'un( fieres sont les maitres incontestes. Des position pourrait lui etre offerte par le coups de lanieres c\aquantes rententis- gouvernement pour aider au develop· sent sur le cuir des selles, les tet,·s pement mineral du territoire. des boeufs s'inclinent, leurs epaulem Mr. Temple, qui a etudie le cam~ tournent, ils rentrent dans la masse cuprifere de Whitehorse, en dit le plu ~ et un lent exode semble commencer !;;~and bien et croit fermement a sot: vers la derniere eta pe, vers la der- bri1lant avenir. niere etable au sol rougeatre et gras. - .. -.------ En tete, a droite, a gauche, au galop Departs Innombrables. au long du trottoir pique de lumieres, Le L'awson et le Whitehorse onl con tenant la colon ne informe, les emporte lvant hier soir presque la cavaliers audacieux, la main haute, .moitie de :'1 vil\e. C'est I'elite seule crient dans le noir des choses gut- de la popula~ion ; cela va de soi, qu i turales et prolongees qui font onduler reste fidele au).. t~ottoir de bois et aux 200 cordes de bois reun ies en quelques ' - semaines tout-a-fait glleri . privilege s. Mme. Congdon vient d'adresser des cartes a son entourage distingue pour une soiree qu 'elle donnera dans se'S salons mardi proehain a 8 heUl·es. les dos ' roux. . joies d'hivers de ' Dawson. DAlWS ON WIDmKLY NEWS. FRI'DA,y, OCT. 2, 1983. En Memoire de la Reine Victoria, (La Presse Associee.) Londres, 21 Sept.-A l'eglise parois_­ sialc, pres du chateur de Balmoral, qui fut habi~e par la Reine Victoria, un service commemoratif a eu ''Iieu aujourd'hui auquel assistaient le Roi entravera beaucoup de travaux pour Royale. Paquebot Postal Incendie. St.-John, N. B., 21 Septembre.-Le steamer David Weston qui operait entre cette ville et Fredericton vient d'etre entierement detruit par le feu au point Craig, a 20 milles en amont de la riviere. Trois personnes furent noyees et sept .grievement brulees. Vaeanees au Cabinet Anglais. (La Presse Associt~e.) Lord Balfotir, de 'Burleigh, Secre taire d'Ecosse et Arthur Ralph Doug­ las Elliot, Secretaire financier du Tresor viennent de remettre leurs demissions, qui ont ete acceptees par le Roi. · Mr. Elliott frere de Lord Minto, Gouverneur Generaf du Cana, da ne fait pas partie du Cabinet. Ces deux demissions forment un total de 4 places vacantes dans le Cabinet, plus une situation. de Secretaire a la disposition de Mr. Ba\.four. Defaite Des Turcs. Sofia, 21 Septembre.-Des fugitifs de Djoumai rapportent qu'un engage­ ment serieux a eu lieu a Pekin pres de r.ifelinika; a 65 milles de Saloni­ que. Les Turcs ont eu 500 tues, dont 2 Colonels. La plupart des villages de Melinika sont entre les mains des in­ surges. Beaucoup de villes sont en fiammes. L'Empereur D'Allemagne a Vienne. (La Presse Associee.) Vienne, 21 Sept.-L'empereur d' AI­ lemagne qui a He pour plusieurs jours I'hote de l'Empereur, Fran ;ois Joseph est reparti pour Dantzig au­ jourd'hui. Les Irlandais Veulcnt L'Indepcnd- ance. (La Presse Assodee.) Chicago, 21 Sept.- Au cours d 'un import-ant meeting sous les auspices de la "United Irish Society" une resolution a ete adoptee declarant qu'aucune solution a la question ir­ landaise ' d'independance nat'ionale n'avait encore donne satisfaction aux aspirations legitimes du pcuple d'Ir­ lande. Tremblement de Terre a Santiago. (La Presse Associee.) \ Santiago, Cuba, 21 Sept.-Le plus violent tremblement de terre qu'on-ait eprouve depuis 1885 a eu lieu ce matin et a secoue Santiago pendant IS secondes, mai s aucune ondulation ne se produisit. Les habitants affoles courraient dans les rues en pleurallt et priant. Des morceallx de briques et de plfltre furent lances dan s toutes les direction s mai s il n'y eut allcun blesse. La Serbie Est Toujours Agitee. Constantinople, 21 Sept.-En re­ ponse aux representations de la Porte, le Gouvernement Serbe a repondu que toutes les mesures possibles ont ete prises pour arreter l'incursion des bandes en Macedoine et Qu'une de ces dernieres, tres en force, venait detre dispersee. Le Gouvernement Serbe repond en outre que si la per­ secution des Macedonien s et les atro­ cites commises par les troupes turques ne cessent pas dans un bref delai le Gouvernement Serbe sera incapable de contenir i'agitation popu­ laire en Serbie. convenu, au cours d'unc parte OU, selon son habitude, Tomesheffsk ga­ gnait beaucoup il fut saisi, lie et bail­ lonnej puis, arme d'une petite seringue a morphine, l'un de ses aggresseurs lui injecta sous la peau du front un poison dont la composition est encore inconnue. Le malheureux joucur tomba mort presque instantanement. Ses assassins le fouillerent et se par­ tagerent I'or qu'il possedait. La police a pu arreter les cOllpables. Les Irlandais en Amerique. (La Presse Assoclee.) Londres, 22 Sept.-Par une lettre de Mr. O'Callaghan, secretaire de la Irish League of America, on apprend iei que des complications relatives aux clauses de I'acte de colonisation Ir­ landaise sont survenl1es au sujet de certams terrains\nt reacquis et que de s mesures pourraiellt etre prises pOur arreter desormais I'enlf~ gration Irlandaise. Bizarreries Geogl'aphiques. (La Presse Associee.) 1Serlm, 22 :Sept.-On vlent seule­ ment de s 'aperccvOlr, a une seance internationale de geographie a laquelle assistait Mr. Levassellr, delegue Fran­ c;ais, que 'Sur les cartes, la principaute de Monaco encastree en France dans le departement des Alpes Maritimes, est repres'ent~e vingt fois pIllS grande qu'elle n'est en realite. ---,----=:..--:--- Le Gouve;nement Et Les Routes En Canada. (Special au News.) Une delegation de representants municipaux de Brockvillc a interpelIe le Gouvernement avant hier soir sur le point d'urgence d'ttne construction reguliere de bonnes routes. Mr. Fisher pense qUe cette sugges­ tion emane du Domaine Provincial. -- ---:---:--:---:- Une Survivant du "Mexicano." (La Presse Associee.) Norfolk, 18 Sept.-Le vaisscau de guerre anglais 1{oxuy arTlve au­ jourd'hui de port English avait i son bord le dernier survivant du croiseur britannique "Mexicano ' qui perit corps et biens mardi soir sur la cote de Floride. Les Emules De Santos-Dumont. (La Presse Associee.) Londres, 18 Sept.-L'aeronaute Stanley Spencer a effectue avant hi er soir une promenadc aerienne cour­ onnee de succes de Crystal Palace i St. Paul':; Church et retour. --:----='---:=---=-­ La Pape Est SoufIrant. • (La Presse Assdciee. ) ' Berlin, 22 Sept.-Le Pape Pie X souf­ fre de rhumatismes et les audiences du V~tican ont du etre suspendues. La soe t1l: de sa Saintete, don a Antonia, est aussi tres malade a Venise. C. P . Wood Blesse Au Bras. Re-tour de Mr. Cory. W. W . Cory, inspecteur du depart­ l'interieur, vient d'arriver d'un court 'voyage sur les creeks. -.---.---- - Plus De Peur Que De Mal. (Special au News.) Les deux fi llettes de Mr. Hartel de 38 Gold Run, dont la plus jeune est un bebe I'ont echappe belle avant-hier. En jouant pres de la maison de leurs parcnh, la plus petite, on ne sait com­ ment, tomab a I'eau et presque instan­ tanement fut entrainee par le courant vers le barrage, ou la ' profondeur des eaux lui reservait une mort certaine. Sa soeur ainee, sans l'ombre d'une he~itation, entra dans l'eau pour lui porter secours, lorsque leur pere, par un hasard providentiel, vit le danger et sauta dans le creek. 11 y fut juste a temps pour retirer les deux gamines de l'eau boueuse et froide d\! Gold Run. Ni l'une 111 I'autre n'avaient perdu leur sang-froid, et Ic fait d'avoir garde la tete au-dessus de I'eau pendant les quelques minutes que dura leur bain force, prouve line rare presence d'esprit chez ces enfants. Quand on demand a a la plus grande soeur si elle avait eu bien peur de l'eau, elle repondit: "Oh! non, mai s Mbe s'est toute mouillee! ("baby got soaking wet.") Territoire Abandonne. (La Pressc Associee.) Londres, 24 Sept.-L' Attorney- General Findlay a conciLl son argu­ mcnt a l'avantage du Canada a la session de ce matin, au sujet des fron­ tieres d'Alaska. I\ a re~u les remer· ciements du J uge President Alver­ stone .et les felicitations de Messrs. Root et Lodge sur sa " lucide explica­ tion d'un sujet si technique et si com­ pr~hensible." L'Attorney-General a prouve c1airc­ fent que le Canada doit posseder tout la lande ou a peu pres et le conseil americain a informe la Presse As­ sociee que tous efforts seraient fai'ts de sa part pour convaincre le tribunal quc le traite de 1825 n'avait pour objet Qu'une barriere entre le Cana.da et le Pacifique, qu'en outre la question de territoire n'etait pas a ce point im­ portante, pourvu que les ports et les baies de la cote restent en la posses­ sion des \ Etats-Unis. -Alphonse-T u serais bien aimable de me preter dix dollars? -Gaston-Mon ch er, je suise desole je n'ai que trois dollars sur moi. -A lphonse-Don ne les moi tou­ jOLlrs, tu m'en devras sept. Le Froid a Dawson. Le thermometre de la Police Mo!ltee a enregistre la nuit derniers 26 sous zero. Le maximum de la journee a Cle 5 [audessus. ' (Special all News.) Privileges Exc1usi£s. Lower Dominion, 23 Sept.-Au (Traduction d'Editorial.) cours d'une partie de chasse pres Treadgold possede un a'vantage d' Australia creek, Cyril P. Wood a ete .auquel ne sauraient pretendre aucun accidentellement blesse d'une balle au autre mineur de la contn!e. bras gauche, SOllS le coude, par J. T. Lorsque, selon les clauses de la Morris. , charte, il sera devenu proprietaire de Morris avait "I eve" un coq de claims, ceux-ce n'auront pas ·i ' etre bruyere et tire tres rapidement. La representes en aucune fa~on et ne balle ricocha Sllr un roc et alia se seront pas exposes a un retour au loger dans le bras de Wood. Le Dominion. En un mot, il possedera docteur Lambert, qui ,.:;oigne la blcs- un droit exclusif. sure, n'a pas cru dcvoir prodder i un e [\ aura un titre absolu sur les ter- .extraction immediate. rains, chose que personne au Yukon ne peut obtenir, et sela seul est un Suit Son Mari Dans La Tombe. grand avantage. (La Presse Associee.) Le capital n'entrera jamais dans ce . Paris, 23 Sept.-N otre excellent I territoire avec toute la con fiance q u'il ,confrere James L. Ferier, de l'office y devrait avoir, jusqu'icc que la ques­ p'arisien de la Presse Associee, est tion du titre ait aC 1uis une definition mort subitement samedi dernier, et sa et une base. Les reglcments sont si jeune femme, ne pouvant survivre a la contradictoires et si peu d'harmonie perte d'un epoux bien aime, s'est tuee regne dans les seances du conseil sur son corps 'peu apres. qu'il est impossible de savoir a quoi lis ont ete ensevelis cote a cote s'en tenir. (La Presse Associee.) des aujourd'hui dans le cimetiere de En second licu les cours ne la is sent Audacieux Attentat. Chicago, 21 Sept.