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Questions & Answers

Question: What is Yukon Archives Digital Library?

The Yukon Archives Digital Library provides access to digitized “hard to find” titles that have been published on or about the Yukon since the early 1880s. The titles available on the website cover a wide spectrum of subject areas- natural history, geology, First Nations, mining, etc.

Providing digital publications allows sharing of the content with students, educators, researchers, and others interested in the Yukon’s communities, cultures, and history. The Yukon Archives Digital Library website will allow the Archives to continue to provide access and at the same time preserve the Yukon’s published heritage.

Question: What are the benefits of using the Yukon Archives Digital Library?

Easier access to the titles. Instead of having to be physically in the Archives to access a title you can browse, search and download from anywhere. The collection is freely available on the Internet and you can view/download them as PDFs and digital publications online at your leisure.

Less handling of the original publication will extend the life of the title and help ensure that the print copy will be available for future generations to enjoy.

Question: Is the digital book searchable?

Yes. Type a keyword in the search box in the upper right-hand corner when viewing a digital book, and then press Enter. This will generate a list showing the occurrences of the keyword in context. You can click on any list entry to go directly to the associated page.

Question: How will copyright questions be handled?

The Yukon Archives uses the Canadian Copyright Act (R.S. 985, c. C-42) to determine the copyright status of titles added to this website. If any title is under copyright, Archives staff request written permission from the copyright holder(s) to include the work on the Yukon Archives Digital Library. If you are interested in the commercial reproduction of a title included on the Yukon Archives Digital Library that is in copyright you must contact the copyright holder(s) for permission.

Please see the copyright page for further information on copyright.

Question: Does this site have different titles than what can be found in the online library catalogue?

All of the titles here, along with their electronic versions, are also available through the online library catalogue ( However, the online catalogue also includes titles which Yukon Archives does not hold electronic versions of, as well as titles held by other Yukon community libraries.