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Biological Investigations in Alaska and Yukon Territory

Biological investigations in Alaska and Yukon Territory / Wilfred H. Osgood

Author:Osgood, Wilfred H.Published:1909Type:Flora & Fauna
The Yukon Ditch

Yukon Ditch / T. A. Rickard

Author:Rickard, T. A.Published:1909Type:Environmental

Preliminary Memoir on the Lewes and Nordenskjöld Rivers Coal District

Author:Cairnes, D. D. (DeLorme Donaldson), 1879-1917Published:1910Type:Geological/Geology
Upper Yukon Native Customs and Folk-lore

Upper Yukon native customs and folk-lore / Ferdinand Schmitter

Author:Schmitter, FerdinandPublished:1910Type:First Nations
An Abridged History of the Yukon Gold Company

Abridged history with illustrations of the operations of the Yukon Gold Company

Published:1911Type:Mining (Placer, Quartz, etc.)
Place Names in Northern Canada

Place names in Northern Canada / by James White

Author:White, JamesPublished:1911Type:Discovery & Exploration
Rules, Orders and Form

Rules, Orders and Form of Proceeding of the Council of the Yukon Territory

Author:Yukon CouncilPublished:1911Type:Politics & Government
A Telegraph Line in the Wilderness

Telegraph line in the Wilderness / Robson Black

Author:Black, RobsonPublished:1913Type:Telecommunications
The Yukon-Alaska International Boundary

Yukon-Alaska International Boundary, between Porcupine and Yukon Rivers / by D.D. Cairnes

Author:Cairnes, D. D. (DeLorme Donaldson), 1879-1917Published:1914Type:Geological/Geology

Alaska and the scenic Yukon country

Published:1915Type:Description & Travel
True Story of the Discovery of the Klondike

True story of the discovery of the Klondike by Bob Henderson / Henry Henderson

Author:Henderson, HenryPublished:1915Type:Klondike Gold Rush
Upper White River District

Upper White River District, Yukon / by D. D. Cairns

Author:Cairnes, D. D. (DeLorme Donaldson), 1879-1917Published:1915Type:Geological/Geology
Alaska and the YT

Alaska and the Yukon Territory / White Pass and Yukon Route

Author:White Pass and Yukon RoutePublished:1916Type:Description & Travel

Alaska and the Yukon Territory / White Pass and Yukon Route

Author:White Pass and Yukon RoutePublished:1917Type:Description & Travel
An Act Respecting Placer Mining in the YT

Act respecting placer mining in the Yukon Territory, chapter 64, R.S.C., 1906

Author:CanadaPublished:1919Type:Law & Legislation
The Mines of Rawhide Jones

Mines of Rawhide Jones / by E. Albert Apple

Author:Apple, E. AlbertPublished:1919Type:Mining (Placer, Quartz, etc.)