-Un attentat plus audacieux vient d'etre commis Bagneux. jamais rien deviner de Icurs inten- par deux brigands qui s'etaient ---- tions. On ne peut a l'avance rien Nouvelles de Allgold. pn!voir ni esperer. enfennes dans un fourgon du Michi- (Special all News.) C I R 'I d E fi d Tout eeci n'est pas organise pour le gan entra al roa xpress a n e Caribou City, 23 Sept.-Charles devaliscr le compartiment des bien public et ce privilege de Tread- valeurs. Dans une lutte desesperee Fisher, proprietaire de la deeottverte gold est une autre atteinte au droit du sur Allgold, a eu une excellente paye mineur individuel. avec les malfaiteurs qu'ils venaient de tout l'ete. ' decouvrir, William Ganghin, I'un des gardes du train fut etourdi -d'un coup dc poing. Les deux . voleurs sont heureusement maintenant entre les mains de la police. Assassinee Dans Sa Villa. (La Presse Associee.) Paris, 21 Sept.-Eugenie Fougere, la celebre etoile de Concert, a ete assassine~ dans la nuit de Vendredi a Samedi dernier dans sa villa des environs de Paris. Sa femme de chambre fut trguvee etranglee et une autre domestique a ete si maltraitee par le assassins qu'on craint pour sa raison. Le vol a ete le mobile du cr'itne. Assassinat Hypodermique. (La Presse AssQciee.) Londres, 22 Sept.-Un meurtre ab­ solument horrible 'quant au sang froid de ses auteurs et au raffinement d e sa critaute, vient d'etre commis a M.oscou, Russie. Stewart et son partenaire ont re­ tire $1,000 le printemps dernier du No. 100 below. W. A. Marble, qui opere le 99A prend en ce moment de 35 L'INVITATION AU VOYAGE. Mon enfant, ma soeur, Songe a la douceur cents a $1 la "pan." Bons resultats sont aussi rapportes de 60 et 61 below. D'aller la-bas vivre ensemble I -------._-- Aimer a loisir, Aimer et mourir, Mgr. Sbaretti a Victoria. (Special au N cws.) Au pays qui te rcsscmble! Lcs isoleils mouilles Ottawa, 23 Sept.-Mgr. Sbaretti, delegue papal, va se rend res tres pro­ chainement a Victoria pour presider au sacre du nouvel arcreveque de Colombie Britannique. De ces ciels brouilles, Pour mon esprit ont les Si mysterieux De tes traitres ycux Brillant a travers leurs Les Limites D'Alaska. Des mcubles luisallts, (La Presse Associee.) . Polis par les ail S, charmes la rmes. Londres, 23 Sept.-L'Attorney- Decoreraient 110tre chambre ; General Findlay a consacre toute la Les pillS rares fleurs seance d'hier matin a la question de Mclant leurs odeurs de li mitation des frontieres de ]' Alaska. Aux fines scntcurs de l'ambre, .on ne connait pas encore les decisions Les riches plafonds, prises. Les miroirs profonds, La splendeLlr Orientale, ~eouverture du Senat Canadien. Tout y parlerait Ottawa, 23 Sept.-Les assemblees A I'ame en secret, - dtl Senatont repris aujourd'hui apres Sa douce langue nat;fle. des vacances de quirize jours. 11 y a Dont l'humeur est vagabonde, C'est pour assouvir Ton moindre desir Qu'ils viennent du bout du monde. Les solei Is couchants Revetent les champs, Les canaux, la ville entiere, D'hyacinthe et d'or, Le monde s'endort Dans une chaude IUl11iere. Mon enfant, ma soeur, Songe a la doucellr D'aller la-bas vivre ensemble ..... -Charles Baudelaire. Comedien Criminel. (La Presse Associee.) Cincinnati, Ohio, 2S Sept.-Un acteur du dom de Joseph Monger a tue trois autres membres de sa troupe hier soir. Apres la representation, il les a vait pries de se rendre dans sa loge pour une - communication importante et lorsqu'ils fure'nt assis, Monger res­ sortit pour quelques minutes et revint arme de deux revolvers qu'il de­ chargea seance tenante. Le forcene a commis son triple assassinat avant qu'on ait pu s'en rend re maitre. Guerre Probable. (La Presse Associee.) Sofia, 2S Sept.-La rumeur sensa­ tionelle court ici que la Bulgarie vient d'envoyer un ultimatum a la Turquie annoncant que si des assurance's sa­ tisfaisantes n'ont pas ete re~ues au jourd'hui a midi les troupes Otto­ manes passeront immediatement la frontiere. Le Foreign Office, cependant, de­ ment cette nouvelle. Resolutions Pacifiques. (La Presse Associee.) Rouen, France, 25 Sept.-Le Con­ gres de la Paix tenu ici a adopte des resolutions pour demander aux Cham­ bre la reduction des budgets de la Guerre et de la Marine, de recom­ mander la paix a toutes les con trees et de considerer les possibilites de diminuer la duree du service militaire. Des resolutions prises pour agir de Macedoine. ont en outre ete contre les massacres Vol a Main Armee. Les brigands hirslltes, inasques et armes qui ont longtemps seme la terreur dans le sauvage Ouest d' Ameri­ que devaient bien un jour apparaitre au Yukon, con tree dont l'expei'ience aurait sans cela ete incomplete. Un gent leman du nom de Thomas Morgan a tfenetre I'autre soir chcz Mr. Charles Zenier, bijoutier horloger pendant que celui-ci travaillait a sa comptabilite. Le chapeau rabattu Sllr les "yeux, ·Ie nez et la ' bouche pro­ teges d'un m ouch oi r saie, le sinistre visiteur braql1a un gros revolver sur sa victime terrifiee, lu i enjoignant de deposer tout SOil argent sur la table, ce qui fut fait in stalltanement. Sur ces entrefaites un ami de M r_ Zenier, Mr. McLachlin, entra dans la maiso n, et fut assailli de la meme maniere: Tenu en respect par I'arme du voleur, McLach lin dut allssi retollrner ses poches et enlever son pardessus ct SOil veston dOIH s'empara I'homme masque. Dans ces vetements il prit en outre tlnc montre et une chiine d'or plus un portefellille contenant $35. Puis; il sortir, tranquille et calme. Des tres intelligentes recherch es faites aussitot par le Sergent Smith et le detective Wels h, sur les ren­ scignements donnes par les victimes, ont amene a la decouverte de Thomas Morgllll, qui, on le verra bientot, n'en etait pas a son coup d'essai. ----------------- Action Intentee Contre Preston. Ottawa, 25 Sept.-B. F. Clark a appele I'attention de la Chambre su r un cablogramme informant qu'une action de $4,000 etait dirigee contre Mr. Preston, Commissaire general (je I'Emigration Canadienne, pa:~ le "Canadian Employment Bureau" de Londres. Cettc procedure tendrait a . faire remboursc r par Preston une somme d'argent a vancee par le bureau a des sujets anglais envoyes a Fernie, British Columbia, remplaccr les grevistes des mines du charbon. Accident Survenu a Un Artiste. L 'Hommage .a Colbert Ira ensuite Un deplorable accident dont A. V . . prendre place dans ' la salle des fetes Buel, le crayonniste bien connu, vient , ,cle la mairie du XIII, qui est, comme d'etre la victime, plonge tous les on sait, la mairie des Gohelins.-Le membres de la presse de Dawson dans Fran~ais, Paris. le plus noir marasme_ ---------.-- Vendredi SOlr vers 10 heures et L' Automobilisation. demie, sur le plancher entoile du Le service de recrutement, au "ring" dl1 D. A. A. A. hall, Mr. Buei Plillistere de la guerre, vient, parait-il, avait eu le fantaisie innoccnte autant de decider une importante ~nnovation qu'inoffensive d'exhiber a une centaine .militaire, qui va faire quelque brui d'amis sa tres jolie, tres sOllple et .clans le monde sportif: I. cs automobiles 'tres fine academie d'athlete. Buel, 'fcraient I'objet d'une mobilisation quoi qU'l1n peu long, a des jambcs speciale, en cas de guerre. harmonieuses, une taille etroite, la Une circulaire est redigee, qu poitrine puissante et de beaux bras .prescrirait les premieres mesures que n'abiment pas les paquets de ' .necessaires pour i'organisation de muscles exageres j enfin pas un poil cette mobilisation': les chefs de corp disgracieux ne vient ombrer I'ivoire de devront profiter des periodes d'ins sa peau. (Mesdames, pardonnez ces truction des reservistes et des terri details.) toriaux pour rechercher pirmi eux N ous etions tous i contempler le les hommes possesseurs du certifica sympathique caricuriste qui souriait de capacite prevu pour la conduite des beatement, vetu pour . tout potage voitures automobiles. Une mention d'une paire de chassures en peatl speciale sera inscrite sur leur livret. noire et d'un milliscule cale ;on rouge En outre, les noms de ces homme i la "Corbett,' grand comme un ,seront fournis aux commandants de mouchoir de princesse, quand survint recrutement, qui etabliront ainsi les i l'improviste un certain Stanley Long !cadres d'une mobilisation particuliere. qui assaillit brutalement notre cama- Ce serait I'automobilisme militaire rade, le fit saigner du nez et, tout ment consacre: I'armee, desormais, commc lcs "toros" de Seville, semblait ::lt1rait un "corps des chauffeurs," redoubler d'ardeur i la vue du sang. comme elle a, par exemple, un "corps. Nous nous sommes enfuis, ecoeures du genie." de ce .spcctacle et ne ·pensons pas nous Qui sait? Une tenue speciale, ou du remettre d'une telle. emotion avant la moins des attributs distinctifs, at­ recontre Bates-Burley. tendent peut-etre les futurs soldats- chauffeurs. L'EMPEREUR DU SAHARA. Les p;-ojets de M . Lebaudy-La fon­ dation de Troja. Les nouvelles de la cote OCCI­ dentale d'Afrique rapportent que dans des conversations M. Le­ baudy a declare qu 'il ne voit pas pourquoi il ne prendrait pas Ic titre d'empercur, considerant les sommes d'argent qu'i l se propose de depenser pour developper son nouveau pays. Il annonce qu'il fait construire a present un grand nombre de maisons demon tables qu'il expediera a Troja pou r eriger sa nouvellc capitale, en flttendant de construire des edifices permanents et dc plus noble allure. M. Lebaud'y a l'intention de detour­ ner de I'Algerie et des ports du Maroc le commerce actuel du Sahara. Les marchandises arriveraient a Troja, d'oit elies seraient expediees ' a la Grande Canaric par une ligne de va­ peurs que M. Lebattdy se propose d'etablir. M. Lebaudy accueillera dans SOil empire tous les gens de bonne' sante et de bonne conduite. M. Lcbaudy a pu voir, avant de quitter la cote africaine, ceux de ses I marins qui avaient Cte faits prisonn icrs par les tribus mal11'es. Les captif SO IH bien traites; on ne leur a fait aucun mal. On les avait amenes s u la plage et M. Lebaudy a pu cause avcc eux. La condition qu'on aval mis e a I'entrevuc, c'est que lui-meme et son escortc fu ssen t san s armcs . M. L el,laudy semble cOllsacrer tou SO il temps a une Ilouvelle visite a son empire. 11 examine, avec deux juris consultes de la Grande-Canar{e le voluPlilleux documents qui etablissen ses droits de souveraincte sur Troja Qu oique le yacht de M. Lebaudy soit l'objet dc la surveillance toute particllliere dtt croiscur espagnol, ce yacht a pu S e soustraire il y a quel ques jours a cette surveillance. M Lebaudy avait a cette occasion offer un the dans l'apres-midi a bord de SOl yacht, pui s ses invites etaient revenus a terre . M. Lebaudy eta it reste cache i bord de son yacht, a l'insu de l'eqllipage du croisellr. 