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Harpers Aug1897

Klondike mining-camp / George Hamlin Fitch. Another account / C. A. Snowden.

Author:Fitch, George HamlinPublished:1897Type:Klondike Gold Rush
Harpers Aug141897

Yukon gold region / Cyrus C. Adams. Geological Survey's Expedition to the Yukon in 1896 / Harold B. Goodrich.

Author:Adams, Cyrus C., Goodrich, Harold B.Published:1897Type:Klondike Gold Rush

Yukon power survey / C.B.A. Engineering Ltd., Consulting Engineers Vancouver.

Author:C.B.A. Engineering Ltd.Published:1968Type:Community Development

Index to the transcripts / prepared by [Mackenzie Valley] Inquiry staff.

Author:Mackenzie Valley Pipeline InquiryPublished:1977Type:Oil & Gas Development
Frank Leslies1804

Our Alaska expedition : its leaders, its purpose, and its scope

Author:Schanz, Alfred B.; Glave, E. J.; Wells, E. HazardPublished:1890Type:Discovery & Exploration
Harpers Oct91897

News from the Klondike : from a private letter from the special correspondent of "Harper's Weekly".

Author:Adney, E. TappanPublished:1897Type:Klondike Gold Rush
Frank Leslie1806

Our Alaska expedition : [map of Alaska showing the route of the Frank Leslie's Expedition, which sailed from San Francisco, April 10th].

Author:Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper ExpeditionPublished:1890Type:Discovery & Exploration

Our Alaska expedition.

Author:Frank Leslie's Illustrated NewspaperPublished:1890Type:Discovery & Exploration
Leslies 1815

Our Alaska expedition / E. H. Wells.

Author:Wells, E. HazardPublished:1890Type:Discovery & Exploration

Our Alaska expedition / [letters by Alfred B. Schanz & E. H. Wells, dated May 1890].

Author:Schanz, Alfred B.; Wells, E. Hazard.Published:1890Type:Discovery & Exploration

Alaska expedition : the progress of the explorers--discovery of a lake, glaciers, indians, etc. / A. B. Schanz

Author:Schanz, Alfred B.Published:1890Type:Discovery & Exploration