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About Yukon Archives

Yukon Archives acquires, preserves, and makes accessible to the public the valuable and irreplaceable documentary heritage of Yukon. This collection mandate covers all aspects of the history and development of the territory- including its prehistory, First Nations cultures, mining and industry, environmental concerns, politics, etc. The archives acquires original and unique archival records, of all types (text, photographs, sound recordings, etc.), from private individuals and businesses and from the Yukon government.

Yukon Archives also has a library with a large and fascinating collection of books, pamphlets, newspapers, newsletters and periodicals which document the cultures, communities and history of the territory since the early 1890s. The archives has constantly expanded its print collection and in the late 1990s placed its library catalogue on the Internet ( to facilitate access to this collection.


The Yukon Archives Digital Library enhances access to the archives’ library collection by providing open and free access to digitized library titles, with an emphasis on unique Yukon content.

The majority of the titles are in the public domain. For those titles that are in copyright, Yukon Archives has obtained written permission from the copyright holder(s) for their inclusion.