11 avait pen .dant la nuit leve I'ancre et qui'tte le port, et s'etait mis a faire le tour de l'ile. Les \ Espagnols s'apen;lIren seulement de son depart atl pOint du jour. lIs etaient encore a deliberer sur ce qu'i ls avaient a faire lorsque le yacht de M. Lebaudy rentra et reprit tranquillement son mouillage. Au moment ou le cOllrrier partai pour Liverpool, le drapeau tricolore fral1 ;ais continuait a flotter sur le yacht de M. Lebaudy.-Le Fran ;ais Dans tous les cas, tin mot concret et nOllveau semble resulter lie cette mesure : I'automobilisation ... - Le " Fran~is, Paris. ITCHING ECZEMA And Other ItCQ, Bumin« ana Scaly EruJfions. Instant Relief and SP88~1 Cure Afforded by CUticnra SoaD, Ointment and Pills Wben All Else Falls~ COMPLETE TREATMENT, SI.OO The agonizing itching and burning 0 the skin, as in eczema; the frightful scaling, as in psoriasis; the.loss of ha i r and crusti, ng-of the scalp, as in sca~d head; the facial diSfigurement, a~ ill pimples and ringworm; the awful suf· fering of Infants and the anxiety of worn-out parents, as in milk crust, tet­ ter and salt rheum, all demand a rer:l­ edy of almost superhuman virtues t .) successfully cope with them. Th:: t Cutic,ura Soap, Ointment and Pills are sueh stands proven beyond all doubt. No statement Is made regarding the:n that is not justified by the strongeg( evidence. 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Applicant-Yes, mum. , She ~aa real pleas'ed when I left. ----------------- La cute "L'Hommage- a Colbert." manufacture des Gobelins actuellement l'une des If $100 is to be the standard l enalty for bribery in Missouri the senators Will be only $900 ahead on exe- transaction. plus Vingt Mil~e An~ Sous La Glace. ! gral1des tapisserics qui soient sorties , Voil la un titre qui ' ne va pas f;ire lde ses ateliers. C'est l'Hommage a I . , " , Colbert, dont le dessin est du au sou rtre J ules Verne, lut qUI n a . J P I L E ll mattre ean- au aurens. e mesllre ,. BLACK & BLACK SO. LICTTORS ---- I (Ju'une modes te histoire intitulce I exactement 91 metres car res, 13 "Villgt Mille Lieues Sous les Mers." n1E!tres SlIr se p!. I Des savants de St. Petersbourg dont I On sait que le grand ministre de le plus illustre. est le Dr. Otto Herz, Louis XIV tr'a:l1~forma les divers l ont decouvert recemment sur une des ateliers des Gobel ins en manufacture royale_ Le tableau de Jean-Pau rives gelees de la riviere Beresovka, Laurens, en partie execute actuclle en Siberie, le corps parfaitement con- ~ne tlt, rep{esente Colbert sur Uti piedes serve d'un mammouth, fantastique tal, dan s le paysage me me de la comme proportions. La peau a e'te Bievre qu'occupe maintcnant la manu­ trollvee intacte, reCOllverte de ses facture. D e beaux personnages poils; seule elle pese 820 livres. La symbol isant les arts, des artisans et chair du m:onstre etait encore des ouvrieres, dans les costumes de sanguine et elastique. I'epoqlle, viennent acclamer le trans- Entre la chair et la peau on a .formateur des Gobelin s. trollve line couche de graisse epaisse Les personnages sont de dessins dc pillS de trois pouce s qui devait s;mp.les et de couleurs vives, qui ont permettre a l'animal de suppqrter les perm is d'execllter la tapisserie scion plus grands froids . Des rest cs d'herbe les procedes du grand siecle. Chisholm Building. DaWBon. Y. l' Grand ForKS. Saturdays of Each Week WM. THORNBURN BRrrister, Solicitor, Advocate, Notary Pub­ (lie Comml •• loner. Proctor or tbe A'dmli'alty Court· Omce-Bank Building, Roon:s 4 and 5 . Phone 118. P . O. BOK 863. Dawson. Y. l' You Will Be fleased and so will we. if you stop at The Le'.nd Hous. wben ID DaW'son. BEDS-by the Illght ............. 30 ,. by the week .. .. .. . .. .. . 2.30 BUNKS-by the week (turnl8b your own blanket8) .. 1.73 ) ;very'.hin'!' clean and homelike. Large olll-'e, with latest newspapers and maps. Ba.g~ ;lge stored and carefully looked a,fter. .• Un clubman de cette ville nomme Tomesheffsk, auquel sa chance au jeu a ~ait ~ttir_e beatlcoup d'amis, fut der­ nier.emcnt invite a une soiree de famil­ le par son propre cousin. A tin signal .eu quelques critiques au suje~ du t)Oll- Vois sur ce. s canallx veau service du cable canadien. Dormir ces vaisseaux ruminee retires de~ cavites des dents Bien que clllq artisans soient oc­ font penser qlle le mastodonte pais- . . cllpes chaque jour a cctte oeuvre sait all moment ou il flit englouti par magistrale, il ne faut pas esperer, es­ des eaux qui se solidifierellt subite- .time-t-on, la voir terminee avant . ment. 'I. c luelques annees. WIt/GNT. DOLE.AII, Behind the Falrvlew Hotel, on 2nd St: DAWSON WEEKLY .NElWS,IF1RID.~+: bCT:2, :i983. t . AMERTUMES. I Mr. Broderick, ex-secretaire ' la Guerre, a accepte le Secretanat pour II'Indian office. Dans. le cas suppose comme dessert la plus exquise des La Mallede Nome. cago revient en meilleure sante et a c"reces glacees ainsi que des chocolats QuaLorze sacs d'e malie ont ete pu recevoir des amis hier. Je n'ai rien qui me la rappelle, Pas de bouquets, ' pas de cheveux, ')e n'ai pas une lettre d'elle, Nous nous detestions tous deux. :\. la vanille, des chocolats pralines, expedies hier pour Nome et les etapes. I OU Lord Milner cederait a certaines pressions, le Duc de Marlborough, actuellement sous-secretaire des colonie s, serait appointe sous-secrt~­ taire des affaires Indienne s. Le secre­ taire et le sous-seeretaire de chaque ministere n'occuperont pas les memes .bureaux. Aucune information relative a la composition du Nouveau Cabinet ne sera publiee avant lundi. des chocolats ... , enM'n, tous ce qui ce La poste Se rend a Eagle en canoL Blair Decline Toutes ResponsabUites. fait de mleux dans la confiserie Quinze sa~s ont· ete envoye s' de cette (Special au News.) arnericaine. fa ;on la veille. Ottawa, 28 Sept.- Au COUI'S d'un Le lendemain, cent ouvn eres re- Ce docum ent'"tablit que quatre-vingt interview avec un de nos confreres J'etais brut~1 et langoureux, Elle etait ardente et cruelle, -Amour d'un homme malheureux P our une m,aitresse infidele.- parurent a leur travail et a la table treiz~ villages on t ete detruits dans Mr. Blair a declare qu'il n'etait pa~ de midi. Un renfort de creme glacee le VIIlayet de 1..10nastlr seul et que, le responsable de cc que les journaux et de bonbons au chocolat vint re- n,ombre. total des vllles massacree s I pouvaient publier sur son compte. 11 nouer tout-a-fait les sympathies de s eleve a cent onze. I a ajonte qu'il laissai t le public seul proletaires a capitalistes et enfin tout On sait de source autorisee qu'une juge des ses actes. Un jour nous nous sommes quittes, Apres tant de fe]iciies, le troupeau rentra dans la bergerie. hecatornbe plus ' gran le .encore en- Morale: IJ faut toujours prendre. sanglante le sol maced'onien. Lord Milner et Mr. Balfour. 'rant de baisers et tant de larmes, les femmes par "Ies douceurs." Le correspondant du Times attire (L 'P eA" ) , . , 'I . a r sse ssoclee. I attention de I Europe sur 1 urgente Carlsbad 28 S t -L d M'l Tentative D'Empoisonnement. . Hubert Weisner, accuse d'avoir Comme deux en nemis rompus, Que leur haine ne soutient plus, Et qui Iaissent tomber leurs armes. . -Henry Becque. ,"oulu empoisonner F. W . R odenkirk, La Poste de Atlantique. de No. 4 below Radford's discovery, (La Presse Associee) sur Quartz creek a ete mis en etat Londres, 26 Sept.-Une indignation d'arrestation avant-hier. ~enerale s'est manifestee ICI en Une tres vive animosite regnait de- 'presence des agissements du "London "Scottie" au Violon. puis longtemps entre les deux hommes & Northwestern railroad envers l'ad- A c;cux de nos amis Canadiens qui qui habitaient la meme cabine. On ministration des Postes anglaises. ignorent ce que c'est que le "viol on," suppose que Weisner melangea secre- A la derniere arrivee du l'Umbria, tement un acide nocif dans les ali- · . , 11 I 'Ilous, apprendrons qu'on France on qUI amenalt une tres grosse ma e,. a ments de son camarade. . f d . des~gne ainsi un certain reduit obscur, compagllle re usa e transporter une pl'1 tot maladorant, en raison de la Rodenkirk n'a echappe a la mort certaine quantite de sacs sous pretexte que grace aux soins immediats et 1. • societe Qu'il ab rite d'ordinaire et qui {ue la cargalson .postale depassait tres edaires du Dr. Elliott. 11 ' I L possede, en guise de sofas, faut. euils, ce e prevue dans e.s contrats. es causeuses, tits de rep os, .e~c., un as- Qui Connait A. J. Brooks? autorites dJ Post-Office durent payer semblage de planches dispose en I un supplement. pente. (Les oreillers sont fabriq~es du A. ~ . Brooks, un ancien "p~cker" sur Cet etat de chases se renouvella it meme duvet.) Enfin la garde et I'en- le trail d~ Skagway, est anxlellsem~nt :rarrivee de l'Etruria. Cette fois, la tretien de ce genre d'etablissement I recherche par sa s?eur Mad~me OlIve Poste de Londres refusa d'obtemperer sont presque toujQlIrs confies a des ,E .. Carr. de Hormtoo, Manpost Co., aux exigences du London & North- agents de police. Cahforllle, western railroad et le supplement des C'est dans un appartement a peu Elle nous informe que son frere est . sacs dut i':tre transporte :\. Londres par llres similaire qu'a ete consigne pour age de 55. ans, qu'il a ete tour a, tour petites quantites et selon la bonne QuelQues nuits I'incomparable "Scot- journaliste et mineur durant la volonte des trains mixtes. IJ s'en suit tie" le vieil ecossais du Camp auquel maje'ure partie. de sa vie. un tres grand prejudice pour les af- it . plait, aux jours de liesse, de revetir Madame E. Carr serait reconnais- faires a Londres. la petite jupe courte a carreaux sous stll1te :\. quiconque lui fournirait un ---------- les ptis de laquelle. ses,jambe~ un )ileu renseignement utile a ses recherches. LE QUARTZ O·U VU KON A ST. bouletees prerinel;1t des ebafs' publie~ L'O'U I S. . Coffres-Forts Roulants. el choregraphiQues. " .) : . I1 parait que I'annonce d'une amende de deux dollars (cequi represente huit "drinks"), qu'a cit! devoir infliger a ' il~t~~' ami ·Mr.l~ Juge Wrou,ghton,lui .a ' " donne les :Blues.... Bells of ' Scotland. La Rencont!re Bates- Burley. L'administration des chemins de fer de I'Etat beIge a decide d'installer, dans tous les fourgons :\. bagages, une armoire blindee, genre coffre~fort, pour permettre la mise en sit rete des valeurs qui sont confiees all transport. - Paris-N ouvelles. L'initiative qui fut prise d'envoyer des echantillons de quartz a I'ex.posi­ tion de St. Louis est excellente et doit etre encouragee par possibles. Wilson Foster est tous les moyens tres enthousiaste , ., d . 'd' I ,ep . or I ner a necesslte e velllr en al e a a pOPu- 1 qUI'tte' ett '11 . d'h' " . c e VI e aUJour UI pour latlOn, qUI meurt de falm et de fa- l'Anglete " 1 d' t M . .. . , . . rre, ou I va ISCU er avec r. bgue. Des mlSSlOnnalres amencal11S lie P . M" t B If I' ff ' . , remler 111IS re a our 0 re qUI ont lance des appels telegraphiques IUI' a e'te' f ·t · ... I - Jot . t . - . al e u Occtlper e seer", ana aux societes de secours des iEtats-UllIs C l' 1 et de l' A'ngleterre, reclamant I'envoi oOl1la. . RUADES UTILES. (Editorial.) d'un contingent de la Croix Rouge. lis se devouent, scIon la mesure de ' leurs . moyens, a secouTir les pe~ples Les mem'bres de l'opposi~ion du Yukon ont ete denommes "kickers" (lanceurs de rllades.) sur le theatre de la guerre. L'Inspc:cteur Cory En Route Pour Ottawa. W. W. Cory, inspectellr dll minis­ tere de I'lnterieur, a quitte Dawson hier pour Ottawa. I1 a pris passage a bord du Selkirk. Pendant son sej'our' parmi nous, Mr. Cory a vi site les districts de Forty­ mile, Selkirk, Stew art et a inspecte chaque office. Son travail n'a pas eu cette anllee autant d'importance que celui de I'ex­ ercise precedent. ' Pour un Verre D'Eau. Mais un "kicker," doit, necessaire­ ment, posseder un \ jugem,e.nt suffi­ sant, des convictions et de la force de caractere, pour ensuite pouvoir ruer, si la est sa manlere d'etre. Un "kicker," n'est pas un ' flatteur obsequieux, un paiitin a courbettes, Ull leche-pieds. Le "kicke.r," est independant, et plein de con fiance en soi:- I1 est agressif, mais courageux. Cc sont de tels hommes qui font I' histoire d'ull peuple. . lIs appartiennent it cette classe ct~ U n charpentier qui avait, selon sLlfI gells utiles dont I~s idees, soumises a habitude, absorbe trop de "reconfor- ,' la controvers~ autant qu'a ~ 'apprecia­ tants" vient de tomber du haut d'une tion, constituent la qUIntessence . ' . Id' morale des masses. malson en constructIOn, lante e cmq etages. Par miracle iCn'est qu'etO'llrdi I A N L eL lorsqu'j] revlent it lui, j] contemp, le os . ecteurs. Des Creeks .. une dame charitable lI ui lui soutient Nos allll~. Canadlens des creeks la tete et lui presente un verre d'eau' I' vOlldront blen prendre: note Que -Dites, Madame, murmure J'~v. toutes les ,~{)uvelles , personnelleg.. ~u rogne, d'une voix empatce, dill quel i alltres, ql1 IIs nous feront le plalslr etage faut-i l tomber pour avoir un I de nous adresser, devront etre verre de vin?" remises aux' distributeurs Max Lang la route elevee, apres Gold Run City. II nous fallut escalader le talus, ecarter quelques pOllsses vertes qui agitaient leurs feuill es, freles au vent du soil' et nous decouvrimes, cache par un enclos naturel de fieurettes mauvcs ct jaunes, quatre modestes croix de sapin, portan t au crayon des noms a demi effaces. Devant cha­ uun e d'elles, s'etalait un t~blier rec­ tangu laire de graviers roux.: un peu bombe, c6mme soul eve par le soupir immense d"une , poitr'ine qui aurait pour toujours aspire le SommeiI.. .. Sur ce modeste champ de repos, la dmlCeur des soirs d'ete est une c'aresse legere et consolante, la brise nocturne y chante en passant sa melopee ber­ ceuse, et les petites fieur s aux nuances tend res quc la bonne Nature a piqUes ca et la, en font un joli jard'in funeraire. . Par les crepuscules d'or, les ames flottantes des vieux mortsdu Klon­ dike doivent aimer a y venir planer ... MiI'. Gosselin it Livingston. Mr. F. X . Gosselin, le devoue chef de service du Commissariat de l'Or, est en ce moment sur la route de Liv­ Ing-stone creek. dans le district de Big ' Salmon, en tournee d'inspection. It va visiter I'installation du Per­ ceptet1r minier a Livingstone. It a prevenu I'office du Gold Commission­ er hier a ce suje~ Mr. Gosselin devait re';"enir ~ Daw­ son dimanche oernier. ma1s evid~m­ ment la rluree du voyag-e qu'il a en­ trepris ne pe ut etre prevue d'une fa ;on exacte. En son absence, Mr. Gosselin est utilement remplace par Mr. O. S. Finnie. Le Nouveau Lord-Maire. (La Presse Associee.) Londres, 29 Sept.- Au meeting des Aldermen du Guildhall, aujourd'hui, Sir James Thompson Ritchie, frere du defunt chancelier, a ete eleve a la dignite de Lord-Mayor de la ville de Londres, pour I'an prochain, comme successeur de Sir Marcus Samuel. . . r . '. Reunion de la Chambre de Commerce Rier soir, au D. A. A. A. hal1;·en de Dawson. presence d:,une. veritable foule Nick :Burley a iiicilement triompM de son adversaire avant la fin de la quatrieme sur ce sujet et invite tous ceux qui ont des specimens de quartz dont la qualite temoigne hautement -des res­ sources de la contree ales lui confier Oll Frank Asam qui les remettront a l'editel1r du News. ! 1 Les Habitants D'Ottawa Contre Le Les Atrocites Tut·ques. Le "Dawson Trades and Labor pour qu'i1 les fasse parvenir. C'est une occasion extraordinaire (La Presse Associee.) Londres, 28 Sept.":"Une ctepeche de reprise. Des le . prem.ier "round," Nick, .plus !1clentifique et plus sur de lui que jamais, a place ci!1q ou six terribles "rights" 3: la poitrine et dans les machoires de Bates qui, des lors se mit Council" reprendra ses reuniqns bi­ hebdomadaires demain soir all A. B. hall. Un ' nouveau president devra etre elu pour succeder a Mr. McGregor qui a du quitter la contree pour raison s de sante. :\ 'chanceler et perdre . controle de lui- "L F " meme . co'mme un homme ivre .'. ou a ranee Effectue Son 'D«rnier Voyaie• drogue. Le bel athlete qu'est Bates I est alle quatre fois it terre et aux trois fjremieres s'est releve peniblement all bout de neuf secondes. I1 n'a montre allcune decision et eta it secoue de convulsions it' chacun des coups de marteal1 que lui assenaient les poings de Burley, envoyes en pleine force au nez, a la tem)ile, a la tete, au menton, aux cotes droites. Enfin, avant le coup de timbre an­ non ;ant la fin du quatrieme "round" it etait "knocked out" par Ull COllP gauche dans sa figure ensanglantee. Burley a aide it le relever et a quitte le "ring" souriant et tres frais-au milieu des "hurrah." Le steamer La France est parti hier apres-midi pour Mayo, Gordon et les differentes escales de la Stewart. L'agent Frank Mortimer croit que cc sera le dernier bat eau de I'annee pour ce point du district. Le Prospector devra etre ICI sous peu a moins que le faible niveau des eaux ne soit un obstacle a son prompt retour. MOllvements du Port de Skagway. (Special au News. ) de demontrer au monde que le Klon­ dike recele d'autres riche~ses que celles du placer et attirer I'attention du capital sur les magnifiques veines deja decouvertes. -------- Le Canada a }'Exposition de St. Louis. L'adjudication de I'entreprise d'un pavilion Canadien au "W: orld's' Fair" de St. Louis, a ete don nee :\. John J . Donnavant & Co. Le prix du con­ trat est $28,000. Le batiment aura deux etages et une superficie de cent pieds can·es. 11 sera ent(jur~ de pO'r} tiques. L'architecte est Mr. L. Fen­ nings Taylor, d'Ottawa. La construction devra etre achevee 1e ler [)ecembre. Le permis 'pou'r I'erection de lag.tructure a ete issu I pa.r Mr. TaY' lor, directeur des Travaux Publics et Mr. Donnavant va com- mencer sa tache de suite. Sofia au "Times," lit qu'ull document derobe aux achlves d'Hilmi 'Pacha. et qui est tombe entre les mains d'un des consuls, confirme la presque totale extermination du penple en 'Mace­ doine. La Questroin dies F'r onti'eres d· e I' Alal kJa (La Presse Associee.) Londres, 28 Sept.- L'ouverture de la troisieme semaine d· e la. sesSion relative :l. la question d' Alaska a trouv!! D. T. Watson, du Conseil de s Etats-Unis, developpant encore ses theorjes sur la question des lirMtes dll territoire americain. Lord Chief Justic~ Alvel· a ex­ prime l'opinion des Commissionnaires en disant: "N ous vous remercions de votre tres puissant argument." A un mouvement de tHe approbatif de Lord Alverstone, Christopher Rob­ in-son, K. I C., se leva et commenca son La reserve Canadienne est situee a speech au benefice des revendications moitie chemin ellviron du Palais de C~nadiellnes. I' Agriculture et de celui des Forets, La Bulg';:;:~~aura P;;-l'appui de Empoisonneur en Prison. Hubert Weisneir est en prevention au poste de police de Grand Forks. Une voiture a ete envoyee it Quartz creek pour I'amener F. W. Roden­ kirk, la victime de cette tentative d'empoisonnement. Mr. Calvert Quitte Dawson. George Calvert, assistant ' du Per­ ce'pteul' de Daw-sOll, a remls sa de­ miss.ion au Conseil Municipal, desi· rant qui tter {lefinitiv ement le Yukon. Mr. Vincent Keenan a ete designe pOllr le remplacer. George Calverl fut I\m des ,;;'omo-· teurs les plus actifs du Dawson Ama­ teurs Ath letic Association . .- Le Gouverneur du Caucase. (La Pr esse Associee.) St. Petersbourg, 29 Sept.-On croit dans les hauts cercles militaires que le Gener,al KOlrroupatkine T va Hre, appointe gouverncur du Caucase et remplace comme ministre de la guerre par le General Bobrikof, gQU­ verneur de Finlande. La White Pass & Yukon et le Service Skagway, 26 Sept.-L' Amur, le Humboldt et le Cottage City sont entres a Skagway avec une importante cargaison de freigh't, cnviron 40 pas­ sagers et beau COup oe hetail. Gibiers et Poissons. Le magnifique l'Angleterre. castel qui servira de demeure officielle I (La Presse Associee.) Cette derniere charge serait prise d'Hiver. Droit aux Claims Auriferes du Yukon. au Commissaire General Hutchinson, Londres, 28 Sept.-Un agent diplo- par le Prince Obelenski. La White Pass & Yukon Railroad (Special au News.) et qU.i .sera en me~e temps }e. ~Iub I matique a notifie au gouvernement company,' entrep ' reneur du service des des vlslteurs Canadlens, sera enge au Bulgare que ni la Turquie nj'la Bul- Ottawa, 28 Sept.-Un ordre en con- traineaux e . td. e la poste sur le trail Sud-Ouest de l'Exposition, tout pres garie ne doivent compter sur l'appui seil vient d Hre passe autorisant les cl'hiver, a . reclI ' 57 excellents chevaux de la gigantesque Horloge des F.leurs, de l'Empire Britanniql1e, en raison de vololltaires des "Dawson Rifles" ou de l'Oregon 'et une grosse cargaison ' 1' . I sur le versant nord de la colhne de I'evidente opposition montree par ces tous aut res ml IClens ocaux, non , . • . H h· Cle vehicules. A Whitehorse, on I' , d f . I AgTlculture. Le batlment utc 111- deux pays envers le proJ ' et presente j- emp oyes et payes e a ;on permanen- , . d Nouvelles du Dominion. (Special au News.) M r. Asley, geometre du gouverne­ mellt, construit en ce moment une tres confortable cabille pres du point Belvedere ou iI v· a habiter cet hiver pOIIsse activement la construction de I ' fi d son regardera I avenue qUI va du nor I par I' Alliance Austro-Russe qui tend a . " te par e gouvernement, a pro ter es d d l ' d 1"Ad· I I~t b'. . deux . spacleuses eCl1nes. La White . .. . au SI1.1, U pa als e m n '. fa Ion des refo'rmes Macedolllennes avec sa charm ante famille. drolts mllllers de tou s les cltoyens I ' d ' I'A . I " Pass' -& Yukon aura en tout 260 . . I au pa als e gTlcu ture. Le corps de l'infortune /Louis · Sever· . . h \bltant le Klondlke, en vertu de la " , d' I chevaux et probablement 20 ". stages" lld' l ' . .. . Tout le monde. deja, s accor e a SIr Thomas Llp '~ Con\;tr'U-I~,iJt u~ sun, enseveli vlvant sous un ebouJe· cause 42 es regu atlOl1s nlllllereS au . I' I h .. de plus seront mis en service cet hiver. reconnaltre Que emp acement c OISI ' Autre Yacht. ment de graviers dans un puits du Yukon. I ., G" I H h ' - ---.-._--'- , I par e 90mmlssalre en era utc 111- Chicago, 28 $ept.-"Si je pouvais No. 7 Gold Run, la semaine derniere, Le Coeur Perdu. ... . Les MaiS(lns de Jeux a Skagway. son e~t I'un des plus avantageux de trouver un dessinateur qui serait cer- a H~ mis en terre samedi, dans le Un jenne gandin pomade, gesticu- I (Special au News'.) I'exposition et on ne saurait trop en tain de faire mieux qu'Hereschoff je cimetiere du creek, sur le No. 20. lant, professionnel du sourire e~ .." feliciter notre distingue representant. construirais le Shamrock IV et ten- Chemin De Fer Du Dominion. (Special au News.) Unc nombre incalculable de peti­ tions' protestant 'contre-Ia proposition du chemin de fer Transcontinental, arri"ent chaql1e jour. Plus de mil1e lettres collectives ont ete deja re ;ues dans les bllrt:aux du gouvernement, ces jOtlrs derniers. Auiourd'hui a la Chambre. I'Hon. Mr. Borden a 'attaol1e vigoureusement le proiet. Tt a parle pendant plus de deux helll·es. Dema'1de De Troupes a Soo. (Special au News.) Ottawa, 29 Sept.- Les · autorites mi.ll1ieipales de SOD ont reclame J'as­ sistance de la milice c~ntre I'attitude agressive des anciens employes de la Compagnie Clergue. Le Ministere de l'Interieur a fait rcpondre a la muniCipalite de Soo de se conformer:\. la loi sur les milices. . Sir Wilfrid Laurier, ' a la Chambre des Communes, a declare qu'il ne voyait atlcune utilite a un envoi de troupes. Les Troupes Turqlles Se Retirent. (La Presse Associee.) Burgas, Bulgarie, 29 Sept.-Des depeches re ;ues d'insurgents qui con­ dllisent les operations dans le dis­ trict de Kirklisse, anoncent ' que les troupes turques ont ;epasse la fron­ tiere a Zaebrnovo, Karlovo, et" Gra­ laticoco, trois points de la limite turco-bulgare. On croit que, se rendant a la re- quete du gouvernement bulgare, I \. Turquie va faire rentrer toute sori. armee et signer avc sincerite le traite de paix. specialiste des yeux enamoures, entre Skagway, 26 Sept.-Les gam~l~rs . chez une spirituelle mondaine qu'il 'de Sl :agway sont quelque peu genes a Nouvelles du Dominion. terais a nouveau la chance," a de­ clar~ aujourd'hui Sir Thomas Lipton. - Le cimctiere de Gold Run nous A union of paper-box maloors in avait fatiguee de compliments denues rl'heure a,ctuelle dans leurs o~eration s. L'Inspecteur Minier Philip Holli- d'esprit, la veille, a 1111 bal donne par Il est tres, probable que la bllle de la da de Caribou, estime que le lavage "Chere Madame," de'clame-t-il la brtllt sec, hcurcu~ ou tn. ste, se:on le! cte s UPerieur a eelui de l'an paSSe. Si bouche arrondie, je viens voir si vous sort q~e sa ?hllte II1conSClente reserve I'eau n'avait pas ete aussi rare cette n'auriez pas par hasard trouve mon allx detraques qUI la s,ulvent des yel1x. annee, d'eclare-t-il, le Dominion au· coenr que j'ai laisse hier soil' ici ." Le Marsha l a opere, de s~n propre rait depasse en production tous les L'hote distingue de la ville -de Chi- fut montre par tin ami, en juillet I Chicago, Il l., composed exclusively of dernier, au cours d'une promenade sur women, numb-er 5,000. - Voyez donc la femme de chambre, chef, de nombreuses arrestatlOns dan s autres claims du district. 'Cependani repond ia dame, c'est elle qui balaye lIes deux sexes de ce cercle SOCial, malS le montant des "c1ean·up·' a slIrpris la I t t lies municipaux de Skagway protestent plllpart des proprietaires Sh es appar emen s.... c'Ontre ce fait qu'ils considerent Beaucoup de mineurs Canadiens du ~ Revol vi ng Screens, ea ves, : Les Appartements du Pape Pie X. COlllll1e UIl abu s d'autorite. Dominion vont aller eet hiver prospec· IJ "IAI • an~i:~ls t::;:~~m~:~::le~:g~I~~el:ltxftT~ QtI;:ti~I~lge~l ~~~~.n doit elucider la te~~a:;c:~e:l:g~~:~ :l~r!~t ~~7~r:outer I UJ, A~'IJ ,Self Dum pers, Pumps, i. (jue doit occupcr Pi.e x, sont pous- la vie est survenu :\. not re .aimable .in-! 'IJ ~ ses avec activite. On procede, en ce Greve Glacee au Chocolat. formatenr, vend red I sOlr ' dernter. : ~'A. B 01 EO: moment, a la restauration desmu(s et . ( NOl1S sOIli1aito ll s que notre typo- A lors que Mr. HoIliday voyageait en i ~;s' 01 ers, - , n gl nes, des parquets. L'ancien appartement l,g~aPhe, an ime d'un 7.e le re~ .~et~abl~ buggy vers Dawson, son cheval s'em-\ Every de Leon XIII servira se111ement aux n all le pas composer le mot creme balla tout-a.-coup et partit dans la receptions. Pi~ X, en efiet, fait amen a- alors que c'est "greve" lIl1e nous nuit, ventre a terre, sans que son con- : ger, pour son usage personnel, I pretendons ccri re-Cela, dll reste, ducteur ait pu s'en rendre maitre, sur : Desc ri ption of plusieurs pieces situees entre le , nous sl1rprendrait assez Hant donne une listance de trois milles et ' demi.:. . deuxieme et le troisieme etage. Elles 1 qu'il ne sait pas un mot de fran ;ai s.) Enfin apres la dangerouse ' tranchee ~ cOl1lmuniql~el)t avec l'app.aF~elljent p~o-I New Haven: Conn:, 17 SePt;;-Pen- du Cliff House, passee' it toute vitesse, I I Mach inery Repairs c£ prement dlt, au moyen - d un .escaher dant que le dlrecteul de la .Candy Is'oauli ,~lflne 'a .. J. ~omba dans un trOll, hors de 'I ' . ··/'J~~l4rt.!Jr :.1·" interieur. On dit que la ' secretairerie I Rubber Factory" jOllissait 'de ·quin7.c . 'I n d'Etat sera .transportee' .au .·. premier I jOilrs de Vacances, largeli1ent n'Ierites, La voiture, le cheval et le proprie- and Blacksm i th Work etage dll palais et installee dans I'ap- l Ies 360 jeunes fiIles de la manufacture. taire s'en son t retires indemnes. I1 partement occupe pendant le ' Con- mecontentes de. leur paye precisement Holliday eroit que ' son cheval a ete P I Att d d t SA TISFAOTIOftl • clavc par ' le . ca'rdillalbmerlingu. e it ce moment la, se mirent · en greve effraY e par un ours. rompt y en e o. GUARA"T££D. I Oreglia.-Paris-N6t1~~nes. . .,: / et firent par la v'~ lIe , comrne dirait , ' . . ' , I. . '. botre' maitre Alphons. e Allais, un de- I Reservations pour la Poltce Montee. • Les Mer'ribresdu Nouveau Cabinet. plorable tam-tam. . . . (Special au News.) . • 'L~ Pfesse' 'Ass?ciee est en ll1. esure Mr.. pierce, le directeur, revenuen Ottawa, 28 Sep t..:-Quarante ,.acr es YUKON SAW MilL CO' FRONT 8T TELEPHONE 27 I· .aujollrd'hui d'assu'rer que fe Se-cre- hate it cette nouvelle, put retls.siT a. I de lanrle a la jonction des · rivieres ' I, I . tariatdes Affaires Coloniales, offert a nlllier. Quelq,l,1es-unes de ses . fiHes :et, Mayo et Stew art viennent d'etre re-' t ........................................................................... .... Lord " MiJ'rrer, a ete refusci par Itli. " ,,~, l~ I'heure du dejeuner, lcur fit servir serVeS :l. N. W. M. P. run Yukon . . (From Wednesday's Daily.) DAWSON WEEKLY NE1 WS, F RIDAY, OCTOBER 2, 190, 3, MISS OOROTHY R, O'BIN'SON AND CARL FO'RSHA WEDDt D. YOUNGEST KLONDIKE MINERS SAVE MONEY FOR EDUCATION Ceremony ,Pe rf,ormed by Re~. Father B,u,n-oz In Pre'se"ce of Frl ends. '1 At the home of Phillip MeMahon, ' uncl e of t h e bride, Carl 1"orsha a nd Arth ul' and Leonard Heacock, the two bright juveniles shown in the accompa.nying illustration, left here yesterday to enter college on a way opened by tbeir own energy and' per­ , severance in the Klondike. '1 he youngsters will put t hemselves tbro ugb school. DU ring t he last three years they have earneLl $2,000 in the Klondilre. ,Vbile they have lived wit.h Iheir parents, t.hey have indi­ vidually gained tha t sum through their ind ividual efforts, and will now tum th eir a ttention to the more im­ portant pursuit of knowledge, and 1eave the beckonin, g bame of wealth material for the meantime to others, The oldest of the two lads is ] 6 years of age. Th e other is two yea rs younger, They are sons of Mr. 1 and Mrs. Ed C, Heacock, or Grand Forl s, They will attend school at N e wberg, Oregon. The Heacock brothers made their m oney in the Klondiks hy variall i; methods, In the summer they gath­ ered berries, capt ured dri ft wood in the Yukon and did' miscellan eolls worl, for others, Last winter and t h is summer they mined on Sl~ookum gulch, 'l'hey sank holes t hrough th e frozen ground last winter and con­ tinued their work in the coldest of weather, Before coming to uawson the boys earned $700 more in Skagway by sim­ ilar singular perseverance, PARSON WAS ARRESTED FOR DESERTION + (The Associated Press.) + t- LOS A.NGELES, , Ca1., I Sept. {­ t- 30.-The R ev. C. D. Whalen, who ~­ {- was arrested a few days ago on ,,. + information from Platts:burg, IN, -+ -+ Y., char;ging desertion, has been -+ + r eleased from custody. {­ +' A telegram from Platt8'hur,g-+ + s'aid that unless the local author- .,. t- ities would guarantee t h e ex- -+ + penses of t h e witness~ ' ir,om -+ + 'Plattsburg to Los Angeles there -+ -t- would be no prosecution from-+ -+ t hat end. The police promptly -+ + 'released W,halen. + -+ + ++++++v++++++++++++ NO'RTHERN PACIF IC PRESIDENT I BIG RESIGNS HIS POSITION. ROBBERY ON STEWART Charles S. Mellen Confirms the Re­ port That He Resigned. (The AssocIated P ress.) ST, PAUL, , Minn" Sept. 30.- Pres i­ dent Charles S. Mellen, of the North- ern Paciflc, confirmed t he statement that his resignation had been pre­ sented to t he directors of the system, He will succeed to the presidency of Bears Break Into a Cache on River Bank and Destroy 'Go.ods Left The r'e by Steamer. Several lons of freight set ashore ten miles, above the mouth of I SteW'­ art river by the steamer Nott ten days a, go weTe partly destroyed by I Mis's Dorothy 'Rohinson · :mited in the bonds of matrimony last nigh t by Rev, Fath cr Bunoz. A few inti­ I mate friends wit nessed the ene­ i mony , They wer e: Mr. and Mrs, 1 1 Rose, Mr. and Mrs. ..\ hlert, Miss Baird and Mr. iMcMahon, . The bride wore a blaa traveli ng suit trimmed in a ppJi.qne and panne velvet. H er ornaments were dia· monds, She is a very pretty bru­ I nette and has ,'resided' t he last two I y~ars with her uncle 011 ?en:y ave· , nue. I '1'he groom is a member of the firl!l of A'hlert & Forsha, who conduct a g rocery stor e at Third 1.nd King. H E' came her e in 1901, The two p'artners started business ·at once with only n erve as their capital and have buHt up a fin e trade, At the cer emony !lttIe Audrey Rose acted as fiower girl. Af '.,~r the oeremony the h.appy ('onplt' lLn d the gu es'ts sat down to a s ump t uous we1· cl ing dinner at the Northeril. WILL OONSTRUOT ANOTHER RANGE Yuklon Rifle Assoc iation Meets To. nigh)( }to Settle on WOIOi!\tron­ IWO Sites Con, sidered. Dawso n will have another rIfle. ran,ge neX L summer. The members 'of t he Yukon Rifle association will mcet this evening to discuss the pro­ ject and settIe on the location, in th e office of Barrister . Tobin. The only range in the Yulwll! at present is the police one '!Jack of Dawson, 'Dh1'ee organizations-the police, the Dawson Rifles and the rifle association-are using t he grounds, which makes it rather crowded, The association also de­ sires a range w,ith more targets than the pOlice ralLge. Two locations are under discussion, one on Hector Stewart's farm back of West Dawson, and t he other on the ""rotchier concession, on the ' flat on t he hill south of Klondike 'City. lit is proposed to equip the 'range with three targets. The association fig· u res on having ever y;thing in r eadi­ ness this fal! for next summer ,with the exception of a few minor details, the New York, New Haven & Hart- I bears, Among the stuff was a large ford road'. , am o-unt of ham an, d eggs, The mar­ ~~~~~~~~~~~~========~================================ auders tore open the goods and had ' GREAT BRITAIN FILES PROTESTS HANLON AND Y ANGER HAVE HOT TWENTY-ROBND GO (The, Associated Press,) M'EOH'AN'I-cJS' PAVIUON, San Fran,cisco, Sept. 30.-E'd, d'ie -Ran'lon, o f this city, last ni.ght received t he be call ed a Han].on round., 'In the sixteenth round 'Hanlon knocked hi s opponen t down with a ri gh t hook on t he jaw and see med to havc Yanger at hi s me rcy, By decision over Benny Yanger, after hanging on, however, Yan·ger man­ twenty r, ounds of furious fighting. aged' to las t through the round , In cidentall y the spectators were , while Hanlon tried desperately to treated to an exhibition of gameness land a lmoclwu t punch. on the part of Yan.ger such as was In the seventeent h, eighteenth and seldom witness'ed in t he prize ring. nineteenth Yanger recovered partial­ It was a h.ard fough t battle in which Iy, In the last minute of the twen· Ranlon for the first t im e abandon ed tieth round Yanger was again floored h Is ,crouch. with a right and left hook on the In the beginning of th e sixth round jaw, ana it looked as if th e call of he stood up and fou gh t without his, time saved him from a knockout, !rouch. Prior to that, and: up to the Yanger fou,ght with grea t gameness ninth, Yanger had somewhat t he and proved mu, ch cleverer of the two. better of it on points, He reach ed Yanger on leaving t he r ing was Ranlon ti me and' again withQut a re- cheered by th e crowd. Han10n's face turn and Ranlon coming in, punished lool,ed considerably bruised, while th e sla sher severely with hi s ri.ght. Yanger looked little the worse for This was- t h e first round which cou ld wear. MAYO TRAIL ALMOST THROUGH New Highwa~ Be1:IWeen, SteJw\airt River and, Gordon's La'n4?Hng 'Wi'li Be F'inisheld Satu'r'day. The new trait bet w.een Mayo Land­ in, g and Duncan creek will be fini sh­ ed Salurd.ay. AdviC f'R to this effec t are brought by t h e steamer Prospec­ tor. which arrived from up the I Stew­ art river last night. +++++++++++++++++++ • • {. DOLPHIN LOA,DE'D. ..- + + + (Special to the News,) .:. ·t· SKAGWAY, Sept. 30,-The '*' ham and eggs for breakfast, and then scattered much of the other provi­ sions in disgust, . On e of the robber s was shot in the vicini ty not long a,terward· . H e weighed 800 pounds, and is said to be the biggest member of the bruin fam ily ever seen in t hat country. Some of the goods molested be­ longed to Clyevelan d. They were tak­ en to Duncan on the Prospector. The other goods are to be taken up by the Nott, which left here last nLght. MANY OLAIMS TO BE WORKED OlCtp,ut l of Sulp,hur Th:is Yelalr Estiml att­ ed to Be Equ, al t'o Th .. , t of LaSit 'Summer. Nearly every claim on Sulphur be­ t ween disoovery and No, 34 or 35 below will be worked this winter and the creek will be a-s active 'as' during thc cold periOd las't year , 'ManY' of the claims are beginning t o clos.e the,r summer operations and! prepare for those of the winter, The past summer has been a good O!lJe on Sulphu,r cLespoit, e, the dryness of the season, Though the st r eam lacl,ed water, miners who are well posted say that it has produced as much gold thi~ year as in 1902. The dumps, y.ielded wel, I. The mine rs are pleased with that result and in con­ sequence all but two or three will stick by the creek. The wor k: 'On the Etream be],ow di scovery this · winter wi ll pri,ncipall y -consist of ' wind'lass operation s, Ambassaldor Makes Constant p,.()~e&ts Aga, iFlllt Ex'cessee of the Turks. (The A8soclated Press.) l.JONDON, 'Sept. 29.-A Conslanti· nople correspondent to t he Times telegraphs that Great Britain , , through its ambassador, has mad e vigorous and constant \ rotests agaInst the ex­ cesses committed by the Tu,rkish troops, but apparen.t1y does not feel strong enough to break down the op­ position of Germany, Rrussia and Aus­ tri a and insist upon a r eal, in~tead of paper, r eforms in Macedonia, KOSSUTH ISSUES A MANIFESTO W'ill FlollolIN a Po licy of Pass-ive R, e­ s ist:lance-Wa.rns the Nation. (The Associated Press.) BUDA PEST, Sept. 29,-.Francis Kossuth has issued, a manifesto on behal f of the Independence party, con- curring in the view that surrender on the question of use of the Hun­ garian language in the army is im­ possible, but declaring he is deter- mined to follo w a policy of passive resistance, warning the nation against those desiring to lead it to uproar and violence. Colombia and Beirut are coming to the fron t as com ic opera "possibili­ STUDENTS ARE SCABS, + (The Associated Press.) • NEW YORK, Sept. 30.- A dis[latch to t he World from Minne- -t­ .:. apolis l;ays: "The high school students of Minneapolis have + .: . been asked by their professors to go to the mills to work in the • .:- place of strilctng mill ers, and th e strikers are highly incensed' • {. over the calL .. ·t· "Thirty students from th e Ce ntral high school went to thel -to .:. mills to procure work, bnt were dissuaded by tlie pickiets. Not- t' .:- withstanding threa ts mad'e against the university yesterday, manY' + .:- studen ts are still in the mills now and the strik ers are chagrined .. .:. over their failure to induce them to leave work. .. {. Insurance companies, have cancelled their risks on mill · + ·t· property and the millers hav e employed Pink Elrton detectives to .. , ·t· care for the property, .. -+ .. -++.+.+++ ••••••• +.+.++ •• +.+-+++++-+++ ••• BRITISH AMBASSADOR TO UNITED ST A TES IS DEAD + (The Assoc fat ed Press.) {- LONDON, Sept. 30,- Sir iM ichael Herb er t, British a mbass.a- '*" dol' to t he LJnited 'SLates, died today at Davos Platz, Switzer. • + '*' :+ {o land. -+ • :-+.+++ .. - t. ++ • + +-++-+o{-+ ~.o{- -++++++ + + +.+-+.++ • N 'O END TO THE FREIGHT + (SpecIal to the News.) ... + SKAGWAY, Sept. 30.-The Dolphin arrived a t 11 o'clock this ... -t. fo renoon, beat ing th e ,City of S eattle. They both sailed from ' ... '*" 'Seattle a t the same tim e and l eft Port Townsend t'Ogether. One .. ~. called a t Victor,ia, the other at Vancouver. The Dolphin gets in' + -+ ahead. The Seattle is due at Z t.his aiiternoon. -+ .. Word comes that there ar c still 1,000 tons of fr ellght at Se- + .:. attle for Dawson. -+ .... The Faratlon an d Dirigo a:' e comi ng load-ed . + + ... +++++-+ •• ++ •• ++++++++-+++++++++++++++++ OASES NUMBER TWENTY-FOUR GILES FINED FOR VIOLATION T he trail is twen ty-t wo miles long, and is being built IUnd'er t he direction of Territorial Engineer W . Thibe­ deau, .:- Dolphin with a 'bi.g l,oad of per· .:­ .:- ishables for the ins id e arrived' .:­ .:. at 11 tod ay, She had August t­ ot- Devel'ing, Mrs , Longstaff, H. 'e .. . :­ ... Vanhorn e, ,Mrs. H, C, Vanhorn e, .. - ... Mrs. Collinge, Miss F. Stokes, '*' .:- H. I Newberger, Mrs, Gorden, R '*' .:- B, 'Snowdell an d WIle, E. W, Mc- + t- Adam s', A, 'C, Carmion, Miss Jj), .:­ .:. M. Walsh, A. I. 'Gates, C. N . • :. .:. Young, J , C, Bound er, C. C. + .:. Young, Mrs. A. T . Glenn , W . .. :. .:- 'Brewer, J. H , Brewer. H . W . .:- The N. A. T . & T , team om Sulphur ran away last week and injured Frank Pierc e; a wood cutter, and'Clark, t he driver . The wagon went over both men and Pierce was injured. !He ties" se'Cond to non.e-not even Sulu. Ust for Small 'Debits Trib-ut\al Which NQgl~ct to Have Exp~ess Wagpn Li ­ was brought to one of fhe local h,os- N · 0 WO' RD FROM piba1s, bu t was dis !h'arged a day or t'Orial Cour1:. ce-nse Re,t"ansfer~ect Gets Him Into Trou,ble • WEISNER SENT • :. 1H0lmes, 'Cora Maypole, Annie '*' .:- Racine, Miss Curtis, S'tanley '*' t. Seearce, A. B. Mersereau, F. E. • • Cavanaugh , • two' ago. His shOulder was, bad'ly THE GOVERNOR Richard' Giles was found guilty of d Twenty-four cases will come before damlage . th t he small debts cour t at its session violating a city by-law, in having an C ark received' a lal'ge gash on e express wagon without the -required for ehead , CIongd)on :slt111 PUl rsUli'ng th M'O lse;and on October 9 in the territorial court Hcense,by 'Captain Wroughton in thE: The men wer e engaged in unloading the Mamm'Olth Above Frase r house. Mr. Justice M-acaulay will QC- police cour t this morning a nd fined $5 DICKENS' BIRTHPLACE. the wagon when one of t he lines Falls. cupy the ben !h. The list of ca,s~ is and costs, Giles was technically Polioe to Thke Victim of Alleged A . t- SOLD BY AUCTION. switc'hed, against the oft' horse . Both ,guilty of t he violation. He entered a ' I f . k d th . a s foHows: tempt at PoiS'Ooning t.o G,rand 1 --- alll'ma s wer e flS y an ey lmme- plea of not ' guilty when the charge City of P'Or1:SJmouth Purdhiases the d'iately bolted, paSSing over ~ieree No word' has been received lately Sutherlana vs, Croydon, McAlpine was r ead , House for $5,625. an d CIark. The runaway end'ed in from Governor F, T. Congdon, who is vs. McKay, Watson vs. Darling, It seems that Oiles had a license, LOIN'DOIN, S ept. 30,-The birthplace the wagon losing a wheElI. hunting on the upper , Stewart, ' above' StQrry vs. T'imm, Asam vs. 'Dhomas, but lent the wagon to Hector Stew-' Hubert Wei sner was r emanded fo r of . Charles Dickens was so ld by lliUC- A , number o'f t he Sulphur magnates Fraser falls. The Prospector, which Reid' , et a1. VI!. Nelson, White vs. art f,(. : 'a short time and transferred : two days this morning at the Forks lion at Portsmouth la st ni,ght for are in Dawson. They Includ'e Frank arrived last night from GordQn's, T, imm. Garrison vs. Lumpkin, Brazier it to Stewart. When ."tewa-rt 'return. 0'\1 t he charge of a ttempting to poiso~ $5,625 to ' the city of Portsmou'\h. Mali an, Francis Smith, Joe Mace, heard nothing from the I governor, vs , Endl, Standard 'Commercial corn- ed t he wagon Gile.s peJieved that he ,. F, W . .Rodenkirch with strychnine, He M ,artin Harrais, Ed Gates, and ,several It is expected the governor will re- pany vs. Fallon, Stacey vs. , Cave, f b was taken before Captain RoutleJge Unre'as1 nable. others. turn on the La France or the Nott, Vaudlin vs. Klondik e Concessi'on ~~~w~~~ ~~~e~~~i~;e~~~~:O:TI~~~r 't~~ and Sergeant ,Holmes, asked for the ·She--,-L am so. ~sorry, George, I told , ' both of which 'are en route up t h e company, ,Philllps vs. Vernon, Krick- matter. As soon as he was notified of postponemelJ,t, 'Y9.;I, . .that papa would not give his con- ~ ~ Might T~ Stewart, or will come d,own in a enberger vs. ' Lumpkin, Vogel ;'5,' th e fac t t'hat he did not have a license The police are send ing a team 1.0 sent. I Young Man-,Do you think, Mrs. canoe. He Is due here to attend the Dionne, Yukfln Telephone company he ' had it retransferred. OiIes, how- Quartz for Rodenkirch and will take He-It wQuld )lave been all right if Brown, that yQur 4aughter SaIlie ,session of the YuklOn council set for vs . Traybold, ' Germer vs. Goecker, ever, had committed ' a vib.latlpn of him to Grand Forks to testify at the he hadn't wanted soething to ,p oot, woul~ chang, e her nam~ for mi~e? October 8_ But the date for the sit- McDonald vs. McDonald, H oIWTad vs. th e by-law and "coil~equentlj ~ ~ was :preliminary h earing. ,iROd~nk:irch is -Hi; Thdught- . - ~', Mother~Well, Mr. Perk i-n s, ,' ~l1ie ling has j)~en postponed ', SD often It I Brier, Dunham vs.' De Atley, Bleeciler fined, .' still weak from th e efl'ects of poi'l )n: "'Miss De Snlrr says ; 1 am the "ftrst ' .is a very impulsive girl, and J. r!*lUt ]'('r:. '~ ' , would !l W hr, more ofa sur- vs. LarocheUe, Meacham vs,' Darrah, " The hearing wil' nr.ob ah '" b hp-Id don't "know what she might do under prise , to see the session h eld thau l Jephson vs. Mitchel!, and,. ~.ite vs. The demand for skilled , whHe ,lallp r.; '" ; " ,', .'.""" ,.Y· ,J e . , . man ever kissed hen'!.. .. . 'l : /' -,. grea "'t ·'· p "r "o ' vocatl 'on. - .~. ,,,. . • " , ' . . , . ... ' W 'd d pos'tponed " Smythe . , " is s'teadily Increaslng in Bout .h , .,A . tric" . · 'e n, es' ~ , ,I "Is she as !homely a s' aJl that?" . '. ' . " . ' " . ' . . ... BAOK TO JAIL Forks. + + +++++++++++++++++++ (From Friday's Daily.) • ..#' ., DAW~N WJEJilKLYNE'Wl"-FRIDAY, OCT. 2,1983. --------.' + (The Associated Press.) ... iCIINC'INNATI, Ohio, Sept. 25.-Joseph Monger, of a thea.tri- .,. .':. ~ :~ ~~". ir i ... cal comllany here, shot three members of tbe company '!lIfter the '" i ~ --;J -5 i + (The Associated Press.) ... + • ... J)erformance last night. .. "'! '- --r - ~3r:. , i ... Monger called, the members. of tthhe c0O:PdahneY IDsthoedhltSo ml'°aokn::~ .t / '-:;)~.' .. ~_~ : ~~~ . J 1- SOFIA. SeJpt. 25.-A sensati0 nll:l rumor is current here that 1- .:. Bulgaria has sent an ultimatum to Turkey announ'Cing tHat unless .~ .,. satisfactory assuran{;es are received before noon. today' that the .:­ .~ Ottoman troops will be withdra wn immediately from the fron.~ • .,., tier that Bulgaria will forthwith mobilize her whole army. 1- .,., The report. however, is denied at the forei'gn office here, .,. ... after the performance and seatIng em, sal . Wl c .. f , __ ~ ,~ : a se~t:~:~~~ actors were seated Monger stepped out of tile room~: t -~;;,l .. ~~ i "*' a few minutes and returned with two revolvers and immediatelY' + I ,""y" ... ,,,c- · c~:·. - I ... fired. He fired tell' shots before he was overpowered by the + .. ' 0 ;:: _ ! .:. which d·eclares no sucb ulUrnat· u m has been sen t. + ... stage manager. ... .' ~ i ..................... ~ .. +++ ...... + .. +.......... I + + +++++++ ••••• +.+++.++ ••• ~ •••••• + ••• +.+ TURKS WANT WARSHIPS WITHDRAWN + (The Associated Press.) + .. CO'NST.AJNl'DlINOPDID, .sept. 25. + • -The 'Porte has expressed a . .. wish for the withdrawal of :Amer- • • can warships now off ~eir.ut "so -+ • the settlement of the questions '" • pending between the' United + ... Stllites and· 'Tiurkey may be pro- + ... ceeded with." 'It is thought. .. here that the United S,tates will + ... not consen t to wit hdra'w her + • ships. , + ... M,inister Leis, hman has arrang- -+ .. ed for a coruf· ere.nce with 'For- ·" • eign Minister Tewfikl Pasha to- -+ • da.y. Official circles t81ke a + • calmer view of the. Brullmn ,situ· .,. • ation and a,dvices from lBul-'" • 'garia point toa re'laxation of . + tension. + + ' . .+++++++.+.++ •••••• JEWS KILLED IN GOMEL' RIOT Dep~,r1:mer\t . .. o' f 5Jtate Noti, fied Th~lt INo F'ol"eigners W'erre at Gome!. '(The Associated Press.) WASHINGTON, D. C., Sept. 25.­ The department of strute has received advices from the American charge d'affaires at '1St. Petersburg , to the ef­ fect tha,t in the Gomel riot eigh t Jews and five C.hristlans 10&t their lives. No foreigners or foreig;n inter­ ests suffered. R'ailwa.y Ralte Discussed. OTTA'W A, I Sept. 25 . .:....PaJI't .of the morning sitting in the nouse was tak· en 'up with the proposal of MaQLean for a two·c~n t er mil ,Q,J:.atg n the new transcon tin ental ralIway. HEAVY SENTENOE FOR FORG~RY +++++.+. •• + ••••• ++ + i run. McLachlan and the man on N ' EW YACHT + PEACE RESOLUTIONS. + + + (The Associated Press.) • ... ROUElN.France, '.: ept. 25.- + .:. The pe,ace congress' has adopted' + i I .~ ! i i + resolutions callin, g upon parlia- . t t + men t to red·uce army and navy !:' I t .· + budgets and recommending ' the + I + . pea'ce parties of all countries to + ,it '*' support all measures tending to + + reduce the period of ohligatory + '*' military service. Resolutions. I ! + calling for cessation df massa- + 1 -I ! + cres in Macedonia were a1so. ·I!! • adopted. • ! . + + 1 + +++ •••••• + + •• ++.+ + t j. tARIFF MATTERS I I WITH GERMANY i BORIS SARAFOFF. LEADER OF THE MA, CEDONIAN PATRIOTS. ! NegOltlati, ol'ls Are in Progress Between Premier and, Germ'al n Cbnsul at Montreal. (Special to the News.) OTT AlWA, Sept. 25.-In the house of commons this morning Mr. Bor· den ~aned attention to a cable from London ·on the subject of negotiations between Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Herr Boff, tbe German consul at Montreal, respe. cting tariff . matter.s . hetween Canada and Germany. S,ir Wilfrid · Lallrier said, the cor re· s'pondence with Boff wout!! be laid be- fore the house. ' 20.000 YEARS IN ICE ." THIS MONSTER LAY. Lands'lid'e Reve aled Mammoth With H:al ir. Hidle, Flesh and Vitals in Perfect Preservation. S.t. Petershurg- The .Academy of Sciences in. St. Petersburg lately re­ ceived an extarordinary acquisition­ a complete gigantic mammoth with even its' sldn in a J)el'fect state of preservation. J 1 Wben the news came thlrt such a mammoth had been found the aca­ demy ·sent out an eXJ)edition under Dr. Otto Herz to the . spot, a wild pJace on the ban· k of the Beresovka river, where a recent? landslide bad disclosed the gigantic animal's bodr. . -. •. -...-.. -.. -...-.-_ ... --... _._._ .... - .... -.~,---...-.. ... --.-.. ------..-.. -.-.. -.. - .. -.. .• LONDON DIVINE OUTLINES INTEN- , . TIONS OF THE POWERS IN MACEDONIA (The Associated Press.) Servia. with half of M-a{;edonia down IJO NOO'N , Sept. 25.-At an inter· to Salonica, and Russia will get the cess. ion service in behalf of the peo- other half of Macedonia, 'with a pro­ pIe of ,Macedo~ia, held in one of the tectorate over Bulgaria, while Ger­ city churches this afternoon, Canon many will get a slice o C Asiatic 'l'ul'­ McCall descril bed the Macedonians as key and th· e port of Salonica. laboring under. d isa'b ilities rendering When all the Christians have ~een them practically outlaws, deprived of massacred this triumvirate will es· elementary . rights of humanit y. tahlish a commercial zolllverei n an~ "Germany, Austria a.nd Russia." he keep ou t British trade." said. "are giving a free hand to t ile Ganon MciC'all urged immediate sultan because they have a gtreed t,) a Britis h act.ion. believiIi'g: that the partition of Turkey ill! Europe. Alls- other powers would be cOf; npelled to tri'a , is to have a protectorate over ' follow suit. whom MOl'gan pulled. the gun were with the sergeant and the detective. The tracks led to Morgan's cabin. which is about 100 yar.ds from Zen· ier's home. They sent the man with whom Morgan had quarreled into the cabin and then · Welsh knocked on the door. The man opened it and Welsh and Smith jumped in. Morgan was asleep OTh a mattress on the floor. The bed clothes we~e slightly over his head. W elsh seiz· ed them .and pulled them baCK and Mor­ gan turned his face toward his J)UI" suers. McLachlan idenU fied h im {)n the HPOt as the man 'who committed the stick-up at Zenier's house. Mor· gan was then placeil under atrest. The 45 Colts and McLachlan.'s vest and watch lay on the t able. The money taken from the inner pocket of the vest was, in Morgan.'s overcoat . McLa~hlan's id, entl'flcation of Mor· gan as the robber was complete. Morgan's boots also fitted the foot· marks leading from Zenie,r's cabin to his own home. The arrest was, made half an hour after midnligh t or four hours after the commission of the crime. Younkins' Home Robbery. The YOlmkins' home, which is in the same vicinity, was burglarized last ·March. The thief gain'ed an en· tran~e by forcing the door with s'p-ikes nearly a foot long. 'Two of tlIese were left · at the house. 'fhls morning Smith and Wels)1 found a simHar spike at Morgan's home an!l TO OHAlLENGE FOR THE OUP .:. (The AssocIated Press.) • .:. LOINDON, Sept. 25.-'Captain. .:. Wales, of 'Sydney, Australia, is 1- .,. in. England arranging for a yacht . + to be built for the purpose of. .:. contesting · for the America's cu. p .~ + next year. 1- -+ Wales is well lmown in Aus· • .} tralia as an inventor of a twin: .. .} cir~ular keeL It seems that if," .. Shamrock I'n. had been b-ui1tac- .. -+ cording to his invention she. .:. would have beaten the Reliance . -t. so much in windward, work that. .:. the Reliance would never have. .} overhauled her at a run or · a + • + reach. Captain Wales will dem- + .,. onstrate his invention for the + '*' first time in 'Engfand in Novem- • + her next. • + • ++++++++ •• +++++++ AOTION AGAINST AN OFFIOIAL Canad'i'an Emigl l"ation Agenlt Sued for £4.000 by Lond!oin Agency. they commenced running down , the (Special to the News.) clue. Mr. s. Yo.unkins idenUfied· the OTTA, WiA. Sept. 2S.- B. F. Clark mat~ress on which Mor'gan was sleep. ing at the time of his arrest as one called· attention to a cable reporting stolen from her home. The 45 Colts an action for £ 4.000 brought against belonged to her husband. Mr. Preston. the Canadian emigration. The thief made a clean sweep I at commiSSioner. hy the Canadian em­ the Younkins home. even tak·lng )}loyment bureau at London, for a re. socks, etc., which were waiting to be turn of money advanced to men en· 4 washed. He p-Jay€d no favorites in gaged to go to British Columbia to the clothes 1ine. 'hu.t took shi-rts. replace the coal strikers at 'Ferl1ie. coatll and odds, and ends of all de, Sir Wilfrid Laurier said the gO'T- scriptions. ernment, so far as he lme~ had no Among the property stolen was a. inCormati n on the .... suJjlject. con­ hand,some JacLY'8~ ly,nx overCOA t wh ich' sequentl he could offer no comment Mrs. Younkins made herself. a p'air on. Preston's alleged action. of heavy laced, boots, a mattress, bed sp'rings, pots and pan, s, a light sum· mer overcoat owned by Younkins, and Similar articles. HIS INFLUEffOE IS FOR PEAOE' ... ~u ,lIting Treasurrer SeniteJnced Se ve nite en Yea I'S' a, t MilIl n i la for FOrigerY. to Dr. Herz' party had the greatest · dif- TRACK· EO TO HIS CABIN Some df these were recovered in Morgan.'s cabin, where they were identified by Mrs. YounJdns. Morgan sometime ago sent a large bag ot stuff to . McDonald's saloon oru Third avenue, where it was s tor'ed for him. The 'bag was secured by Smith and Russian Min,ister ait JaJpan Goes to Port Arlihur-He Fav'Ors (The Associated Press.) - MA'N'I'LA, I Sept. 25.-Jam T'homJ)­ kins, trea 13urer at San Fernabdo, who was convicted recently for ~orgery, has been sentenced to 'seventeen years' imprisonment. The trial on other charges ltiled against h'lm was set for December 1. KINGSTON ARMO,RY. Fire Last Night ,Destroyed' 'Equipment of B 'Battery. ficulty in gettm g the animal out of its ice bed. A ., wood· en, house was built and big fires lighted to thaw the ice. At last it was all removed and got t o St. Petersburg from IrklUtsk. The hide was perfect and al'one weighed! 820 pounds. . It is covered with thi~k. strong hair from eigh t to twenty inches long. The fles h. according to expert geolo­ gists, must have lain in the earth and ice abou t twenty thousand years. It is still blood-red and has a certain elasticity. B~tween the flesh and the hid e is a coating of fat three inches and a half thick, which must have en· abled the mammoth to bear the most Thomas Morgan. who was arrested I deceived. Welsh this afternoon. In it we-re found the lynx overcoat madle' by Mrs. Younkins and Younkins' summe· r over­ coat, the laced shoes, and· in addition seven empty pokes, a1i of different last n igh t on the charge of hold ing ;01 am a .desperate man ,'.' said ' the up Charles Zenier and Geurgt) Mc- rohber, "and my partner is outsirle Lachlan, governmen t telegraph opera- w'ith a Winchester. ' I will blow YOllr tor. at the point of a 45 Colt~ re,olv- I brains out it I see any monkey bu· sj, er, Is also accused of committing two ness." He ordel'ed him to remove burglaries in the nelghhorhood O'f 'I'ur· his overcoat. McLachlan obe~"ed. sizes a nd makes. ner and Eighth avenue. IThen he ordered him to remove his Oleson's hous· e was entered some- Oleson was discovered this morJJlT1g o\lo8r the vest. Gomez. She has been nursing at Ht. Peoace. (The Associated Press.) 'LONDON, Sept. 25.-The Times' correspondent at Tokio, referring to the departu re of Baron Von !Rosen. Russian minister at Japan. for Port Arthur, says it is regarded as pal'rti­ calJy important as the 'baron', s influ· ence will cerainly be exercised in the cause of peace. A mass of plunder stolen fr'llll the I coat and vest. When McLachlan hun time this last ten days. Oleson· went cabins of J . B. Younkins and Pete I taken them off he told him to hand outside and left it in charge of Mrs. in Morgan's house. When h~ was ar- P inned to the Vest. Mary', s hospital for nearly two weeks BURGLAR, S BL'OW S . h -:1 D I and did not visit her home during rested hy Sergeant mlt an· Hec· Whil e these negotiations we re. in. that time until last nigh t. H er cahin O'PEN JEW·E'-'E.R'S SA,FE. tive Welsh, who ran him te ell-rtll a h t d h' . t· progress e s 00 IS VIC 'Im ID' a is next door to Oleson's. Hhe enter-en intense cold. few hours after the stick-u p, 1\Iorgan h' The Door Was Blown Into th, eStreClt. corner, where he ad to remalll t.he latter place and found. that a The stomach, found intact, was was sleeping on a mattress wh ich was h t h th' f' · ·t I th $3,000 S.tol·en. (The Associated Press.) filled with various kinds of grasses , stolen from the Younkins home. throug ou t e •. le s VISI . n e thief had made a clean sweep oC ev- , KINGSTON Sept 25 -Six or sev· inside pocket of the vest the .gl .m· erything I·n. sl·ght. HI's plu. nder I ' n. (The Associated Press.) FRANR!FORT. Ont., · Sept. " If" • . an.d the teeth were lined with vege· Morgan was in the police, court at , en thousand dollars damage was done table matter, ind~cating that the ani- 3 o"clock this afternoon on the man secured a pocket)}ook contaml~g; eluded 100 pounds of s, uga r, an eleo- 25.- to the equipment of "B" Battery in $35. A gold watch and nugget chatn tric seal coat, a case of Jersey cream mal was feeding when s uddenly stick·up charge and was remanded. I ed t th t 0 the fire which de13troyed the gun were a so ,attaCh . o .e ves . ne I and several cans of chocolate. ' .At Burglars at an early •• our this morn­ ing got away with $3,000 worth of jewelry from Hauley's jewelry store. They blew open the .safe, the door of which was hurled through the window iU!to the street. building last night. T'he fire 'was . · e nd of the cham was plllned t:J the MO!'2'an's cabin Mrs. Gomez identi. buried The other two charges will be laid I I against. him at once. Since his a 1'- t - ~ supposed t o be from an incendiary I And now a - Hood is reported' .at Flag- M ha d d t ves . fied a number of the articles stolen origin. .rest organ s en' €avore ·0 ap· After a vain effort to release Lhe from Oleson's home. staff, Ariz. Flagstaff was supposed' to pear silly. He Is an elderlY' man. chain, the th.ief said he would tate Telephone T, alks French Plainer Than EngliSh. Paris- The telephone employes in \ ·Paris have 'discovered that ;French is more easily· un-derstood over the tele­ phone than, In telephoning between Paris and Lon d on d.uring a storm conversation in English is im· pOSSible, but French Is easily under· stood because it has not so ma.ny s iibi­ lant sound· s and unequally accented sY'l1ables. , be high and dry. 1 The hoM-up o~ Zenier and ' M{)o the vest along with him. E . Lachlan was carned out In an up-to· "I'll leave it where you · can find it," GRANTS AR Telephone the Devil's Work, P· e. ople GOLD DUST date professional manner and I'ore he said, referring to the ycst. of St. E, tienn, e Insist. all the earmarl,s of the oM band. When the intruder lear!led that ,PERHAPS READY Paris-Inhabitants of St. Etienne 'IS SEIZED Zenier occupies a cabin near Sev· Zenier had only $4 he did not ta:(e have declared the telephone to b€ e nth and Turner about lOO yard'! (rom the si lver on the tabl !), but the work of the devil. 'Subscri.bers Morgan's residence. Last night n: picked up a four-bit piece anJ r E:- Tttlesl'to , CI'aliins slta :ked' in 'the Whi'te· having experien. ce with toe telephone Fifteen; Ooll;ars 'nl,ken at 8 : 30 Zenier was alone in the ~a,lJin marked that he would take a ' drirJ, hOr'Se DiS:tridt Expeldt.edl to be in Paris are inclined to agree with Whitehorse-Officers Refuse to and making some entries in a b.)ok on the victim, an old gag with pro. Issued This W'eek. them, but the St. Etienne opinion is Return COntr'a,band. When. the robber ente~ed . fessional 'holdups . . d'ue not to eXJ)erience hut to super. that It was some acquaIlltance, ZeDler I After the thief's departure Z'lnier It is expected that the ! Tant to I stition. . A compan: y was about to . - .-- . I did not 1001, up until the cold' muz.z~e I and McLachlan reported at or,ce Lo claims staked in the ne w I}1;cer dis. Eert~ct hnehs Pthasslng I through Stt. Yesterday mornI n. · g , 'says the Wh lte- of a 45 Colts was shoved under nl s I 'Sergeant Smith, who was with . Detec- . ., . . lenne w en e emp' oyes were a . h St th I h die t nct west of Whltehorse WIll .be 113- t k' d b b 'th 'It hf 1 • . - d orse ar, e po lee w 0 are · 0 ng nos . ! tive Welsh at the D. A. A. A. Thev . kAt J) ' ac e y a mo WI p cor"" an FAR.£R SR " U ' OTS - I train Inspection work for concealed . Hands Out MlOney. ! immediately took up the chase.!~ sued thIS w:e k · d i gr:: many ' aw~ hayra'kes. The OppostlIOn: was so de- ' .. .. gold dust confiscated $1.500 worth ' . I.. son men s a ·e n e camp, an ter.mined that the management order- .. . of gold dust. Two pokes of $700 and 'Th~ roblber ordered Ze.Dl~r to hand I whIch both d'ld clever work. They are an~ious to get their grants. ed the wires abandoned. .... OOlORED MAN $800 were secured. . out hIS money· and the vIctIm lost n') I rounded up all th e ·resorts. From the I The Issuance of the grants was de- time in obeying the order. He put i two vidims they obtained a good rt~· laye'd hecause many of the stakers MONUMENT TO When the police mad e the find t he about $4 in silver on the table. 'rh;! i scription of the stick·up man. had app.Jied at , Whiteuorse for t heir Result of an guilty ones got off the train and re- thief's features were concealed by a Welsh met a IlIan who lolrt him of ent.ri eR and many had app, lied rot the As . the Ar, g.ument a turned ·to Whi tehorse, hop·ing to se- handkerchief, but the fastenings be- a dispute he had with a ma'l named new otHce established in t he heart of HAROLD BORDEN Farmer Fires ·F,our Deadly u th et f their p~kes In c re ye I' urn 0 . ·v. - same loose and the mask graduall y M'organ yesterday morning and 'which the Tt. was necessary for the , . . Shots. sJ)e,ctor Fitz Horrigan. who is acting worl,cd down his face. ended. he said. with Morgan pulling recorders from both places to compare (The Associated Press.) WINDSOR, Ont., Bept. ·25.-Arthur Rlchardson, a South Oolchester farm· er, is on trial here charged with mur­ dering Edmund Matthews, a negro, as . the result of a heated argument. The former, it is alleged, hred four shots at Matthews, infiicting injuries which resulted in his death. officer ' comma'nding, . was interviewed The robber made Zenier st.ano up a gun on him. notes in order to avoid issuing du- and on examinin-g the men found behin'd th'e table and keJ)!. him in that Morgan had a 45 Colts sing-le ac· p1icate grants. that they had seen .the notl~es which position. Then McLachlan entered tion. 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